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Archives: May 27, 2004

The Empire of Ignorance, Hypocrisy and Obedience

"Shoula, Woulda, Can" by Tommy Boy

Lies made big enough - TW

Vietnamese getting taste for fancy cars

Article Prison Guards 'Uncle Sam Wants You Anyway'

I have a question


California Field Poll Kerry 51 % Bush 39%

Hugo Chavez Frias wrote a book in '92. Anyone read it?

Calling all hams on DU

Strange question in light of the "terror alerts "

Bushit Rove distractions whenever Gore gives a classic speech.

Bill Cosby is on Tavis Smiley's PBS show for the full half-hour tonight

Gore speech on Cspan now 1240 am

Toby Keith's "Shock 'N Y'All" wins CMA Album Of The Year

LOOK! OSAMA BIN LADEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the first time I want Tivo...saw the last 15 minutes of Gore...

Salon offering free subscriptions to active-duty soldiers.

Whatever happened to John Poindexter?

Nightline's Ted Koppel

Democrats Wonder if Kerry Should Stay on Careful Path

I think Maureen Dowd is lying.

The torture issue just won't go away, will it?

What ever happened with the Bush AWOL story and why did it go away?

Daily Kos - Air America has great ratings

Australia To Ban Gay Marriage & Adoption

Interning With the Jeff Seemann Campaign...

Saudi deports Nigerians - 7,429

Camden Authorities Practice For Confrontation With G8 Protestors

Kerry Attacks Bush's Record on Defending Homeland

Good save (Kings Bay Israeli Movers follow-up)

France: No Religion in EU Constitution

Kerry surges ahead in 12 crucial swing states as Bush poll ratings plummet

Govt Computer Surveillance Rings Alarm Bells

DON'T post your Tet pictures!

KY Wave3 message boards could use some Democrats

The Day After Tomorrow is released the day after tomorrow.

I just smoked 20 lbs of chronic-don't ask me anything

Just watched Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Ask me anything.

Bush couldn't pronounce, "Abu-Grub", "Ooga-Booga"

Sleestak !!

He Knows you Know...

Affleck or Damon?

I don't believe that Steak-umms contain steak OR "umms"

Jesus, I can't take this shit anymore

Any Chicagoans out there?

Who wants to mock some hate mail?

YAKS IN THE NEWS - Wednesday, May 26

To mark my escape from the 700 Club cool site....

Scott Turow needs to take it one step further.

From the Guardian: "The Fall of the Vulcans"

My Editorial : The DU Matchmaking Service..

2006 Cuts In Domestic Spending On Table - (2004 campaign lies?)

Copps (FCC) Calls Dereg Dangerous

Disaster, Waiting To Happen

Spain PM refuses to condemn U.S. on Iraq abuse

CARICOM and Jamaica standing firm

Consistently Disconnected By Richard Cohen

Pundit yard sale: hilarious satire from American Prospect

Germany's new era of higher fuel prices

India's anti-terror law faces axe

I Hate Republicans Reader

New Saddam/Al Qaeda Talking Points (from WSJ)

Duped again toon

TNR-The FBI Silences Dissenters

Cutting review of Tim Russert's stupid book

Rhetoric vs. Reality in Iraq

Al Gore's Moveon Speech of 5-26

No Carbs

Man Accused of Plotting Liberal Killing Spree

Salon: Bush*s See-No-Evil Man (Negroponte) Off to Baghdad

Herbert: A Speech That's No Joke (Gore's Speech)


Arianna Huffington: The truth about soaring gas prices

Torture Porn

Evangelicals Give U.S. Foreign Policy An Activist Tinge - WSJ

Was Iraq a Just War? - Newsweek

Duped doped hoaxed and soaked

Emperor Bush


"As Depressing As Divorce" .. Molly Ivins

Peggy Noonan plays along with Rove terror strategy

Krugman: To Tell the Truth (Journalists and Bush)

Thich Nhat Hanh on the Abu Ghraib torture scandal

Dallas - Ft. Worth area DU'ers / Halliburton Protest 5-28 /Don't forget!

Letters to the Times over Judith Miller

Northern California!......March and Rally for Peace..Sonoma County

Protest song: There They Go, Off To War

Ohioans with strong stomachs; who was that guy on WTAM this AM

No End To The Whoring on CNN: On Lou Dobbs Tonight

Did anybody else catch Dan Senor making the fascist talkradio rounds?

Al Franken's dittohead friend proves every time that Repukes are

David Brock on C-Span - Video

Phil Hendrie-- Quailty Satire or Right-wing Whining?

Grant Writers, software users, check in please

A poem for the rain

Attention runners & joggers! Check out this website!

Big Bang Theory Busted By 33 Top Scientists

Jobless recovery proven by Stats - Help Wanted Index Down 1 point in April

Cosatu says economy still dominated by a few big companies - SA

U.S. Army Orders Environmental Cutbacks- pollute to use $'s elsewhere

In About-Face, Army Scraps Plans for Environmental Cutbacks

Summer forecast: Spreading drought

'Organic' outcry heeded as Feds withdraw changes

Analysis: Obasanjo's big gamble

Seven killed in Mogadishu clashes - Somalia

Army factions clash in Buvaku - Congo

Is it me?

JSO To Be Armed With Automatic Weapons, Tasers

Concealed Carry process seems to be going smoothly

Check this out...also...anyone with info please speak up....

GUNS IN THE NEWS--May 27, 2004

i read somewhere about cheney having hundreads of guns

"Liberal Hunter" Almost Gets Out of Jail

The Sheep Parable.

Can we limit the So-and-so is on board threads?

I second Dookus...

does something happen at 1:00am pacific time?

locked thread, david and goliath

please lock Hey newyaker99 in lounge

The "IGNORE" feature is great.


A wonderful flame-bait thread in GD

Why is it, that when you vote in a poll it isn't kicked to the top?

Mods: Some serious hate speech on a thread here

State forum question

I have a request

The Bush and Kerry Tilt

They Must Pay The Price

James Zogby: Bush's Election Ploy Gives Sharon More Leeway

Looking the Other Way from Gaza Destruction

Strategic miscalculations

Background / Israel v. Israel: the new Vanunu shroud

Jerusalem Post fires publisher and CEO Thomas Rose

Freed journalist: 'Israel should be ashamed'

Palestinians stranded on Rafah border

Israel lays claim to Palestine's water

9/11: Michael Chossudovsky connects the real dots

City Council votes to allow first Chicago Wal-Mart

Anyone hear Burt Natarus's racist rant?

Robert Reich on Milt Rosenberg show tonight

New law ends secrecy on campaign donors

Californians downing too many beers without recycling bottles

Anyone here up to putting their feet where their mouth is?

Solano Terminates Touch-Screen Voting 5/26/04 (BBV)

Los Altos/Mountain View/Sunnyvale DUers: Run outside right now! (2:30pm)

Assembly rejects bill seeking to bar smoking in cars with children

Northern California!......March and Rally for Peace..Sonoma County!

Nader seeks spot on Mass. ballot

MI lost a soldier on May 25th

Who's your favorite '68 Tiger?

SW Ohio Kerry Supporters

Poll finds Bush losing lead among Pa. voters (5-27)

Dallas - Ft. Worth area DU'ers / Halliburton Protest 5-28 /Don't forget!

Cornyn, DeLay Tout Medicare Drug Discount Card To Texas Seniors

Texas Gets $21-Miliion For Homeland Security

Horns Eliminate Aggs From Big XII Tournament, 13-6

Grrrrrr.... Fscking Right-wing Owned Peshtigo Times....

Speculation re: Serrati pulling out.

Kerry meet-up tonight @ 7 in Wausau

If you could rename Tommy Thompson State Park, what would you call it?

Way Cool - Kerry's Motorcade just went down 5th Avenue in Seattle

Who do you support for governor?

On New Kissinger Tapes, Crises in White House and the World

Doctrine of the change of course (audio)

Joe Wilson on Bernie Ward KGO

Richard Perle admitting to errors in Iraq? Could it be?

The Three Little Pigs Buy the White House

The Greatest President we never got .

Bush is Floundering

Bermie Ward with Ambassador Wilson

Gore's speech was not a trial balloon . . . it was a preview . . .

Here may be a hint on the next terrorist

Franken Show - Bush Supporter Called - I Can Almost Pity Her

If Bush had a shred of honour .......

Here comes the season of hysteria

Coast to Coast AM.... seriously trashing Bush and the NeoCons .. tune in

Gore Speech Archived on CSPAN

I'm Glad Gore Mentioned Limbaugh - Let's Join Him!

Why Bush makes me so angry

Where was Jeb Bush during his Vietnam Era draft eligibility?

Al Gore speech replay on C-SPAN at 05:53 am EDT -- VCR ALERT

Kerry cabinet

DEMVET signing off at 6:00AM:EST ask any/answer all/BHT therapy etc.

George W. Bush Conquers Reality (Answering "Why's that idiot so popular?")

More American citizens have been killed by 'terrorists' under Bush

Well here are the new right wing shills (deluded veterans)

The $#!+ hits the fan. Buh-bye, Dubya.

Any post-speech polls out yet?

Over 2,000 immigrants of "unknown" origin enter US in 2002

Imus in one sick whacko freak!

"Remembering Saddam" the documentary. C-Span

Does anyone have an email for Al Gore?

Terra Takes Hold Of The Media--Again!

Poll: McCain/Kerry Ticket A Winner

This story is half shocking and half very sad

Has numbnuts trapped himself?

Sec'y of the Treasury caught in a big no-no

There's something very suspicious about Ashcroft's terror alert.

How long do you think The Democratic Party will dominate?

AirAmerica Radio Webcast?

Conrad Black's former employees love him so much!

David Brock on C-Span NOW

Pump up the outrage

This is a silly poll

Anybody but me think Clinton should hold releasing his book unti

Great quote from most recent Hunter S, Thompson book

I have NEVER been as disgusted with a Boston paper as I am today

I NEED evidence of these here things.....

So Bush needs a 'credible event' call UK asks them to arrest Hamsa

Oil Stocks During Bush Administration

On C-Span 8:15a.m. showing "Remembering Saddam" a documentary

I love George W. Bush

George Bush or Jesus Christ

Pending Draft Legislation Targeted for Spring 2005

Don North: Propagandist ne plus ultra, on CSPAN

C-Span 9:20a.m.ET - David Brock "The Republican Noise Machine" n/t

Vatican Appoints Former Boston Archbishop to Be Head of a Rome Basilica

Republican Convention Schedule/Agenda Leaked!

Just called C-Span...on the repub line

School of the Americas training evident at Abu Ghraib?

Why isn't Mullah Ashcroft on TV talking about this terrorist?

Transcript of Gore's Speech

Just saw Scarborough call Gore's speech POLITICAL HATE SPEECH!

Just a thought... (Gasoline Taxes)

I'm watching a PRACTICE RUN of a jet intervening a small bi plane

Cynicism , politics and television

A Charge to Keep should be changed to:A Creep to Charge with dereliction

From the Madison County Times; Ralph Reed/bush

"I'm an Independent"!......(I'm too ashamed to admit I'm republican)

A little political pick me up....Please take a moment out of your


Amnesty International's Take on the U.S. "War on Terror"

List of World Leaders booted from office for support of Iraq War

McCain: Enough Already!!

The strongest man in Iraq

New National Pastime-Bush Bashing

Gore Speech Transcript at

Regardless of how you personally feel about Al Gore......

BBV: LA County official admits to lax certification enforcement.

In the likely event Kerry is elected

Yes, George, most Americans misunderestimated you

Sadr won, and here's why.

Forecast mid-to-low thirties by November?

Downing Street is as much of an international serial killer as Washington

Scientists prepare to turn fiction into fact with first full-face transpla

Where was the Outrage?

THEORY: Were the "intelligence officers" behind the Torture, Mercs?

I don't think another attack will help *.

Leave no child behind my foot.

Let's apply Occam's Razor to Ashcroft's Announcement.

Terror alert coincides with Bush ad campaign

I could kick this guys ass with one hand tied behind my back!

Rasmussen: Bush speech hurt him

Iraq 'Supermax' Prison Won't Wipe Away Abu Ghraib Stain

Is there an audio-only stream of Gore speech anywhere?

Clear Channel abuses patent system

Why Gore's speech is important ?

Bullying, a National Institution: Preparing for Abu Ghraib and Beyond

Freerepublic is having a military get out the vote drive.

CNN headline: Report: Most children who drown are supervised

Is there audio or video of Gore's MoveOn speech?

The Pope declares..."Puppies are Cute!"....

Get Rush off Armed Forces Radio (close to 5000 sigs in >24hrs)

Link to video of Gore's speech?

Nat'l Guard Living In Unprotected Tents At Iraq Base

Kerry policy speech on CNN now (11:45 est)

Gore on C-SPAN right now (East)

Timeline of events.

"Banana Republicans" author on O'Franken: about to talk...


Question: Does anyone know if Lieberman was duped by Chalabi?

Does anyone know the total vacation days Bush has taken?

Bush wants to remove more environmental restrictions...

A new Democracy Corps strategy memo from Stan Greenberg and James Carville

Has Gephardt moved into top tier for possible VP selection?

My neighbor the navy/marine wife....

ARGHHH! I forgot the statistic...

Reuters: "White House Memo Seeks 2006 Budget Tightening"

Iraq, the gift that keeps on giving...

AP Breaking news has pop up adds of Laura Bush

La Cucaracha dropped from the Fresno Bee

I'm dissapointed in Chicago..

Conason on O'Franken: Salon subscriptions FREE for military personnel

So basically, we lost the war then huh?

A solution to the global warming controversy..

Today's "Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People" Progress Report

Bea Arthur a terrorist?

Will Bush* still take a month long vacation in August?

The price of empire

Draft Dean for VP website

So they want to play hardball ????

a rhetorical question

I wish Prince Bandar, our Secretary of Energy, would lower gas prices

Exterminating Democrats

If our government was like Canada's, how would our parties be like?

WH to CNN: "Don't you know we changed the subject??"

Most interesting campaign contributor on newsmeat: Casey Kasem

Can Kerry beef up the Peace Corp? Of course he can. Should he?

Sorry, Pres. Nixon can't come to the phone now....he's loaded.

Impeach Bush Website

"Kerry Used to be Rolling in Dough"

Lucky Me! Off to see John Kerry this afternoon

Osama Bin Lotto

A plea to George Soros

BLUMENTHAL: FBI interrogating neocon cronies of Chalabi!

This C-Span issue;REDUX

Rupert Murdoch Supporting John Kerry????

So Who's Getting the Peace and Freedom Nomination?

Do you approve or disapprove of the job Al Gore is doing as president?

Remember, after 9/11 over a 1000 Muslims were illegally arrested

Remember the freeps lauging at Gores speech on global warming?

Bush Plan Eyes Cuts for Schools, Veterans

Let's get it on: School Vouchers

FAUX News' Idea of "Fair and Balanced"

So I guess Gore and Bush were not the same after all, huh ralf?

Promote your website here!

Let's sell Green Cards to Terrorists!

Fox: "Bush, Kerry and Hypocrisy"

Text of Kerry's speech today

Kerry's speech on CNN

Why wait ? IMPEACH!

My correspondence with Elliot Engel, D-NY

Why isn't The Big Dog more involved with

Letter to the NYT about Judit Miller

Assisted suicide: Pro or con? Should it be legal?

Randi opening with Gore's speech and playing the Rocky Theme

The CNP, a weapon that can be turned against the Conservatives?

Newsweek: "Florida: Eroding: Bush's Cuban Support"

Say what you will about Liz Smith, But I LOVE her!

Randi Just Made a GREAT Point About the Abu Gharib Pix

What happened to the Moore thread (online distribution)?

Bill Clinton says Kerry is running a smart campaign

A post to brighten your life....

What percentage of DUers are hostile?

The 14 Defining Characteristics Of Fascism

Why We Attacked Iraq?

Rush on Armed Forces Radio Outrageous

Bumper music on Rhodes: "Shattered"

What would you put in a museum of GOP fascism?

Crossfire thread.....

Whatever happen to the Stolen Democratic Judiciary Documents Investigation

Will Pres. Kerry expose the Bush Admin and throw them in jail?

Jeeesssss..Al was sweating up a storm yesterday!


Go Negative !

Here come the ignorant Knuckleheads about Al Gore. Just like the Cicada's

News Media burying Iraq Casualty Reports - Have you noticed?

Exxon CEO blames * Policies for High Oil Prices

General Mark Kimmitt refers to Iraqis as "Ali Baba"

# for AAR? Heard Al & Jeananne reading theirs. How about everybody else

Prayers for comfort for the good people of the Caribbean;

I'd like to congratulate...

Any thoughts on Kerry's latest speech?

A Gore Speech You May Not Have Heard

Howard Dean to have syndicated political column.

Fundamentalist Christianity on the rampage

Death penalty proponents: How do you feel when a person exonerated?

Resembling an Islamic mini-state, Fallujah ... a glimpse of Iraq's future

A brother's love: Man to be freed after 16 years in prison

Supreme Court reform.

Kudos to Clark for saying that is not what Americans do.

Land of the Free -- Breaking News?

Anybody got a mailing address

Venezuela: Dictatorship or Democracy? (

From Fox, the disturbing "Praying Hands Bush" photo, and a Coulter alert

Concern Over Explosives In Car Was 'False Alarm'

Best Democratic Speeches

Wolfowitz Visited Abu Ghraib Last Year (With Photo!)

Coming up: Arianna Huffington to be on Lou Dobbs

I'll show you "over the top" ! (two times the volume of Al Gore)

Hey fellow peace lovers, if you agree with this, please pass it on:

Should I answer this e-mail?

What happened to The Memory Hole?

Question about No Child Left Behind


Kerry for Commander in Chief

Attend your Kerry Meetup in 1 hour (Cen. time).

"How can global warming be true if it's freezing out...librul ideotts"

Everybody!! DUCK!!! (and "Escape from Baghdad")

Pom-poms, pep and panties

What happened to The Memory Hole?

Florida: Eroding: Bush's Cuban Support

Seen this? (Arab graffiti of prison torture)

My Email to Andy Rooney

Oh My.. The "other" Limbaugh spouts off ..(I'm seeing it as humor)

Arianna Huffington is Lou Dobbs guest tonight on CNN.

Prison Torture CD sold for 50 cents in Iraq

I humbly ask for the EU to...

Alex Trebek donated $1000 to Chuck Hagel:

What about the murder of the Afghani detainees?

Gore's speech sounds like an opening statement for war crimes tribunal

He cares about healthcare costs..really..he does..

please delete -- i didn't read the fine print. my apologies

Something that bothers me

40 minutes of Gore and 15 seconds of yelling...

Why is Arnold so popular? 65% approval rating in California

Wes Clark on Hardball tomorrow night! (Thurs.) Please kick for

Randi seems more positive...

I have a couple of questions for those of the Christian Faith...

Why do I feel guilty about my feelings for Gore....

I am really, REALLY disappointed with the USA and the world in general

Teach GW about the 'real history' of the US and Iraq?

Bill Press thinks Al Gore was "over the top"...

Arrest of Hamsa and the latest terra alert: so transparent!

Any rebroadcasts of the Gore speech this evening?

Neil Cavuto circle jerk

Is Gore speaking at the convention? I hope so...

Anyone got a soundbite of Gore's speech yesterday

Democrat's and Republicans must convince Ashcroft to run with Kerry

Col. Hackworth: 75% of some units leave Army. DRAFT inevitable under Bush

INSANE Letter to the Editor

The Secretary of Defense said he would like "to sweep it under the rug"..

Gay Parents Battle Virginia Adoption Rules

Chicago Tribune article re: AAR kicking Rush's cyst in NYC

The Great Scam of Plutocracy.

Kerry took a camera to vietnam

So what's the latest with the distribution rights on Moore's movie?

Gore sums up Bush's Torture Chambers and Rape Rooms

HELP! My son is thinking of enlisting!

Predictions on Judith Miller's next job?

Where is Gore? I thought he was going to be on C-span


Who has lied more: Judith Miller or Jason Blair?

Really just curious. Not rumormongering

Let's all sign this anti Rush petition...

Can anyone give me a good reason for hemp to be illegal?

WP: Bush was ad-libbing about razing Abu Ghraib

A chastened freeper

Mods please delete this thread it's a dupe

I heard on the news this evening....

What's on TV?

update on crazy LTTE

I just came from the best Kerry MeetUp!

Looking for approximate Iraqi + Afghani body counts since 11 Sep 2001 - Anyone checked this out yet???

Were giving in to get out!

Democrat's and Republicans must convince McCain to run with Kerry

"Freedom" is to the neocons what "for the people" was to the Communists

Worried about dirty tricks? Kerry has the answer.

Unfreep this poll on the National Guard

Is Benedict Zell Miller still going to be a convention superdelegate?

Let's get one thing perfectly clear....

When did NPR jump the shark?

Talking Points from David Brock's The Republican Noise Machine

Whoa -- Yet another way to close the doors on open govt

Xymphora on Berg video

Well, there ya go....CNN just said a vote for Kerry helps Al Qaida.

Need help with talking points for a pamphlet encouraging Jr. college..

Why do only stupid liberals seem to call into right wing radio?

Bush Family Values

CNN Presents "A Flyboy's Story: George Bush in WW2" ... again!?

A Good Man died Today

Just saw the new MoveOn ad about Rumsfeld on MSNBC

Right wing "Parents' Empowerment Act" to usher in new era of censorship!

A few questions about the military.

What's the point of DUing/Freeping polls?

"Terror Warning Was Surprise at Security Department" Bush is Done!

Somebody needs to keep track of Ashcrafty's flight records until November.

I hate people from orange county. a testimony to my hatred...

Now I understand the pResidents response to Rumsfeld

Yay! I actually made a (small) difference!

Ann Coulter on O'reilly

the only issues that are changing reTHUGlicans votes....

Oberman on MSNBC - AirAmerica

Bush praying to his God for another 9/11

The Republicans are trying to get Kerry to go negative real bad

Al Gore for VP

Dallas - Ft. Worth area DU'ers / Halliburton Protest 5-28 /Don't forget!

Judith Miller: "I'm not God."

Do You Care If Iraq Becomes A Democracy Or Not?

Ann "The Man" Coulter on O' will not believe it.

What is Man Coulter's primary personality disorder?

RW e-mail I need help in responding

Great Judith Miller Rant


Mo Dowd channels Kerry's advisors regarding Gore.

MoveOn Is Making Available a DVD Of President Gore's Speech For $5

Ad pours gasoline on Bush

DU this poll: "Do You Approve Of The President's Job Performance?"

Translator keeps blowing 9-11 whistle on FBI; U.S. Keeps shutting her up

SMILE and watch the new ad, bashing bush*...(link)

My problem with Bush V. Bush

help? I need some FACTS about the global anti-Iraq invasion protests

Green Party Candidate For President Says He'll Help Kerry!

US Army says they will kill or capture al-Sadr. Oh wait a minute...

All Aboard!.... for the ClusterFuck Express to Hell.........!

New CBS Poll: Kerry 49%, Bush 41%

BBV: Bev was honored today with the citizen of the year award...

FAIR provides evidence of NPR's right-wing bias

BBV: Bev and Andy on the go...

Nice dive-bomb attack on FR

A curious Rush quote

If you had a choice, who would you want as your President right now?

Superb Site -- Rebutting all the arguments for the Iraq War

I got to talk to a potential Congresswoman tonight!

Hunter Thompson's ESPN column was censored!

Please Help Defeat Sean Hannity...

Kerry unfit to serve as Commander In Chief?

CBS News Slamming the "Terror Warning"

Dr. Smusse's "The Freedom of Sneetch"

Really weird. Overheard my Republican coworker's conversation

Proof that CNN is a soulless rethug spin machine

Will someone please wake me?

Where Does America Go To Get Its Good Name Back?

Must read: Blumenthal beautifully sums up the Chalabi affair.

I got fired for the DU hate mail

This NYTimes letter will hit home for all of DU

help refuting claims of "liberal media bias"

I am SO PISSED at Al Gore

3 farmers ANNIHILATED video...quite disheartening

the bush pig farm

"Escape From Baghdad" | a bicycle built for TOONS

Turow wrote a great piece on Martha in the Times today.

Alan Colmes Radio Show

Does everyone understand what Al Gore is saying here? It is important

I want to tell all you DUers something. ....

A graph of PollingReport data: The tipping point is reached.

i'd like some links to the best iraq war editorials.

Final update on Gay Pride Day decision (It's GOOD news!)

Deleted message

What do you think President Gore

Moore interviewed Berg for "Fahrenheit"

Moore says he has extra footage of Berg interview

Unhappy with Judith Miller's reporting on Iraq?

Did that Wendy speaking for Kerry on Crossfire just make fun of MoveOn....

The Chalabi Affair... new names ... earlier cited by Kiatowski

Sadr Fighters Start Withdrawal from Iraq Holy City (Najaf)

General is said to have urged use of dogs (WP)

US Nabs Militia Commander, Handover Signals Mixed

DEMVET signing off at 6:00AM:EST ask any/answer all/BHT therapy etc.

Commerce Secretary Fights Trade Deficit

Three U.S. Marines Killed in Action West of Baghdad

Pro-animal activist accused of terrorism

NYT- Pentagon Was Blindsided by Bush Pledge to Raze Prison

U.S. military skeptical of al-Sadr pullout plan

Exxon CEO: We're not gouging

(Win Without War) Group Seeks Protest of Iraq Occupation

seasonally adjusted initial claims was 344,000 (prior 345 revised to 347)

FACTBOX-NGOs respond to Haiti/Dominican floods

Troops 'tried to kill Musharraf'

NYT- Prison Interrogations in Iraq Seen as Yielding Little Data on Rebels

State Department Warns Against Travel to Haiti

Iraqi Cleric's Militia Say Najaf Withdrawal on Hold

US Marines dispute Bay View’s account of Haiti Flag Day protest

David Dellinger, one of the Chicago Seven, dies

UK Arrests Radical Cleric for U.S. Extradition

TEXT-Iraqi rebel cleric Sadr offers deal to U.S. forces

I'm watching a PRACTICE RUN of a jet intervening a small bi plane

(Miller)U.S. General Says Iraqi Security Will Run Abu Ghraib by August

U.S. indictment: Cleric arrested in London tried to establish Oregon terro

Officials held for selling IDs - SA

Iraq's top cleric oversaw Najaf truce - aide (Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani)

Witnesses Report Attack on an American Convoy South of Fallujah

UC San Diego blocks broadcast of beheading video on campus TV

Venezuela ruling party resists OAS

David Dellinger, one of the Chicago Seven, dies

Lufkin dad charged with murder in deaths of stillborn twins

Solano County ends e-voting contract with Diebold

Economy's Expansion in First Quarter Is Revised Higher to 4.4 Percent Rate

CNN: Greenspan a White House regular

Officials arrest two fugitives wanted for torture, drug smuggling

UK 'to send more troops to Iraq'

IMF Completes Review of Iraq's Debt (will keep it secret)

Aetna Sues Abbott Over 400 Percent Rise in AIDS Drug Price

The Radical Cheerleaders take up pom-poms against their oppressors.

Kent schools should drop handcuffs, panel says /Seattle PI

Snow Red-Faced Over Investment Mistake

Coalition Suspends Operations in Najaf

BBC: Tory spokesman backing Democrat

Kerry: Bush Has Undermined U.S. Leadership

Court backs Oregon's assisted suicide law

Plane Turned Around After 9-11 Discussion

U.S. dismisses report on human-rights abuses

Bush's Iraq Policy to Come Under Fire at Summit

Northrop Layoffs (400 jobs)

CIA interrogations 'too brutal'

US indictment:Cleric arrested in London tried to establish Oregon terror t

Bush 2006 budget cuts homeland security, vet benefits, education

U.S. Army details wider prison abuse

Russia, U.S. to Clean Up Nukes Around the World

Army drops some environmental protections

Pa. House delays vote on same-sex marriage

Senators to question Cambone over Abu Ghraib

Bush plan eyes cuts for schools, veterans

Sleeping With The Enemy--9/11 Immigration Fraud

Oil sinks below $40

Suspect had 'very extreme ideas'

Governing Council member's convoy ambushed near Baghdad as she returning f


Cuba, Mexico Decide to Return Ambassadors

Former Gov. Don Siegelman, two others indicted

Pope condemns torture as affront to human dignity

WaPo- 2006 Cuts In Domestic Spending On Table

Kerry Offers Security Policy Respectful of Allies [Reuters]

IRS raids Philadelphia mosque

DA questions Selebi's al-Qaeda statements - SA

Did 'al-Qaeda members' have SA passports?

Illinois Man Arrested In N.J. With Explosive Devices


Muslims in U.S. suffer reaction to terror threats

Report: Non-Competitive Contracts on Rise

Ariana Huffington on Lou Dobbs Tonight

U.S. Accuses Iran of Intimidation on Nuclear Issue

Ex-Rite Aid CEO Gets 8-Year Prison Term

Oh My.. The "other" Limbaugh spouts off ..(I'm seeing it as humor)

Freed journalist: 'Israel should be ashamed'

More San Diego Troops Leave For Iraq

Two former Mobile police officers working in Iraq

Slaughter in the Streets (US troops kill with indiscriminate fire)

Coalition Suspends Operations in Najaf - Sadr can run for Iraqi president

WMD Intel Panel Interviews David Kay

Canada says unaware of any specific terror threat (Reuters)

Inquiry into interrogation firm

Cal Thomas Calls for 'Voluntary' Censorship on War

Pentagon surprised by Bush's prison pledge

Number of U.S. casualties in Iraq rises to 807

18th innocent released from Illinois death row

Boston Ex-Archbishop Named to Rome Post

Israel lays claim to Palestine's water

Calif. National Guard investigated for prisoner abuse in Iraq

Salton announces layoffs, shares rebound (200 jobs)

Report: Consumers paying price for government inaction (re: gas prices)

Bomb scare causes Boston flight to land in Nashville

Lott: Tough Questioning OK if Lives Saved

Officials defend terror attack warning [AP]

Calif court considers whether violent poetry is criminal

Security deteriorating in Iraq

Washington's Chalabi nightmare [FBI grills Neocons; TREASON committed?]

Plane forced to land at Nashville Tennesse Airport.

Michael Moore has 20 min. of new Berg footage

Utah teacher charged with threatening to go on shooting rampage

Bush Plan to Control Health Care Costs

More Layoffs Announced At Gateway Computers' Local Facility (1500 total)

World Vision intensifies response as casualties mount in flood disaster

Getting Away With Murder? - Najaf, MSNBC

Warner Bucks GOP Right On Probe of Prison Abuse

Saudi with ties to Sept. 11 hijackers held in San Diego

WP: Worry and Anger Over Iraq Situation

U.S. Iraq Policy, Jail Abuse Under Fire at (Europe-Latin America) Summit

NYT admission of faulty reporting 'long overdue'

France, China Want U.S. to Spell Out Iraqi Powers [Reuters]

New Questions Arise About Touch-Screen Voting Machines (Miami)

Survey Finds U.S. Agencies Engaged in 'Data Mining'

Kerry offers security policy respectful of allies

Report says awarding of contracts without bids is up under Bush

WaPo: A Shift in Strategy for Riggs (Riggs Bank, J. Bush)

NBC: 9/11 plane victims’ families to hear tapes

New Iraq Troop Deployment Major Gamble for Blair

Help Wanted Index Down 1 point in April.

WP: Shiite Politicians' Objections Lead Candidate to Withdraw

Can't find Iraqis taped in arms plot, Powell says

U.S. Allies Also Accused in Prison Abuse

3 Year Old Dies From Obesity (UK)

Terror Warning Criticized (Ashcroft Didn't Work With Homeland Security)

Opening Pandora's Box in Iraq? Behind America's Dubious Private Alliances

Economy Lagging in Key State (Ohio and Battleground States)

Saudi "Qaeda" leader calls for guerrilla warfare

Symantec nabs first 64-bit virus

Bush Says He Has Cure for Illegible Prescriptions

Soldier in Lynch's unit thought killed in action had been captured...

Massive security operation for controversial Bush visit to Rome

High Priority Put on Prison Interrogation Led to Use of Untrained Workers

Extradition 'could take months'

Three Accused Soldiers Had Records of Unruliness That Went Unpunished

Australia Bans Same Sex Marriages

NYT: In Jordan's Scrapyards, Signs of a Looted Iraq

Interim Iraqi Government May Be Delayed

Coalition putting NGOs at risk in Afghanistan -EU

As Ashcroft Warns of Qaeda Attack, Some Question Threat and Its Timing

Student Whose Hair Set Afire Told To Stay Home Alleged Attacker Remains In

Australian Distributors of Moore Film Say They've Been Threatened

Flood Toll Rises to 1,950 in Haiti and Dominican Republic

3 children found slain in Northwest Baltimore (1 decapitated, 2 partially)

Austria enacts strict animal rights laws

Poll: Kerry Catches Up To Bush In PA

Lech Walesa: Germany and France Share Blame for Iraq War

D.C. School System Lays Off Hundreds (544 jobs)

Kerry: Bush 'made America less safe'

Bush plan eyes cuts for schools, veterans

Filmmaker Moore Says He Has Berg Footage (an interview with Berg)

The Bush orthodoxy is in shreds (FBI investigates neocons for espionage)

White House warns cuts coming in '06 - Education, homeland security, etc.

Janklow Pardoned Son-In-Law's 3 DUIs

One of every 75 U.S. men in prison, report finds

Richard Perle: U.S. war policy 'grave error'

Spammer Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison

Make a friend who has a copy of "Live 93" by The Orb.

"You've been tellin' me you're a genius since you were seventeen...

New Ween Album with DVD - Live in Chicago

I'm gonna rock down to Electric Avenue, and then...

Please help me solve this alphabetization problem....

You're fired! (burp)

Is this really "Camp Fun"? Or is it media mind-wave, cosmic control?

Really scary pop-up ad I just saw

Does 'CBGB: omfug' actually mean anything?

Who wants to mock some hot male?

I'm a Moran (With apologies to Denis Leary) R Rated

Interesting little item from my Twisted History files for today...

Who wants to fuck with hotmail?

What we need to do for a better future, summed up in a song.

The Grumpy Dookus is Bored

Men are from mars, women are from Venus,

Hey - Rescue 911 - remember that show?

The great Mel Brooks is on board!

For my late-night snack I'm eating...

Has anyone seen the Cheers episode with Kerry in it

The truth about Cicadas...

Goddess Lucy Liu is officially on board!!!

Some minor, random celeb is on board...

Joe Six-pack is on board!

The Lovely Jennifer Garner is on board.

I caught my hand in a fan

WOOT! help me celebrate

So do all my TV choices have to have artistic integrity?

Ticketmaster Online purchase question:

Shooting An Elephant

90 Year Old Gets High School Diploma

Beetle Bailey

Snail Mail Takes 3 Years To Travel 30 Miles

Ted Danson's on board!

Sam Waterston is on board!!!

Most amazing documentary on HBO: "My Flesh & Blood"

The Beautiful Nicole Kidman is on board!

Jokes for today

Good Morning DU!

Men Are From Bars, Women Are From Penis!

wanna see a good poker hauL?

11 year old driver crashes truck - 5 children injured

American idol

My vote for All-Star Catcher

Hotel California

Gary Condit had a bit part in Return Of The Killer Tomatoes

Senior Pranksters Clog Traffic By Driving REALLY Slow - Ticketed

Woman on trial for cop grab

Wedding bells turn to sirens (Groom, father and best man arrested)

Important notice to DUers going on vacations soon!

So seriously, what good has disorganized religion ever done?

OMG! Live version of Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" WOW

Rumor Mill in the NFL: Eddie George to be an Eagle????

Door To Door Flasher Gets 60 Days In Jail

Milwaukee's "Clown Hall of Fame" to declare the first Bozo

Yes, I'm still alive! :P

Soprano's hit list. Who dies? Who lives? Final episode..June 2

Buck Atmore's Guide to the Rapture

Good sources for political bumper stickers...

I think this whole Neocon armagedon deathrace thing is affecting me

90's Lyric Quiz, Part 3

Teenager's Mom Sold Her For $3,000

Why would anyone want to meet somebody online unless it was implied......

We have a new sheriff, and it's a woman!

Scarborough's dead mistress

Let's all share our favorite - Nursery Rhymes

GOP Survivor

Congratulations to sus for escaping Pat Robertson's evil clutches!


Are there any places on the planet where you can go and sell your body

And the unintentional Irony award gos to

Heard on NPR this morning: Catholic bishops and political interference

Burglar calls police on himself

Barnett reinstated at Colorado (no one fired)


Local Mayor Helps Apprehend Suspect At Bank(on lunch break)

"Day After Tomorrow" review

So seriously, what good has an organized Virginian ever done?

Would it be rude of me....?

Can anyone buy a shirt?

PUBIC'S NOT NICE: DUer's member refuses to enter Finn's box

post your tit pictures here

Post hot pictures here

Ick! Freeper Email Jokes at WORK

Check out this hairless pussy....

Post your Tut pictures here.

Post Tut pictures here

Post pot pictures here

Today's Doonesbury: Red & Blue celebrities

Post your cock pictures here.

Anyone on the weight watchers diet?

Utah Man Loses Lawsuit To Viacom Over SuperBowl (NippleGate)

I just googled "miserable failure"

I'm afraid I terrorized Plaid Adder.

What's your least favorite shore?

What's your least favorite chair?

No sects threads!


What's your least favorite squire?

what's your favorite chair?


hey newyaker99

What's your least favorite choir?


What's your least favorite Billy Squier song (HA!!! made it a poll)

Post something original here

I can't get that Harry Potter "Double Trouble" song out of my head.

Post something UNoriginal here

Forget Kerry. I want Ronnie James Dio for President.


I just watched "Monsieur Ibrahim".

What's your least favorite choke?

Nose, nose. Anything goes.

City Forces "Bicycle Willie" To Move; Has 30 Years Of Stuff

Who's the first Bozo? Clown Hall of Fame switches honor

Cool music from us living overseas

Sex with Lock Dangerous

Non-Human Caught On Film

Catlady Incompetent To Stand Trial


What's your least favorite chore?

Your Daily Bushism

Help with a poem?

Sometimes, I like to install a hat.

A brother's love: Man to be freed after 16 years in prison

Bastard People: The Best of Christopher Guest

5 Great Underappreciated Bass Performances (rock division)

Sometimes my arms bend back

am i a bad uncle??

Black Sabbath or Bay City Rollers

Seatbelt Checkpoints (my story, post yours)

An apparent cas of premature rapture

HUMOR - GOP Convention Schedule

Joy Division or New Order?

congrads to GOP- he is now a homeowner

how to get to Montreal from Western Mass?

I thought I would share this with y'all

Has it really come to this? "Post your honker photos here"

Too many treating Spanish Arch as public toilet says McNelis

(Cameron)Diaz calls for extra protection

Sometimes, I like to wear a ham.

Sometimes, I like to wear a hat.

Woman Staged Burglary To Steal, Kill Boyfriend's Dog

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters descend on Royal Navy base

My baby just left for South America.

IMDB Worst 100 movies: Which is the worst one you've seen

To celebrate MATCOM's 19,000th post-Brown, chicks in bikinis

GOP tarts, Bushturbation and other Neologisms.

I had a pina colada for lunch. Ask me anything!!1!

I had a pine cone for lunch. Ask me anything!!1!


Klansman Turns Pink; Queer Eye for the KKK Guy?

Woo hoo! Fahrenheit 9/11 will show in Brazil! (July)

PUBLIC NOTICE: DU member refuses to enter inbox


John Edward can bring in voters who have crossed over

Best DU feature?

Question about Arbitron Ratings:

organic salad and spanokopita for lunch


Confession: I sit down to peel!

Does anybody have a more annoying whine than Tucker Carlson?


Confusion: I set sound to pee!

Just got West Wing Season Two on DVD.... ask me anything!

Boo Got Shot!!!!!!!!!

I SWEAR I will EXPLODE if I see one more COPY-YAK thread

Regina (precious hairdoo) Vargo

I swear I will UPLOAD If I see one more COPY / PASTE thread!


Confucius: I sat down on Pei.

Mechanic said I blew a seal


Super-cool Anti-Bush animation and game

There Is A Level Of Shame Working At Starbucks

Turning 111 on a Beer a Day

Why's there so much English text on foriegn sites ( Jap,Rus.Kor. etc.)?

Scientists prepare to turn fiction into fact with first full-face transpla

Hmmm...Tammy Faye Messner or Katie Holmes...hmmm...must I choose?


Which car should I cry?

Potty Talk

4,999. What should my 5,000th post be about?

I SWEAR I will EXPLODE if I see one more COPYCAT thread

Yea! I'm out of the 700 Club!

Confession: My Cat Just Pottied in My Car (sitting down)

I SWEAR I will EXPLODE if I eat one more piece of POPPYSEED bread!

Have you ever had to pee so bad...

What does "jumped the shark mean"?

Which can should I buy?

It's THAT time again, kids. Don't be afraid... Be READY

Officer's Taser is used on girl, 9

Croatia's Euro 2004 squad warned against "acrobatic sex"

I have no little kids, but I must buy childproof cupboard locks

Yet another misheard song lyrics thread

Couple of new dachshund pics and a scan

Jennetta Jones on The Weather Channel...

Hey Lynne!!!!! Did you kiss Evita after she killed that bat?

Did I post this already?

Which car should I buy?

How cute is my baby?

Any DUers live/lived/been to Cork, Ireland?

Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States!

Atkins dieter sues after heart op

Are you scheduled off from work on 11/3/04?

Jenny Jones on The Weather Channel

Arnold in the new 'Around the World in 80 days'

Best DU creature?

Finally volunteering......... for a CAPTION?

The Come-Back Kitty of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Universal sucks!!

DUers...what is your plans for the Memorial Weekend?

The people have spoken

Yet another cat thread

Why are good things bad for you?

AD running on - I have a secret......

BREAKING: Ashcroft heading to Wilmington, DE, after explosion

I SWEAR I will EXPLODE if I see one more COPYCAT teddy

Do you hate materialistic people?

Showering in the pee: Acceptable or no?

Peeing in the sink: acceptable or no?

Bush Twins photos that would probably ruin Sean Hannity's day

Question for Disney Stock Holders

WARNING: Enter this thread at your own risk.

Copycat threads about peeing on cats: acceptable or no?

Peeing In The Supermarket - Acceptable or No?

How Many Have Urinated While Driving Down The Road?

TORNADO Question

So seriously, what good has organized religion ever done?

Peeing in outer space - Acceptable or No?


Have all the peeing threads made you want to go?

how much is in an 'iraquiLLion'?

A 1986 law forces hospitals to accept anybody who walks in.

A headhunter contacted me today about a job...

how about boycotting eminem

a cat's revenge...

Did you know, all of us is a homosxual. Even Fred Phelps and Dr Laura are

How about boycotting toilets?

Delivery People Urged to Rat Out Minors

Peeing on republicans while they sleep - acceptable or no?

Bad Movie Physics

Caution's subversive song of the day

RANT: why dont people say thank-you when you hold the door for them?

How about boycotting Canadians?

I love Wasabi Green Peas!

How to make Friends by Telephone

how about boycotting toilet humor?

Military people urged to root out miners

I found a guy whose name really is "Mike Hunt."

I SWEAR I will EXPLODE if I see one more COPYCAT tread

Military people urged to boot out minors

I SWEAR I will IMPLODE if I don't see one more COPYCAT thread!

The sadest movie of all time?

What do you do with an unmatched sock?

Mortuary people urged to rout out mourners.

*sigh* sometimes I hate being a geek

I swear I will reload if I don’t see one more toppy hat head!

Pretend you're a Freeper: what's your favorite gland?

*sigh* sometimes I love taking a leek

I need advice: I'm thinking of giving up my phone

Los Alamos, New Mexico - Study says it's the best quality of life in U.S.

YEs yes yes...more Karma - my enemies are being vanquished

GYWO page 36 is up

Kids alas make healthy snacks!

Eat me!

Whats the fewest amount of floors you should use an elevator for?

Pretend you're a WEEPER. What's your favorite brand?

Tube Bar Thread

Pissing all over the lounge, acceptable or encouraged?

*sigh* sometimes I hate being the Sheik.

23 years!

Cicada Photos of the Day (Chimpy; Scott McClellan)


How do you occupy your time when you are waiting?

Pretend you're the Creeper. What's your favorite hand?

OOOO....I'm posting on one of three brand new emacs

The Puppy has landed and she's wonderful!!!!

Well what the hell do I do now

Do you want to be a Peeper?

Peeing in the shower: acceptable or no?

Difficult Simpsons question

There must be a LOT of imploding/exploding people here today!

Can anyone recommend a good inexpensive mixer?

Terri and Cherri just told Lisa Simpson that she'd marry a carrot

Pretend you're a Keeper: What's for breakfast?

14 Y.O. Girl Threatened To "Roast Victim's Eyes" Over A Fire

Anyone here know of Pat Donohue?

One way Bush is fundraising

High Schooler Suspended For Home Video Version Of "Girls Gone Wild"


Sheared beaver boxer shorts for Dad on eBay

I just watched Fight Club, ask me anything!

Did I miss something to do with Canada today?

Democrat's and Republicans must convince McCain to run with Kerry

Best Show In Ages Returns! FAMILY GUY

I've been up since 3 a.m. - keep me awake

*sigh* sometimes I hate being a leek

Democrat's and Republicans must convince McCain to run with Larry...

I finally finished my project!

Democrat's and Republicans must convince Ashcroft to run with the Bulls

McCain and Santorum should get married

If you own Pets don't do this

Pretend you're a Freeper - What's your favourite TV show???

Argh! Grammar in Commercials!

Does anyone know Helen Mirren?


CONFESS!!!!!! What's the craziest job you ever had

Entering Onondaga

A big, giant tree has fallen over in our back yard

So what are YOU doing Memorial Day weekend?

Fever for a month plus anemia equals what?

Mac OS X Panther Updated to 10.3.4

Pretend I Am A Peeper: Ladies, What Will You Be Wearing?

What to do with the Palace of the Republic (GDR Capitol) [Pic Heavy]

(Hey Techies)DVD burner question and Internet connection sharing

The Infield Fly Rule

I just got a job!!! Guess who I work for now???

The Infidel Fry Rule - should we keep it?

Chappelle Show fans:

Ran into another Bush lover today... Left confused as hell

Anyone else addicted to President Forever?

Howdy, Pacific Northwest: Has it rained all day where you are, too?

When I got up for work this morning, my building had no electricity.

Confession: I sit down to pee!

Survived through Tornado Warning, ask me anything!

Co-worker demands a PUBLIC apology

My 7 year old son just said "I wish I was black"

Pretend you're a Freeper. What's your favorite double entendre?

I think new DUer JustFiveMoreMinutes may have the ultimate DU username

Confession: I spit on tou-pées

drug test questions

One more cat thread!

I just smoked 20 lbs of Colombian -- I don't care what you ask me!

Is there an afterlife for the stupid?

Hooked on Monkey Phonics! (South Park)

Stupid question: How many pounds is one stone???

Are humans:

Thank you Brewers!

What's your favorite epithet for Bill O'Reilly?

What's on TV?

Something is probing my perimeter right now. The dogs are going wild.

Jupiter big and red ahead of waxing gibbous moon in ecliptic plane.

Need Help for new "Manly" Perfumes.

What's on TV?

Do you really love your car or just the horn ?

DU Chat tonight.

Anyone ever try "Upper Canada" lager?


Kids aghast at healthy snacks

Mametophiles-Favorite Mametian Line

So I went to NYC and spoke out (and met Tim Robbins) and...

Something is probing my posterior right now. The dogs are going wild.

Heeeeeerrrrrre's COSMO!!!!

Are you afraid of elevators?

Do you really love your car or just the horn ?

My son won a really cool medal tonight

Cicada Missile Strikes in Washington; Republican Operative Wounded

My return to DU!

Bob Dole's on Chris Matthews. Botox Alert!!!

Deadheads: What was the Grateful Dead's last exceptional studio album?

So here's something cool

Why don't we have a rant forum?


I want to SCREAM my bloody head off... ask me anything

Something is probing my perineum right now. The hormones are going wild.

Explained: Why you feel like taking a shower after visiting Drudge

Computer Question

Another dumb criminal entry

Pretend you're a Freeper: What's your favorite Double Wide?

*sigh* Sometimes I hate being so chic.

Do you feel compelled to log onto DU every single day?

Run, run, run, run, run

Any good sticker links?

Do you think G4TechTv will be any good?

How Long Should One Wait Before Blowing Their Car Horn At...

Question for Web Techs ( Web Design)

Take the Bandwidth test

Gender: Undeclared

I just smoked 20 lbs of Canadian

HAHA! Man I love it when a prank comes together

DU Reject Lounge party hangover support thread

Those NEXTEL Walkie Talkie commercials????

Allah and God are not the same...

DU this poll!

Somebody say a prayer for me.


Favorite Sit-Com one liner.

Is DU hostile to Canadians?

If your (pretend) a freeper, whats your favorite kind of currency?

Best Show on TV?

Peeing on leeks. Yes or no?

This is my 7000th post.

Question about multiple sclerosis

the human body has a lot of flaws. how would you re-design it?

Oh my god! Look at this post from the MAJORITY REPORT blog.

I wanna live with a Hannity girl, I could be happy the rest of my life...

Macaulay Culkin is dating Mila Kunis...

I... really... must... tear... myself... away... from... this... computer

In Light Of All The Damned CAT Threads, I MUST Resurect This Oldie

When your at a long left turn signal, and the light turns red.

Rush (The Band) Embarks on 30th Anniversary Tour

Need help with a harassment problem.

The Liar's Club: Everything You Say About Yourself in this Thread is a LIE

What happened to loud mouth Dennis Miller?

Check out this letter from my daughter's school (you're gonna shit!)

fLower deLiveries - and reccomendations?

Please explain "American Idol" to me

What books do you re-read often?

Pretend you're a Freeper.

Several bespectacled South Dakotans later, Flipper and I hover over Toledo

We Need MORE SOX Threads!!!!!!!!!!!

TV Shows with a political bias

Does your boss/company monitor your internet usage at work?

I got fired today.

Are you a cat or dog?

Dog Owners - A warning about proheart 6 heatworm medicine

Used Underwear...Get Your Used Underwear...

I SWEAR I will IMPLODE if I see one more CAT thread

Is the deserted island thread: Who is the one celebrity you'd want to be

Pretend you're a SEEPER. What's your favorite brand?

Democrats and Republicans must convince McCain to endorse McCain fries

I need help naming my Lingerie Shop


Can anyone here recommend Reiki ?

If your a freeper on jeopardy, whats your best and worst Jeopardy category

Worst song lyrics (non-novelty songs, please)

How cute is my lady?

Does anyone else suffer from "TMI Tourette's"?

Pretend you're a freeper: What's your favorite band?

Damn, I want this!!! (RC B-52)

how can you afford health insurance


My cats are conspiring against me!

The Prisoner of Azkaban opens a week from tomorrow...

Your Favorite Album No Ones Else Knows

Battlestar Galactica - 1978 movie and tv show followup question

Worse thing that killing somebody (not for the squeamish)

Cracker Jacks strike out! -- Steinbrenner actually does the right thing?

Kerry, 'Delay's Secretary' or 'World Leader', you choose

Kerry yard signs

Action Alert: Another Bush judicial appointment....

Poll finds Bush losing lead among Pa. voters

Bush asks to meet with Smarty Jones

berg and other disgusting spectacles

Thursday is Kerry MeetUp Date Night

Gore speech/video now up on CNN web site

Dean on Bloomberg radio in a few minutes, about 12:50.

Campaigns & Elections Ed: Kerry/Clark good fit

LIVE Webcast today at 1PM EST of JK speech on national security

Libertarians: Bush's Nader?

Al Gore - I am so proud of that man

CBS News Poll: Edwards adds strength to Kerry ticket


Made my day :)

Possible Clark media alert on CNN. I just got the tail end of the

That's our Wes!

Can Kerry Call Bush Out For Second Guessing The Greatest Generation?

What's the latest on when Kerry will pick his VP?

proof John Edwards can bring in crossover voters

debunking 'flip-flop' propaganda!

Lock this...Duplicate

Non-partisan group says to pick Clark

Clarkies! Don't forget to watch Wes Clark on Hardball! n/t

Tweety, obsessed with the "BBQ" question re Bush and Kerry, take this...

Early Years Belie Kerry's Patrician Image - WSJ

Let's take back our country!!!

Wes Clark On Blitzer - Next!

I just came from the best Kerry MeetUp!

Bring in the world: Key to Success - Clark in TNR

Will war crimes admission hurt John Kerry?

Kerry Expands Ad Campaign To Virginia

Kerry doesn't need to buttress his FP and military credentials.

Will rampage of terror attacks in US help Bush get re-elected?

I'm going to say it anyways, because I know its true.

Kerry again attacks Bush on Iraq

A thought about 2004 presidential debates....

DU's answer to Sean Hannity's poll

What if Reagan or Ford die within the next 6 months?

Jeb Bush defends dropping absentee-ballot witnesses

Did Kerry address the $87B comment in Bush's ads?

Latest Kerry poll

Bill Clinton: Kerry running smart campaign, not playing 'too safe'

Indianapolis poll has Kerry leading Bush

The US Election Atlas Mock Election

Hannity: "Bush has the prison scandal, Kerry burned down innocent villages

Bush seriously targeting Independents

I'm warming up to Kerry a bit

Partners for Victory Matching Fund--What's that?

letsstoop glorifying mccain

"The Dean Effect: Howard's Crowd is Branching Out" Love this article!

To those who plan on voting 3rd party in non swing states

Time for KERRY to start swinging

Outrageous! Who would you more want to sit next to on a 13 hr plane ride?

Who'd do best in a V.P. debate w/Cheney?

Has ANY presidential candidate ever picked...

OMG, New Poll Has Bush Trouncing Kerry!!!

...about the Democratic Party having a backbone - Kucinich

John McEnroe is officially on board!

Boiling down Clark v. Edwards to the bare bones