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Archives: May 23, 2004

Great David Horsey cartoon from Sunday's Seattle P-I

'Bay of Goats' by Maureen Dowd

In China, height counts -- and so does breast symmetry

Spit on the pan-blue leaders, Lee says - TW

Imperiled by imperialisms

Communists' lack of foresight leaves embassy an annual rent of US$2.50

IDF: No humanitarian disaster in Rafah

The slaughter in the Middle East continues (Warning disturbing pic!)

Human Rights:Prison:food,shelter basic

Should we be giving money to the Constitution party?

Cannes Film Festival awards replay on IFC at 12:30 am EDT

The Height of Freeper Hypocrisy

Favorite Democratic Senator

Children of kidnapped Japanese released by North Korea

How best to Support Kerry post-convention...

O'Reilly: "figure out who Usama bin Laden wants in, then vote for...

Picture of the bike * fell off:

Congressmen want Taiwanese marines to join US in Iraq

Collateral Damage

GOP Senator Rips Bush on Iraq, Terrorism

UK insists it will boycott trial if Saddam faces death penalty

Journalists subpoenaed in CIA leak case

How can you say that your not responsible?

In honor of my 700th Post:

Just took a yellowcake uranium out of the oven...Who wants to glow?

A non-Bush/non-Iraq Frontline this coming week

I just took a urinal cake out of the oven. Anyone want to smell my lemony

Flashback to Pretzelgate (warning: pretzel-related injuries)

Sifl and Olly is on MTV2 right now!!!

Why is it so damn humid!

Time for a drink, and I'M BUYING! What'll it be?

It's time for the Doctor Who purity test!!!

Did Rumsfeld KNOW the bike was going to tip over?

Concerts: Who have you seen dead?

What's Your Earliest Memory?

How old is too old to wear a miniskirt?

How many true friends do you have?

lock please

John Kerry, Don't accept the Nomination at Boston.........

60 Minutes Preview: Gen. Zinni: 'They've Screwed Up'

Bush praises Brown v. Board of Education but opposes equal rights?!

US Disputed Protective Status of Iraq Inmates

From NYT Letters...Liberals down but not out.....First letter a MUST read

The Wars Through Arab Eyes - Newsweek

Bush's super fundraisers join the queue for favours

Is Bush the Anti-Buddha?

Outsourcing still growing, study finds

System (in Oregon) would tax drivers by mileage

It's time for new health insurance idea, 50 big firms say

Too many resources wasted on Cuba (Dem. Senator Max Baucus)

Chalabi’s fall from grace triggers satisfaction in Jordan

WP: Crush the Insurgents in Iraq Lehrman/Kristol

Must read.."Michael Moore's Candid Camera..NYT..

"Trail of blood"

Charles Krauthammer: Fix for rising oil prices is easy: $3 tax

Fineman: A 'Forced Group Hug' (* meeting with Repug Congress)

When A Pep Talk Isn't All That Peppy

History profs rate Bush a disaster

Suspicious moving van prompt Kings Bay lockdown

Susan Sontag (Guardian Utd): What have we done (in Abu Ghraib)?

The Marine's tale: 'We killed 30 civilians in six weeks. I felt we were

3 Israelis arrested after drawing toy guns during flight in Panama

The Altar Is Not a Battlefield by Victoria Reggie Kennedy

Wall Street Firms Funnel Millions to Bush

Rigging elections

Clarkies...Has this article been discussed?

Letters (several) from a Roanoke Va. soldier in Iraq-long but worth it

Think the Unthinkable: Partition Iraq

NY Daily News: Say goodnight, Dick (Dump Cheney for Rudy)

Newsweek: D-Day's Real Lessons (What * should learn)

It's Not Bush*s Fault!!!

IVINS: Following the Spoor of Depravity --or-- How Fascism Starts

It was all about electricity and basic services! Iraq/Secret CPA Memo!

NEWSFLASH; Springsteen to hold anti-GOP convention concert

I got a comment on my Kerry bumper sticker

got satellite tv?

Tell your friends and family to watch 60 Minutes tonight, May 23

What is DU's opinion of the Evening News Broadcasts???

General Zinni on 60 Minutes - mp3 & video

Today's Thought

Has *'s Saturn transit started yet?

Language rant

HIV virus doesn't cause AIDS?

TV broke--should I replace it?

Booming China devouring raw materials

Ideas for making the U.S. more energy independent.

Taiwan President Hopes to Visit Washington

How she died: The murder of Canadian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi in Iran

I have a question about "home rule"...

Can I see the deleted responses to something I said?

Good progressive/liberal internet talk radio show Sunday mornings (today)

How to know if a posting is true? A post on the Guy James Show and AAR

I saw a gold star next to my name, so I guess you got my donation.

Have mods or ex-mods ever been tombstoned?

Why is the Richard Perle-linked Jerusalem post allowed on DU?

I have no problem with this...

Why am I getting emails rather than PM's now

Ibrahim, the Shin Bet wants you to join Qaida

PM meeting defense officials to recruit support for revised pullout plan

Yosef Lapid, Holocaust Survivor, Compares Israeli Action to Nazis

Children dismembered in Israeli attack on refugees

Petition filed against Halutz becoming deputy chief of staff

The day the tanks arrived at Rafah zoo

Why I Burned My Israeli Military Papers

Feith :''the f---ing stupidest guy on the face of the earth,"

Army lifts siege on Gaza district

Israel proposes payment for homes razed in Gaza Strip

UN says IDF troops raid UN office in Jenin

Senator Hollings Is Right : Its all about Israel

"The 911 hearings so far"

Few neutral about Deutsch

I went to school in Des Moines...

Mark Dayton Urges Iraq Pullout

Just got back from Texas (worst, best things on my trip)

Who believes that mountain-bike story?

Nasty weather check-in

Activist training in WA ...need your response!

Equalitarian,notEgalitarian:nix fiscal too:be brief to Independents

Nate Clay streaming now -- late night LIBERAL radio

Bush has had one major success as president...

My Response to Inhofe's Torture Rationalizing, check my facts

Ldotters laugh at prisoners having been raped

Berg Video - SMOKING GUN?

Rumsfield and Gitmo Geneva Con., applies or not?

Security scare shuts Kings Bay

Just saw Head in the Sand's "322"

Woman accused of attack with boiling oil in Bible dispute

GOP Infighting Rises, Poll Standings Fall

Why I love Kerry

WLS in Chicago and Nate Clay kicking Bush ass?

Where are this week's new polls?

Chalabi on Meet The Press.... set your VCR's and Tivo's!!

First Saddam was their guy in Iraq

Give it up for Jeffrey Katzenberg...bigtime Dem supporter

Another reason not to listen to all that boy pop

Hey Dad, let's go to the Moonshine Bar & Grill

Talk show host a great freeper detector - on 6-9 am Eastern (now)

Just listening to "On the Media" on NPR...

Mike Moore speech recap (kind of)

Time: Letter from Fort Stewart

Rove's replacement, Ken Mehlman. The man who would sell us 9/11

Congress Trying To Reverse Supreme Court Decisions

Should we treat the Paleoconservatives as allies?

George the Lesser can't eat pretzels or ride a freakin' bike?!

Another odd comment about Condi's "relationship" with Bush......

Heritage Foundation "Whiz Kids" managed $13 b. Budet in Iraq! Disgusting!

Civilian Soldiers of Fortune Head for Iraq to "flesh out" their Resume's.

Sunday Talk: ALL Chalabi, ALL the Time

MoDo: "A half-dozen dunderheads"

"Air America" and "The Guy James Show"

Are there any pics of shrub since he fell off his trike and flat on

Congressional pissing match

C-Span 7a.m. call-in Catholic Church denying communion to politicians.

Watch Dave Die | ?

Anybody read this Roger Morris letter?

Yale's Skulless, Boneless Bush

Must Read: A Call to Conscience

What's in a Word? Torture............... (from NYTimes)

CSPAN showing the 9/11 hearing from Thur. 10am ET

CBS News Video: 33 prisoner 'interrogation' deaths - 11 Homicides

Sean Insanity on CBS TV NOW

"Everybody'd want one of those"--good Horsey cartoon

Robin Wright on MTP

a Sunday TOON (esp. for New Yorkers)

GOP != "Party of Lincoln"

Bush telegraphs punches, targets sheep, "orchestrates" Monday's speech


Pukey RW Photo of the Month

Married couple deployed TOGETHER 4 months after having third child?

Memorial Day Blogout? Just an idea.

Denver Post Article on Bushco Lobby/Regulatory Connects

Bush movies -> for anyone that didn't see them yet.......on

Nader thinks Kerry should pick Edwards or Gephardt to appeal to his voters

The real State of the Union address- edited for the truth FUNNY

A pre war letter from Bush

“Nick Berg” is the No. 1 internet search

" I have a picture of women being gassed,that's why the Iraq war is right"

The Marines Tale.

Did something happen to Joe Biden and John McCain? Where are they?

check it out - Congress gets graded on middle-class issues!

Show of hands: who here hates freedom?

Doesn't need training wheels

With Fallujah as example, what are the odds Bush can claim success...?

Won't we be hoping for the electoral map to turn red this time?

Who is Brig. Gen. CHARLES J. DUNLAP, JR.?

Kerry courts republicans, independents, shifts campaign pitch

SBC Workers Strike for Job Security and Health Care

Republicans support terrorism

Please vote in vp survivor in GD 2004

Jesus Christ was obviously a staunch Neo-Conservative

George Will on This Week. WOW!

The right wing wants the torture story to "go away"

Evan Bayh (Buy) SICKENS ME!!!!!!

Doesn't * seem to have more "accidents" than other pResidents?

Chalabi Denies Accusations of Passing U.S. Intelligence to Iran

What if Joel Klein is right?

"A Modicum of Freedom For Iraqis"

Why no reporting on inflation?

CNN: "the president's speeches have a very short shelf life"...

The future of the former Japanese abductees' children in Japan

"Crush the Insurgents in Iraq"

Safire and Broder on MTP have hit a new low

Is a vote for George Bush a vote for the terrorists?

Gas Revenge?

Bush says "Choose your friends carefully"

Bush Twins Pose for Vogue, Go on European vacation, REAL WORLD?

Sen. Hagel on CNN

Mad Cap Disease

The day the tanks arrived at Rafah zoo

Looks like the IGC is supporting Chalabi

Journal exposes hidden bombshells within SSS Plan for 2004 = DRAFT 2005!

The Bell Curve and its Right-wing supporters

Bush likely to change advisers if re-elected

Was the deposing of Hussein/ this Iraq war a good thing?

KERRY IS AT THE REDSOX GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Help me write a letter to the editor

It appears that the Iraqis have seen the torture pictures from Abu Ghraib

BusinessWeek Online: Working...and Poor

MTP: an observation... and a question

How long will it be before we go into Syria?

Interview with Arianna Huffington in 20 minutes!

"Freedom for Bush": Iraqi mural

Kerry should say: We can only hope GW Bush didn't go into Iraq

What happens when Iraqis take over on June 30th ?

Is anyone listening to Arianna Huffington on Bob McChesney?

Congressional Accountability for Judicial Activism Act of 2004

watching Michael Moore...I'm happy and saddened....are we Myanmar?

got satellite tv?

Hillary Clinton and Lindsey Graham on Faux News Sunday

More "hay" should be made of WH reversal on Chalabi....

Oh SHUT UP Wolfie!!! Same old 911 commission bullsh*t!!!

Another Bush supporter bites the dust

Florida rigged voting URL needed please

HELP! Someone help me dispute this?

Pakistan Ambassador (?) peeved at US for crossing their border....

Why aren't Kerry's numbers higher?

Racist Liberals Oppose Iraq War

Iraq? What about the Mission to Mars? Hydrogen Cars etc.

Another working class hero won on Cote d'Azure this weekend: Jarno Trulli

Enraging "perspective" column in Chicago Tribune

Anyone sit through Sean Hannity on CBS this morning?

What happened to the Big WMD found SARIN gas story?

Iraq War death toll statistics

So is Chevy Chase coming out of retirement to impersonate Bush?

A Question About House Speaker Election

CNN reports on Republican reaction that Kerry might delay acceptance


Got this RW Ted Kennedy e-mail yet?

Faux considering a Boondocks animated show. I am happy yet confused.

Example of FOX NEWS Breaking News !

There's another important lesson from Iraq that should be noticed

mentally ill relegated to jail cells

Ha! Best-ever idea for a Kerry commercial!

Why hasn't * spoken about Chalabi?

It's only May, but Kerry camp smells victory

801 US solders now dead.

But...........but...............but..........aren't the Iraqis better off

Did Rumsfeld order the code red?

What then, my friends?

Victory for Free Speech: Bush Admin. Case Against Greenpeace Dismissed

General Zinni 60 Minutes

Ben Stein on CBS Sunday Morning

Bush Twins Pose-Soldiers Die

Moral Opportunism

Are you a racist?

Are there any federal laws which prohibit party influence when registering

need some help forming a viable answer

This wars real effects are not all here yet

Was the Chalabi raid a ploy to garner him support from Iraqis?

Question about Bush-backers

RW Iraq "feel good" e-mail

An answer from the Kerry = Bush Lite crowd WARNING GRAPHIC

So is there a Local Government form of GOP "Astroturf"?

Help, I'm arguing with a repub!!

What do you think of Nader wanting vp choices that voted for IWR and PA?

Has anybody here had any experience with this fun group? ProtestWarriors.

be honest: who here wasn't a clinton fan

Absolute proof that it was a wedding party in Western Iraq

Does Donald Rumsfeld look like Dracula?

They hate us for our freedoms, example #116:

Rank the cabinets of these three in how bad they were

Local TV news (Tulsa) reporting hundreds of NG troops never paid

What's with the news media assuming a * second term?

Hillary clinton seems to be tuning republican along with lieberman

Where can I sign up for the eletroshock koolaid acid test?

Democrats Call for Privacy Czar

Kerry delaying accepting nomination could get more convention attention

need some help answering these show a freep...

Nader says Edwards, Gephardt would be good Kerry running mates

81% of historians rate * a failure the RNC convention in NY

Liberalism ReSurgent: A Response to the Right

What has the Pentagon's third man done wrong? Everything. Slate on Feith.

Why do citys vote Dem and rural areas Republican, re-visited.

Is the Bush administration messing up people's minds?

To register republicans, or not to register republicans?

Newsweek - "The Pop Prophets"

Another conservative "voter education" site

If you haven't been to MoveLeft Media

feel less safe since Bush and his minions have been in power

Reuters: "...our diminishing claims on Iraqi hearts and minds..."

Hillary on

60 Minutes coming up in a few (in CDT anyway)

Oh Jeez the Bushism of Bushisms, be prepared to laugh.

If John Kerry could read DU tonight, what would you ask him?

What will Bush say in his speech tomorrow night ?

AP: Video Shows Iraq Wedding Celebration - Please rate this Yahoo story

Why did Zinni go so soft on the president?

The question is not, "Is Iraq Better Off?".......but

Hoping Rhodes makes good on her threat

Litmus test for Berg Video...

DUers, I need sources for a debate on immigration

UK Guardian-The day the tanks arrived at Rafah zoo

Rumsfeld bans camera phones

What was DU like on Election Night 2002?

Is there ANYTHING this Administration WON'T lie about?!?

"our doctrine is wrong"..DUers need help source a story...

Another 20 miles today

How many think the government is...

Rumsfeld Bans Camera Phones!

Bush: ‘Natural’ Alliance Of U.S. And Israel Unbreakable

Help me here!...Please! Relative on phone conversation says O'Reilly

rumsfeld bans camera phones

What happened last week on Meet The Press? Was out of the US

Stars and Stripes letter: Lies and failures (Bush is slam-dunked)

Define "stay the course"

Bush at new low on - 54.2

*Another Milestone....801 dead in Iraq!*

Did you ever hear anyone claim Clinton was the Antichrist?

Bush to give Weekly Speeches on Iraq?

Bad Knee so can't jog, but can ride a bike???

Scary: Web site tracks your neighbors' political contributions...

Stop me if you've heard this one before ...

We need a Canadian Election forum

I could vote for Zinni as VP even President!

Isn't it about time for the new weekly poll numbers?

remember this - Serbian soldiers' rapes of Bosnian (Muslim) women??

U.S. denies Sanchez witnessed prison abuse (hmmmmmm...)

Did Bin Laden say: The enemy (Bush) of my enemy (Saddam) is my friend?

What's this about 2000 pages missing from the Taguba report?

Youth Contest: Write a 300 word essay and go to the DNC/RNC!

Organic food industry says program's integrity threatened by USDA changes

Al Gore should endorse Bush...

The Simpsons: Mr. Burns has just bought up all the media...

Gen. Mark Kimmitt -- One G*d**mn*d liar

DU this CBN poll

If June 30 handover goes badly, it could mean mission failure in Iraq

dupe -- please delete

Bwahahahaha! Chalabi Wants U.S. Compensation After Baghdad Raid

Reality sinking to scums at NewsMax

Rape, pregnancy, and honor killing. An abortion hater's dilemna.

The Psychology of Conservatism

Chalabi has Bush by the nuts

Intolerance is now a virtue!

Kerry: 'Did the training wheels fall off?'

Moore film 'won Cannes on merit'

Transcript of Andy Rooneys commentary tonight. Must Read!

the VP is a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Thank you Bush.

Zig Zag Zell

Berg Beheading: No Way, Say Medical Experts/Asia Times Online

General Zinni is kicking a** added

Flashback: Zinni accused of antisemitism

Andy Rooney basically tells freepers to move somewhere else...

Is "mike" you-know-who posting tonight ? Everybody say hello to "mike"

What Tangible Crap Does DRUDGE Get to Be a Wingnut?

Pat Robertson and some other dumbass

VIVA Bush!!!

What is an Arab Technicrat?

Black Death 'is lying in wait'

"What the hell is going on in America?"

Video shows it WAS a wedding!!

Has LIHOP/MIHOP finally been replaced on DU by Berg tin foil?

Please vote in veepstakes survivor round 2 if you haven't yet

Funny Homeland Security Satire on Now, Cartoon Network (10:30cdt)

Not that anyone cares..

TBTM Radio #38: 'Training Wheels'

From Friend to Foe - Time on Chalabi

tucker carlson: unfiltered

PROOF: Bush says on the record he wants Nader to run.

"No republican has won the WH without winning Ohio"

Kimmitt the Frog

The Nicholas Berg execution

I have some questions about torture interrogations?

Is it my imagination or is The Simpsons getting more political?

I am worried! I have not heard from Bev...

Kill 99, Save 100 (revision 5-22, the Dershowitz warrant)

Andy Rooney's minute on 60 Minutes

Shocked and Awed

Ever Write a Political Book, Publish it Yourself, Get it on Amazon?

buchanan is funny

"it is so outrageously false, it's not even worth comment."

Yale's Skulless, Boneless Bush

Peter Werbe is on a roll. . . He is not happy.

USA?? Courageous or Wussy Wimps?

Did Bush really fall from a bike??

Prisoner abuse only the latest disaster from Bush policies

is Bill Gates a Democrat?

Just what does "I take full responsibility" mean?

Check out , tell me what you think, please.

BBV: Iraq is getting e-voting machines on a no bid

We're past 800 dead US troops

GOP Cancer of America

Be honest, you know that any single scandal of this Bush regime

Harley Rider * vs * Fool that can't even ride a bicycle right?

WHY does he always mess up his FACE?

The darkest reality of the war in Iraq

draft bill (S 89 and HR 163)

America 2004 = Germany 1939

I see why Chimpy's daughters didn't want him at their graduations

Text of Rumsfeld Articles Of Impeachment as introduced by Mr. Rangel

People of All Nations: Please forgive us. We'll remove bush SOON!

Abu Ghraibi Fever!

Repubs (O'Reilly) caught lying about taxes by Media Matters.

OMG....bush* photos today....after the big embarrassing!

Hate Speech is Hate Crime; and mental illness to be treated.

ZINNI on CBS 60 minutes right now

How soon after 9/11 did you realize Bush was the same ass as ever?

rofl - have you seen the Bush-lightbulb joke?

What's going on between Barbara and Jenna ?

Watch Michael Moore accept the Palme D'Or!!! here.

Would Kerry be wise to trust any advice coming from Nader?

Susan Sontag: "The Photographs Are Us" (MUST READ)

Newsweek: "Bush is largely incurious about the world"

Kerry please say this

Update on "Council rejects Gay Pride Day" story...

Dennis Kucinich on MTP this AM

has the Saudi deal reached fruition? CNN says that more oil is coming....

A few selected pics of the "terrorists" at the supposed wedding party

Ok -- you guys have GOT to see this

umm...I feel sorry for Bush now. He's human. I think I forgive him after

What is Bu$h's Mystery MED he takes 2X day?

How can we prevent our grassroots from stagnating if Kerry wins?

School of the America's DID stop teaching torture techniques

BBV: Help Needed Re: HAVA

McCain for VP? This might be the WORST idea I have ever heard!

"An Apparent End to Evil?" The Rise and Fall of Neoconservatism

Congress should clarify the human rights of prisoners.

Congressional Accountability for Judicial Activism Act of 2004

Video of Bush clowning around before Iraq war announcement

I'm so sick of hearing about the liberals from Taxachusetts...

When Zinni spoke about containing Saddam, I thought of this statement.

BBV: let's call Tom Daschle's office this Monday-Friday.

Man strips off in peace demo


New England Prefers Kerry Over Bush

Iraq Setbacks Change Mood in Washington

Prison Visits by General Reported in Hearing (Sanchez stry hits Yahoo, WP)

Iraq is being run by a bunch of fn Young Republicans. (WaPo)

Evidence Is Cited Linking Koreans to Libya Uranium

60 Mins: Gen. Zinni: 'They've Screwed Up'

Total of 130 Detained in Venezuela in Paramilitary Plot

Köhler Elected German President

"The 911 hearings so far"

Young voters facing lockout (John Howard learns from Florida)

U.S. Army Denies Report General Knew of Iraq Abuse

Crime linked to Wal-Mart Super centers overwhelms small-town police

Bush twins quit the boozing to help dad

Red Cross to inspect U.S.-run jail in Cuba

Israeli Leader's WWII Analogy Draws Fire

Cuban exile attends ceremony to restore citizenship

Senators Boost Effort to Give Military Health Insurance to Reserves, Guard

Evidence Is Cited Linking Koreans to Libya Uranium - NYT

Iraqi deputy minister, university dean escape assassination tries

Two U.S. soldiers killed in ambush near Falluja

U.S. Lists Falluja Lynch Suspects for Iraq Police

Demand Grows to Require Paper Trails for Electronic Votes

Seniors struggle with drug cards

'I could hear people screaming for help' - Bangladesh

Missouri guardsmen complain about convoy-guarding assignment

U.S. Troops Storm Mosque in Attack on Iraq Militia

Newsweek Cover: The Rise and Fall of Chalabi: Bush's Mr. Wrong

Peacekeepers Suffer Two 'casualties' in Rocket Attack in Afghan Capital

Spain's troops fly home after leaving Iraq

Candidates Argue Over Escalating Gasoline Prices

Families: Reservists Pressured by Scare Tactics to Re-Enlist

Rumsfeld bans camera phones

China testing Sars vaccine on humans

Reuters: US Marines give Fallujah Brigade a list of Suspects

AP: 5,000 Iraqi Civilians Killed During U.S. Occupation

Jordanian jail cell still awaits Iraq's Chalabi

GOP targets incumbent to boost its edge

Battle on Daschle's Turf Underscores Partisanship

Prison Scrutiny May Spread to Guantanamo

More Than 5,500 Iraqi Civilians Killed Since Occupation Began

UK insists it will boycott trial if Saddam faces death penalty

Fearing 2nd attack (Tom Kean says before problems fixed)

Lawmakers to probe Chalabi spying charges

Chalabi Wants U.S. Compensation After Baghdad Raid

Iran rejects Chalabi spying accusations

Military bus explodes in Kashmir, 28 soldiers killed

AP: Video Shows Iraq Wedding Celebration

Leaked UK Memo: "US Military too heavy handed"

ZINNI on CBS 60 minutes right now

Gorbachev to help elder Bush celebrate birthday

(Aust) Democrats call for Guantanamo medical examinations

Study of police shootings leads to accusations of racism

Drug Firms Say, 'No, Canada'

Bush not doing enough to fight terrorism, GOP senator says

Oxfam Warns of Humanitarian Crisis in Sudan

Wall Street rolls out welcome mat for Republicans

Arab Leaders Promise Democratic, Social Reforms

Dozens killed in Kashmir Blast

Journalists worried about financial pressures on news quality

E-mail tracker firm sparks fears over internet security

Ex-Centcom chief Zinni blasts Pentagon for war woes

Organic food industry says program's integrity threatened by USDA changes

Martin Calls Vote for June 28/Canada--New WMW

Army lifts siege on Gaza district

General Zinny: 'They Screwed Up!' (60 Minutes)

AP: Video Shows Iraq Wedding Celebration

Luxury cars find a new home beneath the waves

OPEC Nations Reject Pleas to Increase Their Quotas

Report Urges Tighter Nuclear Controls

Anian nations find human rights hypocracy in prison abuse scandal

What powers should be handed over? Three key questions the US must face

General (Sanchez) accused over abuse

UK Iraq Document Leak Could Be Deliberate: Analyst (ABC OnLine)

US under fire for use of firepower

Liberal backlash fuelling NDP (Canada)

Canadians will head to polls June 28 - (Federal Election)

Mugabe plans to stand down as Zimbabwe leader

Pew Survey Finds Moderates, Liberals Dominate News Outlets

( Wash ) State Bush campaign betting on grass roots

Chalabi blames Tenet for feud with U.S.

US to present new UN resolution on Iraq Monday

In Iraq, the Job Opportunity of a Lifetime

Advisers Will Likely Change if Bush Wins

County's doctors, hospitals unattainable for thousands (Houston, TX)

2,000 Pages Missing From Senate's Copy of Prisoner Abuse Report

Nader Advises Kerry on Running Mates

Rising gas prices are driving many of us to extremes

Wal-Mart's Expansion Aided by Many Taxpayer Subsidies

Skipped autopsies in Iraq revealed

Bush Slide in Polls Could Tip Congress to Democrats

"America's credibility in Iraq `hanging by a thread'"

Bush will launch new drive to build support for Iraq policy

New Ebola strain found in Sudan

Afghan Deaths Linked to Unit at Iraq Prison

General Says Sanchez Rejected Her Offer to Give Address to Iraqis On Abuses

Shining a light into dark world of torture

U.S. Steps Up Hunt in Leaks to Iraqi Exile

'We killed 30 civilians in six weeks. I felt we were committing genocide'

Terror threat: We'll kill Madonna

Partial Ceiling Collapse at Paris Airport Kills Several

Rumsfeld bans camera phones

Kimmitt PROVEN a liar...AP Exclusive: Video Film of Wedding Party!!!!

E.L. Doctorow booed at Hofstra commencement during anti-Bush speech

U.S. Military Says Shiite Rebels Seem to Have Ceded Karbala

Senate candidate backs pot law reform

US letter questioned applicability of Geneva Conventions: report

Trusts Suddenly Terminate; Investors Could Lose Millions

Newsweek: Florida: Eroding: Bush's Cuban Support

'Only nuclear power can now halt global warming' [J. Lovelock, green guru]

"Now people will stop intentionally ramming our car"...

What's your burliest mammary?

Air fares from Alaska are so bad, I could just walk. &%$#@!!!!!

Impossible Objects . . . to take your mind off stuff . . .

Tonight's Insomniac Thread hosted by Champ

Haikus anyone?

Whatever happened to Buster Poindexter?

BC Supreme Court Irony defined:

Note the advertising industry - YES I am "Ready for (fill in blank)"

Michigan Women...

A thought about tanning

I invite all of you to join my Church of Solon....

What concerts have you seen in your death?

Emma Thompson turning down Basic Instinct

iffle! My key is broken!

Sad people in your life - I want to hear your stories

Need help with wine.


I rode 31 miles Thursday without screwing up my face...

My dog hates the rain.

Now some men like the fishin'...


Did strike duty w/SBC workers yesterday

Any dumb kids in your neighborhood ?


On May 23, 1934 they ventilated Bonnie & Clyde

Godzilla's worst battle ever!

Where's ZombyWoof? Haven't Seen Him Here Lately...

Good Morning DU!

Nearsightedness - what the #%& is 20/40, 20/80 etc?

Sex at age 12 okay under law change (New Zealand)

To all DUers who may have family, friends, or they themselves

Beowulf Meets Godzilla

I just got a free balloon ride

Color My World.......

Bush and Powell Plan World War III (joke)

I'm laughing at this bicycle brand name.

Exclusive shots of Bush's Secret Service Issued Mountain Bike!

Looking for new CASH BACK credit card ....

Opening 13 Cans of Whoop (NYT)

Caption this creepy picture of the Chimp.

Four wheels good two wheels bad

Good, night..yes it was

Caption Bush enjoying his dessert

Concerts: During What Concerts Did You Die?

"Sometimes I just wanna scream" A poem by Mo Paul

What is the quickest/easiest pic upload site?

Anybody going to Bonnaroo in Tennessee in June?

I just had an idea about "October Surprise."

Aquarium owners: Real or bogus plastic plants?

You know, there are hobbies, and there are hobbies...

Piffle. It's raining out...

My wife and 4 kids and I are going to a movie this afternoon...

I guess I'm just easily amused...

Concerts: What shows left you agape in utter awe?

Fertilizer Question

Bush Bashing at Canne Film awards on right now on IFC

Would you like to pontificate with me?

There's a Fair(?) "Helen of Troy" on A&E, 1:25 ET

Is there a reason I think "Laura Bush" here?

I can't wait to see what kind of replies this elicits!

Kiwi researchers ID self-mutilation gene

Kansas DUers: What do you think of Marquette's land giveaway?

Canadian DUers (or anyone slightly educated), help me out

DU women - speaking of men - don't ya just love them?

I'm back in the straddle again

Why would the word INEDIBLE be stenciled on a trash can?

Anybody else here on Acid Planet?

"Discouraging how many people are shocked by honesty,

Caption gerbil lips:

My adventures at 3:00 in the morning: add your own story

Womens' Fashions ROCK at Cannes


What are albums you love that you didn't care for at first?

motherboard opinions pls

If you were on a plane with Rummy, Condi, Evil Dick, *, Karl & Karen...

Legal smoke rooms for schoolkids

Bad Day?

It's official - tomorrow is D-Day!

The End of the World

Uncredited Famous Voices In TV Commercials

The Saga of Ashling (long)

Language rant

"I'm so patriotic, even my nipples are saluting."

What concerts have you seen in your life ?

Las Vegas Chewed me up...and spit me out...

OK, time for another Google Fight!

Today's Trivia: What is the Caine-Hackman theory?

Pictures of Some Of The Hotties Kerry Dated Back In The Swingin' 80's

What does the Ltd. after a product denote?

Modified Preadator Drone outfitted for severe storm research.

How many people ride bicycles on 'ranches'???

The recent Phil Ochs thread got me thinking.

Barbara and Jenna or Paris and Nicky?

What's your favorite Dave Chappelle skit?

Just got Xbox live up and running....

How much time do you spend on the internet every day?

Beer Can Chicken on the BBQ!

I went to Harry Potter premier...ask me anything..

Unintentional Cruelty

Should we get Bush some training wheels?

Favorite Top 10 pop hit by PRINCE? (Part 1 of 2)

Vacation time is coming.....will you say that you are from America?

What's the shortest relationship you've ever had?

I just farted. Ask me anything.

Concerts: What was the worst rock concert you attended?

OMG! Fox is advertising a new show, and it's not a "reality" show!

My wife just left me.

I just watched the Cannes Film awards AGAIN

"Baby Come as You Are ....In my "Getaway Car" We can Drive ALL Night!

So when you think it couldn't get any worse...

Funny stuff for sale

Just watched Back to the Future Part III. Ask me anything.

Anyone have a link to a pic w/a kitten w/peanut butter?

Fortified Moderator Drone outfitted for severe flame outbreaks

Driving across the country in June -- recommendations for books on tape?

DSL or cable, which would you do:

CAPTION the vicious cyclist

My cat is a Communist

HP or Dell?

I just downloaded 17.8 MB at 3k per second. Ask me anything!

familiar with the 'Jan Crouch look'????? Jan + Paul Crouch of TBN

SERIOUSLY, people! You've got to come argue with FREEPERS at XMFAN.COM!

Internet pharmacies -- what's the deal?

Watching Rex Harrison in Dr. Doolittle

Clinton's Penis!

Simpsons cast on Inside the Actors' Studio tonight

Mamma Mia!

CAPTION Das President

Man, what a tornado outbreak.....

Check out the Simpsons tonight (no spoilers).

Anybody know of a good vitamin site?

I can't decide what to do with myself

stupid lawn mower question..

Does the Sopranos air at 9 in all timezones?

Rumble rumble...

Has anyone found my posts in LBN or GD helpful in uncovering cover-ups?

For "Bar" Bush: Univ. of MI child behavior: "What about nose picking?"

Fun game: Punch out Dubya!


So is it true that one gets the face one deserves by the age of 40?

The Who - were they really any good, or all that important?

God Damn Her

Bar Owners Turn Tables on Underage Drinkers

Trouble Accessing Websites: Do I have a virus?

HOLY SHIT! Central Connecticut's having one serious thunderstorm.

Sunday Night Baby Cub Pictures (Cute)

Do jeans shrink or does our butt get fatter after every wash?

Has anybody seen GOPisEvil on today?

Anyone have a secret for controlling leaf miners

Evita just caught a bat - IN MY APARTMENT

If concrete evidence came out that global warming was definately real...

What was the last thing W* said before he fell off his bike?

Favorite Top 10 pop hit by PRINCE? (Part 2 of 2)

Kakophronocracy: government by the stupid

Is anyone else watching the Simpsons?

Fan calls it the worst concert ever

is condi bopping w?

cool show about cats on PBS tonight

Why are you people STILL using Outlook Express?

Check out this um,. "Knife"

What was your worst childhood nightmare?

What's YOUR excuse for Bush's little "accidents"?

This stupid shit can't even ride a bike.

For Guitarists

What's your favorite flavor of Ice Cream

Just Watched "Henry II" on Showtime

Best PC company to buy from

I LOVE "Deadwood" - HBO rocks again

Picture of the Du Techs working on the new upgrade.

River or Boca?

Austin DUers: Who was at Curras Grill (on Burnet) Sunday morning?


Maybe the best popcorn ever (have to like blue cheese)!

LOU DOBBS should be wearing my new t-shirt design!

Does anyone remember the name of this movie?

Sopranos thread...2nd to last show of season

T-Wolves beat Evil Empire 89-71, go to LA tied 1-1!!!

Another damned FUNDAY thread for you MI (and IL, IN and OH) DUers

Anyone here survive the tornado of Salt Lake City 1999?

"This president doesn't listen to show tunes"

Hahaha! Mate a TV show.

Not that anyone cares..

The official bad ju-ju exorcism thread

Quiz (sort of): You and your SO. How does it stack up in numerology?

Caption the Hannitizer

Quiz: Are you a 'freak' (i.e. non-conformist)?

Mis-heard music lyrics:

Anyone ever do any geneology on their family?


Okay... What's The Deal With Fox News' Make-Up Artists?

What's Your Favorite (or Least) TV Show Catch Phrase?

My wife just said she likes Eminem. What should I do?

What college do/did you go to?

Is Anderson Cooper a Republican?

GOP Infighting Rises, Poll Standings Fall

Bush's super fundraisers join the queue for favours

Meetup May 27 Agenda?

Courting the single female voter

Let's play Veepstakes survivor! Round one, 5/23/04 VOTE SOMEONE OFF

Kerry broadens scope of his pitch

Hef is on board

Pictures of Some Of The Hotties Kerry Dated Back In The Swingin' 80's

Stop Complaining And Read Kerry's Blood For Oil Speech

Southwest a Key Region for Candidates

Kerry won't announce running mate until July

daschle's freaky-looking opponent

Proposed new nickname for w: Gitmo George, the Torture Man

Kerry - "charismatic campaigner"

Edwards puts zing in DFL convention

Today is a good day to give to the John Kerry campaign.

george w. bush has a dysfunctional alcoholic first family.

I asked my Generation X sons if all their friends have home phones

A call to hack computer voting.

If Kerry Had Cocaine Abuse In His Past, Would The Media Ignore It?

Let's play Veepstakes survivor! Round TWO, !! VOTE SOMEONE OFF !!

Will MSNBC Give An Equal Amount Of FREE Air Time To Kerry

Nader says Kerry should go after Bush voters

Let's play Veepstakes survivor! Round THREE, !! VOTE SOMEONE OFF !!

Should Kerry appoint Republicans to his cabinet if it could win the Senate

Here it is: Post your Dream Cabinet

What do we do if * wins re-election?

Okay, electoral strategists.

Nader just advised Kerry to choose Edwards or Gephardt as VP

How Bayh could help a Kerry ticket [Journal Gazette]

Fight for America, Fight for the South!

Colorado Gets More Delegates for Kucinich

New Indiana Poll Shows Commanding Bush Lead

June 4, Dean at breakfast fundraiser for Jim Moran, VA.