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Archives: May 22, 2004

'Gooks' to 'Hajis'

Arrival of the `God of Basketball' drives his fans wild

Dump Lien and get started on reform: KMT city councilors - TW

Peace activists march on Kissufim crossing

The day the tanks arrived at Rafah zoo

Dems will be smeared for shutting down Boston

Why do we pronounce Chalabi tschaLAHbee

I find it very interesting that Perle is blaming CIA for smearing Chalabi

Iran/Iraq War Ends... Iran Victorious

Poor Bush, turns out he just don't know how to pick friends, too

Chalabi had some friends, didn't he?

We toasted President Gore at my baby sisters wedding tonight.

When will we ever learn (with apologies to Pete Seger)

So Bush steals the White House again. What do you think the Dems will do?

shrub sound byte?

The Hunting Of The President trailer online NOW!

Gore Vidal's new book "Imperial America" mentions BBV

Most Outrageous Halliburton Fraud Yet

BBV: Diebold's Voting Machine Expansion Rattles Investors, States

Diane Rehm on NPR said Pelosi said Bush's POLICIES were incompetent

Gen. Zinni 60 Minutes Sunday: Pentagon "screwed up" Iraq war.

Cuban exile who once invaded homeland gets citizenship restored

US expands defense ties with Taiwan

Terror suspect gives Japan jitters

Philippines' Arroyo losing her lead over matinee idol

Conservative Group Amplifies Voice of Protestant Orthodoxy

Latvian parliament votes to open KGB files to the public

Oregon prisoners must pay for jail stay

Chinese villagers evacuated after toxic benzene spill

Chalabi aide is suspected spy

False pedophilia accuastions rock French courts

Tornado in Iowa levels village, no one killed.

Guardian Utd (Saturday): US general linked to Abu Ghraib abuse

How does someone start a clothing line?

OK...listening to Chicago "Live at Carnegie" right now

I take back the bad things I've said about dogs

Sox Win! Cubs Lost! Oh, what a wonderful day!

Don't go away...

Has anyone heard from MaineMary ?


how many faces can you find in this painting?

Allow me to be a male for a moment...

So can anyone else's bat smell slime?

1 reason to love

Gort vs. Frankenstein

Late night DUers, did you have a good day today ?

Mmmmm....Hummus. Who loves it?

Football fans: Who's your favourite I-AA college football team???

I sent my bookie

Hey Cicada DUers! Check in here

Quiz- What's your Fantasy Island?

Wanna feel better about life?

Powell Says Kerry Wrong About Blood For Oil

Morrissey's New Song - America Is Not The World

2nd ID troops speak of hopes, fears following Pentagon's announcement

Sources say U.S. funded arm of Iraqi Congress was used by Iran

E. J. Dionne: Democratic Détente

flash history of US millitary interventions 1801-2004

Database Tagged 120,000 as Possible Terrorist Suspects

Classroom no place to show Berg tape

My friend's ltte on losing our freedoms....moving cartoon.

Bush, God.."it's certainly not the same God that I talk to.." LTTE

Canadian on Cannibis legislation

Reuters' television video - 500,000 March Protest Against The U.S.

What's in a Word? Torture

Our own Abu Ghraib (op-ed from Malaysia)

Atty. Gen. Ashcroft appointed documented prisoner abuser to reopen Iraqi

Significant Republicans (editor catches astroturfer in the act)

What looked resolute & decisive now looks wrong-headed.

White House Checked with Rapture Christians before last Israel move

THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN: The Search for P.M.D.'s

"Where is the good news from IRAQ ????" Justin asks - HELP JUSTIN NOW!

Kristol: About Those Iraqi Weapons . . .

The Left and the Elections

Is torturing war prisoners a betrayal of U.S. values?

You Can't Mock the President or Say "Balls"

Interview with Arianna Huffington

Bloomberg: Investors Pulling out of Diebold.

Anti-Bush Tirade Wins Top Award in Cannes

DeGeneres wins Emmy DeGeneres wins Emmy for best talk show

Today's Thought

Cunningham Rules!!!

Be Your Own Real Estate Broker - CBS

On the trail of the last black rhino

Anyone interested in buying CFL bulbs through a co-op?

Organic Food: Outcry Over Rule Changes that Allow More Pesticides, Hormone

PIRG on Bush energy bill disaster-fails to solve old/creates new problems

Farmers Lose, Monsanto Wins in Major Canadian Court Case

Businessweek: Iran the Mideast's model economy?

New railway to link Russia and Iran via Azerbaijan

Cuba reaches out

Dozens killed in rebel attack outside Kampala

Quarterly Report - East Asian Bilateral Relations

Bush and Cuba

Powell says U.S. need for oil influenced actions in Iraq

Should we join the ICC?

Fingerprint science not exact, experts say

Study: ID theft usually an inside job

MMM comes to Raleigh

The Dilemma of the Pro-Gun Liberal Democrat.

Please delete my account

Any admins or mods within earshot?

Could you please stick nostamj's post

User name

Please delete my account!

Arab League to condemn attacks against Israelis

The Good War

Has The Israeli Left Become A Tool Of The Right?

Suspicious sanctions

Palestinians Storm UN Aid Convoy After Israeli Raid

can somebody explain to me what's so bad about sharon's pull out from gaza

Rafah: The Movie

The slaughter in the Middle East continues (Warning disturbing pic!)

Soldier, 4 Palestinians hurt in Jordan Valley suicide attack

Israeli forces kill Palestinian child

Tension rises as bulldozers tear down zoo in Rafah

Does oppression cause suicide bombing? (Dershowitz)

Israeli Guards Rape Palestinian Women – Freed Detainee

Arab League to condemn attacks against Israelis

Palestinians Sent Children Into War Zone 'Without Batting An Eye'

Write your own Thomas Friedman column!

Who is Ahmed Chalabi by Michel Chossudovsky

Sanders urges Kerry to choose Progressive running mate

Eric Idle presents : The FCC Song (Muwhahahaha!)

Wetterling Gets DFL Nomination

Ohio Kerry Campaign office numbers

Local Jogger Reported Missing...

Say no to new trash taxes in Pennsylvania!

Any Austin folks interested in brunch tomorrow?

Perry’s Poll Numbers Show that Texans are Ready for Change

Lawton gave a great commencment address!

Fight Tim Eyman

Nation Reviews NYRB post 9/11, Gives Thumbs Up

ABC News: Military Recruiting

Ann Coulter is Joseph Goebbels reincarnated with blond hair.

Frank Rich: "Beautiful Minds and Ugly Truths", about Fahrenheit 9/11

Iraq Prison Torture Was for Fun, Not Results-Paper

Amputate the right wing! Its Diseased

Forest family had an elaborate camp among trees

Tell Encore Promotions how you feel about them recruiting kids 4 the Army

Nick Berg Was Arrested Twice At OU During Spring 2000

Job creating genius running for South Carolina's Fritz Holling's spot.

Are the cable news networks running the Chalabi as Iranian spy story?

When Bush gets impeached (after stealing 2004), his whole

What's the secret?

Babies, the next victims of the war in Iraq (Depleted Uranium effects?)

Just saw "Troy".

So, does Chalabi have Top Secret Clearance?

Tolerance vs. Intolerance

Carlyle Group? Who are they?

Kathie Lee Gifford on Larry King Live

Another fine example of Bush

White House guilty of breaking propaganda law

What do you think of the Kerry commercial?

FYI----heads up - GAS PRICE finder

the evil Perle: Chalabi a spy? Blame the CIA

Quickvote: Who do you think deserves the blame for Abu Ghraib?

the ultra-conservative mind

they're lining up to oppose BushCo, folks . . .

bu$h: Dumb like a bullet (nice read from SFGate)

What went right with the Halliburton protest.. & Police on horses thoughts

Bush Dynasty on CSpan2 now

Bush, Blacks and Iraq

Republicans For Kerry

Invade Iraq? It's a no brainer

On C-Span now,

LTTE from local talk show host bashing Berg's father!

on c-span this morning, a caller

The Black republican

Clinton's intelligence: how to address issues with other countries...

Forget about resignations -- it's time for prosecutions.

I'm o.k. now,....until the next batch of photos comes out

Campbell Brown is in Baghdad

Pentagon Retaliates Against Abu Ghraib Whisteblower

America ......Surrender Your Souls.

Angelus... Paging Angelus..

Please critique my LTTE

Ring of Fire, on AAR - any listener's?

Al Gore step in at last moment?

Republicans : Corrupt for 35+ years

The wonderful humor of Spec. Sabrina Harman

C-Span 8:28a.m. A crazy RW caller said that Putin shot the Muslim women

Propaganda, How Sweet Thy Name

GOPers: The GOPer-Roper, Groper, & Raper party....

Sadr Militia to Quit Holy Cities if U.S. Does So

"Massive database" recommended for DRAFT. Up to Age 34, Women too!!

I made a BIG mistake yesterday

Ann Coulter: Falwell right about 9-11, critics of God in schools to jail!

PNAC not happy with Fallujah "truce". Doesn't suggest alternatives.

What Does the Pentagon See in 'Battle of Algiers'? (NYT, Sep 03)

NEEDED: BushCo quotes on WMD and post-war occupation! Please send!

Does anyone know how many US troops are accused of prisoner abuse? (nt)

Michael Moore's Latest news on Fahrenheit 911

Did Mel Gibson finance Fahrenheit 911?

Bush's numbers may be down now, but I worry about what will happen when

The Chalabi/Iran uproar will give the NeoCons what they want

'This is Hell' lineup includes Andrew Cockburn - streaming now

A tidy raid on Chalabi's office

a thought about perjury developments in Martha case:

If Kerry wins I would like to see him appoint a real 9-11 Commission

Why are we surprised? Think Kent State!

Woody Guthrie would have some sharp words to share..........

Kerry may delay official nomination

Celebrity Athiest-Agnostics

Is there an outline somewhere about the term " unlawful combatant "

Louis profile

Just how worried are Republicans about their re-elections?

Ousmane Sembène's "Moolaadé" wins the Un Certain Regard prize at Cannes

Nancy Pelosi deserves our support

Does anybody know the list of countries to be invaded next?-Wes Clark book

Bush: Freedom from Bombs and Bullets for Oil?

The Army National Guard wants me to join

108F today in Basrah. Do you know why your children are dying?

Exposure worries donors

US soldiers at Abu Ghraib --- Literally "brown shirts"

completely irrelevant (drunken) question.......

US soldier killed by a "vehicle-born improvised explosive device."

Picture of Cheney War Party celebrating Iraq by cutting cake together!!

According to the State Dept. We haven't built one power plant, road....

Could the oil prices be so high now because

Counterbias: In new song, rapper Jadakiss suggests Bush complicity in 9/11

Is Satan Unemployed? On vacation? retired?

Who are the grown-ups in charge ?

797 troops dead already?!?!

Philly town hall meeting with Dean tomorrow at 4.

c-span re-play: Abizaid before senate committee

Do Repubs regret crucifying Bill Clinton?

Did You Know the House voted to destroy Abu Graib?

PLAME case: NBC/Russert, TIME subpoenaed.

Delta Force is now a subject of a Pentagon Insp. Gen. investigation

Hege western NC DUers have been falling down on the job

Where is the DLC? Are they doing anything?

Dear American People,

What Do They-Hate-Us-For Now?

If you had to choose twenty people to

Friday's Crossfire Transcript

freedom and accountability according to Hannity's forum


Will the Iraq fiasco effect America's choice in supporting a just war?

Has anyone been to Kerry's message board?

Official "Guy James Show" thread please keep kicked!

What other Countries are modelled after our Government?

Is this the smoking gun????? Wow!

What's wrong with this picture?

smirk has secret torture prison near Baghdad airport

When we leave Iraq, what's to stop Iran from gobbling it up?

Does anyone know of a good, free site for finding interest group rankings?

I can't tell the evil-doers from the do-gooders

Who do we want for Attorney General?

Very interesting Zogby article on partisanship in the US.

Bush: "This week brought further evidence that across America...

The Normalization of Degradation

"Fahrenheit 9/11" is not the movie fans or foes were expecting

Bush To Make Film To Oust Michael Moore From Hollywood

1984 in New Mexico

MSNBC TV: John Kerry

Show Mini Me the Door in 2004

Palestinians Storm UN Aid Convoy After Israeli Raid (U.S. edition) front page poll on shrub's tax cuts...

Are Bush's negative ads going to backfire on him ?

Soldier feels abandoned by government after losing arm

Yeah....well .....he just "fell out of his bed"

How many times a year do you attend a religious gathering?

The Bush Administration redefines "Failing Upward" as being anointed

Who is Jon Alvarez, read some crap from him, what a fool!

Now it makes sense. Bush is NOT a conservative.

JEB Bush - - BFEE Kingmaker & Big-Time Crook

Bush 'I was disgraced by photos.....'

Why Torture Doesn't Work

Do Republican "scandals" come out every 17 years with the cicadas?

Death of journalist outside Abu Ghraib takes on new meaning

new RW radio host Jerry Doyle - 'Kerry has only one campaign issue -Iraq'

What is wrong with this scenario on AAR News: Bush spoke at such and such

How about this: I have sympathy for the troops.

I watched Bill Clinton last night, god I miss having an intelligent

Arianna Huffington on C-Span2

He was a "C" student and proud of it.

113 items on Clinton

The New York Times Magazine for tomorrow looks like Beatles White Album

Quotes of the day: "The Christian in me says it's wrong, but the ....

DRAFT NOTICE copy recovered through FOI Act.

Footage of Smirk before announcing that we were "officially" at war


what the real republicans are saying

Past Cannes winners and notables.

God I love John Edwards...he's speaking at


Will the Shrubettes be on the taxpayer dole? n/t

What are everyone's motives in L'AFFAIRE CHALABI?

How big an idiot is Jeff Miller?

Shrub addresses Louisiana U

Clinton vs Reagan first round ko.

exit strategy

Dem Hawks were wrong about Iraq, and have some explaining to do.

I see some southern "Christian" groups are boycotting Moore's film

How did Massachusetts get a Republican governor?

Apparently Kerry is an "October" Guy

Are there any anti-Clark DUers on the "McCain would be OK for VP" kick?

Does it get any better than this ?????

“heartless, greedy, anti-intellectual little fascists”

One vs. 798

online chats for bush

You do believe the invasion of Iraq was the right thing to do? Don't you?

Will the Military even GET to vote???

Looking for an Audio clip

How about these slogans:

Where in the World is Adnan Kashoggi?

Bush's Ties to Oil Industry Hurt Consumers, Zogby Poll Says

Why is it the Repubicans(and Whores) see nothing Positive about the Dems.?

Stars and Stripes letter: Kerry's Silver Star, annotated

It was Supposed to be "All Good" but under Bush, its All Bad.

Really dumb RW talking point

Could Sadam become Iraq's next Prez.

Bet Bush was riding his bike when he found out Moore won the award

Craziest conspiracy theory of the day

The Irony Of Michael Moore Winning Cannes

Bush video 2 minutes before addressing the nation as we went to war!

can somebody explain to me what's so bad about sharon's pull out from gaza

Dershowitz: Torture Advocate

Some help, please - what's the issue with some states having to change

Some guy on PRI (public radio international) yesterday

Again the Bush admin. sliming behind close doors, whoring for corporations

postponing the Nomination and spending timing....

Has Howard Stern commented on Al Franken's show since it started?

PNAC'ers view Chalabi as a convenient scapegoat for Iraq mess?

anyone ever visit the Media Research Center's website?

Just how much evidence of treason do we have against the Bush admin?

Liberal parents caused Abu Ghraib abuse

Bush Tax Cuts zoomed the economy--super

Can't we buy the Air America folks an air conditioner?

WTF is a "homocide bomber?" Isn't that a bit redundant?

Networks to Skip Democratic Convention coverage? Corporate Media Strikes!


What bug grosses you out the most?(Mods--please move to Lounge)

Sibel Edmonds on AAR now!

Where is Marcia Jeffries when you need her?


Boycott Bush !

Chalabi was Noriega'ed!!!

Somethings getting ready to fall out of there(Some more honor and dignity)


How many still have Dean or Kucinich stickers

Tomorrow's Headline Today: Moore Wins At Cannes

Is this total B.S. from the AP, about Michael Moore?

Surviving the Bush economy

There are some prisoners

A great way to show the BS of the Patriot Act to RWers

Talentless corpse Imus and his wife and kid are on Russert CNBC show

Suprise - there's a money connection with the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

What if the "Falling Off the Bike" Is a Cover-Up Story?

Inspired by Walt Disney of all things..... ("On the Front Lines")

DU this CNN poll please

A GOOD READING, funny but very sad

Has Dubya broken Gerald Fords unofficial record

What are good sites for updates on the Berg video?

prisoners in US and in Iraq - background and poem

AP: "bush* will wear a bandage on his chin..."......


Books for Soldiers



Channel Surfing the Apocalypse by GNN

Truth Out Subscribe if you have not already.

It all started right after Bush was installed

How is it that Faux News's polls are so different from everybody elses?

American Olympic Athletes Told Not To Carry Or Wave Flags...

favorite president: Nov. 7-Dec. 12, 2000.

Defreep this pledge page...bush winning 12 thous votes to kerry 7 thous

Broken promises website?

I don't think I'm perverted in wanting to see this........................


Gen. Zinni: 'They've Screwed Up'

This is it Folks. Bush is going DOWN! The Military won't shut up!

most liberal?

Sibel Edmonds on Air America Radio

Over 200,000 rally against attacks on Iraq holy sites

Bull shit! The Chimp had another seizure

Catholics - check in.

Contrast these images...

Many of Sadr's fighters are true thugs

I saw my first Kerry Bumper sticker

Deleted message

Sen.Richard Lugar (R): US foreign policy sucks

Kuwaitis worried they are going to get more than they bargained for

Is 'Did the training wheels fall off?' Presidential?

Russian Formalism: Friend or Foe?

It hasn't rained in Crawford in over a week, another lie.

New pics of Bu$h's bruises

Is this what Chalabi told Iran?

Has Your Support Of The Troops Changed From A Month Ago?

LOL -- Kerry: "I didn't know * rode a bike"

If Bush has had seizures, how many would know about it ?

A nice picture

McCain Decoy? Is Hagel Kerry's "stunt" VP Choice?

Rare Original Gifts Given out by President George W. Bush

Must Read! BBV Article ""

Arafat ask again for international protection from Israel brutality...

John Kerry, the center has moved stop pandering to the void

Iraqis lose right to sue troops over war crimes

Bush team shrugs off Cannes result

'Memory Project' - DOD asking for memories, pix, for Iraq war history

The man Jayson Williams killed (Gus Christofi)

Imus on CNBC with Russert

The significance of Berg's beheading being staged:

Sen Mark Dayton (MN) Urges Iraq Pulllout

Should people have a right to know about the health conditions ...

Tell Kerry what you think.

Cannes film awards on IFC right now.

W's destiny, a road traveled once before...

I wasn't sure, but now I am...

Iraqis lose right to sue = plugging Abu Ghraib photo leak

Did I miss it? Was there a Friday news dump?Or is this 3 weeks & counting?

James Buchanan worst president ever won the electoral college

The CIA or Military threw Bush off the bike.

Any pictures of Bush's boo-boo after falling of his bike?

Heads up: the Israeli movers are back - force lockdown of naval base

Random thoughts on Bush and Iraq. A Rant, really.

Any news on AAR ratings?

Maryland not counting paper ballots

British DUer's or others with knowledge: Help me find someone

I imagine WH will be canceling Monday's national speech after spill

You Liberals Criticize the troops while sipping lattes(scarbrough trans)

OMG, We are F***'ed

Do you think Al Qaeda will strike near the election?

What are you Crazy Centrists Thinking? McCain for VP??

Fred Barnes just had a slip of the tongue.....

The REAL war criminals!

Lugar's comments are a MORE DIRECT CRITICISM OF BUSH*'S

Why do cities vote Dem and rural areas vote Repub?

Strange thing on Berg execution tape

I support the Troops!

Who is planning to drag all their friends to see "Fahrenheit 911?"

Drudge is reporting. . .LOL that Kerry said LOL. . .

When will the media start treating Bush* like Gerald Ford?

How are the Freepers dealing with *'s awesome sports attiributes?

How Bad Will Zinni's Book "Battle Ready" Hurt Bush?

Bush outsources Campaign operations!

Wingnut Wackos and Fundie Freaks

Dubya's accidents photo dump

Caption this...Bush at LSU yesterday

Is 5 weeks of campaign cash worth a ton of bad press?

Keep a watch out for Free Republic to implode

Those who are utterly unenthused by Kerry, come on in

Have you ever injured your face when falling off a bike?

The Wheels are off, the engine without fuel and oil, the roof is down

You Conservatives Hate us for our Freedom To: Choose our partners;

Do you think your life would be happier if you were blissfully ignorant?

Left-Wing Politics and Homosexuality (American Writers on the left)

We've heard it all? Electrical shock, neck breaking, dogs, humiliation,

Jenna Bush didn't show up at her Graduation ??

The essence of the Iraq war.

Expect a landslide but do not stop a second in assuring it

PRIME example of Corporate Media journalism - AP Cannes article

MORE bush* photos.....after full face-flop.....

There's going to be a coup yet: Military tired of taking the heat

A war supporter has a change of heart

Why June 30th? Why not July 30th? Why not May 30th?

Favorte US President Poll #2 1845-1881

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Wins Cannes' Top Prize

What Does "I Support The Troops" Actually Mean??

Dean: "Americans have themselves to blame for state of the nation!"

BUSH JUST BUSTED HIS ASS on a mountain bike 5.22.04 5pm est

Why Does Everybody Say Iraq Will Fall Into Civil War

Favorite US President, 1789-1845

Oops! Government blocks troops from BBC and NPR

President fell off bike today and squashed Schrodinger's Cat

Sixteen Hundred Gallons Of American Blood

John Kaminski - does this describe where you are??

Berg beheading: No way, say medical experts | Asia Times

Favorite US President Poll #3 1881-1933

Favorite US President Poll #4 1933-1993

Ten Worst Presidents Ever

Arrogant Swagger Now Sheepish Grin

Gen Sanchez witnessed "interrogations" at Abu Ghraib says Captain

The map is red.

“I was wrong. I apologize. Now let’s move on.” - A Speech for John Kerry

RW radio warned - 'hate radio' classified as a war crime in Rwanda

US human rights hypocrisy attacked

Federal probe focuses on tribal prison deaths

9 U.S. prison deaths probed as homicides

Clerics Urge End to Clashes Between U.S. and Rebels

Debate on prescription drug imports is how, not if

Monsanto Wins Patent Case on Plant Genes

No plans to change CAFTA labor provisions -US aide

DeLay backs bill to expand benefits for public servants

Bomb kills five outside Iraqi officials home

Conservative Group Amplifies Voice of Protestant Orthodoxy

Path of destruction

Prisoner deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan

Md. couple hopes to wed Saturday in Mass.

Timken declines mediator

NKorea to let Japan abductee relatives leave

U.S. Preparing for Influx of Compensation Claims by Abused Iraqis

Critics Galvanized by Oregon Lawyer's Case

Commonwealth re-admits Pakistan

Database Tagged 120,000 as Possible Terrorist Suspects

BBC: Opec ministers postpone decision on oil production levels.

Tension rises as bulldozers tear down zoo in Rafah

Blast Reported Near Ex-Iraqi Security HQ

Trooper accused of sexual assault

US general linked to Abu Ghraib abuse (Sanchez)

Abu Ghraib: inmates raped, ridden like animals, and forced to eat pork

Iraq prison torture was for fun, not results - paper

Eco-Activists Sharpen Plans to Unseat Bush

WP Abuse not to "soften" Iraqis: "I love to make a grown man piss himself"

WP: "Wood Hut" behind Abu Ghraib prison where WORSE torture took place?!

Lesbian spouse files malpractice lawsuit

Bush to define Iraq goals

Coalition, Shiite militiamen withdraw from Karbala

Apple reveals security hole

Study finds rate of jail time high for young blacks

N.Y. Lawyer Fined for Barking at Witness

Berlin US ambassador under discussion as Rumsfeld's successor

U.S. Names General for Afghan Jail Review

(Friday's) Released Iraqi Prisoners Tell of Abuse (another death reported)

California's credit rating upgraded by Moody's

Kerry Raises $117 Million for Campaign

Kerry weighs delaying nomination

Interior: Abuse Ruled Out in Prison Deaths (American Indian Prisons)

Arab Leaders Meet on Iraq, Israel, Reform

Dupe. Please lock.

Car Bomb Kills 5, Injures Iraqi Minister

Mark Thompson is new BBC director general

Ground Zero Funds Often Drifted Uptown

Is Burr stuck between Bush and a buyout?

Kurds Want a Top Post in Iraq ( Threaten Boycott of Planned Interim Gov't)

Report cites Marines in Iraqis death at camp

Iran Gives UN Second Nuclear Dossier

Bush says key election states are hiring

U.S.: Iraq Can Decide on Keeping Troops

Journalist and Author (Bernard) Lefkowitz Dies

Singh sworn in as India's PM (first NON-Hindu PM in India)

Saudis Offer to Increase Oil Output by About 6%

Bush to graduates: "choose your friends carefully."

German shot dead in Saudi

Mother of Iraq Contractor Worries for Son

Civilians in Prison Scandal Raise Issues

Four-day strike on at SBC

And now, for "something completely ridiculous"

U.S. Soldier Killed South of Baghdad

Florida Marks Death Penalty's Return

Homeland Security cuts hours for some inspectors

Berkeley law students denounce professor for POW memo

Jenna Bush skips her graduation ceremony

George Bush Fell off his mountain bike!!!!!

Clinton slams Bush's foreign policy

Marine and Soldier From Va. Die in Iraq (WP, page A-21, ages 18 & 20)

Al-Qadhafi walks out of Arab summit

Civilian Interpreter at Abu Ghraib Fired

Lugar critical of president on Iraq, terrorism

Schumer proposes emergency signal corps for city

US troops in fierce clashes in holy cities

US denies Karbala withdrawal

Bill would allow deportation of people with foreign IDs

U.S. Military Whistleblowers Face Retribution

Maine Democrats OK on Kerry nomination delay

The last shirt maker in Ndola

Soldier feels abandoned by government after losing arm

US ambassador to Germany seen as possible successor to Rumsfeld: press

Judicial nomination in doubt amid abuse scandal

Anti-Bush Tirade Wins Top Award in Cannes

BUSH JUST BUSTED HIS ASS while mountain biking - 5.22.04 5pm est

Bush Says Key Election States Are Hiring

Bush planning to outline Iraq strategy

Iraqi prisoner 'was beaten, kicked and left to die by Marines'

Beheading suspects led by Saddam's nephew

Berg beheading: No way, say medical experts

Request for special Prosecutor (war crimes)

US covertly tried and failed to 'plant' WMDs!

New allegations of systematic abuse of Iraqis by British troops

US isolated as Russia moves to back Kyoto

A message for the prez

Moore tells Bush to watch the pretzels

What does Virginia's new anti-gay law actually do?

Palestinians Storm UN Aid Convoy After Israeli Raid

US forces re-enter Karbala

Fire destroys protest wall at UC Irvine

US forces roll back into battle-scarred Iraqi holy city

Lawyer: Top U.S. Officer Knew of Prison Abuse (!!!! Bush going DOWN!)

Bush Suffers Minor Abrasions in Fall from Bicycle

Translator Questioned by Army in Iraq Abuse

U.S. Disputed Protected Status of Iraq Inmates

Sen. Chuck Hagel has some unvarnished advice for George W. Bush

Jordan Tip Exposed Chalabi as Iran "Spy"

There, in Grasso's Corner, Is That Oliver North?

Bush is a war criminal, Livingstone tells rally

AP: U.S. Says No Evidence of Wedding at Site

'What's a Catholic to do?' Abortion may force a decision: church or polit

LAT: U.S. Investigates Oil Firms' Deals in West Africa

WP: 'We're on the Brink of Success,' General Says of Iraq Situation

GOP Senator Rips Bush on Iraq, Terrorism

Zell Miller, miffed at alma mater, won't teach there

Lawyer: Top U.S. Officer (Sanchez) Present During Abuse

Senate majority leader embroiled in S.D. race

Dogs and Other Harsh Tactics Linked to Military Intelligence - NYT

Russert subpoenaed in CIA leak probe

Kerry Urging Energy Independence in U.S.

Suffolk University students protest anti-gay Romney as speaker

U.S. Insists Iraq Desert Strike Targeted Criminals

Anti-war Protests everywhere except America

WP: Walking Away From a Call to Serve, Virginia Nat'l Guard Desertion


Bush Suffers Cuts, Bruises While Biking

The revenge of the CIA

Iraqis lose right to sue troops over war crimes

High priced months ahead; summer fuel outlook grim

Marines admit abuse at second prison - Electricity used to torture inmate

'I just pulled the trigger

Foreign office blasts U.S. Iraqi tactics

US tactics 'heavy handed' says Straw memo

Canada: Federal election to be called on Sunday.

NYT: Demand Grows to Require Paper Trails for Electronic Votes

Navy Crew Remembers 1967 Israeli Attack

GM to begin layoffs at Del. Saturn plant (872 jobs)

"Kings Bay Naval Base Locked Down" (more Israeli movers!) is down

Jeepers creepers, what a night!

I'm so proud to be a Minnesota punk now!

Happy 45th Birthday, Morrissey!

Insomniac thread, may 22

Pretty cool (& colorful!) site!

is this really the end?

Forest family had an elaborate camp among trees

Check out Stephen Harper's "Eyes of Laura Mars"

"Celestial Homework" . . . an artifact from the Beat Generation . . .

Do they behead Dogs in Indiana?

Okay, I'm a therapist but need Du'ers advice.

Style or Content?

Ah, the old hometown (or should I say my part of Vancouver)

Just my .02 for what its worth....I think it would be a great idea....

"A gracious good afternoon. Is this the party to whom I am speaking?"

Name P. Diddy's new fragrance

Argh! Indi the Cat sets off

Was this a repuke dentist?

Well boys and girls, you've seen the last of me...

LOL -If * was a girl

Good morning DU!!!

Right outside this lazy summer home

Yeah, what James Carville said...

Angelus... Paging Angelus..

"You know the world is going crazy when..." a bit of pointed humor ...

Lonesome Fiddle Man

so the dicktator is going to have his kids work for his selection

Gilligan's Island

Why is this smilie smiling?

A friend needs help

Police Searching For 'Billy Bob' Robber

"They said I was an Anarchist." - World's Foremost Authority

A Fair Trade (joke)

5/22 - Happy Birthday WannaJumpMyScooter & Cally!!!!

What's for breakfast?

Hey everyone...the new Bush stamp has finally been released!!!

Gullible Chinese ate 13 frogs and almost died after following healer"s adv

Secret ingredient for chicken salad?

Who's on DU?

From 1999 (warning: Fabio injuries): "Bird collides with Fabio's face"

yikes..German Schlager on the radio!

OK, DU punk-heads....

DU music geeks--what's your favorite Krautrock album?

Canada rolls out red carpet for Mexican strippers

A question for male DUers.

Spell your name using Binary Code


Beat Stress At Work By Beating Drums

I am having nightmares about the Prison Abuse in Iraq

Best Hair In Sports

I am proudly putting this bumper sticker onto my car:

Saw a couple of great bumper stickers this morn...

Let me know if you've heard this one...

Ahhh... a Royal Wedding. Something to free our minds from...

I just read that gas prices in Georiga will tip $2 a gallon this week

Fresh Tomatillos

Grandma got a new cat.....wanna see?

Wedding rant $$$$$$$$

I should be graduating today.

Going on my vacation later today

God dammit - I've gain four pounds

Does any normal human being say "flatbed"?

What's for lunch?

My Hummer experience yesterday

Any middle-aged Quad City DU'rs out there?

They ARE Out To Get You, Study Reveals

Hardest song to sing karaoke-style?

Behold! The elegant versatility of the baked potato!

The fine art of flipping someone off

I'm a guilty DU'er

83 pit bulls seized in Auburndale house raid

Attention Zonies!! The Unit's Perfection to be rebroadcast

'Going to see the Moody Blues tonight - ask me anything!

Homeless man who lived in restroom sentenced for bank robbery

the laughing cat

Mc Hawking

Caution's Subversive Song of the Day

Do Different Brances Of the Armed Forces Attract Different Types Of People

History Question: How did Canada

I'm leaving DU

New User Name

Ex-Viking puffing on crack pipe when arrested

Let's have a conversation!

Should I do anything to help this moth?

President Forever: I beat Bush by 5% and still lost the election

Michigan school officials pull plug on(class President's)graduation speech

im procrastinating again...

Sheryl Crow or Liz Phair?

Michael Moore in the winners circel: Golden Palm

Wanna drive junk mailers crazy?

Friends of mine passing vomit-inducing RW "fable" as high wisdom (help!)

I don't know why you say goodbye...............

Holy poop on a stick - Michael Moore won the Palme D'or!!!

Frank's Super (Nintendo) Club

a sad though

I'm so hungry I could _________________________

new Hannity advertiser Castrol (also a Savage Weiner advertiser)

CRIME: Woman allegedly stabs brother over 'stinky socks'

Great Political Movie at 3pm et -- A FACE IN THE CROWD

Anyone watching VH1?

Great Sadat recipe!

Are my parent's imprints making their way into my mind?

The wind has been blowing all day and I'm going crazy

Finally, it looks and feels like home

EBay Pulls Schwarzenegger's Cough Drop

The King of Mullets is #2!

Does it get any better than this ?????

Does it give you a certain amount of pride?

The Martini

Drink the World! A website for the drunks in our midst.

I lost my gold star.

Send me email...

**********MILES' TONES**********

I'd like to apologize for my actions regarding last night...

Great Teddy Salad recipe!

Brownies: Post your favorite recipe!

Question on Canadian politics

My own list of THE 50 WORST SONGS OF THE 1980s

Diet recipe's?

I'm needing, less restraint before

Samuel Jackson Beer

I got a new laptop. ask me anything.

'Breakfast at Tiffanys' Your thoughts?

Bloody Mary' do you make yours...?

The first sip

Hey! What was the first song you ever played jamming with someone?


In Praise Of Family Circus!

Why does it annoy people...

Pa. Lawmakers Debate State Soil

My hummus experience yesterday







PA. Lawmakers Soil State Debate

I just polished off 32 oz. of water - ask me anything!

Angry Teen Charged With Damaging Taco Bell Customer's Car


Being an avid bicyclist...

Concert tickets becoming a dinosaur?


I've got a minute





Bush is #1 idiot

I'm celebrating my two-year anniversary of being a non-smoker

Jenna Bush doesn't show up for graduation

Bush falls off his bike, cut and bruised

I graduated today!!!!!!

Please post your "Love, Actually" reviews here

Great site for tracking satellite visibility

British Vacationer Sues For 22-Year Supply Of Viagra


Which movie's better in your opinion, "Tombstone" or "Wyatt Earp?"

Your weekly reminder: I'm on the radio tonight

Who's at fault for Bush's fall?

Man (Drunk) Drives Lawnmower Down Street - Arrested

What's your favorite Tom Lehrer song?

Great salad recipe!

Favorite tune by Dr Hook and the Medicine Show

Bush, the new Julius Caesar?


My sister and I are going to a plant nursery

Article: What Is She Thinking About During Sex?

I have an idea for a annual award for Liberal politics called The Lefties

Woman Pours Boiling Oil On Boyfriends Face After BIBLE Argument

Who has seen 'Harold and Maude'?

Crown Point man charged with biting toddler

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Calgary Flames in Stanley Cup!

ANy Perry Como Fans on DU?

A fashion Question if I may....

Slave to the traffic light.

Jurrasic Park is on NBC

Who's getting reved up for the evening?

There must be a God-

Best porno music?

Pacers 48 / Pistons 41 -- Halftime

Any photos of Dubya after his little accident today?

Have you ever injured your bike when falling off a face?

Georgie Porgie nursery rhyme

Imagine the deepest purple on a weather map...

Anyone from Boston remember the band Big Dipper?

To homosexual DU'ers, have you had sex with a member of the opposite sex?

Has anyone else bought the new(ish) David Cross CD?

Quiz: Gullibility Test.


what's this pink goo under my cell phone's battery?

Quiz: Social Retardation Purity test

I just polished off 32oz of Gin assmeanythinvcogn///.p................

Dogs in the road problem! Any experts out there?

Is any one having trouble getting to

We were young and we were improvin' ...Laughin', laughin' with our friends

for you Trekkies

An oldie but goodie political toon:

Is liking/disliking Rap Music a matter of age or taste? (HERE'S the poll)

Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai"

What bug grosses you out the most?(Mods--please move to Lounge)

David Copperrumsfield goes to work (Caption this)

The general scratches his belly and thinks...

Who has seen Big Fish, Radio or Thirteen?

Just took a pound cake out of the oven...Who wants a slice when it cools?

Saw "Troy" impressions for you all...

Quiz: Vampire Purity Test

Quiz: Feminist purity test (probably tougher for men)

Heads up: SNL Tonight "the best of Christopher Walken"

whimsy post: James C. Christensen, artist

Lawn care question.... my grass is too dang thick and healthy!!!

we just bought an Orion 10" dobsonian telescope-any DU hints?

possibly moronic computer question re: saving images

PACERS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And ANOTHER band of thunderstorms makes it way through Milwaukee...

Who are your favorite Jack Chick characters?

For Men of DU: Power Tools Demonstration

I just finished 'Worse Than Watergate' ask me anything...

Frank's Supper Club

DU men - speaking of tools - don't ya just love them?

Favorite #1 hit by THE SUPREMES?

Martini's...shaken or stirred...?

Concerts: Who Have You Seen Live?

This was Trulli a joy to see

So, I watched "The McLaughlin Group" AGAIN tonight. Why did I do that?

Best Concert Movie?

Computer Gamers: Has the move to "real time" in all game forms....

My God !!! - The Entire State Of Nebraska Is Under Severe Storms !!!

First Rap Song You Ever Heard

I cannot put off changing the kitty litter any longer....

Quiz: Sexual Purity test

Why do I always pick the wrong times?

We all know that Laura caught him with Condi.

CAPTIONing burns more calories than marathoning!! (Little known fact.)

Number of people on your AIM buddy list

How much was your most recent grocery bill?

What's your favorite TV theme song from any decade?


Has anyone here ever known a COMPLETE sociopath?

Concerts: Who Was Your First Rock Show?


Shrek 2...GO SEE IT...

This Driver has no cash, he's MARRIED!!!

Hockey Players - what' your favourite stick brand

Are you a cheapass?

Quiz: Nerd Purity test

Quiz: Myers-Briggs personality

What summer movie do you want to see the most

You are trapped on a Demon class planet out of communicator range

CAPTION... The biking and war klutz takes it on the chin.

Progress: Mrs Bear out of hospital

Newsweek - Republicans are reassessing Bush’s leadership skills

Which candidates do your friends/neighbors $upport? Find out here

Salon analysis of Bush's poll numbers shows he is in deep trouble

I need some DU help to convert a friend of mine...

republicans for kerry websites....

Question: How much has John Kerry raised so far? - T shirt design contest still open

Kerry and outsourcing

DFA hires Laura Gross, NPR, as Communications Director.

The 10 People Who Will Play Special Roles in the Election

Who will be Kerry's special guest on the Conference Call tomorrow?

I was in favor of campaign finance reform

Poll Shows Dead Heat in NC w/Edwards as VP

Kerry Campaign Senior Advisor is a commentator on Cap. Gang!!

Web Server Software and Presidential Candidates

Warning: Mom isn’t going to vote this year.'s daily Nader-today poll 80% of vistors say Nader honest-not Kerry

A Lifetime of Service and Strength....John Kerry for President.

Help me if I am off base (I don't offend easily)

Will Nader and Green Voters become irrelevant after Nov. 2nd?

Kucinich has raised $1,5 Mill. more than Larouche.

Wonderful romance story at the blog: Albuquerque to Amsterdam.

Who's dumber: Nader or * voters?

LOL how many campaign themes has Kerry had thus far?

If not at convention, where should Kerry formally accept the nomination?

Jeff Seemann for Congress

Should Kerry give any token republicans cabinet positions? If so whom?

Another reason Kerry NEEDS WES CLARK .

How good are Kerry's chances?

Zogby - Kerry leads bush* 57 to 32!!!!

Bush totally screws up traffic in New Orleans

To Kerry's credit, he looks like a president

Mike Miles Wins 51% CO State Convention Today