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Archives: May 2, 2004

Halliburton: a hand in every pocket ( book review)

It's China's turn to bend a little

Why Antarctica will soon be the only place to live - literally

US asleep as EU expands its membership eastward

White Rose Society Web Page Note

Cocoa is a bittersweet crop for Indonesians plagued by low prices, pests

How Chile's success divides it from its neighbors

Time for the soldiers to speak out

Dave Obey (D. WI) rocks

We must equate Abu Ghraib and My Lai Gun safety presenter shoots self

If You Were Invited to the White House for dinner would you go?

What about Roger Water's "Amused To Death II" with the chimp?

Please - I need that clip of * "who you talking to" video

Bush administration ties to Titan Corp and CACI

Anyone remember the Star Trek show with the Nazi leader?

Photos put Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz at Abu Ghraib. Does ANYONE...

Let's cut to the quick...Where is Kerry on POT?

Thaksin warns foreigners not to criticize crackdown - TH

Mine accidents mar China's May Day - CN

US Marines offer to help repair Iraq mosques

Slums razed to suit Delhi's middle class

A year on from 'Mission Accomplished', an army in disgrace, a policy in ta

Brits tourists flock to Cuba

Taliban Poisoned Three Schoolgirls, Afghan Officials Say

I'm a fool for the city

Something I need to get off my chest...

What Would Jesus Say About Pete, the Porno Puppet?

"A Clockwork Orange" - What was your first impression when you saw this?

Go ask Alice

Gibson Launching Digital Guitar Model

Lead singer of old Chicago really kill himself by Russian Roulette?

Where my dogs at?

Have many of you Americans seen Trailer Park Boys yet?

I am running real late on getting the garden in this year

Who is is old enough to remember...

Tell me what you think of my website.

I've got the flu.

This year could conceivable be our greatest triumph since the 60's!!!

Eric Margolis compares U.S.A occupation of Iraq to that of Russia (USSR)

Two Questions for the 911 Commission

Mohamad Bazzi/Newsday article: local reaction/comments to torture

The Pictures That Lost The War

Excellent Boston Globe Story On VP Sellection Process

Opposition to Bush: terrorist or racist?

We've had a lot of experience of US weapons/Journalist's view/Fallujah

Retired general says America on dangerous path in Iraq

"Snapshots of War" from Guardian/Observer. More on Torture Fallout....

Saudi Power Play (oil prices, Russia, Iraq, Israel/Palestine) No US deal?

Local paper published my LTTE!

Russians Support Iraqi Resistance; Want U.S. to Lose

Hillary Clinton on the state of health care

Bush, Kerry need to level with public about involvement in Iraq

Campaign Dishonors War Heroes

smirk opens his mouth: " I didn't like it one bit"

The electrodes' switch is in Washington

PDX May Day photos, the youth, the aged & Kucinich.

Ed Asner's Letter.... 9-11 Action Request

Bush In Maumee OH Tuesday

May 8 - Election Action Day

Anyone see Joe Wilson on MTP?

CNBC showing informericals 11:30 AM- 6 PM Sunday here

10 year cycles

Tecumseh's Curse Revisited: Will * Leave the WH Alive?

Tonelson blasts use of tax code to stop job hemorrhage

Disaster lovers: 10.5 on NBC tonight (Sunday) 9pm EDT 8 central

Gun control and Iraq


Has anyone ever suggested

suggestion re gender indications

Can you close this account?

I don't agree with locking the "D" and "R" threads

I've finally had a post removed

Why lock an LBN thread because of one in GD?

Gunmen Kill 5 Settlers During Gaza Pullout Vote

Haaretz (Sunday): Sharon disappointed with results of vote

Saudi Arabia blames "Zionists" for deadly attack

The majority will prevail

Mother, 4 children, killed in Gaza shooting attack

Saudi Arabia blames "Zionists" for deadly attack - These are our "allies."

WTC Lease holder loses insurance battle

The psychology of conspiracy theorists

Why we need for Bush to win the election.

Were you hurt by Blag's decision to drop Health Alliance?

Fellow Floridians- Help Boot Bilirakis

I'm so proud of my city (Tallahassee / Cheney's visit)

Schemes to qualify for Medi-Cal targeted

SoCal women out to prove football is not simply a man's game

Allen Cohen, Founder of Underground SF Newspaper, Dies

WTF is wrong with the Red Sox this weekend?

Have you ever thought of running for state office

My excellent adventure at the 8th Congressional District DFL Convention

Betsy DeVos: Her billions, vs. wage earners. A Top 10 Idiot!

We need paid staff in Ohio!

Kerry's Message . . . Youngstown, Ohio

"Dead Heat" in Battle for Ohio.

Every Ohioan, do your part!

You know you're from Pennsylvania when...

Tx. Dem. Candidates See Good News This Week (Delay is vulnerable.)

6th CD has a candidate

Appleton hotels, anyone? (For the convention...)

How many native Washingtonians are here?

Will more countries pull out of Iraq because of torture pics?

laugh or cry?


One Year ago My My My How The W. Flies

J F Kerry or W. Where Was He? Who's Got The real Guts?

Is Osma Bin Laden working in and "though" Iraq now

Bill Maher fans - his comments on Bush and Kerry on "Hardball"

Schemes to qualify for Medi-Cal targeted

The continuing fight for the Welfare state (READ: for the authentic left)

Secret Service on a Fishing Expedition.......BBV

To you, what is the American dream?

DU this poll.

1 year anniversery of 'Mission Accomplished?'

To All Republicans, Neo-Conservatives, Neo-Liberals, and Libertarians


I'm From The Seventh District Of Alabama And I like...

can shrub EVER look "presidential"?

Bill Clinton's "My Life" Now #1 at Amazon

Should the People of Fallujah Have Gone After the Contractors?

Canadian PM visits Bush , Martin declares "Mission Accomplished"

The Abu Ghraib Photos Remind Me of Those Taken at Auschwitz

Fervent Falsehoods: Sidney Blumenthal

A year on from 'Mission Accomplished'......

Washington Journal this morning

Nate Clay streaming LIVE now -- Dumbya's Iraq policy is in question

what are the ratings of the newscasts on Sinclair stations?

Has anybody seen this ad on TV about prescription drugs?

George Bush. The kind of guy you can have a fear with.

My thought on 'torture scandal'.

Annan tells Arafat: PA fails to end terror

I have tried to get the Bernie Wardshow from the link provided here at

What of American Values?

30 Desperate Days

The Thomas Hamill (Halliburton truck driver) story is very fishy!

Anybody Watching Mathews on NBC with Donaldson, Woodwards, etc?

HA! The only good news out of IraqNam is release of a hostage

Contradicting Bill

MoDo: "They don't see dead people."

At last, a good reason to drink Pepsi

Bigotry right out in the open. . .100 to protest mosque proposal

DU's kpharmer has LTTE published in Washington Post

HaHaHa-upset fundie from KY on Cspan!

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba: the DICK corporation (WP)...stealing our $$$$

If you have nothing to hide....from

"My Fox trot with Bill O'Reilly"

"Let me entertain you"

Will Richard Meyers say ANYTHING

Fox News Sunday: Koppel was wrong. Will counter: "Why they died".

What is Jesus doing now?

CNN promos "Iraqi Prisoners' *Controversy*"

Everyone needs to watch Meet the Press at 10am EDT

Archives: Rumsfeld's strategy under fire as war risks become apparent

we are in grave danger from the neoconazi zombie bushlovers

Right Wing Shills on TV, Radio and Newspaper

Python Terry Jones: The war of the words

Today was a good day!

Shocking! Bush Contradicts Clinton During Interview with 9/11 Commission.

Russert's dyslexic or something

80% of Canadians dislike Bush*

Take back the congress? Start start using republican tactics

Iraqis prefer Saddam's General over American leader..

Were mutilations of Blackwater security people a payback

DemocraticUnderground Activists Distort TVC Marriage Poll

How about a Wilson/Clarke ticket!!

Fineman: Clark vetted for Veep ("commander theme")

This Week alert

France admits anti-Semitism on the rise after graves desecrated

Paul Reikoff: Gets it absolutely right.

May 8 - Election Action Day

Ugh.... more idiotic freepspam on local ISP message board.

Paul Riekhoff makes me proud.

Wow !!!! I just discovered in my e-mail.

So when does widespread public discontent against the war begin?

What happened to , "America stands for human rights" ?

Now, more than ever, Kerry must take the high road and go higher yet.

Let's bombard Congress with Emails about POW abuse today!

Sunday Doonesbury | not about B.D.

"Saddam had trouble with Fallujah?" WTF?

does Tom Toles read DU???

Proof presure applied to detainees for information on WMDs

Todays Reuters piece is off by about 191 soldiers killed in Iraq.

We Are The Government

Biden made a good point about the torture

I may be missing something

GI Bashes Bush On Air Video up on CBS

Guh - Bush has made no mistakes

Which US congressional district lost the most jobs?

How the Iraq occupation could be ended immediately

When will the media use the phrase "American attrocities"?

Sy Hersh to be on CNN Late Edition.

Has CNN /Fox shown Bush standing in front of "Mission Accomp.."?

"at war for a generation" ?

Bush & the Republicans’ Objective is Revealed, a Government Beyond the Law

Today’s MTP, Chris Matthews, ThisWeek: my summary of these

today's death toll is 7+ now

Sy Hersh...he broke My Lai, now the Iraq torture story.

Considering recent events, what is your gut feeling about the election?

"We're making progress..." says Jr....

Who is the most dangerous person in America?

Imagine this...

17 yr. old shoots girlfriend because she wanted an abortion

I know they rerun MTP, here in L.A. on cable... Anyone know when?

cnn late edition poll

Another victim of Bush's war

Do you ever refer to POS Bush as "President"?

Officer Suggests Iraq Jail Abuse Was Encouraged

Useful new database: Claim vs Fact

Public evenly split on staying the course, what does this mean for Kerry?

Key Unanswered Questions on Bush's Record in National Guard

Seymour Hersh strikes again: Lunch With the Chairman

Will true republicans vote Bush out in 2004??

al-Wafd: American Prison Guards are "Dark Angels of Hell"

CACI International = Abu Ghraib Prison Civilian Torturers

Is the big picture coming into focus?

Meet the Press Transcipt up......

"The Fallen" on the web?

Is * a creationist?

In open session: What is democracy all about, anyway? Let's see

Anybody know what Bush has manage to accomplish during his first term that

Outsourcing: On May5 in Houston the Outsourcing Oscar will go to

Hypothetical Questions

Fl. Dinosaur Park created for the religiously insane

George W. "Alfred E. Newman" Bush

Media starting to wake up?

caption needed for shrub PHOTO.....

How does Comedy Central get away with

Thought I saw Thomas Jefferson sitting invisibly next to Joe Wilson...

"White American Manifest Destiny is dead..."

Franken Says He'll Likely Challenge Coleman in '08

Bush TANG Area assignment preference: In Country - USA

Anybody else hate Campbell Brown as much as I do?

Blitzer brings up the "alleged abuses" of Iraqis

Bush’s No 4 and 5 top corporate campaign donors

I wonder if bush has ever read Matthew 5:3-12......?

Now I know why it's okay to abuse prisoners

Schwarzenegger (says): Stop making bobblehead dolls

While we slept, 11 dead, 30 wounded

Has Chalabi given 'sensitive' information on U.S. interests to Iran?

Max Cleland rocked on Face the Nation!

Anyone remember when the Democrats used to be the people's Party?

One Year Ago Today: The 'Old Man' Loses Face

Woodward Disguises Bush Aims in Invading Iraq

The scoop on Elaine Chao what the hell is she qualified for?

Bush is behind the releasing of torture photos

An Open letter to my Congresswoman

Has anyone read "Sorrows of Empire"

When will we reach the tipping point?

Joe Wilson: "(Journalists) are FEARFUL of writing these stories...."

To hell with corporate controlled media - what about

On Year Later and the Blood Spills On!

Would a real national debate about the draft raise younger voter turnout?

Anyone else think Kerry won't do anything to Bush if he wins?

Freepers: Give up the kool-aid. Think clearly, now.

John Dean to speak in Denver, May 12

something new for everyones signatures!

Air America: Clear Channel Lite

Close election? Bushit!

For those of you who get MTP (I got it at 8 am CT) later, DON'T MISS IT.

We should demand a Congressional investigation into the torture in Iraq

Bill Maher fans - his comments on Bush and Kerry on "Hardball"

Pundit Pap! A great summary and commentary on Sunday's political shows!

Caption these freepers

Remember when Saddam's capture would make troops safe?

Call from Afghanistan-

Ed Asner Letter -- 9-11 Action Requested

The movie Bush does not want you to see

Question for Conem Powell

John Dean -- radio interview in around an hour.

Leno Dissing Shrub Coming up now on CSPAN - WH Correspondents Dinner

Iran Contra in 3 paragraphs or less. Post your summary of the crimes!

If Bush became Commissioner of Major League Baseballl, would you boycott?

Where is Christiane Amanpour?

What's the real reason Schwarzenegger is in Israel ?

The Jesus Factor Is Available On Frontline

AP: Kerry Spending $25M on Ads in May

What if Bush pulled a Johnson?

More Bill O' Lielly vs. The Globe and Mail

The most important question in the upcoming election....

My prediction --- a Bush decline....

"Operation Take One for the Country"

Bush, So Far in May 14 Died for Your War in Iraq….”Bring it on?”

Replay of Kerry's Westminster Speech on CSPAN7:20pm ET

"Let Kerry Finish The Real Mission", Imagine this for a comeback Banner

Did you consider what's behind the abused Iraq prisoner pictures??

Dems see chance to retake Senate; charge lobbyists for access

Ultimate Kerry Defense D-Bunk

Iraq-Pgh PG reveals scary snippets-some troops getting 1 meal again

FUNNY EMAIL FROM DADCOM!! ALERT!! Dadcom Wants You ALL To Pass It On!!!!

War profiteers and Bush supporters

Where is Christiane Amanpour?

US Forces restrict Red Cross access in Iraq

Why Gephardt or Edwards not the best choices for VP: IRAQ WAR!

Lt. Reichoff clip on Air America's Laura Flanders program...

America's shame

Thomas Hamill was freed because siege ended--did not escape.

Baghdad Patrick Cockburn sees the battle for hearts and minds lost

In Laura Flanders program:Sunday morning shows lack gravity and connection

Uh Oh! Hundreds of Iraqis Gather Outside Abu Ghraib Prison!

Warnings of abuse in Iraq's prisons that were ignored

So the first time the Halliburton contractor was a escaped...

Have you ever met an atheist Republican?

Is the FBI, Secret Service and RNC monitoring of DU a combined effort

Do you think * will pull something big to reverse the Iraqi trend?

Where Is Kerry's "It's the Economy, Stupid"--or any other "stupid"???

Who is in charge of getting Bush's message to the public? Bush himself?

1,000 dead American soldiers

They hate us for our rape rooms.

So, I was watching Gahndi today


Clark just told CNN...about VP spot

My Fox trot with Bill O'Reilly

Bob Dole defends John Kerry on Medal's "issue":

64,000,000 catholics and 45,000 priests. 108 million religious people

Wonder what this soldier seen going on at Guantanamo?

''We'd do the same thing if some foreign dudes rolled into San Diego"

more on the Hamill 'escape'....spin spin spin....tripping on lies...

Freepers think creationist theme park is stupid too!

Open question re: party unity....

Briton 'in chains at JFK airport over bogus debt' (Patriot Act at work?)

Should the Abu Ghraib abusers be registered as sex offenders?

Any inane Dennis Miller crap lately? Or is he gone? I'm cable-less.

Apartheid assassins meet match in Iraq

Hey-Hey-whadaya' say, Torture's O.K. in the U.S. A........!!!

Looks like Shrub backed another "winner": Sharon Loses Vote on Gaza Withdr

It's time to bone up on the Geneva Convention

Gephardt vs. Bayh for VP

Should Bush be given the respect the presidency entails?

Liberate Iraq!

THAILAND: New socialist group emerging

Didn't Bush Sr. try to strike a deal with the Clinton camp

The War On (Some) Drugs -IS- a Big Issue!!

Is Air America streaming tonight?

Report from Sgt. 1st Class Paul Brent, at Abu Grhaib on 11/21/03

Drudge: Troops Swapped Hundreds Of Abuse Pictures

Just Got Off The Phone With Dadcom - LMAO!

Anybody watching the practice?

I'd like to see Terry McAuliffe on cable news stations defending

Whose God Do You Serve?

Religious progressive link

Bush loves global cooperation in trade Why not when lives are on the line?

Has stop reporting US casualties? 9 killed, 41 injured

"Do you consider the unprecedented level of secrecy...

Canadian PM wants out of UN!!!

Richard Morrison, Ben Konop and others

Meet The Press with Annan and Wilson - On Now

Sounds like the Senate Democrats are standing up to the Repukes!

We've found him!!! The guy who put up the 'Mission Accomplished' banner!!!

"Westerner's" body dragged through streets -- only in Saudi Arabia

"expert" on NPR claiming the torture isn't a war crime

Anyone watching Tina Brown?

Daddy, why did we have to attack Iraq?

Dupe, please delete.

The Weather Underground on PBS right now

Does anyone know when Kerry is to make a choice for VP

CBS.The only network which I believe truly cares about democracy.

Frank Luntz say's Kerry ads are great and Bush ads stink

Anybody watching "The Practice"?

doing a paper...HELP NEEDED....

John Hagee in retrospect

kissinger: Iraqis should 'look into the mirror' and see what THEY

The Estimable Josh Marshall: Chalabi's been a bad, bad boy.

What does the soul of a republican look like?

My cousin saw Bush* speak

What kind of interrogations were these Iraqi women receiving I wonder?

Police everywhere in duluth WTF

Need Pro-choice arguements for debate tomorrow.

The Progressive Report: Great site...scoop on Sinclair

Can anyone here imagine the shock, the pure horror

How rich is rich? What's your opinion?

Pedestrian Paradise

Dont tell me the media over-focuses on bad news in Iraq...

Is there something wrong with the forums board???? I just got some kind

Y'know what bugs me about *the pictures*??

LOL, conservatives begin to shrivel as Liberal commercials hit air in Ohio

The 15 Democrats that voted for the Medicare bill are a disgrace.

Would Anyone Miss Bush?

Wes Clark needs to be VP

How will Clinton be remembered in history?

The youth are to a point asleep

A younger generation of Democrats is bridging the left-center divide

Soldiers say pictures are 'tip of the iceberg'

I just discovered why FOX is beating the major cable channels

There is a new "Manchurian Candidate" flick coming this summer.

"They stressed him out so bad that the man passed away," Frederick wrote...

* has managed to anger the gardeners buying plants at the nursery.

Supermarkets next to be Wal-Marted to death?

Dave Kriss' excellent post on fascism.

OK, 60 Minutes, it is bury BBV.

Did Bush/Cheney/Rove send "The Memo" to Russert today to Threaten UN?

How will * be generally remembered in history?

Aide to Condi, Barb Bush is now an NBC director. Also former NSC director

Pregnant Pointy girl has a name -dele if dupe

Why would the University of Texas contribute $13,000.00 to Tennessee

20,000 Iraqis being held by the coalition forces

Happy anniversary, Tweety!

Happy Anniversary, Georgie!

Vote early and often!

anybody attend a Kerry house party yesterday?

Wolf Blitzers poll 80 percent yes 20 percent no on Kerry plan for Iraq

Quote of the day: "our mission was not accomplished."

From Now On Call Him : "SMOKIN' JOE" Wilson! BRAVO!

Hamill: My take:

Your response to the POW abuses?

Janeane Garofalo and Sam Sedar interview Roxanne Jekot and

Anyone else starting to reconsider Hillary for VP?

The military members have to select a religion

Why aren't the 11 soldiers killed the top story???

The Tim LeHaye Fundie Guys must be cringing as they had backed up

Iraqi Prisoner Details Abuse by Americans

I'm genuinely disappointed in Zapatero

Judge Roy Moore...the rest of the story

The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced * is boning Condi

What other appearances of Joe Wilson this week?

Castro's Cuba sells Medicine to the third world 75% cheaper than USA

Cuba A land of the People. Dismissing more American Lies

Blog has evidence that the torture scandal may reach to the highest levels

The Beautiful Ohio Poll. They call it a tie; I call it Victory.

Check out my Photos from the March for Women

Bush declares May 1st to be "Loyalty Day"

Christians use to oppose big business. Contradictions in conservatism

*IF* Gephardt is chosen VP, will DU rally behind?

All Systems "Go" for Massive May 8 Medicine Wheel

So, BC DUers...a general strike looms - your thoughts?

A little help, if you have a few minutes

Yesterday I told off Ronald McDonald at Earth Day fair

War propaganda

U.S. soldiers seek asylum in Canada. Opposed to Iraq war.

I heard from Mari333

Do some of you still have doubts about Kerry?

Make your strongest case for why you will vote for Kerry.

SSS now planning registration in programmers, linguists & engineers DRAFT!

Panel Seeks Steps for Cuba Regime Change (fuck bush)

BBV - If crooked, and you could rig just 15 counties, which ones?

Edwards is going to be VP......

Abu Ghraib civilian interrogator's diary online

I've done a complete 180 degree turn. We must get out of Iraq.

Kidnapped Halliburton employee rescued by Donald "Rambo" Rumsfeld!

What Kind of Car do you drive?

Sinclair critics to fight license renewal

Last Bastion of Stupidity

it's flag burnin' time again

The Women of Abu Ghraib

THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW... can a movie effect the election?

Fidel Castro on Homosexuality

American Eugenics

Bloodshed in Iraq to carry on through next year: US officer

Life on the Front Lines

Rough Justice in Iraq

Top U.S. Officer Can't Rule Out Pattern of Prison Abuse - DC

Bloodshed in Iraq to carry on through next year: US officer

Flesh-eating disease leaves one dead, another in isolation - CANADA

Gunmen Kill Six at Saudi Oil Facility

Army reserve chief condemns prison abuse

Bush tempers jocular correspondents event

The horrors we don't see

Syria criticized US presence in Iraq

Thomas Hamill escapes. FOX News just now

Gunmen Kill 5 Settlers During Gaza Pullout Vote

Conn. man dies in Six Flags coaster accident

Use of secret spy and terrorism surveillance grows


A peep into the strange world of Turkmenbashi, whose every word is law

"Fat Tony" Scalia mentioned as possible successor to Justice Rehnquist

Menino may defy Romney on gays

Syria warns Israel off striking exiles

Al-Sadr forces attack US convoy in Iraq

National Guard Officer Offers Criticism of Bush's Iraq Plans

Afghan Government, U.S. Military Agree on New Militia Force, Defense Minis

Missouri Voters Favor Neither Bush Nor Kerry

Saudi project began in Houston

Sinclair critics to fight license renewal ("Nightline" censorship)

Scalia the Outspoken v. Scalia the Reserved

Relatives of Pakistanis Executed in Macedonia to Seek Damages

Family of Thomas Hamill Cheers Escape (Contractor in Iraq)

Italian hostages 'sitting ducks' after US troops disarmed them

Afghan Official: Iraq Prisoner Abuse Could Sour Afghans on U.S. Campaign A

Witnesses: Israeli Missiles Wound 2 in Gaza City

Riots dampen welcome for new EU members

Germany Says Protection of U.S. Bases to End

Support for Bush, war starting to slip (In Ohio)

U.S., Afghan forces mistakenly clash, 3 dead

Terrorists testing in NY

Why Antarctica will soon be the *only* place to live - literally

CNN Breaking: Thomas Hamill found (Halliburton truck driver)...

U.S. Needs 250,000 Troops in Iraq, Weapons Inspector Kay Says

Tehran says US has taken Saddam's place in Iraq

Methodist ruling puts status of lesbian pastor in doubt | Seattle Times

Huge blast leaves 25 dead - TV report - Afghanistan

Fresh brutality allegations made against British troops in Iraq

Contractors in Iraq questioned about abuse

Two sides of gay-marriage debate face off at Safeco Field rally

Killed by mate in work ambush

Iraqi Prisoner Details Abuse by Americans

Spain's PM: Iraq Should Serve As Lesson

Saddam-Era General Not in Charge: Myers

Army exodus: SAS troops quit

U.S. Soldier Killed in Attack Near Kirkuk - 10 more wounded

Iraqi abuse report hasn't reached top U.S. brass

Iraqi Prisoner Details Abuse by Americans

Fed Prepares for Interest Rate Increases

Tunisia Extends Press Freedom Crckdn (GOV'T BANS ALL PHOTOS OF JOHN KERRY)

National Guard Officer Offers Criticism of Bush's Iraq Plans

Pressure mounts on Cheney over smears against diplomat and 'outing' of CIA

UN-sanctioned multinational force to be sent to Iraq: Annan

Four U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Attacks

The ventriloquist jokes don't bug the White House

delete me. sorry

UK troops 'swapped abuse photos'

Volkswagen Plans to Build Plant in China

CIA accused of link to Iraq prison torture

Iraqi General Says No Foreign Fighters in Falluja

Georgia Plans to Increase Force in Iraq

Bud goes to China

Seven Iraqis die in British custody. How many soldiers are charged? None

For Bush, Same Goal in Iraq, New Tactics

Drought Settles In, Lake Shrinks and West's Worries Grow

Camp Pendleton blaze threatens De Luz Canyon

Justice Assaulted During Run. Souter Is Treated For Minor Injuries

"Westerner's" body dragged through streets -- only in Saudi Arabia


Iran loses faith in Clerics

Panel Seeks Steps for Cuba Regime Change

Amnesty International Says It Has Evidence of 'pattern of Torture' by Coal

Boston Mayor Menino may defy Gov Romney on gays (residency requirement)

Has Chalabi given 'sensitive' information on U.S. interests to Iran? He de

Bremer "takes back" statements that Bush ignored terror

Iraqi prisoner details abuse by Americans

U.S.: No Widespread Abuse in Iraq Prisons

Gunmen Kill at Least Six at Saudi Oil Facility, Lead Police on Bloody Chas

WP: Plan to Pull Out of Gaza Rejected in Likud Vote

Boy who became poster child for Gore's campaign dies

Cadet creep (West Point cadet puts female cadets pic on net)

Bush, Kerry could be heading to November cliffhanger

Mortar Attack Kills Six U.S. Servicemen in Iraq

Worm unleashed that exploits latest Windows security holes, Microsoft warn

Bremer says he did not mean Bush took no action against terrorism

Dole Rises to Kerry's Defense Over Vietnam

Court Upholds Denial of Inmate's Abortion

NYT: Feeling Left Out on Major Bills, Democrats Stall Others

Mexico Recalls Ambassador From Cuba

Iraqis see chaos after U.S. hires Saddam generals

Bush contradicts Clinton with the 9/11 commission

Dictator's Son Elected Panama President

Six British soldiers held over Iraqi torture photos

Franken Says He'll Likely Challenge Coleman in '08

Voters Find Bush More Compassionate, Compatible, Likeable than Kerry

Myers: Ex-Saddam General Not in Charge in Falluja

WP: Gamble on Sharon Goes Awry for Bush

Nine U.S. Troops Die in American Hostage Free

Sharon's Gaza pull out plan is defeated by Likud

Small Donors Become Big Political Force (MSNBC\WaPo)

Police Try Four-Keg Limit to Tame ... Block Party

Non-Saudi Workers Leaving After Attack

Kerry takes a spill from bike

Edwards Wins: A Theory Tested (New York Times)

Muslims, Jews co-exist on Tunisian isle

Mondale Says Cheney Changing Role of VP

New Internet Site Turns Critical Eyes and Ears to the Right (David Brock)

U.S. Is Losing Its Dominance in the Sciences

British torture pictures examined/ Authenticity questioned

Pepperidge Farms Chocolate Clouds

Stephin Merritt interview on

Tonight's DU Insomniac Thread (Welcome 2 May) Woo Hoo

Hey, I hit 500 without getting banned...probably ignored a lot, but

I see you...

Arizona Diet Green Tea with Ginseng...

"The latest on the Fuhrer, after the break"

WHo used to dance, but can't seem to now?

So Bill (the Apprentice) is a Republican

Gunther says . . .

I was watching SNL and I felt like a dirty old man.

My daughter is completely cool...

I couldn't post in the Meeting Room

Here's what's great....


Cheney & *

Blue screen of death....

Do you have a favorite wrestler from when you were a kid?

new Hannity advertiser Jockey

Hey Lakers fans....

Hilarious Kerry dream last night


Oh my.. 100.. Thanks for dealing with my crap..

Sweet Child O' Mine voted the greatest guitar riff

What's for Breakfast???

Need A Decent, Low Cost Web Host

Please tell me i diddent just see what i thought i saw

moof to *

How many beers have you had ?

Where is everyone this morning?

Dolo Amber...your nickname has been bugging me since I first saw it

Is this site legit?

Remember when SNL monologues. . .

Strangely named ? Snack

Geez, It's cold for May 2.

computer virus? LSASS.exe error

Listening to Black Sabbath's 2-disc best of collection. Ask me anything.

Go here for some cool spaceship and sci fi art

Who here can identify this movie?

Anyone else waiting for June 4th with some anticipation?

Want a realllllly good Salad? Get Arby's Martha's Vineyard salad

will they live til noon?

I'm Jonesin' REAL bad.....

Cold Pizza...Is there anything better?

Need help w/ signs for a gay rights march

Hey! How about a democratic dating service on DU?

I put my Dog to sleep this morning.

sooo... who likes going to other political boards and searching for...

What should I do Memorial Day weekend?

Shriners...what's the deal with them?

Never take vicodin after a traditional breakfast

My fiance was arrested on Friday night (my birthday)...

Skinners...what's the deal with them?

Get Your War On (not sure of the "proper" forum), latest breaking laffs

Least favorite wrestler from when you were a kid?

Bush really missed the opportunity

Just think Matcom... Someday it will be like India....LOL

Has "Friends" ended yet?

Everyone say hello to Mike...

I need some help from Comic Fans here on DU

Lucid dreaming...

What should I eat for lunch?

Switching to high speed internet. Advice please.

What's for lunch ?

like my new avatar?

These do look good, but the name?

Where can I see/hear Seymore Hersh online?

Another grammar rant...

Care Bears D or R?

3 weeks to Bubba Ho-Tep

Who's gonna watch...


How do you deal with the Republicans and fundies in your life?

Mad At Gravity!

wow, Nickelback does only have one song!

Should I study or watch the hockey game?

What song best describes Iraq?

I need someone to host another great picture for me ASAP

Melrose, Iowa Welcomes The Morans

Jonny Quest Season 1 on DVD May 11th

Are you young or old?


Anyone else like that "Reno 911" show

When do you "smoke"?


Mr Hanky avatars

I feel so guilty about this,but Lindsay Lohan is SO HOT!

Small town armed robbery!

follow up to a few democratic dating site threads... (large file size)

If I don't move out of here soon, I'm going to f***ing kill someone!!!

In A Recent Episode Of "MAIL CALL"... The One On The Submarine...

The Zephyr Song!

DU Deadheads...

Regime Change

That movie, Van Helsing, is going to suck big time.

What the filibuster?!

Accidental find... Cato Institute EMPLOYEE with "Anyone but Bush"button

Forgive me for being ignorant but...

"My Name Is John... And I'm A Canadian" .... Whatever Happened To Him

So I took the plunge on an iPod

Well, some people have told me that I have baggage...

Vanity plate puzzle

Fox News Channel. (D) or (R) ?

I Brainshrub do hereby swear

My Beloved Rocks My World -- and Southern Maryland, Too!

Is it my T.V or does 'C-SPAN Connie' need.....

Drinking and surfing the internet.......

The color red. "D" or "R"?

HEyHEY: L, C, A, B, H, or NDP?

I need a good recipe

People who don't get laid at least once a month "D" or "R"

I almost feel bad for Maple Leafs fans

it has now snowed two days in a row...

Question... Newsday

ZombyPoll#852: How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Hey, Lakers fans, let's make a bet...

Do you avoid bathing during sandstorms?

Hiking Waverly Hills.

Hail?! Did I give permission for it to hail?! Jeez, uppity weather!

The Rangers and first place?!

Do you prefer to avoid bathing after snu-snu?

Naw, I'm deleting it again-

I went to a Thai restaurant today.....

Get it while you STILL can: Ah-nuld Bubbleheads

Canadians - Need some advice please...

Is anyone else unable to get to this "image upload" page?

my son is watching Futurama

Do you just plain avoid bathing?

do you avoid bathing during brainstorms?

Song of the day - Captain Beefheart: Dachau Blues

Star trek DS9: D or R?

Who are you talking to ?

Who else is looking forward to seeing "Van Helsing"?

Are you a victim of false binary logic?

How do you make chicken curry?

I just 'garbage-disposed' an enormous bumble bee, and I feel guilty

paste the last thing you copied

Hey! It's your chance to play matchmaker

Please forgive me for the image I'm about to post

Hey LynneSin and GOPisEvil...

Is mahogany natural?

Which is your favorite "r" in Rabrrrrrr?

Which song describes you the best?

Whatever happened to... You Don't Know Jack?

Holy Crap! Freaky Snake Story!

It's musical guilty pleasures time again!

Pie Man!

Happy 69th birthday to LINK WRAY!!!

How do you curry favor with chicken?

Masters of War

How do I cope with the worst loss of all time?

WoooHoooo Cleavage

Time traveller from 2256?


So I had "the leap talk" with my fellow employee

desktop help

WoooHoooo Cleavers!

Gallery link?

Kevin Garnett wins regular season NBA MVP

Are you spending too much time on DU?

Holy Christ! Ever break a toe?

Easterners: Is the Prime Suspect on tonight a new one or repeat?

10.5: The lame movie

I'm listening to Mike Malloy right now (Feb.16th show) Drudge, right-wing

Is AirAmericaRadio streaming dead again?

Good Reading on May 18th: The Republican Noise Machine by David Brock

YAY !!!! The Mission Accomplished front page is GONE

“I told him, there is a cancer growing on the presidency.”

Computer peeps - Message Service??

Foghorn Leghorn....(D), (R) or (I) ?

My rant against Broadway plays

Help! Cat Fur Maintenence - especially for the silky hair cats

Has anyone else felt compelled to read Dicken's Tale of Two Cities again?

Writers Block...

New Harvey Birdman is on!

Ninja Gaiden is the greatest xbox game ever

Didn’t you just hate it when Debbie and Eddie broke up?

You knew this day would come: Favorite GO-GOS tune

Jackass in India - Steve O and Co. being jackasses with snake charmers

Deadwood wasn't that great tonight...

West Coasters - tonight "Practice" is a must

Caption the man about to lose it all!!!!

DU Coin collectors

Okay, someone ruin it for me, what happens to "Bill"

What is IIRC?

Dey tuuk ur job!!!

Listening to Mike Malloy for the first time

Just saw the "new" Toronto Blue Jays uniform and logo.

I felt a 10.5 after eating Nachos Bellgrande

Will Bo Duke survive 10.5 part 2?

Mmmmm... Kona.

bilateral pain killer poll

I need a good recipe

How long was before you passed gas in front of your signifigant other?

I'm leaving DU

What is your problem ??

You Dropped A BOMB On Me......The GAP 'em?

Camero went to see Weird Al last night....

Are You a Democrat, Republican or Texan?

Hillary Duff is a nazi

Son of Bill Medley (Righteous Brothers) joins Paul Revere & The Raiders

Feds to Probe Jackson's Underwear for Fluids

"Senator, at long last have you no shame?"

Anyone watching The Sopranos??

Earthquake danger near you?

Sometimes you have so much you could do that you don't know what to do...

What time of day were you born?

TV shows youll be (were) glad to see going (gone) away...

ASTRONOMERS! What is that HUGE bright planet

Coin collectors #2

Anyone going to watch 10.5 tonight?

Anyone have a town/life where you could do

What on earth is Leno thinking in this picture?

What would Bush* do if he found out California fell into the ocean?

Do you avoid bathing during thunderstorms?

May/December romances

M.A.T.C.O.M Angels

AAHHHHHH!!! I'm sick of the promo for Friends!

i like really violent, graphic video games...

Big or small, what was your last act of random kindness?

Priceless photo

Anybody watching the practice?

I went to see "Man On Fire" yesterday.

OK, What's your favorite, or Most Memorable Breakup Song

Another Mommy Dream dashed against the rocks of teenage angst....

Favorite 8-Bit NES Game

Italian Americans. Would you take your italian relatives to Olive Garden?

I just hit 6000 posts! Who wants to touch me?

Is monogamy natural?

I have been a busy/naughty girl lately...

Wachowski Brothers ("Matrix") about to become brother & sister

Please Sign The Petition To Protect Democratic Principles

If you were approached by a guy who was married,

DU Drummers: What's your favorite grip?

the fine line blundering jokester of all CAPTIONs

Been looking for this out of print LP for 15 years!

YeeeeHaw! The ball is now firmly in my adviser's court...

The Come-Back Kid of all CAPTIONS!!!!!

The Cartographers' Ball of all CAPTIONS!!!

The Cathy's Clown of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Caption this chimp photo

Favorite Last Episodes

R.I.P. Ian Riley Malone 1999 - 2004

*Stalker* Taverner here - what does YOUR nickname mean?

Your favorite ethnic/geographical cuisine?


What Kinds of Natural Disasters have you experienced first hand?

It's the New Zoo Revue... coming right at YOU!

How do you merge on the highway in heavy traffic?

Is California falling into the ocean a good thing?

I won my election!

Frankenstein's Monster is NOT Frankenstein!!!!!!!

ZombyWoof is NOT ZombyWolf!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How is "10.5?"

Life's Little Victories, Political Edition

Still my favorite Bush Protest chant

Last Train Home

"Seafood-loving Americans. Would you take your relatives to Red Lobster?"

Okay Vancouver gathering is two weeks away - making reservations

The Power of a Peace Candidate (they are talking about Nader)

OK Let's do a Kerry Dream cabinet, here's my ideas

"Bush has made such a mess of this that there's not much they can do,"

Why Gephardt or Edwards not the best choices for VP: IRAQ WAR!

Vote in Wolf Blitzer's Poll...

"We have to have a higher standard. This is America!"

Wilson for VP!

Libertarian Candidate gets it right re: the draft

Changing Catholic Vote Appears Up For Grabs

Transcript up of Joe Wilson on today's Meet the Press. Well worth reading

Could John Edwards be JFKs running mate?

Contract for America II?

The Dummies on DU who jumped in bed with ADAM NAGOURNEY!

Why I believe that sans Diebold, Kerry will win in a walk

Impact of DRAFT Issue on Race. The Special Skill DRAFT male/female, 20-44!

Missouri Voters Favor None Of the Above -

Winning Red States & RW-ers: How Do We Give Them A Comfort Level?

Minneapolis Mayor signs "Department of Peace" petition!

AP: Kerry to spend $25 million on ads in May!

ADAM NAGOURNEY of the NYT shows everyone how to be a Media Ho!

Game over!!!!! Pack it in!!!!! Kerry going down in Bikegate scandal!!!!!

I like the new Kerry TV ads

Site that summarizes congressional races?

How should the Convention be organized?

Election Projection updated electoral map - bushie ahead

Vote In Wolf Blitzer's Poll...

Warren Buffett Joins Kerry Campaign as Economic Advisor

Don't Stop Believing, Kerry/Clark version

Are you ready for another BUSH COUNTDOWN?

The "Protecting Democratic Principles" Petition

Results of a Missouri focus group - Northeasterner problem

Howard Dean to get a Pennsylvania delegate

Where the hell is Kerry!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Nice write-up by Latinos for America at the DFA blog about Dean meeting.

What is Kerry's message

Kerry in the polls, Recent changes:

Can Edwards be an attack dog?

Is there ANY VP candidate that can GUARANTEE a win in ANY one state?

Clark is being vetted for VP - Newsweek

Nader's campaign taking off

I'm going to let you people in on a secret

Kerry's Plan?: let Bush lose election instead of expecting me to win it