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Archives: May 17, 2004

WP Editorial: The Policy of Abuse

Would an Iraq pullout really be worse than this?

My letter to the Appleton Post-Crescent (see #6 on this week's Top Ten)

IBM, Cisco plan to offer joint Internet telephone service

Nuclear waste train splits a Nevada town

Lee launches his new book with swipe at KMT - TW

Lien responds after saying KMT has `wimpy members'

Dominicans head for the polls

Are parties for loyalty or for victory? - TW

Taiwan is not a colony of the US

Skinner, you should put up you Simpsons avatars again

Allies accused of breaking Geneva Conventions on civilian losses

Equal Rights Begin in Massachusetts. Gay marraige begins.

Did anybody else notice this during 60 minutes?

MSNC: Iraqi prisoner abuse: Initiated by guards/higher up at the Pentagon?

At this point, the price of Gas is a non-salvagable issue for Shrubya

Peter Werbe being attacked by a FReeper....

So. What happened to the 9/11 Commission?

Johnny Cash fans

Has anyone heard anything about the Valerie Plame investigation lately?

sweat, George, sweat!

What about the GI's that blew the whistle

I'm seeing KERRY AND DEAN in portland

Cold Fusion Expert killed was to go to Washington to meet DoE commissioner

This picture says it all about this administration.

White House Counsel Called Geneva Conventions "Obsolete" and "Quaint"

Kerry wanted Spain to keep it's troops in Iraq.

Gay marriages have commenced in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Ouch !!! - Asian Markets Having A Bad Day !!!

Is Rumsfeld Normal?

Central Florida folks, big I-4 Corridor Dems meeting next week.

Modern day racism

Retake the phase: "Support our Troops"

The next TV ad I want to see showing Bush's evil side

Defeat the Press: Powell aide tries to shut down Meet the Press Interview

Variety: Moore insists on U.S. distribution before election day

Israeli missiles hit Gaza City

Blasts ahead of Blair Turkey visit

China's banks advised to sue debtors

What do you think of Lewis Black?

alllllll riiiiiight

Modern day racism

Just witnessed the emergence of cicadas

"The In-Laws," with Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks

may 17 insomniac thread...

Mystery Insomniac Video - are you bored enough to watch it?

What color is your brain?

Who here remembers those bloody, gory driver's ed films?

Tonight's Simpsons was the best episode I've seen in a while

Who are the top 3 most underrated and underrated presidents?

"Super Millionaire" rips Ashcroft a new one

Kerry Shifts Campaign Focus from Iraq to Economy

Kerry Says He'll Toughen Trade Deals

"Election Projection 2004" electoral map getting better!

Let's Have A Smart Board - Andy Rooney

Vermont's lessons on gay marriage -- By Howard Dean

ERF goonsquads filmed Gitmo beatings-Guardian

Gary Younge (Guardian Utd): Blame the white trash

How Do You Spell Hypocrite, part 2 (Dogskin Report)

Faulty Terror Report Card

WSJ: The Iranian Hand : Regime Change in Tehran is necessary for peace

It looks like it will be a fun week in the "Boondocks "

Shrub, Rummy, and El Rushbo

The hackers who can take down America

Good News is Zogby News

A Recipe For Disaster - Iraq - CBS

Hersh, the greatest investigative reporter in the history of this country.

Great Value ONLY $5

8 Questions With...Bob Somerby (of The Daily Howler)

TPM: Interview with retired MI officer in Iraq

Ignoble Liars: Leo Strauss, George Bush, and the philosophy of

Michael Smerconish Editorial: BUSH DIDN'T KILL NICK

Memos Reveal War Crimes Warnings - Newsweek Exclusive

The Bushes and the Bin Ladens: passionate anti-war film is a tale of two f

Salon: Trust Us (Did the U.S. intentionally mislead the court?)

Conason: The Times pets a Republican "attack dog" (Gillespie)

American Account: Defeat in Iraq will lead to economic disaster for West

Salt Lake Tribune - Why we're there (Not good, Mr. President)

The Progressive: When Kerry Was Liberal

Tough question, George is speechless

Salon: How High Does It Go?

Michael Moore - Cannes applauds anti-Bush film (Globe & Mail) (CNN)

Robert Fisk 17/05/04 audio

CBS Meyer: Lone Ranger Bush; No Silver Bullet

The Bushies may be bringing the era of conservative morality to a close.

Good Case for Impeaching Bush

could someone direct me to a DU group going to the convention in july?

Kerry fundraiser in MA on May 23--let's get some DUers there!

911 Citizens inquiry Toronto May 25 - May 30 - Program Update

reading, shopping, convincing people to vote...

suggested ideas

Pro-Choice Party June 5th DFW area

Iceland in crisis over controversial media law

Faith Based Defense?

What is the story with Media Whores?

Cable News Ratings, Fox numbers way down, still leads

2004: Year of the Monkey.

Yes to Massachusetts!!

Nolle May predictions

Asian Markets Plunge.......right on cue with Venus retrograde

For Nancy & Pallas et al...: Astrology chart and Gay Marriage in MA

Today's Thought

Venus & Neptune Rx today & Bush Fears of War Crime Prosecution Exposed

Does anyone here do Pilates?

Ohhhh...this sort of thing makes me feel sick. Astrologers your 2 cents?

Asian markets take a dive...

ChevronTexaco seeks credits for going greener

AMD to build $2.5bn plant in Germany

outsourced jobs .83M for this year

How accurate is this author's economic forecast?

China mulls first animal rights law

Flying car more economical than SUV

Krakatoa's Rising Son Becoming Popular Tourist Destination

Dust Devils on Mars Electrified, Study Suggests

Drought Pinches Hydropower In West, Northwest - Reuters

UK Urges US Climate Cooperation (Pause NOW For Hysterical Laughter)

I need some enlightenment on Hydrogen Tech

Polar Explorer - Arctic Ice Disappearing At "Incredible" Rate - Reuters

Ha ha! Hummer Sales Are Bummers For Dealers (NYT)

Weapons trafficker 'protected' - American forces using Bout's planes

Mute boy found decapitated at men's hostel - SA

Legality of MD's DNA Bank Challenged

NRA Hijinks at the ACU Klavern

GUNS OF THE DAY - May 17, 2004

It was suggested that I...

Arms deal draws fire

I think free speech is for moderators too..

Freeper alert...Madeuce

Thanks folks, but I have a question...

Top Ten Conservative Idiots

About a deleted post

I just sent my donation.

Re: DU response on the Simpsons avatars

I should be

Where does Grovelbot go between fund drives?

Admins, will I be punished at all for the mistake I made in this thread?

a website suggestion

I hate to sound like a broken record

Here's a thought: bring back Grovelbot as Perspectivebot

So what happens when Kerry wins?

I don't think that this thread should have been locked.

Clarification Please

Sporadic fire as IDF isolates Rafah from rest of Gaza, Egypt

Man tried for attempt to blow up Israeli embassy in Canberra

Tel Aviv Peace Rally - enormous crowd, contradictions on the podium

Gaza: Horror Beyond Belief

A Friend's Lament

"The situation in Gaza is horrific beyond belief. "

Yigal Amir says he doesn't regret murdering Rabin

U.S. report: Israel's record in territories remains poor

'Israeli army is like a savage dog'

The Macedonia MIHOP

Memos Reveal War Crimes Warnings - Newsweek Exclusive

Was Cincinatti airport shut down the night of 9/10?

Anyone having trouble registering to vote?

Anyone Home?

Deutsch tops Senate race in outside money

Bill proposes to cut lottery share to schools to boost prizes, sales - CA

Sioux Couty. Explain this place to me.

How about a "DU DAY" at Kerry's Boston HQ

No more Gopher State Ethanol!

Star Tribune... anyone else have this problem?

No more Channel 4 news for me

Air America lands new Twin Cities base

Why is Ottawa county so heavily Repuke?

Cheney at Salem College

Capsule Post: Powell Tells WFU Graduates to 'Do the right thing'

Pa. legislators sue Bucks gay couple

Austin DUers Please help a young DUer in need ...

Cheney is coming to Lubbock

Pro-choice party June 5th...DFW area

State Party Coinvention: What to wear?

Four stooges vs. Feingold

Lawmakers Told of POW Abuse Months Ago

John Kerry's "To Do" List

Powell Says C.I.A. Was Misled About Weapons

Interesting FR thread on the latest Zogby polling #'s:

Hooked on DU tonight,ask any,BHT cures Hep-C,Viet Vet,Bush&Nazis

Why do people

Link to the SSS's documentation of the re-instatement of the DRAFT!

"ERFed" at Gitmo

Pentagon Torture Program? Seymour Hersh continues to expose...

Is Dick Cheney really a murderous cyborg from the future?

Sen McCain for Sec of Defense, Rummy gonna go, fate sealed by

"Fahrenheit 9/11": in theaters July 4th, on DVD before the election?

Sy Hersh will be on

From WIRED: U.S. Officials Sport Fake Degrees

Is it just me or do these soliders lawyers seem a little unprepared

The leader of the Iraq Governing Council has been killed (Ezzedine Salim)


Bush administration has used 27 rationales for war in Iraq, study says

is pbs rerunning the Bush/Christian Fundamentalist show this week ?

Camp Redemption!?!?

MSNBC shows Imus for 3 hours each morning, but

Nick Berg's Killing: 50 Fishy Circumstances, Contradictory Claims, and Vid

We pay Chalabi $400K per month

6 bad apples, that's all, just 6.

The real problem with a Kerry McCain ticket

Zell Miller proves he is a coward and a "Fake Democrat" on Imus

Conservatives Angrily Attack Mass. Gay Marriages

Like OMaGawd like my American Idol vote may not have totally counted

Two interesting photos (gay marriage and Iraq)

I am watching an infomercial for software with General Alexander Haig

My opponent Ms Ruderman has two vulnerabilities in...

op-ed by John Kerry on Yucca Mountain

A letter to Dr. Laura.

Bush* Flip-Flops

Hundreds in Rota march against Iraq war, bases

Stock Market DROPPING today. 9:59 -120.3

USA Today: "The first decision is about Bush"....yeah, baby!

Jerry Springer Named Democratic Delegate (from Ohio)

Suspicious Package Found At Gay Marriage Rally

The Shrub is going to Normandy in June???

CNN Bill Schneider about to explain why Bush low #'s a good thing

In France, we have a great issue with Bush. Another one !

First Communism was the boogey man, now it is Islam and Arabs

I can't believe it! June 30th!

South Dakota Congressional Race Polls?

Is it normal for a candidate not to have a running mate this late?

Tell everyone you know about the DRAFT! Men and Women up to 34YOA

Fluffy Bunny and Happy Mouse Discuss Iraq (TMW)

Gen. Kimmitt press conf - Sarin nerve gas detected from IED explosion

Non Sequitir (Air America & the White House press) toons

Is Chalabi really getting 400k a month from the US?

Ldotters call for the death of Michael Moore

Honor and Integrity... my ass.

about rescue dollars...

And some think only DUers can come up with crazy conspiracy theories!

Protesters Wait for GOP Convention Invite

Buying the Right Car Insurance

The hackers who can take down America

remember the returned troops being tested for DU poisoning?

Anybody here read Bernard Lewis?

Justice is served! Janklow out after 100 days

MUST-READ: MLK, Jr.'s prophetic words on Vietnam hit close to home now

BBVers: I'm working on a story and need your help

150,000 Israelis rally for Gaza pullout

LBN Berg thread developing: BERG MET WITH SHADY IRAQI

Staying the Course - So did the Titanic

Rep. Ike Skelton opens his mouth on c-span

Gitmo - stuck head in toilet and flushed - ERF filmed everything

Did you ever figure it could get WORSE than the Reagan era?

Did anyone know that Nick Berg had an Iraqi Uncle?

Rumsfeld and torture debacle/how to blame Bill Clinton & Monica?

Bush henchmen hard at work? - 3rd suitcase w/human remains found

In November 2000, less than half the voters voted for bush, not knowing

We helped do it. We made them play the WMD car way too early!

David Kay on CNN now.....11:03AM, re: sarin gas

Right Wing Conspiracy Theories: (POST YOURS!!!) Did you know that all of

How many times can Pavlov ring the bell (WMD) and the RW dogs salivate?

dupe -- please delete

Who took the photos of the sexually humiliated?

news junkies -- take this FUN quiz on Bushie quotes

OFranken discussing his debate with Coulter now


First hand account of gay marriage in Cambridge

Has the Nicholas Berg execution site been disabled?

Moore's Farenheit 9/11 - The Guardian - Did you guys see this?

Fishy Circumstances and Flawed Timelines Surround American's Beheading

Sarin gas story, : Can you say "damage control"

SHAME! * lawyer Gonzales dissed Geneva C., See his Texas record!

Where to Get Tax Sale Information?

Bush will be arriving in Atlanta today.

Guess who's coming to dinner? Poppy?

Gun supplier to Koresh cult bags 35M Iraq deal

I need a graph of multiple Bush polls

If you are not excited about Kerry...

Answer to the *we should be able to torture when there's a ticking bomb

I hate that the US is "New Israel"

NY Times: Evidence of Pro-Bush Bias?

Pentagon Email Warning

Training U.S. Forces Guarding Iraqi Prisoners Did Not Receive

DEMS need to win not just elections, but better shape public opinion

U.S. Unloading WMD in Iraq

Atrocities in Iraq: 'I killed innocent people for our government'

The Geneva ConventionS, the UN Treaty, & Article 6 of the US Constitution

To what degree do you believe the mainstream US media

Marion Military Institute coming up on CNN.

What happened to the Big Flag in Senate Chambers?

Check out this graph of Bush's approval ratings:

Judge tells feds to back off from medical pot group - yeah!

What was the question Tim Russert was asking when Powel's aide interfered?


What's all this business I hear today about scarin' gas?

Neil Boortz says the media is the only people complaining about

bush republicans are idiots!

Sean Penn Says Not Enough Films Tackle Politics

TBTM Radio #37: 'Smoking Guns and Videocams'

Oh Please. WMDS found again.

GE/NBC Blocking Use of Bush TV Footage

Even in Rasmussen polls, * is tanking

Rumsfeld authorized the brutal treatment Iraqi prisoners? POLL

Why is Kerry ignoring Nader??

I just called Zell Miller's office...

Bush about to speak (1:15PM ET) (Updated: in 45 minutes)

Attention NE KS & NW MO Duers: Clinton coming to Lawrence, KS.

United States Constitution

MSNBC Poll-Can you accept same sex marriage as legal?

Here's a link to all the big fundraisers(Pioneers, Rangers) for Bush..

Longest standing ovation in the history of Cannes festival

What Are The Defining Images Of Bush's Long Four Years?

Doonesbury | back to the B.D. story today!

Take Back America Conference in Washington DC

Why Is Roger Hedgecock On The Radio, and Not in Prison??

"If this pans out, that's two WMD's in the last ten days.."

George Soros needs to use his Billions to get FAHRENHEIT 9/11 out

Well, WMDs have been "found"

My monthly "Ann Coulter is fucking evil" thread.

Anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education

The Next Summer of Love

Rush (ala Franken): "Car accidents occur more often than beheadings"

How High Does It Go? - WP Dan Froomkin, long list of pWoblems.

Help with getting a news story that has disappeared

Stop using the word "pacifism"!!!

On CNN Bush is doing his best "see how compassionate I am" act!

"no one should have expected a cakewalk" - Wolfonowitz

Day 1 in Massachusetts, the Gay Marriage State, and the Nation still alive

an airport encounter with a bush*....

Things you wished you had known!

Moore screened F. 9/11 last night at Cannes? Any reviews on line yet?

Who will Kerry choose as his VP?

"nerve gas could be a plus for the market"

Are we supposed to just beleive the Army when it says there was Sarin gas?

Mrs. Condoleeza Bush going mainstream

Interesting info on Social Security:

Gotta love the Boss -- may stage concert during *'s convention address

Sarin Gas Shell= Rumsfeld's Fault

Seymour Hersch on Hardball with Chris Matthews tonight

First hand account of gay marriage in Cambridge PART II

Need help finding quotes from Repubs, Tom Delay especially,

I just heard there was a same sex marriage in Ma today

My friend in Iraq saw the car bomb explode.. He was not hurt

There they go again, fudging history. Rita changing statement - TPM

ENRON took the little guys - Bush wants the little guys to take the blame.

Are we paying attention?


Not really the news: Iraq handover postponed

Back before the invasion of Iraq...... poetry dangerouse to AmeriKa?

Re:Fox NEws- remember the PIPA report Oct.2003?

A day to celebrate [gay marriage report from Western Mass.]

The "War on Terror" as Magic Realism

*: "slewers and jeers"

Randi Rhodes Show opens with Bush's reassuring words of the day

What's your take on the issue of drivers licenses for illegal immigrants?

Shrubby reechin out ta tha black folk

Gee, you're famous...

John Runnings, peace activist known as 'Wall Walker,' dead at 86

I didn't pay much attention to politics before Clinton, did you?

BBC review of Moore's new film

Why the continued coverage of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal?

Vote for the "sexiest" Democrat!!!

Sarin Gas found in Iraq

did any DUers in Massachusetts get married today?

Who Actually "Enforces" The Geneva Conventions? And...

Gas prices surge under Bush following his approval of refinery mergers

RUMSFELD SAYS: IT wasn't SARIN! (roflmao!)

Smerconish publicly slams Nick Berg's dad

Why is Bush speaking well of Brown v. Board of Education?

DU This poll

On the 50th ann. of Brown v. Board, Bush advocates return to segregation

Atrocities in Iraq: 'I killed innocent people for our government'

the gay issue......... CNN says

Anyone heard about Tucker Carlson?

Memo/ Scottie didn't answer

Gas Prices

DemocraticTalkRadio FL Radio host gets shut down

Rumsfeld Channels Hitler's Ghost!

Gay Marriage/Brown V. Board coincidence?

Need help: Information on a questionable Bill

Back to Franken - Coulter debate Friday - anyone got a link to transcript?

Rumsfeld ok'd Secret Abuse Program (Hersh's article) now out in mainstream

Censorship At It's Worst

Dean's HARDtalk BBC interview link. Talks of Blair, Bush, and credibility

Sarin gas "test" results to be announced November 3, 2004

Recovery Folks

may 19th gas boycott

Kerry Flip-Flop

Which Bush campaign donor produced the Sarin recently discovered?

Zinni condemns administration in new Tom Clancy book

Some good news about AAR for a change!

CNN: Bruce Springsteen MAY Hold FREE Concert The Day * Addresses Conventio

WMDs - Then vs Now:

What did chimpy say today?

Army Times calling for Rumsfeld's Resignation

I'm sorry..polls at record low for Shrub then they find Sarin?

What will the US do when the truth comes out that Al-Zawgari's been dead

The WMD story is meant to do the same thing as the Berg video

Anyone see Troy yet?

Just wanted to let the fans of the next POTUS the nickname that repigs

I see by the latest Times/CNN poll that Bush gets 49% to Kerry's 42%

Wolf at St. Louis University commencement

Download Mike Moore's Cannes interviews here

Okay - Here it is - PLAN B

I see the State Dept finally released its "Human Rights Report"

Ohio Plant Visited By Bush in 2003 Shuts Down

I want to see Michael Moore step up! Put your money where your mouth is!


"Two men and two women marrying each other is a passport to hell"

With Us or Against Us

Shrub polls are going down, Here come the WMD, and OBL!!

Randi"Bush IQ 42 just like his approval rating." n/t

POOF! The sarin shell story disappears...

Dean is back

Lol! Looks like the sarin spin is going nowhere!

True or false

update from my friend in Iraq - Talking Points Memo

What are the Chances of Democracy in Iraq?

Sharon's blackmailed Bush and blair into invading Iraq?

Pure speculation: Plan C

I just sent Drudge a thank you!

We're looking for new volunteers to serve as moderators!

Do you really want to enable Dubya's return to the White House?

Don't pin abuse on lowly G.I.s: Warner Graham, demand investigation

What's the stupidest thing you've heard from a Bush supporter?

Bob Novak Can Lick My Nuts

To what degree do you go in for conspiracy theories?

Did somebody else saw the MSNBC News Ticker about Sarin?

What did Clinton/Bush do to help problems facing minorities?

Kennedy Back To Fighting Weight

The Boss (Springsteen) vs. The Prez

tweety taking Hersh at his word, so far

eBay seller is selling previews of FARENHEIT 9/11

DU this poll: Did Saddam possess weapons of mass destruction?

"Support for gay marriages/civil unions edges up" from Gallup 5/17

5/19/2004 -----> Is this a " Don't but Gas day" n/t

question about The Geneva Convention

Let's go all the way back. Way back to 1999 (interracial marriage)

George Walker Bush's United States.

Why do Repubs look so uncomfortable talking about equal rights,...

CNN's pro-Bush reporting on Seymour Hersh Iraq article

Pickles on CSPAN

Naional Gas Price Average $2.02 - 5/17/04


TIME review of Fahrenheit 9/11

Bush uses Timken Company, to touted his economic plans and it shuts down

THE REAGANS - DVD on sale tomorrow!

Jumping up and down, shouting in glee, high-fiveing, clapping hands...

Darth Zarqawi

MIHOP or LIHOP? An interesting read either way....

Ldotters fume over gay marriage licenses! hehehe

Powell Interview Is Cut Off.

Question about the Marines

Has the Smirk stopped smirking?

Usually right-leaning poll can't even salvage Chimpy

Good news from the heart of bush country.

Is Fahrenheit 911 going to win the highest award (The Palme d'Or)

terrifying THREAT to the American Family!

More endangered SCOTUS ruling

Shouldn't there be more concern RE: the assasination of the Iraqi leader

Iran and Afgan war vets..

9\11 Commission Question !!!

Interesting stats!

Want ads: Opening position for head of Iraqi National Council.

Google-rific! The things one finds when looking up 'economic collapse'

Does God Hate Shrimp?

Will American Churches defy their Congregations from seeing Fahrenheit?

Is K-Mart upsurge on the market a reflection of angst against Wal-Mart?

Looking up Eisner's donations something doesn't make sense

Call CNN and complain, phone # 404 827 0234

Did anybody see Sy Hersh on Hardball today?

One day after 42% apprv ratings, Bush 'finds' Nerve Gas

DU this gay marriage poll!

transsexuals can now compete

Bush Admin "jumps the shark"

Nerve gas will be found negative, like all of the other field test

polygamy and same-sex marriage --

Oh Cone On!!! How Many Coincidences Before You Wake Up America?

c-span2 tom delay and aipac

Hannity Gloating Over the Sarin Gas "Find" -

transsexuals can now compete

Weapon of Mass Destruction Found!!!!!!!!!

I just took part in a Republican push poll!


Condi's NOT going to like this, George!

"It was during this period...that America went slightly off message" Toon

Cool Picture of Kerry

Moore Brings Down House: Longest Standing Ovation 'In History of Cannes'

Intelligence Officers Told M.P.'s to Strip and Shackle Prisoners

Check out this NY Times Headline. Science Fiction.?

Nick Berg video--how many have seen it?

Lex-Herald Leader; Fox News a slave to Murdoch's agenda

Randi Rhodes Love Thread


Serious Question about Sarin, shelf-life...

Sarin Gas - are they kidding ???

Recommended reading?

Will Vermont recognize Massachusetts marriages?

The Best Roger Hedgecock Can Do Is Make Fun of Michael Moore's Weight

Don't Wave the US Flag? Gee, Thanks, Smirk.

Just had a really fucked up photoshop idea for Bush*, and I don't like it

Why dont American Indians warrant a mention by Nader's site?

Longest standing ovation 'in history of Cannes' for FAHRENHEIT 9/11

You wanna know where your tax money is going?

Is God perfect?

Better Educated People Believe Two Things:

Okay, so let's leave Iraq now. What can we do to apologize and ensure

Ted Kennedy with Tavis Smiley tonight on PBS

I wonder how many Americans go to bed thinking we found WMDs?

Nick Berg and Rep Nat'l Convention?

Speaking of photo ops

Clarence Thomas addresses Tom Monaghan's fundy law school grads

liberal songs, even for 56K

Was Rummy Packin' Sarin When He Visited Iraq Last Week ???

Got this email today..Don't buy gas May 19th....hit them where it hurts..

Does Nader believe the government should protect a woman's right to choose

He got his photo-op.. Would you pose with him??

Hey! Shrub had Nostrodomus working for him!

U.S. Kidnaps children to use as hostages

Another "thumbs up" for Fahrenheit 9/11

Kerry Massive 327-211 Lead in Right Wing Electoral College Projection

Is Poppy gonna bail again?

Good debate on gay marriage - Mark Levine vs Focus on Family

Perot For Kerry VP Choice!

I'm gonna propose to Michael Savage

Dennis Miller: "700K new jobs in 3 months and Bush isn't getting credit"

Bumber stickers observed in conservative N Dallas/Plano, TX

Powerful visual Iraq imagery from Seattle

I would LOVE to hear about bulk ticket sales for Farenheit 9/11

Link SSS's .gov site concerning the DRAFT! It is for real folks!

Chuck Asay: Greatest Human Being Alive?

Lou Dobbs just went back to the dark side

Bush thinks the controversy has blown over......

Why is Kerry/McCain a "Dream Ticket"?

George W. Bush's uncle had bank policies which helped fund 9/11 hijackers

Have there been any justifiable US wars since WWII? What about pacifism?

Do you have any doubt that Kerry is more qualified more Bush

Colmes is smacking down Dr James Dobson!

Philp Berg, Ellen Mariani's Lawyer in 9/11 Lawsuit/Nicholas Berg, Beheaded


Oh, the delicious irony -- gay Fox News Anchor

Randi Rhodes: Greatest Human Being Alive?

Randi : That was prejudiced and moronic.

Is Kerry getting too high in the polls too soon???

GOOGLE censors award winning documentary

Defending gay marriage

Computer experts?


Sy Hersh and Joe Califano visit Charlie Rose tonight (5-17)

NH gas prices changed 3 times today

Shrub's picture in the mail.

MSNBC Live Vote: Kerry 69%, Bush 26%

Catholic Voters Guide And Tax Exempt Status !!!

Tom Ridge for Vice President?

Homophobes desecrate flag at Mass. protest

Keith is showcasing Powell.... and it's DESTROYING BUSH

Kerry urges White House to disclose lobbyist meetings.

Spending Soars for Kids' Behavior Drugs

Home Depot hosts Bush's dinner in Atlanta, raises $3 million. Air Force 1

If they go after Kerry's daughters and step children. . .

BushInc says Hersh committed malpractice - Will they sue him for slander?

How much Sarin gas and mustard gas were the Iraqiis supposed

Anybody else hear the story about the $100 fine for not standing

Weird experience today. . .

"Trust Us" | your Monday TOON fix...

Fox News barf alert

A Few Bad Apples - Ted Rall Cartoon - ain't it the truth!


I was looking for an essay on the technological fall of the Arab world...

Did I just hear Novak use a racial slur?

How much money will you contribute by November ??

American G.I.'s Crushing Iraqi Car Video

Mother Teresa

Why do republicans always turn down people being nice to them?

Straight? White? Male?

“We are neither whores nor doormats.”

BBV: These are the Senators who can bring the Voter Confidence Act to a

BBV Satire: All together now sing..."Some trails are happy ones.....

Kill 99, Save 100

Brown v. Board of Education: Are we going backward? Does it matter?

Olberman puts to rest the WMD found in Iraq...

Tonight's Bush Fundraiser in Atlanta -- No Press Allowed!

Kerry daughter shows her cans at Cannes

The Hitler Project: Book Chapter on how Prescott Bush saved Hitler with $$

Everyone who can: Listen to Robert Reich on O'Franken...on NOW!

The Asshole in the White House is having another fundraiser !

Question for Minority DU'ers

Why are we not 'invading' Israel? Isn't Sharon's gov like Saddam's ?

Berg video shows person with a 'US military cap' in frames

Will Bush push the panic button?

Why do our troops need to go on "Reconnoissance by Fire" patrols?

FYI: Fitness chain Curves supports pro-life causes

My dear Republican friends,

Am I a racist?

The Last Witness To Talk To Nick Berg Alive

Pelosi, Daschle coordinate attacks on GOP ‘failures’

Bush says boys and girls shouldn't attend the same school (no joke)

We're looking for new volunteers to serve as moderators!

Drudge, Kerry's daughter shows nipples at Cannes

'We cannot leave this to the Democrats this time to fuck it up and lose.'

Head of Iraqii general council killed

Wounded Italian Soldier Dies in Iraq

MSNBC Live Vote: Kerry 69%, Bush 26%

Car Bomb Explodes Near U.S. Base in Baghdad

Dems, GOP Target American Voters Abroad

Crude oil hits new record high, Asia stocks tumbling

Jordan will not send troops to Iraq: king

Bush riles tobacco farmers

Newsweek: The Roots of Torture

US seeks to protect weapons trafficker (Victor Bout)

American Account: Defeat in Iraq will lead to economic disaster for West

Al-Qaida Recruited British-Born Islamic Convert to Blow Up Israeli Embassy

Car bomb kills Iraqi Governing Council leader

New blast in central Baghdad - witnesses

Breaking: Coalition forces in convoy find sarin nerve agent....

Christian rock star 'sad for' Britney

CNN: Coalition forces in convoy find sarin nerve agent in...

MSNBC - David Kay - Sarin probably left from Iran-Iraq War

Bremer Denounces Killing of Othman

Blaze at Honduran jail kills 100

'Nerve gas bomb' explodes in Iraq

Chavez to set up 'people's militia' as opponents push for recall

Dominican President Mejia Concedes Defeat | Washington Post

Iranian President: US should apologize for profaning holy sites in Iraq

German forces advised not to take Afghan prisoners

Chavez Identifies Leaders of Colombian Paramilitary Group in Venezuela

A Film to Polarize Along Party Lines [NYT analysis of Farenheit 9/11]

US mulls changing its policy on Aids drugs

Senators to Press Scandal

Russia has no plans to send troops to Iraq -- FM

Fremont scuplture gets war-themed update/ Seattle P-I

Wisenthal makes last push to catch Nazis

Popular ARM loans can misfire for some homebuyers (Oops!)

Military intelligence, CIA officers under scrutiny (Iraq torture scandal)

Europe, U.S. to share data on air passengers

Top warlord claims killing of Chechen president

Oil Hits New High on Supply Fears

Powell Interview Is Cut Off.

Newsweek : The Roots of Torture

Pa. legislators sue Bucks gay couple

Behind the Scenes, U.S. Tightens Grip On Iraq's Future

Power Transfer to Stay on Track Despite Killing, U.S. Says

Israel Plans To Destroy More Gaza Dwellings , Powell voices criticism -WP

£70 a week for taking on the oil saboteurs

Two Russian Hostages Freed in Iraq

Ukrainian Authorities Say They Seize Radioactive Substance, Arrest Two

Swede says was abused at Baghdad jail, seeks damages from US army

Spending Soars for Kids' Behavior Drugs

CNN World breaking: Indian stock market crashing

Long after Baghdad's fall, Marines back on front lines

U.S. Unveils Report Promoting Democracy

Fire at Honduran prison kills 90 inmates

Taiwan bemoans 'health apartheid' at WHO

Thousands protest Colombian paramilitary presence in Venezuela

Timken Layoffs Potentially Devastating For Canton (plant was Bush prop)

Powell says his assertions were wrong (Feb 5 2003 UNSC)

OPEC heads says unhappy with record oil prices [Reuters/Forbes]

Philippines to suspend deployment of civilian drivers in Iraq

Atrocities in Iraq: 'I killed innocent people for our government'

Killing of Iraqi leader deals new blow to Bush

Italians, Pushed out of Nasiriyah, Tell Bush to Back Off

Police eye robbery in killing of scientist

Taylor's fighters riot in Monrovia over cash

US battling to convince Iraqis that Sadr is the enemy

Blair Says Britain Will Not 'Cut and Run' from Iraq

Report: Rumsfeld Authorized Secret Program

Democrat is a real threat to retake Foley's old district (WA-05)


Special Interest Energy Plan Celebrates Dubious Anniversary... (Cheney)

(Daniel) Pearl's Widow Says Media's Role Challenged

Cisco Pursues Investigation of Code Theft

TPM: Interview with retired MI officer in Iraq

Powell: Arab world should be more outraged

U.S. concerned that more unmarked munitions in Iraq could contain nerve ag

Democrats Sue to Get Medicare Bill Costs

2 Military jets collide over SW Indiana

Rehnquist Praises Jackson on Nuremberg

Democrats to Ask Bush to Release Emergency Oil

Sex Abuse Is Poor Interrogation Tool, Israelis Say

Rules in Place for Transsexual Athletes to Compete (in the Olympics)

Resignation call over Iraq murder

Afghanistan begins main phase of disarmament programme - UN mission

Moore Brings Down the House...Longest Standing Ovation Ever (Drudge)

Offshoring of U.S. Jobs Said Accelerating

U.S. Questions More Halliburton Bills

Kerry Urged to Put Gephardt on Ticket | Washington Post

Defense Department may call on IRS to help find reservists

Official Praise, Outside Criticism Expected at New York Hearings (911)

A Fake Macedonia Terror Tale That Led to Deaths

NATO chief refuses to rule out Iraq role

Anti-Bush Fahrenheit 911 explosive

U.S. to shift 4,000 GIs to Iraq from South Korea

Arab Nations Nix Sending Troops to Iraq

Memos Reveal War Crimes Warnings

Same sex binational couples still waiting for their day of celebration

Researcher quizzed again in anthrax probe

No Longer the Next Big Thing, Hummer Offers First Rebates

Bush Renews Call to Ban Gay Marriage

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 783 U.S. service members have died

Marine pleads guilty to lying about exploits in Iraq

British Fury at US 'Kill and Kill Again' Policy - Report

Texas governor considers reprieve for mentally ill inmate on death row

U.S. vows to pursue prison abusers in Afghanistan

Gasoline surges under Bush following refinery mergers

Taiwan stocks plunge to nine-month low

Tent city of homeless welcomed to church; city sues


Drudge- Michael Moore brings down the house, 20 minute ovation

(NYC) denies anti-war group's appeal for Central Park protest

German's film's political message sets cannes abuzz

NYT: Military Police Got Instructions at Iraqi Prison

Moore blasts Blair at Cannes screening

Newsweek Poll: Growing Support for Same-Sex Unions

timken plant shutting down!

Bush Iraq Policy Ignores Past Errors, Historians Say (Update1)

Red Cross chief in US quits amid Iraq POW scandal

Afghan, Iraq Vets Flood VA System

Pentagon: Hersh report 'journalist malpractice'


Climber rescued from Mount Rainier has died

Supreme Court: States Can Be Sued Under Disability Law

Altria (Phillip Morris) plans ads on Bush, Kerry policies

WP: As Violence Deepens, So Does Pessimism

BERG MET WITH SHADY IRAQI (Berg's business partner was a Chalabi wannabe)

DeLay Links U.S. War, Mideast Conflict

CIA sources on Iraq were 'deliberately misleading,' Powell complains

Sarin Nerve Agent Bomb Explodes in Iraq (Update with link)

War will benefit Israel, Cheney tells Jews in Boca

BBC: Baghdad Blast Kills Iraq Leader (Ezzedine Salim - Head of IGC)

Abuse Scandal Focuses on White House Memo

American airstrike hits insurgents near mosque in Karbala

100 days later, (R)Janklow released from jail

From the White House, a nightmare scenario - U.S. News & World Report

Bush's Handling of Gas Costs Criticized

3000 US Soldiers Currently Stationed in Korea,

Schwarzenegger shies from Bush campaign

Group: Pentagon lapsing on sex assaults

Rumsfeld says it wasn't necessarily sarin

Religious remarks hound general (Boykin, Cambone's #1 guy)

Bush helps republicans raise $3.2 mill in Atlanta

LAT: Guards' Testimony Paints Grisly Picture of Prisoner Abuse(Dead-Ice)

Free to marry-Historic date arrives for same-sex couples... | Boston Globe

Hoods Placed On Seattle Sculpture As War Protest

New Iraq Prison Shock: Male Detainees Forced To Wear Women's 'Maxi-Pads'

‘We walked right into it’ (Dole would have switched on unemployment vote)

Egyptians decry 'gay' U.S. abusers in Iraq

Weather may explain Mexico UFO stir (ball lightening) | CNN

US$20 million offered to Colombian paramilitaries to "work" in Venezuela

Best type of noodle for lo mien?

Harvey birdman bush bash

Ok folks....i'm off to Maui in 10 hrs. You all have a good week.

dilbert, comedy central NOW

You know what I love about Deadwood?

Brit Hume: Robot or Man?

Goodness Gracious..Great Balls of Fire! - Explanation for Mexico's UFO's

Was it just me, or did the MaryKate and Ashley SNL totally suck?

Assembylman's Son Busted In Upper East Side Attack on Prom Teen

Finger Found Outside Jaguar Exhibit At Zoo

Drunken Stripper Sparks Airport Probe

Goooooooooood Monday Morning DU!!!

Buy a Little Richard fine art print & donate to DU...!

Hotel Charges $1,000 for Omelet

"Farscape" & "Hitchhikers Guide" Updates

Dry Weather May Mean Sweeter Melons

Sorry - I have to ask: Is Alexandra Kerry boob pics for real?

Anybody know of a video link to the Preakness?

Laura Ingraham proves her "GOP Bimbo" status by attacking Ted Kennedy

Sammy Sosa Injured - While Sneezing

Bush sent home from White House for bearing a "congealing mess"

Kerry pets?

I'm listening to Black Flag, ask me anything!

Now THIS is a NASCAR fan (2-cycle gas powered blender)

Student's Cell Phone Starts Gas Station Fire

NEVER EVER go see a movie with sus!!!

I know what I'm getting Rabrrrrrr for Christmas!

I actually like Britney Spears' song "Everytime".

Cops Say They Will Cite Naked Runners

On-screen boast prompts tougher jail sentence

Alexandra Kerry Sent Home From Cannes For Wearing "Revealing Dress"

Goose Blamed For Accident That Killed Driver

Watch Peregrine Falcon chicks cam!

Take Back America Conference 2004

Childless couple told to try sex

Marcus Vick(Brother of Michael Vick) Sentenced to 30 Days

Anyone getting married today in the...

Not the ambulance (A drunken man tried to drive off in an ambulance)

Slippery Grease Bandits Make Slick Getaway

Why are they remaking every Romero classic, but he can't get a film made?

Homes Evacuated After Venomous Snake Spotted

Soccer Players Threatened With Guns By Fans After Referee's Call

Youkilis(Red Sox Rookie) got a hoot out of initiation

Need a little help with a weird virus...

So now, the dog is on tranqs for her slipped disc, but so is my tortoise..

take me out to the ball game

Suitcase Containing Human Remains Found Near Bridge - 3rd This Month

Was anyone else on Smarty Jones at the Preakness?

Happy Syttende Mai to all Norwegian-American DUers

Let's help Karen 'n' Karl write Dubya's speech for today...

Anyone else excited to see the remake of "The Manchurian Candidate"

British DUers. Where are y'all from?

Best family-friendly commuter car

If you are not excited about Kerry...

Web heads / others - site comments...

I rode 85 miles on my bike yesterday!!! Ask me anything.

What should I do today????????


Postcards will be sent out today...

Nun Accused Of Threatening To Whip Students For Not Knowing Songs

Jeez...Keynote speaker for my company's retreat - David Frum.

Why don't the Dems pay Pat Buchanan to run?

100 posts

Saw my first cicada this morning

Gas Prices poll

Anyone seen Fog Of War?

I feel really bad today...

Is it true that my head will explode when I reach 700?

What's all this business I hear today about scarin' gas?

The Pistons will prevail!

Anyone else think the NBA playoffs are awesome this year?

Pastor Escapes Attacking Alligator By Punching It In The Nose

I was terminated today!!!!!!!!...................

73 Year Old Jazz Teacher Being Forced Out Of His Job

Thank you whoever gave me my star!

BREAKING:THE (1) round of sarin gas in Iraq was this guy's

The tale of two tits

tech/PC security question - da momma needs advice

Yea! I've been called up to "the show!"

Quick! Throw away your tinfoil hat. They're onto you.

A 'feel good' moment.

Silence! Silence of the Lambs: The Musical

WMDz founded!

Canadian DUers check in

13 Y.O. Girl Sent Home From Graduation For Wearing "Revealing Dress"

There's nothing much scarier than watching geeks debating socialization

Does your browser automatically spellcheck?

Movies that help explain Iraq Torture Scandal?

Sex in the City coming to TBS Superstation

The all-singing, all-dancing Rush Limbaugh

What's your acceptable threshold for killing?

American Voters are disenfranchised...

Bush/Cheney - Four More Wars!

In this comparison, which do you prefer?

Is anyone familiar with the so-called "straight-edge" lifestyle?

How long does someone have to abstain to pass a drug test?

Get to know the real LynneSin: what do you want to know about me

Sackcloth 'n Ashes

Woman Kills Husband With Ax - Teaches 4th Grade The Next Day

should I get a new DU user name?

Michael Moore's 9/11 film--- a superb take on it...

What's your acceptable threshold for grilling?

an airport encounter with a bush*....

Fans of AbFab--Series 5--Isn't Baby Spice a dreadful actress???


Caution's subversive song of the day

Guess what, Red Sox fans...?

What's your acceptable threshold for kissing?

Jon Stewart's commencement address at Wm.&Mary (his almamater)

Well, I had a nice break from DU

HEY KIDS! Decorate your house with Ronald Reagan health posters!

One must love their own body first.

Whoopi Canceled. -- Happy Family Canceled. -- Good Morning Miami Canceled.

Lavigne blames carbs for her angry lyrics

We're looking for new volunteers to serve as moderators!

Annan Blames Babs for Angry Clerics

Principal Accused Of Mock Shooting In School Drill

Finish This Sentence: "The Greatest Moment In Music History Was _______"

New Order to record new album

Need HELP from computer expert!

Help identifying movie I got on cable but could only watch part of it

Elderly Parishioner Plows Car Into Crowd - 9 Injured


Anyone here take their kid to gymboree?

Scariest White Woman int the World

Is a person 'legally blind' if they have to wear contacts or glasses?

Underrated Cities?

Need help with movie title too.

Worst current commercial on TV?

How's this for lunch?

For the sake of clarity: The correct phrase is not "WMDs."

Best Pink Panther Movie

Looking 4 an on-line source 2 print

Spank your creakers for this one!!

Brian Wilson putting out a new album

What's your acceptable threshold for filling...

To Pheobe, I goofed

Nick Berg video--how many have seen it?

I've never heard of a "snakehead" fish. Have you?

I guess I should come out of the closet. I am May (Brian, that is)

I guess I should come out of the closet. I am (naked as a) Jay (bird).

I have no idea who to thank

Such a slow day at work!

Any Citrix/Thin Client experts in the house?

Linux 2.6 Kernel Users: Want a Killer Tweak?

random lol in my life

I guess I should come out of the closet. I am Donkeyboy.

I need to come out of the Pantry... I'm a Gay Man

Is OJ Simpson really trying to find the real killers?

Bid on this Little Richard Fine Art Print & help me donate to DU

All GNU/Linux geeks, please observe a minute of silence.

Yankees Go home!

What's your acceptable threshold for spoof-thread milling?

I guess I should come out of the closet. I am Lay (Ken, that is)

I went to play disc golf this afternoon

I guess I should come out of the closet, I.M. Pei

Visit my site real quick and answer a question:

Does anybody have a large pic of *?

More proof of how stupid Freepers are.

Anyone have a link to anti-Bush cartoons?

DU Veterans! Explain something to me, please.

I guess I should come out of the closet. I am Day.

Atkins-friendly Coke?

Greatest Soprano's last night? Or just a tad bit too much?

I guess I should come out of the closet-I'm okay.

Luke Perry in chandelier drama

I guess I should come out of the closet. I am Lay (Ken that is).

How do people make tons of money on eBay?

So, are freepers upset with last night's SImpson episode?

Medical advice for me?

Movies for Democrats Special Alert!!

Bless Me DU, for I have sinned......

Guess The Song

Vampire DUers: How many day people do you know?

Guess it had to happen," Star Spangled Ice Cream"

Man Arrested After Motel Room Is Coated In Vaseline

Taking Soccer a Little Too Seriously

GYWO - page 35 is UP!

What does God look like?

Sean Bean was THE man again

A different movie game

Can anyone tell me why everytime I post it doubles itself?

cell phone problem

Sirius mounted antenna does have to point north and west.

Remembering Chris Farley: "Remember in Swordfish...When Halle Berry...

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Get to know the real Champ: what do you want to know about me?

Did anybody else catch Dan Rather on CBS News just now?

Tennessee School Holds Cow Drop Raffle

Caption: Colon Bowel gets the message?

I Am Of The Suspicion That Homosexuals And Subversives Frequent This Board

Medical Question: RE innoculations

Caption: Help Ma, he touched me....

Somebody asked about a Laura Bush makeover...

Caption: Junior steals the flowers from wargrave memorial

I need help with a joke

Getting rid of boring people.

Four more years of Bush...

I told a customer off about child labor/outsourcing

Official Agenda for Republican Convention

What is exactly "garden party" attire for a woman?

Favorite way to toss a salad, Pick one

Would you like a Hummer?

Differences in MP3 file size/quality...

What's your acceptable threshold for chilling?

DUers: how many claypeople do you know?

Scientist DUers: How many laypeople do you know?

If I ruled the world...

2 week on the job:

A memory game for hypochondriacs. Not for the weak of stomach.

I'm Leaving You All

How good are you at Handball

Turkey bacon or regular bacon? (My first poll!)

Who wants a big wet kiss?

Has a presidential candidate ever received 100% of the electoral vote?

Colonial House

Best/Favorite Coen Bros. Film:

Police Officer Killed In Crash During First Day On The Job

Enough with the double entendres?

(Contest)Who is this a picture of?

Best/favorite David Lean film

Fancy a round of Panda Golf??

Be Rush! Criticize something as if you were Rush Limbaugh himself.

If I created a thread about asexual reproduction...

Got a favorite book about reducing clutter in your life?

Can anyone tell me what this "Gas Out" is?

Who's up for a Q&A with Mr S?

Suggested substitute for BWAHAHAHA: ELOL (evil laugh out loud)

Poll question: What's your acceptable level for grilling?

Weather May Explain Mexico UFO Stir

I feel stupid.

Stalactites vs. Stalagmites

Anyone ever REALLY been laughing out loud as they type "LOL?"


The trouble with Dick ... captions?

What does a Henway look like ?

Take the Special K Challenge!

What's your favorite conspiracy debunker "coincidence" theory?

Cut and pasted from the MAJORITY REPORT blog.

Respond if you want another DS1/NSMA Photo Story

This country needs an enema

Where is pancakes house?

New StrongBad email this week......................

The whole "gay marriage" thing reminds me of this quote from Archie Bunker

If I created a thread about myself being tossed...

How old will you live to be? Take this test and find out

Mountain Lion Chased by Dog, Then Killed

I've been married for precisely 32 years, 5 days, 22 hours, 49 minutes...

Head's up! The next big thing: Mindy Smith

Happy Birthday Astarho!

BBV Satire: All together now sing..."Some trails are happy ones.....

Pickles' Latest Look!

My infuriating encounter with an elderly fascist

I wish I were gay...........

Red Sox online ticketing system sucks!

Can anyone recommend a good (cheap) vet in LA?

OMG, McDonalds now sells happy meals(tm) to adults!


Hey, I just had my first locked thread! Ask me anything.

The world is coming to an end!

Favorite song by Howard Jones

The lovely wife is gone for a few days... Hello linguini!


I need suggestions on carpet cleaning

What's The Ultimate\Your Favorite Oxymoron !!!

If I created a thread about "Dick" Cheney .......

Thank Jebus for the Lounge...

Bruce Campbell's "Bubba Ho Tep"...Elvis vs. an "Egyptian cowboy zombie"

Fave Black song

Today my husband and I celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary.

CAPTION the dream-W being taken away

Goddammit! The Daily Show is a rerun.

Ask the Astronomer!

I just got my star ask me anything

What do you think is the band least deserving of fame?

Tasty Treats you would recommend................

What is Your favorite Van Morrison tune?

Wake Up, Stop Dreaming

Humvee Pinkie Salute; why do they get so mad?

Uncle ZombyWoof: DU's Resident Grump

CSI: Miami

So I'm running for class secretary. Let me know what you think.

How much liability coverage do you have in your car insurance?

Gooooo Kiiiiiiings

I finally picked an Avatar and sig, ask me anything!

Is Bungalow Bill really about Dick Cheney

Wanna meet Aliens? Come to India in 2009!

Well, everything would be a lot better if everyone had a rocket-pack.

David Brock's new book comes out on Tuesday!

I'm going to bed

Naysayers beware - new MORRISSEY record out tomorrow!

WOO HOO Absynthe and Sprite Remix!!!!!


Owch! big lump in arm from tetanus shot.. what to do?

TiVo ethics question

Bucky is?

I suspect a LOT of people of faking Tai Chi. How does one >

Powell/MTP tape gets huge laughs on Letterman

Do you watch HBO's Deadwood?

Where's the cheapest place to buy eyeglasses?

Do your pets yowl when you sing?

Study: Breast Baring Popular in 1600s

Mother Has To Write Research Paper For Allowing Underage Drinking

I'm tired


Anyone see Troy yet?

I was gay before gay was cool....

Grammar Question!

Europeans are going to hell!!

Finish this sentence: "The worst Moment in Music History was _________"

Beryl Davis and Astrud Gilberto

I guess I should come out of the closet - I Am Gay

Are YOU a freak?!

Thumbs up or thumbs down: Deadwood

Best/Favorite Stanley Kubrick Film:

Get to know the real Randomkoolzip: what do you want to know about me?

When I see a sex thread, I.....

Heterosexual DUers: How many gay people do you know?

MEN: How often do you have to shave to look presentable?

Crank your speakers for this one!

Letters to Ike in 1954 after Brown v. Board: Anyone hear this on NPR?

I have an hour to kill... ask me anything!

The fundies gotta love this

She needs it more - Choose compassion instead of fashion...

Where's your favorite Florida vacation spot?

paypal poll

I just got back from Camp LeJeune.... ask me anything!!!

Any advice for a graduate?

Are you wearing underwear?

What's the easiest way to connect an XP desktop to an ME laptop?

Guys: Anybody use a straight razor to shave?

Found new baby kitten - eyes not open yet!

please suggest a book

My 800th post

This country needs a National Reconciliation Week/Month

My High School Mascot Was A CRAB. --- What was yours?

I'm in trouble. Can anyone help?

Who was President when you were born and what year were you born?

Filmography question: Miranda Cosgrove

Well, I am about to be single again!

Skinner, a Chihuahua picture for you!

What religion are you, and why do you think everyone but you

Ever worked at the polls? Got any stories?

Favorite U.S. #1 single by THE BEATLES? (Part 1 of 2)

Grandslam jazz thread: Favorite player, by instrument

Meerkat Bellies! Getcher red-hot meerkat bellies...

Speedos...should guys wear them? Yes or No?

COLONIAL HOUSE ON TV TONIGHT + Quiz: How would You Fare In 1628?

Who wants to join me on a deserted island for a year?

What's your acceptable threshold for drilling

What was/is your university's mascot?

Albums with a theme.......

Recommended reading

The question they don't ask McCain about *

2 New RW talking Points. Keep the Barf Bags Ready!

New Campaign Zell Miller for VP!

Zell Miller is DESPICABLE!

Nader Says Kerry Getting Free Advice

Yes, John Kerry, I want a Democratic White House & a Democratic Senate!

JEFF "Bootstap"FISHER for congress

I'm so excited about the latest "Kerry scandal" on Drudge!

Why Wes Clark will not do well in Arkansas

A few good links on Edwards's Cerebral Palsy cases:

A Kerry-Clark ticket... too "military"?

Secretary of State Joe Biden?

The rope-a-dope: when does Kerry have to spend his $ by?

Should Kerry Call Him Uncle Bandar?

Dems, GOP Target American Voters Abroad

Klein: Iraq Is Not Just Bush's Problem

John Kerry on the environment

First Bush Support Softens, Then Jumps To Kerry

Free talking point!

Kerry campaign:Give labor a great Labor Secretary - Dick Gephardt.

case for UN election observers....

Who won CNN's veepstakes?

The Boss to stage a free concert in NYC on day Dubya speaks to RNC?

Jon Corzine's role in Senate has him dialing for dollars

A National Referendem added

I'm going to volunteer at the DNC in Boston!

Oregonians, summary of Kerry/Dean appearances today.

Florida DUers help me make a decision.

Air America clothing.......LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shirt!

Ca Governer keep distance from Bush.

Bush and Kerry Tied in Red States! (Zogby)

Politics1 Survivor-Keep Kerry on the island!

Good op-ed by Howard Dean on the gay marriage issue and MA

Latest Rasmussen Kerry 45 % Bush 43 %

AUGH! Time to debunk the swiftvets pathetic attempt to discredit Kerry

i have no problem supporting Gephardt for vp

This is the last time I intend to create or respond to a McCain Post.

Is Nader right wing?

Bans on gay marriage on state ballots could benefit Bush

Jim Matheson Leads by Wide Margin (Dem up in UT-2)

Why Kerry is considering Gephardt...

Iraq Catch-22

Daschle Leads Thune by 13 points in South Dakota

Kerry Praises Gephardt in Effort to Win Over Teamsters

Will the Freepers complain about AK's outfit?

Kucinich Statement on Issuing of Gender-Neutral Marriage Licenses in MA

Great photo of Kerry on Yahoo!

Gephardt - a ventriloquist dummy left out in the sun too long?

More's at stake than the most critical Presidential Election of a lifetime

To date Bush has spent 70 million dollars in television adverts

Dean targets underdogs, local races to receive his financial support

Kerry should wait as long as possible to announce veep

What are the odds of Hillary as VP?

Has Dean been ruled out as a VP candidate?

poll finds Edwards, Hillary, and McCain as top vp choices

Poll: Bush Leads Kerry by 22 points! (but its just Alabama)

New Michigan Poll: Huh? WTF????? Ask John Kerry to "Go Big"

3 words about McCain as VP: "Hell fucking NO!"

Kerry says he will give Kucinich "a place to be"

Kucinich and creating a Department of Peace

Do you know any person who voted for Gore and plans on voting for Nader?