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Archives: May 15, 2004

Slacker Friday - Alterman

Eleanor Clift: The Gender Gap

NYT: America Adrift in Iraq

Japanese banks are struggling to reform image

EU, Switzerland reach deal on offshore tax fraud

NYC plays hardball with Rachel Corrie protest defendants

Anyone seen the movie "Spartan." Interesting considering recent events.

German Professor Under Fire for Defending Torture

CNN Polls: "Thoughts on Money" Edition

Is the desperate ploy by shrubco and the RW echo machine to "jump start"

Prisoner Abuse Accusations Surface in Eastern Germany


Monkey Wrench about to be thrown? 'Pugs stage 'open convention'???

Rep. King (R-Moran) blasts Vatican over Iraq comments

If you can buy movie/music CDs in Iraq, why can't you buy plastic chairs?

"And you become a monster, So the monster will not break you"

Can the DNC expell Zell Miller?

Rev MOON wears crown and robes in Dirksen Senate Office Building function.

Satan Is Alive!

UN may investigate US and Britain torture

On Hannity And Savage Playing The Audio Of Berg's Beheading

Another thought about McCain for Veep.

Racism: Could this (still) happen in the USA?

Greece Struggles to Clear Hurdles in Sprint to Games

Gay-marriage foes win ruling | The Oregonian

Outrage as KISS player mouths off on Muslims

Riverside man sentenced to 350 years in molestation case

did Janeane say anything cool tonight?

All right. One more thread then I'm really going to bed!

Yaaaaaay! Let's make up bland names!!

AAR rant

Shout out to Everybody Working on Friday Night

Want to grow some tomatoes, need advice.

How do I make a PDF?

Makers Mark for $29 for the BIG BOTTLE

Anyone else notice...

Lynndie as the Madonna

Wolves Win!!! Wolves Win!!!

While on the subject of urine, what's the best cat litter?

Anybody got a cure for dog urine odor in carpet?


The Gender Gap - Bush is falling further behind among women

A letter I posted to Kerry's website

New Law Fails to Curb Honor Killings in Pakistan

Chaos Theory (What if all candidates are killed on eve of election?)

Hartford Courant: Can the Nationalistic Medal Count for Athens 2004

Abu Ghraib, Donald Rumsfeld and William Shakespeare

An absolute GEM from Kos (sorry if a dupe)

In Search Of Exit Strategy

Rumsfeld's Actions Speak Louder

Flip-Flop - may not remove a plaque with Dick Grasso’s signature

From Texas to Abu Ghraib: The Bush Legacy of Prisoner Abuse


Rumsfeld’s soulmate at the heart of culture of brutality

What an embarrassment: Congressman Steve King of Iowa

Turning Points (Robin Wright, Sunday WP)

True Patriot Will Look Out for Others

Revealing article by Todd S. Purdum in NYT about JK's early years...

MoDo (NYT): The Springs of Fate

So Democrate really are smarter - The Economist

USA Today Should cowboy Bush ride into the sunset?

Hard lessons from poetry class: Speech is free unless it's critical

Why wont people let the 'McCain for VP' thing die?

Putting Abu Ghraib in Perspective

Danzinger; Bush's wild ride

A bumpy takeoff for Air America liberal radio network

Gen. Anthony Zinni, USMC (Ret.) Remarks at CDI Board of Directors

Texans, HR 2239 Shakeup...

Hi All. Don't Post Here Much But It Was Suggested I Post This Here


The Discovery Time Channel is doing a "White House at War" show.

Media wingnuts gloating about AA's demise

CBC Counterspin for May12

Have any of you seen "Shattered Glass"

Ignore me, decided to try something too!!

Bob Boudelang Has A Bag on His Head For Bush This Week

"My Big Heart" by Milton Acorn. Know the poem and poet?

ignore-I am trying something

Poland's trade deficit on the rise  

Yes, you can buy happiness

Oil Price Spike Means New Recession

Can anyone explain to me why the yen is losing value?

Velvet Hand, Iron Glove in Iran

Damascus blames 'fundamentalists' for attack

Congress chooses Sonia Gandhi as PM

G8 demands real Iraqi sovereignty

South Korean leader apologises

Gun show conversations

Rules question

I want to donate but I don't want a bumper sticker

Do our inboxes have a limit to the number of messages?

I hid all the Berg threads in GD, ...

Can we still hide the Lounge?

Donated yesterday, how long will it take before my star shows up?

re: cash contribution mailed Monday

Israel fails to kill Jihad chief

Voice of the 'Wrecking Ball': Interview with Israeli Historian Avi Shlaim

Where is our alternative leadership?

Either Israelis or settlers

Court bars IDF from demolishing additional Rafah homes

Top EU, UN Chiefs Demand Halt To Israeli Demolitions

Israelis rally in favour of Gaza pullout

Rabbi's son arrested in synagogue fire

Investigation of the IDF Action in Rafah

ADC Advisory Statement to Arab Americans and Muslims

First Conviction of Causing the Death of Palestinian in the Al-Aqsa Intifa

Israeli Helicopter Gunships Attack Civilian Targets in Gaza

Thousands of Israelis Urge Gaza Pullout

The shame of the atrocity

Stunning statement from Ronkonkoma ATC manager

Nick E. Berg as the Oklahoma Kid.

San Francisco Race's naked joggers to be tolerated, barely

Farms transform cow manure into electricity - California

North Carolina: Turn your state blue!

Any Anti-Bush Rallies Coming Up?

Hear Sen. John Edwards Monday in Cleveland

Kerry Staff Arrive - Cincinnati, Ohio!

Please tell me if you see something missing/incorrect on CU's Ohio page

Howard Dean helping Joe Hoeffel's campaign

Nader Fails to Make the Ballot In Texas

Hey folks, Minnesota is kicking our butts on the DU donation board!

Bothell ...home to heartless uncaring people?

Senn for State Attorney General

What the Hell happened in Virginia Beach?

whoaa... Geraldo is skeptical about the whole Berg story

Bush In New Haven Next him a "visit"

Everyone who signed that PNAC document, once Bush is out of office,

Op-Ed: Bishops Should Beware Politics of Religion

Clear Channel set up new business unit to produce TV programming

State Assembly votes: How can I access them other than...


OK, we have a torture of Iraqi prisoners....BUT HOLY FUC

About the DJs who were "sacked" for telling bad jokes about the Berg

Berg in OK

Paula Zahn doesn't read her own CNN website

Hannity actually complained that Kerry wasn't funny enough to be president

Why were prisoners released from the Iraqi prison?

Iraqi Newspaper Urges Rumsfeld to Resign

IfPowell: asked, U.S. will leave Iraq

Politics by Religious Organizations

If what I saw tonight is real, no wonder they won't release more pictures

Leak Prosecutor Seeks To Question Reporters

CNN builds Zarqawi - "More important than OBL"

Air America saviors Anita & Sheldon Drobny campaign donations

Hey, I can get a chance to share in 12.5 millions dollars!!!

CSPAN's Washington Journal

Where is Maupin. The captured soldier?

Col.David Hackworth: A message well worth listening to with respect

Novakula Freefall...Literally

Lou Dobbs KICKED W's tail tonight...!! On multiple areas!

so, hannity played the berg audio, but blocks the 'other' photos..see, see

time to forward Tom Toles' mail to Gitmo?.....

NYT: "the only unifying theme [is] desperation"

C-Span Live - Brown v Board of Ed Forum. EXCELLENT!

Time to take care of DU! "we would more than double our donation goal"

Is it feasible for Air America to get a cable channel?

Reality is Partisan

Jamaicans Angry Over U.S. Treasure Hunt

More theories of who killed Nick Berg

Court acts to save girls from mutilation

How has corporate welfare changed since 1999?

Pope's blessing for Olympics

Add to "More theories about who Killed Nick Berg.

"The Nick Berg story can only help Bush"


What ever happened to "on his watch"

Nader voter segment on Comedy central. Funny segment!

Who will be the first brave journalist to investigate the Nick Berg story?

Bush* radio adress kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill,

No matter how much you hate Friedman, you'll LOVE his current column.

Evidence in last year for or against Bin Laden being alive

People: Listen to "This is Hell".12:10pm Somebody talking about Rumsfeld

Shiite militiamen celebrate the destruction of U.S. army equipment

RW propaganda tactic: Increasing the Noise to Signal Ratio.

East Bay soldiers back up rationale (torture)

Flashback: "Jesus Plus Nothing". US Theocracy in the making?

McCain- Haunted by Ghosts of the S&L Scandal?

Arkansas early voting looking hopeful

Who wants to bet that there will be a paternity test...

Just to clear things up

Edmonds: Middle Eastern Group Infiltrated FBI?

Fiasco Brewing in Karbala?

McCain as VP

Americans overreacting to torture pics. by Tom Delay

"Them" and "Us": Who's Who?

Has anyone seen this picture before?

Who is ultimately responsible for Nicholas Berg's death?

Spain's Ex-Prime Minister Warns of Threats During U.S. Election

Should Kerry change his policy on Iraq?

What will Bush/Rove do to regain momentum ?

CIA/PentagonPsyops: Nick Berg Killed by Americans

Where's Alan Dershowitz now?

Opponents lose bid to halt gay marriage (has been posted yet?)

DU this Nick Berg/Support for War? Poll on MSNBC

teachers rallying behind students interrogated by the Secret Service

Here is a report on Franken versus

Local paper prints my letter. YEEHAA!

25 billion dollar trick that failed

How many DUers secretly want (need) a Bush win?

read this & tell me bushco isn't a bunch of frikkin nazis

Linda Ronstadt: Impeach Bush 'Right Away'

U.S. Military Hit by Another Afghan Abuse Charge

You know how Republicans say Fuck You?

Powell just said on CSPAN at the World Economic Summit..."We will

Linda Ronstadt wants Bush Impeached Now

"an idiot who will get us all killed" (ABC Early Show commentator)

Problem with USA: NOT PATRIOTIC enough!

is there news on the Green Zone attack ?

I think its horrifying that kids are looking at Berg's beheading.

Conservative Paul Mulshine of Newhouse News wants Bush to step down

What a miserable failure the coup d ' dubya is turning out to be...

Berg bled less profusely than a single live sheep (graphic)

Okay. Let's say, in total panic, shrubco pulls all US troops out of Iraq

CNN's Jack Cafferty is such an ass. Where do they find these bozos?

Bill Moyers "NOW" 5/14 transcript

"Sen. Kerry short on character"

Proof that Liberal Democrats hate the police!!

Please help me. How do I get through to people?

I don't know whether to laugh or cry about America, so I'll do both.

Franken Destroyed Coulter in Hartford tonight

10 stories the world should hear more about . . .

I think we might have an investment opportunity: stock in GIGANTIC CORKS.

Can I sue Gov. Zell Miller?

Not torture? Let's see how the torture team likes it.

US abuse of black men a prelude to scandal

"Playing Dirty" . . .

ThisisHell is going to talk about the DLC and its strong ties to the Right

Why is the world so cruel?

Fuk McCain

photo of a strong leader in times of change

Attn: DU military vets (especially matcom) and everyone else: Read this.

9/11 panel says too many documents are being stamped secret

Latest Newsweek Magazine Poll shrub approval 42%

A couple of points concerning L. England and abuse case

TROY - excellent underlying message

I just graduated so give me a hug DU brothers and sisters!

Should cowboy bush ride off into the sunset?

WIRED News: Polygraphs Don't Give True Story

Serious Question

Who was the snipe who accidentally cc'd Kristin Breitweiser?

America Must Flush the "Bush Doctrine"

Address of 'Islamic website' that posted Berg video traced to London

Flip-Flops? Google 'bush reverses' for a loooooog list!

DU this MSNBC right away about Berg's murder

Ldotters: Show beheadings to children!

Why Osama and the terrorist endorse Bush/Cheney for President.

Point Blank: Was Nick Berg Tortured in Iraqi Prison?

Is there any way we can use our Homeland Security duct tape for Zell?

Castro leads mass protest

Osama's Perspective.

More good news inside the Ohio poll

There ain't no doubt that Zell Miller's auditioning for Fox Network.

What If Canada Annexed The USA? How Bad Could That Be?

Dare we say it outloud? Americans beheaded Berg

Oh my God! I just heard Mike Savage on The Guy James show!!!

Zell Miller would make a great Vice President

If I hear one more idiot say "Think of the children" when it comes to.....

Anyone else having trouble listening to Guy James?

Okay, which of you were at Pico and La Cienega in Los Angeles

Pubs Goal:: Keep America Divided as much as possible, Fragment us

DU this poll (alternative energy)

Can the FCC fine Hannity for playing audio of a man's head being....

Nick Berg was a Torture victim - confirmed.

ALERT:"The US is 'changing' the rules on the treatment of Iraq prisoners

Need help with police endorsement of Kerry

Okay everyone it is a race to the finish line, which state is going to

CNN: U.S. probes allegations of Afghan prison abuse

Why the change in The Media?

Morocco Connection Is Emerging as Sleeper Threat in Terror War

Strange Newsweek Poll

Anybody knows where I can listen to Kerry's democratic response to

Great. Another reason to dislike Disney.

the military & high school

How to Unite, Avoid Fragmentation(The Divided Look)

Have we opened a Pandora's Box?

please give to one of the Democrats running for Senate this year

Critical mass/freefall turning point: Happening Now? My sense of it...

I was very disappointed to have heard that Dennis Hopper voted

EXCELLENT!! "Open Letter to John Kerry"

HFS! Just Paid $2.26 p/g For Regular at Shell!

Official "Guy James Show" thread --please keep kicked

Fidel Castro's May 14th Speech: Read It !

Berg's e-mail account was being used by Zacarias Moussaoui

Contractors ordered torture...immunity by Executive order

What's with repubes and bank fraud??..congressman buys russian bank

Question: To what extent did nations violate the U.N. sanctions on Iraq?

MSNBC News poll: Bush 25%; Kerry 70%; Nader 5%

Al Franken moving to 1530 AM in Twin Cities, Minnesota

What about impeachment?


So Condi met with Putin today

Lou Dobbs on France: No Money, No Troops, but Pay Us Si'l Vous Plait

How would a priest know that I voted for a pro-choice candidate

Kerry agrees with $25 billion thrown into Iraq.

Today is Armed Forces Day! Salute our Troops and Veterans!

Ohio Rep. Bob Ney prisoner abuse "fraternity prank"

I gave my opinion to JFK on his VP choice

Bush had great University scores in How to Kill a Major Political Party101

Just saw on Yahoo "Rumsfeld Approved Interrogation Plan"

Rumsfeld Approved Iraq Interrogation Plan -Report

Portland State Univ. town hall with Gov Dean at 1:30 Monday.

Climate change is racing up the corporate agenda

The point of no return ANOTHER MUST READ!

There is a Seymour Hersh article

How would the Rightwingbase react if bush pulled out of Iraq July 5 or so?

IN IRAQ: Images feed fury in the street

The Video Was Uploaded From London, Not Iraq

Major Sea Change

WaPost: Spheres of Influence

Is there really no way to find these new photos?

bush's popularity is goin' down the terlet

U.S. Guards Videotaped Guantanamo Abuse -- Briton

Labour MPs call for new Commons vote on Iraq

Be aware, very graphic.................Iraqi In Custody Tortured To Death

Missouri Natl Guard-Cheap Labor in Iraq for KB&R

Rejection Of Prison Abuse Was Sought

Sy Hersh: Rumsfeld Approved Interrogation Plan

Who's up to watching Capitol Gang?

Great article on the 631 Bush cronies paying for Bush's campaign

Compared to George W Bush, John Kerry is like Jesus Christ.

Yet another Nick Berg theory...

Bush campaign ran from Noida call centre

A request to Texans everywhere that love DU........

Has anyone looked into how foreign press.....

Abu Ghraib: "Culturally appropriate" torture.

BBV: are your Senators cosponsoring The Voter Confidence Act?

Kerry and PNAC

Cheap oil is a thing of the past

Specious, sanctimonious, mendacious . . .

did any see Connie Rice on CSPAN?

Which Side Are You On?

could someone find me some links?

are we witnessing "Casey's CIA Redux" with Rumsfeld??

Gay Marriage Ban all but DEAD!!

"As an incumbent in May of an election year, Bush should be doing


The DLC will no longer have any influence after 2004.

CNN Larry King, with Mr. Potatohead, on now.

Get over your reservations about Kerry and get with the program!

Has a president (term used loosely) ever had a rating of 42% or less?

Do I dare believe in...

Whatever happened to the Bush/abortion story?

New and improved Blah3

I WON'T give RWer's who admit the war was a mistake a pass

comprehensive Berg conspiracy theory site

Minutes from the Cheney's secret energy meeting

Last Few Days... Baghdad Burning

Does Lou Dobbs have a solution to the Outsourcing "Problem"?

What's the difference between the Neo-Cons and "real" Conservatives?

After reading Sy Hersh's latest, how do they keep the wraps on their ...

Berg's last name is spelled B-e-r-g

What ever happened to Kitty Kelley's book on GW Bush*?

At what cost?

Fmr Army Sec, Thomas White, on Faux/CalThomas, we're losing the war.

A time line of the Berg film

Toombs County High School holds segregated proms again

Ha, the Weekly Standard is saying this is America's war, not Bush's

The Curse of the Bushes, One Chance Saloon

Undeterred by McCain Denials, Some See Him as Kerry's No. 2

Can't buy me love -- but the Rangers and Pioneers buy power

"Torture: Tool, Technique, & Friend" - an unbelievably vile training film

US guards 'filmed beatings' at terror camp

The associate who got Bergs email password is the key to this story?

What's the latest word on Ronald Reagan ?

The Sheeple Go Where The Wind Blows

I think my Dad's been watching too much of FOX News . . .

Franken Blows Away Coulter in CT

Specialist Clinton Deitz, I salute you

october surprise: BUSH DOES NOT SEEK "SECOND" TERM

Just got my first hate mail...I'm so proud!

Its the SAME chair!!

Fahrenheit 911: Michael Moore calls Chimpy "Gov. Bush" to his face!


Take the bush job performance poll for Newsweek!!

Whose side are you on? Ovitz's or Eisner's

Fussell time?

Was Berg C.I.A.?

DUer's Favorite "Quotes"

New Hersh Article New Yorker Monday: Rumsfeld May Be Toast

The best part of Chimps defeat

A "must read" editorial

Resolution: My concern with the Berg Video

"flocks of injured soldiers" stored in Germany

Here are the facts of the Nick Berg story

Would shrubco be dumb enough to snuff their own citizen and pimp the video

About the firing of the The Mirror's editor...

Powell—on the record: Bush knew about Red Cross reports filed months ago

What will post-bu$h America look like?

Today, May 15, 2004 has been the saddist day of my life.

A MUST READ.............................

Is "the left" weakening our fight in the War on Terror?

General Zinni: Grave Mistakes Of The Iraq War

"A time comes when silence is betrayal."

Kerry's Position on Iraq

Kerry's daughter is pretty hot

Is anyone following the response of Bush's Christian Base?

Paying to get arrested?

Republican Congressman Steve King: Iraq prisoner treatment just "hazing"

Conason outs more "swift boat veterans' and their political bedfellows.

The Bush dynasty has ended.

US forces were taught torture techniques ("bitch in a box")

Rice opens her mouth: Likens Terrorists to Klansmen

with only 6 months to go, what's bush got up his sleeve?

"we need to win this war or we'll all be converted to radical islam!

How would you respond to this from a person you consider a friend?

Have you seen the Berg beheading video?

If * Had Never Gone Into Iraq...

Video of Berg WAS NOT His Death!

What is a moran?

China - what worries you more?

Defense Department Background Briefing on Interrogation (5-14-04)

How low can Bush go? Time to revise your Zogby estimate.

Has anyone seen this---beheaded Berg on FR's 'enemies list'

Just e-mailed to me. Anybody know about "A Clean Break?"

The Gray Zone - Seymour Hersh, New Yorker (Rummy at least is doomed)

It' s Self-Righteous Crap to Claim Kerry Supports the Occupation of Iraq

Should a new left of center political party be started?

Berg - What's The Most Likely Theory

Let's Boogie Down to The Mighty Wurlitzer!

Europeans Like Bush Even Less Than Before

(Is this a Red Alert post?) Bush authorized torture in August

The Bush Family has been starting wars for 100 years


Officials announce plan to share terrorism intelligence

Two U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq

Congress (Party) to decide on Indian PM | BBC

Differences constrain single currency proposal for E. Asia

Court reinstates President Roh (S. Korea)

NYT- Justice Dept. Must Clarify Role in Inquiry

NYT Earlier Jail Seen as Incubator for Abuses in Iraq (Col. Pappas)

Blast Near Coalition HQ in Baghdad

Prison abuses linked to Camp Cropper near Baghdad

Commander's role questioned in prison abuse ( Sanchez)

Space Tug Could Save Hubble

Bad CIA Psyops: Claim Dead Zarquwi kills Nick Berg

Family of Afghan killed in US jail demands answers

U.S. Army Expresses Regrets Over Stabbing (S. Korea)

CIA/PentagonPsyops: Nick Berg Killed by Americans

Soldier Claims Intelligence Officers Gave Orders to Rough Up Prisoners

Bush(*), Cheney Open 2003 Disclosure Forms

Colorado Bishop Warns Catholics

Gays to seek marriage licenses today to test ban

Interrogation tactics in Iraq are reined in

Expert: Al-Zarqawi 'more important than bin Laden'

John Kerry Calls Iraq Prison Photos 'Sickening'

Financial deal in Boeing lawsuit (28,000 female employees)

US troops fear retribution for prison scandal

MoD: Four arrested over hoax photos

U.K. Ministers Discuss Possible Departure of Blair, Times Says

South Africans ecstatic ( for hosting Fifa Worldcup 2010)

US soldiers in Iraq fear retribution for prison scandal

U.S. Marines seek Iraqi hearts with books, frisbees

5 U.S. Soldiers Die in Separate Incidents

Raytheon to pay $410 million to settle suit

Elections supervisor (LePore) might back touch-screen vote test (FL, BBV)

Iraker in US-Haft zu Tode gefoltert - Iraqi In Custody Tortured To Death

Bush says won't let Iraq prison abuses happen again

33 dead in Brazilian plane crash

Coalition warns Karbala residents to leave Iraqi holy city after clashes

Danish medics reported seeing tortured Iraqis

Firefighters association leader calls for Bush’s ‘firing’

Volcano erupts in Japan

Baghdad newspaper calls on Rumsfeld to resign over Abu Ghraib

US should never fight wars of choice: Kerry

Workers protest because they Cannes 05/13/2004

Iraqi Newspaper Urges Rumsfeld to Resign

Velella Resigns From N.Y. State Senate (Corrupt, Powerful Republican)

(San Diego, CA) County staff recommends paper ballots

BBV- Glitch forces change in vote audits (Miami-Dade AND Broward, FLA)

La Crosse to bill $50,000 for Bush campaign visit

Video of Berg WAS NOT His Death!

Saddam trial 'would embarass West' - lawyers

NYT-Bush,at Commencement, hails "Honor" of US Troops in Iraq

Texas legislators reverse anti-tax stance, debate several new fees

Rumsfeld's secret OK led to Abu Ghraib interrogations: report

Saudi Denies Compound Clash, Says Guard Fired Shots

Congress stiffens on war funds

Illicit Poppy Growing Again a Problem in Afghanistan

Another Afghan Prison Probe Launched

Mugabe to barter mercenaries for fuel

Japanese PM Koizumi to visit Pyongyang (N. Korea's Kim Jong il) on May 22

Rumsfeld Approved Iraq Interrogation Plan - Report

SoCal teacher placed on leave for allegedly letting students watch Berg vi

Gas Prices: Another Bush-Cheney Headache

Images feed fury in the street

Hezbollah mimics The Passion: TV highlights suffering of Iraqis under US

Dukakis says Kerry would bring Truman-like style to White House

Small plane crashes in Willoughby,Oh.;one person dead,unidentified,

Bush: Berg's killers must be found

U.S. and British Forces Battle Shiite Rebels in 4 Iraqi Cities

(CA) Budget Seeks 75% of Awards for Damages (from civil lawsuits)

Why the Saudis May Not Rescue Oil Markets This Time

Saudi royal guards 'aided al-Qa'ida' in Riyadh bombings that left 35 dead

Statement from DoD Spokesperson Mr. Lawrence

Report: Rumsfield approved of abuses!

Inmate meal cutbacks assailed

Coalition: Berg was never in U.S. custody

NYT: Accused G.I.'s Try to Shift Blame in Prison Abuse

Baylor student disciplined for gay rights rally

U.S. companies put little capital into Iraq

US firm strikes secret tobacco-for-maize deal

White Supremacists Leave Early After Close Confrontation

Former Rep. Janklow to be released from jail...100 days for manslaughter

Bush official: Bald eagle will be off threatened list this year

FBI revisit sources in anthrax probe

The next casualty of the Iraq war could be Blair

Powell: Probe Will Deal With Chain-Of-Command

UN expresses concern over Rwanda, DRC(3.5m dead about time)

N. Korea Slams U.S. for Iraq Prison Abuse

Auditor quits with Nasa finances in chaos

Regiment in fake photo storm to be charged over death of prisoner

Shadow on the US beacon

Iraqi Says He Is Prisoner in Photo

Baker family calls war a betrayal

China orders TV stars to stop 'queer' western behaviour

Ga. High School Holds Segregated Proms

GOP Set to Conquer Redivided Texas

WP: Pioneers Fill Campaign War Chest, Then Capitalize

CIA Leak Prosecutor Seeks to Question Reporters

Bush approval rating hits new low, Iraq support falling away: poll

US guards filmed beatings at terror camp

Major Iraqi newspaper demands Rumsfeld quit

WP: Knowledge of Abuse May Go Higher Yet

U.S. Forces Renew Holy City Battles in Iraq

"Smarty Jones" just won the Preakness! On to the Triple Crown.

Backers of gay marriage ban find tepid response in pews

Three Guilty of Conspiring to Buy Votes in N.C. Election

Almost half voters say Blair should go

Tens of Thousands Rally in Israel for Gaza Pullout

Mother Receives Probation for 12-Year-Old Son's Suicide

Democrats agree to suppress photos of US torture in Iraq

Bush Letter Sees Promise of Stem Cells..

Lawmakers on hot seat as weapons ban expires

US denies Rumsfeld approved Iraq interrogation methods

US 'lost trust' - Saudi paper

Start cooperating or we'll hand you over, Saddam told

Bill aims to put God-related mottoes in schools


The Gray Zone (Hersh exposes Rumsfeld)

Christian Missionaries Battle For Hearts and Minds in Iraq

Spain's ex-prime minister warns of threats during US election

From GOP, Zero Tolerance For Democratic War Critics

NYT- Ohio Groups Question Justice's Trip on Utility Jet (Rehnquist)

Klebold's parents give first interview

Powell: If asked, U.S. will leave Iraq

Soldiers Killed; Fighting Subsides (5 US soldiers died)

Kerry's grandfather left Judaism behind

600 Filipino workers in Iraq quit

U.S. Guards Videotaped Guantanamo Abuse -- Briton

Kucinich: Oil co. profiteers pushing up gas prices

Interrogators Say Abuse Doesn't Yield Info

Zell Miller Blasts Fellow Democrat Kerry

Colorado Bishop Warns Catholics

US National Security Advisor Meets With Russian Officials

WP: Web Site Cites Bush-Riggs Link

British businessman accused of leading role in failed coup

Ohio Democrats Pick Jerry Springer as Delegate for Convention

Satan is alive!

may 15 insomniac thread

What's your favorite thong from a John Denver movie?

hooboy, the donkey has kicked the elephant's ass

What is your favorite "alt-country band?"

I am listening to Soundbytes from the acoustic live Sevendust album.

Just woke the wife up with....

Are there any decent debt consolidation companies out there?

God, it SUCKS to be more attractive once you're committed

I killed GrovelBot....

Favorite Colin Powell Jokes

Opinion please

More Ironic Band Names:

Good Words

Fellow computer nerds - Question about memory dumps?

Here is a beautiful essay from Kurt Vonnegut

Great doggy news on the home front!

Stressed prank caller threatens police with 4-ton bomb

A Great Little Quiz you'll want to share with co-workers, employees, etc.

Burglary suspect found hiding in man's shower

Lene Lovich....

Good morning DU!!!

The Unofficial DU Osama Pool

Oops wrong forum - please delete

Help! Avatar Upload

I'm going to see "Life of Brian" tomorrow in the theaters

IM radioactive

Have I mentioned lately . . .

OK it's time for another gas survey: How much is gas where you live?

Wireless in the E. Village - I love open networks

Looking for a cat-friendly free screen-saver.

I am so on edit--- Smart

Arianna on AirAmerica now

"Always Abusing" Sung by Don Rumsfeld (xtreme satire)

Man’s marijuana crop saved from house fire

Let The Record Show I Was A GOOD BOY Las Night - (I think)

In light of the Iraqi torture pics coming out of Iraq

Caution's Subversive Song of the Day

Everyone Knows it's Lynndie (parody by request)

Damn, y'all know what really sucks?

South Africa will host the 2010 World Cup

Dang - bad doggy news on the home front

I will take this opportunity

I hate hate hate UPS!!!!

National Security: "The Animal & Insect Act" (poem)

Caption: A degree of deception

Caption: Degree of incompetence

China orders TV stars to stop 'queer' western behaviour

Caption: Rectal polyps paining Junior again?

Do you go to freeper boards?

Do you love Gus?

I Thought After Hockey Was Over Toronto Would Start Watching Baseball?

80s music experts - little help?

Police Dogs Mistake Marijuana for Explosives

I'm supposed to explain how the 0s and 1s in transitors are interpreted...

The song that reflects our current situation...

Why am I getting carded at Walmart?

What is the lie you most use?

The Opposite of Terrorism Project

Okay . . . Who ate the elephant's you know

Do you have a question that demands an answer?

Rio de plata tequila - YUM!

What is this emoticon doing?

Hey, whudja do to that armadillo?

Movie recommendation: THE CANDIDATE (72)...

Look at this spam e-mail I got.

Profile of "Pickles" on MSNBC

Why can't you buy copies of old NHL games?

Britney Spears in Playboy for $40 million?

Wish me luck tonight.

Who here can make polls?

When is the next season of Six Feet Under?????

Gwynnie's new baby's name? Apple.....

Question for Computer Techies...


DU Gallery...Who's ----ON EDIT--- on POT?

I want to see the donkey kick W

Stallone wants to do "Rocky VI" and a Rocky Broadway Musical...

Has anyone seen the movie "Love, Actually"?

the questions we should be asking

So I'm watching Pistol Opera. Ask me anything.

Sweet Jeebus!! Who is that woman hosting "CNN Saturday"

Do you like..................guava?

I saw John Denver in a concert once

I just bought a 21" computer monitor

Six Feet Under New Season Ep Guide (SPOILERS!)

Eurotrash Fans: Tiscali screens Eurovision online

From Yahoo: Pediatrician Warns Parents About Cicadas

Decent travel insurance?


I just graduated so give me a hug DU brothers and sisters!

Does anyone know any other games we can play?

With this post I pass into the dreaded 700 club! What should I do?

ZW's Lost Classics Vol. 1: ZZ Top's "Tejas"

Dragonflies: Can anyone identify this one?

I'll admit it; I didn't know what the hell a "HynoToad" was

Saw Eddie Vedder Last night

Has anyone ever played Twister?

When is Smarty Jones going to run today? I can't wait.


British invasion at my house.

I used to work in Chicago

Do Not Disturb: I'm taking a bubble bath

I have to tell my story of crime and resolution from last evening.

Freepers don't say "fuck" on their message boards...

Things you are tired of hearing-

Why don't they bring back Green Stamps?

Your Opinion? -- The Bridges of Madison County --- did the movie suck??

Just got digital cable, ask me anything.


Kitten Murder

Would Lisa off "Six Feet Under" be a DU-er? Would Nate?

Lewis Black on HBO tonight.

Gay marriage

Anyone here ever heard of Visual Kai bands

Fog of War: Great Movie With Sh*tty Music

So I'm Listening to the New Morrissey Album

Whatever happened to those "flying rods" from all the video recordings?


Who will win the pole for the Indianapolis 500

Just came up with a great name for Rush

I just came up with a great name for Bush.

for a little weekend fun . . . Playing With Time . . .

How about a Borg video thread? Resistance is futile!

Saturday night on the request line, howzabout a little "Gypsy Woman"...

Why do I always buy concert tickets near obnoxious people?

I just came up with a great name for mush

Do people who go on and on and on about themselves annoy you?

Shuld I continue to post drunk?

Should I continue to post sober? (the other one didn't go through)

I Have 39 Berg Video Threads Hidden. How Long Til #40?

Man Uses CB Radio To Peddle XXX Movies To Truckers

Your weekly reminder: my radio show webcasts from 9:00-midnight EST

Are zoos jails for animals?

Look! The Donkey can almost reach the Chimp's nosehairs!!

The great Saturday night drinking poll!

hey whoever IMed me, IM me again

Bob said.....

What is your favorite paradox from a time travel book or movie?

who watches american justice and saw Margaret Rudin's case


Stuck home on a Saturday night

Try to send me good vibes today!

Boston Butt beta-2. Tweeking for the summer crowds.

I'm baaaaaack

anyone have ideas for signs to put up in my area?

Just Saw a Chilling law & Order

So I'm Back


Sex thread

ok I guess I am back

I finally added a sig line!!!

Paragon's Brad Pitt Theory: short hair, movie good - long hair, movie bad

Guess where my avatar is from?

DU Phishheads:

Forrest's Weird Encounter of the Day, #2

How many people have you convinced to vote Dem in November

Minutes from the Cheney's secret energy meeting

What shall I name this fine meal?

Just finished making BBQ sauce ask me anything!

Forrest's Weird Encounter of the Day, #1

Woman stabbed trying to break up fork fight

Separated at birth: DU's Grovelbot and Rosie?


me & mr. johnson, some guinness, a good smoke

Bowman: Best Game Ever!

Useless random statements thread

SNL season finale thread - hosts Olsen Twins, musical guest J-Kwon

To West Coasters with HBO

Man ill after gorging on sauteed cicadas

When you were a kid did you ever eat something poisonous?

Troy had almost a 17 million opening night, is that good?

It is time to troll up this RW message board

Is the "morans" guy aware of his fame at DU?

Do you ever have difficulty peeing in public restrooms?

Win a Star! {Closed Thread}

I quit smoking in Oct 2001 but right now I want to buy a pack of smokes

Do you have a local aquarium?


What is the most stupid teamwork workshop in which you have ever...

Do you have difficulty chilling unlawfully in disorderly public restrooms?

Just vacuumed the house. Ask me anything.

Straight DU Males: Do You Watch "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"?

So who's chilling this weekend?

Beach boys Smile

Excuse me

Question about my Directv satellite dish...

What are the WORST/MOST FORGETTABLE MOMENTS in sports history?

Favorite music artists A-Z

Yay, I have my donor star!

Where did you live before where you live now, and did you like it better

If an alien spaceship landed in your backyard

do we have an official Lakers v. Spurs thread?

Is the 'PICKLES' haircut popular in the U.S.?

Big charity ride is tomorrow. Last chance to donate.

Help me find this song/artist

So it's not the thyroid...It's Anemia!

Finish this sentence: "Weasels make Lousy- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - "

Look up at the donation board

DU Funday veterans -- the invitations are in!!

You can't pick my friend's nose...

Do you love pus?

Saturday Night Live: The Olsen Twins are hosting

Which member from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is your type?

A fun look back at Bush's nonsense

Look At Your Music Collection... Are Most Of The Artists Male Or Female?

Which Eccentric or Annoying Neighbor Were You in a Past Life?

Best Munchie

Man fights citation for carrying anti-Bush sign

Worst band names ever

What's your favorite way to relax?

Music artists A-Z

Ya think this might piss off a few freepers?

ADMIT IT! Crushes you are sort of ashamed of...

I love love love UPS drivers!!!

What scares people about you most?

How nice is your local zoo?

Any auto mechanics out there in DU-land?

My last vanity post on this - Rabrrrrrr art show next week

"How do you learn all those lines" and other bad openers

What movie do you think SUCKS that was very commercially sucessful?

The Commencement Address of all CAPTIONS!!!!

The Commencement Address of all CAPTIONS!!!! (cont.)


It's time for another "Things we'll never hear other DUers say"

Cicada Check-In: Got 'em yet?

Troy is the best movie I've seen in a long time.

Cry HAVOCK and...

I really hope Smarty Jones wins the Belmont

Max Cleland speaks for Kerry in Texas:

Kerry is doing similar to how he was doing after the primaries in polls

Just curious...

Need help responding

Kerry aims to keep peace with gays

Kerry’s legendary lead

Kerry leads in FLorida 50% to 47 percent

Did Kerry have to stress he attended Yale in his latest ad?

Poll: Bush Leads Kerry By 45 Points (Relax, its Utah)

DRAFT becomes issue as SSS plans to take women and men up to 34!

Is it that the American people actually get wise to Bushes in the WH...

Local Green Party leader joins Democrats to back Kerry

Huffington/Trippi launch petition on net - asking Kerry to inspire more

Does anyone have a touchscreen voting map?

Thoughtful post by Chris Heinz at the DFA blog.

Poll: Bush lead over Kerry in Kentucky slips but still strong

How has Kerry & Bush's fundraising been recently?

Newsweek has Bush's approval plummeting to 42 percent

A Question For Arkansas DUers

Can the Repugs switch candidates at their convention?

Fundraising: One Thing Bush is Good At

Get over your reservations about Kerry and get with the program!

remind me about the odd controversy during the early primaries

Holy Cats! Alexandra Kerry Is A Knockout!

Recent Pew Poll: only 31% satisfied with state of the US

I'm really annoyed with Tom Daschle regarding Zell Miller

Kerry now leads in Pennsylvania 49% to 43 %

Why can't John Kerry capitalize on Bush's losses?

High gas prices: The real killer for Bush in 2004

I've been playing with the EC map and this comes close....

How do you feel about Tenenbaum running for Hollings seat?

Two petitions for one America

Catholics Against Kerry Web Site.

Could NC and Georgia go Blue? lots of disgruntled military? n/t

Howard Dean joining Kerry in Portland, OR this Monday 5/17

Clark from Arkansas not a big help...

I'm ready to start slapping some sense into people about the VP nod!

Will Shrub smirk when he concedes? eom

Senator Sunshine vs Tricky Dicky

Undeterred by Denials, Some (inside operatives) see Mc Cain as VP.

Calling All Clark Democrats and Du Members who want Clark as VP...

CARTOONS: Au Revoir, Sayonara, Goodbye George