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Archives: May 13, 2004

Chicken Hawk recipe

Everett Herald: "Rumsfeld isn't solely to blame for failures"

Salon: One Minute from Abnormal (Karen Hughes' obsession with *)

Dowd: Clash of Civilizations

WHO finds new way to snub Taiwan at summit

O Jailed Town of Bethlehem

Militants set demands to return Israeli remains

Rashid Khalidi on Charlie Rose

one thousandth post -

If we never went to war..

The Fog of War

does anyone have pics of Bush

this khalidi guy is smart

Just what is the Democratic Underground?

Sentiment in the Army is "Support Our Troops, Impeach Rumsfeld"


Is ALL of this is a cover as Rove plans the next coup d'etat?

New Bush Ad featuring his No Child Left Behind-as one from TX

Somebody needs to put these fundy jack-asses in their place.

WAR? Humph! What is it good for? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Censorship and Democrats. A question.

Bush Approval Rating Continues to Plummet

What's going on with Air America????

McCain on Letterman now

Tommy Friedman sees need for Regime Change here

Freeper Poetry

WEST WING...I didn't get to see it we had continuous weather coverage

Can them teachers read?

Bush wants another $25 billion. Tell Congress to say NO.

U.S. Delegation Investigates the Situation of Haitian Workers Under the Co

Rumsfeld Defends Rules for Prison

Harsh C.I.A. Methods Cited in Top Qaeda Interrogations

'Saddam never used doubles'

Father of soldier slain in Iraq turns his grief into action

U.S. Marines arrest Haitian singer and activist So Anne on Mother’s Day

NYT: Bush Supporters Are Split on How to Pursue Iraq Plan

Venezuela's Public Defender German Mundarain denounces US interference in

Over 100 Colombian paramilitaries detained in plot in Venezuela: Chavez

I'm outta fear...

I'm outta chairs...

I'm out of snares

I'm fed up and leaving DU

I'm outta flares...

I'm outta jail.

I'm out of hear

I'm outterwear

I'm outta THERE!!

I have an interesting sunburn

The Bush Leadership Quiz

I saw a cat yak today

The "Red-eyed Ferret Dressed Like Carmen Miranda" Thread

Who has the best late night band?


Movie Trivia Time

How cool is Leonard Nimoy?

For the Trekkies: Patrick Stewart on CBS right now!

Odd they might find the Holy Grail now, don't you think?

So, you think DU discussions get rough sometimes? Check this out.

It's the "Thread For Kids Who Ate School Paste" Thread

Mexican UFO Thread

Does Seinfeld Just Hate Money Or Something? Where's The Fuckin' Movie?

aL franken on jeapordy - 5/13/04

Best Documentary Ever?

where can i post images for free?

OSCAR is BACK!!! (And I need your help!)

The "Thick Juicy Steaks and Cute Fuzzy Kittens" Thread

I hope Kerry's Somewhat BEHIND in September

Notice a pattern in the Kerry/Bush polls?

Guardian: How can America get out of Iraq?

Who's In Power?

Cold Turkey, By Kurt Vonnegut

Take a good look where trusting Bush has got us

Biography of India's likely new leader

BHT: food preservative an effective treatment for HEP-C-AIDS ? ?

Those weapons of mass photography:Clarence Page

Vile Photos Miss the Rot Beyond a Few Bad Apples

Stripes letter (what Rummy read today): What are we accomplishing?

Abu Ghraib, Carlson and Friedman: The Changing War Tides (my article!)

The "online political bulletin board" referred to in this column is DU....

Bush -via PR Scott McClellan-refuses to condemn Torture Proponent Rush

America's gulag ...New Statesman UK

Berg Incident Seems... Strange

BUZZFLASH: Between Nick Berg and Charles Horman (Chile 1973)

The unthinkable insures success

Iraqi prison scandal stirs painful memories for Bay Area refugees

Stanford Univ. simulates imprisonment....psychological impact

Bush´s New, New Lie

The Man Who Stayed Too Long - WSJ's Al Hunt

Election night toon

Pentagon propagandists prop up presidential prevarications

Watergate conspirator calls Bush 'ignorant'

Let the Mea Culpas begin - Alterman

Krugman: A Crude Shock (Oil Crunch)

The Ballad of Lynndie England

The Road Out of Iraq is Through Tehran

To Help Restore U.S. Standing, Rumsfeld Must Take the Fall (Max Boot! LAT)

In Defense of Torture

Democracy Muffled

THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN: My mistake: Bush isn't above politics

Brits to give Poppy "a real warm welcome" in 5/18 fundraiser

Santa Monica CA - 9/11 Movie Screening - Friday May 14th

Protest Dick Cheney in Palm Beach County - tomorrow - 9AM

Apologize to the Iraqi People!

Everyone, hand out flyers after "Day After Tomorrow" movie

If there was any question about VOTE.COM

GM Boycotts Air America... Letter Campaign to GM

Way Cool: BLASTS Limbaugh

Breaking: Iraq War Romantic Pulls Head Out Of Ass

DU Heart Healthy Club

Democracy Muffled, on Starlight News

McDonald's Japan chief quits amid revamp

IT'S OVER! [United Farm Workers]

GM Responds To Environmental Critics By (You Guessed It) Cranking Up PR

Huge toxic clean-up for Canada

Polar Bear Family Stranded On Arctic Island By Early Sea Ice Melt

Physicists probe ancient pyramid

Beaches At WWII Island Battlefield Now Swamped With Garbage

Laos Bulldozed By Progress, Dams, Drug Trafficking

Under Ancient Mining Law, Public Lands Cost Only 84 Cents Per Acre

Polluter Paying Principle - Bush is owned by polluting industries

As Chinese Demand Razes Burma's Forests, Even Loggers Voice Regret

Handing out flyers after "The Day After Tomorrow"

SpaceShipOne flies again

Climate Change - What If It's Already Too Late? - New Statesman Article

5/31 disaster movie about global warming "The Day After Tomorrow"

$2 Gasoline - Get Used To It

Liberian rebels call for minister's head

Germans suffering from 'collective depression'

Rumsfeld speech to troops: "I'm a survivor!"

German Professor Under Fire for Defending Torture

A close call in Iraq-true story

"My mum got caught in the crossfire" - UK Gun Culture, BBC article

Searching for "pro-gun Democrats"

GUNS IN THE NEWS - 13 May 2004

A Round Of Shots

Lightning Bolts and Thunder: How the AK-47 Came to Rule the Streets

Workplace Shootings and Victims Virtually Doubled in 2003

Anybody ever heard of this?

NRA endorsement of Bush is on hold

Florida's Crime Rate Down For 12th Straight Year

Why not attract new-Americans and foreigners to DU?

I'm curious

How do you decide to turn the red states blue on the fund drive map?

Repeat on the same issue -- being stalked

hi admins... could you tell me how to...

My question is here:

Petition to create a separate "conspiracy/tinfoil" forum

Settlements And Master Plans

IDF deaths sharpen debate over Israeli presence in Gaza

Ya'alon: We'll fight as long as Negev threatened

Israel kills 12 in Gaza Strip

Two men arrested after high-speed chase in Tennessee

Sacked Israeli Blackhawk pilot gives Interview

Increasingly, Thoughtful American Jews Are Re-Thinking Zionism

General Who Made Anti-Islam Remark Tied to POW Case

obama makes the dean dozen

I'm new in Elgin ( 10 mos.).

Dean Dozen Emailing - Florida

Bush Signs Bills Nixing Gun Range Lawsuits and Gun Owner Lists

Suspended Oliphant may run for old job as Broward elections head

Dean Dozen Emailing - Cali Contests

How has CALIFORNIA fared under a Republican Administration?

Kerry Fundraiser in Los Angeles, Saturday, May 22

No Air America? Any other liberal radio stations in LA area?

Dean Dozen - Massachusetts

Wanna buy a SUV? It's only $40,000, and that's the starting bid.

Legislature predictions for this election?

Should I send this to the KQRS morning show?

Dist. 11 (McCotter-R) now has a Dem challenger!

Republicans in Orange County?

Lakefront Owners' Group pressures Bush to order Taft on "property rights"

I just met Kerry's regional field organizer for Summit and Stark

From ODP - Action Alert! Eric Fingerhut Needs 30 Seconds of Your Time

Please go to this site and sign a petition about BBV

Got a potential offer for matching $$

Democratic nominee woos loser's backers

Hey Y'all

Whetstone To Challenge Gonzalez

This is why we need to elect Dottie and Jef. :)

Press Release from Dottie LeClair's Campaign

Grocery Strike Question

Proof Positive, Jesus is a democrat...take that you fundamentalist pricks!

I heard Joe Wilson on Fresh Air, very impressive

Today in history May 13, 2004

His Tragic Flaw

Reading With the Enemy

damn we have a lot of work to do once the asshole is gone!

I have been thinking

Too much WEIRDNESS in the Berg story.

Next Stop: Pyongyang , Neocons and the North Korea Freedom Act

Why not attract new Americans and foreigners to DU?

I did it! I broke down and got Sirius satellite radio today!!

CBS: Camp Bucca Diary and Lynndie England Interview are Damning

Why did anyone ever think Bush knew how to fight?

Should the new abuse pics be released?

Berg's Father was on Freepers enemy list .

is Bush going to campaign with John Ramsey ?

Question about the unreleased photos.

Bush Approved The Torture!!!

Patrick Leahy Waylays Rumsfeld and GOP

mainly repubs don't want us to see the new photos. wonder why?

The Political Oddsmaker lowers Bush chances YET again

Rats jumping from the ship

Photos show U.S. soldiers gang raping Iraqi women and girls

NY Times op-eds question: were any clearly against the war before start?

Democratic Platform survey

See Rummy Spin. Spin, Rummy, Spin. Arianna Huffington

Rumsfailed in Iraq on "surprise visit" -

"Looks like someone was trying to put together a porno film'' - Tom DeLay


What happened to all the Bush/Cheney bumper stickers I used to see

Park Superintendents Told to Stick to Script Praising Bush Admin

need photos of a freshly painted & empty Abu Gharib with cell doors open


CNN Daybreak requested emails

Thursday morning poll numbers 5/13/04

What did they actually say before the beheading?

"Conservative Book club" pop-up

Inhofe called liberals 'humanitarian do-gooders'

Crafting military's body boxes - Skyodyne takes order for

Brokaw / NBC and Liberal Media

I'm getting excited about the 2008 Kerry campaign slogan

Censored Words Unmasked

Death of Nicholas Berg is a bitter reminder of why we are at war

Question: Re: Rummy's visit to Baghdad

Have you visited these sites?

What are we not supposed to notice THIS TIME?

My conversation with a Reservist.

The real innocent reason Bush invaded Iraq

Federal Judge Weighs Blocking Gay Marriages In Mass.

Colin Powell's "Coat of Arms"...

Chinese couple loses baby to Fundies...

My 2 cent on the torture pictures from Iraqi prisons: RW won't admit to

air american saying civilian contractor received military awards? anybody

C-Span 8:20 ET: Conrad (R-Montana): old man loving sending kids

lack of "training" responsible for Abu Graihb (sp?)

we always lose the point

Gaffe in Bush ad pisses off Republican town in key state (PA)....

most folks aren't aware of Rape Porn, but it exists, & its' goin' around

Why hasn't Bush taken action in Sudan?

Howard Dean on Air America NOW!

is Inhofe the stupidest senator ever? great article

Boston Globe Prints Porn Pix

Stop writing "four contractors burned alive"

Did the Justice Department Lie to the Supreme Court?

The Minister of Peace, Herr Rumsfeld on viewscreen now

Rumsfeld holds "town hall meeting" with troops

I missed 60 mins2 last night can anyone give me a "briefing"

I'm taking a suprise visit to Iraq because...

Anyone ever heard of one american prisoner being killed by Iraqi groups

A poem to contemplate during this whole mess.

Limbaugh to Criticize Fla. Prosecutor in Ads

torture photos

why no mention anywhere of Berg murderers speaking Russian?


Enough whining about torture, back to the SLAUGHTER!

Rummy/Myers speech on MSNBC

Teacher arrested. Had WMD!! (Humor)

To HELL with that bunch at MSNBC!

The Day After Tomorrow is going to rule!!!! Check out the trailer...

Wonk: I've shared your 60 Minutes videos on the P2P eDonkey network.

"The Mission": Impossible?

"i stopped reading newpapers".......says rumsfield

India elections: media's false image v. reality with reality winning

Every Cable and Network News Program Should Do As "The News Hour" Does...

I got a great endorsement today! Wooo Hooo

Green-eyed Afghan girl.....

Olbermann Gives O'Reilly the Smackdown

OK, enough of this nonsense (Berg video)

GOP gay group to air same-sex union ads

Progressive Pipes

ARRRGGH!! Right-wing idiot rant!

Would someone please post a link to the moran photograph?

Keep in mind that congress only got to see "some" of the video and photos

Cheney's Energy Document Case: SCOTUS Decision? What's Going On?

I want to see the Berg video

Is the current Republican Party the consummate result of the "Me

New MSNBC-TV daily poll: Do you want to see all of the Iraqi photos?

Progressive Pipes

BushCo can do just about anything - IF it's over the top....

Is the current Republican Party the consummate result of the "Me


du or kerry

Can I get help with an "american empire" quote?

Whiner Politics

Dean Announces "Dean Dozen"

Meanwhile, hidden on CSPAN3... Reed is cleaning Wolfowitz' clock!

Show & Tell in Abu Ghraib -- by Katha Pollitt

picture on London newspaper today:

Rumsfled goes to Abu Gharib

the jihad vs. the crusade...will the winner really 'win' anything?

Israeli moving van mystery deepens

Jingoism on display: Rummy & Myers address baghdad troops LIVE

New Kerry Commercials: Anyone seen then on TV? Kerry must show VISION

new concept in agriculture . . . the Vertical Farm . . .

Almodovar reveals film's bad memories of child sex abuse

Rummy: I stopped reading newspapers and reports. Him only watch Faux now!

Army Scanning READY RESERVE For Possible Active Duty!!

IRAQ WAR = BUSH RECOVERY?...Why is this not a Kerry Issue?

9/11 Truth Movement

where the photos came from, and why they were released . . .

Bush Gang-- do not use adminstration

Okay, but What Do You Really Think? (Rabinowitz e-mails Breitweiser)

I can't express how much I hate this administration!

"US prison like descent ‘into wings of hell’"

Our country is cruisin' down the road in a big, yellow bus........

Found this, if a dupe let me know

Limbaugh has gone from "downers" to "uppers"....?


I watched "fog of war" last night..... screw mcnamara

Body Armor on Terrorists who killed Berg

How big of a 'bounce' from the naming of the VP Candidate?

What happened to Jesse Jackson?

On O'Franken Factor: Rush says wipe 'em out!

Miramax Chiefs to Buy Moore Documentary

Wolfowitz: cost of war '04 & '05 FIFTY BILLION: Get Out Now!NOW!!!!!!

New CBS Poll: Approval 44%

CNN changes position on voice of al-Zarqawi

can the DU invade FREEREPUBLIC.COM??

Something that's starting to anger me about our "side"

'Day After Tomorrow' is "remarkably realistic" says UK Chief Scientist

Has everyone signed the petition being sent to Inhofe

Here is a message I wish you all would receive from Kerry

Mumia Abu-Jamal's comments on Abu Ghraib

Releasing more photos would be a violation of the Geneva Convention??

One minute from abnormal: Karen Hughes' cult-like devotion to *

Bush = Cheap Gas Here's The Proof

Petition to create a separate "conspiracy/tinfoil" forum

heard of the island St. Eustatius? busy, oily place

Legs? How many legs does the prison-abuse story have ?

How is the Iraq economy doing?

Guard Deployments Worry State Officials

The Infotainment of "Nuzak"

Would any newspaper print an Op-Ed piece of 1200 words?

CNN Polls: "We're not quite as bad as Saddam!" Edition

"Novak, Buchanan, George Will, Tucker Carlson, now Friedman"

Oh boy !! Pic of * begging for a caption. Step right up.

Certain US Soldiers Specialized In Sodomy

Scarborough and Sen. Kennedy

The Compassion of the Bush.

Kerry naming McCain as potential Sec'y of Defense choice preempts

should religion be taught in schools? (please read before flaming)

Abu Ghraib ... How Is It SUPPOSED To Be Pronounced?

More anecdotal evidence Bush is in trouble,

WSJ rejection of Breitweiser editorial

"the wheels are now officially off this car"

Okay..get your tin-foil hats on....

A review of a preview of Farenheit 911

US diplomatic official who told Berg's family he was in custody wrote this

S. African hit men, Serbian mercenaries, and war criminals working in Iraq

Every Time I read this it Sends Chills Down my Spine

Parents of U.S. Soldier Killed In Iraq: "My Son Was Betrayed By the Bush A

Is Gen. Miller's "Funtime Torture Tips" list online? The "IROE" document

Does TKennedy need to cap his thinks so

Michael Berg "my son died for the sins of Bush and Rumsfeld"

Who would you trust re: Abu Ghraib?

BushCo & 'Conspiracy Theories"

"You have helped liberate 25 million people".......

Family: E-Mails Prove Berg Was In U.S. Custody

Can you imagine prisoner abuse and torture if Jimmy Carter were president?

Bow-tie Boy Mea Culpa

Olbermann makes me PROUD! Calls O'Reilly "Abject Failure"

Pat Robertson's unChristian comments on Iraqi prisoners

GWB stay away from NYC

Randi Rhodes:"RWers blame Clinton for prisoner abuse because

Anyone notice Lou Dobbs picking up where Rush Limbaugh left off yesterday?

Encourage everyone you know to buy Rock against Bush vol 1 & 2

Battle of Algiers and prison torture/rape.

Bush grammar

Bush*'s war results: NOT Iraq becoming like USA but USA becoming like Iraq

Has anyone else noticed that

We need to just kill them all.

Bush featured at Conservative banquet tonight

DU the poll:

A Letter to the President: "Mr. Bush, You'd Have Liked My Brother"

Anybody know anything about a site called madcow morning news?

Those Relativism-Hating Conservatives ..

What is the best trap to use to catch lurking freepers?

You Know You Guys - While we are at it

The Iraq War is retribution for 9/11

Help me find something in Clarke's book.

1 in 20 Americans (10.725 million) smoked pot last month

Was Torture at Abu Gharib Like Under Saddam? How Do We Know?

Am I the only one who gags when I hear Bill Schneider's (CNN) voice?

GOP: NYC good enough to exploit, but not good enough for their money

Danger! Conservative Group names itself "Progress for America"

Attn: Nick Berg Tinfoil Hatters!

What ever happened to the "Rick Perry is gay" rumors?

The breaking point is often something small

Great line just now by Randi

Stupid question RE: Berg video and media coverage

Hey Skinner, Elad and Earl! I hereby volunteer to be a Mod for one week!

Woodruff scratching her head trying to figure out why Kerry not doing well

I just donated to Moveon. org and Kohn Kerry

"Some photos so graphics some lawmakers had to leave the room"

How do you tell the difference between a Freeper . . .

must-see flash animation: Lord of the Right Wing

The 19 Questions the FSC wants the 9/11 Commission to ask Mayor Giuliani

New OH ARG Poll -- Good News

Looking for a video clip - US soldiers killing wounded man, from CNN

Best role for Howard Dean?

FT: Iraq is not another Vietnam. It is far more dangerous than that.

Woman had to wait months to have skull replaced

Quote from Tucker Carlson, Right Wing War Support er on Iraq War

Repuke convention schedule - this is funny folks

The Exagerated Power of the Freepers!

We demand accounting for the torture in Iraq and Rummy takes a road trip

GUYS: STRATEGY NOTES: To Win and to Head Off October Surprises:

CEOs of US Corporations give advice to Bush about releasing pictures

Listen. I am a shamed at the woeful ignorance displayed by most americans

Today, Howard Stern said, " F George W. Bush"

newsweek owes janene an apology! (kos)

Sign of the Times: R* Lobbying firms move to add D's

Is the Berg

Bremer is holds up peace in Najaf He knows better the Iraqis

Kerry needs to "flip-flop" on Iraq.

Nova Scotia Proposing Notification Of Gas Hikes

Centrists: What specifically do you like about Kerry?

Limbaugh and Cheney are buddies, right?

Need input for response to freeper

On Rhandi Rhodes

WTF?? Faux News Sez Berg Had "Coincidental" Link To Moussaui!???!

were the unreleased photos (1600+) all of illegal abuses or just some

Social Security, Help!

Diane Fienstien going against what the nominee has suggested

"The actions of a few" that's the spin. A few bad apples.

Americans Don't Know Our Troops Raped & Murdered Innocent Iraqis

Michael Berg sign : War is not the ANSWER.

Friedman Wakes Up!

Bergs family released e-mail proving he was in US custody? Seen?

Wolf Blitzer: "Dramatic events in Iraq" Rumsfeld speech.

Rummy: "I've stopped reading the newspapers."

"Blair was a great leader, now reduced to a caricature for center left"

If the Democrats wrote misleading ads like the GOP does....

Pamela Anderson Rocks the Vote

berg and mea culpas

Defining American Culture...

GOP obstinacy vs. Dem obstructionism -- the final round?

Those right-wingers turned into moral relativists really fast, didn't they

democrats can't afford caller id

Condi Rice is angry....

Bush's recent declaration of Rumsfeld

Randi talking about freepers...

Moussaoui Berg connection?

analytical question on polls (for you geniuses)

Will Shrub Try to Boost Polls with Copy Cat Pep Rally in Iraq?

link help - killer had poor Jordanian accent

Shrubya starting to look for a way out! "U.S. will leave Iraq if asked"

Heads up people

Okay I'm a pushover

Why is Bush even at 44%???!!!

DU this poll

Vonnegut - must read

Cornered animals with their fingers on the nukes...

gotta love Harper's -- more evidence of DOD stupidity

Hmmm, some pics - including those of death - not to be released

April 04 Harper's -- CEO COM LINK - fascism right here in the USA

Do the Berg's have any relation to Phillip J Berg of Philadelphia?

Vice chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff:The US violated Geneva Convention

photo of torture caused by Americans in Iraq

CNN: Rumsfeld trip to Iraq "expensive and dangerous."

w is talking live on cspan 2

Was it some kind of dionysian frenzy Private England and her

The Ballad of Lynndie England

POW: treatment by her Iraqi captors was better than US gave jailed Iraqis

"Kick one for me" John Debbyshire

Al Franken and Keith Olbermann on Jepardy now!!

Powell's Silence?

Tweety: Rummy's Iraq trip was a failed PR stunt

I have declared war on zombies!!!

Berg's 'bizarre mystery with a connection to 9/11' -misc. updates

who do freepers blame for the Abu Ghraib prison affair

Is it me or does Dave Letterman ask politicians the best question?

Tom "Cockroach" DeLay sinks to new low....(possible? yes!)

Stanford Univ. simulates imprisonment....psychological impact

Are ANY of these reasons AGAINST outsourcing invalid?

Buchanan in Tweety: He had some pointers for Kerry that made sense

I can't wait for the day that I'll never have to hear *'s voice again.

Question for anyone whoses familiar with islam

Richard Ben-Veniste in my alumni newsletter....

E-Mails From U.S. Consulate in Iraq to Bergs

Are cheap white plastic chairs and yellow walls real common in Iraq?

Olbermann's Sound Bites-Jesse Ventura looked like Charles Manson

When can we expect Plame related indictments?

I just saw the video...

Is your number up? (The Draft)

More on Israeli movers

New truthout Writer Kicks Ass! 'Shaft the Reservists, Spare the Spooks'

OK. Tell me about BushCo / al Qaeda connections...slowly..

On the baner ad for the DU fundraiser

Kerry Missing an Opportunity

Bush ad sites wrong company, wrong workers and wrong state

Check this out! With regards to Berg's "beheading"

Need some advice - please

What happened to Air America in San Francisco and San Jose?

I will make a wager that Osama gets captured real soon, they

"this war was a mistake" bandwagon

yet another discrepancy - Berg pics have socks, then no socks

What BIG mistake will Bush make next?

Regarding Gold jewelery and islam

DU Guilt - Book me a "guilt trip" first class!

Arianna Huffington on Majority Report NOW 9:30pm

Should Atheism be taught in schools?

CNN.Com Friend: Berg says he was in US custody

Now THIS puts things into perspective...

How many McVeigh's have been spawned in this war?

If your state/local Democratic Party lacks organization... GET ACTIVE!

Quote from a Bushie at work: "Bush is unelectable."

Kerry on Faux News Now!

BREAKING: pResident Bush decapitated Nick Berg with the help of the UFOs!

How many DUers speak multiple languages?

Bush and Condi nixed three chances to capture/kill Zarqawi.

Any links to translation of the speech given on the Berg snuff film yet?

Jeanine Garofalo just said it is not "Joementum" but "Joeynertia" LOL n/t

Bumper sticker I saw today: "President Bush: Integrity Restored"

Richard Myers - Chain of Command

England says she was told by superiors to pose with leash, etc

A tip on how to deal with all the Berg threads

Berg's father put's out sign, "WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER" on lawn!

Rumsfeld's arrogance is beyond belief!

I had forgotten about this. But Daschle did say that there is extremism

On the Chimp's Osama flip-flop, is there a news source for the quotes?

Kerry blames Bush

Best West Virginia Female Soldier in Iraq

Here. These are for you Scumfeld. Hope this catches on

Post THE most ludicrous tinfoil hat Berg story you've heard here.

I'm not voting for Bush but I find Kerry uninspiring......

Do you invest in the stock market?

I can't believe that Kerry is even considering Jon Warner

Bill O'Reilly is a big, blubbering, -------

The Tide Has Turned

Blair urged to loosen ties with US

"Stick it to them" May 19

Bush is in trouble, Kerry is not honest, Nader is Reform party, not Green

The Right-Wing Repubs are Really, Really, Really Over-Confident...

Some possible lessons learned about the Iraq debacle...

Judge Denies Bid to Stop Gay Marriages - Fundies vow to go to SCOTUS

Americans for Democratic Action - voting records of candidates

American prestige? Prestige is for wimps!

Compuware pay cuts for programmers-isn't Compuware involved w/BBV?

NC DUers Heads-up (Winston-Salem area) Cheney Visit Next Monday

Martha fights back...decks Julia Child...

Rummy: 'I'm a survivor'. Yeah, you ain't in the fuckin war

Antiwar Group Protests Torture in Front of Rumsfeld's House

The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012

I am so fucking pissed off.....

Who Organized the Beheading of Nick Berg – and Why ?

ha ha, Republican Natl Committee Convention Schedule

Wes Clark & Madeline Albright events for Martin Frost (D-TX)

Slip Slidin Away. Down the Slippery Slope.

"My son died for the sins of George Bush" -- Michael Berg

Sessions (R-TX) slumping, Frost (D-TX) swings hot bat

I did not watch the video. Did Al-Zarqawi limp? He has only one leg

Countdown: new PICTURE shows MI and MP organizing abuse during

DiCaprio's on board

Nightline 5/13: The CIA's secret prison system and the "disappeared"

"It was hard to tell what orifice you were looking at in the pictures"

A Way To Rationalise Berg's Beheading Helping * ---> Evil Helps Evil

Where is the soldier telling Rummy to go?

William Kristol coming up on Daily Show

Nightline (05/13/04) - Secret CIA prisons overseas, doing who knows what

Reservist Fights for Life in Baghdad Hospital

Nightline-Secret CIA Prisons

Sonia Ghandi's party wins upset victory in India.

What is your stance on the Mexican Border??

Please tell me how Berg was captured, why he was detained by US & etc...

Is the phrase "DINO" overused here on DU?

Did anyone else notice the Hilary Clinton slam on Angel?

What ever happened to that 9/11 Commission?

Cheeky bastards!!!

Right on Cue, the New York Post: "FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL!"

Another Conservatives switches... Michael Savage

Someone stole my Kerry sticker; hope it was for a good cause.

Oh, lord...the Lynndie England sex video?!?

One of the American torturer is a black guy?

Why right-wing Xtian fundies are not pacifists

27% of working adults in Texas have NO health insurance

A former journalist's view of the Berg footage

BBV: Recounts will be a thing of the past.

Bush Refuses to Condemn Proponents of Torture

The NAZI HYDRA in America...

When did the term "elite media" creep into our national rhetoric?

Israeli Torture Template: Rape, Feces and Urine-Dipped Cloth Sacks

The website that posted the butchering of Nick Berg has been shut down

Questions -- Berg's computer password and why the masks?

Sorry, DUers, but....can somebody please post a link to the Berg video?

Flaws in the American way of life

UFO's cought on infrared camera in Mexico

I argued with my Biology teacher about Civil Liberties today...

Has any official come up with an explation for the orange jumpsuit

Is there no cure for the religiously insane?

Beth A. Payne of the US Consulate in Iraq exists!

Arrested Israeli "mover" is son of Likud Party spokesman

EVERY Du researcher MUST see this thread in LBN !!! NOW

What will be done about the abuses that weren't photographed?

National Poll shows support for Impeachment

Will a desperate Bush dump Cheney for Giuliani?

bushquote: 'i've seen the pictures, like you i have been disgraced'

Have you heard the word "Muqtadists"?

They ought to strap Bush down...

Classic Nazi quotes (to educate your Freeper friends and family)

freep-maiL - this just in

Kinky for Governor

Kerry's Positive Plans for a Happier, Wealthier, and Wiser, America

Catholic Voters Guide from

A tale of Two Candidates - a Timeline

Tom Friedman can kiss my asp.

Hatians Seized, Abused by Marines

BBV - Elections official warns glitches may scramble vote auditing - ES&S

Good News at the Old Water Cooler

What's going on with Major league baseball??

Gas Prices

WHY is Zell Miller STILL a "Democrat"??

I am not a Nazi. I am an American

CBS leads with Nick Berg story. Calling it a bizarre mystery.

America's Rape Rooms by Max Blumenthal

Why The Polls Don't Add Up - Andrew Kohut

another anomaly in Berg murder: gold ring of executioner

Rumsfeld laughing last year about the war on terror

DU Political Scale and Census: Where are you? Where is DU?

Randi tearing a FReepers ass right now...

Berg email from consulate - save this image

Bill Kristol on "The Daily Show" says Kerry shouldn't be elected because

I want every lurking freeper to read this

Now, "Global Dimming"....

Will there be protests against Bush at the Olympics?

The point about lack of training isn't as lame as we think

OCTAVIA NASR discussing Berg incident ; CNN transcript.

Task Force 121 ? Gen. Boykin? POW torture in Iraq? = WTF?

What's the most significant aspect of DU to you?

Take The Kerry Challenge!

Intresting thing on Randi Roades Show... soldiers temporarily converted t

Will ex-President Bush face prosecution?

Gov. Ehrlich opens his mouth: "multiculturalism is...crap....bunk"

Bush would do these 12 things about Torture in Iraq if he cared.

Return of the White Wall Mart Chair

Doctor Declares Berg Video a Fake

March NBC story said White House turned down chances to go after Zarqawi

the Petition Site offers a Global Apology for Abuse in Iraq (sign here)

Berg Incident Seems... Strange

Bush's best chance for victory in November, end the war

DU reader declares video NOT a fake. A technical analysis.

BBV: news about Riverside, California and the lawsuit

Videos exist of satanic ritual abuse committed by US military and mercs.

Banned In Kalamazoo

Global oil demand expected to jump

Chinese pro-democracy writer jailed for `education'

WHO Finds New Way to Snub Taiwan at Summit

AP: U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq Bomb Blast

Iraqi politician wants US to quit jails

In Spanish, Bush Ad Takes Negative Turn


Salon: One Minute from Abnormal (Karen Hughes' obsession with *)

Chilling new evidence of the brutal regime at Iraqi prison

Israel's Housing Apartheid

India government faces poll defeat (dupe)

North Korea suggests peace treaty to settle nuclear dispute

U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq Bomb Blast

Kerry says 2004 election important, touts Clinton legacy

Findings due in Iraq photo probe

Dean Announces "Dean Dozen"

Reporter says Berg held in custody entire time by US authorities

Arab media disagree on story of beheading

News roundup: Congress "disgusted", "appalled", "shaken" by new photos

Frist: Latest torture images are "appalling"

Kerry Assails Bush On Iraq [Kerry kicks ass, takes names... WP]

Hastert rips White House

Globe Grows Darker as Sunshine Diminishes 10% to 37%

More Fighting in Iraqi Holy City of Kerbala

Ukraine opposition demands Iraq pullout

Kerry Assails Bush on Iraq! (Washington Post)

Okay, but What Do You Really Think? (Rabinowitz e-mails Breitweiser)

Ken Dryden to run for Liberals, says report (Canada)

US abuse of Afghan prisoners systemic-rights group

Rumsfeld Makes a Surprise Visit to Baghdad

Hecla to put $30 million into Venezuela mine

Killing of mine chief shocks Zim business

Jobless claims rise

Line Increasingly Blurred Between Soldiers and Civilian Contractors

Venezuela remains price hawk

US Refiners: No Quick Fix to High Gasoline Costs

Gandhi's Congress Take Surprise Lead in Election

'They abused me and stole my dignity' - Saddam Salah al-Rawi

April PPI up 0.7%; retail sales down 0.5%; jobless claims up to 331,000.

Nader Wins Endorsement From Reform Party

US facing huge loss of credibility across Middle East

Boston adopts stricter stand on gay outsiders

Hizb Allah condemns beheading


David Hicks claims physical abuse at Guantanamo Bay (Transcript)

82 percent of Iraqis oppose U.S. occupation

Kerry lambastes Bush: 'ineptly prosecuted war'

Economic reports show inflation, cooling retail sales

Slain man's family struggles to cope with media attention

Brazil expels New York Times reporter for offensive story

Two US servicemen killed in Iraq

Foreign Minister Rings Alarm On Iraq - a 'black Hole Sucking Up" the World

Illegal Drug Marketing Admitted

The victim: More than work drew him to Iraq

EU plans to talk trade in Syria

France Raises Alarm Over Iraq Chaos

Moscow 'has most billionaires'

Ga. Mayor Dies of Apparent Suicide

Venezuela evicts US military

Family of beheaded US hostage seeks closure and clarity

U.S. to reveal alleged Nazi sympathizers

Greek extremist group threatens Olympic visitors

Diplomat's e-mails show Berg in custody

Hizb Allah condemns beheading

Boston Nixes Out-Of-State Gay Marriages, 3 Other Cities Say OK

Troops Get a Chance to Question Rumsfeld

Troops Get a Chance to Question Rumsfeld - WaPo

Supporters Outnumber Protesters At Matthew Shepard Play


Red Cross Report Criticizes Guantanamo Prison

FEC Rejects Limits on 'Soft Money' Groups

Guard Deployments Worry Some States

U.S Missile Shield Won't Work, Scientist Group Says

Greek group 'behind Athens bombs'

SpaceShipOne flies again

Rumsfeld to Troops: We're So Proud

Labor leader arrested in demonstration by Seattle grocery workers

Berg died for Bush, Rumsfeld 'sins' - father

(NY St. Sen.) Velella to plead guilty to felony rap, spend a year in jail

State Department Announces Libya Is Halting Military Trade With North Kore

Mass. preparing for a rush of gay weddings

U.S.Iraq Consular Officer Payne)Diplomat's E-Mails Show Berg in US custody

Bush -via PR Scott McClellan-refuses to condemn Torture Proponent Rush

Online Co. Shuts Down Site With Beheading

A quarter of China's population at risk as glaciers start melting

U.S. Missile Shield Won't Work: Scientist Group

White House Officials to Rework Iraq Funding Plan

2005 request for war funds to top $50 billion

Diplomats start to panic over Britain's support for Bush

Bush reaches out to GOP lawmakers

Eurocorps to take over ISAF command in August

A deepening rift at the Pentagon

Rumsfeld confident of new countries joining coalition in Iraq

Al-Zarqawi Murdered Berg, CIA Concludes

Anti-War Campaigners Announce Bush Visit Demos (Ireland)

Official Says War Budget to Exceed $50B

Balkans Soldiers Find Fortune in Baghdad


Al Jazeera - Arabs react to Berg decapitation

Bush seeks nearly unlimited say in how to spend $25 billion for Iraq, Afgh

Federal Judge Rejects Bid To Halt Gay Marriage In Mass.

FBI told police to hold Berg

Dallas teacher accused of telling class to hit boy

Paper Apologies for Running Fake Photo (Boston Globe)

Chile's Pinochet victims testify

Police Chief Denies Arresting Beheaded American (Mosul)

House to Vote on Tax Cut Bill

Cell Phone Directory Raises Concerns (Fox)

In subtle shift, German companies push some workers to put in longer hours

Ingram: Mirror photos were faked

(CA) Governor's budget calls for cuts and borrowing, pins hope on economy

Madrid suspect 'never went to Spain'

Pentagon admits Iraq methods violated Geneva rules

Heard on Randi Roades Show, caller claims soldiers lent to private firms

Head Start Salary Pay Gets Renewed Scrutiny

Arabs still reeling from sexual nature of abuses at Iraq's Abu Ghraib pris

Leader of 1986 Hijacking Plot Sentenced to Life in Prison

Pentagon report faults policies on sexual assaults

Rice Likens Terrorists to Klansmen

SpaceShipOne makes third rocket-powered flight

House blocks vote on overtime

Red Cross Says Abuse Photos Can't Be Shown

Violence among girls on the rise

Limbaugh attacks prosecutors in full-page ads

Boeing optimism for 767 fading

House Votes to Lock In Part of Tax Cut

Video records soldier's plans to join al-Qaida

Berg father blames President Bush for his son's beheading

Nova Scotia may force oil companies to warn consumers of gas price hikes

Pentagon Won't Release More Abuse Photos

Photo may show intelligence officers in charge

dupe - sorry :(

WP: Congress Hesitant to Give a 'Blank Check'

Nader likely to be on state ballot (Florida)

BBC (early Friday): Britons tell Bush of 'US abuse' at Guantanamo

FBI Interviewed Berg on Possible Moussaoui Link

WP: Numbers, History Bode Ill For Bush

Bush reaches out to GOP lawmakers

Rumsfeld on Surprise Visit to Baghdad

Wave of mental problems follows GIs home

Powell says "nothing has gone wrong" in Iraq

Bush campaign hits $200 million milestone

Dunkin' Donuts to Enter Some Wal-Mart Stores in Blow to Krispy Kreme

Liberal Talk Show Shuts LA, Chicago Sales Offices

Blair urged to loosen ties with US

Grad student decodes redacted portions of Aug 9th PDB

New Iraqi Gov't Can't Expel U.S. Troops

WP: Beheading Victim 'Loved Adventure and Risk'

WP: Wolfowitz Draws Democrats' Ire

BBV - Elections official warns glitches may scramble vote auditing - ES&S

Blair: 'I will remain shoulder to shoulder with George Bush'

CBS: Bizarre New Link in Berg Murder (Berg and Moussaoui)

Election Panel Won't Impose New Spending Limits on Groups

City discusses vaccinations, bio-terrorism

World Bank Corruption May Top $100 Bln

OHIO POLL: Kerry 50 - Bush 43

Roh impeachment overturned

Iraq prison abuse a 'failure of leadership': Powell

Gang indictment includes terror charges

India's Gandhi Sweeps Hindu Nationalists from Power

Maytag CEO Says U.S. Workers Must Cut Costs

Kerry views Iraq abuse images, blames Bush

Oil prices jump above $41 a barrel

CIA Says Al-Zarqawi Beheaded Berg in Iraq

Diplomat's E-Mails Show Berg in Custody

E-mails from U.S. consulate to Bergs

NDP takes Hamilton seat from Ontario Liberals - Globe and Mail

Executioner wore gold ring - forbidden by Islam

Powell says Bush was 'informed' of Red Cross concerns

Pope expected to tell Bush he is wrong

Photo may show intelligence officers in charge (New photo)

NYT: U.S. Soldier Paints a Scene of Eager Mayhem at Iraq Prison

Pakistani investigated for possible terror ties (Tx)

Danish nurses saw results of brutal treatment of Iraqis by British troops

Bloggers doubt Berg execution video

New Iraqi Govt Can't Expel U.S. Troops

Israeli missile strikes kill 19 Palestinians

Clues From Graphic Tape of Beheading Could Help Identify Killers

Secret US jails hold 10,000

Ok, this is a "welcome" thread...I'm Mad_Russian, and I'm happy to be here

I don't want to dash your wishes -



Angelus wants to make 600 you think he can do it?

Breyer's Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip ice cream

I sure hope Americans don't vote like American Idol viewers!

Just to make this clear...

Just had a scare, from M & M's.

What happens when the Freepers fight?

Can anyone give me some basic HTML help?

I did it! I broke down and got Sirius satellite radio today!!

May 13 insomniac thread

I just upgraded to Opera 7.5 and I'm disoriented, ask me anything!

Ok, I am probably going to take some flak for this one...

Ok, I am probably going to flake some yak for this one...

Are Aaron Brown and Anderson Cooper an item?

can you guess who this guy is? . . .

Kerry's Campaign Staff

Look for the Union Label

A Morning Rant

Thank you, whoever gave me a star!

Dead Fugitive Found In California - Alive

the WW II memorial and W's Memorial

Kansas DUers, check in and let us know that you're OK!

Parliament Guards Knock Teeth Out Of Elderly Woman In Scuffle

My 100th post!

the "Freepers Enemy List"

Diane Watson (D-CA) on Washington Journal this morning

Burbon & Cola Sold In Pepsi Can To 8 Year Old - She Got Drunk

Nebraska county official sues over $4.80 lunch bill

ESD - Extra Special Doonesbury today

Toilet paper pays off(literally)

Man Says Tornado Made Him Try To Kill

German TV viewer sues to keep Danish royal wedding off TV

Good Morning DU!

A Naughty Bunny

G8 Summit Riots Took Toll On Sex Drive

Floridians Need To Watch Out For Giant African Land Snails

Pole Dancing Is Latest Womens Fitness Craze

Thanks for listening to my personal issues here.

Smoking Soldiers Ignited Ammo Disaster

Burglar's bathroom break gets him busted

NPR Listeners Don't Like "Coarse" Quote About Virgins

Cannabis cookie chef jailed

Chinese Cola Coming To A Store Near You

Dead Men Tell No Tales -- Nor Claim Insurance

maybe I'm thick, but what does the blue states in the donation ad mean?

Deputies Sue After They Found Glass In Their McDonald's Burgers

Britney(Spears) Gets a Harsh Message from Beau's Furious Ex

Man tries cryogenics on self. Puts own head in freezer. Dead

Caution's subversive song of the day

Stars face unmade beds as hotel staff strike

Woman Shoots Husband over Internet Porn

Drunken Priest Shoots Mayor Dead


That's it...I've had enough...I'm leaving too.

Would Hollywood make a film like "Dr. Strangelove" today?

My take on The Blondie concert last night. She rocked

Iraq Prison Blues (with apologies to Johnny Cash)

New puzzle for war code breakers

I'm arriving!

Bicyclist runs into police cruiser

Bankers??? How long til a credit is posted to your charge acct?

I miss you guys

Rape Suspect Jumps Out Of Cop Car - Sheds Clothes - Runs Naked Down Street

Do we have DUers in Montana, Utah or Rhode Island??

Here check this out (cool multimedia)

Please Read!!!

Good thoughts appreciated!

Grammar peeve: "you and I" vs. "you and me"

I made my donation!


I mailed some $$ to DU this morning


Admin grammar peeve: "Stay the course" vs. "Me stupid!"

well I feel better...I think I'll buy a PS2

I posted this request at the GD forum.

Just another shameless plug

Ain't no stopping us now -- Whitehead shot, dead

"Don't Snivel Later, Register to Vote" LOL!

Private Eye: "The Picture that Shamed America"

Grammar peeve: "Yinz" vs. "You"

Any Jamie Callum fans?

Professor Not Convinced There Is More Sex During Blackouts

Hey, Dr. Greg Cynamoun - I'm suffering from Cortislim poisoning!

Colleges Offering Video Game Studies

Flame me flame me flame me

Gotta hand it to the dude

Peeved about peeves.

DU ladies: summertime special: The stick-on bikini

DK Publishing Recalls Children's Books

George Bush/SNL Theory

Peeved Gramma

Gramma Peeve: Scary Mustache

I need some advice about work...

We hear their heartbeat

django rheinhardt

Aging Octopus Finds Love at Last

Fried calamari for lunch, won't you join us?

This one cries for a caption

Cartoon: Guardian's Steve Bell

Time to needlessly fictionalize DU

Don't Forget! Al Franken on Jeopardy Tonight!

Time to fractionally needle DU

Ouch!!! Did anyone see that clip of Jorge Posada getting his nose broke?

Senior Citizen Busted for Pot Cultivation

The Cicada Mania Wedding Planner..

Caption: smoke n' mirrors?

California's first lady launches charm offensive

Time to needlessly funkalize DU!

Burmese Pythons Endangering Everglades

Hey! Guess who is getting a $500 BONUS on June 4th

Salon: Pregnancy article and letters it provoked

I just saw a robbery and attempted assault, ask me anything!

anybody here know much about David Noeble?

McCain's running

Party at Underpants June 6

Time to needlessly Shizzolate DU!

Yer Killing me! (but it feels OK)

The Poetry of Donald Rumsfeld - set to music

Alleged cross-dressing thieves hound dealerships

*This* is why I do what I do!

Oklahoma Police Looking for Grease Thief(stole 5,000 pounds)

Cute little animals! (Yeah right)

How appropriate - Daily Show Flashback: Bush vs. Bush

How long did it take for you to be *hooked* on DU?

Anyone know any sites that hosts images for web posting?

Should I post my picture in the gallery?

I don't know if anyones seen this before

Got a Kerry campaign kit in the mail today

Does CNN's Barbara Starr remind anyone else of...

So, who should I torment today?

Happy birthday, STEVIE WONDER!

Can someone come over and clean my house?

the DU fundraiser's map of america



How Pols Bag Sex Interns

satellitesister , Welcome to DU

Bring back Flippy Smiley!

Praise The Lord! No more Frasier after tonight!!!!!!!!!

Make sure you read Tom the Dancing Bug today


Latest picture of Erin!

As a % of the population New Mexico has the most DU donors.

Who remembers "Mom, Do You Ever Get That 'Not So Fresh Feeling'?"

Who remembers Lando Calrissian shilling 40 ounces?

Bathers warned of kick-boxing shrimp

Who Remembers "One Shot and Your're Good for the Whole Day"??

I made a kid cry - but it's a funny story

kitten free zone - cute puppies only (pics)

OK that's 500

Cliched saying pet peeve "John Henry" vs "John Hancock"

I used to have a host site for pictures

The Darkening Clouds all CAPTIONS!!

Help: Anniversary Gift Ideas

How fast do you drive.

The Teenie-Weenie Itsie-Bitsie Tinie-Whinie of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Uh-Oh I found out what Grovelbot is doing with all the money

Caption: About half legless...

Seeing Stars? Then CAPTION

Caption: JP2 tests new public convenience

Had my first Omaha Steak the other day

My state (MN) is already blue! What red-state DUer wants my DU donation?

Who remembers "Gee, Your Hair Smells Teriffic!"

Going for the One this weekend

Rum's On the Rocks (sung to "Love On The Rocks")

Congratulations sus!!! 400 posts!!!

Consuelo Zitkus – 5/13/1926 – 9/18/1998

Texas Teenagers Arrange Street Fight on Internet

Any fans of Mars Attacks?

George W Bush: Punk icon?

I made Grovelbot cry - but it's a funny story

How in god's name will TBS be showing "Sex and the City"

Has Anyone Ever Cheated on You...

Who can recite part of the ending monologue from "The Breakfast Club"?

Famous people's high school graduation pics.

Do you get out of bed immediately in the morning...

OK... finished watching West Wing...

Hey! My Republican mother in Ohio is now calling herself a Dem!

DU inventors

Whats the stupidest thing you've ever done?

Caption Rummy @ Abu Ghraib

How many tickets have you had in the past 10 years?

Another "hate America" liberal

Question for DU Jews

So, you're in DETENTION...

Geeks: I humbly ask for a MS Excel trick

Aging Octopus Finds Love at Last

Enough of the food threads, I'm starving!

Everyday phrases that sound dirty - but they aren't

BBQ CHICKEN, mac and cheese and salad- DINNER

Any crouton experts out there?

Favorite mime pictures.

Which action hero are YOU?

"What if a bear walks into the bar and you are unarmed and it eats you?"

Bad combovers, power tools and ADORABLE KITTENS Thread

Any futon experts out there?

Any Poupon experts out there?

Law and Order fans, whats with (spoiler)

Best McLean Stevenson Series

Best Jackie Gleason Series

Louisiana Bill Would Ban Low-Slung Pants

Power Jeopardy - Al Franken, Gretchen Carlson, Keith Olbermann today.

OK, everybody, sing's Harry Belafonte time..Day-O!

Which Frasier Crane do you prefer?

I am so mad I'm shaking. (warning RANT)


"Funny Looking House Cat" Turns Out To Be Bobcat Goldthwait

Are "ornamental peppers" edible?

Are "oriental paupers" edible?

Are "ornamental puppies" edible?

Geez, y'all are missing the fun one: Are ornamental POPPIES edible?

Are "Ornamental Poopies" Edible?

What's Your Favorite Don Knotts' Movie?

What does the "State" mean in "The State Department"?

My boss hates me

I am so angry that Aphasia lost last night on American Idol!!!

This is a RAVE!!!

This is my FAVE

Britney(Spears) caught between a Rock and a Hard Place

Time to needlessly factionalize DU

This is a DAVE!

What this lounge needs is a good laugh!!!!

Cheesy movies you love.

Cutting edge ideas for a debate on billingual education...?

This is a WAVE!!!

New Gravity Defying Bikini Is Strapless AND Backless!

What's the best way to pop an abscess?

Both My Countries are Going to Hell

Are "ornamental preppies" edible?

I'll Miss Frasier and Friends... But I'll Be Glad That The HYPE Is Over...

Tennesee Grammar Peeve: "Y'ant to?" vs "you want to?"

This is a nave.

I'm outta beer...

This is a CAVE!!!

Now here's a funky article!

Favorite James Dean movie?

Damn, had to relight the furnace

What's the most exotic insulting name you've been called?

This is a navel

We ALMOST have donations from all 50 states: Need Rhode Island

Rescued kitty wins National Chili Eating Contest..........

Favorite Lucille Ball TV Series?

Where's a good place to find reasonable mens' fashions?

Are we "Childish" or "Child-like"?

Postcards for our troops Update...

Rescued kitty crashes church picnic....makes off with 6 pack........

I'm outta luck.....M-Jean03's the one outta beer...

Anyone know where I can get good Democratic clip art?

I have never seen an episode of "Fraiser"

Attn: Photoshoppers, whats the

Bobcat too much for you? Still want a big-ass cat?

I wouldn't trust this government to conduct a



Last night of Frazier.......Goodbye FINALLY.

Navel Lint --- Any Hints?


Have you ever declared "I'M OUTTA HERE" then hung around to

Which of these quotes best reflects your view of today's world?


Thank God LaToya London FINALLY got booted off Idol! It's about time!



Thank you for helping me write my column this week.....

Show me your Kerry stickers!

Bugs Bunny actor arrested after standoff

Rupert will win the "Survivor Popularity Contest" tonight.

Bush brandishes imaginary spliff, approves of jobs, forms Asian committee

What kind of inanimate (or just no longer alive) object would you be?

Rupert! Rupert! Rupert!

Naval Stint --- Any Hints?

Where's the Atom and His Package fans?!?

ooooouch, Damming cartoon

The following song is now stuck in my head....

Question for those in the S.F. Bay Area.

Does Dan Rather Need PolyGrip?

Favorite Bob Newhart series?

I just heard the most heartbreaking radio interview.

"Donnie Darko" - who were you in HS? Donnie? His sister? The bunny?


Which country makes the best wine?

The In-n-Out Double Double w/ Cheese Meal and Cuddly Kittens Thread

I figured it out: Dr Phil IS Dabney Coleman with the toupee off!!!

I have declared war on zombies!!!

Spoiler Winner of the Million on Survivor been announced

Anybody Gots Any Gasoline and Matches?

I don't like the Flyers black jerseys.

Dryer Lint---Any hints

What do you like to do on a rainy day?

NICE GUYS FINISH FIRST!!!!!(Survivor Spoiler)

I am married to a fellow DUer...

South Park: Don't Forget To Bring A Towel!

This is a KNAVE

Favorite Ayn Rand song?

I see trees of green,

Do You Gesticulate?

Please Read: People are stupid and they suck and I hate some of them!

City Declares "No Communist" Zone

What song has the best "Get Up And Boogie" beat?

God, I miss Doug.

Can anyone explain to me how to make dumplings

What makes the Evil Kitties so mean?

BREAKING: pResident Bush decapitated Nick Berg with the help of the UFOs!

Massive quantities of Haldol and Thorazine needed in GD *stat*!

DU Gallery poll

Do you like to argue?

Movies recommended by friends that SUCKED!!!!

Favorite phony cussword II: Electric Boogaloo

Question about air travel

need help with terms for history test

Daily Show on Now

78 degrees, 65 degree dew point, 66 percent humidity = yuck!

Favourite Jimmy Dean Sausage?

Favorite Simpsons episode

The "Who does what for a living" thread

My right hand is sore, ask me anything!

I'm the bastard son of Grovelbot, ask me anything!

Gandalf for president!!

Someone explain to me how I can fly in a dream.

I'm outta cheer...

I am so fucking pissed off.....

Are the moderators still keeping tabs on our deleted posts?

is it, 'unbefuckinglievable', or, 'unfuckingbelievable'?

If you hired a stand-up comedian to perform for you & your friends...

My Semester is done.

I Don't Care If He Is Paul McCartney

If thongs are made criminal, Only criminals will wear thongs!

How many watched the last Frasier tonight?

we need help getting photo of Berg with the 5 men standing behind him and

Al Franken is so cool! (spoilers)


This week's reunion shows:

So What SHOULD We Do With That Tossed Salad And Scrambled Eggs?

Any other GIS freaks in the Lounge? Wanna start a collective?

Lewis Black is kicking ass.

For those of you who just saw Jon Stewart interview Kristol

You can have Lynndie England on your chest ANYTIME!

What if Jesus ran for office as a democrat?

Are images not loading on DU?

I want to have Derek Fisher's babies nt

Rescued Kitty Turns Out To Be Bobcat

Turkish Star Trek!

Does anyone else think Letterman's top 10 list is a big bore?

Frasier has left the building

Windows Millennium

How much is Free Republic worth to you? (PLEASE READ)

they day I met "Roz" from Frasier...

My day, my day, O holy crap on a crutch, my freakin' day...

guitarists: anyone know where i can find a tab for 'heaven' by....

I'm watching a horrifying show on the History Channel.

Ever have someone compliment you on your underarm deodorant?

David Hasselhoff Online..."DHTV"...Must..Wash...Eyes...Now!

good ideas or not?

OK, DUers, what is 'American food'?

How long do you take in the shower/tub...

Will Smarty Jones win the 2nd Crown ?? ....

Flaunt it, Even if they say you don't have it!

What is the most wholesome movie you've seen?

Favorite Dean Martin song?

The "24 Hour Kittens, We Never Close" and Nascar Thread!

i'm leaving. nobody post until i get back

How do you like your orange juice

Grammar peeve: "yous guys" vs. "y'all"

Someone explain to me why planes fly?

Flame on!!! I love the Grateful Dead - I'm a fuckng DeadHead!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buckaroo Banzai Theme Song.

STING: Brilliant artist or pretentious poopypants?

"Lower expectations": secret of wedded bliss????

Help Greenpeace Fight Ashcroft's Bullies!

I do not like the way Domino's slices its pizzas.

Caption our steady leader

Black Thread

What Is The "Suffix" To Your Home's Street Name?

Why you should never post your picture on the internet!


Two weeks old tomorrow...

I am so fucking pissed off I missed the Lakers game!!!

Hummer jokes

Okay, is this a cicada?

Grammer Peeve: "Frasier" is not funny

Anyone know anything about Workers Comp?

Ayn Rand -- conservative or liberal?

DiCaprio's on board

Thread Killing Services

The ladies be sitting on the edge of the Crab dock.

Graphic Naked Sex Pictures Thread!

A question about electicity for physics buffs/ electricians

Name your favorite Film Directors and THEN...

Whitewater rafting students find themselves up shit-creek

I Think DU Needs A Slogan...

Todd Rundgren is a GOD

Official Spurs/Lakers Game 5 thread !!!

BHT: food preservative an effective treatment for HEP-C-AIDS ? ?

I'm out, a queer

I humbly request your prayers this evening and Fri morning

NYT: Candidates Face Sprawling Electoral Map

Wes Clark says "he (John Kerry) could have chosen an easy life"

GOP convention?

Don't rush abuse trials, Kerry urges

Why is the dem convention so much earlier than the RNC's?

Hillary: Thanks, But No Thanks - VP

Earl K. Long for Vice President!

Is there anyone left that doubts Nader is a tool of the right wing?

How's this to help our guy in November--use the phrase "Kerry on"

Convention budget overruns pose new woes

Gotta DU this poll

The Dean Dozen

Comedy campaign : satirical websites

Bush slogan "Things are tough, stay the course" is a winner?

is Evan Bayh trying out for vp ?

Kucinich & Sean Pean in Portland

Can a Prez Candidate Refuse to Debate?

a pretty picture to get you through your day

Let's Hope * Doesn't Pull An LBJ And Quit The Race.

LOL Check out Kerry's new web gif

New ACT poll showing Kerry leading in Florida reported by ABC

Kerry tries to be man of people (with links to political satire sites)

Kerry: Veterans Earned Their Health Care

Just saw BUSH/911 ad with firefighter father, flag draped coffins, WTC

kerry better clean up his language...from a linguistic POV

Help me write a brief comment ...

Kerry assails Bush on Iraq Washington Post

Tad Devine: "We're going into the red states"

Ohio ARG poll: Kerry 49 Bush 42 Nader 2

What happens if Kerry wins (Nov-Jan '05)?

How Kerry Can Win, By Bernie Sanders

MSNBC Poll: Kerry 70 Bush 26 Nader 5

More Intrigue in Veep-Stakes

60 Minutes II suggestion

Kerry on Fox with Colmes now.

If Kerry wins it'll be primarily due to what?

Damn, another nasty ad by Bush against Kerry

More Kerry VP rumors

I bet Kerry made his VP decision today.

Reassessing: Right now, looks like the most important campaign '04 issue

Kerry's "Lay low" or "Rope-a-Dope" strategy, which seems smart

Bush Education Ad: Going Positive, Selectively

Latest Poll: Kerry 50 Bush 45

Media alert Arron Brown will soon discuss Kerry's Veep selection.

GOP "frustrated" that Kerry won't fall into their propaganda trap.

NYT: Wes Clark, moving up in Veepstakes!

What is your preference among the VP candidates being considered? (5/13)

Arkansas Primary is Tuesday

Kerry's Campaign Theme

"I think that I'm more conservative than they are"

Evan Bayh... NO Republican!.. A Good Democrat

Cali, NY, Illinois and other blue staters....Donate to Ohio Dem party.

Wes Clark is moving on Up!!!!

PLEASE DU this petition and keep it kicked! Thank you! :)

Lucky Kerry got to take the General home with him!

Kerry Accuses Bush of Not Helping Veterans

Vets who know Bush best rally for Kerry in Texas.

Anybody else hoping its a Kerry/Graham ticket?

Latest Ohio Poll

Kerry just on CNN displaying a LIKEABLE personality & SENSE OF HUMOUR

Talking Point: Kerry Understands The Foot Soldier Perspective

Whether you like Gep or not you have to give him credit...

Who do you predict will win your county?

Howard Dean to campaign with John Kerry again (info on Kucinich also)

Kucinich should help Kerry out in Ohio!

Why is Kucinich still campaigning?

By the way, are the Democrats running anyone against Bush?

Since we're talking - What VP would best counter the Nader effect?

I thought he SUCKED in the primaries...

Repeat After Me: "Bush's Failed Presidency"

Kerry ad: "He Asked What He Could Do For His Country And Then He Did It"

Kerry Has No "Vision"