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Archives: May 12, 2004

Salon: Breaking GOP Ranks

The Abu Ghraib Spin

"bush has created more jobs in malaysia than in the us" ... ?

Most powerful weapon against the purge: checking

Small Report...

Does anyone know what Happened to Info Clearing House

I'm Leaving!

Bill Moyers on with Tavis Smiley tonight (5-11)

Is being a human being shameful?

Charlie Rose has the prison abuse issue tonight

Swing Voters


Cleveland:why liberal?

If Nick Berg was Jewish, why on earth did he go to Iraq?

Anybody see Russert one the Daily Show tonight?

Rummy and the POWs - Doublespeak and Double-Standard

Once again, al Qaeda comes around to rescue Bush in his hour of need

Nightline is MUST SEE TV tonight

Wasn 't Nick Berg a jew?

Should i post the video

tin foil hat : black ops

James Inhofe might just be the biggest scumbag on the planet

Is being a white hetrosexual male shameful?

pic of Paul Bremer and the Blackwater guards

I would like to take a moment to say a prayer for the poor man who was

Tomorrow will be a pivotal day for Bush...

Oswald totally perfectly aimed that bullet into the back of Kennedy's head

Bush will be able to turn the tide to be re-elected in Novermber? Poll

The introduction to my next book, if you're interested

Strange info emerging about Berg killing

One Soldier Assigned To First Marine Expeditionary Force Killed

Hollinger may sue Perle and Kissinger

Parents blame Bush for son's execution

UN Warned of Death Trap in Iraq/IPS---New World Media Watch

Foreigners Control Fifth of Mineral Wealth in American West, Study Shows

Rumsfeld Aide Defends Prison Policy on Interrogation

Today's ride was a Personal Best...

I've started having bad habit

All the serious news is making me think of the late cartoonist Dave Berg

Damn you Bagel Street!

Its pronounced tah-goo-bah, idiots!

Giant Rabbit (with warcriminal)

I Want David Palmer As President.

A Cooking Question For You Guys

Did Pamela Anderson stop aging 8 years ago?

24 Rules!!!!!!

ROFL Lettermans Top Ten slams bush..

The Shield

Du gardeners - a question

Giant Rabbit (no war criminal)

When Was The Last Time You Thought Of.... Pia Zadora

Tomorrow, on Oprah

"Deadwood": its like "Gun Smoke" except it's GOOD.

Thanks for the star.

What Pagan Gods Do You Like?

With This Post...

Another "fond" memory thread!

So, I'm trying to figure out my personal top 100 of the 1990s.

Kerry could connect with the nation now

Senate Rejects Extending Jobless Benefits

Rumsfeld isn't solely to blame for failures | Everett WA HeraldNet

A reversal of roles- US, India and Protectionism

Fight for oil

The US Bush knows is not the point | CSMonitor

LTTE: Mr. Rumsfeld's Responsibility

Bush I's book warned of misadventure

Another Gene Lyons Home Run

The shameful Muslim silence on Darfur

Excellent article from the Guardian on Iraq by Polly Toynbee...

Focus shifts to jail abuse of women

War Casts Shadow In 'Swingtown'

Overdosing on Islam--Kristof

Salon/Conason: Rumsfeld's ruinous deceptions

Not Just Following Orders

The Mexican Air Force spots UFOs?!?! (reuters)

First letter in Stars and Stripes to call for Rumsfeld's resignation

Basu: To Democrats: Was Kerry the right choice?

The Atlantic: Playing Dirty

My letter in Chicago Suntimes

Bill & Hillary: The Right's Secret Weapons

Surge in corporate profits not reaching average workers

What Greenspan Won't Admit About the Deficit

CNN Transcript On Nick Berg Murder

Morford: Genital Torture For Dummies

A Tale of Two Tortures


Time to Get the Hell Out (John Baer - Philadelphia)

"The man in the big white stone" - this may be required reading

HOW To Get Out Of Iraq (by John Brady Kiesling and others)

Is Koppel a Commie?

Kerry's Legendary Lead

Pat Buchanan - Voice of Reason? - part two

Kucinich Targets Convention

Beheaded Man's Firm Was On Right-Wing 'Enemies' List

Kerry’s Campaign Contradicts Critics - Joe Conason, NYO, SJC, BAD

E.J. Dionne: All-knowing administration should try listening to critics

Paul Krugman: A moral catastrophe begat by trust

Chicken Hawk groupthink?

Pollsters: Kerry aside, Bush is in trouble

Did FReeoers Kill Nick Berg?

Banned In Kalamazoo

The deranged mind of James Inhofe

Liberal radio is airing bad jokes and worst taste

Who's at fault for gas prices? Partly, it's us

Guardian story about one Iraqi Prisoner's ordeal

What the record shows: hypocrisy and lies over US torture of Iraqis

Political winds are favoring Kerry

Gen. Clark's bars could take Kerry far

Webb's World: Behead CBS

I, Visa: Why is U.S. immigration terrorizing British reporters?

Are liberal Christians phony?

Dopey Ads?

How can America get out of Iraq? (Schell/Chomsky/Zinn/Polk ideas)

Sidney Blumenthal: "...the US officer corps has turned on the government"

A Litigious Schwarzenegger Wants to Close the Door to Others

Kurt Vonnegut: Cold Turkey (In These Times)

The War is Lost By William Rivers Pitt

May 15th Peace Demonstration in Tulsa, OK

Ex-CIA Agent, Mel Goodman, to speak in Tulsa May 16th

San Antonio: Max Cleland & Vets for Kerry May 12

Send Shrub a Prescription for Preventing Unwanted Pregnancy

No longer a crime to feed the homeless in Tampa

Please help the children of Afghanistan. . .

Is anyone here familiar with ACORN?

Long Island March - United for Peace and Justice

Get Take it Back CD ..proceeds going to Guy James and DU

Head's up - Louisiana DUers - Bush in Old Metairie 5/21

Topeka Protest details - May 17

Int'l Day of Emergency Protests, Sat., June 5

Kerry on Imus

Vietnam pulls the plug on online dissent

NBC Closes Merger With Universal

Are Kenya's press watchdogs being muzzled?

'Fraser' star survived with friends' help

NY Daily News Scumbag trashes Air America

Michael Moore film is freed from Disney hell!

60 Minutes II - Iraq prison video diary, L England interview - mp3 & video

AAR management shake-up

Franken vs Coulter debate? Hubby says Al mentioned it on his show

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Tinfoil Hat

He's Mad As A Hatter:

Citigroup to Buy Mortgage Unit

Lufthansa lifts profit but not investors' spirits

Trade Deficit Numbers Swell

DIJA: Down 152 pts (-1.52%)

government's list of "tax expenditures" doesn't include payroll tax cap

fake jobs report

Comcast Internet now charging for 2 PCs

1 Dead, 3 Injured As Tank Blast Dumps 200,000 Gallons Of Sewage In Spokane

Western Fire Outlook Grim As Agencies Gear Up

Pacific NW - Northern Spotted Owls Down 50% In 10 Years

Hybrid Car Demand Goes Into Overdrive

HIMALAYAS: Endangered Snow Leopard

Manitoba Natives See Sweeping Changes In Weather, Land - Guardian

OPEC Powerless To Stem Oil Price Surge - Reuters

Globe Grows Darker as Sunshine Diminishes 10% to 37%

Environmental Disaster Movie Sparking Political Heat - NYT

Hybrid Mileage Comes Up Short

Nun whistleblower 'knew too much' - Mozambique

C-Span guest's comment on Arab world's perception of US

Iran's babyboomers will defeat the ayatollahs

Mary Rosh Speaks Up FOR Diebold

GUNS IN THE NEWS - May 12, 2004

Jim Moran (D-VA) takes on unregulated 50cal sniper rifles

I'm worried Bush will let the AWB pass in order to pander to soccermoms

Have you been shot?

John McCain is a spokesman for Americans for Gun Safety

Grovelbot Rocks...

Donation Leaderboard: Could it show foreign countries, too?

Look, I know the attentions are good, but the Donation Bot is offensive...

Donations and Privacy

Locking the Berg threads

Good Morning Admins

would you please archive the 'thread-killer' thread...

Legal alert.

How much money have you raised so far?

I'd like to donate thru Amazon Honor system but the Link

Self deleted

The back button function is in hyper mode today. What's up? said it man...

Thanks a lot, Skinner

Can we have a new forum?

Courage to Refuse group demonstrates at Gaza crossings

The other Jewish state

Christian groups say ties with Israel 'worst' ever

Land of Israel vs. State of Israel

Israel Fires Missile in Gaza

Israel claims it has infiltrated, crippled Hamas

The real post-Zionists

Increased interest in left-wing rally in the wake of Gaza attack

IDF reports casualties as bombs hit convoy near Rafah

Shame On You All

Questions surround young American

Obama takes 16-point lead in new poll

Kerry Low-Cost Fundraiser in Orlando

Kerry Vows to Win in Florida in November


State crime at 33-year low

Same-sex marriage bill in limbo - California

Los Angeles Folks: Kerry-oke Tonight (5/12) at Brass Monkey!

Feinstein: Rumsfeld shouldn't quit

Low-ticket unity rally & fundraiser for Kerry in Watertown May 23

Dean Johnson: kicking repub ass & taking names

Pawlenty on MPR

Ok - Who is running against that P.O.S. John Ramsey in MI?

Born in Salem...are we related?

Columbus DU'ers....a meet&greet is in order!

For Santorum, ‘Team’ Is First

Rendell To Watch BethWorks Plans

New Lehigh Valley Poll

Nick Berg

Max Cleland & Vets for Kerry in San Antonio Today May 12

So how many cities in Texas are worried about water

Richard Morrison one of Deans Dozen! YEAHHHHHHHH!

Gore to speak at banquet

Platform committee meeting May 16 in Ellensburg


My Local FOX Affiliate...

Some idiot on Dennis Miller "Varsity Panel" fully defending

DId Nick Berg support A.N.S.W.E.R.?

The repuke email blitz started back again tonight.

Was Nick Berg a Muslim Convert?

Bernie Ward is on a roll tonight...

"Democrats are NOT a buncha sissies" - MUST READ post from Digby

Is the RW one big cult ?

Can some one tell me the name of the

Mari333 says hi to all. She and family are okay. At Best.

I found a home here

LOOK! Cute kittens!!!

The Attempted Coup Against FDR

Hmmm? Hannity Had A Good Point Tonight With Russert.

Denver TV station airing Lynndie England interview.

Can the US reputation be saved..................

I hate being called dumb for saying the troops need to be brought home!!!

check out the hate mail ted rall got...

Women of Abu Ghraib: Six Photos

The Israeli Torture Template

The case for why an International Coalition needs to liberate the U.S.

What if the 4 contractors killed last month were "Interoggators"?

Protecting the System

For the tinfoil hat crowd: THE NWO DECK OF CARDS!

do you really think voting will make these monsters go away?

Do Freepers embolden the enemy? Do Al Qa'eda care?

did anyone catch the political comic in yesterday's nypost?

Bookmark this thread. Quick reference for US supported dictators.

Berg's father blames military and Bush for allowing his son to die.

Have all copies of the Berg video been scrubbed?

Tomorrow's Doonesbury 5/12...SPOILER

check out the hate mail ted rall got...

K Chronicles: "GW's Mama was Right"....

Self Delete...Sorry.

C-Span 8:45 ET anybody listening to Rashid Khalidi (Columbia University)

cnn poll: should we withhold abuse pics because of beheading?

People, it's just another day...

Take out a globe or world map, then find Iraq. Now do you see how the coun

Josh Marshall SLAMS Inhofe (OK-Nazi)


Key Abuser: Col. Thomas M. Pappas, Head of Interrogation -- First Photo!

in the months before Bergs beheading the Bergs filed suit against Rumsfeld

Did the Senate vote on extended unemployment benefits yesterday?

Any transcripts or translations of the video available yet?

Chickenhawk Torturers

interesting that the administration suppressed the Abu Ghraib...

For conservatives, every war is World War II

Should we be attacking the Rep. Senate & Congress to regain control?

lets back up a bit on the beheading

NPR: Some Iraqis are suspicious of beheading

CEO Bush and his "management" style

the bushco cabal must be symbolically Beheaded

Nick Berg Morning Edition Segment

Has anyone else contacted their state Senators about Inhofe?

China's Oil Thirst Is Changing Global Flows - Forbes

QUIZ TIME - Test your knowledge of current events! Question #1: VOUCHERS

QUIZ TIME - Test your knowledge of current events! Question #2: TAXATION

QUIZ TIME - Test your knowledge of current events! Question #3: SPENDING

my short e-mails to Senator Levin and Stabenow.

Berg Time Line

Nuremberg trials established invalidity of "only doing my orders"

If anyone comes across a good Berg video link..

I want to know what the "man in the street" thinks

Breaking - Government claims it never held Berg:

Can you have it both ways? US now claims Berg never in custody and...

Joe Wilson's opinion of Sean Hannity

Khalidi: ME expert earlier on C-Span. If CACI behind interrogations in

Grocery store line wisdom: It's the media's fault.

rumsfeld needs more than 25 billion, & more souls for satan

Some theories on the Berg situation

is the only difference between

Iraq is totally hosed. The UN Evoy might walk and no plans for turnover

Blame me all you want - my thoughts on the Berg video

Suppose Bush ordered the Berg beheading

Do you think the Berg video was released on purpose by US?

Is there anyone here that is surprised that an atrocity would occur because

Wolf Blitzer Caught Lying AGAIN !

Gene Lyons: "The Missing Antidote to Tribalism:

WP exposes truth about Bush administration

Israelis at Abu Ghraib? Help...

Kerry supports McCain for Defense Secretary

Spike Lee: Rumsfeld a 'gangster'

So is the Berg tragedy going to be used to "prove" al-qaida cells in Iraq?

What the heck is this?

Facing The Corporate Roots Of American Fascism (Prescott Bush included)

Teresa Kerry financial data released

If you are watching hearings today, NOW you KNOW:

ROVE's Buzzwords Dictionary. A Rueful Updating

Today's CNN poll exactly as you'd expect: stupid, Bush-serving

Pryor, Democrat, on MSNBC: "I do not agree with...Inhofe 100%."

Okay DU’ers time to demand justice from all the flag-waving, patriotic

"We warn you this is not for children...

So if you're ordered to smile and don't like what you're doing...

Just Trust Us: a moral catastrophe was inevitable.

Is there a specific word conservatives commonly use to insult the French?

"TORTURE: Tool, Technique, and Good Friend" - a Ministry of HomeSec Film

I have *proof* we did this

sales of Reynold's Aluminum Foil stocks skyrocketing! buy now!

My dad said he heard Glenn Beck say the Nick Berg was a big

NBC/UNIVERSAL new conglomerate now

By Proxy - Will Pitt made it to front and center of Google News

This is what 40 liters of gas would be costing me in Germany now

JUST IN: house & senate to view photos for 3 hours today, but not us

CNN: Wolf to talk with Dennis Kucinich this hour.

Question RE: "we should just nuke 'em"

Do you believe Bush* would have received as many votes without

Didn't anyone hear Kerry on Imus this morning?

Kurt Vonnegut: Cold Turkey (goes off about Bush & the state of the world!)

White House Gang

Pittston soldier denies new claims of beatings

Rumsfeld asking for 25B for war...........................

Conason: "the last rationale for the war is gone"

Hilarious ESPN Poll!!

the ultimate tinfoil hat site . . .

hahaha outsourced AL! on air america

Is that Berg in the video

Is it OK to strike mosques now ?

tagubas intervies before senate

Since the US violated the Geneva Convention...

CNN Polls: "Someone's got their reasons confused" Edition

Here is a link to the video.

Vote Bush = Higher Gas Prices

The backward world of Punditry.

Smirk opens his mouth: about Michigan pot holes

Proof of governmental influence on reporting

C-SPAN says it is Pres. Bush against the world !

Why can't Bush speak like normal people do?

speaking of cutting necks

why bother - a disturbing trend

How many of you use encryption for your emails?

Berg Massacre a P2og op?

So, Who do you like in the Preakness?

Rumsfeld rejects complaints U.S. interrogation techniques violate Geneva C

Is anyone watching Linda Vester!

Told ya so's on the way from the CONS

Sex, sexism drive prison coverage

Anybody got a link to a transcript of what the terrorists read

General Who Made Anti-Islam Remark Tied to POW Case

Don't Forget To Sign Kerry's Petition! It Takes 20 Seconds (link)

Should I get on a plane to "look for" work in Iraq?

Propeller From Missing Pentagon Plane Used In Beheading?

I have a question - who ARE the "Iraqi Police"?

How clever is the Mossad ?

Media raises questions about whether Berg murder was staged

The Project for a New American Century:

"All the way to the top" - Since when is Rumsfield the TOP?

Where is Schwartzkopf these days?

Could this happen???

the Yurica Report . . . required reading in chaotic times . . .

American Tragedy: Political Division, Blame and the Meaning of Murder

"the Silver Ring Thing" (sigh, you won't want to believe it $700,000+)

The Opposite of "Top Ten Conservative Idiots"

I bet you Bush goes to the Berg kid's funeral

"Where's the liberal outrage over the beheading?"

A walk down Memory Lane with Shrub, Rummy, Myers, and Abizaid

BREAKING - Nader Endorsed by Reform Party

Is today a "Sky is falling" day

black ops, black magick, dark sacrifice

Dow Jones lookin' nasty today

David Corn Rulez!

The very first lie that I remember Bush telling was before he was even..

Are the additional prison photos available anywhere yet?

Berg apparently had an Iraqi in-law in the Mosul area...

house repubs don't want us to see the new photos in light of berg

Behind the Masks: Islamic Nuts or D.I.A. Black Ops

Has ayone heard from Zarqawi lately? Since the voice on tape was not his

Dow 10,000!

RW radio is practically celebrating the Berg decapitation

Hero worship: is Taguba all some say he is?

shouldn't the c.i.a. confirm the authenticity of that video, afterall.....

NY Daily News smears air america

Seriously, should Bush and Rumsfeld be tried for war crimes ?

DU this poll.........

Liberal radio is airing bad jokes and worst taste (NY Daily News)

Rummy on POWs: "dietary changes" and "stress positions" are okay!

Reform Party thinks that Nader can WIN

How Groupthink led to the war in Iraq

Nagging feeling regarding "private contractors" in Iraq...

Rich Lowery thinks U.S. jailers are just amatuer pornographers $$$$$$$$$$$

Pew Research Poll Kerry:50% Bush 45%

Gad zooks: Torture scandal brewing in Afghanistan now?

The only thing that annoys me about Randi Rhodes..

Who here is so desensitized...(warning - difficult subject ahead)

"So who is in charge of finding WMD?" Stephen Cambone. "Who?", Bush asked.

Look how stupid your government thinks you are:

Think about the Future

What do you think of all the speculation RE the Nick Berg Killing?

This Really ticks me off...

Randi Rhodes kicks pug butt again!

check out the hate mail ted rall got...

"Bush has already ruined one planet, why not ruin another"

Randi talking about John O'Neill being fired by Bush admin.

CNN Transcripts On Berg Murder

George W. Bush, August 3, 2000, Republican Convention

Is Chimpy headed for a big loss in November?

Did Saudi Investors Pressure Disney to Drop Michael Moore's Film on 9/11?

"They've won, they've already won!"

DU this poll, please...

re: Nick Berg - Iraqis winning battle of "who is the most disgusting"

Clinton's Book Release Next Month - Good for Kerry?

Berg was never in US custody...?

Michael Moore finds possible new distributor - The heads of Miramax

Hey, Skinner. How much is Grovelbot worth to you?

encounter with a Bush-waggin co-worker

The Kerry "McCain for Sec of Defense" comment - brilliant!!

Hannity Sez He's a "Conservative in the Tradition of Ronald Reagan"

Limbaugh finds a way to link torture photos to Clinton's penis

Just remember, lurking freepers/repugs;

For want of a nail...

rw-ers trying to get Air America sponsors dropped

Is the Berg killing a reason for withholding any remaining Iraq prisoner..

Weinstein Bros. (Miramax) campaign contributions

Philly DUres. Who is Michael Smerconish ?

Rummy on Gitmo: Geneva Conventions do not apply

Kerry says he'd name McCain Secretary of Defense

Could There Be A Bush-Bombshell In Clinton's Book?


Freeper Post From May 7th: Here Is The Enemy - Lists Michael Berg of

Torture, missing WMD and why you've never heard of Stephen Cambone.

BBV: If you're not listening to the Ed Schultz Show you should be!

The Kerry "McCain for Sec. of Defense" comment - brilliant!!

Post viewing of the images, what do Inhofe & Lieberman have to say?

Berg killing a reason for withholding remaining Iraq prisoner photos?

Great story from BartCop RE Moonie/GOP Connection


Another Freeper myth debunked

FBI Said They Offered Safe Passage To Nick Berg....Hahaha

Family Of Berg Angry With U.S. Government (News Article)

"A thorough full investigation"

CNN just now: Pew Research poll has Kerry at 50% - Bush 45%

What were the prisoners in Abu Ghraib being held for?

An explanation of my poll (on homosexuality)

BWHAHAHAHA -- Fox practices "pseudo journalism"

The Draft Boards are COMING, The Draft Boards are COMING!!!

good political joke (sad but true)

WH stooge in the WH press corp attempted to freep CBS this morning

i believe Karpinski above General GITMO Miller and Sanchez....

my tinfoil hat was struck by lightning

If the US had never invaded Iraq....

Remember When Our "News" Told Us This Was NOT "Occupation"?

Rumsfeld lead story at revolt in the brewing

Bergs firm Was On Freepers 'Enemies' List in March

Review: FBI computer upgrades inadequate

Hang on! Time for more spin!!

"When we find these things out, we don't try to hide it....."

The Jesus Factor: PBS Frontline on May 20

WOW! I somehow missed the Scott Ritter/child molester story...

Fishy Circumstances and Flawed Timelines Surround American's Beheading

Congressman Paul Hits Another Home Run

Remember folks ~ All of this has happened on Bush*'s watch

Randi Rhodes sounds like Air America problems are better.

a little crappy protest song I wrote

Overheard in the US House of Lords last week (Helen vs Scott - very funny)

Was Chimpy torturing to find out where WMDs were?.

Don't Letters to the Editor have to be "factually" correct???

At the intersection of marketing and neuroscience

Sean Hannity sez: "You have to admit we are better off without Saddam.."

Remember the GI Bill? Remember when tuition was free

How many threads should be about Berg?

Rightwing Loon Inhofe is on with Tweety right now

The terrorist that claims to have killed Berg may actually be dead himself

US approved sleep depravation, nudity for Guantanamo inmates: report

Will We See the Pix Congress Did?

"I am Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. That's why I'm wearing this MASK."

Is Al-qaeda now outfitting their prisoners in orange jumpsuits?

Micheal Moore's "Farenheit 9/11" may be released in July 2004

Record of Berg's Writ of Habeas Corpus proceeding Scrubbed:

Justice Stevens says the US would be better off without the death penalty.

There are 1800 hundred photos

Rapsidian? Rapturite?

Beheaded Man's Firm Was On Right-Wing enemies list

"....It hath been said, an eye for an eye, & a tooth for a tooth" Mat.5:38

good idea or bad idea?

The Halliburton Pig is coming to HOUSTON, MAY 19th! Be There!

Anyone watching Lou Dobbs? This Berg thing is getting explosive

Is our national policy now to make Arabs Grovel?

Iraq War polling numbers are approaching Vietnam War polling numbers

Is "Postman" an analogy for what's happening in Iraq?

Berg worked at Abu Ghraib and had Iraqi relatives by marriage

Please tell me that Tough Crowd has been cancelled

Ari Fliesher and Arron Brown on Jeapordy...

Freepers had Berg firm on enemies list

If Berg was a BFEE setup, this is why

BREAKING: CBS to Air U.S. Soldier's Video Diary of Iraq Abuse

DieBold voting machines with BLUE W on there

Listening to Michael Savage now

Another reason to hate Halliburton

What's your take on the new BushCo attack ad...?

Gas at 3.05 in California

Why would Rumsfeld condone the interrogation methods?

good bush joke

Ari Fleischer in jeopardy now.

It took a long time but all of a sudden BushCo looks like s.......

Something about the testimony of Stephen Cambone

The clash of cultures

"All Of A Sudden" Its Beginning To get Too Hot In DU..ROTFLMAO

"Let's Just Nuke 'Em All"

Gosh, we've got some charming young ladies in the service. (60 Mins. II)

CIA met with Ansar al-Islam founder before invasion of Iraq,

Election boards illegally denying college students the right to vote

What is it going to take for our war criminals to be tried in the Hague?

Who the FUCK did this:

Vote Bush Out Tee Shirts (shameless promotion)......

Berg family on Freeper hate list.... was this why he died?

What happened to InformationClearingHouse???

Just Go... Baghdad Burning

The Burger King Bill of Rights

Some freepers want Condi Rice to be Chimp's running mate!

Weinsteins, Disney reach deal on "Fahrenheit 9/11"

Who Else is Hopelessly Addicted to The Blogosphere?

Weinsteins, Disney reach deal on "Fahrenheit 911"

What's your take on the origins of the Jordanian VX gas?

Has anyone actually seen the Nick Berg video?

Bush Vows to pay Closer Attention to needs of Non-Presidents

Can individual citizens bring war crime charges against their leaders in

CNN blaming Kerry for unemployment benefit not passing.

State of humanity depressing the hell out of me. Cheer me up!

What's this 5% of the population up to?

Look at this crap in my local town....

Did Zarqawi Commit the Berg Murder?

If America has another 9/11 style attack, how will the world react?

How do you get into Iraq? (Ref to Berg)...I just tried to 'book' a flight

Inhofe doesn't know if it's wrong to "stack Iraqis like firewood"

Rep. Jay Inslee and "Iraq Watch" group on C-SPAN tonight 7-9 PST

Can someone give me the LaHaye/Moonie links?

Hastert Rips White House


How to Stay Out Of the Military (must read) -- from Dems Will Win

Looks like there's more shit going down in our Iraqi prisons.

Confidence Rebounds As Data Drown Fears Of A 'Jobless Recovery'

GRRRR I missed 60 Min II...

To those who think the Berg video helps Bush...

The family of Nicholas Berg is saying that the millitary held

I am SO disgusted by Sen. James Inhofe!!

just to lighten things up a bit....

The Oil Slick

bush dropped the bigot-bomb again......

Sen Kyle just stated on Larry King that voice confirmed as al-Zarqawi,

CNN story coming up: Nick Bergs family is pissed at government.

Did Freepers Kill Nick Berg?

While we might have been away

Petition to stop Student Voter Supression

Noone talking about Rummy's reversal?

Does anybody have the Berg video? Help.

Bush: I can't stay, I have a war to run

Public doesn't blame WH for high gasoline prices?

Wanna be that digital camera are now on the list of WMDs?

I wish someone would start a "don't pick Gephardt" site

Hear Fred Phelp's family on Stern Show today(HollywierdSquares) Mp3

When is 60 Minutes II on? - U.S. soldier's home video from Camp Bucca

Reuters Photojournalism telling

Hizbollah is suspicious of "authenticity" of Berg killing

Brazilian leftist President expels NYT reporter. GOOD FOR HIM!

I voted for Bush, now I can't wait to vote against him

Do you want affordable health care, or affordable health insurance?

Tom Delay

I just read in Salon that Evan Bayh is given 8-1 odds of getting VP offer.

Good old Tom DeLay -- Never change, Bug Man!

Carol Burnett and her 1970's tv crew are on now on CBS...I'm crying 'cause

Cortez vs Bush

FreeCache -- Making Universal Access Faster

Major NYT Report Coming Out Tomorrow...

CNN/Gallup Poll Story 8/5/04: A Fun And Horrific Satire

Chicken Hawk Recipe

age old riddle finally deciphered

Charlie Rose 11:00 - Rashid Khalidi

Wow...Very telling cartoon...

The US has to be punished somehow (LTE in China Paper)

Chain of command question

Does the recent trend of long-time DU member exits actually weaken DU?

Listen to this when you have time - full hour long

All Of A Sudden Its Beginning To get Too Hot In DU

Is it time to go to the the streets yet?

I have been officially banned from wal mart!!!!

It is going to take two terms for Kerry to clean up Bush mess.

Leukemia and other cancers have gone up in Iraq since the war...

Should we contact 60 Minutes about...

Eisner Won't Distribute OR Let It Go?? Per "VARIETY..."

Please E-mail the Kerry campaign to stop running bio ads on Crossfire

Let Us Never Forget That All of The Torture, Abuse and Beheadings

Dallas Morning News publishes decapitation

READ THIS THESIS: “Uncovering the Rationales for the War on Iraq:...

Some Bush/Cheney campaign dork is on the Daily Show. Now.

Bartcop might be onto something re fat al Qaeda

OMG! Check out the "author" on Michael Savage's show

This Is the Answer

Kerry 50% Bush 45%. Chimp in deep sh*t

David ("Blinded By The Right") Brock: "It's The Media, Stupid"

We are in deep trouble with these pictures

What tricks to you expect from Bush to stay in power

Sean Hannity loves donkey dongs.....T or F ?

Heads Up: PBS Beyond Brown vs Board of Education

Wow - local FOX news ran a story about the draft

Republican encounters of the ironic kind

Its Supposed to be " The Defense Dept"...Not "The Dept of Offense"

FBI: Berg Refused Safe Passage Out Of Iraq

My friend Cami, a mostly a political high school student, wrote this."

Vote on this poll for your most-respected CNN anchorperson..

Call Sen. Inhofe and tell him how he mislead the american public....

Hey kids! Joe Wilson is on NPR today

Republican Senator says they delegated too much authority to Executive

I just watched the video of Nick Berg's Death...

GOP lists schedule for convention (for those needing some humor)


All Senior Advisors Have Ducked For Cover

Buying A New Car: Should I Get OnStar?


Did the terrorists really kill Berg because of the prison photos?

Geneva Convention text on POWs....

one of those 'something happened today ' posts..

A sign of the apocolypse...Pat Buchanan and I agree on something

I can't believe this. The RW's message isn't taking root

Tucker Carlson now disagrees with the war...?

The FBI offered Berg safe passage out of Iraq and they offered to...

Have you heard of this Carlyle Group?

The Day After Tomorrow

60 Minutes II/tonight/ 8 p.m. ET

Kerry MUST rethink his Iraq policy.

HOLY CRAP -- FreeRepublic vs. the Bergs -- TWO months ago

What if Zapatero ran counter to Bush or Kerry?

Which Repuke will run in 2008?

Want to do something small to protest the obscene oil company profits?

So I watched the beheading

How can Kerry appeal to Ralph Nader to drop out?

Streisand, Diamond to Sing for Democrats

Wow! A tough article and a tough headline about General Miller. NYTimes!!!

Another Bush Cover-Up - Dissension in the Upper Ranks

We will see a World of a Difference come Nov's Change of Command

Berg was killed by Black Ops, the motive is to ramp up the War

Why is an American Jew in Baghdad in the middle of a war ??

need help with a protest sign

statement from an MP on iraqi prisoner torture...

Is this in poor taste?

Which anchor will say I can no longer support this war like Walter and

To all those who are Dissing Kerry, Sit down and Shut up!

Petition: Senator Inhofe, you don't speak for me...

Berg is only mentioned in this subject line, not the post..... enjoy!

Was Kerry AWOL for the extending unemployment vote?

What is the rush? (Fundies and the obsession with The End of Days)

Gas Price Check. How much is a gallon in your city/town?

GOP/Commie SPY Leung's lover pleads guilt!

Wow new CBS poll confirms new Pew poll, Bush at 44% approval

A "cycle of violence"--our tribe versus their tribe

War Crimes - Bush/PNAC prepared for them from day 1

NATO waiting until November (more of memo on why the war is lost)

How evil is this man? Tell me with a CAPTION!

What can be done to prevent future Let's-Elect-An-Idiot experiments?

The struggle to pay rent is about to get harder

The Berg and Pearl deaths are almost IDENTICAL.... anyone else notice

"There is a bipartisan responsibility for what has happened."

Kay bailey Hutchison, read another dumbass from texas

I heard someone say...

"Rumsfailed" | and other TOONs

Bush is a Traveshamockery

I called Senator Kerry's office about BBV

Sometimes I wonder about Al Franken

From this point I refuse to feel emotional about any of this shit

One of the few good things about modern times: If you die horribly on tele

Hardball: nothing gets my blood boiling more than...

Look, we had TEN choices

well we certainly are in a fine fucking mess now aren't we?

Friend in Kerry Camp wants suggestions for JFK response to Torturegate!

Is this a guilty face, or what? (pics from today)

At this rate, * will be at 38% job approval in Sept.

Reform Party endorses Nader

Perhaps it is time to rethink women in the military

Did You/Will You Watch The Video?

BBV: Texas & Kansas Democrats, need your help

Which is the TRUE "religion of peace"?

Have Lurking/Undercover Freepers and Dittoheads learned anything on DU?

Translation errors?

Plunge Protection Team in full effect

Beheading conspiracy...(MUST READ, HONESTLY)

"On January 21st, I'll be protesting DINO President Kerry"

So to most, US Torture are "frat pranks" and Berg's murder is "barbaric?"

Don't have a wreck with Karen Hughes!

I've lost a home here.

Who killed Berg?

How much is Democratic Underground worth to you? (PLEASE READ)

Fat Arabs

Berg , ABU GHRAIB & Photos?

The UN Bombing, Conspiracy Theorizing, and the Failure of Perspective

The Berg Murder: A Democratic Underground Poll

Please Read the Vonnegut Piece

Randi Rhodes says Air America is OK!

BFEE is perfectly willing to kill one man... For OIL!

A rational discussion thread re Berg murder video

US troops battle cleric's militia in Iraqi holy city

Curfew declared in Nigerian city

N.Korea Talks Delegates Meet Behind Closed Doors


Deaf Pupils Accuse Nuns of Abuse at Mass. School

US approaches militia to help control Najaf

UN wrote to US about Iraq deaths

Oil Adds Sheen to Kazakh Regime

State (Ma.) union slams `double standard' of e-mail abuse

Executive Calls Vote-Machine Letter an Error

Kerry's Legendary Lead

Bush Imposes Export Ban Against Syria

Some Arab Newspapers Play Down or Ignore Beheading of American

Italians knew of jail torture by Iraqis -military

Variety: Miramax (and Disney) headed for divorce court?

Energy gets a break (senate passes most of it in tax bill)

Saddam Hussein to stay in American hands for now, Iraq's war crimes chief

Spike Lee: Rumsfeld a 'gangster'

Gen. Clark's bars could take Kerry far

Gorbachev Blasts US Free Trade Plans in Latin America

9/11 panel grills al Qaeda chiefs

US Battles Al-Sadr Soldiers, Coalition Says Up to 25 'enemy' Killed

Oil Prices And Harbingers Of Doom

Northern spotted owl loses ground | The Oregonian

U.S. Denies Holding Beheading Victim

Two more Americans formally charged in Abu Ghraib case

U.S. soldiers battle al-Sadr supporters; fighting heaviest in holy city of

Iraqis shocked by beheading, despair over violence

U.S. sets two more Iraq prison courts martial

Nigerian city (Kano) rocked by rioting | BBC

North Korea nuclear talks begin | BBC

Rumsfeld Backs Iraq Interrogation Methods

Immigrant Remarks By MD Gov Ehrlich Still Burn | Washington Post

FBI Saw Berg During Iraq Police Detention

Doubts on warrant lift Wiranto's campaign (E. Timor human rights abuses)

Kissinger could be next target

Former Iraq Minister: U.S. Forces Covered Up Abuses

dupe - sorry :(

Rumsfeld Backs Iraq Interrogation Methods

Federal Judge Weighs Blocking Gay Marriages In Mass.

U.S. Hopes for Early NATO Role in Iraq Fading

Nader Wins Endorsement From Reform Party (will be on Florida ballot)

US Military Strikes Mosque Held by Iraqi Cleric's Militia

Vatican calls prison abuse a bigger blow to U.S. than Sept. 11

CNN Transcript On Nick Berg Murder

Kerry Names Replacements for Rumsfeld

Beheading not linked to Iraq prison scandal: White House

Rumsfeld Backs Iraq Interrogation Methods

please delete...

Rumsfeld approved 'harsh' interrogation

Ex-FBI Handler of Alleged Chinese Double Agent Pleads Guilty to Lying

Fishy Circumstances and Flawed Timelines Surround American's Beheading

University of Illinois study on the 27 rationales for Iraq War

Weinsteins, Disney Reach Deal on 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

Executive Calls Vote-Machine Letter an Error

US soldiers in Iraq used as drivers for Halliburton

Dollar Weighed Down by Record Trade Deficits

NKorea accuses US of war plans as delicate nuclear talks begin in Beijing

Family Demand U.S. Answers Over Beheaded Son

San Bernardino County to defy state order on e-voting

Syria criticizes sanctions, seeks dialogue with U.S. | Globe and Mail

WMD search extends to high seas (Panamá and US sign agreement)

Thousands from Enron's ranks to split $85 million retirement settlement

Bill Clinton says Bush erred by giving Saddam priority over bin Laden

Hmong fear backlash in larger community

FBI Saw Berg Before Beheading

Berg worked at night on a Abu Ghraib tower

U.S. senators press Rumsfeld on salvaging Iraq

CIA Sought Contractors for Interrogators

OPEC Powerless to Stem Oil Price Surge


Beheaded hostage 'had been warned to leave Iraq'

As Prices Fall, Farmers Turn to Illegal Cash Crops

US Judge Releases Accused Guantanamo Spy from Jail

Dole, other veterans launch campaign to re-elect Bush

Blair: Mirror photos 'almost certainly fake'

Powell remarks on "limited powers" to Iraqis a mistake - Brahimi

Congressmen Describe Pornographic and Violent Images

Prospect of Rumsfeld Resigning Very Much Alive

AP: Nader Gains Endorsement of Reform Party

Downing St and Straw at odds over Iraqi abuse

Soldier: Superiors gave abuse orders (England gives television interview)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 12 May

USDA orders silence on mad cow in Texas

Hubble sees 'planet' around star | BBC

U.S. Iraq Military Deaths - 773 U.S. service members have died

Venezuela's Public Defender ... denounces US interference in paramilitary

Mortars fired at Italian embassy in Baghdad-ANSA

Enron employees to get at least $66.5 million in settlements,

Whistleblower asked mom's advice

Killing of American Berg changed the subject – but for how long?

Ft. Huachuca commander says Army interrogators taught to never abuse priso

Victim of childhood gender experiment takes own life -

Dallas Morning News publishes decapitation

Miramax, Disney near deal on 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

Holden (Mo Governor) Protests Missouri Guard Unit's Use in Iraq

Did FReeoers Kill Nick Berg?

Soldier's video diary of abuse to be broadcast

Bush Condemns Execution of Berg in Iraq

Bush Approval Falls After Iraq Abuses, Pew Poll Says (44%)

GOP groups ponder fund-raising strategy

Stolid Rumsfeld Soldiers On, but Weighs Ability to Serve

Moore finds film distributors: Weinstein brothers will do it themselves!!

Bush Seeks Flexibility On New Funds For Iraq

80% in Iraq Distrust Occupation Authority

Kerry says he wants Republican McCain as defence secretary

Oil and Gasoline Futures Reach 20-Year Highs

Iraqi democracy: the sales pitch

Fears for reconstruction as contractors flee Baghdad

US Sex Abuse: Church Leaders Accused of Impeding Reform

Doctors give Cheney good news about heart.

Russia, France want U.S. to define power for Iraqis

Dems did oversight better, says Grassley

U.S. arranges to detain and interrogate terror suspects in secret

Beheaded American was arrested as a spy 'because of his Jewish name'

Limbaugh to Criticize Fla. Prosecutor in Ads

Anti-Abortion Extremist Sentenced to 18 Years for Child Molestation

Hastert rips White House

Berlin launches push for UN seat

Germans Say They Warned Powell's Data On Iraq Arms Was Tainted

Yellowstone virus tied to earliest life | Billings Gazette

Iraq children's plight a 'humanitarian catastrophe': aid group

Army Screens Reservists for Activation

Spokesman Says Berg Never Held by Forces

Experts: Al-Zarqawi Rises in Prominence

General Took Guantánamo Rules to Iraq for Handling of Prisoners (NYTimes!)

Brazil Gets Flack Over Reporter Expulsion

Top senator cautions against releasing explosive new prison abuse photos

Bush's Poll Numbers Hitting the Danger Zone

Kerry Campaign Response to New Laura Bush Ad

Harsh C.I.A. Methods Cited in Top Qaeda Interrogations

Focus shifts to jail abuse of women

ACLU Was Forced To Revise Release On Patriot Act Suit

Frist finger on ‘nuclear’ button

Church leaders object to casting God on U.S. side

Kerry's Few Words on Iraq Are Too Many for G.O.P.

Iraq: Time for exit strategy? (BBC)

Lawyer Believes Yee, Cleared of Spy Charges, Is Being Silenced

Lawmakers Say New Abuse Photos Disturbing

Paedophile 'kills himself' in Bali

Brazil revokes visa of NYT journalist

Bush approval at 44 percent in CBS poll

Beheaded man named on Free Republic's "Enemies List"

Defiance, rebuke on gay marriage (Romney goes off the deep end)

The Insomniac Thread(may 12): under new managment

War Criminal (as giant rabbit)

I feel like such a jerk...

I enjoy reading books that would be frowned upon by Oprah's Book Club

War Rabbit (with Giant Criminal)

Remember when Hendrix was playing "Wild Thing" at Monterey?

Just heard Jonathon Rice for the first time

Closet Callahanians check in!

I wanna do Grovelbot

Giant Killer Rabbit Movie

A question about the universe.

What do you think of this photo?

I know American Idol isn't cool, but let's vote anyway

Just shaved my head (again). Ask me anything.


Giant Criminal (with War Rabbit)

Ohmygawd, not even the Freepers ever got THIS stupid!

What's all this discussion about Rabbits?

Goodnight, DU.

If you were a giant rabbit, what would you do?

The first economically-challenged insomniac who PM's me

Can someone recommend some Fela Kuti to get for this newbie?

I'm determined to get to 400 tonight -- ask me anything

Woman's Keys Deflect Bullet That Could Have Killed Her

Drunken Driver Loses Car, Breaks Booze Record

This should help boost the unemployment figures

We can't be silent anymore. Dookus and I are getting married.

My raccoon doesn't even fear me anymore...

Tampa Bay Lightning Offers Free Beer To Season Ticket Buyers

Beheaded hostage Nick Berg's family memento

Pit Bull Attacks Baby - Mom Saves Boy By Tossing Him Over Fence

My Experience with Sprint DSL: A Tech Support Primer

Good Morning DU!

US prepares for plague of Brood X

Camera Phones Help Students Cheat On Tests

Best assistants ever?

Grovelbot Scares Me

Going to a Marine base this weekend - Any advice??


Australia Offering to Pay New Parents

Boy Its A Good Thing The Pistons Picked Up Rasheed Wallace, Huh?

Woman Retrieves Belongings From Car That Plunged Into Lake 44 Years Ago

Look at the kicka** MoveOn celebrities (pic heavy)

Hubble sees 'planet' around star

102 Year Old Woman Survives 4-Story Fall

Took the latest Zogby poll that was emailed to me. Ask me anything?

Porn Stars Eager To Get Back To Work Today

Record price for Pollock painting

Help with Spanish translation please.

Got hard boiled eggs? I got my EGGSTRACTORs!!!!


Someone Stole my John Kerry Yard Sign

raccoons as guard "dogs" ?

Has anyone ever heard of the band "The Legendary Bad Boy"?

Good comic

CAPTION that strange feeling that your world is collapsing around you

Colon Bowell claims Scottish coat of arms: The Lying Rampant?

Caption: OMFG, wait til they see the videos....

Invisible Mexican UFO's

Doonesbury ROCKS again today!!!!

Are we finally wearing the RW down?

Horrible song Lyrics --"'Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain"

welcome me to the 700 club!

I am gonna see Blondie t'night but........

What's your drink of choice when you belly up to the bar?

2 quick-fix uplifts for depression

Sooooo...I'm watching MTV for the first time in a year....

Video Creates a UFO Stir(Photo)

"Honey" by Bobby Goldsboro is the most treacly song EVER.

Why does sunscreen cost $10?

WORST comics

I Just LOVE Our New Widescreen HDTV. --- An Unexpected Benefit...

Caption: The wife insists I wear my wedding band...

Slain Husband Stuffed in Freezer Three Years

R&B John Whitehead Shot Dead

A Perfect Circle Tonite 7:30pm

Woman Finds Out Being Dead Can Be A Real Hassle

Why, oh why, do I go to GD? Now my eyes are burning...

The Mexican Air Force spots UFOs?!?! (reuters)

OK,OK, I donated today

I've tried to understand the appeal of Carrottop....

DU computer experts..I have a question..whats the best "free" virus

Man leads officers to his own pot plants

I have *proof* we did this

Some Asian Men Would Love To Be Seen As Sex Objects

Lightning promotion(free beer) draws opposition

Naughty Gnomes Made to Cover Up

Can we all just have a group hug?

Your favorite flavor of Jelly Belly?

Bostonians, need advise

Not only does Harvard turn out Presidents but

The Provisionally Inexorable of all CAPTIONS!!!

Draft Dodgers For The Truth

Link just blew away Pikachu!

The Hard Thinkin' Neo-Con (honorary) of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Who wants to see a happy baby?

Lindbergh's baby, Pink Floyd, and George Carlin: This Day in History!

Yup. It's snowing.

Who was that guy who isn't vic tayback who had a late night talk show?

AA: Al Franken replaying Rush Limbaugh at 2x speed is a riot!

Make mine a blue one....

Jamba Juice is the shiznit!!!

Anyone see the Daily Show last night?

Okay CAPTIONERS. On yr mark. What's the special message

gas, oil, war... argh! live downtown and ride a bike

Anyone get a PM about donating?

HAHAHAHAHA - Sofa King Advertisement!!

If Bush's America were a Star Trek TOS episode, it would be

If you life were made into a movie...

For the video gamers here!

Study reports frozen sperm as good as fresh

Caption these warcriminals and/or Giant Rabbits!

Bush Vows to Pay More Attention to the Needs of Non-Presidents

sad so freakin sad- Is humanity its own worst enemy?

So, Who do you like in the Preakness?

"the beat goes on" vs. "I got you babe".......?

I feel goood. Just gave $ to Kerry campaign.

First Aid class comes in handy

I think I'll go for a walk outside now.

Caption: Another recruit for Junior's Purity List?

Anyone heard the singer Hayley Westenra? You will.

Do you know anyone who actually likes COPS?

In 15 minute's I'm going to donate

Final Showdown-----Grovelbot vs. Eggstractor

We can't be silent any more - Grovelbot and I are getting married!

Wow...MTV is actually playing music!

Woman's Boyfriend Doused Her In Gas, Set Her On Fire

Apologizing when you aren't really sorry - courteous or rude?

Theme Park Tackles Roller-Coaster Phobia

Among these vampires, which one is your favorite?

If you could enter a work of fiction, which book would it be?

DOOM 3 arriving this summer -- promise

If these gas prices keep getting higher...

Caption: JP2 altar girls praying for quick exit

Michigan grad ranks at top _ and bottom _ of his class

Having said that...

Help me decide how much $$$ to donate to DU

Terrebonne fishermen land $73,000 worth of marijuana

Give it up for The Wad! CAPTIONS needed:

Hey....look what I got today!

The Yes-Siree-Bob of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Don't Forget To Sign Kerry's Petition! It Takes 20 Seconds. (link)

Have you ever watched porn while surfing DU while lusting after Grovelbot?

Have you ever watched porn and surfed DU at the same time?

Tigerbeat interviews Grovelbot

Come and listen to my story 'bout a boy named Bush.

Students Get 'Snow Day' Thanks To Nosy Raccoon

Very very sorry to be informing you..grovelbot has been outsourced

I'm donating. Who wants a star.

Nader Calls for Investigation Into Rising Gas Prices

Bankrobbing Grannie gets 6 years (warning on the picture)

John Kerry's campaign plane ready..

I Just Called GrovelBot - HE IS OUTSOURCED IN INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!

Is Grovelbot a TEMP?

Is this the definition of Irony?

MSNBC's Screen Font / Typestyle... It Truly SUCKS

I've just re-discovered a KICK-ASS album!!!!

Once in a lifetime Venus solar transit 8 June

Artie Lange Found Dead in LV Hotel

Coincidence? I don’t think so…

OMG....they are on to us....

Was you mother given tetracycline (an antibiotic)......

Time for new pics of my boys


I just updated my blog with the new Blogger features.

Do you usually vote with the majority, or with the minority

I saw the Magna carta and the original ms for I've got a ticket to

My pet peeve: people who don't return calls/emails! (ranty)

Ridiculous MCI Commercial - "What a wonderful world"

Why do people assume Grovelbot is male?

Mmm, popplers.

"Brandy" is the smartest song ever

Question about Sirius Radio 103

Caption Chimpy

Web Site Reports Gas Price Averages By State

What's the bunniest movie of all time?

What can we do to hit 700 donations over the next five hours?

Anyone else feel extremely....blah today?

ROFL - have to share this "quip" with you

What's with all the pics of Dumbass with his tongue out lately?

"24" Watchers...

Hey, Skinner. How much is Grovelbot worth to you?

More Chimpy Captioning

Have you ever auditioned for a reality TV show?

Tell us something about Uranus.

Trivia: Origin Of The Middle Finger

What's the runniest movie of all time?

San Francisco musicians set Rumsfeld's `poetic' voice to classical

Tough times for Czech prostitutes - News from CNN Money

Congratulations Nothingshocksmeanymore!! 35,000 posts

What's the funkiest movie of all time?

I happened on radio Rush today. The man is a sad case.

What's the gunniest movie of all time?

Did you know Grovelbot's a disabled vet? He needs our support.

I'm going to take a 3-day news break

What's the f*ckiest movie of all time?

What Do The Admins REALLY Do With Our Donations?

In all guises, he always looks like a dick....

Looks like the Nazi Salute to me.

What do I put on my Kerry yard sign to discourage stealing?

Warm Rain in New York

What's the punniest movie of all time?

What happened to the expanded version of Mark Morfords' column?

Please Help Me With Dinner!

What's the fundiest movie of all time?

What picture would you like to see?

What's the sunniest movie of all time?

Rumsfeld's 'Poetic' Voice Set to Music

Just saw a funny car ad.

GD and LBN are bringing me I'm here for some cheering up

I'm eating roasted, salted soybeans. Ask me anything.


Get paid to listen to telemarketers.

I know I'll get flamed, but it's time to dump Jerry

HA! PFC England's atty just walked out on Dan Abrams...

OK Peatlovers- I Got 3/4 Inch Thick Moss sticks Going in the mill

They've totally lost it in GD

Gas monitor time!

A conversation w/ Dr. Max Bernstein (NASA) about the origin of life

Question about the donation banner...

Ashleigh is whippin them good

When GrovelBot posts in a thread, does it kick the thread?

The Donnas - What say you, rock and rollers?

Hot Damn: South Dakota is in the house!!!! (donations)

Which of these sports teams do you like the best?


On outsourcing: Am I being a racist or what?

Best directors who never won Best Director Oscars?

HI And WA Are Blue

Freeper profiles

ewwww gross ari fleischer is on jeopardy right now

David Hasslehoff "Nick Fury" movie on Scifi now EST

Who wants a star?

Playboy Hunting for Home Depot 'Hotties'

Who stole my fork?

I Like Barry Manilow. Do You?

OK Meatlovers - I Got 3/4 Inch Thick Porterhouse Steaks Going On The Grill

RNC events for week of RNC (partial list):

Woman's Anti-War Lawn Signs Have Been Stolen 5 Times

the 2004 Corn Cam is up and running...

Gallows Humor & Making Fun of Stupid Republicans - Read at Your Own Risk

Which Is Better For Grilling: Charcoal Or Propane?

guitar and other chords

If you were an Oscar Meyer Wiener, do you believe you would find love?

test for sig

YeeeHawww! I've escaped the 700 Club vortex of Heck

Who here has a crush on Grovelbot?

Should NY99 put Grovelbot on the next Milestones thread?

Was that Ari Fleischer on Jeoporady just now?

depressed in london; ask me anything

Meet The Conservative Kids At...UC BERKELEY

Woo hoo! Just got a $30 gift certificate to B&N!

New Friends At The Shelter...(Pic Heavy Thread)

4 posts away from 500. Ask me anything!

Anyone have an iPod mini?

I won $15 in poker today...

Everybody pour a glass of wine and RELAX!

Jetlag love to D.U.!

Have admins announced what's the criterion for turning red states blue?

hey let's find Grovelbot a girl/boy/it-friend!


Gonna need me a big old pot full of ZombyCoffee....

Nancy?! Nancy Taylor?!!

I have 100 more posts before I reach 5000.

Partly Sunny and 83 degrees in Grand Rapids! What's your weather like?

Caption time - Help Rummy finish his thought

Got together with an old friend today.

R&B Singer John Whitehead Killed in Philadelphia

I am outraged over the outrage about the outrage

Oh, so close! Play the "NOT QUITE RIGHT" game....

My 4000th post. Ask me anything.

LOL: Check out new Snopes Article on Freepers taking Chemistry Exam

WWRL 1600 AM in NY is a pretty good semi-liberal station

If making a lot of money in life is not a priority to you...

We're going to see MY red hot Anaheim ANGELS on Saturday!

Philadelphia soul singer John Whitehad shot to death

Name 2 Songs From the 60's with the 3rd of June, and the 3rd of September

What's the Rummiest movie of all time?

Charisma Carpenter is in the latest Playboy?!

Fucking eh, I just found out I've won a thousand bucks!

Steer Escapes Slaughterhouse, Takes Refuge In Garage

The Answer to Rage is Here

Please CAPTION at a safe distance

hmm... "Los Lonley Boys" Cd... pretty good.

****Our Very Own NSMA Celebrates the HUGE 35K*** Come on in...

I scored some "good shit" today! One thousand pounds of "good shit!"

My virtuous deed o' the week

West Wing thread (spoilers)

I am the very model of a modern Major-General...

Hey! I got a star!

Video game fantasy.

Edited to be reposted later.

Ok....I must speak....

Any readers of Laura Joh Rowland here?

35 to 3,000 posts. Ask me anything!

Italian DUers...does the bastardization of Italian culture to sell pizza..

What Will Be The LAST STATE To Turn Blue?

Have you ever watched porn?

Meet Lynndie England (sung to "Weekend In New England")

Listen Up, Senator Inhofe:

I need some nipples....eight of them.....please donate now

Ladies and Gentlemen, let the Bush Comb-over Countdown begin

Interesting High-speed Video Clips

I ran out of meaningful typos for "funniest". Ask me anything.

Daily Show on.

How does Drudge know where I live?

Did you see the movie Pay it Forward?

I just got banned from Free Republic. Took twenty minutes.

Am I having a vegetarian moment?

Last time you had good news that made you say HOLY SHIT!

the next person who says 'having said that' I swear to god....

I'm outta beer...

I'm outta care...

MadTV is not funny!

I'm outta Nair...

What do YOU like?

I'm outta bear

It's bedtime - what jammies are YOU wearing???

What are you listening to? I bought a new CD today.

Should Angelus shave the stubble on his face?

My new wallpaper...

I'm outta hair...

Know what amuses me about the word "chickenhawk?"

Dang, but I love my former employer (the company)

I hate the Amish.

Wolves/Kings Game 4 Thread

Saint Matthew's Church Prayer Rug Scam

Magic Rat - a reminder - we're anxious for the rest of your LOTR story!!

For Freepers eyes only

May 12th in rock and roll history

I saw a yak today...

a quick question from a newbie...

Should I stay or should I go?

Who are the "famous" DUers?

Ambiguous Bumper Sticker

Jack Burton

Times Square Billboard Shows Rabbits Having Sex

i am sporting a bright yellow star this morning

Internet Explorer Question

If there was gonna be a Plaid Adder T-shirt

Am I a sucker for buying "Indoor Formula" food for my cat?

American Idol Final Two will be LaToya and Diane

State Warns Floridians To Watch For Giant African Land Snails

I have a few questions for any actors or theater fans out there...???

Yeah, but what can *I* do to get you to contribute to DU?

Is it ART or CRAP

Know any good songs about war? I'll go first

A lot of folks are fed up and say they're leaving DU. I'm staying.

Who is on Jeopardy today?

tip for pet owners in the hot months to come

I'm making Grilled Cheese sandwiches - who wants one?

Finally. A new West Wing tonight instead of another Law & Order.

Millionairs Arrested For Unlawful Racing

NFL 2004 Predictions

Dumbest 70s Pop Hit Ever

anyone else really into making homemade pizza?

Angst and some questions

Help CatWoman choose a wireless phone package

Bush commences "Size Summit" with fellow neocons

Is American Idol officially a joke now?

riders of the apocalypse....

Auto insurance rant

I've got to get out of the lounge. It's making me hungry.

One more time - Caption the Evil Man!

My blog is updated! Check it out on

Whats the most foul-mouthed movie?

SOteric JUST GOT HER FIFTH DIGIT - 10,000 posts!!!

Teacher Resigns After School Finds Alleged Love Letters To Student

Family Dog Shot By Sniper (Upset Over Dog Poop)

Dookus needs a last name

Carol Burnett and her 1970's tv crew are on now on CBS...I'm crying 'cause

I'm outta here ...

A lot of people leavng, or threatening to leave. The place seems the same

Can you get financing for a house if you are on long term disability?

Who's the hottest NewsBabe?

Question for Computer Literates

How much is Democratic Underground worth to you? (PLEASE READ)

Predictions on when we hit 1000 donations?

Free at last, free at last...

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Bands that only you seem to know!

"Carry It Forward" A Paul Wellstone Documentary Video. It will inspire!

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Voting Commission to Give Out $2.3BILLION with NO VOTING STANDARDS!

Federal Review Composite Poll: Bush 290, Kerry 248

Nader Wins Endorsement From Reform Party

Last 3 Pres. Elections: Dems 52.7%, Repubs 47.3%, a 13mm vote difference.

Good site for anti-Kerry rhetoric.

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I Don't Understand...

Who Is John Kerry? (from The Onion)

Aren't there a million Americans it would be worth $2,000 for new Pres.

Kerry isn't profiting from Bush's slide? read this history: 1980, 1992

I'm on the John Kerry email list now, I signed the petition against Rummy

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In case you are in doubt, Kerry is kicking Bush's monkey ass!

My Arguement for Kerry

Subtract the Bush approval number from 100 and you have Kerry's number.

NRA endorsement of Bush is on hold

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275,000 signatures on Kerry petition for Rumsfeld to resign

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oh richest senator in history

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CNN's Judy Woodruff calls Kerry's 5 point lead over Dubya a "slim" margin!

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A Kerry Landslide? Why the next election won't be close


Who's gonna win the election?

Voting Isn't Art. Majority Report. Listen at MOVELEFT.COM

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