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Archives: May 10, 2004

"3 moms" anti-Iraq war video online now

Any San Mateo High School (San Mateo, CA) 1980's alumni here?

Wow, the K College Republicans made the Top Ten.

Funny quote by the EBAY Wedding dress guy.

60 Minutes topics tonight: Anyone else see an overall theme?

Was our recently interred friend correct?

Great statement by Wes Clark

All you anti-american swine

Rummy Hill

Remember when Andy left town and put Barney in charge?

Powell wasn't told of $25 billion Iraq request

Iraqi photos

Do you think W feels betrayed by Rummy?

Bush's short statement after meeting with Rumsfeld tomorrow AM...?

American Torturers Should Have to Face an Iraqi Criminal Court

This site is a joke

Nuclear Terror

The USA today. A rant

(Jeb) Bush-appointed judge faces challenge to keep her seat

KR: Islamic terrorist threats on the rise worldwide

Conservatives Restive About Bush Policies

Oral sex lessons to cut rates of teenage pregnancy

Ann Coulter back from the grave

New Aqua Teen Hunger Force is on!

I'm doing this as a favor to a good friend....

CBS Announces new Survivor Series........

Picture for Zombywoof.

Hey, Where's GROVELBOT!!!

I'm going to Costa Rica tomorrow, who should I buy?

I'm a first-shift DU'er


When one of these feeding frenzies starts, I listen to the right-wingers.

Exclusive Iraqi abuse photos and video never before seen

I'm going to Costco tomorrow. What should I buy?

Starbucks- Fleecing America?

We must dump TeenaRedux now!

I'm voting for Nader

Torture, Human Rights, and Kerry

The Next Step in Iraq

Trickle down racism

Abuse issue shakes US credibility and honor

Der Spiegel: Excesses of Sex and Violence

The Leaker of Wilson's wife's CIA status? Likely Scooter Libby.

According to a couple of polls...

Conservatives Restive About Bush Policies

Through Arab, And American, Eyes

Hands off the fat guy in the chicken suit, Mr. Mogul

Abu Ghraib: What Really Matters

Ask not...

Torture...not abuse

Let's Be Honest With Ourselves As Liberals/Leftists

Genocide belongs on our radar screen

Never mind

For Bush, the Prison Abuse Scandal Brings His Political War Home

The Election Is Kerry's To Lose By John Zogby

31st CSH (Stars N' Stripes Report from Baghdad Military ER)

Talk Radio - The Education of a Liberal

US Tanks vs Iraqi Skulls?

Web Weighs In On Iraq Prison Abuse - DU on CBS


No Good Defense - Newsweek World News

'Bad Apples' or Predictable Fruits of War? LATimes

Rumsfeld and the 'beastly' Boykin

"The Six Morons Who Lost The War"

Characters on government stage can't find the exit

It's Time to Wonder What Iraq Is Doing To Change the U.S. - WSJ's Seib

An American tragedy

And the winner is...

Hanging Out the Troops -David Hackworth on the Torture Scandal

Iraq is lost and so is the Middle east

(Guardian)Julian Borger: 'Cooks and Drivers Were Working as Interrogators'

Ray McGovern (Ex-CIA): More Troops? A March of Folly

As Heroin Florishes [in Afghanistan], So Could Terrorism

The Crimes at Abu Ghraib Are Not the Worst

Not Accountable - US Atrocities and the World Court

Salon/David Brock (new book): The Mighty Windbags (a must read)

Krugman: Just Trust Us

George Monbiot: 'Joy of sex education'

A KERRY REPUBLICAN (Kerry's 1st cousin Grant Winthrop) the New Yorker


Pat Buchanan, voice of reason??

Army Times Editorial: "A Failure of Leadership at the Highest Levels"

Bush Protest - Parkersburg, WV details

Very cool AP news page with national links

CNN poll: 73% think abuse not justified


Kerry increases lead over Bush w/registered voters, but headline

A Catholic's perspective of the Apocalypse

Anyone have URL address of Kerry Petition: Rumsfeld Must Resign??

Anyone ever actually read the Dr. Doolittle Books? (Old Racist Books)

Anyone having trouble logging on to view their charts at Astrodienst?

Observations from a theist/atheist debate

Any fans of Susan Howatch's Anglican novels here?

Can China protect its workers?

Cooling Chinese economy could hurt US

Stock markets plummeting!

This Looks Like a "Hinge Day" for the Markets

Now, who wants to bet on the riots happening by Sept 15th?

Pictures of a Stock Market Mania (Updated May 2004)

Indonesia's President Blames "Greedy Neighbors" For Deforestation

Lima, Peru - Water Rationing Begins As Record Drought Continues

Parts Of Arizona In 2002 Were Driest In 1,400 Years- NYT

Western Snowpacks Plummet As Melt Season Arrives Earlier

Despite BuRec Band-Aids, Grand Canyon Ecosystem Problems Worsening

High Ground-Level Ozone Levels May Have Killed Up to 600 In UK In 2003

Edmunds Lists Most Efficient Cars - Out of 15, Exactly Two Are American

Official - US Climate Policy "Misunderstood" - Hey! Don't Leave! Really!

Venus to give stargazers once-in-a-lifetime treat as it crosses Sun

Imported Pest Hammering America's Remaining Old-Growth Hemlock Trees

Lu VP to make stop in US on way to Central America - TW

Security tight as general strike ties up Bangladesh

Lula tries to shake alcoholism rumors - Brasil

Amnesty Intl. on Chile: Concrete action needed to end torture

Chile discusses dispatching more troops to Haiti with Brazil,Caricom

US to help fund safe water system in Orissa, India

Venezuela Arrests Colombian Fighters

Somalis flee into Kenya

One-man peace camp uprooted - UK Brian Haw

The CIA Killed Pat Tillman

To Bush, the Arab is always the villain

Brazil Indians say Lula broke reservation promise

GUNS IN THE NEWS--May 10. 2004

Warwickshire (UK) air gun registration

More talk on yesterday's MMM coverage (if I don't, who will?) Here's NPR:

An interesting statistic to discuss.

Gone Fishing, With a Firearm: A Cherished Sport in Vermont

Southern progun states lead advanced world in murder

Abused Wife sentenced to 50 years for killing husband(mandatory sentence)

Wasn't there a Million Mom March or something this weekend?

Beretta Cx4 Storm

WHY are these very offensive posts allowed to remain?

DU gallery is great - but one suggestion

I do but follow the message:

How do I post a pic from my hard drive or...

Grovelbot is stalking me

How does a thread move to "View All" mode?

When I see "ignored" as a reply to a post...

Are you still showing the states that the donations are coming from?

Can anyone confirm if my donation went through

Hi, guys

Helping Mari333

my friend can't get accepted by DU...

Biddu: The Struggle Against the Wall

Rethinking A 'Palestinian' State

Israeli minister calls for attacks on damascus

Mofaz decries Gaza settlements as historic mistake

Security forces thwart suicide attack in Tel Aviv

Sharon cancels US trip

Rights groups: Israel imprisons, abuses Palestinian youths

'Israel should bomb strategic targets in Damascus'

Israeli Troops Demolish Palestinian Homes

Barenboim irks Israelis with criticism

self removed

October? Nope- the July Surprise.

An American Hero - Hugh Thompson My Lai

Chicago Faux anchor Walter Jacobsen arrested on DUI

Any Illinois College Dems?

Constantine arrested

New leaders must stop hostile takeover of the Legislature

We are now tied with FL. for numbers of donations.

Conny McCormack, California elections, and touch screen voting.

GOP Looks to Inland Empire - California

My state senator has died.

Local Dems to state leaders: Hang a left

Anyone else notice the "NO MTBE" decals are gone from union 76 pumps?

Boston Social Forum: July 23-25, 2004 at U. Mass Boston

anyone working on John Olver's campaign?

Carville to speak at Humphrey Day Dinner

How would've you responded had you seen this Bumper Sticker?

Seven candidates eye Ballance's House seat

Any NCers going to protest the Republican Convention?

BBV bill being drafted.

Dayton Daily News...22% jump in Dem voters in the primary.

Dayton Daily News..Kerry hasnt converted bellwhether precinct.

Kerry in Erie TODAY!

FYI: Governor Rendell will be on PCN's live call-in program

Santorum booed, jeered at Cheney State University

What do you think: Should the Insurance commissioner resign?

Nader sues for spot on Texas' ballot

Austin DUers! Show your support for Kerry Saturday May 15

Who's going to the Dem Convention in Houston on Juneteenth?

Thinking of volunteering for Derek Kilmer in District 26.

BBV bills in the state legislature

Should Mike Webb run for congress?

"Is this America? Time to reverse course in Iraq"

a reminder of what the invasion of Iraq was really about....

Recipe For Sham Elections : Continutiy in Government

Which has the better ring...Taxas or Taxachusetts?

We could have saved face and SO much $ if we only focused on Afghanistan.

geraldo on faux is actually worth watching tnite

I just had a worst case scenario dream... President Cheney...

I saw my most redneck friend

what's with bush's "americans love their neighbors" spiel?

Bruce Schneier

Vigils: Photos from Kufa

Unintentional but heavy election year irony from Associated Press

What Atrios says!

May 7 Abuse Investigation rebroadcast on CPAC now, - 6:30am EST

The Facts on The Economy/Jobs !

Justice is blind animation

Aren't Lynnde England, Jeremy, etc. just more victims of BushCo?

letter from an American Iraqi

What's Bush going to do today at the Pentagon???

Vandalism of Gaza graves

Military looks into 25 deaths of prisoners

Pentagon forbids troops to FOX News

Aussies torture kittens: Debasement part of military makeup?

Could you still be proud of your democracy ?

Way ahead of his time-Steve Kangas: "A Timeline of CIA Atrocities"

I have nothing against these

pickles on GMA but I think she is also on something else

World Markets Taking A Big Dive Today !!!

PNAC Nazi Kristol on cspan

So, the first Court Martial trial in Iraq will be corporal?

Karpinski: Taguba Report "might be flawed"

"When You Wish Upon A Star..."

couple pics from today

Honor, Integrity, Accountability

Pakistan Border Offensive Fails, U.S. Expresses Frustration

Will children being born today have to fight in Iraq

so what ya think the fat, torture apologist Rush dittodrugy gonna say Mon

Google news page trashes Kerry

What's up with milk prices?

Torture: They accuse us of moral relativism

Oh ick...Im sitting in bed with TV on and Pickles

Here's what's going to spin

What does the US Flag mean to you now?

Reuters: Red Cross Was Told Iraq Abuse 'Part of the Process'

Should we boot freepers or keep them here to play with?

C-SPAN -- Is it Just Me, Or...?

Update - The Cost of War on Terror

With all that is going on, this is what people are worrying about??

I have been looking for a link to get...

Today, I am going to go to my College to check the sidewalks.

Kristol trying to link Saddam to Al-qaeda on C-Span

Updates on Bush to English Dictionary

Freepers Invited To Join The Donald Rumsfeld Dog Collar & Sunshine Brigade

Anyone know the names of the soldiers identified in the Iraq war crimes?

Gone for a week-The POW abuse story is STILL going?

OK ... need some parenting advice here

How Bush chose stupidity.

An ironic word or two about "RED STATES"

Bush Supports Rumsfeld in Abuse Scandal

Newsweek: No Good Defense (+ poll: should Rumsfeld resign?)

bush to address pentagon this morning COMING UP 10:30 central

C-Span WashJnl 7:28ET: Repugs are nuts! remove funding from Red Cross,

Today- Be a Surrogate- WRITE to your local paper or take out an ad

Admit no wrong doing but yet pay out 2.6 billion, I get a kick out of that

The Reporter I'd like to see on Cspan commenting on POWs!

Torture...not abuse

I hate to ask AAR having more trouble?

Go to Bartcop to defend Bart and Pat Tillman

Pakistani told to capture Osama in July.....per Josh Marshall

Thank you technology!!!! Without the photos, we would never know.

According to a couple of polls...

Gen. Boykin (Wacko Evangelical Christian ) connection to prisoner abuse

Would you change or modify your ideology to save your Job?

Help sponsor local resolutions to call for the resignation of Rumsfeld

Torture, Human Rights, and Kerry

Nuance-Using the Language FOR Kerry and playing the game

the pentagon wants to BAN CAMERAS....that'll take care of it huh?

CNN Polls: "Iraqi prison abuse abuse Iraqi prison Iraq prison abuse" Ed.

Hmmm - no statement from al Qaeda re: Abu Ghraib? Why not?

Let's march in vast numbers to get out of Iraq...

Hoon being Grilled on Cspan!

Anyone notice? Abu Ghraib completely eclipses Joseph Wilson's book...

Elephant in the Room - Could Saddam Go Free??

Cheney demands apology Poll

Dow is below 10,000

Why won't the Red Cross name dates they raised alarm in Iraq?

Let's Be Honest With Ourselves As Liberals/Leftists

Rumsfeld should be incarcerated.

BUSH LIED per Red Cross(military Intel says torture 'part of the process"

Do you look down on people who sell soft drugs?

American Conservative Magazine Calls For Withdrawl From Iraq!

President John Jerry

Pickles insists there is a silver lining of rape/torture/murder of Iraqis

should the 'new' photos be drip dripped, or just dumped all at once?

There is NO excuse.

New talking point for abuse photos: Taken by Dem to hurt Bush

Anybody have a list of liberal or honest journalists

On C-Span a REPUG said they are releasing 20,000 pages of Kerry

General Taguba, the loose cannon ?

is it about to get TEN times worse here shortly?

Bush to Impose Sanctions on Syria This Week

ONE issue voters. What is that issue and who are you voting for to attain

Bush on TV now

CNN: Bush to speak on Torture Scandal shortly

Kerry needs to exploit Bush self-destruct!

First war crimes trial in Iraq will be against an American soldier!


Ambassador who resigned says "To win war, US should seem to lose it."

America needed a president and got a box of Refrigerator Poetry Magnets!

a DU substitute poll question for MSNBC, CNN, and FOX-TV

CNN officially presents the Tourturegate 7...Blitzer's Hometown folk

What bothers me

One month since PFC Matt Maupin taken captive in Iraq

Conservatives Uneasy about Bush Policies

Does anyone else notice a subtle shift in the media's portrayal

deviant Ashcroft picked deviant Lane McCotter to reopen Abu Graib

add these names to the List: Gen. Sanchez and Col. Pappas

$25 billion Five more months?

Shreik 2, Iraq torture and American "humor"

Has there been a piehole alert today?

Soldier says he hot-wired Odai Hussein's Lamborghini

DU this Post poll!

UK forces taught torture methods / Map of U.S. Pattern of Abuse Grows

Gen Taguba to testify tomorrow, open hearing

Senator Lindsey Graham...."This is Not about the Geneva Convention"

Are there transcripts of Clinton's testimony to 9-11 commision?

Another Trifecta: Torture Chambers, Rape Rooms, and Mass Graves.

Zogby Predicts Kerry Will Win

The Cheney/Bush junta has no fear of judgement

CNN Front Page: "Bush: Rumsfeld Doing A Superb Job"

Shrub: Rumsfeld, our nation owes you a debt of gratitude:

Who's responsible for the picture/blackmail policy?

Amy Goodman on the Thom Hartmann show now until 2pm EDT

Torture photos - look at them from another angle

Did you watch Mandela on MSNBC condemning US and Britain

Chip Reid of MSNBC says the Pentagon has "numerous" videotapes

Is the "Bush's Brain" guy releasing a movie?

I've come to honor Rummy, not to bury him

have any Democrats called for Bush's impeachment? . . .

An army in Iraq to protect themselves from whom? No other countries

Question about nonviolent interrogation

Who Does Schneider remind you of?

Pentagon: July "optimal time" for capturing AQ targets in Pakistan

Al-Jazeera cameraman speaks out: "Sometimes they pretended to kill me"


The Media, Politics, and Censorship

Anyone know what happened to the missing Iraqi billions in cash?

There Are 1000 Photos

Post-Mother's Day | how is YOUR mom voting this year??

Darell Issah thinks that the armed forces

OFranken's program discussing Rush. Rush should be jailed

Iraq war costs over $6.5 million per hour.

During the news in AirAmerica a minute ago, I missed who was

Sen Mark Dayton grilling Rumsfeld and Myers to a crisp: Transcript

didn't we have a war on nazi torturing bastards? didn't we win?

McCain to shortly announce Rummie should resign! (CNN)

Pickles "I can't bear to look at photos" - Yahoo

You do know that a Specialist in the Army is one notch higher than Private

The Misunderestimated Man: How Bush chose stupidity.

"Bush praises Rumsfeld. New photo shows dogs, naked Iraqi prisoner"

Killing Off Housing for the Poor

DU this CNN poll on the release of the photos

DU Members needed for activist task...

I think Steve Buyer is coming off his spool...

Any working person that votes repuke is an idiot!

Questions not being asked, but SHOULD be, of the WH:

Bush wants 25 billion dollars. No no and HELL NO

One obvious thing shoots down ANY defense the Abu Ghraib guards can give:

George Will says administration cannot govern

What's it gonna take before it's enough?

Bush say Rumsfeld doing "superb job".????WTF?

OK Military families: Listen to the Republicans as they spin to blame your

Time to call is what it is "Facism" is here. Lets Make a list

Abu Ghraib Timeline Updated

Persistance in Failure is Tenacity gone Wild.

Were the pictures taken by Government cameras?

Failure to stop 9/11 & the torture photos: Bush's Presidential "Legacy"

White House Won't Release More Pictures And Videos Of Prisoner Abuse!

Caption this

Rummy's gone within two weeks. Here's why.

Pickles has a beautiful mind too: "I can't bear to look at them"

Souter attack - any new info?

MSNBC Journalist on O'Franken says Kerry couldn't possibly be doing better

Photos Show Bush Is Recovering Nicely From His Brain Surgery

I was talking to a conservative buddy last night.

This image is fucking horrible!

BBV discussion at Mother's Day dinner

Hellloooo cornerstone of Ws plan for transition in Iraq ... just ate

Bin Laden "Capture" Coming SOON

My understanding from Vietnam Veterans

What kind of stupid is *?

Wait just 1 minute! BOYKIN is in charge of Mil. Intel? WTF??? No wonder...

Cool EU Poster

Iraqi prisoner abuse prompts desecration of military cemetery

The coming 'distraction' : Gay marriage in Mass in 1 week

who here is a recovering former wingnut?

Is Bush and Co any better than ...

Pentagon Email Warning Leaked to Time Magazine

Praising Rumsfeld under these circumstances

Mel Gibson took the pictures

Lookin for *non-PDF* full text of Taguba report



The Iraq Torture Scandal... Worse than Watergate?

Can you smell a scandal erupting in the White House?

Poor tortured Candy and Judy...Bush is in a "slide"

Gray Fox: Rumsfeld/Cambone assassination unit

Red Cross says that 70-90% of Iraqi detainees were arrested by mistake

Let's not forget that we "outsource" torture too.

The torturers were not the collectors.

what a stupid look on this monkey's face!

Conny McCormack, California elections, and touch screen voting.

Is Bush afraid of Rummel..ooops Rummy?

CNN as "The Enabler"..."Legal definitions of torture not black and white"

I take back what I said about Abu Grhaib the other day

Bush* and the military - references needed

When is the rest of the world going to place sanctions on the US?

Here's the question someone needs to ask Bush...

"Could abuse photos fuel terror attacks?" Stupid question (on MSRNC)

Ever wondered what real Texans think of Dubya?

List 'Em- DIFFERENCES Between Bush and Kerry

Is Bush about to send more human beings to their deaths in Fallujah?

Ask yourself: What were the pictures for?

The Economist is not optimistic about Sen. John Kerry's chances in Ohio

And they're off....McClellan spinning now. Let the blame game begin!

OK, the new Gallup is out. PREDICTION: This is how they'll spin it.

4 More Years Of Bush? Why Torture Yourself?

Zogby says 2004 election w/be "too close to call"

The Americanization of Iraq

Gallup has new poll out already, must not of liked the last one.

Real Deal Kerry: Just say NO to the Bush Photo Op/brain washing

Bush's "evildoers" them and "wrongdoers" us = Evangelical codespeak

photo of Major General Antonio M. Taguba

anybody got the new CNN poll numbers yet?

Whoa! Anybody else see this?!

Question about the pictures

Who taught the Abu Ghraib soldiers their torture techniques?

Anybody have Michael Moore's address?

"question of the day" at msnbc, here's what I e-mailed them

Am I the Only One Who's Already Seen The 'new' Images?

RE "who taught them the torture techniques" - NOBODY (read this)

Is this a Nazi viability test?

Framing debate for total release of Iraqi maltreatment pics.

Delta Signals Possible Bankruptcy (No mention of CAPPS II)

Seymour Hersh on MSNBC Just Now: Interesting Details on the Torture

Torture by the Book , remember the CIA interrogation manuals?

Note that there have been TWO "waves" of info about Abu Ghraib that

Over HALF of the graduating class at Cheyney Univ. Turned their

Crazy 70s picture of the Bin Laden family (with Osama)

Marines Move into Tali ban Territory.

If this Government will not release the abuse pictures...

TAKE THIS POLL (MSNBC) Do you think responsibility for the Iraqi prisoner

Dick Morris & His "Wife" Are On Sean Hannity's Radio Show

International Terrorism At 35 Year Low

Fundie obsessions with other people's private lives...

I wish Kerry would go ahead & announce his VP pick because

Photo taking of Abu Ghraib prisoners appear to be part of the technique

How ironic is this: Bin Ladins to build world's tallest building?


What does Dick and Bush have in mind for an

When Greenspan says "inflation," he means job growth.

He's a Nazi . .

Begala just called Peggy Noonan "Peggy Nooner" AGAIN!

Note to Jim Cramer on CNBC

Scathing editorial against Shrubco in Army Times!!

When I listen to Randi Rhodes...

vote at or NO to make more pics public

Least favorite right-wing pundit:

Just donated to DU for the first time: ask me anything

U.S. looking to catch Osama before July?


The Senate vote on the resolution to condemn

Vote in this poll

OMG!!! CNN has done it again.....

Is torture acceptable now?

Put on your tinfoilhats, I may have the reason why we've seen the pics

There is not ONE issue statement on McCain's Senate website.

John Chaney rips bush

Time to lay off Rumsfeld

Blitzer complaining to MacAuliffe that Kerry and Dems politicizing torture

Who here just heard Randi take Rush apart on AAR?

another perspective on torture

Voting Bush Out Is The Only Way To Stop the Madness

Gas Prices...Inflation, etc.

Their spin is irrelevant. These poll numbers are GOOD!

Country Joe Band, 2004: "Uncle Sam Needs Your Help Again"

Imagine if this had occurred under Clinton.

Randi and "Bounce You Boobies" lady

I spent an hour in hell this AM

Has anyone taken the pledge in here?

transcript of bush* remarks today (link)....sick, sick ,sick....

Bill Schnider is back on CNN with the poll numbers

Should Rumsfeld Resign?

why do so many 2nd amendment types have such contempt for #8?

Poll on the draft. What would you do?

Sirius home outside antenna.....which direction?

Bill Moyers will be on with Lou Dobbs today

What are the chances of a left-wing military coup?

Founders of on Lou Dobbs

origin of death squads

Where can I get Democratic Bumper Stickers in Portland,OR?

So, how much will the Iraq war/occupation cost YOUR state?

Debating Republicans

lou dobbs & bill moyers

Newly Released PHOTO of CHIMPY

"A Perfect Chain of Command for Hell."

MSNBC Poll-Is Bush responsible for Iraq torture scandal

Submarine coming to Clinton Library

links to some major religious right ministries

Oh no! The Electoral College Map is beginning to turn RED!

Mike Spann

The Psychological "Softening Up" Of America

So W went all the way to the Pentagon just to see more photos.

U.S. waiting for July to capture Osama?

From the archives - apply for a job as an "interrogator" in Iraq

hardball has hersh on...really good discussion

Bush's ultimate Flip Flop

Seymour Hersh on "Hardball" question

Is that not one of the funniest things you've seen?

The Pope Weighs In

Are we trying to build a prison industry in Iraq like what we have in US?

"It is the photographs that gives one the vivid realization of what...

Bushie* praises Rumdrinker! :wow:

Teen accidentally shoots friend with gun. Should the parents be charged?

When does the word "torture" deserve to be used ?

Time Out: NBC News was critical of Bush? (Prisoner Abuses)

very weird letter in Soapbox

1 + 1 = Bush Knew About the War Crimes in Iraq

What is Chimpy screwing up right now?

Does this picture look familiar? . . .

Still wonder why those pictures would be effective as blackmail?

Are those being court-martial-ed being given leniency for NOT

What's up with

Shrubya has done exactly ONE (and I mean ONE) thing right...

Who else is taking off the day after the election?

I'm confused. Are Americans ignorant or just uninformed?

Feminists note- FR says that TortureGate is proof Men & Women are equal!!!

Man Charged With Breaking 'Virgin Mary' Windows

So what do you think?

So, is not knowing really an excuse for war crimes?


decay roman empire and today

Time to revisit a timely archived thread . . .

Olberman on Sivits....

Kimmitt lies to the press

Rant---Fear And Loathing---etc.

Why is the question of how many videos and pictures should be released

Kennedy speaking about Iraqi prisoner abuse on C-SPAN

How do we balance contempt for these soldiers against their superiors?

L Ingraham and guest Sun - spent long time trashing H Clinton

I want every picture published and out in the open

Meria Heller..."The Mouth That Roars"

What's the first thing President Kerry tells Iraqis?

Bush to Rumsfeld: "you are doing a superb job."

So, Do Dems Continue to Push the "Abuse" Up the Ladder???

I simply cannot believe Bush

Janeane Garofalo just said that if Rumsefeld is the greatest Secretary of

We are SO screwed (Your tax dollars at work)

Losing a limb doesn't mean losing your job -- in *combat*!!

Ethical Dilemma - A Friend's Vote

Keith Olberman just said "MR." bush*.

A Kinder Gentler America: Rounding Up the Children of Iraq

Please you guys are all engaging in a witch hunt regarding Rumsfeld!

Tweety hitting hard tonight. Sy Hersh is guest!

A helicopter just flew about 100 feet above my house!!!

DU this Poll!!

Kharma baby - Aint it a Bitch !

Prisoner statements on British interrogation.

"President Bush has great passion for the improvement of the environment"

Were there any Congressional 'insiders' who knew about the photos

Rumsfeld: The Scapegoat that Wasn't

Bush could 'slap their mamas' and it wouldn't make any difference to the

Wanna go hear a GREAT Anti-Bush Song

Cheney and Rummy know too much and have too much power from

How come milk is selling at $3 per gallon? And other SCARY observations.

Need help on Tom Delay quote blaming Columbine on schools/evolution

BushCo will never get the media to back off sex, torture, abuse....

Idea on what to do during the Repub convention

ABC: transcripts from mrs. bush* lamenting about POW torture photos

I need help finding a post here.....

"Schedule" for DNC and RNC Conventions

How Are Bush's Ads Going to be Viewed Now???

The Last Samurai is unamerican. Do not rent/purchase...

Red Cross Details -

VERY unsettling Sy Hersh interview on The World right now...

Dennis Miller's latest cheap shot

We do not need to see the videotape of PFC England and her beau...

Should Media Whores be punished for enabling the Administration?

McCain on the Hannity Show: Counting on Lieberman, Bayh & Miller

Hurrah for Kerry! what's your favorite thing about him?

Iraqi prison cells renamed "Rush Rooms"

Degenerate Liberals!

Red Cross has docs going back a year showing abuse in prisons across

!!!When your military attacks!!!Tonight on Fox (news)

Q: What's the difference between Rush Limbaugh and a rat?

Karpinski on CNN w/ Aaron Brown now 9:10 pm

The Memory Hole is M_I_S_S_I_N_G_!

This is important! Delay of CBS torture report in relation to USSC case!

Freedom of religion in the Ummah.

Gen. Kimmit on Hardball...spin,spin,spin...

If you regularly listen to Howard Stern, please post re political talks

Wanna Get Rid of Rumsfeld ? ....

Six bad apples? Sounds like those in the military know the score

Does anyone feel a major purge in the offing?

Did I just hear that some of those videos are of England having sex

Another $600 Million down the toilet

Depleted Uranium...

25 words or less: Just what the hell IS bushco's ultimate goal?

Aaron Brown: White House knew about this last year from Red Cross Report

The Articles of Impeachment Against George W. Bush

Why the FOOL is Nurse Ratchet Karpinkski on tv?

Does someone look a little overwhelmed and hugely unqualified for his job?

Bush: Yes, he is stupid. But not the way you think

Please help dismantle this freeper

DU can Elect Kerry but won't do so!

"Bush has a moral clarity that is inspiring." Hannity

Just read the transcript of Kerry's testimony

I must post these timely words from Tom Robbins again.....

anyone here ever read Karl Jaspers' The Question of German Guilt'???

CNN: It's official - No difference between Bush, Kerry

Political "Jeopardy" this week

The Democrats do not need to "push" this story...

bush* made a HUGE mistake by cheering for rumsfeld today....

John McCain on Jon Stewart tonight

Bye bye atrocities - hello, peep show!

It Appears the "Other Pictures" Have Been Printed in Arab Newspapers

Conservatives support torture

Torture to become Bush's wedge issue this Fall.

For animal lovers in the event of natural or other calamity

Our Nation owes Rummy a debt of gratitude?

Lawsuit to stop purchase of electronic voting machines in Ohio

Bush on Bush

Anyone remember this ancient history?

Rummy should be fired, but Rice, Wolfowitz, and Feith should be fired too!

I know many people don't agree with me about this (torture pics)

Need a better DU fund drive graph.

Jonah Goldberg thinks torture photos shouldn't have been released.

Question: perspective effects on the Dog Picture? (warning: graphic image)

Greta poll re videos

Let's give * a mental wedgie

our soldiers were told lies so they'd kill for Bushco

"Fuck George Bush like his dad did" MP3 for those who haven't heard it

LOL......great photo....the vampires themselves.........(PHOTO)

Two stories back to back over weekend that raised eyebrows

Whats better, whats worse? Torture or assassination?

Report: Pittston woman ordered detainee beaten

I am becoming comfortable with another * term

Nightline - Rep John Murtha on about the ill-planned war

George F. Will "empire is always about domination"

Bush: An Idiot Who Does Not Understand What He Reads...

Prius: Who Has It, Do You Like It & Tax Break Questions

Does anyone know Jon Stewart's personal political views?

Nader's Advice To Kerry

urinate, damn and orgy now considered indecent


Bush: "I'm a man of conviction."

May 10 letters from Stars and Stripes

Sign the Declaration of Independence from King George

What's up with Russert? He's killing the Bush regime!

Does Your ISP Provider Support GWB???

Emmett Till reopened investigation poll: WH Playing Politics or Not?

Tweety on a roll tonight

Front Page of CNN right now, lol

Shrub traded Slamin Sammy Sosa and Kept Dishonest Donald Rumsfeld

Dennis Kucinich for Vice President!

DUers, we HAVE to help Mari333!!! Attn: Skittles, Anarchy1999, Will Pitt

New Satellite Image of Blast Site (before/after) at Ryongchon, N. Korea

Where's the $72,000,000.00 per day in Iraq oil $'s going????

Oldtimers. Did you think it would be this way 30 years ago?

TBTM Radio #36: 'Wrongdoers and Banjo Music'

Rush Limbaugh stoops to a new level of scum....supporting torture.

Rush Limbaugh an excellent illustration of why the photos need to be

colin powell: 'covering up' war crimes for over 35 years...(photos/links)

Our Nations Soul. This election is going to be a

No More Pics Or Video PLEASE

video of rev moon crowned as Messiah in US senate building

Potentially Offensive Religion Poll

Dopey Ads?

McCain on Jon Stewart Daily Show

Is it legal to park in a handicapped spot?

We should get out, and oh, Europe doesn't have troops to replace us

what is military law regarding ms. england's pregnancy?

Good grief, Leno show is REALLY DISGUSTING....what the fuck?

Sean Hannity on the torture pics?

A Question for European DUer's

Democracy Now!: Mumia Abu Jamal on Iraq Prison Scandal

Attention Oklahomans: A Call To Action Opposing Tort Reform

Village Voice: "Ralph Nader: Suicide Bomber"

paid $2.40/gal for regular unleaded gasoline today....

Pickles on GMA.. more stupidity from the White House

OK, I Just Read The Executive Summary of the Taguba Report.

This is your president on drugs.

The KEYS TO THE RACE/ Important info/Sosnik-Clinton Pol. Dir.

For everyone who still thinks Kerry supported Iraq invasion

As bad as the pictures are, they will not change much

Gallup: Consumer Confidence lowest level of the year in May

I Would Like To Hear From Other DU Vets (Civil If Possible)

Democrats for the Second Amendment

Ya know, if in 2000 you warned people what Bush...

The Kerry/Brown BCCI report in 2 pdf files, ready for print-out

Update , how bad things are here

Condy being protested at Vanderbilt this Thursday.

TortureGate exhibits an underlying theme to the "war on terra" - Racism

RAGE: "14-year-old Iraqi with a broken arm being hurled to the ground . .

Is Bush Stupid or Misunderestimated? -- We should ALL go to this site, and educate

How much does it cost to run Democratic Underground?

INCREDIBLE Wes Clark Article in Washington Monthly on Iraq

WP/Pincus: Analysts Say Iraqi Agencies Unlikely to Follow U.S. Rules

Afghan army tries to pacify the north

Shiite Cleric's Militia Seizes Control of Baghdad Slum

'Poor paying for war on terror'

Marine dies in firefight with suspected Taliban troops

U.S. Marine Convoy Enters Iraqi Town of Falluja

Muqtada al-Sadr's Baghdad office bombed

EU Ready to End Farm Subsidies; U.S., India, Brazil Must Match

letter from an American Iraqi

Eye on F.C.C., TV and Radio Watch Words

Officer shoots, kills a man wielding gun(Close to my home)

NYT: Officials Grapple With How and When to Release Images

'On The Edge' In Iraq (United States could lose in Iraq)

Mandela criticises US, Britain over Iraq in speech to S. Africa parliament

pls delete dupe...sorry

Poll shows majority want UK troops to pull out

Britain was probing Iraq abuse before Red Cross report: Blair

Brazil Calls NY Times Alcohol Story 'Slander'

Ex-Israeli minister is charged in ecstasy case

Release photos U.S. is urged By Senior US Lawmakers

Black Monday Hits Seoul Markets

Red Cross was told Iraq abuse "part of the process"

U.S. Embassy in Japan Issues Attack Warning E-Mail

Iraq Cleric to Widen War After U.S. Bombs Baghdad HQ

Group vows to kill foreign workers in Basra


Abuse Tied To Policy Shift

Private Contractors Who Torture

Fischer condemns prisoner abuses ahead of US talks

Need a mercenary? Better not call Greenpeace

US approved sleep depravation, nudity for Guantanamo inmates

Illuminating Blacked-Out Words (PDB,Iraq)

Early signs were given secondary priority - USA Today

Japan scandal claims second victim

Uruguay ship blast injures 80

Catalogue of abuse claims grows: UK press

When Old Convictions Won't Die

October? Nope- the July Surprise.

BUSH LIED per Red Cross(military Intel says torture 'part of the process"

George Will says administration cannot govern

"Bush aims to avoid father's mistakes"

High-speed I-95 crash kills seven

US officials to blame for Iraq abuse - Jaafari

Military newspaper blames Rumsfeld, Myers for "professional negligence"

Saudi Arabia Calls for OPEC Supply Rise

AP, Miss. Newspaper Sue Over Tape Erasure (Scalia incident)

Woman hit by bat in sausage race retiring

Cab ride stretches 2,200 miles from Everett, Wash., to Milwaukee

The Red Cross Lodged complaints (report published in WSJ May 10)

U.S. to Reopen Probe of (Emmett) Till Slaying

Citigroup in $2.65 Billion Settlement

Conservatives Restive About Bush Policies

McCain to shortly announce Rummie should resign! (CNN)

Bush cheers "Millennium Challenge" recipients

British Columbia microbreweries work overtime in beer strike

U.S. military intelligence had control of Iraq prison

Army to Limit Courts-Martial Coverage

Monsanto puts plans for biotech wheat on hold

War graves hit over Iraq 'abuse'

Iraq power plant in flames

Why did GOP boot Walker (in gubinatorial primary)? | Salt Lake Tribune

(Ohio) Plant praised by (Gov) Taft for saving jobs announces layoffs

S.F. bar owners hauling underage drinkers into court

BBC: Bush backs 'superb' war chief

Red Cross Report Describes Abuse in Iraq

Sergeant's Lawyers Seek to Relocate Trial

State Sen. Lee Constantine is arrested on DUI charge

CNN: Taguba will testify tomorrow

Spain to cede Iraq base to U.S.

Japan's Topix Index Has Biggest Slide Since Sept. 11 Attacks

U.S. to Reopen Investigation of Emmett Till's Murder in 1955

Iraq-Vietnam parallels pile up

Marines Move into Tali ban Territory.

Mistakes cost thousands their vote (Cook Co. IL)

Support mixed for Rumsfeld on Capitol Hill

Tenants say they traded vote for rent | Detroit Free-Press

Iraq power plant in flames

Soldiers' Warnings Ignored -- Blame goes far beyond MPs (Balt Sun)

Santorum jeered at graduation

Conservatives Restive About Bush Policies | Washington Post

Celebrations break out in Fallujah as US marines enter rebel Iraqi city

Defense says it was suicide, prosecutors call it murder

The Crimes at Abu Ghraib Are Not the Worst

Howard Government 'knew of torture'

Sources: Bush to Impose Sanctions on Syria This Week

Gay issue group rejection sparks ire at Berry College | AJC

Bush Praises Rumsfeld on War on Terror

Celebrations break out in Fallujah as US marines enter rebel Iraqi city

Britain's Blair, defense minister seek to downplay Iraq prisoners scandal

Palestinian Authority to hold local elections

Corporate Tax Bill Awards Range of Groups

Bush to visit Pentagon, back Rumsfeld

Foreign cash returning to Switzerland's vaults

Iraq oil exports cut by pipeline sabotage!

Dem Mike Miles is underdog in Colorado Senate primary | Denver Post

Red Cross Was Told Iraq Abuse 'Part of the Process'

Medicare Contractor Firm Donates to GOP

Koizumi can get abductee kin: Pyongyang (N. Korea/Japan)

US battles on two fronts in Iraq: prison scandal and Shiite militia

Saddam Lawyer Says Access to Client Denied

U.S. NATO man says Iraq abuse means crisis for Bush

Inmates Scuttle Efforts to Repair Iraq Prison Image

A 'clear ... system failure'

Bush On Now!

Vancouver mayor proposes marijuana tax to fund drug treatment

US seeks UN resolution on Iraq amid allies' concerns over prisoner abuse

Saudi Arabia urges more OPEC production

US Senate debates resolution on Iraqi abuses

Bald eagle poisonings bewilder investigators | The Oregonian

SA citizen shot dead in Iraq - total 3 coalition contractors

U.S. says kills 16 Shi'ite insurgents in Baghdad

Kerry says Bush not trying to cut health costs

Bomb blast damages Iraqi oil pipeline, cutting exports sharply

Unitarians prepare to marry gays | Boston Globe

Investor's Business Daily Bush 46% Kerry 41%, May 2-8, 2004

Pictures of tortured Iraqis on desecrated British cemetary

Sadr tells militia to fight throughout Iraq-aide

Venezuela arrests colombian fighters

Washington Post Holding Iraqi Abuse Photos

US first lady saddened by Iraq prisoner abuse scandal

U.S. to Reopen Probe of Till Slaying

2nd ID tries to keep Bradleys on ‘track’ (US S.Korea shorted by Iraq)

New foreign aid program ties assistance to reforms

Family fears for man who reported Iraqi Prisoner Abuse

Improvements in mail delivery to Iraq hailed

lou dobbs & bill moyers

Pro-choice pol leaving church

Amnesty Condemns UK for Iraqi Civilian Deaths

AP: Saddam's Officials Got Special Abuse

Dutch soldier killed in Samawah

Senators Fault Pentagon as New Photos Emerge

Bush shown abuse photos at Pentagon briefing

Saddam Lawyer Says Access to Client Denied

Justice Department Reopens Emmett Till Murder Case

Senators Set Hearings on Iraq Prisoner Abuse

Scandal provokes fresh disgust among America's allies in Iraq

Latest CNN/USAT poll--Bush approval at 46%

Rate fears sink stocks (Dow Closes Below 10,000)

U.S. Military Dogs Get Bulletproof Vests

Secrecy pervades Arab meeting

In shift, Saudi Arabia says oil prices high enough, urges more OPEC produc

U.S. forces kill 35 of al-Sadr's militiamen

Blood will flow after Chechen blast: Putin | SMH

Gulf War I POWs cite Abu Ghraib

Gannett, AP Sue U.S. Marshals for Erased Scalia Tapes

Spain Turned Down U.S. Request to Capture or Kill Iraqi Religious Leader

Bush's Backing of Rumsfeld Shocks and Angers Arabs

Nuclear Weapons: Saddam and the Scam Artists

Poor 'are paying for war on terror'

Three more American soldiers die in Iraq, two from hostile fire and one in

Medicare Contractor Firm Donates to GOP

Calls for tolerance untenable for some (@ Mayor's prayer breakfast)

Amid Probe of Bogus Degrees, Government's Ability to Detect 'Diploma Mill'

Israeli link possible in US torture techniques

Iraq Prison Scandal At Its Most Graphic

CACI says interrogators were screened properly


U.S. Training North Africans to Uproot Terrorists

West Bank Teen Halts Homicide Bombing Role

WP: Blair Newly Rebuked Over Prison Abuses

U.S. soldier charged unfairly in Iraq abuse-lawyer

Iraq torture photos found in desecrated cemetery

MCI Announces Job Cuts Totaling 7,500

All Quiet On the House Side

Federal Lawsuit Filed to Stop Same-Sex Marriage in Massachusetts

Interrogation, war, and gray zones


GMA, FPJ run tight race in quick counts - Poe 155K. Whore Arroyo 150K

Head of Inquiry on Iraq Abuses Now in Spotlight (Taguba is son of POW)

Military Spending Raises Questions

CACI says interrogators were screened properly

Bush honors Super Bowl champ Patriots

Palace life puts strain on Japan's princess

(CACI) Contractor: Army Happy With Interrogators

Mel Gibson planning to takeover Disney?

BinLaden group to build world's tallest skyscraper

Children hurt in Sadr clash

Iraqi Cleric Predicts More Attacks on U.S.

Bush to Travel to Europe in June

Ex-Klansman (David) Duke working for 'white rights' group

Amnesty: UK troops shot civilians

Bush: Soldiers must answer

Senate Passes Resolution on Iraqi Abuses

New Bush space speech planned

NYC police security estimate for GOP convention now $76 million

DRUDGE: Photos show American soldiers having sex with one another.

East Timor Court issues warrant for Indonesian Pres Candidate Wiranto

Iraq abuse allegations multiply

Climate Change Out of the Blue (Tin Foil Hat alert)

From the Senate Minority Leader, a Call to Calm (NYT)

Man arrested on charges he broke windows bearing image of Mary

Rabbis critisize evangelicals in Israel

Mistreatment Of Detainees Went Beyond Guards' Abuse

Exclusive: Red Cross Report

Missed Opportunity FBI Prevented From Relaying Warning on 9/11 Hijackers

Bush sees CLASSIFIED abuse photos

Nader sues for spot on Texas' ballot

Unmarried, Female and Turned Off by Politics

WP: Across America, War Means Jobs

Colombia Is Americas' Worst Humanitarian Crisis -UN

$5 Million Air Force Band Rehearsal Building Under Scrutiny

Gone Fishing, With a Firearm: A Cherished Sport in Vermont

Is Curves Fitness Chain Funding Pro-Lifers?

Red Cross: Iraqi abuse widespread, routine; most detained by mistake

Abuse Scandal May Dishonor U.S. Military

Aristide requests refuge in South Africa | Globe and Mail

Did anyone see that flick, "Mister Buddwing" on TCM last night?

Something occurred to me watching "Xanadu"

New Mission of Burma disc out.

Leaked White House Email Shows Campaign Concerns (satire)

Video gamers: What video game character are you playing right now?

A poem I thought I'd share with all of you

Grovelbot a nude model !!!???

Wi-Fi phones could be next trend in thrift

Gulf War video we didn't see on the news.

What's the ultimate midnight snack?


Ok, time for Angelus to sleep.

What should I do today?

Is there such a thing as a "liberal" video game?

Microsoft SP2 will run on pirated Windows XP

Hardhead's Comprehensive Car-camping Checklist

Woman Hit by Bat in Sausage Race Retiring

Breaking up may be easier to do via text message

I would soooo do Wes Clark!

Officer shoots, kills a man wielding gun(Close to my home)

African Frogs Threaten San Francisco Area

I never read mention of PETA on this board

Should I post a pic in the gallery?

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

Uber-Cute Photo Of The Day (Warning: GRAPHIC)

Confession: I was gay and I dated a member of the opposite sex!

Goood Morning DU

Man Thought He Was Having Stroke - Insisted On VOTING Before Hospital

Shoving Match Erupts During 50 Cent Show

Calling all "Kiss my Tiara" readers...

idiot son of an asshoLe

Baby Left Locked In Car - Prostitution Ring - 72 Y.O. Father - Etc...

Can I get a high five for my joke at the zoo yesterday?

Cover the Uninsured Week...

DU artists - what can you tell me 'bout Jose Clemente Orozco?

my cats went to the day spa yesterday- Why are they mad?

Woman Reports Biting the Bullet in Hotdog

Man Wins Lottery Three Times in One Night

I just pulled an all-night cram session. Ask me anything.

7 Y.O. Boy Saves His Father's Life

Policeman (Drunk) Arrested Driving In Fishnet Tights

local newscast interrupted by . . .

45 RPM Picture Sleeves: Day 8

7 novice climbers dine out 22,000ft up Tibetan mountain

Caption: Poodle: "got any troops you don't need back home?"

Apropos Calvin and Hobbes from 5/10/93

Ok - seems like a radical life change is in my future!

E! Online: ""Van Helsing" Slays Olsen Twins"

For Sale: Flashy car, will swap for sexy lady. n/t

Survivor's Rudy just announced

A little something for the ladies: when will Grovelbot make his appearance

Next to Hate Radio, what is your biggest radio pet peeve?

The Cure book summer tour

*sigh* well, my stepson neglected to call his mother AGAIN yesterday

Anyone heard of the band Dark Psychosis?

Computer help: Partitioning a hard drive?

I donated!

Who honked at me in Albany?

Army underpants are MIA

Fuck Mondays!!

What do the fundies think of U.S. soldiers portraying the Romans

If Women Controlled Medicine : A Boob Poem & The Manogram

What is this a photo of?

men prefer a flashy car over a sexy lady it art?

The Partridge Family returns!

Uh I think there is something wrong with Bob

Public service for Dubya: The origin of "hell in a handbasket"

Who else...

Help! I've Lost my Internet Radio

Horny horse bites man to death.

The Waddling Wanker of all CAPTIONS!!!

Today's feel-good story

The Revisionist Declaration of all CAPTIONS!!!

Politicians Fight Over "Bong" Nickname

Anyone else just feel really down sometimes?

(7 years old)Boy's bush trek saves father's life

Interesting Repuke item from "News of the Weird"

Make your own game show/reality show...What would it be like?

Say Hello To Mr. Jon Secada

Going to Las Vegas tomorrow...

Man Charged With Drunk (Horse Drawn) Carriage Driving

Say hello to Mr/Mrs Cicada

990 posts, ask me anything.

John Ashcroft. Lynne Cheney. Rush Limbaugh.

Dubya goes to hell!

The Look of Love of all CAPTIONS

Do you know Jack Schitt?

U.S. Air Force Worried About German Bunkers - GOLF Bunkers That Is

Anyone else having trouble streaming Air America?

Oooh, is that some Columbian Red CAPTION?

The anonymous DUer who donated my star is...

Glen Campbell Pleads Guilty to DUI Charges

Teachers of DU! It's GRADIN' TIME!

"Fighting Terrorism Since 1861"

The latest "Bush waving goodbye forever" pic...with Rummy!

Chicken Catcher Says Job Is Affecting His Health

Want to kill some time?

Today's "Separated At Birth" George W. Bush Photo Funnies

Freepers raise an Army against Iraqi insurgents.

"Revenge is like serving cold cuts."

Best "Family Feud" Host.... Survey SAYS??

recommendation letter for *

This Day in Rock History

Which SCI-FI classic rocks more?

Someone get this guy a banana!!!

What did Jerri do last night on the Reunion?

What was the last masterpiece you've come in contact with?

Caption the... urg... what is WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!?

Oh nooooo Grovelbot is back

Who wants to be jealous? I served...

Best Host of "America's Funniest Home Videos"

Which "Friend" will have the biggest post-Friends career

Pump up the volume... makes another classic.... Great G.I. Joe spoof.

Favorite home cooked convienience food-What's yours

new Yahoo split-screen commercials - who has the best lines?

How to fix a lightsabre.

My 2,900 post. Ask me anything!

Need input on personal matter.

Bush* serenades Rummy

RIP, Alan King.

Hot-Wire a Lamborghini?

Was that footage from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre honestly real?

Who's listening to Randi, what bumpersticker www was she talking about.

Hot Damn! David Cross rules.

Ask me anything ! Help me escape the 700 Club !

Europe not as romantic as it used to be.

for sale on eBay: Ursus Mark-VI and VII bear suit set

Holiday in Hell-My Vegas vacation

Yes. Very good. Just do as I say and CAPTION

Woman hit by bat in sausage race retiring

Need info on "New World Order" conspiracies

NBA Champs

WoooHoooo just donated and it feels good n/t

Cab ride stretches 2,200 miles from Everett, Wash., to Milwaukee

Open Source Music

Famous banks you've almost knocked over - stories here!

Bush* serenades Rummy II

Has Anyone Seen A Picture Of What Grovelbot Looks Like?

If an unauthorized user is tapping a wi-fi internet... to what extent

My baby's going to Germany on Wednesday - input needed

How do you say "money"?

CROSSFIRE Least Popular Poll

I just finished my first year of law school! Ask me anything!!!!

Oh, thats mean, you can ignore GrovelBot

As if things couldn't get worse for California...

My star! My star!

Just thought up a new right-wing insult!

Awesome poll up now....

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Basil!

Baseball one-liner

Eurovision Song Contest (Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson)

When the sun goes down

WooHooo! I got my star back!

You've come a long way, baby

Any Vespa owners out there?

America remakes The Office, but no one's laughing

Kerry/McCain in November

Man Bitten By Sexually Aroused Horse

Which is more ironic- bin Ladens building world's tallest tower...

Man Quits 6-Figure Salary To Become Gardener

Songs you wish you had written

Spitfire about to take off.. reporter on "runway"...uh-oh

Hello from London: don't think they like americans much from

Red VS Blue... Who Decided That These Were The Colors?

Latest Google Poll Results!

can someone explain this shirt?

Who here puts cole slaw on their BBQ sandwiches?

Cat Survives Cross-Country Move In Drawer

Dumbest Person you Work with.............

Who still watches cartoons? Which ones?

Cicada Killer Thread

What is your Medieval Vocational Personality?

Heat fans... What happened to Eddie Jones??

Who here puts cole porter on their BBQ sandwiches?

Your favorite airline to fly?

Any Duers have links for info on freemasons?

Trailer Park Boys (Possible spoiler?)

Welcome to the machine: RCA's "DVD Player With ClearPlay Parental Control"

Which movie marathon would you rather watch?

If you were dating what you thought was a

How often should CNN show prisoner pix?

Take the Death Test

B5 or B7?

What country are you?

Famous people you've almost knocked over - stories here!

Bicycle! Bicycle!

Pacmanhattan (weirdest recreational activity EVER)

Are you damned? (test)

Famous people you verbally abused

What's Worse? Accidentally...

Any Dark Tower fans?


New Torture Rules have come out.

Sirius home outside antenna.....which direction?

Famous people you've almost knocked up - Stories Here!

Can someone tell me about the legality of this?

"Thank you President Bush!"

DU Math experts - homework help needed!!!

Items prohibited at the Olympic Games

Zogby says...

RED MEAT, anyone?

Women DUers: I get my first mammogram tomorrow. Any words of wisdom

Proof that George Romero is not the genius some think he is.

What the hell is up with people and the "Pat Tillman/Ted Rall" crap?

Seen on My Drive through the Buckhead(Atlanta) Neighborhood Today

Woohoo I got a job!

Everyday that passes...

I just made my first donation to DU

Don't be so salty!

How Evil are you?

Heard of the NO-CARB Diet for 2005?

CROSSFIRE Popularity Poll

Martin or Lewis?

Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, banana phone...


If You Were A Dictator For A Day, What Would You Do To America?

wine makes me mellow goddamit...whooz with me heere?

How tired of "How ___ Are You?" threads are you?

What kind of existence after death do you imagine?

How Jedi Are You?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yummy!!!!

Battle of the Soul Duos: MARVIN & TAMMI or SAM & DAVE?

Where is DuctapeFatwa

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present: The Axis of Evildoers

I think I helped this guy's dad today...

Wonderful TV Commercial Juxtaposition I Just Saw

Schwinn Releasing New 'Sting Ray' - BUT NO BANANA SEAT!

How defensive are you?

Thanks for the star, to whoever gave me this thing!

Bush... You're An Idiot

Is Grovelbot perfect?

Acute, at that, so Doo Dat Doo Dat Doo Doo Dat Dat Dat

In the immortal words of VelmaD- I'm NORMAL!!!!

Rowan or Martin?

CAPTION ...yikes!

Should "I" Submit Pic to DU Gallery?

Last DVD/VHS you bought?

Past Life Test

"Schedule" for DNC and RNC Conventions

Anyone build a bio-diesel vehicle?

Day of the Dead: Contagium, the sequel to Romero's third zombie film

Feeling clever? Play the "JUST THE CARD I NEEDED" game

Don't tell me W didn't just get an a** chewing here (no caption needed)

Police Scanners - anybody listen regularly?

Diesel always seems to cost less than typical gas. Why?

So tell me again

Geniph and JulieRB's Bogus Journey, or the King County Dems Convention

Cheney's Angels "visualization" for "prayer and spiritual work"

CONFESS!!!!!! What's your "Brain Candy"

I'm listening to "Damage Incorporated' - ask me nothing!!!!

DU this poll:

OK I have got to ask

Future Site of the W- presidential library (satire)

the fundie exposure is approaching critical mass

If Shanneee and I wrestle for the love of Grovelbot, what should we use?

*********Congratulations, Grovelbot! 1000 posts!*********

How much does it cost to run Doctor Weird?

Is there any way your FAX/Printer can be screwed with?

Just heard a good line from Leno

We have a nice thunderstorm developing south of the city

Guess what book is still in print nine years after it topped...

August 31rst

Holy hasenpfeffer, beer's gone up in price!

which one's mary kate & which one's ashley & how much less could i care

Any College Dems going to the Convention?

Need good wishes, karma, prayers


Which OS are you?

What do you put in YOUR potato salad........?

How often DU you donate to DU?

Just what are digesting tonite? (monday food thread)

I just don't understand creationism

The New England Patriots love George Bush and prove it in this photo

Preparing for interview....zzzz....zzzz...

Download Your Rush Limbaugh "HE'S A NAZI" Animation Here...

Thank goodness, exams are OVER!!!!

last cd(s) you bought

Minnesota Timberwolves/Sacramento Kings thread

BAYWATCH: your favorite pair

Boy (4th Grader) Finds $100 Bill In Roll Of Toilet Paper

Seventies coker, pretzel choker, Sadam may be the ace but he is the joker

Left handed or right handed?

Are you gellin'?

US virgins urge UK teen celibacy

Come on DU let's vote to give Rupert $1 Million (Survivor)

Hope at last for those who love food.

I really want to know how many Canadian DUer's are there?

Oh, I've got no strings...

Who would you vote for?

Best "Master" of the "Hollywood Squares"

How much will the Iraq war cost your state?

Anyone have a pic of Bush's limo being hit by an egg on inauguration day?

Pet Pairs (cute cat photo in lead post)

Survivor is pushing the Feminist movement back decades....

What Book are YOU?

What is most Posh thing you have ever done?

What inane task do you find oddly satisfying?

Mrs. Venation is getting better! Praise & thanks be to . . . .

What should I do in Orlando? Anyone want to do a meetup?

"CRYPTONOMICON" -- worth it or not?

Is there a surplus of conservative books at your bookstore?

Attention Oklahomans: A Call To Action On Tort Reform


Are you American enough? Take this citizenship test

Since Right-Wing Hate Radio Hates Canada Now

CROSSFIRE: Your Favorite Pairs

Summer Break is an Evil bu$h*co Conspiracy! No DU!

2004 Stanley Cup Playoffs

For all you Flyers fans

I'm drinking Absinthe...ask me anything...nt

HEAR YE: There will be two parties at my place, and you are invited!

Is God perfect?

I Saw A Vets Against Kerry Bumpersticker Monday.

Okay who wants a star?

Ohio Gay Marriage Initiative Roils Skeptics

I'm really really enjoying the Repukes desperation lately.

Nader's Advice To Kerry

Do you think Rummy will resign?

Kerry's Running Mate Still a Guessing Game

BUSH LIED per Red Cross(military Intel says torture 'part of the process"

When the literate go bad. From the Shaksper ListServ.

US approved sleep depravation, nudity for Guantanamo inmates

Leno and Letterman: Campaign Humor

Bush courts Catholics in swing states

Dukakis campaign manager thinks Kerry needs a lawyer (Edwards)

Kerry as a voice that does not comfort you? - If true, can he change that?

Register your single female friends to vote!!!

Anti-Bush Bus Tour protest video in Lacrosse, WI available

(excellent - IMHO) Nader's Advice To Kerry

Kerry's heiress wife fights to keep tax details secret

MUST the NYTimes cast THKerry as a mob boss?

Texas deadline for Ralph today.


AP:DA Kerry 70's victories over mob crime and rapist/murders prev.acquited

Zogby basically calls the election for Kerry

"I'm John Kerry, and I oppose the use of torture by our armed forces."

Dean speaks on health care and uninsured at U of VT Medical School.

bottom line: Bush and Rummy's lack of leadership may lead to another 9/11

Todays Rasmussen Kerry 46 percent BUsh 45 Percent

More Ohioans vote Democrat in primary

Gas and Groceries

All This Worry Over Ohio; We're Looking GOOD!

Take that CNN/Gallup poll of likely voters with a grain of salt

Bush Praises Rumsfeld on War on Terror

Kerry bashes Bush on health care costs

A pro-Kerry post from me to address radwriter0555's concern and to make me

Wow. Kerry's doing GREAT!

Why isn't Kerry making the news?

Deanbusters?!? You HAVE to be kidding me!

Fundrace: Do you want to see how much your neighbor

We need WES CLARK now!!!!!

Nader Campaign Sues Texas

The Election Is Kerry's To Lose-Zogby

Did anyone see Gov. Ed Rendell on "Inside Politics" today?

Kerry leads fund-raising race--on Amazon

That CNN poll of likely voters only sampled 575 people!

Does Kerry slum for political points or is he just being aggressive?

Army Times Editorial: "A Failure of Leadership at the Highest Levels"

"Bush is toast. Let him hang himself."

Kerry/McCain in November

I'll repeat: If not John Kerry, HOW?

What if Bush pulls a fast one on Iraq before Nov. election?

Kerry campaigning on Health Care Plan

Movement growing in my bowels

The Deepest Divide: God, Guns, And Gays

Kerry attended Mass Sunday in Aspinwall near Pittsburgh

Movement growing to Dump the Dump Kerry supporters!

Airport Rally for Kerry in Little Rock Arkansas 5/12

Movement growing to dump the DLC -Borg Assimilationist Whiners!

"Dump Kerry" movement growing

What's going on with Stephanie Herseth and the June 1 election?

Cool Kerry Video

Some quick electoral college questions

Clark’s WesPAC backs Kerry

Kucinich on Rumsfeld, Torture, Worst Yet to Come . . .

Why Nader may cost Kerry the Election

Edwards is still on the stump


Shortened Primary Season?

Can someone please explain

My Favorite Wes Clark Interview

Kerry & Surrogates on Prisoner Abuse Scandal

An All Purpose Pro-Kerry Thread

The Youth Vote, Stupid!

CNN - Kerry campaign calls Clark a "serious contender" for vp

Zogby: Kerry is going to have to change, that's where his voters are

Edwards Auditions For VP

Here's a problem. Let's solve it.

Luis Jose Perez Garrameda: Answer to John Kerry ... as if I were Chavez