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Former Condi/Babs Bush aide and NSC Director to be NBC head.

Looking for an MPG or Quicktime of Nightline

New German 9/11 article

FEMA 9/11 mystery explained?

I fear Pittsburgh is going to be Republican very soon...

The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill

NOW with Bill Moyers, interviews Bob Edwards

WTF, CNN..."Bush: 'Disgust' at APPARENT Iraq Prisoner Abuse Photos?"

Notes: Husband wanted to end `nightmare'

WOW JAG is trying Boikin tonight

Has to be be said: Sinclair Broadcasting, go fuck yourselves

HELP>>> I am teaching Govt this summer and I need

Great new bush ad

One comforting reality hit while watching Nightline.......

What could Kerry do realistically to make things in Iraq better?

Why did Ted Koppel feel he had to say he isn't against the war?

Strip clubs focusing on va-va-va-voter drives (actual headline)

Is there a life stream of Nightline? I'm in COLUMBUS???

A little hysteria amid the torture perspective, please

Republicans are Communists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess who's really to blame for the abuse of Iraqi prisoners? Clinton!

Ouch: "Former Democratic Nominee" Howard Dean: MSNBC (AP)

If Nightline was censored for you, and you wanted to hear it, CLICK HERE

Satan Disappointed in Neocon Spawn

A Byrd in the hand is worth way more than two Bushes

11,000 children fight Colombia's civil war

Sanctions Lifted, US Oil Focus Shifts from Iraq to Libya

U.S. Panel Votes to Deny Tax Money for Sharpton

Becoming a citizen gets more expensive

New Tape Is Attributed to Wanted Qaeda Figure

'I asked for help and warned of this but nobody would listen'

USDA Investigating Condemned Texas Cow

Guantanamo Bay chief takes over after shameful jail abuse

Marines hand over control of Fallujah to ex-Saddam general

Secretary Of State Bans Electronic Voting

Vietnamese general warns US doomed in Iraq

Demonizing Fat in the War on Weight

Cheney's Five Draft Deferments During Vietnam Era Emerge as Campaign Issue

Iraq Veteran Will Deliver War Critique for Democrats

Made myself laugh

Question For Medical Doctors, Physiologists, Or Anyone With Knowledge

Lewis Black: I base my life on his teachings

Can a conch move?

Robert Smith, The Cure, on Leno ....

I'm bored...time to liven up this place

Show tunes? Nah this room needs YAKS!!!!!

You know what this room needs?

peculiar opening to Kilborne show

I watched "Nightline," and still haven't stopped shedding tears.

Am I the only one who uses the word "nary"?


Check out my son's cool drawing

WTF!! Comedy Central 13th anniversary show and no mention of MST3K???

Happy May Day , D U !

Bush and Broadband (cartoon) Dirty Pictures????

Pro-Choice, Pro-Terrorist?

Four full-time employees dedicated to investigating Osama - Alterman

Dave the Brave

Stay The Course

Woodward's Portrait Of Bush Nails Down The Man as He Is - WSJ's Murray

The best of both worlds for the CIA (DU exclusive)

A great Oliphant cartoon

Another View: Jeb Bradley should look at Cheney's defense record

EXCERPT - 'The Politics of Truth' By JOSEPH C. WILSON

All Bets Are Off! A Warning to Future American Hostages

The horrors we don't see

Does Bush Hate America?

Dowd: Wolfie's Fuzzy Math

The New Yorker's Seymour Hersh tells the whole dirty story in detail

I was left bloody and bruised. Now we've become the torturers

The Pictures That Lost The War

If you like to laugh at the Bush debacle, try this...

Could Abe Lincoln win the presidency today?

Newsweek/Dickey: Points of No Return

Saturday, May 1st at 10 a.m.Washington DC - Bring Them Home March

Write every commissioner on FCC - demand Sinclair license revocation!

People vs Total War Inc.

Looking for Pool Feed VDO of Fallujah bombing

Press freedom remains elusive in Ethiopia

Did you watch the "Nightline" special on "The Fallen?"

Ralph drinks wine from a coffee cup? Bush drinks wine?

What was Trudeau thinking?!? (in his own words)

Nolle's MAY Astro-report

Stressed? Bummed by Bush? Take the Leafy Sea Dragon cure!

the contingency surtax

Flow of US jobs to India to continue

Aussies among the world's 'hardest workers'

Man the Lifeboats

Vandals Damage Peru's 12-Cornered Inca Stone

Venezuela bans GMOs

Colombia: A dangerous place for trade unionists

Japan Faces Backlash Over Pension Scandal

Aristide's Party Demands Protection

Officials: No Proof Carlos Castano Slain

Fire: Foreigners questioned - Italy

abusive soldier's names

Bush's bioterror defence plan could trigger arms race ($6 B for new germs)

Father vindicated as Kenya admits obstructing inquiry

UNSCAM: The Oil for Food Program

'Bring back the USSR'

Man Found Hanging in Tree in Wilkinson County.

eBay loser goes literally ballistic

Disbelieving 911 operator ignored home invasion call

About the tombstone debate...

What is considered Spam?

A thank you and a question

this's title...its entire contents...

About this locked thread

When is the next mod selection?

A question about the rape threads.

What happened to this thread in the lounge?

Please reconsider unlocking this

I just want to thank you


Why was the FEMA thread "hidden" and what does "hidden" mean?

Thank you for the "Hidden Thread" option...

Home page

Regarding Dr Weird's inquiry on the tombstone debate

guys. this thread is a JOKE

The Homepage is as moving...

Is it possible to do tables in posts?

May I copy the names on the home page

Palestinians protest against freeze on Hamas-linked charities

Anti-withdrawal camp says it has narrow lead ahead of vote

Israel kills Palestinian boy in Gaza

BBC (early Sunday): Sharon firm ahead of vote on Gaza

Iraqis hail 'victory' as US changes tack

Lawmakers fail on voucher accountability bill

BBV California Voter Foundation (Kim Alexander)

I'll post my concert blurb here, too, cuz it'll likely sink fast in the

California governor unveils trade deal, adds Jordan to trip

LA police chief says area shopping centers no longer under threat

Run, Patty, Run!

Bush's Kalamazoo visit: the plan for the demonstration

E-Mail to a Republican Candidate for Governor

Can anyone tell me if Nightline in Pittsburgh

David Van Os and the Return of the Texas Democrats

The VP Game

On the way home from the gym tonight.....

? for DUers re: Ads during Sinclair's "Special Report"

Coming to HBO? " I Found Jesus in Iraq: The Lynndie England Story"

"Manifesto For a New World Order"

The why behind the Sinclair and the rights objection to the names

What is your take on why No to Reagan University

Controversy Rages as TV Show Lists U.S. War Dead

The War is Over - The media has finally flip flopped

Koppel for west coasties

What are the freepers saying about Nightline?

We lost the war. The pictures confirm it.

Bush Administration Under Fire for Iraq Spending

The Multilevel Marketing of the President

looking for a quote....

taping Kopel

Goodbye, April... I still can't bring myself to watch Nightline.

The fact that 36% of U.S. citizens are okay with the torture bothers me.

Where is Condi, the unsticker?

Any links I can use in an argument with a RW - Al Queda/Iraq link?

If we went to war to "liberate" Iraq...

Spanish PM Zapatero: "I want Kerry to win."

It's Mayday In Amerika

Saturday, May 1st at 10 a.m.Washington DC - Bring Them Home March

Soldiers in Shame

What would be the defense for the soldiers involved in the torture?

Another point of view about torture

California bans e-voting in four counties, calls for criminal investigatio

May Day - Mission Accomplished

it's amazing how messed up things have gotten since 2002

Very encouraging map here

most of the torturing is done by the 'american contract workers'

War Porn: "Warnography"

Any thoughts on why Joe Wilson's book isn't getting more press?

BBV update from True Majority

CSPAN sucks--a half hour on the torture photos?

Can someone give me some info on the "Torture."

to help bring clarity to our thinking on Iraq, let's make a list . . .

Private contractors for interrogation,

The Milgram Experiment

Mission Accomplished - One year later

Civillian contractors are NOT immune to prosecution for war crimes

Happy M.A.D.

Recommended reading re Iraq Torture

AP: 1,361 Iraqis killed in April

Need some help on tracking info on CACI International

Happy May Day , D U !

Dupe. Please delete.

Kerry already is our president!

Brit torturers -- photos and stories

We need to make bill boards listing the names

Progressive websites should try to organize a boycott of Fox

Head of Sinclair Broadcasting arrested on sex offense in 1996

I object to the term "fallen soldiers"

Anybody see Sinclair's ( David D. Smith's) reply back to John McCain?

Lockheed advertises a $76 billion backlog on its investor web page.

Another Sinclair? .. Piedmont Broadcasting.. Need help with info

Military report details abuse at Army prison in Iraq, magazine says

Ah-nold Terminates BubbleHeaded dolls....this is funny

For people who say the toture is like a frat prank

Disgusting piece of freeper email(puke alert)

NIGHTLINE CENSORSHIP: Is this what it was like living in the USSR?

FoxNews will do Response to Nightline 'Stunt' Sunday

Eleven questions for Bush ...

Take a stand

"Beef recall amid E. coli concerns"...I wonder if Bush still eats beef?

This is the way it was supposed to be - neocon neverneverland

40 years ago when I took my "Basic Training" we were taught many things

Shameful Republicans - Kerry is a war hero!!!!

Parents Of Accused Reservist On Today Show...They Have Evidence...

I need help in sending things to Iraq

I thought Karen's family hated Washington,and that was the reason she.....

US Soldiers attend cultural sensitivity classes/learn Iraqi taboos

I thought we were getting rid of torture chambers and rape rooms?

Darwin back in Italy's schools

Stock v. Beer

Could Abe Lincoln win the presidency today?

Gonzalez article on Tillman available....

My Republican friend's response to the Iraq abuse story...

Saddam's prison of unspeakable horror, under new management

Reverse DU this Yahoo story about Coelho (DINO)

Does the prison torture count as "evil?"

Has George W. Bush Now Killed as Many Iraqis

todays's Doonesbury | B.D. is coming home (5/1)

Name ONE thing Bush said that didn't turn out to be a LIE

Skull and Bones question

Canada vs Bill O'Reilly

Isn't the Geneva Convention excuse in regards to prisoner photos BS?

How the Marines Lost Falluja

Just Listened to Gephardt on AA

So, we put a Business Consultant in charge of 3 prisons in Iraq? WTF

ACLU: House Judiciary Committee to Consider Patriot Expansion Legislation;

Here's my theory on Sinclair group banning Nightline

Whatever shall we do about our hidden political prisoners?

Lynndie England - Pregnant, transfered to Fort Bragg

This is interesting: the Senate org chart

I am disturbed and troubled by shameful mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners

For matcom - and everybody

If the 2000 election was legit, Gore would have won by over 4mm votes.

Current New Yorker mag reports Lyndi England pregnant.

The General in charge of Abu Ghraib is one scary looking person!

Titan Stockholders Invest in Permanent War


a Creationist theme park

Fire Dept responds to White House, Smoke seen coming from Bush Ears

Bush's New Strategy

Did anyone watch Bill Moyers on NOW last night

It's time for troops to go, Iraqis say

Justice Souter assaulted during jog. Thoughts?

I just ate some banana slices in a crepe.....Does that make me.....

This past week has seen a final loss of innocence.

Am i missing something here?

Answering Bush's Racism Charges

The photos are the Death of Ws war campaign

Freepers dismiss Iraqi tourture as "Frat Pranks"

Just started watching the Frontline show

To quell the violence in Iraq.......

The "Rotten Apple Soldiers" excuse is a lie.

Can you help me debunk this right-wing comment?

I Will Not Shut Up

Mobilizing for Peace - let's brainstorm

Is it time to dethrone the Jacko

Drought in West may be no fluke

Most Excellent Letter To The Ed Here: Kerry v. Bush re: Vietnam\Iraq

Fox: "Bush Backs 'Mission Accomplished' Speech"

Resolved: That Congress should Recognize the Secessions of 1861;

Should FoxNews be blamed for the US torture of Iraqi prisoners?

How much will the Iraq photos hurt Bush?

No permit for protest at GOP convention

Abu Ghraib is Iraq's "My Lai"....

"Combat Operations" changed to "Major Combat Operations" by WH

OK, Who watched Nightline last night?

Nightline complainers - where were you during the Iranian hostage crisis?

why aren't we hearing about sandstorms and heat??

Run Roy, Run!

Globe and Mail (Heather Mallick): "My Fox Trot with Bill O'Reilly"

Untangling tale of tortured Canadian

As horrible as the soldiers' behavior was

FoxNews has no story regarding US abuse of Iraqi prisoners

It's only costing us $6 Billion a month..

Too Funny Folks! | How Thin-Skinned are Repubs???

A convincing arguement for MIHOP

Amnesty International: Iraq: Torture not isolated

Thank you Skinner...

Beginning to enjoy ignorance - always good for a sad laugh

Very good article on the Iraqi Prision includes excerpts from reports

How many soldiers have died since Bush* said "Bring 'em on"?

Bill MOyers last night - very interesting article

The Bushies' own propaganda line is going to do them in

more proof of the ignorance which puts a bush in the wh is having a fund raising drive

Creation theme parks in NYT and a poll

LOL: I did a google image search on chimp and....

Anyone personally know any black or gay Bush fans?

SCOTUS "liberal judge" Souter Attacked while jogging taken to hospital

The sad, deluded truth behind Dubya's "Crawford Ranch"

The ultimate wedge issue: porn

Shouldn't the torturers be turned over to The Hague?

Help: anybody know where to find Dem response to Bush*'s radio address?

I watched Ted Koppel read the names of the dead last night

I just e-mailed McCain to bring up the Plame affair and make it a bigger

John Kerry's military decorations

Abu Ghraib ---Why are young Americans so hung up on sex ?

Would you like to see * and Saddam cellmates in The Hague?

What if Kerry IS denied Communion?

Cartoon: Bush* the pResident who represents principles.

Welcome back to the middle ages folks

How did the torture photos get released from the military?

Fear and Loathing in America

Which came first - civil rights or public opinion?

Why not a 4th of July march/protest?

Life of Brian !!!

Frontline: Bush and Jesus...

Photos of a girl being raped by soldiers.

Look, fraternity terrorists, right here!

Please note that THREE of seven soldiers being investigated are female.

Iraq chairman of U.S.-appointed municipal advisory board found beaten/hung

How long before Saddam is rehired?

NYC...turning away protest applications for protesting the RNC love fest

1971 Interview with John Kerry - Good Insight Into War's Effect On Troops

Enron Charges Reduced Against Lea Fastow

Ann Telnaes: Where the coffins might be "seen" by the Repug leaders...

GOP attack machine rush to discredit Dem response spokesman

Who supports the troops?

Flying Saucer Fever Grips Iran, Theories Abound

Schumer on C Span excoriating Bush DC Appeals Nominee NOW

Sorry posted in wrong forum

I've changed my avatar to the hooded man with electrodes

I didn't officially pledge to a frat, but

Perhaps Impeaching GWB isnt the right tactic

Exit polls prove whoremedia "defined" Gore as a serial liar in 2000.

You're gonna get a visit.

Republicans helped take down Bork. Why aren't they going up now...

My dad's minister prayed

Doubt cast on (UK's) Iraq torture photos

A thinking freeper- treatment of Jessica Lynch and Matt Maupin-no torture

Iraq torture photos - settle a bet

Justice Ginsberg target of Savage - ?? in context of Souter 'mugging'

How confident are you that Kerry will win?

So the press is accusing Kerry of doublespeak?

how to learn yiddish in one simple step

Funny: I use MSN as my homepage; I clicked on the link that

What will *'s life be like after he leaves the WH?

Just heard on the radio: GI just returned from Iraq bashing shrub!

On the Guy James show, they mentioned the agent orange being

So I'm driving to my hair appt. this morning and I pass a local synagogue

I doubt there will be a terrorist strike in this country........

Senator Edwards On CNN!


MSNBC: "Rumsfeld says Iraq hostility has been a surprise"...but...

Got our Kerry stickers- they're UNION!

Does Evil Age you Ugly?

How do we win the conservative white male vote?

By Any Extreme Of Wickedness

on-going human rights abuses by OUR military (03/18/04 - AI)

Why is it that we are focusing on Iraqi men not women?

Do we need new laws for humane treatment of prisoners?

Did anyone hear that two 'Navy' military were killed in Fallujah?

Iraq soldier criticises Bush in Salon

Total tinfoil thought re porn and torture

The movie "Strip Search" depicts Abu Ghraib

Just watched Oliver Stone's "JFK"

How many of us at DU are disgusted at how we treat POW's?

Why was Bush a popular gov in Texas?

The official George W. Bush prison thread

"Foreign Policy" events really bring out the trolls around here,

CBS News to talk about Electronic Voting

About Justice Souter's assault...

The Kansas City Star printed my letter . . .

hypocrisy - 'good Americans/bad Americans' vs 'good Muslims/bad Muslims'

Pressure mounts on Cheney over smears against diplomat and 'outing' of CIA

If Opihi wrote a book, would Shrub be able to read it?

UNSCAM: The oil for food program

Any protectionists here?

What is Michael Ramirez trying to say?

Gun safety presenter shoots self accidentally while teaching kids

Donald Rumsfeld is a war criminal.

Demonstrators gather at WLOS to protest 'Nightline' decision,

What the September 11 commission hearings revealed

How did they coerce the Iraqi prisoners to humiliate themselves?

A heads-up: Seymour Hersh interview on BBC radio in 30mins

A co-worker has a picture of her brothers squad on her desk...

John Kerry You No Longer Suck!

Let us build a great statue, of our great commander in chief

Bush of the Dead - Fantastic image

Need a link to the Iraq Prison Photos

"Official Guy James Show" thread---please keep kicked!


Arab Reaction to Photos of Prisoner Abuse

My God! The Democratic radio address...

The accused soldiers are not evil!

Lets make a list of shrub flip flops

Bush switches to SADDAM-LITE

Remember when Alan Dershowitz condoned torture in the war on terra?

White House Correspondents Dinner

Happy May Day you all!

Who will actually watch the White House Correspondents Dinner @ 9:30 PM ET

in context of torture in Iraq, what is going on in Gitmo??????

Her Job/Lock Up Iraq's Bad Guys! (Must Read on Gen. Janis Karpinski)

May Day Martini! Made with Vodka and Real Wild Rose Syrup!

Rieckhoff (Iraq war vet who criticized Bush) on "This Week" tomorrow

Did bush really say "major" combat operations or was it added later?

What's Kerry's position on After-Iraq?

Barbara Lee on Chuck D's AA Show!

Irma Grese Nazi Prison Guard, General Karpinski American Prison Guard

The Bad Bet Pubs did it this time, bet the farm on Bush and now wishing

Some thoughts on the rape and torture prison.

Bush To Iraqi Militants: 'Please Stop Bringing It On'

An Iraqi girl being liberated *VERY GRAPHIC PHOTOS*

"if these men do not die well, it will be a black matter for the king"

Give me a link showing that most Democrats are Christians

What all of us MUST understand!

Why the Internet news junkies will elect Kerry...

At the end of WWII Thousands of Polish & Germans disappeared into the East

Who can't wait for debates?

Re: Prison Torture Pics...

Quotes from the Arab World

A Few Torture/Humilaition Pix Are Worth a Thousand Words...

The upside - Iraqi torture.

Proof that * voters are stupid

That picture of the hooded man on the box with electrodes is....ART!!

"He's the kind of guy I could have a beer with."

I Believe That... In Private... GW Bush Got A Kick Out Of The Torture Pics

Demos dragged out some low-ranking war vet? Fox News

It might be better for us if * wins in November

Is * a real fundie or is it all an act?

AAR ALERT: Bobby Kenney's new show debuts NOW 10AM

If Bush wrote a book, would you buy it?? An Opihi Poll

"I Killed Innocent Civilians For My Government"

Bush invokes Tillman as example during WH dinner

To those who are not outraged by the prisoner abuse....

Questions about torture pix - what the heck is going on here?

Why do they hate free speech?


The "Geneva Convention" Check it out. I've done a huge "snip" but

Happy May Day!...a little history.

Direct Evidence! Bush has lost his Marbles. The speech you missed....

Critical Mass! Bush is lying (16%) or covering up (56%) about 9/11!

Is Kerry getting speech lessons?

The key to peace is a European Army

I am so sick of it all.

Anyone know whether Bush is a creationist?

Support our Troops or Support the Resistance?

What's goin' on?

Bush can NEVER be impeached! they let the law sunset in 1999 effing fools

Americans for Fair Taxation

BusinessWeek: A Deafening Silence on War Costs

How confident are you that even if Kerry wins, we still lose?

Watched "JFK" tonight. Thought of this quote from a 1963 Kennedy comment.

George W. Bush, Karen Hughes, and Karl Rove regret to announce...

Hey, Will Pitt, did I just hear. . .

What could we accomplish if the human race worked as one?

The Abu Ghraib torture scandal will sink Bush

BBV: Dominoes falling: Evoting systems scrapped by Ireland, Venezuela, C

BBV dominoes going rat-tat-tat: Four e-vote lawsuits now in play

White House Correspondents Dinner Thread 2

I am SUCH a dork

So I guess we're so used to being lied to that...

BBV: More dominoes falling: TWO criminal actions now being considered

So, you think you're lucky that your local NPR station carries "Newshour"?

Let's make political ads illegal....

ha ha....General Janis spills the beans on bush*'s SS nazis....

Matcom, Skinner, DU FAMILY: turn our anger, disgust sadness into action?

I just blasted a college friend...cheer me up...

Entire Arab World Shows Torture Photos *EXCEPT*

WP coverage of Bush's racist remarks

Is * a fascist?

Question: what does "talking point" mean?

just saw a tim russert show that no one should miss. it will be repeated

Karmic justice for a racist fraternity

BBV: May 5 meeting of Election Assistance Commission in Washington

US warns Syria of sanctions move

How Blair stayed cool at spliff time in rock star's smoke-filled room

Videotapes of a Qaeda Informer Offer Glimpse Into a Secret Life

Saudi document lists militants' would-be targets

Higher education pays off for women, U.S. study reveals

Vietnam Boat Sinks, 22 Dead, Scores Missing

Japanese hostages defend captors

U.S. Troops Kill Alleged Afghan Assailant

War Turns Fallujah Into a Ghost City

British troops shamed

Flag up in Fallujah

Mutiny is the only way out of Iraq's inferno

Colombia: A dangerous place for trade unionists

Now British army is in the dock as Allies outrage world opinion

British forces arrest 15 Shiites in Iraq

Global warming linked to high asthma rates

Military families say bring them home now

Florida House Passes Parental Notice Ballot Measure

Iraqis hail Falluja victory as US changes tack

Cheney accused of smear campaign by ambassador

Military report details abuse at Army prison in Iraq, magazine says

Fallujah accord leaves US policy in disarray

Two US sailors killed in Iraq

Sharon says defeat in Gaza referendum could lead to a general election

Stay out of Iraq, says SA's foreign affairs

Ireland rejects BBV--after spending 52 million Euros for it!

DJ Cliff sinned, but it's not hate speech

Americans Among Dead in Attack in Saudi Arabia

Quake Sways Buildings in Taiwan Capital

U.S. soldier, security workers killed near Mosul

Amnesty urges action in West Sudan

Japanese hostages stick up for their captors

Contractors in Iraq questioned about (Iraqi prisoner) abuse

Zim bans Sky reporters - Zimbabwe

Shame Of Abuse By Brit Troops

Schaffer wants to debate Coors (Colorado GOP senate candidates)

'Pizza Mafioso' dies in US prison

Schwarzenegger: Stop making bobblehead dolls (were for charity!!)

F.B.I. Got Records on Air Travelers

Photos of torture reach Iraq

Qatar pledges al-Jazeera 'review' (pressure from the Bushistas)

Bush gets absentee ballot bill (Jeb Bush)

NASA Expects Space Shuttles to Fly Again by Next Spring | NYT

Christians opposing gay marriage to rally (in Seattle) | Seattle P-I

Westerners 'shot in Saudi Arabia'

Pot smugglers exploiting state's vulnerable border | Arizona Republic

Critical Mass! Bush is lying (16%) or covering up (56%) about 9/11!

Record income at Chevron-Texaco

Australians Weigh Shooting 20,000 Koalas

Current New Yorker mag reports Lyndi England pregnant.

State pulls Web site link to Christian prayer group

Supreme Court Justice Souter Assaulted (with link)

Monorail foes file suit to halt project | Seattle P-I

Brown allies plan campaign

Bush Sees Brighter Future in Iraq (AP)

"Passion" Effect Wore Off: Confessed bomber retracts his confession

Kerry Urges 'Marching Again' for Veterans Benefits

Conn. Panel to Begin Impeachment of Gov.

Foods Shoppers Keep Eyes Peeled for Deals

More focus on Cuba embargo than terror trail is questioned

Poll: Kerry continues to hold lead over Bush (UCONN)

Poll: Bush Approval Falls Sharply in North Carolina (Red States For Kerry)

Iraq veteran criticises Bush on radio

Pictures of Torture And Sexual Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners By US-UK Soldiers

Baucus (D-MT) launches battle against Glacier-area mine

Jury cases becoming few and far between | Salt Lake Tribune

Town turns against conduct of the war (and Bush) | Boston Globe

BaŠthist teachers prepare to go back to the classroom

Edwards, Tenenbaum rouse Democratic convention crowd

Computer Problems Ground Delta Flights

Schumer on C Span excoriating Bush DC Appeals Nominee NOW

Six British soldiers hurt in Iraq

Calculating the Politics Of Catastrophe | NYT

Tired Mandela to scale down appearances

CORRECTED-Iraq prisoners faced "sadistic" abuses

It wasn't all serious stuff

Senator Edwards On CNN!

Wanted Shiite cleric's militiamen dig in with force in Najaf's heart

Iraq Official Demands Prison Abuse Probe

Picasso may top $100m

French troops could protect UN personnel in Iraq: Powell

America faces "a moment of truth" in Iraq: Kerry

Pentagon officials guarded about Fallujah force

Kerry's message gets attention in Ohio

NYT: Is a Do-Gooder Company a Good Thing? (Google)

Abuse of Iraqis may have been ordered by US intelligence: - reports

Workers Kill 5 Westerners in Saudi Firm (Exxon-Mobil)

Macedonian police accused of faking terrorism to impress U.S.

Bush's bioterror defence plan could trigger arms race ($6 B for new germs)

Ad man says Ventura is serious about run, Nader shouldn't be

Iraqi Newspapers DO NOT print Abu Grhaib photos (CNN)

NYT: Darwin-Free Fun for Creationists (creationist theme parks)

Warnings of abuse in Iraq's prisons were ignored

I was left bloody and bruised. Now we've become the torturers

Warnings of abuse in Iraq's prisons that were ignored

General: Brigade will hunt insurgents (Fallujah)

Bush's flights of fancy fail to crack Kerry's rep

Iraqis Hail Falluja 'Victory' as U.S. Changes Tack

Guantanamo -- A Holding Cell In War on Terror

(MN Senator) Dayton urges FCC to probe broadcaster 'Nightline' ban

Missouri Voters Favor None Of the Above

UN demands better security in Darfur, Sudan

Balloons for dagga liberation - decriminalize marijuana

Air America off the air permanently on WNTD


Debate Over 'Nightline' Tribute to War Dead Grows, as McCain Weighs In

Arabs repulsed, furious over prison photos

Anti-war protests in DuPage County (Republican Chicago suburb)

Moyo: Jail for 'lying scribes' - media

Saudi Gunmen Kill at Least Six People

German Police, Leftists Clash on May Day

Gas At $2.00 A Gallon May Seem Cheap By Autumn (Shell shenanigans)

Revealed: secret battle 'anarchist' Picasso lost to become French

Opponents Of Gay Marriage Rally At Safeco Field (Seattle)

Italy demos 'win hostage safety'

WH agrees to "look into" Drug Czar's firing emp. who stopped Bush "nobid"

Britain to dispatch 4,000 more troops to Iraq

Laura Bush leads rally for troops in small-town Florida

BBC (early Saturday): Missing Colombian warlord 'dead'

WP: Prisoner Abuse Probe Widened

E-Voting's Flaws Out In Open -- CBS News (Saturday 5/1)

Pics of kid with pot pipe leads to arrest

Senate Partisanship Worst in Memory

Gas profits take off / Earnings streak ahead at Chevron

Laura Bush Leads Rally for Troops in Fla.

In Re Scalia the Outspoken v. Scalia the Reserved

Army vows no scapegoats in prisoner abuse

Methodist court rules on homosexuality | Seattle P-I

America Has Second Thoughts About a United Europe

Kerry Struggling to Find a Theme, Democrats Fear

General suggests Iraq abuses at jail were encouraged


Supreme Court Justice Sauder attacked by 4 young men while

Kerry's Pick for No. 2 Remains Guarded (Wash. Post)

Berkshire's Buffett, Apple's Jobs Join Kerry Advisers

Castro Vows Cuban Socialism to Survive Bush

UN: Ten Stories the World Should Hear More About

Marine who shielded his men mourned

Bush Cites Racism in Remarks On Iraq

Selective Service eyes women's draft (Seattle P-I)

Is it over for Blair?

Gern Blansten- this one's for you!

What was the name of that band just on Kilborn?

This Is MY 10,000th post! Ask Me Anything!

DVDs are coming out in droves!

Complimentary Thread!

Here's hoping I will make it.

can a couch move?

Drummers who helped me last is what happened.

Watching Over You (Seabound)

SEATTLE: Did the Groper grab our Beloved Emillie (QUIRK)?

Ten years ago this day.

My First Thread of May

Tonight's DU Insomniac Thread (Welcome 1 May) Woo Hoo

I just got finished watching this week's Frontline for the first time. . . . fun with digital theatrics . . .

Iran UFOs

Beloved (VNV)

Took the day off yesterday.

Anybody else do Tech Support for the Family..

Wake the Fu@k up DU! I want to talk!

Anyone thinking of picking up City of Heroes?

The offiicial HAPPY MAY DAY thread

Have YOU Voted For YOUR Favorite Chicken On The LIVE Chicken Cam?

Gooooddddd Morning DUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!

Listen 2 me respond to this thread to curse donkeyboy75 & mopaul

Do not respond to mopaul's post, or be forever cursed!

Monty Python'esque humor from the guys at

LA area DU-ers, come hear my group sing tonight or tomorrow...

a bully terrorized me in highschool.......a GIRL

Crackdown on Nigeria TV miracles

respond to this thread, or be forever cursed, dont' delay, do it today!

2004 Lyttle Lytton contest winners

"Earthlings: Ugly Bags of Mostly Water" to Screen at Cannes

Going to Poppa's visitation and funeral.

Kentucky Derby: anyone else following "Smarty Jones"?

Do not look here

I'm tired of typing

How good/bad NOW is the neighborhood you grew up in?!

Stupid Freeper post of the week!

My 2222nd post... ask me anything.

My mommy doesn't like bad people

Small World memories loom large among all ages (closing for one year)

When is the next national holiday? Please help create a new one.

The Writings on the Stall

Good may 1 Morning And Afternoon DUers.

I've got a lovely bunch of co-co-nuts

is the audio of the weekly Democratic Radio Address available online?

Would you do this for money? Should I?

Does anyone have a link of the Dr Evil/Mini-Me Cartoon

It's May Day, folks!

Happy "Missing Kitty" story: 2,800 miles/seven years

Christian Science Monitor

"George Bush is a liberal."

Only the terminally easy need click here...

HELP! repeated infections HELP! Please.....

I just ate some banana slices in a crepe.....Does that make me.....

Does this make me look fat!

How are you planning on celebrating "Mission Accomplished" Day?

Maddox is too funny

How do I get a link working in my sig line

Warm, or cool?

What are your favorite pair of sneakers?

How do you find the best mortgage rate?

Okay now be honest!

CAPTION Der Bobb'lenfuhrer

I guess we couldn't KEEP IT UP forever

Supermarket fun with my ex-boyfriends (photo)

My 1,000th post! Don't ask me anything!

Darwin-Free Fun for Creationists LOL | NYT

Chickenhawk List

I just got my Kerry potstickers in the mail today!

I just got my scary rumpled knickers in the mail today!

MST3K bots' cameo on Futurama to rerun Sunday, 11pm

It's a Jazz day at work today

How LOUD do you like your music?

How much water do you drink per day?

Mission Aaa-what? caption the one year anniversary.

Blunts Vs. Bong Hits

CAPTION the GREEN finger.

Meet Pete, the Porno Puppet

CAPTION, the good 'ol days

gO sHaRkS! 1-0 firt period over.

Why is the unofficial image server dead?

The time has come once more...

I love Mountain Dew.

I'm looking for a quote, Google hasn't helped

Anyone else have mild contempt for the "Help me respond/debunk RW email"

I am going to take a nap

The first time you got stoned: what happened?

Last night I had a Bush-mare!

Caption: Horrified Canadian PM searches for Junior's pulse...

The Closet Canary of all CAPTIONS!!!

Ever spend the entire day in bed?

party at the moontower...

Yay AVS!!!

Chicago DUers!!!

I just want to give a big THANKS to PetsMart Stores!!!

The Claustrophic Camel of all CAPTIONS!!

Horse races - the biggest anti-climax in sports.

Okay, I am officially gonna rule!

Time for the meatstick!

New stuff on ... hilarious

Paranoid Pat

What I want for my birthday from DU.

Responce from Republican Candidate I e-mailed


Is it bad to put turtle waste on plants?

Want a good scare? Go see "Godsend"

How do you tell someone that they are offensive?

WOOHOO. Got My Two John Kerry Bumperstickers In The Mail Today.

Attention Captioneers - Help me out!

Butt Steak

Is it bad to put a turtle waist in pants?

What does a movie producer do?

Olsen Twins get a Star (Walk of Fame)

Did anyone else see that guy drop dead at the Derby?

I didn't see a guy drop dead at the KY Derby, but when my little Fluffy

I posted a 'whack the hornet's nest' thread in GD!

Last night I had the strangest dream

Nick on Jessica at Derby "She's in betting line spending more of my money

What do you get when you cross a turtle with a pantywaist?

A question for any auto mechanics lurking today:

Did Anyone See That Steed Wearing The Derby?

"Matrix Reloaded" on HBO tonight at 8 pm EST

What was your favorite pair of speakers ever?

Just watched Oliver Stone's JFK...ask me anything

About the turtle waste on my PANTS -- Just how BAD is it?

GOPisEvil has pictures of Abbie and Evita - who can host them?

What recurring dreams have you had?

OMG! Conservative Underground called me an idiot

Song of the day - Country Joe & The Fish: Untitled Protest

What ever happened to the dinosaurs?

Why can't some people just ask the question that's answered?

Spyware - Make it stop! Tech Gurus, please help.

Question about maps and lamination....

Uh oh... SATs at 8:30!!! Wish me luck!


A Question About a Picture...

I can't believe I'm sick again

I Just Made 1000 Posts!

OMG! My first locked thread!

Sometimes when you fart, you gamble...

So is the US House Corrino or House Harkonen?

I own a house with cedar singles. I can't get the peeling paint off.

Arizona's White Cranberry Apple Green Tea - NECTAR OF THE GODS!!!

Who won Avs v. Sharks game today???

sorry I havent been on this week, hell ask me anything

HAHA! Prairie Home Companion railing on the Left Behind Series

I have high viscosity and an appalling lack of Quisps - ask me anything!

Does anybody have that image called "U.S. War Presidents"

Republican Convention program

I can't breath!

Did anyone else see that horse win at the Derby?

what are some left-leaning alcohol companies?

Do you have a power-washer? Do you use it?


Anyone have any info on converting cars to EV's?

Link to "Republican Singles" site on Fox News

Just woke up from my nap

Does anyone else like soy milk, or am I just a freak?

If it wasn't for my horse....

The Semi-Unofficial "Where Are You" thread...

The Cicadas are coming

"Crowds of people sittin' on the grass with flowers in their hair ......"

Who says Fox doesn't cover the news well?

Are you hot or not?

DU chat tonight

Do you bore?

Finland disappears. Check with Germany.

Gun safety teacher shoots himself in class

Vincent Price on THE RADIO CRYPT

SmokeHouse Blues

Cosmic Charlie

Fraternity blows cannon into apartments; two arrested

Al Gore's theme song....

Is 'Twister' the new 'Wizard of Oz'?

Senate press gallery in Florida TP'ed

When si the best day of the week to go out to a bar?

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Take It Dude!" ('Queer As Folk' New Episode Tomorrow!)

What would you never, ever do

The Flinstones- D or R?

WKRP in Cincinnati (D) or (R)

Did anyone not see the Derby today?

Just watched The War Room, ask me anything

I Formally Nominate Jimmy Page As BadAss Guitar God Of Life

Quick question about S. American history:

Back to the Future Characters. D or R?

Just finished 28 Days Later...

Going out with coworkers can be strange... (warning, rated TV14)

The letters E through Q - D or R?

Let my inspiration flow

Oh no! The 700 Club!!!

Hey, I'm smokin' Just got DSL

Dallas "D" or "R"

The Quiet Corner of all CAPTIONS!!

Night Court Characters D or R?

Kids In The Hall: D or R???

Midnight Special playing countercultural music tonight

Tennesee Jed

Yay! I finally made it to the 700 club!

Peter Schickele's "Schickele Mix" is on now (10 pm NY time)

Do you like boobies?

du characters: (d) or (r)?

Most. Important. Poll. Ever.

When Limbaugh goes to prison, which Oz character

Cheers D or R?

Good Things List.

I need a Democratic wife.......

The answer, my friend, is blowiní in the wind

can someone help me with a web address?

American Pie kids (D) or (R)?

for my 8000 th post i ask you this-------------

Most Touching SNL Moment

Why are all the anti-drug ads about Marijuana?

Sleepover at my house

Do you like cherry pie?

muscle relaxant?

No Women, no Cry

What's a good image resizing program?

Best episode of Three's Company?

For your viewing pleasure: Abbott and Evita

Gone are the days when the ox fall down

Assassins on Broadway

Frail Ray Charles vows to get stronger (Ray Charles Very Ill)...

Life of Brian !!!

Hey kids! It's Kentucky Derby Day! Post your predictions here!

Don't let Your Deal Go Down..................

Lindsay Lohan as host of SNL!

Live, from New York, it's Saturday Night! Opening skit: * & the 9/11 com

It's been a bad week for DU's loved ones.

Good wishes, please. Support, please. I need hugs. She is terrified.

Gilligan's Isle. D or R?

Flower Photos (and other stuff)

I. Can't. Stress. This. Enough.

Going Down the Road.......

HOLY crap!

Spurned wife fed her cheating husband dog poo pie, and he liked it

What snacks/foods can you make with green peppers

Need Gift Suggestion for 13-Yr. Old Girl

Do You Snore?


Need some help mentoring a young man

Is it too much to ask for an antiperspirant that actually works?

Robin Gibb is my favorite Bee Gee, am I crazy?

Birders: Am I an idiot?

Apology thread.

is aar on in chicago?

Going on a field trip!

Favorite Blunt Flavor

Weather Channel D or R?

Why can't some people just answer the question that's asked?

What was the last record you bought?

Futurama Characters, D or R

Summer fling.

Futurama characters: D or R???

I formally Nominate Tiny Tim as BadAss Ukelele God of Life

Do I need a passport for Mexico?

I need a Democratic husband.......

Star Wars fans read it and weep:

You know what... Deadwood is the best show on TV.

It's official - BMW drivers get more sex

A Canadian Apologizes To America

Creationist theme park in Flori-duh......

I had my cat put to sleep today...


help where is a link for the soldier's rebuttal of the pRez's radio

Poll Shows Kerry Hanging Onto Slim Lead In N.H.

Kerry up by 18 in Connecticut

Put this up everywhere you can!

State Polls: Kerry with 204 electoral, Bush with 174.

Radical Thought: What If Dems Just Rolled Over Until October?

Bush Approval Falls Sharply in NORTH CAROLINA

"John Kerry's record on national security--troubling" --Bush ad

Colorado Poll: Dem Salazar leads Repub Coors by 11 Points

I don't guess it's possible that Kerry would say this war isn't winable

When Kerry does choose a VP, will people still whine, bitch and moan...

Is Kerry going to be the next Hubert H. Humphrey?

Iraq: Shouldn't we be more clearly labelling this as "Bush's War?"

Clark to lead board for City Year LR

Could Abe Lincoln win the presidency today?

Cheney's 5 Draft Deferments Become an Issue - Finally!

TX-22 to DeLay: Even we don't like you, you friggin' thug!

So...are the photo's true or not? If you read New Yorker Piece they are..

A Southern VP that's NOT Edwards?

Arizona is in play, new poll shows satistical dead heat

CARTOONS: Bush's Military Wreckord

DU Must Read: Transcript of Richard Holbrooke smackdown of Wolf Blitzer