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Archives: April 9, 2004

Signs That Shiites and Sunnis Are Joining to Fight Americans - NYT

The Hewlett Packard corp. lost AT LEAST $500 today. Why?

Is calling Kerry a fascist the kind of constructive dialog we want?

First 10 minutes of Daily Show were priceless tonight-the Condi that PBS's

Let me get this straight

Condi Gets A Reality Check : Opening Statement

three Japanese civilians in horrifying situation...abducted.

If CBS was the only source for the Ashcroft private jet story...

something stinks

Testosterone leaking out of names for military operations

Bush's vacation days = 500!! More than 40% of his residency!!

Iraq jobs! Sign the Freepers up!

w's month long vacation before 9-11 keeps coming up again

Anyone else think it's weird that Bush is so silent....?

The more I see Bush going down in the polls, the more scared I get...

This is what we are up against- IGNORANCE


Obviuosly, Bush suffered from a lack of intelligence.....

Condi 9/11 Fundamental Question - Possible Smoking Gun

Why isn't Malloy on Air America?

"Mission Accomplished" banner on aircraft carrier

Chicago Protest Friday, April 9th

RNC Registered 1,029,492 new voters, wake up call.

Shiites Rally to Sunni 'Brothers'

Neocons Seek Islamic 'Reformation'

US now 'the common enemy'

Hey, Washingtonians... My 26 year old son wants to become POLITICAL

BTW, Jon Stewart slammed Rice; don't miss rebroadcasts

Letterman on Bush: "Is that Beavis or Butthead?"

Unbelievable piece of DU history

I'm visiting DC, is it possible to visit DU HQ?

Anyone else have a Dad who makes everything a pissing contest?

ok what should I do lol

human/kitty relationship goes back 9,500 years.

T-WOLVES WIN!!!!!!!!!

First Mac OS X Trojan Horse Spotted

Anyone here been Screeched in?

Do you have medical insurance?

So this is the title of my thread

Then and now. The faces somehow don't change. The film

Has any one ever had carpal tunnel surgery

I Just Did Something That I Averred on DU That I Would Never Do


The Democrats and “Bush’s war”

Tiananmen leader is a shadow of former self

The Passion of the Easter Bunny

Iraqis told them to go from day one

NYU students get ready for GOP invasion

Good Friday Op-Ed

LAT: (Rice) Testimony Paints Image of Passive Inner Circle

WP: Prohibition on Medicare Negotiation of Drug Prices Costs Billions

The Phantom Sovereign

Pentagon hires Comical Ali to head Iraq PR

Charles Pierce, Take 1: McCain

Charles Pierce, Take 2: Widows

Bush Underestimates Howard Stern

Editorial: Connecting dots/Bush's culpability for 9/11

It seems that Rice took 'all care but no responsibility' - The Age

My United States of Whatever

Senator Byrd:Follow the Exit Signs (Iraq)

These People Give Christianity A Bad Name

Breslin: "Her memory lives as a bureaucrat spins"

Boy are we stupid. In Finland though, people are really smart.

No Apologies: Elanor Clift

Baghdad Burning One Year Later - April 9, 2004

The Empty Room: Bob Herbert

Moment of truth

Jimmy Carter takes president to task

The Leisure (not "War") President - TPM


Emergency anti-war demonstration - Today - Los Angeles

Pictures from 4/9/04 Chicago Anti-war Protest

Protest Bush in Miami April 17

White Rose Updates Delayed Today

Guess which paper is owned by Rupert Murdoch?

NewsMap--Graphic Display of All News Articles Read Over the Internet

Do not let the Letterman scandal die!!!

From the desk of Condoleeza Rice

to Sonic X /Sonic the Hedgehog fans:What's wrong with this?

Test of new avatar

Poem for Good Friday

$16.8 Billion Gay Weddings

"An Outsourcing Finger Exercise" -- Brad DeLong's Great Blog

Jim Hightower: a thud of a boom/ Consumer Confidence Plummets

Need income tax revenue data

Market movements around August (Sept 11th warning)

Scotts Testing Genetically Modified Grass

Discovery Channel: The Great Warming (April 22, 2004)

Dead cop had info on corruption - family - SA

The awful truth about Lawn Darts

Ohio issuing CHLs


Just how much server space does DU have?

My Apologies, EarlG

Hey Admins, speaking of archives...

Is there a problem with the polls?

I had a post deleted....

I take it it's ok to call someone an idiot?

If anybody was

Thanks for Campaign Underground

What is defined as a "partisan attack"??

So, just how does one...

I seem to have lost all my GD 2004 and Lounge bookmarks.

The Supremos

How long, on average, does it take an alert to get read?

I might have a stalker

Are alerts anonymous?

Pleeezzzeee--I KNOW ther is no so-called "purge" in the works, but:

Question about truth in headlines

Could there be a link at the top of the Forums page

Damnit. Ignore this.

What does Sharon's latest settlement move mean for Israel?

Ya'alon: Israel quietly working on hostages affair

Israel Uses American Weapons of Construction for Death and Destruction

Sharon counting on American compensation (Likud disengagement)

Israel’s unemployment is highest in the west this year

Palestinians call on Iraqis to rise up against US


New 9/11 Timeline update

I think this is an unknown 9/11 news story that will break big soon

GOP group pays $280,000 campaign fine

Candidates (for Montana gov) favor reducing government waste

Has any one ever had carpal tunnel surgery

U.S. Troops in Bloody Battles on Saddam Anniversary

Point-by-point refutations of Condi's lies under oath to 9/11 Commission

Will 2004 election be called off? 3 out of 4 experts predict terror by Nov


DNOP: Do Nothing on Purpose. Condi admitted it today.

More Emergency Broadcast System tests ordered for Harris County?

Does Bush speak in euphamisims to avoid culpability?

I think it would be a good idea for Teressa Heinz Kerry . . .

Excellent Charlie Rose show tonight with Vanity Fair Journalists

Favorite Part of the Condi Rice Proceedings ?

Sadr City

Fundies delay approval of morning after pill that could cut unwanted

Are they Lieing or Just Stupid?

Power Of Mischief: Condi Highlighted

What ever happened to "28 Pages"

Ironically, Bush has done something great, the Sunnis/Shiites are united

North America genocide toll

August 2001 headlines: not ONE mention of Bin Laden or Al Qaeda

Condi gone before Summer?

Does amybody here remember how eloquently

DZ Knows Why The PDB Title Used The Word "Determined":

Can you still read political books?

Would 9/11 have occurred if Gore was president...

What's this about a Conservative Underground?

Canadian taken hostage in Iraq

Nuke in a big American city -- just a matter of time?

question about the insider trading connecteed to 9-11

Did Letterman or Leno ridicule Condi tonight at all?

How many oil refinery "explosions" have there been?

I need help. Someone much earlier today posted a long response to LIHOP.

Is the Head of Security Accountable For Security? - not in America

I ran into a cousin today who I'm pretty sure is a Republican

Every day in Iraq we are proven right, and it feels terrible.

Ploy by ‘Dirty Dozen’ (GOP conservatives may vote with Dems on rules)

Incredible story on CNN

The Situation in Najaf

Living in the shadow of tanks (Another good UPI story from Iraq)

Euronews just reported that Bremer

Muqtada Calls for an End to Hostilities

WP: Bush called Putin, expressing "serious distress"

Why was the bin Laden family allowed to leave the US? CLASSIFIED

Japan's PM Koizumi gone if Japanese hostages in Iraq killed?

Can you say PNAC !

George W. Fear

Anyone catch CNN showing Jon Stewart clips?

The 911 Issue SHOULD be a "Blame-Game"

To the Women of Courage (WTC)

A possible attack during the Democratic Convention in Boston???

why is the GOP media insisting that because

Repubs say: "We are at war - support the pResident"....

Su-nites. An interesting misspeak on NPR this morning.

send more troops......or.....pull out now.......which one?

Photo of US convoy being attacked...

Great list of all of the perjury Rice committed

Fallujah Siege in pictures ( not to be seen if over sensitive)

General Abizaid says he won't be the "fall guy"...

Leno tweaks $hrub's nose for a change

Limbaugh said al Sadr was listening to Teddy Kennedy...

9-11 was SUPPOSED to happen

Media Coverage of Iraq Called “Shameful” By Peers

What's the Difference?

Condi Rice Testimony De-Bunker

When you call for a "ceasefire", it means you are buying time....

Anyone see Scott Bartlett spinning last night?

bush may be FORCED to make a statement on vacation!

Bush Slept & 3,000 Died

Memo to Bush: There are no reports of war refugees leaving Iraq

Let's Take A Look At The Instant Replay...

Despair and anger in Japan as troops stay in Iraq despite kidnap drama

C-Span WJ: Jonas Goldberg...Hold Your Nose & Post Here

How could ANYone say Rice did a "good job?"

I never heard this before yesterday

The "Silver Bullet" and the media

9/11 Commission Protocol Question

Roy Moore for President

What's wrong with GWB, from the OTHER side

"U.S. warning halts Paris trains" Hmmmm....

Is This Dead Convoy Truck Driver Another "Contractor"? Photo....

OMG...Thomas Jefferson is French??????

What is the job description for National Security Adviser?

How long before George Tenet's head explodes??

IRAQ: Rethinking The Battle Plan: on NPRs "The Connection" NOW 10:05am

Where Rice was inconsistent, to say the least: An example

Mike Ruppert All Over CONDI like white on RICE!!!

Dylan: Rainy Day Women's underwear?????

the 'Viet Nam Syndrome'? fuck that noise

Video - The Thief of Baghdad - Charleton Heston as GWBush

CNN poll: Did Liars testimony sarisfy you?

Molly Ivans on "Unfiltered"

I ain't gon study war no mo - Do you believe in Final Victory?

August, 2001

General: U.S. forces still fighting to retake Kut

"Bush's tax cut has created jobs"

Republicans Revolt ! Vow to Take Back Their Party and Their Country

Sibel Edmonds on re: Rice testimony

What's with all this talk about "Silver Bullets"???

Bush I quote on why he didn't invade Iraq, does anyone have it?

Mr. Cheney, is this how they welcome liberators in Iraq?

HELP - any mac users find an Air America net stream?

Condi brought in "expert" on Afganistan

CNN NOW: Iraqi Press Conference 10:10am est

Shia Poster Art

Article on Chuck D at Yahoo

Clinton testifies before 9/11 commission

How close to the RNC will they let us get?

Okay, they "pacify" Iraq, then what????

Anybody Listening to C-Span 8:50 ET? RW callers want to NUKE Iraq!

Rice said "We're keeping our eye on" Iran (nukes), Hamas and Hezbollah

National Anthems

Village Voice: "Soldiers Choose Canada"

Help me please; I cannot keep up with the lies and contradictions

PDB has been unclassified

What smirk was REALLY busy with on August 6

Do 18 yr. olds HAVE to register themselves legally?

Claim vs. fact - Condi's lies exposed

Air America should discuss the timeline...

Kidnapped Americans, How do Americans deal with this ?

Check out this great poll:

President's Easter message

Kerry to be on O'Franken Factor?

Jonah Goldberg = puffer fish

New format for the Hearings???

"Mrs. X still supports the War and President Bush": fallen GI mantra

John Kerry steps into the "Zero Spin Zone" today..

does smirk's saluting bother anyone else?

"Cheney" on Air America..

WTF? Scaife gave $2000 to Kerry for prez

Bush smear ads fail

Condi's Diary: what they seem to be hiding.

Boeing Wichita is up for sale....

Clear Channel Appeases Radial Right:

I think the main problem with this admin is

"What I did on my summer vacation" Georgie Bush

have tried to post 2 articles on the same post and it messes up, so......

New ARG Poll: Kerry 50%, Vacationboy 44%

Ordinary Iraqis joining guerrillas to fight against US occupation troops

CNN's poll re Clarke & Condi...who do you believe?

US commander will not take blame for unrest (finally)

Money theory

9/11 kin: Answers just raise questions

Do these people seem "liberated" to you?

If not a "Silver Bullet".

Wheres the pig farmer while Rome burns???

Rice testifies before 9/11 commission: more cover-up and lies

Oh my, I'm in the 700 club

From Baghdad Burning Blog: One Year Later

Preview of the classified 8/6/01 PDB, from John Dean...

Never Apologize

Arrrrrghhhh.. Dateline....

“Tired of Swatting Flies”

The Japanese Hostages - Just Saw the Film - Heart Wrenching ...

the insane have run amok in Atlanta - won't wash women's feet

More Rice Ramblings. Has made me wonder about LIHOP

John Kerry will be on Al Franken's show in a few moments.

Anyone know if there is a schedule of radio stations that will

Doctor reveals Falluja's horror toll

Will these young people be drafted if the draft is brought back?

Nothing is wrong so says O'Reilly

Transcript: Wes Clark 4/9 American Morning for Kerry (Iraq)

Copyright issues at FreeRepublic

Confederacy of Dunces: The sad, sad 9/11 Commission

Haven't been able to access "Talkingpointsmemo" since yesterday...

Baghdad Burning: One Year Later - April 9, 2004

"how can we take advantage of this opportunity" Condi Rice on 9/11

Total warzone from Baghdad to Fallujah and Ramada?

Part-Time President: Over FORTY Percent of Presidency on Vacation

cheney coming to speak at FSU graduation; we're all just sick

Can you teach me how to fly a plane, but not how to land it please?

What's the Death Toll For Soldiers Now?

A few days ago, I predicted that every pundit would praise

Arabs Worry Over Extremism While Evoking Vindication

Freeper e-mail I got from my mother today

Damn it, just lost AirAm stream.

Kerry's up next on Air America.

Outsourcing 'very unpopular' among Americans:Harris poll

Why do conservatives always seem to say

If you want to help stop this war, Contact Info here, help Michael

Yesterday I met a guy who is a member of AR15.

Can that stupid monkey really be enjoying his vacation?

Bush vacation time (40%) approaching his latest job approval (43%)

Fellow Seattle DUers. How can we get an Air America affiliate here?

"Let them eat lead." -Dubya

Who had that link to the "Clinton was offered Osama 3 times" debunk thing?

can we please stop referring to Rice

MSNBC Calling for President Clinton to testify in open

What's the future of the US military?

Is AirAm coming to television?

NO HOPE, even the 911 widows are diluted

Listen to Air America NOW! John Kerry with Franken

O'Franken said he is trying to get O'Reilly to come on the Factor.

Gore Meets Privately With 9/11 Commission

Whatever happened to Gen. Tommy Franks?

If Bush Doctrine is a TRUE Repudiation of Past Support for Dictators....

Is Bush still running "I'm a War President" Ads?

does anyone else think it strange

Cancelled elections in Iraq?

Check Out Shrubs LIES To The Iraqi People April 2003

Sex, Jogging and Politics..........(Babes Against Bush)

NYT 8/21/01: Bush Backing Out Of Anti-Terrorist Plan As "Too Costly."

The Phantom Sovereign.......the myth of the June 30th handover

What US City would you attack next if you were Bush, and why?

Are there 42 Americans dead this week alone in Iraq?

So how does Clarke's credability compare w/Condi's?

Wouldn't stopping the hijackings have been enough?

John Kerry on AA now!

BBBBBuuusssssssshhhhhhh iiisss aannn iiiidddiiiooottt!

New Poll -- CNN says Condi turned tide for Bush

US Commander Will Not Take Blame For Unrest

Phrases I am sick of hearing

Gore Meets Privately With 9/11 Commission

Kerry accuses Bush of 'failure' on Iraq

Caption the perpetual vacationer

A Missed Opportunity For Us Democrats?

What we did know leading up to 9/11.

"War President": Vacation Watch

Condi Quotes: But I don't remember the al Qaeda cells...

Causing the Japanese to loose face....

How should the US deal with the Shiite uprising in Iraq?

ed schultz tearing into lieberman

US Senators cosponsoring the bill for paper-ballots and which aren't.

Faces of the Fallen--check out this amazing art work--Bush and the dead

Make Brit Hume Apologize!

If we leave Iraq, will the no bid contractors still have a job?

The August 6, 2001 PDB "is being declassified". Predictions?

Another bogus CNN poll

have we been duped?

Is this a Bush "flip-flop" ??

The Air America broadcast just went off the web.

The Only Amusing Thing About Iraq

Who (do you think) will liberate the Iraqis from our liberation?

The redemption of Clinton?

Deleted message

Update from Afghanistan

This is an emergency CALL TO ACTION for all DU'ers!!

What me worry

What's with all the US Currency in Iraq?

So let me ask this question

Do Repubs Realize Voting Machines Can Be Rigged AGAINST Them, Too?

Another Friday afternoon; time for a news dump

Heads up on Heather Wilson--Randi Rocks!

John Kerry on IMUS, right now

What's better for the people of Iraq, leaving now, or in June?

is it just me or the feed on randi playing too fast?

CBS Poll: Rice Can't Sway Skeptics

Don Music from Sesame Street and John Kerry

Should the DU send both Al and Janeane a computer?

FCC indecency questions

Small plane gets in Crawford restricted air space

John Kerry on AA now!

Remembering: The Staged Toppling of the Saddam Hussein Statue

It's time for another show of force: March on Washington

please check out

just saw a great news report on ITV

FAIR: Kerry urged to abandon progressive principles and move right

9/10/01 Guardian story: US PULLS THE PLUG ON MUSLIM WEBSITES (They knew!)

40% of * time has been on VACATION

Any gay couples filing joint returns?

I swear, if w says 'God bless America' 1 more time........

Israeli History Buffs: Did Early Israel consider siding with Soviets?

Sean Hannity is Broadcasting Live Today From Walt Disney World

A few minutes with Rush Limbaugh

Crowley and Novak on the same show...Yich

AAAARGH! Will those of you who dislike Randi Rhodes so much

Same Republicans assholes trying to stop ads, found guilty

April 9-One year ago today----THE STATUE

Shouldn't There Be a Soldier to Go With The Uniform This Iraqi Is Holding?

is "insurgent" the correct terminology?

Another heartless rightwing asshole

Journalism Group Protests Scalia grabbing/erasing tapes, censorship

Bush, hard at work to help the 911 commission. Yeah, sure!!!!

My argument with a bunch of right wingers, Vol. III

The Electoral College is the PRIMARY vehicle used to steal elections...

Operation Expose Hypocrisy

Edwards clear favorite on Schultz show for vp

U.S. terrorism policy spawns steady staff exodus

Anyone here have the media contact list handy?

Inheriting a foolish war.......

Why Rice Is With Bush at the Ranch Today.

Is there anyway to move a thread to a different forum?

Has anyone else noticed AWOL

Sen. Feingold looks to be in good shape - Good News

Anybody see the Moveon ad????

Air America & Sirius...?

Calling Lansing Area DUers

Briton Told of Fears in E-Mail - Killed in Iraq UK Foreign Office

I don't get why people are upset about Condi saying

Will any Iraqi Council quislings quit over Fallujah?

air america is going up against rush

Know Your Neocons

LIHOP Smoking Gun - Right Out in the Open!

Why I fucking hate the Bush Junta: Reason #748

Carlson's losing his marbles

Come on, admit it to yourself - too many things required for LIHOP

Right Wing Vulnerability

Got this email today re Bush's visit to visit fallen soldiers' families

The missing link: What prevented us from preventing 911?

Rice has gone far since DU; professor regrets the direction...

Do You Agree With Vice President Dick Cheney's Statement?

Picture Inspires Hatred

August 6, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing - Some Questions

Caption this Bush photo

Heads up! POWELL coming on CNN 5:05pm EST

US Village bans Australian flag

Another bullshit poll at CNN

Help- What was Bush's Schedule for Sept 2001 before 9/11?

Fallujah on Good Friday--apropos, really....

Bill Clinton did nothing to fight terrorism

Trying to stream Air America on a Macintosh

If You Haven't Read "Neo - CONNED!" By Ron Paul

News from ABC, NBC evening news

Is Kerry really letting {PNAC}Will Marshall on his foreign policy team?

My daily love note to Chimpy...

Clear Channel's Bullshit ...dumping Howard Stern, the real reason

Do You Tune Into RW Media?

Instead of buying the "Jersey Girls" a drink can we send them some other

The latest from Nader

OOOK. serial confabulator David Brooks on Lehrer right now

Is outsourcing just cost shifting instead of cost saving?

Anyone listening to Rhodes - Heather Wilson a lesbian

I/ve got CBS.....somebody else want to do ABC, NBC?

Air America Gets San Francisco Affiliates

Reminder - upcoming on Majority Report - Dennis Kucinich

Who the hell is Bill Schneider and

Al Franken coming up on CNN

Anger Grows on Iraqi Governing Council

Scalia - women have no rights in the constitution

Randi's cracking me up

OK, according to Lunaville, 651 US soldiers have died in Iraq.

I really want to say I am through.

last chance for BEST jon stewart ever

Iraq on the Record - congressional database of Iraq lies

Another day in the life of an AWOL war pResident (very graphic content)

Who can help me verify this infuriating Wilderness Act scandal

Just on MSNBC 3months before Aug PDB WH warned about

the interim government in Iraq will probably tell us to get out..then

Every poll in April has Bush at 43-49 percent approval EXCEPT

British general who occupied Iraq in 1917 said he was liberating them too

Please wake me and tell me that I did not hear Powell say

Bush has spent over 40 Million dollars attacking Kerry...

Majority Report Thread

While Iraq Burns - 41 and 43 doing TV fishing show

CNN biased reporting on Fallujah, Iraq

Bush In Iowa (Des Moines) Next Week

Deleted message

651 American soldiers killed as of April 9th

Should we suspend executive privilege for Bush and friends?

bush* Iraq-nam photos for Friday April 8th....

Kerry trouncing Bushler on MSNBC on-line poll - 63% to 35%!

Jun 29, 2001 article excerpt <---- Check this out DUers

96 Rock Atlanta's morning team fired... GOOD! One was a major...

My FABULOUS sister-in-law is coming Monday and I need help

Its official - its all Clinton's fault!!!

The Hell With "Day of the Dead"...

Bush's Blue Dress

Curious timing on the release of THE ALAMO movie, eh?

It's painful to have been right about Iraq. i wish we could bring all

MSNBC also reported that

Just wanted to share this link with you. Lot's info on chaos in Iraq.

Reply to this quote from an extreme fundie

Rush Limbaugh Strikes Again!!!!

anyone catching NOW on PBS?- sorry, dupe...

Listen up!!! There is a way out of Iraq, with some semblence of honor.

All Hell Breaks Loose in Iraq (Caution. Grisly photo at link)

You know what I love about conservatives?

Has anyone heard of this play on Broadway about G.W.Bush?

Connect the Dots - Harry Shearer wrote an Anthem!

Puke Alert! Darryl Worley's on the O'Franken Factor!

sorry if this is a dupe, just checked in with riverbendblog

David Cross and Dennis Kucinich on Majority Report Tonight!!!

Sounds like Condi really did perjure herself.

It's painful to have been right about Iraq. i wish we could bring all

Another odd Gallup poll Likely voters Bush 48-45 (Reg) voters Kerry 48-46

Paul Bremer: the anti-Midas touch

Does Rhandi Rhodes call herself a lesbian?

Does anyone know why Chris Matthews was NOT on Hardball tonight?

NBC just showed military caskets

Political Labels: Liberal - Conservative - Iraq War

What do the Iraq Offensive, Easter, and 8-06-01 have in common?


Kevin Phillips on NOW with Bill Moyers...

Bush chairman fondly recalls 2000 recount


Share this, Add To It, Use it, read it first!

Alfie Kohn kicks ass this month

DAMN Lou Dobbs was just kicking ass on CNN, Who IS this guy?


Criticize Iraq or Bush To GOP Type & Get Attacked Personally

West coast view on "News Hour" - Shields and Brooks

PROMIS, Echelon, CBOE and NYSE pre-9/11 show LIHOP

Do you have a favorite online political video?

US troops and acts of insubordination towards Rumsfeld?

The FCC isn't finished with Howard Stern

al-Qaida Threat Included in Bush Memo

Randi Rhodes is talking LIHOP

Freepers hate Carter. Apparently he has caused the unrest in theMiddleEast


Sorry, But Great Condi Analysis Here Too !!!

Losing Freedom for Freedom...

This weekend, Bush is searching

What's your best argument to get conservative Christians to support...

It was for times like this that Wellstone needed to be out of the way.

BBV: Folks turn on C-Span2! A very spirited discussion on

Where is the Kerry Camp?

10:54 pm ET:AirAmerica:conflicts of interest in the 9/11 commission!

Air America Audio Archives

Are "hostages" really prisoners of war?

Another needless death caused by video games!

Dems (and moral Repubs like McCain) should impeach Bush now...

That SODG has just about driven me from my Christian Faith! In case you


The Window Dressed Prez, all photo ops and no substance

Could someone tell me where to find

US soldiers robbing (looting, pillaging) Iraqis

Fighter jets intercept plane

CNN Reporting that "2 soldiers and

Better living through higher body counts.

OMG... It's On The Internet, And It's Free !!! - Mark Twain's ' KLS' !!!

If the Iraqis are the "insurgents" ....what are we ???

Things that should be kept OFF the back burner...

what if Russia was doing this?

An anecdotal datapoint of Republicans admitting defeat

spare me from ignorance Jewish Group: Mormons Still Baptize Dead

It's gonna be "Rice said" versus "the FBI and Ashcroft said"

FEC proposal could greatly impact nonprofits: Take action now!

Wouldn't it be interesting...

Blog: A family in Baghdad.

A couple of disparate and useless questions....

Label With A Hidden (Anti Bush?) Message

Is it better to live in a liberal town with like-minded people or

It sure would be interesting to know what Enron's investments were on 9-11

Nightline - War Stories (great)

Fallujah\Iraq... It Ain't Easy Being The Aggressor\Occupier, Is It ???

Is it legal to get two pardons?

Seattle an al-Qaida target? Local security officials left out of loop

Under Oath: The perjury of Condoleeza Rice

Honestly, Can Republicans really call themselves Americans?

Dear Abby,

If I were President & a major war was going on,

There was $15 billion in "insider trading" before 9/11 (dumping AA, UAL)

MSNBC just reported 2 F-16s intercepted a small single engine plane that

"Emotionally Disturbed" Enron Ex-CEO Skilling Taken to Hospital

Reverend Fred Phelps comes to Seattle UGH!

[Bumper sticker] "Real soldiers are dying in their Hummers..."

Mark Shields Absolutely Kicked Ass On PBS Tonight (News Hour) !!!

Who here thinks that the Republican ticket will be different by November

I Keep Hearing...

Pick Rove's October Surprise!


Do Americans care more about higher gas prices than soldier's lives?

"No Silver Bullet"

Okay, Bush II dropouts and whistle blowers.. It is TIME

What will it take...

Does everyone realize Bill Clinton also testified yesterday?

Do I have a case against Rush?

This week's Bill Moyers' NOW - Religion and the war in Iraq, Taxes, MORE

Zahn: Kerry's a bad, baaaaad Catholic

C. Austin Fitts: An open letter to Condoleeza Rice - You are a liar

Dateline exposes evidence of racial profiling/DWB in US cities

Run, Roy, Run!!!

What is the job description of the National Security Adviser?

do you realize how QUICKLY LBJ bugged out after Tet?

Dennis Kucinich coming up!

Hearing about voting machines on CSPAN2 Elections and Civil Rights

How about THIS to solve the business domicile issue

BBV: Web site targets San Joaquin County registrar for replacement

Worst President ever?

Do NOT talk to, negotiate with, or respect your enemy: A failed policy

Is Bush going for a "Black Easter"? Cos this sure looks like "Bad Friday"

Hannity Just Said On His Radio Pukefest...

Who is Bob Kerrey? Does he even know?

Cartoons: FOX NEWS

I work for Dems, I vote Dems, I support Dems; However:

The Questions Not Asked of Rice

HATE, Not WMD Pose Biggest Threat To U.S.

This is an emergency CALL TO ACTION for all DU'ers!!

AL FRANKEN! I'm calling you OUT. You are wrong, wrong, wrong!

* * *Dept. head who blocked Colleen Rowley given award. * * *

Stupid question.

Did anybody here initially support the War in Iraq?

We were right!

"The Guy James Show" has John Dean as our guest tomorrow

did i just hear (re: faLLujah)

Why's everybody so down on Bush and Cheney?

"Major Combat Operations Is Over Being Over!" (some TOONS)

Something big happening?

Robert Byrd D WV

Shell Game : Check your returns: your taxes weren't cut, just shifted!

the Jon Stewart Show presented a Strong Possibility of LIHOP

Does Bush Go To Church?

PNAC..Why Iraq...."immediate justification" for American presence in Gulf.

Does anybody think a Kerry Administration will bring back the draft?

very good article on condi and wh

Catherine Austin Fitts, Bush I official: Rice, you are a liar!

Question regarding CA voter initiatives....

Who wants a Kerry - Clark ticket?

If a year ago, Bush had said he was going to bring democracy to Iraq?

Lets come up with our own macho names for future military operations.

80 FBI Agents Raid Muslim IT Server in Texas, 9/10/01 story-THEY KNEW.

How Many Would March On DC Demanding Impeachment?

Are the SAT and ACT accurate predictors of college success?

Transcript: Wes Clark 4/9 American Morning for Kerry (Iraq)

Kerry in 2004. Dean in 2008?

Did the United States do the right thing in dropping the Atomic Bomb?

139 Years Ago Today... Bobby Lee gives it up to US Grant!

Where does Kerry stand on PNAC?

Did Pre-9/11 Intelligence Leak to the Private Sector?

Islamists urge Governing Council not to be partner in "US crime" in Iraq

Two Central Figures on the Kerry Media Team Go Toe to Toe

North America genocide toll

Supreme Court to release audio tapes from terror, Cheney cases

University denies charging students: Documents show charges were filed

Commission requests declassification of August 2001 memo

Indian children endangered by dorm workers with violent criminal records

CNN Breaking: Cessation of offensive activities in Iraq

US declares ceasefire in Falluja - BBC

California schools face funding crisis

U.S. Forces Retake Shi'ite Town (Kut) in Iraq - Reuters

US commander will not take blame for unrest

US attack belies Bremer's Falluja 'truce'

Fighting Erupts in Town of Baquba North of Baghdad

HGH Linked to Brain Eater (Mad Cow but not from cows

Shiite radicals kill British soldier, down drone in Iraq city

Feds indict first company for market manipulation in California energy cri

Lawlessness Underscores Haiti Challenge

Iraq in Turmoil on Anniversary of Saddam's Fall

Republicans Revolt ! Vow to Take Back Their Party and Their Country

Fighting continues despite "ceasefire"

Families of Japanese kidnapped in Iraq plea for troops withdrawal

US suspends all offensive operations in Fallujah - CNN

Sharon counting on American compensation (Likud disengagement)

Iraq Insurgents Say Seize Six Foreigners

At Least 12 Accused in Fla. Gambling Scam

Briefing aking place now from CPA in Baghdad

Insurgents seize main highway between western Iraq towns

Afghan Renegade Continues Advance Despite Talks

Cheney to Dial Up a Party

Iraq insurgents seize stretch of highway leading to Fallujah bastion

Rally in B'klyn for Aristide

Iraqi Insurgents Say Seize Six Foreigners

Israel wishes US victory in Iraq, denies hostages were its spies

Former President Carter takes president to task

Rodriguez Dances Closer to Vote Fraud Allegation

Iran's Rafsanjani praises Sadr's Shi'ite uprising

More "Coalition" members losing resolve to stay the course

Federal Education Law Squeezes Out Recess

U.S. weighs new agency based on British model

Consumer Confidence Plummets in U.S.

Kidnappings of foreigners in Iraq - 4 Italians and 2 Americans today

Iraq Abduction Puts Japan Gov't in Crisis

MSNBC just reported 7 more soldiers killed DUPE, ignore

AP Poll: Bush, Kerry Fail to Make Gains .........(Nader 6%)

National alert over missing fertiliser (Aus.)

U.S. Looks to France on U.N. Role in Iraq

U.S. Troops Fight Insurgents on No-Man's Highway

FOX: Huge Blast in Baghdad. CNN interrupts press conference.

Briton 'shot dead in Iraq' "rent a cop"

US Troops tearing down clerics pictures in Fardus Square

France on Alert and Taking Threats Seriously, Interior Minister Says

Briton Killed in Iraq -- UK Foreign Office

WH to declassify now-infamous Aug 6, 2001 President's Daily Brief

Afghan Renegade Continues Advance Despite Talks

Dutch troops in Iraqi gun battle

On Buzzflash link to FOX: Americans and Italians taken hostage in Iraq

US commander will not take blame for unrest (Abizaid)

Uprising Cows Iraqi Cops

"Friendly" Iraqis may have lured contractors -NYT

U.S. resumes Fallujah offensive

Japan says no to Iraq troops withdrawal (+pictures of Japanese hostages)

65 People Injured in Sofia [Bulgaria Poison] Gas Attack

U.S. Looks to France on U.N. Role in Iraq

AP-Ipsos Poll on Issues (Right/Wrong Direction: 38%/57%)

MSNBC 6 more soldiers die in Iraq

ASDF plane to evacuate 70 Japanese from Iraq (All civilians)

US drops ban on sales of lethal military equipment to Iraq

NYU students get ready for GOP invasion

Former President Carter Takes president to task

Forty hurt in Bulgaria gas attack

U.S. Army's Patriot System Making Mistakes, BBC Says

Wounded U.S. soldiers give an inside look at the Iraq insurgency


Bush Requests $31.5 Billion for Foreign Affairs in 2005

Sold-Out Brooklyn College Rally Slams U.S. Role in Aristide's Ouster

Iraqi immigrant dies after returning to Iraq to translate for U.S. Army

Lebanon's top cleric blasts US "massacres" in Iraq

Iraqi immigrant dies after returning to Iraq to translate for U.S. Army

Putting Down Iraq Insurgency May Inspire New Enemies

US-picked Iraqi leaders blast Fallujah offensive

Chilean lawmakers accuse US firm of illegally recruiting mercenaries

CNN: 3 Marines killed west of Baghdad; 1 Army soldier killed in Taji

File-sharing to bypass news censorship

Cheney heads for Asia to reassure key allies Japan, SKorea on Iraq

Administration Reviews Classified Briefing

Air America: 2 US Soldiers and civilian kidnapped; CNN: "several" civilian

David Horowitz Bill Proposed In California ("Academic Bill of Rights")

US wakes up to pictures of body bags and military grief

CNN Breaking: Large explosion in central Baghdad...

A Coalition Showing Signs of Fracture

Falluja Fighting This Week Killed 450 Iraqis-Doctor

Baghdad and Parts of Central Iraq Chaotic

House GOP committee pays soft money fine

Phrase 'in the year of our Lord' to be restored in governor's documents

At Least Nine Dead in Attack on U.S. Convoy in Iraq

Car Jumps Curb in Midtown, Injuries Reported (formerly Penn station story)

US army targeted Sadr for arrest late last year, but opted out

Muslims in U.S. Voice Concern About Iraq

No celebrations in Baghdad square

British journalist tells tale of captivity in Iraq


Second Iraq interim minister resigns

US unaware of Americans kidnapped in Iraq (ABC)

Makkah Imam Takes US to Task on Iraq

Al Quaeda Threat Included in Bush Memo

Check the price: City says 78% of drugstores overcharge

State's Labor Market Lagging Nation | Los Angeles Times

Marshal in Mississippi defends erasure of reporters' recordings of Scalia

Complaint says Brown (R-MT) used state money to further campaign (for Gov)

Groups barred from gay-marriage suits

al-Qaida Threat Included in Bush Memo

Rice Testimony Doesn't Sway Americans on Sept. 11, CBS Reports

al - Qaida Threat Included in Bush Memo ( more info

2 U.S. Soldiers, Several Civilians MIA in Iraq

Police issue alert in North Side (Chicago) gay slayings | Chicago Tribune

Gay ITC student disputes election - He was cut from campus ballot | AJC

Under Fire, Security Firms Form An Alliance

Powell sees signs of Sunni-Shi'ite tactical contact

Sony takes on 'Enemies' for Clarke book

A Decade After Massacres, Rwanda Outlaws Ethnicity | New York Times

Tory polling shows party neck and neck with Liberals | Globe and Mail

Unions Take Note of Kerry's Vow On Deficit | Washington Post

F-16s Intercept Small Plane Near Bush Ranch

Refugees Stream Out of Fallujah

Girl, 9, cuffed and arrested over missing bunny

Jeff Skilling's attorney denies report of bizarre behavior

Tenn. Ex-Mayor May Be Poland Ambassador (Bush buddy -Victor Ashe)

Info on possible al-Qaida plot in U.S. was 3 months old

9/11 Panel Member Faults Clinton Inaction

Romney boosts Bush on Mich. trip | Boston Globe

Marshal Defends Erasure of Scalia Speech

Seats in South may change Senate mix | Atlanta Journal-Constitution

UK's Straw Says Iraq Situation 'Most Serious' Faced

Rumsfeld asked to explain role of private security contractors in Iraq

Marine in 'Fall of Baghdad' Photo Injured (Guardian)

Russia calls on US to halt latest offensive in Iraq

Protesters demand deal on hostages but (Japanese) leader stands firm

War Support Drops; Bush, Kerry in Dead Heat (New Gallup Has Bush up 4)

Documents Show Hijacking Warnings Before 9/11

Pentagon: 649 Americans Have Died In Iraq

It's unorthodox, but Finland's education system ranked No. 1

Iraq Council Demands Immediate Cease-Fire

Scotts Testing Genetically Modified Grass

U.S. Forces Want Al-Jazeera Out Of Fallujah

Deep in the Heart Of Washington – (Did Karen Ever Leave?)

U.S. Gunships Rake Targets in Fallujah

Fighter jets force down small plane near Bush ranch

Bush in Crawford, Calls Leaders (+ Easter Plans)

Enron Ex-CEO Skilling Taken to Hospital

CNN Time Poll: Support for president's Iraq policy falls sharply

Soldiers: Army Ignores Illness Complaints (Uranium poisoning)

U.S. Forces in Iraq Pull Out of Baghdad's Sadr City, AFP Says

CBS Poll: Rice Can't Sway Skeptics

Crowds Protest U.S.-Led Seige of Fallujah

Iraqis Insist On Expelling Occupation

North Korea says standoff with US at "brink of nuclear war"

U.S. Iraq Envoy Orders Halt to Fallujah Fighting

Grand Rapids Court Interpreter Targeted....(for anti-war involvement )

Bush's Low Profile Questioned as Violence Flares in Iraq

Cheney to Promote American-Made Nuclear Reactors to China

WP: Bush's Low Profile Questioned as Violence Flares in Iraq

Jewish Group: Mormons Still Baptize Dead

9/11 Documents Show Hijacking Warnings

Smoking Gun "bin Laden Determined..." PDB memo to be released

Iraq Shiite radical tells Bush to withdraw troops or face revolution

US-led coalition will not negotiate with kidnappers in Iraq

Sony takes on 'Enemies' for Clarke book (making movie)

NY TIMES, PAGE 1: "Bush Was Warned"

Israel wishes US victory in Iraq; will not negotiate hostages liberation

Condi's self-help tip: Series of actionable items the work...

Was the takeover of America by zombies in Dawn of the Dead a LIHOP?


Is it true that John Kerry

This is VERY cool!

AbsnyntheNSugar will die tomorrow!

Fontifier - your own handwriting on your computer . . .

Wow what a game

any Python programmers here?

noticed how Bush pronounces "message?"

Brave New World adaptation (1956) Audio stream

HELP !!! Why should a Nat'l Guard reservist refuse to go on 4/24

An Email I Just Sent To Pigboy

Clark and Dean. Oops, I mean 'Clarke and Dean'

this, believe it or not, is a computer case . . .

Georgia school head slammed in "Kevin and Kell"

new Oxyrush advertiser Edwin Watts Golf

Any Insomniacs?

Naughty language-learning CDs!

Quote of the day:

"Pig Brother" New 'Reality TV (Internet) Hit'

I think I just about passed-out: Tigers are in First Place????

Was Simon better without Garfunkel?

Ever wonder what DU used to look like?

Help - Salon Day Pass!

condi's Long Lost twin

1985 redux: My aptitude test results “Radical Muslim Cleric”

Disney's Home on the Range - not so great

9-year-old arrested for stealing Easter bunny

Name the Unidentified band (pre-psychedelic years)

Is there a program that will create

The produce of boredom, photoshop and the movie Dogma. .

I love taxes!!!!!!!!!!!

Cartoon: "There were structural problems and no silver bullets"

josh marshaLL on unfiLtered right now

Must... have.... control....

Condoleezza Rice is here to the rescue!

Dig discovery is oldest 'pet cat'



Daily U.S. Casualties 4/9/2004


Do you mind paying taxes?

Well, I may have an event I am going to tonight.

Thieves steal truck containing 25,000 sets of Billy Bob Teeth


Does anyone else watch "Extreme Elimination Challenge" on SpikeTV?

Things I have "learned" from right wingers thread.

Please Indulge Me ...

Should I Increase My Bust By A Full Cup Size?

HAPPY EASTER!!! (psssst he is NOT Jewish)

And now for some good, clean, wholesome fun!

How do I....

Unfiltered email address

HELP - does anyone know where to stream Air America for a Mac?

M.A.T.C.O.M. vs M.A.T.C.O.M. Battle Of The Asshole's - Round #6


Condoleeza Rice' Performance As National Security Advisor?

I've found the perfect man!

Google Search


Yeah, the rumours are true, my best friend's little bro is a coke head

Can anyone recommend a Windows email client?

Should I Increase My Penis Size by Four Inches?

Air America has got me listening to my old Hip Hop albums again!

One night in Iowa,....

Anybody have advice on cooking a fresh ham?

April 9th is National POW Recognition Day

I'm begging and pleading. PLEASE help me find someone to adopt Basil!

Chicago DUers: Knife of Simpson @ Double Door 4/14!

Thunderbirds are GO!

9-year-old arrested for stealing bunny


I have to remember to logout/logout now

Well I make it back from lunch alive + interesting Bumper Stick.

As you can tell by how much I'm posting this morning

Cat food consumption leads to man's death, wife's arrest.

"No Child Left Behind" -- The joke's on us.

GLBT Du'ers How do You Feel About the B/T

Woman Nearly Killed by Banana

Obligatory "Survivor" thread

My DU Inbox is emptied

Oh my, I'm in the 700 club

Read this fascinating story!

Who else is having easter with a bunch of non-believers?

It's Good Friday today.

maybe i'm smoking too much....................

It's the Double Nickel Day for me

Betting It All on Vegas Roulette Spin

is drinking Charrdonay in bad taste on Good Friday?

Name the Unidentified Live Band #6

Crappy wanna-be-trendy restaurants native to your area?

For matcom: Inmates Charged With Plot to Get Shot, Sue D.C.

Need Yahoo help

Who else is having Easter alone?

red meat

Could someone tell me what these abbreviations mean?

Debbie's Mom

Donated to DU, but nearing 700 posts.

speaking of Bruce Cockburn

Vertically Unencumbered Citizen Tossing - Yes or No

darryL worLey on franken

Which of your friends has a name you wish was yours?

Bush is the missing link: Here is proof

M.A.T.C.O.M. vs M.A.T.C.O.M. Battle Of The Asshole's - Round #7

I'm fully aware that the world isn't like this.....

Wendy's Mandarin Chicken Salad

PHOOEY to ZombyCoffee, who wants to have a cup of tea with me

Just found this poster for Dubya's new movie


Wounded in battle (Hand to glass combat that is)

the hands-on tour guide of all CAPTIONs

Spelling Police. Put your vowels on your head!

River Otter Attacks Rowing Crew

I only have on hour left of work and I don't have to work Monday.

CAPTION the compassion in action

STUFF happens, CAPTIONs happen

Hi everyone!

The Bewitching charm of CAPTIONS

Mmmmmm falafel.. . .

"Please tune back during broadcast hours"

CNN stupid redundancy

First Post As New ID

Any wild flower fans out there? I have acres of trout lilies, bloodroot

Expelling police. Put bowels on your head!

Hold on/ You got to hold on...

Does your Cock Fight?

I am so Bored, SPmebody please entertain me!!

Point-Counterpoint: The War on Iraq

Music fans: I offer you...

Peeping Tom Peeps, Leaves Cash, Asks Permission To Peep Again

Check out Tyson the Skateboarding Bulldog...

Uncomfortable Moments in Gaming: Naked Raiden

so, do we have a specific TIME when Jesus died?

Where do you go for your news?

Was John Kerry on the O'Franken Factor today?

Reminder AustinDUers Bizarro Meetup This Saturday 4/10

Yipeee Whoooo Haaaaa!

If you missed the new SPIDER-MAN 2 trailer last night...

Rebel flag prom coat pits free speech against cultural sensitivity

The rappin easter bunny

Observant Jewish DUers: What are your meals like this week?

Frustrating customer support calls.

anyone heard nellie mckay?

Happy Jesus's Death Day

Grrrr KerryGear

Car rental companies -- which are dem contributors?

Why Bush uses a podium??

took my son to see the new Scooby Doo movie today

It's amazing how fast you can go over 6000 post...

Guess what I just did!

Bush enlists celebrities in search for missing WMDs

Hey Photoshoppers :)

Presenting...the same-sex wedding dress!

Alright Donald!! Squeal like a pig!

I have a Question Re; Military Hardware.

For those who unwound from the 9/11 Hearings by watching "The Apprentice"

Sue me, I like Liz Phair's new stuff

Fundies Beat the Easter Bunny

once you get locked into a serious drug collection

So who wants to join CU, and post nonsense posts

happy easter everyone

If you have a drawing tablet (wacom or such) you ~have~ to try this

Vote For Your Favorite Color Marshmallow Peeps

Holy doodle! I just paid $192 for a prescription!!

Another day, another Masters leaderboard.

The latest from Nader

"Bush" is just the Universal word for mother**cking lunatic

What does the FCC stand for?

Favorite LOU REED tune

Where do you eat?

What Do I Put In My Chocolate Fondue?

AURGH!!! Going crazy at work

flash video- end of the world

WOOHOO! I passed the MPRE!!

Just cleaned and re-stocked the storm cellar.

'God' is just the English word for 'Allah.'

How would we find out if a DU'er REALLY died?

Lewis Black is taping a pilot for ABC next week (ticket info here)

Whoohooo! A Kill Bill volume 3 is coming!

Who has spring break?

Okay okay I will admit it.......... I like Condi

Favorite Talking Heads album

Did You Hear About This. Anna Perez Who WORKED FOR BUSH As A

Let's see your babies!!!!

Scottish Salmon or Northwest Salmon

Apple Has A Viiirrrruuussss - Mac OS Suffers First Trojan Attack

AbsyntheNSugar is NOT dead...just born again

Hey young hipsters: Which White Stripes album should I get

Wireless Palm Pilot, OK for DU not OK for porn

If the Democratic party Were split into little parties

Let's see your Doobies!

Just finished the first thing I've built in years

have you heard the morning shows on Air America?

Let's See Your Boobies!!!

Caption The Sims!

What an ugly slide(baseball)

I don't need to be a global citizen,

OLD AGE: On Keeping Things in Perspective

Mike Malloy Expert -- need input.

Why I fucking hate the Bush Junta: Reason #748

I Want Your Freaky Food Cravings NOW DAMMIT!

Favorite radio show on Air America


Have you ever posted nonsense & found that everyone believed it?

Finally leaving the 700 Club...

Anyone watching Deadwood, gotta coupla question sFer'ya

DVD player available that will edit/skip the naughty parts

In honor of Easter... What is your favorite flavor of Cadbury Egg?

THE MAJORITY REPORT's blog mentions the freepers!

It's official - we're homeowners!

Does anyone know Mari personally?

The 392 essential food groups for dogs...

I got my new digital camera.

Official NHL game thread - Friday

So much for child labor law: Two Year old mans cash register - True STory

This post is just to get out of the 700 club.....


Which DUers have family or close friends in Iraq?

Would you rather be shot or stabbed?

I just passed 6000 posts

Has Basil been adopted?

"We're sorry our president is such an idiot. We didn't vote for him."

Let's all talk like Captain Kirk!

Thanks, Silver Honda SUV

Anybody like New Model Army or Sisters of Mercy?

I'm Emily Litella - What's all this talk about a PBJ


What color was Richard Clarke's hair?

Strip-Search Hoax Caller Causes Headaches

Do you, uh...DU?

Which tv show is better?

Umm...hey, you guys? Check this sh*t out!!


Should I troll at the Conservative Underground?

Ways to fix a shitty s pace bar?

Is edgy humor offensive, or funny?

Did MM do this on purpose? (Re: The "miserable failure" google hack)

no chat tonight?

DU chat tonight

Would you fly on Hooters Air?

How do those addicted to cigarettes get started?

One of my favorite History Channel shows is on right now

Hey, Conservative Underground!!!

"Mad Housewife" Carrie Snodgress has died

Thought on the Conservative Underground

Avatar Test - Delete Me

So what should I barbecue this weekend?

Songs the fit your mood

Anyone else use Nasonex?

Only in San Fran! Fun for all (well, the slightly twisted ones) on Easter

Will there be a cure for AIDS?

Picture of a Jet Breaking the Sound Barrier

Best move of the NFL Offseason

How do you lifetime Cubs fans STAND this?

AbsyntheNSugar is Dead....Part 2

I'm dreading Easter Sunday...

I once got a "D" in Chemistry

Worst LiveJournal ever

Frank Zappa Fan Thinks You Just Haven't Heard The Right Album

Reality TV: Shows I Have Not Watched...

What Brand Of Scotch Would You Recommend Paired With

Post your favorite picture of...whoever

My FABULOUS sister-in-law is coming Monday and I need help

Movie Thread

William Hung - A Serious Discussion

Attention golf fans

Does anyone know why kittens are cute?

Who is looking forward to the NFL Draft?

Kerry has 3 purple hearts..Big deal.. Bush was a decorated soldier too

I'm a loser, ask me anything!

What Supervillain would you be?

Celebrity math

Funny (true) prison story from dad

Horrible experience this evening

I am listening to Aerosmith's Toys in the Attic. Ask me anything.

Some weird shit from my record collection (WARNING: Graphics intensive!)

I have not smoked in a week

My 100 (plus) Favorite Songs of 1957

Jazz folks, a question

The Best Phillip K Dick Book

new Savage Weiner advertisers

Just a test

M.A.T.C.O.M. vs M.A.T.C.O.M. Battle Of The Asshole's - FINALS!!!

Friday Night Kitty Thread--How Needy/Affectionate is Your Kitty?

Possessives ending with the letter S: s' or s's?

Best Bottled BBQ Sauce (that you can buy somewhere)

Arnie and Jack are pukes. Does that change how you feel about them?

What is wrong with me?

Bath vs. shower

What's The Best Concert You've Seen?

Is The DaVinci Code good?

A good Texas morning. Have the day off, sun is out, and bluebonnets are

NYC Duers - who's up for an Easter afternoon Dim Sum eat-fest?

Which of these Canadian musicians do you like the most?

I find myself thinking about Kobe Beef a lot lately.

Is anyone here familiar with Tookie Williams?

Just a reminder about Sheryl Crow...

DU Top Ten Idiots List! (This shit is hilarious)

Kerry in Milwaukee Yesterday

It'll be very busy in Pittsburgh

Our patience will pay off

Clark on CNN NOW

Is right wing radio complicit in the cover up?

What would you say about a reality tv show about the search for Kerry's VP

Stonewall Dems Endorse Kerry

Spinning the August 6 memo

Kerry in Chicago today?

Spoof of anti-Kerry Bush ad

Transcript: Wes Clark 4/9 American Morning for Kerry (Iraq)

Kerry Live on Imus - MSNBC NOW !!

Dennis Kucinich will be on Air America's Majority Report tonight

There is ample precedent in Texas for doing elections over

Is anyone here currently getting Air America over the Internet or in EST?

Kerry listens to Barack Obama speak today during stop in Chicago today...

Write to Kerry to Stop Siege of Fallouja!!

Why do some "Dems" feel the need to undermine our candidate?

Panel Says Voting System Same As in 2000

Your dream 2004 election and aftermath

What does everyone think of Kathleen Sebelius for VP?

Who would you vote for in this election?

Poll shows Obama leading Ryan by 19%

Will Kerry/Kerrey confusion be a problem?

Dennis Kucinich on Air America Now...9:30pm est

'We have to fight to a safe haven - but they are all under attack'

ARG Poll Kerry 48 % Bush 43 %

Kucinich & David Cross coming up on Janeane's show tonight

Pennsylvanians: What kind of a chance does Toomey have?

Going to lunch; make me believe Kerry can win by the time I get back

Why I need to feign Passion for Kerry

Question - House Elections

MSNBC Poll is up again

A good reason for going left in the VP choice

I wish Kerry was at Fenway for home opening day

L.A. Times online poll regarding Kerry's choice for V.P.

Bush re US soldiers dying:"Let them eat lead."

Two Central Figures on the Kerry Media Team Go Toe to Toe

Campaign finance conundrum; great article from Mother Jones

Bush has spent 233 days at the "ranch" since taking office

War Support Drops; Bush, Kerry in Dead Heat (Gallup Poll Shows Bush up 4)

I'll Vote for Peter Coors in the Colorado Senate Race!

Kerryfans - Can We ALL E-Mail the campaign to get him to Condemn FALLUJAH?

Kucinich as tugboat?

Why is Kerry running away from Foreign Policy and Iraq...

So if Roy Moore decides to run, would you help him out in any way?

What is the greatest threat to Kerry's election?

Is Kerry's foreign policy PNAC-lite?