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Primary reform will hurt California democracy

Afghanistan the "forgotten" war?

Braving the nights in Sadr City (Stars N' Stripes report)

US stoking unrest before festival, say Shia

My Dream city.....

why is the system moving soooo slow????

Content Management

'Blair backs Sharon's go-it-alone plan'

Campaign donations question...

190+ Iraqi Dead

Tomorrow is About Condi Rice or A 9/11 Cover-Up By The Commission?

Kerry's battle cry...let's not let it die...

Today, I thought of Clark Cifford’s estimate of required troop strength

Is it Bush or Saddam?

Who is Philip Zelikow? The fix is in ...

When was the last bu$h press conference?

Military Letter of Condolence refers to KIA Daughter as Son

How will we answer this one?

Damn, Kennedy said the V word

The drive from Kufah to Baghdad "like a scene from Apocalypse Now."

So there was enough info to prevent 9/11...

Director at Conservative Cato Inst says Time to Bail Out of Iraq

A Letter From A Friend -"This is such a wierd time."

“Schmuck of the 21st Century.“ Envelope Please! Winner is Collin Powell

Michael emailed me hes alive

Compiled update on recent events in Iraq

Governors Call For Presidential Inquiry Into Rising Gas Prices

Battles in Iraq Bring Troubles for Bush and Kerry as Well


SA man killed by Shi'a radicals - report

9/11 Panel: Bush White House Withheld Papers [WaPo]

Dayton criticizes Bush's baseball game appearance in time of battle

Peta uses murder case in anti-meat ads

Bush loses to Kerry in November - Book it!

Do you like aggressive children?

Computer geek help needed

New Padres uniforms.

How many of you...

We Can Make It Happen.....Yeah...We Can Change The World Now


Dissed someone at work today

It is almost officially my birthday!

I just turned 14,000 days old!!!


Man On The Silver Mountain

The Dingbat is.... single.

I just had great mid-rats. Anyone familiar with the term (mid-rats)?

Is it for freedom?

WP: Questions for Dr. Rice

Tiger Force atrocities Vietnam War - Alterman

China licks its wounds as Taiwan holds firm

A Call for an Exit Door from Iraq

Stop the war on the Iraqi people

9/11 Questions ~It would be helpful to ask about Star Wars priorities

MoDo: The Iraqi Inversion (NYT)

Anniversary of Iraq's 1920 Revolt - June 30

How RightWing Faux Populism Exploits The Myth of Liberal Elitism

Tom Toles cartoon: Iraq-A-Mole

New York Daily News - Pitting Black Folk against Air America

Privatization and peril in Iraq (and elsewhere)

'Background' Moves to Forefront (Great bush* quotes)

FRIEDMAN: Are There Any Iraqis in Iraq?

Bush and Blair have lit a fire which could consume them

Novak: Generals weary of low troop levels

WP - Jefferson Morley on Sibel Edmonds' buried story

Molly Ivins: The death of democracy

Transcript of Peter Jennings/Richard Clarke post-Condi talk

W.'s Second Term: If You Think the First is Bad...

The Protection Racket

Al Franken Responds to Lies About Kerry

The Weird Men Behind George W Bush's War

Born-Again Hawks

Osaka government office toilet bomber busted (will the terror never end?)

The U.S. Military Is in Real Trouble - Pravda

Rice appears before the 9/11 commission : fineman

Condi Gets A Reality Check.........(is she a liar?????)

Condi Lousy:Why Rice is a bad national security adviser

Zeroing in on One Classified Document

Blurring the line between soldiers and hired guns

HERBERT: The Empty Room

SLATE: LexiCondi: Decoding Rice's self-serving testimony.

Salon: Performer Lost in Her Performance (Details on Condi's past)

A Letter From Iraq

Salon/Conason: The Artful Dodger

Salon: Be Very Afraid (*'s politics of fear)

Bush's problems in Iraq are piling up

Mistakenly put my love letter to Chimpy in GD, it's here if anybody wants

KRUGMAN: One Good Month

Theologian Charges White House Complicity in 911 Attack

Le scénario du pire - Worst-case scenario

Does Rice Really Know Her Role?

NYT: The Rice Version

Salon: Missing in Action (Kerry)

Anyone from NY area driving to the DC protest on 4/25??

African Americans, Black Folk here @ DU, Please PM me!!!

Emergency Demonstrations Friday 4/9-Mon 4/12

Demand the Aug, 6th PDB, warning of 9/11 Attacks be declassfied

Jay Inslee's Apollo Energy Project - April 13th

Roy Moore For President - DU This Sucker

The Stealth Attack on Reproductive Rights

Does this photo send a message?

Dutch Videos - Iraq

What's with the backdrop at Crawford ranch?? Are journalists set up in

A "landslide poll" for Bush....

Does anyone listen to America Left -- channel 167 - on XM Radio?

Clarke on Nightline 11:30 p.m. EST

March-April 2004: The Date the Media Stopped Liking bushco

mp3 of Condi Rice's 9/11 Commission testimony (04/08/04) here

One Bill O'Reilly article in the NYT

Warning not all anti-Spyware programs are anti-Spyware

Daily U.S. Casualties 4/8/2004

August 6th memo

Verses (Poetry, not Scripture) for Inspiration

Largest Gain U.S. Wholesale Inventories Since NOV 99, Jobs proj only 4 yrs

Why Housing Could Spring a Leak

CRAZY: Anyone can get $100 from Microsoft without receipts

SCO moves for delay in IBM trial

U.S. import prices jump in March

Is the US employment report a turning point?

NYT, p 1: Oman's Oil Yield Long in Decline, Shell Data Show

Greenland is doomed to melt

Renewable Energy Not Relevant, Says ExxonMobil

Australian Insurance Exec. Warns Of Rapidly Rising Climate-Related Losses

Amazon Deforestation In 2003 2X Average For 1990s - 9,100 Square Miles

At Least 8 National Parks Fail New EPA Air Quality Standards - LA Times

Arctic Melt May Dry Out US West Coast - New Scientist

Illinois Removes Peregrine From Endangered List

Dangerous Space Rocks Under Watch: Asteroid protection plan proposed (CNN)

Global warming may melt Greenland's ice

Modern Mars: Latest Spacecraft Findings Redefine Future Missions

Jay Inslee's Apollo energy Project - Is anyone going?

Pole reversal: Feared "flip" of Earth's magnetic field takes 7,000 years

NSB chief called US after attack - TW assassination

Nation-Building Exposes GOP's House Divided

Playground passion on the increase in Chinese schools

"Algerians Vote for New President" (BBC)


"One third of police pursuits end in death of bystander"

Suggestion for the J/PS forum...

Video by yours truly

Guns can be used as a wedge issue- against the Repubs

There's a thread in Politics and Campaigns that is WAY overboard

Now come on

problem with voting in a poll


Accusing a member of being an impostor, etc.

I'm sorry to bother you, but...

Just a sorry for my dirty joke

I KNOW this thread was locked earlier tonight, now it's back

An Iraq thought

"Powell Calls U.S. Casualties 'Disquieting' / *'s Vacation" was locked

Suggestion for the J/PS forum, or "Gungeon".....

To Earl G

Question: When DU started up, were there organized attacks by RWers?

A suggestion for regional activism

Sharon's Victory?

10 Bratslav Hasidim suspected of attacking Arabs in J'lem

Israel has declared war on the Jewish People

Defense of Israeli Assassination Policy by the Bush Administration and Dem

What the 9/11 commission won't ask

Antwerp Diamond Trade Seeks Security After Threats

Two East Jerusalem residents taken captive in Iraq

Retired Special Forces Soldier's Letter to Congress

Where was Thomas Kean when Bush met Buffett on 9/11 ?

Burn them alive

Slanted, or Just Spicy, Language , from the Associated Press?

Roy Moore For President - DU This Sucker

Beer Exec Peter H. Coors to Run for Senate

I thought I had a good idea . . . then I realized it wasn't . . .

June 30 Iraq theory

What is Monkeyboy and Poodle up to now ?

Howard dismisses Iraq-Vietnam link - Australia

Jim Lehrer - Iraq: What Now?

Will Condoleeza be asked about some 9/11 Timeline discrepancies

Victory. (link)

We should be having massive anti-war protests!

Who was/is more evil? Rumsfeld or McNamara?

The Condi Rice Version of History

Citizens find Bush guilty of Afghan war crimes

God help our country

Will TV debates matter that much?

Found out something disturbing the other day

Bush Credibility on 2 Wars -- Iraq, Terrorism -- Under Challenge

We can't pull out of Iraq now.


NARAL Flash Movie

Civil Disobedience

Bill O'Reilly says Iraq might cost Bush re-election, troops should leave

Insurgents vs. Civilians

Coalition losing cities to Shiites( and WH is in denial)

Whadddaya Know Bush is a uniter...

Earth to Bush.. Iraq does not WANT to be a "democracy"..

Daily Reason To Dispatch Bush

The War (p) Resident

For those of us that won't be able to see Condi's

Tax Freedom Day?

Fallujah was a bloodbath -- over 280 Iraqis dead --

It must really suck to be Tom Friedman.

Sistani Fatwa on Insurgency

When Kerry wins.....

Share the blame....please.

who else suspects things are far worse in Iraq than we're being told?

Another success story. Our "ally" to topple the Taliban is now fighting us

Whoops..make that Scarborough spewing lies on Imus

Could Iraq be split up into 3 independent states?

Video conferencing! Thank Goodness!

Imus: "You'll know Condi is lying when you see her lips move"

Condi to testify....and shark attacks

U.S. Housing Market Could Spring a Leak

Get ready for the Media sugarcoating ->Condi Testimony

All Bush Supporters calling CSpan.

Today will be

Will C-SPAN be streaming Condi's testimony today?

Was Mr. Kean

CSPAN to cover Condi testimony?

USAToday: GOP budgets may not match promises

Advocacy "journalism" has completely taken over

CNN poll: - What should the U.S. military do in Iraq?

Everything that Bush should've been impeached for

on C-Span 7:34 a.m.: Richard Clarke allowed Saudis to fly on 9/12?

Coalition News Conference on now: 6:15 EST

Man charged with fatally kicking dog like a football

This is on the Official DNC website

condi taLks - wiLL it be streamed somewhere

Skynews showing video of destroyed Abrams Tank


Bush's No Child Left Behind (Fallujah Redux) Your tax $$$ at work for YOU!

Japanese and Korean nationals kidnapped in Iraq

I get through on CSPAN: "But an OIL tanker named after her?" - bwahahah!

How RightWing Faux Populism Exploits The Myth of Liberal Elitism

From Philly Daily News: 10 Questions for Condi

Gay marriage poll: Please vote

Request about posting on today's testimony

Repubs secretly want a Democrat on Committee to challenge Rice....

Helen Thomas interview on Democracy Now coming up 8:23 am

Should there be a Kurdish state?

I can picture it now !!!!!

CNN showing wounded Americans soldiers climbing out a burning tank

Countdown: T-Minus 30 Minutes and Counting

Is DU being monitored today by external "source" ?

Afghanistan the "forgotten" war?

Time Warner cable out for Condi

Did Whitehouse spokesman Dan Bartlett have the NERVE to say this???

CONdi's haircut costs $150? You've got to be kidding!

Condi's Testimony - Streaming audio link

Should/Will the DNC have investigators ready to challenge Rice testimony?

The Question is Not How Articulate Condi Will Be…

Any link to Video of Kidnapped Japanese in Iraq?

George Will wants honesty from the War President

Will Condi say one word that we have not already heard from her?

Political Dynasties; Bushes and Kennedys

And the vote for the Lowest Form of Life goes to:

Can't get the C-Span streaming feed; they have no programming?

And so the lying and spinning begins.

Please summarize Condi's testimony

The menace that is "ClearPlay"

Condi lying to the Commission already....

Condi's Voice


Guardian is transcribing Condi live

BBC tv program on 9/11 timeline aired the other night reveals

1973. The Vietnam War was raging. The Watergate hearings were ongoing.


" I said in our PRIVATE session" over and over....

Condi: just lost my live stream! Help.

This interview is NOT going well for us...

What Will Be Today´s Big News Story to distract us from Rice´s testimony?

Convicted murderer Russell Henderson seeks sentence reduction

certainly can take pee break during some of these dudes

August 6, 2001 Presidential Daily Brief

Bush to turn Iraq Gov. to who? Do IRAQ even know? We don't and it is

Brown Sugar getting ready for her day in the spotlight!

Iraqi Civil Defense Corps we trained and armed won't fight for us

"The Coalition of the Willing" and unilateralism

what a lying sos and blame it on others


private session

The lost voices of Crystal City


Condi - "To the best of my knowledge


A letter to the Armchair General - PLEASE READ

OFFICIAL THREAD: 9/11 Testimony of Condoleezza Rice

Account of Broad Shiite Revolt Contradicts White House Stand

Listening to AirAm,

Gibson's 'The Passion' a Hit Among Arabs

Saddam needed an army of 400,000, top notch intelligence services...

This is why Air America is great

Rice Questioning Thread

Please note how short Condi's answers are to the Repuke Commissioners!

MSNBC: "Is Bush’s base beginning to crumble?"

Dr. Rice's Voice Sounds Stressed. VERY Stressed... Why Is She So Nervous?

WV Public Radio listeners.....

PLEASE photoshop Condi on Halle's Oscar Night Photo

Another O'Neill/Clarke? Bushist Fumes Over Rice's Sabotage of "Road Map"

Pres. PDB Bin Laden determined to attack inside U.S.

Guy from the Cato Institute on Iraq: "It's time to bail out"

Bob Kerrry...YES...

Not watching, but predict media will say Condi did 'stellar job'

I thought Clarke was "not in the loop"

CondiLiar - Answer this

Missile Defense -- help, please!


CONDI: defends failures at home; US should have launched preemptive attack

I can't wait to vote against these jerks!

Condi/Bush inappropriate smiling

Kerry must use 8/6/01 briefing info for commercial

Is there a bucket around here I can puke in?

Anyone else disturbed by the applauding?


Condi using the North Carolina 4 corners stall technique

Isn't the headline, "8/6/01 - Bin Laden Planning Attack Against US."

Need your suggestions - favorite anti-Bush paraphernalia websites!

Dick Clarke Got A LUCKY Break to stop the millenium!

Is there a running transcript of Rice's testimony somewhere?

Missile Defense -- help, please!

Will we go door to door or just level the buildings completely?

What this shows about Clarke

Crap! What was that link just giving on Air American to questions that...


Militiamen Control Parts of 3 Iraq Cities

Which Analogy Is Better For Iraq?

another kick in chimps ass from iraq

Why is the Bush WH hiding Clinton documents about Bin Laden and al Qaeda?

When bush praises condi's "act" he will be confirming

What's the address for the 9-11 commission?


How does she talk sooooooo much...

Any Transcripts up yet?

YOU be the President and choose: 8/6/01

Here is what happened..... The planes were over booked.. more planes on


So, what HUGE story is going to distract us from Condi's lies?

Who is the most offensive 9-11 commissioner?

Didn't Clarke say that the US was on the highest alert status since

David Horsey on Condi and other Bush* criminals

LOL..Canadian TV says she sucked, American TV says she did amazing..

How can this woman sit there...

Open phones coming up on CSPAN

Bush is trying to get the United Nations into Iraq now

Poll....Should Congress have a stronger voice in

Condi's lies thread

afghan city falls to warlord - another failure in the making

Heads up! Dick Clarke to be on ABC in 2 minutes!

The elephant in the room

"We were there (only) 233 days DOES NOT CUT IT

TV vs Radio: How Well Did Rice Do?

9/11 widows respond to Rice testimony on Hardball-"she didn't know

Condi is dandy, but liberals are quicker ...

I know we like to call him Bush*. Shouldn't it be Bush*^ ?

Dave Ross live from Baghdad interviews a neurosurgeon

Text of Condeleezza Rice Statement

Go to CNN and DU the poll

Commission asks white house to declassify 6 Aug PDB

ENOUGH with the "PBD"s. What are you saying?!?!?!?!?

No statement from WH yet. Good (bad) sign?

Iraqui people are committing suicide in Iraq

Re: the PDB Condi: " did not warn of attacks in the United States..."

I Nominate The 9/11 Widows for the Time Magazine December Cover..

American heads are firmly in the sand

need site detailing bribes(contributions)to politicians

"Yo, Condi, we need some answers" (Philadelphia Daily News)

Rice testimony about airport security

Rice Testimony in 1 Sentence

Tweety-boy has 9/11 wives on...

Do You Believe The August 6 PDB (if released) Would PROVE LIHOP?

Blocker tag protection from RFID

I can't believe that Tweety just asked this Bennet guy


I want to know what Colleen Rowley thinks of all this

MSNBC: Bush hosts NRA, other groups at ranch

9/11 Committee a farcical

Can someone post an actual working link to Air America?

M Savage's rant yesterday: WHERE is Bush while soldiers are dying?

Where are they now, the cheerleaders for war on Iraq?

is Kerry giving his tax cut to charity?

Some economic perspective from CSM's Clay Bennet

A condi/media question.

"From the President on down, we had NO defensive posturing on that day".

Bottom Line on Condi: She's an Incompetent Bureaucrat

Iraqi insurgents kidnap Japanese, Korean civilians updated 12:00 -PICTURE

Bartcop and Alterman have not been updated for 2 days

Hart "I met with Condolezza Rice on 9/6/01 to talk about the imminent....

CNN is not showing the stock report - is this meaningful?

Another coincidence? PDB Memo and 1 month Bush vacation - same day???

Bob Woodward's book

Karen Hughes on Dubya: "Well, he always has to listen to his mother."

"Structural" & "systemic" - versus "battle stations" & "shaking the trees"

campaign contributions of 9/11 commissioners

Neal Boor(tz) gushing over Rice's testimony...

Offshoring Drains Public Coffers (well DUH...)

Did Condi get asked about Iraq?

Clinton lied about his sex life

Ann Coulter Exposed As Lizard Alien!

Remember this headline?

how will you react if they steal the white house AGAIN?

What's the bottom line ?

Once again with gusto: I LOVE AIR AMERICA!!!! Smart, funny,

The Apparat

Can Sibel Edmonds be called back?

Irony: WP ONLINE story about US Corporate Media ignoring Sibel Edmonds

Anyone have Windows Media link for Air America?

It's heartwarming to know that my life is in the hands of Condi Rice...

Please clarify: What was Clarke's actual answer to the question:

Air America: Accountants without Borders!! for reconstruction of Iraq! n/t

Rices opening statement

"At the request of the Americans, and to preserve the life of our military

Have any American TV stations shown the Kidnappers Video?

Expert warns: Iraq is 'Terrorist Disneyland' Uhhh O!

an inside scoop on employment figures (includes IRS crime)

Why Condi is smiling

Surprisingly, CNN appears to be carrying all of Kerry's speech today

WP Rice Defends Bush Efforts to Combat Terrorism,Preparations Insufficient

Is that Chevy Chase on O'Franken?

DU this poll! CNBC

time to re-visit Symbolman's brilliant 9/11 flash video....

Bottom Line on Condi: She's A Horribly Incompetent Bureaucrat

Condi for president?

Holbrooke on FAUX NOW

12:00 PM est...Looks like a repeat tonight of 9/11 Widows on Hardball

Four 9-11 widows coming on Tweety in a few minutes

Is anyone listening to the caller on the O'Franken Factor...

I wasn't able to watch Condi this morning - how bad was she?

Please listen to AirAmerica NOW!

The League of Women Voters Must be GOP-Driven

WARNING graphic photo of US soldier pulling body of a US soldier from tank

Protecting Bush's Life

Ebook versions of John Dean and Clarke's books

Complete Transcript of Rice Testimony

Check out the DNC's new website.

Free mp3's of hearings

Canadian border wide open in places (you will never guess why)

First Sigthing of Kinky Friedman for Gov. Bumper Sticker

Honest question

In Air America, Condi playing piano to the commission!!! absolutely

My letter to Jay Inslee, (written on behalf of mari333's boy)

oink oink . . . CAGW's annual Pig Book (Congressional pork) . . .

Michael Kinsley on O' Franken Factor.

How long DID they need?

OMG - Don't believe in MIHOP (You Must Read This Interview)

"We'd only been onboard 17% of our term in office."

* Lets Bin Laden family leave the country .....after reading PDB

Rohrabacher blundered on CNN just now

MSNBC Poll - Condi Rice

You know things are bad for Bush when new Fox poll has Kerry leading

Claim vs. Fact: Rice's Q&A Testimony

Unflattering Photograph

will the 'powers-that-be" fire condi protect bush*....?

Anybody just see John Ashcroft on CSPAN? He looked bad

Tired Marines being told they will have "Extended Stay of Duty." Just

Good for Republicans?! anybody else here this?

Clarke's Rebuttal Comments To Rice Testimony

Al ought to be HAMMERING on Condi right now. Instead

Key (R) senator: 9th Circuit to be split up

"We had Bad Intelligence Before 9/11 and We Had Bad Intelligence After"


Randi Rhodes on now

Great Hart v Woolsey interview on CNN QUICK TUNE IN

47% thought Condi did an excellent job!!!

When did Bush go on vacation in August 2001?

Does anyone even care about Padilla anymore?

My e-mail to Chris Matthews

How are the Repubs spinning right now?

Iraqis warned to stay home tomorrow (4/9)

Senate Hearing on the MiCASSA Bill

Awesome graphic on Michael Moore's site...

Some 9/11 Families Angered by No Apology from Rice

Senator Harkin questioning Powell about Haiti CSPAN

Marine says he don't even know what to do with the bodies in Fallujah


Today's Daily Mislead: Condoleezza

it is shameful that soldiers are dying and bush is enjoying easter

Matthews not giving Rice good reviews.

Should we call for an official apology to Clarke?

Andrew Cockburn Analyzes the Turning Mood in Shiite Iraq

"Swatting flies"

Google LIHOP

Caller on O'Franken factor likes Bush mainly because of his

'Soldiers are dying alone; Bush is unable to testify alone.'

CRAZY: Anyone can get $100 from Microsoft without receipt

How many times did Condi perjure herself?

I wonder if Viceroy Bremer has a short-timer stick

I Hate To Jump On Another Thread...But What Is The Difference Between....

Anyone know where to find this video?

Prudential Economist Ed Yardeni not so bullish on Bush prospects

Website Lets You Make Your Own Bush Sign With Your Own Slogan

DID Condi testify under oath?

Does Iraq have Amber Alert system yet?

CNN POLL-Should PDB be declassified ad just played on Xfire

Randi Rhodes just said * discontinued the Cole investigation!!!

The big story: the August 6 PDB!!

What did AWOL do on the morning of Aug., 6th 2001?

Damn tired of hearing "we did not have clear warnings"...

Meanwhile, in IraqNam..........................

Blumenthal on Rice: "deceitful and derelict, an underhanded lightweight"

Worst 9/11 Commissioner

Bush* tried to cut counter-terror funding AFTER 9/11

Howard Stern accuses Administration of a "Witch Hunt"

Free Speech Zones- the absolute height of bullsh!t...

911 families now on CNN.....should be good, depending

Just On CNN: 5 More Troops Die In Iraq (3 Army\2 Marines) BUT...

What's the number for Air America?

Hardcore Repubs already fed up with Iraq.....but nasty!


When Condi says "to the best of my knowledge"

Req for Help: Looking for transcription of Kyle Hence

A Little Military History

O Franken Factor & 911 Short Selling

What would satisy you? A hypothetical.

More on the Risks of Computerized Voting Fraud

Feb.26,1993 (5 WEEKS)....Sept.11,2001 (233 Days)

...and now I'm off to get a frontal lobotomy ...

Terrific Bush Cheney Bumper Stickers

Help on the Fed'l Budget, Spending, "Discretionary spending; Soc Sec'ty

About That Ban On Showing The Coffins

WARNING graphic pic of US soldier pulling body of US soldier from a tank

"Where's the President?"

did Clinton testify privately for 3 hrs before the 911 Commission?

Bush's own words and actions regarding 9/11 are damning.

Did we get 'em?

If you failed miserably at work and then told your boss

Fast talker Cliff May on Xfire

Surprise! Surprise! Paris Bomb Alert After CIA Tip-Off, Nothing Found

Meanwhile, AFGHANISTAN is Going to HELL TOO!

Byrd on C-Span2 now

good piece on 1968 riots and a reprise


Rice has proved that the truth is moot.

CNN Poll - Bring Them Home Now

Uh oh, media now starting to do stories on dead soldiers

9/11 Commissioners discussing today's Clinton testimony - CNN Now!!

Should the US be split into 3 independent states?

The REAL agenda behind the 9/11 Commission

Gary Hart coming up with Lester the Lesser

Air America contact number

If a major cover up of 9/11 or LIHOP can be proved, * is finshed

We all know what happened.

Iraq Summary 4/8/2004 with map

time the press revived the investigation of Bush and Ken Lay

BBV - New electronic scanners miscounted some San Diego votes

Anyone know where the biggest oil refineries are located?

What Would Be More Responsible NOW?

Clinton with 911 commish today?? Just got home & seeing on CNN

A message to Wolf Blitzer

Check out's spin of Condi's testimony

Go Vote against Rice at following site

PREDICTION: John Kerry will lose the popular vote. . .

Is LIHOP getting ready to go public?

Rice Press Briefing (of Lies) from May 16, 2002

Screwing Stern Again

Bush/WTC split screen video on 911: anyone got a link?

Racism on this site... #2

CBS just showed dead children...

In my mind, there's 0 difference between LIHOP & MIHOP

ABC reporting on funerals of deceased U.S. troops.

President's Daily Brief Coverup - Other PDB's have been declassified

Roy Moore For President!!! DU This Sucker!

My biggest objections to Condi's contentions

Iraq Blog: US soldiers hid in a mosque

Expanding Iraqi Council Is Leading Option -Powell

Holy Crap! They Lost FINEMAN!!!

Yahoo: September 11 memo may have warned about hijackings

Deleted message

We need to throw more curve balls at the Republicans.

Jamie Gorelick on Tweety, sorry to be so late

Political Memories

am i paranoid to worry that the 8/6/01 document thing is subterfuge?

I just want to scream...

is it true that condi was the one that warned mayor brown not to fly 911?

Randi Rhodes talking seriously about LIHOP!

Love my BBC ticker. Know where to get other news tickers for the

The STFU truck not running rampant enough on DU?

Condi dances artfully around a Clarke assertion

Air America is coming to Colorado Springs !

Lcpl Boudreaux killed my Dad, th(en) he knocked up my sister!

Communism on DU?

Great link: Condi Rice lies exposed one by one!

How Come Tweety Always Says Rice is "A Beautiful Woman?"

who is fineman? pardon my ignorance

Racism on this site...

looking for old alan bates movie The Fixer

Countdown with Keith Oberman going to talk about Armageddon Plan

John Kerry on O'Franken Factor Friday

Condi's a lousy supervisor--YOU'RE FIRED!

another brilliant movie about the stupidity of war

Projection of power.

I'm watching "Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election"

Air America listeners: has anyone talked about the PNAC?

so how much editing fun is the daily show

OMG...."Iraq Information" Section On Whitehouse Site Is Too Much.

Homophobia rampant at DU?

Did Anyone Listen to So What Else is News Tonight?

If You Dont Want to Be Accused of HOMOPHOBIA

So the large canine (WJC) was also in front of the commission today

Damn it all, anyway

What alternate universe are these boneheads watching from?

I hate to say this but AAR is going to have to get "nastier"...

There is insurrection of various strengths in almost every big Iraq city

Shi'ite revolt runs deeper than just Sadr's army.....

two must see films for the younger generation (40 and below)

Washington Post hasn't written an editorial about the latest Iraq events.

Damn it all, anyway - The Sequel

What does the Republican Party Stand for anyway??? All I hear

Photo of Condi and da boys

Does the War Powers Act need to be revised?

Only thing that would satisfy the Iraqis is if we turned Iraq into utopia

Sent Chimpy a little love note...

Picture of dead or injured american

Now actually watching Condi testimony on CSPAN: getting sick

Website "Stern fans for Kerry"

concern mounts over unrest in Iraq - no shit!!!

Looking for a T. Roosevelt Quote

Richard Clarke: Condi corroborated me...

Are you satisfied with Condi Rice's testimony about 9/11?

breitweiser, cassaza on Norville, right now

What will be the end of Bush?

The Armagadden Plan - Nightline Last Night

Of course there was no silver bullet or fly swatter! That's our point.

Condi's LAMEST Distortion......

Chalmers Johnson on Majority Report now!

Japan says they will not remove their troops, BUT

Are you guys aware that Bill Clinton testified for four hours

Where have all the flowers gone?

OMG...need help re: state national guard

Who's worse, O'Reilly or Hannity?

Newsday columnist accused of faking antigay remarks

I wonder how many deaths shrub is willing to spend on his ego

The O'Franken Factor: Even Fineman not able to defend *

my question with mihop

"Aid" workers in Iraq - what a wacky world we live in

Dan Bartlett just LIED!

And another thing! (Condi's testimony again...sorry)

As if duck hunting with the Veep weren't bad enough...

Favorite form of death, destruction and degredation

CBS showing dead baby

Larry King: Panel to analyze Condi Testimony: Ben Veniste...

Asking Condi the Wrong Questions

Michael "The Clenis is Evil" Isikoff SKEWERING Condi/bushco on Tweety

Hannity: Condi testimony "became nothing more than...

Review this article from the Jerusalem Post reported September 17, 2001

the rnc wants ME to fill out their 'census' form

Gay republican on Air America's Majority Report...

Let me get this straight: Condi's excuse is that,

Dick Santorum: Did anybody hear the comments in Air America

Lou Dobbs on with 9-11 commissioners

Damn, where are the left-leaning businesses?

yet another idiotic RW mass e-mail

Republicans for Kerry

Aaaron Brown!

"Tired of swatting flies"...why didn't one of the commish pounce

What's with all the Hypersensitivity at DU here lately?

Raw footage from Iraq

You know what I think?

Dean vs. Woolsey

what I would ask Rice

Dick Santorum: on Air America The Majority Report

US Casualties up to 635, was 619 yesterday (lists)

OK - Randi Rhodes is up @ 3p to 7p...Discussion Thread #1

Did Kerrey open up a can of worms today?

Found company that hires people to work at home in Central Florida.

NYU students get ready for GOP invasion

Bill Clinton testified today anyone Know

Accountability, Condi-style

AirAmerica scoop?

George Carlin is on Tavis Smiley (Thu 4/8): media and "social hysteria"

New CNN Pole: Are you satisfied w/Condi's testimony?

Over Sensitive PCers Or Agent Provocateurs?

du this poll

Lehrer show shamelfully edits testimony to make Rice look strong

Three Card Condi and the Ghost of Payne Stewart.

Anne Graham Lotz


Randi Rhodes reminds me of Alan Berg....

"Saturation evangelism" (North Carolina News)

LIHOP/MIHOP for Dummies (Self Included)

9/11 Commissioners LOVED Clinton

Bush; "Had we known

Needed: information on Nixon's "Operation Star" re: suspending elections

In times like these ...I miss Mike Malloy the most...

what will it mean for the worlds non Islamic population if the Japanese

Faces of the fallen

CNN poll: Are you satisfied with Condoleezza Rice's testimony about 9/11?

The Thief of Baghdad - Charleton Heston as George W. Bush -

10:33 pm ET Please listen to Air America.SAUDI MONEY GOES TO OVAL OFFICE!

If you EVER watch anything, you MUST watch THIS: tweet/911 widows

shook up a freeper today

"Fun" groups against Bush

This oughta be taken over to Freeperland...

Has Condi lost credibility today?

This may be a dumb question,


I win

"the collective punishment Bremer has ordered"

Will Kerry throw the book at the current admin when he takes office?

Daily Show starting - Ok - it's really starting now

Getting Us OUT

Will the August 6th PDB be declassified?

"Jersey Girls" 9/11 Widows coming up next on Aaron Brown, CNN...

Jon is TERRIFIC on the Daily Show tonight!

Watching Tweety blasting the hell out of Bush and Condi

Hotmail Censoring E-mail?

Wesley Clark? Come on.

Did Alan Colmes say he voted for Lieberman?

Quote needed for argument with a freeper!

Please welcome new DUer Lalo Alcaraz, political cartoonist

Lies and the lying liars that tell them

BBV: List of Who is Cosponsoring the Voter Confidence Act and Who Isn't

TV Alert: Wes Clark w/Greta Van Sustern @10 Eastern

The smoking Gun.

Richard Clarke: Sexiest Man Alive.

Does Bush Take Convenient Vacations?

Mayor's rivals attack 'rant' about Saudis

What Iraq options do you favor???

Help requested with environmental info

New show on Air America: "Ring of Fire" with Robert Kennedy, Jr.

I am SOOOOOO sick of "the world was different before 9/11

Our politicians have got to stop wasting our tax dollars on Iraq!

"The Ballad of Condi Rice" (Oil Tanker Extended Edition Memorial mp3)

Who is accountable?

Why couldn't Clinton testify publicly in today's 9-11 hearing?

Paraphase Condi's testimony in one sentence

Six refinery fires in last 2 weeks!

Holy Joe defends Condi Rice today

all halliburton et al. scandals in the last 5 years

WTF? Tank crew of M1 tank injured by RPG?

Charlie Rose (Thu 4/8): Sanger, Isikoff, and Pincus on Rice's testimony

Powerful words from Howard Stern

It's Time to say it: Iraq is in full blown REVOLUTION Now

Marine commander in Fallujah agrees with Senator Kennedy. Its Vietnam

George & Condi's Excellent Vacation...(reporter's diary ... Aug 6, 01')

Bush is a chicken crap in 3 languages

I wish I could by those Jersey girls a drink

If Condi is not responsible for anything, is her job necessary?

Should Congress pass a law restricting Reserve/NG call-ups?

Nightline's guest: Richard Clarke.

I'm trying to figure out what actually came out of the Condipalooza today

The Weird Men Behind George W Bush's War

War on Terror: A Myth

$10 for change (Ohio)

When did they change the back of the nickle?

O'Reilly Made Some Insane Comments Tonight !

Would you have supported Bush?

Condi zinged Bob Kerrey...


Go to's "The War Room" for the Condi Rice Testimony analysis

“Even If We Had Done Everything Clark Recommended….

Keith Oberman Lost Me As A Viewer

I want my wedge issue

Oh I am really pissed RE: Iraq and my nephew!!!

Al Quaeda Sleeper Cells in the US: NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!!

OK, We Got It! They Didn't Have The SPECIFICS!

Liberal redneck: Is there such a thing?

Rohrabacher (R-CA) just let the (LIHOP) cat out of the bag

"Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States"


3 or more 9/11 Hijackers needed Clearance from State Department to Train!

Another Idiotic Rice Statement: Aug 6 PDB "Not Threat Reporting"

Claim vs. Fact: Rice's Opening Statement-Center for American Progress

Franken doesn't buy into LIHOP

It's so HARD to be a Republican in 2004.....

In Canada, Christian Bookstore Won't Stock Latest "Left Behind "

If you are ok with STERN being fined- Listen to this mp3

Review this article from the Jerusalem Post reported September 17, 2001

Can anyone give Randi Rhodes a clue?

Is it just me, or is America spinning out of control??

How Strong is the Army of the Hidden Imam?

"They hate us for our freedom"?

Clear channel just dropped Howard Stern under FCC pressure and fines!!

Traitor Joe is on Fox praising Rice

**Emergency Iraq Protests** Friday & Saturday

Am I the only only Janeane is annoying with her insulting...

Were these warnings specific enough, Condi?

A ZombyPeace Thread - Veterans For Peace

Condi admitted they did nothing about the Cole bombing?

Are you aware of the CU (Conservative underground) ?

Powell on Haiti: US "Prevented a Blood Bath and a Coup from Taking Place."

The question is: WHY did they ignore the warnings? The answer is PNAC.

Election dashed Beijing's dream: UCLA professor - TW

Myanmar embassy firebombed

US military spreads its wings in Asia

Pressure on Australian government increases 350 refugees who were drowned

(Montana) OKs legality of proposed gay marriage amendment

Haiti Urged to Stop Rights Abuses

Canadian Prime Minister to Meet Bush

Saudi Qaeda Man Calls for Killing Americans

Rice Plans Unapologetic 9/11 Testimony

Hospital Chief: Over 280 Iraqis Killed (400 Wounded - Fallujah - AP)

Nader calls for Bush Impeachment!!

Account of Broad Shiite Revolt Contradicts White House Stand

CNN showing wounded Americans soldiers climbing out a burning tank

9/11 Panel: Bush White House Withheld Papers

Ex-President Bush Likens Kerry to Clinton

Dozens Dead in Crackdown

Former federal Superfund official indicted on fraud charges

GMA says thousands of protesters at the gates of Fallujah (No story link)

Feds issue threat over money for nuclear-waste cleanup

U.S. Increases Efforts to Put Down Sunni and Shiite Fighters

US loses control of two cities - Guardian Unlimited

Bombs found in U.S.-led authority compound in Iraq

Al-Jazeera airs videotape threat to kill three detained Japanese

Blasts heard from near U.S.-led authority HQ in Iraq - Inside Green Zone

Briton Kidnapped in Southern Iraq Town

Guardian is transcribing Condi live

Pentagon Source Admits 130 US Troops Killed in Insurgence Attacks

Belinda Stronach 'not a career politician': dad - CBC

'We will burn them alive' [ JAPANESE HOSTAGES TAKEN IN IRAQ]

AP: Rice: Nation Ill-Prepared Despite Threats

Cheney's Visit Expected to Boost Sino-US Ties

Unempl. #'s way down, this could hurt

Late by 1 minute - dupe - Gunmen Take Seven Koreans Hostage in Iraq

Gibson's 'The Passion' a Hit Among Arabs

Condi Rice speaks to 9/11 panel - the thread to discuss it

Hotel murder man had 'two names'

Democrats split on Iraq after rise in violence

Bush to Give NRA, Environmental Groups Ranch Tour

Transforming rays into weapons


'Background' Moves to Forefront (Great bush* quotes)

Shiite Militias Control Parts of Three Iraqi Cities;Japan/Korean kidnapped

Judge rejects Enron plea bargain

Iraqi insurgents threaten to burn Japanese prisoners alive

7 S. Korean Nationals kidnapped

Carpet exec named as manufacturing czar

US seeks contributors for new multinational force to protect UN in Iraq

Iraqis march to Falluja armed with aid

Heavy fighting in Afghanistan with Dostum's forces

"Bin Laden determined to attack inside the United States"

CNN: Two reporters ordered to erase tapes during Scalia speech

Remember this headline?

Plea to lift siege as Falluja toll mounts... Al Jazeera

Muslim Brotherhood urges Iraqis to back insurgents

Will Britain hold peace talks with Bin Laden?

Seven hostages freed in Iraq; 5 still held

Rice omits Lockerbie from terror list, praises Libya

Florida voters give Jeb Bush good marks

Rice Defends Bush Efforts to Combat Terrorism,Preparations insufficientWP

Marine killed in Fallujah fighting

U.S. Falling Deeper and Deeper into Iraq Quagmire

Vancouver 'haven' for terrorists: police chief

Ammonium nitrate goes missing in Australia

Pakistani Troops Ready to Launch Fresh Anti-Terror Offensive in Tribal Reg

Chunk of Brazil's Amazon Cut Down in 2003 ..the size of Massachusetts

Bremer: Pilgrims Face Danger if They Attend Shiite Festivals in Iraqi City

Account of Broad Shiite Revolt Contradicts White House Stand

Iraqi Governing Council member threatens to reconsider his participation

Ascroft criminal charges against Reliant in CA

Gas refinery explosion in NM

CNN reports the PBP of August 6th will be released

Kerry Says Bush Should Seek Help on Iraq

Condi Gets A Reality Check.........(is she a liar?????)

Condi Rice Testimony Thread #2

As Violence Escalates, Some Changes of Heart on War

Eight indicted in $68M nationwide tax-fraud conspiracy

Militiamen Control Parts of 3 Iraq Cities


CNN: 6 More Marines Killed in Iraq

D.C. group (Americans United) eyes Darby 'objective origins' fray

Some votes miscounted in primary, officials say (Diebold Fails Again

Iraqi Police Abandon Posts During Uprising

Rice clashes with 9/11 commission (from down-under)

From homecoming to funeral (small town CA story brings war home)

Iraqi Insurgents Threaten to Burn Hostages

Infosys to Create Consulting Jobs in U.S.

US ground forces commander vows to crush insurgents (Sanchez)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 8 April

US now the common enemy of Sunni and Shiite Muslims in Iraq: experts

Fallujah is like Vietnam says US commander

Some 9/11 Families Angered by No Apology from Rice

Bush to Rice: 'Great Job' Testifying

Hostage takers threaten to kill 3 Japanese (w/photo from Japan)

Support Eroding For Bush On Iraq (CSM)

Feds Indict First Company for Market Manipulation in California Energy Cri

U.S. Forces Fire At Aid Convoys To Fallujah (update to my earlier thread)

Cook attacks 'American warriors'

Dostum's Forces Capture Afghan Town

A Bureaucrat Testifies (Fineman - Newsweek)

Rice Apologizes For Failure of Mentioning Pan Am Flight 103

Afghan City Falls Despite Troop Dispatch.......9 minutes ago

Violence Threatens to Unravel U.N. Plans for Iraq--New WMW

CNN poll: Are you satisfied with Condoleezza Rice's testimony about 9/11?

State OKs legality of proposed gay marriage (ban) amendment (Montana)

Fox News Poll: Kerry 44, Bush 43

Marchers break through US roadblocks (Fallujah)

General May Bolster Force in Iraq; Militias Kidnap a Dozen Foreigners

Pulaski grad becomes state’s youngest Iraq casualty

Kerry Urges Bush to be Bold, Honest on Iraq (Reuters)

Clarke Says Rice's Testimony Bolstered His Claims

Manufacturing 'Czar' Named

Group urges end to Haiti human rights abuses

Norwegian Church Aid leaves Iraq

9/11 panel asks White House to declassify key document

9/11 team seeks 'Bin Laden' memo

BBC reporting 7 S. Korean hostages released unharmed in Iraq

Sadr militia says it holds Spanish, possibly US hostages

Concern over 'mystery containers' off Somalia

Al-Jazeera TV - 3 Japanese being held hostage in Iraq.

Afghan warlord on the warpath

'US is bigger threat than terror'

CNN Breaking: Paris train stations evacuated because of bomb threat

Five 18-year-olds among those killed in action in Iraq this month

Former President Clinton Testifies To 9/11 Commission

Contractors Struggle With New Iraqi Violence

DNA Lab: President's Brother Not Father of Child at Center of Slander Case

Fierce Fighting in Fallujah - 40 US Soldiers Killed this week

Anger at Livingstone Saudi rant: "hang Al-Sauds from lampposts"

Powell: Iraq Government May Have Limited Sovereignty

A few Ohio Democrats cross into the president's camp

Afghan City Falls to Commander as Troops Fly In

Tom Watson's caddie, Bruce Edwards, dies at 49 of Lou Gehrig's Disease

Ministry probes how (U.S.-made) IDF choppers got to Colombia

U.S. Jobless Claims Tumble to 328,000

Governor, Mayor Refuse to Offer Official Welcome to Atheist Convention

Calif. Judge Orders Rodney King to Jail

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 642 U.S. service members have died

Breaking on CNNI - Iraqi Interior Minister Resigns

Howard Stern Dropped After FCC Threat

Rice Says Bush Understood al-Qaida Threat

USDA Rejects Meatpacker's Plan to Test All Animals for Mad Cow

US surprised by retaliation - Fallujah

Powell Calls U.S. Casualties 'Disquieting' / *'s Vacation

U.S. Muslims seek Pentagon probe on Iraq photo

ok 2 more acronyms i don't get please help a newbie

Rejection sucks

poetry corner! what verses are running through your head?

Remodeling prob #5687

Question about the XXX channels on satellite TV. Our setup gets several

Is there any way to listen to Coast to Coast online, other than to pay

Who is the greatest old-style Bluesman?

OMG - Did anyone see the video of injured marines (CNN)?

A question for any of our DU Muslims

The Spell-Chequer it before?

10 Points to Ponder

Request for Shopping Assistance

The Royal Tit Watching Society of Britain

From Which network will you be watching Condi Rice?

You folks all gotta check this cartoon series out!!!

guess whose CD is #3 on the best seller list . . .

Anyone Here Heard Of A Band Called 'Modest Mouse' ?

A legal question for the Legal Eagles at DU

Dog Kicker Being HOUNDED By Nasty Phone Calls

Bond Girl Poll - Best Name

I just love this MSRNC picture of Ricie

Mind The Gap

For Cube Dwellers and others who can't get C-Span - Replay tonight

Bizarre Holidays in April

What is so great about Maurice Clarett?

Good Bush joke.

What does Condi mean by...

Cartoon:Steve Bell "Major Combat Activity is Over Being Over"

Dr. Rice isn't going to say anything of note today

Don't squeeze the Charmin!

I am home today, Waiting For Condi And I Have Not A THING To Wear!

I'm home sick. Ask me anything.

I Didn't Win the Lottery Last Night...Did You? n/t

Friendship prayer

Any Bruce Campbell fans????

I got a job...a FULL TIME job...with benefits and everything!!!

Eastern European women are da bomb

I watched Spiderman last night, and it suddenly dawned on me

Any "Avengers" fans here?

Lynne's out of chocolate puddin'. What should she do?

Here is a threat on par with terrorists and WMDs

Easter Bunny Hip Hop

So Matcom, was it worth it - taking a day off of work just for Condi Rice

The OFFICIAL Condi Oscar award photo:

Easter, the pagan facts...

Random Nietzche quote and question

Nobody's voting for an end to Pig Brother - Hog webcam

Super Happy Fun List About Your Conservative Neighbor's Mailbox

What does n/t mean??

I need a Philadelphia Flyers avatar!!!

In order to make the world a happier place: I'm eating chocolate puddin'

M.A.T.C.O.M. vs M.A.T.C.O.M. Battle Of The Assholes - Round #3

Come visit Republican America!

Condi is the new Olie North!

I heard they're cancelling Easter this year.

Tell us about your furry family members strange habits...

I voted and all I got was this ruined suede coat

War and Peace

Condi/Clarke poll needs some major DUing!!!

bush's emaiL

Any Campbell soup fans? My favorite is mushroom w/Ritz crackers and

Seeing gay couples on the street, a question ...

You know, I would just like to take this time to point out

On a serious note!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. my wife is gonna stop the pill

Kiddie version of "The Passion"

Can we please not say "asleep at the wheel" RE: 9/11?

Here Comes The Flood

Dio for America

A question for British DUers

After hearing a PSA on AAR the past few days, I have a question...

the cybernaut ship-of-state of all CAPTIONs

Happy Hip-Hop Easter Everyone!!!

Turning and turning in the widening gyre

Anyone know what happened to the Question W site?

Court Case Looming Over Tongue-Vibrator Patent

Give us your Mind-Controlling Caption

Frozen Four today!

How to Make a Chocolate Bunny -- FUNNY!!!

Chemtrail over the White House...

HAHAHA - "The Passion of the Easter Bunny" - Must Read

Condi Photoshopped

Need a Condi break?: Watching Tyson the Bulldog Skateboarding

Need a little help, guys!

Would You Hide If I Came By?

Agghh! Beware the librarian!

Best Bond Girl

Hindu holy man who has buried himself neck down in the ground

Gad zooks

Battle of the Seoul Singers: Uhm Jung-hwa vs. Jo Kyu-chan

ANOTHER Condi Caption!

What is soft and furry and puts you to sleep?

Who else could use a nap right now?

It's official: Air America Has Arrived!!!!

What Republicans would you invite to a BBQ?

The Tele-Conference Call of all CAPTIONS!!!!!

Happy Birthday: Steve Howe, Izzy Stradlin, and Julian Lennon

I just got tix to the Sox/Yanks game on 4/17...

caption condi's 911 pic

Just saw an awesome thing

Time for MOVIE TRIVIA: Here's the first Question

Do you think your average Republican could decode this message?


check out this funny patriotic site

Please chech out this (memorial) video by yours truly

Thurston Moore column in Ny Times

Anyone read the Boomer Bible.....

The Condi "Would I lie to you? Come on, now..." Stare of all CAPTIONS

Did anyone see Tim Robbins on TDS last night?

check out this picture

I'm thinking of getting a Papillon puppy

Great new Windows wallpapers I just got.

You ever have one of those days...

Clear Channel Dumps Howard Stern

The thing Freepers are most deluded about

"I'll get you, my little pretty ............. and your little dog too!"

Bumper Sticker Alert!

Call from an ex-boyfriend: "I dreamed my son will be killed in Iraq."

James Bond Villains - Which one are you?

Postcard Arrives At Post Office - 82 Years Late

Earliest domestic cat found on Cyprus -- 7500 BC

Wow, the Tigers are now 3-0!

What Would Be More Responsible NOW?

The Detroit Tigers are now 4-0! If I didn't know better....

I need some quetions for Robert Novak

Cubs lose again....looking for sympathy....

Tennessee Legislature Tackles Tough Problems

Seperated at Birth

Condi Tries Jedi Mind Trick

Attention Unemployed Northern New Jersey DU-ers

Crawfordy Hillbillies song

The 11th Commandment: Thou Shall Not Worship False Pop Idols

Cat people... how does your feline friend measure up

Hurray! The ice is "going out".

lol stupid freeper's bumber stickers

Who's got the link for the Air America "ratings" on Amazon??

Concerning body oils and lotions.

Did anyone happen to see this earlier today?

Favorite pet name for our National (In)Security Advisor?

Help! My Cat's After My Mouse!!!

My retro protest sign: The World is only Black and White ...

Oh Man!!! Why is life so stupid?

Question for DU Cops: What are your thought on the legality of pot?

Now that Condi's through lying: THE MASTERS LEADERBOARD!!

Right Wing Eye for the Liberal Guy

Transcript of Bush August Briefing Revealed!!!

The duality of man

Help with long distance

Gawd, am I lonely!

Police cyber crime pin-up girl busted for hacking site

Whatever happened to "Al Gore In Context"? Great website.

Mom With 14 Kids, One on the Way, Honored

Osaka government office toilet bomber busted (will the terror never end?)

New to me bumper sticker: Exfoliate Bush!

Unofficial Condoleeza Rice Career Advice thread

Condi: "There was no silver bullet."

I Nominate Johnny Damon MLB Player Of The Year!

I'm listening to all of Steely Dan's work, in order

another caption needed

caption condi: "who me? was I supposed to do something?" NYT

After a wonderful and loyal 8 year relationship with a GLBT person

Condi Caption AGAIN!

caption Senator Byrd

Sloganator redux: Make fake Bush-Cheney signs ridiculing the ChimpInChief

WOW!...I was just watching "Steve Harvey's Big Time"

Revealation Chapter 1.

What would you do if I started a joke...

Just saw this bumper sticker

Does the Devil exist?

Personal thoughts on Kurt Cobain (long)

Happy Birthday, Kofi and Betty!

Earthlink DSL? Or Verizon DSL? --- Which Should I Select?

Best guitar duels!


Discovered a good, new way to get pretty da*n wired.

Shaking the trees???

I finally got my new television!!!!!!!

Speaking of brown drinks...Makers Mark vs. Knob Creek

I Watched Them Raise Gas Prices by 15 Cents!

Let's duke it out: Best James Bond!!

Is baby talk common among the 18-25 year old set?

its been what... 36 dead in Iraq since Sunday? (rant)

Howard Stern question

Somebody is messing with the Nader For President website


Battle of the Soul Singers: Bobby Womack vs. Teddy Pendergrass

Condi's HAIR, man!

M.A.T.C.O.M. vs M.A.T.C.O.M. Battle Of The Assholes - Round #4

M.A.T.C.O.M. vs M.A.T.C.O.M. Battle Of The Asshole BULGE - Round #5

Ugh....I didn't know Skeletor was on the 9/11 commission.

Most annoying Condi meme:

i`m a happy guy!!!

I think ER is about to enter the gay marriage debate - spoiler follows

Anyone just see that Spiderman2 preview

did anyone ever write a paper,,

Anyone ever see Steve Odekirk's Thumb movies?


Bush: Dead men tell no tales

Bravo announces Queer Eye for the Straight Girl

Any tricks for cutting down spam from webmail accounts

these store bought glasses are killing me.

What's up with Josh Marshall's site?

Why eat peeps at Easter? How the marshmallow chicks found Jesus

Oh My God! Please Help me RW 5!!!!

Two Marines die: one from my home town, and my previous town

Real men drink BROWN DRINKS!!!

The Apprentice: Quick Question

Good Night DU!

How do you DU

Here's to Hank Aaron

DU College Students: What is up with the Alcopops?

Which Bit Of Condi's Jargon Most Desperately Needs To Be Banned?

whoohoo, my aeroplanes came in the mail

Baseball fans

Elperromagico's in a good mood - Ask him anything!

I'm listening to Logan Whitehurst...ask me anything!

DU chat tonight

Who is this Steve Malzberg?

I am listening to Guns & Roses: Appetite for Destruction. Ask me anything.

Dentist appointment went okay.... one crown and a filling

caption bush

My brain is fried---ask me anything!

Wow! I almost shaved my head!

Is Bunny-Phobia hopping rampant here @ DU?

Some people just shouldn't have children...

Who's got tomorrow off?

20 posts in 19 minutes

SURVIVOR: Rupert is 100% all man

Wow, the new Guns n' Roses album -

If I am lying in the desert, and moaning, my dog will not come.

Glad we didn't give THAT GUY a job.

Have a question for the drinkers....

Just finished shaving my mitts

Any good tips for selling a used car?


Brewers atop NL Central, Tigers Undefeated, What's Next?

eddie guerrero may be worst champ ever

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,

done for the night

Oh. My. God. There really is a Freeper Lounge!

Wow. This really works!

Li'l bro's joining the Guard...and I'm half tanked. Ask me anything!

Just finished shaving my bits

Okay, I'm back in Vancouver, got my Hawaii shirt on, the lonely bull on

What song is on that new Nissan commercial

I made enchilada suizas, tacos, and Mexican rice tonight for supper.

Eek! People are spamming my cat's beauty contest!

orioles win

I find myself thinking about Toby Keith a lot lately.

Anyone else remember these?

I drank a jar full of coffee, and then I took some of these...

I can't find the larger sized Peeps, ask me anything!!

How many of you have heard of Sam Kinison?

Detroit Tigers: 4-0, baby!

My middle brother (I'm the oldest) had his day in court today. So-so.

Show of hands: Who has or is taking day off tommorrow?

What does the phrase "get bent" mean to you?

"Wonderfalls" Cancelled

Maine 2, BC 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm about to kick my cats ASS!

Connecticut has lost its 11th soldier in 13 months.

My MS Internet Explorer has been hijacked.

Marshmallow Peeps or Chocolate Bunnies

Any fans of "Amy's" brand organic foods?

Best James Bond car

My 100 Favorite Songs of 1958

One of the places where I've applied for work has gotten back to me!

Please welcome new DUer Lalo Alcaraz, political cartoonist


implanted eye jewelry...

Arachnophobia rampant on DU?

Canucks take game that foul Calgary duers!

The Passion of the Easter Bunny

Does God exist?

I applied for a new job and I really, really want it. Ask me anything!

What's your favorite constellation?


Prayers, Positive Vibes and Karma needed for my Kitty

DU Grad Students ....

Go Orioles

Favorite power pop song

anyone just see the Spiderman II trailer?

Is the thought of a Unicorn a Real Thought?

It’s late at night…..sleep evades me

Ginger or Mary Ann?

DU - ROLL UP, ROLL UP! - Sound off on Frank Zappa!!!

Wow talk about irony...

Ok, Ex-Navy DUers, What's wrong with this picture?



Easily the most disturbing thing ever

Decapitated cat video backfires on Ford

Does anybody remember the IBM commercial where....(Condi related)

99 Beers On the Wall Revisited

9-11 and the slam dunk case against Bush

here come the kids! . . .

No core values or principles

The virtue of a good Vice

The Power of Honesty and Leadership

Conservative commentators dissenting on Iraq

Ultimately, Would John Kerry have taken this nation to war with Iraq?

Condi on CSPAN now

Rendell-Street feud may produce more Kerry campaign cash

Would choosing Edwards for VP now be anti-climactic?

Candidates, Coattails and Congress

Kerry-McCain Ticket....the Cons are all abuzz...

Ad ideas.....?

bizarre Bush* campaign criticism/lie: Pell Grant funding

Kerry should run a simple 15 second ad like this:

Say what you want... I'm supporting JFK in 2004.

Dire Threat to Free Speech from Federal Election Commission

The media can lie all they want

Kerry and McCain pledge to end corporate welfare!

Can Someone PLEASE Tell Kerry to Stop Talking About Taxes

Beantown Bash

Fox News Poll: Kerry 44, Bush 43

John Kerry will raise taxes by 100 zillion dollars

Does Kerry have a joke writer?

Randi Rhoades: Book * was reading on 9/11 about a goat was satanic

Why is this man President?

Condi's testimony makes me all the more glad

Tell Bush to Stop Mortgaging Our Children!

Here's a little overlooked gem from the 9-11 Commission Statements.

Which state will be the most democratic this November?

Nader '04 folks - can we talk?

Rasmussen Poll: Generic Congressional Vote 42% D 36% R

Rasmussen Tracking Poll: Kerry 46, Bush 43

Battles in Iraq Bring Troubles for Bush and Kerry as Well

Roy Moore For President - DU This Sucker!

Lurkers: Freep/CU this poll!!

Wesley Clark will be on Greta Van Sustern

If the media senses that Bush is "done," will they turn to Kerry?

KS Gov. Sebelius for Veep

One reason I think Kerry should pick a young vp

Poll - Who is more Conservative - Bayh or McCain

Why do Repugs talk about carrying CA more than NY?

Will California go Red this November?

DU Presidential Poll.

How did the town Meeting in WI go today

Best Line-Up Since The Revolution

MSNBC Question: "Did Condoleezza Ride Make Her Case?"

I have to say this.

Is there a recent Texas poll?

Kerry Targets Budget Deficit: New Proposals Echo Clinton

A photo of John Kerry meeting Hmong veterans today in Milwaukee, WI today

Kerry's Dick Cheney

Kerry people (please read even if you hate me)

CAMPAIGN UNDERGROUND: We still need volunteers for ID, RI, WY

Is Kerry showing the leadership that you're looking for?

Kerry campaign must need help.

Would You Support Any Dem Candidate?

So, how's the "Let's all hate Nader" thing working for you folks?

CAMPAIGN UNDERGROUND: You can now start data-entry for your state.