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Egregious Heritage Foundation OpEd on job stats in NYT

In Iraq, Without Options

Scheer: The More We Try, the Worse Iraq Gets

Ugh - Safire carrying the torch for the PNAC wet dream

Winning the War on Terror , by Bill Moyers

Report: Israel, U.S. reach agreement on Gaza pullout plan

U.S. cautions PA against including Hamas in leadership

Group: Attack on Montreal Jewish school avenges Yassin death

Does anyone know what happened to the site " " ???

All major networks will suspend programming to air Rice's testimony

Here's the Good News !!!!

Should children recite this instead of the pledge of "allegiance?"

Good Work DUers keep it up, 43% and dropping!

Okay, DUer's, if we have another terrorist attack right before the

Did John Dean almost

Listening to replay of Al's show on Air America..

Uprising in Iraq could derail Bush

How gay marriage could help uninsured heterosexuals

Should the term "Ding-ding-ding! We have a winner" be banned?

Bush Admin. Brings Tortured American POWs to Court

Has anyone seen this or have another link with more information

Do you use non-PC terms?

I think I'm becoming a believer now

Now that W's approval rating is down to 43 shouldn't we call him Bush 43?

Rumsfeld says reinforcements may be needed.

SICK and TIRED of Naderite defeatism

Dennis Miller, and I quote

HOLY MOLEY! My dad is "undecided"!!!!

It's time to reinstate the Draft.

Why do secular and religious people try to tell each other what to think?

US Afghan Envoy Angers Pakistan

Evangelist rallies Oregon pastors to fight against same-sex marriage

'Dream' PAC Not Living Up To Goal

MI6 anger over war intelligence (The Guardian)

Troops Gaining Grip In Sections of Fallujah

Kobe Bryant ready to enter not-guilty plea, lawyer says | Denver Post

Tape: Al-Zarqawi claims responsibility for wave of attacks

Asia's Stockpiles of Dollars Pose U.S. Economic Risks | LA Times

Bushie: "US resolve in Iraq 'unshakable'"

Amtrak train derails in rural Mississippi; one dead, dozens injured

In Seattle stop, Nader bashes both parties as warmongers, corporate pawns

IF someone PMs you? how do you get the message.

Bottom of the 13....the score is still tied 6-6....

Paging Dinoboy

Here's the Good News !!!!

And the Staples Center crowd

Anyone called Peter, Roger, or Johnson needs to leave

Help me with

Should the term "hysterical" and related phrases be forbidden on DU?

Can I have an AMEN?

Civil Rights Leader Ann "the Man" Coulter

Should the term "Ding-ding-ding! We have a winner" be banned?

Oh man, I ran out of tri-color ink...and I need it for a report I'm doing

why dont we just ban every damn word out there?

I just found out my uncle died

Tom Powers or Mike Powers

A disgusting joke I made up

I need some Lounge-love

Should the term "dingbat" & related phrases be forbidden on DU? (Thread 1)

My stomach is growling incessantly

Please rate my New Live Journal on a scale form 1 to 10

My Daddy's words to live by

Assorted Bush bumper stickers for consideration.....

Some other words we need to ban, while we're at it

Latest Electoral Vote Count

Can I have an agreement?

Jay Leno is trashing Bush and Cheney

White House withholds Rice speech

Americans caught in perilous game of brinkmanship

Granting aid to rich is surely a poor plan (Philly Inquirer)

Casualties Among Allies Test U.S. Policy in Iraq

Another Gene Lyons Homerun

Great LTTE/ Seattle P-I on Cheney/Bush 9/11 appearance

UK Guardian: Vote with your feet

Bush should be impeached for lying about Iraq, Nader says

Edward Kennedy: Iraq has become President Bush's own Vietnam

George Bush's credibility - A matter of trust

Fun With Dick and George - Column Left

Conason: Bush*s Attack Dog Needs a New Leash

Richard Gist: Using The Bible To Cover Up Bias

Stakes high as Rice talks to 9/11 panel: Anita Hill

The Fog of Self by Lewis Lapham (April Harper's, on *)

The Missing 9.4 million Jobs

In Iraq, Without Options

A War President's Job (Washington Post/George Will)

Sy Hersh -- "The Other War" (Afghanistan)

"Patience needed in Iraq" , Swedish newspaper editorial

Paul Mulshine: Bush repeats a Nixon mistake, without Nixon's skills

A Fool and His War Must Be Soon Thwarted

DAVID M. WALKER U.S. COMPTROLLER -Time for each of us to cough up $24,000

The other Clarke

Must Read from the Guardian: "The War on Terror Misfired" by David Clark

Today's Boston Globe Editorial cartoon fortells Condi testimony

Saddam moved to Qatar over rescue fears

Bush continues to stick it to the working man (and woman)

Revealed: Who is W's "Brown Sugar"?

Wole Soyinka: "The Changing Mask of Fear" (Reith Lecture)

Never Having to Say 'Sorry' -- Condi's "nothing more we could have done"

Salon: Mission accomplished (New Book: Rise of the Vulcans)

Iraqis Are Naughty, Spoiled Brats Who Must Be Spanked

Salon: Castles Made of Sand

Children killed in Iraq, the high price of this Occupation WARNING GRAPHIC

WH minimized Murcury rules

Fineman: Is Bush’s base beginning to crumble?

Something I sketched at work today...

Cross Dressing R is Who's Who of R Fund Raisers

We would all do well to aquaint ourselves with Iraq's history

Post-modern warfare: the ignorance of our warrior intellectuals

The 8 year plan - toon

$95 million in bundles of $2000 checks from high-rolling CEOs & lobbyists

Dean email gives email address URL for the media - plus some topics

Protest escalation of Iraq War, Wednesday, April 7, 6 PM in DC

Helen Thomas interview on Democracy Now on Thursday 4/8

Newsweek wimp out?

is there a right-wing 1190 AM in the northeast?

O'Reilly: Air America getting too much publicity

Blitzer and Military "Expert" Blaming the 40 Victims!!

Air America Network Stirs Unwanted Controversy - FOX

Progressive News Ticker (scrolling/clickable headlines)

I'm losing my mind...

Check Bush's feet

Could anyone point me to non-loony prophesy information?

Let's talk about - gulp - crop circles

Women's Cycles & Full Moons

The Missing 9.4 million Jobs

GOP budgets may not match promises-Analysis- would inflate future deficits

GOP offers Dems small "tax fairness" (close lease loophole) for trade bill

Oil prices spike again on low US Inventories

Is Bush dodging taxes?

GOP Heritage FD. says Dem problem is "an outdated definition of a job."

What Price Glory?

For The Sake Of Land And Climate, Coaxing Soil To Soak Up Carbon

I need to know any towns that have a Coalbed Methane issue

Scientists Create 'Liquid Crystal Elastomers' With Amazing Properties

Ford Promises More Hybrids In (wait for it . . . ) 2007!!

Estimates On Average Car & Truck MPG Much Worse Than EPA Says

The Crazy Cosmos: Stars Near Sun are Wild & Wayward

Hundreds Of Documents Show WH Systematically Downplayed Mercury Problem

Pakistan Tells America To Keep Off Its Soil

2-pound dog used for deadly place kick


Do we endanger our family's with our efforts to protect them?

Yes, a Mod is needed in GD!

Just crashed a thread, sorta

Clarification on the rules

I like the new AtA format

Can Joe (or somebody) fix his grammar

How do i change my user handle?

I would have been curious to see a poll of

why can't I see my new avatar?

Can We Have a Seperate Board for Nader Threads?

when are baseball avatars due out?

Sig Line Question...

We need a mod ASAP in GD

Skinner what's going on here?

Skinner who's the dog in your avatar?


Just curious, does the software keep a current count of logged-in members?

Skinner, you are needed in this thread. You, specifically.

Why do I see this when I search GD archives?

Skinner, would you like DUers to lobby on your behalf requesting that

Just wanted to thank you publicly...

Having been through enough abuse in my life because of being female

Palestinians shot for defending farmland

Manipulation of Children by Palestinian Terrorists

Sheikh Yassin's 'Happiest Day'

Palestinian plan says no to attacks on civilians

BBC accused of bias against Israel

Jews and Muslims in Israel Share Values, Zogby Poll Reveals

Left-wing activists: IDF firing live ammunition at demonstrators in Bidu

Israel is not allowed to defend itself

Soldier Needs Help

Why The WTC Buildings Collapsed: Two Engineering Articles

The Dean implosion up close, from the vantage point of his pollster

looking for web site for the 2000 debacle

Kerry Faces Protesters, Bush is Shielded, Why the Difference?

I think Bush is screwing Rice

Maine's Sec. of State's E-mail on Voting with paper audit trails

Al Qaeda Intelligence...

We are fighting their fathers and 10 years we will fight them

John Dean's take on Bush/Cheney's joint testimony

Justice Department waging war against porn

CNN - Falluja "Soldier Says Iraqi Bodies Being 'Stacked Up Like Cordwood'"

Blatant Bush tilt toward big oil

Imus just said Bush's laugh

Ignorant freepers

Justices to decide reproduction rights (Ohio)

The Paul Revere No One Wants to Hear From (Gary Hart)

should an adult be offended by name calling?

Questions that Bush/Cheney should be asked by 9/11 Commission

Top U.S. general vows to "destroy" Shiite militia - 60 dead overnight

CNN "Iraqi Bodies are being stacked up like cord wood"

The "I" word. . .

Anyone else hear Kerry on NPR this morning?

The White Rose: "The war is approaching its destined end"

Nader is calling for Bush to be impeached

Raed's blog entry for the day regarding Sadr

Four pretty good articles from UPI

CSPAN 8:00 EST - Tim Roemer on 9/11 commission

Where did the “Mission Accomplished “ Bush Ads go?

Iowa Republican Senators openly discrimination

Why wasn't Tenet asked about this comment by David Kay ??

Jon Stewart on Howard Stern now

It's time to think outside the box concerning Iraq

Warrior Jesus

A picture of presidential approval -, Pew

If I saw this Freeper thread asa muslim I'd be sure America wants me dead

My thoughts on the religious/secular divide

Taking "AWOL Bush" To New Heights

"all the mosques are calling for Jihad" Wed April 7th

Katie and Gen McCaffrey this morning on Today...

Did anyone see Bruce Willis on GMA this morning?

WTF? George Will: "the first task of government is to establish a monopoly

What's happening on Charlie Rose tonight?

Rumsfeld Backs More Iraq Troops if Needed (AP:dozens of US troops killed?)

Remember Chambersburg?

The good Doctor's words

beat freepers at their own game

If Kerry is a "flip-flop", then Bush must be a

Victimization and Feminism

Poll: CNN - What impact do Wal-Mart stores have on local communities?

Randi Rhodes... anyone know why...

anyone know what happened with that WalMart referendum . . .

Anyone for a game of Conkers?

I'm mad as hell!

If Al Gore was president.

The Dean implosion up close, from the vantage point of his pollster

If elected, Kerry would face daunting problems

Does Ann Coulter still shack up with the Penthouse guy?

Look through the spin to see the devil in the detail of US government empl

Couldn't you get out of a draft by telling the draft board you are gay?

This is strange. Portland's Air America affiliate owned by Clear Channel!

INDEPTH: IRAQ_ Casualties in the Iraq war CBC Apr 6 2004

Just called Senator Byrds office , hes going to speak today and demand

How John Ashcroft is protecting YOU from terrorists (links):

Selective Service rule change up for comment

If the draft is reinstated, would you defy it or help your child defy it?

Clarke vs Condi.. the graphic

follow the link to the pentagon papers...

Dohhh! Wal-Mart ballot measure fails. Missed it by thaaat much!

Bush booed at baseball opening day in St.Louis?

Problem listening to....can't remember his name

NYTp.1: Iraq "ominous synergy" -- 'Now...resistance... united.'

WTC closed the night before 9/11

Bush is the great Uniter and not a divider

What is meant by "fire fight"?

According to McCain: no chance of draft after election

Quote of the day..

looks like Ralph Trader made 20,000 for the ill Ballot

Soldiers join U.S. military to speed citizenship, risk death

quote of the day..

At least 36 Iraqis killed in Falluja

Where is the DEPT of LOOPHOLES? "Plugging/Preventing Loop Holes"

FOX: starting attack on Sen.Dodd for comments on Sen. Byrd

Are the Iraq War / Bush supporters over-ridden with guilt ?

We just blew up a mosque and killed 40 people. . .

Should the term "bitch" be forbidden on DU in certain circumstances?

Did anyone hear Kerry on NPR this morning?

Texas House Race Heats Up - Photos of Republican Cross-Dresser

Do You Believe There Should Be Places Of Sanctuary In Times Of War?

I'm wondering if I should go fill my gas tank?

Tampa - Feed the homeless and get arrested

Happy June 30th Georgie! (A TOON Sampler)

Most taxes now come from salaries, not capital gains or corporations.

Fleeing Baghdad (Salon) - Journalist's report of the shifting mood in Iraq

Colin Powell rebukes Kennedy in rare political foray...

Silverware banned at Bush fundraiser to prevent clinking while he spoke

12 dead, and only one headline?

Bush's 'Cunning Plan' to Unite Iraq

Bartcop has it right: Treasury emptied - Arlington filled.

Did Bill Clinton take terrorism seriously? Read this from 1996

Seymour Hersh on "Democracy Now" at 9:33am EDT

The Iraqi GAP? Old Iraqi Navy?

Do you think we will ever fully pull out of Iraq?


Racism in government and media...(Condi Rice related)

Kucinich on Wolf Today 5p EST

A bumper sticker from northern VA

Copy and send this e-mail about Mobil and Exxon, take consumer action NOW!

Is there anywhere to download Air America streams from previous days? n/t

Peasant Life Insurance "commercial" on Air America...


What time is Condi scheduled to start her spin session tomorrow??

Special Skills DRAFT moves from planning to "groundwork", 20-44 beware!

Daily U.S. Casualties 4/7/2004

I have been watching a clip from

AlJazeera (English) does not have mosque video ..Arabic Does

My 100 favorite songs of 1959

Raw footage from Reuters

Chuck D is awesome

Maybe Bush is using up his vacation days before he loses his job?

Who could EVER have predicted that

how many wars have been ignited by religion?

Return to the Oakland Docs!

Outstanding analysis of the Iraqi Juan Cole

Blast from the Past...

reporters kidnapped in iraq

"President Kerry"

Arab leaders warned Chimpy that Saddam was only 5% of the problem

Activist voices antiwar stance from his new Crawford house

Seattle 710 Live from Baghdad

Lies About Heinz Company and Outsourcing

Leno Slammed bush on the "who you talkin to" last night

Job numbers, schmob numbers. 41% say US in recession

I want Bill Clinton back in office!

Walmart got the SMACK DOWN in Inglewood. The voters SAID NO...

Excite Poll: reason Rwanda wasn't helped

When will Robertson and Falwell declare a Holy Crusade?

BBV Clean-Up Crew: Historic "recount" for Calif. touch-screens

GOP Money raised to help minorities rerouted

Will bush visit Iraq again?

CAP's "Viewer's Guide" for Condi's Testimony

I'd like to discuss the Violence and Language on the show, The Shield.

If I'm Rumsfeld, this is what I'd ignore to Invade Iraq

How long can they keep pigeon-holing the deaths to keep #s low?

Rumor on real number of Marines killed yesterday


Is Karen Hughes and George Bush brother and sister?

asking for more troops question

Will we ever see another chimp "press conference?"

Kucinich should just step aside and back Kerry.

Anyone else heard of "The Public Eye"

WWW.IRAQWAR.RU Dropping Their English Translation?

CAP's "Viewer's Guide" for Condi's Testimony

War News for April 7, 2004 Iraq blog

Jon Stewart will be first guest on the The O'Franken Factor!!

Whoa! Gary Hart is coming to our campus tomorrow!

Baghdad Burning........"we haven't sent the kids to school for 3 days"

Marriot and Nextel ads on Air America = success?

Many died in Iraq today - Is the nation becoming numb?

Is it ok to eat French Fries again ?

Holy Propaganda, Batman! "anti-Iraqi forces..."

The U.S. is sabotaging stability in Iraq - Naomi Klein is whoring for the NeoCons again..

What did Brit Hume say?

Kerry pulling away according to new Rasmussen poll 48-42

This administration has all the foresight of a...

Franken calling for listeners to demand apology from Brit Hume

How many troops WILL BE needed in Iraq?

Senator Byrd up now on C-Span 2

Nice LOTE in Akron Beacon Journal today

Christian Coalition not only jerks, but deadbeats as well

Anybody speak Arabic?

Love O'Franken's comments about Rush!!!

When is W going to a soldier's funeral?

Which Northwestern state is more liberal?

RocktheVote fights company discouraging young people from voting

Steel Cage Match: Randi Rhodes VS. Neal Boortz

Are Dems/Libs who disagree w/ gay marriage and/or gay lifestyles bigots?

I just love Air America.

Link to pictures of children kill in the last couple days

Tim Roemer (9/11 comm.) on c-span speaks blather

They (the media) say * had a conference call...

11 states to get less money for poor kids - 7000 school districts/all sts.

OMG - franken's Rush impersonations are freakin funny!

Jon Stewart on Al Franken now! (EOM)

One week later: Franken has improved dramatically

Great opening from O'Franken

Can someone eloborate on the mural in the denver airport?

Great new talk radio station in Dallas!

Wal-Mart Smashed In California!

CNN started a poll "should the US raid a holy sit" one day BEFORE Fallujah

What do we think about Tom Delay as Kerry's VP?


Doonesbury: *'s nickname for Condi- Brown Sugar. . .LOL

canned applause for Smirk at the ballgame

any recent Bush puff-pieces?

ok then, what about McCain as a busboy for Kerry ?

"The mainstream media is like six year olds playing soccer."

Would calling Kerry JFK,II help him or hurt him?

I'm guessing Condi is going to "apologize" tomorrow. Then Bush later.

that bitch poll

What do we think about Fred Phelps as Kerry's VP?

A peak into the Bush mindset: Soldiers' deaths irrelevant

remember the alamo?


Is all of this part of the plan?

Air America will investigate Diebold and electronic voting.

Air America will investigate Diebold and electronic voting.

Bush should be impeached for lying about Iraq, Nader says

Baghdad Burning Teapots and Kettles

At least 38 US soliders killed during first week of April

For all on DU who have family members in Iraq

US Airlifts Saddam to Qatar

We need help

An "Easter Surprise" for the Bush admin?

236 Iraqis killed, 440 wounded during last week of fighting, including...

don't send your kids to Pepperdine U - Ken Starr to be head cheese

Repeat after me...IT'S A TIMING ISSUE

DU Membership Keeps Going UP...Welcome Newbies!

Nader: Iraq an Unconstitutional, Illegal War-Justified by Five Falsehoods

Young Repug apologizes for thinking for himself.

Are Iraqi's fighting for their independence?

Question RE: Definition of a certain "hot button" phrase...

One "Republican" whose words have wisdom

Where are the 200,000 Iraqi civil defense forces we trained...

Deborah Norville, and exploiting the soldiers families for profit

Stop the Plane: CDN PM to visit Bushco Apr 30

SICK and TIRED of the not enough anti-Nader speak...

Did anyone hear Carmine Garafalo on Janeane's show last night?

OH MY LORD!!! MSNBC Propaganda!!! Check it out.

Al Franken and Jon Stewart...

O'Franken has the Brit Hume quote and what to do on his blog now.

"Opening the Gates of Hell"

Does Fallujah = Lidice?

A few photos

Brzezinski on Dobbs tonight

Kerry Poll, Please vote

Are Returning Soldiers Being Sent Back to Iraq?

What's up with Senator Dodd?

Rush Limbaugh's Lawyer: Violation of Privacy

SCHEER: The Beginning Of The End

Something I sketched at work today....

what do we think about McCain as secretary of defense for Kerry ?

Big question: Did Bush approve the mosque attack?

Rush a bit a go asked his listeners to "shut down" a website

Will Condi's testimony be broadcast on the internet?

Why isn't Kerry talking about this hypocrisy?

Since Saddam can't return to power, why shouldn't we leave?

Access to Representatives--Action Needed

"Marriage is about love, not gender"

Political Manifest -- awesome anti-Bush Album

Not a lowly sinner, just a sinner

Based on current developments in Iraq, what should the U.S. do?

Is anybody out in the world at large noticing that information from Iraq

Report From Baghdad--Opening the Gates of Hell

What do we think about John McCain as VP?

Today is Statue Day?

McCain says, "Look past reasons for going to war..."

Important reference material for Condi's testimony tomorrow

Has Condi ever REALLY been grilled?

The American Minister of Information is on CSPAN now.

MSNBC: Pentagon Press Conference at 3:30 EST with Rumsfeld/Myers

rumsfeld's heart goes out to the families of those who died

I Love Al Franken but......

Hannity Just Called NPR "National Propaganda Radio"

Kerry can easily end the "flip flop" label

Go, Randi, for taking on the Christian Right

how about getting out to protest locally this Saturday

Will history be written about Fallujah as a tactical mistake

Why is fag banned but bitch allowed?

the (inevitable) automation of Big Brother . . .

Knee-jerk hostility toward gays runs rampant in black America.

Agree with most of Randi 's opinions but she is a rude...

Philly DU'ers: Get ready to be pissed...

What's the worst that can happen if we get the hell out of Iraq NOW?

Majority Report wants guest suggestions


How do/can/will the RW justify the Killing of civilians in Iraq?

Despite U.S. promise, soldiers in Iraq still buying their own body armor

Cheney's heart

Bremer PROVOKED the current violence and unrest, so it appears....

TIME:Enter Talking, Stage Left

Here's a recent post that made me wonder about Kerry's view on Nader...

Franken says contact Brit Hume to demand apology to the Troops

"Boys are Stupid - Throw Rocks at them" t-shirt parody re: Republicans standing on

Sadr is Hiding out in the Imam Ali Mosque in Najaf (SKYNEWS)

Miserable failure Google bomb link

Here is a list of things Democrats must do to agree with the Repubs:....

Political History: The Trials of the Millenium

Kucinich to be on Wolfie this coming half hour,

deleted, dupe sorry

who will get air america next?

W is LITERALLY phoning it in

I could use some help from Texas DUers

Crank up the applause machine!

Will AAR help Dems in the fall?

Mothers with kids in Iraq here need some DU researchers to help now

The O'Franken Factor

The hypocrite "Lush Rimbaugh"

Good Friday Candlelight Vigil (Tampa Area)

any news on the occupation troops captured by iraqis?

"Where's Waldo?" President! I love it!

Hannity Just Called a Caller a "Liar" and a "Moron"

Howard Dean will be on Air America!

Now that we've launched a missile strike on a Mosque

Look at this picture

Battleships! (That don't kill anyone)

i thought i read somewhere that katherine harris switched affiliation..

What's the agenda?

Will Native Americans make a difference in the next election?

The debacle in Iraq: This may be how mainstream America sees it.

U.S. battles Gulf War POWs on Iraq funds

Rhodes "GE:We bring good things to life...and then kill them."

POLL: Should the term "bitch" be forbidden on DU in certain circumstances?

Media Bias: Moqtada al-Sadr

If you were wondering who's voice that is on Air America....

Whom would you like to hear on Majority Report?

So whose running the war?

Byrd get's CNN View! His speech :Tennyson's "Charge of Light Brigade!"

For all the people here who don't like Randi Rhodes...

War language...choice of words ('pacify') becoming ominous...

Rep. Lane Evans (D-IL): "Many re-thinking their support for the war"

Can an American Commit War Crimes?

We decided to end the "bitch" vote ahead of schedule. Here's why.

Anyone know Air America's phone number(s)?

3856 join DFA meet-ups in two days, in addition to the 164,000 remaining.

Heads up on new talking points from Rush Limbaugh.

Anyone know a site to get KIA/casualty figures for...

January 20, 2005 - Kerry, Pull everyone out of Iraq

Cheney Legacy?

We need a national movement - "Bring Our Troops Home Now"

'527's (MoveOn PAC) v. '503's'

DU this MSNBC poll

Sad picture from NY Times

Skinner -- I won't be offended if you delete this thread.

Some appropriate lyrics from Zappa song, "Dumb All Over"

We condemned Saddam for crushing the Shia uprising....

Bush gets off plane, waves to people, blows a big kiss.

The Missing 9.4 million Jobs

I've completely turned around on cut-n-run

Kerry: Iraq a Great Failure of Judgment

Outsourcing jobs overseas

ABC Showed Bodybags...

"People Who Speak Out Against Bush Are Encouraging The Terrorists"

If a Tree Falls or Kerry Talks in a Forrest Does Anyone Hear??


Right-winger is making a claim that Bush and Kerry are cousins.

I'm so nasty (Air America)

Boortz " Kennedy responsible for U.S. deaths in Iraq with his statement"

Escalation in Iraq just what Bush needs

Dobbs on, puts coalition dead at 36, 34 US,"forgets" Iraqi death toll

Why it is ESSENTIAL that we get Bush out of office by Nov

CNN: Clarke's coworkers on his character, credibility.....NOW

June 30th-- The Day Bush Paints Himself into a Political Dead Corner

What Got Us Into This--Lies, Or Bullshit?

More on Sadr's insurgency

Has Anyone Compiled Bush's First Term Vacation Schedule?

Rebellion in Iraq doesn't require a majority Shi'ite participation...

Bush Cracking Up -- Unbelievable GWB Footage On Daily Show!

Easter Bunny Whipped At Church Show - Children Cry

Is the Cheney oil import tax getting much coverage?

Bush's AstroTurf campaign on 527s

should we start funds for a Counter Reagan or Bush Library?

US Journalists in Iraq become Faux Canadians when in trouble

Paul Bremer should be fired and recalled home

Calling Senator/Representatives.

What adjective best characterizes the Chimp in Chief

Brzezinski (cold war veteran adviser) slamming Bushco, re: Iraq.

CNN Poll - Should US stick to June 30 deadline?

isn't anybody watching tweety just BLOW Karen Hughes, or something?

In Defense of Drunken Sailors

as long as war is sanitized for American public consumption,

ABC: graphic shots of dead US Soldiers, Iraqis crying in hospitals

Do they really think John Q. Iraqi will submit?

Anyone notice...

Good news!

To my brothers & sisters & supporters of GLBT

They're not letting the troops come home: again

Nader is...

Hans Blix: Iraq is worse now than it was under Saddam

High turnover of counterterrorism experts

Is the Brookings Institution generally liberal or conservative? or

OMG Dennis Miller and Karen Hughes: barf alert!!!!

Irony or hypocrisy or both?

Jon Stewart's * impression..

Robert Byrd on cspan now

Saddam moved to Qatar over rescue fears

BBV: phone your Senators for paper ballots bill.

Would everyone here referring to Dean specify John or Howard, please?

Draft Age DU'ers is this being discussed on campuses?

"Don't you listen to the President"


Air America - "Unfiltered": Gore lost? WTF?

Broken Promises: A Call to Action!

is georgies REVENGE worth it? 36 DEAD soldiers to revenge 4 mercenaries?

ruiz.......the four agreements

If you had to download Real Player to listen to Air America

Declaration of War on the Iraqi People?

Did anyone notice how wrong the Media got the Tyco case?

The Negatives We're Up Against (a Non-Voter's Gripes abt Dems)

Dennis Kucinich on CNN w/ Wolf Blitzer (04/07/04)

Bush's Mother of all Blunders: Re Iraq: Letting in the Brain Thieves

Great article on Canadians aiding U.S. soldiers refusing to go to Iraq.

WOW - GOP hates homosexuals, but accepts-cross dressers?

I'm really ashamed of my father....

Bush* quote; August 8, 2001

If Bush gets a 2nd term, America will be invading more than Iraq

We Have Two Choices: Pull Out Now, Or Be Thrown Out Later

Why did Lou Dobbs move to the left suddenly?

"Fascist" song just played on Majority Report...?

A report from Iraq from an Iraqi citizen!! disturbing....

Iraq is our rape baby.

Lou Dobbs is the man!

What is this on Deborah Norville?

Depleted Uranium:The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Now on The Majority Report

i just feel sick to my stomach

I guess GWB thinks the only ones who need compassion are black people

Have you changed your mind about 9/11 in the past year?

Another gripe I have against MSNBC.....

Looks like the 9-11 commission has shut down its website

Air America Network Stirs Unwanted Controversy

My question Dr. Rice, why Iraq?

American talk radio in Baghdad......a different take

A Planned Parenthood Production!

Bush co. clandestinely assembling "wmd" in Iraq desert?

Eh... nevermind. Go here

could an election be cancelled by a national emergency?

BBV on Daily Show!

Tonight on the Daily Show: "Ed Helms Looks at E-Voting."

Will Sirius definitely be carrying AA?


9/11 "independent" Commission smokes like a-white-wash

Kerry up big in newest Rasmussen poll.

How do two negatives equal a positive?

easy solution to iraq

DUMB QUESTION: Condi. What time tomorrow??? (be there, Aloha)

Connecticut just lost its 11th soldier since October 2001.

Musharraf says Iraq war undermining battle against Al-Qaeda

Condi Cartoon

Effin' devastating! Read it and rate it.

Just spoke with Kerrys office and they said that

ABC Nightline (Wed. 4/7): The Armageddon Plan.

Has any President ever refused to debate before an election?

I predict a Carlyle group candidate will win again in '08

Reinforcing the need to remind people of the obvious

Why should our soldiers have to pay for *'s lies?

Mac People: Saving Air America Stream to CD or iPod

Josh Marshall on Chalabi--this is what Wes Clark is talking about....

It's going to be a long six months....

What is going on with Air America in Chicago (AM 950)!?

The "Armageddon Plan" on Nightline - on NOW! (4/7 10:30 pm CDT)

Who said "No one could imagine them using planes as missiles"

DUers who are opposed to same-sex marriage

Multiculturalism - A spectacular failure

Wes Clark: "this administration is too flipping arrogant..." (Iraq)

If Kerry is at 53% in final pre-election polls, his chances of winning are

"Stop the war on the Iraqi people"...

Rumsfeld: occupation of Iraq an "amazing accomplishment"

I think I know why Bush's character assassinations aren't working

Why is Bush in Texas?

Air America Archives - How to get them.

Defending America

Schwarzenegger wants part-time legislature

transcript: Byrd's Senate Floor Remarks

Time for a good news thread!

Chaos in Iraq is what the Bushits want!

20 Questions for Condi

Thanks to *Bush, Osama bin Laden is this close >< to winning...

Karen Hughes said the personal attacks should stop and that

Check out Blackwater's website! This is what liberalism is up against

Make a Air America Radio Slogan, :) Be Creative

our 2nd revolution IS coming, like it or not

AL FRANKEN talks about the Osama/Aerial Attack story from July 2001!!!

Iraq summary 4/7/2004

Now Repugs are going to trot out ex-Navy to ? Kerry's Medals

To my fellow DU Atheists, Agnostics, and Nontheists

More corporate stonewalling (or, my work situation redux)

OK - pretend you're a freeper - Blame the Iraq mess on Clinton.

350 posts to a fucking atheism question thread????????!!!!!!!

WOW! Last WWII POW died 3/30/04-50 YEARS as POW

Should John Kerry, a Catholic, be refused Easter communion ?

18 reasons why impeachment is not an intelligent option-

"War Is the Health of the State"

"Where are the people with the flowers welcoming the American liberators?"

photos to honor the DEAD, since bush* is on vacation and can't be bothered

An old woman just expressed outrage over my listening to Air America.

Hiding the War Dead - Corporate America Jumps In

Thanks DU! You Helped Write This Letter to the Editor!

"The Manchurian Candidate" Returns

actual tonight O'Reilly quote

Which was worse, Iraq invading Kuwait, or US invading Iraq?

What do you think happened in Iraq recently which killed 40 Iraquis?

Wes Clark on Kennedy's Vietnam comments

Which do you choose?

I resent the notion that Americans who die in Iraq are ...

Mothers and fathers of GIs in Iraq should not be surprised whenever....

Hannity...your lies are over...Go Franken Great info

Ask Janeane Garofalo to have Skinner of Democratic Underground as

"that photo was highly innapropriate!...

Canada: New Tories be getting help from Karl Rove and U.S. Neocons?

On The Eve of Rice's Testimony, Here's A Little Refresher For You All

I'm starting to believe that "the War on Terror" is a racial war

Fallujah | Dead Babies | No Jokes | WARNING: Graphic Images

So...Where Are You Emotionally, What With This War Thing?

Pro Choice / Pro Life and the loss of the Democratic majority.

What exactly does it mean to be "born again"?

Poll finds split over marriage amendment (in Mass) | Boston Globe

Lithuanian Parliament Removes Country's President . . . | New York Times

Quebec Innu slaughtering rare caribou, minister says | Globe and Mail

Rumsfeld Backs More Iraq Troops if Needed (AP:dozens of US troops killed?)

Voters in Inglewood reject Wal-Mart measure...10:33 PM.. 65.6 to 34.3

Look through the spin to see the devil in the detail of US government empl

Politics stymies 9/11 probes

Moscow Court Sentences Russian Researcher ( Spy, U.S.)

Candidate to Stay in Race Despite Photos

SOA Watch scores victory in Venezuela:President Chávez to withdraw officer

WP: Rice to Cite Pre-9/11 Mentality, Officials Say

Western Leaders Absent as Rwanda Marks Genocide

Snowballing terror spree sparks worldwide concern

Scientists: WH Minimized Risks of Mercury in Proposed Rules

WP, p 1: Muslim Rivals Unite in Baghdad Uprising

Occupation tightens siege on Falluja

White House criticism disputed

NYT: U.S. Says It Won't Move Quickly against Sadr

Iraq war has Bush in trouble

NYT~As Rice Testimony Nears, Tone Remains a Question

NYT~ Interior Dept. Is Denounced Investigator of Indian Funds Resigns

CNN "Iraqi Bodies are being stacked up like cord wood"

CBS Radio News just said there's an unconfirmed report

Najaf under Al Sadr militia siege

Bulgaria asks U.S. to reinforce its troops in Iraq

Guardian: Uprising in Iraq could derail Bush

Bloomberg tv news: Marines bomb mosque

Sky News UK's David Chater, live from Baghdad

Polish troops kill top Sadr aide in Kerbala-police

40 Reported Killed in Fallujah Mosque

8 Killed in Clashes with U.S. Troops in Iraq (This is north near Kirkuk)

Voters in California Reject Wal-Mart

Sadr aide says Iraqis capture coalition soldiers

Clinton's (UN) Aids deal snubs Bush plan

Japan Urges U.N. to Halt Iraqi Violence(Japan & others getting all wobbly)

NYT p.1: At Word of U.S. Foray, a Baghdad Militia Erupts

AP reports it was a "wall surrounding a mosque"

Falluja Engulfed in Fighting

Sadr aide says Iraqis capture coalition soldiers

Fighting in Iraq Presents Test for U.S. (Coalition Bailing?)

Officials: Western Reporters Kidnapped in Iraq

Chinook fiasco leaves Britain short of helicopters in Iraq

Flap over Rice testimony grows

Baucus D-MT calls for independent mad cow probe before reopening border

DU the hannity poll

CNN Breaking: US Helicopter down in Baqubah...

Threat Names Thailand as Iraq Target 'After Spain'

Breaking point for a hard man on the front line

Rice plans no apology in 9/11 testimony [bush hiding in Crawford, TX]

Marines bomb Fallujah mosque

German court orders release of 9/11 suspect

Five US Marines dead in Fallujah

Utah Woman Pleads Guilty in Stillborn Case

WP: U.S. Forces Fire Missiles at Mosque in Fallujah (32 US dead since Sun

Bush Is Briefed on Iraq; Senior Democrat Urges Exit Strategy

Sadr Aide Says Iraqis Capture Coalition Soldiers

MSNBC: Pentagon Press Conference at 3:30 EST with Rumsfeld/Myers

McCain says, "Look past reasons for going to war..."

Sen. John Kerry to be on Inside Politics..coming up next..

Many killed in US attacks on Falluja

Vacationing Bush, Advisers Hold Conference Call About Iraq

MoveOn Staffer Moves on to Kerry Campaign

Two New Political Parties Formed in Colorado

Musharraf says Iraq war undermining battle with Al-Qaeda

Frost says Sessions should denounce immigration ads

U.S. democracy help? no thanks, says Algeria

AP U.S. General Vows to "destroy" Shiite Militia Behind Fighting in Iraqi

Murder Charge Dropped in C-Section Case

US caught in "trap" a year after Saddam's fall: Middle East commentators

Sadr calls for power handover to honest men

Appliance Firm to Close Plant, Lay Off 500 (Emerson)

Iraq rocked by fiercest fighting since war's end......updated

(Enron) Lea Fastow plea deal scrapped

Powell kicks sand at Kennedy

Cheney Tax Plan From '86 Would Have Raised Gas Prices

Sirius Satellite Radio to Carry Air America

Latest: One Killed, 6 Wounded in Wednesday's Mosque Bombing

Kazakhstan troops to quit Iraq in May -minister

Two Marines killed in Fallujah fighting

Jeffords holds up EPA nominations over document requests

Norwegian troops will probably leave Iraq

ANALYSIS-Arab Rulers' Worst Fears on Iraq Come True

AP: Bush Compares a Guest to His Mother, but She Is Not Amused

Kazakhstan not to renew Iraq contingent-minister

Poland Said Committed to Iraq War

Pete Coors to run for Senate

Iraq war undermining battle against Al Qaeda: Musharraf

More on Sadr's insurgency

U.S. Terrorism Policy Spawns Steady Staff Exodus

Interior Dept.Denounced (Energy Corp Theft of Indian fds since Reagan)

Rush Limbaugh attorney: Investigators should have warned they were seizing

Fierce Fighting With Sunnis and Shiites Spreads to 6 Iraqi Cities

Republicans fail again to bring up medical malpractice bill

Senators Blast U.N. on Iraq Oil-For-Food

Gov't Eludes 9/11 Accountability, Blame

Muslim Woman Allegedly Attacked; Blamed For Bombings

New Flashpoints Spring Up as Battles Rage in Iraq

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 7 April

Powell Cautions Kennedy on Iraq Remarks

Kennedy evokes the Vietnam 'quagmire' fears of Americans

Rice to Detail Bush's Pre-9/11 Efforts

Pacific Islands Forum leaders approve plan on greater cooperation

Bankrupt Spiegel puts Eddie Bauer up for sale | Seattle Times

Parks to File for LA Mayoral Race | LA Times

"Cut and Run" noises from some "Coalition" members

Poll finds Bush is losing support across California | SF Chronicle

American justice ranked alongside world's most repressive regimes

the ship jumping is gaining momentum

rats flle and ready to pounce

Some US troops may stay longer in Iraq because of violence,Rumsfeld says

Muslims in US are 'much maligned'

Explosions heard at Japan troops' Iraq camp-Kyodo

April Fools' editions sink college papers

Pilgrims hurt in Iraq firefight

Nepal grinds to a halt as Maoists' strike takes effect

$2K meal, no utensils: Silverware banned to prevent clinking while * spoke

US lacked a clear, cohesive policy on Iraq, says Perle

Limbaugh's medical records topic of hearing

Ga. to raise scholarship requirements

Shiites Join Sunni Fighters In Al-Azamiya

Kentucky Pair Accused Of Sodomizing Homeless Man

Kerry says he would cap federal spending

Newsview: Iraq War, Aftermath As Sequel

White House Refuses 911 Panel Request for Rice("Speech" of 9/11)

Dupe.. plz lock

White House Asks Court to Void POW Award

Arrest Warrant For Sadr 'Illegal': Iraqi Judges

Gov. (Ahh-nuld) Wants a Part-Time Legislature

WP: Rotation Reassessed as Toll Spikes

Ethics Complaint Cites Frist's Work On Medical Malpractice Legislation

Ethics Panel Probes Conyers’ Office

Bennett rips Demos for 'hatred' of Bush ......(crybaby)

Furor over First Amendment: CMU editors assailed over spoof paper

***Iraq War Coalition and Iraqi Casualty Numbers - 4/7/2004***

Sistani condemns coalition handling of Shi'ite uprising

Rumsfeld admits Iraq situation serious

Insurgency puts Bush on defensive

WP: U.S. Military's Tactic in Fallujah is to Draw Fire, Then Pursue

Cross dressing heats up Republican race

New Orleans Mayor calls for director's ouster over "tar baby" comment

U.S. Terrorism Policy Spawns Steady Staff Exodus (Iraq detour undermines)

9-11 Panel to Probe FBI Informant's Tip

More than 1,100 Hoosiers called up

Bush calls crisis talks as Iraq battles rage

Judge backs blocking of e-mail flood | Sacramento Bee

Anti-U.S. Uprising Spreads in Iraq; Marines Push Deeper Into Fallujah

Since '94 Horror, Rwandans Turn Toward Islam

Early returns: voters say NO to Wal-Mart

BBC ticker - 5 US Marines wounded by gunfire from within Falluja mosque

Generals' Assessment...liken war to Vietnam (ABC WNT just now)

Ukrainian troops pull out of Iraqi town after clashes with Shia militiamen

WP: Under Fire, Private Army Emerges

Court says Japan PM war shrine visit illegal | BBC

U.S. Hits Mosque Compound; 40 Said Killed

Bush Administration Seeks To Void Big Damage Award To Gulf War POWs

ASU(Arizona State) rejects anti-Bush concert

Al-Jazeera: Bin Laden attempts to head to Yemen

A Democratic China? Not So Fast, Beijing Leaders Say

FARM SCENE: Small Meatpacker Pushes USDA to Permit ... Mad Cow Testing

WP: 'Armageddon' Plan Was Put Into Action on 9/11, Clarke Says

'Growing GOP Dissent on Iraq'

Energy Dept. Threatens No Nuclear Cleanup

TX: Judge Clears Way for Suit Again GOP Group (Tom DeLay again)

Jeb Bush backs illegal-immigrant driver licenses

'Little Prince' Mystery Solved

Two reporters ordered to erase tapes while covering Scalia speech

Easter Bunny whipped at church show; some families upset

Genital Torture Live On Stage

Britain's Oldest Resident Dies - At 160

11th Commandment SENT!! - Via Text Message

Easter Kangaroos & $95 hot chocolate..

Yehaaaaaaw.. Alabama has a new State Whiskey

Today's Boondocks and Doonesbury

Good Morning DU! Happy Wednesday!


My little girl is one today!

Awww, My Poor Loafie Is Sick

Boy Stuck In Chimney For 8 Hours - Tried To Retrieve Football

My mother has an aneurysm

Does anyone listen to Mancow?

Songs by unhip artists that are actually great.

Remember Martha?

A's win (2-0 for the season)

never mind....

is monica bellucci single?

The GTR-40 Mustang

I think I have a crush on Alanis Mourisette.

I need some Lounge-like

Vietnamese worship dead whale

DC DUers with kids...

Let's talk baseball

Tampa Bay leading the American League East !

Kids, kids....stop already!!!!

Do not Taunt Happy Fun Ball

THE word I want banned.

Welcome to FetusMart!

My Wal Mart Story

Word game....

Fear and loathing in Vegas

Installing Linux on a Dead Badger

Al Qaeda Intelligence...

Can I get a strong show of lounge-apathy? I could really use it.

CNN is sickening

PLEASE dont ban the word "Turds"...

I never liked westerns, but I am LOVING "Deadwood"

Cartoon by the Guardian's Steve Bell

Another cartoon by Steve Bell

Caption: electronic cattle prod wards off the evil one

Caption: another Shrub KKK emanation/lilac time

CONFESS!!!!! What really dumb straight-to-video B-Movie do you like

Gymnastic Skills Save Teen In 4th Floor Fall

Funny these in an email 2day

We have Ashnazi & his porn-then Turkmenistan President Dislikes Gold Teeth

For those coming to either Philly or DC gatherings - details this weekend

Our cat is an ARMY OF ONE (3 confirmed kills overnight)

Okay, that settles it, bring on the cats!

Iraq is a QUAGMIRE (funny video)

Caption: Shrub's KKK purple patch?

Well, I'm moving

SO, shall we have a DU gathering in NYC for the RNC Convention?

Earthlink are thieves!!!!!!

Once again I can't sleep tonight

Man Kicks Dog Like A Football - "Gizmo" Dies

"Chimptalk" advice from UK scientists


Saint Helps J-Lo's Mom Win $2.4 million

Hunter S. Thompson's latest


My next car...

Caption: Mr President, Sir, something smells, Sir...

I have won the mail wars!

Bruce Willis is INSUFFERABLE!!!

Mel Gibson was down with Francisco Franco?

Any "Luna" fans?

Bush doesn't like being called 'Sir'

Interesting survey about men

So what questions would YOU ask Condi at the 9/11 hearing tomorrow?

Woman miffed over monkey melee

Okay... I'm going to see "The Passion of the Christ."

It takes a licking ... and keeps on ticking!

And they wonder why we don't get behind the man......

Maybe it's just my own personal prejudice, but...

"Tough Crowd" with Colin Quinn

It's's pouring....the old man is snoring.....

Art or Porn?

Brad Pitt to present BBC radio documentary on Nick Drake.

Where's Teddy when you need him.

Pinhead for President '04

Cutsey Pet Name Generator

Cowboys Are:

Zomby is right. Wombats are not superior to yaks.

I don't get Air America

I am a pressure cooker without a safety valve

Did you click on this thread?

Fill in the blanks

Will Bush* go to Iraq for Easter?

The ultimate Linux, er... box?

Beat you to it Matcom!!!!

If you're not listening to Jon Stewart on the O'Franken Factor

Should I be banned from DU?

Do you think McCain should wear a pink Tutu in the Senate?

Is there any greater love than the love of your cats?

A poll on poles....

Knee-jerk hostility toward gays runs rampant in black America.

mr. sparkle!!!!

Massachusetts DU'ers -tell me all there is to know about Bill Weld

who liked that show on MTV Undressed?

CONFESS!!!!! What kind of bribe would it take for you to vote for Bush???

Any constitutional law buffs out there? Want to rule on some cases?

Need a backpack? Find one of THESE!!!!

Asscroft is now going after porn...

DU's message board is SO much better than free republic

Can someone please explain Satellite Radio to me - what parts do I need?

DU Membership Keeps Going UP...Welcome Newbies!

A men's fashion sense question:

Check out today's George The Second cartoon

Saw Bush commericals while in Florida

2 Brothers Held In Seperate Holdups Of The Same Store

I want to bitch slap Condi Rice.

What dis? Dis is a clever Cajun joke, jus' for you...

home, ask me anything

How many folks think articles about 'Eyeball Piercing' should be banned

Chris Dodd congratulating UCONN men's and women's b-ball teams on CSPAN2

My 100 favorite songs of 1959


I love this new John Kerry Commericial!!

'Tar Baby' Remark Mars First Day On Job

wiLL dick cheney be abLe to drink a gLass of water whiLe dubya testifies?

Mini Robin Eggs are Evil.....

The doggie is OK -- thanks for your good thoughts

Should we go banning a bunch of crap willy-nilly?

Share oddball spam subject lines here

hey how is everyone

Cow tipping: A refined art

Bush admits his economic policies are lies!!!!!

How's my writeing? Training Room By 7th_Sephiroth

JCCyC's Geeky Tip of the Day: Stuck with MS Access?

What would you like with your cheeseburger, today, sir?

I just listened to Aerosmith's Rocks. Ask me anything.

dutch oven

I need to know any towns that have a Coalbed Methane issue

Finally figured out my audio problems

Reference work you'd like to see online/interactive? (not the Kama Sutra)

PS2 Baseball fans what game you getting

Air America sound problems

Letters from Mars: The IL Dep't of Corrections reprimands local hoosegow

Nyone remember the In Living Color Skit with Jim Carrey...

How do I make a fancy sig line?

This is not a sex thread per se.

The Condi Rice Drinking Game - for the 9/11 hearing

Ban this Ban that Ban everything

now this is pretty cool . . . Identifont helps, well, identify fonts . . .

The Passion of the Easter Bunny

Holy Shiite, Batman!

An interesting conversation with the checker at Top Foods

matcom is an anti dentite!!!

I try and keep an open mind but.....

What's a good VP3 player

so here's a guy skiing 1200 miles across the Arctic . . . alone . . .

Say What? French Tag Slams President

I Took Tomorrow Off Work JUST To Watch / Hear Condi Squirm!

An old woman just became annoyed over my listening to Air America.

Who watched The Shield last night?

Windows start sound

Memory Problem--It was a Worm, guys.

"City of New Orleans" derailed, one killed

spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam

Should the word "Bush" be forbidden on DU in any circumstances?

Do you like worms?

should all threads be banned at DU?

How many Simpsons repeats a day do you get?

April 7th in music history

M.A.T.C.O.M. Whips The Bunny

Who Wants To See The REAL MORAN????

where do graduates of Liberty, Bob Jones, Regent and other fundy colleges

Are you pro-Badger or anti-Badger?

Comics Against Evil

100% unofficial Agatha Christie appreciation thread

Parents: any ideas where to get info about school discipline programs?

Does Spyware serve any constructive purpose for the PC user?

233rd MP Co. coming home!

On a scale of 1 to 5: How much do you love your job

"Mr. President, what's 2+2?" (or your caption here)

Should McCain as VP threads be banned at DU?

Apprentice Fans: 8 women down to 1; Is sexism responsible?

Does anyone know how to make flash movies?

'scuse me while I take a short break from DU

Do You Like Aggressive Yaks?

Tommorow's menu

I'm back from watching 'The Passion of the Christ'

So WHEN will the meek inheirit the Earth?

music by Jackson Brown -- good lord . . .

My first flame-bait thread...

It's time to "Iraq" and Roll at Fallu-Jam '04!!

what Captions lie in the hearts of men?

For you TXF Fans: Mulder Confirms "X-Files" Sequel

Happy anniversary, Tony!

Song for Whitacre

You can't expect the world to beat a path to your door

Is George Lucas taking a cue from Walt Whitman?

Here's the thing:

Leno had a

One-upping the story about whipping the Easter Bunny...

Who cares?

GREAT Randi Rhodes idea - Hand Puppet Day

i cant even bring myself to caption this one.

EEEWWWWW - Eyeball Jewelry All The Rage

Whoa...Think my teacher liked my paper?!

Can anyone reccomend a good source on Stokely Carmichael?

Are we afraid of the Gap?

Okay who else didn't know Janeane Garofalo was is turning 40?


Lounge Opinions - Relevant or Not?

Who annoys you more?

Are We Afraid of the Gop?

A Passover story you'll never believe...

majority report.

Fighting in Iraq PROVES Bush and Rumsfeld no NOTHING about winning war

If Fallujah - I'll call you back

I'm really angry this morning.

Reds up 3-0 over Cubs

The moon is rising behind the mountain trees

10 Random questions for a Wednesday:

Post your groaner pun jokes here!

library book vandalism

Bored? Watch this cartoon!


question from a newbie, what happens if i hit the "alert" button?

GOP to change Emblem ..... Funny!

I hate the news today. Ask me anything.

Star Trek movie bad guys!

Are all freepers assholes or are all assholes freepers?

Easter Bunny Whipped At Church Show - Children Cry

Whatever happened to those Public Service Announcements: Words for Unity?

10 Foolish Myths

RED SOX!! 4-0 Top of the 2nd!!

Shouldn't "Bush-slap" be the official DU-approved alternative

Yes, I have a 100% successful strategy for getting Kerry elected

okay, so I've decided to dress my GWB gargoyle up for Easter ...

I just got back from a university debate on gay marriage. Ask me anything!

Tigers 6 Blue Jays 3 Top 5th

PBS: Real or imaginary?

METS 5-0 bottom 2

We need Yaks like these!

What should I do? (re: A personals ad)

Wombats and yaks were nice but it's time for the CAPYBARA!

So, what, are they banning the word "bitch" on here now???

CAPTION this bitch before the word bitch gets banned

Rosie O'Donnell's gay brother is star plaintaff in gay marriage ban made with

Here mousey...

The Air America Rush Limbaugh song, anyone got a link to it?

Theron and Ricci took lesbian love seriously - Fun to read

Space Ghost is hitting on Janeane

Why has the lounge turned into

M.A.T.C.O.M. vs M.A.T.C.O.M. Battle Of The Assholes - Round #1

Candidate urges people to 'vote naked'

OMG! Fundies and Gays fight over Stillwater, Minnesota

Would you serve rabbit for Easter dinner?

This man should be placekicked himself


I just found out the best bowling alley in the USA is closing...

The Old Heidelberg, Columbia, Missouri

Study finds frequent sex may cut cancer risk

Billy Bob: I was scared of Angelina

Is South Park doing a "Breakin'" Spoof?

Is this the stupidest South Park ever?

new Oxyrush & Savage Weiner advertiser (In)Continental Video

Awwww - isn't he cute?

Favorite Barry Manilow song?

Have any of you been bushwhacked?

The square root of -1: Real or Imaginary?

NBC made for television movie: Homeland Security

Highlights fans! Goofus or Gallant?

a porn email that's a little disturbing...

Rules for the Condi Rice testimony drinking game?

Question to those who volunteer w/ their local Dem party...?

Which song is better? "Superfreak" or "Can't Touch This"

Was Space Ghost Really on the Majority Report?

Your boss just called you in to the office...

Reminder: Tim Robbins on the Daily Show tonight!

Kirby on same sex marrage

PASSOVER: How it all went...

suggestion on a 'google bomb'

Celebrity Jeopardy


Has Alan Colmes ever come close to calling Bush, a lying sack of shit?

The Hill: A gonzo treatment of the 2004 race

Your favorite bits of Math

For those worried about me....

I hate everybody!

Do you like Aggressive Women?

Wednesday Afternoon I Was In A Bad Mood. Wednesday Night I'm

More Corporate Stonewallking, OR: My Work Situation Redux

Reading Chuck Palahniuk's "Diary" right now

DU chat

Who's the biggest loser?

anyone read David Brooks yesterday? it was brilliant. He really gets it.

Depo prevara?....... forgive the spelling.....any experience?

done for the night

Easter, Bunnies, and Eggs

Allergies or sinus infection? (gross medical thread... avoid while eating)

What does OTOH mean?

What the heck is up with this kid on Jeopardy?

Ok...I could defend Matrix 2, but 3????

need link to "women performs caeserean section and delivers own baby" stor


I just heard a chainsaw outside!!!

Does anyone here watch "Queer As Folk"?

Two Easy Formatting Tricks!

PMS: Real or imaginary?

M.A.T.C.O.M. vs M.A.T.C.O.M. Battle Of The Assholes - Round #2

Tigers are 3-0!!! They lead the AL Central!!! Best start since 1985!

An Alan Colmes and Sean Hannity love Song to Faux by Kef

Women is this true? 2nd reason found to check woman's ring finger


I'm confused about Dolby 5.1

Who's a homebrewer here?

t-minus three hours until Vancouver/Calgary!

My first political website

Battleships that don't kill anyone

Determine Your Porn Star Name...

Sympathy needed: Dentist tomorrow -- filling and a crown.

Anyone ever smoked shishi (sp)?


Best Star Trek series bad guy

Are you Pro-Kitten or Anti-Kitten?

Hurtling towards 1000 posts. Can I do it this weekend?

Did you hide when Jehova's came by?

CAPTION Condi before Condi gets banned

Got a PIC of the Wife, Finally !!!

Do you like really gentle men?

What is your antidote for a bad day?

Laura Bush, or Lily decide


time to boycott Coors

Are you still glad that UCONN beat Duke????????

Do you like really aggressive men?

If I taped this message onto the microwaves at work...


Richard Clarke/ABC consultant?

What's your favorite John Carpenter film?

Am I the only one here who doesn't give a fack about baseball???

Something that always makes me laugh...

our dog goes in for surgery today... good thoughts appreciated

Guitar players: I'm in the market for a new axe....

What kind of beer should I make today?

DUers in Japan - Rabrrrrrr's taking a trip!

Seriously. What would you really do if GW offered to shake you hand?

In San Francisco April 17th? Like books?

Small, but encouraging, signs from the Winn Dixie

rasmussen report poll Kerry 47% Bush 44%

Kerry on Sudan and the Lessons of Rwanda

Kerry Far Ahead in Massachusetts (That's a relief...)

Things looking up for Kerry

This is absolute BS: GOP Convention may shut down NYC main Post Office!

Kerry won't get the troops out, he sounds like a hawk

Sen. McCain *categorically* rules out VP run or party switch.

cnn just said major kerry speech

Dean but not out

Great timing for Condi

Sen. John Kerry to be on Inside Politics..coming up next..

kerry quote from ny times article printed in my local paper

MoveOn Staffer Moves on to Kerry Campaign

Kerry speaking now LIVE on his website and on CNN...

I just broke down and cried.

Mac People: Saving Air America Stream to CD or iPod

Crawford monitoring from bush

Wrong Way Bush

Kerry Lead Grows In Latest Rasmussen Poll: Kerry 48 - Bush 42

Dean on Ed Schultz, streaming now.

Spring time offensive: Counterattacking Bush*

Crisis? What crisis? is Bush message to voters

Nader Calls for Bush to Be Impeached

Dennis Kucinich on Wolfie

Question: can surrogacy be the secret weapon of the Kerry campaign?

Quinnipiac Poll: Specter Leads Toomey 52 to 37

What to say when people don't believe how stupid Bush* is...

Calling all Clark supporters

MoveOn's Richard Clarke ad just aired on CNN

Bush admin workers leaving because of Terrorism Policy

Bet your bottom dollar that Condi will take an hour introducing herself

Transcript of Moveon Clarke ad - Bush "should say" "like Clarke said"

White House Refuses 911 Panel Request for Rice "Speech" of 9/11

Kerry Faces Protesters, Bush is Shielded, Why the Difference?

Al Franken debunks Sean InSannity on Kerry issues

Dean and Kennedy attacked by members of DLC for going too far.

Bush went on vacation??????

Kerry: Iraq a Great Failure of Judgment

Lefty, righty, or centrist?


Is it possible that shrub's bottomless well of $ contributions can dry up?

Democracy for America Meets Tonight, Attend!

Beer Magnate Peter Coors Runs for Senate

Florida Senate race narrowing to two (Democrat Castor leads in new poll)

Has any democrat won the WH withOUT Pennsylvania?

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