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Archives: April 6, 2004

Osama University?

Shiite uprising erupts against US occupation of Iraq

Art Buchwald: A Sorry State of Affairs


Question from a First Time Home Buyer

Are the jobs created net gains or for the month only?

Seal hunting is back

Media outlets more blue than blue - Where's Mike Chinoy?

Bush Raising Funds from Kerry's Top Donors

John Dean on Olberman now..

Maybe We Are Overlooking the Obvious?

Who are you talking to?

What if Terrorism is Just a New Twist

Previously unpublished documents about the Saudi evacuation after 9/11.

The most horrific night in Fallujah

Can Iraq possibly turn out like Vietnam

Solution to Iraq war.....

Should Iraq have militias? Should the US?

BBV: why don't all the Democratic Senators support Voter Confidence Act?

Honduran accused of atrocities, deported 3 times, caught again

Arms researcher spied for US

Mods, please delete

Drug giant experimented on kids - GlaxoSmithKline

Mass slaughter of B.C. fowl ordered

U.S. military finds way around the press corps

Pentagon delays U.S. troops' trip home

Blair to Visit Bush Next Week for Talks Dominated by Iraq

US power cut due to low standards

Kerry Dismisses Critics of Time That He Took Off Campaigning

NYT: Cheney Tax Plan From '86 Would Have Raised Gas Prices

1066 and all that: how Hollywood is giving Britain a false sense of histor

CBS is playing their "One Shining Moment" NCAA Tribute Yuck!

Question for DU Techies.

The Twins win!!!!!

Ever post a website url as a joke and it turns out to be real?

Does anybody understand the irony in my sig line???

Photoshopping to Air America

Rate this avatar, Please??? thank you :)

Dennis Miller has such a choice time slot!!! Why is he still on the air???

Frasier Poll: Daphne or Roz?

Does anyone else feel all panicky when you eat sugar?

Stupid Windows Media Player Help, please

anyone watch Penn & Teller : "Bullshit" on showtime?

Cincinnati media reporting Griffey trade is imminent

Want to see a fascinating artist?

What do you think of the DH rule?

dupe delete

How do you react to the suggestion of McCain as our VP nominee?

Kerry Delegate Problems

Costs mount skyward as rapidly as the smoke trails of their missiles

George W. Bush's back-door Political Machine

Re-enchantment: A New Enlightenment

Iraq on the brink of anarchy

Deadline may slip for Iraq home rule

Rwanda genocide toll put at 937,000

Blair to Visit Bush Next Week for Talks Dominated by Iraq

A Year Later, Just A Few More Questions

60% of US companies and 71% of Foreign companies pay no taxes 0%

Bill McKibben - America's Environmental Leadership Long Since Outsourced

Condi can't wait to testify! (Toon Alert!)

We Told You So, continued Alterman

NYT - Cheney Tax Plan from '86 Would Have Raised Gas Prices

Better Ways to Attack ... The Economist

9/11 Panel Plans Hard Questions for the F.B.I. and Justice Dept.

Soldiers Choose Canada

K street Meta 4 store

Walter Cronkite on bushler's sociopathological serial prevarications.

WP Cohen: The Buck Doesn't Stop

Young Adults In Dark About STDs

Byron York is a moron

Another excellent "Daily Mislead" - 911 as Justification for Iraq Attack

Basra: What the f*** are we doing here?

The President's A-Team for Campaign Cash

A new campfire song: Help! (National Park Service Rangers Fed Up)

Bullets, Confusion Filled Air in Sadr City (Somalia or Hue redux?)

"Let's Make Enemies" Naomi Klein - great article

From the Nuremberg Tribunals..Quote of the

Ex-FBI worker challenges 9/11 'lie' - Toronto Star

Campaigns Ducking Issues by Swapping Dubious Allegations - Murray's WSJ

Condi: "We didn't see him as a big threat at first..."

Will the 2004 Election Be Called Off?...Buzzflash

Newsweek in print: Missing Eleanor Clift story on the Wizard of Oz Letter

Pinkerton :U.S. needs to drop go-it-alone policy

Muqtada pushes Bush to the brink - Asia Times

Molly Ivins 'Iraq: it's a crowd pleaser'

Even Worse; W's Second Term... - Robert Reich

The Shi'ite Hits the Fan

Bill Buckley Needs to Take a Motorcycle Ride Through the "Dead Zone"

"Seeing Iraq through the globalization lens"

Helen Thomas: Iraq war becoming a quagmire

Bizarro's PolitiComedy-a-Go-Go Coming to Texas this April

I found a list of what "Clear Channel" owns at CJR.....

Howard Stern Makes an Impact on Voters.

Where are the Reporters?????????????

Seattle Times notes Clinton better than Bush on terror- why no nat'l media?

Lt. Col Kwiatkowski says Bush turned intel into a lie factory - &no Nat'l

6 intel reports on Terror attack w/plane - Alterman w/sources, but Condi

Has ANYONE gotten through to Franken about last night...


Gore TV Deal Is Stalled

Ed Schultz/KSTP

odd avocations?

Astrologers, et al

Just testing HTML tricks

prayer for peace, please join in if you are so inclined.

Watch your paychecks closely--companies shaving off your time.

"Where are the inflation vigilantes when we need them?"

From Wash Post: Some Easy, and Not-So-Easy, Tax Fixes

We're More Productive. Who Gets the Money?

British investors duped by bogus share deal

Asia's Stockpiles of Dollars Pose U.S. Economic Risks

Asia's Stockpiles of Dollars Pose U.S. Economic Risks


Victims Of 1957 Soviet Nuclear Accident Get Their Day In Court - KRT

Maui waves may be world's largest

GOP (Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas)prevent Electrical Blackout fix bill passage

Exposing Dick Cheney's National Energy Policy Report Hypocrisy

Petition to save Hubble

Aircraft Carrier USS Oriskany To Become Artificial Reef

Deformities Appear In SE Alaska Birds - 27 Species Affected

Climate Change: links and articles

Amnesty: Syria must end repressive campaign against the Kurds

Six SA soldiers die in DRC

Restaurant slammed over 'sushi in the raw'

Justice Scalia Fought Against the Freedom of Information Act

Firearms owner database in the US.

Law Enforcement, Community Corrections, Check in please

An open question to MrBenchley and others...

GUNS IN THE NEWS--April 6, 2004

Defensive Use of a Gun...Whoops!

Do you keep a loaded gun in the house?

Gun Nuts To Pimp For Chimp in Pittsburgh

Many threads in Editorials/Other locked - but why?

The AtA forum is so boring now.

would the info here help with Campaign Underground?

Can we have a pin-up thread for the results

I hope you'll take into careful consideration about

The McCain thing

Should the words "hysteria" and "hysterical" be banned from DU?


Thank you admin and mods for removing an

At what point can we consider b*tch-slapped inappropriate?

Arafat may include Hamas in new leadership body

Report: Arafat may include Hamas in new leadership body

Government filing says Al-Arian was briefly FBI informant

EU: money laundering enables continued terrorism

The freedom to dissent

The battle on America's campuses

I've been thinking a lot about 9/11 lately . . .

Post your demolition-consistent collapse features here.

How long can we go on to tolerate conspiracy theorists ?

Does bushco's 6/30 Deadline in Iraq=Total ME News Blackout?

Liniger won't run for Senate in CO

Who is a better co-host for Janeane Garofalo?

Want to see the EGO of Bush???? Watch this video

Here's something i found in yahoo message boards

More troops to Iraq? Good thing it's not a QUAGMIRE, right? (link)

It worked on Grey Davis...Why not Kerry?

I've been thinking a lot about 9/11 lately . . .

Are there any commercial sponsorships for Air America radio yet?

My sister had a job interview with a fundie law firm

Blackout Showed Need for Grid Rules

Bernie Ward coming up 10 p.m. Pacific Time

Fallujah is...

Hate the War?? So does Josh Marshall, soberly...

The wit and wisdom Bill O'Really

Are we at War with Reason and Sanity?? Do we hate Common Sense?

John Dean: Bush Could Be The End Of American Democracy

Bush and Blair Made Secret Pact for Iraq War 9 Days After 9/11

I would be interested in a Poll

The Conscience Of A Liberal

On Randi Rhodes

Most Shiite Arabs Oppose Attacks

PEW Poll -- does bush have a clear plan for Iraq?

How much has the Iraq war cost YOU - well, COSTING you

Shiite uprising erupts against US occupation of Iraq

Ayatollah struggles to regain initiative from firebrand

Anybody heard of this book?

British DUer's: Any thoughts on Galloway's new party?

Alanis Morrisette cpoming up on AAR soon

from planned parenthood

Bush is putting political deadline of June 30th above security of nation..

The battle the US wants to provoke

Interesting article re Wal Mart

"Best of" Stern days after 9-11.

Informal Presidential approval poll.

Wolfowitz to replace Bremer??

Look into Paul Bremer's eyes!

c-sPAN 7:50 A.M. ET - A guy from the American Enterprise Institute

So will our own Mercenaries start shooting at us?

AAR stream no longer available?

What are the "Lessons" of 9-11 w keeps blathering about?

My 3,000th post is dedicated to DUers

WP op-ed: Learn from Rwanda, by Bill Clinton

Occupying Forces Bogged Down in 'Bush's Vietnam'

the Iraq problem could be solved easily

I have to laugh

Economists, Help

The Media slinks back to its corner....

Terrorist's Name On Manifest Raises Questions About Saudi Flights After 9/

It's not gasoline taxes, stupid. It's gasoline prices!!

Troubling Protest Picture from Iraq.

Does It Worry You That A Secret Government is Now Operating in the U.S.?

Blair to Visit Bush Next Week for Talks Dominated by Iraq

Deadline may slip for Iraq home rule

Rwanda genocide toll put at 937,000

Conservative lingo...

If You Were In Charge Of U.S. Foreign Policy...

McKinney running for her old seat?

Why doesn't Bush just ask the UN to help?

CSPAN now 9 EST- talking about Blackwater Security, etc

A reminder from James Madison, 1795

Hey Kids! Play this fun game & help w get re-elected!

Daily U.S. Casualties 4/6/2004

3 Students Face U-Md. Action For Shouting at Cheney Speech

PNAC'er Reul Marc Gerecht on C-Span this a.m. Scariest Dude I've Seen!

Will the Media, Today, Wakeup to the Iraq Story?

So, Where Is Donald "I Don't Do Quagmires" Rumsfeld?

Help stop BBV in Iowa

NYT, page one: Ashcroft, Freeh, and 9/11 (new info)

Does Anyone Know of A Historical Precedent of Congress Publicly Admitting

ACLU to sue over government's ‘no-fly’ list

using mercenary corporations avoids all 'environmental' laws

The Real Reason the Iraqis resist us and why "W" is Toast.

Clarke: Bush's John Dean?

Nader fails to make Oregon ballot

The Cool, Bright and Funny Connie Rice on AAR

What's the difference between a plea bargain and Bush/Cheney?

Nader did not make the ballot in Oregon

Wash Post obliquely mentions Sibel Edmonds (WTF?)

anyone hear much talk of new poll numbers for *?

Book: Poppy opposed Dubya's war

On the Brink of Anarchy, US Now Fighting on Two Fronts (Guardian/UK )

My God, there really IS a Connie Rice??!!?!!

It's all about Senator Kennedy

transcript of Senator Kennedy's speech: bush*'s Vietnam

The Iran Factor?

What's up with all this anti-Arab/Iraq stuff?

Would Muqtada Al-Sadr try to kill Ayatollah Sistani?

What would NATO gain from sending troops from Iraq?

ARVN spotted in Iraq

60% of U.S. Companies paid $0 in income tax from 1996-2000

Tuesday, April 06, 2004.Today in Iraq ........blogspot

meanwhile in Haiti......

AIM Express Says: "Bush At All-Time Low..."

DU this poll

NYT: Fly the Partisan Skies

Nader Flops In Oregon

Kerry: Bush Needs U.N. Help in Iraq Plan

Paul Bremer and the Coalition Provisional Authority use PRIVATE SECURITY??

Rent-a-Soldiers....the easy-to-understand version

Let's put a happy face on the war, & accentuate the positive

We haven't even started to go into Fallujah yet!

Time for a mercenary thread.

MSNBC: "Job cuts hit 9-month low in March"...but...

NY DUer's - Bruno's Iron Fist

National Journal Subscribers...

Ohio poll on ONN

Why am I so slow?

Due to recent development's I have changed my mind and no longer...

Our day MAY have come, but at what terrible cost --

No one talking about AAR this AM?

Uh, where are the WMD's?

Dave Ross show live from Baghdad

Hundres of Iraq Villages Turned into Concentration Camps

Still having trouble understanding Haiti. Can someone help clarify?

How wonderful!...Dubya is spreading his love again on CNN

A simple measure of death

O'Franken on the air in mpls/st. paul! Broadcasting...


If you are revolted...

CNN: Al-Sadr supporters take over Najaf

check out the blonde to the upper left of Bushie at his speech on CNN

BBV - imagine this possibility

Pledge of Alligence Who are we alleging to?

I think the current Shiite uprising was timed to coincide

Media roundup of Bush getting riled by a reporter addressing him as "sir".

I'm running out of energy to oppose the war

He was born on third base, but he thinks he hit a triple.

Air National Guard Flying Promotional Campaign DC/CNN Don't be Alarmed!

Incredibly Degrading WalMart Ads, Orwellian WalMart 'Tude!

Has Anyone Ever Challenged the Draft on 13th Amendment Grounds?

Franken is dumb!

Is this shocking: 45% of Americans have less than $25k in savings

What do you think would be different if we had a buddhist president?

Keys for Condi Rice Testimony

What was your first "Oh-oh" moment in the Bush Admin?

U looking 4 .wmv file of Falluja violence b4 it disappears off the net?

Does the * admin's puppeteering of Powell and Rice smack of racism to you?

Kerry live on CNN

Mike Malloy going up against Neil Boortz this morning on CNN

CNN: Chimp and Cheney testifying together

David Kay on O'Franken..... 1:08PM

Indian-Americans and the coming elections

It's Clinton's fault...again.

Two articles with opinions on the chaos in Iraq

Right-leaning, Bushfluffing NY Times nabs ZERO Pulitzers for reporting!

FOCUS: IRAQ is the big problem, not Bush's pre-9-11 actions.

why "Stay the Couse" ??

Just saw Gibson's Torture and Execution of Jesus. Didn't see any passion.

Did anybody remember to pass out the choclate and nylons?

AP: Gibson's 'The Passion' a Hit Among Arabs

Pew Poll-Bush at 43% job approval

Dave Ross better not fly in small planes.

wouldn't it be refreshing....

KIRO 710 live from Baghdad

Iraqi troops turn on American soldiers

Baghdad, from a mother's point of view...

My E-Mail To The President Of Pepperdine Re: Ken Starr

Holy crap. Lunaville says 624 US soldiers have died.

John Dean bitch-slapping Dumbya big time on Diane Rheim

Payrolls vs. layoffs

Bush "interview" by Al just too funny!

we have surrounded a city of 300,000 human beings - with our fingers

Did anybody catch the NPR story on an "Academic Bill of Rights"?

New Non-Offensive Thread for discussion of John Dean's Book

What would you ask Rice? MSNBC wants your questions.

Bush is in CRAWFORD this week???

Fake Bush

Where does the BUCK stop?

Don't forget how we got into this mess.....

I like Franken but I can't stand his co-host

John Dean coming up on Air America

I just got back from the Cincinnati Kerry rally

Diane Rehm said a majority support Bush. More "Popular President" Lies

bushgang to implant wireless radios in the homeless to track them

Molly Ivins - Iraq: it's a crowd pleaser

Richard Clarke/book

Why does america hang on to this notion of the Cleaver family?

"US occupation forces have prevented Aljazeera's media crew from entering

9/11 Panel Plans Hard Questions for the F.B.I. and Justice Dept.

Did anyone hear the interview with Conny Rice, on AAR?

Why do most of us go easy on nice Republicans?

Daily News Exclusive

The Ten Commandments Of Republican Politics

Anybody Remember This ???

OK...Seriously, Why not just leave Iraq NOW!

al-Sadr and Fallujah/Najaf - just the beginning?

How is it that employees are arrested for stealing from companies, but...

That's It! I Am Now Officially DONE with CNN........

One Hundred Days

Hey, stop making those burger and fries. Haliburton's hiring!!!

Leaders to meet on Iraq

I suggest we use the term Wife-slapped or Child-slapped from now on

Anyone Remember a Sharon Quote?

Tell AAR to Interview Scott Ritter

I think The O'Franken Factor is my favorite show on AA

$15 million Federal grant to build new road to an Alaska gold mine

How many people are listening to Air America right now

WOAH!!! Did Dick Cheney call in to AirAmerica?!?!

Lynne Cheney doesn't want her book, Sisters, reissued - Amazon has it

Dave Ross (kiro 710 am) seattle is in Baghdad and reports that a

Minnesota DUers: Is Ventura better than Pawlenty?

20 GI's, 100 Iraqis Killed Since Weekend

Freepers perusing DU re: Ads on Air America

Anyone want to place bets if Kerry wins Shrub will simply pardon himself?

Jim Hightower should be on AirAmerica.

Alanis against hypocritical U.S. censoship standards

Should the term "bitch" and related phrases be forbidden on DU?

IRAQ ON THE RECORD - Database prepared by Waxman

Seriously...where did all this "Liberals hate America" crap come from?

looking for photos of maimed/dead iraqis

Return to the Oakland Docs!

Chirac Says Worsening Situation In Iraq Is Very Worrying

The caller on with Randi is a regular Hannity caller...

Get Susan Galleymore on Air America, please.

UK Independent forum "How Bush lied" excerpt below: Nothing new but

Ladies and gentlemen, hell has frozen over!

Thanks Bush! Industrial launderers will save big by ditching EPA regs

Would a United World ~ One world government be a good thing?

O'Franken: David Kay basically says we didn't find WMD's but...

Replace Randi Rhodes with Ed Shultz

Staying the Course

I would like to see Nancy Skinner on Air America !

FOCUS! Impressions of an opinionated newby (me)

Haunting Picture from NY Times re: Falluja

Hooray! We get Molly Ivins tomorrow!

Wolfowitz's thoughts on Intelligence analysis

Jon Stewart on Air America tomorrow?

Check out the slide show of American soldiers injured - MSNBC!!

Roll Call: Sound off if you think we're pulling out of Iraq by June 30

When My Military Son Spoke Out

Repubs having hard time raising money due to Bush's immigration stance

Al Franken on Wolf Today 5p EST

Bush says information lacking to stop 9/11 attacks

Naive question - why is * so adamant in turning over Iraq "power"?

3 Things That Bug Me More Than The Term 'Bitch'

UnFReep this cartoon

Inside camp of troubles - U.S. soldiers could be contaminated with uranium

So under the circumstances

Don't believe Iraq is worse than Vietnam? READ

CNN: Major Shiite offensive underway

What will Bill Clinton reveal in his new book?

So here's the newest spin...!

Thanks to All Who Kicked Our 5 Cent Post

U.S. Troops Meet Fierce Resistance In Fallujah, Kill Scores

Young Adults In Dark About STDs

Isn't Condi in charge of Iraq?

Condi testimony wish-list: my hopes and yours

So when should a "revolution" extend beyond the ballot box?

Should the term "bitch" and related phrases be forbidden on DU? (Thread 2)

Judy Woodruf auditions for Faux News

Should the Republican party be called the Republic party?

Is this Larry Flynt's "Bush paid for an abortion" book?

MSN Headline - Hahahahhaa good one...

Poll on CNN Headline News

Could we make a difference if we started flooding Congress and the media

Crossfire - Novak exceptionally incoherent today

2004 Pulitzer Prize Vietnam Atrocities Toledo Blade

Duers do you want AAR to be a liberal copy of RW Hate Radio?

Just thought of something on Al-Sadr

CNN Update On Ongoing Conficts (5 Cities) @ 2:00 PST\5:00 EST !!!

I know, I know it has been said but I LOVE AIR AMERICA!!!!

"Sources: Fewer than one dozen Marines killed"

Forget the War on Terror, it's time for the War on Porn!!!

'Nam historians, can you give us 'Tet for Dummies'

Bank of Amer. to cut 12,500 jobs

Does anybody have any large john kerry banner images

Oprah's show today focused on wounded soldiers/Iraq

Al Franken to be on Wolf Blitzer Distorts

Gotta Love Randi Rhodes

Worse Than Watergate is selling out...

The stories of killed soldiers

Rumsfeld Backs More Iraq Troops if Needed

Finally, a chance for some truth - Lou Dobbs on CNN - 6:00pm EST

AOL Poll (puke alert)

From our archives--has the shit hit the fan yet?

'To arrest Sadr, you have to kill all Iraqis' - Read this

With the Iraq war about to begin, I ask you this question

Rumsfeld Backs More Iraq Troops if Needed

Lots of Veterans on Randi Rhodes show

George W. Bush's mistress???

Is the Mission still Accomplished or is the War back on?

Might a nuculer weapon be used by this bunch of

Bush and the upcoming draft...

Cripes... Check Out The 'Greta Poll' !!!

Are You Bothered that Bush Has Made the U.S. an Outlaw Nation

caption another bush-on-drugs dare he laugh while OUR

Did Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon do Terry McAuliffe's nose?

Here's a Freeper who I'd like to invite to DU

My favorite line used by Bush

OK, OK, I know I am going to get flamed,

130 soldiers dead today?????

Dodd = Lott

E-voting firm opens up its code

Are they going to call up more reservists based on today?

GI still not getting body armor

It's the electoral college.

more bush stupidity?

Lets Say You're The Commander In Chief And You Have Three Awful Options...

Condi Testimony will be live on ABC, CBS, and NBC

Question re # of mercenaries, # of coalition troops

It had to happen...Bush strikes the "Word To Your Mother" pose

Thank you, Rep. Waxman, for preserving 55 Bush lies in database amber

Mike Royko is dead?!

Should the term "bitch" and related phrases be forbidden on DU? (Thread 3)

Is * at the pig farm again?

Oh my word, Bush is out to lunch! (Reuters photo)

Freeper hypocrisy

I heard Bremer saying "Iraqi unemployment is under 10%" there any

More flash!

Jon Stewart

Thank you, Rep. Waxman, for preserving 52 Rumsfeld lies in database amber

Unfreep this Poll.

Thank you, Rep. Waxman, for preserving 29 Rice lies in database amber

Barf time....

A plea for civility

For You Working Stiff Suckers.. When You File and Pay Your Taxes

Al Franken interviewing "Bu$h" about Alabama NG stint

Should * be spared war crimes prosecution on grounds of mental deficiency?

Thank you, Rep. Waxman, for preserving 51 Cheney lies in database amber

They were using an A-130 in Faluja today...

Rochester, NY: Democrat & Chronicle imperiously characterizes soldier

Thanks President cretin...

"I'm a war president"

Report on the recent fighting in southern Iraq

Can someone explain to me why we had a warrant for al-Sadr

Question for our military minded friends.

Majority Report guests tonight.

Khartoum! British Gordon &the Mahdi /Islamic and Christian Fundamentalist

Non-U.S. DUers... what are *people* saying about Iraq now?

The mess in Iraq will take John Kerry years to clean up

a Poem about The FCC (contains vulgarity)

Where are the Al Franken radio show archives?

CNN Visual Editorial

What will it take for Americans to wake up?

Anyone know how freepers are responding to the horrible news today.

Should the term "bitch" and related phrases be forbidden on DU? (Thread 4)

CNN seems to be saying "Offensive Actions" break out against Coalition!

A question about LIHOP.

Thank you, Rep. Waxman, for preserving 50 Powell lies in database amber

US Trained Iraqi Police Turn Against the Coalition Forces! Yikes...

W's 2d term: If you think the 1st was bad......Robert Reich

ABC doing feature on religious pharmacists

QUESTION FOR DUers about McCain-Feingold

My heart just sank..

For a change, humor, he has done it again

11/02/04 will be the most important day in the world's history or future.

Television Harms Children's Brains

Randi inviting Amy Goodman on her show

It took 6 years to repeal Tonkin Resolution. How long to repeal IWR?

Bush bringing troops home . . .

Bush Fundraiser in NC: $2,000 meal, but no utensils...

China, Iran and U.S. Top World Executioners

True or False: "We are a warlike people"

Naomi Klein in Baghdad: "The battle the US wants to provoke"

Hit the AOL poll on Kennedy's Statements...

What the hell is he doing? AWOL photo...

Our Canuk CBC said source say COULD be 130 Military Deaths

on the front page of my newspaper today

Just in case any one needs an "impartial source" for Campaign ads

Should the term 'bitch' and related phrases be banned on DU?

Iraq, another South African like Apartheid system!

O'Reilly's Raising Hell with the generals!!!

WTF?!? Bob Dylan/Victoria's Secret poll on CNN

Should the term "bitch" and related phrases be forbidden on DU? (Thread 5)

White House says U.S. Resolve 'Unshakeable' in Iraq...

Will The 9/11 Commission become another Warren Commission?

New MoveOn PAC Ad (to hit air tomorrow)

Does Dennis Miller even believe the crap he spews?

Do homosexuals (ever, often?) look down upon the transgendered?

How the hell do you call Larry King>?

White House says U.S. Resolve 'Unshakeable' in Iraq...

CNN Trying to Humanize Condi - coming up

fox news

shrub awol again.......

Air America needs to go open source, stream mp3....

Is there nothing to be happy about?

Is it just the money involved?

Iraq looms large for Bush election campaign

Salon to Outsources workers: "Don't Worry! Be Happy!"

Walt Rogers coming up on CNN re: Iraq

Conservative pharmacists refusing to fill birth control prescriptions

A Haiku on Iraq

Just saw the AFL-CIO's brilliant and powerful "jobs"ad

What are your experiences with the Universal Unitarian Church?

The new devil - Moqtada Sadr

Can we now call this a "quagmire?"

The battle the US wants to provoke

The plan to coerce welfare mothers in marrying.

Karen Hughes and Bush look like each other. She looks more like him than

Uprising in Iraq could derail Bush (Guardian)

U.S. Faces Tough Urban Battle in Fallujah - Shit

"at least" a dozen or "up to" a dozen soldiers killed

So did our errr...... Cut and Run in Viet Nam save American lives?

Lucky me...I hit the trifecta...

Are the Iraqis dancing in the streets yet? Greeting soldiers with flowers?

How many threads will the "bitch" discussion go for?

Women & Children killed in Fallujah Attack

History Repeats Itself-Echos from VietNam

Between Larry King and Karen Hughes I'm calling 911

Does the term "bad guys" bother anyone?

What is this drek on CSPAN?

Can't get the Air America Stream.

DU this poll

Should the term "bitch" and related phrases be forbidden on DU? (Thread 6)

Many dead in Iraq today; have we become callous? Has Bush won?

Why do we let the word "Zionist" get bandied about so much? Let's ban it

Who pisses you off more, Bush and his blatant lies, or the stupid assholes

vote at msnbc poll

CNN, no one believes your Bushit: the latest polls prove you lie for *.

Gods, I think I hate them...

Question about who's who in PNAC

Janeane Garofolo Show Listening Thread #1

U.S. among top 4 executioners: Amnesty International

Our soldiers in Fallujah will be glad to know their commander-in-chief

Welcome to Vietnam, Mr. President.

Please Email CNN immediately about Jack Cafferty's Outburst this morning

"Bush planned 9/11".... Freudian slip by Sean Hannity tonight?

A co-worker asked about AirAmerica today!

Ok get Falluja o3 31 04 wmv file here, for sure this time!

i was surfing AM yesterday to see if I could pick up AA

Olberman rocks!

Gallup recieves another slap

Meanwhile, back at the Pig Farm...

A long weekend coming up.

This has to be said -- About Air America

The cost of war

Met 2 former Bush voters who will not vote Bush again this year...

Australian PM: no more troops to Iraq

Stewart Does it Again

Milwaukee election results: Barrett, Walker look like winners

New online Zogby - Italian Americans

Bush is in Crawford thru Easter Sunday. Time to "wag the dog"?

Warnings from Islam's 'messianic whirlpool'

White House withholds Rice speech

Bush to announce tomorrow….

I have never seen such a thing

Is the latest counter attack in Falluja a military blunder for Bush?

Anybody Miss Bill Clinton?

David Kay on O' Franken Factor.

Don Imus calls on all media to help get rid of that "bozo" in the WH.

How many times has it been "the bloodiest day in Iraq" this month?

Conservatives hate America

Bush is missing a great photo-op

'Significant number' of Marines killed near Fallujah and Ramadi

20 GIs, 100 Iraqis Killed Since Weekend, WORLD IS ENDING

Rant about the media

"They Hate Freedom." Is that the most articulate explanation Bush

Isn’t there some kind of anti-smirk medication available?

OMG! I had an Air America traffic moment tonight!

is it possible to forcibly set up a democracy?

Should the term "bitch" and related phrases be forbidden on DU? (Thread 7)

About Powell's "veiled threat" to Kennedy....

Please, a *good vibes* and/or prayers thread for DU military families

on the subject of socialism/communism

Which is worse -- being an "EVIL DOER" or a "FREEDOM HATER"?

Which of these would most likely trigger a nationwide riot?

NPR - Bush Refers To Guerilla Soldiers As "Freedom-Haters"

I have just seen the worst example of professional jealousy..EVER!!!

Good news! Dick Morris predicts an easy Bush victory!

Vote in this poll

Is Anyone Watching Joey the Scar and Karen Hughes?

Mike Malloy CNN video

bush* really is a uniter, not a divider. WP: Shiites & Sunnis join forces.

anyone here old enough to remember viet nam?

What Is Next In Iraq?

If America is DUMB enough

Is this one of the stupidest cartoons you've ever seen?

Bush giving the finger

is today (and Last few days) comparabLe to the Tet

Have You Guys Discussed This Yet ??? (The Nation re: NeoCons)

How many "bitch" threads will Skinner create?

Will BushInc use a Shiite uprising in Iraq as a pretext to invade Iran?

NIGHTLINE Guns for Hire - tonight

Went to Circuit City and it looked like Sirius and XM were almost all gone

Local TV news: as worthless as breasts on a nun.

Want to see CNN bias?

Do You Want The Media To Be Liberal, Or Just Fair?

John Dean just basically told Shawn Hannity to..

New radio show blasting Bush and Repukes tonight.

Woman in my town missing

Will the 2004 election be called off?

Despicable freepers and their dirty tricks

Larry King is chewing up Karen Huhgues...

Is a new John Dean even possible in postmodern America?

Bush hiding from a report prepared by a Special Forces Colonel

Question re:AA on satellite radio

Fox News :vs: AlJazeera

Moving to Toronto - I Have Questions For Canadian DUers

Cardinals pipe in fake applause for Bush visit

Welfare, Curse or blessing?

US Using Helicopters, Airforce planes against Fallujah- Al Jazeera

TODAY's 'transfer tube' photo....Caution...

Oil Giants Oppose Senate Energy Bill

Should the term "bitch" and related phrases be forbidden on DU? (Thread 8)

Do more gays have A.I.D.S. then straight people?

In Illinois, GOP Needs Plan If Ryan Drops Out

Please Help! with local TV poll re Bush handling of the war


Worried about the new Kerry flap.

Unemployed NC DUers: Meet David Price 4/14

Iraq's instability serves U.S. corporate interests.

Byrd Reaches 17,000 Vote Milestone

A Preview of Rice's Testimony

How about a gender-neutral alternative to the *b* word?

And they die daily now

Look at This Baby... The US Hit Her Home With a Missile Last Night....

Iraq: when your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail

"A Question For Condi" -- My Article @ Common Dreams

Orwell alert: the trade association for the mercenary industry

Cartoon: Iraq ... Bush's Vietnam?

Howard Dean radio appearances tomorrow.

OK, I've had it. I'm putting my ass on the line. (READ... I may need help)

Bu$h's Phony Ranch


Will BushCo End The World?

How many American soldiers would have to die in Iraq

Lou Dobbs is a Democrat whether he's admitting it or not!

My Aunt sent me this email

Freepers calling for napalm attacks

66% say YES to raid Holy site ! CNN poll

Freepers don't like Al Franken much

Wow. Quite the debate at Free Republic on the tragedy unfolding in Iraq

Is There Sexism Here?

Heres more Proof the Draft is coming SOON

Interesting LIHOP/MIHOP site

Is Paul Bremer a man who is devoid of Irony?

Cartoon: Bush's Approval

Gergen on CNBC....

GOP Retaliation: Reporter who broke Bush DUI Story is Fired

Is this real?? Not sure if I should post, but.....

Norway to withdraw troops from Iraq.


Didn't anybody read the PNAC's plans?

what are your thoughts on atheism?

where's them jobs?

Looks like there's now an Iraqi Declaration of Independence

10 years since Bill Clinton's biggest failure.

BBV - Voter Fraud will NOT happen in the TS code but in the Operating Sys.

if Condi brings up the Taliban, the whole damn mess could boil over

Good Source for Democratic T-Shirts?

This is pretty shocking: 45% of Americans have less than $25k in savings

Why the Welfare State Looks Like A Free Lunch

bbv: How to call your Senators.

BBV -- "The Clean-Up Crew" -- and it is already working

Why can't we as Liberals get our Crap together like the RW and get the

'second wave feminism"

Can a man be a feminist?

SICK and TIRED of the anti-Nader speak...

Dozens Dead in Crackdown

India's No. 1 Call Center Gets Hung Up in Scandal

Blackout was preventable, probe finds

Toledo Blade wins Pulitzer for Vietnam story

The most horrific night in Fallujah

Spain Urges Calm, Pursues Probe Into Bombs, Threats

U.S. Declares War on Porn

Clinton, UN Announce Cheap Generic AIDS Drug Plan

Two Taliban Killed Laying Mine in Afghanistan

Around 15 Iraqis dead in clashes with Italian forces

Fact-checker: Ads' facts checkered

Saudi forces shoot dead fighter

American Bankers settles campaign charges for $1 million (Republicans)

Fire and No Buyer for Two Former Clinton Homes

Chemical 'bomb plot' in UK foiled

Four U.S. Marines Killed West of Baghdad

A 'Minor Cleric,' or a Martyr

Pentagon delays U.S. troops' trip home

US mother's surprise Iraq visit

Al-Sadr's Followers Fight Occupation Troops

U.S. blamed for 'tone' that inspired mutilations

Anti-Gay Group Accused Of Cheating Own Lawyers (Christian Coalition)

Violence in Sadr City Embitters Both Sides (WP Page A01)

Clinton, U.N. Offer Cheaper AIDS Drugs (* and his drug friends will not be

Bush Says He Lacked Information to Prevent 9/11

Heavy fighting in sealed Falluja

Bush Says He Lacked Info on Sept. 11

Indian, French navies in biggest ever exercise off Goa

Nader's 1,000 fail to show (Portland)

Report: Blix Says Iraq Worse Off After War

Blackout was preventable, probe finds (Congress does nothing)

Bush Campaign Targets Kerry's Soft Money (* crying to supporters)

DRUDGE reporting ANARCHY across IRAQ

News Corp prepares to move to US

UK: MoD official took BAE gifts

Chile honours its insulted hero

KUFA: An Incendiary Cleric Braces His Militia for an Invasion

News Corp won't call Australia home

Poll: Support erodes for Bush's handling of Iraq (* at 43% Job Approval)

Rumsfeld: U.S. Troops Arresting Suspects in Falluja

China asserts authority over Hong Kong

ACLU to sue over government's ‘no-fly’ list

3 US soldiers killed in Iraq (CNN)

Moz 'turning a blind eye' to organ trade

Al Qaeda absent from final Clinton report

The killers: China, Iran, United States, Vietnam

At least 18 die in Nigerian post-poll protest

'They threaten to kill our leaders' - SA

Line Between Militias, Civilians Blurred in Iraq

Fallujah Update: 8 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Violence

Rumsfeld says commanders in Iraq will get more troops if requested

al-Sadr and Fallujah/Najaf - just the beginning?

New Book Calls Europe 'Province of Islam'

Marines, Iraqis join forces to shut down Fallujah

Book: Poppy opposed Dubya's war

French Prime Minister Acknowledges Errors

U.S. considers prosecuting Aristide, Powell says in Haiti

Blair coming to Washington to discuss Iraq, Middle East

Jordanian Court Sentences 8 to Death for Killing US Diplomat

Ukrainian soldier killed, five wounded in Iraq

U.S. Arms Hunter Says Still Examining Iraq Trailers

Rumsfeld Backs More Iraq Troops if Needed

Nader Fails to Make Oregon Ballot

US consumer sentiment dips despite jobs - survey

Universe Teeming With Elements of Life

Jordan Thwarted Al-Qaeda Attack on American Embassy, U.S. Says

Bremer: U.S. Ready to End Iraq Occupation June 30

Blair outlines Iraq 'challenges'

ACLU to Sue Government Over 'No-Fly' List

Gov't Workers May Face Drug Test Changes

Defiant Sadr Vows Uprising Will Continue (al Jazeera)

CNN: Major Shiite offensive underway

US may send more troops as deaths rise

Alleged al-Qaida Tape Claims Iraq Attacks

U.S. soldiers could be contaminated with uranium

CNN guy in Baghdad reporting "less than a dozen Marines killed"

Defense Official: 'Significant' U.S. Deaths in Ramadi

Home Site Guide Contact Us Set As HomePage Add to favorites

Al-Sadr sought for more murders and theft

BREAKING CNN: At Least 12 Marines Killed in Ramadi

Iraq Situation Prompts Comparisons with Vietnam

Battles Flare as Iraqi Shi'ites Vow Resistance

After weeks of effort, searchers find body of newborn boy in Nebraska land

Scores dead in Iraq (News24)

Five Marines killed in latest operation


Seried exposing Vietnam atrocities wins top honor

NBC News: Coalition headquarters attacked......updated

UK Troops under Attack as Iraq Calls for Reinforcements

Al Qaeda absent from final Clinton report

'To arrest Sadr, you have to kill all Iraqis'

FBI fingerprint expert wavers on testimony during Nichols trial

CNN Reporting at least 12 Marines killed in Ramadi

Workers asked to train foreign replacements

Al-Sadr leaves mosque in Kufa

AWOL on CNN right now telling us how good things are

Allies in battle against unexpected Iraqi enemy

Violence spreads to several Iraqi cities-up to 12 Marines killed in Ramadi

Coast Guard officers describes threats from Cuban migrants

Rumsfeld says commanders in Iraq will get more troops if requested

Claim that al-Zarqawi got aid in Iraq questioned

Los Angeles Times Wins Five Pulitzers

Court official alleges Interior Department favored energy companies at Ind

Haiti Arrests Ex-Aristide Minister Over Massacre

Christians say Islamic extremism on rise in Nigeria

E-voting firm opens up its code (VoteHere)

Shiite bastion boils with anti-US anger after at least 57 killed

Iowans go hungry in land of plenty

In Baghdad juvenile jail, inmates few but most recount beatings

Senate: No state funds for No Child law (Maine)

Bush backing bill to allow illegal immigrants to get licenses


Blair planning 'do or die' vote over EU future

Karen Hughes spewing on Larry King now

Pentagon Asks to Shield Military Ranges from Suits

Dupe, please ignore

America's popularity poll shows Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Frias at +56%

Al-Sadr supporters take over Najaf

Former Iraqi enemies unite to fight U.S.

Treasury Looks Into Kerry Tax Analysis

Defense lawyers say DNA tests clear client, implicate new suspect

Barcelona Votes to Outlaw Bullfighting | The Scotsman

12 Marines, 66 Iraqis Killed in Battles

Cnn Reports broadcast "Videos raise questions on troops conduct"

Iraqi Shi'ite Militia Battles Italian Troops (Nassiriya)

US lawmaker lashes out at foreign firms for avoiding tax

Staged Flyover Stirs Curiosity, F-16 Fighters, Promotional Photo Shoot

Kerry turns tables, hits Bush for 'flips and flops'

Barriers for Saudis Seeking Treatment in US to Go

Bush job rating in poll drops to a new low

U.S. Networks to Air Rice Testimony Live Thursday

Baghdad Sunnis, Shi'ites Unite (Herald Sun)

UN aide says Sudan is tolerating ethnic cleansing

Stewart Does it Again

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 619 U.S. service members have died

Kerry leads Bush 47 to 44 - leads in Florida, Iowa,, Minn, Mich, Ohio,Penn

20 GIs, 100 Iraqis Killed Since Weekend

Urban warfare motorcycles on sale in Bahgdad.

Nader fails to make Oregon ballot.

Home kits claim to help you choose baby's sex; doctors say buyer beware

Ex-President Bush Likens Kerry, Clinton

The Chaos Theory in Action/ATimes (must read)--New World Media Watch

Fears raised of chemical attack in UK and US

Two more nations won't prosecute Americans in international court

In Haiti, Powell Reassures Interim Leaders

Murdoch backs Bush to win (Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!)

Blix: Iraq Worse Off Now Than With Saddam

Putin appointee escapes car bomb

U.S. Says Mexico Marijuana, Opium Increase in 2003

NIGHTLINE Guns for Hire - ABC now

US airlifts Saddam out of Iraq/The Independent --UK

Woman deported from U.S. spends first night back in a park

*** OFFICIAL IRAQ Thread for Stories on ** Death & Casualty # COUNTS **

City council votes to consider sexual orientation a protected right

Trial of GOP convention protesters begins

Rumsfeld: U.S. Troops Arresting Suspects in Falluja

Voters to decide fate of Calif. Wal-Mart

Dems fear Cuellar may switch to GOP

CIA switches from covert ops to kid's stuff (Guardian)

Clinton's Aids deal snubs Bush plan

U.S. May Move Vs. Pakistan Terror Areas

Doctor: Fetus Feels Pain After 20 Weeks

Georgia evolution debate goes to trial

Iraq/Breaking--heavy fighting in Ramadi now, as well

Poll finds Bush is losing support across California (38%)

Breaking: Amtrak train derails in central Miss.

Nader calls for Bush to be impeached

Kerry Says June 30 Iraq Handover Date a 'Mistake'

White House refuses to show Rice's aborted speech

Fighting resumes in Falluja (hospital hit overnight)

Sounds I just made....

Rice in 2008: Satire or Serious?

Wow...just wow. It may be too early, but this is a very racist film.

I take one one one 'cause you left me

Home Made Famous By Housing 200 Cats For Sale - $600,000.00

Is it too late for a hot pocket?

Alanis Morissette Strips 'Nude' On Stage - Against 'U.S. Censorship'

Not Crowe - Roman Gladiators Said To Have Been Chunky Vegetarians

Go To Japan - Eat Sushi Off A Naked Model's Body

Drive-in cinema is Norway's coolest

Netherlands Considering A Ban On Beastiality

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were in town, and I missed it!

Airline Offers In-Flight Voting

Take the 2 minute IQ test!

When will we see the AirAmerica numbers

Did BBThornton get some plugs???

Survey - Masculine/Feminine Stereotypes for Men

Another fascinating artist: Susan Seddon Boulet

I'm an asshole!

I need your feedback : how's my new sigline?

Top Gun!

Fark Photoshop Contest: Photoshop Al Franken

Husband learned today he goes BACK to Iraq in a year

Caption: Wacko arrives in Waco

I had to remove a plastic flag from our lawn today

Caption: separated at birth?

Are the Pub Faithful starting to see their investment(Backing Bush) go

Do you hide your DU profile?

I Rented A 1970's Winnebago From GW Bush Last Night

Playboy's "Girls Of The ACC" Search Protested By Female Students

is the word "psychedelic" part of your vocabulary? . . .

Don't' know if this is a dupe, apologies to Country Joe and the Fish

My daughter had the best response to bigotry I've ever heard.

Everybody's building ships and boats

West Wing Season II -- released on DVD 5/18

Firey Passover - Rabbi Uses Paint Thinner In Bread Burning Ritual

Pulitzer winner was once fired for putting "F*ck In A Truck" in car review

Local brainless morans in the news here...

I love my Wife


Well I think it's fine, building jumbo planes.

Finally Invited To My First PASSOVER SEDER!

Right-wing eye....

These boots are made for captions

Movie shoot in my neighborhood - Pollack, Kidman, Penn

What you say you want a state of the art SUBWOOFER.

I have a question for YOU! Who are YOU CAPTIONing to?

What is your all-time favorite Brando film?

Pixies add fall dates (Seattle, Austin, Toronto, Chicago, Atlanta - more)

So my cat Evita hates me now

What's The Worst Haircut You've Ever Received?

Question for serious guitarists--Heard Randy Bachman's latest?

Question For Southern DUers

CAPTION the mary President

I post this not to whine but to RANT

I miss Clinton:(

Favorite Air America Personality

should I feel free to whine?

Who's Got a Wicked Googly?

Yes! The Capitals Win the NHL Draft Lottery!!

Classic picture of a Freeper (even better than the "morans" pic IMO)

What's the worst haircut you've ever given?

ROTH IRA mutual fund choices...

hey lookathis

hey there's this poLL

Funniest Courtship Moment Ever

Time to razz the Governator!

A couple things I have learned since posting here at DU

Would someone please do me a huge, huge favor?

Maxwell Smart Testifies Before Congress on Intelligence Lapses

The president on O'Franken Factor- Now!

X-Entertainment Presents "The Worst Game Room Ever"

Sexual harassment is Clinton's fault!

Man Arrested For Fondeling Himself - Says He Was 'Resetting' Himself

What are your thoughts on those Equity Accelerator Programs?

Who is Your Favorite Du'er

Any armchair physicians out there?

Caption: even worse gutache than when Shrub came to dinner..

Abba Says 'No' to Reunion -- at Any Price

The Thorn-in-the-Side of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Which is your favorite Mary Tyler Moore sitcom?

Has anyone seen this leafblower? (Humor)

Later all, just got "The Day the Earth Stood Still" DVD in the

Which is more important

The Gentlemen-Start-Your-Engines of all CAPTIONS!!!

Might I ask for some opinions?

Favorite Candy Bar

Hey Lady Freedom got mentioned in Freeperville!!!

CAPTION Chimp & Dick on 9/11

And who will protect the world from US!!!!?????

Will Playboy's "Women of Walmart" be marked down?

What Letter Of The Alphabet Does You Last Name Start With?

Doesn't it p*ss you off when ...

Rainy days and CAPTIONs always get me down

Should the term "under dog" be permitted on DU? >

Question for people that play online poker:

I'm Rick James, one-who-complains-bitterly!

Good thoughts, prayers, karma needed


I like to know how this conversation got started in the first place.

I got found out again! Rats!!!!!

What other News/Current Event Discussion Boards do you read/post at?

Kitten thread: I got my new kittens on Sat


I Think we should

I need to find a source...

Poll finds Bush is losing support across California

I have a Milka bar, ask me anything!

My poor Magnavox -- RIP

Anybody in the Air Force?

Limited Edition Barbie dolls for Connnecticut market ...hehehe

LBN - Study Disputes Sex - Prostate Cancer Link

Report LIVE!!! from Camden Yard-Red Sox 3 O's 1 Sixth inning

"Bleeping" a swear word just brings more attention to it.

Is it intolerant to believe all religions and their devotees are stupid?

I am my favorite DUer.

A very haunting website documenting a ride around the Chernobyl area.

Help me choose

Money Making Scheme #1


What do you find most important when listening to music?

J.Lo's mom wins $2.4 mil jackpot

Could I get banned

Toooodley hooo....... can I get a CAPTION?

So who is going to be the winner of All-Star Survivor

CONFESS!!!!!! You believe in the power of the POWER NAP

Should the term "FartKnocker" and related phrases be forbidden on DU?

Should My Stair-Walking Smiley Ass Be Banned From DU?

I am going to Yankees Home Opener..Ask Me anything!

The Bob Dylan sell-out.

Should tanning be banned at DU?

What is your favorite Western motion picture?

CAPTION the Beautiful Great President and Warrior-King and Stuff!!!

Anyone besides me hate the high road?

Help! need recipe for a Portabello mushroom dish!

Randy Newman's "Political Science". Remember when it was satire?

Canucks/Calgary flames begins TOMORROW!! - NHL talke here

What kind of potatoes go with ham?

Do people with similar handwriting have similar personalities?

Woman performs own caesarean to save baby

How long are those little packets of ketchup good?

A-10 warthogs

Should ending sentences with prepositions be banned on DU?

Well Analyzed Self

My government teacher: desegregation was the result of radical, activist

You might be from BC if....

Which swear word is the worst? (In code for sensitive eyes)

George Bush: An Ass-Faced Ignorant Fuckhead...

The Second Best Way to Waste Time Online

Can anyone name some current, American, female roll models outside

J-Lo's MOM wins $2.4 Million on a slot machine

Is it a violation of DU's rules to refer to Sean Hannity as...

DU is invading my outside activities....

What the halliburton is "baby spinach"?

should THIS Picture be banned from DU?

Anyone have a link for Bush's "Blonde" Joke today?

I'm sick and tired of DU biased Polls against Bush. (POLL)

Man Pulls Own Eye Out - Recites Bible Scripture

Texas Repubs eating their own: want former cross-dresser out of race...

If you got a tax refund from the state,

A happy/sad thing...

A test in an hour and a half, a test tomorrow, and term paper due Thurs.

I Just Realized It's Still Light Out

Have we ever seen an NBA playoff race like this before?

Should I frequent this restaurant?

Bill Hill - Windows is not the most important OS

Which one looks like the mean drunk and which one looks like he got caught

How does a Red Sox - Padres World Series sound?

Austin DUers -Bizarro's PolitiComedy-a-Go-Go this weekend 4/9 &10

More LBN Alleged Burglar Answers Victim's Phone

HELP--applying for a new job and my shoulders ache and my brain is dead!

Favorite song by GENE PITNEY?

Finally!!! Non-west coast PIXIES dates!

This Kid, Who's Winning On Jeopardy

We just had a dog fight in the kitchen!

The Funniest Political April Fool's Jokes You Missed: Sojoke Mail

Remember that SNL skit about if Bush became president?

I Want A Cat Fight In My Kitchen

Who else thinks Al Franken kicked butt on Wolf Blitzer?

Free "MLB Extra Innings" preview on Digital Cable April 5-11

Let's visit Tokyo hotels

Well, I guess Brazil IS becoming a Communist country after all


How about "douchebag"? Is it still OK to say "douchebag"?

Is it good that Pawlenty stays out of the Metro Transit strike?

the cat in the gloaming

Oh Boo-Hoo!: Kobe Bryant Says Rape Charge Ruining His Life Too

"The hearts and minds will come. Right now they're counting bodies"

Johnson Homers off Johnson

matcom still scares me

So is it anti-matcomist, anti-matcomite, or...

Where's the climbing smiley-butt man?

ROCKIES WIN!!!!! 116 more wins to reach 117 wins!!!!!!!

Donkey Dick vs. Elephant Dick

eThay itchBay ustJay appedSlay eMay Inway yMay ick.


This is a hoot!

LOL! Miss America to compete on Fear Factor and then in M. Am. Contest!!!

Foulke gets the side - Sox Win

My Air America Gripe

What does transgendered mean?


Karen Hughes On Larry King - A Lying BITCH!

Goddammit! It's hard to get Air America on the phone.

What's better than eating steamed lobster? Eating live lobster.

How long after a cat has kittens can she be spayed?

Padraig Dafydd Gudrun Tilbury: Drunkard of the Month


Tax Time Question

Saw the Rick James bit on Chapelle this weekend

Very First Ep of "South Park" is on

Detroit Tigers unbeaten streak rolls on

Favorite Ice?

George W. Bush is a flaming asshole.

Has anybody in the US ordered from's UK site?

Is Janeane Garafalo single?

Tigers win AGAIN!

I got to 200 posts! How to celebrate... ?

Is Karen Hughes single?

Mexican Woman Performs Own Caesarean to Save Baby

Why won't AA turn up the volume on phone calls?

I'm going to see the 'Passion' tomorrow

The thread that never ends ...

No Daily Show or Dave Chappelle for me! The 'Bitchquisition' is at hand

Kaz Matsui, what a debut tonight!

Apology - Retraction - Resignation

tornado vs. ditka

"Bastard" Is A 'Gender Neutral' Term While "Bitch" Is Not

Vote in this poll

Police Charge 15-Year Girl With Possessing Child Pornography...

Doesn't anyone think poetically anymore?


There is a God! UCONN Women Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Women who use little girl voices

Caroline is such a bitch!

im bored

guess the context!

It looks like my cousin lost his bid for alderman in West Bend, Wisconsin.

What the US needs is a Joe Don Baker/Gary Busey buddy movie.

Hey DemoTex.... and other pilots.... does this look real to you?

Gratuitous cute kitty and puppy pics

"Kennebunkport Hillbillies" (aka Mayberry Machiavelli's)

What excuses do Repuke wingnuts give you as to why they still believe Bush

The new BLONDIE cd is wretched!

logging off du for the night

Wilco's Jeff Tweedy enters rehab - tour in doubt

Liv Tyler

George Carlin's 7 Words You Can Never Say on TV

Who is Julie

God, I'm bored...

Want to stop saying evil words? Click Here...

Ever have strange violent visions?

Is there a plausible way to learn another language...

Does anybody watch Whoopi?

Career options for people fluent in multiple languages?

Should the deoderant "Mitchum" be mandatory?

Any Stargate Fans?

What kind of house do you live in?

I give you: the SEQUEL to the worst film concept EVER!

Logging off DU tonight...

I don't feel much like posting today

Whee! I got tickets for Cyndi Lauper

Does anyone remember the SNL skit

The Detroit Tigers Are 2-0 In This Early Season. The Yankees Are 1-2.

Help - panic attacks

Herbal remedies you use?

Is Katrina vanden Heuvel single?

L-Word Fans - Beals and Chaiken on NPR at 8:00pm

LMAO! Banned from Freeperland after 1 post.

Rick James Video

Is this the future of America?

I won $225 in my former employer's NCAA pool, ask me anything!

Stupid Roomate Stories thread.

Show of Hands: Who's Had Their Yak Searched By Airport Security?

Battle of the Dead Young Rock Stars.

Jay Leno is trashing Bush and Cheney

the wmds are in matcom's ass

UConn has won the national championship!

Our cat is a MOUSER!!(she's a Killah!!!!!)

Retreating to the lounge after my general discussion "defeat"

J. Lo's Mom Hits $2.4 Million Atlantic City Jackpot

I think, therefore, .....

My 100 favorite recordings of 1960


The DU mood ring: how ya feelin'?

Wish me luck.!

It's Passover...I need your help...

CAPTION CONTEST: In memory of Condoleezza Rice

TV Alert: Daily Show 11:00 pm EDT

ZombyPoll: Kerry leads Bush* by 53-45 margin


What kind of flame warrior am I (and what are you?)

Millitary Families Support Thread (((Hugs))) Needed

Would Homosexuality be WRONG if it were a choice?

"Ew! Daddy! This stuff tastes like gramma!"

My, My Does M.A.T.C.O.M. Ever Have Fashion Sense!

Great. My work situation just got worse.

"All I wanted was a Pepsi, just a Pepsi!"

Detroit (2-0) 7 Toronto (0-2) 3

Un mensaje para LeftPeopleFinishFirst

George Clooney, good Democrat; is he gay?

Karen Hughes is a LYING 12!!!!

F*CK ALGEBRA!!! a rant from a disgruntled History major

Do Bisexuals Hurt the Gay Equal Rights Cause?

We put one of our two cats to sleep today.

Letter to the Editor: In response to a comparison of gays to cannibals.


Catholics - help me out.

Awwww, George Bamberger passed away...Brewers GM in some of

Salon to Outsources workers: "Don't Worry! Be Happy!"

Condoleeza's Crimes

Kerry takes battle to Bush over 'reckless' spending

Mixing oil and US politics

Bush's approval rating drops to 43%

NYTp1:Foraging for Votes:One-Doorbell-One-Vote Re-emerges

Nader Fails to Make Oregon Ballot

Bush Campaign Targets Kerry's Soft Money

LIVE Webcast today of John Kerry's economic speech at 12:30 Noon!

Why hasn't 911 Comm taken testimony from Garry Hart(Nat'l Sec Comm. chair?

MSNBC Poll: Kennedy's Claim: Is it fair to compare Iraq to Vietnam?

Illinois LP demands that Republicans abide by election law

I'm beginning to see handwriting on this wall. Even if we win...

Poll find Bush is losing support across California (38% approval!)

Great News...Bush Job Rating All Time Low

Latest news trend....

Bush continues to slide in new (RW) Rasmussen poll.

Poll question: How do you react to the suggestion of a Repub as *our* VP ?

Robert Reich: "W's Second Term: If you think the first is bad..."

Could (would) Bush pull an LBJ?

Roy Moore for President!

SCARY THOUGHT: 12 Years of Bush...

Right wing anti-Kerry email

Daily Kos --- Cheney: High Gas Taxes Rock

NYT: John Kerry questions the underlying logic of Bush's Iraq policy...

How do you react to push polls in GD: Campaign 2004?

Vanity Fair has New Evidence Bush Pushed Iraq War Right After 9/11

Update from RoxanneJ on the GA voting machines.....important Urgent.

Is Kerry's Jobs Proposal Jinxed? (Business Week Online)

I am worried that Kerry has lost some of the passion he had during

There are at least two things to do now that Kerry is the choice.

Democracy for America Meet-Ups tomorrow night. From Roy Neel.

TPM : Josh Marshall stunned at how quickly Iraq coming apart...

Kerry Calling out Republicans Protesting in Cincinnati at his speech...

Latest Schroth & Associates Polls Florida Kerry 49 % Bush 43%

Electoral map has Kerry and Bush running virtually even

Dennis Kucinich on CNN's Wolf Blitzer

Bush Campaign ad

Do you think holding the GOP convention in NY will backfire on Bush

Nader Urges Voters of Ingelwood to Reject Wal-Mart

Who is sick of all this cheer/jeer McCain VP nonsense.

Why no media on Bush/GOP failing to fund National Guardsmen tuition reimb.

Young Republicans waving flip flops at Kerry rally??

What are the chances bushco will postpone/cancel the election?

Internet vs Big Media--round one to Big Media.

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