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Archives: April 5, 2004

My LTTE, Re; "You say Fallujah, I say Rambo!"

The War in Iraq Cost the United States - Website

Democracy for Michigan has arrived

Draft Link for Peter Werbe Fans

some occupation troops have DU contamination

Condi outreach campaign?

People of Iraq hate Bremer

Air America radio website down.

Freepers show their "real selves" over the recent events in Iraq

The worst aspect of the CNN/Letterman/ yawning controversy.

Air America or Pacifica ?

Teresa Heinz Kerry is an Afro-American

Credit Card Glitch Overcharges Thousands Of Users

"The Horror of Condi Beach! / Mark of the Rumsferatu" - a double feature

Protests Unleashed by Cleric Mark a New Front in War - WP

AP: White House Sticking to Iraq Timetable

Hey. Check Out This Web Site. It's Pretty Darn Good.


Game Players...

What is the validity of these words?

PASSOVER: What should I expect?

damn, the boys down at the selective service are good.

Hey. Could This Work. I Have A Fun Idea. Some Time Here A DU We

Is anyone here MY groupie?

If you leave DU for a while how long before anyone notices you're gone?

They say the average person has 12 cars in their lifetime...

How many DU'ers would it take to change a lightbulb?

Favorite rhythm section?

Gates loses No. 1 spot in net worth

Poll: 49% feel misled on Iraq war rationale in Hawaii

Louisiana DUers, what do you think Kerry's chances are?

George Smith: I, Vermin From Under Rock/ aka Drudged! (a cautionary tale)

Culture war casualties

What America Can Learn From It's Atheists.

Bush owes candor, not catchphrases

CPA is Bush Re-election Political Arm

Downer beef isn't what we want for dinner | Missoulian

Question Regarding Novak Article

New to the Job, Rice Focused on More Traditional Fears

CSM - The Worst of All Worlds

Asmussen's bad reporter -- great cartoons

"Toward a Safer World"

Why Muslims Hate America

The Democrats' new ally in Alabama "Why Christians Should Not Vote for Bus

I Won’t Kill For You

Power industry faulted in blackout report

What we've known all along....

David Kay: I knew in days U.S. Wrong on WMD

Robert Fisk- Bloodbath a bad omen for coalition forces

Seymour Hersh - Why Bush’s Afghanistan problem won’t go away.

Robert Fisk - Dust off the flak jacket. Lay low. And stay off the streets.

Staying in Iraq

Paul Krugman: 'The Mercury Scandal'

Statistics don't reflect discouraged job seekers

The Bush Jobs Chasm-- James K. Galbraith

It's time for Nader to take his ego and exit the race

Funny Bush Site (A must see)

Salon: A Paul Revere no one wants to hear from

New Cartoon..The Puppet Master..

Bush's Attack On Richard Clarke & His Laudable New Book: by John Dean

Cheney is running a shadow gov. claims Dean

The battle the US wants to provoke

Last Chance For Cheaper Tix to Greg Palast in NJ on 4/25

Kerry Victory 2004 is first joint DNC/Pres Campaign joint fund raiser

New Orleans group to hold "Duck and Cover" protest, Cheney visits today

John Kerry coming to Cincinnati 4/6... What time?

help the breast cancer site

I love Lynn Cullen

Where's the Swag?

Yawning Boy on local Clear Channel Station this morning

Props to the boys at the Toledo Blade.

Air America - Echo......echo.....echo....

Beautiful--type in "Brit Hume" in Google.


I heard that mercury will be in retrograde when Condelisa

Bush "policy perjury" and today's speech on increasing job training!

Vibrating condom is top draw

Consumer confidence down in first quarter of 2004 - SA

Economic Energy Report Energy Trends: consumption, production, reports & r

The U.S. Pharmaceuticals Industry -- a sign of America's decline

Builders Facing Inflation, Ponder Bankruptcy

Richard Heinberg, author of "The Party's Over", is on

Japanese inventor comes up with a super eficient electric motor.

12th Annual Top Ten Greenwashers List Released

Vampire Bats Kill 13 In Brazil - Reuters

Brazil May Begin Paving Trans-Amazon Highway In 2005 - NYT

Water Worries Build In Colorado, Throughout Desert Southwest - Denver Post

Thousands pay respects to dead whale in Vietnam - These People Get It

Redefinig the "commuter car"

Plan Unveiled For World's Largest Wind Farm In Illinois

Chen: `One peace' is new framework - TW

Minister says changes to Taiwan act are up to US

GUNS OF THE DAY--April 5, 2004

DU Gun Owners: What is your favorite gun you own?

please give me some advice on buying a gun

DU Recognizes Conservation Excellence

Need help with grammar, please!

UK: ID cards 'compulsory by 2008'

Gun bill may be too costly

Should the government be allowed to keep lists of firearm owners?

An addition for Listen Live links?

Nice dumbell in the Top Ten List!

What's the best forum to discuss Iraq? Current news and gen. policy?

Why did my post disappear?

How about a DU kids corner?

How come we can't reply to any posts in Ask Admin?

Where can I find all the HTML's?

Why were my posts deleted?

People4change threads

no offense meant to anyone but LBN has been downgraded

There seems to be an overzealous moderator at work tonight

Annoyingly large siglines

Moderate Muslims cannot ignore the terror in their midst

Evangelicals Are Not Our ‘Natural Allies’9

'The Passion' Incites New Divisions Among Neo-Cons

More on the 5 Jailed COs

Eurabia and Euro-Arab Antisemitism

Three Palestinians killed in Gaza

The Evangelical Roots of American Unilateralism:

Israeli rebels with a cause

Two good WSJ 9/11 articles

Some nice investigative work

So Condi never expected planes crashing into buildings????

When My Military Son Spoke Out

Another standdown: security at WTC on 9/11

Sources: Houghton (R-NY) Won't Seek Re-Election

Laws regarding Voter Registration info

Here's how we could take back the House

Senator vs. Senator

Early Communistic sentiment in America

What must we do to move to alternative fuels and renewable energy?

The author of "The Party's Over", about the coming

Do this weekend's events represent the "Tet Offensive" of this occupation

Movie Time: Yuk it Up with W on the Missing WMDs. As a Comic, W Kills!

George W. Bush's back door polical machine

The Relationship Phase or Another Steaming Pile

So Cal DUers Tune In 95.5 KLOS /Craig Hulet on!

not just a flip-flopper but a wimp too!

Will The US Troops Go On A Rampage In Falluja?

Mods: Honest question: Why did you lock Phrenzy's thread?

ABC News: Statue of Liberty to open "later this year"

LAT: Technology Feeds a Diet of (campaign) News Bites

Protests Unleashed by Cleric Mark a New Front in War

Kufa goes nuts (Iraq). Bad news.

WP: D.C. "buzz" re. Bush II Cabinet (Secy. of Defense Condi?)


DK's Ten-Point Plan to Bring Our Troops Home From Iraq

Congress is nothing more than a pack of whining curs.

i guess i'll have to move to a red state...

t r u t h o u t back after being hacked

We are not building a democracy in Iraq, we are destroying it here.

are the terrorists for Nader? (Tom Tomorrow)

C-Span 8:48 a.m.ET - callers about Iraq -I heard only 1 still in favor n/t

How long before they start blaming us for all the dead soldiers?

US trained Iraqi Civil Defense Corps turned their guns on our soldiers

GOOD INFORMED commentary on Iraq

House of Bush House of Saud

Has the Republican Party Finally Killed Trust?

Anyone know what Clinton's reaction to WH not releasing thousand of his..

Cynthia McKinney

Post here what you think the 9/11 final report will reveal.

4 contractors deaths blamed on Bill Clinton

Bush allots two days of Iraq spending on "jobs initiative"

Bush's administration is worse than Nixon's, says Watergate aide

Daily U.S. Casualties 4/5/2004

C-Span 9:30 ET - Congressional Ethics - interesting n/t

Bush Blocks Funds for War on Terrorism,

Bush waiting for Democrats to save his ass in Iraq....?

State of Liberty Fund -- monies being funneled to Rethugs?

Frontline documentary on Rwanda

Troops all set for operation "Vigilant Resolve" by surrounding Fallujah

So now CNN is covering GW speeches?

Bush rerun on now

Stamp honour for film hero Wayne

Newsweek reporter in Iraq just reported that the Shiites and the Sunnis...

President giving worst speech ever???

Bush is sneaking off to the "ranch" again.....

What will happen in Iraq in July

So now CNN is covering GW speeches?

Anyone know of a "good" credit card company

1,200 Marines "blockading" a city of 300,000...

Workers Warned of 9-11 Attack - Haaretz - Israel News

what was the "lesson of iowa"?

Something I'd Like the 9/11 Commission to Connect the Dots On

White house homepage: BUSH*'s VOICE COMES ON WHEN OPENED!

Genetically Manipulated Bull Put to Sleep

anyone notice that Condi Rice has disappeared...

Stand Down Order Found

Iraqis killed in US Apache air strike (on Madinat al-Sadr)

from today's "Progress Report"

Leaders of 9/11 Panel Say Attacks Were Probably Preventable

Condi's Cooler Cousin coming up on AAR

Young Republicans: Sign up for Iraq!

Bush is now successfully pissing off another ally!

Ted Kennedy on cspan talking about failure Bush

Bush Loyalists Pack Iraq Press Office

Al Franken "The Very Hungry Catapillar published when bush was 21"

tom tomorrow for this week

send a meesage to the 9/11 commission

Listen to Air America on Portland, OR- KPOJ 620 AM

How long does it take for C-SPAN to get something up and online?

I guess the freepers got to this faux "news" poll.

Air America going LIVE next week on West Coast

Here's a nifty little item worth looking at...

Tom DeLay's Town Hall Meeting in Rosenberg

If jobs were created, then why did the unemployment numbers go up?

There are 10,000 to 15,000 civilian mercenaries in Iraq right now

Those who think bushco did 9-11 are..........

David Copperfield commercial idea

Excellent article on the Bush / Iraq / 911 mess

Transcript of Wolf Blitzer's spinning at Howard Dean (4/4/04)

Kean on MTP: 9/11 report will have "Surprises" -- any guesses?

Please Don't Tell Me: "Chill Out, It's Still Early"!

Question on Bush's job growth numbers

Did you hear how El Salvadoran soldier died gruesome death

I agree with Bush's new jobs training plan.

4/5 Rasmussen Poll: Kerry 47% Bush 45%

Don't know why I feel this way...

Bye Bye Insurgents, hello Militiamen

Still having problems with Air America?

NYT slams she on her way out ?? (link)

"Army now includes applications for food stamps in its orientation ......"

Good bit AA's doing on the "Bill O'Reilly Riverdance"

Boston's Democratic Convention a Quagmire

Did Bush just nail Condi?

Air America link is working again.

New Zogby results out today!

Try this to listen to Air America for me

Smirk to use "smart landmines" puke

CNN is runnng storiues that troops will stay put

Did Bush win the Peace? No! But it still needs to be done. How? U tell me.

General civil war erupts in Iraq. Thanks Dubya.

Executive Privilege Come off it.

Clinton's boyhood home burned

Did the Iraqi Civil War start yesterday?

Prediction: How the rich will be able to evade the coming draft

Eli Lilley, Traci Johnson and God

I Voted for the REAL President...

first lady grudge match.....

Bush's Nightmare: Which press conference should he face?

CNN "News"...on depth interview with Peter Frampton

Another Bumper Sticker Story

HELP & look for RW stupidity, etc

Sadr's Words As He Retreats To Kufa

Bush and Cheney testify together in front of the 9/11 Commission

Coalition plans to arrest Shiite cleric

"Alas, that these evil days should be mine..."

Now that something aWol values is on the line--his re-election,

Who really thinks Zelikow found that WWII article?

Am I missing something here?

Will the June 30th Iraq transfer date really hold?

When did George W Bush first refuse to talk with Yasser Arafat ?

Bush* welcomes "sharing information" with 911 panel

Toutatis is coming! Meet this erratic potential threat....

Anyone got contact info for MoveOn?

Franken needs to take more calls

Bush seems...........bored

What do people think of the Economist magazine?

1 Sodier dead, US Destroys 10 Homes and Kill 7 Iraqis in Fallujah Today

So, still no takers on my b-day gift to GW: thousands of copies of "1984"

this is making me SICK to my stomach

Condi Will Testify Because of a Photograph

CNN Has More viewers Than FOX.

What should the U.S. gov't do about Iraq?

White Oil Mans Burden and the duty of occupation

any numbers on air america yet?

Walking Away From The Bush Debt - A radical proposal

Report Details Bush-Blair Meeting on Iraq

O'Liely does it again

Breaking on CNN....Peter Frampton taught himself to play guitar

Greatest anti-bush ad that will never air

Look out, Air America, here comes...

Spooked By Those "On-Star" AirAm Commercials

Question re: Air America

I hope these aren't the kind of people we are sending to Iraq for security

Have you noticed this about Bush's ads ??

Would the Iraq anti-war movement be as big without *'s unilaterialism?

"Bush vs. Kerry" polls may show a close race, but people are NOT happy!

Did anyone hear on the news that Clinton's boyhood home burned down?

LAT wins Pulitzer for series on Wal-Mart effect on global econ.

Remember who's in charge in Iraq

David Kay on CSPAN now - 'Every PC in the world must be a US collection

'Not My Bush' Thong

My friend's husband just got back from Iraq.

Passion of the "Chreeest"

What is U.S.'s problem with the French?

Sunni Triangle + al-Sadr = Big Trouble

Recorded Debate: Noam Chomsky vs Richard Perle

I'm angry and depressed about the assassination of Kos

MSNBC: "What would you ask Condoleezza Rice?"

Democrats Cheer Falluja Outrage

80 gun deaths a day, 300 gun wounds a day

Will sealing off Fallujah incite more violence or increase the likelihood?

Are mercenaries any different than Mafia hitmen?

To the "Journalists" who frequent DU

Just imagine how Germans must have felt after the WAR2

The "contractors" were protecting food convoys? Read this

Bush's New Lie

Why does the Bush Administration hate France?

Was Zelikow's "soft blackmail" actually just a loyal "heads-up"?

America deserves to get its ass kicked (rant)

Founding Fathers and Separation of Church and State

61% of US companies paid NO TAX '96-'00

O'Reilly and the O'Franken Factor..

They printed another one of my letters on 4/4/4!

How Many Have YOU Converted Today?

The Grateful Dead and Politics

Kamikaze Terrorism (new, good WSJ 9/11 article)

Opening Afghan Eyes With Mascara and Beauty Classes

Resisting the Occupation (“Liberation”) of Iraq

This headline is a lie:

Air Force plans to evaluate cleanup of depleted uranium

No news from Iraq?

Chains, Wal Mart, Taco Bell, Toys 'R' Us stealing hours from poor workers.

Are the Bushistas attempting to paint anyone critical of the BushBaby...

What is 43%?

Anyone like Jello Biafra?

Is the Increased Violence in Iraq Helping or Hurting Bush??

What the hell is with American politics...

I blame these Sons of Bitches of the Deaths for thousands of Humans!

Google partially owned by Rummy???

Language should echo war's horror--More On Blackwater

Odigo says workers were warned of attack (two hours before 9/11)

Root for UCONN tonight! Here's why...

58% still back the war according to a Pew poll? bring back the draft

Ex-aide to prosecutor arrested at nightclub [Indianapolis]

Bush*: "democracy through force not democracy"

Is anybody else locked out of AirAmerica Stream on the web..?

Air America is going to be added to Sirius

Lou Dobbs Back with Biden

"Official" DU Randi Rhodes thread for 4/5/04

Question: any 9/11 expose books in print?

I think Bush is boinking Rice

I think Kerry is going to announce he will pull the troops from Iraq soon

Military Aptitude testing

Looking for WMD at Google

Meme pool - Let's launch some new ones

who said this?

Operation Vigilant Resolve? Blechhhh!

Should the U.S. send more troops to Iraq? - CNN POLL


What would you ask Condi? DU ME!

Riots spark fears Iraq is plunging into chaos

Anyone hear O'Franken this afternoon ?

Malloy sure did have it right...

I believe I just thought of a new word: Quagfire

Bush* has time for this but not to attend military funerals

Bush* out and out Lying in Campaign Ad

“Mission Accomplished!”

I Won’t Kill For You

Lining us up like dominoes. 5 down, now 5 to go.

Rumsfeld gives propaganda tips to his fellow Bushies

Did Our Government Mishandle the Collapse of the USSR?

Did we really think the Republicans could build a democratic government.

History's Greatest Blunders And Bush's Greatest Blunders

Should felons have the right to vote?

This question might sound rhetorical, but it's not..

what's on Network News tonight?

The * jobs program of Mass Distraction related activity

Copyright problems in Freeperville

Rush Flustered - Dittohead says "Bush will lose if casualties mount"...

When headlines attack!

A DOG, A GUN & A DAD: Patterson's advice on boys

Analysis: America's intifada? (UPI?)

Lehrer report: Turmoil in Iraq

Stupid Freepspam Re: Texas...

Nous Sommes Desolees Que Notre President Soit Une Idiot

Richard Clarke's "Against All Enemies"

What day did W announce mission accomplished?

The tale of two senators

Lugar on PBS explaining why dumbo won't extend handover deadline

I betcha Will Pitts next piece at TO is "Who you talking to"?.

Should Felons have ALL rights restored after their debt is paid

Spanish Handling of Terrorists

An observation about Bush*'s press conference.

Bush's Job training grant proposal--is it a joke or what?

Rice Never Spoke About Al-Qaeda Before 9/11, Investigation Shows

Red Dawn

Apaches swoop on Shia militiamen

Well, here's proof of everything we've been saying

dupe -- please delete

My Republican sister just said "I will definitely not vote for Bush"......


Had fun with my neo-Con co-worker today.

From Orange Alert to Yellow Underpants: Fear and Failure in the Bush Admin

Bush is on TV right now saying the June 30th date is firm When do you

I missed it

A truthful letter from George Dubya!

Yee haw!!!! Rate it.

610 dead soldiers as of yesterday. 607 dead soldiers as of today? Hmm

Even Russia knows Americas "free press" is a joke

Dick Cheney's Daughter on Hannity and Combs tonight.

John Dean coming up on MSNBC

Sean Hannity's Dumbest Idea

Franken's excellent question for Condi Rice: Do you read to the President?

DU this Michael Savage poll

OK, this is VERY disturbing

Never Having to Say 'Sorry'

Anne Coulter = Tony Clifton

Great line-up on Majority Report tonight. Colbert, Helms, Kos

Sorry dup, please delete

Is Chris Matthews "Beastly"???

no one has asked Condi what was WH plan for "traditional" hijacking

Wesley Clark coming up on CNN Evening News

So there! Pbbbtttttt!

why is everyone calling it a civil war?

Bill O'Reilly: E-G-O (Re: AAR / Liddy)

Sistani urges Al Sadr to renounce all violence!

listen to liberal radio on the net at this site

Robert Scheer & others on C-Span media panel:Iraq Coverage

Have Feeling about Schwarzenegger Changed in California?

John Dean was just on Countdown MSNBC. Repeats at midnight here.

The Long Ignominious Slide to Defeat in Iraq

Thoughts about burned bodies in Fallujah

LTTE from Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Bush Supporter No More

Ted Kennedy will be on Larry King at 9:00 est to eat up Bush!

'Battling back against the 'human jackals'

Kennedy on Larry King NOW

Have any other presidents called the press nicknames?

Janeane Garafalo is right on target tonight...

Finally someone faces down the brownshirts attacking Daily Kos

Does * really care about stopping abortion and gay marriage?

Free Speech is better than FCC indecency fines

LOL....bush* and condi with remote control....needs caption....

Bush’s War in Iraq is not like Vietnam.

The US charges of murder against Al-Sadr are FALSE!

A Presidential Camel Toe

Rethinking occupation

Where's the video/sound of Bush getting POed at being called "sir"?

Does the average Repub feel secure with Dubya at the helm??

Information on alleged terrorists threats

Who takes more vacation days...

Teaching Them How to "Support Our Troops"

Janeane G on AAR w/ Katrina Vanden Huevel "Taking Back America" NOW

Happy 67th birthday, Colin Powell!!!

Crazy moms who murder their kids seem to always come from the South,

Presidential Press Conferences, 1933-2000: The Numbers.

Rolling my eyes: some of My mother's generation

Most/Least Favorite Air America Commercials

What's happening in Fallujah? There are no updates anywhere...

Is it time to reinstate the draft?

It's very, very possible that Bush could dip into the 30's

DRUDGE Reports:

John Kerry killed a man do protect another. Would Bush do the Same?

This is how clueless Bush really is.

Wesley Clark Comming Up On CNN

Susan Galleymore on with Norville now 9:06 pm EDT

I would not address Bu$h as "Mr. President" or "Sir"

Why Not Arrest Warrant for Reverand MOON?

Reminder Malloy Folks

Greatest anti-bush ad that will never air

Healing Iraq Blog: Coup underway in Iraq

Koz being interviewed on Garofolo A-A now

Karen Hughes repeat...

Hannity has new information on John Kerry in 1971.


Will the fed raise interest rates if the job increases continue?

Church attendence rates by states per 1000 people

Replay of Ted Kennedy's speech earlier today: C-SPAN at 10:20pm EDT

Most annoying member of the Bush administration poll

Condi Rice's other wake-up call- (salon)

Funny Whose line is it anyway about Bu$h*

How exactly does a military draft work?

Un-freep the "Cool Site of the Day" -

Nightline is covering the violence in Fallujah

I would not address Bu$h as "Mr. President" or "Sir"

I love Wesley Clark.

Military DU'ers check in...

Were the Daily Show guests good on Janeane Garofalo's radio show?

Who is the most moderate and the most radical conservative talk show Host

I am afraid....

We need to DU this outsourcing conference

W's Coke Use

Courtney Love and Rush Limbaugh

Bush to AP reporter who addressed him as sir: "Who are you talking to? "

Usually I hate the songs on AA but the Irish ditty about ...

What do you think Freepers would do...

Seek Clarity

All of GW's scandels? List please...

What is exactly does libertarian propose as its ideals?

Staying in Iraq

Why does Costco carry so many RW authors?

Do you think the Wall Street Journal will be charged with jury tampering?

Remember how the Dating Game ended with blowing the ceremonial kiss?

When will the Reichstag Fire Occur?

Oooooo. I screwed up and now them bad dems won't leave me alone!

TIME Magazine: When Private Armies Take to the Front Lines (Blackwater)

How many DUers are Draft age or have Draft age children?


How long will it take before we realize a 'war' on terrorism can't be won?

Is Fallujah about to become the My Lai of the Iraq war?

Blog: COUP taking place in Iraq

By the 2030's one of the two parties will be dead

Even if you don't like libertarians


You must visit this web site

Is it really standard to always address a prez. as "Mr./Ms. President"?

I love this database. I love Henry Waxman. I love the truth. I hate Bush.

Pew Research Poll: Bush Approval Falls To 43%

Pentagon Cuts Back on Casualty Info

PBS doing 3mile island show now...

Does the US have any real allies other than the UK left ? n/t

Today's baseball games a bad omen for Bush and Cheney

The truth about B*sh!

"I support the Iraq invasion, and I'd like to fight there, but..."

This is Why I Utterly Despise Bush And the Media...

"Maybe God thought you had seen enough killing."

Just how much can we thank Lou Dobbs?

The latest from UPI - Doctor says "worse than Saddam"...

Is Clinton really responsible for terrorism? I don't think so

Muqtada al-Sadr sounds more formidable than we were led to believe

CBS, Zogby, LAT, Pew ALL Have New Poll Numbers

We've lost the do we get it back?

Bush Urges Job Training for Shifting Workforce

Are Republicans moving convention to Houston?

Occupation Apologists will you..

"Sir..." "Who you talking to?" "Uh, Mr. President..."

drunk? doped? medicated? (today's pics of W)

A request: Links (and examples) of what the RWers would

Dean book "Worse Than Watergate" up from #23 to #4 in 2 hours.

What's the best use for Clark: VP or Sec. of State?

The Nixon/Watergate comparisons have started

Reuters has raw footage from Iraq

A New cartoon...Puppet Master

"Far left" issues I couldn't care about. Sorry.

What would you ask Condi?

Gibson's 'The Passion' a hit among Arabs

Why are southerners so proud of the Confederacy?

Ever fashion a shiv out of an aluminum can and a toothbrush?

Bush as MALE Cheerleader

Would you vote for Hugo Chavez over *?

Am I understanding this right???

Extreme Political Partisanship as a Form of Psychosis

John McCain for VP.........

Saw this on Sirius Corporate news

This is not for the faint of heart, L & G.

Forget Hotair america Tune into Radio CW!!

Bush/Cheney 2004: "Who You Talkin' To?" - new campaign theme

Alanis Morissette strips down to blast US 'censorship'

When will the neoCONS use the MOAB

Clip of Bush Sneering at being called "sir" instead of "Mr. President"

Examples of class warfare. Help me with some ideas for an article

Leno slamming Kerry tonight

A Poem about The FCC

Randi Rhodes: Love her or not?

What is your definition of a True Moderate?

July 2001, CONDI, "Osama planning James Bond Like Aerial attacks on U.S."

Indonesian vote-buyers get busy

World Vision celebrates children

French Raid Targets Morocco Bomb Suspects (Paris)

NYT,p1:US Investigating Use of Donors' Gifts to Statue of Liberty

Rebels kill 17 in Nepal

Handover of power in Iraq may be delayed, says senator

U.S. Helicopters Attack Targets in Baghdad

LAT: Kerry Entering Changed Landscape

Bush and GOP brethren tap N.C. donors deeply

Rice in spotlight as Bush goes to Texas

A Young Radical's Anti-U.S. Wrath Is Unleashed (Baghdad - NYT)

US brands Sadr an outlaw (News24)

BBC - Sadr's people have taken over Basra govt buildings

Cox closes wiretap hole for VoIP (Cox able to wiretap their customers

Britain Says Shi'ites Occupy Basra Govt Buildings

Operation Valiant Resolve: DN reporting 8 dead in early fighting:

Bush owes candor, not catchphrases

US Soldier Killed in Blast in Northern Iraq (Mosul - Sunday)

U.S. Forces Take on Shi'ite, Sunni Rebels in Iraq

Stand Down Order Found

Four US troops killed in Iraq attacks

So now CNN is covering GW speeches?

NYT: Stymied by Politicians, Wal-Mart Turns to Voters

General Abizaid wants additional troops sent to Iraq within 48 hours..CNNb

Claremont Professor's Past Is a New Puzzle | LA Times

Secert Bush E-Mail Gives Advise On Denying Climate Change...& Environment

Seven wounded in Iraq suicide blast

Lightning Rod Puts Spark in Georgia Race

Hearing focuses on ways to boost graduation rate for Indian students

State lists Puget Sound orca as in danger | Seattle Times

New U.S. visa ordeal has Poles simmering

Dan Senor on CNN, arrest warrant issued for Al Sadr

Live on CNN CPA new conference NOW

Rice's Testimony May Be Audition (to keep her job) | LA Times

NYT: Leaders of 9/11 Panel Say Attacks Were Probably Preventable

Pentagon paying soldiers Chile & South Africa up to $4000

Senator Kennedy: Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam

White House: Iraq's Sadr Is Allied with Terrorists

Bush highlights job training in N.C. (MSNBC Online)

AIDS Fears Grow for Black Women | NY Times

Halliburton loses bid to overturn $98.1 million verdict

Bush Says Rice Will 'Lay Out the Fact'

Update from Yahoo: Rioting Across Iraq Kills Nearly 60

Zimbabwe: Attacks on farm workers and their children must end now

CNN: Photo may have nudged Bush on Rice testimony

Bremer Cancels Washington Trip, Senate Aides Say

Disillusioned little people desert Indonesian Pres. Megawati Soekarnoputri

Senate contests a worry for Dems

Powell to Meet with Haitian Leaders

Bush uses federal resources to push re-election

Arrest Order For Iraq Shia Cleric

Cleric: Iraqis Will Stand Up to U.S.

A Heretical View of File Sharing (doesn't hurt record sales) | NY Times

Human Rights Expert Assails Powell Visit to Haiti

CNN: More troops to Iraq

Hospital Releases Woman With Giant Tumor ...a 176 lb benign tumor

Kerry documentary film "Tour of Duty" set for pre-election release

Table of military deaths in Iraq- 12 US soldiers have died in last 24 hours

US Senators warn of Iraq Civil War

Army to test N.Y. Guard unit (Depleted Uranium contamination)

The U.S. is sabotaging stability in Iraq

History Channel apologizes (for LBJ documentary)

Four more US troops killed in Iraq attacks (Monday)

Bush economic plan on track...BOA to fire 12,500

Builders Facing Inflation, Ponder Bankruptcy

Father, Son Clash on Gay Marriage Issue (Rightwing Sen. Pete Knight)

Lou Dobbs Back with Biden

Bank of America to Cut 12,500 Jobs

Bush Committed to June 30 Deadline for Power Transfer

Pentagon Sees Iraq War Costs Edging Down

Hundreds Counterprotest (Kansas Gay Haters in NY)

What the law says about the recent killings in Iraq

Commander Punished as Army Probes Detainee Treatment (Iraq)

Kerry Tries to Portray Bush as Borrow-and-Spend Leader

September 11 attacks 'were preventable'

Support for Bush on Iraq Falling, Poll Shows (40%!!!)

Shi'ite Militia Rules Streets of Baghdad Slum

Public Support for War Steady, But Bush Job Ratings Slip

U.S., Iraqi Forces Dig In Outside Tense Fallujah

Press warning on Shia 'danger'

Cleric: Iraq's Sadr Turns Down Elders' Peace Appeal


2nd Look At LBJ Role In JFK Death

Baghdad's streets turn deadly (UPI)

PBS doing 3mile island show now...

The battle the US wants to provoke

Pledge to US about Arafat no longer applies: Sharon | Times of India

U.S., Shi'ite leaders facing risky choices in Iraq

Kerry: Bush Needs U.N. Help in Iraq

Most Americans oppose Bush policy in Iraq: poll

Fans to Mark 10 Years Since Cobain Death

CNN - Clinton's boyhood home burns

Ex-FBI worker challenges 9/11 `lie' (Sibel Edmonds )

Missourians echoing views from Bush ads

Aljazeera not allowed in Falluja . . .

Blasts heard in Baghdad

Dean Calls on Voters to Reject Nader Bid

Kerry 47, Bush 45; With Nader, It's Still A Tie

Kennedy Likens Bush to Nixon 'Credibility Gap'

TIME - When Private Armies Take to the Front Lines

US business confidence seen at 20-year high

Stymied by Politicians, Wal-Mart Turns to Voters (special election )

Letter Said to Be From Al Qaeda Threatens Spain

Confusion mars Indonesia poll

U.S. Weighs Prosecution of Aristide on Corruption Charges

Tamil Tigers threaten to fight for their own homeland

Conclusive Evidence of U.S. Role in Kidnapping and Coup

US Considers Iraq Reinforcements

Kerry Says Nader Meeting May Be 'In the Works'

Turning garbage into oil | Newsday

Marines prepare to raid Fallujah

BoA to cut 12,500 jobs and 3000 from Cigna

An Incendiary Cleric Braces His Militia for an Invasion

‘Sadr Uprising’ Gains Support Of Sunni Iraqis

Bush camp pleased -- sees Kerry taking California for granted | SF Gate

800,000 Debit Cards Overcharged at Wal-Marts .....double & triple billed

Aznar will teach at Georgetown U

Kennedy Assails Bush on Domestic Policies

Poll: Most Iraq Shia Arabs Oppose Attacks

NYT: 9/11 Panel Plans Hard Questions for the F.B.I. and Justice Dept.

GOP loyalists in Baghdad try to keep news good - San Diego Union-Tribune

Kerry not hurrying to name running mate

Pentagon Cuts Back on Casualty Info

Zarqawi threatens US forces in Iraq, criticizes Shiite leader (Sistani)

On the brink of anarchy

Bush Campaign Targets Kerry's (sic) Soft Money

Wanted Iraqi Shiite cleric barricades himself in holy mosque (Sadr)

Private Guards Repel Attack on U.S. Headquarters

US forces attack Baghdad district as violent opposition to occupation grow

Los Angeles Times wins five Pulitzer Prizes

April Declared Confederate Heritage Month in Mississippi (Barbour)

U.S. Plans To Arrest Shiite Cleric Sadr

WH Vetting Could Delay 9/11 Report Until After Election

Bush Says He Lacked Info on Sept. 11

Queen Elizabeth appeals for France, Britain to set aside dispute over Iraq

Vandals deface Veterans Memorial; local residents react

Someone say they needed a groupie?

Ok, who else uses DU to procrastinate?

Because we can't have enough Dancing Spidey threads...

LOL, this is great -- "the brief safe"

The Year In Pictures 2003

Golden Ribbons (antiwar song)

I am now talking to a few more women online.

2000 Alabama Election Results

is The Simpsons going downhill?

I drew a picture of my ass

How do I delete a personal avatar that I have uploaded?

Should I change my avatar?

Do you think DU should have a "chat room"-type function?

I need to pick a MAJOR..and soon. Help..?

Baseball Opening Day (everybody outside the AL East + Toronto)

Has anyone actually received their free Kerry bumperstickers?

It's 2:43 AM CST. Hubby just called from Maine. 7 more hours until

its 5:30 A.M, and I have to get up in an hour

I can't sleep

Nice Anti-Bush Song

Running the pages at the state convention was a blast!

Single female wanted for lasting relationship:

Be honest: do you read my column?

Random, unknown indie band from the 90's: Sugartime....

Ok...question for cat owners...

Patient my ass, No fricking way I could do this

Ten years today since Kurt Cobain died

i've faLLen of the wagon ask me anything

Will be away from DU most of the week.

Vicar: "Eat My Bible" - (Uses Simpson's Cartoon To Teach Bible)


Man's Birthday - House Burns Down, Ex Girlfriend Arrested, HE is arrested

Caption: The mark of Cain/pistol's shadow?

I just set a trackball button to open DU automatically. Don't ask me ...

You need to dig a little hole --- Ebay has the answer for You......

severaL mistresses wanted for on again/off again

Defeat Bush Bumper Stickers...

Aggressive Snake Terrorizes Street

anyone else recieve "Let My People go!" by snailmail recently?

Bow chicka chicka bow bow

Tokyo Cab Reaches NY from Argentina, Meter Running

Ok, I'm sick - ugh

A blonde joke

Another Great Top 10 list from David Letterman

Christopher Moltisanti, neo-con

Bars or Clubs?

Who are you on Green Acres?

L@@k here

Get well soon XNASA (stomach flu)

Who's lived through a Mid-Life Crisis?

3 Central Wisconsin???????/

Adult Swim Action Saturday Nights Are BACK!!! (with the Animatrix)

How many Zen Buddhists does it take to change a lightbulb?

Hey It's Death of Chiang Kai-shek/Tomb Sweeping Day in Taiwan.

Funny bumper sticker I saw yesterday:

Sen Kennedy on CSPAN

Treat Nader like TV - if you don't like him turn him off

Won't let my wife go to the video store again

Nondescript Gender-Neutral Idiot (NOGNI) jokes



So this is freeper trying to make a joke?

Is There Such a Thing as Fate?

Does anyone here post at the Yahoo CSCO board?

Have you ever heard of

Anybody having problems with AirAmerica's site today?

Today I am officially on Spring Break.

Kurt Cobain, 10 years later

Caption: I see no ships....

"Deep Space Nine" reruns noon-9pm every day this week on Spike TV

Hey everybody, it's my 1000th post!

LynneSin broke with traditional DU gatherings when she was in Boston....

DU (topten) is on today

So I've got a second full-time job now....

Wish me luck!

I make the best turkey soup

RationalRose's black cat looks just like my....

I am working 6 days a week, 60 hours atleast for $42,000

The Baddest Son of a Bitch on Television Al Swearengen of Deadwood


UK Poll: 32 percent believe that the Cold War is a Hollywood invention

Anybody Better Off Now...

Cops LOVE Checking Out Birthday Cards To Jailed Gangbangers

The Lord said "Let there be Captions"

What Wimps Doctors are..... This is no reason to stop a Soccer game

some band finally did baby sized band merchandise!

WooHoo! I'm listening to Air America!

please give me some advice on buying a gun

Remember the huge Freeper crowds in support of the Iraq war?

Police Escort Drunken Groom To His Own Wedding

Now we must register and sign in to listen to

Saturday Night Live is hilarious!

aL cubsa

The Conservative Idiots at 150!


Man 'Living Like Crusoe' Might Be Kicked Of His Island

Anybody seen the movie "Dogville"?

This DU post was read word for word on Peter Werbe's show last night

Anyone heard the word "ass" used like this?

I NEED Audio help, please!

Does anyone remember the movie "Sandcastles"...

ah, radios . . . they just don't make 'em like this anymore . . .

Another ad bump for dems

Ughhhhh I need a East coast AA stream...

Strong bad's 100th Email!!!!!

I think I may have caused someone to quit DU... (is that bad?)

goofy kerry fundraiser

Lets Say For A Moment That You And George W. Bush Switch Brains....

Freepers at War protests

Applying for jobs - ettiquette ??

I realize now what song sums up our current times...

Unfreep this AirAmerica poll!

My GF is Watching MY Posts these days

What are Eminem's politics?

Caller on Randi Rhodes show compares Condi to a Sleestak!

Fred Durst, you're a moron

Vibrating condom (MATCOM - got any customer feedback?)

College Is....

NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: Georgia Tech vs. UConn

Because we can't have enough cute pictures of rabbits...

No Tigers Jokes Today!

Wow! Freeps actually supported student's right to free speech in 2002

According to my dentist I'm a mouthbreather!

Hate Mailbag has new stuff!!!!

Cubs Win???????????

Anyone tell me how to take a screenshot of my desktop?

My daughter's dog is being put down this afternoon

If you ran a political campaign, what would its theme song(s) be?

Single female mistress wanted for about a week.

The Supremes ........ almost re-united

Why, Dick Cheney? Why did you have to ruin Opening Day?

How much of your DU time is spent in the forums?


Hawk identification

Activists Scream Over Booze-Flavored Ice Cream

Another Question for Cat Owners - Cat alone while on vacation?

Attention Robb: AirAmerica is using the word "dingbat."

The letter Y needs your support!

There's a freeper amongst us!

Not an originial bone in their bodies...

Who is the man that would risk his neck for his brother man?

Eric Cartman tells the nastiest joke ever. NSFW .WMV

Caption our little dress-up president

Vote For the Best Cartoon Sidekick

What Is The Best Letter In The Alphabet?

Freepers worried over poll... GOOD! Muhahahahah!!!

A joyous Passover to you!

Rib Results #1

I think I am 5 Minutes off From a Complete Meltdown!!!

I want to get bake on to FR so bad!!!

I had a busy day of keeping the would safe for democracy, now I home...

2 stupid questions:

Are you a freeper

Has anybody tried to work with McAfee virus protection & firewall? YUK!!!

Those "oh-so-sexy" Rethuglicans ...

Freepers listen to Air America?????

My university is stupid!!!

BofA to cut 12,500 jobs-SunMicro to cut 3500 jobs-Gateway to cut 2500 jobs

Arnold and Maria

What were Bob Ross' politics?

GRRRR!!!! Fscking Brewers!

Today in the Star Tribune paper:

Who is this guy?

Is my Sig line cool?

Store Owner Won't Take Down 'Amusing' Suicide Window Display

Freeper needs tax man

LOL I just did the impossible...ask me anything


Oh boy here we go again!!!

How do you archive a webstream?

Freepers don't like flowers on thier clothes.

random picture post

war (wor) n.

all hail the truffle shuffle

The new voice of Victoria Secret: Bob Dylan

Caption the poseur!

I still hate plumbing!

Just Because Something Worse Has Happened to YOU

The Simpsons as a TV show...

Saw a clip of * coming on to the field on the News Hour...

Microsoft vs. General Motors

Preidential IQ's

You know what I'd ask Kinda Sleazy Rice on Thursday?

Majority Report on now

CONFESS!!!!! You are a fan of Bob Ross

Taking the week off from the column this week. Ask me anything.

Old Rockers are FFFing scary looking! Post your favorite scary Rocker Pic.

Attention fans of 80's Punk/Metal/Hardcore

I'm going to miss that Planters nuts March Madness ad

Today's Doonesbury--Fantastic!

At the Gun Show

DU Chat...

OK, I'm getting upset - can't find photoshopped Kinkades URL a DUer posted

Alanis fake nekkid at the Juno awards

video games are for the most part:

Who is sick of Robb dingbat/mod options in polls?

Is there an alternative to RealPlayer?

So if I get devoted to Yoga, will it change my life?

Did you notice that Tony Blankley always lists to portside

When freepers attack: Inmate Gets Extra 18 Months for Sen. Clinton Threat

why I was chasing a naked man:a stoy

Test post.

Just bought a Sirius receiver and I have a complaint

What's the longest time you were unemployed or took time off from work?

AZ DUers--let's do cool, clean-airy Flagstaff May 15!

ever have a day where you feel...need your opinion, please

Hooters (the restaurant) related Yoda story.

Apparentely, the Bob Jones University student newspaper has a comic strip

FANTASTIC FOUR director to be announced tomorrow

A Presidential Camel Toe

Does anyone like O'Reilly really?

Ha, check it out, ya'll!

Modern Drunkard Magazine

Toilet Paper Roll: Over or Under?

When did the Simpsons go stale and sour?

What's your favorite thing about Guinness?

Men: Pretty in pink or not? Are you man enough to wear pink?

MY 1000th POST!!!

Believe it or not, not all Republican forums are Stalinist!

It's called coconut, Jon.

Need help finding specific Anti-Bush T-Shirt

Cambodian Prime Minister turns a year younger!

Any fans of Disinformation?

Micheal Jackson in 2015

What are my politics?

Martha Stewart's new digs

The Nick (Lachey) & Jessica (Simspson) Variety Special?

So if I get devoted to Yoda, will it change my life?

So, if we let John Carpenter direct the new Fantastic Four movie,

Mmm.... Cherry Garcia from Ben & Jerry!

Commentary on the Daily Show blog

anyone else dazed and confused due to the time change?

I just won two of my pools (and almost the DU pool)

Oh, Lord -- the director of FANTASTIC FOUR will be...

A Passion for Poultry

what is the site of the "river" lady in iraq's blog? Please help

Karlschneider checks in:

Cue up Teddy Pendergrass singing "One Shining Moment"...

"O'Reilly River Dance"

Really Hard Question...

I am laughing my ass off at high gas prices!

Has anyone seen the new Kevin Smith film?

OK... who else is creeped out by John Basedow?

Sick of Toilet Paper Roll Polls? Fold or Crumple that is the ?

My 500th post! Woo Hoo! Ask me anything.

Shrub profaned my beloved Cardinal's home opener today!

A year after Pete Townsend is busted for childporn, the new Who tune

Green Lantern

Design the ultimate rock dream band

My two sons just met Gomer Pyle

Green Hornet

Your Favorite Quotes

Electrical help Phase 2

How many rock n rollers died at age 27?

I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand

I've got no response to last nights Vancouver gathering thread...

Must See cartoon, *too stupid to be president*

What is freedom?

Fans to Mark 10 Years Since Cobain Death

Ok. Kurt Cobain. WHY Was He So Influential? (Make the case)

Anyone seen the Hubert Flottz lately?? Missing his wise and catty posts

Where should the Florida gathering be held??

How do birds procreate?

Scissor Sisters or The Darkness?

Toilet Paper Roll Poll 2 : Over or Under?

What did everyone do this weekend?

Guitar players/collectors: Do any of you own a Peavey EVH Wolfgang?

Today I was hired by Mr. Freeper himself.

What's your favorite google bomb?


Are you a boy or a girl or an other?

Anybody else dreading Pesach? (Passover)

My 100 favorite recordings of 1961

Which is better: New York or Chicago Style Pizza?

"Oh what a relief it is"....Woohoo! I just finished my taxes. Have you?

I've done my good deed for the day - have you?

Apparently Bush has be called by his "title"...


Outbreak Of Easter 'Bunny-Dumping' At Humane Society

A little house by the side of US Route Seventeen South

Listening to a Jimmy Page classical guitar piece LIVE NOW

Know the one good thing about my workplace closing its doors for good?

Any Mieka Pauley fans here?

New Pink Floyd Avatar:

Who should play Richard Clarke when the movie comes out?

Who *was* that AP Reporter Talking To?

Bob Ross OR Thomas Kinkade

CONFESS!!!! What one retired TV show would you want to bring back?

Favorite Paul Newman Movie?

DU Tech Folks--Help Please?

Charles Whitman, the University of Texas Sniper

"Gamera is friend to all children!"

The Dixie Date from H-E-double hockey sticks

Best Anti-War Songs?

Show of hands: Who's had their bag searched by Airplane Security

Enlisting now to avoid combat after the draft?


Know Anyone Famous?

It's freaking PLAYOFF time people! Woo Hoo!

I want to throttle the american viewing public

Am I why DU gets a bad name?

anybody know where I can get a "Make Love, Not War" t-shirt? . . .

Kurt Cobain

Pink to play Janis Joplin---wtf?!?


Job question: I have a 'brief telephone interview" tomorrow, need advice.

So, what color will Condi be wearing 4 her appearance b4 the commission?

How was primary turnout (didn't Iowa and New Hampshire have high turnout)?

Bush and Big Brother (Not Janis's Band)

If Kerry wants to take advance of the gender gap

A look at Bush's reversals

If you want to get elected, talk to Leno

Kerry Shows "No" Signs of Quick VP Decision (possible vp names mentioned)


Asleep at the switch

Bush has started to run attack ads about Kerry and the Gas tax

Carol Moseley Braun for VP?

Edwards supporters buying ads to promote him for Vice president

'The Wizard of Oz-nobody with a straight face can deny Cheney is a co-pres

Framework of Clarke's Book Is Bolstered

How about a Kerry/Hank Hill ticket?

some Poll numbers that may make a Monday morning easier to take

The polls are trending towards Kerry--Rasmussen Kerry 47-45

How About A Kerry/Purple-Flying-Bush-Butt Monkey Ticket?

New attacks coming on Kerry

Rush Limbaugh on Queer Eye???

Nader for president business franchise, On Sale Now!


great campaign tactic

Kerry's wife designs scarf for campaign

J, Greenfield just discussed VP possibilities

Will Judy Woodruff quote new Zobgy poll and will CNN...

Why is Kerry's lead not being followed: Bush's 6 Trillion

Pew Poll on Bush's Job Approval on Economy, Iraq, Terrorism, Energy...

Can Granholm from MI be on the ticket as VP?

More jobs is theme of Kerry's local rally (Cincinnati - Tuesday)


Big Kerry Lead in Michigan Poll!

Kerry will pick a *DEMOCRAT* for VP!

Kerry coming to Milwaukee on Thursday

YES Network CEO Resigns, Will Campaign for Kerry

Latest Florida Poll: Bush leads Kerry 51-43

Are we paying enough attention to Congressional elections this year?

Bush Leads by 9 in Colorado, Salazar Dominates Field

You can't even watch the Baseball Game

If John Kerry wins, "FReepster Romney" appoints his replacement.

Is Bush currently leading (outside margin of error) in ANY blue state?

OMG! I just got polled!

My Apologies:"McCain salutes the moral leadership of Bush"

A must-see comic about Bush, 9-11, and the cover-up

Dean Calls On Voters To Reject Nader

The Most Important Issue or Issues in the 2004 Election Is/Are:

Kennedy Likens Bush to Nixon 'Credibility Gap'

Presidential Preference poll

It's clear the corporate whores want McCain for VP and dread Clark

Wes Clark on CNN Newsnight today!

Potential running mates according to the AP

Iraq Issue: How importantly should it be featured in Kerry's Campaign?

Kucinich on MSNBC tonight-

Until Kerry picks Clarke as his running mate,

'17 battleground states' - what are they?

Ya wanna see a great political move?

I got it!!! The BEST way to win in Nov. 2004!!!

Is Kerry currently leading (outside margin of error) in ANY red state?

Bush paying for his girlfriends' abortions?

Will Kerry end this goddamned war?

New Zogby--Kerry leading 47-45

OMG! Was Kerry and Fonda in Oswald/Ruby 60's band?

Feingold would be a good choice for VP

Anyone else gotten this Repuke email yet? Kerry-man of the common folk?