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Archives: April 4, 2004

"In the End" for IndianaGreen

Clarke throws some extra punches at Dubya

Distemper in Europe

Right-Wing follies.

Rice is too Valuable to Take the Fall

World awaits Rice's definition of danger

A New Window on the War Room

New Questions About Saudi Money and Bandar

Has the War Made Us Safer?

Whistleblower Drops Israeli Citizenship

Bush and Blair made secret pact for Iraq war

When the ‘Big Lie’ Becomes the Truth

It's red for danger in Baghdad's 'Green Zone'

Salami soldier, baloney war

Frank Rich (NYT): Are You Now or Have You Ever Been in the Situation Room?

GU: This week [Kerry scriptural quotation]

A Familiar Foreign Policy: David Podvin (Must read!)

Bush in reverse Hakman cartoon

Great cartoon about America's infatuation with foreign oil

Questions for Dr. Rice By PETER BERGEN

Questions for Dr. Rice By SCOTT ARMSTRONG

Trading on Terror: Linking Financial Markets and War

Why terrorism won't get you on a T-shirt

We can learn from debate over slavery - Strib oped

Nice article

(Bu$h) Lies Calculated to End Social Security (Newsday)

Kwiatkowski on Iraqi Democracy

Leave Syria Alone

With cash only, the doctor can afford to see you now

"The Patriot Brothers" Song & Dance

GU: Why an SUV is now the most dangerous vehicle in Iraq

My LTTE, Re; "You say Fallujah, I say Rambo!"

The Black Commentator: Condoleeza's Crimes

Robert Fisk - Things are Getting Much Worst

Robert Fisk - Occupiers Spend Millions on Private Army of Security Men

Robert Fisk - Fallujah atrocity and the genesis of hate

America's Tibet - Colonialization of Hawaii

Learning to be Stupid in the Culture of Cash

U.S. Could've Stopped 9/11 Attacks, Panel Chief Says: NYTIMES

Sibel Edmonds: A Campaign to Light the fire under the Press

-> SEND WHITE PAINT to help 9/11 Commission's "Civil Obedience"

Great idea for Pro Kerry signs along the highways

Write to Congress critters: DEMAND Bush Cheney 911 testimony Live on TV

The Privileges of Opinion, the Obligations of Fact - NY Times Pub. Editor

Satellite Sisters on Air America NOW! New study: "Alcohol enhances..."

Who is this Margaret MacMillan on C-Span?

MAJORITY REPORT replay on Air America: Dean, Thomas guests n/t

Who are these people on AA right now?

Didja know that Bill Bennet is going have a radio show?

UK Observer Rewrites History at France's Expense in Bombshell Article

Pundit Pap 04/04/04:For those who can't stand Sunday talk shows vs. traffic graph (cool stats)

"House of Bush, House of Saud" author Unger on AAR w/ Flanders NOW. n/t

60 Minutes - Bush Administration's Toxic Cover-Up - mp3 & vp3 video here

How stupid can the Washington Post (online) be?

Whats the diff?

Science - Do This Now

Faux News: Sluggy Style. (cartoon)

Astrologers: Ralph Nader on Starlight News, Presidential Politics

Let gays suffer like the rest of us

Cheney Halts Plan For Lesbian Book Release

Saudi Gov't Lifts Gay Web Ban

Employers 'time shaving' employees time cards - isn't that stealing?

I have a question about this 308,000 jobs report

China's national drink released to a thirsty US market

More: Systematic coal pollution laws dimantling (NYT Magazine).

60 min: Coal sludge disaster bigger than the Exxon Valdez covered up by

"The tragedy of the commons", posted as a PSA from...

There's even an "oil awareness" meetup starting!

Does anyone here have solar power in the Pacifc NW?

An Interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski

Confusion reigns as Indonesian elections approach

The Rwanda Witness (Canadian general who commanded UN troops)

NY Times: The New 'Arab' Playwrights

Analysis: Iran's new political landscape

Incompetence or Double-Dealing in Coalition Management of Iraq?

Yassin's death exposes Arab-Iran divide

"not the way it was done in 1963 in America." (Kennedy Assassination)

My experience with Jury Duty

If Deanna Laney had been a male...

DU gun owners: What’s your personal reason for owning a gun or guns?

Take guns from abusers, task force says

Second Amendment Upheld AGAIN

Somebody did the time the wrong way

Inflammatory rhetoric

Arizona doesn't do DST

The 'My Posts' feature has improved my DU experience 1000%

I'd like to throw a few rose petals to the LBN Mods.

26 arrested in Nablus raid

Orwell and Kafka in Israel/Palestine

Dahlan calls for Arafat's replacement, then denies it

Hamas Vows to Destroy the Knesset

Shouting Disrupts Israeli Cabinet Meeting

New Anti Terror Idea for Sky Scrapers

The War in Iraq Cost the United States - Website

911 commission seems to be avoiding Pentagon 9/10 activity and pipelines

New 9/11 Forum?

Democracy for Michigan has arrived

Saturday Night Live, re: Clarke, GWB, the 9/11 commission, and beer.

Spim is the new spam

Mississippi governor to honor Confederate traitors

Al Qaeda letter delivered to Spain's Cairo embassy demands Iraq withdrawal

Just asking: Did Blackwater hire the Aryan Nations security chief?

Could someone give me a feel for Kerry's various positions?

"So Mr. President, if the CIA hadn't given you faulty intelligence, you

Look at this MSNBC "First Read" logo. Does this seem wrong to you?

What have you profitted

ABC's "The Note...." rename it "The Joke?" ........swallowing for Bush

SNL: Clarke, Bush, Beer vs. alQaeda

Ego, Pride, and Selfishness prevents listening to arguements from

Nate Clay, WLS AM, discussing Condi's expected lies

Morning Sedition's Marc Maron on HBO On Demand until April 18th

Powell admits to wrong intelligence!!!!

What's Bush Hiding?

Hillary on AA replay now --i'm not sure WHAT the time is

Drunk again today!!!

Advisors? Minders? or Babysitters? thought adults were in charge

DU This Poll

who is going to visit the Counter Clinton Library?

Spread of Bin Laden Ideology Cited (Iraq war faulted)

Bush-Kerry electoral vote tie? It IS possible? And how is a tie decided?

As a Texan, I have a request. Stop sending W "home to Crawford"!

Want a good laugh...?

If Mel Gibson was a real artist....

Anybody watching MTP? Kean and a democratic ex-senator, I think. n/t

Daily U.S. Casualties 4/4/2004

Barbarity walks both sides of the street

What sort of world do we want?

Jesus was a raving Madonna fan...

Any Air America shows been archived anywhere yet?

NY Times: The Return of Warrior Jesus

Will "Dr." Rice be under oath when she testifies?????

Walter Cronkite & the Interfaith Alliance v. Whacko Fundies.

What is 60 minutes up to tonight?

Puke alert: Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton on MTP

DailyKos site hacked?

Laura Flanders, Air America host C-Span 2 Now. n/t

Radio Left

How ashamed of ourselves should we be?

Warning!!! Karen Hughes Alert: MTP

Karen Hughes

t r u t h o u t hacked

On NBC: Tweety and his panel: they showed Rush Limbaugh

Jesus was a radical. He wasn't a moderate, and he wasn't a

White House Will EDIT The 9/11 Commission Report?

A Time to Break Silence.....

US Iraq toll hits 600

DELUSION vs REALITY ? or "Blue Skies Smiling At Me..."

Dean: government should get in the voting business before marriage biz

Make Your Prediction: Kurtz On CNN at 11:30 EDT

I love Janeane Garofalo

George Stephanopolous did his best to demolish any impact from Letterman's

What's your favorite aspect of Talk Radio?

Why does Candy Crowley always play devils advocate for bush*?

if cable news was a high school

2 Texas murdering moms, one guilty, one not.....why?

Daily Kos a blank white page

John Negroponte possible ambassador to Iraq?

Why is it NO ONE has lost their job over the failures of 911???

A little light entertainment

Is America ready to fight a 100-year war ?

At Least 24 Killed as Iraqis Battle Foreign Troops(Rate this story please)

Kean and Hamilton suck

I believe John Dean is going to be bigger than Clark.

Regarding the concealed meaning of esoteric writings .....

"No one could possibly be THAT evil."...............'s my early 2005 new years resolution:

Where Appeasement Gets You: Right-Wingers Setting Their Sights on DU

Immigrants getting a lot more of those 308K new jobs

My formula for a Democratic electoral victory in 2004 (long post warning)

Marines limiting info about attacks on troops

In tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.

Something I don't like in some Rice parodies

4/4/04 NYT best sellers Non fiction list

We Are Being Strangled By The Loop

The most new jobs in one, well...since the Clinton

A Kinder, Gentler Form of Fascism…

"Bring The Boys Home"

‘Messing with Minds’ uses shock tactics to warn Cairo audience of US occup

Kerry clearly now has the big Mo

Chimpy has really fornicated the canine this time

Air America - Walter Cronkite on now

Fewer people believe Bush cares about them!

Pastor uses simpsons to teach religion!!!!

Occupying Iraq is making it more dangerous for us here in America

Bill Kristol on Fox just said re: Fallujah

God, I love Janeane Garofalo!

In general, Iraqis know a lot more about us than we do about them.

Sen. Kerry, take a cue from the way Howard Dean does it...........

Atrocities anyplace, anytime, are still atrocities

liberal=smart, ewww: republican dumb, yum?

Rasmussen Poll Feels Nader Will Not Be A Factor In 2004

Haiti....a Bush coup?

What would a McCain vs. Zell Miller race be like?

Article: [Bush] "not the most subtle president"

Wow! Wolf tried to spin the Clarke testimoney as a PLUS for Bush

Air America is carrying the worst NPR show ever

Someone PLEASE explain to me the Bush opposition to gay marriage...

Ohio DUers: Kerry Rally/Speech in Cincinnati Tuesday, April 6!

Democratic ads paid for by "illegal conspiracy of donors..."

AGHHH!!! Why do I even bother with cable news anymore?

Band-Aid Economics.

I don't see the point of polls on DU.

I heard a conservative accuse Ted Kennedy of creating HMO's.

Today's date is kind of scary: 040404

What does LIHOP/MIHOP and DINO stand for?

Washington post misinformation

I just emailed Air America and Leo LaPorte

I learned of another book for your list while researching 'stratcom'

Passover/Easter Week

Foreign policy and political party

Want Mike Malloy back on the airwaves? Do something about it!

Rove phones CNN's Schneider = Schneider opens his mouth

Guess who is posting on an AOL

It appears that the Iraqis are taking back their country and their oil

what should I answer to this freeper email from

I live near a bridge, and I would burn and hang the bodies of occupiers

Find out if you are a Fascist..

I need negatives on Colin Powell?

There are so many counts and partial counts of KIAs today

April 1st. CBS Poll: Bush Approval at 49%. Kerry leads 48% to Bush 43%.

Day 22 - Still no Bush response to Kerry Debate Challenge

Is cash-only medicine the wave of the future?

Everything Smirk has done that goes against what Christ taught...

doctors turning to cash only patients

in a live debate with a friend about the 308,000 jobs in March

Iraq Press Office Run by GOP (AP)

R Cosby (FAUX)- Should the US do to Sadr what was done to the Hamas leader

Uh-Oh! The Secret Homosexual Agenda is Out!

So....since Schwarzenegger took office in Calif - are things any better?

President who says God told him to smash kids' skulls acquitted...

Does anyone know when a U.S. Senate seat in Vermont will be open.

Pennsylvania wouldn't vote for that A-hole Toomey

Some info on today's events in Iraq

Right now (5:30 p.m. EDT) on Air America: Helen Thomas!

Iraq "Democracy" - A Lie

Swing state

Laura Flanders next on Air America-is this LIVE? Not repeat of Sat show?

10 U.S. Troops Killed, 24 Wounded In Iraq Today

I think Black Christians & White Religious Right(Christians) are more

Howard Dean is a class act!

Please post thoughts about the worsening situation in Iraq --

WP: Framework of Clarke's Book Is Bolstered

1998: Super-Computer Predicts Runaway Greenhouse Effect

Would the 9/11 commission come out with something really damning

Tom Friedman invites you to take a "Holiday in Fallujah!" - (faux ad)

The False Economic Growth...more jobs thingy. Bush touts more jobs headline (soldiers die) vs. poll (who will win NCAA)

Who should we support for President?

What are some poor areas that are socially liberal?

A stern warning to America, (quotes from Abbie Hoffman)

ABC News: Lugar wants to convene hearings on July Iraq handover.

Enronization of our economic indicators

If Coulter and Ingraham...

Fox News running "Who Is Jesus" tonight?

"Cold Case"-CBS now :fictional death of a Clinton campaign worker in '92

God told religious woman to kill kids and she is labeled insane. Bush?

Listening to AAR all day

Baghdad from Iraq

Ohio neck and neck

Republicans trying to gag nonprofits

Why is Fox News the only station covering Bagdad, Sadr City, etc?

What's on tv tonight?

Is cash-only medicine the wave of the future?

Etiquette in internet political discussions...

Lyndon Johnson told the Nation

Jesus was a raving liberal

"Tucker Carlson on why he doesn't like Karen Hughes" Salon

Where are the Grateful Cheering Crowds? Bush's "Shock & Awe"

OK - my next few hours tied up - "Born on the 4th of July" on Bravo 9:00pm

Did you order the MoveOn "Bush in 30 Seconds" dvd, and if so, did it

Is anybody else afraid Cheneybush will decide to nuke Fallujah?

If they are lying to us, how can we give our consent?

Are you ready for Jihad?

An Administration of Liars

NBC just now: Bush numbers up, Kerry down?

How safe will U.S. athletes be at the upcoming Olympics?

I've been trying to get my posts higher than the Iraq death total.

Imagine if Rep. Henry Waxman were on the 9/11 commission?

Will Saddam be offed before any trial?

Will Condi Rice apologize to 9/11 families?

What political benefit did Bu$h see in Iraq?

10 GIs Dead in Iraq... More Proof George "Body Bag" Bush's Plan Works!

Charlie McCarthy/Edgar Bergan Show by Bush/Cheney before 9-11

not guilty by by reason of insanity

Find cheap gas in your neck of the woods with...

Ari Fleischer: A Tender, Nasaltone Look Back (mp3)

Why has the discussion turned to baseball around here?

What's up with Karen Hughes saying "Valerie PLUME"

Karen Hughes on Cspan book

Is anyone listening to Air America right now?

Has Bush Formed a Secret Shadow Government?

Did anyone just see the opening of Cold Case on CBS???

If I see one more post saying that Hillary or Dean should run in 2008

Unbelievable comment by "Rev." Moon

Many of us have decided to donate to this candidate linked from Kos.

In 30 years from now, one of the two parties will be dead

Coming soon: "Iraq Syndrome":

Folks, I have GREAT NEWS! Also...gave more to Kerry today

Iraq has turned into hell.

It's interesting how our Constitution isn't good enough for the Iraqi's...

False Promises on Gas

What Is The Wine That Is An Air AmSponsor?

John Dean Tells Bill Moyers that Bush Should Be Impeached

Christine Gregoire; the DINO's choice for WA governor!

History Channel Apologizes to Lady Bird

Naomi Klein: Let's Make Enemies

Just have to share something that will make you smile

600. When did this happen?

Homeland Security: The NBC Movie

Transcript of Dean's portion of Late Edition.

Is there any real evidence that Saddam tried to kill Poppy?

Shrudge & Dan COULTER Are Contratulating Selves abt "Being Attacked"

I went to and saw that 7 soldiers died.

Air America....what do you think?

A tough read: The Memory Hole's record of our Iraq WIAs

Krispy Kreme and Duncan Doughtnut give 100% to Rep.

What benefit did Bu$h get from Iraq venture?

Why we need to stay in Iraq

Saddam remnants? partial list of groups involved in the Iraq insurgency:

Secret email gives advice on denying climate change

The DU unity thread.

Freeper e-mail tries to shrug off 600 dead Americans...

Can Anything Stop The Neo-Cons?

Date Trees and Saddam?

Michael Moore apologizes to Al Gore for supporting Nader

Is is OK to disagree with K_rry? (newbie question)

Draft Link for Peter Werbe Fans

BBV: Don't Wait For a Combined Voting Rights Bill. Ask Your Senators to

some occupation troops have DU contamination

What is the REAL Number of Casualties in Iraq?

Tonight on 60 Minutes: A Toxic Cover-Up by the Bush administration

Condi outreach campaign?

In defense of US Navy SEALS. (And other special forces)

Peter Werbe live at 11p.m. eastern time

Need advice re: online bookstores

People of Iraq hate Bremer

Poll to DU/Are President Bush's policies contributing to an upswing in the

Bush Family Philanthropy

Air America radio website down.

Freepers show their "real selves" over the recent events in Iraq

it's February, 2005 - post-election, post-inauguration and therefore

Atrios asks Kerry to delink his blog. A powerful statement.

I'm not bothering with CNN anymore

Someone needs to put out a *very controversial* movie about Bush b4 Nov

Mike Malloy update/news/CD download! :) :) :)

If it was discovered * had an affair, would it hurt him any?

Fascism -- Left or Right?

The worst aspect of the CNN/Letterman/ yawning controversy.

Did the Clinton Administration ever blame Bush 41 for WTC attack in '93?

Republican Operatives Lead at Iraq Press Office - Carlyle Group too

Truthout is back

At least twenty are confirmed dead following violent demonstrations

LTTE from a Clueless Entrepreneur today...

FYI---The Gore Report on Aviation Safety and Security....worth saving if

Why we Need to Stay in Iraq Redux

The Bush Administration and Osama Bin Laden, pre 9-11

FOX:"...since those 4 INNOCENT civilians were killed in Fallujah"

Harold Ford… The first black President…

Russert just mentioned Sibel Edmonds on MTP!

Dean in 2008!!! (If Kerry loses in 2004!)

Example of how the media reports IMPORTANT media-related information.

Is Britain having an election soon?

Air America or Pacifica ?

JFK: Hughes Leads Todays White House Effort to Re-Write History

How many DUers here have seen actual combat?

Robert Bird, American hero.

Kerry will win 2004

My priest made an interesting statement about Sen. Kerry today...

daytime Soaps are too "steamy" says the FCC

If You are Thinking About Buying a House or Refinancing, DON'T!

Teresa Heinz Kerry is an Afro-American

How many Liberal Christians do we have here?

Credit Card Glitch Overcharges Thousands Of Users

Typical republican Scott Walker

Shia declare Jihad against occupation troops

How We Beat the Freepers at Ft. Bragg

Is poverty a form of terrorism?

This Week: cat's out of the bag....Iraq is insoluble hell, utter quagmire

The 9/11 Bush/Cheney closed-door testimony: Read it here first!

RPMA/Revolution in Political and Military Affairs: A blueprint for BFEE?

so these deaths are due to Bremer's ego?

I have received calls from over 15 family and friends today on Iraq

Britain's proposed National Id Card

Don't you wish 50 cent was spewing lyrics like this?

"The Horror of Condi Beach! / Mark of the Rumsferatu" - a double feature

I Pledge to John Kerry 5 Cents for Every Response To This Thread PART 4

What are the chances of a major deterioration in Iraq

Wal Mart, Kinkos, Taco Bell, Toy R Us, Altering Employee Time Cards.

Bush numbers up? Bushit! Kerry's ahead. Here are the numbers.

What's been happening with ol' Rush? Anything new?

What Canada and Mexico should learn from Iraq.

What are your thoughts on Christianity?

Markos Moulitsas Supports John Kerry!--and so do I at 5¢ per comment

Clarke's declassified 2002 testimony corroborates his book

Myanmar troops rape, kill: NGO

Injustice? We don't want to know, says Beijing

Bomb find perturbs Spanish press

ETA Senior Terrorists Arrested in France, Spain Says

Suspected terrorists 'could be al-Qaida'

Gov't defends roundup of suspected terrorists

26 arrested in Nablus raid

Two Marines killed in W. Iraq


Fewer Say Bush Is Serving Middle Class (WashPost poll)

Hong Kong tells US to butt out

More employers doctoring time records, experts say

Muslims protest being targeted as 'terrorists'

Crack US troops to flush out terrorists in key Southeast Asian ...

Ariz. easing fed's rules for school standards

UK ports pose 'soft target' for terrorists

Blast Rocks Madrid Suburb

At least 8 dead in clashes in Iraq city of Najaf

Deadly clashes erupt between Iraqi Shiites and coalition troops

Congress poised to end taboo against road tolls

Shouting Disrupts Israeli Cabinet Meeting

600 U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq Operations

Five die in attack on Pakistani police station

Colleges' Budget Crunch Growing (California)

Newspaper: Ohio received $4.3 billion in defense contracts last year

2 Leave Program Criticized for Not Helping Ill Workers - NYT (* stops $$)

WP: Spread of Bin Laden Ideology Cited (Iraq war faulted)

Daylight Savings Time Means Smoke Detector Battery Time

US teens look to Botox to stay cool

Kerry Doing the Math and Scaling Back Some Plans | LA Times

California Colleges' Budget Crunch Growing | LA Times

British troops clash with Iraqi demonstrators

Four El Salvador soldiers killed in Iraq

Minnesota Poll: It's Kerry over Bush by 12 points

Madrid Bomb Ringleader Cornered, Killed in Blast

Iraqi killed, five wounded in clashes between British, Sadr forces

Anti-U.S. sentiment rises in Latin America countries

U.S. Had Trained Troops to Defend Spratlys

2 Iraqi police chiefs killed in 24 hours

Shiite cleric tells supporters fighting US troops to "terrorize" enemy

Coalition confirms arrest of aide to anti-American cleric in Iraq

Are we on the verge of Iraq's "Tet Offensive"?

Agencies (in Massachusetts) prepare for gay spouses | Boston Globe

Iraq's top Shiite cleric refuses to meet Bremer

Why Your Tax Cut Doesn't Add Up

Montreal riot squad called in after Jackass | Globe and Mail

Quick and Quiet Search to Fill the Democratic Ticket | NYT

4 Salvadorans, 14 Iraqis killed in Najaf clashes

US tanks crush Iraqi protesters: police

Lugar says U.S. may need to delay Iraq handover

Kerry leads Bush in national poll of Hispanic voters

U.S. Military Moves in S. Korea Assailed

Bush and Blair made secret pact for Iraq war

AP: Bush Loyalists Pack Iraq Press Office

"I saw papers that show US knew al-Qaeda would attack cities with planes"

Fallouja: No Good Options

Bremer denounces violent protests

Bush and Blair made secret pact for Iraq war

White House to Review 9/11 Report Before Release

Chairman: 9/11 panel findings will surprise

Bush Loyalists Pack Iraq Press Office

Troops fire on Iraqi protesters, 24 dead

Senators Wary of U.S. Deadline on Iraq

CNN Breaking: 3 US Soldiers ambushed & killed in Baghdad

At Least 24 Killed in Clashes in Iraq

5,000 at Dallas rally say God and politics go hand in hand

Brazil refuses nuclear inspections

Iraq handover too soon: senators

AP breaking: 7 soldiers killed in Baghdad

NYT: Altering of Worker Time Cards Spurs Growing Number of Suits

Exporting work

9/11 Panel Chairman Expects to Surprise

Image blitz planned for Dem convention | Boston Globe

Modern Mercenaries on the Iraqi Frontier

U.S. military deaths in Iraq top 600 (MSNBC)

Four Iraqis killed during protest

Iraqi cleric calls for terror against coalition - Moqtada Sadr

Sept. 11 Panel to Decide Fate of Clinton Counterterror Papers

Bush and Blair made secret pact for Iraq war (9 days after 9/11)

Bush and Blair made secret pact for Iraq war (9 days after 9.11)

White House to review 9/11 report before release

Marines may patrol key waterway

Sunday Strib: Kerry leads bush by TWELVE points in Minnesota

ID Cards 'To Be Enforced By 2008'/UK-- New World Media Watch

Kerry: Bush Plan Would Cost $6 Trillion

Brazil Shielding Uranium Facility (from UN -- but Iran is allowing UN)

30 Die as U.S.-Led Troops Battle Shi'ites in Iraq

More US troops may be needed in Iraq - key senator

Woman who stoned sons to death acquitted

Probe on leak of CIA agent name widens

A Daily Look at U.S. Iraq Military Deaths - 610 U.S. Soldiers Have Died

U.N. Envoy Arrives in Iraq to Advise on Transition

Mounting Protests Turn Deadly Across Iraq

IKEA founder overtakes Gates as world's richest - TV [REUTERS]

Bach's missing score found in Japan

Protests Unleashed by Cleric Mark a New Front in War - WP

Bremer is on CNN with a split screen showing Iraqis picking up their dead

Americans shrinking as junk food takes its toll

Malaysia Rejects US Sea Patrols

Oil giants boycott Iraq talks

Iraq Protests Turn Bloody -Al Jazeera

Heinz Endowments aids Wal-Mart fight

Namibia’s fairy circles leave scientists flummoxed

Some Bush Initiatives Languish In Congress

Shiite militants seize public buildings in central Iraqi city

White House to Review 9/11 Report Before Release

Students Face U-Md. Action For Shouting at (Lynne) Cheney Speech

Kerry Camp Hits Bush for 'Drunken Sailor' Spending

El Salvador condemns attack on its troops in Iraq

Calif. Woman Travels to Iraq to Visit Son

It's Kerry over Bush by 12 points (in MN)

Bush Unveils Initiative to Double Job Training

AP: White House Sticking to Iraq Timetable

10 U.S. Troops Killed in Iraqi Violence - At least 24 more wounded

The Women Behind Bush: They Promote and Defend, Nudge, Revere and Defer

War on Iraq 'has helped' Bin Laden

AP: Bush Loyalists Pack Iraq Press Office

Saddam is ‘playing with interrogators’

Nader makes Bush his target (in Portland OR) | Oregonian

Clubs are out in force for baby seals [market quietly returned]

Poisoned?Shocking report reveals local troops may be victims of america...

Protests Unleashed by Cleric Mark a New Front in War

France 'sought secret UN deal' in bid to avert row

New to the Job, Rice Focused on More Traditional Fears

Iraqi police 'were too scared' to help Americans in Fallujah

Cat Power's "Myra Lee"

SNL Doing Clarke

Do you dread your Birthday?


Who has REAL guts?


I can't believe Catshrink is out of beer either!

Do you read LF's posts?

What do you think they would say

hey, it's 04/04/04

You all need to get a CLUE

LF signing off!

Hahahaha suckers!!! Zonies don't have to change their clocks!

Bush's new campaign song...

American fools

HEY - DU set the time BACK an hour ????? just now ???

Last straw

Do we changing to daylight savings have to reset our profiles/preferences?

Obligatory SNL Thread

I need a tip in making out

Cute girl will say stuff to you

If 40% of the management of an organization were killed or captured...


Favorite Stooge?

Found:....Cheney's baby picture

What a cute little squirrel, you have ....look out for the CAT...

I think I may have been abducted last night


I have a choice to make

Would you vote for Sugarporn Poopattana,

Cameron Diaz in a cheerleader uniform

Redesigning my blog

It sucks how much Duke (Dook) sucks so mucch

Here's why you don't see Leo Laporte on TechTV anymore:

Favorite Magnum P.I. character?

Does your chewing gum lose it's flavor on the bedpost overnight?

trying to break the Taco Bell habit

what to season the pork tenderloin that will be in the...

150 years.......give or take a few

James Brown tickets are $195 and $210.

I'm now over the 100-post mark! Yee-hah!

"How Do These People Survive?"

I'm Republican and I'm OK-------

Look at this graphic on

Why is Kermit b****slapping the Washington Monument?

In honor of Sunday, I will post a Jesus joke

Does anyone remember ESPN and MTV when they first started?

How much would you pay to lick John Wayne's backside and make it sticky?

Could someone help out a guy who's

I'm on a mission

What your favorite catchy melody at the moment?

My "Easter Signature" is definitely ME !

"The Runaway Jury" is a helluva movie



If NESN has dumbass Bruins hockey - Where the f... are my Sox?

regrets about the road not taken

They weren't trading baseball cards.

My local movie marquis has The Passion and HellBoy side by side!

I have declared war!

Trying to break the gourmet-catfood habit

Call From a Soldier...

Song lyrics with person/POV shifts? Do they peeve you?

More on the regressive payroll tax from the NYT

I can now officially retire my sig line

I Cut Off A Foot of Hair on Friday

Is there such A thing as too SEXY?

i cut off a hairy foot

I cut off a foot of Harry

Lynne Cheny's Lesbian book will NOT be released

My Unemployment & My Fundie BA Xtian Mom - I Can't Believe What I Said

Just joined Netflix - Give me some movie recommendations!

What the heck is going on down under?

A few (non-flammable) questions about Jesus

Chocolate-chip body wash

Anyone here remember the movie "Pivilege"?

"Check it out, a Boortz fan. Hey Tom,..."

'Passion' breaks box office records in UAE

04/04/04 * 04/04/04 * 04/04/04 * 04/04/04

What would this week's "Top 10 Liberal Idiots" be?

John Ashcroft sent us

4:04 on 04/04/04

What Magnum P.I. means To You

The most pointless poll ever

Was Jesus Christ gay?

Having Some Root Beer for Breakfast.

The kind of crap that happens when you have a theocracy

Baseball Starts Tonight. Red Sox Orioles. Lets Get It On.

Why Hasn't DU Sprung Its Clocks Forward Yet?

Post your favorite all time goofy song lyrics HERE!

Is it time for Underpants to change those Undies?

NY Cops Raid Wrong Apartment

Boston DU Drunks Slideshow - Once more with feeling

What manner of human are you?

I've been posting a lot, avoiding cleaning

Anyone do as well on their bracket as I did?

I'm going to Hell for sure now.

My 100 Favorite Songs of 1962

Don't you wish the FCC could fine foreign countries?

My feet are killing me!

Lord of the photo

PSA: Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon to coincide with The End...

VH1's new show 'Gaydar' - offensive or entertaining?

I understand that Spielberg will be remaking "War of the Worlds"

Unemployed, You're Offered a GREAT Job in a "Bad" Industry. Your Choice?

My roommate brought a girl home tonight, and she's making the bed.

What towns have verbs for names?

The official Sibel Edmonds is SMOKING HOT thread

My 400th post! Ask me anything.

BREAKING NEWS: Bin Laden captured in Spain!!!

What did you eat today?

Does your hotmail account crap out on you?

I sense that Iraq is about to Blow!

The rootman is dead

Students:Test Time..... "Get out your no.2 pencils".. You may begin...


The new Chrysler Crossfire. WOW! What do folks think?

Poll 4 of 4: Best Beatles Top 40 Solo Album (1977-1979)

I'm going insane!!!

I have a very serious question for anyone willing to listen... PART 1

I'm Cooking Chili And Drinking Scotch

The REAL State of the Union Address

Poll Addendum: Best Beatles Top 40 Solo Album (1980-1982)

Hey Avalanche fans...

What's your favorite 1960s SOUL INSTRUMENTAL?

hey! this, um, 'cleanser' i got from GNC....

A delightful flash cartoon for Sunday afternoon.

Are you depressed? Down in the dumps? Feel blue?

Today I Met Some Awesome Boston People

I need a drink!

Serious Question for anyone willing to listen: PART 2...

Runoff: Best Beatles Top 40 Solo Album (1970-1982)

My friend needs help. I do, as well.

Is is OK to disagree with K_rry? (newbie question)

HELP!!! I need exterminator advice......

If Coulter and Ingraham...

What is that, a quarter??? A Chuck-E-Cheese token???


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

I've seen some strange stuff on the Simpsons. . .

162 Stories Begin Tonight

Poll 3 of 4: Best Beatles Top 40 Solo Album (1975-1976)

I truly hate the first few days of daylight savings

Roly Poly Oly and Johnny tv?

INTRODUCING: The DU Republican Sympathizers A-Z Game...

Goodbye Boston!!! We'll miss you

Poll 2 of 4: Best Beatles Top 40 Solo Album (1972-1974)

Pedro sucks.

Who else hates this daylight savings time change

Hooray! for the Lady Vols!

Great book recommendation

Poll 1 of 4: Best Beatles Top 40 Solo Album (1970-1971)

Describe the nieghbourhood you grew up in..

Zomby's Music to BBQ by!

Thanks To All The Boston DUers From Mrs Matcom!!!

Battle of the Mega-Cuties: Rena Sofer vs. Rhona Mitra

Just saw a clip of "Power Jeopardy". Does anyone know when

Grrrr... Dissapointed by the Sesame Street 35th anniversary specail....

Colorado Rockies-2004 WORLD SERIES CHAMPS!!!!!

This webpage is full of hilarious stuff!

Do you measure when you cook (not bake), or eyeball it all?

Five bucks says that the Brewers finish over .500 this year!

how many boards would the mongols hoard if the mongol hordes got bored?

Okay, today we had floods

cheap place to buy porn online (read first)

I'm Glad the Red Sox are On their Way to a World Series

Accck! I'm MoDo!

I just saw myself on the local news.

Cute animal avatars from Neopets *kinda pic heavy thread*

What Johnny Cash means to you

Ya know...if Kerry loses this year

Boston meetup looked fun -- anybody do meetups anywhere else?

Welcome Ladies and the Night Gallery...

Five bucks says Bambino will do his thing again

Hey Burythehatchet, still want an Atlanta DUtogether?

Another WWII show on History Int'l. On the Graf Spee!!!

NY DUers: Ever been to Cornonet's Pizza? I think its on 112th and broadway

Has anybody heard if All in the Family season 3 DVD will come out?

Can somebody modify this to 96 or 97 pixels in height?

any "Mail Call" (History Channel) fans here?

People in Ann Arbor -- your town has the best pizza ever.

Thread titles most likely to smoke out lurking freepers

Recording Audio tape to CD - easiest, cheapest

I just got a short-wave radio

What is a "freeper"?

Computer problems

on the grill tonight....

Its April 4th - We are expecting SNOW - Tomorrow, Wind Chill in the TEENS

Which of these things is most likely to happen?

Hitchcock -- what's your favorite?

this new clapton album is kickin' my butt

I can think like a freeper

Damn! He is stabbing the diver!

"Gothika" and the 2003 remake of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"

Why did Mary M and Jesus' family mistake Him for a gardener?

"Erections Lasting More Than 4 Hours Require Immediate Medical Help"

Starsky & Hutch Remake, whaddidya think?

We're back! (Now includes picture of Basil!)

How about a nice steaming hot cup of liquid cat shit? Yummy

any Halo fans out there?

Satellite Internet...anyone use it?

If You Were A Font (Typeface)... Which One Would You Be?

Did Air America crap out again?

May the 4s be with you.

The BIG NCAA Final!

"Quite explicit and inappropriate."

Post your favorite Freeper Pics From this Album

XM radio

Is there such a thing as heterophobia?

Just what the HELL is that in the closet making those snorting noises?


Mods Lasting More Than 4 Hours Require Immediate Medical Help

This bull has fallen on hard times

Dearest matcom,

Did anyone bookmark the car ad featuring cat strangulation by sunroof?

Vancouver Gathering update - important, location decision finalized

Hey. Check Out This Web Site. It's Pretty Darn Good.

Does this sound right - animal rights people


Game Players...

I was on the 24-ft extension ladder painting and the dogs went crazy!

What is the validity of these words?

Which of these is LEAST likely to happen?

PASSOVER: What should I expect?

NHL PLAYOFFS! Anyone wanna make some guesses???


I saw Jersey Girl last night.

So, do you have an ****embarrassing****moment you'd like to share?


damn, the boys down at the selective service are good.

We saw Dawn of the Dead this weekend...

An interesting test for any/all DU'ers.

RANT about Safeway

Hey. Could This Work. I Have A Fun Idea. Some Time Here A DU We

Is anyone here MY groupie?

Geez. No wonder I stuck to the Lounge this weekend.

Armaments 5:1-12 (a short history of nukes, enjoy!)

and what is a Pooka?

Achtung! WWII shows on History Intl Channel this evening!

It's nearly tornado season. Any DU'ers ever live through one?

Anybody got any ideas for free hobby oriented groups that I could join?

If you leave DU for a while how long before anyone notices you're gone?

They say the average person has 12 cars in their lifetime...

Five bucks says the Tigers win at least 70 games this year

NCAA title game: Ga. Tech v. UConn

Did the UCONN Women win?????

have you ever taken guaifenesin syrup for congestion?

class-action lawsuits - every been part of one?

How has DU changed over the past year?

UCONN Coach Calhoun gives to Democrats

How many DU'ers would it take to change a lightbulb?

The Freeper Photo Album

I have a picture of matcom's ass

One of my six cats, Gatita, is a music lover. She turns on the stereo to

This poll is dedicated to John Ashcroft. (porn)

Favorite rhythm section?

Favorite Resevior Dogs Character

OMG, Something Big Is Going To Happen!


Thinking of renting a movie tonight....

Ah - Do you smell that? Yep, another year of indignity for the Red Sox

As if I'm not feeling insecure and depressed enough already....

Hey Lakers fans....

Zomby's Grill Today: Babyback Ribs, smoked with hickory!

The Presidential Edict of all CAPTIONS!!!

Favorite Monty Python song?

Are you planning on having an outdoor wedding? (rant)

Who Would Jesus Bomb? n/t

So what is everyone driving?

Caption the embodiment of Iraqi Freedom

Elperromagico Asks the Tough Questions: What's Your Favorite Color?

Gates loses No. 1 spot in net worth

Florida DUers, want to Meetup?? Click here to find out more!!

Forgive me this, but I have got to know...

Recording sound on the PC?

Are there groupies on DU?

There's the strangest-looking bug on my refrigerator

How should I retaliate for Rabrrrrrr's "Robb is a dingmod" sigline?

Vatican wary of Kerry

I predict...

This may sound ignorant, but I need help voting...

Shouldn't the deficit redefined as an issue of character, culture, . . .

The majority of firefighters will vote for Kerry

Do you think Kerry would pardon Bush?

Bushco prime source for phony mobile labs codenamed..."Curveball"!!!

LAT: Kerry Doing the Math and Scaling Back the Plans

Kerry supporters you win

Kerry needs Pennsylvania if he is to unseat Bush

Don't believe the myth...

I went to an event with Sen. Clinton and Sen. Schumer.

What do you think about Max Clelland for VP?

I have the perfect VP candidate for Kerry.....

Most people don't pay attention to the election until October

Kerry should pick Rick Santorum for VP.

A Poll to UnFreep...

Time To Beat Bush Up With Cheney's Words: IRAQ = QUAGMIRE

Falling out of Love and Falling in Line

Did anyone hear about the RNC using pop up ads?

Dean coming up on CNN

Has the media started Operation Ignore?


Kerry Camp Hits Bush for 'Drunken Sailor' Spending

How about a Kerry/Falwell ticket?

I Met Kerry's Brother Today

Repuke for Kerry

The perfect soultion: let's nominate TWO Republicans!

Boy who yawned at Bush speech makes Letterman

Poll: 49% feel misled on Iraq war rationale in Hawaii

Vote for your VP pick in online primary @

Louisiana DUers, what do you think Kerry's chances are?

Liberal Christians: We need to take back our good name!

Catholic Church 'will refuse Kerry Communion'

9-11 The story that's not getting out.

Should Kerry hire a Bush lookalike for the campaign?

Time: Kerry to rollout "Keep Our Word" ad soon...

This should be a campaign question: "If Bush cares about the unborn...

Bush's Slim Lead Shows Ohio a Tossup

Can someone from Kerry's campaign tell us when he lies?

How about a Kerry/Mike Ditka ticket?

Novak is full of Sh*t! Re: The Jacksons and Obama

Statement of candidacy?

Kerry up by 12 points in MN!

The Clinton miracle of the 1990s

Howard Dean

Kos link removed from Kerry blogroll

A VP Candidate to debate with Cheney

Message to Nader:

What will you do if Kerry picks McCain for VP?

Ralph Nader exposed

Has ANYBODY out there actually got a call from a pollster?

Nader-hating Dem loyalists: were Kerry to pick McCain, you would...

What will you do if Kerry picks Nader for VP

Who else thinks Kerry was a poor choice?