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Archives: April 30, 2004

Joe Wilson - he's most proud of Jersey Girls - Buzzflash Interview

CNN Money: Stocks slammed, day two

Saudi Arabia is ready to invest in US oil refineries

Israeli firm develops laser explosives detector

Molly Ivins Column on the education/special session issue

Fears rise along with 'hot lab' building boom

Michael Kinsley in 2000: Cheney has never had an original thought.

SPOILER Friday's Doonesbury

I think I now realize why they are pre-empting the Nightline Show

A Conversation with Daniel Ellsberg and Sibel Edmonds - Democracy Now

Any leaks on who Wilson will name as Plame's outer?

1AD public affairs officer Maj. Gerken's response to grieving families

I'm watching BBC News-REAL NEWS for a change!

War should never be sanitized

Is Ideological Purity Worth a Bush Win?

Alternet- The Christian Taliban (very scary)

NYC Denies Permit for Huge Anti-War Rally During GOP Convention

Bush Supporters Donate To Nader

Noticed a few gung-ho Repubs saying it wouldn't be so bad if Kerry won.

Nightline Poll Please do it!

Commissioners were searched for weapons before entering???

Congressman Cox (R-CA) follows Kerry's proposal

The Jesus Factor

Christ. Because he changed my heart.

Anyone else traumatized by the evangelicals as a kid???

Google's Sale of Its Shares Will Defy Wall St. Tradition

NYT - E.P.A. Will Not Withdraw Its Mercury Plan

Ex-Editor at Gannett Chain Is to Lead USA Today

Apology demanded from Karen Hughes (AGAIN!)

The one issue nearest and dearest to my heart

Help me settle a bet: Is Phish Prog Rock or Not?

Okay, how come

I just joined the 700 Club, ask me anything.

Ask me stuff...I'm bored

Let's start a doomsday cult.

Anyone else grow up in a home that doesn't celebrate Mother's Day?

What kind of Bush-Hater are you?

DUers who grew up in the 80s....

Another Picture of DUers at the March

Who's more obnoxious, Gilbert Gottfried or Colin Quinn?

Which pic should I submit for "pic 2" in the gallery?

Good vibes needed

Aaaaaargh! Old friend is a FREEPER!!! (AIM Log included) HELP!

Report on Conversation With Kerry Tonight . Some News,Too

Who the hell said that?

Neoliberal Shell Game--"welfare state" replaced by "political correctness"

Invade Iraq? It's a no brainer

She Hates the War That Killed Her Son: 'Death was a Waste'

"There is no glory in war" Soldier Returning from Iraq from Sun-Sentinel

Bill O'Reilly... Expert on Middle East affairs!

The Rise of Sinclair Broadcasting - Alternet

Dionne: The GOP's Vanishing Breed

DU: I Will Not Shut Up

Boondocks: Our problematic president

'Americans don't know how to be peacekeepers'

Ray Close on 'The Real Meaning of Fallujah' from Juan Cole's site

Bush Defends Declaring End to Iraq Combat

Bremer Faulted Bush Before Terror Attacks

Racism at Core of Iraq Invasion

torture toon

Sorry, wrong Forum!

Salam Pax: Abandoning the Americans.

There Never Were Any Good Old Daysin The Dem Party

The Bush Manifesto

'A real crisis of leadership in Iraq'

Iraq and the Vietnam Analogy: Gordon Adams in Chicago Tribune

Peril in the Air for Bush: Howard Stern

dangerous toons

Democrats for Guns - Ted Rall

Bush's super quote today

The passion of the Bush (Frontline)

'The liberators are worse than the dictators'

Mark Morford (SF Chronicle): 11 Hard Questions For Bush

A Byrd in the hand is worth way more than two Bushes

Severin fails to own up to his words

Naomi Klein: Mutiny in Iraq

The truth is out now: We're a pack of liars

Ray McGovern:Court Historian Woodward Disguises Bush Aims in Invading Iraq

America Wises Up About the War

The Gall Of The Chickenhawks (Posted Front Page on

Terry Jones: The war of the words

Religion: Why do we still give a damn?

Protestors needed in Zephyrhills, FL

May Day Peace March -- Madison, WI


Seattle: Protest the MayDay for Marriage/Christian Right

Protest Karen Hughes in Tampa - May 3

Where's Karen Hughes?-Not much of a tour!

Protest Bush -- SE MICHIGAN - MONDAY-Freedom Hill Park 7:00 pm

Who's Down For an Organized Boycott of All Fox News Sponsors?

Is anyone else having trouble getting AAR online?

Lanpher blasts the dittohead


Does anyone have a Chicago AA update?

DU this poll.

CNN giving John Kerry more than 3 min air time??? WOW

Torture photos press coverage

Not Good For AAR...Chicago Sun-Times

Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. contact info, code of ethics (LOL), etc.

Dean May Have Talk Show On The Way

I believe in fairies, I really do.

Hey people, what lead you to your spiritual path?

Winn-Dixie to cut 10,000 jobs

what is the total # of workers in unions in the US?

What Message is he trying to send in this Advertisement?

1.5 million unemployed exhaust benefits between 1/1 and 4/30

World Bank Will Double Pledge To Clean Kyrgyzstan Nuclear Waste Sites

Is Saudi Arabia Still The King Of Oil?

E.P.A. Will Not Withdraw Its Mercury Plan (but final rules delayed to 3/05

With 11 Species Red-flagged, FDA Talks Expanded Mercury Warnings (FL)

Has Our Military Been Totally Humiliated in Iraq, Or Does More Await?

Do we already have a draft if/when reserve contracts are violated?

Saddamite soothsayer seeks reward - clairvoyant

If USSC OK's 50 "war" holding of"US citizen enemy combat"-50 y enlistment?

Europe's Toothless Reply to Anti-Semitism

Soldier hurls self on bomb to save colleagues

Ottawa may soften on guns

High Fence hunting

What the sunsetting of the AW ban means to me:

Full Auto Fun!!!

Moran wants to ban 50. caliber rifles....

You got rid of the backslash before quotation marks in links!

Is there a way

Why was my post locked?

Where is the Gallery?

I started a thread in lbn about winn-dixie at 11:07...

I love the Tombstone But...

I think you should reveal why people were banned

Skinner I just registered a second username

Personally, I think the Tombstone should be left alone...

I don't like this at all. It's in GD.

Is there a reason why the Gallery thread is no longer pinned

In agreement with Dr. Weird

I gotta back up Dr Weird's post on the torture subject

Regarding the whole prison torture subject.

About the "Freepers masturbating" thread, just locked in the lounge:

Would it be possible to get an idea pinned in a few days

Anti-Semitic -- or anti-Sharon?

Former US diplomats send protest letter to Bush

Annan urges Arafat to crack down on terror

Israel emptying Jerusalem of Palestinians by bulldozing their homes

Answers from frequent flyer's ; Pilots

CBS Morning Show

Protest Karen Hughes in Tampa May 3 7 PM

Middle East Rant

Change In Animal Shelter Rule Causes Controversy

San Francisco DUers...Opinion on this area (see link) of SF Please.

"BBV demo elects Usama as mayor." Anyone remember where?

BBV: From Secretary of State Kevin Shelly - Friday 4/30/04

Appeals court validates San Francisco's homeless initiative

More Jay Severin

WGGB (Springfield) among the stations not airing Nightline

Springfield MA ABC affiliate (Sinclair): call them!

Who is going to the Kerry event 5/3?

Write or Call WB23 to protest Sinclair's Group's nightline censorship

So my partner posted the prison torture photos, with explanation, on

Michaganders need your help in this vote!

-bush in Detroit area -Sterling Heights-Monday

Protest Bush -- SE MICHIGAN - MONDAY-Freedom Hill Park 7:00 pm

Lumbee's at DU?

"Air America Radio" is available in Chapel Hill,NC on 1630 Am.

NC DUer's...A call to action

Shrub's Appearance in Miami Valley NOT Open to Public.

Ohio newcomer with a voter registration question

My letter to WSYX in Columbus...the Sinclair Satanists in town

Shrub's Cincinnati plans

Trial in recount dispute to start in two weeks

DFW DUers. We made the top ten.

Good Lord!

Video slots plan is in trouble

Question regearding party renewal notices...

Journal Communications buys Green Bay TV station

Cheney was in Wrightstown????

5/1: Gay-marriage foes to rally at Safeco Field

Heads Up! KVI events

Reminder: Space Needle to collapse Sunday...

Do liberals exist in Spokane?

REMF Pub Congressman Promoted (Dying is for the common people)

How different is Kerry from Bush? Are they alike or what?

So Is This Family

If this isn't the biggest outrage - Gestapo tactics on 9/11 Commissioners

So my partner posted the prison torture photos, with explanation, on

Should we say "oooh poor Shrubbie," for that darned Bill Clinton UPSTAGED

I'm going to shoot my neighbor

? (1) ouch; (2) tut-tut; (3) hide'n'seek vs pants-on-fire; (4) hell yes!!

bush* & 9-11, what didn't he know and when didn't he know it?

Wacky 2006 California Governor's Race Idea

Are Democrats trying to tell me what to do?

My keyboard went out

Herman Talmadge III is running for county commission chair as repug

bush* -- "If we had something to hide......."

What was the motivation for the French to pass a law banning

Time to defrost OBL, stock market about to crash......

Latter Days

Do you have a Sinclair station in your market. . .them hear you!

Twenty Nine Years Ago Today,


9/11 Kangaroo Commission rumor.

Sinclair Stations to boycott NightLine Tribute to Fallen Soldiers

Oprah skates for nasty talk

links to photos in question

82% of polled say 'Bush is no friend of ours'

C****** Presided Over Largest Defense Cuts in History!

Friends don't let friends vote republican.

w inherited his lack of a human soul from his disgusting mother

Arkansas DU'ers, make us a blue state in this poll!

Aliens from outer space!

* is handing over Fallujah to a former top Saddam general???

PBS program on Bush and his Messiah complex

Apparently my USA jersey makes me a Republican

Dupe -- please delete

what about the 2,500 soldiers crippled, blinded, and burned?

CBS is broadcasting the photos of the Iraq war dead on morning show. nt.

KRUGMAN: "So they lied to us; what else is new?"

Have any leftists advised NOT voting for Kerry?

L.I.H.O.P. Question

Hardball yesterday: Rumsfeld interview video now on line. For those

PAUL WOLFOWITZ did not know the number of dead soldiers

The child who was left behind

The pot that called the kettle black!

PBS Fallujah Options: Kill Everyone or Send in Saddam's Officers

I support the troops.....with certain qualifiers

Great Guardian article on U.S. forces torture scandal in Iraq.

Guantanamo official to monitor prison

!!!The CHICKENHAWK has landed!!! (One year ago today)

Tinfoil connections to 9/11 that make me shudder

Lookee Here.. "Our" Bremer story from LAST AOL's Welcome page

Tupperware Company lays of 43 employees

166,000 to be DRAFTED by June 30 in Spring Draft

Cynical question about the prisoner torture

Howard Dean's Milken conference appearance, summary.

Stern just reported Sinclair's censoring Nightline, outed them as bushies

The status of the Army's 10 active-duty divisions

It might not make a difference, but it made me feel good...

Dead air on AAR

What do you think of the new Iraqi Flag?

Prison photos on covers of Brit tabloids, all over tv; emailed Blair...

How are the Iraqi dead cared for? Are there "Mass Graves"?

Arrogant Bush uses stranger's sweater as rag ...

effin' drudge on cspan

Matt Drudge on CSPAN

"The Guy James Show" needs your help.

the bornagains ALONE could keep bush in office in 04

WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! NBC broke into Family Feud to show Michael Jackson!!

Charles Gibson makes me puke.

Chickenheart In Chief, "Just Didn't Want To Go To Viet Nam"??

"The Democrats criticize Bush and the war in attempts to win election..."

Kicking ass at FSU

Remember when my ideas sounded crazier?

So what's the deal with cops (esp. Boston)?

Sinclair Broadcast Group wants to be the next FOX!

Howard Dean preps for own talk show.

Koppel: 'Americans Need to Be Reminded of the War' (Wolfowitz amongst)

Which Congressional District and GOP District lost most jobs?

GOP Media thankful Michael arrested during May Sweeps

Did anyone else catch Charlie Gibson's piece blaming Clinton for

"Nightline" tonight might be a ratings stunt.....

Analyze this:

White House insiders: Bush is "out of control"

The Iraqi abuse video/photos...

Anyone watch the PBS frontline thing last night?

Iraq is not America's to sell

CSPAN Friday AM — Is showing or naming war dead exploitive?

Ted Koppel on O'Franken Now

now bush drops bremer rember when

my e-mail to the local ABC affiliate

Is bush's press conference being covered by US media?

Clinton's lawyer on AAR: W not responsible for neglect pre 911

there are no more torture rooms or rape rooms in iraq "GWB"

Where's Bush's "Band of Brothers"--was he more AWOL than we know?

So who else is going to send something to Smirk tomorrow?

Nancy vetoes 'Ronald Reagan University'

Why won't Air America hire Mike Malloy? (nt)

NOW is the time to read (or re-read) A BRIGHT SHINING LIE

Help. Information on Laura Bush.

Bush* FLIP-FLOPS Again re: Baathists in Power

Anyone looked at the map lately?

Los Angeles freeways shut down this morning (Indy truckers protest gas)

media doing their best for *

Sinclair's agenda -a few things

Iraqi Prison Photos Mar U.S. Image

Oh my goodness. . .Michael Jackson touched the camera. . .

Asmussen: Bin Laden is "On the Lamb"

Bernie Ward should be on AA

It's time for war with Sinclair!

Freepers Splitting over Torture Photos

Something is wrong with someone that would "enjoy" talking to a Commission

U.S Surrenders in Fallujah and has Michael Jackson as lead story

Et tu, Bremer

Should Reporters end their careers?

CNN Emails

OReilly is only getting freepers and fundamentalists support

those whose skins are brown, & those whose skins are white

Pelosi coming up on AAradio, 1:17pm EST.

Failure at Fallujah

i don't believe that bushco will hand over Faluja it is a ruse de guerre

The Irony of it all

No Budget Deal Would Be a Republican Headache-Analysts

Just saw a Bush clip on CNN from just after landing on the carrier.

Anybody know any Correctional Officers?

OUR tax dollars payed for THIS--- & our president is a christian

Kerry's Speech Today will be on Iraq Position & No Attacks on Bush

The Sinclair stations. Let them know what you think.

from today (Ray Close Commentary)

Sinclair contact information

Clinton's book # 1 60 days before the release

Hey All! The War Has Been Over For Exactly ONE YEAR Tomorrow!

Wow!--"Defeat for US and the Marines; Victory for the Insurgents"

Anybody know any Correctional Officers?

What's FR saying about the capitulation on Fallujah?

The UN sending troops to Haiti

Franken is taking Wolfie to task for not knowing the number of American...

NPR referring to "cafeteria Catholics"

Just found out Dan Senor, CPA spokesman

Where's Air America?

Democrats should be airing the great aircraft carrier landing every chance

My Greatest Fear.............

"Coming To The Last Pole - The VIAGRA HORSE By A Nose Over The MOBIL HORSE

Sorry...but I think the Nightline naming of the Dead is Political.

CNN: Ripping up Bush for having Cheney testify with him

CNN: 36% "not upset" by Iraq torture pictures.

Today show segment on Iraqi prison....

BBV: did you call each of your Senators for "The RECORD Act?"

Russ Kick, Tami Silicio - On Making a Difference

Take Bush's words from today with the 60 Minutes pictures. . .

The real answer to Bush's turnover Iraq on 6/30/04

"End of the combat phase" vs. "End of major combat"

the Fake-Horse faction

Ribbons versus fillings

Thom Hartmann and Bernie Sanders discussing Bev Harris now 1:45pm EDT

Accidently got Faux news

Joe Wilson on Dateline tonight NBC 7PM ET

I think Kerr(e)y and Hamilton are Cowards!

Coors' campaign mgr says Kerry worse than KKK.

CNN just said 7 markets won't see the Nightline show tonight.

For 40 Years We Have Stood Stiff-Necked In Idealism

Terror Management Theory (Psychology explains republicans)

Hundreds take to the streets in Fallujah to welcome former Iraqi Officer!

Bush is a coward - who wants a coward as their president?

"Dark" people CAN self-govern...sez *

US Marines will not withdraw from Fallujah: spokesman


Has Bush* shown the world that the US Army is a paper tiger?

General Saleh looks just like Saddam!

CNN poll: 36% are not upset after seeing torture pics. WTF???

30 Grand a month AND you get to rape young Arab men with impunity!

Anyone Picked Up the Joe Wilson Book Yet? Enlighten Us!!!

Freepers on the Abu Ghraib scandal:


Is anyone else having trouble accessing Air America stream?

Kerry on CSPAN NOW!

Pointy Girl Torturer think's she's Leather Tuscadero

satellite images of Ryongchon . . . pre- and post-explosion . . .

Woman with blow job defense gets off

Conservative broadcasters' agenda EXPOSED.

Kerry: This Moment in Iraq is a Moment of Truth

Say what you want about John McCain

Isn't this the White House that defended torture as a means of obtaining

In honor of "Mission Accomplished" anniversary - Bush's LIES about that

"People whose skins are a different color than white CAN self-govern." GWB

The Randi Rhodes Show Thread...having problems with the stream?

Another Bushco. propagandist is quitting !!

FSU Students don't want a Cheney "diatribe"


Got my Kerry bumperstickers in the mail today,,,,

The correct treatment of prisoners

Is Randi really trying to say that George is hearing god

"U.S. is violating ceasefire.. shooting old people, women, children."

Sinclair's excuse.... er.... reason.... for canning Koppel tonight:

I worry Kerry's Iraq plan will also fail...

Randi: commission did not know if they got bush or dick! LOL

Patriotism for a secularist

AK-47s Headed to U.S. Had Legal Permits

This is Kerry's "plan" to end the war???

Jayson Williams convicted on cover-up

Remember "Karen Ryan" the fake Reporter? A "Sinclair Broadcaster!"

Fweeps: "Bush has handed the White House to the Democrats"

FAIR on Sinclair Censorship, Action Alert !!!

Text of Kerry's Westminster College Speech

Happy "Mission Accomplished" Day, May 1st

MSNBC Poll:Do you think Iraq has been worth the cost?(question of the day)

Does anyone here believe the pretzel story?

Holy crap...Faux to air Nightline in SC tonight

736 names times 2 seconds/name = 24.5 minutes.

The "Dumbassification of America"

Dean looking to get TV talk show

Randi Rhodes dismissed a caller who raised a VERY good point

Bush's Flip-Flop on issues!

Another important reason to elect John Kerry…

Private contractors behind torture scandal

Spain suspects 'were informants'

Remember Afghanistan? Must Read Timeline W/Bush Oil Deals W/ Taliban

Sinclair is a perfect opportunity to renew calls for Fairness Doctrine

Lee Hamilton Left Comm. Tea Party /meets Paul Martin--Now this...

DOD news today: WHO was this guy? DAC "Zawadi Shaadi" beaten & hung...

Can anyone give me a concise, relatively unbiased statement on...

Has there been any followup on the Damascus explosions/gunfire?

Lol! Saw a great bumper sticker today!

?? M Stewart vedict - Icahn has bought the stock and FDA gave

Do you think the Arab world is making the connection.........

Bullcrap article from National Review.

Only 36% think the pictures upsetting, but fearless leader is "disgusted"

Bush thinks Iraqis are brown people?!


An interview with Joseph Wilson - The Nation, David Corn

Howard Dean Talk Show Pitched to TV Studios

People keep running this stop sign:

Head of Sinclair Arrested on Sex Offense (in 1996)

If you are in the Dallas area, Come and Join us today! 4/30/04 and every

How were those US rape and Torture pictures obtained?

A "debate" with a freeper type

Porn sites - Iraq prisoners; Muslim women in Bosnia (MS mag, early 90s)

Sorry if this has already been posted but here is proof Sinclair supports

Murder by Numbers, It is 1, 2, 3..........

I need a link with the POW pictures...

Letter to *

Kerry Kickin' Butt on speech--Live Now!

Newsweek Letters to Editor: The Passion - What the life of Christ means .

John Rowland (Connecticut Governor) to be impeached soon:

Old news about David Sinclair, but VERY enlightening

ABC Nightline's daily email for 4/30: THE FALLEN

Joe Wilson on MTP this Sunday?


I don't believe what I just heard

Time to pull up the stakes and get some blue helmets (abuse pictures)

Who says Bush looks like a chimp?

has wilson's book been mentioned in the news at all?

The CNN Dow Jones numbers don't add up!

Holy crap - Randi Rhodes is freaking out today... LOL

Kerry: America is safer when it's respected, not feared.

The War According to Sinclair

Nashville will get to see Nightline.. Sinclair is crumbling

A look at the mercs in Iraq.

I actually feel a bit sorry for George

Matt Drudge on CSPAN rerun now....talking about Kerry woman story

'brown people' - didn't Babs refer to little brown grandchildren???

O'Reilly and Canada

WAHOO! CALIFORNIA made public statement:" Diebold, don't pull fast one

Where's today's "Friday Bombshell?"

David D. Smith, Head of Sinclair

Opi's Poll #24.08 ,,Our "What Now?" President is stopped at the City Gates

John C. Dvorak: Scams, Lies, Deceit, and Offshoring

Cheney pared defense while Pentagon chief, go get him JFK!!

This is Sinclair, the company that thinks Ted Koppel is politicizing news.

Who ARE these "people"?

Mark Fiore - W's last ad

Young conservatives will be all alone at Reagan University.

Raed on Falluja: "A huge defeat for bush"

Josh Marshall thinks Chalabi will be in charge of UN Oil-for-food Probe

Anybody watching CNN right now. Judy Woodruf?

read Baghdad Burning about photos

Dobbs just said he is going to talk about BBV in California

get laid . . . save a tree . . .

Support S.1980 - Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act

Bush: "There will be an investigation and they'll be taken care of."

BBV: Utah won't use e-voting in Nov 2004 election

if only those MP's at Abu Ghraib had outed a CIA agent they'd be safe...

Irish e-voting system gets canned

Heads Up: Kerry's Speech Rebroadcast C-Span 8pm EDT

CNN just gave the V.P. a new nickname and it fits perfectly...

with Iraq in a death spiral, Bush will look for another "terror" attack to

Brig General Janice Karpenski - in torture scandal

HA!! Max Boot on Lou Dobbs to give campaign advice to Kerry

What kind of precedent does Bush v. Gore set for recounts in general?

Starting anti-sinclair site - need help!!!

Proof that Bush is not a Christian. Post it here!

Missing Nightline?

Pressure other network affiliates in Sinclair cities to pick up nightline

Bush: "the torture chambers and rape rooms are no longer there"..

Is the "stop loss" part of mutual agreement?

Please Keep this Kicked - Hardball Tonight

Symbolman, where is "Murder by the Numbers" on your website?

Sinclair CEO Caught in 1996 Sex Sting

Remember eBay's most repulsive item (perhaps EVER?)

check out Jay Selulow (religious right lawyer) on POTUS rights

WLOS (local ABC/Sinclair station) has recieved over 4000 emails

We Need To Get Rid Of Bush Before He Gets Us All Killed

Feeling irritable

What, if any actions, are being taken against the interrogators?

Torture: a compilation from Buzzflash

Why is everyone so shocked?

Why don't we just turn Iraq back over to Saddam?

Handing over occupied territory to the 'enemy/?' Anyone else outraged?

Fox and AP stories scrubbed?

Question about camouflage in the desert

Reminder -- Lesilie Stahl to be on Tweety

Listening to "So, What Else is News?"

Hold On to Your Humanity- An Open Letter to GIs in Iraq, By Stan Goff

DU: Help with a poll- Sinclair

Any protests planned for Monday in Michigan?

Anyone else pissed at Bob Kerry?

The Bush Legacy..... always in the back of your mind. Forever.

Lewis Black...

Howard Dean is going on television with a show. Anyone have

A little image help, Please.

Sinclair Hypocrisy: don't we read the names of all the victims of 911??

Miss the Wolf/Holbrooke exchange?

Should the Vietnam war memorial be dismantled and removed?

Sinclair's executives "financials" online

Iraqi prisoners have MORE rights then American Prisoners

Sinclair pulling "bait and switch" to show "FAIR" program instead..

Does anyone know where the torturers are now?

So in the future when our soldiers are tortured, what do we say?

DU this poll. (El Paso)-Should US War Dead list be broadcast

Settlement at Univ. of Southern Miss.

First foray into Freepdom in quite a while... I went looking for threads

So are the War criminals suspended or what?

Is the Saddam General appointed to Fallujah on "most wanted" card deck?

I Copied The LARGE Version Of The "Bush-Mosaic" Image To A Memory Card...

Sinclair switchboard collapses; FOX Affiliate in SC will air Nightline

Huntsville, AL Station Dropping Nightline tonight. Please help!

British troops shamed ( but payed off a family)

Take Action Against Sinclair NOW

MSNBC poll - Do you think Iraq has been worth the cost?

World outraged by U.S. torture of Iraqi prisoners

The images of the Iraq soldiers should be forwarded to Rush!!

Alternate Nightline Viewing Stations

Broadcasting official charged in sex stakeout Sinclair President

Rush: "...before they die?"

Go Randi!

Jesus is coming!....hide the DEAD!

CNN Polls: "They're all aliens!" Edition

History channel video Clip about the Reichstag Fire

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

CNN is covering the photos

What happened outside a Sinclair-owned station

Is CNN posting the DOW higher than it is right now?

Take Back the Media to BOYCOTT Sinclair - demand License REVOKED

Sinclair owns several other companies

Wa. State youth questioned by Feds about anti-war, anti-Bush drawing.

Bush is looking so bad, how can the race be tied?

Any reference to Poppy Bush's WWII lifeboat strafing?

OK I bought a Sirius Sattelite Radio

Phil Talmadge drops out of the race for Washington governor.

Mark Hyman - POS Thug from Sinclair on O'Reilly now.

I have to remind myself of Guantanamo

I hope the Supremes take a nice, long look at the torture pics

They didn't know the rules

Did Saddam shred his own people?

Am I the only one who is totally pissed Bush can't feel more than deep?

This week's Bill Moyers' NOW - March on DC, Bob Edwards, more...

Boston DUers: Don't let Sinclair overshadow J. Severin - hate radio artist

Terry Jones in the Guardian about semantics

Lynndie England is probably a Democrat....

CNN:Richard Holbrooke shows Wolf Blitzer for the fool he is

How many incidents will we never hear of?

Bush responsibility in torture of Iraquis

Charles Graner WAR CRIMINAL

I posted warnings about Sinclair months ago

Will a draft wake up the rest of America?

Tell WB11 what you think about Nightline's tribute.

Sinclair's David Smith busted on prostitution charges in 96

Can the Bush/FOX/GOP model work world-wide?

True number of US casualties in Iraq?

Lou Dobbs exposed Wolfowitz's LIES about number of Am. casualties in Iraq!

Are all the torture pics collected in one place? for reference?

Now, who says there were no "atrocities" committed in Nam ?

Have you ever had a hood forced over your head?

My LTTE, please give editing advice.

Sinclair losing its own poll!

The "guards" in the torture pics

local affiliate will not run tonites Nightline.

Cheney flip flops on his own speech at Westminster

Even more crap about sinclair

Cheney Loves His Fox

Any news on the coaltion hostages in Iraq?

There were two elec-voting decisions today and I don't see anything

DUers in Sinclair Markets.. whats on instead

Anyone remember the US exception to the World Court?

If Keith Obermann is aware of DU, which from what I've been reading

NOW with Bill Moyers: Medicare

A QUESTION: Will I be able to see Nightline's broadcast?

BBV: for a comparison of 2 verifed voting bills in the Senate, go to

How are Freepers spinning the Torture pics?

Please read and comment on my LTTE

Your assistance requested re: Santorum & lobbyists

My Area Walmart Is Playing "Stars Spangled Banner" on P.A. System

Oh Great. Jockey's join NASCAR greed-heads.

Olberman - "Mission accomplished looks more like mission impossible."

the most disgusting thing about the 'war'

Why is Chris Matthews called Tweety?

Snopes messege board blasts Kerry on defense spending.

Ray Close on 'The Real Meaning of Fallujah' Humiliating Defeat

OK heres the deal

The main Airamerica feed hasn't been working for me for a week

Stations to pick up 4-30 nightline

Nightline thread

Methodists might boycott Taco Bell over tomatoes(Good Boycott)

Campaign contributions of Sinclair executives

Citizens reading names of fallen soldiers outside WLOS in Asheville

anyone else watching the Sinclair program replacing Nightline?

Get ready for ABC Nightline in Tallahassee

Evangelists, evangelicals, et al – does anyone agree with the following

West Coast: Joe Wilson on Dateline NOW

For God's Sake! We're outsourcing interrogations in Iraq?

Sinclair Censorship of NIGHTLINE.... a poll

Definition of torture according to the Geneva Convention

Sinclair Censorship of NIGHTLINE.... a poll

Shrub "disappointed" with Ashcroft

Liberals to the Rescue

DU this poll about Sinclair... looks like they'll broadcast results

Here is a POLL run by Sinclair Broadcasting, needs our help!

"We're Going To Save Them All"

A little perspective, amid the torture hysteria, please

Does anyone know of a transcript of Kerry's speech at Westminster today?

What is This "Far Left" Radio Show O'Reilly's Babbling About?

Sinclair Activism Thread, Take Action

Tom Lehrer songs - remember those??

Staff Sgt. Ivan Frederick WAR CRIMINAL

The Hammer Is Cracking - Poll Shows Delay Is Weak In His District

Does Shrub have anybody around him

E.J. Dionne on Dobbs talking about Kerry's speech....

Are only Democrats watching Koppel call out the names of the fallen?

WND writer falls totally off the deep end.

censorship blowback

Right wing hypocrisy over Roman Catholicism

New to this liberal thing... Explanation needed

'Pat Tillman had it coming'

Sinclair Broadcasting: The Ugly Truth !!

Does the World Need More heroes like Pat Tillman?

the urban/rural, red/blue divide of the US

Giants welcome Dean. Great pic! Also upcoming appearances.

Why is the US giving Fallujah to Saddam's ex-top military?

Line Grows for Convention Protest Permits

Dirty trick, DU admins, not nice

Can you watch this and not cry? Thank you, Symbolman.

"Major" Combat ended was ADDED LATER by Media - Anniversary of fakery

sorry to ask this, but I need a link to Bush gay rumor-mayor story

An email Clever Husband sent to Sinclair Broadcasting

Why not replace U.S. Forces with U.N. forces from Muslim/Arab countries?

Same Baghdad prison where 22 were killed?

Match GW's words to the atrocity photos -- fun for all!

So, let me get this Bush-Canada thing straight...

Someone has to just say it. "Evangelists" are assholes.

Why doesn't Kerry have a 50 point lead on Bush? n/t

could i trouble someone for a link? (political donations)

Photos of Iraq prisoner torture

An Iraq War Memorial in my front yard--ideas?

Lynndie R. England WAR CRIMINAL

TRANSCRIPT of George Bush's racist remarks today

Cheney: "...especially in an election year"

Koppel on Hannity

These totures were specific to offend Islam

Baghdad Burning. Those Pictures...

The surrender of Falluja will become the "turning point in the war"

I Am A Veteran. I Have Seen The Torture Pics. I Tried To Post. I Can't.

Which country do you consider Canada's best international friend? Poll

Cheney's chief of staff, Lewis "Scooter" Libby pegged as Plame name leaker

Well, Hillary's on Letterman too -

Saturday morning streaming -- Greg Palast on "This is Hell"

Please DU this poll.. about Nightline on my local station

BBV: I am retracting my support of "The RECORD Act of 2004"

Were the tortured Iraqi prisoners later killed in a "mortar attack"?

Please E-Mail Imus and

CBS, NBC, ABC | ALL slam bush* tonight

I never owned a Gun, and I don't see the big deal about owning one!

To critics of Nader

Is this now the most hated woman in America?

CA SoS Bans Diebold

I need some help

Is Bush TRYING to start WWIII?

Rock Against Bush

"Tut-Tut! Squawk! Tut!" | your Friday TOONs

Another reason why I don't "support the troops".

BFEE Fighter -- Mark Lombardi

Your handy-dandy compilation of Bush racist comments

Do you think the Iraq war was worth it? (Poll)

Kerry speech rerunning now on Cspan.

Let's get something straight (female soldier abusing Iraqi's)

"Jim McDermott: Traitor"

Must Read: the newly revised White House Bush biography

An ugly angle to consider in this torture scandal

Death Squad Shuffle?

A SERIOUS matter. Mari333 & a WICKED DU idea

How do you feel about Gandhi?

It was one year ago in Baghdad that Donald Rumsfeld delivered his

Important: A Patriot Act research request (read between lines)

You want to terminate Tom DeLay?

Democrats for Guns - Ted Rall

Promoter of U.S. Image Quits for Wall St. Job

Chen explains secret US visit

HK democrats and tycoons slam one another

Zim doctor wounded in Iraq

Spanish troops relieved to be back from Iraq

Iran's highest judge bans use of torture, forced confessions

BP ready to quit in blow to rebuilding hopes (British Petroleum)

Pentagon to Try to Fix War Zone Voting Woes

Judge faces suspension, fine, for misleading voters in campaign (Florida)

U.S. Marines Clearing Fallujah Roadblocks

Chad army deploys on Sudan border

Bush To Iraqi Militants: 'Please Stop Bringing It On'

al-Qaida Operative: Jordan Attack Planned

Cubans Vie for Group Chess World Record

Armenia denies giving US permission to use its airstrips

Thousands Celebrate as EU Nears Its Historic Expansion

Cheney staff accused of role in CIA leak

Excerpts From Accused Soldier's Journal

'Frankenfish' Rears Ugly Head in Maryland, Again

Mysteries surround N Korea blast

US using contactors in Iraq prison to torure prisoners

(Detroit) Teachers to get layoff notices today (1950 jobs)

Gen. Odom says "The US has failed in Iraq and should pull out."

Bush: Bin Laden memo lacked details

Water crisis as Mexico City sinks faster than Venice

She Hates the War That Killed Her Son: 'Death was a Waste'

China Sails Warships Into Hong Kong

WP: Cheney Praises Fox News Channel

7 ABC affiliates ordered not to air 'Nightline' Soldier Tribute

War dead list won't air locally

Michigan Developer May Go to Prison

Personal spending, income up(0.1% after record inflation of 0.3%)

The pot that called the kettle black!

Rebuilding Aid Unspent, Tapped to Pay Expenses

Crash lawyer 'in fear of Russian spies'

April is Iraq's deadliest month

Winn-Dixie to Close Cut 10,000 Jobs

Blair apalled at pictures of apparent mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners

E.P.A. Will Not Withdraw Its Mercury Plan

US To States: Act Fast On Drought Or Face Water Restrictions

Reason Day fails to secure approval: Nonbeliever group sought proclamation

Financing problems deal another blow to Iraq oil

Dean preps for talkshow

7 ABC affiliates ordered not to air 'Nightline'

Winn Dixie to cut 10,000 jobs...

Rebuilding Aid Unspent, Tapped to Pay Expenses - WaPost

US Marines Hand Falluja to Former Saddam General

US Senate launches India caucus

The New European Union (Washington Post)

Winn-Dixie slash 10,000 jobs

Hitman kills Putin's ex-bankruptcy boss

The Gall Of The Chickenhawks (Posted Front Page on

Group of 55 countries denounces anti-Semitism

Two US Marines killed, 7 Injured by car bomb in Fallujah

U-S to bolster missile defenses in South Korea

Oval Office Insult: Two 9/11 Dems walk out on Bush

Medicare drugs Web site has inaccuracies

Bush speech anniversary draws scrutiny, commentary (Mission Accomplished)

US Designates Cuba State Sponsor of Terrorism

(Cdn) Liberals could win majority, poll says - Globe and Mail

Bush Defends Declaring End to Iraq Combat

Broadcasting Group Bans Koppel's Tribute To Dead Troops

Ted Koppel is on Air America right now . . .

Jail Me Says Furious Submarine "Mutineer'

UMass Student Apologizes To Tillman Family For Column

Kerry Calls for UN-Backed High Commissioner to Oversee Iraq

Sharon Makes Last Party Plea to Vote for Gaza Plan

Nancy vetoes 'Ronald Reagan University'

Hostage rally: Powell warns Italy

Nancy Reagan opposes Ronald Reagan University

Martin, Bush tout ‘shared values' - Globe and Mail

Kerry Kickin' Butt on speech--Live Now!

NYT: US Economy Grows 4.2%; War Spending Provides Push

White House says alleged abuse of Iraqi prisoners is 'despicable'.

Conn. Panel to Begin Impeachment of Gov. (Rowland)

Wilson Names Three Possible CIA Leakers

Pentagon's No. 2 Flubs Iraq Casualties

Boston police union plans to picket Democratic convention

IRS warns of e-mail identity theft scheme

Girl slain for `honor' of family

Soldier who missed duty is arrested (caring for mother)

UMass student hiding after death threats


Bob Edwards Signs Off 'Morning Edition'

Massive fuel spill runs into Calif. bay

Reebok gets thumbs up from anti-sweatshop group

Bush speech anniversary draws scrutiny, commentary

Former lawmaker loses appeal

Man claiming to be al-Qaida-linked fugitive warns of 'terrifying events'

Teamster investigators resign

Cahaba River Refuge may be only beginning

Jesse Helms' Granddaughter Eyes Judgeship

EPA to delay action on mercury emissions

Couple prepare way for civil rights trail

Radical Iraqi Cleric Calls America 'Enemy of Islam'

Dollywood’s request angers gay organizers

PAPER CLAIMS UK TORTURE (Brit soldiers torture in Iraq)

UK troops in Iraqi torture probe (dupe - please ignore)

AP Count: Around 1,361 Iraqis Killed in April's Violence

DEA Agent Shoots Self During Gun Safety Class

Britain Weighs Prosecuting 8 Soldiers

Ethanol boosters target 'flex-fuel' car owners

Coloradans losing pace on income growth

(Jesse) Helms' granddaughter files for election

BBV - Ireland rejects E-Voting for Upcoming Elections

At Hearing, Wolfowitz Falls Short

New drug cards falling short? Online pharmacies still beat discount prices

Calif. truckers block freeways in gas-price protest

Jessica Lynch Meets Iraqi Who Helped Her

Bush switch on salmon protection stirs outcry

Pepsi - Cola, Frito - Lay Get SEC Notification

Al-Sadr's rebellion nears collapse but his influence is assured

Conservatives can take Quebec seats, Harper says - Globe and Mail

Bush Defends Declaring End to Iraq Combat

Rumsfeld says Iraq hostility has been a surprise

Marines start withdrawal today, 12 American soldiers killed

What the US papers don't say

ChevronTexaco Earnings Climb Better-Than-Expected 33 Percent

Kerry Says Iraq Lies at 'Moment of Truth'

ekklesia (uk):Evidence of Iraqi torture presented four months ago

(Sharon) launches last-ditch bid to win vote

Guantanamo Warden to Oversee U.S. Iraq Prison Rules

WORLD OF BUSINESS POSSIBILITIES: Iraq pitched as the hot place to invest

Ex-Weapons Inspector: Too Few Iraq Troops (David Kay)

NYT: Some Blacks and Hispanics Criticize Kerry on Outreach

Bush tells panel memo lacked data (spin from the Moonie Times)

Scalia Criticizes Politicizing of Judges

Bush and Cheney Tell 9/11 Panel of '01 Warnings

French Jewish Graves Desecrated with Nazi Slogans

Patriarch Suspends Ties With Greek Church

ACLU files lawsuit over school dress code

Apology issued to Tillman family; Senate resolution honors war victim

Iraq Low on Clinton's Concern List - WSJ

Camera found in female sailors' shower

Macedonia admits staging raid, killing innocents

Iraq modifies new flag REMOVE DUP

San Francisco radio pirates challenge FCC equipment seizure

U.S. Hands Over Some Positions in Iraq

National Guard Leader Spreads DNC Spoof

Clear shrubbery to counter Al Qa'ida, advises MI5

An increasing call for exorcism

local affiliate will not show tonites Nightline: "anti-war propoganda"

Bush Administration Under Fire for Iraq Spending

AP Toll Says 1,361 Iraqis Killed in April

Schwarzenegger: threatening to sue over bobblehead doll

Molestation convictions tossed 19 years later

US military in torture scandal

US GDP growth less than expected during first quarter

Army awards Tillman posthumous Silver Star

Supreme Court to announce Colo. redistricting decision next week

Cincy Post: Secret Law, Secret Lawsuit (ACLU Against Patriot Act)

No Politics Please, Florida Students Tell Cheney

China sends a message to HK, Taiwan

Sept. 11 commissioners thought they were limited to 2 hours with Bush

Bush Defends Year-Ago Claim Of End of 'Major Combat' in Iraq

US dilemma over Iraq's mosques

Bush to impose Syria sanctions soon

UK troops in Iraqi torture probe

Macedonian police accused of faking terrorism to impress U.S.

US opens a new front in the `war on terrorism': building a well in Kenya

WP: Involving Iraqi Army Seen as Gamble in Crisis

Arab Stations Show Iraqi Prisoner Images

McCain hammers Sincliar Broadcasting

Canadians like U.S. but not its President (Globe and Mail)

Bush's 'Vision' For Space Clouded

Times of India: Iraqi torture pics shock world

Investigators Remain Mum on CIA Leak

Families of the 372nd tormented by stories of POW abuses in Iraq

U.S. pushes Canada to exploit terror laws

Sept. 11 commissioners thought they were limited to 2 hours with Bush

US general faces court martial on prisoner abuse

Calif. secretary of state pulls plug on some electronic voting

Dazzling entry for new EU members

It's hell....everything will be destroyed

(Cynthia McKinney)Ex-Congresswoman Makes Bid for Old Seat(qualified Friday

Abizaid urges Pakistan, other Muslim nations to send troops to Iraq

More Than 100 Dead, 1,000 Wounded in Nigeria Feud

Accused Soldiers Didn't Know Geneva Rules

Poll Shows Kerry Hanging onto Slim Lead in N.H. (Red States for Kerry!)

Accused Soldier's Journal Details Prison

More focus on Cuba embargo than terror trail is questioned

Democrats Fear Kerry Looking Like Gore

N.J. Bishop Says He Won't Serve Governor (Communion)

New pics show Brit troops allegedly torturing POWs (link added)

Koppel: Charges he's unpatriotic beneath contempt

US Marines will not withdraw from Fallujah: spokesman

U.S. Marines Hand Falluja to Former Saddam General

WP: U.S. Works to Calm Furor Over Photos

Kerry Successors in the Wings

Asian population surging across America

U.S. Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners Inflame Arabs

Families of accused soldiers blame civilians

WP: Kerry Struggles on Iraq Issue

Protest walkouts spread (BC, Canada)

Vanishing votes?

I just heard a GREAT line about most of the GOP nowadays.

Looking at my transmission shifter today

Air America rocks except...

It's Official: Music Radio Has Screwed Itself


has anyone seen the film adaptation of "Extension du domaine de la lutte"?

Tonight's DU Insomniac Thread (Welcome 30 April) Woo Hoo

I was in the Pentagon yesterday, ask me anything unclassified

Pics on Drudge

I'm hungry for sausage


I think I'm coming down with 'flu.

My dad lost his job yesterday:(

Fans of James Joyce To Honor Author With Breakfast From "Ulysses"

Caller to cspan...

Driver Flashes Woman His Genitals In Road Rage Incident - Arrested

Cartoon: Steve Bell on Bush 9/11 testimony

Man's stomach 'fell out' after op

WelI I'm runnin down the road tryin to loosin my load..............

Comedian Outrages High-Profile Mullah

Name the next Bush Administration Book or Movie.

Anyone see the U.S. - Mexico soccer game yesterday?

Good (Friday) Morning DU!!

Another dip in the Mediterranean in search of Atlantis

I ain't lookin' to compete with you,

name that administration!!!

Pedestrian struck by motorcycle, police car

Seven Arrested In YMCA Sex Ring

The official "Matcom is a rat fink thread"

Newspaper Welcomes New States With Nude Photos

What's your favorite commercial? I love the Martin Scorscese one where

Christian Group Posts Sexy Pictures Of Gays

CBC: Female comedian outrages high profile mullah...

If anyone owns/works in a record store, I need some help.

Would you people PLEASE leave me alone!

Has anyone else seen the "Chaser" commercials???

Which one of these folks do you admire the least?

Personal bookmarks on the web?? This guy should be a DUer

I'm LOL: Bill Simmons does draft day coverage

Gabrielle Acevedo, 8-year-old hero, buried today in NYC

They stole the U.S. and they have taken our flag.

How Golf Was Robin Williams

US military displays new secret weapon.

Get your "I'm Rick James B*tch ! " T-Shirts Here ;)

WeddingDressGuy (EBay fame) Got His Own WEBSITE!!!

'Official 2004 GOP Convention Itinerary'

Happy Birthday to ME :-)

Joke of the day.

Ping Pong/Table Tennis anyone?

Liz Winstead just used the F word on AAR...

Elvis A. Presley Is DEAD!

Theoretical Question About Cuba Travel

San Francisco DUers...Opinion on this area (see link) of SF Please.

Am I the only human being alive who is Craig Coggeshell's friend?

I am still creeped out by a nightmare!!


I have no purpose anymore.

Wanna see something scary?

LAST DAY OF CLASSES!!! Spring semester 2004 good-the-heck-bye!

Top Exorcist Performing Dozens Of Exorcisms A Week

An awesome game

Who wants to punch Bush?

Help Induct Todd into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Let's say "Hi!" to Agent Mike!

DEA Agent Shoots Self During Gun Safety Class

Whoo-hoo!!The Padres are14 -9 and on a four game streak!!

Air America streaming, had it now its gone...anyone else having problems?

NO-CARB Diet for 2004

Oh those crazy frat boys

Update on southerngirlwriter

Doctor Uses $300 Power Drill To Save Man's Life

Caption: Hang your head in shame, we got your number

CAPTION Il dunce

How come I never see any DU response to Penn & Teller's B*##$hit?

Caption: Whadyamean my hands still shake in the mornin'???

Last Night's Frontline: So... Chimpy is Marty Sheen in Dead Zone?

CAPTION the invisible chinese finger traps

I just ordered an anti-Bush coffee mug at Bartcop...

Virus software question


So, with the NHL playoffs this far in....

Am I the only human alive who has watched every episode of "Friends"...

Question for "writers block"

What popular TV show have you NEVER watched?

Can Anybody Help. My Cat Has Ben Losing Weight Kind Of Fast.

I just finished a 42 page self evaluation!!!

One of my cousins ODed last night...

Update regarding my grandfather

the "grape faLL"

a question for DUer's with cats !!

Make sure you trust those whom you wire money to

I just cleaned my microwave, ask me anything!

CAPTION the peacenik

Michael Jackson now wants to be Tina Fey - Diana Ross is so sixties!

Aaron Sorkin Fans -- here's what he's doing next

Ry Cooder/Manual Galban--any fans?

Attention Computer experts...

Phone Sex Industry Revolutionized By 22 Year Old

Kate Beckinsale rules!

The Curdling X-Rated Conference of all CAPTIONS!!!

Can I rant a little? PLEASE?

Thought I heard a blackbird singin'

Post your pictures of what Democracy looks like

Am I alone

The I hate Mystery Science Theater... lock stock and barrel thread...

Listening to "The Modern Lovers" CD at work...

Earworm question: "somethin somethin Blackwater (maybe "old man water"?)

Ok, I'm not allowed to do anything else today because...

Any Quicken Users who import Credit Card data from internet?

Attn. DU Cat Owners: My cat has a problem

World Reaction to Torture of Iraqi POW's


guys, i'm going to London tomorrow for two weeks

New Drugs For Women

Anyone else finding it a really hard time loading that picture host?

Underground Railroad 'station' to be sold at auction Saturday.

* and the Canadian PM on now. How scared do you think Paul Martin is?

* is a soul-less mother f-er ...

The Tom Servo Appreciation Thread

The Mike Nelson Appreciation Thread

Gay Atheist Tags...

Put all my money on the horse who drinks Guinness!

What's Your Favorite TV Commercial?

A poster request for the graphically savy on DU

I am in such a lousy mood. I want to beat up some freepers

''You're a jackass!''

I think I'm gonna hurl [RANT]

woot. im watching spaceballs

The Joel Hodgson Appreciation Thread

So Matcom, You Started The Longest Known Thong Thread. Whatya Gonna Do Now

Different angle "Mission Accomplished" pic

new Hannity advertiser Century 21

Does anybody got a pretty good size pic of Bush


I Know Some People Have Seen This Before,

I'm so tired I am going to fall asleep on my keyboard...

The "Wish me well on my Vegas vacation" thread

I am eating the absolute best pork chops right now

The Michael Jackson Red Herring Conspiracy Theory

San Francisco Bay Blues

So Cheney, * and Poppy are flying on Air Force One...

something is terribly wrong with my cat claude

Men Smart, Women Smarter

Say goodbye to GOPisEvil - he's leaving Wilmington Delaware today

Seattle Scenesters Organize Anti-Bush Voters

A Game. What is this?

Miles Davis' Bitches Brew Sessions

A Public Service Announcement from the Governor of Kalifornia:

So what should I DU in Moab, Utah?

Anyone have the squat attachment for their Bowflex?

CAPTION: yee-haw!

Flying chimp/chickenhawk , coincidence, you decide.

Howard Stern v. Victoria's Secret

DU gay men: Don't you just hate it when...

Obligatory Survivor post (spoilers inside)

it's date night... I got out the Big Black Boots

how much did you spend on the prom?

DU'ers I am now IN LOVE WITH - in order

Gotta Make My Red State BLUE.

beatLes fans? question

What is Zombycoffee?

"My Drugs are Red, White and Blue" now available on-line

Anyone have a good mint julep recipe?

Have you ever hopped a FRIGHT train?

Dammit.. I want my baby Sammy back..(lots of pics)

do germs get sick?

Boy!...Revenge is sweet! (Traffic Accident)

So, what time does NIGHTLINE air?

My Uncle

I am not doing anywork at all.....ask me anything!

Gonna do something I have never done before.

It's 4:30. Note to boss:

It's time for... 10 Random Questions

Can anyone point me to the Social Security Death Index?

Anybody else have a photoblog?

Is Sirius Satellite Radio worth it?

May Day Tomorrow

New MLB and NHL avatars!

need info on

Which Wizard Of Oz character is Bush* most similar to?

Who's buying Google and what do you make of the way they are selling it?

Show us your SO, Husband/Wife/Spouse/Lover/Best Friend!

What fraternity/sorority (if any) were you in?

Group Told To Stop Advertising "Gay Day At Dollywood"

Anyone been to Burning Man?

Question for the Sooner fans ...

Here's a Quote: Name That Movie, Part Two...

So what shall I get at the video store this weekend?

Whats your favorite online comic strip?

I am very fucking happy, goddammit

Funniest. Ebay. Auction. Ever.

Question for Later fans

Previews and trailers of upcoming summer movies

What music have you listened to today or yesterday?

If you saw this license plate:

NBC's Dateline on now: Wilson/Plame Story

"Heaven in my mouth and everyone good is invited"

Are you ready, Timberwolves fans??? LET'S MAKE SOME NOOOOOISE!!!!!

Desire opinions on my dog Reba's breeds

I dream like Org!

Anyone see the Mad Mad House finale?

Chicago House music legend Derrick Carter

What are these programs?

It's another I'm bored and lonely thread. Ask me anything.

Canadians Just Say No To Government's Pot

I need help shutting up a Fundy! Please help!

Today's Quote

The oddest thing about this picture...

How 'bout them Leafs??????

Greatest comic strip in recent times.

A good poster IMHO.

a friday nite cutie for ya

friday nite cutie redux

Wendy's SUCKS!

Satan Disappointed in Neocon Spawn

Hydrogen economy

Song of the day - Steppenwolf: Monster America Suicide

Maple Leafs are winning....WHAT A GREAT GAME!!

My new cat sneezes too much

FOR SOCCER FANS: A great time waster!!

Has anyone ever hopped a freight train?

I'm very confused and unusually happy. Ask me anything!

Eve Ensler's new show: "The Good Body" previewing in Seattle

Bow down to the Modern Lovers

I’m quitting smoking today.

I must have the marbles in the wrong place in my head

For anyone interested: Update on my mom...

George W. Bush vs. The Pink Floyd: Who is more Christlike?


Have you ever jumped out of a plane?

Anyone know where to get a Samoyed animated gif?

What Is The Best Ballpark To See A Baseball Game In?

Need help with Netscape

Who was the hotter, more manly stud?

I have the truth being held hostage. Hi Agent Mike!

Norton Anti-Virus Question...

Cherry Garcia Ice Cream

Somebody want to tag me out?

He's here!

Hmmmmmm......wonder what it would be like

Words of Wisdom for Troubled Times

How many Christians does it take to change a light bulb?

Trojans for Christ

Freeper tagline that makes very little sense

Who is agent Mike?

WYEP- Pittsburgh's Best Radio Station - Turns 30

Yes, this guy really is running for Congress.

my car was keyed

It just hit me what *'s delivery reminds me of.

Here's a quote: Name the movie

VelmaD is getting a gift from Delaware - what could it be???

Hilary Clinton coming up on Letterman, now!

Where's my pajama-wearing future?

So I got what was described as a Trojan Horse a few hours ago.

Just how gay are you? (this is NO dupe...)

A special toast for Zombywoof

I came out to 3 people today!!!

Battle of the Bands - Elvis vs. Buddy

Who was the more brilliant philosopher?

Whose music has proven/will prove more influential?

HELP! My husband cut his radial artery at work........

Beer ransom demand for world's highest maypole


let's get something straight about Iraqi's

Bush on Letterman

DU Degree recipients...

OK...Friday Night DOG HAIKU time

Oh, I'm a lumberjack

weirdness today

Lewis Black...

Protest songs needing rerecording NOW: "Bring The Boys Home"

First Look at Bale in Batman suit

Are you on DONTAMEND.COM's mailing list?

Posts With Outrageous Subjects Thread #2

Lemme Post Just to Post!

Number 600!!!!

The Crimson Room

Do you have a favorite tree?


Canadians Looking for US state Magnets? The Coming War....

What foreign countries have you traveled to? Most Favoritest?

Best Gin

Let's try this as a lounge thread: Who is going to the RNC Convention?

I love trains

Daughter invited to join fundie orchestra

No Whitecastle or Chik-Fil-A here in California

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Have you heard the one about the comb? Another help for dd

Who is the bigger homophobe?

Am I the only human being alive who has no Friends?

Happy Arbor Day everyone!

Oh My 100

Name your all time favorite SNL skit

Do you have any guilty pleasure celeb crushes?

Which state is the rudest??

Blind Date with a FREEPER. Has it come to this?

Which state has the friendliest people?

Give-A-Crap-O-Meter regarding the NBA playoffs

What can I do? need help now!

What celebrity do people say you look like?

Meet the bizarro ChavezSpeakstheTruth

Polls are like my Kids!

What kind of person votes for Kerry if Nader ISN'T on the ballot?

Another for the "It's Clinton's Fault" Files:

Is George W. Bush going to be allowed to have Dick Cheney answer

Where are the talking heads as regards the Bremer statement?

Searchable database of Conservative Lies

C-span will cover John Kerry's speech at Westminister where

Nader's former media adviser says Nader shouldn't run this time

Bill Maher on American Politics' 'Good Marketing, Stupid People'

Online Petition asking the UN to monitor the election

I'll share this postcard with DK supporters

AP Reports on "Goring" of Kerry - Yet Repeats the Smears!!!

Dems should make better use of the fact Kerry VOLUNTEERED for Viet Nam

which of these four ex-rivals of Kerry's would best running mate?

Anybody have a transcript from Kerry's remarks...

My 100% strategy to get the media talking about Bush's "Lies" & ineptness

John Kerry to begin speaking shortly on C-Span at Westminster College!

Kerry lays it out on Iraq in major foreign policy speech. GOP, take note!

Is Kerry a member of the NRA?

Democrats Fear Kerry being Gore'd

FReepers Airing Ads Against Kerry!

INTERVIEW: Dean relives critical campaign moments....vintage Dean.

"John Kerry Buyer's Remorse"

It's Possible that Kerry could be the "Silent Majority." By remaining Low

Why does Randi Rhodes keep calling Denise Majette a Republican?

BBV: new info "VOTER CONFIDENCE Act" not "RECORD Act"

Kerry is surely and slowly catching his stride

Does Kerry have a new speechwriter?

No permit for protest at GOP convention

Bush takes 12-point lead in Wisconsin (Bush 50, Kerry 38)

"Kerry will send 40,000 more troops to Iraq"

I have to say it...don't want to...but...Wesley Clark would be the best VP

Why I criticise Kerry

Stop the Presses Mark Shield's is calling it!!