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Archives: April 29, 2004

WP: Taking the GOP Bait, Hook, Line and Stinker

So you say it's your Earth Day ....... and the silent moon rises.

Poll: most Israeli Jews back proposed 'Jews-only' land law

Hilarious South Park on now

Bushists! I had wondered what word history would use....

Bush & Cheney before the 911 Commission

Pro-Life Republicans

Forty years since the Frankfurt Auschwitz trial...

What Percentage of DU'ers are actually Freepers?

Borrowing to cover the tax cuts?

CNN: "Iraquis Polled: War Did More Harm Than Good But Worth It"

Hey! Tom Toles (WaPo) mentions PNAC in today's cartoon...

Urban warfare: Is Iraq a rehearsal for US hoods?

Should we pull the plug on Kerry?


"you don't have to sleep with him, just vote for him,"

Interesting article on same-sex marriage

Chimps worst week ever. What will Terry, Pelosi and Daschle do?

How threatened do you feel by terrorism?

Keep the chickenhawk list up every day

Protesters Seize San Salvador's Cathedral, Demand Troops Be Withdrawn Iraq

Army's Prison Of Pain -- SFGATE.COM Headline

U.S. Warplane Fires on Fallujah Targets -- AP

Political Commentator and Columnist Kinsley Named LA Times Editorial Chief

Okay, a single Republicans site, the single Democrats site is inoperable?

Go to GD and help us kick around Reagan some more

Tomorrow I hit the 700 club...

This is my 499th post, and I'm going to bed

March of Death. You need to read these lyrics. I'm serious.

help me identify whats wrong with my finger and what to do!

ebay Wedding dress seller updated his page - auction ended!

I just cooked my dog a steak -

BASIC Computer Language Turns 40

Avs Win in OT!

Heard the Zack De La Rocha tune today. Pretty cool.

I'm Baa-aack


The best anti-Reagan books - list 'em here!

Roles that would have been enhanced with other actors/actresses.

What are your feelings about pantyhose?

"I believe in the soul, the cock, the pussy, ...

Any car/truck knowledgeable folks here

HDTV on your Mac. (and probably on PC's too)

Little Known Ingénue That Mentally Made Your Tongue H*rd.

Weird phone calls. Someone called my house and made a dinner reservation.

Please read: southerngirlwriter is in the hospital

New "soldiers" Astroturf letter making the rounds

Adventures in forensics hold anthropologist ("dirty wars" experience)

Check Out Kos today

Thursday's Steve Bell Cartoon - Guardian

The Reliable Source - Was Scooter the Leaker?

Can you spot the rightwing editorial cartoonists?

Laundry Label Calling President an 'Idiot' a Hit

Pulp fictions triumph over truth

Oppose American independence

Show Us the Money - Robert Byrd & David Obey

Chicago Tribune: Bush reaping the benefits of journalistic professionalism

The Daily Howler is on FIRE today... WOW.. a MUST READ

Molly Ivins: Sinners unite!


(NYT) The *resident's Testimony

MSNBC Reporting we are still Air Striking Fallujah!

The Obesity Myth: Interview w/ Professor Paul F. Campos

Scotter Libby most likely leaker outing CIA Valerie Plame

If Bush went to Falluja

Democrats criticise Bush "blunder" on Iraq anniversary

After a drought, I get a Letter to the Editor published

Kerry’s pundit problem: Is it really just the hair?

Excellent, Hard Hitting article..

A song I recieved in an email and some other pics

Commentary: Looking for the exit (UPI)

Buzzflash Interview with Ambassador Joseph Wilson


Saving Ali -- Where US snipers fire at ambulances

Phase III Resistance in Iraq

Salon: The EPA's revolving door

Salon: Out of the Closet and Behind the Gate (Gay community in FL)

Bob Herbert (NYT): From Dream to Nightmare

MCCLELLAN: I'm sorry? (and the president is...?) - TPM

Big Worries about Kerry on Lou Dobbs

Paul Krugman (NYT): In Front of Your Nose

Vanishing Votes

Beyond the Last Global Superpower (Brzezezinski)

Y'all catch Frontline tonight (4/29)....

More favorite pictures! (Warning: pic heavy)

Anything planned anywhere for anny of *mission accomplished*?

DU Gathering at the Counter-Convention in NYC August 28th-Sept 3rd

Help build sourced database of media/Bush lies and truth for Moveon


Demand that Karen Hughes Apologize!

Sinclair Broadcast - Pick a state, post their emails here. HELP ME

bush coming to Kalamazoo MI

Dallas, Tx, Weekly Protest at Halliburton Offices, Carrollton.

"Exception to the Rulers" book tour: Any DU'ers attending these?

I love AAR, but can't stand hearing Sam Seder. What gives?

Are there any shows/channels/stations that aren't biased?

Drudge scheduled for C-SPAN's Washington Journal tomorrow.

Cable News: B.S.!

AP propaganda writer ANNE GEARAN equates "liberal" and "activist" judges

President of CNN former associate of Kissinger and worked for Gov

I'm I the only one offended

Beastie Boys upcoming album will slam George W. Bush, praise New York

FRONTLINE: The Jesus Factor (Bush's Faith)

I hope Bush is right about everything he does...

Did Jesus Really Exist? Is this Proof?

DOL reports decrease in covered employment from 126.3m to 126.1m on 4/3

These Tax Cuts Ain't For You, Honey

Virginia Shocks Tobacco Road

Snow Job: Bush's economic numbers keep getting flakier.

Lava flows from Papua New Guinea volcano

Kangaroo To Receive Award For Helping Injured Farmer - Reuters

2003 New Car/Truck Mileage Up 0.1 MPG From 2002 (w/o Hummer, Excursion)

Biodiesel Blooms On Idle Japanese Land - Asahi News

Shrimp Virus Discovered At Hawaiian Shrimp Farm - AP

Study Shows That Overfishing Has Direct Evolutionary Impact - AFP

The Bluewater Revolution (Wired.Com)

New BushCo Rules Limit Endangered Species Habitat, Demand "Sound Science"

New Rules Will Include Hatchery Salmon In Pacific NW Fish Counts

Emerald Ash Borer Discovered In Northeast Indiana

Federal Appeals Court Orders EPA To Protect Air In Parks, Monuments

Radioactive Wastewater Spills Into Rhine

Snakehead Fish Discovered In Another Maryland Lake - AP

Eastern Gorilla Numbers Down 70% In Last Ten Years

Radioactive water spills into Rhine. Everyone in Germany will die.

Study Links Salmon Farms, Wild Salmon Dieoffs - Globe & Mail

Bush diverts Envio $'s to Fossil Fuels-makes hydrogen plan as dirty as oil

Woman maimed by mine while collecting food

Concerns in Pakistan at new US airbase on border

Countries with Muslim Minority Populations

12/16/84 Washington Post - Cheney demands same cuts in Defense as Kerry

Khatami Admits Iran Imprisons People for Beliefs

SO, Bush and Cheney emerge from the 911 Commission meeting

Al Jazeera reporting on prisoner abuses...

Beyond The Last Global Superpower (Brzezinski)

Body Armor Gives Felons Upper Hand

Seized AK-47’s: Remember all the way back to last week?

GUNS IN THE NEWS - April 29, 2004

Detroit and CCW: Remember all the way back to 4 days ago?

Pre-emptive warfare vs. pre-emptive crime control.

Congressional 2nd Amendment Caucus

Any idea why I'm seeing non-roman characters?

When are you going to open the pet gallery?

I am blondeatlast, and I am a victim of the AZ Legislature.

Can I have a reason why this thread was locked?

Is it against the rules to call someone an

I respectfully request the ban on CU topics be lifted

Skinner I have a favor to ask.

Post length limitations/copyright rules

Accidentally put someone on ignore--how do you undo it?

About the state forums...

I'm here to second BurtWorm's request

Why is the tombstoned pic labeled "Dead Freeper"?

rules clarification, please

Polls See Sharon Losing Likud Vote on Gaza Plan

Berlin parley drafts series of measures to fight anti-Semitism

EU Seniors Assert Rejection to Harm Final Status Issues

Ariel Sharon, George W. Bush, unilateral declarations & international law

Chirac lambasts disengagement(edited for link)

Jerusalem Is Worried About Talk Of Linkage

Iraq pledges to honor Arab boycott of Israel

IDF admits it killed Palestinian lecturer by mistake

Drawing Caterpillar Out Of Its Corporate Cocoon

France to investigate Hamas

The Israel Project (a new pop-up on the Netscape browser)

An awful realization.

Retired admiral dives into business - SAIC watchers

Brevard For Kerry

nightline censored

Fellow Floridians help DU this poll

Two stories having to do with California air quality

The Hon. Zoe Lofgren Rocks! Who lives in the 16th?

Tell Me About Vilsack

officiaL red sox fan gLoating thread

Michigan-related poll to unfreep...

Miami Documentary

bush coming to Kalamazoo MI-Protest details

Bush is supposed to be in Michigan Monday--any details?

Ack!! Look out, Greensboro!!

Heads up, Triad DUers: ABC45 not showing Friday's "Nightline"?

Is JFK making a mistake not spending time

Billboard on I-40 in Greensboro N.C. Says " Gay or Straight, All Americans

OHIO DUers... Put Your TIME Where Your Mouth is!! HUGE Voter Reg Event!

Take that, Diebold - a slam from Montgomery County

Kerry on PCN now!

Anti-cigarette laws

Supreme Court Upholds Gerrymandering to Favor Republicans

Let's see if we can make Texas turn blue

Good News for Dallas Halliburton Protest - Time Change! Also Bus

New plan will dig deeper into pockets of working Texans

Texas Chief Justice To Resign

WI Dems - Join Sen. Feingold's Truth Watch Campaign

Fight BBV in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Survey - from WPR & St. Norbert's

Mark Belling

New WI Presidential Poll = Kerry

Ailing Talmadge departing governor's race

Reichert aide buys up other candidate's Web domain name as joke

Laura Ruderman is going to make one hell of a Secretary of State

BBV: Secret Service on a fishing expedition. They want your name.

Poll: For the first time, majority disapprove of Bush handling of Iraq

Note the headlines for the latest CBS/NYT poll results. They're either:

Would you vote for Richard Mellon Scaife over pre-2002 Dennis Kucinch?

I'm stoopid (again) - What does 'rope-a-dope' mean?

Much of America needs to take a hard look in the mirror....

I don't understand how * can continue to bomb Iraq and then expect the UN

NYT: The OSP revealed: ... "Leave no dot unconnected."

USA Wining friends (sarcasm on)

Looking towards the next 6 months, what's your mood?

9:31 AM------- Oh to be a fly on THAT wall

Any links to the Iraqi prisoner torture pictures?

'Curves' Franchise - anti-abortion owner

Dork Cheney is coming to Milwaukee Friday...

This will recruit about 25,000 terrorists who will kill 100,000 Americans

Who Knows About Ronald Reagan University?

Let's just ignore the unplesantness (Wal-Mart DVD player)

Court halts Hollywood movie shoot ( environmentalists win !)

Bush's Birth Tax

do you like these lyrics?

The End of the NY Times continues: Mo Dawd tries to cement JK propaganda

Paula Zahn just did a report on truth in reporting ....Al Jazeera vs U.S.A

More casualties...will we hear about them?

Fight back, Democrats tell

Such arrogance ! Such total disregard for our Constitution!

Think Again: Al Qaeda

They're baaaaaaack....

oops! Dupe!

Dark Alliance - How the CIA Created the Crack Epidemic in the 1980's

Just Curious, Whats your views on the June 30 th deadline?

For the

U.S. Deletes, Alters Gender Issue Web Data -Report

Dems Ignore Negroponte's Death Squad Past

Is it just me, or does SCOTUS

Latest Steve Bell cartoon

I just want to say "Thom Friedman is an ass!"

"You people just don't understand..."

Ring! Ring! "Sorry guys, I have to go and do my job...."

"In an effort to reduce the violence"

NYT: "from the questionable to the ridiculous"

al Sistani and al Sadr

watching Lt. General William Oden ?

Arnaud de Borchgrave Plans to Vote for Kerry

Blumenthal: "Misperceptions are the pillars of Bush's support"

4 Treas agents track bin Laden and Saddam money, while 21 work Castro

The guys in the cube next to me crack me up with political talk.....

my republican brother, you are not very bright

Claims vs. Facts Database

US discussing letting Saddam out on early leave so he can run Iraq?

Battleground State of WV: These People Will Stoop to Anything

Look at this article entitled, "The Ungrateful Left"

April Soldier Deaths now at 132? (or more?)

Jeezus H Christ! I just woke up to ten dead soldiers.

Initiation into Skull and Bones

Sutton: 9/11 - The Real Story

Pulling out of Fallujah is the right thing to do

NYT owner: Jayson Blair debacle is reader's fault

C-Span:idiot callers, Kerry is a traitor, Bush volunteered for Vietnam

Sibel Edmonds and Daniel Ellsberg on "Democracy Now" today (4/29)

Message on Today Show: Defeat!

global diseases, war, and terror

NYT Dowd quote: W. sees the war on terror "as a religious war."

LOOK!!!! they found the WMD?

npr Reports Marine Pullback from Fallujah is Unconfirmed Rumor

whoever posted leaving texas election day

"This is not over. Money talks. "(about BBV in Diebold territory)

My message to the 9/11 Commission.

Tonight! on PBS's Frontline "The Jesus Factor"

Why we have lost in Iraq...

Who believes the Pentagon's finding that Saddam is behind the insurgency?

Pentagon Official under investigation for Iraq corruption

the war in Iraq is lost. It is a defeat.

Neil Rogers fans, please check in!!!

Yay! Glorious news from CNN!

PRAVDA: Hussein's Agents Are Behind Attacks in Iraq, Pentagon Finds

Heavy-Handed Raid Backfires, This Time

Wisconsin survey on Iraq

Give Back the Howitzers?

Where's the UN now Iraq really needs liberating?!?

"I am out all over without force protection"...."Thanks for caring"

E-mail addy for Randi Rhodes?

The Lord Of The Right Wing

About needing to "finish the job"

Michael Savage: Screaming for a police state.

Has everyone read Time magazine story about BBV?

The "OFFICIAL" Bush/Cheney 9-11 Testimony Thread!

Everyone needs to sing today!

FBI Admits: No Evidence Links 'Hijackers' to 9-11

Bush - Too Bad to be True syndrome?

Mrs. Plaidder Meets John Edwards, Asks Him To Support Gay Marriage

So I know what Bu$h did on the morning of 9-11

BROKAW to Depart, But No Brian WILLIAMS? (Plus, Spawn of MURDOCH)

WH terms to allow Condi's and *'s testimony

Prisoner Photos - Shame

Proud New Jersey Citizen - John Saxon Rocks

torture photo's impact on arab community, next on msnbc

Pretty decent AP chickenhawk article

So CPA officials were wearing Bush Cheny t-shirts at off-duty functions

Please tell me what the toll free Senate number is.

new poll numbers -Bush approval at all time low

Repubs(freeps/neocons) dissing Kerry over his cash?

But, But, The American People want to see their Leader answer questions

Everything is outsourced nowadays - even porno films!

When will we see this on the front page

Haiti: Turning back the clock -Sojourners - Christians for Justice & Peace

How can it be considered "testimony" if it's NOT under oath??

Apologize, Karen Hughes! Demand that Karen Hughes Apologize!

Why don't the Dems trot out an ad with smirky's trifecta joke?

The White House Treason: How has the Wilson Name not leaked???

Michael Savage: Screaming for a police state.

Retreat from Falluja similar to failed bombings of Hanoi

The Upcoming Kennedy "scandal"

Iranian court orders US pay 600 million dollars to chemical attack victims

It has come to this: Three views on Iraq

Warning for Los Angeles shoppers?

If Iraqis tortured G.I.s, would we accept it as not representative?

20/20 "Be My Baby" story just keeps getting weirder.

Gender Roles & Biology

Must we lose the war for Iraq to be truly free...?

Idiot Guide to Al Qaeda for your enjoyment.

if you aren't listening to O'Franken-Re: Bremer

Iraq's Transition: On a Knife Edge

Unbelievable! Are we winning the war on terrorism?

Republicans and Conservatives Hate Us For Our freedoms

Chairmen Hamilton & Bob Kerrey walk out of WH 911 comm. questioning.....

Did you guys notice that Bush's Favorability is at 38%?....

latest weirdness on TV-New Reality show--you too can adopt a baby!

See if my local newspaper's headline bothers you as much as it does me.


April is NOT the worst month for the US since the end of the war.

ya Know Jack Cafferty (CNN) may not be all bad

Colin Powell is so full of Orwellian bullshit...

New Bush outrage against US women!

Patriot Act Rules Stifle Dissent

Center for American Progress's new RW debunking site.

Date Night at Al Ghraib - Be All You Can Be - Recruiting Photo.

Photos of Iraqi prisoners being abused

Rumsfeld's Police Secret

Question, Mr. Bush*!

Bush not sure AL QUEDA cells Not in country

What a weakling! Bush to have press conference shortly SANS Cheney

seen this wicked "duckblind" movie?

"I'm glad I did it, I'm glad I took the time."

puter question pls

Thank you, Mr. President. For bringing closure. Its time to move on.

The White House should release Bush and Cheney's testimony immediately

If it's gephardt we are SOOOOO screwed....

Anyone have a link to *'s statements to the press after the "testimony"?

Judy Woodruff shocked... shocked , I tell you!

Here's a treat: video/transcript of Bill Maher from last night's Hardball

Minister's mention of `Jesus Christ' in prayer brings apology from Fla. Se

Freepers cheer SBG's censorship of Iraqi deaths

Law requires campus police to seek help

joint appearance before 9/11 commission has GOT to kill *'s credibility

Cheney: Kerry's Wife Still Owns Bra She Claimed She Burned in '72

Gorelick should step down from the 9/11 commission

Bush speech text archive?

I believe Ambassador Joe Wilson's book is coming out tomorrow....

You guys listening to this Freeper on O'Franken?

Bush Faith: Calculated or Real?

Bush vacations while claiming he's working long hours?

oops lock

*/Cheney 'chat' with the 9/11 Commission | Two Fierce TOONs

Invading Iraq vs. invading Kuwait

today's Doonesbury | B.D. calls home...

How do you deal with this crap?

The 'gay' side of office politics.......What should I do?

To what extent does the media influence the army?

General Odom says US has already failed in Iraq

Bob Somerby proves that Mo Dowd is still a big Media Whore!

I saw the wedding dress model DU guy on the local news!

WOW! Stern links to Bush wiping glasses on woman's clothing

NOW on C-Span2: BYRD Next! (2:15pm EST)

Mother of Victim on Flt 93 says she picks Richard Clarke over Condi

mopaul's anti-war masterpiece "Fallujah"

Compare Gore/Lieberman to Kerry/Kucinich

Please send this picture to everyone you know


Clinton testified with a live camera pointing in his face...

Wow, here's a shocker! (sarcasm *on*)

Kerrey left the 911 commission early today

Israel's Haaretz says, "American army committed war crimes in Falluja "

So that fascist that was selected by the Supreme Court

Jesse Ventura for VP

CNN poll

Iranians seeing a lot of UFOs.. or.. maybe USAs?

NYC Denies Permit for Huge Anti-War Rally (march permit pending too)

Michael Moore's 9/11 movie

Veterans Against Iraq War

Any word yet on why Kerrey/Hamilton left the commission early ?

Scott McClennen...aka Big Fish is on right now....I'm waiting

I give the Fallujah Protection Army 3 days before they are routed!

Bush to make statement in 20 minutes !!!

Flame me if you want but

Who places a hood over his head before committing suicide?

You've got to know when to hold 'em,

Help! Regarding Separation of Church/State.

need your votes

Have the photos of the electrocutions/ dog attacks been released?

Bush and the tax cut fallacy

Oreilly is really losing it today

Google files for long-awaited IPO

Hey... I got a new nickel!!

just plugged in ...

Does Bush "look forward to" meeting w/1AD families who lost a loved one

Who the hell is Jayson Williams?

So who is the "Fallujah Protection Army" going to protect?

Now the wingnuts are claiming that WMDs have been found...

Isn't Joseph Wilson's book

What was that flash media thing with all the quotes of Bush* saying

Anyone know what happened to ?

"Bill O'Reilly is a big blubbering vagina." My son sent me this site.

Evangelical Christians opposed to gay marriage amendment?

Center for American Progress launches Claim vs Fact website!

Bush, Cheney quizzed by Sept. 11 panel for more than three hours

How many governments has the US overthrown?

Powell Says Support for Iraq War Will Revive

You all want to call in to Washington Journal tomorrow morning!

Reminder about misogynistic insults

Is Bremer appointing a new Pope too?

Claims vs. Facts Database---Check it out!!

Whose Human Rights is the Occupation Defending

The Obesity Myth: Interview w/ Professor Paul F. Campos

9/11 - Bremer's prediction

Must Read: Undecided voters go BIG to the challenger

Kerry Back In Lead In Rasmussen Poll. First Time In 9 Days.

Good news: Kerry leads in WI 49-42-Bowles leads in NC 47-38

All This Pro-Saudi Press

Howard Stern on the cover of the NATION!

Better lefty mag, The Nation or The Progressive Populist?

If Cheney, Limbaugh, etc...were draft dogers, that makes them

DU chorus: afternoon practice!

Should we give Iraq back to Saddam?

Dear Karen Hughes

Maria Shriver's on Doperah.I never watched the x-files.She was "Skully",

nationalism, imperialism, and militarism - thoughts

So did Hamilton and Kerrey walk out in disgust or what? n/t

Bush's* Numbers at a real low - what will it November?

77% of Republicans say they approve of Bush's Iraq Policy!

CNN changes poll headline: "More Iraqis Hopeful But Don't Like U.S."

Anyone listen to Fresh Air on NPR today? About "The Jesus Factor"

"I came away good about the discussion?"

"What does Halliburton have to do with the war in Iraq" Crossfire next.

What will 'patriotic' Republicans do if Kerry wins the election?

Dummy Bush and Ventroliquist Cheney at Hearing PICTURE

Why does the poll Inside Politics just showed add up to 107 percent?

Nightline 4/29: Cheney's role ... and an update for Friday's broadcast

Heard an interesting comment today - from a Republican....

How We Got Into This Mess

Question about Bush testimony today

Wanna Make Your Head EXPLODE? Read This!

A photo montage of W and the 9/11 commission

What is it about Teresa's millions that makes freepers crazy?

Is Bush a coward?

Whatever happened from... Bush appointing judges during *recess* & Kennedy

Comeback needed about US founded on Christianity

This just pisses me off to no end!!!

GOP Senator: DRAFT may be needed as Terror War will last 25 years!

"I enjoyed it"?

can someone give me a link to the pics showing torture by US?


Pittsburgh TV Host on air now demeaning 9/11 families

'toon fans! New Alcaraz

It is time for a new Kerry ad....

Whatever happened to... Gore's Liberal TV Station bid?

bush* numbers heading for sewage plant


If he wasn't attempting to hide the truth why did he bring 3 lawyers?

Bush's "real" poll numbers are somewhere around 30%

Need help with Freeper - Did Clinton testify alone

Arnold Pulls National Guard off of Guarding the Golden Gate Bridge

So is the Pope giving aid to our enemies?

Create your own Thomas Friedman Op-Ed column!

The Israel Project (a new pop-up on the Netscape browser)

Sinclair Broadcasting Orders ABC Stations NOT to Air Friday's Nightline

WHOA! Bremer publicly critized bush administration on terror in Feb. 2001

Judge Roy Moore for president!

The End of The NY Times Continues: Tommy Friedman is SHIT

Poll: Why do you think *'s 9/11 commission testimony is secret?

Shrub to press today: "We met w/ the commission, AND AH HE-ELPED!"

For your viewing pleasure:Redefeat Bush Theater

Good News!!! MWO to return prior to election!!!

Judy Woodruff says to McCauliffe: "Sen. Kerry is defending his record


Some quotes from the bushCHENEY 9/11 commission

READ IT!!!!!!

Remember the flap by Bishops over Kerry taking communion?


Do you believe that Bush is "nice", "easy going"...

Do you think the Iraqis are seeing these torture pictures today?

At this stage of the game it is pretty Black and White

Anderson Cooper with Tucker Carlson

BBV: Bev Harris on Coast to Coast Tonight

Scarborough Seems to Confirm Somethin on DU Yesterday (re polls)

the official 9-11 dick 'n' dubya lying puppet show!

The "Kerry is the Angel of Death" Bush-Cheney ad.

Remember when CNN was a fairly good network?

Did CBS News say that 4 of the 8 killed today

Guess who donates to Bush and the connection to censoring nightline

Remember when CNN was a fairly good network?

DU this Poll: Should the US remain committed to democratizing Iraq?

A Report on Mesopotamia by T.E. Lawrence

Today's Suggestion: Tenacity.

marines to "pull back" from fallujah

CNN poll: Why is Bush 9/11 testimony secret?

unofficial Randi Rhodes thread 4/29/04

good late night show bush "jokes" (if you find him funny)

Bush nominating underqualified and unfit person to federal appeals court

Here's the thread with the Iraqi torture pictures

I CAN NOT look at the Iraq Photos on Yahoo ANYMORE!!

Need your help on a Poll...

Powerful column in my local paper on the duty of the press.

Imus on calling Bush* a War Criminal

So, RW says Koppel's reading of Iraq Soldiers Death is Fake/Ratings

Justice Scalia says judicial proceedings are "too partisan"

I just watched a commercial showing how jfk has been against

Conservative claim debunker site: Get arguments here. :)

A question for Canadian DU'ers......

Swindlers Consider Reserve Fund for Iraq War

Does Bush have padding in the shoulders of his suit?

Did Clinton lobby Blair for *'s war?

LOL@ O'Reily hating Canada...

Struck a Wingnut Nerve over Governor Goodhair

"I answered every question they asked"


So there were over 20 people in the Oval Office today.

Home is where they hang up Wal-Mart

What would happen in the US if we pulled out of Iraq

Will you take a perverse pleasure

When will we finally learn the truth about today?

Threat my ass!

Poll: Was the war in Iraq a mistake?

Rock Against Bush Vol.1

Does Bushs' National Guard still practice segregation and inequality?

I just got this fascist e-mail

To anarchy1999

Garafalo is talking to *'s former teacher from Harvard Business School

My biggest fear about Iraq

History is only made for those too dumb to remember Clinton

O'Reilly, Bush, Jesus, and Bill Clinton

Has anyone here heard of "JAAB"?

Real eyes, realize, real lies

I'm a Prophet!!!!!!!!!

Does Fallujah mean the US has been defeated? (Long)

Now it's, "Kerry didn't sleep on the mall. He slept in a townhouse"

Attention newcomers: some introductory reading for ya!

Fallen Soldier's Family Speaks Out Against War

Will Pitt helped me sow the seeds of a Pumpkin today.

DU this CNN poll! Was the war in Iraq a mistake? It was posted earlier...

The President's "testimony"

Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be on Mike Webb tonight...

Due to uproar over Nightline wanting to name dead American soldiers

Kerry Initiative for Women in Business Passes Senate

A friend of mine asked me to spread this (Virginia Interest)

MoveLeft Media has a new format.

Fullajah atrocities (Israel getting nervous?)

Israeli Independence Day in DC...on CSPAN 1

David Kay: "Once taken, excused. Twice taken you’re an idiot."

Why aren't other Democrats in office standing up for Kerry?

Why isn't Bush "cleaning his glasses on Maria Popes Sweater" Everywhere?

Senator Kennedy on Mission Not Accomplished

Note: US Soldiers abusing Iraqis occured BEFORE the Fullajah atrocities

WTF - Drudge claims Kerrey and Hamilton had Prior committments


Do you know why AA won't touch Malloy?

Wolfowitz comes up short on Iraq casualty count. "He mispoke, that's all"

What's your solution for "The Affordable Housing Crisis"?

Photos from Iraq

Looking for facts about Hillary Clinton and Tata

So did Cheney drink water while W was talking?

Pelosi: 'Our Manufacturing Sector is Critical

don't know if this has been posted "Justice is a DuckBlind" flash

Anyone got a link to video of the jeep exploding in Gaza??

Bush is smart, this proves it!

I believe God wants him to be

Bush/Glasses/Maria Pope thing - Why now?

Does anyone have a source about the US selling poison gas to Saddam?

Building a Better Rust Belt

Real World....If someone were as inept/as weak as George

Anyone else dread the frontline special tonight ?

Judge Roy "10 Commandments" Moore is O-U-T!

Wesley Clark on CNN, Paula Zahn Now, upcoming.

Please help--Can you give me a list of the "swing states?"

Male DNA registry - (rehash of old argument over Choice)

Is it OK to call John Forbes Kerry JFK?

CNN Crossfire....what is wrong with Begala

Did anybody hear *"s attempt to speak after the 911 hearings?

From the RNC to the Airwaves (Kerry was right)

cheney on a leash?

Where did Jesus go?

John Kerry asking Al Sharpton to speak at the Democratic Convention

Kerrey and Hamilton leaving Bush/Cheney session early just shows

BBV- Dr. Rebecca Mercuri will be the keynote speaker..

Woodward is on the Daily Show! n/t

The DU Investigation Suggestions Thread for "Mike"

Our God will CRUSH the false god of Islam & ALL it's followers

IMAGE: After * Meets The 9/11 Commission He Does A Nazi Salute To Press

no oath, no transcripts, in secret...this PROVES they were in on 9-11

I didn't know Kerry worked in law enforcement?

Franken and his co-hostess Lanpher remind me of Gulliver's Travels

Is CNN always like this?

Connecticut is getting Diebold!!! Argh.

"You were always on my mind" - NOT - Paul Wolfowitz

9/11 mtg with Bush/Cheney - 2 Dems left early ?!?!

The more strenuously Scalia refuses to recuse himself...

One Nation, Under God...

The Jesus Factor tonight on Frontline

Bush and the Evangelicals

Puzzling: Rumsfeld was never asked for his advice for going to war

Does this mean we FAILED IN FALLUJA?

Do you have "Plan of Attack?" Can you help me with research?

Listen to Nightline. Talking about Cheney.

Were Carter and Clinton Evangelicals?

Abu Ghraib prison are type of incidents Kerry spoke out against in 71'

John Edwards on Imus. Love fest. New polls. Turned the corner?

I need to share my feeling with you

Sinclair ABC affiliates in swingstates. My quick count

Here's the e-mail I just sent to Sinclair Broadcasting...

Bush Backers preempt Nightline

Sinclair stations won't run "Nightline" tribute

Message to young writers and reporters with access to the Executive Branch

this picture really gets to me

Can Chris Matthews ever regain credibility outside the "Bush Base?"

Help me decide on Bush-bashing bumper stickers...

I'm looking for DU Mari333 and Michael

Bush - "I ENJOYED it."

Maxine Waters Quote -- Is it real?

Why is Bush so obsessed with body language?

CNN breaking: Hamilton and Kerey walk out of WH 911 commission meeting

Bush is not nice.

best justice money can by: 'Hearing charge, neighbors ask, 'That's it?''

What is the difference between an idiot and a blithering idiot?

On my way to the bookstore - what's a political MUST read??

so you're a christian eh mr. bush?........PROVE IT

What is an Evangelical and where did the originate?

Fallujah photos of dead (graphic)

Bush*/Cheney will 'meet' with the 9-11 commission in the Oval Office

Can someone tell me

Sinclair to Preempt `Nightline' , thats my local station

Have you read "Standing In The Rainbow"?

60 Minutes II -- Soldiers Raping and Torturing?

"Why Christians Should Not Vote for George Bush"

Pat Tillman, John Kerry, and George Bush

What are the big differences between Bush and bin Laden?

The pledge of allegiance: true or not?

For recovering and already well Deaniacs....the bat is back, new site.

?W: We've Found the WMDs and We're Unleashing Them in June!

What is the best way to win a political fight?

need links to independent report of numbers at Women's March

Bush's Military-Industrial Warriors

Will Pitt helped me sow the seeds of conversion today.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Does anyone have a copy of Rene Gonzalez's Editorial?

Someone should invent a religion combining Christian, Muslim, and Jewish

Want proof CNN approval polling is biased for Bush? Here it is.

Spring 1971 Bush Using National Guard F102 to Shuttle Tropical Plants

Have to Reiterate: Randi Kicks Ass!

Laughter erupted in the Oval Office from time to time

About those torture photos,

Planned Parenthood to stalk Karen Hughes on her book tour

*Action Alert *Sinclair Broadcast Group Contact Information

Does Bush Suck?

A Challenge to Liberal Christians

fuck you too mr. bush

CNN's War Shill, Gen Don Sheppard just said GET OUT

"We gotta kill 'em all!"

Why does the religious right prop Bush up over Jesus?

Gen. Odom says "The US has failed in Iraq and should pull out."

US out of Iraq - Poll on Rochester MN - Fox station

We need to welcome Keith Olberman's Staff to DU!!

On Majority report the Prof that taught Bush at Harvard

Randi Rhodes Is Starting To Annoy Me!

Sinclair Broadcast Group loves Bush and the RNC. List of Donors

Canadian Election Poll - Which Party would you support?

Scariest. FRONTLINE. Ever.

Bush has Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Who made the following statements?

General Work Stoppage at Port of Long Beach?

Pelosi fusses at McDermott for omitting words in pledge.

More Soldiers Going Over without Gear

There is no compromising with the present Republican Party....

It's Derby week. If Duh-bya was a racehorse, what would his name be?

Bookstore owner: I won't sell to Republicans!

trof's Red State Plan

The Foundation is Crumbling

Please tell me that I am not a pro-lifer! (CONTINUED)

Ralph Nader: Fully Owned Bush Familiy Subsidiary?

DU: Pledge your vote here and watch the map turn blue!

Kerry/Flip Flop .... SATURATION

Finally, info on who makes up the Iraqi Civil Defence Corps

Lamar! Alexander fights proposal to prohibit Internet taxes | Tennessean

Blair: US 'right' to bomb rebels

Leak found in ship astronauts will use for return

LAT: Pentagon Official Under Investigation

Iraq war boosts Halliburton profits

Supreme Court Upholds Gerrymandering to Favor Republicans

Brahimi sets out new Iraq leadership plan

Pulp fictions triumph over truth

Abu Bakar Bashir to Be Re-Arrested

Rushed Iraqi transition fraught with legal pitfalls - experts

(Michael) Jackson faces new allegations

Spain Indicts Fugitive on 9/11 Charges

Thai Troops Sent South to Quell Muslim Unrest

AP: Kerry Wants Chem Plant Safety Reviews

u s soldiers gone wild!!

Abu Bakar Bashir to Be Re-Arrested

Tight state purse has loose strings for pet projects (Florida)

Disputes Fester Over Overtime Rules

U.S. soldier killed in roadside bombing outside of Baghdad

Soldier in Afghanistan Faces U.S. Charges (not due to war crimes)

NH Unionleader: Bevill will challenge Bradley in Republican primary

Berlin talks tackle anti-Semitism

Lawmakers' kids often go to private schools (Texas)

mods please delete dupe

Guardian: Army chiefs resist call for more Iraq troops

10 counties advised to use voting machines, but have paper ballots on hand

Taliban seize central Afghan district (Al Jazeera)

(All 10 UK) Old Trafford terror suspects freed without charge

Dupe - please delete

St. Paul caves: A deadly expedition | Minneapolis Star Tribune

Congressman omits 'under God' from Pledge of Allegiance

Report: Tentative handover deal in Fallujah

Zimbabwe agrees to hand over suspected mercenaries

Women Born in Summer Have Fewer Children

The Reliable Source - Was Scooter the Leaker?

Thailand: Drugs or religion?

US launches overnight air attacks in Iraqi flashpoint city of Fallujah

Hussein's Agents Are Behind Attacks in Iraq, Pentagon Finds

Al Martin: Will Bush Cheney Cancel the Election?

Government: Possible terrorist link to LNG stowaways

Disregarded Iraq Warnings Appear Prescient

Siege of Fallujah provokes second mutiny

Schofield soldier charged in death of Iraqi civilian

AP: Treasury Agents Track Bin Laden Money

Powell Says More Detainees to Be Released

Marines Ready for Pull Back From Fallujah

Democrats upset over deep cuts in healthcare (Florida)

Reichert aide buys up other candidate's Web domain name as joke

NYT: Specter, Victory in Hand, Now Pushes Bush Away

Backhoe Crushes School Bus In Colombia, Killing 23

Baldacci signs bill creating domestic partnerships (Maine)

'Global decline' in press freedom

Kerry's jabs at Bush grow more personal - Boston Globe

Price Rises Pick Up as GDP Expands (Below Expectations)

Bush to make statement in 20 minutes !!!

Bush to make statement in 20 minutes !!!

Blair 'doesn't intend to quit'

Deal to End Falluja Standoff Is Announced; 10 Americans Killed | NYT

After declaring new truce deal, US planes bomb Fallujah

Bush takes favored spot in Oval Office for grilling by Sept. 11 commission

Protests against summit draw 3,000

Thailand: Officials Warn Of Possible Retaliation After Deaths Of Over 100

Train blast mystery deepening

MSNBC LA response to terror threat


Wilson Names Three Possible CIA Leakers.

Bush* to give Rose Garden speech in 10 minutes...911 Commission meeting

Kerry's TV Ad Claims Questioned (somewhat misleading headline..) | LAT

'Passion' to Be Screened in Iran

Cop gives Hitler salute at British embassy

Insurer sued by Boston Archdiocese ... files countersuit...

Fleeing Fallujans killed as crisis deepens

Center for American Progress launches Claim vs Fact website!

Bombing again at Fallujah 11:40 AM Thurs. Eastern Time

U.S. 'spam' sleuthing: Follow the money

McDermott leads pledge in House, omits 'under God'

Bush, Cheney meet with 9/11 panel (statement from panel)

Major Oil Spill Near San Francisco (Dupe)

Martin will sign U.S. missile-warning program

Iraq Cellular Project Leads to U.S. Inquiry (Bush Pentagon corruption)

Iraq: US general faces cruelty charges - Al Jazeera

UMass president rips student column on Tillman

MCCLELLAN: I'm sorry? (and the president is...?) - TPM

EPA: Diesel Pipeline Spills 1M Gallons

U.S. decides against labor, currency probes

CNN breaking: Hamilton and Kerey walk out of WH 911 commission meeting

Big drop in support for war in Iraq, poll finds

Baghdad blast claims intellectual ally of US

U.S. wants to put guerrillas on the payroll, handing command to Saddam-era

Experts back in Iran to study Ancient Persia

Senate Fails to Resurrect Stalled Energy Bill

Bush is expected to say he had no hint

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 29 April

Spanish premier presides over dissolution of Iraq brigade

10 American troops die today

UE Claims at 338,000 - - Prior week revised up to 356,000

Schwarzenegger to visit Israel

Retired admiral dives into business

Senators Seek Probe of Firms in Iraq

Former Lawmaker Is Going To Prison

More Agents Track Castro Than Bin Laden

Iraqis offer bounty for US officials

Rumsfeld on Hardball right now

Death to those who dare to speak out

Charges against Lea Fastow scaled back

Powell says Iraq losses hurting Bush

WTC Leaseholder Suffers a Defeat in Insurance Battle

E-mails from the war in Iraq

Bush says he answered every question from Sept 11 panel

Fresh arrest for Indonesia cleric

Ailing Talmadge departing Washington governor's race | Seattle P-I

Chalabi's Star Falls as US Seeks Scapegoat...Lebanon/New WMW

Los Angeles Faces Threat of Terror Attack on Mall, AP Reports

Sinclair Stations to Boycott 'Nightline' Tribute

9/11 mtg with Bush/Cheney - 2 Dems left early ?!?!

WP: Book Names Iraqi in Alleged '99 Bid to Buy Uranium

400,000 Americans Help Kerry Reach $80M '04 Goal Three Months Early;

Worldwide terrorist attacks down in 2003

US confirms insurgents (resistance) have SA-16 anti-aircraft missile

Scientists Working on Flexible Armor

Iraqis conflicted about war, its impact

Pentagon's No. 2 Flubs Iraq Casualties

CNN Breaking: 8 US soldiers killed near Baghdad...

Wilson claims Cheney targeted him for discounting uranium claims

White House Criticizes Justice for Publishing Memos

No agreement in Fallujah: Pentagon officials

Road Deaths From Crashes Involving SUVs Rise

WP: Rebuilding Aid Unspent, Tapped to Pay Expenses

Another Woman Who Worked with Darren James Tests HIV-Positive

Kerry to pick VP by end of May according to Fineman

Gateway to Cut 1500 More Jobs

More resources devoted to Castro than to bin Laden

Contractors may not be allowed to carry guns in Iraq

Poll: Iraqis Want U.S. Out of Country

US troops 'open fire on bus'

Sept 11 Commission Quotes

Presidential Candidate John Kerry Opens Door for Rival Sharpton to Address

Qatar to act on US Al Jazeera concerns

Bank of England Governor 'lied to Lawson over BCCI' : latest

US forces to pull out of Falluja

U.S. Deletes, Alters Gender Issue Web Data -Report

Bremer Speech Before 9/11 - Bush Admn. Paying NO Attention to Terrorism

McDonald's Raises American Flag to Full Height After Complaint

Wilson book names three...

Judge Roy Moore loses appeal.

Teen Punished for Speaking Against Homosexuality Wants Apology

KCStar- Pledge Ommission Brings Rare Reprimand- Pelosi

Shooting at an abortion clinic (LA area/Palm Desert)

Six U.S. troops charged with Iraq torture

Student letter warns against Cheney 'diatribe' (awesome!!!!)

UMass Grad Student: Tillman's not a hero.

Sinclair Broadcast Group to Boycott Nightline (killed in combat episode)

Photos show torture: CBS airs photographs of Iraqi prisoners abused by U.S


anyone else having trouble with Netscape tonite?

I just got caught up on all my schoolwork. Ask me anything.

Dave Chappelle is on Charlie Rose.

Isn't Dakota Fanning a cute little precocious girl?

A Satirical political beliefs test (so funny)

Tonight's DU Insomniac Thread (Welcome 29 April)

Don't you wish you'd picked 'Death Stud' as your DU name?

does Dave bone Stephanie?

OH MY. Jennifer Granholm Is HOT. WHAT A HOTTIE

Web Gallery of Art

Do you have a short attention span?


Up From Conservatism

Robotic bollards to take control of roads

*GASP* Bye Bye 700 Club Forever

America's favorite chickenhawk:

Man Cheats Death 7 Times - 4 Failed Marriages - Wins Lottery ($1.46 MILL)

Penis Puppeteers Flop - Cold Weather & Sobriety Blamed

just a little diplomatic snafu - "Sorry" ... a flash video

Wilfred Thesiger Wet/Dry Poll

Wedding Dress SOLD (EBay) - Seller SLAMS BUSH On Site!!!

Katie Couric... What's Wrong With Your Lipstick This Morning? (Thursday)

My entry for the dumbest phone call ever

Broadway-bound Lennon musical to premiere in S.F.

Doctors Accused Of LIVE Kidney Removal

Gooooooood Morning DU!!!

Is there a new 'O Town' CD in the works? '04 Tour?

Need help with buying plane tickets.

Need help locating a city

Dick Cheney the ventriloquist?

Is Target a bad company?

Joke of the day.

Diver Forgotten At Sea

Nice tidbit from Connor Trinneer's chat at yesterday

I'm in a bind

anyone else notice that AAR's stream has improved considerably?

Let’s count the medals Cheney and Bush won for heroism under fire.

Woman Drives Around With Dead Mother In Car For Days

Stern is on a RANT against Bush!

Realestate Investors..SanFran..Novice need info/resources..Help please

Another reason to defeat chimpCo.

Thieves Steal Car - Take It To Car Wash-Owner Spots Car In Line-Arrested

A chosen one to CAPTION

Funny classified ads

Anyone been to Gulfport MS?

Useless vanity post to test sigline

'Fear Factor' Producer - Show Running Out Of Stunts

Fatkins Diet.... funny animation

Cartoon: Steve Bell on Falluja

Mrs. Plaidder Meets John Edwards, Asks Him To Support Gay Marriage

Just got this 'homeland security' warning in my email......

When I'm reincarnated I want to be...

A Chance, FINALLY, To See My Doggie!

Tom Selleck as Eisenhower...can he pull it off?

Dad Smacked Son With Beef Jerky - Charged

Just got an e-mail from my cousin serving in Iraq. He got a Purple Heart.

Caption: Hubble detects massive frozen cellophane-wrap chicken

Walpurgis Night/Beltane Eve tomorrow: your local coven busy?

Just found out * is visiting my town Tues!

What 70's song defines "cruel" to you?

i'm eating a $6 sausage from fenway park

Caption: Junior offers up prayers to patron saint of no-hopers

Which of these cities do you live near?

DUers- Post your best "getting a tooth pulled" story!

Dental/legal problem please help

Caption: Vladimir Putin pets/gets the hump...

White Sox Fans Choose from 8 different Sausages.

New Reality TV Show - Win A Baby (Yes, A Real Baby)

Funny Bush joke...

Europe is calling me....

dick cheney

I was attacked at CU!

Who else has fire ants where they live?

Anybody see "Osama"? (the foreign film not the Bush business partner)

Can someone teach me how to properly....

What is your homepage?

Massacre USA

Do you do something unusual for a living? Check in.

I see trees of green, red roses too

Bush's life is a country music song..........played BACKWARDS

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is in Tampa tonight!

What household item have you broken while watching Chimpy

It's a chilly morning in Southern California...May I offer you some

Damn Cat

Onion Headline: "Bush To Iraqi Militants: 'Please Stop Bringing It On."

Computer help

Saw a bumpersticker,"My Karma Just Ran Over Your Dogma" on UNT

Donald Trump proposes to girlfriend

The Mullet - Hairstyle Of The Gods!

An accurate look at what the Bush economy means to you

I've been awake for 29 hours, ask me anything

mug shots...Smith from 1946 to 2004 ...(This is really cool)

All this talk of curvy godesses in thongs

Should the Kerry Campaign drop the "Bring It On" mantra

Why did discontinue that cool game applet?

Was the war in Iraq a mistake?

We have a good cartoonist here in AZ

I just broke 100, ask me anything

Spell Czech

The Grifters/Dave Shouse/Those Bastard Souls appreciation thread

Caption: Altarboys flee JP2's oriental pro-nuncio's attentions

Polls are like my Kids!

The BJ Defense is alive and well, Specyalski acquitted

Video Game News: Interplay Entertainment files 10-k

New Batman is Revealed in EW

Yesterday- 72, Sunny; Today - SNOW!

Do you think Saddam Hussein has seen the South Park movie?

Captions Are Stupid Things - Ronald Reagan sez caption this:

Take the Quiz - Which NY Times Op-Ed Columnist are you?

My Dr. Seuss Postage Stamps Are Cool

My mother is making me crazy again...

web techs, a simple MySQL question

Not that it is a look of shame or anything but just CAPTION

Berlin cop suspended over Hitler salute

CAPTION, Dick and Bush

We have discovered 8 freepers! What shall we do with them?

puter question pls

!!!Book Club tonight!!!Book Club tonight!!!!

Swallow (don't spit) and CAPTION

Win $500 in SaveRoe.Com photo contest for April 25th pictures

All right. I'll admit it. I'm STILL pissed about the new Iron Chef

buzzflash ran my 'toon again... :D

I saw this t-shirt the other day...

People are just being greedy (real estate rant)

Most Americans Select Money Over Sex

How many republicans does it take to change a lightbulb?

I Took Tomorrow Off To Do Yardwork! Should I Do It With A Hangover?

What is the most disgusting health food?

Please join Ann Coulter in congratulating Blue-Jay on 3,000 posts

Spong Monkey Appreciation Thread

West Wing '25' - Zoe Bartlet kidnapped - on Bravo now 12pm EST

John Kerry discovers cure for Cancer!

Bush channels Tin Man, repeats "if I only had a heart, if I only had a..."

what happened to the Quizno's ratmonkeys? holding out??$$$$

The lyrics of Bob Dylan sure contain some powerful images and

Caption me!!!

Is Mari around today?

I'm Cooking Rack Of Lamb For Dinner - Who Wants To Join Us?

Anyone know how to pronounce "Darragh?"


No, no, no, no, NO! *sob*

Mother punishes son by having him rake leaves naked.

I told Althea I was feeling lost

You must read this Bush joke!!!!--Robot Bartender

I'm so tired and I desperately need a drink

Any drummers out there? Help.

GOOD NEWS: In the farmhouse things will be alright

A the risk of being tasteless .....

Forget your troubles

Best. Chimpy. Haiku. Ever.

o come let us adore them

I'm really pissed at my kid's pediatrician.


My cat is ignoring me

Song of the day - Earth Opera, Great American Eagle Tragedy

Need unflattering pictures of Bush

I want to make Poutine, anyone know of a source for cheese curds?

Is anyone getting a LSA Shell (Export Version) computer problem?

"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."

CCKMP, too funny!

My Cat is hungover what should I do?

Please welcome our newest DUer, the one, the only, George Clinton!

Skittles are you going to put your pic in the new DU Gallery ?

There's a fly in my house.

does anyone own a hyndai?

Jeter Got A Hit!

Describe the next "Big One" to hit California.

hey what's at the very end of the universe? a wall? a soundstage?

Ten chapters from finishing a new book, but I'm tired as hell. Help!

Boy...This Jacko case D.A is a real piece of work....

Tornados in central Mississippi!

My computer just did something really wacked out...

DU vets: check out this e-mail

my cat wienerhead died 36 years ago today........................

I just watched Masters of the Universe on HBO...

Top Celebs that you didn't know were Black

Will Pitt helped me sow the seeds of a Pumpkin today.

OMG Trailer Park Boyz on BBC AMerica Now!

Another one for HeyHey...

Frank Zappa fans, take note of this...

Ashcroft gets back what he dishes out...

Don Cherry's future at HNIC in doubt

The Pornolizer!

F. Scott Fitzgerald fans

just who IS this virginia monologues i hear so much fuss about?

My doctor says I need to lose weight..I can have all the vinegar I want

Bush Boxing

My "FAUX News" T-Shirt was a hit in the dressing room...

Democrats and Norah Jones?

Sorry Habs fans, Your team lasted exactly 4 games

I need your help to get some sense into a 6th grade boy in my class.


The World According to Garp

Fellow DUers. I give you a photo of a tricked-out Plymouth Horizon.

SORRY Devilray Fans - Your Pitcher Lasted EXACTLY 1/3 Of The FIRST Inning!

Charles Pierce: Kerry should look to Bill Belichick

Video proof that Faux news is not "balanced"

Accept no subtitutes.

anybody watch without a trace?

So who saw the Chris Rock HBO special?

Speaking of shows

I went to a used book sale today

Kings vs. Mavs

Will someone who watched Survivor please PM me with who got voted off

Ack I just remebered I share the same birthday as the commander in Twit.

I demand an answer!

Cities with worst air pollution

Did Anyone See The "Mr. Jefferson" and "Blanket" Episode Of South Park...

OK, I think my new song parody is done.

Letterman - LOL

For all you cat lovers out there:

Rate this rant

Someone just broke my windsheid.. ask me anything

My parents have just ruined my life

Would you answer a personals ad where

The World According to Gump

Anyone else have trouble remembering definitons of words?

Festivals - Renaissance

I had bean sandwiches last night. It was so good I think I'll do it again.

NSMA, are you here?

Tonight's Frontline is making me puke!

It's the dancing old guy!

If you could design the perfect human body...

I helped start a brushfire across livejournal thanks to Wonk and to DU

Where Did CHTULU Come From?

Anyone else ever read "Brave New World" in high school?

Hey, people who watch Smallville, Angel and Tru Calling...a bit of help?

What is the most disgusting kind of processed food?

new avatar

DU's view of U2

Top three underrated bands of past 10 years (Rock Genre)........

Which of these folks do you admire the most & why?

As far as arcane English words go, which is your favorite?


VEGAS Baby!!! Any blackjack tips?????

Am I the only human alive who has never watched "Friends"

The next Roman Polanski film will be....

This is your 1st chance to ask me anything you could possibly wanna know

Sarah Silverman is...

I'm off to a recital...wish me luck!

I love Atomic Fire Balls!!!

Chaple Hill DUers: The Red Clay Ramblers 5/2!!!

What is your favorite piece of propaganda art?

“Sushi Bandit’s Blog O’Rama” 1st Anniversary

Does vinyl sound better than compact disc?

Go Kings!!!

Guitar players: You're favorite song to play?

Anybody got a copy of the English Gradual?

I just clipped all 3 of my cats nails

In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...I hit 1,000 tonight.

DUers... My grandfather passed away this afternoon.

Mrs. Foolery wants to know ARE YOU A NORA ROBERTS/JD ROBB FAN?

I added some donkeys to my sigline, what do you think?

What Are We Doing With Our Time After Having Our Job Outsourced?

Business Booming For Plus-Size Thong Makers

The Best Way to Lose Weight is to...

Sexiest Non-Sex Scene in a Movie

Do You Sunburn Easily?

tell the best kid joke you remember from when you were a kid

What movie was better than or equal to the book?

If there IS a draft will it include 'O Town'?


17 miles in 1:36 tonight....

Hey DU: Most awful drink you've ever made? Give us the recipe!

What breeds of dogs do DUers own?

Yabadah, Yabadah......blah blah. But the debate is bogus!!

Boston Globe:In Bush, Kerry ads, truth is up for debate

Meet Senator John Kerry's chief of stuff

Kerry Outlines His Jobs Program in Swing Through Midwest

Why George W. Bush hates freedom.

If it keeps on raining, the levee is going to break

Public now evenly split on war, Bush

Treasury has 4 working on Terrorist money, 2 dozen working on Cuba embargo

Latest Rasmussen - Kerry 46 Bush 44

When did things look worst for Kerry?

John Kerry is a Douche Bag...

If Kerry's wife is going to be an issue...

Police to Check Arriving Trains During Republican Convention

Rockefeller rebutted on Kerry comment

Karen Hughes. Pathological Liar - confirmed by Tucker Carlson

So William Pitt, will you be reporting from the Democratic Convention?

John Kerry wants your ideas!

John Kerry discovers cure for Cancer!

New Wisconsin Poll

Repugs got it devastatingly wrong, saying the anti-war group are

Kerry runs a perfect campaign.

Bush's top lip Botoxed? You be the judge (2 pics)

Those are the three VP choices? C'mon!

Bush said they didn't ask him about current Al Qaeda operatives in U.S.

I just remembered - Bush got no 9/11 anniversary bump last year

Specter’s narrow margin raises questions for Bush--The Hill 4/29

Kerry v *: War Hero v War Monger

The Vexations Of Voting Machines (Time Magazine article)

Anxious Democrats Look for Kerry's Campaign Message

The bat is back!!!

John Kerry's Secretary of State Will Be ??

What would happen if Kerry won the electoral and Bush the popular vote?

Just got my two John Kerry bumper stickers in the mail

Bush grabs back of woman's sweater to clean his glasses!!

Pledge Your Vote at

MSNBC's Veepstakes screws up... Kennedy can't be VP

Another Wisconsin poll has Kerry leading 49-42

Tampa's CBS 10 and BayNews9 to cover our non-political rally for veterans.

So I have this feeling about John Edwards...

Ask John Kerry to cosponsor a bill for PAPER ballots not VAPOR ballots

Remember this name: Sinclair Broadcast Group

Do you approve or disapprove of the DLC?

I boarded this train late, but I'm aboard now, and you should be, too!

Zahn to have General Clark on tonight!

DU'ers bitching about Kerry: Your words are being used by the other side

"We've lost." If we stay the course we'll lose worse.

Are you a Kerry supporter?

Rasmussen: Kerry 46% Bush 44%

Of the 3 VP candidates being vetted, who do you prefer?

OK, let's talk about possible VP choices

CARTOON: Bush's Oscar Performance!