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Archives: April 27, 2004

Salon/Conason: Karen Hughes' high-octane gall

Salon: Mystery Man (James Bath)

'Scuse me if this is Media Whores Online dead?

Toomey's backers want to punish repubs who don't toe the line

White House Attempts to Silence 9-11 Witness

Can anyone here tell me if there's been any news regarding the BCCI

Bush's cuts on military and veteran benefits

Dean just lost my support

Anybody see Kerry's off the cuff comment after GMA dust-up?


Michael Moore's new mission for you? Host a party for Shrub!

Lets all write letters of support to lou dobbs

countdown had condi's i was telling my husb........

For those liberal country music fans, here's a hit for you

Are destroying medals in protest as bad as burning the flag??

Kerry may have thrown his ribbons away, but Bush buried his TANG records

US sets limits to Iraqi self-rule

Kerry Questions Bush Attendance in Guard in 70's

new Savage Weiner advertisers Carfax, Biotene

Can you see the real me, can you? Can you?

Anyone want some smores?

Who do you blame?

So Reno 911's coming back for a new season

Yankees - boooooo!!!!

Who's on The Daily Show tonight?

Beltway residents: ever hear of the newspaper "Free Liberal?"

I have no Chocolate. And it's 11 PM.

Gimme some chocolate you...

Where is ZombyWoof? I haven't seen him post since Saturday.

I was born to drink beer

Oh Captain! My Captain!

OMFGs this is a funny site!

I have a WI-FI question for anyone who can help....

The gate is up, the veil is off, you may now flirt with me shamelessly!

Anyone else who would never put someone on ignore?

Any state champs here?

The eyes have it...

It will be nice when Kerry

OK, let me get this straight, people are bashing Kerry now...

What should Kerry say about terrorists in the 2004 election?

Activism by Young Women May Boost Democrats in November Polls

A letter to Blair: Your Middle East policy is doomed, say diplomats

How Lord Cornwallis might have viewed American "terrorists"

TBG: "I watched Kerry throw his war decorations."

Oil-Slick Jim Moves In

Desperate Afghan Women Opt for Fiery Suicides (Thank you, W & Laura Bush)

George Monbiot (Guardian Utd): Beware the fossil fools

Death Squad Ambassador: Senate Hearings Begin on Negroponte Iraq Appointme

Restless intellect drives Kerry's positions-"Kerry: The Complete Biography

Truth should work for Kerry (not turn John Kerry into Bill Clinton/Dukakis

Cheney Wows 9-11 Commission By Drinking Glass Of Water While Bush Speaks

Face the Iraq fiasco, Senator

SFGate: Kerry's problem: stuck in neutral

"Winning hearts & minds"....

TOWN & COUNTRY: Bush unites Seattle and its subrubs | The Stranger

Bush's insoluble dilemma in Iraq

Ventura: How to Beat Bush

Remember Falluja

Molly Ivins: Who decides?

E.J. Dionne (WP): Stooping Low to Smear Kerry

Krugman: A Vision of Power

Suicide Bomber - Chris Floyd on Bush's nihilism

ALTERMAN: Cheney chastised President Ronald Reagan for not cutting defense

Bush and Zapatero - Who is More Wrong (Italy)

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): Iraq will be Blair's legacy

Bush's, uh, problem with public speaking

Here's the link showing where Bush asked not to be sent to Vietnam

Cult Christianity is controlling the Colorado legislature. Who's next?

Village Voice: John Kerry Must Go

Gen Wesley Clark: (Kerry) A Sterling Record

Kerry and the Democrats real problem

This guy is practically a cartoon character...

Urge congress to put prevention first

Move Out Bush event 4/29 D.C. Credited In Mainstream Media!!!!

Just sent Lou Dobbs ans E-mail

Hardball is now Squash?

Good links please

White Rose Spring Funding Drive Status

Did Dixon predict Clinton

Blair Pronounces Climate Change "Critical", Gives Topic A Whole 10 Minutes

Missoula City Goverment Protests Bush Mercury Emission Standards

"Fish-Handler's Disease" Increasing In Maryland

Federal Officials Seize Invasive Giant Snails From Wisconsin Schools

Western Drought Enters Its Sixth Year - CSM

Mafia Big in Anti-Enviroment Business

Red-Listed Iberian Lynx Facing Imminent Extinction - Bloomberg

Sudden Oak Death Fungus Has Reached The East Coast

A "Dragon" on the Surface of Titan

Bush-League Lysenkoism: The White House bends science to its will

Global Warming at work -- maybe

Feds May Cut Water Deliveries To Nevada, California, Arizona - SacBee

Florida Pukes Restart Assault On Manatee Protection Laws

Nigerian boat capsizes: dozens feared drowned

Hutu rebels kill dozens in DRC

Fighting persists in Chechnya

Locust swarm threat looms in northern Africa

A Salable Cuba Policy For John Kerry

Gaddafi to West: Don't Force Us Back to Bombing (Libya warns Bush?)

Ottawa moves let police test drivers for drugs

GUNS IN THE NEWS--April 27, 2004

Lunabush's Bad Joke Tuesday, Part Duex

Even blind old ladies terrify the cops

So is this the kinder, gentler thread and that is why mine is locked!

I love it when mild sex threads get locked. It's like a V-Chip on DU.

Pardon me..

Hey Skinner...

I am going to do a charity cycling event on May 16

Criticize Israel? (Robert Fisk)

2 Hamas Fugitives Killed in Israeli Raid

Village and Settlements

Sharon's exit strategy

Likud activist calls Sharon Nazi

University stands by Robinson invitation

Sharon Plan May Foil Palestine State, Historians Say (Update3)

Former diplomats' attack on Blair is off the Richter scale, says Cook By

Sharon says Israel plans to respond harshly to violence after Gaza pullout

If Bush favors Israel, Europeans willing to promote Palestinian aims


Robbers die trying to hold-up suicide bomber

Peace Roadmap "Dead" - Sharon

Vanunu stonewalled...why?

GAO: Nuke Weapons Sites Remain Vulnerable(911 security upgrades need 5 yrs

Translator alleges FBI / State Dept espionage, possible treason

Sen. Demuzio has passed away.

Obama has center in his sights

Documentary "Weather Underground" on tonite at 9pm (WTTW ch 11)

Cheney to speak at FSU Commencement

JohnLocke's "Florida Republicans' Evil Acts of the Week"

National Guard to leave the Golden Gate Bridge

Democratic leaders push to end some tax loopholes - California

U.S. may cut water to state

Religions in California

Paul Johnson - 4th District

Air America in Boston?

Anyone go to or know someone from the Univeristy of Minnesota Twin Cities?

Cheri Yecke hearing - Can't wait for a transcript.

For against building new Twins and VIkings stadiums?

It's Official: Bill Cobey's a Moron

NC State DUers represent

Charlotte Business Journal: New nuke plants planned by NC,TN, VA companies

Mayor sues Rendell over parking issue

Rudy G called Pittsburgh talk show to push Specter

State House candidate apparently commits suicide - Dem Ambridge

Pretty lively at the polls this morning

Any primary results in yet?

Primary Day Races OTHER THAN Specter/Toomey

Cleburne Times-Comments on Repub *Silliness*/Arlene Wolgemuth

Bend over... Here comes more sales tax!

What can I do to get people to support Kerry here in Texas? I am

Henry Cuellar vote fraud: Word on the street/speculation has it that

Funniest Fark Headline Ever!

Sumner Library - 31st LD Dems meeting April 28th

Huge Number of North Cascades Roads and Trail destroyed in Spring Floods

Kerry's greatest weapon against Cheney

new bill against BBV discussed at MoveLeft Media

Have you ever noticed how the "homeland security" department's....

God, King, and Law

Kerry's campaign is starting to remind me of Gore 2000

Is this the Most Corrupt, Scandal-Ridden Administration in US History?

The Campaign Spending and Money Strategies Thread

Terry McAuliffe defending John Kerry on cspan


This friggin', wimpy-ass media is so easily distracted...,

*****The Constitution Restoration Act*****?

Did ABC really write me back?

What do conservatives and/or the right wing want???

Powell infested by Rummy-itis?

bush* v Kerry on military service

Stern praising Kerry big time this morning

Baghdad Burning - Of Chalabi, Flags and Anthems...

Cheney's task force...

Anyone see "Dem strategist" Bua on Faux??

Heard about "The Jesus Factor" on PBS this Thursday? Bush "called by God"


Do You Know How Many Medals Bush Threw Away?

"Dirty Trick" technique.

Columnists/Reporters who rock list:

An Interesting perspective: FALLUJAH America's Waterloo

The homeless soldier

Kelly O'Donnell is HOT!!!!!!!!

Stern Ratings Surge in Boston, Chicago, L,A.

Bush attempts to silence FBI Translator

Daily Prayer 4/27

Wonder Why Bush Told the Saudis Before He Told The Americans?

Kerry's war record.

What is Ed Gillespes war record?

College Pres. Wants Kerry to Speak/Rebutt What Cheney Did There

Any Louisiana DUers listen to Robert Namer conservative talk show host?

The Chickenhawks are digging themselves into a hole deeper and deeper

Who picked up the medals?

chimp waits out march/reality check @ camp david

Bush - Top Conservative Idiots

Catching flies: Honey vs. Vinegar

Bush attack ad should be exposed for its stupidity

Conversations to end the “Wal-Martization” of the economy

Help! I need the DU thread link

army psychologist defends policy on traumatised soldiers

Only one reply: He DID serve in Vietnam

1st two negative letters on Kerry in Stars and Stripes (Rove's been busy)

"The Day After Tomorrow" to feature reverse Mexican migration.

Kerry Attacks Backfiring In Pleasant Valley Sunday

cheney is speaking at FSU graduation on Sat. Here's some advice for him

New Clash on Military Service

What did Bush do with his medals?

Karen Hughes says pro choice equates to terrorism.

A Chickenhawk is a Strange Type of Bird

Josh Marshall and Bush's National Guard records...

Mainers, are you actually able to hear AAR on 870 AM?

ok, press and administration calling kerry liar

Why is it wrong to criticize anything kerry does in here?

C-Span callers kicking ass big time on John Kerry Vietnam issue

This Cheyney Energy Policy stonewall...

A poem of Bushisms

NPR- Judicial Watch successfully sued for the Clinton Healthcare records

20 Million People May be Coming to Our Side---loved the report....

So what about the $700,000,000?

did George W. Bush claim to have been in war ?

Is there a 12 Step program

Charlie Rose for 4/27: Bernard Lewis (80+ books on ME) and Tina Fey (SNL)

just watched some mothers from "Military Families Speak Out "

Cheney - "Draft Fornicator"

So what exactly are we "handing over" on 30 June?

Negroponte hearings today

Howard Stern's ratings gets a big jump.

Disturbing Reports from Iraq

PBS alert - Weather Underground film tonight

Americans are being tested. Just how much will they take?

Ribbons vs. Medals

Sometimes Dem Senators are REAL Idiots

CSPAN3~ Cheney v. U.S. District Court (Audio Taped)on now 11:30amET

Lockheed Earnings Rise- Information Tech Business Flourishing (Spyware)

Bob Kerrey on Daily Show last night...

I have no respect for any Neocon or their position/opinion.

BBV - is down?

black box voting The RECORD Act in the Senate

Predictions on the PA Race with Specter and Toomey anyone?

CNN is making a crusade out of Kerry's medals!!!!

"Is this what combat's like"?

Angry with Media over Wall to Wall Cheney/Bush Coverage? More Contacts

Paul Krugman- "United States a sort of elected dictatorship"

Heads up DUers....

Kerry's Medals: BosGlobe's Thomas Oliphant was there

R.N.C. Chairman Ed Gillespie messes his britches on live t.v......

Where were the Dems???

Bush secretly appoints future DICTATOR of Iraq, to curb Shia theocracy!!

Contact CNN about their Kerry story's title:

Tired of the Kerry medal story? Then do something!

Did anyone else catch Jane Harman (D-CA) on Washington Journal this a.m.?

Some gifts * accepted as TX governor

another negative vs Scalia

BBV - While waiting for GBnC's big topic question

Which is worse? Selling Saddam WMD's or throwing medals away?

Oh my God ! He's a "Flip-Flopper" !

Are the general public morons or just self-absorbed (like most people)

How right or wrong is this ?

The Chimp's medals as commander in chief

It was a symbolic gesture for Christ's sake

Inside the minds of conservatives!

I LOVE the 'oy oy oy show'

Which Bush admin. member is most annoying? Poll

Wedge issue between white native Floridians & Northern Republicans.

Spattered Remains of Precious Meal from a Pig's Trough

The New Economy's Biggest Product - An Enduring Underclass?

Cheney's audacity appalls me

Westminster President dissed Cheney was Brig General & WP Grad

Scalia & Rehnquist bad mouth the other supremes (oh yes they did)

We can't limit our questions of military service to just Bush*

The Pew Poll is out.......yawn!

Vote now at CNN. Are John Kerry's medals relevant.....

"You're Assuming That You Represent the Public. I Don't Accept That."

Any good Howard Stern Bush slams lately?

Lynne Cheney Got Pregnant to Keep Dick Out of Vietnam

RW talk shows - Iraq WMD in Syria were to be used in Jordan

Why is the anti-Bush crowd so angry?

Possable Genevia Violations?

Rock Against Bush, Vol. 1

Kerry to Bush on Guard Service: " Prove it"

1964 Civil Rights Act Question

Iraqi oil no longer profitable-insurance rates doubled

Lite voter turnout across from our house in PA

White House Attempts to Silence 9/11 Witness

According to this ass, Canada is at fault for poor US relations

The Republican Party in a Nutshell

did anyone just hear that O'Franken factor Caller , Soldier's letter

Classic Right wing argument

Who had that list of Repub. chickenhawks compared to Dems. who served?

Cheney and the Supremes

The GOP Chickenhawk List (must read!)

Sharon says: no more mr. nice guy

John Negroponte... isn't he the one?

I got Conscientious Objector status during Vietnam -- ask me anything

Bill Mitchel Cartoon(Soldiers coming home from Iraq)

Rate this Yahoo article a 5! - Cheney's parade of lies

"...a deliberate, intentional destruction of the United States of America.

What do you guys think when someone you respect and feel is intelligent

Between IRAQ and a hard place - Quiz

Why is it coulter, ingram, limbaugh, hannity, savage and the rest

brothers & sisters, brace yourselves, some hard - - - - is comin'

Yahoo's ratings "glitches"

Do you trust that Qaddafi (Gadhafi?) will not return to terrorism?

Iraq: US Facing Opponents it Trained

I am not an elitist, but the general population is a bunch of Morans!

Here is a perfect example of our Fortune 500 oligarchy's mind frame...

Fineman is a Spook, liar and immoral. O'Franken Factor

Breaking on CNNI - Gun battle taking place in Damascus Syria

20,000 security "contractors" in Iraq. Notre Dame adds them for football

Will anyone be surprized when the Supreme Court overrules both lower

Don't forget to factor in the Howard Stern voting bloc...

Wish I'd said this ( a response to a RWinger on chain e-mail)

Randi Rhodes debunking Cheney's lies - had his speech, will have

a wonderful picture of one million plus feminists

Deleted message

So what's the tally of issue-less fake outrages yet?

Liberal Christians, help! How do we turn the fundies to the light side?

You guys know that coast guardsman who died? read please

Two WONDERFUL quotes by Supreme Court Justices:

No oath, not recorded and a transcript will not be made.

Judge Allows Gary Condit's Lawsuit Against Domenick Dunne

Bush Suffered A Past 'Seizure' (??)

Well, whaddya know? SCOTUS skeptical. Quack Quack

Homegrown Domestic Terrorism

Sibel Edmonds story not over YET!!!!

I just sent Kerry $100.00 (2nd time) and MoveOn $50.00 and I feel great!!!

Debunking the latest neo-con(freeper) lie

Shriver: Gropeinator 'more compassionate'

While I played a computer game.. how many have died in Fallujah?

If Toomey wins, is that good or bad for Dems?

Nightline to dedicate entire Friday show to reading the names of the dead

Question about CNN: "Breaking News" vs. "Just In"

Does This Sound Familiar?

CBS NEWSBREAK....Dan said something was goin' down in DAMASCUS!!!

Al-jazeera reporting blasts and heavy shelling in SYRIA DAMASCUS!!!

Good thing no one is getting hurt .....

WP: HHS Withholds Funds for Global Meeting

Know your rights! These are your RiGHts!

Update on Sibel Edmonds, not over YET!

Hannity Claims He's Never Lied About John Kerry

Limbaugh Just Asked "How Can You Support the Troops..."

Halliburton has volunteers ?!?

Is this another of those "Historical Documents"?

The Missing Article

Link to Al Qaeda endorsing Bush?

Kerry's Westminster College speech on Friday will be his Shock and Awe!

I think Toomey is going to win today (PA primary)

Back to Business in Afghanistan: "First execution since fall of Taliban"

Rush Limbaugh gets a smooch from Miami drag queen w/ photo

Definitions in War

Secret Service questions student on drawings

Fallujah is on fire and I may lose a kid and everything else

What are the estimates now for total number of dead innocent Iraqi's?

WorldNetDaily: WMDs "found" in Iraq

why is it coulter, hannity, limbaugh, ingram, bruce etc

Off to my polling place to pick a fight

I got some freeper hate mail on my site....woo hoo!!

"The State Department’s War With the White House," *cough* NewsMax *cough*

"I am the flag"

Cool Specter ad

Salon: Why was James R Bath's name redacted from Bush Mil records?

Get your new Iraqi flag while it's still HOT!!!

Jerry Springer stumping for *Bush?

"Censure Bush" Legislation

Medals & Media

Peace quotes

U.S. to Drop Fight for Hospital Abortion Records (1 day after DC March)

Randi Rhodes just said Sibel Edmunds will not be allowed to testify

So if we can win

4/28/1937 saddam was born

Winning Hearts and Minds

Lou Dobbs tonight. Discussing lack of supplies/equipment in Iraq.

John Kerry on Hardball tonight

DU this CNN poll

Charlie Gibson's anti-Kerry rant: Is there video available? It would

Scariest WMD Related Program Activities--New and Improved

Bring it On!

Having a Viet Nam moment here

Our Time Is Short Now....

Woodward was man enough to admit he was a conformist so why can't * admit

Planned Parenthood's G Feldt Letter to Karen Hughes re: 911 and choice

Jennifer Granholm VS Insurance giants

U.S. demands that Qatar only broadcast truthful stuff on TV

Kerry catches Bush in PA

CNN Poll

The Pubs own US, lock stock, and barrel..... telly too. We only look Free

I love Lou Dobbs

NPR: Hiroshima type demoralization tactics in Falluja ????

Jeb Bush Has Florida In JEBPARDY!

Need Some DU Help - Didn't Marines STOP Men From Leaving Fallujah?

Will June 30th be armageddon for Bush?

General Meyers

"Winning hearts & minds"....

Stuff I Want from President Kerry: (my wish list)

What is the penalty for election rigging?

Was the Randi Rhodes Show just shut down?

Good Tom Daschle quote I found

The MOTHER of All ORWELLIAN Bullshit

Need Bush's quote from his 1999 book about continuing to fly for Guard

Is Bush* or is he not for "Nation building"?

Karen Hughes said pretty much anyone who believes abortion is okay

Bush Flip/Flops - documented?

"Not an assault"??????

Go VOTE Should Cheney's records be made public?

Where would you donate money to defeat Bush if you had unlimited funds?

Lou Dobbs poll: Should Cheney release energy mtg. notes - GO VOTE!

Kerry on Hardball - next

Reminder - Kerry coming up on Hardball

BBV: Lou Dobbs is doing a story TONIGHT

Bush Giving Billions in Iraq Contracts to Criminally Convicted Corporation

children are burning in Fallujah...what a wonderful world

The War in Iraq Cost almost $400 for every man, woman and child in the USA


We, the gape-mouthed public should thank the hos for the fireworks show.

Were Shrub's military records scrubbed once? Twice? Thrice? Credited In Mainstream Media!!!!!!

Mad props to Buzzflash

Thank you Randomkoolzip for bringing me to DU - You people ROCK!!!!!!

I missed a part, did Dobbs just mention Andy Stephenson

Army Wants Howitzers Back From Ski Areas

How can Pres. Dingleberry's ratings "climb" in April?

Anybody ever listen to Bill Hicks?

Bush's, uh, problem with public speaking

Why are elected Repubs permitted to get away with more than Democrats?

U.S. intelligence agencies may track blogs

The Kerry Rope-a-Dope

67% GWI troops babies born without eyes, ears or brain, etc, DU

Some dare call it treason (long)


Want to Know What the Freepers think about Falluja?

Race-based diversity favored by the rich over class-based diversity?

Forbes: Bush will win in "tough" race

Saw this article in the L.A. Times today...

Should Weapons of Mass Destruction be renounced by all countries?

"Have you no sense of decency, sir?"

President Kerry

Translator alleges FBI / State Dept espionage, possible treason

Secret Service questions teen about anti-war drawings

Anacortes banner's pro-Bush statement outrages residents

Who is PNAC and who isn't? And what is PPI?

I think I've figured out why the fighting in Iraq makes Bush* look good.

As a Dutchman and a Canadian

Friday's Night Line will be just Koppel reading the names of military

Just heard an explanation of the kind of weapons we are using in Fallujah

Is June 30 the Psychological Point of Pulling the Flusher on Bush??

Donald Rumsfeld on Hardball on Thursday

Shnickeys! Has this poll been posted?

Coalition? There is no coalition!

Interesting article about Iraqi bloggers


Are You Sick Of It All? Me TOO!

So we're bombing in Iraq again.

NO surprise here: Intelligence officers tracking blogs

Will getting Shrub out be enough?

Who is planning to leave the country if Bush stays in power?

MSNBC poll

who is this Tony Perry

Britney lip-syncs her concerts (The Sun)

DU General Forums in the Village Voice (questions for Bush-Cheney)

Everyone is a hero these days

eBay's most repulsive item (perhaps EVER)

Look at Rush's comments I think Native Americans should be offended

Westminster College Dean on Countdown

Oliphant is on Countdown setting the record straight about Kerry's medals

"The RECORD Act" for paper ballots from electronic voting machines.

zahn, carlson, carville on Vietnam medals, AWOL right now

More troops suffering severe head wounds

Wow - Ed Asner is on to the truth about 9/11

Justice Antonin Scalia openly and brazenly siding with Cheny

Help?? Why Won’t Netscape Show a Page IE Will?

CNN breaks with tradition shows Video in full color of battle of Soldiers

Vietnamese advice to U.S.: Leave Iraq (Good Advice or Not?)

Anyone hear that Gomer Pile sounding General call Negroponti

Analysis: Kerry mulls Rudman for veep

Hughes joins Rove in hubris, screwups. She says pro-choice=

If Toomey wins could it set a precedent for both parties?

To the Rightwing Freakshow: Enough of this "Kerry is Imploding" BS!

Deception Dollars --- fight our ghetto-ization


Because doesn't have to be just a childish answer.

This is war

The Iraqi flag- old and new

Anyone know where Specter-Toomey results can be found?

Children, once a powerful Republican sided with the terrorist

Domestic terrorism planned against Democrats and liberals

Where is god_bush_n_cheney's big story?

Phucque the 'Liberal media'!!!!!!!!!!!

IOC Buys Olympics Cancellation Insurance

Cable News = RNC Blastfax Megaphone

Specter/Toomey vs. Hoeffel

The new Newsweek's center fold is....

How many times has the US told Iraq to hand over their weapons

DU'ers with family serving in Iraq: A gift they can pass around!

Anyone had this scary thought outside my psychotic cerebrum,

It's not Fallujah but John le Carre rips Bush in "Absolute Friends"

Email from Senator George Allen (R)- VA to me personally

BBV - Diebold’s Secret Fears

Spector leads:

Repub Hypocrisy at Polls in PA

GW's boy Victor Ashe nominated as ambassador to Poland

barry mccaffery: "we've got this wonderful man, john negroponte...."

PA Senate Primary prediction

Where's that Powell National Guard quote? and some * Vietnam quotes

Carbon County, Utah

I told ya'll so!!!

Intelligent Design Conference in NC - end of June

hey texan parents, 14 adsent days

"The terrorists in Fallujah are getting a taste of what a full

Will Kerry's speech at Westminster College be broadcast

4 Dead in attack on vacant UN Office in Damascus, Syria! Unknown Attackers

FactCheck,Org: More Bush Distortions of Kerry Defense Record

You Know Why Bush Didn’t Throw Medals Away During the Vietnam War?

King George:

Will TruthOut continue using James Ridgeway after this crap!

Specter-Toomey returns CRASHED FR's server

Who is David Gergen?

FCC does not apply same standard to Hispanic shockjocks

? for All DUers re: liberal radio and streaming

I can't believe they are showing Marines inside of a Mosque firing

Do any of you think that we will see another McCarthy type hunt

The Hunting Of The President - movie release soon; screenings; reviews

PATRIOT Act reaches further than you think.

The Daily Show is on

Scott McClellan explans the time limit on President’s 9-11 appearance.

I have never understood polls... their purpose, and the need for them.

I just saw Arlen interviewed live on the Philly ABC

The Weather Underground comes on tonight a must for everyone to see

HRC MeetUp

4 Dead in attack on vacant UN Office in Damascus, Syria! Unknown Attackers

I've heard tell that we shouldn't blame US troops for the Iraq slaughter

What Does It Take for the Military to Arrest Bush?

This is interesting if you've been watching PA

Are there any Iraqis in Iraq? Or are they all terrorists? nt

Mistake in the Specter race!!

For DUer's who like John Kerry on Hardball tonight...

Hunger Force Time!

WTF!? I have recieved a letter from The Republican National Committee

Nightline: John Dean will be on

"Ralph Nader, Employer From Hell", long, unflattering view of RN

It's over Specter in a landslide.

Michigan Preparing To Let Doctors Refuse To Treat Gays

Did V V A W betray the troops by protesting the war?

Cable Media Whores, CNN FOX MSNBC, All for GOP.

We are not making enough noise. My report from calling Texas reps.

Everyone knows the US MIHOP - Condi Admitted it

Dear Senator Kerry, I am sittin down in the hinterlands of

what would be the reaction of the govt/ general population...

NBC Pittsburgh: Spector 50% / Toomey 49%

O'reilly: They've go to kill as many of these people as they can

The rabbit hole deepens: White House trying to gag FBI whistleblower:

I ask you to join with our freeper friends

Do you believe that some Vietnam vets suffer from Agent Orange?

Kerry releases detailed questions about Bush's National Guard record

Could not believe that Dennis Miller actually said in effect that

What sane person could vote for that moron after hearing Kerry speak?

Please clear up difference between Ribbons and Medals.

Reich Wing has nothing but FUD

Our attack on Fallujah proves that we are NOT a Christian nation

Question about've seen it a couple of times today.

Men should give DNA samples when they register with Selective Service

Kerry on Tweety: gives Bush wiggle room on all kinds of issues.

Ecstasy is as dangerous as sticking dynamite up your butt?

Get Started: How You Can Help Defeat President Bush

A Family's March to Redemption

It's total BS for Bush and Cheney to pretend they care about us

Cool! Find out if your're a Neocon!! (quiz)

How the reporter got Diebold lawyer to admit they were his memos

Four More Years----Maybe It's What We Deserve.......

Women's rights and abortion...

Oliphant on Newshour: Hughes was untruthful when she accused Kerry

Kerry believes Bush and Cheney invaded Iraq "because they could"...

17 Marines Said Trapped And Killed In Falluja

Condi slips; Calls the chimp "Husband"

BBV: News Break...

"Karen Hughes was born in Paris"

Damn he is such a smug uncaring simple BASTARD. . .look at this picture!!

kerry's $1000 haircut

Student disciplined and questioned by Secret Service for drawing!

Kerry's Detail Plan to Win the War on Terror...

I've had it with these high gas prices

What do you guys think about this little scenario...?

Is there independent verification of the footage?

"The Hellish Mission" & Other Tuesday TOONs

Security concerns may force US to skip Olympics in Athens

Join The Army

A Nation of Traitors, or Idiots? want a REVOLUTION?

The Speech that Got Bob Edwards Fired from NPR?

What will history say about the American people, if Bush gets back in?

How will Kerry respond to the action in Falujah???

Did John Kerry state that US troops committed war crimes

Village Voice: Dump Kerry

Anybody on the west coast watching this "scarborough country" trash?

Anti Choicers can best be described as...

Powerful Democrat--Knows the DU

Rachel Corrie and Pat Tillmans response to 9/11

Bush I state of union speech 92 - cuts, cuts, cuts to defense budget

Shakeup At Air America Radio...CEO and Program Director Out

Anti-Americanism in Canada?

Are destroying medals in protest as bad as burning the flag??

Powell: I never considered quitting

US seeks £1bn from Europe over GM ban

Clinton's memoirs will be out in late June

South Africa Celebrates 10 Years of Democracy

NYT: USSC Won't Hear Military-College Dinner-Prayer Appeal

WP: In Minn., Bush Takes a Cue from Clinton (?)

U.S. Forces Kill Six Shi'ite Militiamen Near Najaf

Army Lures Iraqis With Construction Funds

Gov. Bush promises U.S. commitment to Israel on Independence Day

Democrats lobby for health funding

Kerry cooks up friends among hard-hit US working class

Afghanistan Holds Post-Taliban Execution

WP: HHS Withholds Funds for Global Health Meeting (abortion)

LAT: Kerry Says Bush "Asleep at the Wheel" on Jobs

Congressional Oversight of Intelligence Criticized

Bush TV ad woos Mainers, slams Kerry on Aegis votes

Russia in rent dispute with U.S.

UK Gallery is hit by claim over Nazi theft

Saudis Press al-Qaida Hunt Near Capital

(52) British Ex-Diplomats Assail Blair on Mideast

Democrats demand accounting on terrorism funds

Afghanistan carries out first execution since fall of Taliban

No 10 cautious after attack by diplomats

On a Newfangled Voting Machine, the Same Old Fraud

Haiti's government fires hundreds who worked for Aristide; Chileans deploy

Abdallah Sees Only "Political" Solution to Terror (Arab News)

California cops want spider guns

Oil-Slick Jim Moves In

Cheered by Dancing Supporters, Gaddafi Storms EU

NYT: At NASA, Science Sharply Shifts Course (to exploration)

Shackled: the diamond dog of war

Downing St trashes diplomats

Special K movers, shakers take on hot issues, candidates

Pope draws line under Irish sex abuse scandal

Death Squad Ambassador: Senate Hearings Begin on Negroponte Iraq Appointme

Contradictions abound in views on Iraq

17 Marines Said Trapped And Killed In Falluja

BBC: Iraq Handover of Power a hoax

Translator alleges FBI / State Dept espionage, possible treason

Helicopter lost in SC

Kerry Demands Bush Prove Guard Service

Spain Completes Troop Pullout From Iraq

'Al-Qaida' promises more attacks

Idaho terror case could be a test of the Patriot Act

Seattle to study importation of medicine from Canada

College President 'Disappointed' by Cheney

Bush's Approval Ratings Climb in April

Cheney Secrecy Case Goes to High Court | LA Times

Contrast between Iraq and home a challenge to some returning SC soldiers

China Condemns U.S. and Britain on Hong Kong Democracy (double standard)

'Year of attacks on US'

Breaking on CNNI - Gun battle taking place in Damascus Syria

Colombian president says he is threatened ..., threatens to annihilate the

Heavy bomb blasts and gunfire in Damascus:

U.S. Relies on Private Security in Iraq

Attacks Halt Rebuilding of Iraq (contractors pullout, power grid disaster

Saudi complaint at US media image (BBC)

Baldacci signs (prescription drug) price disclosure bill

Jordan airs confessions of al-Qaida suspects who allegedly planned bomb ..

Gadhafi urges end to all WMD

Poland May Set Plan for Iraq Pullout

Barzani blames U.S. for standoff

UK's Iraq force 'is sufficient'

E-voting developers on the defensive

Body of Halliburton worker identified as that of California man

U.S. Warplanes Hit Northern Falluja (2:47 PM ET)

Syrian capital 'rocked by blasts' - BBC

Al-Jazeera reporting heavy shelling and blasts in SYRIA DAMASCUS!!

College president 'disappointed' by Cheney

Bush likely to take most 9/11 questions

More troops suffering severe head wounds

Dawn (Pakistan): US wants Osama captured by July

Coalition Forces, Shi'ite Rebels Clash Near Najaf (VoA News)

Canada to Boost Security to Prevent Terror Attacks

Saudi, U.S., Cross Swords on High Gasoline Price

US loses WTO cotton subsidy case

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 27 April

Voters Cast Ballots in Pennsylvania GOP Senate Primary | WP

Kerry says Bush's jobs record "mission not accomplished"

PM (Canadian), Bush deflect missile discussion

WTF!? I have recieved a letter from The Republican National Committee

Former IL Democratic Party chairman dies.

Dems offer 'redacted' response to Cheney

Feds asked to suspend PAC probe (Tom Delay)

Massachusetts recruits Caribbean workers

Jamaica asks UN for help with refugees

Supreme Court Hears Cheney Secrecy Case

U.S. Said Pressing for Nuclear Pact Compliance

Probable Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease reported (in Halifax, NS) | G&M

Wis. Soldier Sisters Won't Return to Iraq

Robbers die trying to hold-up suicide bomber

Number Of Uninsured Children Soars (Washington State)

KERRY: KEY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS: Bush’s Record In The National Guard

Maine soldier reported killed in Iraq

Professor Is Charged in Alleged Hoax (faking a hate crime) | LA Times

AP: Fighting in Holy City of Najaf Kills 43

The Poop on Eco-Friendly Diapers

CNN showing live pics of Falluja bombings NOW!

Politicians'$165,000 India trip upsets workers opposing moving jobs abroad

Bush will ask to keep Cheney's Energy records private

China shuts down 8 600 internet cafés

Students sent home again for wearing same-color T-shirts

U.S. drops fight to get abortion records

Secret Service questions student on drawings

Indian tribes seek Kennewick Man remains | Seattle P-I

Nuclear Security Fixes Urged

Kerry to follow Cheney at Westminster College

Syrian Security Forces Raid Arms Cache -State TV

Falluja being bombarded..

(Tens of )Thousands of Israelis rally against Gaza pullout

Spain to Float Iraq Proposal to France, Germany

Ottawa moves let police test drivers for drugs | Globe and Mail

U.S. drops fight to get abortion records

BBC - Syrian capital 'rocked by blasts'

U.S. Repatriates 651 Haitians Intercepted at Sea

Specter leads Toomey by 53-47 . Snarlin' Arlen's leads evaporating.

U.S. hits Fallujah mosque

Kabul: First post-Taliban execution in Afganistan

Aide Denies Knowing About Memos

In Falluja, Finding a Place for the Dead (NYT)

Militants Assail US Poll Watch Team/Philippines--New WMW

Experts say new Iraqi flag lacks symmetry, symbolism

(PA) House Candidate Kills Self on Election Day

Kerry Again Chides Bush on Guard Duty

Notice to ski resorts: The Army wants its howitzers back

Update: U.S. Warplanes Hit Insurgents in Fallujah

Blog-Tracking May Gain Ground Among U.S. Intelligence Officials

Bush Risks Looking Weak in 9/11 Testimony

Bush Aides: Drug Import Bill Could Cost U.S. Jobs

House Dems mull Medicare lawsuit

Protest Letter of 52 British Former Diplomats to Blair on Iraq Policy

Expedition to search for Noah's Ark (Conservative News Network)

Florida town to use surveillance cameras (on everybody)

Hughes Defends Remarks on Abortion Rights March

"Nightline" devotes show to reading war dead names

Scotus expresses concern in Cheney case about piercing presidentialsecrecy

Kerry Says Bush, Cheney Have No Standing

Supporters Plan Ronald Reagan University

Hazmat Scare at Pres. Clinton's Harlem Office

U.S. may cut water to state (CA, AZ, and NV) | Sacramento Bee

Justice Department Reviewing Ashcroft

Bush, Cheney Coached for 9/11 Questioning

U.S. Use of DU Weapons Causes Dangerous Rise in Radiation Level in Iraq

Apartheid assassins meet match in Iraq

Private Duty Soldiers or Merceneries?

Planned Parenthood demands that Karen Hughes apologize for 9/11 comparison

And I'm out of the 700 Club!!!

RSS Newsfeed Now Available for My Website (THESYNDROME.COM)

OK, here's some poetry that had me tear up. (Name the movie?)

its 1 am cst and no insomniac thread yet...


Say something nice


Here's a real dumbass poll:

'Indecent Proposal' Question for STRAIGHT folks!

We can dance if we want to...

Remember when Eugene Levy was funny?

I had Taco Bell earlier and I think I am regretting it now...

Trekkers, if you could spend a day anywhere in the Star Trek world...

Fun at Angry Candy

What is going on with Google???

Good God....I don't have Microsoft Powerpoint, so....

For Christ's sake it's late at night and nobody's on DU

I smoke cigarettes


why am I up at 4:40 A.M??

Tuesday April 27 2004 Insomniac Thread

Caption:Poodle Brothers' latest kennel club recruit in Brussels

Teens Charged With Making Bomb - Out Of Kielbasa

American Jobs Being Outsourced - Porn Stars

Man Jumps (Sort Of) Drawbridge In Minivan - Children In Back Seat

What cartoon character are you?

Kelly O'Donnell is HOT!!!!!!!!

Restoration for "Mona Lisa"???

15 Y.O. Boy Fights Off Bear Attack - Punches 180kg Bear In Face

DU Men: Have you ever experienced "pee shyness?"

Guilty Pleasures: What TV show do you watch that you don't tell anyone...

New Button - Stop Bush Now

Caption: pretzel scar or brain worm fighting for an exit hole?

Songs that are too damn short:

Im 25% of my way to 1000 posts! woo hoo!

Caption: ain't no votes coming from these survivors...

All the Sacred Spirits recognize those who fast.

Drunk Run Over by Train, Lives

DU needs to stop using Ann Coulter's face on the home page

If an Anti-War Rally Were Held in Washington ...

Dog 'disguised to put police off the scent'

Need a site that list Bush flip flops

Cartoon: Steve Bell "Hellforce One"

Reminder: You are here

Damn it, my wife takes me for granted ....

Tech Question - where to upload an image

Baskin Robbins is giving away free ice cream....check it out.

Man Takes Neighbor To Court For Laughing Too Loudly

It's Official--I am no longer a New York Giants fan!

Spider Gun Needed To Catch Bridge Jumpers

I Think Is Name Is Jermaine Jackson(No Not Michaels Brother) On The

Some new bumper stickers


Reminder: The Daily Show replay on now - watch him rip Karen Hughes!

Update on my mom...

Need a cite

Gooooooood Morning DU!!!

Need strapping young men to help me satisfy my wife.

My Wife and I need a Few Strapping Young Men!

Joke of the day.

Damn it, my wife always wants to have sex with me

Wow! Sexson hits estimated 503 foot home run

Oh, if truth in advertising were only enforced

Man (Doesn't Know How To Swim) Feared Dead In "World Belly Flop Contest"

Why are we not allowed sex threads?

have you ever put your underwear on backwards?

I'm back!

Anyone hear John Scarborough call Lakhdar Brahimi "high" yesterday?

Who has bought a house by owner?

Invisible Force Field To Stop Terrorism

What is the most shameful thought you've ever had?

Failed EBay Bidder Threatens Woman With Gun Over Band Uniforms - Arrested

Leisure Center Opens For Horses

Fine Dining in the Quarter

Did you ever write anything when you were in school...

Are there any racists in Mississippi?

Are there any bassist in DU?

Dog Gets New Pair Of Artificial Hind Legs

Caption: Poodle Brothers' new boy confers with cherubs

What's Better Radio?

Are there any bass in DU?

I would make a lousy moderator.

Caption: Spectre and Specter

Lovely. I'm getting spam in German

Caption: flatulence will get you nowehere...

I just voted -- ASK ME ANYTHING!

Caption: Pickles checks for Junior's empty hip flask

Should we ban the word "innuendo"

Caption: Feeling schizoid.....

Are there any racists in California?

Botox or airbrushing?

Caption: Try telling that one to the Judge....

Who's the REAL Center of the Universe?

A SHAMEless pulg for my Blog.

Cheney Wows 9-11 Commission By Drinking Glass Of Water While Bush Speaks

Caption: Junior anoints bald man with miracle cure

Who's Your All-Time Favorite TV Detective?

Funny headline

bush's cheerLeading awards

Don't bogart that CAPTION my friend pass it over to meeeee.....

New cat picture

LOL - you just HAVE to see this

The Please-Kick-Me-Hard of all CAPTIONS!!!

The *****Gallstones**** of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Coming to a theatre near you?? Short political films

Number 500!

I am out of the 700 club!

Yo, stop what you're doin'

What are you reading?

Rummy is sucking right now on CNN...

New Bush many captions, so little time...

Hey! I use to own a Pacer. - MSNBC/Forbes article on overhyped cars

City Orders Horse Carriages to Fit 'Poo Bags'

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

I Surrender!... Dont CAPTION.

AZDemDist6 needs a new sig line - vote here!

Rate my new sig line

Fahrenheit vs. Celsius

Shooter Goes Out with a Bang

WIll someone PLEASE teach me how to post Pictures??

Well another year and STILL not drafted by the Browns

Slide Production: Need Help

Horrible corruption of Window XP "Bliss" wallpaper

Health Officials Seize Dangerous, Giant Snails From Classrooms

96 Hours until I become an Expatriate....

What a last few days, hell ask me anything

any speech teachers here?

Greatest baseball movie of all time?

Favorite Song by William Shatner

I just found the Freepers retirement home

Flasher Told Women His Penis Was Caught In Zipper - Needed Help

Want to buy a case of "Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific"??

William Hung & Kathie Lee Gifford...the new power duo?

Patti Smith's new album. Trampin, is out today!

The Adventures of Rex Raygun - Ask Me Anything

Long-predicted moon mineral named for researcher

The word, "troubling"

Cheney and Scalia go Duck hunting

Favorite song by Men At Work?

Black Sabbath & CNN

Who will play Robert Langdon in the movie version of The Da Vinci Code?

Ugh. I'm tired. Why do I do that?

What is the true meaning of FASIZZLE?

The poll results are in...

Better Standup Comedian - George Carlin or Richard PrYor

Hey mopaul & other artists.. I have an idea..

In the Family Guy theme song

Can we have our DU polls more like real voting?

Elton John : 'American Idol' vote is 'racist'

Damn...Hubert Selby died......

Am I to blame?

KC Chiefs fans, hang your heads in shame

Do you live in Freeperville?

I agree with Bill Plaschke...

Just got back from CANCUN - Ask me anything!

Churches Worried "Da Vinci Code" Is Sowing Doubts among Faithful

My top 5 reasons why Chimpy would never go on The Daily Show

A friend told me that WHAM was going to play at Nader campaign events.

Here's fun: Who can identify this movie

Is the paucity of Mars details due to fact findings threaten creationism?

My Breakfast Is Better Than Your Breakfast

Springsteen 4 Vice President!!!

Are there any bases in DU?

Come up with your best Mafia nickname for Antonin "Fat Tony" Scalia.

Right Now, I'm At 19,932 Posts - Ask Me Anything!

Two Soldiers

Welcome me to the 700 club

David Bowie: Steal My Songs!

Hi, from Mama Kef

What group/artist did the best/worst cover song?

Damn you, Screaming Lord Byron!

du is the same as all web talk- everybody

How do you deal with a "slurper"?


computer help thanks in advance, help please

The graffiti thread. Post your favorites. I saw this on a WR wall

Whose the dude (with Lauren Bush)?

$459 condo fee!

Guest on Larry King Tonight: PROTECT's Alison Arngrim

Is this Funny or Horrifying?

Stupid government policy #139735980

Thunder, Lightning and Hail...

Ooooo.....I wanna hide under a pile of coats and hope things workout

Recently someone posted a link to "Murder by Numbers"

How bout it Kings fans?

Are there any basses in DU?

Enjoy "Kill Bill"? Well, prepare to enjoy it six more times!

Keith Richards, The Dixie Cups and Aaron Neville

DU Destroys Your Brain

Thank you Randomkoolzip for bringing me to DU - You people ROCK!!!!!!

Story Book Children. A song by Taylor-Vera.

Why did musical movies die out?

Ack. I think I'll come back after November

"I used to be all messed up on drugs..."

Attention Blues Music fans!

One of our cats had kittens.

What was DU like the night of the 2002 midterm elections?

Bit-Torrent links?

Woman Sues Hair Salon - They charged her $8 "Ethnic" Service Charge

I have to take my SATs Saturday... any tips?

OK, I just had to share this.

DU chat anyone?

NYU student sleeps for months in library basement - Lioness?

I feel like an idiot....I don't follow the Pacers for a month or two....

What's your favorite?

What's the biggest zit you ever popped???

CAPTION the hitchhiker

wacky poker games thread

Hey Chicago DUer's. I need some help here.

"What's the frequency, Kenneth?"

This reminds me of what the repugs do to the truth.

Pet Owners! Who's ALPHA in your house?

Help?? Why Won’t Netscape Show a Page IE Will?

Debating the purchase of an Ipod.....

Which type of Flame Warrior are you? (be honest, now)

Douglas County 'peacekeeper' laid to rest.

Is your internet connection really slow?

Does anyone still call you by a childhood nickname?

Matcom thirty years from now

How Tall Are You?

A blast from the past- Election Nite 2002 - How to spot a freeper

Generics, store-label, or brand name?

Is Cartman a freeper in the making?

Those who will listen ---- BUY SUPREME POWER

What jobs do you all do?

I'm stressed so I have been pulling inwards lately

Give me something to respond to! I don't care what it is.

it's the Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka!

So, what's prison like? (Not for you or yours necessarily)

Do you push and speed up at yellow lights about to turn red or stop?

A salute to a patriot

Okay, did one of you lounge lizards post this to ebay?

Not looking forward to tomorrow morning

Weird request: blade making

onLy mother nature can stop the sox


I'm a fan of the new TEEN TITANS

Song of the day - Phil Ochs, Cops of the World

I whacked-off today!


I ate dinner with a giant fork. Your latest absent-minded "d'oh!"?


The great movie mistakes thread

Have you mowed your lawn yet?

I wish I had money.

This dog is a total suck-up!

Bop til you drop

Speaking of seatbelts...(Please Read)

John Currin?

What movie is this from?

I don't want French-fried potatoes

Speaking of star wars prequels...

I have to know where this came from

We all need someone we can lean on.

It's a car, It's a chicken...

Finally figured out what the new Iraqi flag looks like

My new tomato plants just bought the farm. It's 105 degrees

Selling a wedding dress the Ebay Way!

FEEL the grumpiness

From the wayback machine: the DU screename generator

DU's favorite Springsteen tune

Anyone checked out the gallery?

Announcement for Denver area DUers

Okay so like AMERICAN IDOL so like sucked tonight!

Should I resume posting Insomniac Threads?

So you say you need incentive to attend May Day at Belle Isle?

My world's ending again

On first listen, the new Sam Phillips CD is INCREDIBLE

The Yankees Win!! Theeee Yankees WIN!!!!!

Well, I voted for Kucinich today

It's "Abandon Ship!" time at my soon-to-be ex-job.

Alaskan boy, 15, fights as brown bear attacks

Why am I killing so many threads tonight?

My current DVD movie collection.

I cleaned my apartment tonight. Ask me anything.

Star Trek makes bold return April 27, 2004

Classic TV Rumble, round I:

HBO's Deadwood.

1000 posts in 25 days--- I need a new hobby WOOHOO!!!!

I want to get to 300 posts today...


Are you among the 98%, or are you among the 2%? Take the test...


Did you go to your prom?

Anyone been to Machu Picchu ?

Weight Watchers, anyone?

Jon Stewart, you owe me a royalty!

Funniest thing to follow "You selected:" after you vote on a poll?

Do you watch Judging Amy?

Following Magic Rat's culinary offering, Guess What This is!

What is your Favorite Smell?

Gretchen Peters: Love her or don't know her?

Shout out to all DUers

Why am I always so tired???

What do the Freepers say about their pro-rich, anti-poor views?

Would you buy a used car from this man???

Name one of your quirks, I'll go first

Kef's weekly comic post


Manji's arm just grew back - IT'S THE BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL THREAD!!!

They're making a sequel to Passion of the Christ!

Are you watching T-Wolves-Nuggets? The refs absolutely SUCK!!!

The new DU gallery is now online!

Are you among the 98%, or are you among the 2%? Part 2

What's for breakfast?

Oldsmobile to end production Thursday

The Obesity Myth

Don't wake up a pregnant woman at 7 am and tell her...

What's the biggest zit you've ever pooped?

What is the worst thing you've done in anger?

10 Songs You Never Want to Hear Again

Tonight's Hockey Thread--Sorry all you Habs fans...

network help please

Which song has the best music from a technical standpoint???

Cuban Liberal - any other law/probation people, I need help with a problem

What do you have on your computer that no one else can ever see?

Are you cool?

Sigh... one of my favorite feline friends is dying....

The post pompous rants about subjects of which you know nothing thread!

We need to give the I/P forum a nickname like we did w/ the Gun Dungeon.

Robb doesn't look like a dingbat....

Favorite Country artist

My 420th Post!

Coconut rum - IS it just rum and suntan lotion?

Someone sent this email about Teresa Kerry! Help me!

Update on the NightTrain/liberalhistorian Romance Fund

I bet Kerry surges this week

The best defense is a strong offense... Kerry should not spend his money

DU this Repuke Poll

Jeanne Shaheen not good on Hardball last night

Cheney's Defense Cuts

"In the interest of balance and fairness and integrity"

While Kerry is beating the hell out of bush on the military records issue

Will national dems defend Kerry?

Chaney desecrates Westminster College yesterday

DCCC Blog Tour: Charles Kuffner

Witness to War Medal "Incident"

Note to those injured in Iraq

An argument with a repuke

Terry McAuflie kicks Republican Ass on Today Show

How Long Before bushco/The Media Drop The Kerry Medals Tact?

Take Heart my brethren-- I just had an interesting conversation-- - Good Stuff today

Parsing Today's (ABC News) Note

Getting out of War

We should remind people that Bush claimed he'd been "to war"

Do we have the first definitions of the campaign?

Kerry Questions Bush Attendance in Guard in 70's nukes latest Chimpy Lie Machine ads

What should Kerry's stance be regarding terrorists and Al-qaeda?

Do you know anyone working for the GOP campaign?

Has Ralph made it onto the ballot anywhere?

"I watched Kerry throw his war decorations..." Link included

Conservatives place zero value on military service

Hey! If Kerry is electable....

OR Primary Calling

Kerry and the Hawks

Should DU start an organized effort to influence Kerry's campaign?

Kerry "took too long to get back on Message" on Hardball. Maybe his l

KERRY: KEY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS: Bush’s Record In The National Guard

Kerry should mock Bush's joint 9/11 appearance

Do you still hear people claim * will win New York or California?

Ok - Just saw Karen Huge(s) - went right to Moveon,org

Anyone else sick of "Ah'm George W. Bush and ah approve this message?"

March for women's lives prompts Ashcroft to drop his medical records snoop

Current U.S. News cover distorts Bush & Kerry's past

A strategy for the DU to take it's own stand against misleading slander

I just voted for Dennis Kucinich in the Pa primary.

When will Kerry begin to use us "Internet Activists and Creatives?

Why isn't Kerry running ads now on the History Channel?


bush not on baLLots in some states?

I am a Kucinich man who is now on the Kerry bandwagon because...

Poll: Bush and Kerry tied in PA (but really bizarre internals)

Kerry to Follow Cheney at Westminster College on Friday

Kerry placed in the defensive role.

Karen Hughes was born in France??

Where was Clinton in the polls at this point in '92?

Kerry Should Ask * Directly: Do You *Approve* of The *Medal* Attacks

New Composite Poll (April 27th) Bush 321-Kerry 217

If I Could Be John Kerry, At Westminster, This Friday

So I finally got to vote today.......

Who Are the Terrorists Now?

Toomey/Specter primary

Kerry to spell out foreign policy, plans for Iraq in Friday speech

John Kerry Must Go (WTF is this baloney from the VillageVoice?)

Democrats see Cheney as a target

If Kerry picks Gephardt......

Kerry is ON FIRE: MSNBC: "Bush Intentionally Exagerrated"

Kerry's an idiot for not jumping at the opportunity to show his medals