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Archives: April 25, 2004

Why Did Bush Take My Job? (WP Op-Ed)

Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Al Franken on Earth Day

Craving for Cookies Cost Gaza Girl Her Life

Chomsky speaks: Noam Chomsky interview by Simon Mars

Went as a delegate to the Pierce County Convention

Need Information And Advice On Air America On Satellite Radio

US Admits It Will Still Control Iraq After Transfer

who REALLY were those 4 mutilated contractors? Cuz why the hell is

*****Doonesbury SPOILER********Sunday, 4/25

So, Bush faces a "grim choice"

Who's most responsible for the miserable failure of the Bush preznitcy?

Britain resists pressure to extend Iraq force

Condi Married?

Italians may make 'small doses' of torture legal

Kerry Takes Communion After Vatican Edict

Need proof jocks are treated differently than us common folk?

Freudian slip?

well, prom was tonight...

Kerry and the young (the good news and the bad)

Yes, We Can Handle the Truth - Jonathan Alter

Tom Delay and other Republican Idiots

Scalia: Turkey Hunter A.D. - DoublePlus Impartial.

David Broder: Bush overcomes events, gains ground

KCStar: There's a way to ease the shame arising from the Iraq debacle

The photo that stirred a nation | Seattle Times

A Stronger Force in Iraq( Dump Rumsfeld) NYtimes ed.

Today's Tom Tomorrow

Left and right both piling on Powell (Toronto Star )

THE WORKING POOR (Chicago Tribune )

LATimes: Why John Kerry Needs the Needy

my friends LTTE, he done good

Bush Says, "We'll All Be Dead."

Charlie Cook: Kerry off to a slow start in race for the presidency

Bush catches Saddam disease

The Condensed Bob Woodward

Hey kids, find W's idea !

Tom Toles Cartoon 04-25: Things We're Not Supposed to See

Carl Hiaasen (Miami Herald): Vice president's war costly to Americans

Bush is pressuring Musharraf to produce Bin Laden


Poll: Americans still believe in Saddam-al-Qaida link

Ellen Goodman (BG): Not just a march on Washington

The Wrong Debate on Terrorism - Richard A Clarke (NY Times)

Does a fetus have more rights than its mother?

Mike Thomas's excellent article. Similarities to Vietnam problem for Bush

The new ugly American

9/11 Action! Support Sibel Edmonds FBI Whistleblower!

My DC protest pics (including Joan Crawford wire hanger poster)

Update On War Memorial In PA (EVERYONE LOOK)

Here's How You Can Help To Support Our Troops

Another AEI

Dish Network viewers take a look

(Viacom Head) Karmazin Vows To Fight FCC on Decency Issue

Joseph Nye on the difference between Soft Power & Hard Power - mp3 & vp3

Which wire service is Least GOP Controlled? - Pro-Choice March stories


Polimers and Soda Cans

Israel firm to mine in DRC

U.S. Economic Recovery Belies Flat Wage Growth

"The Working Poor"

Greenspan dead pool

Nothing new under the sun?

Blair Announces Formation Of Climate Group - BP, Shell Join - Guardian

In 46 States In 2003, SUVs/Trucks Outsold Cars

SC House Rejects Wetland Plan One Hour Before Bush Speech

Discoveries hold key to Mayan civilisation

How SA banks are ripping you off

CAR strikes compromise with ex-rebels

Swazis stunned as investor pulls plug

Lien, Soong cover up own faults: Lee - TW

Planning for the future - TW, China by Ross Terrill

US and Japan stand up for Taiwan at WTO meet

Sadly, Ma is still suckling - TW

Minister forecasts fines for weathermen

Militants behead Kashmir cop's wife, daughter

Joseph Nye on the difference between Soft Power & Hard Power - mp3 & vp3

Arabization of Iran hasn't worked [history]

Africans getting poorer - G7

Detroit still waiting for the "benefits" of Michigan's new CCW law

Judge Won't Dismiss Nichols State Case

VPC -caught in a lie?

Why not a subscription service with PayPal?

reporting weirdness on state forum options

Rules for starting discussions in I/P? What's the justification?

I have two questions

Pop-up ad

Skinner: A right wing pop up ad comes on everytime I log on to DU

Why was my one of my posts regarding the pop-up in gen disc. deleted?

Since when did the left become a welcoming party for

Racist Anti-Racism at Durban

US bias led to new Israeli threat against Arafat, PM charges

Bantustan plan for an apartheid Israel

Slain Israeli Arab's father begs for sanity in PA

A one-state solution in the Mideast

Question to all frequent air travellers

I'll be in Florida for a month this summer. Can I register voters?

An orphan no more -- foster kid finds mom

Image-conscious Schwarzenegger works to keep media under control

Los Angeles Times Poll: Most in State Expect Some Tax Increases

Iowa,April Delivers the E-Voting Goods

Wait till THIS year!

may 17 is fast approaching

Progressives Move to Grassroots Politics

T-Wolves...What was up tonight????

How the hell did MN become a battleground state...

Rudy Boschwitz can't whistle or drive worth a dink

FUNDAY (June 19 @ Saginaw) update for you Michiganians

BBV - At Issue address DREs

Hey Ohio-- this is a must read!

Apparently, not everything's 'Archie' with Ohio Republicans these days.

What about voting for Dean in the primary?

Plan for funding schools critiqued

Texas Democrat Stars of The Future


Is there going to be a May Day protest this year?

was anybody at the Thurston County Convention?

Thurston County Burger Booth

What's with these Lyndon LaRouche clowns?

NASA told not to talk about new global warming film

Women using Web to box in president

Inquiry after Israeli forces caught using boy as shield (on Jeep)

Ya know what amazes me? Not only have we become a debtor nation

Anybody heard the Bill Hicks clip where he's talking about

9/11: He Saw It Coming - Bremer knew that BushCo was incompetant

Why did Cheney and his staff take Cipro B/4 the anthrax mailings?

funny site for ABB-ers

I just shook the hand of President Bartlett, i.e, (Marrtin Sheen)....

Is this like the soviet block with the voting?

FCC Chairman Powell Refuses to Clarify Indecency Standard

Passage from Huxley's BNW revisited-Remind you of someone?

Is humankind genetically incapable of stopping violence / wars?

"The Seduction of War" L.A.Times book festival. DO NOT MISS RERUN.

Propaganda, Heartfelt, or something else, Spirit of America (Jim Hake)

Two types of Democrats.

There is a sickness upon the land

In New Hampshire Kerry went door to door to get votes

C-SPAN talking about USSC Cheney Secret Energy Taks Force case


Does anybody have any contact

"Activist Founding Fathers" (GBT at it again, Cratoon)

Government of Canada: Gay Parents are Often Better than Straight Ones

A rosy scenario/prediction, others are welcome

On C-Span (8:40 a.m.): Teresa Heinz is Kerry's second wife....

National debt cap

NYT: "Terror Suspect's path from the Streets to the Brig"

Gloom and Doom - My Predictions (Please tell me I'm wrong!)

The MoveLeft Media blog will be updated every day for rest of April 2004

World Trade Center: Witness Says Security Cameras Turned off 9-9 and 9-10

how many fake "religious" politicians do you think there are?

Dowd exposes "Bushworld" (avoids usual jab at Clinton)

"This Week" Thread - Brahimi interview

What happened to Ebert!?!

Someone Please Explain to Me Why Patriotism is Important

Did anyone see Michael Rubin AEI/Coalition Member: Scary Dude.

call me what you want but Ariel Sharon sucks

!?! BBV - Diebold may be used in CA 2004 ANYWAY - Bev just posted ?!?

Are you guys SURE John McCain isn't running for president?

Anyone watching cspan, is this host a repub?

Watching FTN: Iraq is a real clusterf*ck....a fubar...a disgrace.

Powell said: "You're Going to OWN 25,000,000 people."

DUers, please check this...

C-Span list of speakers for Womens' march today. Very impressive!

Join the North Fulton Democrats (Atlanta) for our June breakfast

Woodward on MTP

Women's rights marchers converge on DC

McCain just agreed 'We are to close to the Saudis."

Would you follow the order to launch nukes?

Caller to C-Span says if Cheney had a blue dress

Republicans threatening to shut down government again

John, john, john….With Bush in WH the American People are at Jeopardy.

Prince Bandar says Saudi Arabia will invest in Oil Refineries in US to

Will anyone have enough courage to declare war on us?

U.N. Food-for Oil investigation-What is going on there?

Vote in Wolf Blitzer's poll

I'll ask again: where are the Democrats?

For those who want to stay in Iraq -

Chicago Tribune: The Working Poor

Boondocks and the October surprise "A Publication Error"

Can one of the DU writers help PLEASE!

Was Tillman another John Kerry?

ESPN Sports Reporters lets loose on Tillman story

Wolf is Kissing Bandar's Ass on CNN Now

Russert would have accepted Hitler’s denial of invading Poland

Where are you, John Kerry? Because past is prologue...

Lying Saudi Bin Sultan bastard.

I can't believe that Scalia said the following...

Woodward on Reliable Sources...

Lying Saudi Bin Sultan bastard.

For those of you who said "Even Bush isn't stupid enough to invade Najef"

NYT ad: Prevent World War III - Now!

Do you believe Bandar when he says if SA sent the US all

"To Invade, Or Not Invade"

What % of DUer's think Al-Quada had nothing to do with 9/11?

Here's a question for the "liberal" media: Where's the march coverage?

Design a Kerry t-shirt contest

Bandar on Late Edition (CNN)

Woodward lying, foreshadowing Bandar (refineries) (in cahoots)

Dupe, I was too late!

..and again I'll answer: The Democrats are here!

Why did C-SPAN cut away from the rally at to show Cheney (on tape?)

I don't agree with Lugar on much, but man, he's my type of Conservative

so it looks like Woodward's strategy was this:

We must spread the word about suicidal American funamentalism

Did Hughes just use 9/11 while talking about abortion?

Why is it so radical about living wages?


What is the URL for the Women's Rally the speaker mentioned???

DEAN on Late Edition now...1:30 pm et

As An Anime Fan, I Hate the Republicans Even More Now

Bellyaching About Disclosure.

"The revolution will not be televised" - a very illuminating film

Whoopi on C-Span with a hanger-- NOW

Fred Phelps’ hate group has come to our town.......

Deutsch using the same untruthful attack style on Castor as he did Penelas

Should we call them 'Radical' Muslims?

Israeli forces caught using boy as shield

A disturbing post by someone who just got back from Iraq...

American Seig Heil to the flag

"Housing Wage 2003" and the "Working Poor" Yahoo article.

from the houston chronicle-more on Scalia hunting trip, look who else went

Need Screenshot of Bush ad With 911 Coffins

Bandar on Wolf Blitzer , HAHHAHAHAH

Here's the transcript of today's

Baghdad children killed in crossfire

Robert Scheer gives em Hell! Bring the Old Kerry Back! Gives a great

An orphan no more -- foster kid finds mom ( A Rant by Kadie)

Are Bush's ads starting to hurt Kerry ?

Poor Shrub....he's in Crawford and missing the rally! n/t

Death of Outrage? Pledge of Allegiance Used to Promote PS2 War game

The Rising Corporate Military Monster

interesting -- No posts on "the other forum" on the DC march-- ooops

Is Fallujah starving?

Truthout has a reporter at the March for Women's Lives. Blog here:

Un-Freep this story.

Did Dems & Repugs made Deal: Chalabi Out/Troops Bomb Najaf/Falujah

A salute to our CG (Coast Guard)!

Bush listening to "a Higher Father" IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL....

Who will get offed first?

Texas Republicans are in trouble!

World Government - Yes or No

FYI CSPAN feed back up for DC Rally

Bush is so defective that is should be a “slam-dunk” to defeat him.

C-SPAN broadcasts "Bullshit a bullshitter" Time to E-Mail Howard Stern

What Happened to Robert Kennedy's Show

The water's back on....yaaaaaaay!!!

Anyone see Dick Cheney speaking at the National Right to Life Committee?

I can't believe they"lost " the Women's Rally feed

Just wondering: Did Bush ever read to school children

Some Evidence of Conservative Bias in The Media

How many folks here do volunteer work in the community?

Wanna DU a poll? Dems and receiving communion

Politics of Truth!

What a weird juxtaposition Phallic Washington monument

MoPaul and Symbolman I ain't...

Christians: Is Bush the Anti-Christ? (Seriously.)

One MILLION one hundred fifty thousand marchers!

Are Bruce Reed and Ralph Reed related?

Heads Up! C-Span will begin DC Rally coverage 'shortly'

Bush v. SEC ---- A Family Affair

What the Dem's must Overcome to win in Nov. ....... "God"........

Any guesses on how Cokie Roberts is going to cover the Women's rally ?

Pfc. Matt Maupin is not a POW, he's a hostage??

Kerry campaign raises 57 million in 3 months!! WOO-HOOOOO!!!

Goebbles would be proud of america now

I keep hearing "Largest March Ever." Is there a link to back this up?

Should the military alter its policy, photos soldiers returning - NW Poll

Wow cpan allows the profanity I love it

Janeane Garofalo showed good character by being brief and giving time

Sunday "News" Programs

DEMAND that Yahoo update it's DC story headline!

just Two TOONs Today....

Bush supports H.R. 534. Illegalizes Stem Cell Research. (SCNT) Help plz!

How do I post a picture? jpg

Letter to Editor -Re:Coulter/ Max Cleland

Newsweek: The Human Cost (GI's die cause they lack equipment)

For your consideration. (Recieved in email)

The "thank you to all those in D.C." appreciation thread

I went to communion today

The Real Reason we invaded Iraq!

Anybody else watching Free Speech TV today?

Ben Stein on CNN

Sen Talents (R) Online poll. Little DU needed ?

Why do we need to "stay the course"?

Is Joe Wilson's book coming out this week?

Why didn't Woodward mention O'Neill or Clarke in his book?

in what court was Arafat convicted of being a terrorist ?

should Saddam get a "fair" trial ?

Collin was prescient in regard to Bandar

"We know he had WMDs...because he used them on his own people.."

Hey, you know how Drudge claimed that the coffins....

Great photo from today's DC rally!!

Kerry = another 9/11? (RW propaganda alert)

was the New Deal/Fair Deal/Great Society US social-democratic?

I present to you: Karen Hughes!

Talat Othman ---- A name to remember

A Controversial Choice for the Position of Archivist of the United States:

Stick it to CNN - Re: underreporting today's march size

Bandar on MTP

Are those who support Kerry because "he isn't Bush" hard or soft support?

for those watching religious right - who was behind the French Revolution?

Norman Soloman: Country Joe is back

Drudge is claiming that there's a video of JK saying he threw his medals

more 4/25 march photos

Puke alert: Bush on CSPAN "...'flation's low..."

Congrats to the Hundreds who marched in today's protest!

Cnn screwed the march

Verges on 60 Minutes...

A Bush joke

East Coasters, Kerry on C-Span Now! Big Speech 7:17 est! Following

Anybody watch Karen Hughes on C-Span2 (LA book fair) repeat today?

Who's on 60 minutes tonight??

Science *Fiction*?

Iraq: Day of attacks leaves many casualties

Is Bush really going to make the decision to go into Fallujah?

Help teach this TX teacher to think straight re: media bias

Please help with a question

A question about forgiveness in christianity.

Bingo! Woodward: Bush Cut and Run in Iraq?????????????

New news links up at Michael today (4/25)

Sound familiar?

CNN and the size of the march

Boston TV tonight on new marriage forms/procedures.

Here is a Twist on Why Bush Wanted an Iraq War.

Karen Hughes says: Pro Choice = Pro Terrorist

GWB: Master of Business Administration

Army's new recruting tool

need help with an surplus question-dittohead claims there was none

What are bush's * foreign policy plans for 2005 - 2008? They aren't on

Maybe our emails to CNN on the March today worked!

Don't Dare Bring this Up in the Campaign---or that, either

I must give it to Hugues, she is sleak

Sean Hannity: decorated war hero (puke alert)

Womens March - LARGEST IN US HISTORY!!!***

Why Dean Was Cut!!!

Wow...just watched the new Incubus video...

Still love the DMCA? I bet Forgent Networks will use it soon...

As if you needed more reason to pay attention,

My Problems with Christianity.

How well did cable news cover the huge march today?

Dean will not be speaking due to "unfortunate complications."

Book about Rome? searching for a title

British Militants Openly Support Bin Laden and the Rule of Islam

Is this right? * asked Karen, Condi, and Card about going to war?

Unborn children join charter school's waiting list

Michael Jackson replaces Attorneys

Karen Hughes/GOP once again pimping 9/11

Kerry/Bush "even" in polls now despite weeks of butchery in Iraq because:

Ivins: Bush living in "Fantasyland"

Republican Big Brother tactics to promote heterosexual marriage


seeking info re: Chalabi

Race and the Welfare State (Or, why Europeans live better than Americans)

Mother’s Helper Position Desired

What does Karen Hughes want?

Robert Scheer Live on C-SPAN 2 Watch it

Have you ever taken in all that's going on and just said...WTF?

Why was Saddam captured alive and not his sons?

NASA Curbs Comments on Ice Age Disaster Movie (New Gag Order)

Story of Martin Luther ON PBS..parallels todays politics....he stood up

Where can I find info about the Draft?

A question about the 9/11 hijackers

Tom DeLay to be indicted!

Is Bush "playing politics" with the June 30th deadline in Iraq ?

OMG!!!! He REALLY does look like a Chimp!!

File video on the news

Scariest Picture EVER of Dick Cheney! non photo shop

National Day of Prayer

Is the world changed?

Lawyer says Falluja will be attacked day Bush/Cheney at 9-11

Saw a great bumper sticker today while doing errands.

MTP rerun: Bandar admits to 140 Saudis leaving US during lockdown.

The Coming Slaughter In Falluja

Dennis Miller interviews Lynrd Skynrd - bad.

Peter Werbe's host station has fixed its streaming...He's on at 11pm EDT

Analysis of female donors to Bush/Cheney

What should we all do about the Sovietization of our media?

Best Slogan from the March for Women's Lives

Iowa, April Delivers the E-Voting Goods

15 of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudis. Had they been Syrians or Iranians...

Did anyone else get a pop-up box with Bush that said "Save US Healthcare"

Joseph Wilson's book out next Friday 4/30

Prosperity Democrats

Freeper wants Michael Moore killed

What to ask Bush-Cheney before the 9/11 Commission?

No Wonder Bush Didn’t Ask His Earthly Father..

Holy God, LOOK at this picture:

A new Yahoo! Group started for fans of the new Spanish PM Zapatero. changes AP March story

Republicans made the Culture of Greed/Selfishness/Arrogance

Bush: "History?...We'll All Be Dead!"

Christopher Hitchens is such an asshole, a lying pompous fuck...

ABC to air Kerry video showing "flip flop" of throwing away medals

Impeachment and its ramifications.

I feel ashamed of Colorado right now.

New Diebold memos show lawyers concocting lies

If by "America" you mean the majority living here now, then I hate America

BBV: Trusted Computing/DMCA vs. Diebold Pentagon Paper

Question about BBV?

Bush has Kerry on the defensive... True or False ?

An idea for BBV activism:

Clinton alienated many Democratic socialists with neoliberal policies

poem about women and growing old - 'When I am old I shall wear purple...

Was Gore pro-telecoms deregulation?

good email to send to conservatives:

NYTimes article on Bush's OH grass roots strategy

I keep hearing Kerry is PNAC. I keep asking for proof.

Helmet, on or off? (BD... recovers from war injury...)

The handmaid's tale will soon be prophecy not fiction

To all you doom and gloomers regarding election 2004! Take a look at this!

what's going on in CA?? - see DU disc of new worker's 'compensation'

If you don't know who Joseph Nye is (or even if you do) CLICK HERE PLEASE

"MURDER BY NUMBERS" Flash Movie (Re: Troop Coffins) by Symbolman

Are we really going to vote for Kerry?

Should the U.S. military act as the World's policeman?

We have to reach the non voter

Which investigation is most likely to toast Bush?

Saddam's lawyer on 60 Minutes tonight. Wants Rumsfeld to testify, MORE

I just searched over 5000 headlines for Feb 2001-Sept 2001

All Welfare Programs Should Be Abolished

Ted Koppell to read the names of all 500 killed

Kill the children--Anybody have a problem with that?

Falluja, Najaf and the First Law of Holes

I'll just ask Bev Harris direct: Are we screwed in November?

What is so radical about living wages?

TALTY: I CANNOT Do This Alone | A Media Action Challenge

Aid workers find ring of destruction in N. Korea

State GOP money trail muddy, possible violations of law

Boats explode near Iraqi oil platform; 2 soldiers killed

Pittsburgh City Council to vote on Patriot Act resolution

Protest greets world financial leaders

Bush's Decision on Possible Attack on Falluja Seems Near

Adm.: "Zone of Autonomy" Justifies Energy Task Force Secrecy

Cheney aide now lobbyist on energy

Medicaid proposals criticized (Florida)

13 Bangladeshis return to Dhaka from Iraq

Fat Stacks of Cash: Iraqi Ministry Employees Get Paid

UN demands to know what 'vital role' will be

Howard Visits Iraq After Suicide Boat Attack

Our Hidden WMD Program

China seals off SARS lab after infections

Politics of Patriot Act Turn Right for Bush - LA Times

Civilians die in gunfights on border

Report: direct HK vote nixed

Reality bites in rough year for US newspapers

G7 finance ministers see improved global economy

Continental General plant in Mayfield planning more layoffs (200 jobs)

U.S. plans elite Iraqi force for security

Dublin on high alert for summit

Women's Rights Marchers Gather in D.C.

Red Sox go for weekend sweep

Bomb hits U.S. convoy near Falluja-Iraqi witnesses

LAT: Kerry Still Unknown to Many(Kerry intro follows fund-raising)

Australia PM makes unannounced visit to troops in Iraq

Islamic group seeks firing of radio host

Foiled attack on Afghan leader - Karzai

WP: John Six-Pack (yet another Kerry dissection - is he likable?)

Whoopi on C-Span with a hanger-- NOW

Pesticides too harmful to use in any form, doctors warn

Cuba a major benefactor to strife-torn Haiti

Politics Trumps Law in Cheney Dispute

Kuwait sex-change case upheld

New options put fear factor into trading (9/11 options trading)

NYT: Viagra and the Battle of the Awkward Ads

Diplomat Cautions U.S. About Use of Force

Iraqis Complain U.S. Has Too Much Power

Cosmetics, Beauty Pioneer Estee Lauder Dead at 97

Jordanian lawyer wants to defend Saddam Hussein

Saudi says Iraq pay-off could avoid bloodshed

Kerry claims to have thrown his own medals

Beauty products pioneer Estee Lauder dead at 97

Wa Gov Candidate Gregoire's dilemma: fight or settle? | Seattle Times

Report: Many Mexican Candies Contain Lead (Sold in CA)

Why Dean Was Cut!!!

Gay marriage debate simmers in Ohio

Michael Jackson replaces Attorneys

N. Korea Accuses U.S. of Preparing Attack

Spend money on aid, not wars - World Bank head

Pakistan frees al Qaeda helpers (50 more)

Brussels aims to nip EU-US visa war in bud

Raid disrupts Iraqi oil exports

US officials, contractors brush off security concerns in Iraq

UN Envoy Advises Against US Military Action in Fallujah, Najaf

Cease-Fire in Falluja Is Extended for 2 Days

Another U-S servicemember dies from suicide attack on oil terminal

U.S. Troops to Begin Patrols in Fallujah

Kerry is related to (Norway's) King Harald | Nettavisen

Allegation Led to New Look at Nun's Death (Priest charged; Satanic abuse)

Blunkett wants ID cards in three years

Nader criticizes Perry on Texas school finance:Says gambling shouldn't fun

Official: Hong Kong's Democracy Hopes Dim

One word from Murdoch and the PM panicked. That word was 'traitor'

Gung-ho mood is gone at Camp Pendleton

PM will quit after election, Kinnock says (Blair)

WP: U.S. Opts To Delay Fallujah Offensive

WP: Catholics Question Abortion Focus

WP: White House Chose to Promote New (Woodward) Book

UK forces may take over Iraq hotspots-report

Four Children Killed by Gunfire After Iraq Attack

Bremer warns of 'explosive' Najaf

U.S. Troops Will Likely Enter Parts of Najaf, Iraq Soon

Third American dies from Iraq boat attack - Navy

Bulgarian president attacked (Visiting troops in Iraq)

Kerry Spokesman Responds to Karen Hughes' Misleading Attacks Today on

Canada's Harper Says He Would Not Send Troops to Iraq

Police Will Be Able to Order Eye Scans....Independent/UK--New WMW

NASA Curbs Comments on Ice Age Disaster Movie ("muzzled"!)

Kerry Slams Ban on Photos of Coffins from Iraq

57% of Americans believe Saddam gave substantial support to al-Qaeda.

Lawyers try to gag FBI worker over 9/11

Bush, Cheney's joint appearance unprecedented

WP: U.N. Iraq Resolution A Tough Sell

WP: Democrats to Target Cheney

Air defenses criticized in 9-11 attack on Pentagon

U.S. gasoline up another 3 cents per gallon

British Militants Openly Support Bin Laden and the Rule of Islam

Dogs maul, kill 8-year-old Wash. boy

Baghdad children killed in crossfire

Japanese voters support Koizumi

Social Democrat To Become Austria's Next President

For a Conservative, Life Is Sweet in Sugar Land, Tex.

Womens March is officially the largest ever

Subject: T.G.I.F. vs S.H.I.T.

I'm not really sure

Chaska and I

#@*!!! New England Patriots

DU Insomniac Thread to Welcome 25 April


Be Proud of the Gray In Your Hair....

ya know....I might get to 100 post without....

Tuuurn up - the raaadio!

Would you bid on this car?

This station rocks.....

What flavor are white jelly beans?

You gotta see the latest Strong Bad E-mail!!!

Blackbird singing in the dead of night...

Have you heard of the NO-CARB Diet for 2004?

when will they ever learn? . . .

Who here can ID an owl by its hoot? Need help, ornithologists...

If you are between jobs...that means you don't really NEED the next job

TVLand: VitaMeataVegamin

Today's Quote

WTB: Election

Tomorrow is my parent's anniversary! What do I do?

Experienced cooks, help!

Okay, I'm convinced that there are NO human beings on FR

"The Future is Wild" or "inside the creative mind of your average

The Red Wings won yeaterday!

Losing my gold star is like getting my phone shut off...

You know you're a FReeper when::::::::::::

Is Medical Transcription really in hot demand these days?

Hi everybody!

Question about *bush* hearing God speak

I have some bad-ass hiccups that wont cease!

Here is my confession....

I built this city on rock and roll!!!!!!!!!!

Web Experts: Why does Norton Security block some of my favorite sites?


Kindly weigh in on my GD poll

Need advice DU.

Borat Soundboard

How come no one wants to trade with me?

Cheap Fargin' Bastages!!!!!!!!

I'm 8 posts away from 1000. Converse with me!

new "cartoon"

Even though they are 18 and Hot.......

Do you want to laugh in Oct? bookmark all the current Red Sox threads!

Looking for uniforms from the Napoleonic Era

Over 45? Maybe you can help me remember a t.v. show

How many check your state DU forum everyday?

Red Sox go for weekend sweep

Anybody remember this old cartoon?

I went to Something Corporate/Yellowcard last night

It warms my heart when I see khephra posting...

BAM!!!! MANNY BAM!!!!!

Bush uses David Letterman's producer's shirt

Serious question: Any DU Yankee fans nervous yet?

NFL Draft Day 2 Thread

funny short movie

Spring Flowers

OK, I'm convinced that there are only 5 Human Beings on DU

A Can of Whoopass for Spyware and Other Assorted Yukkies

That's it, I give up!?!?!?!

my air conditioner broke down, I think I have to buy a new one

Anyone else watching the March for Women's Lives on C-SPAN?

Hey, all you D&Ders.....................

What should I cook for dinner tonight?

Grade my BMG Music Service choices:

Theories you have that won't exactly change the world

Why is it when I make a post that can't be argued with

Steinbrenner just announces new signings!

I cleaned out the utility room today.

Red Sox Ask Selig To Cancel Rest Of Regular Season

Opinions again, please...

A Yankee's gift to Red Sox fans

How do I add pictures to my post? (I am a big dummy!)

Mi Pedro es el mejor y los yankees aspiran

Did everybody but me know that Nostamj had returned to GD w/ toons?

little jon soundboard

Are dogs cute?

What's your favorite Super Nintendo game?

My gift to Yankee fans everywhere

I'm about to hit 500 posts, as me anything.

Do you hold a grudge?

HOLY crap!!! is it too early for a drink?

A crank call Gay TV

The Morels are up

Who's the geekiest of them all?

This is Bob Edwards' last week on Morning Edition.

New Yorkers Fear The Worst - Breaking News!!!!

Got my Kerry bumperstickers yesterday...

Cosmetics mogul Estee Lauder dies

beep! beep! 1st Lady driving

>>>>> Red Sox Sweep the Yanks <<<<<< WooHoo >>>>>>

The things you find when you inanely browse the internet...

Soylent Green is people!

How would you like to have Kevin Spacey's Bro for a uhhh.. Bro!

Are music geeks as geeky as sci-fi/fantasy geeks?

Green Bay Paper prints interesting article.

Oh man, just got back from the conference - what a bunch of pisstanks

A Patriots gift to Dolphins fans


Fundie Videos at my Public Library

Rockets & Lakers -- an OT nailbiter. rockets by 4 w/ minutes left!!!!

VERY powerful Bushflash: WARNING...GRAPHIC

I need a jpg host site??

Pure Hilarity

Any YAK hunters here?

The Best Shrimp --- I don't be lying.

Anyone into Dance Dance Revolution?

Historical tax cuts

>>>>> Red Flax Sweep the Yaks <<<<<< WooHoo >>>>>>

Where can I see/hear some speeches from Chomsky online?

Hanging out at church (caption this)

Who is your favorite fictional robot?

Is anyone paying attention to the Kentucky Derby?

Holy crap, Karl Malone's jersey just got torn up!!!

Congratulations SoCalDem!! 30,000 posts

Any WOMBAT hunters here?

Computer-Related Help Needed

Software ? Anybody have any experience with Ghost Surf?

What's your "I hit a car with a yak" story?

Question for any Cali or ex-Cali DUers

The following is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System.

Brody and the giant bone!

Dr Strangelove on NOW!

Politics, LOTR, and Christianity smashed into one ugly lump


Who's your musical antichrist?

Remy Martin cognac

Question about the Simpsons tonight

Peggy Hill on stupidity

Song of the day

I want to buy some cheese!

Favorite restaurant and/or store that serves food... pls. put location.

Some new puppy pics!

Prime Suspect tonight.

I'm going to go read some William Faulkner...

All television on my whole campus is down right now.

Been Shopping?

You are getting VERY sleepy!

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Robins are the Prussians of the Bird World

Sunday night and no Space Ghost: Coast to Coast

What's your favorite old-sk00l coin-op arcade game?

Grrr.....The upgrade I wasn't told about! GRRRRRRRR!

From a freeper on another blog I post to:

Any bored people with avatar creator skills?

New Deadwood starting...


"Are you still telling people that you're better off dead?..."

Comedy central bah-mitzfah on now

What's with the "Yankee fans are Freepers" crap?

Lord of the Political Rings

going to england; what kind of adaptor do I need for the laptop?

I'm over forty and ...

Show on Japanese During WWII on HISTORY INTL NOW!!!

I just love the Dalai Lama

Would it be wise to ask out a girl...

Just saw the Alamo - was pleasantly surprised

Cheap Booze, higher quality grass

Fantastic downloadable freeware utilities for computer techies

The "Life" section of my local paper ought to be called "Disfunction"...

GEEK Computer Maintenance Rules - Or how I keep mine running smooth

Just watching "menace to society"

Anyone with CBC...Talking To Americans with Rick Mercer

English majors: reading suggestions for becoming a better writer

"I think I'd like to go back home...

Gas prices in your area

john kerry's wife at my work today!

Sweet - Ballroom Blitz

How to discipline a stubborn six month old dog?

Anyone ever hop freight trains?

There is a house in New Orleans

Any Joseph Heller readers around?

Will the Fetus Be Aborted - in honor of the march!!!

redux on lookin' for dog help in SoCal...

got home from pro choice march, ask me anything

This is what democracy looks like!

Best sports city in America?

NASCAR fans show their true colors today at 'dega

Miserable Mariner Fans - Commiserate here

A Friend With Weed is


Sunday March Location and Update Thread

Posting online photo albums?! How? :/

oh man, did you hear the BOOS Derek Jeter was getting?!

Swamp coolers, do they work?

Just saw "Club Dread"

Amy Brennaman introduces Ani DiFranco @ Women's Rally

Here's a sort of girl related question...

Musical antichrist of pre-Beatles rock 'n' roll?

My name is GOPisEvil and I'm a dweeb - ask me anything

Tonight's Hockey Thread

What's your "I hit a deer with a car" story?

Is it conceivably possible that the Immortal Bard could have been better

What's with the "Yak fans are Freepers" crap?

Who made out best in the NFL Draft?

According to Karen Hughes - because of 9/11 - country does NOT want choice

I've always wanted to fish - what's the best way to start?

There Are Two Words I Can't Wait To Say About Bush On November 2

I just planted peppers, tomatoes, oregano, and basil..ask me anything!

We just got back from the march in DC - ask us ANYTHING!!!

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - Download it tonight

This week at the White House:

okay, am i just getting older and out of touch, or has indie rock lost it?

excelent waste of time

My news source has a first name, it's p-r-o-p-a

Who's your musical God or Goddess?

Is Schroedinger's cat dead or alive?

Musicians You Wish Would Dissappear.

Most ELECTRIFYING song ever on (your) first listen

Question for chopstick users....

My Cat Has a Cellophane Fetish

Over 500 mark post and new sig (thanks to JC, Brazil)

Check out my new sig image.

The correct URL for the NighTrain/liberalhistorian Romance Fund page.

Give us a poem which shows how you really feel..

Rest in Peace, Spartacus

Wellbutrin (Zyban). So now I know...

Any hunters here?

Mrs. Mouse is home, resting semi-comfortably-YAY!

Who will see The Day After Tomorrow?


Now receiving donations: the NightTrain/liberlhistorian Romance Fund!

For those not on top of the drama called my life....

What convinces you the most to wear your seat belts?

Attn. DC-area DUers: Sibel Edmonds open hearing 04/26

Kerry/Communion hypocracy.

Question for all of those who intend on voting Green

Maureen Dowd's NYT column about Orwellian "BushWorld"

Kerry Still Unknown to Many - L.A. Times

Woa!!, I was looking for Move-On ...

Dean on Wolf Blitzer this half hour. Will speak at the Womens' march.


Let the Chicago Tribune hear it for casting aspersion on John Kerry.

I sit in my room alone and watch the names go by -- the people

Newsweek Cover: "Theresa"

The Kerry Tribes The seven factions fighting for control of his campaign

Let's collect postive articles on Kerry

what would be Kerry's fate if he said he would tell Sharon

South Dakota DU'ers: What influence will Bill Frist have on Daschle's

Question regarding the DLC

Kerry's electoral college numbers are very similar to Gore's wins

Kerry claims to have thrown his own medals


Why isn't the Environment a BIG issue in 2004 election?

If Kerry loses because I defect and vote Green it won't be my fault.

What are your plans if * reinstates a draft.

Does Dean have a chance in 2008 if Kerry fails in November?

My faith in Kerry has been restored (humility ahead).

"No matter who wins the presidential election, the terrorists will lose."

As of this morning, I have no more faith in Kerry.

Wow! One million Women Gather for Abortion Rights Rally in Washington!

Is Bush really that bad?

60 Minutes. Saddam's lawyer was talking about who he would