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Archives: April 24, 2004

Arson is a crime, never a protest


Prosecutors want PFP firebrand Chiu Yi jailed for attack - TW

Arroyo stays strong as she heads into Philippine election

Kumaratunga suffers a setback - Sri Lanka

How do I caption links?

Not that it matters, but I lived in Melbourne Beach from 1996-97.

Al-Sadr's Sermon Today....

Biggest threat: Nationalism or Fundamentalism or Corporatism

Bush and the Republicans are lying SOBs

I wouldn't want to see those coffins either if I had been responsible for

Voting for George Bush Jr would be like_________ (fill in the blank)

"Woodward always misses the point"

********SPOILER!!! Tomorrow's Doonesbury (Sat 4/23)**********

MUST SEE!!! Nightline's closing comment...

Young People to Make Voices Heard at the March for Women's Lives

Anyone hear the C-SPAN caller this AM ??

email from Michael in Baghdad...depleted uranium?

How will anything ever change if we keep voting for the same people?

The big fat con story: fat or slender, Size really doesn't matter

The disaster in Iraq and constuctive criticism

Koppel *SLAMS* Bush on "coffin" issue

Help with flash?

Britain and Russia exempt from UN measures on recruiting child soldiers

Pentagon warns of rising missile threat - China to Taiwan

Plane Forced to Land Near Miami, Bush

Sharon: 'We may kill Arafat'

U.S. to Pay Environmental Activists $2M

Bush Challenges Kerry on the Environment

South Park: Michael Jackson spoof repeating now

Please refer to me by my full name - Paragon Manigault-Stallworth.

70s Fans! Turn on TVLand!!

Should I add this to my sig line about our esteemed pResident?

Caption our embarrassing president

Whoever owns the rights to Laurel & Hardy is hanging on tight!

Why??? Why Not ???

My little Whitty just gave me love!

About the purported "job recovery"

I'm listening to the Return of the King Soundtrack. Ask me something!

Lives in the balance. Jackson Browne

How old are the people you work with?

Phychotic cat owner's desktop!

The female laughter is the panacea for the worlds’ ills.

What would you rather watch with 420

What's the weirdest movie you've ever seen?

Nation: The Haunted Archives (Bush to Scuttle 911 Final Report)

Wow...Salt Lake Tribune REALLY slams Bush in editorial cartoon!

Fred Kaplan (Slate): Our Hidden WMD Program

Joint Chiefs Chairman: War Going Well

The War Decision :WP editorial

Galling smears - MN Strib editorial

why George W. Bush must be tried as a war criminal'

Pittsburgh Post Gazette Editorial calls Ashcroft "weasel"

Anti-gay LTTE in today's Kalamazoo Gazette

Holtzman to Bush: Testify ! ( the Nation)

Great article in Globe & Mail- "I Pledge Allegiance To My Paycheque"

The Release of Mordechai Vanunu and US Role in Israel's Nuclear Arsenal

Mel Gibson’s Passion and Fascism’s Piety of Pain

Condi’s Slip

Chris Floyd : Suicide Bomber (Bob Woodward)

Now this is interesting: Conscience and Terrorism

Woodward Returns

A stronger force in Iraq

Saletan: The Issue That Never Went Away

well, well, well. LOL Toles! Get your Toles here!

The Basic Flaw in Neoconservatism

Frank Rich: As the War Turns: A New Soap Opera

I love Molly Ivins-- Fantasyland redux

LOL! - "Boink a Babe for the Band"

Vietnam and its complexities haunt race for White House

A Controversial Choice for the Position of Archivist of the United States

Flag-Draped Coffins Should Be in Full Sight - letter in LA Times

Our Hidden WMD Program

NYT: Ron Suskind review of Karen Hughes' book

Putting God Back in Politics

Dowd: The Orwellian Olsens (good one)

Diebold may face criminal investigation

Kingdom Holdings Company 'ads' on CNN

Noisy Protests Expected at World Financial Meeting

Last Stand for CA E-Voting THIS Wednesday- Need Letters ASAP!

Protest Condoleeza Rice in East Lansing - May 7

Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 911' Selected to Premiere at Cannes 5/12?

Fox News Anchor's Implication Regarding Richard Clarke

Jeanne Dixon predicted a 'government within a government'

Is 2004 the Year of the Nostradamus Comet?

Spitzer Probes Insurance Brokers on Deals

Supreme Court Rules on Credit Card Fees

Maytag Laying Off 110 Workers in Iowa

Schering-Plough to Cut Up to 210 Jobs

Eastman Chemical to Cut Up to 150 Jobs

Wal-Mart Stores Add To U.S. Tax Burden

Russian lawmakers pile on oil taxes

Linux Foe SCO May Lose Investor

The Executive Perk Is Still Thriving

Water Agencies File Claim Against U.S.

Leonardo's car brought to life

US Settles For $2 Million In Bari "Eco-Terror" Bombing Case

12-Year Study Shows Close Link Between Temperature, Ozone Loss

Bush, Udall Trade Barbs In Environmental Radio Messages - CNN

Negotiations Begin Tomorrow On Global Environment Monitoring System

NASA Bans Comment On Upcoming Disaster Movie, Then Relents - NYT

Myanmar backs out of reform talks

Raging fire envelops Bangkok slum and destroys 700 homes

Slain freedom fighters remembered in Lesotho

Child soldiers in DRC recruited for cash

North of Central African capital cordoned off

Scorpions rocked by bribery claim - SA

Where are Liberia's weapons going?

'Politicians and criminals don't register weapons' - Nigeria

Iscor to axe 1 300 jobs - SA

Mexico's Madre Lupita to Be Beatified

U.S. Ends Cooperation in Mexican Probes

Masako Woes May Alter Japan Royal Lineage

Zim finance minister arrested for corruption

Rwanda troops enter Burundi to chase rebels

Thousands gather for Ivory Coast rally

Tutu: What compensation for a loved one?

Is my sig line acceptable?

eliminating the rule against personal attacks is a mistake..

Switching names, need this account terminated

Scapegoating Israel and the Jews

Does Israel have legal protections for its minority population?

A quiz on Israel and Zionism in general....

Youths on Gaza frontline keep hatred alive

US cautions Sharon on Arafat threat

The Wall - An Artist's Plea for Peace

A Warning to Those Who Dare to Criticize Israel in the Land of Free Speech

Zur: Israel has infiltrated Hamas leadership

Inquiry after Israeli forces caught using boy as shield

Inquiry after Israeli forces caught using boy as shield (on Jeep)

Something I have never seen reported and/or explained . . .

If we do not sort out the red herrings

i'm a snowbird...

Attend our I-4 Corridor Democrats meetings.

State won’t prosecute counselors in beatings

Niners buy in bulk at NFL draft

Boxer holds strong advantage over right wing Jones

Okay where's MATCOM?

Jay Severin's in trouble

Who should run against Coleman in 2008?

Roy Williams and Kevin Jones - what do you think of them?

Ft. Meigs cannon stolen. (Perrysburg, OH)

Westmoreland County Dems check in

Hypothetical scenario in the Senate race

All Politics is Local-Ads/Letters in local papers

Hey Texas

Horns Beat Cornhuskers 4-2

Another blast from the past Texas Democrat and a Liberal's Liberal.

Lawmakers to unveil school spending plan today

Day One: Packers Draft Talk

Packers will determine next President

Anyone have a link that works to the Talmadge site?

Anyone else getting sick of the Nethercutt ad?

MoveLeft Media blog with frequent updates

US Hopes? Nations Keep Troops in Iraq Past June

Bush is the environmental president

Racism in my local paper

The calm before the storm ??

Nightline's closing thoughts can be found here..

This is how they do it

What was the very first thing you ever learned about *???

Karen Kwiatkowski on FSTV right now.

Right-Wing Eye For the Liberal Guy

Who knew the space shuttle had so many people on it!?

Is memoryhole an anti-govt site? San Diego news station says so.

just watching those Dover coffin pics on mainstream TV news in Australia

I'm drunk and just lost $40 in poker.

You know, John Kerry and Pat Tillman have a lot in common.

Is there a Republicans for Kerry organization?

Kerry says his "personal choice" for VP is Gephardt; Graham not on list

If Clinton Had Pulled The Kind of Crap Bush has Pulled, I would...

Your might be an elitist if

"It's Them or Us"

Bremer is a US general

There was a story about a fight at a gardening supply...

Louisiana May Ban Low-Slung Pants

Here we stand, you with your laws, me with my bayonets

Gen Myers: War Going Well (let's stay some more decades...)

Gay refugee claimants seeking haven in Canada

Can John Kerry get the U.N., andNATO to pull our chestnuts

Question regarding the state of the nation.

Polls show Kerry ahead on electoral vote

NYT - "Home from Iraq, and Without a Home"

Workplace dilemma...

Who'd Really Blame America First?

Is CSpan covering the march for choice in Washington today?

who says he's not a chimp?

If, God forbid, bush wins what will you do?

Has anyone ever seen the manifest for the passengers on the Saudi flights.

I did a little Air America experiment. . .

I was really dissapointed in the late breaking news

Some Veterans against Kerry

"Stay The Curse" & Other Saturday TOONs

If It Sounds Good Do It and To Hell With the Consequence

Bush and his Flag-Draped Coffins! Ohhhh the Hypocrisy!

When Bush makes his appearances at Military bases...

whats this about the death toll being 106

Excellent SF Gate column on the DVD player (ClearPlay) that censors films.

RNC's online ad lets you pretend to kill Muslims

When CNN provided real news:

Opinions on Israel?

Saturday (4/24) Doonesbury

When will The Second American Revolution begin?

It's all on you Colin. When you capitulated, when you joined

Woodward Nailed the Bush administration tonight

Tell us, why do YOU hate Shrub?

Bush's 'Winning The War On Terror' Tour Hits Iowa

need help responding to freep email I got

"April is the cruellest month..."

Bush touting he's an environmentalist!!!!!!

This even sounds funny...Where is the Memory Hole?

trippin with bush

This makes me not want to save the rain forest.....

Coffin Photographer Sued Halliburton For Sexual Harassment in 1999

Why is CNN Poll asking

Once again: Do not believe CNN, IBD, ABC. Here is proof Kerry is ahead.

The Fabric of the Cosmos - My saturday morning cartoons

So, what is at stake if Bush gets another 4 years?

Headline in AZ Star today said "Bush Touts Environmental Record"......

Read this and tell me things are getter better in Iraq....

How come Bush is testifying at all, even with Cheney at his side?

I saw this bumper sticker yesterday...

Yikes! Corporate prostitution in Holland!

TPM: Chalabi to get the heave-ho (WP)

Where's the outrage over the 8/6/01 PDB?

Kerry Trails Bush!

The Bush is Toast Equation

Kerry still carries shrapnel in leg; Bush*'s filling in molar replaced nt

"Can't make 'em dance"....Ocala, Florida gives a dance but no one dances.

Would Someone Please Explain This S**t to Me?

AOL DUers,hit this poll!

Thou shalt not kill

2 forays into freeper land and i have some ?'s

Why didn't president Bush know about this?

My essay on noted Blackfeet author is in next issue of Red Ink Magazine..

I have one question

Bush Accidentally Blows Up Earth, Kerry Still Trails In Polls

Michigan House Passes Bill Allowing Doctors To Refuse Treatment of Gays

Even some of the soldiers know they are on a fools errand in Iraq

Female Soldier to speak at University of Arizona

I saw this on another board and chuckle at the irony

Is Homeland Security bloated?

Republicans step foward.....

U.S. government blocks lawsuits by Sept. 11 victims

Robert Nofacts is shameless

Is military draft in the works?

A quick trip in the wayback machine...

I'm so mad...

Fairfax County election..need some help.

Playing Games With a Conscience (Wired)

don't ya just hate it

Flip Flop Bush

So I got to thinking about the 10,000 troops "needed" in Iraq

DRUDGE quoting NY Times: New movie irks Bush administration

My thoughts

Interesing John Kerry article on keep media

Those kicked out of govt by Iran-Contra scandal, now at center of power

Geraldo just reported with a big grin that 2 sailors were killed but...

Why all the crocodile tears over Tillman?

Millennial Generation starting to worry about DRAFT

GOP here has a troop rally with Laura Bush. We are forming our own.

Who do you know who could be DRAFTED in 2005? Under 45, medical, IT too!

Remember the horror that was the second Gore/Bush debate?

Cardinal was a patriot (Tillman)

Is George H.W. Bush a Neo-Con?

Need Help Please

Where is the Religious Left?

Should water be privatized and controlled by a corporation such as Enron?

Debunk this chain letter please

"FBI wants to watch you type"

buy the May Harper's

Smoke billows from U.S. headquarters at so-called "Green Zone" - CBS

Scary Dream I had last night

Will * need to reinstitute some form of a draft before November?

just got sirius system--help!!

I have to share some interesting things that I heard today.

Support them

Three boats explode at Iraqi oil terminal

Randi Rhoades: did anyone get the name of the article she

Republican hardball c/o Robert Novak

hypothetical question: if * wins election but we retake the Senate...

Isn't tomorrow the abortion rights march? If so...what was today?

From Atrios: The chimp and his minions are deciding right now

15 GIs dead this weekend already? What's the total now?

Rove and Bush* the dirty slime. Just watched our local news

Was Pat Tillman the only one killed?

AOL Poll: 39% say terrorists are winning the war on terror!

Kerry casts doubt on ability of Cheney to lead from...

"Official Guy James Show" thread---please keep kicked

Bush campaign manager is on the Capitol Gang...

Evangelicals: should we stop picking on them?

The lesson of 2002 Don't go for the Republican vote

if bush wins in november, will he destroy democracy over the next 4 years?

What exactly is fascism?

I'm confused

Al Hunt just wiped the floor with Bob Novac

Halliburton business deals with Saddam in 1990's under Cheney

Is Kerry getting soft???

Now I understand why bush is ahead in the polls

Where Bush and his church disagree

Md. Gov.: "Businesses don't have enough influence over gov't"

So when do We The Peple take charge again?

Freepers reaction to Spain's pullout. (cartoon)

two GIs dead five wounded in boat attack

Government - to control, rule, restrain

Wanna kill an elephant? Here's the guy to contact

New US-UK Extradition Treaty

ALERT! Important Message from Sibel Edmonds

Non-U.S. Citizens Group Raises Funds to Help Defeat Bush?

Does anyone have a link showing that Hussein was not supporting

Spain's Socialist government to approve gay marriages

Uncle Sam needs your help again ...

Firms can drop retiree health plans

Dan Bern will charge your batteries

"For security reasons, there are no security reports" This is no joke

GWB*: Liar and Traitor - Why can't Democrats come right out and say it?

I just got my free Kerry bumper sticker!

Poll re: photos

"I am the vacation President"

Dear DUers - A word of encouragement I HOPE you'll take to heart!

Motivation - 18, 528 People

Chris Hedges- War is a force that gives us meaning - CSPAN -2

No Free Ride for GOP

Grover Norquist on AAR now

2004 Governors Races

Scarlet letter...

I'm just plain sick of these liberal lies about our Presiden

Who would you rather have tea with?

Let's have some fun!

Bremer sounds like O'Neal and Clarke

Thought provoking comment on tonight's Laura Flander's show

Slowly Connecting the Dots on Bush and His Unsavory Life

Say it with me.. "I'm smarter than the president"

Tillman = just another "dumb jock"

Pat Tillman IS a hero...

Who was the most uncool president ever?

Paranoid Larry just on Laura Flanders Show

You Tell Me, Why This Would Be a Good Investment.

U.S. soldiers re-enlist at high rate

Who is the coolest President ever?

This is going to sound terrible BUT

Jimmy UN Ambassidor?

Be afraid, be very afraid...of this mindset in charge of the Bush admin

Bush Given Idiot Label

BBV: NYT: "a slapdash system that falls far short" (CA)

Kissinger is an evil bastard but he understands guerrilla warfare

NYC: Bloomberg now wants to shut bars and clubs earlier???

Why did we invade Iraq?

Alabama Baptist Minister: Bush, War And Jesus.

Does anybody have any info about homosexual rehabilitation?

Should we go "" Plugging our ears to Cable Media? or..

it is not the soldiers fault

Attn. DC-area DUers: Sibel Edmonds open hearing 04/26

Immigration & Law Enforcement

Bush driver's license.

George W. Bush Had Ties to the Terrorist.

FDA stops busload of seniors with medicines bought in Canada

If the unthinkable happens...

Navy wants to build Sea bases to launch attacks on other countries

British DUers, what would happen to Blair if there is a terrorist attack

Why is congress silent about the 700 million in diverted funds?

I went to high school with Pat...

President Bush Announces Combat Operations in Iraq Have Ended

In 2001, the US had war plans for no fewer than 68 countries.

Mopaul would be proud...

Kerry: "NO DRAFT".

Hoo-boy, this is not looking good...

I have to share some interesting things that I heard today.

Look in your crystal ball...How does the Iraq f**k-story end?

How many soldiers have died today? I'm confused by all those reports

Did George Bush Sr. spank George Bush Jr. when he was little?

BD, Get well soon! Doonesbury fans please check in.

Pictures from Iraq - VERY graphic

No matter who wins the election, terrorists lose" - Kerry

Democracy, Theocracy, Plurocacy, Autocracy, Let's Call the Whole Thing Off

You have to read this article- un-fucking-believable!!!!

Love AirAmerica? Need your help with XM

Kerry SHOULD appeal to swing voters, not the left

More dead scientists. What do you think is REALLY going on?

Help: Need Names of Conservative Groups !

S***! How many of your here never thought "Joe McCarthy & Viet Nam would

Do "Tatoo's on Shoulders and Butt Cracks and Pierced Parts Gross you out?

Fallujah predicted to be the biggest urban battle since Hue, TET OFFENSIVE

Is Bush and Co Proactive or Reactive?

A good friend of mine became a US citizen on Tuesday....

“As I was telling my husb..."

Is Bush ahead in the polls because most Americans are racist?

You must read Maureen Dowd's BUSHWORLD! Amazing...

Technically America Has gone Fascist.

To all you 'expatriates' who threaten to leave the country: BYE!

Kerry's war medals and the "liberal media"

Boston Radio Host(Severin) Says Kill All Muslims; Islamic Groups Pissed

Of all the Bushco abuses to our democracy in 4 years, which is the worst?

White Rose Spring Funding Drive

Here's the transcript from JK speech to Editors & Publishers yesterday

New wave of arson attacks in south Thailand

Security boosted at embassies in Bangkok

'Al-Qaeda suspect' set free - SA

N. Korea Says Carelessness in Handling Volatile Chemical Contributed

Abuse lawsuits stem from Elián protests

Two Americans Missing After Nigerian Ambush

Car bomb explodes near U.S. base in Tikrit, at least three dead

Defense minister quits amid intelligence furor (IRAQ WMDs)

Pentagon to Review Photo Ban (Boston Globe)

Landslide Buries Indonesia Bus, Kills 37

Nine Iraqis Killed in Baghdad Market Bombardment

Eight killed in Baghdad blasts as US raises alarm over troop shortage

Guerrilla Rockets Kill Five U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

U.S. Warns Lebanon to Stop Hamas Support

G7 meets to protect world growth


Bush relaxes sanctions on Libya -- boon to U.S. oil firms

Iraqis killed in Baghdad market bombing (also 5 US Soldiers)

Iraqi government will exclude INC members (Chalabi as well?)

US commander raises possibility of another troop increase in Iraq

Thails asks US to provide security for Thai troops in Iraq

Thais asks US to provide security for Thai troops in Iraq

WP: Missile Defense Agency Faulted on Testing... (bombshell!)

Force Cannot Calm Iraq Flashpoints - UN Envoy

WP:(Tommy Thompson) Denies Dems Medicare Cost Estimates

Margarine Items Pulled; Pose Listeria Risk

Muqtada al-Sadr Warns He will Unleash Kamikaze Bombers if Najaf is Attacke

Bulgaria asks US, Poland for back-up in Kerbala

Greek Cypriots 'reject UN plan'

WP: Kerry Eschews GOP's Labels for His Own

Two Americans dead in Nigeria

Number Of Troops Hurt In Iraq Jumps

US commander may ask for more troops

$681m approved for rebuilding Iraq

UK Corruption: Dame Shirley agrees £12.3m deal

Operation kickback?

Dozens of Iraqis killed by rockets, bomb

DoD Announces Soldier's Captured Status

U.S. forces status in Iraq ambiguous

Bomb kills 14 Iraqis in bus - doctor

UK embassy bash falls foul of Uzbek secret police

U.S., U.N. Seek New Leaders For Iraq

Tribal Allies of Al Qaeda Submit to Pakistan Army

WP, p.1: U.S., U.N. Seek New Leaders for Iraq (Chalabi out?)

U.S. Fails to Deter Iran from Developing Nukes

Explosion at Ill. plastics plant felt for miles

Jordanian court announces engagement of King Abdullah's brother to CNN

NYT, p.1: U.S. Issues Blunt Warning to Besieged Falluja Rebels

Noisy protests to greet world financial leaders

2,200 casualties: the true cost of UK's war in Iraq

Boat Attacks Iraq's Main Oil Terminal -UK Military

Sharon Hints at Israel's Nuclear Deterrent

Russia "deeply concerned" over Sharon's threat against Arafat's life

Kerry's Church Known for Liberal Stances

Iraq battered by spate of blasts

Marine wounded on April 14 dies of wounds

Undercover unit shoot bomber

D.C. Protesters Rally for Various Causes

Venezuela's Chavez Would Clinch Recall Victory-Poll (reuters)

Judge tosses $1.3B Tyson verdict

Fla. Station Fined $4,000 for Castro Prank

Speedboat gunmen attack U.S. oil workers in Nigeria

Choking Driver Says Crash Saved His Life

Coors Official's Kerry Quip Draws Fire

Decision on Possible Attack on Iraqi Town Seems Near

A stronger force in Iraq

Missing army reservist in Iraq is dead

Armenian veteran protests British refusal to recognise genocide

Jordanian women find freedom in divorce rights

2004 Race Still Close (FOX Poll: Bush 43%, Kerry 42%)

Marine Sgt. Jason Wittling's life changed forever....

With breadwinners overseas, Guard families face struggle

Kerry ads lay out priorities; Bush spot labels him a liberal

HHS refuses to release Medicare bill cost estimates

Colorado GOP's statement on Kerry draws fire

National Guard Troops Return, Greeted by Widow of Fallen Soldier

Bremer Visits Fallujah in Effort to End Insurgency

Prime Minister Makes Unannounced Visit to Troops in Iraq (Howard)

US Secretary of State Powell: loyalty not at issue despite book

Volatile Photos Stir Partisan Charge

Whistleblower: I feared brainwashing

Romney Won't Let Gay Outsiders Wed in Massachusetts

National Chavez Center Honoring Labor Leader Opens to Public

PM (Howard) commemorates Anzac Day in Iraq

India may lose Utah's outsourced jobs

WP/Milbank: Joint Appearance Stirs Speculation

Bush confers on Fallujah with top military commanders

Railway blast triggered North Korean paranoia (Thought US nuked)

Three boats explode at Iraqi oil terminal

U.S. begins building public case for renewing efforts to capture Fallujah

Two die as suicide attacks on Iraq's southern oil terminals are foiled

Marines Eye Falluja After Futile Guerrilla Hunt

WP: Bush's Oratory Helps Maintain Support for War

Army says missing Greensboro reservist is dead (Sgt. Elmer Krause)

WP: Political Split Is Pervasive

Four U.S. GIs Die in Iraq Rocket Attack

NYT: Administration Says a `Zone of Autonomy' Justifies Its Secrecy on Ene

NYT: Privacy of Wife's Fortune Casts a Shadow Over Kerry

Black College Women Take Aim at Rappers

Commission Seen Ready to Fault 9/11 Air Defense (NY Times)

US admits it will still control Iraq after transfer

Don't ask about Iraq security -- it's too risky

Supporters of abortion rights head to Washington for rally

Uneasy truce in the city of ghosts

WP: For Abortion Rights, a Changing of the Guard

Cheney casts doubt on Kerry's ability to lead in times of uncertainty

Translator's Lawyers Cite Contradictions (Gitmo)

Saudis Said to Aid Iraq War Extensively

Kerry seeks common front with Bush

Decision on Possible Attack on Iraqi Town Seems Near (Fallujah - NYT)

U.N.'s Brahimi sticks by Israeli "poison" comments

Scienctist found dead outside biochemical firm in Fremont

Royal wedding snubs Dutch throne

Attacks Kill Six Troops in Iraq , 30 Iraqis

The Breakdown

GOPisEvil... Where are you???

Do we have a chat on tonight somewhere? n/t

High Hopes

Crazy! I went out on a date!

Anyone have some good, punchy quotes about political parties?

Today's Quote

Is it true I am not liked here at DU?

Should I get another cat?

I just saw some of the baddest ass shit tonight

I'm working the lounge tonight... Ask me anything!!!

If you're one of those folks


Former porn actress leads AIDS fight in industry

10 worst album covers, with enlightened commentary

I'm buzzed and have a meeting in 5 and a half hours! Ask me anything!

Woman Dies From Heart With Wrong Blood

Other than Aquarius..... Who else has been drinking tonight??

Why won't crontab jobs pick up my environment variables?

Tonight's DU Insomniac Thread (Welcome 24 April) Woo Hoo

Dog Feels Below Par After Eating 28 Golf Balls

I just won twenty five bucks playing poker

Taiwan Wants Jackie Chan Movie Banned

Am I too poll happy?

My dog is running around the house like a nutcase.

Life by Charlotte Bronte

For ALL going to the rally in DC today!!!

Best Resume Typeface?

Is American Idol fixed?

Today's Quote

Caption: Junior harvests his cocaine plantation at Crawford

Caption: St George's Day cakewalk?

Drudge: All Iraq/Afghanistan dead were killed on Space Shuttle.

Caption: must have been all those fermented bananas...

Missed ER this week...

Liar's Clock

Have audiobook; off to the DC march

I think we can all agree: We'd vote for this guy if he was running

Lcpl MATCOM ...

Interesing John Kerry article on keep media

Has anyone here read the Iliad in old Ionic?

Isn't life grand?

my 1000th post of course a poll to it

Saw Jello Biafra last night here in Denver

My "left-wing raincloud"

Is my new sig line acceptable?

How many of you like Cheers, the T.V show?

I wonder just how birdlike the dinosaurs really were?

anyone playing the espn draft forecast game?

New Bob Boudelang Up!!

Red Sox / Yankees - 4/24/04.. !! Let's make it 5 out a 6 !!

Thinkers Anonymous

"Air America" just started on the Fox station here

Who is the greatest Sports Hero in your lifetime ?

I got a school boy heart, a novelist eye

Sad History in 5 mins: This Might Be The Last Met Opera Broadcast

And I thought Canadian posties were bad...


Hey LynneSin...

"funny" typo on Drudge

Bush is NOT like Hitler!

There's a cat on my amp

Go over to Google and type

I got a good job this week. After looking for 1 1/2 years, spending

Robert Penn Warren - born 99 years ago today

My fellow political junkies: Election 2004 Computer Game

Marion Jones linked to BALCO?

New Campaign slogan for Kerry...Enough is Enough.

Help need new sig line-- see sigline below hehe

My cat is attacking the water bottle I used to squirt him


Time limited poll...Should I go see Mayor of Sunset Strip?

What's up with the Kings & Mavs?

Any coin collectors out there?

Am I the only one who is PRAYING the Chargers pick Eli Manning?

I'm drunk and just lost $40 in poker.

Is chicken more expensive these days?

guess who, as of today, is no longer a virgin?

No Carb Eating Couple Booted From Buffet

Weirdest pro-Kerry web site I've seen so far.

Help the President

I can't get Cakewalk to re-install on Windows 2000

Donnesbury archive

NFL Draft Thread-Your teams pick?

I'm laid up in bed all day, ask me anything...

Happy Birthday Barbra....62 today!

Unusual Italian coin I have.

Just Call ME Dubya

Am I the only non-drinker on the planet?

wow, my desk has a vomit drawer!

Trying to think of the name of a CNN/MSNBC news correspondent...

HELP need a good Canadian mail order pharmacy

Question for you Mexican food fans

Anyone see 20/20 ?? A "Laura Bush" style dilemma..

I wonder if I'm the only DUer who works on a football team.

Please hound Matcom - he's a picture of our Special Guest

Being unapproachable...

Any good movies in the theatres?

New Monty & Simba Pics

Sharks are awesome! 2-1, 3rd period. That's hockey.

Battlestar Galactica

Cool Picture

Athiest humor

Help anti-shrub bands get in the Top 40

I was amused by this "SoundOff" in the local paper

Any Flaming Lips fans on this board?

Three root canals and a cracked tooth later

Why am I laughing?

Funny thing about the Freepers on here..

I'm sure this has been noted before, but I just saw American Splendor

How would I post a pic of myself?

So...I'm sorry to have to inform you guys that Glen Campbell is a f**kwit.

Connecticut DUers: What do you say we have us a meet-up?

Remember: it's not just a car horn--it's also a doorbell!

Was I just listening to a commercial where Ben Stein was bashing Dems???

Can someone help me chose a name for my new email address? Thanks!

Sorry, but I thinks it's a riot when WASP's speak Street.

Is this the life or what?

DU, craft my mischief!!

What if grandpa was a mass murderer?

Here's the funniest smiley known to man:

The Free Republic fantasizes about Hillary Clinton being a lesbian

anyone watching the heavyweight championship fight tonight?

All you DU youngsters...

Has DU's page gotten wider...

Should I attend my 40th High School Reunion???

Dr. Strangelove will be on TCM at 8:00 ET this evening.

Woof! Woof! Gulp! Mutt Likes Munchin' On Golf Balls

letting everyone know, I may be gone for a while


Bring the Noise with Chuck D ON!

I was....going to George Carlin tonight.....

Don't dream it - Be it

Should I post my picture in the new gallery?

The Marriage Test

I'm on the radio again tonight.

Stream new Jerry Garcia box set here

Books younger DUers should read...

Hey!! Did you hear they had to calm down Shrub this morning?

$4,000 FCC fine for Miami station that crank-called Castro

My right wingnut of a brother in law was caught listening to AirAmerica

Coolest human being ever to live

I like about you....?

Which pic should I use for the gallery?

any Spurs fans on New York?

How was Doobie's?

Where Do You Usually Sit In A Movie Theater?

So... we had a demonstration. Experienced protestors answer me! :p

Why was Mud-wrestling Banned in the Lounge?

Etiquette Question

Anyone listening to AirAm now?

The meeting of all Brazilian DUers (both of them) is happening NOW

Don't blame me: Petition to change name of Earth to Planet Tillman

NFL Draft Day (thread 2)


A Simple Life - In Photos

suspect I have spyware from a p2p... how the hell do i get rid of it?

Good night!

Theory vs. Reality (Joke Tyme... Feel free to add your own)

King of Comedy? Hicks, Carlin or Pryor?

I will have homegrown tomatoes on my salad tonight.

'7th Heaven' Actor Arrested

Is the Chair evil?

Anyone watching the fight tonight?

Philly area DUers...get your butts to Doobie's

Interesting story on back pain and explaining it to your doctor

"I can't play with you 'cause you're going to hell."

Impressed by DVD


Has the douchebagness of Michael Irvin been discussed?

Quantum Leap coming out on DVD

My sister, the freeper, is getting a bengal kitten

Caption: Junior caught red-handed...

I hate shaving

Hair-raising tales of Einstein's last lover

I'm predicting it now...Dave Chappelle will be the next Richard Pryor

HAHAHAHA! 5 out of 6!

Movie Review: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Never trust a southpaw.

(SPOILERS POSSIBLE!!)The Official Mario vs. Morimoto Death Match Thread!!!

Liberal Christians: What is your favorite Bible verse?

Try and beat this for number and variety of places lived in past 10 yrs.

Just because I really want to:

Hey, NightTrain! Should we start up the DU fundraiser for our meeting now?

Anyone studying a martial art?

Submit your photos for the new *public* DU photo gallery. (Thread #2)

Are atheism and buddhism compatible?

PING Formula One fans

Just Heard From The Gang In PHILLY!!! THEY HAVE A SPECIAL GUEST!!!

Are you bi

I Predict Ralph Nad(i)r Will Do Worse Than Pat Buchanan Did In 2000

Anyone got a theory as to WHY...

Will Kerry do as well as Gore among African American voters?

Here's the transcript from JK speech to Editors & Publishers yesterday

National polls don't tell the story


Our local DEC is trying to get candidates NOT to emphasize pro-choice.

New Fox News Poll

Victory/defeat margins for incumbent presidents seeking reelection.

Evangelical lobbyists' influence on Bush 2004

"An Internet-driven rumor mill" about DRAFT forces BUSH denial

Believe it or not............

How do we stop the gotcha game this time?

If you want to know what kind of candidate Kerry is...

Swing states may be at point of saturation by Election Day

Need help debunking RW screed

Kerry seeks common front with Bush, AFP

Why is Bush ahead? Burning 50 Million in One Month

I wanted to keep this column from earlier this month out there...

'Show Some Backbone' on Patriot Act

Vote conservative in '04 November- Edit it's a great article about JFK

Article about Dennis' Visit to Denver

I'm watching the ads from the Toomey-Specter fight

Viet Nam and Iraq - Kerry's positions are consistent in many ways.

Republicans in power that didn't serve our country...The list is long

Once again: Do not believe CNN, IBD, ABC. Here is proof Kerry is ahead.

I love John Kerry but I sure do like www.johnkerryisadouchebag...

"a Republican party dangerously dominated by Southern fundamentalist..."

Rocky’s Ghosts: Kerry Rousing G.O.P. Liberals

Kucinich Calls For Immediate Suspension Of Electronic Voting

My letter to Kerry: Why should I give you my vote? (and how to get it)

Kerry: "NO DRAFT"

Who Helps In Fla?

My Washington Caucus - cliff note version

CARTOON: response to GOP "Kerry v Kerry, Flip Flop" ad