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Archives: April 23, 2004

Morford (LA Times): Why Won't Dubya Apologize?

Excellent article about strange and weird coincidences in the Iraq war...

MINNESOTANS_ Protest bush* on Monday


Senior DPP figure gets in a tangle over Jackie Chan - TW

an introduction


Don't look any further

Carville on Conan tonight

Janeane Garafalo on The Tonight Show

Sam Seder is great

"No President Left Behind"

Kerry's record attacked on House floor by enraged Republicans

Unhappy Birthday, World Bank!

photos of flag-draped coffins that need RATINGS.

Does anyone think that Bush has a clue?

If I wanted to fly to North Korea, could I?

gays are to republicans as jews were to nazis. discuss.

Appeals court temporarily blocks order seeking NYC hospital's abortion rec

High Cost Crisis

How about this...



Need help manhandling a deranged freeper

Thurs' Stars & Stripes (Travel Section) says tourism in Europe is high

stupid queation about pic posting

Anyone else getting emails from Robert Redford?

favorite Blink 182 album

Mother, do you think they’ll drop the bomb?

I think I need to get my Grandaughter a tinfoil hat.


The DNC really needs better Flash movie makers

How did Pi get it's name?

Today's my birthday!

Hockey Humour...

Sleazy marketing tactic or am I just gullible?

Weak Side Linebacker Blitz

Which of these Deep Purple Albums is better?

85-84 Memphis (4th 5:xx)

Great Cartoon

What's the difference between Greendale edition 1 and Greendale edition 2?

Best way to describe George Bush

Why I keep on fighting. (WARNING: Picture-intensive thread!)

Never mind Bush's lies...let's weigh in on his waffling

It's Now Pretty Clear: R's Fear * Defeat Means End of R Party. Discuss!

Today's live chat transcript with Dean, from the blog.

How can Bayh even be suggested for VP?

NYT OpEd: All the President's Numbers (Why * should be woried)

NYT: Follow the Leader - Josh Micah Marshall

Rate the new Ted Rall 'Toon!

KRUGMAN: What Went Wrong?


Civilian life again on hold (Mpls StarTribune)

Blood Vote - The Consequences of Voting for George W. Bush

A "Liberal" response to a neocon (W/ thanks to Greg Whitaker)

DU: Bring it on -- Bring Back the Draft

Whose Chaos Is This Anyway?

The Bush War Room in Nov.

A lack of security from security forces - Stars N' Stripes

Abortion Backers Shift Tactics - WSJ

Burying Genocide - The UN "Oil For Food" Programme

Putting Saddam back in charge

C Minus...

Modern Family - Selfish, boorish, abusive and resentful of children..

Where's My (Bleeping) Sex? Who wants a DVD player that automatically

Happy Endings: Rethinking and repackaging abortion rights.

Senate Republicans call on Gorelick to testify

Unfreep poll in Minneapolis StarTribune

SUICIDE BOMBER Bob Woodward Offers A Few Tastes of the Bitter Truth

Helen Thomas: Bush Recalls No Mistakes In Presidency

For God's sake (influence of Christian right will only increase if * reele

Going Back Where They Came From (Pat Buchanan against neocons and war)

Update on bush* visit to Minnesota

Great Free Anti-Bush MP3's

Let's all support Russ Kick's The Memory Hole

Bush in Milwaukee area May 14

George Monbiot 4/28 Duke University

US concern over war dead photos

Press Takes Another Dive

Who's the woman on Randi now?

My email to Wolf "Anti-Kerry Crusader" Blitzer

Stream of abuse [Nazi slur] by Express owner provokes walkout

Heard something interesting on Fox News

Big investment bubble for China

Rising interest rates threaten global recovery

The Dollar, The Crash, and the FTAA

The Euro vs Dollar Currency War Monitor

Income Increases from 1970 to 2000

Dangers of quoting energy consumption at current usage rates

looking for some info on the clinton roadless bill that bush killed

Does anyone else think "the ranch"

WSJ reports Bush backs down on waiver for hi-polution/sulfur gas

Tanzania - Uluguru Forest Destruction Continues Despite Legal Sanctions

New Improved Photos of Venus!

(Very) Early life thrived in lava flows

Woods Hole Study Strongly Links Ocean Currents, Abrupt Climate Change

Congressmen Praise Ocean Panel Report, Pronounce It DOA

Kerry wife's SUV embarrases - Kerry tries to make campaign car Hybrid Ford

US Congress presses for Chen visit

China turns away HK legislators

Just who can save James Soong? - TW

White House Says Iraq Sovereignty Could Be Limited (limits UN plan)

Israeli ex-minister in drugs bust

Your ATF (tax dollars) at work.

Win Charlton Heston’s “My Cold Dead Hands” Rifle

Father: Son's Suspension Crummy

Awesome Picture...

GUNS IN THE NEWS--April 23, 2004

Interesting E-Mail from

Log In Question

Can you unlock this thread, please?

Splitting hairs about tombstones

Checked your inbox lately?

Question about the future gallery


Idea for a DU Tshirt/ ad etc

What's this site's stance on Pat Buchanan

Is there a place on DU for instructions

hey how long will this new gallery thread be up

What kind of state deserves to exist?

Saudis Support a Jihad in Iraq, Not Back Home

Israeli ex-minister in drugs bust

Can Sharon win by force?

In Israel, only the right can carry out the left's policies

Experts: Israel is still producing nukes

Sharon and Bush 'Will Fry in Hell'

So...what is the Mossad doing in Iraq...?

The man who controlled ground zero- George W. Bush.

1/13/02 Top German Spy Calls Official 9/11 story BS. Remember this? Yup.

power down at WTC 2 for 36 hours on 9/8 - 9/9 . . .

SAN FRANCISCO Maybelle the elephant dies suddenly at zoo

Bush Approval Hits a Low Point in California

Helllooooooooo SLO!

Yosemite Restoration Project Halted

What is the latest on Air America in Los Angeles?

Kerry Meetup Tasks

Something positive out of Missouri!

Does anyone know when the Farmer's Market will be up and running?

Norm Watch

Town Hall Meeting for 33rd District; May 8th, 10 am - Noon

George Monbiot 4/28 Duke University

BBV rally tonight 4/23 in Cleveland

Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Merger? Hey, it's working for Louisville, KY

"Dayton Daily News" Article

Dubya does Ohio by bus

OK. Shall we have an Ohio DU meet-up?

Quinnipiac Poll: Rendell with Higher Approval, Low Marks on Issues

Keystone Poll: Specter 46, Toomey 40

Kerry will be in Washington County on Monday!

Key thing to remind PA Dems and Repubs of...

Perry's smoke and mirrors plan

March for Choice this weekend?

Pics from the Kerry event in Houston, from a Morrison volunteer.

Did Marvin Zindler have plastic surgery?

Halliburton, Dallas EVERY FRIDAY!

WI Right Wing Hate Radio

attention visual artists: Designs on the White House . . .


One More Reason to Hate Nader and Repukes

Coalition of the Waning: Now Norway Leaving Iraq

how many north vietnamese did bush kill during vietnam?

Wives uplift each other as their husbands serve in hostile Iraq

Robert Fisk on Mike Webb around 11:05 Pacific time

CNN advertising Woodward to be on Larry King Friday night.

Japanese to freed Hostages: "you are Japan's shame"

Email to OK Senate repub leader re: proposed gay marriage amendment

We should have a check-off box on our taxes

wow...double wow!

BBV: California edict puts crimp in banner year at Diebold

Somalia as an example of "cut and run"

Fanatics and Fools.

Venezuela to Prohibit Transgenic Crops -- good, short article

CNN's Jeff Greenfield does story on the Collapse of McCarthy

Mr, Bush. If your the Education Prez. What were your Grades at Yale?

Animation: An American Dictator

question for bush re war on terror: define "victory", "peace"

Looking for Bush face made of dead troops pics - help please

who would you vote for out of these?

George May Have Inadvertently Spoken the Truth!

Hey DU! Today's Suggested Reading!

Kerry Poll, GOP country, please vote!!!

Has anyone seen this form e-mail allegedly written by Zell Miller?

Raiding Private Ryan's Savings

112 women serving in Iraq & Afghanistan report being sexually assaulted

Images of U.S. soldiers' coffins released (Toronto Star)

The Emperor is Naked!!!

My local paper gets fooled again

What are Bush's Iraq results?

If Elected, Can Kerry wear a military uniform?

Did I mishear-Rice Meets with R's then they call avote when she meets D's?

Regarding the Diana photos..

For the Right-wing nuts - America not a Christian nation -

Commission to Allow Insurance Cuts for Retired Employees

Drag race

Marines teaching gym class in a public school

Friday 4/23 Boston Globe - Page A1 - ABOVE THE FOLD

Coffins.........on c-span now

does someone have an email address for the memory hole?

Is this true?

Need help on a "who's who" in this administration project

Hope Kerry uses opportunity of this Sunday's March for Women

Bush Motto : Stay on the Offensive.

Goldstein in the VV: "queers could help decide Bush's fate"

John Kerry learned well from Muhammad Ali

Looks like some good news in these polls that "show" Bush ahead.

Unwarranted? Undignified?

Bush Is In Naples,Florida Today To Talk About His Record On The

jermaine jackson said muslims are 'the new blacks' in the u.s.

Krugman: "very bad news"

Bush's Legal Obligation to Tell Congress About $700M for Iraq

Great LTE in the Tennesseean

Former NFL player Pat Tillman has been killed!

Concerning the coffin photographs

What exactly is Halliburton doing in Iraq?

Idiocy in Colorado

Poll re: coffin images

pres. cheney will hold w.'s hand at the PRIVATE 9-11 hearings

So the house is on fire. Then what is the fire?

Fired coffin photographer had lost her son to brain tumor

Why was it OK for Bush to use flag covered bodies in his political ads?

Korean Train Disaster | Will We Ever Know The Extent?

I'm going to hurl with all these "yay Cofffins!!" threads

The Memory Hole: anyone know whats up?

The Republican Issues Campaign Just Called Me!! WTF???

Lincoln Chafee is kicking butt & taking names!!!

Halliburton Protest, Dallas, Friday, April 23rd. 12:00noon to 2:00pm

did they die in vain?

Freeper busted in on my Kerry Meetup last night!

UN Urging the U.S. to get Baathist back & Naive Anti-War Europeans.

Brian Lamb makes me want to scream

...civilian back from Iraq ... Says situation getting worse

Lucianne Goldberg is a moron

Things Are Bad in Iraq! US asking UK to Move their Troops North!

Ryan Lizza: "Republicans shouldn't celebrate quite yet"

Freed From Captivity, Japanese Return to More Pain

Nader Could Take Pennsylvania from Kerry - New Poll Results

The real difference between the wars in Vietnam and Iraq

Looney Toomey (R-PA) getting big last-minute $$$

today's Doonesbury: B.D. is pissed

Treason or Football? Football, Treason??? What do you choose to care

Um... the U.S. *did* supply Iraq with chemical weapons, right?

Local editorial says electronic voting will give more accurate results...

Help! College poll is being freeped.

Kerry has Big Lead Among Liberals, Progressives and Moderates

Family Feud moment going on now for Shrub

Has anyone else heard about this?

From Email:malicious InternetactivityMicrosoft SSL-PCT 1.0 vulnerability

"The aluminum boxes, in ordered rows

It never ceases to amaze me how Faux toes the * line - An example - UGH!!!

'Degenerate Art' ('Entartet Kunst') - Nazi exhibit

Majority Still Believe in Iraq's WMD, al-Qaeda Ties


what would it take to send you over the edge, to civil unrest?

Wow! VillageVoice story on DUer paulthompson's 9/11 timeline!

Dead soldiers in coffins: It seems so very odd to me...

How do I post a picture if it doesn't originate from the net?

Is this true? (Kerry 1971 speech shown to POW's)

HRC condemns Virginia's new gay-hating legislation

Sharone says Arafat no longer off limits

what's going on with

Ashcroft /FBI raided highschools (downloading music)

New DVD player comes with built-in censor

"Military families don't want to see the coffins returning"

Homophobia and the Nazi Party: from the Holocaust Memorial Museum

All these Images of the coffins

Bill O'Really compared Move On's ads to the Nazis

Again, Why George W. Bush Must be Tried as a War Criminal

Glossary of the Iraqi Occupation (you will want to see this)

C-Span John Kerry coming up live soon 1:50 pm eastern

The reason the Repubs are going after Kerry's military record.....

Check out this pearl of wisdom form Nader - Bush the environmentalist

House OKs Speedy Elections if Attacked

Is the Republican Party a "cult"?

O'Franken Listening Thread for 4/23/04

Josh Marshall is curious.... Iraq's southern oil fields

Diebold gets slashdotted again

USATODAY Poll: Should coffin pictures be made public?

How to balance a political life against a "normal" life

Kerry leads in New Hampshire

Eric Alterman dissects GE Russert's bias -- great analysis!

In which states will Nader make it on the ballot?

Did anyone hear this Bush quote?

Progress Report: Under the (Saudi) Influence

Bremer Announces Easing On Ban On Jobs For Former Baathists

Don't use all your ammo too early in the battle...

Rush and the internet

Midge Decter thinks big bombs are more humane

Stripes: For the past 4 years I’ve been an avid supporter of the * admin.

How Long Will It Take Bush to Try and Profit from Pat Tillman's Death?

New Letter to the Editor Re: John Kerry

If the people in Iraq looked like people from Sweden there would be no war

John Kerry Rallies With Women Who Support Abortion

Weird Factoid of the Day

power down at WTC 2 for 36 hours on 9/8 - 9/9 . . .

Anybody see Arianna Huffington last night on the Daily Show?

Why We Need Conscription

Mary McGrory: "It's root is 'liber,'...Latin for free...."

Hand wash, drip dry, insult president

U.S. sanitizes stain of death - (the "issue" that will NOT die)

Are yesterday's investigative journalists today's "conspiracy theorists"?

THE Songs That Crysatlize The Times We Are Living In

Question to parents of possibly draft eligible children

Republicans fined for posing as Democrats

Bush with COFFINS picture--Distribute far and wide

I'm begging for a lobotomy....referrals please!!!

President Bush has seen photos of flag-draped coffins-was moved

Separation of church and state

Randi rocks again!

Randi on Carlyle

Disinformation RE coffin photos

Fantastic Soldier art!

If Bush wins, there's only 343 DAYS LEFT before he reinstates the DRAFT!

i'm getting my very republican father to turn the TV off!!!! woo hoo!!!

Kerry's War Dilemma

What's The deal With ?

Most well-spoken President of the last 50 years?

Boston Globe Pulls Doonesbury for the word B**ch

Paul Bremer TRASHES Bush on terrorism, pre-9/11

War in Iraq killed Tillman. Afghanistan could've been stabilized by now.

What is Bob Woodward (or CNN) up to?

Paul Bremer SLAMS Bush on terror, pre-9/11

Bad news for Kerry in PA poll.

Need help with an LTTE to defend Kerry

How many closet colonialists/imperalists do we have on DU?

9 soldiers test positive for depleated uranium contamination.

how does showing the coffins give away the identity of the families?

OMG the irony NEVER ends... Wolfie is doing a Nazi feature

Has your paper published the coffin photos?

* looking very simian this afternoon (pic)

Remind us.....

Oh Great -Now W is a freakin' gator wrestler

Afghanistan, US working on amnesty scheme for Taleban

seventh grader charged with felony for writing on desk . . .

The Forgotten Genocide - Armenians in 1915

Dad...what's a terrorist? A MUST read!!

A question about Unions

Can't some Seattle Dems hire coffin photog and her hubby?

What would help Kerry and other DEMS look more accessible?

Oh Dear.Who's gonna tell the freepers Hilary's Book is on top AGAIN?

God, every news network, right now,

Kobe Bryant - Patient records are private

???? 'Muslims take over Mich town' ?????? - Mich DUers???????

Denmark's Defense Minister Resigns Amid Uproar Over Failure to Find WMDs

How ignorant are some of our fellow Americans?

Kerry is marching in March for Womens Lives tomorrow

America, Love It or Leave It!

NBC Evening News: doing the Doonesbury story!

Randi is on fire today. If you have not heard her yet, today...

Did they find that tanker truck stolen two days ago in Pennsylvania?

Would be interested in seeing a copy of John O'Neil's military record

does someone have some links to examples of

Lord Help Me!!

What did CNN do?

Randi says we need to vote for her, but she can't tell us how...

Did Ashcroft's DoJ tie hands of FBI, making 9/11 possible???

DAMN! NFL football player Pat Tillman killed in Afghanistan!!!

Why are Saddam's thugs, rape rooms and all, looking pretty good to Chimpy?

What happened to

It's the images , stupid

Kerry speech on C-Span now

I went to my Kerry meetup tonight. Ask me anything.

Pat Tillman was a friend of Mrs. Sandpiper

Here is how to really show CNN how we feel

How will the Iraqis and other Arabs react to the siege in Fallujah....?

A curiosity for any of you super sleuths

I don't know how we go about it, but it's time to boycott CNN...


Possible answer to why mass media helps Bush at every turn.

Ok - the caskets were from the Space Shuttle....It's Official!!!

Stupidity The documentary: check out the trailer

Seder on Majority Report talking about the 700 M spent on Iraq instead

This is in the Ohio Constitution

Report From The Road. and Texas: The Truth Revealed.

Did the major network news shows cover the coffins??

Question about the Log Cabin Republicans...

If you miss Edwards, here's realvideo of him at the Patty Murray event

Bremer Feb26-01: * Admin No Attention Terrorism-will say OMG

OMFG! "Doublespeak"?

Juan Cole: 'Iraq Expert' Perle Shills for Chalabi at Senate Panel

CNN is shameful....

Bob Woodward on Larry King. No a repeat I don't think.

TV Alert: Woodward on Larry King NOW 9:00pm EDT

Howard Stern proves Bush bashing = great ratings

Do you REALLY wanna stick it to CNN?

Don't even think about typing that!

CNN Polls: "Dead bodies are pretty" Edition

A refutation of the idea that there is no Free Press in Amerika

My fundraising today.

this is wierd on polls

NONA GREISHABER: wears low-slung-jeans!!

Cheney energy task force discussion

I'm starting to lean towards cut'n'run

Tim Robbins with Sam Seder now in Majority Report...I love him.n/t

Importing drugs

Joe Conason has the skinny on Kerry antagonist O'Neill

NeoCon Man:Great NR Article About daniel Pipes

who here realizes we are at the end of the line in Iraq and Middle

Why do Repugs hate Black Males & Females and White Women?

Frontline on Thursday: The Jesus factor

I still don't understand how Bush could get reelected

I know most of the DU'ers want to boycott CNN, but...

OMG....Eddie Izzard on Air America now!

What is the most centrist state?

They're talking about fucked up polls on CNN right now

Bob Woodward called Bush "strong leader" on Larry King tonight

Cheney Task Force - Bill Moyers

AAAHHHHHH CNN Says Coffin Photos Now Include Those Of Space Shuttle Crash

DU this poll please

David Broncaccio (sp.) got in a dig at the FCC.

Catholics should boycott Communion.

My girlfriend just broke up with me because, she called me a right

ACLU: President deliberately lies about PATRIOT ACT in speech

Frank Carlucci, Godfather

LIMBOsevic Was Fooling Us with His "Breakdown"

Somebody please explain to me why we even watch American Idol?

Bush Tells Sharon That U.S. Opposes Any Harm Coming to Arafat

Favorite Cable News Station

Bush Criticizes the Release of Photos of Soldier Coffins (NYTimes)

What's up with the Memory Hole?

Out of control freeper site

Is this even remotely true? Chelsea Clinton was all anti/anti-war?

duplicate post I am sorry

Withholding communion from politicians who support death penalty?

Come out.....come out....wherever you are......

Puke alert!

Pet ownership linked to depression

Time compared Kerry's campaign to Bob Dole.

We can defeat Republicanism without violence, but not without discomfort

Help with debunking 30 second GW ad my RW sister sent to me

Nightline 4/23: Ted Koppell and Secretary of State Colin Powell ... alone

I need some help with Sid Blumenthal and the Drudge lawsuit

Would the death of a US soldier in Afghanistan have been reported if...

Do you support easing the economic embargo against Libya?

Could DU do its own polling?

US out, UN in

if he gets a second term, we are seriously - - - -ed!

"democrats hate george bush because he's so effective"

I wish Pat Buchanan was a Democrat.

Woodward's latest book is following the same phony path as his last one

F you!!!!!! George Bush is a Great Fucking President!

"It's hard to nail Jesus down"

NYTimes letters on Kerry's military records today... BRAVO!!!!

Expansionism? Is the BushCo doing a de facto Colony thing

Schwarzenegger a few months later

Bush wanted Fallujah "massively punished"

So if you get approached to sign a petition to put Nader on the ballot

Bush to give Iraq "Limited Sovereignty! : - another oxymoron

Reminder of German Spy who said official 9/11 story was BS in Jan 2002

Kerry Adrift

fax CNN's news chief, Eason Jordan, at 404 827 4215

The Republicans Must Be VERY Proud! I'm Sure They Support Our Troops!

Did any soldier die today that wasn't famous?

Woodward: Saudi envoy trying to "fuzz up" meeting

Why doesn't Woodward put 2 and 2 together?

Everything Bush has done that's unconstitutional?

Why did McGovern lose?

Blind Patriotism makes me ill

Why can't I access Lexis-Nexis?

My letter to Eason Jordan - CNN news chief

RW Email making the rounds - And My Response

Anti Bush Obituary from Iowa

Oregon Congressman just pistol-whipped Hannity

Wake up!! Your Government officially controls the press people.

Have we forgotten Thomas Hamil? Miss. Dairy Farmer? Hostage in Iraq?

Media Alert: Wes Clark for Kerry on Hardball 4/23


Massive Medicine Wheel Set for May 8

How many closet Isolationists do we have on DU?

CNN has a viewer comment line: 404-827-0234

I betcha Bush goes to Pat Tillman's funeral!

Air America Radio Needs Zoloft

Is this NYT story our oligarchy at work or a true perspective?


I had a discussion with some Repukes at dinner

Bush 'moved' by casket photos

So I guess black people can't swim?

black box voting: Keep calling Congress.

Louisiana May Ban Low-Slung Pants

Will Shrub attend Pat Tillman's funeral?

1000 DFA members to march with Dean on Sunday.

"It(SUV) doesn't belong to belongs to my family"...oh lord

This week's Bill Moyers' NOW - Cheney energy papers, Blair vs BBC, more...

Out of Falluja. Please forward

Next weeks 20/20....a teenage girl picks the parents of her baby?

The draft, or "a national effort of service with some choice involved"

Withholding Communion by the Catholic Church from

Book TV on C-Span 2 This Weekend

Norway's labour party to withdraw troops ASAP and give money to Arafat

What's The Moral Basis for Universal Health Care?

To all DU'ers outside the United States,

BBV: I have a news story so big...

North Korea stunned by train tragedy

Civilians Dig for Bodies as Falluja Truce Holds

NYT:Science Grp. Says US Budget Plan Would Harm Research

Shi'ite Rebels Fight Foreign Troops in South Iraq

WP: Global Poverty Persists Despite Global Effort

Panel probing Perry's `working retreat' trip to Bahamas

Militia has holy Iraqi city on edge

WP,p.1:Study Group Crushed in China's Grip (Beijing U.students)

Air Force adds to controversy with its own coffin photos

Basra arrest bolsters revenge theory ...... (not al-Qaida)

Second USA Today editor resigns; another on way out

Long-Standing U.S.-Saudi Relations a New Focus in Presidential Race

Jury Continues Deliberations in White Supremacist's Murder-Solicitation

Japanese are cold to freed hostages

Italy denies ransom paid for hostages

CHALABI Compares U.S. Policy on Baathists with Nazis

WP, p1: Keen Focus on Lt. Kerry's Four Months Under Fire

Iraq's Sadr Warns of Suicide Bombs if U.S. Attacks

Bulgarian Soldier Shot in Head, Critical in Iraq

FBI sweep in Valley part of nationwide probe on Internet piracy

Going Back Where They Came From (Pat Buchanan against neocons and war)

President Bush may reduce amount of money families can send to Cuba

USS Cole bomb suspect arrested

Sunni leader warns of nationwide uprising if Fallujah is hit

Pat Tillman Killed in Afghanistan

Polish-Led Troops Clash With Shiite Militia in Holy City

Bush Approval Hits a Low Point in State (CA)

Iraq's Sadr warns of suicide bombs if U.S. attacks

Pat Tillman killed in action

CAMPAIGN 2004: Bush, Kerry targeting Arizona's Latino vote

Group spices up protests / Ruckus Society ... anti-Diebold rally

Diebold CEO says voting machine review shouldn’t hurt company

Chalabi Compares U.S. Policy on Baathists with Nazis

U.S. Deficit = World Debate

Groups demand voting machines with paper trail (Diebold protest,Canton,Oh)

Blast Sends 'Sea of Fire' Through North Korean City (witness account)

Senate OKs victim rights bill 96-1

NFL star Pat Tillman killed in action.

Rania's Case Raises Legal Questions (Arab News)

N.Korea Blast Kills 54, Injures 1,249, Red Cross Says

From Email:malicious InternetactivityMicrosoft SSL-PCT 1.0 vulnerability

Afghanistan strains US, Pak ties

Steam explosion causes security alert near White House

US Majority Still Believe in Iraq's WMD, al-Qaeda Ties

Al-Sadr's army beats back occupation assault

OAKLAND Charges dismissed against protesters

Al Franken is horrible on AAR!!

Polish troops clash with Shiite militia in holy city

JK Taking Questions From Reporters NOW on CSPAN

(Danish) Defence minister in WMD row quits

Tillman killed in Afghanistan

Bush allows U.S. businesses into Libya

Republican Nat'l Comm. running ads on software for illegal file swapping

Iraqi Cops Arrest 5 in Basra Blasts

3 Big Firms Suspend Operations In Iraq (Siemens/GE/Bechtel)

Afghan women chose fiery death rather than

Bush, Blair, Aznar trial sought

Annan Distances Himself from Brahimi on Israel


Rumsfeld Era at Pentagon May Be Prolonged

U.S. Tells Sharon Must Abide by Pledge on Arafat

Saudis say they foiled terror attack; five suspects killed

Rumsfeld: No plans to revive military draft

Picture emerges of Falluja siege (BBC)

Commission to Allow Insurance Cuts for Retired Employees

Diebold May Face Criminal Charges (Wired)

Blasts Heard Near Baghdad Airpor

US media becoming more sceptical of Bush policy on Iraq

Number of U.S. Troops Wounded in Iraq Rises

Sergeant returned from Iraq charged with wife's murder...

US hopes nations keep troops in Iraq past June 30

BBC cuts back Iraq staff

Maytag Laying Off 110 Workers in Iowa

Denmark's Defense Minister Resigning

Bush Cabinet Ratings Still Falling

Australian defense analyst claims unlawful dismissal - Iraq WMD

Media boss's Nazi slur

US policy on Iraq Baathists risks upheaval: Chalabi

Photos released in error / US Air Force released 361 photos

Kidnapped N.C. Worker Freed in Iraq

From 'de-Baathification' to 're-Baathification'?

Campbell gives thumbs up for Kerry

BBC cuts back Iraq staff

Bomb kills U.S. soldier near Baghdad

NYT: (Hillary) Clinton-Watchers Increasingly See a Hawk

Cardinal: No Communion for Pro-Abortion Politicians

More officers of Saddam's former army to join new Iraqi force: Bremer

U.S. Soldiers Re-Enlist in Strong Numbers

Judge Throws Out Tyson Beef Case Verdict

President Bush may reduce amount of money families can send to Cuba

Iraqi Cleric Warns U.S. Against Attacking Najaf

Oakland lets war protesters off hook

Congressional Investigators Question Missile Defense Systems

Woodward: Saudi envoy tring to fuzz-up meeting

Corruption and mendacity won't rescue Iraq's occupiers

Freed From Captivity in Iraq, Japanese Return to More Pain (as Traitors!)

Kerry on C-Span right now

Interim Iraq govt. will be "limited"

Kerry has shrapnel in left thigh from Vietnam War injury

Kerry Still Carries Shrapnel in Leg from Vietnam

Fallujah siege civilian death toll 271: Iraqi official

FT: Bush accused of sanitising the Iraq war

Alistair Cooke asked for ashes to be scattered in Central Park

Congressional republicans attack Kerry's Vietnam war record

Iran Condemns Saudi Attack

Rice Holds Closed-Door Iraq Briefings on Capitol Hill (NEW!!!)

Guard Gives Sisters More Time to Decide on Returning to Iraq

Radical Cleric Isn't Wanted By His Neighbors

Boston Globe pulls 4/23 print Doonesbury because missing leg "SOB" comment

Fall of the sun king: professor is sacked for saying UV rays can be good f

The image turning America against Bush

A time of attack (new documented info)

Republicans fined for posing as Democrats

U.S. government blocks lawsuits by Sept. 11 victims

Bush backs policy restricting images of war dead

WP: U.S., U.N. Seek New Leaders For Iraq

Kerry faces battle for antiwar bloc's vote

WP: Kerry as a Rich Target

A Longtime Courtesy Loses in the Closely Held Senate

U.S. Civilians Confront U.S. Military in Najaf, Iraq

Norway rejects US plea to stay in Iraq

Bush said moved by casket photos

Kerry Role in Antiwar Veterans Is Delicate Issue in His Campaign

Baby burns to death in oven

John Kerry: Religion Shouldn't Mix With Politics

US Presidential Contender John Kerry Uses Word "Genocide" (Armenian)


U.S. Says Still Opposed to Assassination of Arafat

The second trip to Falluja and the courteous kidnappers

Liberals risk minority status, poll shows - Environics Cdn Poll

Polls show Kerry ahead on electoral vote

Rape, torture, and one million forced to flee as Sudan's crisis unfolds. W

"Mass execution" in western Sudan (BBC)

Democrats form new caucus: Aim is to reclaim moderate voters (Florida)

Discrepancies noted in Kerry's record

Kucinich Calls for Suspension of Electronic Voting!!!!

Bush Criticizes the Release of Photos of Soldier Coffins (NYTimes)

US eases economic sanctions on Libya

The big fat con story

Hundreds protest at Caterpillar headquarters

Americans believe Saddam terror link

Ex-NFL player Tillman killed in Afghanistan

Beijing crushes a student group

Propaganda bus plows into Chinese consulate

Joint Chiefs Chairman: War Going Well

North Korea Admits It has A Major Disaster and Needs Help

Tear Gas & Rubber Bullets:

The lost Mobius photos *PIC HEAVY THREAD*


The very first Doonesbury Strip: BD and Mike Meet

For my 5,000th post, I'd just like to say...

Anybody watching MXC - Almost Live?

the american "voter"?

Im bored and I want to make myself a new avatar, any suggestions?

help me accrue 200 posts. ask me anything invasive / rhetorical/ tricky

For people who have seen Kill Bill in it's entirity...

Does anyone find the alternating caps in dArKeR's screen name unsettling?

Tonight's DU Insomniac Thread (Welcome 23 April)

Anybody catch that baffling Dubya comment on the Daily Show?

how obnoxious is my sigline?


Another Anti-Bush Obit

Streaking Celebrated In Australia - How Will YOU Celebrate The 30th Year??

two gay lovers + a tree in Central Park = right wing nightmare . . .

Just watched "Hedwig And The Angry Inch", what a great movie!

Bush Is All Heirs

I'm stumped on a geography question:

Business Booming At Redneck Swingers Club

The Passion of the Christ ACTION FIGURE...(warning)

Sheryl Crow On Today Show And DAMN DOES SHE LOOK HOT HOT HOT!!

Yeah I realized I just made it out of the 700 club!!!

You better bring your camera to DC: Check out this list of celebrities...

Culpability Contractors . . . LOL

Bush coming to Twin Cities Monday!

God I HATE talking to robots on the phone!

Drag race

Gooooooood Morning DU!!!

bush sobriety test

anyone have some links about target?


Quentin Tarantino

What kind of clothes make you feel most comfortable?

"Watching The Matrix makes you more likely to propose" (marriage?)

What Do You Normally Get Your Dad For His Birthday?

CONFESS!!!!!!!! What talent or skill do you wish you had?

West Wing - The Promise

Op for dog who ate 28 golf balls


I got this email today...plz read it

A VERY "special" CAPTION opportunity

Slaid Cleaves...

Today I'm 41. Where do I go from here?

Poll: William Shatner: Camp Icon or Bad Hack?

Caption: Junior takes a dump in new organic lavatory

Caption: St George's Day paramilitary heads to arrest Poodle

Man Uses Butter Knife To Break Into Apartment To Steal Folgers Coffee

Nadar vs. Nader ???

Does anyone know where I can link my site to?

Now why would someone vacuum concrete?

Would reality tv be less loathsome if it weren't called reality tv?

How about Nadir?

Some Flee, Others Eat Cats In Prison Riot

Joke of the day.

"Two hours on the Tilt-A-Whirl,

Man Robs Bank, Walks Into Nearby Bar, Counts Money While Drinking Arrested

Has anyone seen The Punisher?

How well do you know the Middle East - take the quiz

Favorite Disney World Theme park

If You Could Travel Threw Time Where Would You Go?

I'm not posting anymore

Weeeee! It's snowing!! (pics)

Happy Birthday, MICHAEL MOORE!

Man Charged WIth Cocain Possession Argues It Belonged To His Rooster

Woman Parks Her Car Wrong Prompting Naked Man To Run After Her

Binge drink ritual upsets actor Paul Newman


Saucy Hot Tomato

Se SAFE this weekend...

Great White Shark Attacks Boat

Jokes I found on my hard drive....not dirty jokes,,just plain ole jokes

Da Vinci The Inventor Of The Car?

Is Diebold branching out into the entertainment world as well?

In walks the dog...

Friday night Fellini mini-fest on Turner Classic Movies!

Holy cow! Bush cleaning his eyewear....

Question for DUers with back problems

New Cure cd June 22nd!

I sent my donation. So, what is my first poll when I get privileges?

Where should I look to find the best deal on a treadmill

I'm out of the 700 Club!

Now that's funny. Al Franken just said upon comparing Kerry's

How's this for Hollywood Marketing?

Serial Flasher Says He Was Just Trying To Meet Women

I MADE IT OUT!!!! Yeah! 800!

This time tomorrow GOPisEvil will be waking up in Wilmington Delaware

air guitar SOLD on ebay!


Don't be a prune the shear joy of CAPTIONing is worth it

Check out this "Priceless" middle school photo

i`ve got to go to work

Caption: The price of BFEE insanity

How Many Changes does it Take to Bulb a Light Dog?

Need link to photo -- Clinton and coffin

Need Image of McCain and Bush

106 "forum related" comebacks..

Who's trippin' down the streets of the city smiling at everybody she sees?

worst tron costume ever!

Q: How many surrealists does it take to change a light bulb?

Image Request

Dog Eats 28 Golf Balls

Man Steals Friend's BMW - Paints It - Shows It Off To Man He Stole It From

Randi's On....

* in hell

DU Chat

How Many Dogs Does It Take to Change A Light Bulb?

A handy tool for all you cat owners.

Caption the dufus

What do you think about this?

Fred Flinstone is Raging Fred!

Freedom from the 700 Club Countdown!

The new Heimlich maneuver-Joke

Which of these "liberal" pundits/reporters is a closet rightwinger?

Man Fills Out Job Application Leaves Resume Before Shoplifting From Store

Soldier Back From Iraq War Allegedly Drowns Wife In Tub


bag labels apologize for idiot president

50 dead snow geese bring littering charge

clickclickclick glullumglullumglullum goonkgoonk sshhsshshshhhh

Why Google when you can DU-gle? Ask questions. See if DUers can answer.

Drive-By Truckers or Black Crowes?

Dumb trivia for the day:

Oh my beautiful mind....

Why don't Junior Leaguers were purple shoes?

100 Scariest Movie Scenes of All Time

I've spent most of the day in GD.... ASK ME ANYTHING

What's up with GBOTW?


Once Again - if Coming to Vancouver on May 15 - PM me


headed to Columbia, SC, this afternoon for the weekend.

boston DUers, anyone go to ManRay?

CONGRATULATIONS SUS!!!!! 100 posts!!!

Receive a free pocket Constitution.

Has anyone else seen Anthony Edwards' PSA?

I feel like crap & I want to whine.

Girl, 16, Accused Of Trying To Hire Hitman To Kill Parents

It does not take much to get me excited-I am farmer demman

Is this the future? - Robotic soldiers

Gas Station Robbers Waited On Customers - DURING The Robbery!

Coming up on Animal Planet: "The Amazing White Chimp"

Rove blew up NH's old man of the mountain

CAPTION The Chimp in its natural habitat...

Thinking of doing a How To DU manual. Any suggestions?

So I did f*ck all at work today

What's your favorite Vietnam-era war song?

Thats it!

My "Rock Against Bush" CD just came!


Peckers: Get Yer T-Shirts Here

Well Pooh - Ganglion Cyst

Like shrimp? Mark May 10th!

Which Photo-shop pro wants to do me a favor?

Is it sabatoge?

OK, I'm out of the curly hair closet.

Backslider’s Wine, Or, How Did You Spend Friday Night During the War Daddy

My 100th post!! Ask me anything...

Mission of Burma new record after 22 years, MC5 reform for worldtour - NME

Hey Boston DUers - Dump the Globe

Worst Sci-Fi Monster Gallery. Post your pics here.

forget lcpl. boudreaux, was the moran guy set up too?!?

Knock the crap out of B*...

Tired Of G-Strings, Lawmaker Tries To Ban Low Pants

Courage, and a life well-lived.

What's your favorite cruising song?

Well, DU made me flood the backyard

Segregated Thread: Only People Whose Names Begin With 'M' Can Post Here

I I I I'm republican and I'm o.k., I sleep all night & I whine all day,

HELP! What will get candle wax off carpet?

In praise of Scott Bateman

Hey, Matcom-san

Feel a need to go camping. Who wants to go?

Omarosa Runs Scared

Florida cat found years later in California

After rewatching * segments on the Daily Show

You better hope the Red Sox win

I just put a contract on a condo - hope I get it

La Dolce Vita - 9:00 PM EDT on Turner Classic Movies.

Any fitness gurus here?

I just put a contract on Name Deleted - hope I get them

For what would've been his 67th birthday: Favorite ROY ORBISON song?

Will you donate?

Texas: The Truth Revealed. Moran, Texas.

Mommy, why does the president look like a monkey?


Is this a date? (women's opinions especially solicited)

I wish to complain about this parrot what I purchased not half an hour

Why the hell isn't my computer ready?

The Official Mario Kicks Mortimo ASS Thread!! - Iron Chef America Coming!!

Email joke I received

I just put a contract on a yak, hope he 'gets it'

How long after neutering till my kitty starts loving me again?

Funniest Gen X Cultural Whatever

Please post pictures of Viggo Mortensen

I am now an ex-Catholic

Your horoscope for today

Ladies & Gentlemen.....Meet "REMI" The 'Wonder Pug!!!!'

I'm in the middle of the ocean on a cruise... ask me anything.

Bartcop vs Daily Kos

Forbes Poll recreated here: Should the obese pay for 2 seats?

Here's a Silly Question: When Is Mother's Day?

Bass! How low can you go?

More Hockey Humour at the expense of the Senators...

Oh....look. A pocket president.

Ahhhhhh!!! It's me! (Warning, really ugly picture)

Microsoft to Linux: 'Bring it on'

Question about IE 6.0 and DU

I just probably bombed a math exam... ask me anything.


Ladies' underwear HALF OFF

What do Michael Jackson and Blue Light Specials , have in common?

Are you looking at me? Are YOU looking at ME??

Wow, is this for real?

Calling All Courageous Souls.

I Will Not Be Posting Here At All On Saturday. I Am Going Be Be In

Boot Camp 1951. The Hospital Corpsman

Whats your favorite A Tribe Called Quest Album?

Anyone ever heard of The Bible Code???

Woohoo! "Freaks n Geeks" coming to DVD

I just passed 500 !!!

More of my dog w/ family obsessed digital photography

How do you treat a dog?

When you make a fool of yourself, how do you recover?

Post 6,000...Thank you DU!

Now Peter Piper picked peppers but Run rocked rhymes

For Vets

Finally watched Kill Bill vol 1

Best Morrissey??

Who else loves children's humorist Willy Claflin?

Kid Charlemagne

Pretend you're Dubya and take CNN's "What Kind of Manager" quiz...

Crossword puzzle question...

New U2 single in September!!!!!!!!!!!Album in October!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saw something odd tonight at my nephew's baseball game

Banff travel advice needed!

Californians (mostly SF) Solidarity March for Abortion Rights

Okay. This is war.

I am so freaking bored tonight... why is DU so quiet?


My girlfriend just broke up with me because, she called me a right

My wife made a tough decision today

Speaking of Jim Henson, remember these guys?

I'm waiting for my mannnnnnn

How Come Humans Are The Only Species That Has To Use Toilet Paper?

DU Chat now

98% of All Biological Species That Every Lived on Earth are Extinct.

BartCop vs Daily Kos

Rate this graphic on a scale of 1 to 10

Movie Thread

Yes or No?

6 Hummers, 3 angering BSes, and generally uncivilized people

When you make a complete ass of yourself...

Babyboomers, how do you feel about Gen X?

Please shoot me...

Since We Are Posting WebCam Pics - I Would Like To Introduce ... MY ASS!

Which Actor/Actress would you most like to see retire altogether?

ZombyWoof and his baby coyote

For My 53rd. Birthday I think I'll

Got My Personal Digital Camera Today (Dog Pic Heavy)

HFishbine...Happy Birthday!!

Congratulations proud patriot!! 30,000 posts

Howard Stern - need help

>>>>>M.A.T.C.O.M. SHOCKER!!!!<<<<< Really Jay and Silent Bob!

Heeelllloooooooo!!!! Red Sox vs. Yankees On NOW DAMMIT!!!!

Miss me? I didn't think so....

What movie should I rent tonight?

The one rumor I didn't want started about me happened

Has anyone ever done the Hajj Pilgrimage?

Fictional character from a movie that you fell in love with

If your youngest son says "I just want to kill myself"

Harvard's Tuition Announcement

Help please. I want to buy a business, but...

BOBBY FLAY KICKS ASS! ROUND #1 - American Iron Chef Goes To BOBBY FLAY!!!


Which is the best Bear?


Yeah Friday!!! Anybody with me on this one?

When I am Preznit - whadda ya want me to do first?

Anyone else grow up on Famous Monsters?

What does it mean to "go to hell in a handbasket"?

The shrink didn't work out, but I DID get antistress body wash

Tonight's hockey thread: TPA wins Game 1 4-0

CAPTION Cheney in China

True story from Oklahoma


What's your favorite cursing song?

Which Actor/Actress would you most like to see in the altogether?

Only two kinds of DUers: which are you?

I got ahold of a Jerry Springer show transcript!!

Apples vs. Oranges

Things that are OVERRATED!!

Rate my sigline graphic on a scale of 1 - 10 *please*

So what has YOUR high school given to America?

CAPTION, the statue

New and improved update for DU Delegation for Sunday's March

Strange encounter in Highland Park yesterday (propositioned on the street)

New Quinn Pics. . .

My dorm cafeteria has NO idea how to make chicken pot pie...

Is It Ethical To Force another DU'er to Marry Me?

Submit your photos for the new *public* DU photo gallery.

Phone call from Bremer

Have you ever posted something you wish wouldn't die...?

Kerry's going to win

Director who made Arnie a star turns camera on Kerry

Help me unfreep this poll!

There may be hope for Democrats yet.

Midge Decter, Nazis, and the privatizing of our military:

Another supporter of UN in, US out

Lizza (New Republic) in NYT says Bush # a ceiling, Kerry's poll # a floor

Kerry on LIVE, C-SPAN! Right now!

my letter "from "Rep Bill Young(R)..........

poll...go vote...should the Pentagon lift the ban on pictures of..

You know, a note on the Kerry/Cheney $.50 gas tax hike

The attack on John Kerry's war record by Buscho and the GOP

Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll: Bush and Kerry tied at 45%

Maybe they should...

Poll: Kerry Leads California by 12, with Nader Kerry leads by 10

Kerry/Kennedy = Good Cop/Bad Cop

Paul Bremer TRASHES Bush on terrorism, pre-9/11

DU This Poll

have you checked this out from BuzzFlash??

Time to watch Wes on Hardball!

Wes Clark is going to be on "Hardball" tonight.

Presidential Re-election campaigns are usually landslides

The foreign policy battle in the Kerry campaign.

So what if Kerry owns and drives an SUV?

Will this be the first Presidential Election without a debate?

OK, why are the rethugs doing this?

Poll: Kerry Takes Lead in New Hampshire. Kerry 47, Bush 45

Bob Graham Doesn't Have a Hope in Hell of Being Kerry's VP.

JK Taking Questions From Reporters NOW on CSPAN

Well new good news

Dennis Kucinich in Philly 4/23 -audio postcard


Bush will spend $10 million on tv commercials for the next 12 days.

I'm going crazy if anyone cares

My Crystal Ball: VP will be either Graham or Richardson

Yay I finally got my free Kerry stickers

UNFREEP this poll! *Attn CLARKIES!*

Ok with the * slogan "Kerry, wrong on defense"...

now is a good time to give to the John Kerry campaign

Why Nader is doing so high in polls

Prediction: Kerry wins by 7

John Kerry is a Douchebag....

Senator Nelson of Fla

All Profile, No Courage by Doug Ireland

Money Still Flowing Into Dean's Campaign

MSNBC poll... question of the day .... GO VOTE

Wolfie to report on CA decertification of Diebold machines!

The side of Kerry the press rarely sees (or won't talk much about)

John Kerry learned well from Muhammad Ali

Danger! Nader threat listed by state.

When the hell will Kerry announce running mate?

Kerry criticizes Bush on meeting with Saudi leader

Something I noticed when I checked the different polling results.

My fellow political junkies: Election 2004 Computer Game