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Archives: April 20, 2004

Why Iraq, Vietnam are comparable

Switzerland of the East

mp3 & transcript of Bob Woodward on Larry King Live (04/19/04)

Blue camp directs anger at Sisy - TW

KMT heads ready to roll over poor election result - TW

Two request of Elad, our coding god.

Israel to gag and confine Vanunu after release from prison 

OK, Illinois DU'ers

Arnold - what a fucking bastard

Any DUers in Kirksville?

Hello Missouri!!! Joplin checking in.

I'm gonna piggyback on this forum until the ND one starts going.

Ohio art 3/26/04

From the banks of the Mighty Maumee River

Anyone see the Delgrosso/Shuster debate on today?

Check out the Five Minute Activist

Replay of Hardball....

How Come Poppy Lied ONCE and Shrub Gets to Lie Serially

Poppy Bush's New Book: How my Moron Son Became pResident

Gene Burns is pretty good tonight on KGO-AM

Okay, here's the scoop with DISH Network and AAR

can anyone help understand something that

Anybody watch Woodward on Larry King tonight?

SICK. Anti-Choice commercial on during syndicated TV.

President Kerry will end the War!

Check out Der Spiegel's latest cover photo

"Our country enters this conflict reluctantly." - Shrub, Liar-in-Chief.

Powell, Rice, Bush and Woodward's new book.

Powell is a disgrace. Urge his resignation!

Power Of Mischief

DU State Forums are here!!! Sign in...

There might be TAPE RECORDINGS?

White House revises overtime regulations

Blair suffers first Europe defeat

KFC courting controversy with Tibet plans

British Police Arrest 10 on Suspicion of Terror

Kean Says 9/11 Panel Will Be More Low-Key

Gov't Log Details Oklahoma City Footage

Bill Clinton endorses Israel's Gaza `disengagement' proposal

Blair condemns Israel and opens rift with US

Most adorable song not many people have heard.

anyone have any ideas on starting a magazine?

Blatant plug for the North Dakota forum

Crime vs. Freepers

i have a feeling the south dakota forum will be very lonley...

Strange mood I'm in. Bored with AAR, miss Mike Malloy's fire, DU has

There are certain people I envy...

Any Help. Say You Have A Drivers Licence But You Have Not Driven

Happy 4/20 Everyone!

We have to remove Honduras from phrases now

If DU Goes Offline longterm we should

Best Musical

What are the worst songs of all time?

I just watched a poetically beautiful insect suicide.

I just heard a tree fall behind my house

What will the first movie about the 2nd Gulf War be called?

I think it's time for some more ZombyHugs

Kucizzle in the Hizzle

Help: Convince me and my family that Kerry is worth supporting

DU State Forum is here!!! Sign in...

Get Out Now, by John Pilger

Krugman: Questions of Interest

Stripes: 1st AD kids cope with extensions

Barbara Plett (BBC): Coalition faces 'disappointed' Shia

Editorial in the Washington Post: Mr. Ashcroft's Smear

John Kerry sings Unforgettable

Asbestos Victim's Families Oppose Halliburton Bailout Bill

Nice article breaking down the new memo circulating...

Supreme Apology

NRO's Hall of Shame

Dalai Lama, Nobel prize winner Ebani, and Desmond Tutu in Canada for talks

Talk about teflon! New polls show Bush pulling ahead

Did John Kerry receive only two Purple Hearts? -or- Was One Illegitimate?

Press Release; Drug Czar's Office To Hold Special Capitol Hill Briefing

Saddam's Interrogation Logs

Kerry hones statements on the Vietnam War

Dump Cheney: A winning strategy for Bush

Analysis: Bush flipflops on Iraq crisis UPI

Political Books Play Role in 2004 Campaign

USA Today Editor retires over Jack Kelly's Departure.

The Good Soldier: S. Samples

The Bible college that leads to the White House


Woodward excerpt 4 of 5 - Blair 'I'm There to the Very End,'

Plan of Attack of the Digits (W.H. strategy on Woodward's book)

Tigris Tales - Salam Pax

Reality television: [The US attempts to silence Aljazeera]

The Top 19 Dumbest Statements of the Past Week

Boston Globe: Kerry's 'Anybody But Bush' trap

Turning Point: George Bush's holy war threatens our Presidency

The Democrats and Iraq/ Stan Goff This is a MUST READ FOR ALL!

DU State Forums!!! It rules, check it out!

Ohio Voters: Please act now to stop the L. Erie Shoreline bill/giveaway


Bike to Work

ACT:Urgent Alert: California, Decertify Paperless Voting Machines

Protest Cheney in KC, MO - April 23

did you know the Wall Street Journal reporters went on strike?

Never underestimate media corruption "Bush's looks at the question in adv.

Kurt Vonnegut interview - he mentions Bush, Kerry, Murdoch, & Limbaugh

Mike Malloy on CNN, re: Woodward, Bush, & Saudis (04/20/04) mp3 & video

Bands You Miss: We Are Not Men...We are DEVO

Bonds may be in for a shock

Police called for help in Newfoundland strike

Government Exempts Nissan From Fuel Economy Rule

Gas Prices

Stocks and bonds dive on Greenspan's [inflation] comments

Krugman: Question of Interest (rates)

New Overtime rules - where is the improvement over the evil "proposed"

What If 2004 Really Is Like 1994? (Carry trade)

Subtropical Species Replace North Sea Cod As Water Warms - Independent

FAO - 2.5M Hectares Of Asian Forest Lost Each Year - Xinhua

UK Insurers Threaten Flood Protection Cuts To 220,000 Homes - Guardian

Cheney goes to Supreme Court to stop Judicial Watch & Sierra Club

Toxic Tar Creek, Oklahoma And The Collapse Of The Superfund - Time

Kerry Blasts Bush on Environmental Laws

Jane Goodall, Going Strong At Seventy - Denver Post

Kerry Push, Unlike Gore's, Will Attack on Environment

Russia may be ready to ratify Kyoto treaty on climate change

Experiment: Lower CO2 by Stimluating Plankton Growth

Nearly 5,000 Sea Turtles Killed By Trawling, Fishing In India - WWF

7 000 litres of water for 100g of beef...

Oregon Nutbags Slam Sustainability In Full-Page Newspaper Ad

Full-spectrum solar power? You heard it here first...

Former East Berlin defence head seeks compensation - for deserting in WW2

Ellsberg: Iraq a new Vietnam

iraq by the numbers

Wolfowitz & His Shifting Rationale

Human Rights Watch: Jordanian Victims Jailed in 'Honor' Crime Cases

How about this idea, as a compromise...

Lets try drugs

GUNS IN THE NEWS--April 20, 2004

Lunabush's Bad joke Tuesday

Proposed Assault Vehicle Ban

Was use of the word 'bitch' banned?

hey guys the state forum is great

Please give us the option to "hide" the states forums.

Thank you for starting the state forums

I'd also like the option to 'hide' the state forums...PLEASE!

PLEASE give us the option to hide States!

Where do I find the ATA forum?

OK, I really like the idea for a "State" forum...

I'm posting Election Contact Information for all 50 states and DC.....

Complaint: latest breaking news item locked for no apparent reason...

How did THIS message get locked?

Hooray! My Hate Mailbag jones has been satisfied!


I am having to elbow people out of my way to kiss your

State moderators?

How do I announce a gathering on the main page?

How do I change my username?

Is there a problem with the PM system tonight?

Kerry: Buyer's remorse, anyone?

Love-in at the White House

Evil Does Often Triumph

Blair condemns Israel

Sharon: Israel Will Keep Targeting Hamas

Sharon's Son Destroyed Bribe Case Tapes

Calling Jews, Nazis

Timeline of Tragedy

Hey Illinois DUers, what do you guys think of JACK!!!!! ........ryan.....

Hi Illinois people

Election Contact Information

Coors closes in on Schaffer fundraisng after 1 week in race

Ken Salazar fundraiser

The Florida Senate Race

Please work hard! Please

State Elections Information

President Bush to Visit Naples, FL - Protest Planned

Anybody here from Hialeah?

Arrested Again for Feeding the Homeless

Kerry Campaign in Orange/Seminole/Volusia counties

Anyone interested in a N. Florida DU Gathering July 10?

Democratic Senatorial Primary

Florida DU gatherings?

Do Floridians support the US embargo on Cuba & travel sanctions on us?

'All The Leaves Are Brown...'

yay california! (anyone from longbeach/lakewood?)

Sell crazy: home prices skyrocket

Appeals court tosses 25-year three-strikes shoplifting term

CA, HI, WA, OR, do we need the rest?

Hi from Missouri, the freeper hinterlands

Whos going to the BBV soiree on Wednesday?

Schwarzenegger Proposes 'Hydrogen Highways' Plan

CHP Begins Crackdown On Out-Of-State Plates

Palm Springs hosts Moving Vietnam Memorial

Gay Marriage Bill Passes Assembly Committee - Calif

Bill Would Require Many Teens To Hang Up While Driving

Unitarian Universalists for Polyamory Awareness.......edited

Election Contact Information

Central California coast checking in.

Mike Byron for Congress!!!!

Looking for Los Angeles Volunteers!!!

Poll - Are you in favor of reinstating the draft

Hi from south of the border

Art Small's chances against Grassley?

Hey I'm digging this!

We are going to ROCK the place in July!!!!

Anyone going to a Kerry Meetup in Mass this Thursday?

Arianna Huffington is at Border's in Downtown Boston Tonight

some news from Amherst

Welcome aboard Massachusetts folk!!!


Living in Maryland now.

Does Missouri Warrant Gephardt?

State convention delegates/atlernates, please check in

Jesse vs. Pawlenty

Any of you from the West-Central area in MN?

Bush planning to visit Minnesota

Pawlenty vs. Coleman

Go Tigers!

Any Yoopers here?

Contact links for Michigan's elected officials

so other than western Michigan....Where's everyone from?

Hi from Missouri

NC Board of Elections

5th District House Race- Three GOP candidates over $1 million

The O'Franken Factor has finally arrived!

Anyone see Bill Cobey's commercials (sorry to make you gag!)

First local issue: Confederate Flag Being Debated In Warren County Schools

Local Websites

What about the 10th district?

Hi from Missouri, the freeper hinterlands

Anti-Bush meeting tonight in Oakwood(suburb of Dayton)

Who is addressing the state dinner?

ACT (America Coming Together) meetup in Zanesville tommorrow.

Hope you guys utilize the info I'm putting into the Campaign database

Ohio Voters: Please act now to stop the L. Erie Shoreline giveaway/bill

Democratic Candidate for Ohio Governor?

J. Kenneth Blackwell - Black Republican for Ohio Governor?

Dayton, the Gem City..& the Miami Valley.

Quinnipiac Poll: Toomey Closing in on Spector

When will Kerry open his PA office?

Hi from Missouri, the freeper hinterlands

Hey, let's go toss grit on another state in their forum!

I saw Santorum on TV tonight endorsing Specter

PA dems: I'm registered republican -- should I vote for Toomey?

Attention Pittsburgh DUers!

Why are Bucks & Montgomery Counties busting at the seams with Repugs?

Craddick's lame excuse

Miss Piggy comes out swinging

May 8th Voter Registration @ Crossroads Market - Dallas County

Smirk is a Modern day carpet-bagger

Attention State Convention delegates!

What do you like best about Texas?

How tired are you of the Texas bashing?

Join the Democratic Unity Group of Dane County!!!

Reminder to all 8th Congressional District Dems...

Cheeseheads, check in please

Question: Whatcon County convention is this Sat.,

Race for Governor?

troops 'may have to stay 10 years to keep order' in Iraq

Carnegie Analysis: A Tale of Two Intelligence Estimates

Could anyone not wait for when the US got its embassy operating in Iraq

Oklahoma City Bombing Was Taped , testimony - McVeigh accomplices ?

Poor Admins put up state forum and we're buggin em already

Barbarians at the Gates, Nader not helping

What does Kucinich say about the Gaza "disengagment " proposal?

The Draft discussed on "Majority Report" tonight

KGO: Bernie Ward is back

A vote for Bush is a vote for the Saudis.

I've heard Kerry say

DU Underground has to rank as one of the top message boards on the net.

The so called "Liberal Media" is out to get Bushit

Nightline thread lost? Program no good?

What do you think the reaction is going to be if gas $$ go down

Rice, terrorism and the relaxing of airport rules

Did this bother anyone else?

What George Bush does'nt want you to see

How a Pig's Waste Became Oil

An interesting article about Air America

Have we figured it out yet?

Nightline: David Frum makes my stomach turn

Something is wrong?

Secretary of Defense Interview with Bob Woodward - 23 Oct, 2003

bush to declare martial law tomorrow!!!

Anybody else having trouble getting AA. I'm on the East coast - the same..

WP editorial: Mr. Ashcroft's (Jamie Gorelick) Smear

Does the Lying Ever Stop?!!!!!!!!!

Some Delayed Casualties of Vietnam War

I will NEVER stop watching TV -- even cable -- news because...

Democrats have different brains than repubs

When the war is news, good or bad, Bush goes up in the polls

Not ONE donation to a Dem amongst all Diebold Exec (detail)

NYT: Israel planning big investment in West Bank settlements

Breaking news from Waco - Cheney’s undisclosed location found!!

"He sounds like a crazy person!" Imus re Bush*.

Congress to Open Hearings on Iraq Policy

Bush Nominee for Archivist Is Criticized for His Secrecy

Savannah man dies after Taser shock

5th Anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre

For those concerned about poll numbers:

Spyware Bill is a Hoax (N/m I was wrong found it 2 yrs old not voted on)

Conversations overheard in an ICU waiting room last night...

Carnegie Analysis: A Tale of Two Intelligence Estimates

Problem streaming C-SPAN ... Anyone else?

Millionairess wants estate tax

CNN Poll - Saudi Influence

Interesting Contradiction

"The Stunt for Red October" by Sadly,No - scenario for gas price fixing

Girl Drowns In Backyard Pool SACRAMENTO, Calif

George Bush: Cocaine Politics

Should Minor Children Obtain Parental Permission to Give Birth?

CNN Polls: "The Saudis like Bush? No way! You're kidding!" Edition

White House is really a insane assylum.

Which book should I read first - Richard Clarke's or Bob Woodward's?

I'm sure many people talked about this to death, but...

It appears Syria is next

Is there any doubt that Gerald Posner is c.ia?

Just posted the leaked Iraq CPA memo story on Breaking News

AP: Bush administration to revise overtime plan

You want to know how lousy the leader of Canada's opposition is?

Listen NOW to C-SPAN 3/C-SPAN radio

Heard on RR show. Col. Hank Brandli, satellite photos

Diebold Earnings Up 13 Percent in First Quarter

Aboriginal curse put on Australian PM

Rangel Calls Treasury's 'Tax Day Reminders' Campaign Statements

What We're Up Against: Bush Gets TRIPLE The Amount of Coverage

It's time to get really fired up 'cause we can't

A little about Air America Radio

evolution and homeschoolers...

Air America Army

Watching Bush live on Buffalo TV....He's unbelievably manipulative

surround the white house, stop buying gas for one week....

Saw this in the student bookstore

"False Comfort to Terrorists"

Using M.R.I.'s to See Politics on the Brain - No More Focus Groups

Happy 4/20 to all

DU'ers, Will You Buy Bob Woodward's Book?

Sen. Jack Reed on C-Span awesome

ACLU sues Seattle over enforcement of rally rules

NYT today: Democrat versus Republican brains--response to violence

So, as I gather it, a Saudi Prince was briefed about Iraq war plans before

A question

March Top 20 Web News Sites

I'm SICK of this "Hindsight is 20-20" business, do you HEAR ME!!!

Conason: "the administration's lethal incompetence"

18 Mistakes?

U.S. apologizes to novelist

Can you teach CREATIONISM to a ROBOT?

how much is Iraq costing your state, town????? check this site

Reasons why Impeachment Proceedings should begin

can someone help me refute a freeper

Today's Doonesbury and Get Fuzzy (Iraq War Injuries)

Three cheers for Spain Poland&Honduras for Saying no to occupation Thread

bushgang still trying to hide Archives by hiring new Archivist

Interesting old (2000) article on different emphases in polls

Internet Hate Sites Growing

Must Read - Israel's Mossad super secret Intelligens Agency..I'm speechles

Rumsfeld on Live (1:45PM ET) CSPAN

CSPAN -- 9:30 ET Tues -- Wolfowitz, Grossman, & Myers on Iraq/Afghanistan

McKinney: 9/11 Probe to Justify Comments

Delay and the Teahcers (heh heh)

Doonesbury is Bringing the War Home

GWB: "Victory means exit strategy" re: Kosovo

I'm out of the loop. Do we care about the WP? Bad poll #s for Kerry.

!?!?! Hagel (R -NE) says US may need a draft

One reason why the WH is not slamming the Woodward book

Bush Cheney Strategy Memo on Recent Polls

Republicans joke about assassinating Senator Clinton....

Who the hell made the term "Politically Correct" a liberal trait????

"Secrets" by Daniel Ellsberg (The Pentagon Papers)

About how many civilians contracted to the military are there in Iraq?

Anybody have a different link for Air America?

What was the draft age?

What was Gore thinking bringing Holy Joe on board?

Sen. Clinton on Larry King tonight -CNN 9pm EST n/t

Rep. Rush Holt (BBV) on Al Franken now

DU this MSNBC poll: Bush's Failed Policy in Iraq

A rose by any other name? The USA PATRIOT Act

OK, I read a little Chomsky

Diebold's Got Me Down

Looks like KBLA is not coming back on AAR

Phone interview with Mullah Omar

Should the United Nations have a military?

Does anyone have links on Clinton's counterterrorism actions?

Shouldn't we try and remove a Supreme Court Justice?

Doctors report cluster bombs in Falluja; U.S. harrassment of patients

Starting a campaign of sorts, I will call it 'Operation Judicial Defense'

Who has more principles?

Asbestos Victim's Families Oppose Halliburton Bailout Bill

Draft poll

Another Wal-Mart screed; Check out these numbers.

Have we learned nothing from the 2000 election?

Bush visiting Naples Florida - protest planned.


Who was Cain's wife and where did she come from?

Deep South Clark supporters (and all others too!) please report

Geebus! Congressman tried to take gun on plane.

Senior Republican lawmaker to bring back the draft, not a joke

Is Ashcroft sitting on the Plame indictments?

What do you think of Carlos Watson at CNN?

Woodward's Book at Top of Bush Campaign Reading List

how will the polls change when more people start paying attention

these damn Bush ads are

OMG....I know why the reservists and natl guard are being retained

Anyone watch Lou Dobbs last night

are we in the middle of a 'cold revolution'?

Need your informed critique of this scenario.

We need a constitutional amendment

I am Boycotting ALL Poll Threads !

Buffalo protestors denounce Bush

Has anyone taken a poll asking...

The more I hear, the more I distrust the Woodward book...

I didn't know Honduras and the Dominion Republic had troops!

Sad, another website bites the dust

Conason: Bush*s Worst Week

FCC urged to go after 60 minutes

Which... countries is the most reliable ally of the United States?

US violates Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 by appointing Chalabi to tribunal

Bush Ideology Hurts Women Worldwide - Groups

Loving This Headline At BuzzFlash In A Depressed Sort Of Way !!!

What is your opinion of political fortune-tellers?

(No joke) Rush being kissed by another man in the new ENQUIRER!

Israeli-Palestinian conflict

POLL- Kerry leads Bush 43-37

BUSH-CHENEY 2000 TO PAY $90,000 CIVIL PENALTY (Chump change)

June 30th and todays attack on the prison in Iraq

John Dimitri Negroponte Contra Aide

Thursday is Earth Day

Cheney Champions China

The House of Saud, the House of Bush, the House of Chalabi. Mission Accomplished

Looking for a link to the audio of Bush's last press conference

How much does Bush suck?

CNN Poll - should Guantanamo prisoners have trials?

Former Gore campaign advisor and Gore staffer defends Bush religiosity.

Anyone got the mosaic of shrub made with pictures of our dead

Top Ten Reasons Terrorist Want Bush Re-Elected.

Highly ironic. Saudis/oil prices: is it a traitorous scam, or good policy?

Why do we have private security forces in Iraq?

Poll: Should the US reinstate the draft?

Did George actually read that PDB on 6 Aug or did someone read it to him?

My husband (and his mother -- who have never voted) . . .

Air America is going off air in Chicago. . .

Nader Says His Independent Run Helps Kerry Campaign

No Ceasefire in TOON Offensive...

ACLU: Supreme Court Considers Legal Rights of Guantanamo Detainees

Liberal Wolf Blitzer welcomes nutty vet Kerry attacker on his show

DU this Poll-Invading Iraq good idea

Powell Urges Coalition Leaders to Keep Troops in Iraq

Bush & Bin Laden - Kindred Spiritis: Great Poster!!!!

Where's the Outrage?!!!

Bodies of Three Halliburton Workers Identified

PBS Last Night did a Lexington/Concord Battle/Patriot's Day/Faluja/Iraq

Whats up with Wolf Blitzer?

Bush's Overtime Policy -- A Lie in the Making

So they back down on overtime rules now they are trying to take credit for

I think any draft will give people an alternative such as the peace corps

CNN Poll: Should the USA Patriot Act be renewed?

Can we talk about wealth and the draft?

Political Correctness Poll, Pt. 2

911 Commision

Okay DU'ers - fess up

Since Negroponte is going to be the Iraqi Ambassador........

GOP Praises Overtime Overhaul, but Democrats Say Workers Will Get Pay Cuts

army recruiters actually coming to my door now....i was rude

When you have so many questions without real answers

The Disappearing Underground

Falluja: 'Abu Abdullah the martyr, mutilated by Americans.'

Should the GD: Election 2004 be dissolved

I'm going to interview later this week for a writing job with Raytheon....

Did anyone see Hagel on Lou Dobbs??


CNN Lou Dobbs: Chuck Hagel Up Next Re: DRAFT!!

Who do you vote for in this election?

Senator Kerry Releases Military Records: Slams Chickenhawks

Why Why WHY are people so STUPID?

HILLARY CLINTON on Larry King at 6:00pm PST (Seattle)

Democracy, freedom, unity, liberty

Janeane Garofalo makes up dumb labels IMO

TV viewer sues for blasphemy

The Draft

The Bible vs BushCo

Are we at war?

glad Hagel (R-NE) said draft may be needed- a 'believable' source for RW

Marketplace - The Spoils Of War

Text of Redacted Memo by U.S. Official in Iraq Posted

Bu$h* is such a bully - server change (It's now in FEMA's network)

Attention DU: Bush press conference does NOT screen questions first.

Prediction of the Week: Toomey catches Specter

Majority Report comparing RNC and Treasury web sites...

USA Today Editor, Craig Moon to Remove Text Tabs! "MW" Spoof Alert!

GOP friends don't like Bush but dislike Kerry too

Once Again: A Vote for Bush is a Vote for the Saudis.

They are not "soverign" yet but...

There's still hope.

Does anyone have links on Clinton's counterterrorism actions?

Hillary Clinton on Larry King NOW....MT

There is a Universal Law--”The Good Guys Always Win.”

Can you guide shrapnel into a non-lethal part of your body?

John O'Neill (on Wolf Blitzer now) donates only to Republicans

Are they just lying about these poll numbers?

I was just angry with Bush - now I'm angry with the whole Republican Party

Drudge RED Headline:

Oregon Gay Marriages Legal But Judge Orders Halt To More

Did You See The Footage Of The Uganda Rebels?

CNN piece on athletes and South Florida just now

Draft discussion on Aaron Brown tonight...

Dominican republic...not so willing

found at bartcop forum from WP

According to Simon Wiesenthal Center, DU must be a hate site.

Clinton making clear, direct points re: Bush admin./Iraq/Congress (CNN)

Thoughts on Tom Leykis?

This type of attitude shows you why the US press is worthless

Landmark Gay Marriage Vote In Calif.

Echoes of Iran-Contra--the diversion of 700 million


Have you ever noticed with right-wing talk shows...

The 3 main reasons indicating Bush is reactivating the DRAFT in 2005

He doesn't look like a chimp

BBV: Bev Harris interview with Mike Webb streaming now (7:15pm PDT)

Some truth about that "Wall"

If there was a draft, would they keep the post-vietnam fairness reforms?

Bush's accent

Heinz Co. Is Owned By Republicans, Peter Coors Is

Craig Unger, "House of Bush, House of Saud" on CNN, Aaron Brown.

Bush's lead is increasing! Shows you just what most Americans really

Your 9/11 commission at work

Where is that incredible story that alternative news said was ....

Arianna Huffington on Tavis Smiley -- Tues, 4/20

I was misinformed!! Yay!!

Do you believe CNN lied about the Yawning Boy

George Dubya...thanks a lot.....

Abortion & Tonight's Michael Reagan Show

The Daily Show: Opens with Woodward recap

Do you miss Mike Malloy having his daily radio program?

JC Watts Just Called Woodward's Latest a "Chicken Little Book"

NYPOST: Don't believe the CNN Polls: Dubya in Trouble

Dominican Republic to Pull Out of Iraq-Joins Coalition of the Unwilling

Was David Koresh a child molester?

Seen the ads for The Kingdom / Citibank on CNN?

Should Kerry go see the Pope? Should Kerry take his wife?

Who's Bringing Back the Draft: Bush Or Dems?

we just saw on CNN, said flare ups in Fallujah right now?

I have been thinking of joining the DSA

Kerry Beats Bush

shrapnel question 2: Can shrapnel kill you if it hits you in the head?

I like this draft talk

"just go kill some ASS" they could get Irag under control real quick.

"President George Bush's lobotomy has been a tremendous success"

Is the "Coalition of the Willing" falling apart?

Shouldn't the Draft Include Women Too?

Has anyone else heard about a raid on illegals last week? I saw a post

Worlds smallest political quiz

There are only 3 Republicans who have integrity and are NOT....

Nightline 4/20: Do the Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay Have Rights?

Kerry must beat this draft issue to death to win in November!

"There is a great battle coming." (Please read!)

Where is Norman Schwarzkopf these days??

Why are Democrats so pure on the issues?

deleted for party unity. Thanks Lunabush

Come on - some of you must have seen Rumsfeld's press conf!!

Air America searching for new Chicago affiliate

Has Richard Lugar endorsed Bush yet?

WTH does this mean?

DU CNN Renew Patriot Act Poll - Currently- 64%No; 36%Yes with over

interesting read about fundamentalism and society...

AFA allowing Walgreen's employees to destroy "offensive" customer photos

Will There be a Draft?

What's wrong with this picture?

Okay, Vulcans, time to release Woodward's book!

A lot of new stations coming up for Air America

A question for Freepy Trollers

Shrub's New Prop: A Briefcase

Citizens of the United States, we need another 80 Billion

Rumsfeld Remark About Saudi Arabia Scrubbed From DoD Website

XM and Air America

Bring Back the Compulsory Draft & Watch America's Thirst for War Die.

Here's The Pop-up I Just Got Logging On Now !!!

Condi's Husband! Just a slip of tongue???

Student in my class: "Blacks should work harder"

Kerry records released---should shut up the freepers

What is Kerry's position on bringing back the draft?

Does Bush's walk bother anyone else?

Unplug Air America!

Turning People into Profits Wal-Mart's Magic Numbers (sickening)

Psycholgy of "Stalkers" on Message Boards! A Must Read!

Eulogy on the demise of MediaWhoresOnline

SURVEY: what's your choice for Bush's Campaign Swan Song.

Socialists in Spain and France..what does it mean?

The American Divide: Cultural? Class? Real or Imagined?

Best Bush* bumper sticker yet - share yours

Iraq, why we can't cut and run

Does "freepermania" make it difficult for new people to post on DU ?

New, MUST READ from Stan Goff - "The Democrats and Iraq"

Hey! Pull My Finger!

We'll all be dead in ten years/so? (link fixed

What can Kerry do differently to pull ahead?

A Dirty Trickster's Bush Bonanza: The man who stopped the Miami recount

If I was to attack atheism would you take it as a personal attack?

LIHOP/MIHOP makes us look crazy in front of other LIBERALS

Pay: The Gender Gap.

Why Bush Is Popular

Federal Review Composite Poll: Bush 328, Kerry 210

Bush wants death penalty expanded to 23 more crimes?

BBV - 2 new bombshell articles hit Diebold

Is the President mentally/physically incapacitated and unfit for office?

A personal story of how bush has affected me and mine

What is your worst - but fully expected - nightmare in a second Bush term?

Is Kerry in danger of losing the "Anti-Iraq Invasion" folks? MTP Interview

How does everyone at DU feel about the 2nd Amendment now?

Perle & Frum cordially invite you to a "New American Century" (mp3 hell!)

Skeletons in Kerry's Closet?

Discuss state and local issues in our new State Forums!

Shell CFO steps down over scandal

Pentagon Denies Terror Funds Used for Iraq

Jordanian King Puts Off Meeting Bush Over Israel

Shell admits it misled investors

Treasury to Investigate Press Releases

NYT: New Rules on Fund-Raising Bring Lobbyists to the Fore

NYT: Bush and Specter on Same Page (about) Re-election

Bush under criticism by IMF for rising deficits, ballooning budget

Pennsylvania to lobby against Cuba trade embargo

LAT: N. Korean Nuclear Issue Simmers on a Back Burner

Cheney Was Unwavering in Desire to Go to War

Blair condemns Israel and opens rift with US

U.S. Considers Airport Security Change (relaxing rules)

NYT, page 1: Using M.R.I.s to See Politics on the Brain

Supreme Court to Hear Detainees' Appeals

UK and EU Consistition

Why did the "Jordan's king snubs Bush over Israel plan" disappear?

Italy seizes 'US-bound' arms haul - DUPE

Monorail team hit by firms' pullout | Seattle P-I

Road Perils in Iraq Add to Chaos, Shortages

Tom Brokaw's sign-off day on NBC's ``Nightly News'' will be December 1

Saudis Deny Oil Prices Tied to U.S. Vote

Mubarak: Arabs hate U.S. more than ever

Guard families demanding answers to constant duty

Tighten beef safety, Sen Cantwell (D-WA) insists | Seattle P-I

LAT: More (527) Funds Raised in Bid to Beat Bush

Fables of Reconstruction (leaked Iraq CPA memo)

Australian troops fired on as Iraq danger worsens

Autopsy Confirms Body Is That of Missing N.D. Student

State, County May Require Condoms in Adult Films | LA Times

Iraqi forces move back into Falluja

Bush Flip Flops on OT Plan.

Kim's China visit raises hope on nuke talks (Kim Jong Il that is)

Fallujah family trapped between Marines and insurgents

Republicans say local Democrats broke campaign law

Man U suicide bomb plot

Kenosha-based National Guard unit placed on alert

NEA Announces Writing Program for Troops ("Operation Homecoming")

Iraqi Forces Move Back Into Fallujah

ACLU.....old news. Please lock

TV, Radio Groups Want FCC Ruling Reversed

Congress to Open Hearings on Iraq Policy

Kashmir Fence May Cement Divide | Los Angeles Times

Cheney goes to Supreme Court to stop Judicial Watch & Sierra Club

Guantanamo challenge at US court

WP: "Spyware" Eludes Easy Answers (FTC workshop debate)

Thailand could withdraw troops from Iraq

Mubarak: Americans face 'unprecedented hatred' in Arab world

Mubarak: Arabs hate Americans now

Halliburton Identifies Workers Killed in Iraq

Bush Detention of `Enemy Combatants'Questioned by High Court

Mubarak: Arabs Hate U.S. More Than Ever

Former Peru spymaster admits guilt

C-Span Now Kennedy asking Wolfowitz about the $700 million

BBC: Coalition faces "disappointed" Shia

India's first electronic election a big deal (13 deaths)

Variety: Congloms to pols: Not a f***ing chance (FCC Decision)

Protesters turn out in Buffalo to denounce Bush policie

Sadr halts attacks on Spanish troops

Texas Democrats unite to defend House seats from GOP onslaught

Security Companies: Shadow Soldiers in Iraq

Schofield troops' reactions vary to first taste of combat

Drug Makers Hope to Kill the Kick in Pain Relief

Guantanamo is a lawless enclave

'Plan of Attack' Discusses North Korea, Too

Mexicans Polled say Vote Against Cuba Influenced by U.S.

Political Murder-Suicide Pact

Elex Day red-circled by Ridge

Marion County Clerk (Indiana) Accuses ES&S of Lying - (BBV)

Oregon Judge Orders Halt To Same Sex Marriages

Ciena announces layoffs; Triangle impact unclear (425 jobs)

Pakistan blasts Israel ahead of OIC emergency session on Mideast, Iraq

Bad Days Ahead - the Boston Phoenix

Recruits Stampede Police Academy in Haiti

Company to Compensate Jews Who Fled Iraq

Police Kill Four Al-Qaida-Linked Terror Suspects in Raid on Jordanian Hide

Personal Assistant convicted of £4.3m bank fraud

Jordan's Snub to Bush Is Tip of Iceberg

Farmworker activist killed when train hits car

Malaysia may send troops to Iraq

Dupe...Chalabi (nephew) (CNN)

U.S. Seeks to Mend Fences with Abdullah

Kerry: Nature, Business Can Co-Exist | LA Times

Archdiocese Sells Land, Mansion To College

Arrest warrant for Menem

Italy seizes 'US-bound' arms haul

Baby dinosaur bones back in Montana after 25 years | Billings Gazette

Cracks appear in Bush circle

U. of Utah to keep ban on guns in challenge to new law | Salt Lake Tribune

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 20 April

White House Plays Down Iraq Coalition Withdrawals

Judges who will try Saddam selected

U.S. on Alert for Terror Threat During Election Cycle

Reuters: U.S. Says June 30 Not 'A Magical Date' for Iraq

(WA) State veterans and troops' families feel betrayed on WMD issue

NATIONAL GUARD: Guard families launch Internet campaign to bring unit home

Gun found in Congressmans Bag

Bid To Fire 'Pro Gay' Judges

Supreme Court Hears First Test of Bush Administration Anti-Terror Tactics

Official: U.S. May Lift Libya Sanctions

Annan Calls for New U.N. Mission in Haiti

Ontario health system ‘woefully inadequate' (in response to SARS) | G&M

Gay, Lesbian Marriage Bill Advances in California Assembly

Cleric Who Advocated Wife-Beating Is Held

Blair Calls for Vote on EU Constitution

Colombian paramilitary leader escapes assassination attempt by comrades-in

Court Upholds Tribal Power It Once Denied

Wounded Iraqi journalist says U.S. troops and Kurdish militiamen killed hi

Dump Cheney: A winning strategy for Bush

What is with DU and Shrub/Walker ties to WWII Nazi Germany ?

USA Today editor retires in wake of reporting scandal

Tribunal set up for Saddam trial

Welcome Kerry Back to Iowa!

Salazar opposes military request on pollution law | Denver Post

Breakthrough seen on drug import

Bush: Patriot Act defends liberty

Bush, Airing Ads, Spent Record $49.6 Mln in March

Overtime-proposal changes welcomed

al-Sadr says Australians are being targeted for kidnappings

Ind. Rep. Hostettler(R) Detained at Airport (Handgun in briefcase)

Saudi Man Beheaded for Murdering Acquaintance

Powell urges coalition leaders to keep troops in Iraq

Dominican Rep., Honduras withdrawing Iraq troops

Newsview: Arab Anger at U. S. Is Mounting

U.S.-Saudi Relations Show Signs of Stress

Poll shows Toomey surging as GOP Senate primary nears

Crafting Kerry's Future With a Nod to the Past

Edwards, Graham fuel talk of Kerry VP pick


Plan of Attack of the Digits (W.H. strategy on Woodward's book)

Wolfowitz: U.N. Effort Won't Yield Troops

Atrios to fill in for Garofalo on The Majority Report on Wednesday.

Using M.R.I.'s to See Politics on the Brain

Congress to investigate claims of Saddam's oil-for-food bribery

Honduras to Pull Out Troops, Thais Look Shaky--New WMW

Rep. Pelosi prepared to blast Bush on Iraq


Ex-Boeing executive pleads (guilty) to conspiracy | Seattle P-I

Newsview: Arab anger at US mounting

Schwarzenegger promises 'Hydrogen Highway' by 2010

Bush plans world recruitment drive to arm for peace (Bush trumps Orwell)

Kerry campaign provides some military records

Pentagon sounds out troops for Iraq backup (units on short notice)

Details of (Michael) Jackson charges leaked

ASNE leader calls for reform in newsrooms

Kerry Campaign Provides Military Records

Discovery of Internet Flaw Prompts Security Push

Fables of the reconstruction (leaked US-CPA memo)

527 surge takes Kerry past Bush (Since 1/1/04, Dems outraise Bush 2-1)

MSNBC Breaking - Dominican Rep. pulling out of Iraq

Italians ready to pay ransom for release of hostages held in Iraq

Constituents' Iraq Worries Growing, Lawmakers Say

Archbishop attacks UK's Blair over Iraq war

War May Require More Money Soon

WP: Rumsfeld Remark On War Disputed

University of Alabama Apologizes for Slavery at Campus in Years Before Civ

France expels pro-assault iman

Major Rearrangement of U.S. Forces in Iraq to Deal With Holes in Coalition

Mortar attack on Baghdad prison kills 21 detainees

Voters unable to have printed receipt (Florida)

Americans Squirm as U.S. Death Toll in Iraq Surges (65% say unacceptable)

Toronto (Canadian) man being held Iraq

General says Fallujah a "rat's nest" that needs to be dealt with

Sen. Clinton: Newspapers Should Press Bush for Info

Village Voice: Timeline of Tragedy (article on my 9/11 timeline!)

Wolfowitz Denies Woodward Report

Liberal talk radio must find new Chicago station

UN might not be Washington's savior in Iraq

Support is growing for sending more troops to Iraq

Republican battle in Pennsylvania primary threatens Bush's re-election

TV networks cool on 'Passion'

Heinz Co. Is Campaign Weapon for Bush

Untried Fla. vote device to debut in Venezuela

Kerry refuses to release more records

WP: Woodward, Pt. 3 of 5: Cheney Unwavering in Desire for War

Senator (Hagel) says US may need compulsory service to boost Iraq force

I am dissipated. I won't go into detail, but I am dissipated.

I'm getting drunk now. I won't go into detail, but I'm getting drunk now.

Robb is a dingbat. I won't go into detail, but Robb is a dingbat.

I just noticed DU has state forums - spread the word


Oh, quit whining about whining

Is Wolf Blitzer a credible journalist?

Holy CRAP!!! The Flames advance to the 2nd round!!!

tonight's obligitory insomniac thread...

Do you think Laura Ingraham is hot?

happy birthday barney gumbLe

Charlton Historic House Is Owned By The Family Cat (Named Teddy Bear)

My heart hurts

Just bought Deep Purple In Rock today. Ask me anything.

I have had an epiphany.


Gooooooood Morning DU!!!

OK what's been going on?

it is a friggin orgy-warning plant sex thread

9 posts away from the '2000' four months....too much?

Dr. Says Too Much Sex Can Make You Sterile

Ok, are there any other DUers besides me who AREN'T stoned tonight?

Woman Uses Son's Baseball Bat To Kill Naked Intruder

'Strip-O-Gram' Performed At Resturant For City Commissioner Angers Patron

WP: High Times at 30, Getting Its Head Together

The grudge match; Boot Camp 1951

"Kill Bill" (Vol. 1) and "21 Grams"...

"please tune back during broadcast hours"? - Is Air America down again?

'Toothing' For Hi-Tech Sex With Strangers

Caped Crusaders fight real crime

#700 Woohoo!

help out a (semi) newbie here please

I read the Newspaper after a Week

Having Fun with Town Hall

If you are 10 feet away, and I can smell your cologne...

Well Here I Am In Sunny Philadelphia!

Aborigines Put 'Black Curse' On Prime Minister (John Howard)

Farmer Jailed For Killing Neighbor's Chickens

Brothel To Sell Its Namesake - Will Focus On Strip Clubs Instead

just saw a beautiful robin & a cardinal in the yard

It's the feel sorry for me thread....

Flash! Ahhhhhaaaa... He'll save every one of us!

Question about divorce

Who's your favorite jazz drummer?

It's the online Pixies quiz....

What song would you like to hear Bad Religion cover?

Just found out I'm moving to Houston. So glad, can't wait to get out of

RNC Convention Schedule

Spring in Montana

What a ripoff!!!

My "Bring it on" cartoon

So how come I never make it on the Milestones thread?

LynneSin please pick up the white courtesy phone...LynneSin...

Man Leaves Note To Self: "Rob Bank" - Arrested

Well the Canucks lost - the Flames played well...but now....

Beautiful Website: Wild Animals

Nine Years Ago Today, I Was Diagnosed

Oh, Jeez! I know one of the KBR people that were killed on 4/9!

Man Will NOT Get Life For Stealing VCR - Was Possible

Want to puke? click here:

Does William Shatner Make A Good Sig Line?

I have mucho reports to write

Republican humor: How funny is this?

Is your cat more of a 'love me' or 'leave me' critter?

Help, I need some bu$h jokes

Priest Tricks Parishioners To Strip, Hang Upside Down & Be Whipped

Did you know DU has one of the best ENVIRONMENTAL boards on the web?

What's the best movie of 2004 so far

Shameless self-promotion: the new column

Anybody have daughters who are into the Goth makeup look?

Bourbon fans

Jesus Action Figure

My daughter has discovered her totem.

Pottery Barn cries foul about Powell quote

If I were to start would I go about it?

I'm in love with a Dog of War

I'm trying to get my friend Sus to post here more often: Ask her anything

A spring rose....

When/under what circumstnaces were Kirk & Picard 'relieved of command'?

It's 68 degrees here, and 52 degrees 20 miles away...

TV's Frank's voice on Air America?!

Snoop Dog’s Shizzolator!

Has anyone been watching the "Band of Brothers" on History?

Kill Bill Vol.1 - just saw it

What Non-Hybrid Car gets the Best Gas Milage....?

New Retro Looking Propoganda Poster

Who has the oldest vehicle at DU

Who's your favorite rock drummer?

hey tech people, pref DVD people

Medical question for cancer sufferers

Scott Paterno for Congress!

Anyone on a (certain food) kick right now?

Am I the only one here that thought Hellboy was pathetic?

Who's Nosier?

Rant time! Re: Academic research (Warning: Lots of profanity)

Post a pic from a really bad TV show/movie. Just be sure it stinks...

Since we've been talking about Sus, here's a picture....

Does anyone else live where they don't live?

I was thinking of buying one of those scooters

Do You Eat What You Don't Understand?

This is doubly disgusting!!

GOD this is fun!

new Oxyrush advertiser SouthWest Airlines

hey catwoman!...............

My friend Sus wants to know what GOPisEvil looks like....

"America the Beautiful?" I don't think so.

Are you a rebel without a cause?

Is it harder being part of a couple, or not being part of a couple.

My silly kids

4:20 4/20 in about 25 min. Start grinding and rolling


Which Major League team has been the biggest bust to date?

"Rebuilding America's Defenses" is off the PNAC site...

'Naked Night' At Bar Draws Complaints

Talk to me about online business and merchant accounts

I too, am going to change my name

Calling out DU Expats...

Going out for Chinese Buffet and Mongolian BBQ tonite

Statistics Fans: What's a good site for demographic breakdowns on issues?

more tech problems help

Anyone afraid of spiders?

What's your favorite Kubrick film

Help Wanted - I need a service tech!!!

Suse 9.0 or Mandrake 10.0?

Doctor Proposes Pot to Calm Hyper Kids (Faux)

My 1000th post! WOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which movie, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band or Xanadu?

what would be on the EIB Network (if it broadcasted for more than 3 hours)

Weirdest thing EVER .The subservient chicken... Must see this one!

Campbell's honors Warhol on soup cans (no alcohol involved)

How often do you create polls?

Is this the right room for an argument?

Make your own Bush speech

Wonder Woman's a Democrat!!

I just finished my tax declaration

What was the most hellish decade to be an American?

Man (Yes, Drunk) Has Sex With Woman's Corpse

Kitten Shooting

Bizarre Supergroups - Your Suggestions.

calling all science geeks!

A funny thing about laptops....

Had $500+ stolen from my bank account from

Comedy Central's top 100 stand-ups

i just had the BEST Tiramusu EVER!!!

Last Night I ate Sushi, and Today I feel kinda Crappy

Cheer up!

Is Jesus Sexy?

Attn: Chicago DU'ers.....Vendooza Scheduled for 2 shows this weekend.

Kenya Kenya Kenya Kenya

Pro sports teams whose names you would change. And to what?

Brown College has a new course in DIgital Photrography!

5 minutes til the Daily Show!

Question about canine behavior.

Speaking Of Video Game. What Are Some Of The Best PS One Games.

Daily Show : stale outrage in the M. E. is replaced with newer outrage

What 3 films from the 1980s best describes the US in the 1980s?

So What's With These Little Scooters That Lazy People Ride Around On?

Recommendations for Satellite/Dish Network

In memoriam

I'm a faggot.

I'm a WASP

I'm A Bastard!

I'm a nigga

I'm a Haole

I'm a kike

I'm a chink.

OK, you're me. What do you do???

I'm a faggot - so what?

I'm a Gundi

I'm a Towelhead.

I'm a Kraut

I'm a Kadlunaq....


ok, that is it!!!!!

I'm a-ghast...

Man, I'm gonna go to the Onion for news from now on

Hey, where did all the locks come from?

Once again it's "What would your pets post about if they could post on DU"

So we got 1 bitch, 2 faggots, a chink, a wasp and 3 niggas!

I'm a bitch

April 20th is (well, was) Tito Puente's birthday!

I'm A Prick

Check this out! An Anti-AAR site is gone.

We're a pod of Orcas

In which decade did the US become closest to a utopian ideal?

Stoners, best CD to smoke to?

I love you guys

Who decides what is politically correct at DU, and what is not?

Which is more offensive?

I'm RICK JAMES......

I can't believe I'm saying this, but...

DU Engineers: what does mAh mean??

Is a woman's right to choose Unconstitutional and discriminatory?

I have just about decided.....

If Toronto Hosts A Baseball Game And 10 Fans Show Up

Tell me About Your Eccentricities

DU Ladies: Do you have CFM hair?

Another Darwin award candidate.

I am so tired of threads getting locked

Lenny Bruce, proponent of free speech or insensitive jerk?

I believe a little Trumaditis is infecting the DU Lounge.

What are the best Video Games of all time?

Im a liberal so everything offends me.

Ok, what super hero do you want to be when you grow up?

I'm a Butch

I go out of my way to offend people....

DU chat

A question about AIM

Use This Thread To Tell Someone You Love Them

Stephen Lynch "Superhero"

Who's the bigger nerd? This guy - or me for finding his site?

I'm offended by everything and everyone and start new threads to complain.

Speaking of football

Sorry..but that Chick handing out Cokes in the Movie Commercials, bugs me!

I find the word 'cheese' offensive.

I find the Tet offensive

I'm a Lumberjack

I find offensive things offensive...

David Lynch "Superhero"

I find all these offensive threads

Woah. The Lounge is f*cked up tonight, aint it???

I am not offended by anything!

I'm offended that threads with the word "offended" in the initial post...

I'm offended by Body Odor!!!

Mans Penis Explodes During Sex--- NO JOKE

OMFG! Mort Sahl is such an asshole....

I find Charlie Weis, offensive...

mo paul's favorite bush faces from today's news

Boy we got a quick moderator in the lounge tonight!

Hey, do they lock threads without reading them now?

I find school so offensive, that I'm still pissed off from 6 hours ago!

ACK! The higher Calling dot org - WHAT is this group

Preference in humps?

Should I change my name?

Hey, how do you ignore somebody?

Dumb answer thread

I want to make something perfectly clear

"It's April Twenty First .... " ...

"Now serving camel. $2.69"

Harry Vanda Fans??? NO GOOGLEING ALLOWED!!!

I bought a desk from Ikea it's called a Jerker

I'm a Little Teapot

Ok. I count 5 or 6 padlocks in here. Guess I missed a good night

Behave yourselves for the next 30 minutes, SCRUBS

Caption the mixed maxim!

Ottawa/Toronto Game 7 ends in fight

"Chef, what's the Black Death?"

What do you do when birthdays just mean

Truce: Time for a favorite food poll

I hate the f*cking Emergency Broadcast System!!!! (rant)

Caption the man in the pressure cooker

CAPTION, this should be easy.

Did He? Or, Didn't He?

Dont lock me! ...

Paintball "Facts" A Tribute to Cliff Claven

Why don't we all be civil and give the mods. a break??

THE LEAFS WON!!!...On to the second round....that's all! Go Leafs Go!

Goddammit! I'm out of milk.

Gifts --- Gifts

dip n dots

The Bluebird Crying Post of all CAPTIONS!!!

Is this a bad time to start a Cat picture thread?

Did God create Man, or did Man create God?

Chapped lips

Pixies Review - April 19th 2004 - MacEwan Hall, Calgary.

Man, I love that my wife is a liberal....

What annoys the hell outta you?

NHL fans: predictions for next series?

what religion is your cat?

Word Association Thread

ZombyPoll #Bajillion: Salad Dressing!

I got back safely

Announcing the "Democratic-NPL Underground" Gathering in Fargo, ND

George Bush's Resume'

Can I find Chappelle's "Black Bush" online somewhere?

I had my car's alignment checked

I'm about to dive into a big bowl of...


What do you do when birthdays just mean

Have you ever experienced the “last straw?”

Bear with me on this...

Barry Manilow SUCKS ASS.

I'm a snitch

Greatest Invention of the 20th Century

Seriously Cool - A new Comet in the Morning

Whats Your Sexiest Attribute?

What is your lamest guy moment?

Mods..I'm sorry

I life were a poker game what hand can you live with being dealt?

Teach your kids to sing it now. . .

"Voice lift" Surgery 'makes you sound young'

I find the Ardennes offensive

Will you smoke marijuana today? (4/20)

Jessica Simpson really can't sing. Who told her she can? I saw her

DU Legal Beagles, help please: What does "non-appearance matter" mean?

Hey! Guess what I bought at Costco today!

have an html question

Best Rock Opera?

Sean Hannity Putting on the pounds

The Future-Ex-Mrs. Robb is coming over: Appropriate Countermeasures?

Anyone else experiencing political burnout?

This afternoon I was waiting in the checking-out line

Dad-burn kitten!

Forget about cute Kitties: Here are pictures of MEAN KITTIES

Im a thread...

I'm 13 away from 1000!!! Ask me anything!

ok DU chat tonight

What is the most controversial topic at DU?

Post your favorite rap lyrics.

A moment of silence in memory of those lost at Columbine High School

Confess! Do you ever read "locked" threads?

I told Mrs. V. one of my dearest fantasies tonight.

Anybody have reptiles for pets? (No, I don't mean Republicans.)

Religion and Christianity


Anyone ever grave-haunt?


Redsox and Bluejays Fans

Anyone have daughters into the low rider navel peircing look?

Poof You're Me. What do You do?

When you were a kid...

*Sigh*...I was hoping I'd not have to do this...

Guys, Sign on if you dislike barbie doll types

Question about iTunes


In an all out battle of the Revenge-flick protagonists, who would win?

Most important figure of the 20th Century?

Un sitio muy interesante para los estudiantes de espanol....

Can an employer inquire about political preference?

I took my kitten to the vet yesterday...

Worst Film adaptation of a Book? Best?

Subserviant Chicken

Look at what MoPaul did to my cats!!!!!!

It looked just like Skinny and Sweet

The last music artist who REALLY annoyed you

For Red Wings, it's on to defeat the CFEE!

I just got a new puppy... Don't ask, TELL me anything!

Happy 4/20 day!!!

Any French Speakers? Help me name my boat.


Why the Red Sox will win this year's World Series

Greatest Baseball Team Ever

Poof! You're God. What do you do?

Kindly share your favorite SPRINGSTEEN tune

Recent Pictures (me and cats)

Bela Lugosi?

Vancouver Gathering in danger of a no go.....

Seriously...Why did my cat take a shit behind the sofa?

What is the worst book ever written?

Is "Godhole" a curse word?

Future of the DU Gallery

Yes, there IS a Mrs. Mo Paul............

Questions for a Tuesday

The Pixies are back!!!!!!!!!

I will NOT be ignored! I DEFY you not to reply to this thread!

To the $%$#%#$ debt collectrolls: I'm laid off, so LAY OFF!

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult

sorry for posting this question as a new thread for the 900th time, but

Urgent--I need legal advice about a divorce

My top 10 worst movies of all time (subject to change)


I think I'm a Jennifer Hudson girl now

Generic Poll

I would like to ask for good thoughts for my wife...

JOY oh freaking JOY!!!! Family Guy is back!

THAT DIOES IT!! I'm puting you ALL on Igor!!!

Lets gets some Pseudo Sex threads going

Philly area DUers! Come see my band Friday night!

For those joining the DU Delegation in Washington DC: PLEASE READ

Can the Democratic Party really hope to get the Jewish vote when Bush's

Correct Democratic position on Israel/Palestine please.

Kerry Campaigning in Florida

San Francisco Chronicle: Oil erupts as issue in presidential campaign

We're going to win this thing, so shut the fuck up with the doom and the

Kerry, Bush court Jewish vote as a key

3-Day Kerry Swing Will Focus On Environmental Issues - SF Chronicle

The Draft - A Chickenhawks Dilemma

woodward..."A Yalie and a Secret Society Member"

Elex Day red-circled by Ridge

How do the Dems win over white male suburbanites?

Dubya's Risky Political Gamble on Iraq

Bill Clinton just said what Kerry should have said on the Sharon plan!

Boston Globe: Kerry Refuses To Release More [Military] Records

Bush Losing Ground in Rural America

Bush Up 50-44 In New Gallup Poll, 48-43 In New Washington Post Poll

Merchants of Death: The Ongoing Legacy of War Profiteering by Shrub &

Save your for Nader

Bush spent $50 million in March - a record for any month in a campaign

ok enough with the Polls already-- here's some history for you

If Kerry doesn't CONDEMN a draft for Iraq, will you still vote for him?

I wonder why Kerry went immediately...

How will you help defeat bu*hit?

The *official* Tuesday "We're DOOMED--- doomed I say!" thread


Are there any sites that compare Bush, Kerry, & Nader stances?

need some help with an idea i have RE; No difference between bush/kerry

Kerry Organizing Team of lawyers to watch Florida Election

Do you think Kerry's handling of his service records is a strategy?

Carlyle Group Re-Embraces the Swastika ?

Welcome Kerry Back to Iowa!

The VP nominee will be whoever brings the most EVs to the table, period.

Due to Bush's rising support on security, Clark must be the V.P. ....

Improvements we can expect under a Kerry Presidency?

Bush's Lobotomy A Tremendous Success

Howard Dean speaks at Tulane, will be in MS this week.

I think Kerry blew it...

Do you believe Kerry is a skillfull politician?

Kerry blasts Bush on the environment

The Kennebunkport Hillbilly

This November I 'll Vote for Kerry & Boxer and Green On All Else.

Attention all Clark DU'ers! (Especially those from AL and the Deep South)

Bush Gains in Polls as Iraq, Terrorism Concerns Grow

What if my soul says to vote for Kerry?

Bush stinks; get rid of him:

Kerry and Iraq

CNN is waging an all out WAR on John Kerry

Josh(TPM)Marshall shouldn't doubt "Bush looks at the question in adv."

Libertarians? Slippery slope of censorship

Hillary on LK now! Saying same thing Kerry did about IWR.

Nader is going to hurt Kerry.

Conservative worries part 2 Christian Broadcasting Network:

Kerry VP vetter seen with Senator Evan Bayh

So if Kerry is just campaigning from the center

Is it a compromise to vote for Kerry over b*sh?

Kerry is going to be the best American President since FDR.

do other DUers control your actions?

Sometimes this seems like the Democratic Underminers Underground

Kerry is running a hell of a smart campaign

Odd, conservative leaning papers think Bush is in trouble:

I like the green, environmental Kerry.

it's gonna be a LANDSLIDE for Kerry!

F the polls! Kerry will have a 25 point lead after his acceptance speech

Do you think that Clark will be considered for VP?