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The Progressive's Bookshelf

I am out of here.

Our Dear Military, used as pawns, knights, bishops and rooks.

Iraq Said Spark for UN Kosovo Police Fight, 3 Die

Will the US Troops attack Najav?

Violence in Iraq will get EVEN WORSE, says Blair

Can Ed Gillespie say anything else

Whenever an American serviceman is killed in war,

Where can I hear AAR right now???

Freepers on the Gorelick death threats (really sick)

Who's with me on this?

Air America Radio: now which is your favorite show?

Michael emailed us, sounds like they are brainwashing the troops

The Bush Photo Album: Add your favorite picture!

IRS Probes Creationist Theme Park Operator

Help out with my "Progressive's Bookshelf" thread

Today was fun (sarcasm)

OK, my radio show is done for another week.

oustemnow's music-buying orgy (mostly vinyl) 4/17/04

BLACK BUSH!!!!! On Now! (edited sub - not on anymore, just discussion)

One of these things is not like the others...

Is it child abuse when a person hits his child because...

Took me a while, but I've recovered.

I'm barely 1000+ posts

Question: Am i over overreacting?

Poll!!! Pounce, ya'll.

Damn, I want some FRIED food...!!!

Random Lyrics Post

The Passion of The Hellboy

What is your major?

If you could be your favorite age for 30 days, what age would you be?

How not to disarm North Korea

Newsday toon: One year Later

Blair has lost his grip

Great Ted Rall cartoon!

Ideology, not reality, drives White House

A world-changing election

Jordan's king warns US over Iraq

Bush Doesn't Want You to See This

NYT 4-18-04: 'Lawrence of Arabia' Redux - Frank Rich

Oh my! If I lived in NY, I WOULD be pissed!

Tom Brazaitis (CPD): Bush couldn't survive one round of 'American Idol'

Stars and Stripes letters: We need them back/Get out and vote

Heads Up... From Michael Moore

Take THAT, Ashcroft! (WP column by Jamie Gorelick)

Bush's dangerous arrogance

No Way Out (of Iraq)

Bush brain scan

Funny and apt LTE/Seattle Times -


'Lawrence of Arabia' Redux

A War President Within the Law

How the Death of Judy's Father Made America More Secretive

A Letter from an Iraqi Mother to the Mothers of the Americans killed

The Terrorist Mind Control Threat (A Satirical Exposť)

WP Woodward Excerpt #2: With CIA Push, Movement to War Accelerated

A Better View Of Our Neighbor To the South

John Glionna (Los Angeles Times): Bush Losing Ground in Rural America

The Crack-Up - Bush and Blair piously kneeling in prayer - Chris Floyd

Gays must empower themselves

One year later - video

'I Haven't Suffered Doubt'

Iraq War: Love it, then live it! (Put your well being where your mouth is)

Gas Prices: Who's To Blame?

Neal Peirce: The High Cost Of Being Poor

Leonard Pitts Jr: These are ominous times for American freedoms

The Gospel According to George (Fineman/Lipper - Newsweek)

My letter in Chicago Sun Times

Anti-Bush bake sales sweep U.S. -- $250,000 raised

International Inquiry into 9-11 Toronto May 25-30 - Can use your help.

60" Tonight: Woodward Discusses Secret Financial Preps for Iraq War

German publisher Springer sizing up Daily Telegraph purchase

Anyone still have Clarke 60 Minutes video?

The Wall Street Journal...

Email CBS and give them your opinion on Woodward.

Air-America will fail like the 69 Mets!

Is Infinity/CBS/Viacom Out For Regime Change?

Gary Treudeau (Doonesbury) posts his "Hate Mail"

Tai Chi DVD Recommendations

Astrologers - June 30, 2004

Bubble Lives on at Broadcom, Where Options Still Rain Down

Oil pricing not going up - Dollar going down

Participatory Anecdotal Help-Wanted Index, Sunday, May 18

My son's 401 K advice--My moral dilemma.

Alaska Boycott again ?

Oh Damn!!!! They just showed seals getting clubbed on CNN.

Nasa: Asteroid and Comet impact hazards

Global warming devastating native Alaskans

Sunil Ram, American Military University: Iraq war could last DECADES

Africa to remain SA army's beat

"rantisi buried as Israel vows more killing"

Illusions of Empire: Defining the New American Order

Debate the "merits" of the Assault Weapons Ban.

Suit seeks damages from gun shop that sold gun that killed 7-year-old

Why Ban AW? 44 Minutes on FX now.

Just a heads up....

How do I insert an image into my signature?

Advice on a PM I recieved

FYI: I'm having the same error problems DoNotRefill describes

I would like to change my user name,

A thought on the "can't criticize Kerry" conflagration:

Sixty Minutes, the West, and dupe threads...

This week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Any chance of getting rid of that disgusting fly avatar?

Idea, again.

How far does someone have to go?

New addition to streaming radio links

US 'gravely concerned' about Mid East stability

Ex-Mossad chief: Rantisi strike is blow to Hamas

Bush blesses Sharon's apartheid

Hamas Appoints New Leader After Slaying

Sharon says attacks on Hamas will continue

Angry Gaza pays final farewell to Hamas chief

"rantisi buried as Israel vows more killing"

Kerry: Rantisi's killing was justified

By Endorsing Ariel Sharon's Plan George Bush Has Legitimised Terrorism

Hamas Vows Revenge but It May Be Too Weak to Follow Through | NYT

Interesting informations found

Wasn't there a new Mike Malloy thing? apr 14?

Lockheed advertises a $76 billion backlog on its investor web page.

"Aid & Comfort To The Enemy"

AJC: "NRA ranks cheer Chaney" (sic) - They can't spell in a headline?

Bush Re-visited: 2 months before 9/11-"Disengaged, Resting, Working out"

I'm really liking John Kerry these days

can Bush destroy himself without destroying the country? . . .

Kerry and my Republican uncle

Woodward Book Excerpts 1 of 5

NYT:NowCan We Talk About Health Care?(by Hillary R. Clinton)

Rove regrets using banner declaring "mission acclompished"

Funeral For A Civil War Sub Crew

"Meeting" Joe Hoeffel today again...

Falluja: "I don't want to help either side...both will shoot me."

New Gay Anglican Battle Erupts

World Domination LLC

Whoopi Laughs To The Altar

william rivers pitt

Anyone know what percentage Clear Channel owns of XM radio?

Why did Woodward use the Liar Bush as his primary source?

Newsweek~The Road to the Brig

When is Blair up for reelection?

Bush is not creating new terrorists in Iraq. So quit saying that

Clarence Page calls out Rumsfeld: American soldiers are not "fungible"

Cheney Takes Aim at Kerry (with a gun)--Pittsburgh Tribune Review

The plan to bring theocracy to America

Dowd: The House of Broken Toys | Powell/Woodward

Punitive village-burning expeditions

Another first for Bush. UN peacekeepers killing UN peacekeepers

Bush is not toast!!!!

It's obvious what is wrong with the Sharon proposals.

Just got back from the City, and there are Air America posters

A big fat lie from Bush and Rove.

Question about late U.S. Sen. John Heinz (R-PA)

Cheney says Kerry is a threat to gun owners

War on Terror? about a war on Stupidity?

Media Awakening in MO

If there were a Liberal version of Bush

Meet the Press/John Kerry - rebroadcast on CNBC Sun. at 10 p.m. ET, Mon.

Is it just me...or is NPR starting to really suck?

prescient sentiment from Nixon impeachment hearings

Gay Republicans Say Its Hard to Back Bush (Idiots!)

Incurious George W. can't grasp democracy

"The Wall" is the new "France"

Where's the News???

Toddler Gets Three Gay Parents Court Rules

We can't let them keep framing the war in Iraq as a war against terror!

So where's the Oil?

WP: The Truth about the "Wall," by Jamie S. Gorelick

TV evangelist preaching in War terminology

Is anything more evil than a war for capitalism?

Protest the War: Wear Black

I don't get something here...Condi repeats the crap about "insurgents

Have any extra frequent flier miles? Donate 'em to the troops...

Do Republicans really have the best interest in our troops??

How Alert Are You?

Denial of Moussaoui FISA Warrant: The Smoking Gun?

AMERICAN STOCKHOLDERS we need your help firing the CEO

The BushCo Database of Iraq Lies: Thank you, Rep. Waxman

Did Bob Schieffer just call Bushco a TOTALITARIAN REGIME? I hope so.

Clinton Told Bush That Bin Laden Top Security Threat, Time Says

Rice makes it clear that Bush doesn't give a damn about US soldiers.

CNN: Nine more U.S. troops die in Iraq; Reuters: 11 dead

Kerry looking AWESOME on MTP

"We may well need a new President!"

is there only one story (CNN) about the death threats to Gorelick today?

Reynolds v. USA: 50 y.o. case might reopen: National Security Privilege

Debates: Will Bush* cabal get questions ahead of time???

Arianna Huffington today on why she supports Kerry over Nader

'Getting Aid Past US Snipers is Impossible'

What happened to the "non-combat" deaths in Iraq?

what's wrong with today's white house statement on Rantisi hit?

On CNN/Wolfie, Gen. Myers tries hard not to lie, but fails.

Cook County (IL) Repukes acting like . . .well, Repukes!

DINO Pukewannabe LIEberman waxing sentimental about *'s Iraqi adventure

MSNBC highlights 9/11 Clarke's testimony Now

Sunday Seattle Times running flag-draped coffins picture Has Been Shut Down and Is For Sale -- Anyone interested?

Condi Rice on CBS, tries to explain away the $700 million diversion

The MISadministration: Bush* Scandals with NO Accountability - Impeach!

War protesters close federal building (Oakland)

Bush's idea of Liberty:

Our soldiers are surrounded - if you look at the big picture

Does anyone have the Freeper reaction to Kerry's MTP performance?

According to Wolf we reached 700 dead troops

John Kerry - Meet the Press

CNN HLN just now- "Kerry vs Bush"

U.S. Mining Company's Support of Terrorists Linked to Al-Qaeda

Bush denies planning Iraq war shortly after 9/11


Seattle Times publishes photo of coffins

How do you keep Bill Bennett quiet ???

Questions to college students or people who work at colleges

Israel and US relationship operates like a pressure valve....

Hospital makes bold move to assure health care access for poor.*

Spain pulling out immediately

What happened to the $700 Million????

how much more killing will it take to satisfy the cretin president?

Tom Curry's MSNBC "Analysis" of Kerry on MTP

REPLAY: Kerry/MSNBC interview on at 1:00 pm PST

Risks for US troops increase dramatically

Is anyone really falling for this "turn over power"

How Bout that Condi Rice

Kerry Calls for New Strategy in Iraq

Selection 2000 Exit Polls - The Good News for Kerry

Help! I'm writing an article and I need to remember my facts

Help needed re: Iraq Weapons inspectors.

Map of Iraq here

Most honest President of the last 50 years?

Hospital closings (and ambulance shootings) in Fallujah and Najaf

How can Bush's handlers possibly let him debate Kerry?

The Incredible irony of Jamie Gorelick

new bushflash video...... one year anniversary

Faces of the Fallen -- show your respect to America's 700 dead here

swatting at flies

Why is there not more outrage @ * "Brown People" remarks

How will anti-globalization demonstrations hurt * ?

Diversion of funds to Florida.

Josh Marshall's TPM: Report from Iraq; Abducted Italians

If Clinton didn't have the tech-economy boom

I just put up my "Make Love Not War" banner in my second floor window

It's High Noon for BushCo

National Security Report From 2001 Repeat c-span NOW 4:30 pm est

The dirty little secret is out. The Kurds have been thrown at the Iraqi

Condi on Face the Nation

Repubs, once they get into power, think the laws don't apply to them....

Who do you *think* Kerry will pick as VP?

Quote from Gen. Richard Myers U.S. Joint Chief of Staff

If you are detained by the police, should you have the right to know why?

Have you noticed that Spanish speaking countires are electing leftists?

Why is the election so close?

Check out these fun sites!

cheney showing off his new dick

Which one of these will be the GOP October Surprise?

A great news web site

A GREAT ad about G DUBYA Bush

Guerrilla Warfare Worries U.S. Military

One of the Faux 'Consultants" a retired colonel

Solution to Dibold Voting machine fraud.. Vote with absentee ballots

It doesnt matter when we leave Iraq. The end result will be the bloody.

A look back: People were marching in the streets by tens of thousands...

Nader confirms on Late Edition just now

Its the fear of a draft that is scaring people away from Bush

Viva Espana!!! Offical Zapatero appreciation thread !!

skull and bones was mentioned

Yea! Scarborough Country on Sunday nights now!

i saw a smile as russet put his head down

Warren Rudman Speaking Now

Republicans don't hate...?

What would happen if a Palestinian helicopter Blew up a car with Sharon


*'s 3 biggest failures?

Most EVIL Person in the Bush Administration

Questions about the comparison of DC homicides to Iraqi casualties.

If as Chimpy says "you are either with us or against us" is Spain against?

Just heard a great piece on "How negative campaign ads work"...

I think it is time for George Bush Junior to start watching TV

Who Could Have Predicted The Current Crisis In Iraq?

Condi Rice on History International

Shrub joins 700 club

The Pledge of Non-Allegiance

Brian Greene, Author of "The Fabric of the Cosmos" on C-SPAN2

How many times have you seen the Bush ads ?....the Kerry ads ??

Important to DU

Russert tried to intimate that Kerry was mentally ill

When is murder not murder?

Buying Luggage? Buy Tom Bihn!

It seems those of us who don't wish war for empire

What the heck was Charlie Rangel thinking?

John Dean "Worse than Watergate" on C-Span 2 ALERT

Like A Cow Turd Landing On A Daisy

Violence in Iraq will get even worse, says Blair

Howard Dean just on live on FOX News

bush is nuts!!!!!!

Just watched Bowling for Columbine again . . . .

Letter to Bush* from soldier's father in Pitt. Post-Gazette. Wow.

Deleted message

Will bringing the BFEE to justice have any impact on America's standing

Californians and Taxes

Secret US Government Report Says Mideast Democracy Promise=Bushit

Rice: U.S. Will Not Negotiate for Soldier Release

60 Minutes Review, Please

Woodward exposing many lies on 60 minutes!

Help! Tornado warnings are preempting 60 Minutes

OK, it's official, we have got to get rid of the current Congress and fast

What ever came of these politicians/political spouses?

With so many weapons in Iraq, why wasn't Saddam assassinated??

Responding to Vicious Attacks on Kerry's War Record

Peggy Noonan thinks the "liberal media" gave Bush a pass

Impeach now!

Osama losses/Bush losses?

Freeper relatives would like evidence that Rush is a racist

Cheney at NRA Meeting Talked about Anything but Assault Weapons Ban

I love this country very much

Amy Goodman is on Air America's "Laura Flanders Show" at 8 p.m. EDT.

And the Plame outing book will be on bookshelves soon

Town's friendly face hid messengers of hate

Deja vu. Like father, like son.

Philosophically, how is killing Rantissi any different than killing Osama?

US Troops are outnumbered 1:10,000

I spoke with a Communist today...

The Most Horrifying Photos of what we're doing in Iraq

Now we know where the intel came from...our own agents inside Saddam's

Gay Kiss Too Hot For Canadian School

Giving Bite to the "Toothless Lion" (long - but feedback desired!)

Feeling a Draft

The World did not oppose the Iraq war because of Bush.

MINNESOTANS - WCCO will air 60 Minutes tonight at 11:35 pm

Towns Ask North Carolina To Repeal Anti-Gay Marriage Law

If Powell felt that Bush henchmen had formed a separate government

The Nader Effect On The 2000 Election Question

Newsweek: Bush wanted to invade Iraq.

Anybody buy sweets from the MoveOn bake sales?

Iraqi Minister of Health acknowledges the U.S. military targeting

David Cay Johnston "Perfectly Legal" on C-SPAN Booknotes

Okay, now I'm really confused.

$audi October $urprise -- oil prices to drop just before election

Pataki Blames Dems for Pre-9/11 Failures

$700 million diverted to Iraq War is the big Woodward bombshell

Bob Woodward

Assuming that UBL doesn't live in a cave, no pun intended, he will

Anyone still have Clarke 60 Minutes video?

Who's going to dc saturday?

Anti-Bush sentiment busts out all over - movies/TV

Did or did NOT OBL mastermind the 911 tragedy ? ...

I just ran into two gross Freepers playing Call of Duty online.

I blame Congress and the media.....

Looking for Bush quotes about protests

Did anyone read Bush at War? Woodward's first book.

What will Al Franken have to say tomorrow??

Of the people criticizing Bush after the Woodward interview, what did you

Request: Does a list exist of Congress votes for WC impeachment?

Debate on reinstating the draft coming up on CNN in a few minutes

Bush and his "war on terror"--help

How many US troops are stationed in Iraq?

Spare me, Bob Woodward

John Dean Interview on C-Span is better than Woodward...anyone watch it?

Anyone remember the comments by Poppy and Barbara ?

I see that the Rev. Jesse Jackson's statement on US hostages has been

Woodward says Prince Bandar Given War Plan

I've been talking to George Harrison (in my head)...

Is the Woodward interview online?

So Sludge Has Been Busted for Anonymous Sources? n/t

John Kerry: proof you can smack down pushy little Timmy Russert!

Jello W. Bush.

OK. so say bushie is out and Kerry is elected our next president

Anyone having problems connecting to hear Peter Werbe tonight?

Just read tomorrow's Top 10 Cons Idiots...question: who are the Coors

John Kerry: Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

Woodward's Credibility assessed

Are There Any Safeguards Against An Insane President?

Terrorism is a frame of mind. How do you change a frame of mind?

Anybody having trouble connecting to Peter Werbe's show?

"Damn you, Bill Clinton and your terrorist-loving penis!" (Top 10 Idjits)

Can we assimilate the Bob Woodward interview on 60 Minutes?

Oh, THIS has to be treason!


A Heady Mix of Pride and Prejudice Led to War (Woodward's Book)

"Slam dunk" says Tenet

Who is/was the most evil man in history?

Jesus: When the Son of Man sets you free, you shall be free indeed.

Anyone else here can't seem to get a grip on causualties?

Speculation: did someone call Woodward RE: Plame?

Ok, but seriously what ABOUT Clinton's penis??

Can you feel it? It's a delicious feeling.

Tina Brown's guests are ripping Jr.

I missed 60 min...any video or transcripts online?

Global warming devastating native Alaskans

Its not Bush or Kerry, its Republican or Democrat

Analyzing the "Sins" of Wal-Mart

Bush claims there will be no history of the iraqi war . . .

Can we finally just go ahead and impeach the bastard now?

Could this be why Bush said "we will all be dead"? Be afraid, very afraid

Help Me Debunk These Right Wing Lies.........PLEASE!

Soldiers And Fortune , Who's calling the shots in Iraq?

60 minutes and freepers

Check out Salon. "Who's a fascist?"

Funny how the game changes, but the names are the same.

Pres. Buchanan* get out of the way. Bush* is now the worst president ever

Sunil Ram, American Military University: Iraq war could last DECADES

Your place on the political spectrum

Have I become a conspiracy nut?

Time Person of the Year predictions?

Is Condi saying

Just thought I would mention the Dalai Lama is in Canada for 19 day visit

Future NeoCons of Amercia's new T-Shirts

do you think *ush will be carried out of the White House in a straight

"Troops Out...Iraqi's In! ..Troops Out...Iraqi's In.....Troops Out...!"

Kerry drops bombshell ! He doesn't believe war on terrorism should be...

Anyone else having problems with Iraqi blogs?

Rep Nat'l Comm declares Global Crusade

What is George of the Jungle going to try now?

"It's a story about hospital closings" Rahul Mahajan's 4/18 Blog -Iraq

Who knows...we'll all be dead...?

Calling out Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity!! You want 'treason?' I'll give

Email CBS and give them your opinion.

Messianic Bush: A Primer

TBTM Radio #33: 'Bush's Train Wreck'

Help!!! Once More-Need Links To Articles Re Bush ignoring Terror

CNN posting wrong headline.

john dean is on cpan2 right now

Please DU this poll in my local paper

FAUX Sunday : Expect a "terror attack" before the election.

These are the facts. This is the truth. We WILL win.

Hanging from bridges - irresponsible or legitimate protest?

Bob Woodward/ 60 Minutes

Strong Final Statement to end a speech?

John Dean Book: "Worse Than Watergate: George W. Bush"

Even the Freepers understand Woodward is big trouble

Revelation 13: 5-9

Howard Dean: Democratic party "an amalgam of nothingness"

How bad (or good) do you think the Woodward interview on 60 Minutes

What should Bush's* title be?

John Kerry: He Won't "Cut And Run" from Iraq. Whoopppyyy!

Did Woodward just explain the 1970's oil embargo?

In 2000 Nader almost cost Gore ME, IA, MN, NM, OR, WI

The look on Mike Wallace's face when Woodward told him ...

Why are people upset about that Woodward piece???

Woodward is a joke....

Factor head plants on DU

We need to help this POW. Email/call the WH and tell Bush to negotiate

Look folks, this ain't beanbag we're playing.

GI's In Iraq: 699 Dead 3,466 Wounded Stay the Course?

I anybody getting Peter Werbe's WRIF stream tonight?

Is it time to revive the independent counsel?

Karen Hughes and Condi Rice approved war before Powell was told.

Bush is insane, and his statements sound like

What is the root cause of terrorism? / My Greg Palast ?

We killed the daughter of an important tribal chief while minding sheep

Here it is...Rice says Terror attacks before November

NRA = Latent S.A.?

Will The Media Report The Woodward Story?

Bush denied permission to assassinate Rantisi. Do you believe him? POLL

Did Woodward just double cross Dubya?

Powell should resign protest!!!

I just don't get Southern Pride

Former German Defense Minister Confirms CIA Involvement in 9/11

Nader's Message - Any Agreement?

Should parents have a right to know if their minor is having an abortion?

Mohamed Atta loved pork chops, and 49 other things you may not know

pls delete

CNN late Edition: Spain to pull all troops out of Iraq.

Spain Pulling out of Iraq

CNN: Spain orders all Spanish troops out immediately!

CNN Breaking - Zapatera Pulling Spanish Troops from Iraq

Report: Spain to Offer U.S. Non-Military Aid in Iraq

Phone calls risky at besieged Iraq base (Salvadoran troops in Najaf)

Karbala militia expecting US attack ("any moment now")

Stability of Iraqi police eroding "starting from zero"

Moneymakers will unveil new $50 bill in Fort Worth (on 27 Apr)

Man who revealed Israel's nuclear secret set for release

Sadr aide warns of Najaf clashes

NYT: Evaluating the 9/11 Hearings' Winners and Losers

Sadr aide warns of Najaf clashes

US soldier dies after bomb attack on convoy

1st excerpt of Woodward book now up-WP OnLine

Five Marines Die in Iraq Border Gunbattle

Spain to offer U.S. non-military aid in Iraq-paper

High Court to Hear 'Enemy Combatant' Cases

U.S. Marines face tough times in postwar Iraq

WP: Gorelick Defends Information-Sharing Policies

Colombian navy finds drug stash on training vessel

Rocket Launchers Sought by ATF Agents

Explosions heard near US headquarters in Baghdad

5 Sets of Remains Believed to Be American MIAs Go Home - Vietnam

Hamas Appoints New Leader After Slaying

Rebel Shi'ite Cleric Declares Two-Day Najaf Truce

Iraq sparks shootout among UN cops in Kosovo - 2 Americans 1 Jor dead

Four US soldiers killed in Iraq attacks: military

The beating drums of political warfare

WA A-G Gregoire's staff shaped 'independent' investigation of her office

Zone, Where Iraqis 'Refuse on Principle' to Go, He Says (Green Zone)

CNN: Nine more U.S. troops die in Iraq; Reuters: 11 dead

Violence in Iraq will get even worse, says Blair

All roads to Baghdad close

99 U.S. Soldiers in Iraq Killed in April

NASA to probe Einstein's relativity theory | Houston Chronicle

Justices of the peace confront dilemmas on gay marriage (in Mass.)

Attacks 'being planned against London' (by al-Qaida) | SMH

Bus carrying American teenage soccer players overturns outside Paris

Hong Kong intercepts mail-order marijuana from Canada (C$360,000)

Rice: U.S. Will Not Negotiate for Soldier Release

Three US soldiers, four Iraqis killed in Diwaniyah clash

Recast in Key Iraq Role, U.N. Envoys Are Wary

Apartheid's National Party voted into oblivion (1.7% in election)

Shadows of Tehran over Iraq

More than 50,000 Sudanese flee fighting | Globe and Mail

Did Clinton Do Enough? (TIME)

European, US firms awarded bids for Iraqi oil

Arab League Sec Gen Moussa calls for joint Arab action against Israel

Medicaid tab saps Michigan (a quarter of state's general fund)

France condemns Israel's killing of Rantisi

Fear Campaign Worries Military

Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels announces plan to save city forests

Other Nations May Reassess Iraqi Forces - Rice

Illegal immigrants won't get licenses (in Florida) | Orlando Sentinal

Broadcasters seek ban on local satellite radio

Pro-choice forces mustering for capital march

Myers: Syria Needs to Secure Iraq Border

Berlusconi, Iran Foreign Minister Meet

Gays plan to protest at GOP convention

Record poppy crop makes mockery of Afghanistan's 'jihad' on opium

Warren Rudman Speaking Now

This Delightful Bit From The Los Angeles Times...

WP: In Fallujah, Confusion Spiked with Danger

Faux reporting fighting in southern Iraq, British troops & al Sadr militia

LAT: Marines Cultivate Iraqi Sources but Reap Little (Falluja)

World misled about Iraq war

Rice: Israel plan puts ball in other court

Full text: Spain's PM calls troops back

Hamas Vows Revenge but It May Be Too Weak to Follow Through | NYT

N Korean leader 'goes to China' | BBC

Kerry Says Iraq Solution May Be New President

(IHT) U.S. fears pre-election terror hit

Fallujah Is Realm of Snipers on Both Sides

Utah Man Apparently Distraught Over Brother's Redeployment to Iraq Shot

Australian opposition ignores US, Iraqi concerns on troop withdrawal

UK scraps scheme to send home Iraqi exiles

Iraq Said Spark for UN Kosovo Police Fight, 3 Die

Bremer Doubts Iraq's Security Readiness

Baghdad boil affecting US troops

Democrats pressing Rogers on bribe story

Cheney portrays Kerry as threat to gun owners | CNN

Energy Outlook May Drive Takeover Wave

Bush claims there will be no history of the iraqi war . . .

Serial molester arrested in Oregon | Seattle Times

Saudis pledged oil price cut before US vote-report (Forbes)

Again, Bush Claims we will all be dead when asked

Robot Plane Drops Bomb in Successful Test (Dupe)

Rice: U.S. bracing for attacks before election

Guerrilla Warfare Worries U.S. Military

Kerry attacks Bush's 'arrogant' diplomacy

Eleven more U.S. troops die in Iraq (Toll reached 700)

White House Irked as Powell Airs Iraq Misgivings (NY Times)

Israeli killing of Rantisi draws world condemnation

Man Charged with Abducted Woman's Murder lead police (unborn victim)

Ford Upset by Web Ad Showing Decapitation

Rice Denies Book's Claim on Iraq Decision

$2,000b to be invested in Beijing Olympics | Xinhua

Priest Sentenced on Molestation Charge in Wyo. Involving Beatings, Torture

Report: Regulators poised to fine bank (Riggs)

Zimbabwe celebrates 24 years of freedom - from UK

McKinney: 9/11 probe to justify comments

Russia kills key Chechen rebels

Lack of Resolution in Iraq Finds Conservatives Divided

Gay republicans say its hard to back Bush

In Break With Tradition, Frist Takes High-Stakes Fight to Daschle's Turf

Rice Refutes New Book on Date That Bush Decided to Go to War

9 Years After Oklahoma City Bombing, Families Searching for Coconspirators

Report: 11 U.S. Troops, Dozens of Iraqis Killed (Yahoo)

Chalabi tells Australia to stay the course in Iraq

Italy negotiating swap for hostages in Iraq: hostage relative

Saudis Pledged Oil Price Cut Before U.S. Vote

T.Star: Anti-Bush bake sales sweep U.S -- Impeachment Pie ...

GOP's philosophical rift shown in Pennsylvania

WP: Bush Plans Aid to Build Foreign Peace Forces

Sadr militia backs UN peacekeeping forces in Iraq: spokesman

Revolts in Iraq Deepen Crisis In Occupation (MUST READ)

With CIA Push, Movement to War Accelerated (WP: Woodward, Part 2/5)

Bush letter cites "crusade" against terrorism

Chavez Threatens to Stop Selling Oil to US if It Doesn't Stop intervening

Robot Plane Drops Bomb in Successful California Test, Boeing Says

Blair: 'We did not realise how strong resistance would be'

This is a war of liberation and we are the enemy - John Pilger

Saudis learned of war plan before Powell - Woodward

Saudis Pledged Oil Price Cut Before U.S. Vote -Report

NYT-White House Irked as Powell Airs Iraq Misgivings

Bush Losing Ground in Rural America

Cheney 'deranged' says Pyongyang

Nader Has Qualified Nowhere, Plans to Everywhere | LA Times

Disdain for Wal-Mart pulls neighbors together | Denver Post

U.S. death toll in Iraq reaches 700

Georgia Passes Laws Limiting Protests

Bremer Increasing Pressure for a Quick End to Iraqi Uprising (NY Times)

NORAD had drills of jets as weapons (2 Years before 9-11)

Private commandos shoot back on the Iraq firing line

Record poppy crop makes mockery of Afghanistan's 'jihad' on opium

Kerry: Rantisi's killing was justified

You've Got A Friend

I just got banned from my favorite conservative forum. Ask me anything.

License plates in the Matrix

SNL - any good tonight?

Any Red Hot Chili Peppers fans?

Who hooo - George Carlin on NOW - 2:30am EDT

Why are you up tonight?

Motorized procreation

Sleeper is on ....

Is spam ruining your online life?

its just a few minutes till i vomit aks me anything

Jimmy and the Teasers are the shit

Did anyone watch "Gone in the Night" last night?

Check-In: White People Who Went to Black High Schools

Dictionary Thread!

Motorized recreation

Isn't it nice, sugar and spice, luring disco dollies to a life of vice...

my brief take on the Chris Rock special

Which cheesy dance-pop song do you secretly love?

The cat of the future. Today!

What does DU stand for?

Iggy Pop singing "Loose" is better than sex. The only thing better is...


"blood type" diet / food allergies

Subservient Blair

Cat Survives Trip in Crate From China

Is anyone else experiencing difficulties

I'm thinking of a city.....(see if you can guess it)

So, what should I do?

Which cheesy bible verse do you secretly love?

It's the new song of 2004!

I used e-file. Do i mail my W2 and K-1 statement ?

John Malkovich joins the cast of the Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy film

"Maude" - listen to the theme tune

The Onion: Friend Buys Computer Just Like That

This "anti-immigrant" stuff has gone too far now ...

When you get 'the blues', what do you do?

Cream cheese and bologna sandwich.

For your breakfast pleasure: Hardhead's Huevos y Chorizo

Man Tries To Slaughter Cow - Uses High Calibre Rifle - Misses - Woman Shot

My partner has left me!

Ow, ow, ow

If You Are Bored Today Look At This (129k image)

What's you favorite pie?

Phoenix DUers..... today, Sunday, 10am

I am leaving for my big job interview this afternoon

So, despite an illegal goal the FLAMES STILL LOOSE!

Does anybody know what this site is supposed to be?

Hyperbole: If you and another person...

debating whether or not to visit a new church..untarians.

A spring rose.

It's the Thelonious Monk appreciation thread!!!

I'm in the 700 Club - I see Jesus and Ditka - What gives?

I have a blog now

I made a process server cry last night..

Hey Lounge Lizards! I'm on a date!

My Cranky Morning

What was that word I used to desceribe the Tigers this season?

I swear I'm not bragging, but

I can't even be unfaithful in my dreams...

Hospital makes bold move to assure health care access for poor.*

who's drinking a beer tonight?

Reporting first-hand accounts of Iraq war

I have a cassette tape of THE RISING SONS...

Was was the word Rumsfield used to describe the troops in Iraq?

Party at Freddie's

Paris Hilton

I'm in the 700 club!!

This proves how stupid * supporters are:

Orioles sweep, first place, yay

The moral hypocrisy in this animus towards the Bush twins is sweeping...

Tell me again why I have a dog. Charlie just ralphed on the carpet.

Is telling someone that 'their karma will get them' a threat?

Tonight's DU Insomniac Thread

Cover charges SUCK!!!!!!!

sweep baby sweep, go orioles, time for first place

Day 3 of the Yankees End of Days

I just bought a bunch of bumperstickers

IBM brand bumper sticker paper and what my new one says, hehehehe...

Dubya photoshopped by FARK

My Wife of 30 years left today

Weed killers... which are the best?

How to maintain a peace between the right+left

Say hello to the greak Kuro Neko Sama

What's your favorite Tom Waits album?

What did Aljazeerah just load onto my hard drive?

Ih8thegop's weekly look at the baseball season

Am I Turning Into a Ninny?

They hide in the darkness of a look alike milk carton crying out "Eat me !

Beautiful pictures of the male physique

I got a speeding ticket yesterday 84 in a 65 zone - that's 4 points on my

Has anyone had success putting their cat on a diet?

Accidental humor right here in the Lounge:

A front porch state of mind....listening to Uncle Tupelo

RIP Curse of the Bambino: 1919-2004

Any electricians or handy types?

Romeo Must Die

Extra scenes from The Lord of the Rings.

My hibachi dealer takes off his prosthetic lips and tells me....

Just finished watching Bulworth

Check out what's in my CD changer right now!

Best Hair-Band Song!

Theeeee Yankees Win!! Theeeeeeeee Yankees Win!!

ever seen a comic strip called "Men In Hats?"

The local NBC station is showing an old West Wing


Yikes! I'm getting addicted to this shit

It feels like holy hell is about to be released from the sky, yet...

Just hooked the scanner up to the new puter - PIC THREAD?

I'm looking for a good recipe for toast.

I'm looking for a good recipe for tofu

Which nearly-forgotten 80's song is the best?

What's with these random word spam emails?

Should I eat the pizza?

Caption the Good Ole Boy!

Van em or leave em?

Think I saw William Hung


I just pressure washed my patio

My car sucks!!!

Loading ALL my music onto a hard drive.....

The R.E.M. of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Just a quick jab...Mike Malloy...I still miss him!

If There Were No Speed Limit...

60 Mins/Bob Woodward question:

I just met Fast Food Nation author Eric Schlosser, ask me anything!

What's with all thebaseball threads? It's the NHL playoffs right now!

The Chicago Cubs

Amy Goodman is on Air America's "Laura Flanders Show" at 8 p.m. EDT.

Caption the reluctant child...

Why do men have nipples?

LOL! The newscaster just took credit for theoretically saving


Can someone help me alphabetize my M&Ms?

A fun, generic e-mail template

Do you know of any good websites that can tell me how to

Hot diggity, the wind is whippin' here!!!!!!!!

The 10 WORST Album Covers of All-Time!

Simpsons musical episodes

The breeze and I are saying with a sigh


The first time I saw the Miami Heat play this year...

1960s Soul: My Top 300

Is anybody here on Strattera? (Adult ADHD Help)

I'm looking for a good recipe for ice water (for a freeper friend)

Please DU this poll!

What is with these horse power freeks!!!

Things I 'm already missing from the US

The Darker Side of the Boston Marathon - some runners are nas-ty!

Eewwwww! This leg is ugly and offensive to me!

Anybody ever had Cruzan rum?


If I strangle my neighbor's dog will you still love me in the morning?

Describe your best friend

Now offering cat cloning!

A message for AO HELL Users...

Sunday Night Sopranos Thread...

Snoggera's Official Review: Midnight Cowboy

I'm looking for a good recipe for water...

One day in the first week in Navy boot camp.

Am I crazy? I like the name...

Reader's Digest question - "Unforgettable Character"

What does DU mean to you?

It's 85 degrees right now in Minneapolis

Suggestions needed, I have a wandering mouse!

So-called liberal "indoctrination"

Need some computer buying vs. upgrade advice

Biggest Pet Peeve?

My brother sent me some old videos - help me pick

I'm not wearing any underwear!!!!!!! (ask me anything)

Sunday night on the Simpsons

I am back from the holy Land of Cleaves.

"Think of me as Chomsky with dick jokes." - Bill Hicks

Anyone have a link about the air americar fiasco

The New Top 10 Conservative Idiots is up.....

Bush shocks Woodward by wishing Americans would die.

Thank Christ for the Bomb!

OK I admit it, I love Tori Amos!!! Do you?

The popcorn you're eating has been pissed in!

advice wanted about my website

Latest Breaking Gnus


How do The Ramones get on Crossing Jordan

Adult Swim: New "Harvey Birdman" Tonight!

Holy hotcakes - anyone been watching Ottawa Toronto?

We are all in the 700 club now.

Will there be an NHL strike next year?

The Meeting Room

General Discussion

A message from Michael Moore...

Monday's projected high in Hartford, CT: 86 degrees Farenheit.

Otis Redding and George Huff (American Idol)

Oh yeah, I finally finished moving.

Just saw The Punisher and Hell Boy-- my review

If you could know your moment of death, would you want to know?

I just want to make this perfectly clear!

Question about PERCOCET for those in the know.

This is my 300th post ask me anything....

Val Kilmer - hottie or hideous?

Hey, Oklahoma DUers!

DU chat tonight, please come if you can

Talk about a fucked up weekend

What is your favorite snack cake?

A Freeper Dies and Goes to Heaven, after the light subsides, he sees

Freepers, gays, and DU question

Kate Bush - Hot or not?

Ok girls, and gay do you rate Kerry's looks?

I'm a cop, so post your 'police type' questions here. :-) (Thread #2)

Gary Keillor Joke Show: Laura Bush opposed to same-sex marriage

Happy Patriot's Day!!

Who do you wish had passed you a note in homeroom

What does GB stand for?

I got XM Radio! AirAmerica, here I come!

Apple IPod Users: Is there a way to

Ahhhh...Harold Budd and Brian Eno...

Kate Winslet. Beautiful or not?

Oh, I forgot this one - you'd all love it - worst excuse for ingoring ...

Congratulations DS1!! 15,000 posts

WORST 80's song!

Hip Hop is...

New York Yankees?

Kindasleazy Rice has a tell

William DaFoe Hottie or Hideous?*PIC HEAVY POLL*

Official T-Wolves/Nuggets thread

What will you be doing on election night?


I think Paris Hilton is fucking hideous


Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi?

I'm listening to Bill Hicks "Arizona Bay" ask me anything

MAJOR congrats are in order for a few MN DUers....

I'm surprised I remembered my password

Prime Suspect 6 -- anyone else a fan?

My geology professor died today.

Can you cook?

Male Singer with most soul:*PIC HEAVY THREAD*

Anybody play Neopets?

I'd like to share an inspirational bible verse that helps to cheer me.

Any groups pressuring a tax promise from Bush*?

Kerry blasts Bush Iraq 'mistakes'

MTP in Mountain Time Zone

OK, line the Kerry MTP up against the * MTP.

Does corporate America really support Bush?

How often did polls appear during the 2000 presidential race?

Serial prevaricator Rice sets up spin for pre election black ops

Kerry and Bush in dead heat in Arkansas.

Carl Cameron of Fox News about Kerry "Meet the Press"

Anyone Else Notice Bush's Profile Pointedly Doesn't Say He Was Elected?

I wish Kerry's people would get the word out regarding Kerry's war...

Dean on FOX news at 6 tonight. Radio tomorrow WPTT

What's going on over's like a ghost town...I seen post lingering

Have there been any polls today?

Ask your conservative "friends" if they are glad that bush lied

If Edwards gets VP...

Kerry MTP Transcript up

POLL: Bush vs. Kerry

John Kerry on MTP and mylife long Dem mom voting for nader

PA primary race is turning out to be interesting

John Kerry went to Vietnam, looked the enemy in the eye

Me-Thinks that Kerry hit a Grand Slam today on MTP

MAP: "Voters in sixteen states may decide the presidency"

What did everyone think of Kerry's performance on Meet the Press?

Kerry: "...I don't even have nightmares about George Bush

Im confused please help me out here

Finally got hold of a red hot poll, and it's a goodie!!

Edwards- "I'll Give Him An Answer"

Why is Maine considered a swing state by so many?

A Kerry supporter's Earth Day talk w/ Kucinich (photos)

OMG! There's a WV Poll today! (but it no good though)

Cartoon: George Bush, Stuporhero!