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'Protectors' of unborn put them in peril

Salon: John Kerry's First Purple Heart

If Iraq's about democracy, let's do the job right

The Palm Beach Playbook - Bush bungles and panders

Pinkerton: The Neocon Conundrum

Iraq and the "War on Terrorism" by Michel Chossudovsky

Holy War? Is That What Bush is About?

Helen Thomas is on AirAmericaRadio and she is MAD AS HELL!

Campaign contributions

We need an official presidential IQ score prior to elections

"Eating at Mohammed’s Restaurant"

Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, & nothing but the truth?

BBV: A bit of positive news in CA

Should we conduct prisoner exchanges with insurgents?

Disruptor of the Week.

Should be an interesting weekend for the talking heads.....

Anybody watching Charlie Rose?

My take on all the right wing attacks on the 9/11 Commission

"We have to succeed in Iraq," says Kerry. (No turning back now)

How far to the left can you go before you're right?

Think that Bush* has screwed up this:

Howard Stern steps up "war" against Bush

some scary news from someone who has been right about a

The US occupation said there is no role for Iranian mediators

Oregon judge to decide gay marriage suit | Seattle P-I

Two teens plead guilty to Arlington cross burning | Seattle Times

Colo. Veteran Convicted of Killing Wife

Police foil bank robber's scuba getaway | Seattle P-I

Private security firms call for more firepower in combat zone

Air Marshals Keep Close Eye on Travelers

Praise for stand-up guy (Tony Blair) is lost in translation

Blair refused offer of get-out clause on Iraq

Red Sox Fans - UN Freep this Poll

Anyone just see Penn and Teller's Bullsh*t on Showtime?

George W. Girls....ugh

Och. I need to be reminded that it's OK to not be married.

A Perfect Circle

Dave Chappelle is Black Bush

What do you think about System of a Down?

OK I've had it, enough depressing news

I'm at post #899. Ask me something.

Paul Oakenfold or Ministry???

So I'm getting an old computer ready to sell at a garage sale... Help!

Michelle Branch

A Perfect Square

Check out this hilarious 'Star-Schmuck's' clip!

Darwin Award candidate

I beat the system today. But at a price.

Here you go kids! What Kerry's 20 years of Senate votes reveal...

This poll makes me very angry that Nader is running.

Teresa Heinz Kerry, The Philanthropist, Tries Tough Love - WSJ

Blame Bush for What Came After 9/11

A Good LTTE: The Lesson of These Wars Is

War based on 'flawed logic'


Vanunu will not be coming in from the cold

Dangerous Times

Capitalists for Hillarycare

Affected families hear from 1st AD

Death set to ignite tinderbox in Iraq

Lakenheath man marks anniversary of U.S. attack on Libya (bravo!)

Long thoughtful, ultimately discouraging article

NYT - Adlei Stephenson III

Howard Zinn: Check the Facts Before Rushing to War

WP: Behind Diplomatic Moves, Military Plan Is Launched (Woodward excerpt)

Bok: MIHOP ...'out of the Mouths of Babes'

9/11 Files Show Warnings Were Urgent and Persistent

Blair misunderstands his ally Bush

The George Bush Memorial in DC

A liberal's second look at Pat Buchanan

Suppress That! - (Spinning the Fallujah Carnage)

Dowd: House of Broken Toys

Tenet's Visits to Crawford Aug 2001 - ??

Follow the FISA; Ashcroft's Justice fell asleep over Moussaoui case, pt. 1

Are there any DUers in Kirksville, Missouri?

Letters to the NYT times needed to correct their blowoff of Ashcroft 911

I don't post often, but

Bush coming to Maine on 4/22 - Any action planned?

I guess my posts are too long.


Petition for Justice for Murdered 2-Pound Yorkie in Tennessee


A strange little dream.....


WP: A Nation Chained to (Interest) Rates

Vyugin Warns of Market Bubble (Russian Central Bank)

Outsourced? Don't Fall Into Severance Trap

Once Again, Milk Is A Cash Cow

Opportunity's phenomenal luck continues.

Archeologists Mourn Plunder of Iraq's Treasures

DUers versus Freepers on bad science

Malaysian premier writes to Bush ahead of OIC meet

The Moscow Times | Sitting In on a U.S. Congressional Visit


Iran's mullahs influencing resistance in Iraq

Gun of the Day

New York Loses a Top Legal Ally in Suit Over Guns

What about people who LIE and DISTORT Kerry's record?

Is organizing against a Dem allowed on DU?

Whoa! Did DU just go down?

Can we get an electoral map?

I'm Certain This Has Been Asked Before

Turning Into Israel?

Rage and despair

Stage six

Politics Of New Bush-Sharon Pact - CBS

Abdel Aziz Rantisi: In His Own Words

Gwynne Dyer: 'U.S. is on wrong side of the wall'

Ex-Mossad chief: Rantisi strike is blow to Hamas

An Israeli Who's Got Everybody Outraged

Israeli spokesman: 'We have to protect our people'

The second Balfour declaration

Israel Says It Blew Up Hamas Leader's Car

Initial report: Hamas leader Rantisi killed in IAF strike

4 Israelis hurt in suicide bombing at Erez Crossing in Gaza

No more ethnic cleansing

Bush Endorsement of Sharon Proposal Undermines Peace and International Law

I'll Scratch Your Bank...

Qureia blames U.S. bias; Israel: Rantisi was terror mastermind

Liberation Eludes Afghan Women

Richard Clarke- Arms peddler?

God, I hope this is true...

MIHOP guys: I want your knowledge.

Green Battalion--Murderers? Terrorists? Inhuman Scum?

FINALLY, we are talking seriously about Impeachment

I received a very lovely card from George and Laura today

Sibel Edmonds (FBI translator) on "This is Hell" at 10am EDT -- link

So what do you think. How did I do?

Right Wing Eye...This is great...

Center Left Check-In?

Iraq War: The case for Impeachment!

Where is the best 9-11 timeline?

My Question on the deal with Sharon

"I just found out a friend was murdered." Director of the Red Crescent

Blair Quote, "It was never going to be easy..."

SIX straight RETHUG calls on C-SPAN - CALL NOW!

Poppy and the plan to go to war in Iraq--a theory...

Then.... and NOW.... a short tale of an Iraq Cakewalk

More newspapers requiring on-line registration. I went to the AJC's

We here at DU have a CITY TO SAVE!

Duplicate post

Whoops I duped too. . .(Please lock)

The Moscow Times | The Crack-Up

*ush's exit strategy is to hand over the decision making in Iraq to the

Did the international inspectors know how many weapons Saddam had...?

What's wrong with the idea...?

Hart - Rudman Report 2001 (repeat)

I just heard the Mayor of Dover on the BBC talking about Iraq..

Kimmitt just fainted during the Iraq briefing.

Senator's Lost Credit Cards Used in Spree

Who pays to ship the bodies of the "contractors" back to the USA?

"God Hates Fags" coalition plans rally near New Paltz NY churches

Remember Saddam's Bombmaker, Khidir Hamza?....

"Everybody thought Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.."

Bush* radio address: don't look at me. JUST HAND OVER WHATEVER

Co-worker sent me this joke...

hey du'ers, ya don't know what yer missin'!!!

Bush's gubernatorial papers raising questions about access.

Sibel Edmunds (FBI Translator) being interviewed right now (9:50AM CST)

Gaviotas . . . model for a sustainable future? . . .

Italy: Berlusconi bribery trial reopens

Who here believes that Fallujah is a doomed township?

I thought the "US doesn't negotiate for hostages"?

Let's make some new playlists for Clear Channel

Rumsfeld... Time for You to Leave!

International Studies in Higher Education Act, HR 3077

See, "shock and awe" was worth it...

For the Want of a Nail, the Shoe was Lost, For the Want of a Shoe

memory hole: WaPo on Bush&Iraq - No Woodward or Tenet

Is Bush's new stance on the UN worth a double flip-flop ?

Anybody listening to "This is Hell"? The Palestinians are

Hillary was asked, point blank, by Katie Couric, if she regretted

The Worser It Gets...

florida DUer's

should we support troops who commit nazi-like atrocities?

Suppression and Liberty

Great movie!

Madison's Avenue

Bush and Blair are like Felix and Oscar, the odd couple...

our wounded are piling up and smirk is closing a VA hosp. - insane

Kerry leads B*sh by 10 points among College Students

McCain: Iraq plan was 'inadequate' (CNN)

bush is pathetic...the iraq invasion is merely a backdrop!!

al-Fallujah:--4 killed as Indonesian-donated ambulance fired on by US jet

ASHCROFT LIED!!! ASHCROFT LIED!!! Sibel Edmonds today.

Is Woodward's "Bush's War" Pro-Bush or Anti-Bush?

US soldiers shooting it out with Jordanian soldiers in Kosovo

Lawmaker to AOL: You've got mail

A threat against Richard Clarke?

The "Now What?" Prez Rides Again to the Gunfight at the OK Election

Haiti interview now coming up on This is Hell

Bake sale for democracy

The USA is the Weimar Republik

Teddy Roosevelt IV & Other Repub for Kerry

Air America archives?

Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO, campaign contributions

AOL poll

Even republicans are getting upset

Who here believes Seinfeld is coming back?

Will Ben-Veniste pursue Perjury against Condi, Ashcroft or Tenent???

the new Miss America will be a bushgang spokesperson - puke

The Case Against Bush* In Three Sentences

America deserves George W Bush..........

just curious, who else is far to the left and a yellow dog dem

Now that the administration is trying to spin the notion...

Military families continue to get stonewalled -- and screwed.

Brooks 4/17: in 20 years, no one will doubt that Bush did the right thing

Bush asked for a new Iraq plan because the old one required 400,000 troops

Dubya and the Presidential Pardon

How do you respond to those who say that the military is

This is great

Troops Blast Music in Siege of Fallujah ("Hell's Bells")

Great Argument Presented by Roger of the best

Any other Sam Seder fans?

Why aren't the Bush twins in Iraq?

Bush & Cheney: Stalwart Supporters of the Multibillion $ Military Industry

What if Iraq had WMD?

This is just wierd

Spy vs. Spy

Seattle backpack company gets caught up in freeper furor

Time for some more David Horsey cartoons!

I will need a future homophobe rebuttal

The flop from the flip: we won't bring democracy to Iraq (Oct 2002)

Will Bu$h bring the troops home this summer?

Some uplifting pictures from Iraq

"I couldn't have asked to be in a better place. I just got lucky..."

I saw a disgusting sight yesterday

Labor Department's own figures show unemployment rate really 9.9%

Dean on Rita Cosby's show at 9 tonight on Fox.

Isn't it about time we spend some money on the draft?

U.S. Deaths from Enemy Fire at Highest Level Since Vietnam

From SSS Web site, the process of how a DRAFT would be reinstated

If WMD found/ is Woodward book a set up?

N.C. Democrats To Hold First-Ever Presidential Caucus

MoveOn Bake Sales Doing Kick-Ass Business Here In L.A.!

Hey AAR! Listen up! We want Mike! -check out the Tribute CD!

tin foil hat computer question

Dadcom Says He Would Vote For Nader

the facists are trying to ramp up the war to provide cover for everything

Calif School Challenges Gay Student Law

Bob Woodward. Military intelligence agent? Make up your own mind

Will the Coalition invade Najaf and kill more Shiites?

been to a Move ON bake sale yet?

Deputy Secretary Armitage was not a US Navy SEAL.

Quotations of Chairman bush the dim.

DU this CNN Poll

Why are we hearing the truth about Iraq two years later?

A picture of Kimmet fainting

NRA members tell Columbine father to "Get a Life"

Pat Robertson interview

A liberal's second look at Pat Buchanan

St. Louis hockey player arrested for trying to get his boyfriend killed?

Hi! My name is George P. Bush.

What is it going to take?

Did Tenet tell Bush about Moussaoui in Aug. 2001? Is he protecting *?

"The Peter Syndrome". It appears we have reached a very high level of

The irony : Bush has restored credibility to the United Nations

The reason the pRresident came up with a plan so quickly after 9-11, ...

repig e-mail and reply

college newspaper reporters barred from smirk event in Iowa

John Kerry, Vietnam and Iraq

OK, 9/11 was Arafat's fault?

Bush Spend $700 million on Iraq without Congress's Approval

Why are Americans not outraged?

Zinni's warning for years: Iraq w/o Hussein more dangerous to U.S.

"Doing a Cheney"

"(BLANK) is a little like war. Once you get in it, you have to go all th..

Has anyone seen this?

CBS News: Another preview of Woodward's Book (Biggie)

Racist or Racism?

If Bush* job rating freefall is halted in the next set of polls...

OMG! Did anyone hear Smirky quoted just now on CNN?

ABC News: Jamie Gorelick receiving death threats (9/11 Comm member)

WP: Bush makes three factual errors in one 15 word sentence at press conf.

what should public education do?

Reuters/yahoo spike 'terrorists for bush story.'

So, has the Whitehouse attacked Woodward yet?

Yahoo message boards filled with racists

NADER is now LYING about Kerry and the DRAFT!

When did Bush start and end vacation in August 2001? (nt)

The Capitol Gang just contrasted a Clinton Press Conference with

Why is Rangel praising Rev. Moon? I am shocked by this.

Muqtada's Friday Sermon: Marines should Surrender

The adults are in charge now.

Another small but very hopeful sign

In view of Bush's endorsement of Sharon's policies, no nation should

Bush's Selective Service to soon conduct NATIONWIDE DRAFT "EXERCISES"!

Wonder if the Patriot Act will be used to pick up these agents in the US?

Retired General assails US policy on Iraq

Is Evil Eating George Bush Alive?

If you were president....

Charles Rangel (sp?) and the Draft

Tom Flocco on radio tonight: 911 Commission

Kerry's worst mistake

TV Alert: John Kerry on "Meet the Press" with Tim Russert, Sunday 4/18/04

How to answer the question about Kerry's $87B funding vote

"Official Guy James Show" thread....keep kicked please

It is unfair...

MSNBC: Bush urges renewal of Patriot Act

Okay, it is time, WE HAVE A CITY TO SAVE! If ever we had a voice

Re-defeat the Resident. n/t

sharing raed again. just think what he says is important

I heard on CNN today that armed forces recruitment is still strong!

Predictions on who gets to be the figurehead in Iraq come July?

Nothing better to do on a Sat. night but watch Cal Thomas interview

New Poll on Iraq - 57% say war in Iraq has increased the risk of terrorism

OK--When does it get bad enough for Clinton to say SOMETHING??

Our little bake sale made $448 today! That's a lot for a few cookies

DNC Video: Mistakes were made

Charlie Rangel and Sun Myung Moon?

It's not too late to impeach bush and cheney

The Fairest Vote of All. Scientific American, March 2004

"The Black Commentator" weighs in on PNAC, Bushco, etc.

Alternate history: What would America be like if RFK wasn't killed?

I sent Kerry $50 this weekend

Who will win the next election?

BUYING OFF NADER: looking for a win-win approach

Somehow a photo of Cheney holding a gun does not give me comfort

Just saw The Alamo

President Dick Cheney and Vice President Karl Rove, A Petition

Just how big of a cover-up do we have with 9/11 information ?

Caution. Three old white men on the verge of an orgasm ahead

Institutions more important than the people?

True or not, it appears that Bush gave his blessing to Sharon ........

Has anyone bought Pinxav yet?

Indian actress dies in air crash - was campaigning for BJP party

Reagan vs Bush

Wyoming's Teton County Is U.S. Wealthiest

If a bomb goes off in the forest, and the press doesnt report it, ........

Just had a little talk with my Republican neighbor while cooking out

How far are we from Armageddon?

Are massacres ever justified?

AP's Pete Yost has another Woodward biggie --

U.S. has committed a massacre in Fallujah

Have We Lost The War Yet Daddy?

Cokie Roberts says Laura Bush is the most influential first lady ever

What Do You Think Will Happen if the US invades Najaf?

So, When They Assassinate Arafat, What Are Your Plans For The Rapture ???

If ya know whats good for you-shut the fuck up-let Bush steal the election

Who here believes Christ is coming back?

Freepers in favor of repealing 26th amendment, raising voting age to 21

1st excerpt of Woodward book now up-WP OnLine

One More Time: Bush Conflict of Interest

PNAC Plan B: Ladies & Gentlemen I give you Rush Limbaugh...

Woodward book is not news!

I know it's wrong to enjoy suffering..

To Those Who Say The Won't Vote for Kerry.

What should we do?

Read this. And smile.

Deleted message

Has Bush conceded failure by now begging the UN to bail him out in Iraq?

Something I'd like to clarify as a gay man. . .

,,"something will pop in my head..."

Just Another Dead Iraqi..CNN news anchor goes after Al Jazeera

Does Texas have some climbing down to do?

Columbine Dad Turned Away From NRA Event - Told to get a life. Wow

Look at this! Do you see what is wrong here?

I just had a shocking realization

What does "Redneck" mean to you?

How They Plan to Steal the Election in 9 Terrifying Steps

MUST READ: Get Out Before We are Thrown Out-John Piliger

The most damning info in Woodward's book

what religion was the prophet Muhammed before he founded Islam?

essay: Bush stayed on vacation in summer of 2001 in spite of warning

Straight Couples Claim Discrimination At Key West Gay Hotel

How did Gorelick end up on the commission?

Why must bush* and Uncle Dick go to the commission together?

Into War the Gay community Hetro's are called "Breeders"?

Dispelling the Myth of Texas

I'm an "Extremist"

Why oh why can't Kerry say things like this?

"Rock Against Bush" new collaborate album..

Three Card Condi, Uncurious George and the Ghost of Payne Stewart

Holy Shiite! Smoking Uzi! WP: Moussaoui non-arrest key to 9/11

Mahmood Mamdani on Bill Moyer's NOW

Current, Ex-Spy Officials Oppose Agency

Bush Nominates, Appoints 24 to Various Posts (Recess Appts)

St. Louis Blues hockey player charged...murder-for-hire scheme

Kuwaiti Arrested for Trying to Hijack Qatar Plane

Florida gays in marriage lawsuit

During unrest, Cuban doctors treated Haiti's many wounds

For those of you who have been trippin on the Sears Tower prediction

Colombian union renews Coke suit

Blame Bush for What Came After 9/11

Blasts heard in central Baghdad

Rebel Iraq cleric defies US - Tens of Thousands Chant Support for Sadr

WP, p. 1: 9/11 Panel Points to Missed Chances (Moussaoui key)

U.S. troops, cleric's militia battle outside Najaf

NYT:TV Glimpses of Captured GI Encourage Ohio Hometown

Palestinians Demand Release of Prisoners

Cheney, Powell Split Over Iraq, Book Says - ("Gestapo office")

Blasts in Iraq's Kufa, Militias Rush to Fight

Oakland Trib: "Woodward: Bush planned Iraq war amid diplomacy"

Utah voters sound off on new electronic ballot machines

NYT:In Afghanistan, U.S. Envoy Sits in Seat of Power

FBI Warrant Requests Up 85 Percent

Iraq War More Serious Than Vietnam-EU's Patten

Armani Opens in Shanghai, Targeting China's Newly Affluent

NYT: WalMart, a Nation unto Itself (subject of U .Cal. conference)

Family of Mobile truck driver missing in Iraq keep hope alive

Iraqi Gunmen Kill Coalition Soldier

Big Brother agrees to turn a blind eye in Singapore

U.S. soldier dies of wounds after attack in Iraq

UK Press on Bush/Blair : Mixed reaction to double act

Publicizing arrest could have halted Sept. 11 hijackers

Number of GIs killed in Iraq reaches Vietnam War level

Iraq Sunni group says supports Shi'ite cleric Sadr

Anti-war protesters at UK Blair's doorstep

Red Bull Is Determined to Defend Its Territory | LA Times

Verify the Vote rally in Columbus Ohio TODAY

Mediation halted in Najaf

Suspected Taliban Attack Afghan Checkpoint, Kill 8

Barbs are exchanged over military service (Kerry response to Repugs)

Iraqi Gunmen Offer to Swap U.S. Soldier

Shoot 'em Up, Vote for Bush

NYT:Kerry Attacks Bush Officials Who Received Draft Deferrals

Anti-U.S. insurgents disrupt Iraq road network

Bush making stop on Earth Day (in Maine to discuss environment)

Qwest trial ends in no convictions | Denver Post

In besieged US base in Iraq, even phone calls risky

Captured US soldier shown on film

Kuwait heightens security over regional instability

Publicizing arrest could have halted Sept. 11 hijackers

US-led forces in Iraq probably insufficient -Italy

Bush Stand on Marriage Riles Gays in GOP (LCRs may not endorse Bush)

US business group fears new rift with Europe

"Dru is Home"

Bush's UN move partly down to 'poodle' Blair, says British press

Iraqi Forces Resent Fighting Countrymen

US attack on Iraqi city fought off

Gubernatorial hopefuls react to school funding decision | Billings Gazette

Titans male cheerleaders out of a job; who'll hoist the flag? | Tennessean

Judge: Montana school funding inadequate (violating its own constitution)

Bush Move on Mideast May Sway Jewish Vote | LA Times

Salazar (D-CO) opens state tour, targets Coors (GOP 'aristocrat') | DP

Va Gov Warner Alters Measures On Feticide, Gay Marriage | WP

Crusade to take gospel into state prisons begins (Florida)

Space shuttle launches may resume next spring | Houston Chronicle

U.S. Closes Two Highways Into Baghdad (For a little road repair)

Hijack fears disrupt Qatar flight | BBC

Britain suspends aid to Uganda | The Monitor (Kampala)

Berlusconi (Italian PM) faces the judgment of a Milan court

Bake sales to sweeten pot for Sen. Kerry's campaign

Author: Gays Could Strengthen Marriage | Fox News

Bush Illegally Misuses Funds for Iraq Planning

Three die as Iraq said to spark UN Kosovo police fight - Update

Worcester Mass. clerk won't challenge gays (on residency) | Boston Globe

Man Run Over By His Designated Driver

Hamas leader Abdelaziz Rantisi dead

Straight Couples Use French Civil Unions Law Created For Homosexuals

Aide says McDermott (D-WA-7) wasn't aware of Saddam link

3 U.S. soldiers are killed in Iraq attack

General Kimmet falls into his microphone

Gun lobby (NRA) sets up news operation | BBC

Judge to rule on gay marriage lawsuit

Israel Says It Blew Up Hamas Leader's Car

GOP questions 9/11 panel credibility | Washington Times

House Republicans Say 9/11 Panel Playing Politics

(Thailand) Senators want troops out of Iraq

dupe - sorry :(

dupe, sorry U.S. General Nearly Faints at Podium (Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt)

Missing North Dakota Student's Body Found [Dru Sjodin]

HELP WANTED: Jobs Numbers Can Be Difficult to Figure

Sheriff: Missing N.D. Student Found

President urges renewal of Patriot Act

Bush Pushes Renewal of Patriot Act

Iraq Leaders With Fewer U.S. Ties Emerge

CAIR launches "hate hurts America"campaign

America quietly sacks its prize witness against Saddam (Hamza)

9/11 panel accused of prejudice

Najaf Talks Stall; Soldier Is Killed

The second Balfour declaration

9/11 Files Show Warnings Were Urgent and Persistent | NYT

Hardy- harr- harr: Rove Regrets 'Mission Accomplished' Sign

Anti-U.S. insurgents disrupt Iraq road network

Bush Lied About Iraq Talk (breaking story from AP)

Five Injured in Gaza Suicide Bombing

Body of Dru Sjodin found near Crookston, MN

U.S. "gravely concerned" about Mideast stability

Columbine dad turned away from NRA event

Al Qaeda warning by king of Jordan . . his forces thwarted major bomb plot

King Abdullah: Al Qaeda WMDs Came From Syria

US "certainly did not give Israel green light" to kill Rantissi: report

Iraq Policy a 'Tragedy of Errors,' Kerry Says

Fox & cat confirmed SARS carriers | Xinhua

Foreign spy charges whip up top-level security storm

Calm before the storm in Baghdad

We need foreign troops for ten years: Karzai

Nipple-Free Zone - Man's bare chest too racy for Walgreens

DNC's Ad Mocks Bush Over News Conference

Calif. school challenges gay student law

Morning Iraq Briefing interrupted-Kimmitt removed !

Nader Claims A Draft Is Imminent

At U.N., U.S. seeks more troops for Iraq

Bush Sealed Hamas Leader's Fate - Palestinians

Bush sealed Hamas leader's fate - Palestinians

Box score for the war

Heart failure caused Stryker (23 yrs old) soldier's death (in Iraq)

Mars Rock Supports Cross-Seeding Theory

Pre-9/11 Files Show Warnings Were More Dire and Persistent

Pa.'s Pivotal GOP Senate Primary | CBS

NAFTA Tribunals Stir U.S. Worries

Army explains Iraq extension bonuses (EXTRA hardship duty pay--LOL!)

6 Marines, scores of Iraqis killed in fierce battle

Uprisings Force U.S. to Rethink Strategy in Iraq

"Good job, Prime Minister"and the Bush campaign is back on track

Death set to ignite tinderbox in Iraq

Blair cast as hard man by Bush

Kerry Rips Bush's Go-It-Alone Iraq Policy

US snipers shoot anything that moves

Mutiny in the Ranks

Muslim girl details students' taunts, attack

American marine ashamed of Iraq experience

Jackson asked to help free US captive

Edwards wins N.C. caucus

Jordan 'was chemical bomb target' - BBC

Bush news conferences show ability to command attention

Iraq war based on 'flawed' logic, says US military scholar

Nevada woman sues Coors over son's death

Frat Brothers Steal, Fry Jumbo Goldfish

Israeli killing of Rantise draws world condemnation

Zapatero sworn in as Spanish prime minister

Kerry prepares for Meet the Press

9/11 commissioner: 'I've received threats'

Anti-Bush Sentiment Busts Out All Over

Five or Six Marines killed in Husaybah

White House Won't Criticize Assassination

Bush said Iraq talks concerned Afghanistan

Bush Attempting to Replace U.S. Archivist

More 70-year-olds 'having sex than before'

Columbine Father Challenges Cheney on Guns

U.S. Deaths from Enemy Fire at Highest Level Since Vietnam

Chicago Blues Battle: Jimmy Dawkins vs. Eddy Clearwater

I am a die-hard DUer and I am ___ years old!!!

Evening of My Best Day-Rickie Lee Jones

I was listening to my old cd's tonight...

Help me come up with a brand name.


The Bachelor

Only in Canada? - they just showed us "The "nipple" !!

Dont Guess my Astrological sign...

Guess my astrological sign

All-time greatest rock opera?

remember "smack the penguin?" . . .

A very funny, but under-reported Bushism from last year

I know it's 2 in the morning but where's President_G_W_Bush?

was DU down for anyone else?

Kill my Mom, but don't hurt the TV.. (Family values in Ft. Myers)

Human Descent - Images

This Evening's DU Insomniac's Thread

If you could be any breakfast food

My Prayer

If you want to sing out, sing out...

Anybody want to play? I don't want to go to bed yet. Insomniacs welcome.

This is one REALLY strange show...

Where is tonight's hockey thread?

I think I'm sorta famous because I keep turning up on Google

How risky is it to download music for free nowadays?

Apparently, rhinos are only half as endangered as they once were

Ethical question

Is there nothing better than nuking a neo-con friend?

Thunder woke me up this morning. Ask me anything.

8 Hours of Test...

Come up with a mascot for my website and earn $$$ for You and DU

Ok, late-night DU-ers ....tell me some good music to download...

How risky is it to record songs off the radio onto cassette tapes nowdays?

Does anyone know where a video

Good Morning, DU (and why the hell am I awake?)

anyone see Friday night's "Iron Chef" episode? . . .

“I’m Osama bin Laden and I approved this message.”

I would be buying Dead tickets today but....

Well, crap. More for me, I guess...

The train.

Didn't a Miss America once get FIRED for doing something like this?

Anabuki video.. for all

I'll be buying my Eric Clapton tickets in 1.5 hrs.

Today Is "Thunder Over Louisville"

Just bought Dead tix AN HOUR before they go on sale

Sisters' Keeper

Article on Christian music's next wave

$20K to name shoes? No wonder they hate us...

acoustic guitarists: ever played a Larrivee?

Is anyone going to their MoveOn bake sale today?

what time does Beany & Cecil come on this morning?

The Perfect T-Shirt for dAnn Coaltar and Rash Lameball!

True or false: Saddam's only WMD was his mouth

This won't win Imus any friends in the administration

Have you seen "Velvet Goldmine?" If so, I have some questions...


My Cats Hate Bush

Why wasn't Orion chosen as an astrological sign?

Steve Vai or Joe Satriani?

Travel tips?

Linux Help?

British Columbians

DcDemo has LEFT the 700 club

Whatever happened to the grotto?

American expats living in France Forum attacked by freepers.( DU insulted)

She's a brick and I'm drownin' slowly...

Sphere XP . . . 3D desktop replacement for MS Windows XP . . .

William Freaking Hurt

Sheryl Crow - If you read these boards....

Rate Your Bed-Head!

How much did you pay to the IRS on tax day???

blog tool for Threaded Comments?


Guess My Astrological sign. sorry no poll.

"Whatever" song on Randi Rhodes

Allergies: Has anyone else been MISERABLE this past week?

What slur does the Cat Community use to oppress the Dog Community?

Check in if you're a baseball fan who doesn't care about the Sox or Yanks

Oh I gotta throw a poll out there before I go to bed, so:

A sure sign of spring at my house

"It's Just Business"....should our behavior in "business" be considered


I want to add a welcome sound to my Peeps webpage

Do you swear by blind dates?

Went to the moveon bake sale in St Louis today

A Moment Of Silence Please At 2:00PM Eastern

What plays .avi files?

Best use of sunny Saturday

Right-wing messages on trailer trucks

Who Cares? What will it take for you to make a stand?

This is what we are up against *slaps forehead*

Second hand pot smoke

William Freaking Pitt

Heavy-duty mega-puke alert!

Newest Zogby Interactive Poll

Starbucks coffee: quality product or overpriced P.O.S.

Heidi Fleiss movie on USA Network in a few minutes

Red Sox Rocking - Pitching Will Win Again

any other fans of coca tea around here?

You have to see this

has anyone else here heard the coachwhips?

You guys have been great--

Skip is his name.

Speaking of homosexuality...

Matcom - you need to be more meticulous with your Photoshop

konichiwa from Japan!

LOTR in 2 minutes!

Listenin' to some Ted Nugent. Ask me anything.

Where does Cokie Roberts buy mouse colored hair dye?

France Invades U.S

Lost n Space in the U.S.A.

Let's bring this back to the top...

Can you tell who this guy is?

Day Three without smokes...

Somebody ... ANYBODY ! ....

Silly question about the term "DUer"

Red Sox win 5-2! GO RED SOX!

World's tallest man still growing.

Online affairs 'are infidelity'???????????

WI woman dies in OK police chase

How can I get this printer driver to work?

I have decided to become a freeper.

My computer is very slow to load graphics today....

Detroit Tigers beat Indians 6-1

Watching "Rock My World"

Red Sox beat Yankees 2 days in a row...

On the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-Five

Odd e-mails

Don't you just LOVE this letter written by a Republican?

Silent film fans: Lost Valentino/Swanson film discovered

Comedy Central's top 20 stand-up comedians of all time.

tin foil hat computer question

What is your favorite episode of COPS?

I Luv Lou-a-vul!

I need help...

Red Sox unveil statue of Ted Williams. Is there anything in Boston

Study Finds Sex Differences in Chimpanzee Learning

Uncle John's Banned Pic

The Three-Legged Stool or Red-Headed Stepchild of all CAPTIONS!!!

Is there a term for a rectangular cube?

Why am I staying up past 4 in the morning?

For those interested and with HBO: Chris Rock double feature tonight

attn. coin collectors: 2004 pennies worth more than $20

Do the rich and poor receive equal justice in the courts?

Skatebording dog. Please help.

Snagging the Weenie in the Fly

Tell an old story in a new way--I'll go first!

Need a quick omelet recipe!

What does cornstarch do in the human body??

AOL pisses me off!!! - need help.

The Baha'i Faith


Evil Empire loses again: Red Sox 5, Yankees 2

DU chat, I know its early but what the heck

I hate kittie cats...there, I said it, and I'm glad......

Video game Bush Bash

The greatest website of all time (you will not be disappointed)

Is it just me or does VH1 suck sooo bad now?

Hand me down my walkin' cane

"Things you must believe to be a Republican today"

I had sex with a blind date on the 1st nite

A small smilie

Are you fine, close to spectacular or something else?

Any other fans of Reno 911?

What good biographies/autobiographies have you read..?

Regarding reperations, why are Native Americans seemingly ignored?

They Opened A Krispy Kreme In My Grocery Store - And I Have To Shop Today

Could Deb Harry and Blondie have saved disco

My first pic uploaded to photobucket

OMG Dave Chapelle!

Lego GTA (Grand Theft Auto)

DU Trekkrs: tell me about the Bajorans and Cardassians

Did anyone else in western NC see that! It just lit the sky on my mountain

Once again, I am shamelessly shilling Wallpapers...

I just removed 10 stitches from my dog's ass - what could you ask?

Ann Coulter / Ralph Nader fake *NOT FOR WORK*

A Miracle of St Teresa (Heinz) of Pittsburgh

I found something from Texas, that I LOVE...



Just a reminder: my college radio show is on from 9:00-midnight EDT

Calvin and Charlie - Lousy at raking leaves, but cute

On Broadway

The stupidity of some people amazes me

Beer: Do You Drink It Cold or Room Temperature?

I hope Chris Rock tears BushCo a new one tonight (HBO, 10 pm EST)

How often do you travel or go on vacation?

Listening to Kenny Wayne Shephard. Ask me anything.

A fun day at the liquor store!

Old Lego vs New Lego.

With this post, I liberate myself from the 700 Club! WOO HOOO!!!

A great book about war (ostensibly for kids)

since we are on tv shows

"Who loves ya?" -- TV and movie cop taglines

I just registered 250 voter ask me anything

Take this survey!!

DU chat tonight, please come, its been slower than usual lately

Is GOPisEvil or VelmaD here tonight...

14-year old Freddy Adu scored his first professional soccer goal today.

Jon Stewart: 2nd funniest entertainer

What's your favorite Police Album?

Wonder what SNL will do to the Press Con? Should be hilarious.

My vote for the funniest character on TV today is: Lieutenant Jim Dangle

I'm starving - make it worse, post your favorite Indian Dish

Phoenix DUers-- MoveOn bake sale at Changing Hands

BiggJawn, I'm calling you out today!

Hey, DU'ers, what is that very bright star low in the western sky?

Has anyone here been any good at Rubik's Cube?

Question about reparations -

weirdest spam subject line?

DU chat tonight, try to come out, its lonely lol

The Umbrella Drink of all CAPTIONS!!!

What is the complete size of your music collection?

Anyone watch some, or all, of the Chris Rock HBO special?

Let's start a hockey thread!

Any ol timers remember "Swiss Movement"

There's this guy nailed to a cross

Who here believes Seinfeld is coming back?

help un-VIRUS- ing a PC

NBA Playoffs thread: Who do you think will win?

Tomorrow's the day. Wish me luck.

If you are white: Would you live in a majority black neighborhood?

What book have you read the most times?

Miss USA 2004 - Maybe I should start watching that show!

Wings Win!

Who's going to the march next week in DC?

Hey! YOU! Reminder of Vancouver gathering - who the HELL is coming?

Movie Thread

I'm a cop, so post your 'police type' questions here. :-)

CAPTION the pledge of allegiance with Uncle Dick now...

Anyone ever heard of Marlee McLeod?

Any Irish whiskey drinkers out there?

If you had to spend 10 million dollars in 30 days, how would you spend it?

photos of your misspent youth thread

Anyone see Kill Bill Vol 2?

New Bob Boudelang Up Today...

I am only 43% GAY. How Gay Are you?

Hahaha.. I found it.. the shadow pic of Gephardt ..classic :)

help me think of a reply to put on a bumper sticker

Does anybody watch Deadwood on HBO?

Will Kerry be clear about these topics?

You have to see the new DNC Bush commercial! It is magic!

Kerry hopes to get young voters to polls

Kerry responds directly to Rove's big mouth and comes out on top

Thank you John Kerry for calling out Cheney and Rove.

One way to kick-start youth vote: environment

Sponsor Abandons Bill Backed by Jeb to Allow Illegal Aliens Drivers' ...

NADER now LYING about KERRY wanting the DRAFT!!

Why does Kerry seem ready to rebuke his Primary platform?

Pics of Kerry at Pitt

Stars Raise Cash for George Clooney's Dad

Do your local and state Democratic Party officers contribute?

Kerry Question

Contributions - our way of having a say

How many think Max Cleland would be VP had he won re-election?

A tale of two Kerries

Kerry brings out the big guns; attacks Cheney and Rove the chickenhawks

Does anyone know the latest Specter-Toomey numbers?

Jeb Bush Speaks out Against Kerry

LOLOL! Rove now regrets "Mission Accomplished" banner!

My one press conference question for bush

Somebody explain the "liberal" position on Israel to me

Preparing for fascism

Kerry's VP AS A Strong National Security Statement

Within the Hispanic community Kerry leads Shrub by 25 pts!

NC DU'ers! We had our first Caucus today what was your turn out?

At least Kucinich won in my county!

Why do some "Dems" feel the need to undermine our candidate? THREAD 2

Status of the swing states

John Kerry: President of Nothing

I have a new appreciation for Dennis Kucinich

Whiny Nader begs Michael Moore "Come home!!!!"