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Archives: April 16, 2004

Herbert: A Soldier's Sacrifice (Sgt Tyler Hall WIA)

Krugman: The Vietnam Analogy

Optical devices to replace toxic lighting mechanisms

Why does California have so many smog problems?

Peak dangerous as we think?

Violence scuppers Lien, Soong's ratings: poll

Polio strikes in Botswana as virus races across Africa

Turkish Cypriots rally for UN plan

Ohio bishop who supported gay clergyman is barred from area churches

Lutheran congregations appoint openly gay pastors

Just nominated someone for "Conservative Idiots." 2nd time this week!

Is Bush still in Crawford? If so, what kind of mischief is he planning ?

Trial of Gwen Araujo's accused killers begins

Will Air America be back on in L.A as well as Chicago?

Betrayal of Hope"

I elephant-slap a vanitycon.

Just saw Black Bush

talk about "not being human" "The Skies are Weeping.

I was just rejected by the Colmes show

US bumbling policy on Iran

Reading Fortune magazine at the dentist's office

Do you use the term "war on terror/terrorism?"

Not that it matters much, but here's the delegate count so far:

I really really really really liked this one...

Radiation in Iraq equals 250,000 Nagasaki bombs

If CEO pay were capped, would the GOP be pushing privatization?

9/11 - Where do you stand right now?

The Presidents Brain Is Missing (What the whole world knows)

"Venezuela’s Barrio Newswire" -- wish we had something like this in US

I'm contemplating going to Iraq....opinions?

Disprove MIHOP -- explain WTC7.

Spurned Blair in plea to Bush

Administration Considers a Post for National Intelligence Director

9/11 Panel Looks at Military (Pentagon failure to confront Al Qaeda)

Few answers for 1st AD spouses (Told don't talk to press)

South African Party Extends Power (Landslide Victory for ANC and Mbeki)

Rule of law? Not for these 1.3 billion people - China

War Wears on Voters in Minnesota Suburbs

Anyone going to see Kill Bill Vol 2 today?

Where is the Israel Palastine Forum?

Just nominated someone for "Conservative Idiots." Second time this week!

Having babies not "in the Bushian sense"

did the peace movement cause bellbottoms to come back in style?


Idiomatic expressions you've gone a while without hearing!

Stringent Spam Filters Mistakenly Block E-Mailed Résumés - WSJ

Tonight, I added 120 tracks to my Internet station, Soul Express Radio.

What's long and hard & full of seamen?

Who likes Froi Gras?

Courtney Love on Leno

Why do firemen have bigger balls than policemen?

Help! In over my head. Suggestions needed for displaying photography

Favorite London Pub?

The CIA can help

Please contribute to John Kerry campaign, help get Bush

Kerry's inner circle lacks color

The picture Bush doesn't want you to see.

1st AD's transfer of authority said to be a low-key affair

Blair must try harder His essay on Iraq shows little grasp of the subject


His Leaders Failed a Marine Commander

History shows Islam, democracy unlikely to mix in Iraq (by neocon?)

PocketUhhh -- make your own G. W. Bush "Press Conference"

George Says -- Make your own G. W. Bush balloon speak.

Blue dress...

Our perfect president does he honestly believe he hasn't made any mistake

Complete LTTE Boston Globe 4/15/04

George Lucky Luke Bush: Shoot first, think later (Pravda)

Inside the fire by Jo Wilding -- I simply have no words for this...

Radical Theories And Reality by E. J. Dionne Jr.

Roger Ebert -- Stern belongs on radio just as much as Rush

(Woodward's) Book Alleges Secret Iraq War Plan

My LTTE...

George Bush has legitimised terrorism -Fisk

Liberalism's Lost Script by Neal Gabler

Morford: How To Gag On 'The Passion' …

Not Across My Daughter's Big Brass Bed You Don't, Bob

Fallujah: 'Getting aid past US snipers is impossible'

Fundamentalist true believers untrue to humanity

The Vietnam Analogy - Krugman Hits Hard with the facts

Good Dave Horsey 'toon

Ted Olson vs. Partisanship: Hypocrisy Hall of Fame

The cruelest month (Seven Funerals in a Single Day)

Bush morally stunted, accuses Professor Singer

Bush Pirates Shipwrecked In Iraq

Eating at Mohammed’s Restaurant

Jude Wanniski article....

Two Elephants in the Living Room of Bush's Iraq Policy

Get out now..........John Pilger

Wiring our Homeless (OMG...)

U.S. has committed a massacre in Fallujah

Please protest the cruel Canada seal hunt.

Need emails to Southern Company re anti-union gas supplier in Columbia

Please vote in this poll

A question of tactics

Head's up Buffalo DUers - Bush in Buffalo April 20 - it's protest time!

Please vote no in this poll.

Air America's "regular broadcast hours"?

I checked for the AP story on Woodward's book on CNN...

Editor and Publisher: Too risky to report Fallujah dead

Talk show host hits sweet spot - Taiwanese talk show

My Cartoon TV Ads - where to forward them?

Candy "fatass" Crowley strikes again

Americans not buying Bush Tax cut rhetoric -60% got 0 -CEOs raise 100k/get

Consumer Confidence, Industrial Production both fall unexpectedly

NYT: A Corporate Quandary Over Raising Prices

NYT: Newest Export out of China: Inflation Fears

CEO Pay/Worker Pay Ratio Reaches 301-to-1- continues Widening

McDonald's to `go active' with new adult Happy Meals

Just like humans, female chimps learn faster: study

Should nuclear waste go to Antarctica, or the sun?

The universe is not round, say scientists - it is shaped like a trumpet

Researchers develop 3-D search engine

Spanish Govt. Halts Ebro River Diversion Plan - Reuters

Smog Rules Will Give Until 2021 For Compliance In Worst Areas - LA Times

Lowe's Customer In Oklahoma Bitten By Rattlesnake In Gardening Dept.

NASA Reports Substantial Weakening Of N. Atlantic Current In Late 1990s

Iraqi Marshes Reflooded, But Substantial Damage Already Done - Reuters

A New Perspective on Energy

Locust Swarms Head For Melbourne & Adelaide - Reuters

Alaska Natives Frustrated By Political Inertia As Warming Accelerates

1 yr aniv of Bush Hydrogen vision - and Clinton Gore hybrid is next 60 yr

WP: WH OMB retreat from attempt to control fed. scientific info?

1yr after Grid went down, study says needed changes not passed by Congress

Over Unity Device - More power output, than Input

Bureau Of Reclamation - Colorado Basin Drought Now Worst On Record

Avoid global warming. Go Carbon Nuetral

The Great Smokey Mountains "Beginning to Die"

Liberian fighters handing in arms

Father kills own children to spite wife - Egypt

43 drown after overloaded boat sinks, says UN - CG

Lien lets the small potatoes fry - TW

Now that the POTUS race is personel,should Kerry challenge Bush to a duel?

What the heck?

The corrupt ski industry sinks to a new low.

MA gun owners getting shafted... again.

GUNS IN THE NEWS--April 16, 2004

Serious question for Gungeon loyalists.

Any one catch Randi's (AAR) anti-NRA rant...

Is it possible

I know you must hate this question but, why was this thread locked?

Possibility for a test-forum?

Could you please check my post in the lounge...

What is a 'hidden thread?'

Is there a new DU policy on dupe threads?

Um, hi guys

Dave Ross

Turning into Israel?

Palestinian woman with 25-kg bomb arrested near Ariel

Creating a Bantustan in Gaza

Beyond Israel: ripple effect of Bush's stand

Annan criticizes Bush's shift in Mideast policy

Spurned Blair in plea to Bush

Sharon's triumph is Blair's defeat

Dangerous liaisons

Gold, Greed, and Terrorism -- Bush Sr. connection to Echo bay

What was the procedure for scrambling jets on 9/11?

9-11 Evidence = Saddam's WMD Evidence. Ted Olson = Colin Powell

Transcript: February NIST Public Meeting on WTC Collapse

Pls. sign '9-11 Oddities' petition - nearing 25,000 signatures.

Bush did NOT fumble the question..cause he has never made a mistake

The idiot in Yemen Barbara Bodine who kept O' Neill Out

Do you trust George Tenant?

The High Jacked System of American Politics. For the want of a Smart Vote.

Dubbay psychological profil,

Need help tracking something down from the O'Franken factor

So, this cleric

Tenet in Crawford, Aug 2001?

Just a couple of late-night musings on 9/11....

Bush should have read his dad's book.

Does Anybody Know if Bush

Zapatero just blasted Bush for the deficit...

plan? roadmap? course? as my partner quipped...

Five day weather forecast for Baghdad

Kerry's Centrist Posturing... Walter Cronkite: Dear Senator Kerry

Bush takes pains to avoid an apology for 9/11

A rant, a blaspheme, a statement, a question, an answer.

College Students Move Kerry's Way

Is anyone else failing to get the stream from Air America ?

More Iraqis killed in Fallujah

AAR covering Sibel Edmonds's story now (7:35 a.m. ET)

Tinfoil Theory About Tuesday's Press Conference

What states are NG/reserves being activated

Quick Question on Radio

Roger Ebert: Stern belongs on radio just as much as Rush

VP Cheney flaps his gums

" !#$%!@&*#$!!*&$#!! " ---Tommy Franks' remarks...

The Republican Wimp Factor

List the Bush flip-flops, vacillations, and waffles here.

Bush aides advised him to not apologize....

another 'man on the street' experience

Callers on Washington Journal say Bush was attacked by press

Interesting poll at Mondo Times

There is a topic I'm looking for.

Is Osama on the U.S. payroll?

AP: Book Alleges Secret Iraq War Plan

A community mourns.....

Bush tells EU: "Meet me at Waffle House"

What is there to apologize for ???

David Martin from CBS: on CSPan (9:05 a.m.) answering a variety

CSPAN Caller 9:58 - This guy sounds like Garrison Keeler?

Leno tweaks Dubya's nose again

Tin Foil Hat Alert...Cheney's Resignation Set-Up.....

Krugman: Worse Than Vietnam?

Senator Bill Nelson (Florida) for VP????

the endless debate: is w really as stupid as he appears?

Message to the Citizens of Baghdad

The Players Got Played..Bernard Weiner DU Front Page Article!!!

Anyone hear the father call in on C-SPAN who lost a son in Iraq ?

Reuters: Consumers Less Upbeat on Economy in April

The Revolution In Radio...(Look out Clear Channel)

Nice Self-Profile of Teresa KERRY in Wingnut Gossip Column

Bush committed Three factual says

CNN is showing home-coming of flag-draped coffin!

Air America not streaming? What's up?

Any Bets On Wes Clark Comming Up As National Security Advisor?

Excellent letter comparing Waco standoff to an-Najaf

A Question About Activism

Ben Franklin saw the Patriot Act coming as we wrote up our Constitution

Novak on C-Span at 8:00 a.m.ET (Wash.Journal) - Yuck!

Severe inflation in US being caused by Iraq police action.

Kill the Intellectuals

Group to Submit Comments on Proposed FEC Rule Changes

Famous Political pundits: need help

UPitt daughter just called, she's going to see JFK at noon!

A great letter to the editor in the NYTimes !

What do you think the John Kerry like/dislike ratio is at DU?

Air America not streaming now?

CIA memo on Terrorists at Flight Schools

Air America Internet Stream Down?

Listened to beautiful music on NPR yesterday.

Rethugs Won't Let 9-11 Healing to Happen

Wes Clark for Veep

Bin Laden’s Reference to Halliburton in New Tape Reflects Company’s Image futures contract on Bush 2004 nears record low

Noam Chomsky has a weblog now!

What is the latest on Air America taken off in LA and Chi Town?

A great link!

I've received a second urgent email from Dr. James Dobson!

Sorry lurking freepers: Hillary won't accept VP nomination

Must See these 2 DVD's

Into War

Tom Tomorrow w/ Janeane and Sam

Norman Solomon: How the "NewsHour" Changed History

"Marriage, not gays, under attack"

Rage Inside the Machine: MTV News star Gideon Yago incites young voters

If you want a good laugh today check this out

What's happening with Air America?

today on o'franken: why rush should go to prison

Blame the "contract with America"

Congratulations to Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and Spain!!!!!!!!


Was Fallujah the "tipping point" in Iraq?

Karen wrote a pretty nice speech for Bush's press conference today!

"What I Like to Refer to As..."

Franken's Dittohead friend...

CONFESS!!!!! What famous progressive/liberals do you find HOT!!!!!

Is PPI comparable to the PNAC?

You know what is disgusting?

Interesting changes at AAR website

How do the family members feel about the extension?

NORAD Exercise planned 5 months before 911 of jet crashing into Pentagon

Franken's ditto head reminded me of somthing...

Probe Shows Iraq Nuke Facilities Unguarded (& disappearing)

Rising Partisanship Ties Up Congress

Another Friday afternoon; time for a news dump n/t

Wouldn't Exit Polling Blow the Whistle on BBV?

paper ballots: phone your Senators to cosponsor Voter Confidence Act

Repost of Bush's original copy of "Bin Ladin Determined to Strike US"

What are buscho's ultimate goals?

Why does Franken bother with this freeper idiot?

Where do Limbaugh's criminal charges stand?

Mr. Blair goes to Washington

Helen Thomas is kicking *** on AirAmerica right now...

Anyone who saw bush* stumble his way through his press conference,

GREAT Interview On Franken RE: Mandatory Drug Sentencing

Guns, gays and the GOP

O'Franken Factor' to air on WCHL radio NC

Bush "has the moral development of a 13-year-old boy."

"If President Bush is aware of the plight of these soldiers . . . ."

What was the scariest thing * said at PC? "ReDefeatBush" poll

Why I'm sure Scooter Libby is one of the Plame leakers

Bush: "Not up to the job"

Great Cactus Pryor commentary on Iraq from Austin this morning

Madrid bombers were pulled over in a traffic stop....

Stars and Stripes letter: Joke is on America

Showing coffins now on CNN. WTF?

LTTE: Founding Fathers & Religion

NYT (AP) has some tidbits from Woodward's book --

Air America coming to Chapel Hill, NC

Interesting HONEST Letter From GI On Freeperville....

I'm starting to understand Bush's appeal

I'm sorry but I am NOT buying this new bin Laden tape

FWIW -- 60 Minutes webpage has video and story up on Woodward

61% say the war has made al Qaeda STRONGER.

The situation in Iraq reminds me of what a Serbian friend said

True Majority?? anyone

Helen Thomas just said Tony Blair was born again

Real soldiers are dying in their Hummers

Bush I Housing Secretary Fitts Levels Serious Charges at Condi

Maryland at least, has some good liberal Democrats

DU this poll

Did anyone else see that there were 360,000 filing initial claims

Kerry will be on MTP Sunday

Dueling Quotes -- George W. Bush

New Mexico Democrats: Check In!

Molly Ivins' cogent remarks on Bush's press conference flop

The Two Elephants - Home page discussion....

Bush just challenged in press conference re: Woodward's book


Did 911 commissioner Gorelick help covering-up the TWA 800 crash?

AAR "Please tune back after broadcast hours"

Convince me that Kerry's Support of Sharon's Plan Isn't a Deal Breaker...

Inside Page of Wednesday's "Daily Mirror" (print edition)

(1979) Mission mind control- ABC news /Mkultra video stream

Randi Rhodes: AAR 2 MILLION Simultaneous Streams!

opinions please.....

AA stream down?

Will you vote for John Kerry this November?

It's Friday! Bounce with Randi!

You mean we don't to prisoner of war exchanges.

Joe Biden at CSIS

AAR homepage stream back up!

Ben-Veniste's campaign contributions: solid Dem

America flaunts its impotence for the world to see

I talked to a soldier who had just returned from Iraq...

A mother's angst

How a real President handled criticism...

How many DU'ers think the US will Cut and Run?

Has the XM AAR stream and AM radio broadcast remained steady today?

Great Kerry ad

What if Iraq had WMD?

READ MY LIPS: Bush and Blair really like each other!

69% favorable rating of bush's handling of foreign policy???

Son's 20 yr old friend shot a kid in Iraq

Kids taking food home from school (this is in america folks)

WHO Put GWB in the White House and WHO is Keping Him There?

More Word Games by the Press


Does anybody listen to Radio Left Progressive Radio. I just got a new com

Sojourner's magazine on bushco budget - it attacks the poor

deleted thread

Lawmaker Eyes Simple Fix to Gay Marriage Spat

The Dick n Bush Show!

Can't get AirAmerica from the web-- am I the only one?

Dear Kerry, Take our ARMY OF ONE ad and shove it up Bush's...

Peckers: One high-school's protest to Hooters

I just bought Dean's book, ask me anything.

Richard Clarke on Larry King Tonight

Does the current incarnation of "Meet the Press" live up to its title?

Question about Payne Stewart's plane ?

Did Bush blunder by playing Weekend At Bernie's with Hussein's sons bodies?

PNAC on Trial Video - Don King endorses *

Nation's gun lobby creating news company

CNN doing long story on injured Iraqi toddler

April 19 - Monday folks. Will we be on Orange alert?

What's this I hear about Bush spending money Congress did not appropriate?

Will Bush be utterly discredited within your lifetime?

Woodward: Iraq financing unconstitutional (Is this impeachable?)

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Iraq as Vietnam

Leaving to see JK in Pittsburgh!

Is there any chance * will be forced by his party not to run?

NPR vs. Reality

My hate mail from

Unbelievable Bush Quote Via Atrios

Expert Kept From Speaking at Antidepressant Hearing

Clip of Iraqi killed by soldiers and bragging

So Bob Woodward is a whore?

CNN wins Pulitzer for Propaganda Nonsense

Why it is "unconstitutional" for the president to spend money that.....

"The Madness of President George"

Mecca Nuked?

cnn, Blitzer: showing kid in hospital from Fallujah lost legs/hand

ok! Please start making your "Randi" posts in the new DU Randi forum

Republican contradiction #524

Anyone remember the cold war?

Hillary Clinton on Dateline NBC tonight

Needed - Input from "seasoned DU'ers" -

Are the FBI and CIA part of the Department of Homeland Security?

Air America is back on streaming

"Now I’m going to show you how an Italian dies."

Marty Kaplan (AAR) will be discussing Woodward's Book and NPR tonight.n/t

How Long Would It Take To Catch UBL?

This may not be a Jessica Lynch Story

This proves Bush is a certified moron.

Did you see the problems cropping up in Afghanistan with the northern

This Is How We Can Win Over Hardcore Conservatives This Fall

Pentagon Slush Fund?

Tweety just slaughtered Toomey over abortion

Duplicate post. Sorry

Re Karen Hughes: I really wonder if she believes Bush is an intelligent

Counter Clinton LIbrary gets non-profit status

HELP!!!!!! Need a rebuttal to totally brainwashed American

Parsing Rumsfeld

Father Andrew Greeley on Hardball

A Tale of Two Bushes

Why does the far right AND far left hate moderates?

Son of Bush to his flock of sheep: "Anyway, it was an interesting day"

Howard Zinn on Majority Report (8:00 p.m.) AAR n/t

Fixing The Election : to ensure the 2004 election isn't stolen


Counter Clinton Library wins tax break!

Who's for bringing our troops home and ignoring the Middle East?


tweety -- powell says * has gestapo office


We're done for: Don King supports Bush!

The Pig is Going to Do What Kerry Proposed and Take Credit for It....

Need Source: Debunking Powell's UN presentation

where exactly IS Saddam now?

1000 bushbusting images, 500 key links waiting for you

* could have planned Iraq from Day 1, and then again after 9/11.

I Am Outraged! Should I Be?

Bush for Blair-Straight Up

I saw three bumper stickers on a car driving in Boca Raton today.

Is Randi LIHOP or MIHOP?

Krugman's take on the Vietnam comparison

email from Bush campaign, promoting Karen Hughes's stupid book

One question for each of, just one question.

They can write all the books they want ..but PNAC Got What They Wanted.

These two quotes will be all over the press next week (Bob Woodward book):

Not including getting a new Prez, what are your top three priorities?

Is It Just Me Or Is Iraq Looking More Like Beirut Everyday? n/t

Students not admitted to cover Bush visit to Iowa campus

Bush Forbid College Newspapers Covering His Iowa Address!!

New Book Alleges Secret Iraq War Plan

Is Norm Coleman geographically confused?

Has anyone read -- The Future of Freedom: Illiberal Democracy at Home and

THIS is why we are not eating beef

Want to know who is the biggest PNACer of all? You gotta read this!!

Woodward's Book is a "Slam Dunk" Crock...

Prejudice on Trial

Bob Woodward/William Kristol: sep'd at birth? Reason for our doubts?...

Is this # 1 for the weekend? PORN INDUSTRY SHUT DOWN>>>>

Did you hear Seder talking about Alan Colmes on MR? LOL

C-SPAN Washington Journal Weekend Schedule :

Since Flimbaugh is resorting to tinfoil-hat accusations at Kerry...

What a %$#^%$&^%$#&*% liar Rumsfeld is....

CBS News talking about the Woodward book

You've just got to see this!

Military Chaff Drop South of San Francisco!

Paul O'Neil - Not such a bad guy

Air America: A voice for minorities dies

Seen the new DNC video? "Mistakes Were Made"

Rove Rues 'Mission Accomplished' Banner

Are 300, 000 Iranian soldiers lined up along the Iraqi border...

When Talking to the Undecided and People We Don't Agree With

"So enough already about WMDs and job losses"

They were "gooks" in Nam...what are the untermentschen called by "our"

More evidence that Iraq was on the agenda before 9/11

Name One Good Thing Bush Has Done for us.

Children killed in Fallujah, 100 under age 12, including 46 under age 5

Oil and Milk...a lethal mixture to ensure that the poor will not enter the

In Massachusetts, how do we get rid of...

Family Values Party - anyone heard of these loonies?

The world against Bush!

How many Iraqis and US Soldiers must die before YOU SAY

Coming up... Tweety rips Toomey a new

Charitable Fundraisers LIMBOsevic Could Host

HAH! Log Cabin Republicans on Inside Politics...

A Story that I think fits the situation with Iraq today

Russians against Barbie

Do mercenaries,, oh sorry, contractors require the same patriotric

Tweety Rerun on NOW! He demolishes Toomey. 11:30 PM EST

If President Kerry unilaterally apologized to the world

Science curriculum in high school

Troops take over houses of fleeing Fallujah residents

Airline/Railroad Terrorist Watch Lists: Which would you prefer...?

More ugliness our troops have to deal with (WARNING for spider haters)

Cheney's wife grilled by third graders

Why can't we let IAEA-inspectors back in?

Did Anybody Else LOL AT Dick Clark's "Dramatic Revelation?"

Delete -- it's over.

Clinton vs Terror, Republicans vs Clinton

Color me slow on the uptake

Anyone watch Chris Matthews interview Andrew M. Greeley?

Trump fires Bush - must see ad!

Question about Iraq

Nader letter to Moore

Are 20,000 Iranians a Week Going Into Iraq ?

Mahmood Mamdani on Bill Moyer's NOW

Am I the only one who was disappointed with Kerry

Seems the world wants Bush out....

Sickest Freeper Post I've seen (Praising God for giving Porn Stars HIV)

Let's start some type of fund raiser or the families of the POW's.

Randi Rhodes - Once & For All

Secret war plan and cheney energy documents--bet you they

The big shitstrom is coming......

Remember the show "The Weakest Link" ????????????????????????????


What would have happened if America had not retaliated for 9/11?

does anyone know when Kerry will name his VP nominee?

Nightline 4/16 -- Iraq: How it got so bad so quickly

Can this be true?! 44 US soldiers killed, 30 captured, 18 tanks ablaze!

Realistically, can the US be saved?

Cokie Roberts, you ignorant snarf monkey! (Reveals her source!)

Wolfie about to discuss Woodward's book

Liberation Eludes Afghan Women

Where is Saddam?

George W Bush is a Wuss ! He can't even handle the press corps!

Charlie Rose Show 4/16: Richard Ben-Veniste, 9-11 Commission member

"heres, heres, heres, heres, heres, heres",

Why BushCo Will Lose, or, The Rise of The Serious People.

Bush and Blair - now on tv

My (first) weekly hate mail titled "fuck you from iraq"

Per request: Repost of Tim LaHaye (Left Behind) and Rev. Moon alliance.

And the Freeping Disruptor of the Week Award goes to...

BREAKING! Bush Mistakes Located! (a TOON bash festival!)

A question for progressives who will not vote for Kerry.

Can Bushmoonies understand calendars? re:Ruby Ridge/Waco

Most embarassing act of GWB

FAIR : Turning Questions into "Conspiracy Theories"

RIGHT WINGERS (Ken Starr, remember Clinton?) want AAR off air

Warnings ignored, says retired Marine

The secret, redirected money for Iraq, hidden from Congress - via atrios

Howard Zinn on AA now...

Has Anybody Switched From DirectTV To DISH?

Will the US military launch an assault on Najaf?

Stop with the impeachment talk, or rather


This is an email sent by a Marine Unit Commander to his units wifes

Am I the Only One who is FREAKING OUT over the IAEA report???

By Endorsing Ariel Sharon's Plan Bush Has Legitimised Terrorism

Should Kerry Triangulate

Who are you most looking forward to hearing at the convention?

How many people here truly think Bush is a "Christian?"

This week's Bill Moyers' NOW - Defense spending & Debt, War in Iraq

Four anniversaries next week: OKC, Waco, Nixon, and Columbine

how does religious zealotry effect our current 'leaders'?

On the front page of EVERY newspaper in Ohio tommorow

goodness...why are those Liberals so angry?

How will * be seen in comparison to Nixon in history?

Orwellian Censorship Alive and Well At John Kerry Board!!!

Bush regime wants to replace archivist before election!!

Rove, O'Dell, Blackwell, and Ohio: Looks Like The Fix Is In

Ashcroft a key player in 9-11

What is the reason that al-Jazeera didn't run the Quattrocchi killing?

Feds: No more analog TV by 2009

The USA is Nazi Germany

Straight couples say they were ejected from gay hotel in Key West

Email us your questions for Greg Palast



Danes charged over WMD reports

"Incurious George" - has president a new title?

Straight Couples Say Fla. Hotel Unfriendly

US deficits threaten global economy: IMF

'Aristide to Seek Permanent Asylum in South Africa'

Gunmen rule in a city gripped with fright

Downer (Aust Foreign Minister) dismisses bin Laden truce offer

China's 9.7% Q1 growth rate causes concern

OMB Modifies Peer-Review Proposal (control of scientific info)

HIV Scare Shuts Down Some SoCal Porn Productions

U.S. Open to a Proposal That Supplants Council in Iraq

Blair urged to be 'blunt' on Iraq

During Truce, Marines Endure Boredom and Sporadic Fire--WaPo

Kidnapped Chinese Man Released in Iraq

Danish Businessman Kidnapped in Iraq - Reuters

U.S. Officials and Fallujah Representatives to Hold Direct Negotiations

Administration Considers a Post for National Intelligence Director

Social drinking, alcoholism, harm brain equally: study

Bush Pitches Tax Cuts On 'Tax Day'

Finance Rules Decision Unlikely by May (MoveOn,Media Fund)

Federal inquiry eyeing Echo Bay

Sun reports losses, layoffs (3,300 jobs)

S. Fla. playing key role in race

pResident Makes Tax-Cut Pitch to a Rural Audience

Company's mad cow tests blocked

CIA warned of terror attack in 1995

LAT:GOP Contrasts Kerry Votes with South's Values(RNC study)

Iraq duty deters re-enlistment

Evacuation Is Ordered for Most U.S. Diplomats in Saudi Arabia

Italian PM's fraud trial resumes

Industrial Output Unexpectedly Drops in March

Rebels ready to attack Rwanda

Saudi production poised to double by 2025: EIA

IAEA: Iraq nuke plants apparently unguarded

Blasts in Iraq's Kufa, militias rush to fight

AP: Book alleges secret Iraq war plan

Probe Shows Iraq Nuke Facilities Unguarded

U.S. may cut Afghan force size

U.S. Citizen Kidnapped From Iraq Hotel

Clashes Near Holy Iraq City [Kufa], Rebel Cleric Defiant

Hackers hit supercomputing giants

CIA Warned of Attack 6 Years Before 9/11

Has Bush doomed 'road map'?Some warn outlook for peace clouded by his stan

Human shield hostage blames Aussie president

Egyptian, Saudi Arrested in Madrid Bomb Probe

Mubarak urges U.S. to be fair in Mideast:'Shocked' by Bush's backing of Is

Spanish parliament approves Zapatero as prime minister

Bush 'amnesty' blamed for rise in illegals

Sadr defiant amid clashes near holy city

Bush and Blair - now on tv

Housing Hot, But Factories Falter


Bush and Blair now...Lies, bad craziness.

Bush just challenged in press conference re: Woodward's book

Work nearly grinds to halt as immigrant-raid rumors circulate (Houston)

Freed Japanese hostages want to stay in Iraq

Canadian hostage released, report says (to al-Sadr !?)

PM skeptical of U.S. move toward Israel

E-Mails to, From LA Mayor Hahn's Office Sought | LA Times

Don't grade US ties with Ind, Pak: Rumsfeld

Poll: Kerry Has Double-Digit Lead in N.Y.

3 Czech Hostages Released in Iraq

Al-Sadr: Coalition compromise 'will not work'

U.S. orders staff out of Saudi Arabia

Sides gear up for Washington Senate fight | Seattle P-I

Book Alleges Secret Iraq War Plan

A New Terror Propaganda Weapon?Bin Laden’s Ref. to Halliburton

Greenspan: punish the sinners

New Book Says Bush Asked For Iraq War Plan in 2001

Distant Planet Spotted Around the Bend (17,000 ly) | LA Times

Monorail agency gears up $2.6 million ad blitz | Seattle Times

Zinni Critical of Rumsfeld

Gays urge an end to tax discrimination | Seattle P-I

Military Force May Be Next Option In Fallujah, Myers Says

Democrats Criticize Role of Military Contractors

Good help hard to find for manufacturers

College vote waning for Bush, poll says

Man in Dragging Death Seeks Execution Date

Climate theories run hot and cold - UW scientists look at arctic clues

Radical Cleric Stands Firm, Says He Won't Disband Army

FAIR: NewsHour Should Correct Lehrer's Falsehood

IAEA: Iraq nuke plants apparently unguarded

Saudi presenter shows beaten face

Marines Said to Tighten Iraq-Syria Border

US Soldier May Be Held Captive in Iraq -Official

Islamic countries call summit to discuss U.S.

Air America back on in Chicago!

Journalist Shares War Secrets: 700 million secretly used for Iraq in 2002

Bush and Blair Praise U.N. Plan for Iraq

Auction house forgives (BC NDP MP) Svend Robinson's theft - Toronto Star


Aids Claims 800,000 South African Voters


Poll shows college kids pick Kerry over Bush

U.S., Fallujah Leaders Hold Negotiations

Al-Jazeera Shows Video of U.S Soldier Held Hostage by Insurgents

Lawmakers who led impeachment ousted

Portugal Might Withdraw Troops in Iraq

Sharon Threatened to Halt Trip to See Bush, Aide Says

N.Y.'ers think she's a Hil of a pol: study (Hillary with 62%)

Soldiers' wives frustrated by delays in Iraq

Jury acquits three former Qwest executives of charges

FTC To Pitch Into Spyware

Woodward's book excerpt: Impeachable offense?

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 685 U.S. service members have died

2 Soldiers Dead; Enemy Employing New Tactic in Iraq

Rebel leaders warns US: I am ready to face martyrdom

Stanek resigns amid criticism over racial slurs

Jordan king sees wide anti-U.S. feeling in Mideast

Qwest jury deadlocked on some charges | Denver Post

Vietnam war era defense secretary decries Bush's 'unilateral' policy

A Bush Ad Will Question Kerry's Commitment to the Troops

Iraq-bound Kiwis could be caught by mercenary bill

US holding Iraqi troops who mutinied

Governor (Schwarzenagger) wins workers' comp victory

Portugal may withdraw troops from Iraq if situation worsens: minister

Sadr's Followers Vow War if U.S. Attacks Iraq City

Gay GOP group targets proposed same-sex nuptials ban

Sadr says "no compromise" as Shiite religious leaders warn US troops

Newspaper feeling heat from Beijing

Staffing Firms Account for a Quarter of Florida's Job Growth - temp jobs

Conn. (GOP - corrupt) Governor Accepted Gift Certificates

Few happy faces after Tung meeting

BBV: Maryland Bill Dies Noble Death

New rail security plan to be tested

Tom (CR) DElay call 911 panel "Partisan"...Irony check

Seven dead, 150 000 evacuated in China gas leak

Cheney's Wife Grilled by Third-Graders

Rumsfeld says he's surprised at war toll

Book: Bush Secretly Ordered Iraq War Plan

Book Alleges Secret Iraq War Plan

China says officers spied for Taiwan

Kerry Hits Back at White House, Defends Patriotism:Yahoo news

Current, Ex-Spy Officials Oppose Agency

Republican Specter Challenged From the Right

Rove Rues 'Mission Accomplished' Banner

1st round of Fallujah talks end on positive note, as Shiites warn coalition

Feith reports on Iraq War

US Diplomat Holds Rare Talks With Iranian Official Over al-Sadr Standoff

NYT: N.R.A. Opens an All-Out Drive for Bush and Its Views

Private security firms call for more firepower in combat zone

Iraq violence 'a sign of success'

John Edwards praises Patty Murray; ads due from Nethercutt

New law lets Wis. teachers force HIV tests

NYT: Powell Said to Have Warned Bush Before the War, a New Book Says

Liberation eludes Afghan women

US Holding 200 Iraqi Troops Who Mutinied -Comrades

US Soldier Hostage...........ABC News

WP: Behind Statecraft, Bush Set Iraq War in Motion (Good Read)

Military drops two-thousand-pound bomb on Fallujah

New snowmobiles called noisy (in Yellowstone) | Billings Gazette

Kerry opposes slavery reparations

Warnings ignored, says retired Marine

Israel to invite Kerry to visit Israel

On Air America Radio now - impeachment discussion

U.N. human rights panel censures Cuba, N. Korea

U.S. Forces Kill 15 In Fresh Fallujah ‘Massacre’

U.S. deploys loud music, insults in Fallujah

Nuclear Scientists Split The Banana

Paging HEyHEY

Does anyone know where to get Air America archives?? NEED FOR ROAD TRIP

I just paid my taxes (and saved $7) ask me anything

Would Steely Dan tunes ever make a good musical?

KISS' Gene Simmons + JA's Dave Navarro to cover Prodigy's "Firestarter"


dupe. delete

Rockin' The Paradise

A really, really, REALLY crappy day. (Mystery suprise good ending!)

so had anyone heard anything about the new Punisher movie?

Hardware specialists: Help!

Get Together

I think I made a big mistake today..

If my car CD player says "XM ready" what do I have to do to get XM?

What do you do when you're missing a couple layers of skin on your thumb??

DU Astronomers: I need help with the Oort Cloud

Trek light bulbs!

I'm shocked

OK.. my new crush is...

Why do right-wingers bother to write to liberals they hate?

Who here is from Boston?

The Lounge seems to die down at this time of night...

Empty Flame War!

Self-education or school education?

Which is a worse character trait?

Your take on overpopulation (last poll of the nite for me)

Work-related complaining at home

Better than Ezra

Most awesome food

Why the hell am I up right now?


Tuesday we had snow, Saturday it might hit 80 degrees

Air America station still Chinese language in Chicago.

How wrecked are you about the porn thing?

I'm off to a tropical paradise!

Teen Hires Hitman - Instructs To Kill Mom But Don't Hurt The TV

Is mankind inherently peaceful or warlike?

What's round, hard and has a head on it???

Good Freakin Grief

Woman (70's) Tries To Rob Bank - Says She Had A Bomb

Harry Potter The 'New Prozac'

captions were higher than 'bumbLes' expected


The Google Translator has LOST ITS MIND!

Drunk Designated Driver Runs Over - Kills Boyfriend

Here's a Halliburton/Chimpy cartoon to enjoy!

Last Elves Fired From Santa's Headquarters - Bush's Economy Again

Anyone else having problems streaming Air America?

i slap down more coworkers before 9 am than most people do all day!

"That Much Pie Hates Me?"

Calling all DU Insomniacs!!

"Ralphie Parker" is 33 today HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

As a member of the anti-buttcrack smilies, I want to extend a truce

What should I bake for the MoveOn bake sale?

Funeral Home Accidentally Switches Bodies

Why Is It Called a Double-U, When It Really Looks Like A Double-V

HIV Shuts Down Porn Sets

Anyone know where I can download...

Gooooooood Morning DU!!!

Caption: Private Eye's analysis of Shrub/Chimpy future prospects

"Well, Shi'ite happens": private eye

Is American Idol Fixed?

favorite George Carlin joke/bit?

One of the prettiest faces in hockey!

Caption: You quit buggin me???

"Subservient Chicken"

Caption: scientists shine light on Shrub's cocaine- abused septum

Caption: Rummy's got nits again....

Check out these cool ThinkGeek gadgets.

Check out this great website of Bush Photographs: GREAT LAUGHS

Bradbury Praises Bush Plan for Space Exploration

Yahoo wont let me post to this article...

I wish I could invite you all to come walking in the woods with me today

forget it no one cares.

Is there something wrong with AirAmerica?


as silly as he can be, Paul was the smartest Beatle

We Didn't Start The Fire--great flash animation

Eyes Without a Face

A Good Free Pop Up Blocker? Who Can Recommend One?

Any attys looking for jobs in ATL?

Toys you wish they made when you were a kid...

Watching the lights go down...letting the cables sleep.

Hey, Bartcop ran one of my cartoons!

Watching these two justify Iraq...

Kofi Annan to give our commencement address

PocketUhhh -- make your own G. W. Bush "Press Conference"

Is it disturbing to see people push matcom here at DU?

More DU Stuff: For fans of "The Apprentice" -- It's the Presidentice!

Found poetry - from the men's room.

Is it disturbing when you see people pushing communism here at DU?

Keep this place under control while I'm gone, Hear?

Triumph has pooped on Democratic Underground.

Do You Feel Sorry For People Who Either Don't Have A Sense Of Humor...

I don't want to to wait for our lives to be over,I want to know right now


Is it disturbing to see people push homophobia here at DU?

Pittsburghers--last chance for Greek food before June

Gumby vs Davey Hanson

Is it disturbing to see criticism of lounge behaviour in the lounge?

Is it disturbing to see people push GD type behavior in the lounge?

Who's watching Kingdom Hospital? music question

Is it disturbing to see criticism of badger behaviour in the lounge?

It is disturbing to hear about disturbing things

Do closed- captions on TV depend on voice-recognition software?

Gay or freeper?

Cat Survives 30-Day Trip in Shipping Box

Which Beatle had the 2nd worst post-Beatle career?

George Says -- Make your own G. W. Bush balloon speak.

CONFESS!!!!! What famous progressive/liberals do you find HOT!!!!!

Is it funny to see people pushing each other into swimming pools?

Missing Girl's Family Outraged

Here's a great site!

More translator fun - PURE DADA HILARITY!!!

The Bush press conference: a complete transcript?

Anybody here listen to "the 8th Grade" ?

Cookie Tin Has Hidden Drawing Of Dogs Having Sex

Do you love to watch Girls Gone Wild?

Morford is back!

Anyone ever hear of Granny D?

My new avatar is...

SURVIVOR Poll - ***Spoiler Alert!!!***

My ears are ringing awfully loud.

Listened to beautiful music on NPR yesterday.

Battle of the Bands: Pavement v. Silver Jews

How can Rush walk into a UU church without bursting into flames

Do I need an intervention?

Are any Duers going to jazzfest in New Orleans?

Man Trapped Under Organ For 10 Days - Hospitalized

Chicago DU'ers look up in the's a bird, it's a plane, it's

Center for American Progress - Poll Results

okay . . . let's settle this once and for all . . . who's more evil? . . .

Dad Sues School - Son, 12 Is A Dancer - Called 'Faggot'


What the hell is this video????

Questions about going to CANADA (business trip)

anyone else listening to the smackoff this morning?

Does anyone have a link to . . . .

Is it all getting to you too?

Love at first fight? The Klingon Wedding - with pics

Will someone tell me what M.A.T.C.O.M. stands for!?!?!?!?!

FReeper Confessions ....the mindset it takes to be a Repuke in '04

DU Lunchtime!!

Fellow Canadians - what do you think of the Queen.

How telemarketers are getting around the national no-call list

Rush Limbaugh web cartoon

A question about Music.

A Photoshop we desperately need

What a great way for Bush to reach out to young voters......NOT!!!!!

Anybody use online mortgage services?

my socks are not mismatched

have you ever wanted a subservient chicken?

Recommendations, please, for domain purchase and web hosting

Anyone know which movie this song came from?

CAPTION the mutt and his master.

osama bin hiden (toon)

My bakesale menu:

Any DU indie rock people who still listen to vinyl

here's me, relaxing after a hard day

Just in case you wanted to relive Junior's last press conference...

"Penis Explodes During Sex"

Do you believe that evil doers suffer the consequences of their actions.

If you are looking for Randi Rhodes go to HER SITE...

Favorite 20th Century Republican President

I just loaned Priscilla, Queen of the Desert to a freeper...

AAR Stream Down

WTF is up with Air America's internet stream?

VelmaD was feeling down, so >

DU chat today

If you have sex with your clone

Just got called for a radio survey

What's the best site for purchasing MP3s online?

Hooters, meet Peckers.

Yankees vs Red Sox

Sky Pilot

Are there any low-carb salad dressings that aren't rubbish?

No, write MY personal ad!

I have a question for any Jewish people out there...

Most Attractive Candidates for office in 2004.


Ever wanted to know what someone is REALLY like?

opinions please.....

Is anyone going to the Chicago MoveOn event this Sunday?

For Greg Palast fans...

BREAKING: USC ordered to forfeit Rose Bowl, share of national title


Pet Peeve post.

the day after tommorow film

Question for Mormon/LDS DU'ers

Had some Diversity training today...Ask me anything.

These are THE most beautiful cats I've ever seen.

I missed Stanley Tucci on AirAmerica?!?!

Smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo

What's up with Undergroundrailroad?

A great Bush joke

What Is An Appropriate Punishment For School Bullies?


Does it get much closer than this?

Heavy thinking (satire)

got a job interview tomorrow - ask ME anything for the next hour

Anybody have the link for Taco Bell labor woes?

I am the quickening of the way.

Why would my boss do this?

Best Post Beatles Album - George's All Things Must Pass

Neat site: Next time you can't identify a song from a commercial, go here

Apprentice Thread...does Donald Trump

Can someone give me the title of some of the parody songs

Some of you don't like sports in the lounge...

Matcom's always picking on people

How many other DUers could you name from memory?

Tweety-Hardball- Interview with FR Greeley "Hard To Nail Jesus Down"

Caption: Architectural genius designed Shrub/Pickles ranch house?

Kids Just LOVE "Walter The Farting Dog" Children's Books!!!

Let's duke it out: Favorite Beatle

I'm listening to "Miles Smiles" and it's a sunny day in CT-let's talk jazz

How to tell if your US Congressman is a Space Alien

whoa, 42,997 registered DU'ers....


New Negative Campaign ads blast voters Directly.

Red Sox/Yankees game!

I Stopped By ZombyWoof's House Before Work This Morning!!!!!!!!!!

whats the difference between kinky and erotic?

I have an assignment for all of you: Write my Personal Ad

Alex Ross Draws Smallville's Tom Welling as Superman

Any of you guys watching the Hillary interview on Dateline?

Well, I'm off for a few pints. Have a great Friday night folks!!!

Did anyone else see Courtney Love on Leno last night?

Now, I would never advocate destruction of government property...

The trials and tribulations of being a poor democrat.

Well, I went to my little interview today.

Buffy/Angel TV Film Possible?

Only I would cry...

Favorite 20th Century Democratic President

High intensity strength training....

who wants Brownies?

43,000 DUers!!!!!

If Kerry loses this year, in 08: Edwards vs. "Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer"

F*CKING CitiCorp! (RANT)

rightwingers WOULD side with the Empire in Star Wars

My geology professor had a small stroke last week...

Sweep Sweep Sweep - It Begins Tonight

I've updated the playlist of my Internet station, Soul Express Radio.

DU ASTRONOMERS: a few more quick questions

Thanks NightTrain

If you're not 100% sure of your relationship DON'T GET MARRIED!

DU chat tonight, please come

Favorite obscure band that no one's ever heard of before?

I was approached by a strange man on the street today...

OK, I've just had it with people who can't get my name right.

No more neighbors!

Tim Wakefield is Exorcising His Demons

Caption the major-league nosepicker

Favorite sitcom character. Non animated sitcoms please.

What is the naming convention for a gay marriage?

If there was a DU Hall of Fame

Most annoying sports casting "innovation"

Is there a DU hall of fame for moderators? Who is the best moderator?

Tag-team limericks!

CONFESS!!!! do you secretLy Lust after subserviant Lynnesin?

It is a sad day when the porn industry is more responsible then

It's my birthday! Ask me anything.

NHL Player Charged in Murder Plot

Which political science class should I take?

So, I'm wondering what (or who) to DO tonight... Any ideas??

DU AIM chat tonight please come

Why is it when a city repaves a street...


Iraq = Inter-generation "Peace Gap"

CAPTION the first ladies on a rollercoaster together (I guess)

I just saw a Titmouse

Time to lock 9:28 > 10:52

Kill Bill Vol. II: QT influences (probably spoilers, too)

Mac/computer techies. A question.

why are the streets always wet during a chase scene in a movie?

Nigerian astronaut wants to land, needs access to your bank accounts!!!!!

Catwoman Says I Always Pick On Others!!!! Well Here Is PROOF

Anyone else alone and lonely on a Friday night?

What is it about golf that instantly turns people into big dorks?

edited it problem solved

It's my birthday today and you know where I'm at?

Wtite some spontaneous poetry here -

Sorry. No 'Thread' Threads

just finished poker

If you wanna hear the far right from St Louis go here

In search for a song - wanna trade CDs?

Had to call Micro$oft tech support today

Should I get cable?

I finally saw the Passion of the Christ bake sales tomorrow (4/17) - Velma goodies

Other Message Boards

Anyone ever have a pet with Epilepsy?

I'm drinkin the Studdard

What is your favorite message board software

Al Franken answered my prayers...

Tales from the shallow end of the gene pool


What are everyone's feelings on funerals?

Listening to SciFidelity Radio - Ask me anything!

10 minutes ago I tried to log on..

Favorite comic strips (old or current) ?

age of duers

Cat question - I'm serious

Destruction demon arrow

There are WAY too many interesting posts in GD

I think we need a movie thread!

CONFESS!!!!! What famous progressive/liberals do you find HOT!!!!!

Zodiac Sign of DU'ers

man-goat's golden glove sparks yank rally..

Argument turns physical after GOP event

Listening to Joe Satriani. Ask me anything.

Dog likes a good ride

Subject: |||| we all love serial killers because...

Sad news about an online friend

Who Does Better In Life?

question about last name/marriage practices..

Every 3 months I have to profess my love for Janeane Garafalo


Progressive Investments

Lordy--I may be moving to Prague for a few months!

It is a sad day

Patti Smith on Letterman tonite!

CAPTION the "special relationship"

Who is the most evil member of the * maladministration?

The wite and wisdom of Archie Bunker

What is your all-time favorite tv-western series

Joe Buck, Please Stop!

Any political scientists here?

Too much pot....

new Hannity advertiser United Healthcare

I say Canada changes head of State from the Queen to the Dalei Lama

What was your greatest "guy" moment?

Help me come up with a band name

Favorite Horror Short Stories

Feliz cumpleanos, Lalo Alcaraz

I have a toothache!

What's your favorite era in US/World history?

My sweet little sheltie died in my arms today...

LIVE IN CONCERT - ITS M.A.T.C.O.M. !!! (With SPECIAL Guest DS1)!!!!

William Freaking Hung

It's The First Annual BCS Fashion Show - Vote for Your Favorite

Does anyone else find .pdf an annoying format?

I hate people that use innuendos

You find out your boyfriend/girlfriend is REALLY into_________.

63 days and counting. FUNDAY veterans (and others) please check in

Where's arwalden?

I have a mouse in the kitchen. Any advice?

Hey Kids! It's SPARKY, the Dancing DU Warthog! Oh joy!!!

"Hey! You shouldn't have given the little n****r kids that money!"

I Asked Someone To Marry Me Tonight

Bush's Incompetence Endangers the World-Iraqi nuclear unguarded

The convention can not get here soon enough!

Who's going to the Kerry event in Pittsburgh today?

Because of Governor Rendell, Mayor Street tried to halt Kerry rally

Democrats Keep Pace Financially With G.O.P. in Key Races

Transcript of Howard Dean's interview with Hemmer on CNN today.

Yet more evidence of Kerry's neocon foreign policy tilt!

Bush 46%, Kerry 44% with 2 days post Bush Q&A effect - Misery index is

Whats with all the bashing?

Media talking up terror attacks influencing elections...

N.R.A. Opens an All-Out Drive for Bush and Its Views

Does it get much closer than this?

Kerry Hits Back at White House, Defends Patriotism

Why Do DU'ers Continue To Cite Rasmussen Polls...

Andrew Sullivan gives Kerry a nudge

Doesn't this shed light on why Kerry made his statement about

Dennis and the March for Women's Lives...

Why Bush Will Lose

I'm Afraid a Jesse Ventura Candidacy Would Cut Into...

Think of KERRY as a Farmer.

Kucinich denounces PATRIOT act: 'Fear has covered this country'

Dennis K. coming up next on Faux...

I just saw a license plate: "Go Kerry."

Dennis Kucinich on Faux News

When there's no room in hell,the neocons walk the earth campaigning for Bu

Wolfie poll: Does Blair help Bush's case for Iraq?

weird of kerry to tour the colleges, when most are anti iraqi war.

Michael Albert on Nader

A new Conservative Idiot? Laughable attack on Kerry

Return of the dirty tricks?

GOP Contrasts Kerry Votes With South's Values

N.C. DUer's we have a caucus tomorrow!

Kerry to run to the right to pull in disgruntled Repub votes

Does John Kerry have a "vision" for America?

This is why I am voting for Kerry! (Beware graphic pictures!)

UK Labour MP: Blair would vote for Kerry!

Kucinich campaign hopes to move Kerry to the left

How many of you have made a contribution to a politician/party for the first

Does Nader ever listen to anyone?

Kucinich Lesson: Activism

"Freedom Is A Liberal Concept"

Survey USA: In ARKANSAS, Bush 47, Kerry 45 for likely voters

Right now is Dean more adored than Kerry?

Can't understand why Kerry agrees with Bush so much? Some Thoughts...


Dean's answers on Iraq WERE hypothetical. Sept. 2002 transcript.

My Cartoon Ads - more effective than current ones?

Where are the peasants with torches and pitchforks?

Second Amendment Democrats?

CARTOON: Bush & Blair