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Archives: April 13, 2004

Dishonest, Moronic or Both? - The Nation

Salon: When puppets pull the strings

Will 'Bush's Vietnam' prove to be Blair's Waterloo?

Rangel for Congress fundraiser 4/19/04

See Kerry this Wednesday 4/14 w/ Special Guests

I got an email back from NASA re: Hubble

I think you should know about this.

AA registration is working now, go sign up.

"We're stuck with the incumbent strategy . . . Unless he steps down"

Air America was GREAT today - and Randi is growing on me....

Capt Bush of the "Titanic"? Would he go down with the ship?

All New DUers there is something you should watch this week

Anyone see "American Exp. - Emma Goldman" on PBS?

Iraq Not Another Vietnam? That's Right - It's Worse.

*President Bush's Vacation Schedule starting Aug.6, 2001

The Bush Press Conference will be judged as...

We have a crazy freeper on our school board apparently....any advice?

Okay, so I'm actually listening to colmes on the radio

The New Miss USA is a Republican

KMT lawmakers demand Lien's head - TW

Officials: Pre-9/11 Memo Excluded Data

Fallujah refugees complain of US military treatment

Fallujah Gains Mythic Air - Siege Redefines Conflict for Iraqis in Capital

US issues rebuke of Australia's opposition leader

Top 11 revelations from the testimony of Dr. Condoleezza Rice.

You looking at me?

The fireflies of Thailand

Cheney's Angina

It's Good To Be Back. All Day Monday I Had Trouble Getting On DU. down

Gentlemen BEHOLD

Toy at Ebay, Shrek 2 spoiler!

This is my 100th post!

Hey! Look at these cool eagles!!!!!

Would you ever go to a nudist colony?

Prototypical FReepers in the movies?

EEEEE NEW KITTY PIX! really good ones!

Art Rock

what is the worst form of music you have ever heard?

We are living in the New '60s

Why does the "right" keep on defending Bush to the end ?

Murdock: Pennsylvania's Arlen Specter: It's time to retire RINO

Bush was out of White House loop

From the Pen of Jeff Danziger

Welcome, Mr. President, but your timing is off

More about the Colorad Senate (and House) races from the WSJ

Islamic group demands inquiry into ‘gag’ photo

Keystone Kounter-Terror by Matt Bivins

NYT: 9/11 Panel Is Said to Offer Harsh Review of Ashcroft

Drop the 9/11 blame game (Boston Globe)

Stars and Stripes letters, dedicated to Rumsfeld and Bush, from the heart

What DU, others won't discuss about 9/11

Molly Ivins: Didn't you get the memo?

WP op-ed: John F. Kerry, "A Strategy for Iraq"

Condi's Cover-up Caves In by David Corn

President Bush Is Less Conservative Than Clinton

Limbaugh's attack of Kerry is a bad rap (Boston Globe)

A Message from a White Male to the African American Community.

Today's "Daily Mislead" - Ashcroft's Record of Lying to Congress

Bushes, Cheneys Reaped Tax Benefits

Salon: Howard Stern Unplugged

Fray Poster Pegs Condoleeza

Rebranding Democratic positions

Their battle stations were no defense BY James P. Pinkerton

Terry Jones: "Tony really must try harder"

Make A Profit Without Squeezing

Victoria's Dirtiest Secret Yet: Bob Dylan

Ask for "The Great Warming" on the Discovery Channel

ReDefeat Bush in Oakland and Berkeley

NARAL and concert in DC

Call C-span NOW

Call to Action re: Ashcroft and 9/11 Commission

Citizens for Legitimate Government (Lori Price) has the Iraq stories Media

Has the "Liberal Media" tried to paint how "unprecedented" it is for W


Transcript of *'s press conference

mp3 & video of *'s press conference

Bit Torrent

Google Bombs

For those who heard John Stossel on Air America today

Loss of Journalistic Integrity

--Earth's curious companion--

Anyone know a creationist named MACE BAKER?

Anyone else having trouble working today??

Political Collages or Porn Becomes Ashcroft

spring poetry

LA/SoCal DUers -- help with "foster yard" for lovable pooch?

CA Pension Fund Tries to Oust Chairmen of Citibank, Coke, Others!

(Social Security /Medicare riding on this election)Tough Issues, Awaiting

Kerry's Misery Index

Dell employs more people outside of U.S than within:

Cell Phones Alter National Park Landscape

Nature - Hundreds Of Animal Species Worldwide On Edge Of Extinction

Western US Drought Intensifies - Snowpack Half Of March Averages

Law Of The Sea Convention Stalls In US Senate

Study Shows Snowmelt Now Peaks Two Weeks Earlier In Montana Than 1950s

I need info on Bush's energy bill. Did it pass what form..etc.

The Big Rip: New Theory Ends Universe by Shredding Everything

Florida Bill Will Limit Manatee Protection, Fund Yet More "Studies"

Tankless Water Heaters Growing In Popularity, Offer Big Savings - AP

Arizona planetary scientists plot how an asteroid can rock your world

Western Drought Pushes Powell Down To Lowest Level Since 1970

Jet Trucks Blast Off With Biodiesel

Forest Service Pamphlet Uses Deceptive Photographs, Urges More Logging

Logging Behind Vampire Bat Attacks - 15 Human Rabies Deaths In Brazil

CO2 Injection System Too Expensive, North Sea Oil Producers Say - Reuters

chilling Chernobyl pics present day

How likely is human extinction?

Thousands in HK protest Chinese rule

Hospital keeps woman locked up - Kenya

Poll shows 11.1% of HK youths consider suicide

Gun imports overshoot costly buyback

City ,state and federal gun auctions

Lunabush's Tuesday Bad Joke

GUNS IN THE NEWS--April 13, 2004

Get a load of this, on DU even!

More GOP/Gun Nut Madness in Ohio

DNA Testing of Blacks Raises Questions (VA)

What's the record for mod waffling on whether a thread should be locked or

A couple of my posts and threads have disappeared over the last 24 hours.

Skinner, a request

FYI & a question

Who's the cute pooch, Skinner?

My post in LBN was just locked as a dupe.

Question about donating

How come a thread was locked for being a dupe...

something went terribly wrong with my reply in

Mods...can you please lock this...

Why did my AAR thread get locked?

Why was my thread deleted?

Budapest: Palestinian Imam planned to bomb Holocaust museum

11% of Palestinians killed by other Palestinians, study shows

AIDS-infected terror attempts stain Pessah

Sen. Boxer Holds Fund-Raising Advantage

Jon Bon Jovi to Perform at John Kerry Rally Friday in Pgh, PA

Renzi beating Babbit in poll, 49-38 percent

nixon's "I'm not a crook" speech....Washington Post, Nov. 18, 1973

meet the new boss.. same as the old boss

* 's Press Conference...sneak peak...

so now they are talking this memo

this is an iraqi blogger i have listened to for over a year

This quote is scathing!!!!

Memos For Bush, Senior Officials Don't Match

DeLay booed by hundreds of angry schoolteachers

I have a sense that The Bush Implosion is imminent.

Bush and Fox using American Idol fans

Black Box Voting and the Senate Recess

An islamic bomb

Does anyone no what the number of the bill was that went to

What do you think Clinton said in his closed door testimony?

Question concerning Easter and things going to "pooh" in Iraq

Tommy was NOT kidnapped

My thoughts on beating shrubbie

Young Turks...what is your opinion of them...?

Can he just explain in simple terms Why he did not yell INCOMING re 9/11

Fellow chorus member's step-daughter heading for Iraq.

YAY! My Nephew is coming home from The ME!

Dick Cheney and Oil Prices

how much will the CIA take from BushCo?

Ask Freeh Why He Had 350 Agents Helping Ken Starr?

What question would make Bush crack?

US press justifies slaughter in Iraq

Heartfelt message to all: Please start checking in at Activism Board.

Fake photographs - Photoshop editted images

Anyone see the MSNBC report on the Pentecostal sect?

Gun Groups May Not Be Bush Campaign Weapon

Not all Indians take jobs, some create

Gosh Forgive Me: I Agree With Pat Buchanan

After complete and careful review of 9/11

Charlie Rose: Time Writer recommends:Fire rice, fire Cheney

The real reason for bushes vacation in Crawford

At least one more day to enjoy it !!!!!

For the record it's the "U.S.A PATRIOT" Act

Raed's blog entry for the day - Tuesday, April 13, 2004

How Kerry Wins!


15 years ago today, Abbie Hoffman died

Darfur Crisis Update

We have an out of control war going on in Iraq,

Some reasons why we need to vote!

Go back and read all of RiverBend's posts on her blog out of Iraq. Start

Wanna see denial and self-deceit? 81% say Condi right - PDB IS historical.

Krugman: "they've been wrong about everything"

The Fox & Fiends morning comedy show meltdown

Will Freeh Be Asked About John O'Neill?

News Hour Honor Roll

Philip Zelikow Testifying now on CSPAN

I'm looking for juiciest Halliburton scandal of late to incude in a press

NOW we know why they gave Clinton so much hell....

Daily Show takes on Fox's 'truth squad', Diebold, and more...

CNN poll - Coalition or Insurgents responsible for trouble?

Idea for Movie about Bush-Like Presidency

Link to C-Span--9/11 Commission

Need links on neocons, 9/11, foreign policy, etc.

Tallahasseeans speak out on Choice of Cheney as FSU's Commencement Speaker

Fallujah and Baghdad -- Eyewitness Accounts

Sad Note: April just made the THIRD most deadly month

John F. Kerry: "Strategy for Iraq," 4/13 WashPost op-ed

Anybody watching the hearings? Freeh is on, C-Span1, CNN, MSNBC

No Time for Bullies: Baboons Retool Their Culture

Coloradans...What time is the Caucus Tonight?

Why not pick VP and Cabinet NOW?

Did the White House Pull a Bait and Censor with the August 6th PDB?

bush's tough week..........

Ok, I have a really great new media team and they need help with streaming

Dangers of Movement Focus on Bush

Kerry Comments on Support for Iraq Mission

CNN Poll - Are insurgents' tactics working?

US press justifies slaughter in Iraq

Chris Rock - new HBO special Sat nite 10pm Eastern

Secure/Encrypted E-mail accounts...

Who remembers the wildest assassination attempt on Clinton?

Freeh testimony for the commission

EVERYONE'S Getting Out! Germany, Denmark, Russia, France

Aug 6 PDB: Bin Laden Determined....

If I Was a Reporter at Tonight's News Conference: My Question for Bush

What questions will be asked at Bush* press conference

media whores are talking about Bush like he's the home team

CNN Poll Who is responsible?

This Happening In Your Home Town?

What time is Bush's press conference?

How many bush* books out?

Reno's testimony for the 911 commission

Why isn't the media talking about the "Gore Commission," and what it did

so...w is not in charge....who is?

IF..and that's a big IF, the WH Press Corps does it's job tonight...

i am even missing janet renos voice too

Amended 8/6 PDB given to high level officials?

Will any reporter dare address Bush as "sir" during the press conference?

I'm so sick of incompetent, ignorant, lying

New Reports on U.S. Planting WMDs in Iraq - Tehran Times

You MUST check this out.

9/11 Commission: Pot, Meet Kettle

WH Press Corps sliding on Knee Pads for Tonight

What happens if Saudi Arabia goes the way of Iraq? Looks like it might

Hey there secularists - wanna see something frightening?

Seeking verification of this rumour

Carville will call into O'Franken today

Ashcroft Rejected FBI Counterterrorism Funds Request on Sept. 10, 2001

Iraq war privatization: lines Halliburton's pockets and...

The only way we could have avoided 9/11 according to Condi

To be Ashcroft versus terrorists...........

Would you move to a state with no income tax?

Oct. 5, 2001 Phantom Flight From Florida

Shia clerics officially side with al Sadr

Good news rumor on AA news

Does LL Bean Spend a Portion of Its Profits on Anti-Choice Orgs?

Today's Inspirational Bush Photo: "America, Pull My Finger"

Why did the only woman (who happens to be a Democrat)

Could you imagine having a dittohead friend like Franken's...

ashcroft - you can't handLe the truth

Delay gets booed and laughed at by a room full of women

I smell a rat re: tonight's press conference.

Lame Voting gets us Lame Leaders who then gets us Lame Decisions

Who offered John O'Neill the job at the WTC...

Commission on 9/11 Seriously Criticizes Ashcroft

Press conference

Can't stand Franken having Dittohead friend on all the time

Freeh just said what we already know. DC has AA defense and did on 9-11

where did Leslie Blitzer get the name Wolf?

Anybody shorting their stocks today... I would...

Stern is ON FIRE this morning!

red tie/blue tie for reporters tonight? WTH is this code for???

Peggy Noonan--this shuts your mouth

Are we sneaking WMDs around Iran to deliver into Iraq

Three types of Fallujah terrorists

Bush*. Saddam. Whats the difference?

Is Dan Senor a Cyborg or just a Borg

SERIOUS QUESTION: Is Bush a Classic Megalomaniac

Drudge: Florida Dems Place Ad Calling For Rumsfeld hit...

Other links to Air America?

Why are WE allowed to have weapons of mass destruction?

What is the MOST unlikely event to happen at tonight's Play I mean press

Braindead co-worker defends Bush because he "ended marriage penalty"!

Let's Assume Its Scripted - H0w's It Happen?

Bush again asked to produce CIA author

Churchill quotes we wish His Chimperial Highness would read

When is Ashcroft testifying?

Post your press conference questions here

Is there a list of Presidential Press Conferences by President by year?

BBV: This is how scared Florida officials are of a clean vote

Clinton wipes out Reagan

Turin Shroud 'shows second face'

This Administration is in control of nothing.

let's compare tonights press conference to the one with the obvious


Should we expect Dems to heed foreign policy advice only from the left?

Will Bush* find a new Jessica Lynch among the Hostages???

What ever happened to the person who sent Anthrax in the US?

Blogger/Professor/Iraqi Shi'ite expert Juan Cole on NPR's Fresh Air today

Pickard at 9/11 hearings: "Chatter subsided in August 2001".

Muzzle Awards

The memo by FBI agent Kenneth Williams...

Did Bush read the PDB of August 6th?

Denied FISA warrant in Zacharia Moussawi case?

Is "news conference" scheduled to dilute Ashcroft coverage?

Michael Elliot up on O'Franken

Good god, has anyone been to the Halliburton website?

"Mission Accomplished"

Would Truman be a Republican today?

Does this spell the end for George?

Cofer Black, Karl Rove separated at birth?

Triplets' surrogate mom fights to keep baby boys.

Cronkite on O'Franken Factor tomorrow

Brace thineselves, another smear a-comin'

anyone watching tweety, memo just released...

How come the blogs aren't calling out the WH Press corps?

CNN Interviews Author of "House of Bush, House of Saud"

Don't you just "love" republicans??

Ok, the letter found at Bill Frist's office, was it Ricin or was it

question re: Scalia

"Is not peace, in the last analysis, basically a matter of human rights?"

George Bush, the REAL Flip-Flopper

now our troops have surrounded the univ. in Baghdad

Hmmmm - an "I pay too much in taxes" thread

Did you ever have to cancel a vacation

Did Ashcroft go yet???

New Reports on U.S. Planting WMDs in Iraq

DID ANYBODY READ THIS ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!

Question about our National Guard

Looking for blog addicts...

Ashcroft testimony: Have the freeper heads exploded yet?

Touch-screen printouts reconsidered (Florida)

The Funeral March on Washington Protest Idea

Woodward's New Book - Plan of Attack - Description from Amazon

I believe the press conference tonight is to provide cover

Press Conference Speculation:

Bushes, Cheneys enjoy tax cuts

WMD Commission still has not met (2+ months)

Go to ...

Questions about Gay marriage

Anyone know anything about the Rep Curt Weldon/Bribery issue?

Dennis Hopper moves to The Dark Side

Pickard is speaking.

What were last week's AAR numbers?

George Clooney defends his Dad in run for Congress...

"Even I'm beginning to understand the importance of the 9-11 Commisssion"

All in all its just a....nother brick in the WALL!!!

A$$KKKroft is about to speak.

I'm trying to reserve tickets for JK's Pittsburgh Appearance, NEED HELP!

Will they ask Ashcroft why he stopped using Commercial Flights

One more precise warning of 9/11, and no action taken:

What kind of a gun is this guy in Fallujah holding?

He's only in his opening statement and I'm already to PUKE!

Ashcroft told of repeated terror threats: 'I don't want to hear about it'

The Alamo Vs. Fallujah

Randi Rhodes opening with Condi Reptilian song ...LOL

Save a Chatlog... Go to Prison

Molly Ivins - Abu Musad al Zarqawi has two legs! - Really funny!

Here are some reminders of what Clinton did about terrorism.

9-11 Hearings: Anyone at all mention John O'Neill ?

will w make more ads bragging about his 9-11 glories?

Home Prices in L.A. Soar at Record Rate - median home costs $375k

This 9/11 hearing is helping Bush big time

I think we're focusing too much on the August PDB

Air America is coming to DISH network

Pickard under oath to Ben Veniste

Ashcroft blaming 9/11 on civil liberties.

Ben-Veniste questioning...

Bush and Cheney's adjusted gross income and tax returns!

John Ashcroft wants more death!

the modern republican party is not the party of Lincoln

"spattered remains of precious meal from a pig's trough"

Have there been any tough questions for Ashcroft?

So, Pigs are flying and the Devil is building a Snowman...

Ashcroft is on now - 9/11 commission

Asscroft up now! 3:55 PM EST - C-SPAN

What the US is fighting for vs. What the Iraqis are fighting for

Post press conference Ashcroft DRINKING GAME on C-Span

Compline in the West Wing with the bushes

Ration AY lee???

Interesting Bush Paper Automaton

Who decides on budget? Isn't it Congress? Ash keeps blaming Clinton


Alright, I AM taxed too much.

Why Bush will Lose the election: He has not shown evidence he

What was Randi Rhodes reading from about 3:30 today?

EPA helping energy companies skirt pollution enforcement

Union Pacific Accused Of Funneling Money To Anti-Gay Groups

Ashcroft's priorities: What is the TRUTH?

Now I see why * is all hung up on tax cuts

Asscroft: "Not in the position to remember" phrase?

Ashcroft nailed here. Called African embassy bombings "historical" looking for help with web-based organizing

Carville on O'Franken: "It's ALL Bush." Don't blame his actions

Why are they calling AssKKKroft "General"???

Head Up....Juan Cole....middle east expert...on Lehrer Newshour today

Is Ashcroft marytring himself for the Neo-Con cause?

It's offical: Roves plan is just to blame everything on Clinton...

Predictions: Primary conclusion of the commision.

Fred Fielding just kicked Asscroft in the balls has the Phoenix memo.

It's obvious something was wrong at FBI

Condi Commits Perjury, And All I Get is a Lousy Domestic Spy Agency

Let's all see what tomorrow brings

ok all you people in the know, where is randi

Media Advisory: Kucinich to issue statement tonight

I love Randi Rhodes, but she lost me on affirmative action....

So, why does Attorney General Ashcroft want to be called GENERAL ?

Anybody else here feel Kerry needs to up the heat a little?

Bush To Pre-Empt Tonight's 24!!

Our boy Johnny just hung himself

Richard Ben-Veniste will appear on Hardball with Chris Matthews tonight

Swing-voters - Confidence Plunges

What Time is the Bush Press Conference and What Networks Is It On?

Are they that afraid of us?

Right to anger re Ashcroft and our government....

If this were Vietnam

I guess since it was Clinton's fault, the BFEE didn't have to bother....

How I Would Like To See This War Fought

Is this "press" conference tonight totally choreographed?

Nazi Germany invasion of Poland vs. US invasion of Iraq

"I just wanna kick in doors and shoot at people" - soldier on CBC/CTV


Nixon's Dignity

Bush Pays $227,490 In Taxes

Soldiers Choose Canada (it's starting already!)

c-span caller: "Give Boosh a second term . . .


Ed Meese calls for Gorelick's resignation

Mega list of 9/11 questions:

Unofficial order of press questions for tonight.

If (insert nation here) invaded the US to remove Bush...

Letter From a Soldier's Wife

I hope some reporter asks Baby Bush if he will bring back the draft

Recent call-in to C-Span

Guys went to Iraq to have enough money to send kids to college

If it works for Baboons, think it will work on Republicans?

Reserves to be made part of the regular Army?

Why do so many at DU hold John McCain in such high regard?

Pat Buchanan on Scarborough and Catholics

Was Freeh aware of a LIHOP or MIHOP plot, and wouldn't participate?

Any chance someone will ask Bush about the Plame investigation tonight?

My plan to get us out of Iraq:

best firewall protection?

so what time is the biig press conference in CST time?

OH great, Faux news just covered the Gabber Ad

'Muzzle' Awards Given to Free Speech Violators (CBS)

What's * going to announce? Gas price up by 28cents per gallon

The Long Arm of Chinese Labor Law

Bush* 9/13/01: "most important thing is for us to find Osama bin Laden."

Duplicate--please delete

what about Dale Watson? he said something very scary on 7/12/01

Maybe we got bin Laden...

What happen to the rebroadcast of The Daily Show???

AHA! The smoking gun!

So what made the Chimp boy ask for the Osama PDB in the first place?

9/11 numerology

Press Conf - and Mclellan says PDB analyst met with commission Monday

Airport security was lax and they knew it.

Nader : Congress Should Begin Impeachment Inquiry of Bush and Cheney

Anyone else think that guy from CIA talked, acted, and looked

New Flash Animation is a MUST see!!

THEY LIE!!! Clinton DID break down wall between CIA and FBI

Russert just announced Kerry will be on MTP this Sunday

You guys have it all wrong! George W. IS creating jobs!

Maybe this press confrence isn't what we think...

What's Rove's big surprise for tonight?

something's happening......

Freedoms Course

Fear Grips Once-Calm Iraqi Neighborhood (Sadr is NOT a good guy)

Bush* will stand fast :WMD's, aluminum tubes, yellow cake uranium

Even if he has an articulate speech writer, and, can read his teleprompter

Looking for specific US casuality report website

Aaron McGruder ("Boondocks") Vs. White Liberals

30 Minutes and Counting - Chimp Must Be Shitting His Pants At This Hour

Draft coming bag and election in the bag. From one of my favorite

Ashcroft tells one flat out lie . . .


Most evil dictator the USA was ever chums with? (Nominations Phase)

Booksellers: Anytime Is the Right Time for Clinton Book

freeper, former 96Rock Atlanta morning guy lashes out against Bush...

OMG-They are Listening....they are, they are, they really are........

Jersey Girls on Hardball

RE: 9/11 - one key piece of legislation, blocked by Republicans...

Zwakri is inside Fullujah...or so we are being led to believe

African Americans losing faith with the Democratic Party

Is there a republican forum as big / fast as this one?

40 people currently being held hostage in Iraq. From 12

Rahul's report from today in Iraq.

What does blog mean?

Dobbs is Crap! Blindsided Gorelick our Dem and I think got info from

If I were Barney, I would Bite Him.....

Bush* to read to America for twelve!!! minutes tonight!!!

Front page of the Providence Jounal print edition

Jon Stewart's hilarious Condi take now up at Comedy Central...

'96 Olympic Attack aborted?

Did AG Ashcroft weaken counterterrorism ON 8/6/01!, out of ...

Is this really only Chimpy's THIRD press conf, or did I mishear Tweety

9-11 widows take apart Asscroft's testimony on Hardball

Bush Is About To Get SLAMMED Tonight

Is The Bush Press Conference Online? Links please!

ashcrofts tone

Lies in the Daily Vanguard - Majority Report radio

The "Little Toad" dressed in Black playing to his audience/Chimp!

"Resolved" How many times?

Never mind! I'll look at the official thread!

will the press have any balls

Maybe this is why Cameras are not allowed at Dover

delusional asscroft cries: "EVIL CHEMISTRY" and "EVIL BIOLOGY"

He could resign and do the entire world a big favor.

Bush sees every failure as a success.


How was the Biden-Lugar bill the same as the IWR?

Anyone as outraged as me about Bush's "who you...

I am in internet media streaming HELL today... HELP!

CNN runs "Sir" Clip

I hate when he says the word God

Iraq was never a 'haven for terrorists' or a threat to US until we invaded

"On June 30th, Iraqi sovereignty will be placed..."

I normally don't watch Deborah Norville but did anyone just see that???

AP: Americans want balanced budget, not tax cuts

Are Bush's speechwriters outsourced?


This is a news conference?

reporters are falling asleep in the first row...

What's Your Iraq Analogy?

Is Bush's tie trippin out?

please make him stop



Would the Patriot Act have prevented September 11th...

This is a Stiff performance even by *s standard.

"The military role of the US will not end in June" many new countries are we about to invade??

Look away from the tie! Look away from the tie! many new countries are we about to invade??

What's that tha-thump? Is that his tell-tale heart beating?

Same old story, Same old song. 45 Min. Campaign commercial.

W needs a haircut. He's got 70's hair now.

Let's Pretend we're Members of the White House Press Corps.

on tweety sources: rummy ready to sign 20k more troops

A "friend" of mine is an over-the-top freeper many new countries are we about to invade??

Nice ... thanks Bush many new countries are we about to invade?? many new countries are we about to invade??

I'm lovin' this speech by dubya!!!!!

"They seek the death of Jews... And Christians" many new countries are we about to invade??

Bush* is in total denial of the reality of the world. This is pitiful.

QUADAFFI Is Their Big Success? GIVE ME A BREAK...

Look away from the tie! Look away from the tie!

I'm lovin' this speech by dubya!!!!!

"They seek the death of Jews... And Christians"

I Am Disgusted - He's Speaking and I'm Disgusted

"They seek the death of Jews... And Christians"

Theocratic Terror?? PLEASE!!!

Here's my hunch about tonight's "press conference"...

"They seek the death of Jews... And Christians"

Trying to do a tally of how many times Murder/Kill & "Terraists" are used

Convince a skeptic of LIHOP.

"We're changing the world"

i'm so glad YOU think the analogy is false

We have to kill them to give them security and freedom.

We have to kill them to give them security and freedom.

Count the verbal stumbles: "insticated"?

Hey Governor!

Bush wants to only call on Fox news reporters

THis is the absolute worst propoganda I have ever heard!!!!


'Saddam refused to disarm' Maybe because he had no WMDs

That analogy is FALSE!

A well timed cough

troops are not coming home on June 30 - just coverage stops

"A Country that Hides things is a country that is afraid of being caught"

Dave's in the hizzouz

Ben-Veniste asks Ashcroft why he stopped flying commercial aircraft!

Now "We are changing the World"

Are these questions given to him?

I think Karen Hughes told Bush to try to look 'humble' and to stop


Did the ear piece fail or something?

no follow-up questions

Is it my personal bias, or is this guy completely befuddled?

This news conference is a farce.

BINGO question for Ashcroft...

Anyone got an organ grinder?

"We never knew they would fly planes into buildings"

Nice tie choice Mr. "President"

you can clearly see the earpiece

Just a half hour into this,,,

The Questions Are Actually Pretty Good

"When we step back and look at my (Bush's) thinking"

TAP SHOES for this asshole. SOMEBODY buy him some tap shoes. Bush

after this fiasco, we have


"A country that hides something is ...afraid of getting caught....."

TAP SHOES for this asshole. SOMEBODY buy him some tap shoes. Bush

Look at the moir from Bush's tie!

Condi looks like a beaten Dog

"Major newspapers had talked about Bin Laden"

This reminds me of sixth grade social studies class

KKKarl is watching his world collapse

Wow, he sounds just like Condi!

Is the pResident totally lying?

Is it just me or is only picking Journalist with Red or Blue ties?

Email the press and DEMAND to know if the ??? were presented to *

OMG - the PDB was a bunch of inaccurate bull

Is it my personal bias, or is this guy completely befuddled?


MY GOD he really is a puppet...

I've come to peace with this:

look carfully, you can see his split-tounge

Scripted or not...?

Ldotter reaction to the chimp - both frightening and utterly bizarre


This is a sad state of affairs. Americas' embarrassment. George W. Bush.

My daughter just walked by going...


Bush mentions Genoa, but says he can't imagine planes flying into building

TAP SHOES for this asshole. SOMEBODY buy him some tap shoes. Bush

What clown does he look like

Did anyone here Bush's Blue tie/Red tie comment to the press yesterday?

Yer not gettin an apology from me, 'Murica!

Where is the clamor of questioning from the press?

The Press should agree to ask only followup questions.

Anyone else getting that action off his tie?

You can see him being coached by the earpiece

He won't even apologize!

LMAO this guy is sooooo listening for answers

Mr. President, Saddam had no WMD. Why did we go to war?

Fray Poster Pegs Rice

He's repeating the Neo-Con line totally!

Why Hasn't Anyone Asked

that was the closest thing to a set of balls


Mary Matalin

If we had blown the peace in WW2...

Bush: I never made a mistake, and I'm not sorry about 9/11

Unf***ing believable!!!! He's responsible for nothing!!!!

How is this retard going to debate Kerry!? He can't talk!!

A real President accepts responsibility for his actions

"brown skin"

Miss America Talent Answers

"MY" Government?

Did you see Condi? Her world is collapsing. She looked like she was

Bush/Rove TOLD the reporters to go for broke......

Notice how the reporters aren't writing anything down.

Bush has said we're going to "Change the World" what, 6-7 times?

Dipshit looks nervous. Where's Helen Thomas?

Bush flunks Geography 101... again

What Drug Is He ON?

What does he mean by a "Must Call"?

He can't get through one sentence! NOT ONE WITHOUT EFFING UP!!!!

i suspect he has a corncob up his ass

"oceans don't protect us"

Is this Saturday Night Live?

Bush unraveled a cucumber?


"People will bend to our will if they are afraid of us" - reality check 4U

Bush owes EVERYTHING to 9/11

The "Frankly" mood of the world?

No Apology!?!?!?! - Bush is dead in the water. He could have just won!

BIG OLD DODGE there!!!

Caucasus not caucus!!!

Bush Farts on National TV

OK, now he's mentioned "future threats" twice...

Is this a Saturday Night Live rerun?

What is he talking about?!?

I want shrub on my Dodge Ball Team.

Oh, Iraq is THEATER, all right!

You've gotta be kiddin me. Did he just say force is his last option?

"I plan on telling the American people that I have a plan to win the war"

Turkeys are addicted to mustard gas...

A chance to hug, and weep, and console...

We don't see dead people on the TV!

Notice how the reporters aren't writing anything down.

John Kerry has just


"died in vain"

I don't plan on losing my job

Whose followup are you going to watch?

"Nobody likes to see dead people"

Our war in Iraq is really a cover for this:

Sorry, but our children have already died in vain...and because of a lie.

English is a rich and beautiful language

Dont plan on losing my job...

He could try a Kennedy move: "Ich bin ein Chimp"!

Bush sounds dumber than he's ever sounded before.

I've got some "must-calls"

I wish you would have....

Is it me or does it seem Bush is trying to say it's the countries fault ?

Bush is Infallable

How many family members has he consoled?

A reporter asked about Bush appearing with Cheney before 9/11 commission!

"I'm sure something will pop into my head here"

Questions Bush is actually answering, but was not asked (submit here)

"I don't plan on LOSING my job"

"I'm sure something will pop into my head, but it hasn't yet."

Did this brain dead moron just say the WMD's could still be found?

Answer the Freaking Question butt-head.

Only one hard question presented tonigt


Jeezusfuckingchrist "WMD may be found".......this asshole is insane.

That's it- he just totally lost it

Done anything different on 9.11? Still gone in IRAQ!

Who else got their Inaugural Ball invitation from Theresa Kerry?

I am done


World implications of this confab?

OMG, did you here him refer to people with "brown skin"????

Who here believed that oceans would protect us?

Is This Guy the President?

"I don't plan on losing my job"

Wes Clark will answer the Chimp on insananity & Coma

I know I'm biased, but bush is doing REALLY SHITTY. RIght?

Look at his face from CNN Web Site

He's in the midst of a total mental breakdown!

junior believes in the power of freedom


Has anyone gotten

What DU, others won't discuss about 9/11

Don Gonyea of NPR

Next November



If there weren't people dying because of him,

Will it become a new press fad to get him to say 'i'm sorry'

Did that fucking stupid son of a bitch just bitch out a reporter...


Anyone on line?? Yahoo? AOL??

This last question is such a set-up

Anyone else notice MSNBC is running a 5-second delay?

Official Tweety post

what were gas prices during Nixon's gas crisis?

We know nothing now that we didn't know before the press conference.

"Maybe I need to learn to communicate better"?

"Freedom is the Almighty's gift"

It's only Tuesday and I can safely say that Bush will be #1 on the top 10

No need to watch The Daily Show tonight

I CAN NOT have my president answering pre-scripted questions.

15 Questions, all related to Iraq and terror

did he just say "i'm open to suggestions???"

Sorry - what exactly was the question that stumped him?


"Gathering Threat" "Murderous Dictator" everybody drink now!

What's this about mustard gas in a barn?

Activism Project (online): We need to SPREAD a Clinton Press conf


"I think they're called MI5"

"Do you feel a sense of personal responsibility..."

Where is Wes Clark?

Suggestions for preventing a freeper conversion.

Thank David Gregory!

* "Must Haves"? What a sham!!!!

Cspan is taking caller questions--now--9:36 EDT (toadies on cable news)

Why can't people post in the DESIGNATED Press-Conf threads ?!?!?

Now he ASKED of the briefing?!?!?


Whose followup are you going to watch?

Will Bush do an act of terror in N.Y. to avoid a GOP convention there?

Wow - MSNBC is playing Bush ads during their post-speech coverage

Malloy Would Be Just Tearing * A New One Right About Now !!!

DU this poll folks!!!!

families of Soldiers on CNN

How many here think the TV ratings for Bush will be poor?

Anger - Just Anger

Bush seemed to be getting ready for defeat in Nov.

CBC's Henry Champ: "Not a sterling performance"

How many here think the TV ratings for Bush will be mediocre

Will tonight pump up junior's poll #??

There They Go Again...

Reporter "Don"---failure to communicate question...."a lot of the

Who's this dude on Larry King?

Who's this dude on Larry King?

And people think John Kerry gives boring, stilted speeches?

Dan Rather just said "Forceful, steady, confident " proof once again...

The Big Dog used to love to do press conferences

Larry King Now: Commishes (9/11), families of 9/11 and the War

* "Must Haves"? What a sham!!!!

Mr. Smirk goes to Washington

We don't sling the term "Warmongering Idiot" around here enough. (nt)

The damage is done. The power now lies with the media.

What do you think is going through John Kerry's mind


search engines question pls

Congrats to Elad!!! and all those behind a the scenes at DU

Bush "Disappointed" with US Troops

"I, John Forbes Kerry, do solemnly swear..."

Wes Clarke on Hannity.... Did I miss it?


when is gore getting his tv station going?

It's be Nice Time on the networks

MSNBC... compared Bush to Lyndon Johnson

Will junior's poll # go up?

Transcript?! Please??

Al D'Amato saying "We need to take on Bandar and the Saudis"

The story of the night: W can't bring himself to admit a mistake.

Was anyone keeping a "freedom" count?

What are Sam and Janeane saying about Bush?

All we need is an unscripted debate, and Kerry will put this one away


Bush getting slammed on Larry King by the families....

Matthews and Fineman on MSNBC are pandering ... again


Have any other presidents used an earpiece....

I watched him fumble through his debates with Gore... same thing.

I read on another board, Kerry doesn't have to campaign anymore..

David Gregory (MSNBC) just said "scripted press conference".

I thought he was pretty quick at one point

"Maybe I'm not as quick on my feet as I should be"!!!

Wes Clark coming up on Hannity and Colmbes 10:20

"That's My Bush!"

God, they just showed Condi and Rummy watching the speech....

Whoopi is kicking repuke a$$!

That woman on Larry King has an Adam's Apple!!

Why Aren't The Iraqis Fighting For THEIR Freedom?

Larry King playing clips of the Numbnutted...


Found: The 911 "Stand Down Order"?

Why did Canadians boo the US national anthem in Montreal tonight?

Who are the celebrity freepers?

"I thought the president was articulate...poised"........Hannity

Here's how I know, objectively, Bush was horrible tonight

Talk about Filibustering!

Stupidest Shrub comment tonite: "It's hard to advance freedom to a

Bush admitted Iraq had no WMD stockpiles

Capt from flt 77 sister on Larry King

Did I really hear * appear to take credit for KOSOVO?

MSNBC: ret.CIA Larrry Johnson

Executives of media corps. should have to testify before the 9/11 Com.

Instant aWol press conference debunker.

A caller on C-Span said Bush was a 'religious c**ksucker'

Richard Holbrooke on Scarborough ... The first voice of sanity ....

A caller on C-Span said Bush was a 'religious c**ksucker'

I believe Bush will announce a new military initiative during his...

Buchanan says Bush re-election in serious danger

Hee hee. Cap the pic from the BBC article on the PC.

better watch the repeat of Scarborough later tonight with Buchanan

What much money does someone need to have to be considered "rich"?

Bush is melting down on National TV!!! His advidors will probably be shot

Would Poppy and Barbara accept blame for producing Dubya?

I'm afraid of a cultlike political movement coming

Straight out: how to find whether the questions tonite are pre-submitted?

What do the Freepers think of this?

Trippi on AA!

General Clark coming on Fox News

Trippi now on Air America

Is it just me?

Jon Stewart in 19 minutes - at last some sanity

What's this about mustard gas in a barn?

"I have made no mistakes."


Rove screwed up big time. * should have apologized, don't you think?

OK, I'm a disgruntled Dem gone Green, but I know how Kerry can win.

Countering Clarke and O'Neill: The PNAC trial balloon is floated

nobody wants to see dead people on their t.v.'s

GWB: "I have a plan to win the war on terror"

how many times have you seen that Kerry gas tax add on CNN/MSNBC?

Pickard v. Ashcroft - One of them LIED under Oath

Bush's address in full (Toronto Star)

Who else tuned into CSPAN to hear the caller call * a cocksucker?

The Howard Stern interview of Al Franken will air on E! tonight

Judy W. -- I'm not one to dwell on polls

reporter: Mr. Prez, why are you testifying together with Cheney ....

Bush has apparently delivered a fatwa.

hey, my dentist hates bush, too

I'm so depressed

Anyone else notice the increase in Bush commercials?

What do you think of this pretentious larry king

Daily show IS on vacation

Why are you and Cheney appearing at the 911 commission together

So what are the freeper boards saying right about now?

* replay on C-SPAN?

What will be the October surprise? Finding WMD's or capturing

Fareed Zakaria needs his own show.

Do you personally know any neo-conservatives?

How are the media whores going to spin this one?

Tonight Press FAILURE to ask about Medicare Bill Fraud by White House

Got my email confirmation today.

The only solace I have....

did Bill Clinton ever have scripted press conferences?

Will the October surprise be finding WMD's or finding Bin laden?

bush says that "governments that keep secrets have somthing to hide"

Bush* Looked Disheveled. Letterman Hair. Ill-Fitting Suit...

God I'm glad I Experienced that on DU!!! (nt)

Discussion thread for the press conference

It'll take about 1/4 of the 200 mil. warchest to spin this disaster away.

I think I know why ....

The Witmer family (they lost 1 of their 3 daughters who went to Iraq)

Wives of 1st Armored Division Troopers are Pissed at * and Rummy

Right Here Folks, In Black and White...

Chimpy: "whoever was the Acting FBI Director"

George Bush sees dead people.

Did anyone see Bush's body language getting off HMX1 today?

Who wasn't sickened or permanently damaged by the "conference" tonight?

What does "through" mean?

Ladies & Gentlemen: The President Is A Complete Idiot.

Are there still states that have yet to caucus?

If a Dem (insert damaging Bush statistic), wouldn't Repubs flip out?

The folks at DU are pretty funny

Get ready for a new war. It's Bush*'s ONLY way out of losing 2004

You mean Karl Rove's not feeding the earpiece?

MOMS on again w/tweet! DO NOT MISS

GD 2004 has become pretty useless to post in now

Since I was caucusing, could someone tell me about the Bush conference?

I Dunno... This Picture And Caption Just Kicked My Ass !!!

Nothing about changing our foreign policies, nothing about our role

Boston Globe, John Kerry, and the Caymans...

If Bush picks up five points from this bogus "news conference" and

Time to Vote

*Best* media comments you've heard so far?

who was the last reporter -- Don who? He was excellent!

* reminds me of a line from a Talking Heads song...

I can't stand it anymore-this prez is a complete moron

I think the press should be commended tonight

Roger Daltry

Deleted message

Did anyone else catch the Fundie code speak?

After long and hard thought, I decided I have to vote for Bush.

A Hallucinogenic Tie?

Two things about Shrub's opening statement

"enemies of the civilized world" Chimpy said this twice tonight...which

This guy is OUR president?!!

WMD being planted in Iraq

Good night to donate to Kerry

Nixon's 'Silent Majority' speech-November 3, 1969 (Parallels to Bush PC?)

Charlie Rose could be good tonight. Anyone seen it yet?

I am ashamed and sickened at the performance of George W. Bush

"My President, right or wrong"

Just got back from my caucus. Ask Me Anything.

35 years ago ...

GWB's New Shagadellic 'Do -- Trying to Cover Up The Earpiece?

Autopsy of a Failed Occupation

Franken on Stern now. E channel.

On a scale of 1 - 10 (ten being the highest), rate Chimpy's performance

Bush really was incoherent, right? It wasn't just me?

Some tidbits from the Freepers on tonight's conference (OMG)

Do you feel a sense of dread, like me?

My tinfoil, paranoid theory wants its own thread


Here it is folks, in black and white...

Bushspeak tonight: Hiding means your afraid of getting caught

hardball - tweety, just started...analysis hard on bush

"They seek the death of Jews... And Christians"

Current AOL Poll numbers...

Look at what the Bush-worshipping apologists are saying!!!!

Ashcroft used a chartered jet for this fishing trip...

The Cleveland Stonewall Democrats met last night

Dear 9/11 Commission: Please ask Ashcroft about the Private Jets

LA TIMES ON On Drudge...."Bush Team to Cut Back on Campaign Ads.."

New Title -- Nightline hitting HARD!

Cheney's Halliburton pay close to VP salary

4/13/04 Press Conference ****Transcript****

Evidence the Hijackers were CIA Recruits!

Man, I wish I hadn't written my column yet...because that was PRICELESS!

Incurious George Goes to the Commission (and other TOONS)


What information did D. Feinstein Read?

Iowa Senate rejects gay nominee (American Taliban alert!)

The most important statement in the news conference was

Hilarious graphic at

Clearly The Poorest Performance By An American President Of All Time

Please help me to convert my *Shrub loving little league coach

So Asscroft says he flies Commercial in answer to the question about

Saint Petersburg Democratic Club ???

Urge the Senate to Stop Messing with the Constitution

The Most PATHETIC Moment at the "Press Conference"

Harvard and Yale must be proud

Media finally to answer 9/11's unanswered questions! (suggestions needed)

Who was the last Republican to actually speak truth?

Human Rights Watch: Probe Needed Into US Action in Falluja

Post your favorite bu$h press conference quotes here...

PHOTOS of the chimp trying to speak tonight....(caution: scarey)

In North Atlanta? Free Thursday night?

John Kerry, and the Caymans...

"Answer the &$%#* Question!" MUST READ!!

Newshour (PBS) is doing a replay of *moron's babble 9pm est

Here's one reason your health insurance costs so much

Iraqi Sovereignty?

Sign here to condemn the threat made to Rumsfeld in Florida.

OMG!!! Bush is totally wearing an earpiece!!!

Question for Catholics re: witholding sacraments to Catholic politicians

Take Bush at his word. He SAW the FIRST plane hit the WTC! Live on TV!

Forest Service Photos Raise Flap: Taken After Logging (WP)

Charge Reduced For N.C. Student Who Hid Box Cutters On Plane | WRAL

Body of SA man mutilated in Iraq

US says Opec output cuts most unwelcome

Russia Considers Iraq Evacuation

WP: More Limits Sought for Private Security Teams (in Iraq)

Eyesight Projections for Boomers Dim

Eight employees of Russian company held hostage in Iraq released after day

Gun Groups May Not Be Bush Campaign Weapon

Halliburton Suspends Some Iraq Supply Convoys

Russia's Top Iraq Contractor to Pull Out

WP op-ed: John F. Kerry, "A Strategy for Iraq"

Osama info deleted from second memo

U.S. Troops Deploy Outside of Najaf

Philip Zelikow Testifying now on CSPAN

LAT: Gun Groups May Not Be Bush Campaign Weapon

Fifty-one more Haitians arrive

Did the White House Pull a Bait and Censor with the August 6th PDB?

Vice President Cheney Arrives in China

2 U.S. Soldiers Missing in Iraq Are ID'd

NYT: Pakistani(Dr. Khan) Tells of North Korean Nuclear Devices

(Australian) Spy network putrid, army man tells PM

WP,p1: Bush Aims to Localize Rent Aid("relax " Sec.8 regulation)

Terry Nichols' Attorneys Seek Dismissal of State Murder Charges

Clashes kill 24 in Chechnya

Zim's hidden landmines remain lethal - Zimbabwe

France Tells Its Citizens to Leave Iraq

Russian firm evacuates 370

Kill imam at your peril, Shiites warn US

US-led troops detain 2 top rebels

Crashed U.S. Helicopter in Flames in Iraq

Imelda's jewels go under the hammer

Another front in Iraq: Insurgents threaten GIs' supply lines

Fake ID card at center of abortion clinic suit

Outside Audit: Corporate Tax Burden Shows Sharp Decline - WSJ

Troops Attacked After Iraq Copter Crash

Rio de Janeiro state plans to wall off slums

Iraqis show Italian hostages, want Italy out -TV

Touch-screen printouts reconsidered (Florida)

Al Qaeda Suicide Attack Detected in Tehran Friday Prayers

About 10 Bulgarian soldiers ask to leave Iraq

Japan's Defense Minister Cancels Planned Trip to Iraq

I'm ready to die for anti-US drive, says Sadr

U.S. seeks to reassure key ally Bahrain on Iraq

Najaf Revered for Its Shiite Shrine

FBI Sought 1,900 Experts Pre-9/11, Got 76

French journalist kidnapped: TV

(Canadian) Liberal support sinks back to low point - Globe and Mail

Seabees Given an Emotional Send-Off

War College aide rips Bush Iraq strategy

US to decide whether US soldiers will be kept in Iraq

Panel: FBI Weak on Terror Threat Response

Tehran reports US bringing WMDs into Iraq

Annan Rules Out Large U.N. Team for Iraq


Variety: Timing for Speech is Bush League

Nader Tells Youth to Brace for Draft

Absentee ballot may not require a witness

U.S. Seeks to Bolster Iraq Security Forces

U.S. says suspends some supply convoys into Iraq

Nations urge citizens to quit Iraq after abductions (Reuters\Forbes)

Citigroup Is Top Underwriter for Firms Gone Bankrupt (Update1)

TV Networks Take Safety Measures in Iraq

Army awards $32M contract to iRobot for recon robot

Dollar Up on Renewed Economic Optimism

Ashcroft is on now - 9/11 commission

Tentative Bus Strike Deal- Minnesota

Tape Threatens More Bombings in Spain

Insurance, Security Eat Iraq Contractors' Profit

Kerry demands 'explanation' from Bush

Immigration Officials Change Rules After Abuses of Sept. 11 Detainees


US threatening Iraqi media, says Al Jazeera

U.S. Soldier Killed in Bombing of Convoy in Iraq

Cheney Took in $178,437 from Halliburton in 2003

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 13 April

Mexico Wants to Return to UN Security Council

CBS: Terror Threats Surged Before 9/11

Cheney promises U.S. will help Japan bring hostages home

Media Advisory: Kucinich to issue statement tonight

Ashcroft Blames Previous Administration for Leaving Country Vulnerable

Some Troops Expect All-Out Fallujah Fight

Al-Jazeera: F-16s Bomb Fallujah

(Bush Flip/Flop)US military turns to Saddam Hussein's ex-officers

IAEA head repeats demand for return of nuclear inspectors to Iraq

Taliban says it killed kidnapped Afghan intelligence official

Israel Training US Assassination Squads In Iraq

April Marks Deadliest Period for U.S. in Iraq War - at Least 82 Troops Kil

Rebel Iraqi cleric chooses envoy for U.S. talks

Hundreds of U.S. farm representatives expected in Cuba

Contractors Put Iraq Reconstruction On Hold (Finanicial Times)

CNN -- Scalia: "I learned my lesson"

Aide to Shi'ite Cleric Sadr Held by U.S. in Baghdad

"Negroponte Possible Ambassador to Iraq"

Bodies 'of US Iraq workers' found

Jordanian warning on more Iraq troops

U.S. Deploys for Showdown With Cleric

General asks Pentagon to send 10,000 more troops

Tax cuts pay off for Bush, Cheney

US 2001 reports warned bin Laden planned attack

Texas GOP Picks Congressional Nominees

Imam Muktada al-Sadr arrested in Baghdad

Vote on U.N. human rights resolution on Cuba nears

Bushes, Cheneys reaped tax benefits

Rahul's report from today in Iraq.

NYT: Bush News Conf. Set Amid ("jittery") Campaign Concerns

Most Prefer Balanced Budget to Tax Cuts, Don't Believe Taxes Have Decreased

Iraq More Damaging to Bush Future Than 9/11 Memo

Retired Air Force general: No easy Iraq solution in sight (May need draft)

Negroponte to replace Bremer!!!

Coalition recovers 4 mutilated bodies

Poll: Balanced Budget Beats Tax Cuts

Discussion thread for the press conference

US FTC says pornographic "spam" must be labeled

Why Housing Is About to Go "Pop!"

They Could Still Be There.....

This is sounding more and more Nixonian

Crisis of confidence as US faces showdown

High stakes for Bush in Iraq news conference

Backlash at News Corp over listing switch (poor Rupert)

Mrs. McCain Hospitalized (Stable) After Stroke

Asbestos bill will fail, says author Hatch

Dell Employs More Overseas Than in U.S.

Wes Clark and VP

Research: Pig Manure Can Become Crude Oil

Kidnaps blow to rebuilding efforts

Poll: Public has shifted focus toward terror, war problems

Minimum wage hike: Senate GOP seeks to neutralize key election-year issue

Arizona second best in job growth

FLASH: 4 of 7 missing us civilians found dead in Iraq

St. Petersburg Democratic club ad says 'pull trigger' on Rumsfeld

Sudan: Massive Atrocities in Darfur

7 children at Mesa school overdose on vitamins

After Abduction, Russia Urges Citizens to Leave Iraq

Ashcroft blames Clinton's 'failed policy' on bin Laden

Support for Bush 'Has Harmed UK's Reputation'--UK/ World Media Watch

Bush May Accept a Settlement Plan (Israel)

Attacks begin in Najaf? (The Agonist)

U.S. to Pull Out of Key Outpost Along Tense Border With North Korea

Kerry Statement on President's News Conference

Panel Says Bush Saw Repeated Warnings

ACLU Calls on White House to Resist Creation of Secret Police

Summary of Saudi Arabia Flight Findings

Democratic club's ad suggests shooting Rumsfeld

Bush Campaign's Big TV Ad Push Trimmed (30% cut)

Opinions vary on Bush news conference

78 Troops Killed This Month in Iraq - 561 wounded

Governor Visiting Costco for Bargains on Signatures (California)

"Google's Gmail could be blocked": California Senator Figueroa

GU: Americans 'drop demand for handover of killers in Falluja atrocity'

Koreans showed nuclear weapons

FDA Approves Human Brain Implant Devices

World set back 10 years by Bush's new world order, says Blair aide

Bush says he doesn't plan to lose his job

Half of US is breathing bad air, government warns

Poll: Balanced Budget Beats Tax Cuts

Democrats devise Catholic scorecard

Probe needed into U.S. action in Falluja-watchdog

Radical Environmentalist Sentenced to Prison for Damaging SUVs, Vandalism

'Half the Iraqis killed were civilians'

Australia :Top army analyst calls for royal commission on WMD intelligence

Negroponte Possible Ambassador to Baghdad

Text of (P)resident Bush's speech

George and Laura release 2003 Income Tax Filing

Canada seal hunt draws protests

Hundreds of U.S. Farmers Headed for Cuba

Deaths of scores of mercenaries not reported

New Reports on U.S. Planting WMDs in Iraq

NH Unionleader: Families of the 94th on the warpath

2500 posts later...

"PETA outraged after Mickelson kills monkey"

Who's a better singer? Ashcroft or Mark Harris???

Tacos Or Yaks?

Ahhh, bitter dregs.

mmm good taco

Does everything happen for a reason?

This cat is fatter than my 22 lb'er

I'm hooked up, again! Ask me anything...

Screw Bush, screw Kerry, screw Nader, Ash is the next Prez!

Entertain me, peasants

Yahoo Word of the Day: Equivocate !!!!!!

Best stoned XBox fun ever...

Best late night computer companion.........

Ever wonder how many DU members have zero posts?

Is April 30 Days Long

My cat is watching TV

Howard Zinn -A People's History of the United States. Audio DL

that picture of Condi Rice on the DU front page . . .

Come on Du'ers ! Escape from the " Crimson Room "

Hordes of the undead are massing at your doorstep what do you do...

"Mr Prez, why have your aproval numbers almost halved since Nov 2001?"

If *I* ran a conservative website....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YODA!! (Dwarf Mouse Turns 4)

Bush and Condi at the Easter Service

The Lowest Common Denominator.

Email I got from

Need help from mechanics and automotive types.

Alligator Named "Mr. Cranky Pants" Stolen - Abandoned

This is who does the Fox News polling:


Canada sucks today!

i got my DU bumpah stickah in the maiL

Asshole at the Y a couple of days ago.

Calling all DU Insomniacs!!

Beauty and the beast of war (Miss USA)

Vacationing Freeper Meets Tony Blair

bring out your dead!

WHOO HHOO, stepped in a nasty hairball this morning

If you met Ronald McDonald what would you do?

Techies: WTF happened to AltaVista advanced search?

Help him out. Specific CAPTIONs only.

Colorado DU-ers: Tonight Is PARTY CAUCUS NIGHT!!!!

did Bar threaten to kill people ?

I just signed up for a MoveOn bake sale!

ARRGGHHH my aching body! (forgive the rant)


I'm Getting an Epidural On My Neck Today

Lisa Simpson on Unfiltered!!!!

Why am I so tired today?

Crimson room

I love my job - but I think it's making me nutso

So help me God.

Office party -- with BOOZE!

Mating season?

Sorry to hear about the unexpected downtime yesterday

Bush* visits England

Wierd Al Yankovic's parents dead from carbon monoxide poisoning

The great thing about Air America is that I've given up....

Is everyone that owns a rusted out 86 Honda civic a democrat?

Caption: Amulet guaranteed to restore virginity?????

dogs and dry skin problems

Germans go wild for "Pig Brother" Web site

Tech Support Call

Caption: JP2 carries the candle for anonymous pregnant pal

Help with Sirius radio . . .

A little humorous Enron history

I'm starting to get it! (FOX)

Caption: Orthodox boys out-bling JP2 hands down....

I have predict that * is going to turn down his party's nomination tonight

So......who's a mechanic around here?

Caption: Purrrrrrrr....only one place this one's heading for.....

Update on my mom

Caption: JP2 window washing at the Vatican........

Caption: Janet Reno's two fingered salute to the BFEE

Has Bush* stolen our sense of humor?

Spy vs. Spy!

Anyone else love the "Why is the sky blue?" commercial on AirAm?

Is everyone that owns a Hummer a Republican?

Why does Barney never take a whiz on camera?

caption the pres. who's number 1

Caption: JP2 tests new anti-dandruff/nits lotion

The Holy Trinity of Involuntary Celibacy

Super sweet! The REAL Ultimate Power Book is here!!!

Chicago sports fan joke

These A$$holes make me sick...

The Stir-Fried Attorney General of All CAPTIONS!!!!!

hot damn, emacs just got cheaper and faster!

Caption Barney trying to teach * how to wave bye-bye

Thats it! I'm done with Netflix....

Whew! Our leader is back at the White House.

So, How Those World-Beating Phillies Doing?

Caption: Proof that plastic surgery ain't such a sure fire thing....

Anyone here enjoying a rainy day?

The Hayseed Host of all Captions!!!!!

Caption: Roll away the Stone! (nudge nudge, wink wink...)

FREE mud golf tomorrow FREE mud golf tomorrow

Dead candidate wins vote in Indonesia

Man's Cell Phone Explodes While In Line At Bank

Make your own Peeps!

Greatest pop single ever!

Anyone Have the Link to The Bush Cheney '04 Funny Slogans Presentation?

Bush just ticked off millions of American Idol Fans.

The Passion of The Peeps

Bumper sticker(s) of the day

The cable is out this morning

Spend It Like Beckham

Matcom, are you training sniffa to become a Thread-Jacking A$$hole????

Is There A Car That You Would Really Like To Have Some Time In Your

Holy Crap...Turin Shroud 'shows second face'


Natalie Portman and a Kerry button (large photo)

Psyched! Walter Cronkite on O'Franken Factor tomorrow

700 Pound Man Loses 340lbs - Selling His Success Story


Bonds and Steroids poll

Ok, Best seldom played Rolling Stones song.

What to do with an old computer?

Here comes the story of the Hurric-cane.

The Writhing Hose of all CAPTIONS!!! (Only for 18+ years old.)

Can somebody make me a "Kerry Kerry bo berry" avatar?

Anti-gay parents use The Onion as a source for their pamphlet

I want to consolidate my debt

A kick for weird AL

How much time at work do you actually "work" vs. "goof-off" ?

Movies with the BEST plot twists in them.

Donations To Bush

Could you get behind "Pretendident" as a term for Dubya?

I thought this was a joke about Burger King

Pat robetson's was asking his lost sheep, "What job will God have

Ain't it just like the night to play tricks

Favorite Coen Brother Movie

What color are your underwear?

You are in public and your privates itch... what do you do?

Wishful thinking

What Can a 14-Year-Old Girl Do in the Summer?

Guitar players: Anyone use piezo pickups in an electric?

T or A?

Just see if this doesn't happen tonight.

Lets play free agent chain(needs a better name)

The Cyronic Duck of all CAPTIONS!!! (Not for the weak of heart!)

I committed vandalism

Daddy, why did we attack Iraq?

You're in private and your pubics itch! What do you do?

The Passion of The CAPTION!!!!

A Warning to all Virginia DUers. Take heed:

I am bored off my ass...

who is the OLDEST republican you know

who is the OLDEST republican you know?

Two playoff streaks ended in the NBA last night. If anybody cares.

Anybody been to Key West?

Worst singers from American Idol

Name the unidentified band

Do you live in a large city, suburb or rural town?

Ashcroft blames Carnahan's 'vengeful ghost' for 9/11, bin Laden

Who Is The ODDEST Republican You Know?

Air Marshal Leaves Gun In Airport Restroom

Your one question for Bush

I don't know where this train is going.....

If I surf porn while streaming Ashcroft's testimony...

Are you getting a tax refund this year?

Indy's Hockey Team has Been Sold !

You're killing me Larry!

Need your feedback on an LTTE I'm writing Re: Bike saftey

FOR 1 DAY ONLY: Confess your evildoings & we'll blame it on Bill's Penis

Where can I get a driver for an old printer?

We Fucked the world - Bush n world leaders parody

I'm staying home. Missed class because I overslept. Ask me anything!

Do you have an unsolved Rubik's cube?

T or F. Brunettes Have More Fun than Redheads or Blondes

If you have a yahoo email account

New pic: The 3 Stooges go to war...


Bush will ruin our TV night

You Get to be Me For A Day

It's Kitty Time!!!!!!!!

You are in public and your privates itch... what do you do?

Cincinnati deputy just shot someone a few blocks from my apartment

Favorite political film

You Can Count on Bush

Bellsouth DSL - Grrr

So I had this job interview today.

Let's give it up for Phil Mickelson!

In the spirit of spring: Where is your favorite vacation destination?

Bush gets a gentleman's "F"

Vacation next week!

I will be watching America's Funnist Home Videos while you-know-who talks.

CONFESS! You Get To Be ONE DUer For a Day! Who You Gonna Be?

Anyone see "Executive Decision?"

Man Busted For Swinging Nude From Rope Into Pond - He Had 'Some Beers'

Just some good news...someone mailed my daughter's wallet back

Listening to The Very Best of Rainbow. Ask me anything.

What is the strangest food your cat likes?

For his 58th birthday: Favorite AL GREEN song?

What mishap would you like to see at Shrub's press conference?

Repukelicanism: Nature or Nurture?

Who's the Most Infuriating Republican in Your Life?

I've been in San Fran for a month now...


Puzzling computer problem: USB unknown devices

Defreep this poll

What time is this 'press conference' tonight?

Ya' Know Whom I Don't Like? Mel Gibson.

Are you a vegetable?

Ok I just donated & I feel so good!

So, anyone here going to Phish in Vegas this weekend...?

Someone is impersonating Skinner avatar & all

Jersey Girl

Someone is impersonating Skinner ,avatar & all!

those watching the pRes tonite, what

know anyone who's had an episode like this?

Presidential Drinking Game tonight


Anyone else just see Whoopi stomping the George Bush card board stand-ee?

Have you ever been pulsed? I haven't

DU Chat room for the Press Conference?

"I'm George Bush, and I approve this MESSHAGE."

"I will not seek..."

Prettiest town/city names

How many syllables will Jr use tonight?

"This has been tough weeks in Iraq"


Thank me later...


Murphy's Rules of Combat

Name some prominent Democratic actors/actresses of the past.

Murkin's are not an Imperial Power


How does Cheney

Where should the Hyp go on Friday night?

Civilized World?

"Secretary of State Rumsfeld"?

Nice ... thanks Bush

Which household chore is anathema to you?

Bush is slamming valium and beers right now!!!

What does INSTICATED mean?

so there were two Americans trying to buy lunch in the cafeteria ...

Theocratic Terror?? PLEASE!!!

"Citing my plunging poll numbers=aiding the terrorists"

"Citing my plunging poll numbers=aiding the terrorists"

Wow, I wish I bought gas yesterday!

"A Country that Hides things is a country that is afraid of being caught"

For give me, those dupes...

Anyone watching the press conference?

What's the strangest thing your cat catches?

Who's the Most Well-Hung Republican?

Come to Hawai'i and never have to listen to Bush* again!

"I'd be angry if I was occupied too!"

Gettin' sauced on scotch/not watching*

"Ultimate Decision Maker"

Are you a vegetarian?

Wow, I wish I bought gas yesterday!

By God! Everyone has to stop lying to George

"I can't wait to get back to my unit..."


DU chat tonight

Bush versus the Free Press Softball Game

Bush-Lie-O-Meter ----- Guess how many lies Bush will tell

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds ...

No need to watch The Daily Show tonight

Old Allman Brothers on WITR - listen online Now Greatful Dead

Wal mart sells dvd player that blocks bad words; pay more $ for more title

Anybody else getting a "Web site not responding" message?

All of Bushes answers:

just got home from work, missed the whole press conference. anything new?

How drunk will CatWoman get tonight?

Meanwhile in some back room of the White House:

Anyone have rattlesnake advice?

Katrina Van Den Heuvel ALERT

What do Poppy and Bab's think of Junior's performance tonight?

Good News American Idol Fans!

Who wasn't sickened or permanently damaged by the "conference" tonight?


Are all 42706 registered DU'ers on here right now?

Now we're going to war against Libyan turkeys for producing mustard gas?

check out this web site

Some tidbits from the Freepers on tonight's conference (OMG)

First words out of Bushs mouth tonight, that I would love to hear.

Look, 41 and Babs loved him once, anyway....

Bush Lies: The Musical

So what word are you drinking to?

Simon Cowell responds to Bush's speech....

OK, I'll try this this time

Apparently my school is having a Pro Life Rally...

Does anyone know what happened to Dr. Lim aka Prof. Pollkatz?

What did I miss while I went to krispy kreme?

Night around?

I need help finding . . .

Anybody heard from..................

Bush Press Conference/Hitchcock's "Notorious"

Bushler or Bushitler?

Just put an order to switch from dial-up to cable

what's this all about

I am OD'd on Lies

Had turkey sausage for dinner, producing my own mustard gas.

I want a DU Logo Baseball Jersey, blue & white, size: large

Does the Harvard Business School...

Mojo Nixon - great antidote for a rainy day

Anyone hungry? I'm making Turkey sandwiches with Mustard on them

KG? Hello? KG.

Is this the end of the empire ?

Ever create a new thread just to have a blue thread on the lounge page?

What is KKKarl Rove doing now?

Check in time for Kerry donors

Oh my dear, dear, dear God!!!!

Turkey sandwiches anyone?

Why do the Freepers connect us with anyone not conservative?

Here comes the smirk ...

Has anyone seen "Kill Bill?"

Battle of the Bands: The Eurythmics vs. Bo Diddley

home improvement advise needed

Parent Post: Am I too overprotective??

No, Never.

Anyone notice Condi's body language?


Worst danger music (TV series edition)


this post is for all the old hippies

Anybody ever read "I, Robot" by I. Asimov?

FTC Rules All Pornographic 'Spam' Must Be Labeled

New Merchandise at the DU Store! ... "Hero/Zero"

Battle of the Bands: The Gap Band vs. The Isley Brothers

I just ordered a BUNCH of new cds - New music check-in!

I need a Photoshop god or goddess

Rainy days - like or dislike?

More DU Stuff! ... "Worst. President. Ever."

Did anyone notice, the Lounge just crested 1,000,000 posts?

Scariest Corporate Motto Ever.

Just got a message from a friend about a warranty with Black & Decker...

Men: what do you call your weenies?

Which of my cats is the cutest?


ok wouldnt consoling familes include

Who can top THIS bumpersticker?

ok some just said this and claimed to be a dem:

Let's start the FReeper Bush press conference thread early:

Yo, NightTrain! Ya gonna call me tonight?

VIDEO HEADS- Need a screen shot from tonight's "Press Conference"


Apprentice Fans!

Any of you ever been inside a building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright?

Landsraad plans to "kill or capture" Muad'dib, says Sardaukar.

Vegetarianism is un-American

My parents' 30th anniversary is in less than two weeks. Ideas?

How many times have you been in love?

Who is your favorite Republican Film actor?

What is Congestive Heart Failure

I need some help from DUers that have kids or deal with kids.

Son of "Only the Punchline" thread

My son's girlfriend was carjacked!

Most BORING place to spend a Saturday night

LA DUers -- help with "foster yard" for lovable sweet pooch

Would you wear a thong?

Kinda bored...anybody want me to make them an avatar?

Students question Kerry on Iraq plan

Hispanic Effort Finally Gets going for Dems in Central Florida

Don't overlook universal health care's benefits

Salon: How Kerry wins

Did anyone else hear this report --

Reagan said Bal Budget, double def spending, cut taxes 1/3 - and media

Why do AP, Zogby and Gallup have shrub in the lead?

Political Parties Revamp Web Sites: Model after Howard Deans!!

Why is Bush II more popular than Bush I?

Congrats to Will

is it necessary for a president to be a combat veteran . . .

Tracking the Electoral College

Kerry to eliminate 100,000 federal contractors???.....

Gun Groups May Not Be Bush Campaign Weapon

Amateur Hour hits Kerry's campaign -National Service

Kerry demands 'explanation' from Bush

Why is Pres. election the only race not decided by popular vote?

The attack ads have started

Rate the Idiot-In-Chief!

How can we tell if bush is wearing an earpiece tonight?

Dean org announces partnership with America Votes....29 grassroots groups!

DU post news conference Presidential Preference poll

Spoof Bush anti-Kerry ad-Planet Obscurion

TOONS: Bush 41 and Bush 43 ...

Bush must really be worried this week

Edwards on Inside Politics today

Boston Globe, John Kerry, and Cayman Islands...

John Kerry and The Voter Confidence Act and Black Box Voting

Someone make me feel better about this Kerry article in The Nation

In this hypothetical election, who would you vote for?

"Is it worth it even if you lose your job in November?"

Has the Kerry campaign been too slow to realize 'It's Iraq, Stupid'?

Any Colorado Democrats out there?

Union Members Urge Kerry to Warm Up

Why are people so dismissive of polls that show Bush ahead?

Coors To Run For Colorado Senate Seat

Bush news conference may be sign of anxiety

Anyone know how the Electoral College looks right now?

Veep-O-Matic 2004

How does Nader take votes from *

How will the polls react to Bush's performance tonight?

Colorado has caucus today

Mark Shields.."Time for Apologies" to Howard Dean

Name one good thing about Bush - I dare you

'New Democrats' on Iraq - in their own words

Just back from CO Caucus

Hmmmm if not McCain...then how about

Which region should Kerry's VP come from?