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Archives: April 11, 2004

Iraq's enemy within

GU: Blair's fear of a Bushwhacking

Jimmy Carter explains how the Christian right isn't Christian at all.

Road to Anarchy - Newsweek

Illinois 8th Congressional - A Race We CAN Win

Thoughts on life for Easter (from Bishop Ken Untener and H. W. Longfellow)

Healing Iraq Blog 4.11

What do you think the Pilots were told?

What part of Imminent Threat doesn't the Bush WH understand?

How to disrupt CU to death

Here's the PDB, courtesy of (big .gif files warning)

This is huge...

Did you see Weekend Update in SNL? Amazing...

The Aug. 6, 2001 PDB: Smoking Gun?

Phoenix Memo + Moussaoui Arrest + 8/6 PDB

Censure Bush for Misleading PETITION

CU ain't the problem.

Check out all the Celebs J E Hoover had spied on.Lennon,Beatles, Lucy Ball

What the World Needs Now Is DDT

How Did Al Gore Lose To Bush. You Think Gore Thinks To Himself.

The Question Of Israel

LOL!! Freepers Find Condi SNL Skit Offensive...

14 Planes - 1 SAM Battery

History of Muslims in West Bank.

Proposed: International Summit & Transfer of Management Authority to UN

Iraqi Battalion Refuses to 'Fight Iraqis'

Fears for Briton missing in Iraq - Gary Teeley

Occupation troops suffer more casualties

Sharon to Get U.S. Nod to Keep W.Bank Land - Report

Listening to Deep Purple's Burn. Ask me anything.

I saw the strangest thing a few minutes ago...

How many Christians here find funny?


Just came home from a frineds partgi.

Easter Egg Hunt


Hee Haw or Jihad?

Think freepers and CUers are pathetic? Then check this out!

snl rippin bush...

The infamous Saturday Night drink thread!

The Lounge's blueprint for disrupting General Discussion

I'm Older Than DIRT!

Question for the Atheists/Agnostics here who like Classical Music.

CD recommendation for Louis Armstrong fans . . .


Damn! I forgot the PEEPS!

My Winston Churchill impersonation:

I never knew...

Iraqi soldiers' families teaming up with 9/11 victims' families?

Will the election be close?

political songs including one based on Howard Dean speeches

The Case Against A Military Solution to as-Sadr

Rice's defense of Bush contained yawning gaps

Bernadette Malone: How to Celebrate Easter During War

Daniel Ruth - Just An Inkling, Just A Hint Danger Lurks?

Sunday News Journal (Wilm. DE) - Persuaded to invade

Thomas Friedman's latest idiocy - CAN WE TRY TO GET THIS GUY FIRED?

Bush speaks of truth, but doesn't tell it


The US and the International Crimimnal Court

Stripes letters: Bush failed on many fronts/AFN plays favorites w/Fox

James P. Pinkerton: Bush presided over a stand-down (Newsday)

Is Playing Paintball and Firing Legal Guns Terrorism?

Anti-U.S. Outrage Unites a Growing Iraqi Resistance

William F. Buckley: MAKE THAT JUNE 30, 2005

US tactics condemned by British officers

Who will rescue the US?

False Statements...Bush on 9/11

Once again, a dead-on assessment

is America Becoming Fascist?

Last time I checked...

Bacardi's smooth image soured by charges of death plots and terror

Destroying Fallujah To "Save" It (Eyewitness Account From Fallujah)

Top 10 Paybacks to Special Interests

Bob Graham was right

CNN poll-Support For Iraq Confilct Erodes

Gunsmoke - TAP

My LTTE of the Tampa Trib re: August 6th briefing

Without Social Contract, Iraq Democracy is Doomed

David Broder: A White House with an insulated leader

Margolis's latest column pointing out the mess created in Iraq


Great Newsday Article with a 9/11 ad ending...

Salon: Dubya's Angels (Laura Flanders' book on Bushwomen)

James P. Pinkerton: A blunt warning unheeded

Shut Up, War Critics by Robert Fisk

The Silent President

Focus: Iraq in flames - New nationalism that unites Iraq

If it’s war you want, vote Kerry

Nick Coleman: War deaths remind us to ask what it's all for

Paul Krugman: Job numbers not wildly encouraging

Exucative Order from Jeb Bush 4 days before his brother visited on 911 - The difference a year makes for Bush

Anyone else going to D.C. April 24th for NOW march?

If you are a League Of Women Voters member,

Corporate media at it again.

Peter Werbe Demo CD Available.

Amy Goodman on Media Matters now

Fallujah Body Count: 'most of them women, children and the elderly'

MP3 Classic: Randi Rhodes yells at Ralph Nader

Clear channel help

Air America will not be archived at White Rose

If you could get rid of ONE CNN pundit, who would it be?

My Email to CNN (I am Fuming Right Now!)

What a Guy!

"Mary Magdalene came to the tomb early, while it was still dark,"

Nancy, what do you see happening with what happened on 9/11?

Weird Dreams...

TRANSITS for SEARS TOWER on APRIL 19:th (Terrorattack?)

The End of Suburbia (shameless plug)

To unemployment : A part-time solution - Gene Lyons

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Payroll numbers: Using the Truth to Lie

Bush Doles Out 80 Billion in Corporate Welfare

Bush tries to help rich/end the income tax and move us to a salary tax

How Outsourcing Creates Jobs

Forest Service promoting logging in Sierra Nevada with propaganda leaflets

Meet Wally Broecker

So where is Jeb Bush on the Florida flap over EPA's Hg proposal?

What kind of environmentalist are you?

'Mercenaries': No extra food - Zimbabwe

Italians ban religious prozelityzing...

Administration wages war on pornography

New state dance: The Ohio Shuffle

US State Dept. Report Cites France, Germany & Belgium

Church Easter egg hunt turns up two loaded handguns on school yard

Church launches Europe-wide Human Rights Campaign


A suggestion regarding LBN.

This Has Escaped Lockdown, Gentlemen

Happy Easter to Admin and all DU members!

Banning aka "Tombstoning" by IP #

Campaign Underground question

Laura Flanders is 7pm to 10pm

Freeper alert

Typo in "Top 10 Conservative Idiots"....

Does this cross the line?

Who's next? An Israeli well acquainted with Yasin and his heirs considers

Palestinians Give to Fight Against Israel

In Praise of Diasporism, or, Three Cheers for Irving Berlin

Only One Solution to Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Hezbollah Sponsoring Anti-Israel Attacks

World Bank Funding Terrorism

A $1 million Check for Peace

Beyond “relative humanity” to a secular democratic state

U.S. to declare Israel won't have to withdraw to 1949 border

Belgian Jews Threatened By Euro-Arab League

Why was the Fired Head of Saudi Intell in the US while 15 Saudis were

Israel concerned setbacks in Iraq could harm state security

SEARS TOWER, April 19:th, NEXT?

Would Edwards bring Ohio?

"echoes of vietnam"


Bringing Democracy to Iraq a misnomer?

Condoleeza' Rice's "historical document" claim debunked in WH memo!

Do you think the Freeper and CU invasion has added to the

Anyone else shocked at the Coalition use of the word "ceasefire"?

"Weird Al" Yankovic's parents found dead

A Dinner Invite. A political confrontation. A victory of sorts.

A White House Prayer Meeting

Vote in CBS Poll,

I . . . don't . . . believe . . . this: 4th Rebuilding Iraq EXPO . .

US Soldiers In Iraq Asked To Pray For *

IF Kerry wins the election and doesn't stop the slaughter...

Great Condi photoshop on front page of

Iraq Diaries Iraq Solidarity Action - 27 soldiers were kidnapped

Iraq Council Members in Talks with Rebel Cleric

Did the US bow to terrorism?

40 Iraqis killed in Baqouba clashes

Iraqi tension built as U.S. miscalculated

we took Iraq for the oil... and took Afghanistan for the Heroin.. the poppy

C-span2 - The Ambushed Grand Jury: Govenment Nuclear Crimes

Rice wrote a book with Zelikow... yes, THAT Zelikow

Mushroom clouds vs. date, places and times of hijackings

WaPost: Series of U.S. Fumbles Blamed for Turmoil in Postwar Iraq

I have a very good idea for a poster, but I'm too busy to photoshop it

An optomistic theory

I'm Sick Of The Fucking "Appeasement" Argument!!!!

G.O.P. Club Supports Conservative Races

Missiles @ the World Trade Center

Adolf Eichmann: "I know that the death sentence is in store for me."

Where is Chalabi?

Help me unglue a freeper

Coming to an insurance company near you.. "Fat" Premiums

POLL: . . . .do you think the US was right to lead the invasion of Iraq?

CNN had THIS link on 12.19.99

Should Bush make some kind of a deal with Moqtada al-Sadr?

What Will Bush Run on Now?

Bush-lover rebuts his resume'.....(from our "attack machine"

Is today the day.....

Neocons See Iran Behind Shi'ite Uprising

Great Craig Unger (House of Bush) article in Boston Globe

OMG! Rice is the head of the "Iraq Stabilization Group"

Fineman says Plame leak is growing much larger (On Tweety's show)

Austrailian Advisor asked to lie about Iraq threat. Not surprising.

Was it the White House who closed down the pre 911 investigation

suppose you are Joe 6 Pack non political, and you hear about...

Logic and bush

Will Sharonl be able to bail Bush out and will Bush be able to help Sharon

Easter Sun LTTE: "the entire city of Fallujah should be firebombed"

TENET: I don't have access to the minutes and recordings of what happened

The Genius Of The American Invasion

An anonymous source says Bush and Rove planning flood of new ads

I'm having trouble hating bu$h.

What strikes me about the PDF

Today's MTP: general Sanchez and Bremer. Everything is

Details of the hand-over on 6/30?

What Should Bush Do?

Tax and spend

Dem psychopathology of NICEY-NICENESS: Bob Kerrey in NY Times today

U.S. Prepares a Prolonged Drive to Suppress the Uprisings in Iraq

Must-See Video: Bush Joking About WMD (

Lady Caller on C-SPAN - Long-time Republican Switches Party

Why does Condi always look pissed?

Newsweek: Blair wanted to meet with Kerry - Scheduling problems

Bremer now on Stephanopolous: 364 Iraqi defense personnel have

Matthews on NBC 10:12 a.m.: starting discussion of Condi's

I am going to be a good Amurican Republican today !!!!!!!

Swatting Flies

Blair gone bonkers

Japanese Hostages still under threat of death

Lisa Meyers sure seems to love to badmouth Clinton.

Tues/Wed hearings....

On this very day, the media are at a crossroads....

The way out is simple

Have you heard this spin re: 6 Aug memo

please sign the petition....

They''ll use "lying on the Plame Affair" for a soft cushion for 911

CBS Poll: Rice Can't Sway Skeptics

But Where Are The Democrats?

Which polling service is the best?

Here's what we're up against

We're dealing with the same idiots who thought we could have won in Vietnam

Bremmer repeatedly states "The vast majority of Iraqis support us..."

Time for a split screen: Bush* on one side and Trump on the other.

When Tenet delivered the PDB, was his hair on fire?

Fineman says "leak story" getting huge behind the scenes

Go out and buy a Bon Jovi CD...

People now say Colorado is a swing state.

Donald Trump to Condi: "You are Fired!"

From My Source in Fallujah-- American casualties actually in 100's

Make shrub watch the Passion NOW!!

It's ugly 'Nam all over again

If The Nation Were Attacked Right Now?

Ben-Veniste coming up on CNN 12:18pm ET

I guess that ugly bastard J.Thompson was NOT...

Why is the US agreeing to a "ceasefire" in Fallujah ?

If Kerry wins the election and doesn't

Bush Knew and So What?

Finally up in the BBC archives...The Jigsaw in Pieces....

Letter in the local paper sounded like astroturf

John Dean replay on C-span

Clinton Administration's "warnings" for the Y2K event.

AAA drives home the high price of today's motoring

Something from ThisWeek (George Steph.): GEORGE WILL

Bu$h: "If I had known"

Petition asking * to refuse nomination

Blair's "Big Conversation"

Bush Al la Stir fry

CSpan caller: "O'Reilly couldn't have said it on TV, if it wasn't true."

Al Qaeda Sleeper Cells are A-OK in Bush & Co's book, huh?

Open Letter to Candy Crowley

Leave no child behind?

is impeachment still a ridiculous notion?

Rancid Rethug misdirection

Bush on CNN: "The PDB didn't have a place and date"

What A Difference A Day Makes

all neocon slots on TV should go to Kucinich, et al

Bush is calling on God's blessing.....Hey everything is fine.

Rasmussen poll says bush leads by 3% points

John Dean is on CNN right now

How many flags does it take

Now I understand the Republican strategy

Selective Service and the new generation


PDB only a page and a half long.

Next up on CNN........ Iraq's ambassador to the United States

Asleep at the Wheel: Bush's August 2001 Vacation from WP

What was so secret????

Religious right crams into Lib branches (Fundies in Australia now)

Has anyone posted the 8/6 PDB yet?

Even if one argues Bush couldn't have prevented 9/11

So where are the Adults that were supposed to be in charge?

Pres speech to address memo - coming up live MSNBC

Faux Greta Poll re: Bush/Cheney 911 Cmsn Testimony

How Matt Drudge was responsible for 9/11 ?

In spite of everything that has come out

bush really has a one track mind, doesn't he?

Iraqi Battalion Refuses to 'Fight Iraqis'

What is the average Du lifespan of a covert freeper/lurker/poster?

stories with "Bush Knew" in them

Al Qaeda Letter Calls Truce in Spain(did anyone see this?)

Bush on Aug. 6, 2001: Work, Play and a Forewarning

"The V word is back" and "Who will rescue the US".....articles from abroad

a good example of how to piss on Iraqi good will --Video

"One year since the statue of Sadaam was toppled"...Oh please!

Invading Iraq right for the wrong reasons or wrong for the right reasons?

Condi Rice worked for Gary Hart? Bizarroworld Continues....

McCain was NEVER going to help us,and never will!

What was your Sunday paper's top headline?

Caaaaaaaaaaaaandy Crowley....

Need Clarification. Did we, or did we not hit a bin Ladin camp in 1998?

Americans are the same as Saddam Hussein

DU Call To Action: Please Help Cool Off The Troops!

Mission Accomplished: Three Thousand Dead--Approval Rating, 90%!

oh How do I choose Molly or Amy

I had never seen the DU move so fast. Things sink in 2 seconds. Interest

Looking Back at Day Bush Read CIA Memo

One story is starting to take form after todays talk shows....

MSRNC Question of the Day

Bob McChesney interviewing Amy Goodman now

Iraq Diaries - Eyewitness Accounts of the Events in Falluja

The 9/11 Commission: Justice's Blind Spot

June 30th... Bring it On!

"Didn't tell the President to take any action"?

The Washington Post front page today

AMY GOODMAN on NPR Asking why we get the rotating talking

Awesome Lineup on CSpan Today (Toni Morrison, Cornel West, McNamara)

Gen. Barry McCaffrey - Military needs 80,000 more troops

Hey Jesus, w is using your name in vain.........

Miller has a satirical commercial about elections

Senator Bill Nelson (D)FL on CNN about Iraq..."We're all in this together"

You just know shrub went to church today...

Classic 'resistence warfare': Hit and run

How many US troops are in Bosnia?

Do you trust the 9/11 commision??

Virulent Racism, Disregard for Civilian Life Mar US Military Approach:

Captors threaten to kill, mutilate U.S. civilian

Corporation as Psychopath

Fallujah... More Than 600 Iraqis Killed, More than a thousand wounded...

June 2001: Saudis were given express visas to enter the country by Bush

The "Just Nuke ‘Em" Crowd are Cowards, and Without Honor

Transcript of Bush's statements to the Press today, April 11, 2004

What's up with the Senate hearings on the 9th circuit court?

need an alternative to the asterisk(*) - too nice a symbol

Iraq's National Security Advisor....gave it all away today....MUST LISTEN

Who's seen the new Peter Coors promotion/Coors beer ad?

Clash of civilizations!!!! It’s on?

Can someone tell me about Ed Schultz...?

This puritanical crap is a great wedge issue

TvNewsLies celebrates its First Anniversary in cyberspace!

Not even good liars

Bush on CNN lying his head off.

Candy Crawly is a total whore for Bush

George should watch this...

Liberals, conservatives, anarchists, and nihilists

Robert McNamara coming up on CSPAN !

9/11 report will detail mistakes, panel says

Cheney and Bush Should Testify Separately

'60 Minutes' to Acknowledge Woodward Ties

So far, I've muted over 25.6 million dollars worth of Bush ads

Check out -right now, the whole page is interesting and a poll

What Would Abe Lincoln Say About Today's US Flag Nuts?

In Iraq, if 10% are against us, it does not mean 90% are for us.....

so Haiti was a "people's uprising" but Iraq is a bunch of "terrorists" and

Conventional Hijacking?

666 Soldiers Dead on Easter....coincidence? Or...??

I just had a conversation with my neighbor and l'm left a little disturbed

Why We Do It, Antiwar Activism in a Military Town

Howard Stern donated to Lieberman?

What would President Gore have done?

so, anyone know where laura flanders.........

An interesting site

The video on Chris Matthews Show of *; date August 7th, 2001...

Eric Blumrich

Please tell me, who is playing "partisan politics"?

What will you do if Bush wins in November?

Plan Crimson: 1935 Plan to Invade Canada Declassified

Richard Ben Veniste on that idiot Wallace's show on Fox

Bush cuts short gig for TV fishing show

Poll on Fox News - how should 9/11 commission handle Bush?

Thompson:memo “didn’t call for anything to be done" by Bush

Just had a "debate" with my neighbor...

667 dead troops so far

If you have Link TV (Dish Network) they are doing a special

Latest FR sicko trash - does Bush really want these people on his side ?

17-Month Street-Corner Vigil for Peace Grinds On

NYT: A Warning, but Clear?

Primer on Dominionism (long)

Question: No matter who wins the election, we cannot withdraw from Iraq?

The 9/11 Commission: Justice's Blind Spot

Who's read The War on Freedom?

14 years & 47 majors later. It's LEFTY !!!!!!!

So the actual PDB was 11 1/2 pages long, rather than the 2 pages

New mass grave discovered in Iraq

'FBI ...conducting ...70 ...investigations': 8/6/01 PDB

another bush lie - right in our pocketbooks!!!

Family Praying for Engineer Held in Iraq

Stock market knew, children knew

Mathews repeat on now (7:30 pm)

Peace Movement Starts Easter Marches

Highway to hell: The road to Falluja

What did Tweety say about Franken?

here's 9/11 briefing, with "who", "what", "where", "how" highlighted....

Candy Crowley's CNN Bio

What is the excuse

United front:--Sunnis and Shia together in grief and anger

New question on Cnn. Please go vote.

Updates from Baghdad and surrounding area...bad very bad

Captions please! - What's Condi thinking?

When job markets improves, lots of employees will bolt

Today in History: April 12 (already tomorrow in Japan)......

Sunday Morning News Wrapup--who has details to share?

George Bush - "Fascist Gun in the West"!!

Anyone have a Link to Bush 41 book saying not to invade Iraq?

Update from Rahul Mahajan in Fallujah today 4/11

Limpballs pill popping is 8th most outrageous moment in celebrity history.

Anyone notice..."the media" complicity getting mentioned

One of the reoccurring reasons for war in Iraq

A review of the Sept. 2001 headlines: Is there a nugget here?

The pre-9/11 blunder you’ve probably never heard of

Two strange moments on the TV "news" tonight.

Texas is fertile ground for bankruptcy

Warning: repulsive freeper screed ahead. Consider yourself warned.

Unnerving email just received.

Who was the worse Sec of Defense?

Porn popups on left-leaning sites

Who was the worse justice official?

Democracy is like hair

Anyone try BBC's new NEWS Ticker? - It's great!

"We Are Sorry That Our President is an Idiot. We Didn't Vote for Him."

Prediciton: Many many more soldiers will die before Congress will act

DU the Greta FAUX Poll: How should Bush and Cheney testify?

Question for DU's Muslims....

Who had that big old list of quotes from Republicans wanting to kill us?

'US is bigger threat than terror'

let's play! What's the excuse

W: Aug 6 memo sez nothing about an attack in US!!!!!

Bush Is In Big Trouble

The republican position on the war in Iraq.

Rerun of MTP: McCain defending shrub and Selling a Book. Imagine that.

Email from Baghdad, April 10th. Report this to everyone you know

The RW has co-opted “Connect the Dots”. Result we lose liberties….

Creepy Newtie quote from Nov 26, 2001 New Yorker

Bush Prays for a Drop in Iraq Casualties

Happy @#$! Easter, President @#$! Bush!

CNN Poll

'we haven't been attacked since 9-11'...that's a bragging point?

I'm beginning to feel like this country is a replay of "Les Miserables"

FYI possible technical problems with Truthout

any statistics genius available?

Am I missing something? This sounds like authorized looting...

map of iraq fighting & hostages - whole country looks to have gone to sh*t

Px of the victims in Fallujah, the little children -- hard to look at

Kill em all Caller on Guy James Sat on his discussion board spewing hate !

Help with my US History, Who was the last republican president

Attention, all who have read James Carville's new book

Boston Globe Letters to Editor

Could someone enlighten me about #9 on the top 10 this week?

Amazon best-sellers (Clarke #1, John Dean #4, Ghost Wars #7

A Perfectly Good Train Wreck

Schools are Opening Every Day

Here's the latest forecast for Iraq:

Peter Werbe just mentioned White Rose

is roy moore running?

Sen. Robert Byrd Calls for an Exit Door from Iraq

"George sees this as a religious war" W's cousin quoted in new book

Yeats & and state of the Republican party...

A Poll: attacking George Bush - the best strategy.

Who was the last Democrat to win a war?

Write CNN and tell them what you think of Candy Crowley

Who else thinks Moveon should run ads about BBV related issues

ABC News tonight

Chris Hitchens on Laura Flanders now on Air America

So, how did * honor the Lord today?

Media Coverage - US vs Soviet Pravda

today's bush* horror show..... PHOTOS...caution: graphic....

Terrorism and Clinton Admin

Have the names of those who traded put options on AA ever come out?

4 days before 911 Jeb Bush declares Martial law in Florida by Executive

Interesting letter in the (Louisville) Courier Journal: Bush 9-11 claim

cheney photo...does he look on death's doorstep?

FDA held back results of child suicide study

has anyone seen the pictures of the bush girls???

Why did WH (L)et (H)ijacking (O)ccur(O)n (P)urpose?

Janet Jackson as Condi Rice

Iraq should not be allowed to secede from the Union.

99 cents is too cheap, majors want up to $2.99 per song to download

Should John Kerry and the Democrats speak out on the Aug 6 PDB ?

Which is easier for Americans to swallow?

Did Bush Know?

Pinkerton On Drudge.... Right Wing Radio Allows Damning Attacks on Bush?

Oregon takes a pass on Nader

connect these dots: Bush guilty of treasonous incompetence

Clinton warned us about terror threats, we reacted as ADULTS and CITIZENS.

Subject: Help with my US History, Who was the last republican president

"CondoLIESa" Flash Animation *NEW* and one of my best works

Atheists & Agnostics - You Still In The Closet??

Military Policy Questions for Kerry Experts

Powell inserts foot in mouth once more

Just In!...Jetliner crashes into President's Head!!!!

This Week's 9\11 Commission Hearing Schedule Here:

Movie on NBC now concerning 9/11...

Do you want Easter? That is what my priest asked today

Has any freeper ever explained to you why Clinton's lies were so heinous..

* w/ two flag pins on lapel

Anyone else having trouble reading USA Today nowadays?

Globe: Unasked questions on post 9-11 flight of the Saudis.

Wow...this site a hard hitting....

TREASON: should the proof be the PDB standard? Or the Iraq standard?

TBTM Radio #32: 'Radio, Radio...

Where are the rumors of 4/19/04 Sears Tower coming from?

Movie: Homeland Security-on now Eastern Time

Did * leave doors unlocked and alarms off for terrorists?

Movie, Homeland Security, on NBC tonight

Bush gave us the Smoking Gun today!

Does the current US resident have to pee?

King Soopers workers in Colorado to be locked out

"National Security" my lily white ass!

George Bush: Idiot or Sociopath?


It's time...

...go ahead and pull my finger, Brown Sugar (pic)

Wiccans, Pagans and Heathens are you still in the "Broom" closet?

Isn't this flat out perjury?

Re: "Actionable Intelligence"

Act like a man

What will it take to convince the American people that W is a liar?

Whom do you plame for the mess in Iraq?

Right-Wingers Must Not Have the Irony Gene

Oh...this is opponent looses her cool...BIGTIME!

don't like pictures of u.s. soldiers killing women and kids? change the ch

Freepers = Nationalists

Repugs need reminded of what Jeb did right after 9/11

House of Saud bought Bush for $1.477 billion - got private flight 9/13

the oughts are leaving the 60's behind

Scamming the fundies: Tim LaHaye (Left Behind) and Rev. Moon (moonies)

Given recent events in Iraq... how do you feel about DKs solution?

Bush FEARED Osama Air Attack at the G-8 summit in July 2001

British Offs. say US troops think Iraqis are "untermenschen"

One More Time !!! --- When Do The rePublicans Start 'Jumping Ship' ???

Iraqi Battalion Refuses to 'Fight Iraqis'

KGOA - San Francisco Reporting Japanese Hostages Now Safe

3rd Round of Talks to Be Held in Fallujah

US Urged to Mull Deal on Shi'ite Revolt - Council

Sadr urges Iraqis to unite behind his banned militia

Iraq Diaries Iraq Solidarity Action

Focus: Iraq in flames - New nationalism that unites Iraq

Iraq cease-fires reached; 3 U.S. troops killed

Kuwaiti PM says he fears Iraq could break up

Kidnappings in Iraq will not intimidate Britain: Hoon

What Should Bush Do?

Iraqis worry that as Fallujah goes, so goes the U.S. occupation

U.S. Reinforces Marine Siege of Fallujah

Cole attack probe nearly unraveled 9/11 plot

8/6/2001 Brief Raises Credibility Questions

Two Die When U.S. Copter Downed in Iraq

The Seeds Of The Revolt: U.S Targeted Fiery Cleric In Risky Move

Iraqi Civilians Flee Falluja as Truce Takes Hold

Italian troops destroy radical Shiite cleric's office in Nasiriyah

Governor (R-GA) Presses For Party Switchers

U.S. soldier dies after Iraqi firefight - U.S. Army

Workers find voice on the net

Blair Urged to Send 'Top Envoy' to Iraq

Bush: 'What We're Doing in Iraq Is Right'

Extension talk hits AD families hard

Taliban kidnap Afghan official and two bodyguards

  Africa suffering from WHO's old drugs

Oops, not LBN - Soldiers in Iraq asked to pray for Bush

Buenos Aires' crime wave blamed on crooked cops


US rebukes Latham for alliance jibe

US rejects Aussie firefighters

Update:Negotiator Tells Japan Hostages Safe in Iraq - Kyodo

Iraq militants threaten to kill American

Sadr urges Iraqis to unite behind his banned militia

Pope calls for leaders to resolve world conflicts

Aljazeera airs tape of dead 'CIA men'

McCain turns down V.P.

Bush on CNN lying his head off.

Sharon to Get U.S. Nod to Keep W.Bank Land

U.S. Backs Off Bin Laden Capture Forecast

British Hostage Freed

A Washington Bank, A Global Mess (Riggs Bank, the GOP and Terrorism)

Daschle says Iraq war justified

Dr. Cornel West on Cspan

Fallujah women back insurgents

Two Die When U.S. Copter Downed in Iraq

Iraqi Claims U.S. And Falluja Foes Agree To A Deal

Amazon Indians want Texaco to clean up its mess on sacred lands

Contractors put Iraq reconstruction on hold

Revealed: militants plotted Iraq anniversary rebellion in London

Iraq Group Says Releases Eight Hostages - TV

Japan transport planes on stand-by in Kuwait

Military Announced Eight U.S. Soldiers Killed in Recent Days

Eight U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Attacks-Military (in the past 2 days)

Captors threaten to execute Japanese hostage in Iraq: mediator

Acceptance of Gays Rises Among New Generation

War hasn't deterred deterred 82nd GIs (BULLSHIT!)

Iraqi Pilgrims Mark Shiite Holy Day ("We are at war now")

Bush: 'What We're Doing in Iraq Is Right'

Hurd Blasts Mistaken US Policy in Iraq

Children on Easter egg hunt find guns

Bush on defensive over counter-terrorismstartegydespite release of memo

Bush: Memo had no 'actionable intelligence'

Unmanned Spy Planes Crash in Afghanistan

Defeat would be a victory for fanatics, says Blair

NRCC Faces Fine

At last, Blair identifies the real threat: complacency--Independent/UK

Seattle, San Francisco air passengers may have been exposed to measles[AP]

Israeli army chief urges US victory in Iraq

Afghans to Follow Iraqis In Resistance: Hekmatyar/New World Media Watch

FYI possible technical problems with Truthout

Memo not specific enough, Bush says

U.S.3-day Death Toll Climbs to 16 in Iraq

Study: IRS Audits of Businesses Down Last Year

Kerry Widens Criticism of Bush Economy

Kerry Ignores Reproaches of Some Bishops [NYT]

Factional fighting spreads in Afghanistan

Bush: Pre-9/11 Document Did Not Include 'Time and Place of an Attack'

IRS is auditing fewer businesses, more individuals

U.S. Fighter Jet Could Die to Help Fund War

Slain soldier's family is bitter

UK struggles to be heard in Iraq

Union Pensions Probe Political Donations

'If you are poor, you are doomed'

Pentagon: 12 U.S. soldiers killed Friday and Saturday

Fallujah: ghost town where scared residents bury their dead in their yards

CNN NOW!! 7 Chinese hostages taken in Iraq (update)

Pope: Love must defeat terrorism

Bush laments "tough week," Bremer vows to rid Iraq of "poison"

Bush may have known about 9/11

Iraqi force refused to back Americans

Forest Service's use of Montana photos to support Sierra logging criticize

Around 600 Iraqis Dead in Falluja Fighting-Hospital

Time: What Should Bush* Do? (We have no more troops to send to Iraq)

Bush: Nothing Warned of 9/11 Attacks

Kerry Uses 'Misery Index' to Hit Bush on Economy

Kuwaiti PM says he fears Iraq could break up

Man goes ballistic, says Linux is a security threat [Inquirer]

(CNN breaking) Apache helicopter brought down

Factional fighting spreads in Afghanistan

Ready or Not, Help From New Iraqi Forces Is Vital, U.S. Military Says

Dying Child Leaves Legacy for Playmates ( sad but good news

U.S. Gasoline Rises to Record $1.80/Gallon in Survey [Bloomberg]

Bush says it's "hard to tell" if casualties will keep mounting in Iraq

Bacardi's smooth image soured by death threats and terror

More senior citizens confront bankruptcy, credit card problems

Justice's Blind Spot (August 6 memo was kept Secret from Ashcroft!)

Press Didn't Buy White House Spin on 9/11 Document

GIs lose status as super-warriors in Iraq (Daily Times - Pakistan)

Blair pleads to disaffected as membership plummets

pRresident* Celebrating Easter at Fort Hood

McCain on talk of run with Kerry: 'No, no and no'

Senate surprise: Democrats pulling ahead in close races

How GI bullies are making enemies of their Iraqi friends

Defiant US says Falluja dead were rebels

Dead soldier's kin want sibling GI's home

WP (Mon): Memo Not Specific Enough, Bush Says

Hostage Was Working in Iraq to Aid His Struggling Family [NYT... very sad]

The Misfits without Danzig...

DU drummers/funk fans

Hop hop

P-51, Cadillac of the Sky!

Where are all the Easter Bunny threads?

Organizing Favorites

Sex Thread

Peter Cottontail

These Comercials are funny as hell

I, too, have a cat - but I'm NOT going to tell you how cute she is.

Cartoon idea

Easter isn't much fun in a Muslim country....

Has anyone ever vacationed at an existential nudist colony? "does" Easter

Bush Wishes all Americans a Happy Easter

Have any of you read "Lenin's Tomb" by David Remnick?

I'm approaching the 700 Club. What should I do?

Pictures of a spider ...

I've made a decision...women...they have a problem with me

Union and Lib-Friendly Stores

In This Season of Spiritual Renewal…Let Us All Pray

Oooooh.. A "face editor"...Enjoy

CAPTION Bu$h at Crawford on August 6, 2001

Hey, DU writer-types...

Black jelly beans: Love 'em or hate 'em?

My cat just ate the Easter Bunny.

Need some help.

am I the only one who thinks Jim Carrey's new movie stinks?

if you've ever had the urge to live on a rooftop . . .

Over 50 Years and Counting...

Need help finding a news story re: trash -> oil

Cinema Now

Daily U.S. Casualties 4/11/2004

That Easter bunny goes EVERYWHERE

I'm making an Easter ham,

Definition: Spoiled Rich Kid.

I have a tough decision to make...Please help me!

Kraftwerk is touring the US again!

Another great Bertha idea goes pppphhhtttttttt.

Did you all see this mosaic at Bartcop?

Is dyeing Easter eggs too old fashioned nowadays ?

State of the Union, remixed. Hilarious!!

Bush/Blair at a "gay bar"

For those who love "The Little Prince" - Antoine de Saint-Exupery, as I do

Does anyone know a good web page for help on taxes?

Diet Coke drinkers: Your favorite?

There goes the "beautiful mind" in the Easter parade

Saint-Saens Concerto #2 in G minor for Piano and Orchestra

Caption Bush on 9-11

Should another Police Academy movie be made?

Worst miniseries ever?

Microwaveable 'Cheese Food' - Greatest Invention of Humankind

Test, 1...2...3...

Re-discovered tunes?

DVD: Widescreen or Fullscreen?

Restaurants that are Local Institutions

LF's Freeper watch thread....

Pink ceiling paint?

Has anyone successfully dealt with a bully at work?

Where is AWD?

Man, I think it's good I moved away...


This is how painful my internet usage has become

Last year my daughters were excited about the Easter Slugs

have you ever seen these two in the same place at the same time?

Questions for Mental Giants

OK.. it's Easter... where's my candy?

Taking the Easter Bunny to a whole new level!

Oh NO...Go Go Bushzilla.....from

Homey don't play dat!

I know all(most). I will anwer your questions now

Kids on Easter egg hunt find guns (Flint, MI)

Regarding the band for the kiddies known as "The Wiggles"

A Lovely, Famous Guitar

Where Easter eggs are from! (Photographic proof!)

Can anyone recommend a movie based lightly on Kierkegaard


Do you know ANYONE who isn't "broken?"

Christ has risen! Christos Anesti

Are we related to Weather Underground

You'll enjoy this multi-media satire of the chimp.

Psalm 2003

DU Christians, random question

Who Is A Japanese Minimalist Composer with DVDs?

Ok, How is everybody spending easter

bleh its SNOWING

Don't be so shy

Walkie Talkie Man

Some of us made a top ten list.....

for the currently or formerly obese among us

My Rabbit's better than your rabbit!

how many times has the Daily Show jumped the shark?

Ack! "God Bless America" at the seventh inning stretch again

10 posts for 8000, don't ask me anything.

What is your favorite Eddie Van Halen Guitar Noodle?


My dad went to Guantanamo, My mom just left for Mount Weather...

Does anyone have a copy of ,"Comandante?"

My junk mail folder:

The Homosexual Agenda

I put too much oil in my bath.

Dear God,

I got the chance to educate a freeper this morning!

Who wants to be with me?

Red Sox Up 2-0

tampa bay devil rays damn you

Anyone know the musical interpretation of the Lincoln-Douglas Debates

Quirky Alones & Generation Jones.

YOU'RE FIRED!!: - "The New CEO"

Official "Double Entendre" Thread!

Caption the cardboard cutout president

Is Brian Wilson a musical genius?

Is It Time For Another Rocky Movie? n/t

Do you own your own home or rent?

It's a GLORIOUS Easter day here on the prairie.

Official "Double negative" thread!

I Have The Same Combover As Pat Buchanan...

I am happy...

Jesus Christ Superstar

Love this.

Techies - is the video card worth keeping?

poor guy

Need some quick help here regarding Hussein / ? handshake photo!

Tigers win in extra innings, 6-5

Best sketch comedy, 1990-Now

"Rick James" episode of CHAPPELLE'S SHOW now comes with a disclaimer:

90 minute "Simpson's marathon" coming up at 8

Did anyone else in the Greater Boston Area just have a power outage?

I'm soooo bored... entertain me?



I'm watching "The Grapes of Wrath" on my local PBS station

words that should be banned from all band names

I'm George Bush and I approved this message.

Bet it all! Gambling Brit WINS

THE MASTERS: Will Mickelson choke again?

Listening to Deep Purple's Machine Head. Ask me anything.

Stereotypes: Based in fact, or prejudices?

April 11, 1961: Bob Dyland plays in New York for the first time.

Download the Janet Jackson as Condi skit

If you want to be on my ignore list, just say

Home security cameras--how?

Jump in de line, rock your body in time

ARGH!!!!!!!! I hate toy stores! They don't sell cowboy stuff!

I'm evil

How would you describe your childhood?

Just beggin for a caption

I Predict that the Stupid Nick and Jessica Variety Show will be...

Will policians use discussion board posts against their opponents?

Beautiful cat up for adoption at the shelter...This is Boots! (Plus a ?)

Can you tell me what language my son is singing? I think it may be Hebrew

When I'm done abusing peeps, what should I go after next?

Vegetarian restaurants in your town?

Jessica and What his name variety show

INTELBYTES was a freeper

Okay fans of "traditional" Blues and Folk music

SOPRANOS thread # 1

The Garbled Guardsman of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Is it better to pay off your mortgage early or invest the extra money?

Golf fans : will Phil finally close the deal today?

Well, I got back in touch with a girl that I was talking to online.

What is Google's problem with Easter?

Oh Goody What the Easter Bunny brought me.....geeesh

What rock do you enjoy eating most?

I was just on Air America Radio! Ask me anything!

Phil Mickelson wins the 2004 Masters

Say something disruptive

It could've been worse...

Lord God save me

Boston Duers, I need help, please read!

I just love the word effin'.

Man bets all his life savings on roulette in Vegas ($135k) and wins

Do those whitening strips work?

Biggest Loser: Dennis MILLER, DRUDGE, CU, Shrub?

Why does my radio try to turn itself on when it's near my cell phone?

What Song Makes You CRANK It Up?

I finally found a baseball player I like...

I'm watching "The Pianist" and doing Homework ask me anything

To the DUer who recommended Mozilla

Caving with the Duck

Anybody remember UltraMan?

My 1000th post!! I still feel newbie-ish!

Joe Conason on Tina Brown on CNBC now...

Do you have a favorite sound?

I'm falling for a Marine... ask me anything!

What music have you listened to today or yesterday?

"Mr Blandings Builds his Dream House"....

Could you fall in love with a right-wing repuke?

Does first-sight love really exist?

Is it just me or does Jenna Bush look like a second-rate hooker?

DU Rumble! -- Rabrrrrrr's Churchill Impression Vs. A Box of Rocks

I feel sorry for people outside of eastern Iowa

Happy April 11th! (For all of you non-Christians!)

What book are you reading right now?

Has any one seen donnie darko?

Just invented a drink. Help me give it a name.

Do you hate clowns?

easterbunny vs jesus

What single piece of music are you listening to at this very moment?

Lefty wins the Masters

You gotta love Love and Arthur Lee

Why do shirts get nasty in the arm pits?

What's your favorite scent?

Why are some animals seen as creatures to be eliminated?

This straight male wants to bear the babies of David Ortiz

Great dramatic epic songs that could end a movie. Your nominations.

Could you fall in love with a right-wing repuke?

Some quotes

Remember the first Compact Disc you ever heard?

Anybody got any better place for selling original stuff than CafePress?

Church folks: Easter service music?

My grass is blue

My mommie ate my Cadbury's Creme Egg

Any plumbers on DU (or fix-it types) ?

It's hard to respect an old friend when....

I am dismayed

I just had lunch with Rabrrrrrr...

A Rant: Educated people who have horrible grammar.

Modern day cereal...

I just spent a pleasant evening shifting gopher snakes off the road. :)


Who is the Greatest Canadian?

How was your Easter

How much do you hate Wal-Mart?

I'm ih8thegop, and I approve this massage.

NY Times: A Fiery Ex-Congresswoman Hopes to Make a Comeback

Did anybody else listen to the F'Head in Chief on Late Edition?

Don't get mad at Kerry - he's not talking to you

You'd think Bush's advisors would tell him not to say "stay the course"

Anyone in Hawaii? Look who is running for Congress

A Southern CA club for PROGRESSIVE Democrats

November Prediction: Iowa Electronic Markets

Could Bush be Deposed by the Repubs?

Bill Gates & Carly Fiorina have each given $2000 to the Bush 2004 campaign

The things you learn doing Campaign Underground

Questions about Troops and voting for President in 2004 -

Gay Marriage Foe To Run For Congress

For Ralph Nader, but Not for President - Howard Dean

Is the word 'Nader' just shorthand for everything that went wrong in 2000?

The Electoral College

If John Kerry announced his intention to do this, would it unite the Left?

April 2003, Howard Dean's statement on pre-emptive war.

Let's Get Things Straight About Nader and Florida

Edwards for VP: Sign the petition, spread the word

John Kerry is sending out a petition. Sign if you want to.