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Archives: April 1, 2004

Rice shows her "Bitchy" side

Bush's America becomes a byword for deception, abuse of power

Globalism will make the US just like India per article

"Most Of The People Dying In Iraq Are Iraqis"

Graphic NYT Photos (Warning!) And what I'd like to know is...

9/11 Widows Skillfully Applied the Power of a Question: Why?

For April 1st: Can they Fool the People Twice?

Why Pentagon officals should thank the aide who left notes in Starbucks

Outsourcing: The “Divider Effect”

Blast from the past: Clinton Welcomes OPEC Deal... (March, 2000)

Are fundamentalists now in charge of the nation's newsrooms?

!! Air America Radio MAKES HISTORY !!

Today's cartoon , Hakman

MoDo: Charlie McCarthy Hearings

Harming fetus a crime in bill passed by Senate

Yet another view on the Clarke situation....

Whacka Dick

Salon/Huffington: Girls gone riled

Towards a wider Europe—George Soros

Mixed Signals from Kerry's Latin America Policy (COHA)

TNR editorial-Bush's cynical AIDS relief policy confirmed

Air America vs. Excrement In Broadcasting (Free Press cartoon)

The letter GWB sent to the 9/11 commission by spelling out conditions

Bush Aides Block Clinton's Papers From 9/11 Panel

Major cause of joblessness lies within U.S. schools- USA Today

Robert Fisk - Occupiers Spend Millions on Private Army of Security Men

Bush White House on the Defensive Helen Thomas

Trade Imbalance, by Spencer Ackerman (Bushco Tag Team appearance)

Salon/Conason: The Widows Are Watching

NYT: Bush Aides Block Clinton's Papers From 9/11 Panel

David Broder: Bush's Surrender

Americans murdered in Fallujah -- my LTTE

The Dogs that Didn't Bark [Powell and Tenet re: Clarke]

Salon: Antonin Scalia, self-made martyr

New Republic defends David Brooks

Walter Cronkite: Secrecy, Lies And Credibility

"Frists Of Fury" - Great Editorial!

Madrid 'blueprint': a dodgy document by Brendan O'Neilly

Time to demand Judith Miller publicly retract her news articles.

HERBERT: No End in Sight

Salon: Condi Rice's other wake-up call (Gary Hart warned her twice)

Undoing Tax Cuts Will Have Little Impact On Small Businesses - WSJ's

KRUGMAN: Smear Without Fear

Kerry, Candidate and Catholic, Creates Uneasiness for Church

Why is Rumsfeld not fired or in jail?

TNR Trashes Air America in Front Page Article!

BBV - Status and activities by State update

Draft the Bush Twins First

CA Primary HACKED by E-voting Manufacturer - HACK THIS!

KUCINICH in NC 4/4/04 Carrboro Farmers Mkt

Please sign petition for justice for dog tortured to death

Clarke on Air America!!!

"Unfiltered" Like Watching Paint Dry

My poor mother doesn't get to hear Randi Rhodes...

Can anyone PM Randi?

O'Franken co-host sure is annoying

Let's Be Realistic About Liberal Radio

Opinions wanted

Randi Rhodes on Air America NOW?!

Air America off again? "Pls tune back during broadcast hours"?!

Listening to AA on-line and I must say...

jonathan creek and waking the dead

Astrologers: FYI--Richard Clarke's Birth Data

Clarke's Against all Enemies is being posted on the USENET

Codi will testify under oath with Mercury Retrograde

April Sacred Space........

CARTOONS! The "You Da Prez!" Edition

Rhode Island House Leader Comes Out As Committee Debates Gay Marriage

Out Of State, Out Of Luck For Gay Couples In Massachusetts

Copyright Awareness Month, April 2004

Georgia Reverses Self, Passes Anti-Gay Amendment

White House At Odds With Special Counsel On Gay Discrimination

United Church of Christ.

New Federal Law Overrides Gay Protections

Morgan Stanley favoring Taiwanese, French banks

DOL posts UE claims-and says annual seasonal change factor change reflectd

tax increase over 200k has no real small business effect - WSJ 4/1

Outsourcing: The “Divider Effect”

Lots Of Hot Air About Hydrogen - LA Times

Bush Considers Short Term Gasoline Price Fix (What, No One Knows)

Dust storms intensifying, UN says

US military accidentally introduced tree pathogen to Italy during WWII

Oh Look! The House Is Introducing A Climate Bill! That's So . . . Cute!

Favorite Road Movie?

17-Year Cicada Emergence Coming In May In East, Southeast US - Reuters

Cambodian Fish Harvest Down 50% In Tonle Sap River - AP

Drought Monitor - 1,000+ Record High Temps Across Western US Since 3/7

Toyota Investing Heavily In Bioplastics For Cars - MSNBC

March 2004 Prius Sales 3,778 - Up 49.2% Over March 2003

Gene splicing yields cannabis substitute in dandelion

Alaska GOP gov invites drilling offshore of National Wildlife Refuge

Australia Facing Massive Salination Problems In Farming, Water - BBC

UNEP - NE Asian Sandstorms 5 Times More Frequent Than 50 Yrs Ago

Encouraging News For The American Chestnut

Humans are living Earth to sure extinction

Chen tells BBC of new constitution

Chinese bribery, Taiwanese aid

Media bears some of the blame for vote fiasco - TW


Russia to up nuke numbers if NATO expansion continues

CCW is almost here.

Would you run someone over for stealing your spud gun?

ALERT: Great American on MPR Midday

Massachusetts Gives Blind Drivers Tax Break On Cars!


GUNS IN THE NEWS--April 1, 2004

Practical Jokes In The News

Lawn Darts

Assault weapons bill is dead in MY

Recidivism in the News

Calif. Home Power Bill Prompts Pot Probe

Gun Control Poll

Looks like the Soldiers are getting a GOOD rifle

Concealed carry goes into effect April 8th in Ohio

If RKBA is REALLY an inalienable right, then doesn't this happen....?

Hey Skinner...

Ignore list?

If I see another thread in GD calling somebody

Two Questions

Where do babies come from?


You guys SUCK!!!!!

PM question.

How about an "announcement" post with Air America links?

OK...I'm confused...

Can DU buy ads on Air America? In this thread,

What's the DU policy on LaRouche? I can't believe he is even

Can we ban April Fools jokes from LBN?

I know we've discussed this before...

Newspapers; a question about "Campaign Underground"

What if your post

post counts over 1000?

Three Generals, One Martyr...

I.R.S. Request for More Terrorism Investigators Is Denied

BBC accused of anti-Semitism

Palestinian Reactions to the Death of Abu Al-Abbas (MEMRI)

UNRWA suspends emergency food aid in Gaza

PA sermon "O God, show us a black day for the Jews...."

Palestinian general has been pocketing salaries for 7,000

Pro-Palestine group erects fence, checkpoints

Palestinians Passionate About Gibson Film

Israeli professor accuses Israel of genocide in European newspaper

Jewish settlement removal a 'big lie'

9/11 hearings ignore political, historical issues behind terrorist attacks

Any Pictures of Still Living "Hijackers"?

Rethugs trying to outlaw mahual recounts in Florida

Relay scathing editorials through

American Fascist Movement (Scary Stuff)

MSNBC page shows Iraq has "possible state involvement" with Al Qaida

White House and Letterman AND CNN square off...

Air America done for the day ?


Radio Flyer moving to China

Yahoo Group - Republicans for Kerry...

Feeling proud to be a liberal !

Air America likely to get San Francisco station soon

We Kill Saddams sons, but Let Bin Ladens family fly home without detain?

Indymedia "in merger talks with CBS/Viacom"

Hey! I have an idea for a constitutional amendment. How about we

Trial Ballon: Blackout images from Iraq

RNC launches wide-ranging legal assault on anti-Bush groups

What if we, who have cable and STV, demand

What's your favorite Air America show so far?

did anyone actually listen to alan colmes on XFM?

Only Impeachment will do?

The 9/11 Bog -- by David Corn

4 US Mercenaries Killed=Media Horror/10,000 Iraqis Slaughtered=Jokes

Newsweek 9/13/01..Pentagon officials cancelled trips on 9/10..

Need good worm removal puter site pls

Religiosos were "feeding" Bush's war hunger ..Summer 2001

Republican Jesus in a blue suit and red tie (cartoon)

Who Buys This One?

fyi: Iraq Casualty Count

Does anyone have pictures of FALLUJAH ?

Clear Channel To Syndicate Talk Program With Jesse Jackson

Mercury News: GOP survey mulls invading Thailand, Philippines...

MoDo: Charlie McCarthy Hearings...

Howard's back up

Air America is "Neo-Liberal"...So Say MSGOP...

Bushco campaign runs against a non-existent Democratic congress ?

2001: Powell & Rice Declare Iraq Has No WMD and Is Not a Threat

Americans' reactions to Fallujah are troubling

Just gave $100 to Joe Hoeffel for Senate (PA)

I woke up in heaven this morning

Media whore Bill Hemmer's absolute transparency...

April Fool.

Request help from people in states bordering Alabama (re DU database)

is cspan on in your area?

fyi: Direction of the Country -- right track or wrong track poll numbers

O'Reilly's "final solution" remark..

Are AirAmerica archives available anywhere?

This will insure an end to corporate corruption!

Oil Stocks

Why can't the US end the Occupation?

Tide Is Turning - Local RW Radio Nut:"They died and are dying for NOTHING"

got your arm band on today?

Air America-Morning Sedition

They call themselves the Vulcans. What more do you need to hear?

Heart of the Beholder

Does anyone know when "compassionate conservatism" was first uttered?

Daily U.S. Casualties 4/1/2004

Welcome Air America Radio from John Kerry campaign

AirAmerica Radio - Registration Question

Bush apologizes for his many mistakes in his Presidency:

Billionaire Soros pelted with water, glue

Why I love AIR AMERICA - Just heard "their" News all (TRUTH)

Why Bush is doing nothing about gas prices

Which is your favorite genre at the drive-in theater?

please come back, at during the next broadcast hour - HELP!

Wait - it gets better - did I mention DEEP THROAT is a 9-11 commissioner?

A good, concise, but detailed interview w/Clarke from Tavis Smiley Show:

George Will on Imus (HELP ME)

Fallugah, Where was our military?

My name is Joefree1 and I'm a liberal!

CNN is reporting on speech Condi DIDN'T give!

CNN still running Google's "1 GB free e-mail" prank as fact on front page

Can I express some Air America concerns?

Just saw the MoveOn.Org ad on CNN

Get ready for the slaughter in Fallugah.

Who can we contact to get AirAmerica into our local markets?

Where'd the archive button go on airamerica?

Where's Howard Stern? He's NOT on in Los Angeles.

CNN BREAKING: Bush announces resignation, apologizes to God

Head's UP! Groundwork for BBV being established in Florida:

Bylaw drives joggers nuts, Police train radar on speedy runners

Job Hunting

Does anyone know what the 'Bush Vision' is?

Breaking News: We've heard all the "Bush done Good" April Fools Jokes!

Where Did All Those Dems Go After the Unity Dinner??

Where the F&%#! was our military?

Breaking News:::Bush decides to help the elderly with a new bill

Republican Leadership denounces Karen Hughes.."Out to make a buck"

"The Incident" 1967 Film (Martin Sheen)

Irony in Fallujah

Our local wingnut's view on what to do about Fallujah.

The Godless Americans have it right about SB 2082

My Bus driver was talking ant-war this morning - is this a sign?

EGADS...What is happening to me...

Mike Thompson take on Air America- Great!

Politcal Contributions of the Rich and Famous

Just watched Mc Cain on morning news

President Clinton did not send troops to Somalia

Just found Air America...great line, right off the bat!

liberal radio reminder

I love Janeane Garafolo!

Question: How many April Fool jokes are enough for GD?

So we are gonna "pacify" Fallujah

What are the emails for Air America...?

re: Fallujah "security contractors"

A Page Of Polls

As Las Vegas booms, so does its unionized workforce

puter help (again) pls

I've decided to become a Republican

Drop the O' from O'Franken Factor?

Who was the DUer on Wisconsin Public Radio?

A note to the Kerry campaign..

Fred Fielding: 9-11 Commissioner AND suspected “Deep Throat”

Air America to have Blix on tomorrow

Kerry taps VP already?

Meet the Next Mayor of Pittsburgh - Al Franken

Please help, I can't think of this word:

What does this say about ABC news? - Bush Outsources Deficit

Every day lying, versus lying under oath.....

Bush's Lawyer Contacted 9/11 Panel Before Clarke's Testimony

so which radio show did you like best

Darrin Kagan (CNN) Give's Apology/False Statement/Letterman/Bush/Kid Tape!

Kerry's National Service Plan, a 1000 times better than Bush's Draft

Is Air America droppint the email registration requierment?

AirAmerica, is it just me or did the "login" thingy disappear??

"Air America" Deal Fails in Huge Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill Market!

Our continued occupation of Iraq is pure neo-colonialism

Mother says she stoned sons to prove faith

Has O'Reilly, "Rush-Bo" or Hannity said anything about AA?

Good poll news: Kerry leads Bush by 3 in L.A. Times survey

4 'Civilian Contractors' Killed in Iraq Worked for N.C. Security Firm

I'm pretty sure this has been asked before (Air america mp3 archives)

Ah Jes Wanna be yo prezident once moah

hologram of jesus

Great Googly Moogly

Boycott Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Buzzflash is stealing my writing style!

How Clarke 'Outsourced' Terror Intel

9/11: An Insider Blows the Lid Off

Need some ammo please

WPost Today: Rice's Cancelled 9/11 Speech (noose tightening??)

Reggie the Registration Rig, “NASCAR Dads”, and the "Swing Voter".

What would happen if the US military "levelled" Fallujah?

BYRD Alert! Now C-Span2 (12:50 est)

"Fox news" mocked the 4 dead US civilians yesterday

Sean Hannity a plagiarist?

NRA 2004 - Freedom's Steel

You Have To Buy Real Audio Player To Hear Air America?

Students defy pink clothes rule

Wolf and Kagan backtrack on air re. WH contact with CNN ---

Dominionists Introduce Bill to "Acknowledge" US Law Based on God's Law

need more info RE: "mercenaries"!

Freep this Fox poll

Is The Case Against MoveOn Ads Going To Work?

Forums filled with crazy conservatives?

i hate wolf blitzer

What does "finishing the job" in Iraq mean to you?

Gonzales phones Fielding and Thompson before Clarke testified

Washington Post: Rice Papers, Top Focus Before 9/11 Wasn't on Terrorism.

I'm Applying For An American Express Card / Air America Sponsors

Prayer thread #33 for Our President George W. Bush

Al Franken will be on Crossfire today talking about AA.

Some poll reminders for today

cool article on M Stewart - recycler supreme

Humorous Pigboy quote

could it be Hussein actually knew what he was doing?


In case you are not familiar with Mike Malloy...

Team Cheney (article about his lesbian daughter Mary...)

Any Numbers on Airamerica Yet ?

Anyone have WSJ article today about known risks planes into buildings


The silence is deafening

What do you have when the State, Church, Military and Media join forces?

Albany makes it 20 in a row

right wing nuts

Air America Thank You !

What is the total number of deaths up to now,

Haitian Terrorist living in Brooklyn Emmanuel "Toto" Constant

Air America question

Asking the wrong questions...

Do not destroy oil wells. Do not kill contractors. We will pacify Fallujah

CNN talkin about AA now!

Zell-out Miller puts his money where his mouth is...

Need some help with research

Foreign reaction to Air America---interesting insight

Daryn Kagan just apologized to Letterman for fake clip comments

Hillary on O'Fraken Factory after the break!

Looks like the Soldiers are getting a GOOD rifle

O'Franken gave me an idea..let's start a rhetorical question link

NY Press: 50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers

RIAA To Crack Down On "Car Radio Piracy"

Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes of All Time

How can I get Air America through my Real Player?

Air America streaming radio links?

I want the Unelected Exploiter of Tragic Victims Act

Look at the TOP TEN books on !!!!

Clarke's Book in 8th Printing - No: 1 Everywhere

Appreciating Liberal Radio

Kathrine!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh!

Cyberterrorism Dismissed as "Myth"

People are misinformed about the four killed yesterday...

Will there be "embeds" in the retake of Falujjah?


Excellent Callers on CSPAN today.

Rice to testify next Thursday

Gruesome Iraq Images Could Shake U.S. Opinion

Where do people get that Hilary is left wing?

LA Times poll - Clarke effect now hurting Bush,, Kerry leads 49-46

You know, he never has lost that smirk, has he ???

Woodward's New Book WH worried about - a Little More Info

Is FreeRepublic a cult?

Rockin Randi

Randi, I'm thinkin' about War!!!

AA Stream is GREAT today. The Cable News Monkey is Off My Back!

My review of Ricahrd Clarke's Book on Amazon

will the internet help with the draft?

ooopps Bill schneider does story about Rove as Times poll shows Kerry up

AA on tape delay in Chicago

FR is obsessed with AA

This is idiotic. MSNBC talking heads having a debate

The good thing about AA is Randi Rhodes

Serious Question-Has Kerry picked a running mate yet?

A nation of petrol junkies pathetically grovels to its pusher, OPEC....

What should we call the War against Terrorists?

Did Bob Marley predict bush's defeat?

Treasury Department Illegally Working for * Campaign

Iran/Reagan/Hostages: Help needed

The illustrious assholes in the US who disagree with me

Post 9-11 report about the hijacker meeting with Iraqi Intelligence?

Everyone who is upset about murder in Iraq...

DUers, a woman whose son is in Iraq, wanna help her?

The O'Franken Factor Show thread

How the Hell Am I Supposed to Get Any Work Done alexa rating skyrockets

Would the last person leaving Michigan please turn out the lights?

Air America stuff?

Question about anti-US terrorism

College students--reject Bush's request for more loans (nat'l debt)!

Hannity supporting Kerry

Got the Video to the Letterman Bush kid

Ever notice how the RW attacks real patriots as being mercenaries?

Tracking DU Polls

Why repeal the Patriot Act?

I got another idea for a Liberal Radio Network

So how do you call Air America

What happened to &

Deuteronomy 20:10-14 - The Bush Plan

Contrary to most reports Fallujah residents were no friend of Saddam either

Randi got that IRV thing all wrong.

GOOD NEWS Malloy Fans!!!

Bill Schneider - Sincere Guy

OK, whose the joker around here?

April Fools Day declared ILLEGAL by Justice Department!!!!

Fallujah: from people who know

Need the Air America Phone #; 866-303-2207 not for AA

There's a terrible error on the AirAmerica Web site.

The White House has the last laugh - Sidney Blumenthal

Another endearing Republican trait: foot in mouth disease

What kind of loopholes will allow the rich to weasel out of the draft?

This board is cluttered

Was George Bush Sr. crying about something???

Turned away at the polls!

new: more NYC March 20th PRO-Peace rally photos...DUers in action...

Why I don't trust Richard Clarke

Reagan said we were not leaving Beirut after he got 241 Marines blown up

If Kerry Wins, Bushco. Know They Are Vulnerable to Potential prison terms

Splinter Cell by X-Box Commercial

New Kids to reunite for patriotic show on Flag Day

Hey, I Like This Ed Shultz Guy

holy crap these people are FRIGHTENING

Randi/Nader Interview Mp3...

Daily Kos has the Nader/Randi Rhodes transcript here

Update on Inhanced Security Training for Flight Attendants

Drudge Posts Book numbers Clarke, Hannity and others

Help me debunk an email re possible Kerry vote on Cop Concealed Carry bill!

Sen. Elizabeth Dole calling for revenge in Falujah

Jeb Bush put Florida under Marshall Law?

So Randi pissed off a few Naderites?

Why didn't Nader run for the Democratic nomination?

"There is something they are trying to hide."

Woah, local (SC) radio just now

Chalmers Johnson interview about American empire.

A Modest Proposal

Ugggh! NBC News is obsessed with health news!

so on 3/30 we have a terrorist bombing on a Tx. oil refinery and

Ok, seriously folks, stop with the April's Fool threads

What angers me MOST about Nader the Traitor...

Republicans support Nader, financially...proof....

What happened with the Stern "firing"? Was it a April Fools joke?

Hannity accidentally exposes his listeners for the morons they are

Mother Jones article on Blackwater - they employed the 4 "civilians"

Dateline: Akron Ohio - 2038 A.D. - Day 388 Of The Occupation

Are the neocons HOPING for civil war in Iraq?

DU guy on Randi

Is Air America good now and will it improve over time?

computer shock

HA!! NPR reports this afternoon, life insurance cost and medical

Poll : U.S. viewed negatively by most Russians (Interfax - Russia)

ND State Democratic convention. Edwards giving keynote.

O'Franken Question (About Brit Hume point)

Scatalogical Terror Set to Increase Excrementally

Biden on Hardball...

check home page of portland Air America- 2 long articles vs Kerry

what it would take to pacify fallujah

Teen Pleads Guilty To Threatening Bush (Faces a Year in Jail)

The last Bush

Clear proof that the CNN/Gallup Bush Job Rating poll is biased!

spooky doublespeak from

MoveLeft Media: If you haven't visited within a month, we've added

Bush demands higher approval ratings

Condi to testify before 9-11 Commission next Thursday...

The president was "mad"

Roger Hedgecock, Freeper Supporter

Ok, seriously folks, stop with the April's Fool threads

Marilyn Manson Photo Terrorizes Chimpanzee Population

Hannity has totally lost it!!!

The Liberals now have Air America....

Air America has an email addy now

John King and Bill Schneider just did a story about *'s rise in the polls

There is a June Blow Up Coming Right in Bush's Face

Is PNAC one of George Carlin's revised words you can't say?

TV Alert: Jessica Lynch on CNN.

CBS covering contractors killed in Fallujah overtaking!!!!!

What's Happening With The Plame Investigation?

Why isn't Electoral Reform part of the Democratic agenda?

Seattle DUers, Do you think we will get air America? If so...

Nader set to take 4-6% of vote, to impact Kerry in swing states

Inflation - coming soon!!! Milk to double!!!

Crossfire: Air America is the topic

"US knew al-Qa'ida would attack cities with aeroplanes"

I'm listening to Air America for the first time tonight.

Air-America shows were almost 100% SCRIPTED today...WTF

Shrub has 51% approval in latest Gallup - WTF?

Did Kerry vote on the Medicare bill?

Gov. Dean to serve as Rockefeller fellow, Dartmouth this summer.

Subliminal SEX HARRASSMENT in B*SH Commercial?

Craig Unger on KPFK Right NOW

Jeb Bush declared Martial Law in 2001?

Freeper (Ignorance or a Lie?) talk: "taxes *never* go down"?!

Can the DU Buy ad(s) on AirAmerica

I need immediate help, please! Re: John Kerry Property Holdings...

Would I be able to hear AA on Sirus? I am thinking about getting it. I...

Where does Air America get hosts?

Testify, Bush! You can always plead the 5th, say you don't recall...

Out of curiosity, are all of the AirAmerica folks Democrats?

How does Air America know if it is doing well?

Saddam Hussein

So what are the initial reviews of Air America?

why were only the Fallujah images shown and not others?

12-Step Show Joins Air America Weekend Line-Up

Tasmanian Governor Attacks Bush Doctrine.

Bush: "Those weapons of mass destruction gotta be here somewhere" HAHAHA

William Rivers Pitt signs Deal With Progressive Media (Air America)

Your predictions for tomorrow's March employment number.

Has anyone here gotten a Bush campaign donation package? Serious,

You do know that DU's memberships about to triple because of Air America.

Can I get AirAmerica in Nebraska?

Deborah Norville has 9/11 widows on now.

Is this an April fool's joke?

Venezuela Update: Several articles from last 2 days.

Randi Rhodes 4/01/04 opening with Nader interview recap

WH feeding questions to the republicans on the 911 commission

Letter from a civilian truck driver in Iraq, to Bartcop gone

Sibel Edmonds: I saw the papers which prove Bush knew...

Southern Whites: Your Moment of Truth

Air America Blogs -- Where?

Randi Rhodes posting on Freak Republic?

I'm liking the Majority Report

Vote in VP poll now

Which of these newspapers is liberal, which is the right-wing rag?

Refucklicans will never win the culture war

Excellent News for Us Buried Inside a Poll..........

Whistleblower the White House wants to silence speaks to The Independent

Democrat withdraws from Brownback challenge - Bad news

Looks like something breaking in the PLAME CASE in NYT tomorrow

What were the ratings for Air America's

If She's acts like a Bitch, walks like a Bitch and thinks like a Bitch

Can anyone find a pic of Sam Seder?

Air America's email addy

War poll

Garofolo os a riot tonight

10 years since the Rwanda atrocities: Let's not forget.

The 4 dead contractors in Iraq, according to rumor...

Day Two: Your favorite Air America Show

Hardball Gail Sheey saying the widows saw what * was doing on 9-11

You have to listen to Alan Colmes

How do you define "patriotism"? I ask because...

GAG......more military PR photos...captions needed.....

Barney Frank on (Janeane and Sam's show)

Al Franken, Randi Rhodes, Janeane Garofalo...

BROWN-- Talking about the "lost" Rice speech now (10 pm et)

Bill Frist, this is material for your next Conflict of Interest speech...

Just saw Sibel Edmonds story on crawl at bottom of CNBC.

Who is your loved one or friend serving in a forward area?

Defining the new Oligopoly...nice site

Bill Frist, this is material for your next speech on deceipt...

Charlie Rose 4/1: 9-11 COMMISSION MEMBERS Roemer and Lehman

Bush Living in the '80's!!!

Bill Frist, this is material for your next War Profiteering speech....

Just sent a note to Chimpy via if anyone wants to look...

It's beginning to look like it's cool to be Liberal again.

Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS)

Help....I am having a hard slog about some stuff

Richard Clarke and "The Vulcans" Who are they???

Survey: What's your favorite show on Air America

Aaron Brown just almost cried on CNN

So the images of the 4 Americans mutilated in Falujah are "horrific"?

Nightline now: liberal radio n/t

Is there anywhere to get an accurate U.S. death toll?

Have the terrorists won?

These are the leads, these are the 9/11 leads, but you don't get them...

Have you asked your Senators to cosponsor the Voter Confidence Act?

CNN= LIARS; BUSH = LIARS; letterman update

Peak Oil: Move along. Nothing here.

People vote Repub on SOCIAL issues, then get screwed on ECONOMIC issues

How will I know when the "War on Terror" has been won?

Just learned thay my nephew is in Fallujah (he's from Richmond)

WH won't allow 9-11 panel to see most of Clinton antiterror documentation

CARTOONS! are back.... (sorry for the long wait)

Bill Clinton's Revenge.

oh, great . . . Fred Phelps is heading my way . . .

ABC Nightline 4/1: MEDIA IMBALANCE: Can Liberal Radio Find an Audience?

Was the death scene in Fallujah any different from the death scene

From LBN: Clinton aide says records not released to 9/11 panel

If Bush had any decency at all, he would not run for reelection.

There was a Congressional hearing today--and nobody seemed to care


Ted Koppel covering AirAmerica on NightLine: The dam has burst

Update from Yahoo on the Letterman/CNN/WH squirming boy video.

I just sent this email to Brit Hume

Meet Your Friendly 'Civilian Contractors'

All the outrage about what happened in Fallujah: perspective

Floridians: Letterman's "Yawning Boy" is Rich Crotty's son.

Despotism - a 1946 Encyclopaedia Brittanica Film. Watch it now.

Alan Colmes...what just happened?

Time for the Mothers to take Over (my rant )

Frontline documentary on Rwandan genocide...

Savage last night: a woman was 1 of 4 Americans killed yesterday

What is it with all of the bad reviews on Air America? - RANT-

What do you think makes the difference between Canada and the USA?

Awesome numbers for Air America

Randi: "Zell Miller is like those who endorse a Nader candidacy...

Blended metal bullets and the Shootout at Blackwater.

"I am not going to attack a friend." John McCain on CNN

a gentle reminder. America under George Bush's "steady" leadership:

THE U.S. mercenaries (two photos) in better days....

Were the murdered Americans in Iraq mercenaries?

For the bloodthirsty hypocrites:--more for your palate of outrage

So does Randi ever shut the F*ck-up and listen?

'I saw papers that show US knew al-Qa'ida would attack cities with planes'

Bush just signed "abortion bill"....

"The Pecker knows no bigotry."

Sweet!! A.America is playing Billy Bragg songs between segments!

Clean Gas Waivers

Solve the Nader problem: Get Dean out there!

Gov. Howard Dean Bashes Bush For Deaths in Iraq

I feel bad but I don't understand local politics around here(WI)

What I find interesting about some of the Randi bashers

Chicago Trib (RW) details Rice contradictions on front page!

OMG President Lula just said he'll join the War on Terror...

What happens on the Weekends on Air America???

I e-mailed MoveOn and asked them to remove the Richard Clarke ad.

Al Gore has bought Newsworld be a liberal TV station

Is is just me, or does Karen Hughes p*ss you off too?

It's up: Money, Access, and Stunning Security Flaws (new BBV rept)

Blackwater Pinochet Apple Pie

If Kerry Wins, Bush & Advisors Are Vulnerable To Potential Prison Terms

I am very concerned about the passage of the Unborn Victims..

Hey DU! The BFEE wants to SHUT you UP!

9/11 Widows Skillfully Applied the Power of a Question: Why?

"I saw papers that show US knew al-Qaeda would attack cities with planes"

Are comments like these acceptable to describe the Fallujah incident?

Why does any 'progressive' insist on using demeaning terms?

Here we go again! My son in trouble at school for "disrespecting" Chimpy!

**Realplayer & Windows Media Player tips for Air America**

Jeb Bush seized flight school records at 2 AM on September 12.

Army Plans to Begin Destroying VX Nerve Gas at Ind. Site in About 2 Months

U.S. Radar Sale to Taiwan to Infuriate China

Security pushes up Iraq contracts price-report

(WP) Most Say They Are Less Safe Since 9/11

Uzbek Official Links Violence to al-Qaida

Americans Accept Clarke's Criticism of Bush

Top Focus Before 9/11 Wasn't on Terrorism (WP)

Washington Post: Rice Papers, Top Focus Before 9/11 Wasn't on Terrorism.

Rebels negotiate for role in Haiti's police force

NYT: Americans Jolted by Gruesome Reminders of Mogadishu

General called unfit for case

I.R.S. Request for More Terrorism Investigators Is Denied

Viacom has fired Howard Stern. Not April Fool's Joke!

CNN Breaking: Bush to testify to 9/11 Commision publicly, under oath

Parole denied for kids who get life (Florida)

Sikh head dies after heart attack

President Bush To Legalize Marijuana On April 20

Judge asked to exit case, source says (Florida)

Malfunction Causes Sewage Spill in Texas

Insurgents attack U.S. convoy in Fallujah day after bodies of American civ

Rebels negotiate for role in Haiti's police force

CNN BREAKING: Bush announces resignation, apologizes to God

RNC opens assault on anti-Bush groups

GOP Complaint Cites Pro-Dem Groups ("criminal conspiracy")

Florida Senator Anna Cowin's bill re electronic voting

The top U.S. administrator in Iraq condemned the previous day's violence

Caribbean people and nations stand firm for Haiti

Bush to make April Fools Joke of Anti-Abortion law Signing

U.S. trained Haitian armed opposition

Repost re Anna Cowin

Factory numbers sluggish (But ISM index of manufacturing activity rises?)

UK, Canada in joint terror probe

George Soros to purchase Kiev Metro(Pravda)

9/11 Widows Skillfully Applied the Power of a Question: Why?

Abductions on the rise in Haiti as poor grow desperate

Politicking threatens welfare bill (GOP anti child care/min wage/overtime)

Fallujah horror points to rising anti-American rage

Simpsons actors 'strike over pay'

PPI up tame 0.1% in February (Crude, intermediate prices surging)

GOP Complaint Cites Pro-Democratic Groups

Thousands Protest NATO Raid to Capture Radovan Karadzic

China Jails Woman Over Web Post

Five held in Italian anti-terror raids (Marxist terror group)

Former warlord warns against war crimes tribunal

9/11: An Insider Blows the Lid Off

Jobless claims steady (342000-up from 338000? or down from 345000 revised?

Aristide sues over 'death threats'

How Clarke 'Outsourced' Terror Intel (Used Private Research)

US Agrees to Seek New UN Resolution on Iraq

Commission members study statements of Rice, Clarke

AOL sets up software center in India

Laurelton protestors urge arrest of ex-Haitian leader

Before 911, Bush's focus was on missle defense not terrorism says Rice

Congo Women Still Victims of Attack Despite Peace Deal, says Humanitarian

'Libya must sever its ties with Zimbabwe'

Draft the Bush Twins First

New Kids to reunite for patriotic show on Flag Day

Iraq Trade Fair Postponed as Security Fears Grow

Three U.S. Troops Injured Near Fallujah

Political Reprisals Linger in Post-Aristide Haiti

AP - Bush to sign fetus rights bill.

MSNBC: Condi to testify next Thursday,

Zimbabwean Praise for Namibian Land Reform

'Simpsons' Stars Strike for More D'oh - Report

Man Convicted in Junk E-Mail Case

Move over the hawks, the Vulcans rule the White House roost

Unemployed Dropping Out of Labor Pool

Most in U.S. Back View Bush Was Lax on Terror –Poll

Judge orders release of energy documents (Yeah!)

Explosion, Fire at Exxon Texas Plant

Security Officials Again Recommend Fencing In Capitol

Oil Falls to 7-Week Low as U.S. May Waive Gasoline Requirements


British publisher drops book on Bush-Saudi links over libel fears

Routers-Breaking: Kerry names Hillary for VP

Death in Georgia Shows Danger of Silicone Injections

Breaking: Robert Novak resigns in sympathy with Judy Woodruff.

CNN anchor quits, blames executive bias

Drudge: Kerry to pick Hillary Clinton as running mate

Financial Picture Brightens for Democrats

Police fire on protesters in Iraqi city of Basra, killing 1, wounding 2

Clarke's Charges Gaining Acceptance (LA Times Poll -- Kerry leads by 3)

U.S. Goal for Haiti Comes Into Focus: Duvalierism without Duvalier

Rebel leader holds talks with Haiti police over integrating into new force

Storm Over 9/11 Leaves Swing Voters Less Certain Still

NASA Rover finds more signs of past water on Mars (New 01 April)

Oregon's higher ed chancellor bows out | The Oregonian

Children in Angola Tortured as Witches by Own Families

Republicans Put Tax Cut Dispute on Hold

ACLU sues (Washington) state over gay marriage ban | Seattle P-I

Canadian Judge Rules File-Sharing Legal

WA Gov Locke vetoes "Top 2" primary, creates separate party voting

Favor salmon over farmers, panel says | Seattle P-I

Paper Back Ups Sought for Voting machines (AP)

Missouri House backs ban on gay marriage | St Louis Post-Dispatch

Judge allows protest zones for LDS conference | Salt Lake Tribune

RCMP's B.C. Legislature raid drug related | Globe and Mail


S Africa gives out free Aids drugs | BBC

Latham sticks to his guns after intel chief's denial | SMH

'Strong evidence' of collusion in Ulster killings

Bush comes under fire over OPEC cuts

Lawyer: 9/11 Panel Lacks Clinton Records

(Fox News Breaking) Bush, Cheney Plan Joint Debate with Kerry

Kerry can't recall being at '71 parley

UNRWA suspends emergency food aid in Gaza

Sept. 11 Commission Sets Rice Hearing for April 8 | NYT

Republicans reject subpoenas in Medicare probe

Florida Senate proposal would rule out ballot recounts

US KNEW AL QAEDA WOULD ATTACK W/ PLANES: Sibel Edmonds in The Independent

William Rivers Pitt Signs Deal With Progressive Media!!

Judge Asks Doctor if Fetus Can Feel Pain

GOP Lockdown Looms

Abortion Activist Convicted of Molestation

FBI: Lost in translation? (More Sibel Edmonds)

House rejects licenses for illegal aliens

Robert Fisk - Things are Getting Much Worst

Robert Fisk - Atrocity In Fallujah

Greek-Americans help fill Bush's coffers | Denver Post

Sept 11 families awarded $US2.6b | ABC (Australia)

Newark Teacher Accused Of Choking (7-year old) Student

Handcuffs were used on Kent, WA elementary students | Seattle Times

School tells kids: Don't think pink | Chicago Tribune

'It's a calling': Doctor leads crusade to help needy in Haiti

XM S Radio to launch America Right April 5

Financial Picture Brightens for Democrats

Jury gets molestation case against Panhandle abortion activist

NYT: Bush Aides Block Clinton's Papers From 9/11 Panel

Pay soars for Wall Street CEOs

US committee pushes WHO bid - TW

Double whammy link to extinctions | BBC

Baker Says Iraq's Debt Is Unsustainable

ChTrib: 2 firms linked to Al Qaeda, Saudi intelligence agency

Donald Trump’s casino business on the brink of bankruptcy

DoD Identifies Army Casualty (New)

I.R.S. Request for More Terrorism Investigators Is Denied

Chen wants US to facilitate cross-strait talks - TW-CN

Drive GM or park elsewhere, (GM) workers told - CBC

White House Holds Back Clinton Papers

NYT: Plame investigation expands - Did WH officials lie?

Zimbabwe economy shrinks by 30%

George Soros hits back at Viktor Medvedchuk

Papers prove US knew of genocide in Rwanda

Bush, Cheney and their wives fan out to battleground states for commenceme

Senators, states call on EPA to toughen mercury pollution proposal

Pressure mounts on Rice over 9/11 speech

Game show announcer Art James dead

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 596 U.S. service members have died

Drudge: Plame Investigation Broadened

Untested Islamic Militants Emerging, U.S. Official Says

Abortion revision clears Tennessee Senate | Nashville Tennessean

Bush, Kerry to debate at least 5 times

NYT: Bad Timing As Kerry Slips Out of Picture

Tokyo staff ordered to be patriotic

Zimbabwe's Ruling Party Creates Committee to Investigate Corruption

Republicans reject subpoenas for administration officials in dispute over

Rebels Attack U.S. Convoy Near Fallujah (New)

Unknown group claims responsibility for Fallujah killings

W.House Declassifies Pre - 9 / 11 Anti - Terror Plan

MSNBC: Chalabi: A Questionable Use of U.S. Funding

Condom Label Changes Sparks Debate

Kerry Funds Signal Hope For Party

Alaska governor invites U.S. oil drilling

Eerie calms grips Fallujah after gruesome killings, Bremer vows revenge

Documents Related to Cheney Case Ordered Released

Gruesome Iraq Images Could Shake U.S. Opinion

No Shock in Falluja Over Slaying of Americans

Gay marriage ban amendment passes - Georgia voters to decide issue in Nov

Bush Aides Block Clinton's Papers From 9/11 Panel

Mercenaries flock to fill vacuum

CNN: Gateway closing all CA stores, 2,500 jobs.

Guatemala to Cut Its Army in Half

CNN Errs in Reporting CNN-Letterman Bit

Bunning Apologizes for Saddam Comparison

US Promises Overwhelming Response to Iraq Killings

Slain Contractors Were in Iraq Working Security Detail (Elite Commandos)

Cover Vs. Original: Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

pResidential anagrams

"Don't worry, Dave. Dress like Osama and they'll never touch you."

I watched the whole repeat of South Park tonight just to see...

I hate Multi-Colored Asian Lady Beatles

Fe Fi Fo Fum

What will Junior be doing for Easter? Anybody know?

I'm gonna kill your goddamned thread

South Park tonight was one of the best.

BREAKING NEWS: Israel gives West Bank and Gaza to Palestinians

The Disney Channel is annoying...

I haven't had a PM in weeks....

Asparagus Syndrome

welcome to


Ok, why is my female calico cat sneezing?? she wont stop, any ideas?

Nineties Nostalgia: "The Buzz"

Which would you rather do?

Anyone else here like "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys"?

Man lives 18 days without computer.....

My live poker thread...

Cover Vs. Original: "Landslide"

Post your pet screwy Google query here

Let's play 'Whose Quote is this?"

How bad is your driver's license photo?

What if you started over at DU? Suggest a great new user name.

Hey Hartford Courant readers and Ann Coulter haters

What the heck is going on with Stern?

Goodbye, DU. I'm leaving...

Oh my God, I just totally lost my lunch. Check it out...

Cadbury Eggs are back in season

"Trekland", The TNG remix of Let It Be, and more on (Satire)

It's my wedding anniversary-ask me anything!

5-Year Old Smokes Dope

Judge Calls Himself 'Idiot' - Unknowingly

The Google e-mail thing has to be a joke

Fat Hampster Gets Stuck In Printer - Police Called To Rescue

TV Watcher or Not?

Jaclyn Smith NUDE!

Man Pleads Guilty In Mistaken 'Rape Fantasy'

So I've been wracking my brain for a unique avatar

Beware APRIL FOOLS DAY! Fell for anything yet?

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Condoleezza Rice - MAXIM's "Girlfriend of the Day"

I AM The April Fool!

Microsoft has a nuke!

Hey! Word just in... Bush just choked on... get this, A POTATO CHIP!!

Is Howard Stern really off the air or is it an April fools joke?

Lawyer Humor

The Eternal Ugliness of the Right-Wing Mind

An April Fool's Question for you

Is anyone else being hit by some kind of network attack this morning?

Oh, my gosh! Recipe for explosive rolls!

Cool New Jobs at Google - apply today

Anybody else's Air America streaming just die?

JCCyC the Business Cupid

Oh my god... I almost jumped out of my chair. Check this out

Donald Trump

What upcoming summer movie is gonna suck?

Air America - yet ANOTHER reason to love Chuck D

Alleluia and AMEN - I'm a liberal again

Will Pitt, that stinkin' frog-lovin' commie!

NY METS sign pitcher with 161 MPH fastball!!!!!!!!!

The World Poker Tournament

LBN --- Simpsons actors 'strike over pay'

What upcoming summer movie is NOT gonna suck?

Why haven't I been able to access my hotmail account

Next: The awards awards awards awards awards show?

Can you spare some southbound vibes? (Not 4/1 related, I swear!)

Is it Daylight Savings tonight???

wow, I like Air America!

2 weeks until the tax deadline

Ahhh....Sitting around reading DU and listening to AirAmerica...Nice!

Who is wearing their brown ribbon? damnation if you are not

Restaurant Gets To Keep Nude Pictures

If you are helpless, stupid, overpaid, undertalented,

Predict April Fools Jokes for 4/1/2005

The Bronze Rat--funny joke

Molvania Is BEAUTIFUL This Time Of Year

How do you deal with movie theater rudeness?


My respect for John Mellencamp just went through the roof.

I'm wearing a Brown Shirt today. Lemme tell ya why.

NYC to ban smoking in homes?! NOT an April Fool's joke!

Does "Robot.txt" Have Anything To Do

What do you dip your fries/chips in? I like bleu cheese w/Tabasco.

George prays for Iraqi war dead

Create your own South Park Character

I had someone on ignore and didn't know it!

I Couldn't Hear Air America Today

ugh. Apparently liberals are a target audience for Yanni music

Great T-Shirt! "Proud to be un American"

April Fools Day on the Web (2004)

Once Again, John Peter Lewis Escapes Getting Kicked Off 'American Idol'

where can i listen to AirAmerica online?

Favorite Yanni song?

Fiori Art - Lefty Propaganda Posters

The Munsters or The Addams Family??

PB&J with or without crusts?

Hot buttermilk waffles w/super chunk peanut butter and maple syrup.

Happy Birthday to you George W. Bush

I Just Saw An Accident On The Chickenway

Thatcher wins right to try for early parole - Globe and Mail.

Any natural allergy remedies?

There's Three Feet of Snoo Outside My Window

Funny kitty stories

What the heck did this bumper sticker mean?

I'll soon be among the ranks of the unemployed. ASK ME ANYTHING!

Bake a cake and read DU at the same time!

April fools from Kerry, Planned Parenthood

I don't know what to say here....

Is it just me who's worried about the "Bored Boy"?

My Wife Bought a Lovely Greek Urn Yesterday

Chicago Bulls fans

Hot damn! The dealer just called to tell me my Piecost is ready to pick up

Official Swears There Is No Gang Of Lesbian Thugs At His School

Pat Buchanan on Air America??

How Many Ways Can You Fry Chicken?

NFL Adds THIRD Instant Replay Challenge

What is the appeal of pasta?

Become a Rockstar Agent

Just went on Best Buy site


Peanuuuuuut, Peanut Butter

Peanut butter - smooth or chunky?

Franken is right: the 800 (866) # for Air America SUCKS

I'm going to see Jonatha Brooke tonight--ask me anything!

Men...Do You Have Any Problems Wearing The Color Pink?

"And my wife says 'You don't see Bill O'Reilly going on a USO tour.'"

You know, I think Rush is right.

Did the Brady's really need a maid?

The official PA (personal attack) thread. You're all poopy pants!

Rant: Air America stream keeps cutting out

A new threat to worry about, DHMO

meet Meagan.....our new baby Wombat

Peanut butter and what kind of jelly/jam?

Dress up Bush!

Condi: Maxim Girlfreind of the Day??????????????????????

Outsourcing got you down?

Disney and Walmart Merge

What topic did you post that you were surprised got little/no reply?


Is There A Swimming Coach In This Community NOT Addicted To Kiddy Porn??

Woman With Cane, Oxygen Tank Might Be On The Lamb


Back in action!

Name the Unidentified Live Rock Band #5

Timmy or Jimmy?

What bad rap does your city not deserve?

War Reporter Turned Sex Reporter

I wanna whine about... well,,,, ME

CONFESS!!!!! So did you think I was a Freeper Infiltrator?

I am the Lord thy God

CONFESS!!!!! Who else think Republican plant LynneSin is hot!

I'm listening to AA at work and I don't care what anyone thinks

Progressive offers new kind of insurance

I'm beginning to think I should have taken the canoe into work

Which "I'm at lunch" sign should I use at work?

"When it hits, it hurts"

Which is your favorite genre at the drive-in theater?

Indie Starlet you would betray your vows and/or risk jail time for.

Ack! I've been fished!

A cable guy just offered to make my phone bill "A lot less"

My first reason for watching the Adam West Batman series...(now has pic)

Josie and the Pussycats.

World's Dumbest Town Vows To Raise IQ

What kind of doctor is Dr. Pepper?

What Chuck Paluhniak novel would you recommend?

"my drugs are red, white & bLue"

Any downside to external hard drives?

Are you envious of certain camaraderies among posters here?

Weirdest April Fool's Prank

What does this joke mean?

anyone else having problem getting on Hotmail today? n/t

What is a "freeper?"

I give you Trumad, Emperor of April Fools Day

The April Fool Sock Puppet

Someone please explain to me.....

puter help (again) pls

Found a pretty thoughtful, sane post on FR

So I'm riding my bike on a wooded path one recent afternoon

What was the Franken *hepatitis* thing that was just on?

bmp. to jpeg or gif.?

Name the Unidentified Live Rock Band #6

Thinking of starting a Live Air America Chat room ....Comments

Why do you LOVE Jon Stewart?

Are there cliques at DU? Is it too cliquey? Is cliquey even a word?

You know you're a Californian IF:

new Oxyrush advertiser Metcalf Bank

Wife Discovers Man's Pot Farm In Locked Basement

I just gave away seven more brown ribbons

Get your "What Would Jesus Do" Thong now!!!

I have 30 minutes to kill. Ask me anything.

How many ways can you bake beef brisket?

I Bought XM Satellite Radio Today ...

Clay poker chips

No Joke: Video of Bronx Man's Suicide Appears on Shock Web Site

Unofficial Air America Realtime Chatroom

Everything is pissing me off today. Ask me anything--but at your own risk

What doi you do to calm down?

Anyone hear Howard Stern today?

Lowest Common Denominator Culture Nominations.

Scientists discover that republicanism is hereditary...

The Guys' Rules

Business Propositions - Got time? Talent?

Air America Posts

Does anyone else use DVD Aficionado?

Anybody else wondering if this case is just a ploy for attention?

Air America post posts

Can I Get Some Cat-House Advice From Some Of You 'Experts'?

Would you apologize?

And what do we burn, apart from witches?


I got my first moderator warning!

**Breaking News** Ken Griffey Jr. traded to Rockies

Which is more offensive -- to be looked over, or overlooked?

April 1 is not a good day for a Mod

As a Newsjunkie, I must say this....

Shrink, I want to kill.

Can I get some cat advice from you feline experts?

Where do you eat?

Robert Novak resigns in sympathy for Judy Woodroff. CNN announced

The Woolly Mammoth in the Living Room of all CAPTIONS!!!!

HELP!!! with Real Alternative/Media Player Classic

I can't deal with this

Smoking Question:

Dancing Chick with Huge Knockers

And that, my liege, is how we know the earth to be banana-shaped.

For relative newbies on DU: "Defeat the right in 3 minutes."

how long have you been here today?

What on earth is Baha'i

Drudge: Kerry to pick self as running mate


Favorite movie scores?

Brilliant Entrepreneurial Idea

Have you ever been f*cked over?

So, how can I get back at my employer for eliminating my job?

This Just In: Slant-Head Hannity's head straightens out!!!

Drudge: Kerry to Pick Lettuce As Running Mate

Air America e-mail address

My 100 favorite songs of 1966

movie geeks slamming air america

Breaking on CNN: Something improbable has occurred, is humorous

Oh, there's nothing sweeter


Ha Ha April fools

What's with "The Darkness?"

Fark hax0rd

I Just Had Some Pickle-Flavored Potato Chips

Thats IT! I can't tell anymore!

Usher's no better than Justin Timberlake

List your April Fools jokes.

You _MUST_ try this game!

LynneSin - How are Abbie and Evita doing?

Drudge: Kerry's clone to pick Drudge as life-mate

Is there any religion without blood on its hands?

I don't post nearly as much in the Lounge as I used to

Whatever happened to the guy who wrapped his house in plastic

Life begins at ejaculation!

My Clique Can Kick Your Cliques ASS!

Billy the Mold Spore visits the Easter Bunny: Pt II

Billy the Mold Spore visits the Easter Bunny, pt. III

Hey look! It's my 300th post!

AP: Kerry to Pick His Nose as Running Mate

I miss you guys!

Best kind of Poker?

OK, I am going to pitch this new nickname for Dubya one more time...

Mom describes on tape how she smashed son's skulls

I Want my OWN Clique. Who wants to join?

I smell a big, fat, republican rat!

On my way to 1000!

Karen Hughes - W in drag?

CAPTION the Creepy Condi!

Is my cat sick?

I got some big news today...

My God can kick you god's ass!!!

Billy the Mold Spore visits the Easter Bunny: pt. I

Can I get some good feelings for a volunteer at the shelter? Please?


Guy Richie to make Kabbalah movie

computer shock

Favorite Silent Film Comedian?

Are you a yuppie?

Now! Turn your PC into an Ez-bake oven (Sooooo not a joke!)

OK, explain Karen Hughes to me


What did Kamika finally do to get banned, anyway?

I'm Dead.

From the BBC International, new find in Egyptian archaeology

Most fun aspect of April Fools Day?

Should I quit?

We are the children who grew too fast

I'm Skinny!

"Funny" April Fool posts aren't funny anymore...

Oops.Bad manners?

Some questions for tonight

I am enraged.

I'm going out to campaign for Bush/Cheney. Ask me anything

I'm Horny!

I hate plumbing!

Who's going to the Boston Party this weekend?

I am Jack's misplaced sense of outrage

Hey! I'm gonna be able to make it to the Boston GATHERING!!!!!!!

I am gauged!

I'm Spiffy!

I'm Obnoxious!

I'm a-pickin'

Paragon! We need another Janeane thread!

" Nukes in Space" - on now, History Televison 9:00EST (other times also)


i am flirting


For the Trekkers (and Trekkies) here!

Wow....I thought GD would be friendlier post-primary...

Guess what! Those damn H2 Hummers aren't so tough!

I'm Skimpy!

When the hell did they change the nickel???

sorry, TB Bucs fans, but your team is turning into the Raiders,

GRRRRR stupid freepspam on my local ISPs Message Board.

Oh dear god I feel stupid


I'm hungry! Me eat taco!

Post #1000

From now on, isn't isn't isn't

What is the pedal arrangment like in a standard British car?

DU chat

From The Onion: Top April Fools' Day Pranks

To Whitacre and eyesroll

What's up with

AARRGH! Help me identify this band! Their hit sounds just like Iggy

Dealer’s Choice

I'm farting

People really piss me off sometimes

Folsom Prison or San Quentin?

Teen 'sold drugs to officers with 'police' on jackets'

I'm eschewing obfuscation!!

Sonic Youth - "Song For Karen"

I'm Skinner!

Michigan wins NIT! Go Blue!

Listening to Air America while posting on DU is as good as ...

I am now a "resident" of three states!

Last nights South Park is repeating now

read this


Need a lawyer?

It's April Fools, and I think someone needs to tell the Cat/Gasoline story

Bob Barker just punched out Happy Gilmore

I just saw Bob Dylan in a Victoria's Secret commercial.

How long after dating someone does it take you to sleep with them?

I am FURIOUS!! Pls rd , need Urgent advice.

Urinal Cake Supplier Gears Up for Spirited Presidential Election (satire)

Calexico - Anyone ever heard of them?

Spanish Elections Cause Karl Rove to Rethink Bush's Strategy (Satire)

Jennifer Beals on George W. Bush and gays

Is Smirnoff Ice like Bacardi Silver?

OK, how many of you just went to this URL?

Been Watching Boiler Room. Ask me anything.

The Redesigned Texas Flag To honor its most famous native son

Check this new game out!

Has anybody ever heard the album by Extreme: III Sides to Every Story?

trumad, you bitch

A view of the universe from 10 million light years > 100 attometers

Anyone But Bush Increases Lead Against Undecided

Let's ban the word "spinster" too

Who's your favorite Jazz Trumpeter?

What will you have Mr. Scorpio do for you?

Should thoughtless jerks with the intellectual agility of a rock be banned

Bush Pulls Troops out of Haiti after realizing there is no oil there.

Should the word "shrew" be banned from DU?

If I had a hammer...

On-line Virtual Colonoscopy!

Should thoughtless shrews be jerked?

Swear Word Analysis: Bitch

Should angry mods be appeased?

CNN anchor quits, blames executive bias

If I had a dulcimer...

Should bling bling blah be blah blah bling?

My knees are aching-- betcha there's rain on the way

Pop-Up Windows Inventor Won't Stay Buried


"The Bush administration are the Nazis of the 20th century...."

ChavezSpeakstheTruth keeps giving jazz polls.

I just got some CDs from Amazon - ask me anything

CNN apologizes to Letterman tonight!

YOU GET TO PICK for my avatar for next week! PLEASE?

Favorite type of kryptonite

Bible help needed:

I Guess I Just Wasn't Made for These Times

King Crimson - Three of a Perfect Pair

I'm just ill . . . and disgusted . . . and furious . . .

In desperate need of some liberals interested in weather...

I am Sparticus

White Stripes - what is it about them?

Heeeeeeeyyyy Night Train...

ZombyLove: It's free and easy!

I just drank creatine...ask me anything

David Letterman battles the White House and CNN

Passion is anti-satanic

The "Daylight-Savings Time" Poll: Isn't The Tilt Of The Earth Enough?

Most evil song II: Electric Boogaloo

Does anyone LOVE Kurt Vonnegut?

Top 5 Political Songs?

Detatchable Penis

Late Night DU Laugh

Pssst I just maded a 1000 now I can hide with the big boys

My 18 year old daughter wants to join the Air Force...

i'm sick of these anti-american

Christian DUers: Is Christ the only way to salvation?

A serious question: Why do some DUers use more than one name?

Anyone know anything about "Abstinence the Better Choice?"

To HEyHEY...

U.S. Postal Service to Introduce Portable Zip Codes

Worst hunting dog!

If you have more than one screenname...

Hey Philly Area DU'ers

What is some of your local slang?

I Guess I'm Getting Married

Brushes with rock fame


Six weeks until the Vancouver gathering!

Congratulations VolcanoJen!!! 8,000 Posts!!!!!

What are your favorite anti-war songs?

I am engaged

Just caught CNN apology on Letterman

Coen Brothers Fan Forum--I need you to fix my cauble.

My 100 (plus) favorite songs of 1965

Great Films: "The Last Temptation of Christ"

What is it with young men from the South (US)?

The "Duck Wad Has Feelings Too" of all CAPTIONS!!!

Anyone have any experience with ear candling/coning?

Tha Canary that Swallowed the Cat of all CAPTIONS!!!!

The Cursive Confusion of all CAPTIONS!!!

OK Red Sox fans/masochists - vent your angst NOW, not in September

Who Finds What Word OFFENDING and Why?

Fess up! Who else is waiting for their call from Air America?

This Is the funniest video I have ever seen.

Caption Rummy and his buds

What's the worst airport in America?

Caption the asshole!

Gail Zappa to be on "Soundcheck" tomorrow

Anyone watch Chapell's Show last night?

What will Mel Gibson's next film be?

Cracked head gasket! Imploded finances! Ask me anything...

I forget who I made this picture for !!

Is she cute? guess who it is too

Where should I go to college?

What's the deal with Franken and the Dead on Air America?

Is she cute? You know who she is!

Best song that's against taking drugs?

Remindah: Boston DUer Gathering at The People's Republic THIS SATURDAY!!!

AOL poll on Air America has been freeped.

Did anyone else have problems with reception on Air America?

Condi Rice cancelled 9/11/2001 speech

Kerry wins - bush goes to Jail

New Bush GOTV effort:Ga lawmakers put Gay marriage on Nov ballot

Maureen Dowd sums up Bush failures rather nicely in one paragraph today...

Herseth gets nod over Diedrich in poll

Oh happy day-New LA Times poll Kerry leads 49-46

Why *'s latest ads are lame

Help Defeat Bush this fall...Standandbecounted!

ABC's The Note: Kerry Campaign raised over $40M 1st qtr, breaks records!

Gene Lyons: "No Facts, Only Motives in Bush World"

Kerry can't recall being at '71 parley (& folks there don't recall Kerry -

Bush tries to outsource the Deficit

RNC files FEC "credible 527 complaint", asks dismissal as not credible, so

Why can't the President of the United States

Great commercial idea

Can anyone help me find large pictures of Kerry?

Wes Clark to be on Air America

Question: Could someone tell me how much Kerry has raised

Do not fret about JK not responding to the Bush smear machine...

* in the flight suit could be this election's Dukakis in a tank


Why won't bush release condi's speech she never gave?

Judge Orders Release of More Cheney Energy Task Force Documents

Clinton spent too much on terrorism - so says Condi

Kerry Campaign pulls April Fools Joke

Why hasn't Richard Clarke been brought to justice?

"George W. Bush: Original Prankster", April Fool's Day Flash Movie

GOP files FEC complaint re 527 Groups; JK: suit not worth paper filed on!

Bush adviser has a point

Karen Hughes: Bush's Spinner.

MoveOn made the right decision re: Clarke

John Kerry Launches New Ad

Credibility Questions Could Boomerang on Bush

Tune into Hannity. You won't believe what you're hearing.

I have seen the light!

Now CNN decides to look at the facts behind the latest Bush smear ad...

Kerry's DBunker has tons of great info - check it out

Local TV station in W. PA are running Rove's negative ads every 20

This is not an April Fools joke

Unpledged Delegates will give LaRouche voice at Convention

When will Kerry announce his VP pick?

Should Kerry run ads on FAUX News?

LOL: JK's website plays up April Fools

9th Man Arrested over 'Bomb Plot' As BLAIR BACKS ID CARDS/New WMW

CNN: Kerry only 4% ahead = Bush doing great, Kerry a disaster

Kerry Funds Signal Hope For Party

Kerry's Plan Spotlights Huge Untaxed Earnings

Great news for Kerry from Drudge re: leak probe being broadened!

So what can we all do to really help George W Bush be reelected

When should Kerry campaign pull out Bush's fighter pilot superhero mock ad

Bush Aides Block Clinton's Papers From 9/11 Panel

Soon Kerry might have more cash in hand than Bush

Less than an hour to go - can we stop the April Fools posts??

I thought Alaska was more red than blue - AK results finally final

Nader Factor

AFL-CIO Ad Kick Butt!

Bush leads in New York, Kerry and Bush neck and neck in Mississippi

Is Rove kicking himself now for the NYC convention?

BushCo flipflop on Condosleaza a setup?

AP headline: Dean on Kerry's short list for VP

It appears that the Kerry campaign does not see Colorado as a swingstate

Grassroots for America announces "Root Camp"....

LA Times: Kerry Leads Nationwide by Three (Kerry, 47; Bush, 44; Nader, 5)

Now we know why W looks like he's been drinking.

How was AARadio so far today? Just got home. Did I miss anything good?

The Worst Vice President?

Who here DOESN'T want to see Gephardt as VP?

Now An Option to Sign Up For Monthly Contributions to the Kerry Campaign!

Kerry Poll, please vote

Anyone else purchase Bush Gear?

For leftists like me, questions to think over

CNN is Karl Rove's bitch...and the biggest "echo chamber" of them all!

John Kerry needs a new spokesperson!

Would You Give Up a Dinner and A Movie Monthly to Change Your Country?

David Boren as Veep?

Why do we stand with Dennis?

Hey, Kucitizens.. guess what... I can't vote in my caucus... Cute?

IMPEACH! If not now, later.