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Archives: March 9, 2004

Jobs Depart, Hope Lingers Travelocity's Leaving Is Va. Town's Latest Blow

Find out how liberal/conservative your Congressperson really is

One year later: The toll on the National Guard

Blair is aware it would be easier for him if Bush were removed - Alterman

Kerry vows vigilance on Florida vote count

Are U.S. senators

Guardian speculates on Bin Laden capture

Too many American fingers in foreign pies

Gay marriage - the generation gap (New Yorker)

Sweet LOTE from today's Akron Beacon Journal

Maui County would feel Bush's cuts

Hans Blix: Bush and Blair behaved as if they were on a 'witch hunt' over I

Plugging Leaks. (Karl Rove/Valerie Plame)

(CA) Program for Seriously Ill Children Faces Cuts

Even Robins are Fleeing George Bush's America

Zbigniew Brzezinski on Cspan

Walter Cronkite: U.S. faces twin deficits: Dollars, fiscal leadership

GOP rhetoric on Kerry's voting rhetoric goes unchallenged

Salon: Florida, Again

Venezuela: Right-wing opposition clamours for another US-backed coup

Arianna Huffington's letter to Kerry

BushWomen - The Women of the Bush Administration

NYT: Repairing a Recall in Venezuela

With leaders like this, who needs comedians? Molly Ivins

Salon/Conason: The vast right-wing conspiracy is back in business

United States greased Aristide's slide

George W. Bush A Compassionate Conservative

Okay, anyone read this book on 911? I am going to order it, but

US Inflation Index ‘Missing’, but Alternates Show Giant Jumps

Noam Chomsky Must Read! US-Haiti, An Analysis

Great Don Wright cartoon from Palm Beach Press

Analysis: Is Karl Rove the Next Joe Trippi?

Howard Stern And The Burning Bush

Molly Ivins: Remember When?

Fresh Diebold Leaks, Keeping their software secret

Who will be documenting the noRNCinNYC protests?

PAC/ Godless Americans - Petition Rod Paige

CNN Lou Dobbs Poll on BBVoting:VOTE NOW!!!


Safe gaurd votes - check this out:

WAPO notes Bush lied about "Kerry gut Intel budget in 95" but media still

No MTV or CBS on DISH network

NPR hypocrisy: Why I am not donating to NPR or or my local affiliate

any astrology sites for pets?

My electric water heater caught on fire... again.

"Rushmore" star's debut pilot episode of "Cracking Up"

Today is

What are some good books on Secret Societies?

Democrats Cite Politics in Probe Reimbursement (Court OK's GOP -not Dems)

What percentage of lesbians and gays voted for Al Gore in 2000?

anyone ever filed a complaint against a cop?

On [still] loyal Gay Republicans

"Should we believe these promises" - Krugman on Bush Job predictions

OK, I'm scared. Filed online and got tax return $ in one week.

Fewer small businesses plan to hire

A Risky World

Is a deflationary economy a good thing?

US Inflation Index ‘Missing’, but Alternates Show Giant Jumps

8.171 million w/o jobs in unemployment rate-but 13.585 million want FTwork

scary Republican House "Sound Science" hearings

Brown Glacier (Heard Island, Southern Ocean) Melt Rate Up 400% Since 2000

Ford Will Use Toyota Hybrid Tech Under License - MSNBC

Oceanographic Team Probes Gulf Stream For Signs Of Slowdown

never has such a Parabolic Curve been stabilized at the Top

Alaska Melts, Fairbanks Buckles & Leans - Guardian

Melting of glaciers frees ancient secrets

BBC (March 9): Landmark Balkans war crimes trial opens

Political tension on the rise in KZN Midlands

President's good looks a plus with the voters - TW

Pakistan tests nuclear-capable missile

Human Rights Watch (March 8): Afghanistan -- Abuses by U.S. Forces

You win!

Readers' lock-n-load response

Man Killed During Masonic Initiation

GUNS IN THE NEWS--March 9, 2004

military creeping into domestic law enforcement?

Question: How many anti-gunners have ever seen a real firearm?

Death for the sniper! News from ABC

What police have said about the gun registry. (CAN)

A poll for everyone!

An alternative to lethal ammo?

How to get an NFA gun?

Moore's neck fractured in Vancouver attack - NHL Game

I can't help myself...

Are you guys (gals?) at a party?

How does DU get its stories linked to the Google news board?

Is there a way to access the archives of DU 1??

Since everyone else comes down here to whine,

Question about mod application

Bad mouse over

Question regarding the star...

Before I waste someone's time ..

Hey Skinner, how 'bout we get two months

Should GDP 2004 be renamed to GD:Veepstakes 2004? Credit DjTj

Hate Mailbag update

How about a new forum to research and counter RW attacks

Three-day strike closes down religious services

“X” marks the Israeli-Arab workers at Knesset building site

Kerry: Arafat has become 'an outlaw to the peace process'

Yassin: factions should decide who controls Gaza

Homicide Bomber Kills Only Self

Hypocrisy and anti-Semitism

Chief Hamas bombmaker says Israel lost battle to destroy radical group

Qurei warns against escalating violence

Plan to disguise female bomber as Israeli ambulance volunteer foiled

Israel, Jordan Breaking Ground on Center

Palestinian PM urges action to end conflict

Palestinian mother shot dead in Israeli raid (Jenin being attacked again)

PM adviser: no plans for `eastern fence' in West bank

British press sympathizes with Jew-killers

Why is Apartheid Touted as a Solution?

Palestinian Child: A Fatal Bullet.. For A Stone

Hamas says it may stop attacks from Gaza if srael quits Strip

Most Israelis support the fence, despite Palestinian suffering

Source: Palestinian Abbas Dies in U.S. Custody in Iraq

Reichstag/Twin Towers

Quinnipiac: NJ Gov. McGreevey reelect at 28%, Bush approval at 44%

Texas Congressional Primary Results

What I think I heard today

DNC blog

Check Out the Kerry Ads!! They're Great!!!

Howard Dean's Remarks at Pr-Gridiron Club Luncheon

Question from a newbie...

Who was the last president that was unpopular in his reelection?


Freeps caught again! Der Spiegel this time…

How long will the Iraqi Constitution last?

Cheney quote RE: Job Growth

Political divides in the home.........

The Valerie Plame thing that keeps getting forgotten

The AlertNet Challenge - Just how informed do you think you are?

a random observation about the election . . .

Outsourcing is bad, insourcing is better (Republicans test new phrase)

Is Dubya in a freefall ??

Sending love to all the Chompky reading Canadians out there!

Washington Post-ABC News Poll: Politics and Campaign 2004

When environmentalists and unions clash, who do you usually support?

Bio-defense: creating a vaccine-resistant anthrax?

Is there a good reference online for US companies that outsource

The Gang of Eight Who Can't Plot Straight

Help! Need info on voting demographics

What's the exit strategy for Haiti?

Why I'm voting in the Florida primary in 25 words or less.............

Honestly... what do you think Pres. Bush has up his sleeve...

India finds a friend in Canada on outsourcing

Anyone catch the Kerry/Bush elementary school piece on CNN?

SCO's failing case against IBM

body count 1188

Powell says Democratic government in Haiti needs to be selected

Just voted for Kerry in the sunshine state; quite a few people

Republican gasbag on C-SPAN re: FCC fines...

"If elected, John Kerry would be the most liberal president since..."

Virginia Senate committee leaves state sodomy law on the books

Would Universal Healthcare lower the wages of nurses, doctors...?

How will gay divorce work?

Daily U.S. Casualties 3/9/2004

Bush dancing on 9/11 victim's coffins:

CSAPN1 - ACLU Exec Dir Anthony Romero

Jack the Ripper - Who's your suspect?

Bush's major challenge is to get out the Republican vote...

Bill (Bet-a-million) Bennett on Cspan giving the Las Vegas Line on Bush.

David Broder Tells the Truth, Then Runs Correction!

dupe sorry

I emailed Howard Stern and invited him to come on Guy James' show

CODEPINK lifts 40 ft banner in front of WH "..Fire Bush"

Cheney's shadow government?

Lay vs Stewart

BBV: ES&S Worker fired in Indianna

DU Ladies - let's not foget the women of this administration

House of Bush, House of Saud

How should Kerry handle 'Rove' attacks, propaganda, lies?

Peak Oil? Oil Giant's Officials Knew of Gaps in Reserves in '02

Read where Mel Gibson's...

Putting "The Passion" in perspective

J. Edgar Hoover supported gay marriage?.....who knew?

Your tax $$$ hard at work

Freepers Freaking At Latest USA Today/CNN Poll

Women are suffering from lack of healthcare insurance.

BBV Alert: Bev on MSNBC right now!

Excellent chronology of Bush on 9-11

Wolfowitz: funding military = patriotic ... D.C. repubs divide.

CSPAN, Hillary up

Would the people bashing Chavez and Aristide now...

High gas prices due to the Bush economic miracle

Denver Synagogue Vandalized

1/4 Of Oregon's Legislators Leaving - Term Limits, General Disgust Reasons

Funny thought, the collective chickenhawks are like a bad bond villian

What Does "BBV" Mean

For all of the people who follow Hip-Hop and Rap music.

My new Motivation for participating in GE 2k4 - We must BEAT BUSH!! LONG

Here we go again - wrong ballots given

I Credit DU

ASScroft in surgery!

Bush by the numbers

does this anti-gay marriage argument make any sense?

Laura Ingrahm sounded desperate this morning

BBV: West Virginia Signs Pledge

BBV: 7,000 Orange County Voters Were Given Bad Ballots

Today's DU front page, Gore VS Bush misses the obvious, as usual!

Southern "Hog v. Dog" "Rodeos"

Just saw "The Passion" -- criticisms unfounded...

LGBT DUers only What is the most important federal LGBT issue ?

Bev Harris on MSNBC right now

Hypothetical Moral Dilemma, Re: Republican chickenhawks

Does "the War on Terror" really mean "Holy War for Global Theocracy"?

"I endorse this message"

Mother Load of films, lectures and documentaries for DUers

Howard Stern and The Burning Bush

Did You See New AARP Ads?---A little late, baby; but interesting

Bush: down-to-earth and likeable, or a complete phony?

Flip-Flop, Flip-Flop. Do Ya Hear the Beat of How to Defeat George??

US Iraq Embassy to have 3,000 employees - now raised to 4,000 empls.

Tell us about "In my struggle to understand a person on the other side.."

Scandalous: President Bush involved in racist public display?

Q: anyone know the website with anonymous registrations

That damned map...again ...on MSRNC

Bush - Even Scumbags Think He's Scum

c-span shills for Bill Bennett

You know you are in California When

How do you argue somone when all they can say is "but Clinton......"

CNN Crossfire Tuesday: Bob Wexler (D-FL) -- BBV?

Here comes more propoganda from the Pentagon!

what happened to the Illinois-side of St. Louis?

Venezuela: Right-wing opposition clamours for another US-backed coup

Ferrall, ATL Clear Channel personality, bashes Bush!

Worldwide Threats to National Security -- CSPAN -- 9:30 AM ET -- Tenet

a variation on a theme

Where have I heard this before?

I just realized Bush doesn't even need an hour in front of the 9/11 panel

Is DU on the decline?

i think i'm right, but

Green, Reform parties may both tap Nader

Donations down, diocese cuts jobs ( even churchs are laying off)

Bush ratings slide on Iraq, economy

Paul Winfield(General Terrell in Star Trek II)Dead!

Tell us about "A Bush supporter I know will now vote Democrat because.."

Are people against gay marriage unsure about their own sexual preference?

Noam Chomsky tops best-seller list in Canada!

DISH TV Viacom feud question

heard from a Bahamian about Haiti

What we know so far about the "mystery plane" in Zimbabwe:

On a mission from God

Help!: Kent Southard/FISA Warrants/Submarine Strikes

No Sarbanes-Oxley for YOU!! "President" not responsible for jobs forecast

Latest atrocity from CT Governor Rowland

Bush's new ads are great! (on edit : not great, professional)

How long do you think Howard Sterns career will last?

I Support Dish Network -

BBV-Machine in my precinct screwed up this AM

Mark Silva, Political Editor-Orlando Sentinel on CNN.

Former Florida Election Worker Charged

Who REALLY wanted to cut intel & military budgets during the 90's?

This Time Nader Needs to Be Scrutinized---A Lot!!

America will see a different Bush* in 2004

Anyone remember this cartoon?: Marriage as an "unchanging institution...

Jesus Jail

Stern talking about bin Laden family

Rummy on C-Span repeat right now.

9/11 Panel Won't be Limited to Hour with Bush*

The House of Rep. Chaplain just asked God to destroy the wicked..

CONTEST: Ideas for Guerilla Warfare Against Bush

Tucker on the defensive, boy , his whiney voice grates

for those looking for the rationele behind gay marriage opposition

Sean Hannity Actually Thinks He's "Providing a Service"!!!!!

Should clergy who perform marriages for gays go to jail?

Anyone have a link to this cartoon about marriage as an unchanging...


Texas Democrats: Remember to attend your Precinct Conventions.


Sean Hannity in Tulsa March 11 to promote Deliver Us from Evil

Tenet's Testimony Today....

How Should Kerry Deal With The Capture of Bin Laden?

2004 - 1988 comparisons laughable!!

Blitzer: "(Martha) will probably end up serving with other white crime..."

I'm so tired of hearing this line: "Jobs are a lagging indicator"

Lou Dobbs: comments, economic isolationism; "Whatever that is", on now.

The Goat Book, Bush*, 9/11, and the Supposed "Threat" to Smirk

Lou Dobbs poll on BBV, "How much confidence do u have ?"

Dobbs is hitting all the jobs, anti-outsourcing, fair trade talking points

How Can Bin Laden STILL be alive?

Are Democrats natural pessimists?

Right now I'm listening to the Mike Malloy show and it's great to hear a

Does America deserve Bush if he wins?

I just became a Lou Dobbs fan.

Texas Gov. Perry going after rumors, Jackson T. , and websites

American Fascist, oops Family, Association wants YOU to vote!

Has anyone here seen "Hell House?"

Should John Allen Muhammad be executed?

Just an observation.

A new twist on single-issue voting

Rebutting a Freeper Co-worker's Argument

they just showed a pug ad with a goofy Kerry picture: big mistake, right?

Survey: NKU teens break abstinence pledges

I need hard facts on the notion of an upcoming DRAFT

Oh great, another distraction -- Monica Lewinsky on Abrams tonight

Marijuana Policy

What is your energy policy?

* on Letterman proves he sat on his butt for 8 months after USS Cole

media fund ups anti-bush ad buy to $5.09M - check it out

Stabbing and shooting in Madison today

The Rise and Rise of Karl Rove, Boy Genius

Restavek girl on Hit List for giving Aristide flowers

has the "fringe left" decided the parties are different now?

Heads Up! Walter Cronkite remembers Murrow, McCarthy

Democratic Economics: Argentine Lessons

*'s Flip Flop on Dept of Homeland Security - Talking Points Memo

Where are the kennedy threads? He nailed tennet today and I

Real trouble for Kerry? Pugs EVERYWHERE, nailing him on intel votes

Change vocab when arguing with freeps

Thomas Friedman gushing about Indian outsourcing on PBS right now

Unfreep these gay marriage polls!

No Tax Break For Me!

Rob Paige petition

What Was The Difference Between 9/11 & Shock And Awe?

Bush Fights Back! ...and the results are...

Reichstag/Twin Towers

WSJ: "Lou Dobbs has been invaded & left with the brain of Dennis Kucinich"

A Question for anyone living in the Big Apple.

AFL-CIO donated $ to anti-Chavez group. Here's an interesting article re.

Why Dubya owes Clinton a BIG-TIME apology...

Draft Board - I Got The Call Today

The Pop Quiz... Saw it on

Is There No Part of Our Lives Not Subject to Cost/Benefit Analysis?

I was an election assistant in a Florida precinct today. My observations:

Animal House Yuk Yuk...... B*SH*T

I want to be like Granny D when I am 94. Her speeches are awesome.

Is the U.S. headed for a religious showdown?

A poll for everyone!

An open letter from Martha (25 to life) Stewart

Lou Dobbs now doing BBV story & also Chimpy's economic failures

American Family Association Presidental Poll- Time to DU it

Hee Hee Hee....the American Family Association's online poll

Question re: The American Flag In The Bush Commercial.......

BBV: URGENT - Super Tuesday must not be repeated in November

BBV - Robert Wexler coming up on Lou Dobbs.

Iraq/ budget spending watch NOW on C-SPAN

Political Action Committee Launch of "American Atheists" -- CSPAN 2 8PM ET

The Log Cabin Dilemma

Chimps amazingly stupid anti kerry ads

Calandar with Bush's serious opinions on it. NOT gaffs or foot in mouth..

Wow - Bush Failed Us on 9/11 - Flyer

two masonic lodge murders in one day - get on your hats

I now know 5 lifelong Pubs who are voting Dem in Nov. (in Naples, Florida)

Every Child Left Behind

Can Someone Help Me to Understand Feudalism and Federalism?

Porn Addicts: John Ashcroft's Next Victims

New Polls Confirm Bush Campaign Woes

Was the GDP revised downward today?

HAITI: Who Killed Who And Why?

Government fails to publish PPI reports

It's Official: Bushco Approval No Longer Hovers at 50%

ABC News/Money Magazine: Consumer Confidence Drops Again

look at this poll sent to me to do

Little demand left in our economyMarch 6, 2004


superpower drivel

So Kerry thinks he is black......

ho boy-ed gillespie on daily show now!!!

how come the bush admin didn't REACT on 911?!

Questions about precint convention (kind of urgent)

BBV: I Need Your Help

Do we have a GOTV strategy for November?

How to deal with outsourcing, on ABC News

My head is about to explode: My conversation with a Bush supporter

Bush administration selling out northwest forests

"I'm so psyched about this hockey game, I'm gonna pee on this child!"

Palm Beach DUers, can we help get Theresa LaPore out of office?

I sayeth, goode sirs, "Enjoyeth Thee Diot Coke!"

Here's what w really wants to say to us.

Dave Matthews for President

could * do this?

Who will win the 2004 election?

FL: Heard someone voted for Kerry and it registered as Lieberman

Tucker Carlson comments on (Other stuff too)

anyone watching the daily show?

Space-based weaponry: it's coming, in a second Bush term

Delahunt talking about Chalabi on C-SPAN now

Do you vote in internet polls about your confidence in electronic voting?

Gay marriage, unpopular?

Reagan Responsible For 911

This Time Nader Needs to be Scrutinized--A Lot!!

BBV/Lou Dobbs Poll - How Much Confidence Do You Have In E-Voting? Hit it!

Lynne Cheney's LOL Erotic Novel

Take Away Bush's Script & This Puppy Could Blow Wide Open!!

Well glad to see people on here are catching onto Stern...

Dennis Miller PAYS for audience

I am sick of Carville, Kerry, other Dem politicos insulting my intelligenc

Isn't GWB Looking Rather Puffy These Days?

Political Clout! If the millions of single American women voted,

Washington State DUer's and Supporters of my campaign.

TONE DEAF - George Bush & Thomas Friedman on outsourcing

Will The End of Oil Mean The End of America?

Ein patriotischer Akt ("A Patriotic Act")

This must be driving Rove mad, 65% voting for Kerry = voting against Bush

Encyclopedias gather dust in Internet age

MENTIONING the President in paid political ads will be ILLEGAL as of 7/31?

Bob Graham on Hardball: US should target Hezbollah after Al-Qaeda

GrannyD re: Kucinich and Dean supporters... Sounds like some kind of fun.

The Nursing Profession is in jeopardy.

Chomsky on the media & the difference between the parties (1989)

Can you picture Bush in Parliament?

This is the scariest article I've ever seen

ABC World News tonight called, doing BBV tonight (with me)

Chris Matthews calls Florida 2000 "old news" and asks why

Run This By Me Again. Why Is The United States So Upset With France.

Sad news from the "wind industry"

Bush Has Spent 50M of his 150M on.........(I don't get this)

A very surprising online poll (AFA, of all groups)...

DEM clothing for the little ones?

Hybrid SUVs

NEED HELP: The DU Slang Dictionary is back...

When will "This Land Is Your Land" be purged from Public Schools?

Vet and Military Dad Reports from Baghdad

Why hasn't the Democratic leadership denounced King's anti-Muslim remarks?

9-11 Phone Campaign Gridlocking political offices

George at the rodeo can't tell COWS from BULLS!!

Holy Jesus. This is the guy Bush wants to keep as head of the CIA?

9/11Families Join In Phone/Fax/E-Mail Campaign - It's Working

HAHA! They now have to PAY people to WATCH The Dennis Miller Show!

"Is Your Vote More in Support of Kerry or Against Bush?"

Catholic Democrats

McCain-Feingold on Minor Contributions

A Sign of the "Roaring" Economy?

Even if Kerry wins Florida, their legislature "could" give it to Bush

Bush, Columbia, and Connections

We should allow polygamy marriages.

From Daily Kos - Is Bush Losing Red States?

BBV - Florida result glitch

S Korea to get Intel R&D center

Libya May Be Allowed to Keep Some Scud Missiles

Ashcroft May Have Surgery Tues.

Justice to monitor elections in 3 counties

Blix: Bush, Blair Knew They Were Hyping Case for War

Bush campaign to challenge legality Media Fund election ads

Subsidiary of Reliant may be indicted by feds (California 2000 crisis)

Halliburton says don't be surprised if audit in offing

Union leaders visit Florida beach resort to finalize political efforts

Kennedy asks for ruling on judge's appointment

Kerry expects to add to delegate total in Florida

Iraqis fear informants with a grudge

Kennedy Questions Bush Recess Appointment

Pakistan tests nuclear-capable Shaheen II missile

You need to click "Abstimmen" (or How to freep a SPIEGEL poll)

Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 552 U.S. service members have died

Yes: This champion of the little guy would add punch to the ticket

Pakistan Tests Nuclear-Capable Missile

Civil Rights Group Seeks Kerry Apology

Shocking figures reveal sad plight of birds

Guantanamo Britons on plane home (BBC)

Mystery plane flew from S Africa

Reliant Resources subsidiary facing criminal indictment (Price gouging CA)

Human Errors in Electronic Voting System Give Cali Voters Wrong Ballot

Tacoma Newspaper Reporter Resigns After Questions About Truth of Sources

PM may call June vote as scandals subside - Calgary Herald

7,000 Orange County (CA) Voters Were Given Bad Ballots - LA Times

Oil Giant's Officials Knew of Gaps in Reserves in '02

China rounds up disgruntled petitioners

Shiite Political Leader (Ayatollah Sistani) says Constitution Invalid

Pakistan Tests Longest-Range Nuke-Capable Missile

Layton to Copps: Run as an Independent - CBC News

PM unable to elevate Liberals: poll - Globe and Mail

AU slams Aristide's 'removal'

Equatorial Guinea says arrests "mercenaries"

No Safe Arbor in the City (City Trees Rapidly Disappearing)

Plugging Leaks (Rove's FBI Testimony in Plame Affair)

GI Denied Care After Speaking Out

U.N. Inspector Writes of Pressure From U.S. on Iraq

SFGate: Indonesia proposes kissing ban; part of public morality crackdown

US row as Kerry claims foreign leaders support {Guardian}

Bev Harris on MSNBC right now

Powell rejects Kerry claim that Bush hawks have undercut him

House attacked by giant rocks

Hundreds help remove anti-Semitic graffiti

Bush Campaign Seeks Probe of Election Ads

Library Directors to Propose Severe Layoffs

Consumer Confidence Falls Again in March

Bill Clinton: no plans for future office

9/11 Panel Wants More White House Help

US hands out new Iraq oil deals {BBC}

Researchers Say U.S. Barred Them From Cuba

Is Military Creeping Into Domestic Law Enforcement?

Kerry would win US presidency if election held now: poll

US brings new weapon to Iraq

Address spurs conflict (Another Scalia COI)

Lawmaker Sues to Add Paper Trail to Florida's New Voting Machines

Marines kill driver in new Haiti unrest

Riots rock Northern Algeria

Ashcroft surgery

South Africa, Zimbabwe trained 'mercenaries'

In stock market, US senators beat averages

Actor Robert Pastorelli found dead in home (Murphy Brown's Painter)

Kerry in Palm Beach Post: "Says GOP stole last election"

US soldier, Iraqi killed in blasts as seven people wounded . . .

News Flash: John Ashcroft To Undergo Gall Bladder Removal Surgery

Rappers reach out to teens with positive message (& To Register Voters)

US seeking new Haitian PM

EchoStar (Dish Network) Pulls Plug on Viacom Channels

CIA's Tenet Questioned on U.S. Rhetoric

Crackdown overrode liberty: Tom Ridge

Log Cabin Republicans to lauch ads tomorrow

Kerry Complains About Bush's Effort for the Nation's Seniors

State: Seizing Limbaugh's medical records was legal

Oliphant (former Broward Elections Supervisor) charged with 55 offenses

Bush ratings slide on Iraq, economy

Washington state House approves Louisiana-style primary

Terrorist Abu Abbas Dies in Iraq

Court Upholds Sixth Amendment Rights

Oscar-Nominated Actor Paul Winfield Dead at Age 62

Senate Panel Moves to Limit TV, Radio Indecency

Memos cite Shell reserves shortfall

Bush ratings slide on Iraq, economy

Survey: NKU teens break abstinence pledges

5 British Guantanamo prisoners arrested upon return to England

Senate rejects Democratic effort to hinder tax cuts, spending boosts

Nebraska mayor implements shaving `ban'

South Dakota governor seeks technical corrections in abortion ban bill

Senate committee backs $60 million 'abrupt climate change' research progra

Cardinal Egan targets gay marriage (Could Lead to People Marrying Pets)

Sources: Bin Laden may be eyeing move - Pakistan to Afghanistan CNN

Chicago Tibune- US Senate Race -Obama, Ryan out front

Rehnquist hints he'll trade robe for slippers

Texas Democrats Struggle to Hold Seats

Aristide Lawyers Demand U.S. Prosecute "Kidnappers" Of Aristide

Forbes report: Billionaires’ wealth grew by 36 percent in last year

Iraqi scientist: Saddam was close to nukes in '91

Bush Medicare Pick McClellan Meets Resistance

Iraqi: Saddam 3 Years From Nukes in '91

Forbes report: Billionaires’ wealth grew by 36 percent in last year

Police secretly watching hip-hop celebrities in South Florida

US consumer confidence hits 4-month low-ABC/Money

S.D. governor backs bill to ban abortions

Former chief U.N. weapons inspector likens runup to Iraq war to witch hunt

Tenent Bypassed on Iraq-Al Queda Briefings (Senate Hearing)

Iraqis Learn Red Tape, The Indian Way/ATimes--New WMW

CNN Breaking: Explosion rocks Istanbul

Aristide's 'Removal' from Haiti 'Unconstitutional': African Union

Justice Dept. drops effort to subpoena Planned Parenthood abortion records

Udall Joins Senate Race in Colo.

Kerry Cruises To Four More Primary Victories

Airport chaos as hundreds scramble to leave Haiti

Yemen Authorities Say Some Militants Captured, Crackdown Link to USS Cole

'Murphy Brown' Co-Star Pastorelli Dies Aged 49

Dorgan Blocks Medicare Chief Appointment

When 4 out of 10 of your neighbors vote for Bush....

Bush joins 'outsourcing' debate

Draining the Economy? (High Energy Prices)

'Murphy Brown' housepainter, actor Robert Pastorelli, dead at 49

End of hot meals for U.S. troops in Iraq? owed $87 million by Halliburton

Ex-Democrat Hall Wins Texas GOP Primary

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 9 March (#1)

Egypt fires 1000s of Islamist teachers

CIA Director Sees 'Low' Chance for Iraq Civil War

"Virgin" teens have the same rate of STDs

Halliburton Says Anticipated Pentagon Audit May Squeeze Cash Flow

Fannie Mae faces $25bn derivatives losses

Senate tax vote comes down to the wire

Tauzin has cancer, will take 30-day medical leave

Owens Won't Run For Campbell's Senate Seat

Roadside bomb kills US soldier

Multnomah County commissioners receive death threats for gay marriage deci

(Zimbabwe) Mystery of seized jet deepens

Greenpeace seeks Iraq war legal advice

U.S. Military Defends Shootings (why the US Forces are really in Haiti)

R-Rating Sought in Some Smoking Films

Haiti Names New PM, UN Launches Appeal

Ralph Nader Wins MasterCard Suit

Spy Unit Skirted CIA on Iraq

Former Florida Election Worker Charged

The Guardian: Anger over Tory MP's gun gaffe

Kerry Says Bush Hasn't Helped Elderly

US Virgin teens 'have same STD rate'

9/11 Panel Won't Be Limited to Hour with Bush

Bush to give 9/11 panel full access

Maher Arar's wife to announce NDP candidacy

Hubble finds farthest galaxies strangest yet

Bush Insults Kerry's Intelligence

Bush Might Be Questioned Longer by 9/11 Commission

US Marines Involved in 2nd Shooting Incident in Haiti

Outsourcing Alternatives (Get Paid Indian Worker Wages)

Gay GOP Group Challenges Bush on Marriage

U.S. delegation meets with President Aristide / details of coup

CNN Breaking: Sniper Muhammad sentenced to death

Kerry reaches out to a world where support for Bush is ebbing away

Justice Dept. drops abortion record hunt

Seized plane left South Africa illegally

Council on Foreign Relations : U.S. should stay in Iraq

Democrats Forming Parallel Campaign

Passengers battled WTC hijack - widow (Flight 175)

Woman arrested for trying to pass fake $1 million bill

Hijacker Abu Abbas dies in Iraq-source

United Methodist Church Offers Discounts on Prescription Drugs

Ashcroft In Guarded Condition

Democratic Congressman Chris Bell loses primary in Texas

C.I.A. Chief Says He's Corrected Cheney Privately (NYT)

Bill would outlaw lists or databases of gun owners (Florida)

Democrats Would Make It Harder for Senate to OK Tax Cuts, Spending Boosts

US Ambassador to Brazil Warns Lula about Venezuela Issues

US Ambassador to Brazil Warns Lula about Venezuela Issues

Hmmm. Marines to disarm all Haitans. On CNN just now no link

Music swappers face home invasion

Kelly: GOP Security Could Cost $65M (For Convention in NYC)

Will the person who posted the movie "icons" please post again. nt

If my privates start disobeying my commands...

Avs Canucks again...

Andy Capp's Chedddar Fries are the GREATEST food in the world.

CONFESS!!! Your silliest fear.

If I pluck my eyelids out

I have a Major Pet Peeve

I want to marry Sandnsea. She's my hero

I Ordered A John Kerry T-Shirt Today

Post a peck of pickled peppers....

How long can cats and dogs live and stay healthy?

Metal/Goth people:

Here, kitty kitty kitty!

Top five bands...

The Passion....

My Ooga-Boogas would like you to know that they will be in a show...

I shot a cat in Reno, just to watch him die!

My bat, Atticus...he'd like to say hello

Anyone heard of a band called Blindside???

I woke up at 6am. I think that's a first for me.

anyone know C++? need help with code Intro to Comp Sci Class

Does this post make my butt look big?

I have a girl problem.

Military Service Drained My Husband - Can No Longer 'Perform'

Does my butt make this post look big?

For those who can't afford to have their pets or strays neutered

With this

5000 Pigeons Drown In Accident

It's starting to sink in. We can win this.

What would be the opposite of "jumping the shark"?

29 year old coach takes VCU to NCAA's "Big Dance"

At age 500, David diagnosed with weak ankles.

Sexism in a Brazilian newspaper

The Aliens Vs Predator preview is up

Harvey Pekar (American Splendor) Gets 4 Book Deal

My friend was operated on by the drunk doc in Boston!

This needs to be said, and I'm going to say it...

COFFEE! Midterms, midterms, spring break, spring break.....


Tonya Harding Signed to Hockey Contract

Apology/Peace threads make me Barf.

My life is not nearly perilous enough.

I am sorry! Peace!

Outsourcing Hits Mob - Mafia Have To Outsource Killers

DU cooks:Question on Deluxe Egg slicers

House (condo) buying question

For those who can't keep their Wifes mouth shut!

For those who can't afford to have their husband neutered

I'd rather be a hammer than a nail.

Liberty.. cool shockwave

The incredible, unbelievable declaration of WAR on Slinkerwink/Will Pitt

God hates Republican controlled Congress

Bandit On The Loose Stealing BBQ Lids

Philly Gathering update: Finnfan will do the seductive 'Lord of the Dance'

How did you find DU...

Bush Is Coming To Long Island - Should I Protest?


ZombyCoffee: Name Your Own Blend Day!

Anyone have any good pictures of Bush golfing?

Putting "The Passion" in perspective

The Naders of Psychology: Are Skeptics Heroes or Spoilers?

The incredible unbelievable TXlib/LPFF peace thread!

Lottery Winner Fails To Pick Up $28.5 Million - Money Will Go To Schools

Stern is still incensed."First thing Bush did on 9-11 was get Bin Laden's

This needs to be said, and Im going to be the guy who says it.

After much research, I have unlocked the secret to making women happy

Too Drunk To Drive, Man Hands Keys To 14 Year Old

The March Lion Is About To Roar In New England

Can some DUer who is a flash genius create the following ad?

Inatti sucks.

Great bumpersticker ideas a friend sent me...

Anapolis sucks.

Amento sucks.

This should go down in history's annals of useless actions

Ntic City sucks.

A Question about Jesus

Eapolis sucks.

Underappreciated bonds?

I V O T E D Today. It Felt GREAT.

MY Cat is knocked-up

Zelda Windwaker for Gamecube is AWFUL!

Where should JCCyC go for vacation?

Underappreciated Bonds?

What do you do?

JCCyC does a Matcom

Please help me find a picture

Midday funny picture break

Dish Network pulls Viacom channels off air.

What the hell happened with JCCyC?

The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run - Who's your suspect?

How Would Your First Time Have Been Better?

I've had my rant - tell me what are your Work Place Pet Peeves?

Lower back pain/spasms -- care to share? (Can use some advice.)

Internet traffic question.

House attacked by giant rocks

I am livid!!! Dish Network vs. Viacom

Heh. I just joined the Federal Canadian Conservative Party...

After much research, I have unlocked the secret to pissing women off

What do you do to make money?

When a Cat Eats Grass

Jews Flop in Big Oscar Award Wins

Question for DU Artists

Tonight's Daily Show

One, two, three, four...

Finally. The Shield Is Back. The Second Best Show On Tv. 24 Is #1.

Two months at DU... what I have learned...

Help me!

Best, most graceful political concession speech ever (deep sarcasm)


Adelphia sucks.

Should I apply for Moderator?

An interview with GOD

Anyone else in love with Sting's "The Soul Cages"?

The Carp Diem of all CAPTIONS!!!

Q: What night of the week do they play the new Chappelle Show Eps?

I'm begining to hate running into people I have'nt seen for a while

Fun with penguins

Jack the Ripper - Who's your suspect?

The New and Improved Catwoman Poll

Okay, now I'm REALLY mad!

Either some hates me or I am very good at my job

The GOP Stole The Senate Sim

Woman Tries To Pass $1 Million Dollar Bill At Walmart

Dish Network Sucks BIGTIME.

Bus Driver Suspended For Letting Kids Play With Alligator

For PS2 owners only.

Underappreciated boobs?

What's your drag name?

I'm not sorry, but I HATE this picture

What would you like God to say to you when you meet Him/Her?

Wrote state legislators to not support gay marriage ban: Ask me anything!

NFL:Couch era over in Cleveland(signed Garcia)-T.O. era over in Baltimore

'70s Spoofs 'Wacky Packages' Are Back

The Dem-Guyz-Is-Chillin' of all CAPTIONS!!!

R o b e r t P a s t o r e l l i - Found Dead Monday

When I get older...

Who posted the first "ask me anything" thread?

Bally Astrocade/Astrovision owners only, check in here:

After much research, I have unlocked the secret to pissing

I'm about to leave for a dental appointment, ask me anything!

Gardeners, what's the diff. between potting mix, potting soil & growmulch?

Did any DUers participate in the Great Society programs?

A girl just gave me props for standing up for my beliefs...

Looking for video: Let the Eagle Soar

My nerves are shot over potential (eventual) outsourcing.

I got mugged last night. Ask me anything.

todd bertuzzi is a low-life cowardly shit.

I'm late for a meeting! Don't ask me anything!

My first thread! I want to tell you about yours truly...

How were Supertramp ever popular?!

My picture was in the Sunday paper and I didn't even know about it

****WARNING****** Bad taste alert!..... But I just can't help myself!

The Bette Midler letter that's circulating now

Saw a good one in GD...

Thin Mints or?

BIG football hits (link to video)

Best South Park episode ever: Even more relevant now!

NPR Alert! Walter Cronkite remembers Murrow, McCarthy

Should musicians/rock stars be arrogant?

Me want questions, ask me anything

I heard a pro-abstinence commercial on the radio today.

Underappreciated bombs?

"You must've been a beautiful baby...."

So I read the headline of Ashcroft's surgery

Which CD should I listen to on the way home

Remember my neighbors from Hell?

It's March 9th - is your Calendar correct yet?

Dish Network Customers: Viacom fracas - keep or dump

Oscar-Nominated Actor Paul Winfield Dies (Sounder, Julia, MLK, Huck Finn)

Bush's Dumbass campaign ad

Demons have kidnapped the leprechaun who lives in my head!

Why do so many people have such a problem just being nice.

Who Likes The Cut Of My Jib? How Is My Jib Doing In General?

Help needed.

From this week's Savage Love column, a web site you must see:

Tonya Harding to Play Ice Hockey (Ugh! In my home town, no less)

McDonald's Salad Contains More Fat Than Its Cheeseburger

World Ice Art Championships, Fairbanks, Alaska . . .

What would you make out of Ashcroft's gallbladder?

Caption Pickles and her Posse

The Piggy-Back Pickle-Buck of all CAPTIONS!!

get yer FREE dopey president Animation HERE!!!

CAPTION The funniest warmonger you've ever seen.

Underappreciated solo artists/duos

The Cow-Herdin' C-in-C of all CAPTIONS!

Where has Rhiannon been?

The Sardonic Shit-Kicker of all CAPTIONS

Q: anyone know the website with anonymous registrations

A CAPTION pic to end all CAPTION pics

The Practical Joker of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Susie always felt overlooked because she was flat-chested..(naughty)

Unfreep these gay marriage polls!

Is your belly button an "innie" or an "outie"???

I think I've found another way to lose weight!

Separated at birth?

John Ashcroft/bile joke & pun thread

Tenet is "SHOCKED" to hear that Cheney has been citing false intelligence

new Hannity advertiser Kwai

Not a single cat thread on the first page of the lounge?????

Confess! Have you ever written fanfiction?

Gamecube owners only.

One more reason why so many americans are so f-ing FAT.

Why Doesn't Anybody Do The Macarena Anymore?

any ebayers here? log on and see if your 'favorites' have been dumped

I think I may be SEXY.

I think I may be DYSPEPTIC!

Dean Supporters, Raise your hand if your Mama wears Army boots.

Burglar bleeds to death leaving video store

Celeb death #3 - 'Murphy Brown' Co-Star Robert Pastorelli Dies Aged 49

I tnihk I may be LYSDEXIC!!!

I think I maybe EXIST.

Latest music "fad"

Favorite Charlie Chaplin Film?

Forget the "Three Tenors" ... check out the "Three Swamis"


I know this thread will start a real flame war - Favorite type of Lighter

anyone ever filed a complaint against a cop?

1 day out of the year, the lounge should be sex threads only

Gary Coleman: Genius

And now..... A SECHS THREAD!!!!!

What's your favourite London radio station???


Rubics cube owners only.

Ornette Coleman: Genius

"Mother of Mercy! Is this the end of Rico?"

Why does PBS change schedules during pledge drives?

Balkans thread in response to the Czech thread

I think I may be DYSLEXIC!

David Letterman's Top Ten!

Mozzarella Cheese!

BEV HARRIS on ABC Nightly News!!!

Polka Dots thread in response to the Check thread

I just got a wrong number call from Minnesota - Was it one of you?

Turkce thread!!!

Steady leadership

How Low will Kerry go

American Cheese!

I think I may be the EXIT.

Obese people and sex-workers...

The ugliness of last night's hockey game.

yeeeeha! i finally did it

The Three Tenors to sing in North Korea?

I think I may be the SEXIEST.

Baby loves DU

I think I may be a HYPOCHONDRIAC

Les FRANCAIS, signent ici

Animal House Yuk Yuk...... B*SH*T

Bertuzzi aside........ one great thing happened last night Linden became

An Update on my mom's health...

Butthole Surfers....

I just spent two hours updating my webpage. DON'T ASK ME ANYTHING!

My English is WAY better than it was in 1978

Who else hates "Pez Rock"?

What's your dart game?

Army Org: How They Get Soldiers

It's official - KERRY WINS IN NOVEMBER!!!!

who else HATES "Ez Rock?"

What the Hell????

Paul Winfield(General Terrell in Star Trek II)Dead!

But, wait! There's more! Ron Popeil's genius. How many gadgets do you own?

Battle of the Authors: C.S Lewis, or J.R.R Tolkein

Lesotho thread

Well, I wanted to let you DUers know - I accepted a job offer today


Were you close to your grandparents?

WTF??? Do my ears deceive me???

Luxembourgisch thread!!!!

The Circle Jerks

Study Motivation?

I Think I May be SEXIST

365 days out of the year, the lounge should be sex threads only


I'm still here! Reading gd2004. Can't go!!!!!!!!

5 CD's in the player

China Thread

a selfish rant about the filthy


i want to go home

The Sopranos last Sunday, the Shield tonight...SWEET!

God Dang,., Bleeching my teeth is uncomfortable!!!!!

American Thread!

Texas Surgeon Joke (courtesy of my lovely wife)

Should mention I found a cool apartment today

Handy terms in Aramaic for watching Aramaic movies(humour)

It's March 10th - are your Income Taxes completed yet?

My wisdom teeth are missing! Ask me anything!

NHL: Steve Moore with a broken neck (The Todd Bertuzzi incident)

Check out this shirt!!!!!!

Painful Names.....

My cats,Siobhan and Clancy,are eating dinner right now...

SCREEEEEEECH! My little brother is joining the Marines!

Battle of the Authors: Ernest Hemingway vs. William Faulkner

Whats not on your bumper?

There's a bidding war for my child.

Why oh WHY do I have to be so nice?

Dutch thread

When 4 out of 10 of your neighbors vote for Bush....

I dislike landlords and unfortunately I am living with mine

My heart was broken today. (long, rant-ish)

a Pound of Brains

I have a tech question about online polls and Internet Explorer

I Am Canadian!

What Happened to Kamika?

If your eyes were pointed backwards

I sayeth, goode sirs, "Enjoyeth Thee Diot Coke!"

Desmond TuTu Was Going To Be On The Daily Show, But Tweety Threw A Fit?

people with Dish Network, no Faux news here

Do you find "Straight Plan for the Gay Man" offensive?

Organized labor members, former members and supporters thread

Interview questions and how not to answer them:

When 4 out of 10 of your neighbors vote for Bush....

Whats your take on the Viacom-Dish Network feud?

HDTV satelite service

For those that can't get enough of Jesus: Jesus of the Week website

"I'm so psyched about this hockey game, I'm gonna pee on this child!"

"Clear Channel.... One Station..... Under GOD......"

LynneSin's rant for today: LAY OFF THE DAMN PERFUME!!!!

I Can Fix Just About Anything... Today I Replaced A Ballcock

Man, I have a new favorite show: Pimp my Ride on MTv

Deutsche Thread

Atari 2600 owners only

I am a Kerry volunteer now, in SW PA

Mmmm.... toasted meerkat bellies

E-mail from the AFA (Amer. Family Assoc.) asking who for Prez

DU chat

My porn star story


Domestic Violence TV Show Leads To Shooting

A woman tells you she has kids, but they live with their father

BEST NUMBER 1 HIT of the EARLY 1960s? (Part 3)

They sell everything on Ebay

How Conservatives Become Instant Liberals

What's on your bumper?

Why "Passion of the Christ" has been labeled Anti Semitic

How Many Of You Gay DUers Want or Are Raising Children?

I'm sorry, but I LIKE this picture ***WARNING PARTIAL NIPPLE!!!***

Get A Brain, Morans?

How many of you DUers aren't especially fond of children?

oh this is cool

Study: 58 Percent Of U.S. Exercise Televised

Why I shan't be a Moderator....

Whats wrong with this picture?

Haven't been around the lounge much lately... wanted to say HELLO!

a selfish rant about the filthy rich

Post a pet pic

If someone has mastered the art of low-fart sensible eating

XBOX Owners Only

This is a great Joke. Take a minute to read.

When the hell am I getting HD Cable?!

I know I'm sexist

Favorite/Best Steely Dan Tune:

a selfish rant about the fifty rich

anti-bush/repub ad idea

Hail to thee, great Bacchus!!! God of Wine and Mirth

Bushism Haiku

PC gurus--got a question

My New Avatar - Does it meet community standards


Comic Book Readers: Whats on your pull list?

Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi thread

BEST NUMBER 1 HIT of the EARLY 1960s? (Part 2)

Ack! First job interview in 13 years!

NEED HELP: The DU Slang Dictionary is back...

About effin time!

Asimov Stamp Urged

Blog help...

If someone has mastered the art of low-fat sensible eating

Cool math trick

Time to share the GOOD news

Ironic Shrubco band names

English thread

Obesity and respect: Can you respect people with low self-esteem?


In your opinion, what is the Best Live Rock Album?

What would a DU bot based on you do?

if you could ask God 1 question what would it be?

Tuesday Night Movie Thread:

Just chaired my first precinct convention. IT ROCKED!!!

What do you do really, really well?

whats your first name (if your comfortable saying it)


Possible ad to fight back on Bush's claims about Kerry's defense cuts

Early voting not promising for Doggett (D-TX)

Kerry promises vigilance at polls

Presidential Perks - we pay

Thousands rally for Kerry: Democratic challenger knocks Bush

UK Guardian: The battle for definition

Nevada Democrats - How is Kerry looking there?

Badgering Freepers Re Kerry

Domestic issues lift Kerry in new poll

Amazon 1-Click contribution poll

Support for Bush Falls On Economy and Iraq

More detail from today's Gallup poll

Senator Covered Up Evidence of P.O.W.'s Left Behind

French town turns eyes to American cousin - John Kerry

Voting in FL today: Since when are solicitors allowed at the polls?!

Bush's Problem With Black Voters

Deja vu

Blog cabin republican ( A very funny piece about Mr. Nader)

I'm a believer... but I need to know WHICH world leaders

Revealed: how 'war hero' Kerry tried to put off Vietnam military duty

Looking for ABB and ABK?

OK JK, I just voted for you! Now go kick some ASS!

Preferred Speakers at the Inauguration...

What's Bush's position on Civil Unions for same sex couples ?

Major Concern Re: Bush ads...

Obama surges into the lead in Illinois

Jose Serano on Howard Stern now

i'm thinking of going pubbie...for the PA primary

Call me psychic...

Wes Clark Emailed me.. and all Kerry supporters

Brokaw as Kerry's running mate?

CIA budget, Statement by former Counsel

Message from Kerry/CLARK supporter

UK Guardian Predicts Richardson for Kerry's VEEP

Does anyone think we will win without a paper trail?

Novak as Kerry's running mate?

American Samoa results: Kerry - 87% & DK - 13%

Did I read speculation about Kerry/Kerrey sometime back

TV ALERT---CLARK on CNN live at 3:00 today est

The easy retort for the 'flip flop' charge

Sen. Kerry Could Learn To Point Better.

UK Guardian on Karl Rove: The brains

James Carville as Kerry's running mate Chairman Dean?

Who is Bayh?

Bill Schnieder say 2004 looks like 1988, big F'ing surpise huh?

Kerry said: " I'm often asked how it feels to run for the highest office

I Won't Vote for a Bush-Enabler!

Correct way to handle the 9/11 ads?

Thoughts on Ohio and VP

Let there be no doubt as to where Nader would draw votes from...

Though I don't like Kerry, I will say this--

Any Word On Voter Turnout Today?

Young voters appear to be strongly anti-Bush, pro-Democratic

Would another attack on American soil help or hurt Bush's ratings?

Lou Dobbs to have Part 2 of his electronic voting report.

The war the media isn't telling you about !

Do you think Dean's new grassroots org will keep Kerry on the issues?

Why does anyone think Bayh would help win Ohio?

19 reasons for Ohio to vote Dem.

Why did so many assholes just abandoned Howard Dean

Everyone check out the greatest John Kerry banner ever!

Wes Clark will be on Inside Politics, CNN at 3:30p.m EST TODAY!

George Bush continues to lie to America about the economy

Lou Dobbs poll on electronic voting

Kerry Campaign Chair Awards Bush the “Herbert Hoover Award”

Texas Democrats: Remember to attend your Precinct Conventions.

Did I hear somebody wish for a Bush Flip Flop web page?

The most powerful word we know: We. - Elizabeth Edwards (at Edwards blog)

Jeff Melton: All The Democrats, All The Time

Kerry's grades vs Bush's grades...

How many VP candidates have carried their home states?

I smiled real big today and voted my heart... Al Sharpton


Presidential Primary Results for Volusia County Florida coming in...

Tweety about to discuss voting irregularities, including e-voting

Yes: This champion of the little guy would add punch to the ticket

Real trouble for Kerry? Pugs EVERYWHERE, nailing him on intel votes

Kerry Launches Impassioned Gay Rights Speech In Deep South

Interesting poll results

Ohio & Diebold's Political Machine

I don't think the Kerry "flip-flop" issue will stick, especially re Iraq.

Results from Florida Primary

On a Mission From God: The Religious Right and the Emerging USA Theocracy

okay, listen up. randi rhodes covering florida voting problems

CBO: Bush Budget Plan Barely Helps Economy

More regarding Kerry's upcoming meeting with Dean...

Not this election, but

Republican Heart Attacks

Great news! Democratic Rep. Mark Udall jumps into Colorado Senate race!

Letter from Wes Clark supporting Kerry

Kerry stomping the terra tonight

I've noticed that the posts are more positive lately.

the pugs are gonna hammer Kerry on his war protesting

There must be more wackos in Louisiana than I thought...

pugs EVERYWHERE today, slaughtering Kerry on his intel votes


Looks like I may not go to the Democratic Convention after all.

Give the Vice Presidential predictions a rest, already!

Louisiana Primary Reuslts Thread

Attended local Precinct Caucus Meeting tonight and Dean made a Difference

Will the first candidate to "break for the center" win or lose

Kerry and Cannibis

Question about taking candidates off the ballot. Clark, Edwards folks?

Sen. John Kerry and the climb for Presidency?

Political Groups Spend Millions to Take on Bush in Ad Campaign

Kerry to meet with Dean to discuss possible endorsement

Isn't Dean's New Org. A Way to Pay Lip-Service while Nadering Kerry's base

Dennis recovering from gastroenteritis

International Election Monitors Take on Florida

Unofficial Texas results coming in:

Keeping a watch on Texas Rep Doggett

There is a great possibility this election will go to the House of Reps

Hard to get enthusiastic about actively campaigning for Kerry?

Excellent poll comparison on Kerry/Bush

Judge Roy Moore Gets Coy about Possible Presidential Bid...

How informed are Nader voters?

Florida Results Thread

Mississippi Results Thread

Kerry to Bush " What happened to the $1 trillion dollars?"

Kerry Flip-Flop Attack Destroyed

What would happen if bin Laden is found hiding in Iraq before the election?

Evan Bayh is Pro-Choice--stop lying about him.

Bush Insults Kerry's Intelligence

Referendum #13 on the Texas ballot today

Edwards leads exit polls as VP preference

Let me make something clear about Evan Bayh, for clarity

Is Kerry out of gas?

In argument with right-winger

I Voted For DK!!! and helped to run the election (TX) also went to the

Are people just plain tired of looking at that monkey faced smirking liar?

Edwards WILL NOT be VP. Most likely Evan Bayh.

I have reached the conclusion that Wes Clark will be the VP nominee....

NEED HELP: The DU Slang Dictionary is back...

Workers World Party: Kerry, Bush, and War

Fish. Barrel. Boom.

Do you believe Clark when he says "I don't want to be VP"?

FWIW....I voted for Dennis Kucinich in the Louisiana primary today....

Gephardt- "Miserable Failure" as running mate

So you don't think DU can make a difference in this race(check it out)

Dude, they stole my polling place!

Kerry supporter raise your hand if you're sick of being called names.

Pop quiz: Which matters more, money or votes?

Who would be a good African-American running mate for Kerry?


Since we're playing the prospective VP game...

they just showed a pug ad with a goofy Kerry picture: big mistake, right?

GAMPAC - GodlessAmericans - on C-SPAN2

Maintaining the status quo

Summary of Prosecutions in IranContra (exposed by John Kerry)

I'm finally seeing some strength from Kerry.

What are the chances of getting the Green Party endorsement for Kerry?

Kucinich Speech given before Miami Haitian Community

Imaginary Leftist Subversives are you sick of being called names too?

Dean supporters raise your hand if you're sick of being called names.

GD-P2004 political demographics; where are ya from?