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Archives: March 7, 2004

The bloody shirt (that Bush is waving)

Steve Bell: Bush On/In Gay Marriage

Another inciteful column from Margolis about Kerry vs Bush

Bill Maxwell (St. Pete Times): Bush and the Myth of Great Leadership

Clinton Should not be blamed

Bush and the Myth of Great Leadership

In Meeting, Kerry Emphasizes His Strong Support of Israel

Outsourcing the Friedman

Think You Voted in Md.? Think Again (BBV)

Vote your hopes...

Haiti’s brutal history largely of our making

Hans Blix Interview

Kerry's wife funds critics of Bush ads (WorldNetDaily)

Gary Younge (Guardian Utd): The ouster of democracy

Racist LTTE in Green Bay Paper...

William S. Lind: Reality 1, Neocons 0

Think Again:Never Aopogize, Never Explain-Eric Alterman

To the major parties, dissent is a nuisance

Oliphant: Bush campaign launch stumbles

How to Turn a Government into a Pariah: Venezuela’s “Matrix”

Greenspan's Con Job (lies about Soc. Sec to avoid tax increase on rich)

Ventura on Gibson's erroneous "Passion"

Niman: Terrorist Teachers and the Tragedy of Haiti

Birds Do It, Bonobos Do It

Why isn't George W. Bush's message getting out? :The Dukakis Trap

Glamour mafia selling unhappiness and liberalism to American women

Kerry: friend or foe of US business?

Uncle Sam wants you....Dead

Thomas Friedman (The New York Times): The Secret of Our Sauce

Salon: Taking the Battle to Bush*

Wash Post: Guidlines for Reporting

Total Recall 9/11...

Rudy Giuliani proves his hypocracy on "Meet The Press"

On which channel did you watch the 2000 presidential election returns?

**Khephra's MASSIVE Upcoming/Recent Books You Might Want To Get List**

Gay and Lesbian Kids in the crossfire

Crossing the threshold (Bush's Attack on 'Threshold Rights' )

It's about sex (the actual article title, not mine!)

What Does Gay Mean? How to Talk with Kids about Prejudice

Lesbian newlywed breaks barriers just as her parents did 50 years ago

Falling Into Alternative Minimum Trouble

Let's try to understand the housing bubble

Mashreqbank launches Equity Gold investment

America....the road-map for recovery?

Butterflies in Danger After Calif. Fires

EU study of external costs of energy: What you pay with your flesh.

Whites using 'swart gevaar' tactics - Mbeki

Australia probe 'looting' of Boer War graves

Zim anti-corruption head 'gets death threats'

Malaysian Islamic leader promises heaven

David Crosby busted for weed, knife and gun

I'm Considering Buying A Shotgun For Protection Against Intruders

Knives in the News

Pictures of my new Yugoslav SKS!!

Why is DU trying to get bush elected?

A thought about the (fictional) Great Purge...

I still don't remember my damn password!

I know you chaps are busy, but I have to ask...

Donating for somebody else, times two...

Why is the membership not entitled to respect?

Something very strange just happened...

Question about Amber Alerts...

Copyright Question !!!

An old question seeking an answer.

Is DU doing some sort of March Madness?

Is getting a terrorist worth the life of a child?

Al Quaeda= Orwellian "Emmanuel Goldstein"?

Tanks sweep into Gaza camps

Influential Arab journalist: Arafat must make peace

Written word fails to describe horror

Suicide terror attack foiled in Jerusalem

Numerous Purim Attacks Thwarted

Israel spurns Ugandan Jews

Bush, Kerry Eye Jewish Vote

Picking one home over another

Tennenbaum says he was well treated in captivity

Sharon: Gaza settlements will be destroyed

Fear rules as authority faces collapse

U.S. says Israel refuses to give back enriched uranium

Fatah armed wing declares emergency mobilization

14 dead, 80 injured in Israeli Military Incursion in...(Gaza)

Angry Palestinians bury raid dead

No Arabic at McDonald's Israel

Three Gaza Terrorists Killed, Tel Aviv Attack Thwarted

At Least 14 Palestinians Killed in Israeli Raids

Vote in this poll on 9/11 ads.

Politics1's Ron Gunzburger supported Dean... now Kerry

South Carolina Progressives

I just got "polled" by the GOP, working for Cong Steven Latourette

Protecting Bush-Cheney Redux

Politics1's Ron Gunzburger supported Dean... now Kerry

The letter from the "Sept 11 Widow"

Californians' experiences with electronic voting in LA TIMES Letters

news conference?

Are we in an Alternate Reality?

Those 21,000 Jobs were Government Jobs not private sector

The Carlyle Group = S.P.E.C.T.R.E.

NASA report on global warming: A Chilling Possibility

FOX poll has bush* at 52% favorability, down from 56% previous month

I just sent this to John Kerry

MSNBC's article on * and Fox - LOL

Will Bush exploit the Saddam trial to win the election?

Kerry bio timeline

From Iowa to Super Tuesday...

What was up with Bad Boys 2 and the Cuban drug connection?

Outsourcer Wanted - Here's Your Opportunity To Outsource American Jobs

Priority for November

did they change the 9/11 bush ad?

Bush couldn't do a worse job running this country were he drunk!

more free advertising for bush campaign??

Why I am not a Republican.

c-span 930am et - les gelb

Harvard Crimson: John Kerry sought deferment to study in Paris

If Bush* gets a 2nd term and connives to revoke more freedoms...

MSU wants to play basketball on aircraft carrier- * Campaign event?

To sign or not to sign. That is the question.

Rolling Thunder/VP Debate Road Show???

Bush opens his mouth and the troops stop dyin'...

Shocked at my initial response to news of Ashcroft's pancreatitis

Address to the People of the United States By the Anti-Imperialist League

**Khephra's MASSIVE Upcoming/Recent Books You Might Want To Get List**

Why did Bush* lie about not using 9/11 for political purposes?

How Tall Is Kerry?

Kerry on Bush: Houston we've got a problem!! ROFLOL

Norman: Anti-Dean ad sponsor's details revealed

Those 21,000 new Februrary jobs were ALL government jobs!

Chalmers Johnson on C-Span2..

Kerry leading Bush in Florida polls.....

Daily U.S. Casualties 3/7/2004

Latest koRn Video - Blasts Big Media - Record Industry

RNC tells TV stations not to run anti-Bush ads

"This was a revolution that never was. A stage-managed coup d'etat"

America does not want to live in fear...

I would like to see Snoop or Ludacris on Mahr

I sent Kerry $100

Wes Clark on CNN now. 12:27 PM EST

Josh Marshall's observes the morning talk shows lack of "balance"

New Poll shows Kerry kicking Shrub's butt in Florida

Would the Taleban have surrendered OBL as they claimed they would?

Right wing wackjob alert.

This Week

Unfreep this poll regarding Bush's explotation of 9/11 in ads

When have the VP tickets usually been announced? Convention?

Did anyone just see what happened in L.A. on CBS Bob Schafer

US is moving its forces out of Iraqi cities into walled-off garrisons

Who Mugged Howard Dean in Iowa?

Ah, Go Ahead No One Cares!

I have encountered my first on-line add for the republicans

mary matilin looks just awful

Transcript: Bush staff went after ambassador(Wilson-before Cheney/Novak)

McCain Says WMD Commission Needs Subpoena Power (But we forget 911?)

May 15 2003 The Black Commentator - Haiti

Delay's Redistricting Fight Takes Toll on Texas Gov Perry's Ratings

The Flaws In The Nomination System

Can you guys help me? About Iraq

Which political leader is better:

Iraq's Real Holy War

GOP goons busted on tape

Should Scotch-Gard be allowed to use images from the Lewinsky

Arnold Classic throws out Girl Scouts

You're an ignorant low-class opportunistic man

Anyone watching C-Span 2: Sorrows of Empire: Chalmers Johnson!

Should GM be allowed to use images of the dead from 9/11 to sell cars?

Journalist Novak Poking Fun at CIA Leak

Can Simple Pictures Demolish Bush?

Gas War

Cuban Democrat Check-In

Today's mass included a quip on gay marriage

Rendell says he's not a good fit as Kerry's veep

He Molests the Dead

The Bush 9/11 Campaign Ads

Driving through southern Georgia Friday

Streetpreachers in Atlanta's Little Five Points

OK - Kennedy Up Next On CNN (1:20 PM)

where's the letter?

PNAC surfaces in Belgium

The Liberal/Progressive enclave concept

Wolf blowing Cheney right now: 12:05PM CST

CNN poll: Is it OK to use 9/11 images in Bush ads?

Hillary: A Couple of Funnies

How Conservatives Become Instant Liberals

will Ashcroft become a junkie too?

Great Bush Achievements...Let's get the ads on TV...

Help Me With Sharing Liberal/Moderate Viewpoints!!

Can't donate to Kerry again?

Bush never flip flops! He says what he means, and DOES IT.

Who will be John Kerry's Newt Gingrich?

The key questions of the 04 Presidential Race

Granny D: Progressive Coalition of Kucinich and Dean?

There's a vote tomorrow!

BBV: Heads Up! CNN Monday

Another man wrongly convicted

Al Qaeda worked for CIA, Halliburton!!!

Anyone have the email address of one Majorie Williams of the Wash Post

Did somebody post the newswire story that Bush won't pull the 9/11 ads?

Novak Mocks self at DC Media Bash

Anyone seen "Iron Jawed Angels" on HBO - historical suffragist movie?

John Lennon

What Is Wrong With Paper Ballots and Pencils?

8:00 pm et - Booknotes: An End to Evil -- Richard Perle - CSPAN

Hugo Chavez: Yea or Nay?

CNN NEXT just reran Aaron Brown's BBV story from mid-week

I Got To Talk To KERRY LIVE at a rally!!!!!

Charlie Cook's sister is a Freeper

Did Ted Rall get yanked by Yahoo?

Who's in charge in Iraq?

Sen. Byrd: Fairy Tales, Bush & the 9-11 Commission

Aristide Update In LBN - Not Good !!!

Send letters to the editor courtesy of bush

So Bush AWOL...

John Kerry's Cabinet: Who Would You Choose?

Kerry's Needs a "Hail Mary Pass" Strategy to Snag GOP Voters

Will Howard Stern be.......

Watching Matthews this AM

President Kerry

Anyone heard of any TV stations caving to the RNC about moveon ads?

A New Tax Proposal

CBS 60 Minutes: Leslie Stahl made Achmad Chalabi dance

Will Bush or Cheney face indictments for the Plame Incident?

High school DUers and parents - Community Service Requirement


Will Pitt's father says Kerry can win Alabama

Name one thing Bush did to fight terrorism before 9/11

Think we have problems with the press?

Okay so the RNC won't pull the bu$h 9/11 ads but...

Plame subpoena list!

Bush let the bin Laden family leave the US right after 9/11, so should...

So what happens...

What happened to Professor Pollkatz?

Bush and Post 911

Outsourcing Thomas Friedman, By Tamish Phreedman

Question concerning 1980 political campaign ads

Stonewalling 9/11: A Primer

True Believers (re Dean campaign) on CNN right now

Undermining Democracy can be lucrative

A gift from Florida to California, CA DUers beware.........

Peter, Paul and Mary have new songs coming out.

ON NOW Ethics & the World Crisis: A Dialogue with the Dalai Lama

Paranoid thought for the evening: Did somebody "fix" Ashcroft

'How big a fart does a FANNIE bubble make when it pops?'


Great program, before cuts

is 60minutes good journalism?

Bush is a Nazi... on South Park right now, (East Coast)

Hey, there is a karma after all!!!

Don't look so far ahead

What is the real number of net jobs created?

Bush Spends Millions On 9-11 Ads, Loses 3 Points In Rasmussen Poll

Peter Werbe's streaming live now -- Sunday night liberal radio

SLUDGE Is Quoting DU Right NOW! 10:27 ET

Is it remotely POSSIBLE that Nader could help us?

Venezuela and Bush

Just saw a Bush campaign add on TV

I just escaped an AOL Chatroom

George Bush, Yea or Nay?

Somewhat simple political quiz...

why Bushco is like a disease-causing microbe

Peter King (R-NY) claims 85% of US mosque leaders are extremists

Another leave or fight thread if Dubya steals November

Bush kicks off drive to stop bullet train plans

'How big a *gaseous squeak* does a Fannie bubble make when it pops?'

Big Business Sends Jobs to Countires w/ Universal Health Care

So, who did fry all those car locks in Las Vegas?

Which side are you on? Zimbabwean land reform or post-colonialism?

Pacific News Service story on what's happening in Haiti:

KPFA (Pacifica) now: forum on "The Fog of War" with MacNamara

Which side are you on? Chavez or the US State Departments?

My Letter to the editor (Bush worse than Martha)

Aesthetic Realism? "the addition to self through the lessening of...

Lou Dobbs=Forked Tongue?

Democratic Judiciary Committee staff memos

Clark wolfs cnn appearance today - transcript up.

A good criticism of NYTimes and Wash Post Haiti coverage:

Which side are you on? Aristide's or the State Department's?

freepers working hard to smear Theresa Heinz Kerry

Bush at Harvard: "people are poor because people are lazy"

Cheenee's Guru, Victor Davis HANSON, on C-SPAN 1:30 ET

(Republicans in a) Pickle Report - Parts 1 and 2, at Findlaw

Ashcroft dealt blow on abortion files request

Fox News Boycott

Kitty Kelley's Bush family expose:

Vote in this poll!!!

Clear Channel is sinking!

They Say A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words - I Know This One Is !!!

Saudi Royal Family

Any news on Asscroft? It must be serious to be in ICU so long.

Bush approval slips even in Texas!

Robert Mugabe: Yea or Nay?

New Word Order

Medical malpractice ... is tort reform really needed?

Peak Oil in LA Times. "Great Depression will look like a dress rehearsal"

The Pub Masters are rethinking their Bet on Bush. Many of the Pragmatic

WHO does this chimp think he IS? "Bush won't walk out" on 9/11 questioners

Bush ground zero ads...what's the fuss?

Just googled pancreatitis and found something courious

If Bush is 6 feet tall, then Fox (of Mexico) must be 10 feet tall. Bush

Sanctions: Zimbabwe tells US to 'go to hell'

Iraq blast injures 3 Americans

China denounces unilaterism, external interference in its internal affairs

RNC tells TV stations not to run anti-Bush ads

Bush ratchets up international charm offensive with eye on November

Iraqi Councillor says constitution deal agreed

Limbaugh cites judge's case in claiming prosecutorial bias

Iran Says Time for U.N. to Finish Nuclear Probe

Florida voters leaning toward Kerry

Global Energy War Looms in

Ideology trumps science, critics say

Blair exaggerating terror threat - Blix

Warren Buffett blasts mutual funds, CEO pay

SEC Targets More Fortune 500 Names

Florida voters leaning toward Kerry

S. Korea Protests Handling of Journalists

Falling Into Alternative Minimum Trouble

Right zooms in on Heinz grants

Iraq contracts coming to pals

Iraq Shi'ites strike constitution deal with cleric(Grand Ayatollah Sistani)

Italian Pilots Face Trial For Refusing To Fly In Iraq

SA weapons sent to Haiti

Power Shift In Haiti Puts Rights at Risk

Before fall of Aristide, Haiti hit by aid cutoff

Right zooms in on Heinz grants Heinz Kerry's foundation work provide grist

Howard Stern predicts his broadcast demise

Bush With 9/11 vs. Kerry With Vietnam

Edwards' message endures

Thousands of protesters demand trial for Aristide; Marines guard against..

Gay marriages United in legal limbo | The Oregonian

54 percent in Oregon oppose same-sex marriage, poll says

Bush Avoids Facing North Korea Nuclear Issue

Walker's in, the race is on (Utah Governor) | Salt Lake Tribune

'Traitor' lifts lid on US glamour mafia

Richardson endorses Holden's re-election | St Louis Post-Dispatch

Blanco to launch special session today | New Orleans Times-Picayune

Aid worker killed in Afghanistan

Gay couples here (Seattle) given 'marital-like' divorce rights

Same-Sex Marriage Blurs Lines on Both Sides of the Political Aisle | NYT

Runway Accident Cancels Flight Carrying Troops to Gulf

US detaining 10,000 Iraqis

Greek opposition set for victory | BBC

Joerg Haider's party wins re-election in Austria | Globe and Mail

Aceh martial law could end by May | BBC

Bush's space plan stalls | Orlando Sentinal

Theories plentiful on killings | Nashville Tennessean

Haiti: 'rebels' used to break union at Grupo M (Levi's) factory

Role of Islam dominates Malaysian election (promises of heaven to voters)

(SF Bay Area's) white-collar job loss could become worst in nation

News Release from Haiti Support Network and International Action Center

US agents ignored doubts on Iraqi arms | Sydney Morning Herald

US gave bomb grade uranium to 43 countries

Romney's scholarship plan favors richer school districts | Boston Globe

Iraq War Amputees Get New Life and Limbs at Walter Reed

Pope raises prayer for Africa

Is This the Insurgency's Mastermind?-U.S. officials exaggerate Abu Musab Z

US Confirms Military Activity in South Algeria

Haiti’s brutal history largely of our making

McCain Says WMD Commission Needs Subpoena Power

Jewish Texas Cowboy Bids For Bush's Old Job

Insurgent Attact injures American in Baghdad.

CNN BREAKING: 10 explosions heard in Baghdad

The Long, Blinding Road to War (Gen. Petraeus)

First Independent Human Rights Organization in Saudi Arabia

Shots Fired at Haiti Protesters Kill 5

Ohio likely to put doubts into teaching of evolution | Cincinnati Enquirer

Chardon Wife Wanted Call Before Husband Died In Iraq

Recruiters blame Iraqi war for drop in Guard sign-ups (Well, Du-uh)

Chief of Russia's Lukoil to Visit Iraq

Scientist 'gagged' by No 10 after warning of global warming threat

World exaggerating global threat, says Blix

AP: Pakistan Knew of Nuclear Black Market

Bloomberg shares parade duties with New Paltz mayor

Tribal army to hunt militants (Pakistan hunts Osama)

Dean on C-SPAN

In Illinois poll, Kerry's cruising

Seattle to recognize marriages of gay city workers

Kerry: Bush Stalling Iraq, 9/11 Probes

U.S. Marines returned fire during attack on protesters, says Marine major

Six Killed in Anti-Aristide March in Haiti

U.S. Soldiers Raid Baghdad Dairy Processing Plant

New Marketing Coup: Churches pay to run TV ads for "Passion"

500,000 march against Chávez

Basques march for banned party

USA accused of abuses in Afghanistan

Scientist 'gagged' by No 10 after warning of global warming threat

Godfather Colin Powell, The Gangster of Haiti: Kevin Pina's Notes on the "

Patrick Stewart blames Hollywood for violence on women

Enlarged EU sparks payback call

Bush Seeks to Bolster Regular-Guy Image

N.Y. Rep. King Criticizes Muslim Leaders (85% of US Mosques Terrorists)

U.S. rights record criticized

Kraft Execs Raked in Big Bonuses

7 British Soldiers wounded in Battle with Badr, Demonstrators in Amarah

Amid the chaos, criminals break from Haiti prison

US condemned for Afghan 'abuses'

Military Spending Sparks Warnings

Foreign Crises Stretch U.S. In Election Year

New Mexico's Richardson Says No to Kerry's VP Job

Thousands March in Haiti for New Leaders & Army (Rebels with US Marines)

Central African Republic Authorities read a statement from Aristide

Chavez talks peace but warns U.S. over oil supplies

Prosecutor to decide if public or Janklow pays civil damages

Bush brothers are two-for-one punch

For More Afghan Women, Immolation Is Escape

Revealed: how 'war hero' Kerry tried to put off Vietnam military duty

Son Gives Clues to Al-Qaeda Lairs/ Telegraph (SMH)

Egypt rebuffs US over regional reform

Ugandan Jews' prayers ignored

Scientist 'Gagged' by N. 10 after Warning of Global Warming Threat-New WMW

The Battle for Florida Heats Up, Stirring Memories of the Recount

Iraq Cleric Drops Opposition to Charter(Grand Ayatollah gives Bush the OK)

Military kin split on Bush - Iraq war changes some minds

Savings fear as Argentina defies world

John Henry Williams, son of Ted Williams, died today of leukemia

Gunfire during protest leaves at least 6 dead in Haiti

Newsweek: 2004 Campaign: A 'Shocking' Stumble

Kerry's Possible Running Mates Unenthused

Kerry Says Bush 'Stonewalling' 9/11 Probe, Intelligence Inquiries

Gay Bishop ready to officially take over | CNN

Bush won't pull 9/11 campaign ads (Using bodies of victims for politics)

Delegation Supportive of Aristide Blocked From Visiting Or Speaking With H

Bush Ready and Bursting to Bring It On

Bush brother Neil marries in Houston

Don't invade us, Chavez warns US

Foreign Counsel - A Bush defector in Kerry's camp

US forces accused of looting, torture and death in Afghanistan

Director of Venezuela's Symphony Orchestra tortured

College for the Home-Schooled Is Shaping Leaders for the Right

The Pentagon's Secret Scream

Headbangers ball appears to be on MTV 2.

anyone ever watch Star Search?

My SO is here! YAAAYYYY!!!

The future of drinking water?

Pulp Fiction is on HBO :)

I've got 7 and half days of music on the iMac - Ask me anything

Name the artist and work or art (can't google this)

Austin DUers...late notice but how about brunch tomorrow

Are you there God? It's me Princess Margaret.


Could someone test a link, please?

Kleeb is drunk

Battle of the Bands: Jane's Addiction vs The Cure

So there's this man I like at work ...

Scott wishes he was drunk

It's after midnight so officially

"People's Republic of Vermont"

Need help with a writing project

Is it a small world?

31 on MiniPutt2

Kleeb is NOT drunk

What movie should I rent?

What should I drink tonight when I get off work?

Name my unborn child

Share the Land

Ok so besides kleeb who else is drunk

So is LastKnight Drunk?

3-Headed Frog Found

Spend some time at the Inn

Just now on "Pulp Comics", Comedy Central,

I need some names for two new snakes.

So is Kleeb Drunk or Not?

I am of a victim of a Hit and Run, Ask Me anything!


I'm drunk and on the radio...ask me anything!

Ok Some Ideas and more help needed

seems im not the only lovestruck soul seeking advice tonight...

Oh my God, are you DRUNK???

Whatever happened to...

Thanks for killing my confidence.

Senator Kerry on crack?

Looks like a Lounge Member after a bad Friday Nite

International Women's Day tomorrow:

OK Janet Jackson one more time...... Doonesbury

What a lovely Easter gift (sarcasm alert)

What's your height???

It wqas so hard to get here

Top this cookie gluttony, Zomby (or anyone)


There seems to have been a lounge-wide drunk last night

Oh great! I just got a email saying my card had been charged for Viagra!

Important advice, for women who listen to country music....

So there's this girl I like at work...

Is Mel Gibson a faux Christian?

Is Kleeb a Dictator?

Which Sealab 2021 character are you?

It's time to rewrite Bush's own quotes! Fun for the whole family!

I boiled and ate a whole mess of crawdads last night! Ask me anything!

You know you're living in 2004 when...

The mistreatment of Vincent Hamm

I'm moving and it sucks

I hear jamming is good

Why do people come to the Lounge and brag about being drunk?

Best Jesus Movie?

Thank (Insert Diety of Choice), Spring is finally here!!!

Best cities in a Beach Boys verse:

wioooowheee! I'm drunk1!

noooooooo! im in the 700 club!

RED SOX vs YANKEES 1:00 pm - Tickets On EBay - $500.00!!!

Cracked pots


I take my driving test Tuesday...and I'm nervous as hell

I am eating some hot chili which I just made

Bush Mosaic - Hilarious!!

Questions about iTunes and its competitors (Windows user)

Is Newark the greatest city on the planet?

The Next Time You Purchase Something

Deep Space 9 anti gay?

When you see THIS picture, what comes to mind?

im gonna sing the doom song now

Whatever happened to the American Patriot comic

Who in the world is Serge A. Storms???

Any networking gurus on right now?

Right Wing News - D.U. Post Of The Day

Bird died. Ask me anything, Wagga. My 'Passion' Review. Cat pics inside.

Best Cities in the Alternate Universe

I'm enjoying a Coca-Cola, one of my last for a while. Ask me anything!

Paper or Plastic?

For the fantasy nuts we have here

Anyone know the status of the MoveOn ads?

Where do you find the worst writing on the web?

Our house is over run by democrat bugs

At bedtime I become like Adrian Monk (Obsessive-Compulsive)

Anyone else grossed out by Bloody Pingu Throw?

Just exactly how adorable is this picture?

I Love Pornography.

Now here's a real homeowner's nightmare!

I Touch Myself

There is a house in New Orleans...............

Superman Fans! Look what I just got....

Look at all that grammar nazism

OK I have to vent about a movie I am watching.

Favorite Brady...

Any Lo-Pro fans here?

How shall we describe Leader's Kleeb's demise?

dammit whitacre

Why is everyone picking on young John Kleeb?

Wow, why are so many DUers cranky today?

Kleeb Jokes thread

Next person to kidnap Kleeb?

Football's over, NCAA BB tourney hasn't started,

anyone else here love Tenacious D?

Too-Young-To-Vote? Check in here...

Kleeb People Finish First

Kleeb has been dethroned

I'm annoyed at the flames at various members

How can I cope with senoritis?

Best State in New England

What are your favorite non-politics message boards or forums?

oops wrong forum

I am a Red Sox-Yankees fan

2005 Mustang - I want this car


Anybody see the end of the Doral Golf Tourney?

Too-Not-American-To-Vote? Check in here:

Anheuser World Select lager beer ...

For lucky best wash, use Mr. Sparkle!

Do you like "the vinyl cafe" ?

Kinky Friedman (of the Texas Jewboys) Runnin' Fer Guvna of Texas

Kittyzilla is back

Red Green Show: Who is your favorite character, minus Red and Harold?

"God Only Knows" is a song too beautiful for words

Admit it,what TV star did you most want to nail in the 60's?

OMG! Look at these claws!

I've never been to Canada

I ate four kinds of freaky meat last night

Mr. President ...Mr. President...Mr. President

is simpsons new or a repeat tonight?

What news story should DIE already!

...taking politics TOO seriously? Interfering with relationships?

The bathtub chronicles, part 1 (add yours)

I've never been to me

What title should our (former) Leader Kleeb have taken?

How much PROFIT will Mel make from the Passion?

Best cities in the multiverse!

Wow much $$$ would give to see Bush GO?

"Playing it straight"

Which is the more onerous task,

Shocked at my initial response to news of Ashcroft's pancreatitis

Lifeforms. Those tiny little lifeforms, Those precious little lifeforms...


So i have a cold and i now realise my wallet has been stolen or is lost

Does anybody have a scrap ceiling fan (I need parts!)

Best Canadian province/territory

John Lennon

What do you do when you see one of minibrain's ads on TV?

anyone familiar with "quark"

My Kitty Thomas May Be Dying

Should Scotch-Gard be allowed to use images from the Lewinsky

I am being invaded!

Sing along Fiddler on the Roof

how do you put a web link in your profile? a case of google bombing

"Air Force One" starring GWB

Does America need the wisdom of "Herman's Head" now more than ever?

Your Opinion: What actor is most "under-used"?

Neve Campbell turns lesbian

Banner help please?

My fingers are on fire

Have you ever said, “Man, I’d love to be Vic Ferrari”

What's a "Badonkadonk"???

So what is John Aschrofft doin now

"I am Rudy Guliani and you must do as I say..."

Get out NOW! He's calling from

My brother's kid hockey team just won a trip to the nationals.

If you buy a used car with onStar or GPS, are you "monitored"??

If Gary Oldman and Gary Numan got into a fight, who would win?

Conversations with strangers that influence your life

DHS, the series

Gawd am I drunk

If Gary Coleman and Gary Bauer got into a fight, who would win?

Sign on I-5 overpass today: Winners: Our Troops; Losers: Leftist Scum!

Why is there suddenly flaming in the lounge?

Mark Russell: What do you think of him?

So I just watched "Mr B Natural"

Landscaping question

blondeatlast has her adorable kid in her avatar!

The lady who sits atop a newspaper vending machine

Who is going to a Kerry rally in FL on Monday?


Now that I have HBO, I can watch the Sopranos....

Major Scare: I thought my car had been stolen last night

a question about DISH network and comedy central...

Tomorrow is jammie day at school..

Read the short "story" in the March issue of Playboy?

What's the longest you kept a video out and $$$ in overdues?

Astounding Art Works.

High school DUers and parents - Community Service Requirement


I think I might be evil

Hopefully my last rant on the subject.


afternoon chat DRUNK KLEEB

What are the cities with the highest cost of living?

Do We Spend Too Much Time in Our Cars?

What if spongmonkeys were the size of houseboats?

Laura Bush's saving grace

Forgotten '80s pop stars: JUICE NEWTON

What are your stats?

Kiss or Nirvana: Which is more overrated?

I am back -- with an update.

took my niece to see ROTK ...

Are Celtic Crosses a hate symbol?

Who's your favorite (famous) Poker player?

If I hear about "the passion" one more time i'm gonna explode

Who want's to see my new car?

Has anyone ever taken an Alaskan cruise?

The "Bewitched" Darrin Stephens Preference Poll

What's your alignment?

Forgotten '80s pop stars: EDDIE RABBITT

For Doctor Who Fans: Who was your favorite Doctor

Pious Mel Wants Frank Rich's "guts on a stick"

Who acted in your fave flicks, Keith David or David Keith?

Best Cities in the Universe

Which Canadian province would you absoloutely never consider moving to?

Best city in the Midwest

What I've learned about Marriage after 29 years....

OK, I know I'm late on this, but the Flaming Lips CD is amazing.

What if spiders were the size of housecats?

Come inside for your ZombyHug

Caption this!!!

Uh-oh, Britney Spears just went to #1 on the UK charts.

Do not try this at home. Remember, this is a professional caption.

Infanticide to Infatuation: Why daddies don't kill their babies.

Last night, I watched about 40 big strapping men

Sunday night ethnic humor

What state in the country would you absolutely never consider moving to?

I almost bought some Simpsons merchandise today

Ooooh! I found it! I found it!!

Woke up this morning...(new SOPRANOS thread)

what are you having for dinner tonight?

What? No Sopranos thread???

Is Lindsay Lohan over 18?

OK Photoshoppers and others

What's the deal with D.C.?

I am pretty sure it's my fault

DU women.Do you on first glance dislike other attractive women?

Do Women like jerks?

Caring for your Introvert

24 hours of Leno or 24 hours of SNL?

What's the last political rally to which you've gone?

Oh my God. I'm going to die. This is it.

I Have a Major Pet Peeve.....

The feeling of deep hopelessness and sorrow

Greatest city on Earth?

Let's name a bunch of crappy cities

Am I wrong to think less of my friend's husband

Underappreciated bands?

WP: Kerry Can Be Slow to Decide But Quick to Act


Kerry should challenge bush to come out and fight like a man

Criticism of Kerry was disingenuous

Are you seeing this mock meet the press with Edwards on SNL?

Did Kerry vote for any tax cuts in the last 3 years?

Josh Marshall will be quite effective for Dems in 2004/ Here's an example.

Senator Kerry on Seniors

Senator Kerry on Small Businesses

Dean is coming to Seattle on March 18 to unveil his new grassroot org.

Dudes and dudettes, you really oughta be watching SNL tonight.

New FL Poll: Kerry leading Bush 49 to 43, yes in Florida!!!!

From Iowa to Super Tuesday...

How did Jeb win in '02?

I have a question about the legality of the ads

Right wing media types on CNN now.

Kerry bio timeline

In the Land of Lincoln Kerry beats * 52 to 39!

Dean speech on C-Span...

Senator Kerry on Fighting for America’s Veterans

The mistreatment of Vincent Hamm

Late Edition lineup looks awesome today!

Kerry is everything George Bush is not - MUST READ


I'm joking! Should Kerry be force-fed to gain some weight?

Kerry beat Bush 49-43 in latest Miami Herald/St. Pete Times Poll!

Senator Kerry Foreign Policy Plan

Thanx to the Mods here at 2004 Primary...

I think MO Dowd has a crush on Kerry....

How was the Dean documentary on CNN last night? n/t

Bush and his poor taste, 9/11 Ads VOTE now!

Cause for Concern? new buzzwords from the right

Ted Kennedy will be on CNN to talk about campaigning for Kerry (1pm et)

E-mail CNN to have more of Clark. Also vote that Bush 911 ads wrong (poll)

Does Anyone Know The Mortality Rate Of PT Boats on The Mekong Delta?

Bush admits his administration won't solve US problems

"Rise and fall of Dean Campaign" on Wolf Blitzer in few minutes.

Bob Graham doesn't help Kerry in Florida according to today's poll

Laura Bush Vs. Teresa Heinz

The Remaining Primary Schedule

New Poll shows Kerry kicking Shrub's butt in Florida

Deleted message

If Kerry chose Ted Kennedy as VP would it counter Bush's Cheney Choice?

How Tall Is Kerry?

Is there a certain degree to being wounded?

An idea for Kerry fundraising (I'm not asking for your donations)

Kerry Should Emphasize That We Are Fighting War On "Stateless" Terrorism

Please add to this Bush Flip Flop list

Kerry marks ``Bloody Sunday'' anniversary

The only ad Dems will ever need

How does one find out

Can't donate to Kerry again?

Jerky's Top Ten excerpts from Kerry's speech:

Are Freepers thinking about Freeping anti-Repug convention rallies?

Proposal on 2008 Primary Schedule

John Kerry campaigning today in Mississippi...

Dennis J. Kucinich Day in Alice, Texas

State requirements to get on ballot with Nader's goal numbers

BREAKING NEWS!!!! Kerry beating Bush in Florida by 6%!!!!!

Well designed VEEP poll

How can Bush attack Kerry as a liberal while simultaneously

The Clinton hate crowd has plastered a bullseye on Kerry's forehead

Would you guy's forgive Florida if Kerry beats Dubya in Florida?

How 'red' is Florida?

Saudi Arabia to Figure in US Election Campaign: Expert

OK, FL Dems, tell us how you're going to stop them from stealing it in '04

State by state surveys show we have work to do

Clark is on CNN now!

Does the Florida Poll include Nader?

SD: History not on Kerry's side, but state Democrats ready to try

I sent Kerry $100

Why is no one challenging Bush's 'great wartime leadership?'

Gospel singer/songwriter RIPS Bush at convention.

Richardson is out

More RNC scare tactics

Are there any good Kerry smear defence sites?

Is there one "pundit" who will give Kerry and Dems

What's the deal with Kerry's guy James Johnson?

Barbara Bush vs Teresa Heinz-Kerry

John McGlaughlin is smarter than everybody else.

Should Kerry's VP come from { Edwards, Clark }?

Senator Kerry on Trade

Senator Kerry on Immigration

Senator Kerry on Protecting Americas Workers

Senator Kerry’s Plan on Restoring Jobs and Rebuilding Our Economy

St. Ralph is still saying no difference between GOP and Democrats

What were the 2 Dean remarks that were most attacked, before Iowa?

What states CAN Nader get on the ballot in?

9/11: Bush* ran and hid in a hole!

Vote in this poll!!

Inside the Dean campaign on CNN at 8 Eastern

Senator Kerry on Crime

Carville predicts Kerry wins on MTP

Who are the most liberal senators and representatives in congress?

PIck Kerry's VP for him

Will Pitt's father says Kerry can win Alabama

What happened on the Dean special tonight?

Why is DU so *different* than democrats everywhere else?

What is the right thing to do with Iraq at this point?

C-Span2 to re-air Dean's PreGridiron speech tomorrow morning.

Kerry Warns Supporters Today in Mississippi Speech to Brace for Fight

Hey Chicago DUers! Support John Kerry on Tuesday (keep this kicked)

Missed one-two punch on the jobs argument.

We need Florida as insurance in case we lose Iowa and Wisconsin

TIME: Kerry will "almost certainly" send his own team to Iraq..

Electoral College break down, state by state polls. It looks good guys.

If you haven't voted/caucused yet, don't do so for Kerry.

the ultimate GOP hate website

Analysis: Population shifts may help Dem. in electoral college!

Kerry Condemns Bush for Failing to Back Aristide

Senator Kerry's Homeland Security Plan

Senator Kerry on Education

I did not watch the special. I already know what we are about.

Oh...I know why Ted Kennedy can't run as VP, but I would love to see this

Senator Kerry on Women's Issues

Who Mugged Howard Dean in Iowa?

Senator Kerry Energy and Environment Plan

What is Kerry's position on Nuclear Power?

John Kerry is NOT ELECTABLE.

We Stand Our Ground

corporations and politics: true or false?

Senator Kerry on Health Care

A question for the " My vote is nontransferable" crowd.


Kucinich calls for investigation of Haiti events

Kucinich on Cheney-

Bud Beck Endorses Kucinich

Senator Kerry on National Service

Kerry/Clark is DU's landslide choice for President/VP

Please contact the DNC about their convention in Boston!!

Senator Kerry Policy Plans - All in One