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Archives: March 5, 2004

I hadda do it. Letter to Chimpy........

What's right about Kerry-David Corn article from the Nation--

An interview with Ira Kurzban (President Aristide’s lawyer in the US)

Kriegshelden als Trunkenbolde (= War heroes as drunkards)

More Corporate Welfare

10 months after U.S. vow, Iraqi hospitals still in dire shape

Bob Herbert (NYT): Hide and Seek in Florida

Blood and Money

Taking A Closer Look - World Governments spying on citizens

Where Is My Gay Apocalypse? -- Morford

Conason: Gay Marriage Foes Wedded to Hypocrisy

Krauthammer!!!: Gibson's Blood Libel

NYT: Returning From Iraq, Still Fighting Vietnam (AEI "scholar" on PTSD)

Satan at it Again - WP

Can Democrats Win The Senate? -

Hans Blix: 'I learnt I had been made to look like an imbecile'

2004: Choose Your Favorite Pro-War Candidate

The spin is no longer believable - TW

Salon: Conason: Another Crude Slur

The Rise of Church and State in America

Bush won't let the media photograph soldiers' flag-draped caskets-Eric

Boffin: Nursery rhymes have sexual meanings

BBV - Diebold's Political Machine

looking for discussion related to "Laughing at God"

Dumb Dubya (Only Drunk and Pothead would use WTC images in ads)

Bush or difference

The McMansions Which Ate Your Job

Krugman: Social Security Scares

Planned Parenthood speaks devil-speak

Thousands of children go hungry in a land of immense wealth

Mona Charen: Bush bi-partisan martyr?

A Very Shaky Case Succeeds - Martha Stewart

Lieberman: Wartime Politics

George Packer(New Yorker) article on Democrats' foreign policy.

The Election is Over We Lost

Crawford, Texas 3/20 Rally For Peace - End the Occupation

Kerry/Bush Poll, please vote

Just a friendly reminder about Ellen Mariani's petition

Verified Voting: Georgia- this is the moment.

Texas Democrats: Remember to attend your Precinct Conventions.

Fax, Phone, E-mail Campaign for 9/11 Truth - Spread the Word!

Wake-Up Time

Losing Control of Your TV

Krugman asks why media allows GOP lies about Social Security w/o blasting

Jason Alexander on Politically Incorrect

Cable News Race Ratings (hannity ratings down, miller disgraceful)

Family is important because...

Movies for Democrats: An Abridged Version Weekend of March 5-7

weight loss program, number one

Getting to know eachother (a questionaire)

Transsexual Plays at Women's Aussie Open

BBV- Technical Problems Reported in E-Voting

Iraq Shiites(Sistani) reject minority rights that majority can't take away

Papers: Roe v. Wade was almost overturned

A "left" version of Gates penny per email thought - a business excise tax

Congress's personal stock portfolios more healthy than most

Oh the irony...Martha and the job's report....

If the GDP is Up, Why is America Down?

Look at this chart....

The McMansions Which Ate Your Job

How to grow 21000 jobs in Feb,= revised down Dec by 8000 and Jan by 15000!

Bloomberg/GOP say "Tax Cuts Are Working"

Bush Administration Clearing Path for Clearcuts

Viticulturists produce green wine;

India & Pakistan Join Forces To Revive Vanishing Vultures - CSM

NASA's Rover Survives Antarctica Test (New Design -- It's a Sphere!)

Energy secretary says gasoline prices vexing

Should we even care about the environment anymore?

Legislator attacks `United Daily News' over ads - TW

AI launches global campaign to stop violence against women

Ahmad Chalabi won't sign Iraq Const? - without permission from CIA/Cheney?

Senator Byrd lets it fly on Iraq Intel Commission.

Cold War v. War on Terra

Hushed-up slavery persists in Mauritania

Another organization claims responsibility for Moscow metro blast

A Q Khan fall guy for Musharraf: Benazir

India, Israel ink Phalcon early warning radar deal

Was this mis-leading item pointed out...

Hey Mr. Benchley!

"The People have Spoken - the Bastards"

Defensive gun use or not?

AW ban renewal dead for this year?

GUNS IN THE NEWS--March 5, 2004

What do rank and file cops think of the AWB?

I think getting a mod warning over a returning disruptor is crap

Elad, this is for you...

"Alerts" as a weapon of warfare...

just a suggestion

What is the proper forum?

Oh, the irony!

Would Ashcroft lock up Jesus today and accuse him of Terrorisim?

Hey Elad

Clarification of my earlier post.

Have we gotten "them" all?

Question on an earlier answer about deleted posts.

I got an error while sending a post...

Shameful and embarassing

Could we have a separate Forum for VP speculation? Seems there are

Question about posting in LBN

I want to post an important reminder to all the Texas voters to attend

hey mods! i think you were a little quick on the trigger here

Is there only one thread allowed for conversations about Martha?

I would like to make a nomination for next week's "Top 10 Conserv. Idiots"

"Avatar Removed Under Legal Threat from Fox" Real?

I got quoted in the SF Chron at a protest that took place yesterday.

I think a serious discussion needs to be had

How do I post a cartoon?

Skinner: If and When GD: Primary is transormed to GD: General ---

Public doesn't trust Israeli PM - poll

Majority of Israelis want PM to resign, newspaper says

EU and U.K. gave PA $25 million to buy advice

Hamas seeks primacy in Gaza

Israeli wall cutting into Jesus' birthplace

Christians, Jews aim to protect Israel buses

The Ghetto Inside (by Uri Avnery)

The Gaza Striptease

Notes on Anti-Semitism, Zionism and Palestine

India, Israel ink Phalcon early warning radar deal

Sharon's credibility drops to new low

Britain ready to fund Palestinian security force

Baruch Goldstein and Hebron Ten Years Later

CIA paid me to spy: Abdurahman Khadr (part 2 of video documentary)

Ads tame compared with what's probably coming (and fuss helps Bush)

Governor Dean To Address Pre-Gridiron Lunch Tomorrow

Congressman Rodney Alexander endorses Bush, but decides to stay a Democrat

Political Mugging In America

Dean to be honored by VT Democratic Party, in Burlington

Rove strong-arming in GOP Primary (Ralph Hall district - TX)

Did Kerry really blow off Howard Stern's support?

Kerry Vs. Bush conributors

I was on tonights news and found out why the mainstream press ignores Bush

remember when D Morris was licking prostitutes' toes ...

Here's a weird comment on Kenedy

Did George McGovern pay a price for supporting the Tonkin Gulf Resolution?

R U really shocked that * is exploiting the dead ??

Janeane Garafolo on with Mike Webb now

Stop Bush Now

Hugo Chavez ought to declare key opposition leaders "enemy combatants"

It’s not the politics, it’s the hypocrisy.

Is there a deal breaker?

What think tanks is Kerry aligned with.

Give your ratings of Faux News...

Do the Iraqi people like America??

5 things Democrats should do to win the election (but mysteriously avoid)

Do Dems "self destruct" more than Repukes?

Woman drives car into lake in film (Passion of the Christ) re-enactment

Ralph's Dark Side

Uggabugga Take on Bush Campaign Ads

I thought they have been looking Bin Laden 24/7 all along!

Would Ashcroft lock up Jesus today and accuse him of Terrorisim?

Tony Blair uses 9/11, too. (March 5th speech)

Maxine Waters angry as hell on CSPAN2

looking for resource on House seats(that says whether competative or not)

Katie Couric just told Kristin Breitweiser and Mindy Kleinberg to

End of "Fair Use" for TVs, new July 2005 rules passed last Nov

shot down a GOPer argument yesterday

Gay Marriage Special Report and Poll in...

Electronic Voting Runs Into Some Glitches and WILL SCREW US DEMS!

Hold off transition, (Haitian) prime minister says

Fantastic Rob Rogers - Chimp/Gollum Gay Weddings Cartoon

Interesting contradiction just heard on cspan

CSPAN2 "Situation in Haiti" repeat, WOW.

How ironic!

Democrats good for stock market

E-mail Howard Stern and tell him that Sam Brownback is up for re-election

Cute Mayor Survey - Newsom or West?

The real threat-alert system

a poignant reminder of what the Democratic Party could and should be . .

Kerry Finds Himself In Enviable Position - WSJ

natural scientists as voting bloc?

I need to apologize I missquoted Karen Hughes yesterday

Job report out--21,000 jobs in Feb; Jan. revised downward to 97,000

C-SPAN now--Hearing on outsourcing

HAITI -- (Senate - March 04, 2004) Leahy Remarks

Grrrrr. Farking Local Fox Morning News

Cooking the Books Redux

Ashcroft Hospitalized With Pancreatitis

Oh my I just got on C Span!

NEED HELP!!! The "letter" from Iraq that says everything is OK

wondering about true republicans

John Spong returns to Birmingham with a great message...

Ashcroft and the Judiciary Comm letter

I feel compelled to post this RW e-mail so we can all have a good laugh

Does anyone have a fix on the Declare Yourself campaign?

Vice President Cheney's abuse of power

36 Reasons To Vote For Bush and Republicans In 2004

Ashcroft in hospital-

Political Implications of My First Diet...

Bush Might End Up Thrown Out of the Ballgame!!

Andrew Greeley hates "The Passion..." with a passion.

Another freepable poll to unfreep - 911 ads

Kerry's running mate, an argument for Mcain

400,000 Americans gave up looking for a job this month.

Court rejects man's claim for state-funded brothel visits

Tommy Thompson?

John Ashcroft

What's more obscene?A bare breast or using dead bodies for political gain?

Katie Couric with 9/11 widows....

Should Kerry consider a woman as VP and if so who are some

WTC Attack Victims Say It Best

Spiking the al-Qaeda investigation

Will Bush "win" and the World as we know it end?

Sickened by Bush's use of 9/11 for political gain?

Georgia Tries to Prevent Divorce

In Their Own Words

I just voted an hour ago (in the primaries) and am a bit confused...

Questions about these "GOP Big Guns" ready to attack Kerry

FCC Plans New Round of Indecency Fines Targeting Broadcasters, Stern

More stupid SCO shenanigans

The battle lines are being drawn.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Urgent Need for Aid in Haiti

TV Guide: 9/11 Families condemn Bush on American prime time.

Osama Caught? Why I think so...Somebody is betting Big that he is...

Russian research station sinking through ice near the North Pole.

On this day in 1953, the strange death of Josef Stalin

Do you think people want a stupid person as their leader? Maybe they

Goodbye, productivity!

I need an opinion from someone who understands politics REALLY well

Ashcroft... Cipro reaction?? Will he sue the manufacturer??

March 20 has to be as big as Feb 15, 2003

Why did Kerry only serve half his term in Nam?

"Brunch with Bernie Sanders" live now with Thom Hartmann

CNN Headline News around 10:25 this Morning read biased emails

Intelligence Reform American Enterprise Institute C-SPAN Now

Opec open those pumps I mean it

Washington Journal addressed the Perry issue today

Ann Coulter on CNN

I saw "Man Coulter" on CNN

Today's my birthday - Ask me anything!

You think Ann Coulter on CNN is bad - read this! She is dangerous!

Subpoenas for White House (Newsday) re: plame scandal

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Questions Bush Administration

Libya declares mustard gas stockpiles

1st president since Herbert Hoover to seek re-election with a net job-loss

Atrios does it again...

What would you do for 5 million bucks?

The Fire This Time in Haiti was US-Fueled

Fleece so valuable it's locked in bank vault

Federal AIDS funding cuts 'devastating' -- Calif.

Media crackdowns (it's not the breast, stupid)

What happens when a president or pResident breaks the law,

In defense of dupes

Arnold refuses to appear in public with the dauphin.

How can Carville be married to Mary Matalin,

Asbestos Crisis: 100,000 will die next ten yrs. - think Cheney

Schakowsky: Bush Administration Misstatement - Haiti

An idea that could get BIG ratings for the new liberal channel on Cable

I Agree w/Krauthammer—Please Kill Me!

DRUDGE:Limbaugh Case:Judge in Palm Beach hooked on Oxycontin

websites documenting Bush's flip flops

TBTM Action Alert! What's good for Stern is good for Ingraham!

A co-worker just told me Gov. Rick Perry (R-Tx) announced...

Daily Freep Roundup

Help! My community is being FREEPED!

The thing that has always worried me about Kerry

down in the morning - small up in the afternoon - this wks. stocks

Are you kidding me 21,000 jobs created in Feb, Jan #'s revised down 15,000

Bev Harris is on KTSA radio in San Antonio

Another former bush voter weighs in

new right wing meme on bushco using 9-11 in ads ORDERED removed by Clear Channel

Time is nearing for the "Friday Five O'clock Surprise" -- Predict now

They are LYING about the tax cuts and here is why:

Howard Stern Show (today 3/5/04)

"Two New Jobs! Two New Jobs!"

Indio(CA) has first "Stop the Amendment" rally

Scrub as they try BuzzFlash has the Tom Cole Hilter piece

Christian Nation Danger

I wonder whose remains are beneath the Flag in *'s ad?

Bush Esploits Photo of Dead Bodies, Despite Ban (Logic)

Why I don't feel sorry for Martha Stewart

early verdict in on Martha Stewart.....good or bad news for her?


Smile!! You're on exploitation camera

BIll Clinton should be the new head of DNC

Do you feel bad for Ashcroft?

Do Not Send Bush Back to Crawford

Please DU this poll.

Newsday: White House Leak Records Sought???!!!!!

President's Prayer Team! (Maximum Barf Alert!) BushCo policy makers?

How Do You Feel About USPIRG?

Know thine enemy -- How Rush is herding the sheep

My Boss: Martha Stewart is way worse than Enron

How many people realize this:

Put your tinfoil hats on for a minute

Anyone in Connecticut know if Randi Rhodes or Al Franken will air here?

"People in Bush's position, in government leadership, lie all the time."

Martha conviction will provide extra cover for BushCo's Friday news dump

But Don't Worry ... I Made Your Horn Louder


Need your vote.......Insanity Poll

When the Spinning Stops

Just saw "Fog of War".... recommended

* should not celebrate his biggest failure!

New poll Kerry leads Bush in FLORIDA

Paul Begala said the greatest thing just now

Smirk bans publishing research from Iran, Libya,, Sudan, Cuba

If Bush loses election, will he commit suicide ?

A Promise we should all make

More Republicans considering ditching Bush

Should we be concerned that Religious groups housing for politicians in DC

Re: * claiming to the "War President" . . .

L.A. Performer Thrown Off the Air Over Obscenity

US Today Asks Should Federal Marriage Amendment be Passed

The Scarlet Tide

We may not lose a Dem Senate seat in Mass.

John Kerry's great "Green Community" program - (must read)

CNBC clowns all giggly with erections over Martha Verdict

AP Poll: Bush 46%, Kerry 45%, Nader 6%

Caviezel: "When I was on the cross, I was thinking about the Minn. Vikings

Senator in Hell ..This is a good one

Will bush moderate during the election?

Despite the Constitution and our Bill of Rights, we have a class society.

Ruh Roh

Talk radio is targeting Kerry head on today....

Ohioans - we need to meet

Important 9/11 (C)omission Spin

anyone else notice the suspicious lack of troop casualty reports..

I think there are only two ways the Bushies can win

Who would Kerry appoint for Homeland Security Secretary?

.."If Bush loses the election, it will be a victory for bin Laden"...

Ann Coulter on CNN declaring Utopia

Why Isn't Bill Clinton Hosting $1,000 A Plate Dinners?

(WTF) what's the frequency, KENNETH??

Read freeper "christian's" posts

The Bush Phanbois will HATE this!

Judicial "entertainment"

I found this on the Freeper site. Some guy actually posted this.

Save thousands selling your ImClone stock on a insider tip...

Book Alert: The Lies of George W. Bush: Mastering the Art of Deception

Dubya is The Great Uniter...

MP3: Laura Ingraham can have profanity on HER show but Howard Stern can't?

Wow! Kerry leads Bush 45-44 in Florida among likely voters

Zogby Poll

Major puke alert!

Question for fans (Enid Goldstein)

Media Insults my intelligence

What is the deal with GOP convention timing and ballot status?

Gay Marriage a little story of mine

hah funniest anti bush idea ever

Air Force One phone records subpoenaed

AP A Look at Possible Running Mates

Global Activism, harnessing the full power of a networked world

someone tell me im wrong

New York firefighter and chimp

Can Democrats Win The Senate? CBS News

Jobs Americans Won't Take ..... Nonsense

Framing the debate--Vocabulary

So, if a male Lifeguard rescues a male drowning victim by

Meet the Press - prediction

RW-er Quote Du Jour "Haitian Election Was Plagued By Irregularities!"

How can the Democrats be respected as a force in Congress...

Would you be interested in this?

Did You All Catch Bev Harris on GMA this morning?

What do you think about Kerry not calling * by name?

Kerry's press secretary ideas? I think we should find a super model.

I just bought 10 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies!

Fear of a female Veep

When is enough, Enough?

A Martha Stewart analogy

If Mr. Kerry wants to come out and call Mr. Bush a GHOUL...

Let's start listing what we have going for us in this election.

NY DUers and Bush visit...

A suggestion to stop outsourcing.

It's what they didn't say in the 9/11 ads....

The disposable cellphone

I have 2 predictions, one on Nader and one on the South

The faker moves out - and we're ALL there to help

Which pre-convention events should Bush organize at Ground Zero?

BBV: Look what I found on Ebay!

Hey! Look over here!

Why not answer the 9/11 propaganda PR with this?

CSPAN SAT ALERT: Howard Dean Address at Gridiron Luncheon (1:15pm)

---<<(( Bring Back The JFK Tax Cuts!!! ))>>---

Sign a petition to get President Pig* from using those 9/11 ads:

OMG Mary Landrieu is HOT! She needs to be the VP!

man was going to attack the local Repub headquarters- true story

why did the Democrats introduce the bills HR 163 and S 89 (draft)

Hey. Who Is Are Karl Rove. Do We Have A Democrat In Washington Or

Martha Stewart Convicted.

The DLC Platform

Attention Kerry Detractors.

Kennedy Speech -- 1st Play -- CSPAN - Fri 10:45 PM ET

STEVE COLL "Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA" on Charlie Rose

Tavis Smiley (PBS) Friday: Ralph Nader and musician Richie Sambora

Here's the Deal on The Media and FCC and the "crackdown"

What portion of your taxes go to support Pat Robertson's tax exempt empire

Do you drink Fair Trade coffee? Should you?

Stephen Moore (Club For Growth)

tonight on Real Time with Bill Maher

"Kick their a$$ and take their gas" crowd confused...

Is everyone afraid to FIGHT for what they believe in these days?

The Ayatollah Of Iraq doesn't like the US version of the Iraq constitution

Haiti: Stop union-busting, respect workers' rights!

How much does Bush's campaign trips cost the taxpayers?

So We'll Go No More A Roveing: Karl's Kapers are Kaput

BRING IT ON!: The More Rovian Crap Gets Slung, The Better Off We Are

What`s the difference? Stewart / Inclone or Bush / Harkin.

Steve Forbes and cnn

Life after Playboy..Ex Playmate helps Haitian Children

Newest Fox poll shows Nader having no effect on race

Peace Signs: The Anti-War Movement Illustrated

Why, oh why, do I try to inform my relatives?

Tweety has officially lost it!

Daily Kos previews Kerry's Sat. radio 'response' speech - Dyn-o-Mite!

Aristide Details Last Moments In Haiti, (Pacifica transcript)

An updated Dr. Seuss poem for modern Corporate times

RNC Tries To Have MoveOn Ads Pulled

This is the horror that the Bu$h admin has created

Bring Back The JFK Tax Cuts!!!

Will someone explain the complaints about genetically modified crops?

Do you want Ken Lay to be charged and convicted?

What if Bush gives his Convention acceptance address at Ground Zero?

My new town has severe class distinction

Saturdays guest on "The Guy James Show"----Dennis Kucinich

What's your response to this Dem Bashing Mass Email RE: Social Security

"Same-sex marriage isn’t natural"

Ballot access (IGNORE = Nader thread)

Bush Exploits Photo of Dead Bodies, But Not Soldiers Coffins

Arab-Americans unite to unseat president.

Another Conspiracy Theory...

Senators Santorum, Joe Lieberman Offer Faith-Based Bill As Amendment

BBV: how to send a Letter to the Editor of your local paper

BBV - Mother Jones commentary

So I've been thinking about our chances with the House and Senate races

This week's Bill Moyers NOW - COINTELPRO again? more...

I think I just convinced my father in law to write in Howard Dean in Nov.

Please help me with this RE: Subpoena of WH records...

BBV: Jake Tapper's story at ABC News

interesting theory re: kenny boy lay and martha stewart

Shame upon our nation and political parties

Is there a list of Bush flip-flops?

Democrats Have To Come Clean On Saving Social Security

Bush was AWOL on 9/11

Gender roles: Are women more genetically suited to scrub the toilet?

Ted Rall dropped by NYT

Should California Secede?

Lone 11 September conviction quashed

Kerry Vs. Bush conributors

I was on tonights news and found out why the mainstream press ignores Bush

HUGE development in Plame case: subpoena widened to Air Force One calls

Report Finds Republican Aides Spied on Democrats

Three-Strikes Law Has Little Effect, Study Says

Large explosion heard in Baghdad

NYT, page one: For Bloomberg and the G.O.P., Pre-Party Jitters

Senate GOP braces to fight off efforts to rewrite $2.36 trillion budget

Marines Receive Mixed Reaction in Haiti

Ariz. Governor Nixes Abortion Consent Bill

Finance chief expects job cuts in (Nashville) Metro

Iran meets Iraq over oil pipeline

Reining In Anti-Bush Groups (severely restrict new pro-Democratic groups)

NYT: Bush Campaigns Amid a Furor Over Ads

Hunt for jobs takes longer

Poll: Israelis want Sharon to quit

Consumer Confidence Rebounds Over the Past Month

Liberals marshal forces for Hamilton's civil war - Globe and Mail

Sept. 11 credit card under scrutiny

Reining In Anti-Bush Groups

FLASH: Non Farm Payroll ONLY up 21k

Air Force One phone records-Dupe, mods please lock

Bush/Kerry in Dead Heat, Nader's Impact (Ugh)

Mel Martinez joins La-Z-Boy board of directors (Bush's old H.U.D. head)

Ashcroft in Intensive Care, Pancreatic Problems

Ottawa Centre By-Election Must Be Called (By Sunday) - Ottawa Talk Radio.

ITSS to layoff employees, outsource jobs

Libya Admits 44,000 Pounds Mustard Gas in Declaration of Chemical Weapons

Canadian poll: 67% have negative opinion of Bush

BBV - Avoiding Another Florida Fiasco

Creditors Object to Enron Plan

Louisiana congressman considering switch to GOP

John Ashcroft hospitalized

Chaos continue in Haiti, Aristide vows to come back

Bin Laden 'evaded Pakistani raid' (Thanks BBC )

FEC proposes plan to curb political groups (Dems upset -527 +501c3)

GOP stole peek at Dems' papers

Bush Girls Wild in Globe

HAITI -- (Senate - March 04, 2004) Senator Leahy

RNC Pressures Election Commission to Stop Anti-Bush Groups

Iraqi Constitution Signing Delayed

Afghan Leader Plays Down Bin Laden Hunt

Oil hits one-year high of $37

Corruption Charge Dismissed Against Ex-Tyco Execs

High-tech snooping for bin Laden

Taiwanese-American groups give Bush 9,000 letters

Bush Says Kerry Would Take Away Tax Cut (For the weathy)

Kennedy Calls for CIA Director to Come Clean With Congress (Iraq lies)

AfghanForeign Minister Says Talk of Stepped-Up Bin Laden Hunt Exaggerated

THE SITUATION IN HAITI -- (Senate - March 04, 2004)Harkin

A justice's files released:Behind-the-scenes battles to uphold Roe v. Wade

Avoiding Another Florida Fiasco - ABC's Tapper on BBV

Hollinger's Black, Radler to repay loans; CanWest eyes Jerusalem Post?

The political battle over jobs Bush, Kerry focus on employment, economy

US intelligence on Iraqi mobile bioweapons labs was not verified

On CNN, 9/11 widows bashing Bush

Annan making official visit to Canada next week

Iraqi Hospitals on Life Support - Babies Dying Because of Shortages

US oil prices rise, supply falls during Bush years

Ann Coulter on CNN

Kennedy: Tenet Must Come Clean on War


DUPE: Please lock

GOP Donors Get Drilling Rights

Texas Gov. Denies Rumors About Divorce

'Arab countries don't fit under one blanket'

MPs urge ban on GM maize pending further tests

Wisconsin Assembly Passes Amendment Against Gay Marriage

Hold off transition, (Haitian) prime minister says

Lesotho facing 'catastrophe'

Labor Dept. List 21,000 New Jobs...Congrats to the Lucky Few...

Chemical leak pollutes water for 1 million Chinese


Breaking - Verdict in Martha Stewart Trial (CNBC Reporting)

US forces ignore 'rule of law'

Osama likened to Elvis as the hunt continues

Putin Gov't Packed With Former Spies

US faces mounting international fury over Aristide's 'forced' exit

Malaysia's Islamic opposition accuses U.S. of kid-gloving prime minister

U.S. Feb. nonfarm payrolls up tepid 21,000

Blix: Iraq war was illegal

Haitians Taking Justice Into Own Hands (graphic content)

House Passes Legislation Setting Space Tourism Guidelines

Trading in MSO shares halted

Gays Take Marriage Battle to New York Courts

CNN Breaking - Delay in signing of Iraq Interim Constitution

Five Iraqis killed in Mosul gun fight

Some U.S. Security Worse Than Before New Agency-Study (Homeland Security)

U.S. consumer credit up $14.3 bln in Jan

US forces deploy in north Haiti

US suspect for Iraq bombings 'is dead'

Schwarzenegger to become executive editor of two health magazines

Euro Surges on Disappointing U.S. Jobs Data

Three Explosions in Iraq, No Injuries

US army admits killing Iraqi civilians

Israel: No Gaza Withdrawal Before U.S. Elections

W. Va. U. Reroutes (Republican) Voter Registration Rig

The McMansions Which Ate Your Job

White House-CIA Leak Records Sought

'Mortal danger' terrorism warning

U.S. "wall" angers many Haitians

Milbank: Experts Date (Recession) to Bush; Bush Says It Was Clinton's

Khadr changes story, now says he was CIA spy - Globe and Mail

Text of Martha Stewart's statement

Attention shoppers: Personal background checks go retail (Choicepoint)

Snow: Economy improving (BTW - let's drill in ANWR!)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 5 March (#1)

Florida's Gov. Bush moves to stop high-speed train (Talks Class Size Too)

Enron sells company noted in indictments (to Carlyle)

Martha Stewart convicted

General Assembly House panel kills legislation on gay marriage (MD)

CIA Leak Records From White House Sought (Federal grand jury)

Bush*s Longtime Adviser Karen Hughes Back in Spotlight

Are y'all

Shiites Refuse to Sign Iraq Constitution (The Ayatollah Of Iraq speaks)

Star-Ledger: [NJ. Gov.] McGreevey's office hit with U.S. subpoena

Kerry leads Bush in Florida

FCC Plans New Round of Indecency Fines Targeting Broadcasters, Stern

Lawsuit filed over same-sex marriages (Portland OR)

Central Africa moves to silence Aristide

Kerry Blasts Bush's 'Broken Promise' on Jobs

Gay Bishop Says He Wants to Marry Partner (talks about Britney Spears)

Minnesota DFL chief blasts Bush ads

Group says: Two sex offenders among US troops in Middle East

Aristide Supporters Denounce Haiti 'Occupation'

Stewart convicted of four felonies

Royal Genes May Win Kerry the White House


U.S. cancels Iraq contract after questions raised

Verdict Is Reached In Martha Stewart Case

Sources: La. Congressman to Stay Democrat

Blair confronts war critics: I was right and I still am

2004 election offers voters real choice

Roh told to recant or be impeached - SK

Most nations could miss US-imposed passport deadline

WP (Pincus): Kennedy Says Bush* Skewed Iraq Data

Kerry Seeks to Relax GOP Hold on South

Senate blocks contractors from sending federal jobs offshore

White House Warns Against Extra Pension Relief

U.S. parents angry after student caught at border with pot

Kerry, in South, Rips Bush on Job Losses

Ashcroft Hospitalized With Pancreatitis (might die)

Bush Close to Imposing Sanctions on Syria - Sources

Bush's longtime adviser Karen Hughes back in spotlight

Blair lacked critical thinking, says Blix

Sources: La Congressman to stay Democrat

(Washington) State Senate adjourns to avoid gay rights vote

Borrowing, Overall Debt Both Up by 8.6 Percent in January (Happy Times)

Bush appointee resigns over marriage issue

Bloomberg Is Said to Want State to Legalize Same-Sex Marriages

Schwarzenegger names Deukmejian to head prison reform panel

Girls Get Detention for False Accusation (Against Homeless Man)

US Congressman Barney Frank has "no confidence" in the constitutional...

Amish Man Not Allowed to Return to U.S.

Judge denies request for abortion records in battle over partial-birth abo

NYT: How Industry Won the Battle of Pollution Control at E.P.A.

U.S. General Says al-Qaida Eyeing Africa

Dollar falls as US fails to create new jobs

Kerry Says Bush Uses Sept. 11 in Ads to Scare America

Kerry's Shifts: Nuanced Ideas or Flip-flops?

EchoStar (DishNetwork) Preparing to Drop Viacom Channels:

'I learnt I had been vilified, crucified & made to look like an imbecile."

Bush Supporters Defend His New Ads (Using human remains as political tool)

Republicans ask TV stations to pull ads by liberal group

Bush* to Visit Sept. 11 Memorial Next Week

Coup by Technicality

Thousands Protest in Haiti's Capital in Support of Aristide

Flashpoints: Aristide addresses his nation & the world

CNN: (Bill) Gates: Buy stamps to send e-mail

Aristide's guest privileges pared in exile

Iraq's Chalabi Says 'Blame CIA, Not Me' About WMD

Sen. Biden Tells Arabs to Adopt Democracy

Venezuela opposition leader shot dead

Victims' Families Press Bush to Pull 9/11 Ads (Bush refuses to pull ads)

Blair promises 'relentless' war on terror

CNN Breaking - Ashcroft hospitalized...

9/11 (C)omission Extension Granted --- Sorta...

3-Headed Frog Found - Frog Also Has Six Legs (Near leaky Nuke plant)

question about last night's "Concert for George" on PBS . . .

Why are all these other threads getting in my way?

remember when D Morris was licking prostitutes' toes ...

Tribute to Harry Harryhausen!

I put a kid in jail today

Anyone want to buy a slightly used 40' bus? Bidding starts @ $200.00

Traffic's "Where the Eagle Flies" is a MASTERPIECE!

Religious question

my friend wants me to plug for his radio show

is noise music?

The Movie Alphabet Game . . .

am I the only one who thinks the R&R Hall of Fame is reaching . . .

Sewing Needles Embedded In Man's Brain For 29 Years

Mountain Monk Mummy Found - 500 Years Old

Germany Launches Nationwide Easter-Bunny Count

"The Singhsons"??

Is there any hope?


My Grandparents

Vermeer wallpaper, anyone?..The modern version

Yolkless Eggs In Albania

Dog Eats Dead Owner

GENIUS, I tells ya! GENIUS!!!!

Battle of the 1970's Sci-Fi Evil Hordes

First I woke up from coughing and I woke the dog up

Australians and their sheep...

Am I The Only One Who Missed This:Janeane Garofalo writes book on politics

Ohio salad arrives with piece of a thumb

so I want to learn jazz rhythm guitar...

Yay for robot-legs.. ( Brought to you by DARPA)

Vote in this poll

I need help!

I miss B. Kliban

You Know I Have To Admit - Clay Aiken Ain't That Bad

A new job for Howard Dean.

Teen Steals Car Races 4 Laps On Speedway

Jobs report WAY down, Shiites blow up constitution, Media rebuts * Ads

Did anyone see Hatch and Sue on CBS this morning?

Have you ever seen a crackhead order breakfast at a fast food place?

Senior citizens brawl after salad bar dispute

Ten commandments for Democrats

I love you guys.

I just dutched up Shrub's axis of evil speech. Wanna see?

Thief Shoots Himself In Foot - Leaves Blood Trail Walking Home - Arrested

DumpGump call for good Karma

Stop me if you have heard this one.

A British Tribute to Chimpy's Dead dog Spot

My guy did the sweetest thing!!!!!

Bush is drinking again - Tequila my sources tell me...

If you're not listening to Stern now - it's a good time to start

I have a snow day today, neener neener neener

Any Real Estate folks at DU...I have some questions..

this is disgusting and i emailed them to tell them so....

I just got back from seeing The Passion of the Christ...

*YAWN* I'm up!! I'm up!! Good (FRIDAY) Morning DU

Students Offered Elvish Language Lessons

Painting #257 by Rabrrrrr? Mine.

Students Given Chance to Learn 'Elvish'

One Nation Uder A Groove

Cat tales: the cat went to get spayed

Dutch your national anthem here. O Canada, We stand on its care for tea.

4 trips to brothel, 8 porn films, "appliance" is all German asks

Coffee is almost ready who wants a doughnut?

Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

NEED HELP!!! The military "letter" - Iraq mission A-OK

Woman drives car into lake in film (Passion of the Christ) re-enactment

I'm finally going to get to see George Carlin in person

A friday morning joke

Wisconsin passes the Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment...

Which president would you least want for a cousin?

i just saw a street sweeper

The coolest pic you'll see today: "Echoes from the Edge"

I'm going to cry...Why are people so cruel?

Clinton and Bush and the infamous capped binoculars.

Texans - Especially Austinites: Can anyone explain this?

When you google your DU ID, who gets most coverage at RW sites?

a little musical interlude

My crown for a CAPTION

Tulips and Redbuds and Magnolia are in bloom

Ethics Questions

Teacher Suspended For Showing 'Passion' To Sixth Graders

Attn: SE Pennsylvania DUers: Come see my band tomorrow night! (March 6)


E-mail postage floated to stamp out spammers

"Survivor" and underarm hair

We got a poll that needs unfreeping.

These Are Some HUGE YAMS!!

Heard on the radio trying to name low carb communion wafers.

The Five Families War to be Brokered at Doobies in Philly on 4/24/04!

Severed Thumb Turns Up In Garden Salad


Join hands with me in my prayer for John Ashcroft

What would you do for 5 million bucks?

A question for DU oldtimers

Dylan and Jesus...

Mechanic claims brothel visits 'not cheating'

Am I a bad progressive? I would vote for C.T. Whitman (fmr NJ Gov)

March 5, 1951: the first rock and roll record is made!

Today's my birthday - Ask me anything!

NYT: My Life, My Cadillac Escalade EXT

What discussion is currently going on in GD2004 (nominations please)

My house in Kingfisher and my mom's business is flooded...

Late night joke

March 5, 1963: The Day Country Music Died

I lost my music anyway to get it back

Look everyone! My boss's new book is out

Is Kuchinich wearing a Bowtie in this Pic?

Charlie Chaplin fans check in

I felt so bad for Ashcroft that I made him this card....

Dog lymphoma, anyone have information?

Do you...

Euro-politics for tourists

Reality is frequently inaccurate.

Cartoon Voices, Take II

Cute fox!

Decisions, decisions......

Preferred Title?

Charlie Chan fans check in!

Martha Stewart guilty on all counts

To whomever gave me a star....

Bread: White or Wheat?

John Kerry Jukebox

Heart-broken puss finds it's way back home

Great headline on NPR this morning


March Madness - It's Just Around The Corner

Would Ashcroft lock up Jesus today and accuse him of Terrorisim?

Problems with early voting this morning in TX

From the people who brought us the Laughing Cat

Sexiest late night talk show host



blogs and comments order

The VET is coming down

10 Random Questions (this time about religion - oooh boy)

Bud - Weiss - Er

Last-minute Austin get-together tomorrow

T-Shirt -> People like you are the reason people like me are on medication

A conversation I had with a cabby this morning ...

Pet diaries uncovered--a bit o' humor

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't

Are There Any Good User Names Still Available For New DUers?

Will Durst Quotes...Hilarious!

Launch the warthog

I Found an Interesting E-Mail in My Inbox This Morning

Favorite Aaron Sorkin show

Orange jumpsuits - it's a good thing.

Shoes: Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

You can get with this, or you can get with that

The official plural for Jesus.

Martha Guilty on all FOUR (4) counts

Digital Air Hockey (thanks to DoubleDigitIQ)

Did somethng happen to Martha Stewart today?

M&Ms Plain or Peanut

What's your opinion on Molotov cocktails?

Men : Take the urinal etiquette test

Give a Republican a Rose and a Picture

How do I get involved with my precinct?

Memorable sig lines of the past (and present)

woooo 1000 posts

Anyone have ADD?

I just learned the English name of something I always loved to make

Bill Maher on "Wet Mars" - - We want our money back !

If Teresa Kerry Writes A Book Will You Buy It.

Am I an inside trader?

new Hannity advertiser Sirius

Favorite David Lynch Movie

Have you ever used the ignore option?

Ohio salad arrives with piece of a thumb

Seeing "The Passion", is it worth my time?

It is Friday Evening…..

Just got Martha in a white Bronco yet?

Angel or Spike

Extreme penguin game...VERY extreme

I absolutely HATE reality shows

'The Color Purple' Turned Into Musical

God punishes Ashcroft for anti-gay marriage stance

Electronics/electricity question

Gee. I Wonder What Will Be On All The Networks Tonight.

If you are ignored how do you know you exist?

Ironic ad on Oxyrush today at 2:00 for (get this!)

My Son the Activist!

Anyone else feel like this right now?

I'm studying "Death of a Salesman" in Lit

Forget the * "halo" pics - what about this one?


Any opinions of the efficacy of the polygraph?

Damn I like Stern alot

Grass, anyone?

Utterly Fearless NYC Activist needed --

I'm Calling OUT CATWOMAN!!!

Do Not Send Bush Back to Crawford

OK, I'm really bored at work - Stump me with difficult trivia questions.

Jack Chick, Fundie: Know your enemy

What's the longest you've walked around the house with poop on your shoes?

Is Colby from SURVIVOR the guy in the Quattro shaver ads?

Serious dog behavior problem. I have 3 dogs, all mixes...

Question for Atkins/South Beach/low-carb DUers

who will we caption after we win this november?

"From Martha's Kitchen" still on Food Network.

I caught my cat walking through a wall

Amended sig line

Bill O'Reilly is a big blubbering vagina.

Re-elect George W. Bush for President in 2004.

"The Color Purple" THE MUSICAL!

I'm doing the middle ages in History

(rant) I want my children to know that marriage

How's this for a sig pic?

I got to see my house today! WooHOOOO!

How do you pay your penance?

I prayed yesterday...

How do you put pics in your sig line?

My 200th post

Calling Underpants! Hellooooo? This post is for you!

Tour of West Coast Lefty Cities

If our Pets had the ability to post on DU, what would they say???

So, J.A.G. - Pretty much the Bushista Propaganda Variety Hour, right?


Gevalia coffee, opinions?

Some parental advise wanted....

Which lasts longer?

BWA Ha ha ha ha!!!! I demand an explanation!

how do fundies explain this?

What killed the dinosaurs? Well, the Great Flood, of course!

Favorite "Dotor Who" DVD

Will I ever get a poll locked *just* for being a Dingbat?

Praise Jayzuus! Repent you sinners!

Has anyone saved an article on Congress's "healthy" stock portfolios?

Mr Cranky's passion...

Oh Yeah.. Barry White is on the radio!!

Kornheiser & Wilbon or Ebert & Roeper?

"I've seen things..."

Goodbye, productivity!

I'm VERY proud! I installed my own bathroom sink faucet and it doesn't

I have read every post in the top listed 4 categories

Need some help/suggestions please

So I spent OVER AN HOUR searching the house for my keys. I found them...

I'm So Sorry For What I MIGHT DO Later

Pepsi Clear Did you drink it?

My baseball fantasy team thus far

I'm crazy! Watching "The O'Reilly Factor"! Ask me anything

Bartcop is right!

The comedians on Comedy Central's stand up show tonight

Reminder to DU: We're winning

Is "Enterprise" cancelled?

Update on Wellstone, the unofficial DU dog!

I am laughing through LaRouche's website...

Why I called in sick to work....or........IT'S THE CAT'S FAULT.

Do y'unz know how to touch type?

Legal Help

So, if a male Lifeguard rescues a male drowning victim by

Favorite Zevon tune

Rabrrrrrr's argument clinic is now CLOSED

How do you like your Christ?

I got quoted in the SF Chronicle at a protest that took place yesterday.

Any opinions of the efficacy of the pornographer?

Microsoft Word geniuses, help!

remember the obesity thread from last week?

Bar's open, and I'm buying!

Friday Night Kitty Quirk Thread....

Just getting over a stomach virus.

Is God in the Details? Article from Reason Magazine, July 1999

a funny saying about bush by bill Mahr, i think

Friday Night Kitty Quark Thread....

How many professional academics are in the lounge tonight?

To commemorate her death: FAVORITE SONG by PATSY CLINE?

I met someone interesting today...

Raleigh-Durham DUers, anyone here listen to Jerry Agar?

Any opinions of the efficacy of the phonograph?

SHould I turn this quote into a bumper sticker?

Any DUers travel to Japan recently?

I gotta git me one a them things!

How unique are you ??

What do you think?

What are you burning?

What do you smell right now?

"Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub." I have a question.

Santa's Letter

Satan's Letter

A Scary Thought...

Jean-Luc Picard's review of "Kill Bill"

Looking for Thundercats DVD set

Why I'm going to miss Bill Moyers' NOW

Let's pretend I just thought I heard what you said

What movie should I watch on the treadmill tonight?

Battle of the Big Ones….

Me like talk cave man

Go over here. You'll like it.

Women's Fragrances

Hey! Look over here!

i went over 7000

Congratulations rchsod!!!!!

My 2000th Post

John Stossel just made the soup I was eating come out of my nose...

Of course you'll have a bad impression of New York

Sing along everybody!

Short man in the elevator story this morning....

I'm sorta tired

Martha Stewart is going to have so much street cred now.

Cool, Beavis & Butthead are on

Congratulations, DemoTex!!!! 7,000 posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay, I know stuff - test my knowledge

Observe this icon closely.

Admit it - you enjoy the forbidden pleasure of watching...

Next 70s TV show to be made a movie?

State of the Union

20/20 is now waaaay over the top

Would someone please tell me how to make deviled eggs?

Hey. Who Is Are Karl Rove. Do We Have A Democrat In Washington Or

Help select candidates for more Battle of the Bands threads

Oh shit, there's a tornado headed right at me!

Indians are chasing Little Joe!!!!! Please tell me this is only a story!!

does anyone else just feel useless for no reason?

Zombie Fans -- You HAVE To See This! - SHAUN OF THE DEAD Preview!

Which epithet is more suitable for *?

Man do I stink!

Probably the 20th "I'm sorry, but I like this picture" thread today.

Favourite Owen Wilson role?

I'm going to Myrtle Beach SC tell me anything I should know about it

Best Weapon in a fight on a message board?

What do you smell like right now?

Bored with penguin baseball? Here's a new spin on it.

Friday Night Chat


Hello It's Me

I am under a Tornado Warning. Ask Me Anything!

My Insurance Denied My Prescription Coverage Again, Ask Me Anything!

Martha gets hosed - Ask me questions

That #$@%$ "Milkshake" song is so freakin' catchy!

Advice on making deviled eggs, thread 2

Question for the ladies

The Neighbors, Part Deux

Just paid my first-ever visit to the Meeting Room.

Favorite Kingston Trio song?

Funniest Horror Movie

Willis to be Kutcher's best man? (WTF?)

Terry Tate, Office Linebacker

the moon song

Anyone remember "Battle of the Network Stars"?

Do you feel bad for Ashcroft?

Mozilla Firefox Kicks so much ass on IE, that

Why don't animals love us as we obviously love them?

PAPOON for PRESIDENT-(his motto)"I am NOT insane"

Martha GUILTY on all counts - jail or no ?

Olive likes the moon!

Who wants to do some Passion bashin'?

would YOU take a Chocolate Chip Cookie From THIS MAN????

BBV: Look what I found on Ebay!

I'm adding two movies to my personal "Worst List"...

Battle Hymn of the Republic (Brought Down to Date) (When America Attacks)

Men's fragrances

Who's "snooping' on DU - I see "the 12th_man" gave ME honorable mention!!

Tom Hanks' Laugh in the "Lady Killers" preview is annoying!!!

The (partial) return of Movies for Democrats

Your least favorite female vocal performance.

A Must See For All Caring & Compassionate Humans ..... "scarecrow"

All Must BOW Before Bobby Flay Once Again

I am making chocolate chip cookies from scratch!!

I am beyond anger--now the economy has hit HARD.

Calling All Chicago Area DUers!!!

I'm sorry. I like this picure

Birthday party question

Let's go back to 1988: "The Last Temptation of Christ."

overnight latenight on the election

I'm in the market to buy a GPS for my car... any suggestions?

It's going to be 70+ tomorrow &

I'm sorry. I like this picture.

Should Martha recieve the Death Penalty?

Friday Night Movie Thread

Another Soros financed 527 that needs your money

So you tell me...Du'ers....

Do not give any money to the DNC--they have spending limits

Nader Support and Cognitive Dissonance: Is there a logical explanation?

Morbid Thoughts

A last few words for now

Some of John Kerry's votes Increasing Military Pay

My choice for Kerry's VP pick...

Kerry's wife to visit El Paso

The Bush attack on Kerry makes no sense at all.

How did Gore lose states even Dukakis won?

Kerry plans 20-city, $15 million fund-raising tour

A Black or a Woman won't do it as a VP (please read first)...

We need to win the WH and the Senate.

National polls are meaningless - only state polls matter!

Novak to Spoof Wilson at Gridiron Dinner?

CNN made a special on the Dean campaign; it will air Sunday 8 PM

RCP Average Kerry beats Bush 46.5% - 45.5%

Somebody tell JFK that finger pointing is verboten

North Korea warms to Kerry presidency bid

Florida is tempting electorally - Am I nuts to think Kerry has a chance?

What If The Republican National Committe Funds The Nader Campaign

Florida, blue state

A Kerry Shadow Cabinet?

Who would win a statewide election in Florida?

Moderators and Admins: Any possibility of vp choice avitars?

A Vote for Nader is a Vote for Bush

A landslide for Kerry. But can he now unseat Bush?

Kerry seeks party record $105 million

The Case For Bush Is The Case Against Him

Donating to the Bonesman!!! Kerry!!!

Who would win a statewide election in Florida?

Why don't polls list MORE than 3 parties?

Dishonesty, stupidity, immaturity, or something else? And on whose part?

Did Kerry really blow off Howard Stern's support?

Bush vs Kerry - a constructive thread

Arizona Republic Poll - Re: Bush's 9/11 ads

What a pathetic jobs report! Only 21,000 new jobs created.

Did any DUers see Dennis Kucinich in Gainesville tonight?

I just put my money where my mouth is

A thought on this poll graphic

Democratic Party can "proactively" marginalize Nader this time

The hypocrisy would be funny, if it weren't so sad.

Deleted message

Spring Cleaning... Kucinich and Sharpton must go

What are the most vulnerable "red" states?

What are our most vulnerable "blue" states?

Who else watched Hardball/ ad last night?

What is the mathematical relationship between Bush and Kerry?

The Southwestern Strategy.

The Lesser of Two Evils is not necessarily evil.

We have to cherry pick southern states that are winnable for Kerry

Should Kerry consider a woman as VP and if so who are some

If you're horrified at Bush's use of 9/11 for political gain...

the bush/cat poop connection....

Zogby is polling for Nader's impact

On the merits of NOT running a 'Southern Strategy' campaign

Kerry will win because of this - thank you Brits!

To everyone who says FL isn't winnable: eat this Kerry 45 Bush 44 in FL!!!

269-269 electoral college tie?

what do YOU think will happen at the convention?

If Sen. Jeffords or Sen. Leahy retired would you...

Could Ralph Nader Be A Covert GOP Operative.....

Be Passionate About the Truth

If Kerry chose a progressive VP...

What is going to happen when Bill Clinton starts barnstorming?

Is Nader helping Bush in order to boost his stock portfolio?

The thing that has always worried me about Kerry

Why is it stupid to have a Kerry/Dean ticket?

A Call to arms....again!

Kerry signed my Bush Doll

Martha Stewart Convicted - "Uppity" Dem Woman Convicted - meanwhile

How would Clark be a better VP candidate than Edwards?

I have an idea: How about ignoring threads you don't like?

The Midwestern Strategy.

What happens if we start getting job growth?

Who will not support Kerry because they want to keep their Bush tax cut...

Has there been a structual change in the economy? Jobs gone forever...

Allow me to *squash* any notions of a female VP

Sad Day - I just removed Dean and Edwards from my links bar

AP: Kerry, In South, Rips Bush on Job Losses

Nader supporters in swing states!?

Whose has the best policies for dealing with Peak Oil? Bush or Kerry?

What's more advantageous: having the first convention or the second?

GOP Wants Ads That Criticize Bush Pulled -

"Steady Leadership in a Time of Change" Is that what you call it? Not I!

Vice President Mary Landrieu or John Breaux?

Green Party/Naderites will grow under Dem Admin, shrink under GOP

Can I ask a dumb question about gay marriage in Massachussets?

Something for George Bush to think about...

Nader has already hurt Kerry's chances

The faker moves out - and we're ALL there to help

It's the Stupidity, Stupid!

Skull and Bones

Doc to Leftist Patient Coming Out of Coma: I've Got Good News & Bad News

Yea or Nay: Terry Mcauliffe

Kucinich calls for Bush to pull TV ads

When someone on DU does their homework like this guy, it needs to

The 5 Stages of the Loss of Your Democratic Candidate

I am a member of the Vibration Army!

Thank you, John Edwards.

John Glenn for VP.

Kerry is my candidate

Why do people belittle those volunteering for Kerry?

You Can Make It a Three-peat

If you REALLY want to win this election then you have to do one

Lesson 1: How to communicate with an idealist Progressive

What the Dems need to do 2005-2008

Local Paper Kerry/Bush Poll, please vote

I have been donating to Kerry since the day after Super Tuesday

I Donated/Signed On With The Kerry Campaign Today

OMG Mary Landrieu is HOT! She needs to be the VP!

Just saw crawl on CNN say that the RNC is telling

Now there is a presumptive nominee - what I plan to do. How about you?

Kucinich lauds peace, tenacity

VW Bus Completely Covered with Kucinich Stickers!!!

Lieberman calls for unity in foreign policy

Bush Or Kerry?

Maybe Bush 9/11 ads will change the tone and substance of the campaign!!

Democratic Congressman May Switch Parties

'Mr Blair... have you met President Kerry?'

UK Guardian on the Vice-President hopefuls

I really hate the word "progressive"

Okay - This is taking it too damn far! My integrity was challenged!

How can progressives help, but not for Kerry?

A polite discussion of the mathematical realities of the nomination

Two Johns (Michael Tomasky column)

Is Nader even going to be on the ballot in every state?

Who here thinks they would make a better VP than Breaux, Landrieu or Bayh?

I Think Kerry Will Govern Farther Left Than He's Campaigning

Did Ashcroft have a heart attack?

Illinois Senate: Marital Woes...More GOOP "Family Values"

Stop crying, or I'll give you something to cry about:

CNN Ad Paints Dean as a Communist

Media Carta: We, the undersigned...

First hand report New Orleans Rally

Kerry vs. Kucinich 2004 / Truman vs. Wallace 1948 parallel

A word to Kerry people . . .

If I were to write an open letter to John Kerry

What states can Kerry take?

Fuck it, I'll vote for Kerry

Here come the 2004 Election political tunes: Bring It On

Saturday's Guy James Show Guest---Dennis Kucinich

When is enough, Enough?

The Case for Wes K. Clark as Vice President

VP Poll Variant

Who else here voted for JFK in 1960?

AR and LA DUers: Are there a good number of liberals in your states?

Some numbers everyone needs to know in regard to red swingstates

John Kerry & Mary Landrieu sit down to lunch at Deanies in The Big Easy...

Now Iraq is ok.

Is it wise to put all our electoral 'eggs' in Florida's basket.

Attack of the ImperiaLiberals

Why you don't need to support Kerry.

Revisiting Dean: Dean supporters, why did you support him?

Lesson 2: What should be communicated to an idealist Progressive

Support pouring in - 2 Million dollar days in a row for Kerry!!!

Provide your top five veep choices (and give your reasons why)

Clarkies: He's Baaaack!

Rove/RNC email of MSN/Slate dump on Kerry for "revised positions"

I'm sick to death of uncompromising extremists!!!

Nader Votes Forces Kerry to GO RIGHT to WIN. Ideas On What Kerry Must Do?

Are anti-Kerryists the New Al Qaeda? Did it mutate again?

Attention Kerry Detractors.