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Archives: March 4, 2004

Iraqi women face old, new hurdles

Very funny Toles cartoon (Goreing of Kerry)

In just 30 days, aisle is cleared for gay marriage

The Enemy Within

NYT Op-Ed : Tom DeLay and the Lobbying Game

Iraq rebuilding contract on hold (Chalabi American Taxpayer Ripoff)

"Bush Orders Bin Laden Caught" (article) - What, finally?

Investigations could make or break Bush

Senate Testimony on "Judicial Activism"

Jeffrey Sachs - From His First Day in Office, Bush Was Ousting Aristide

Discuss Media -Congressional Black Caucus Grills Roger Noriega on Haiti!!!

Novak: Republican malaise (Repugs in Congress hoping Kerry wins?)

Margaret Cho's Letter To John Kerry! On Gay Marriage!!!

Iraqi Casualties Unlikely to Hurt Bush Election

Did Canada support a coup in Haiti?

Novak: Republicans losing faith in Bush

Why Haiti? Why now?

CATO institute VP unhappy with Bush's irresponsibility

California Peace Action: Send Senator Kerry a Message

'Homeland security?'  I guess that means it’s time to invade - Alterman

Nicholas D. Kristof: A past try for a marriage amendment

Martin Wollacott (Guardian Utd); Sunnis, Shias must play an equal part

Anyone See this Hatchet Job?

Contributors for both sides

Ann Thrax Outdoes herself!

US political elite engineers a Kerry-Bush election

Salon: Has Bush* No Shame?

pResident George Bush and the Gilded Age

Molly Ivins: Sometimes, bad is bad

An Idea to Bring Gas Prices Back In Line ...This Just Might Work!

Christy Whitman to speak at Princeton today.

Lets all sent Stern a love letter

What's the plan for 3/20/04?

Twin Cities March 20 Anti-War event!

Basham discussing Will Pitt

was Bev on the Today show this morning?

The Passion of Gay Marriages

This what happens with a diet of McDonald's

A thought on Bush's 9/11 campaign commercials - He'd rather

The "9/11 Happened on Bush's Watch" Mantra Is Gaining Traction

Say what you will about Maureen Dowd....

My Email to Chris Matthews

Just Ducky

Astrologer / Psychic on CNN the other day

Astrologers: Uranus in Pisces

Two gay Republican groups against Bush and the FMA

Federal Judge Turns Down Gay Students

Congress debates constitutional amendment

'I'm Not Guilty' NY Gay Marriage Mayor Tells Judge

Gov's Kin Arrested At Chicago Gay Marriage Rally

Watch the commercial and sign the petition! And pass it around!

Kerry Outlines Civil Unions Platform

Wildfire' Of Gay Marriage Must Be Put Out Frist Says

Log Cabin declares war


Letter to the "president", from Bette Midler...

Kerry Hates Transgender People!!!

House OKs increase in patent fees

An interesting interview with WIPRO chief

Greenspan's Wrong. Productivity Won't Move Yuan (but slight rise coming)

same story everywhere re: CDs coming due

New documentary evaluates psychology of the corporation

Battlestations-Japan Favored Over China in Pipeline Duel

Bush Strips More Protections From Mountain Top Mining Rules

EPA's exposure estimates - wrong

The spots are fading - Cheetahs

ChimpCo Pushing For Expanded Use Of Ozone-Destroying Methyl Bromide

Help please _ specific example of Bush environment record

Apocalypse revisited

Blue camp shows its hypocrisy - TW

KMT plan would lead to nation's slaughter - TW

Seeking Subpoenas: McCain v. * - Iraq Intel probe

Osama Lama Ding Dong - Bill Berkowitz

SA wants Aristide's exit probed


Furor in Lithuania over anti-Jewish newspaper article

Racist John Lott Spanked Over Florida Analysis

GUNS IN THE NEWS--March 4, 2004

Brady Center's pseudoscientific justification for the assault weapons ban

HR 2038: a bill to ban "assault weapons"

New round in gun issue

Holy Koresh! MN releases their 2003 CCW report!

How many people realize this:

Symbolic speech?

Was DemActivist officially unbanned from DU?

I'm asking for my account to be closed.

How do we petition for the restoration of a banned poster?

John Kerry Avatars

I have a question about the "letter to DU participants"

Doug Basham

I can't believe you used the words

Delete duplicate post

Is it my computer or is there something up with performance?

Donors uploading avatars

Is it too soon to start alerting third-party disruptors?

What HTML syntax (if any) is permitted in a sig?

concerning copycat threads in the Lounge

2 questions

Request to add a minority woman radio host...

Uploading avatars...again

Sorry I wasn't clear in my earlier question.

Brava(o?), Auntie Pinko! Excellent analysis.

Is there something in the water?

is there a rule for the length of a non-copy-rited

aren't we getting a little 'tight' with the 'No Sex Threads'?

Is it possible that this could be pinned to the top?

Quick question...

Question about moderator warning

I'm sure this has been asked before.

Just to let you know

Skinner, just read something you wrote

I have a great idea for a new forum.

Just to say...

Since y'all liked my Limbaugh Thermometer idea so much...

Sign Petition not to fund Gaza disengagement with our $

Israeli Organized Crime

Israel to Buy Water from Turkey

ICG Report - Identity Crisis: Israel and Its Arab Citizens

Israeli Forces Raid Gaza Town, Kill Boy

Public doesn't trust Israeli PM - poll

What should we do with the current Israeli/Palestinian leaders?

Average wage fell 2.3 percent in 2003

Notes on Anti-Semitism, Zionism and Palestine

Jewish father, son "bombed mosque, Arab MK's car"

It's time to internationalize the solution

Defending Zionism in a Time of Occupation and Oppression

The new Israelophobes

Never Forget

Does LIHOP include inviting them over?

Does anyone remember a "5th plane" on the early 9/11 broadcast?

Kerry needs immediate Response calling Bush a Flip-Flopper

Lack of jobs, war wither Bush's hopes - Jimmy Breslin

Looking for Kerry stuff -yardsigns, bumper stickers.

CIGNA study says GOP are liars/wrong - 401k type plans do not interest

Letter Campaign to Ralph Nader

Will there be exit polling on Nov. 2?

How did the propositions on the ballot in Cali fare?

Give Money to Kerry Now!

Nader should run for congress


Hitler is running this year?

Proof that Nader is going to get Bush elected

Nader must quit!

letterman jibe at polls

Why Gray Davis = George W. Bush *

Against Bush's $100 million plus

Other October surprises

I know almost nobody watches O'Reilly but

Aristide's Safety

How many Democrats

A thought I had about the "liberal" label

Deleted - moved to GD04

Did any DUers protest Bush in Los Angeles today?

Charlie Rose of PBS: Is this guy a major MediaWhore, or WHAT?

UCMJ, Other Countries Laws, Military Punishment...

"God Bless America" billboard on fire in SF bay area

Who's the right wing nut sitting in for Bernie Ward tonight?

New pic of Martian "blueberries"... with "stems"?

I heard one report that Maria Shriver was

Remarks By President Bush At Bush-Cheney 2004 Reception

is Fred Phelps also anti-Semetic?

Bill Maher Likes "The Passion," Tells Larry King Why

Why can't ONE SINGLE PUBLIC FIGURE explain why we really invaded Iraq?

Guy's Our Guy--"I Am the Chief. My Hero is Pinochet"

"Gay marriage" or "same sex marriage" - what is your preferred term?

An Aaron McGruder Appreciation Thread

Kerry cant let Bush change the tone...

Remember in November

CNN is doing to Kerry what they did to Gore

Senator Hillary Clinton did not rule out Vice President if she was asked

How does Kerry survive next 4 month's of GOP negative "Defining ads?"

LOL Sheeps protest against being compared to Repug Legislators

Karen Hughes is back whoring for Bush

Anyone know Barney Frank's sister's name and how to contact her?


America is under attack, in slow motion.

Wonder how many millions of dollars worth of ads Bush had to throw away?

DU this poll

anyone have info on turnout?

Coaching Kerry about religion

C-SPAN's Washington Journal ...

Could Bill Clinton become DNC chair?

Online poll at

Reps Conyers, Meek of Flordia, Meeks of New York on Haiti

Attention North FLorida Kucinich Bakcers

What is our trade agreement with India?

BBV - Only 2 co-sponsors on S. 1980 - Holt companion bill

Sen Harkin giving excellent background on Haiti

Thank you George Bush.. Write to him and Thank him

Insurer Warns of Global Warming Catastrophe

Imus is supporting Kerry, says the election in 2000 was stolen

Politicizing 9-11? How about SELLING 9-11?Lest we forget the photos $$$

Tweety and the 911 Ad....

Congresswoman Maxine Water's Statement on Kidnapping of Aristide

You say you want to end these Hate's how!

This year, the Revolution begins in earnest.

Liberal Radio - Listen NOW

PLEASE! Unfreep this poll: OK for W to use 9.11 in ads?

What was the name of the nitwit who asked John Kerry...

Bush galvanized our dissent. What will Kerry do?

kerry supporting ministers and priests

Jack Cafferty's emails...

Poll...go nuts

We now have a huge mess on our hands - Senator Chris Dodd

The audicity! CT Gov Rowland blasts impeachment panel

Another Repug caught with his hand in the till

Post-primary media hatchet job on Kerry begins…

If all the DLC people bolted and became republicans....

Press Release from Congresswoman Barbara Lee on Haiti

Help on Republican war profiteering

why is Ted Rall gone from the NYTimes Cartoon page?

Why did Bush go to Australia in summer 91 and remind them of obligation

The NY Daily News wants to here from you re: 9/11 Bush ads.

I need a good website on globalization

Emails to CNN on Bush's using 9/11 were scathing!!

How About Bush Smirking Over A Casket?

Is the new radio network up and running yet??

Harkin speaking on Haiti on CSPAN2 now 9:00am central

I've been me debunk this

Can One Listen to Howard Stern Online

CSPAN2: Kennedy & Dodd ripping the current admin on jobs policy

Orrin Hatch in a temper -tantrum

Ladies and gentlemen, the revolution has begun...

If a Dem said 9/11 wasn't a tragedy....


There's a Horrible Stench in Colorado Springs This Morning

AP: Roe v. Wade almost overturned in 1992!

Georgia Emergency Action Alert Today: Voter-Verified Ballout Printout

Need feedback on same-sex marriage FAQ

Poll at NY Daily News on Shrub's 9/11 ads

9/11 Money-grubbing scumbags! More fun at Freerepublic...

We Have Univ. Health Care! Tommy Thompson says so!

Question (re: citizen suits against federal government)

How you can cost Bush's campaign $

Mahrer on Larry King

I find it totally amazing...

Kerry-48% bush*-44% Pew Research Center for the People & the Press surv

The Bush ads show how much he is out of touch with reality....

Who Else Believes Trying to Mess with the Constitution,

The Freeper Response to the Outrage of 9/11 Ads

I'm hoping the Repubs try to do the "culture war" thing at the convention

I'm a Google moron today, help w/soldier deaths?

bushgang thought pigeon droppings were WMD in Iraq

What did the WH know, & when did they know it? - TPM on Senate memo theft

How about this rebuttal?

Democrat-Friendly Streaming Talk Radio

What should the first Kerry ad say ?

The Bush ads: "Uplifting"? "Upbeat"? Hardly!!

Help! Freepers trying to cover *'s Ass on this poll.

Looks like "Slate" has come out on the Dark Side

Dangerous precedent that could be set by Marriage Discrimination Amendment

Latest obesity reseach initiatives from the CDC....

republicans can kiss my...

Christian related Site (very interesting)

American Anthropological Association on gay marriage

Limbaugh on 9/11 ads

9-11 Tragedy. Anyone answer this question?

new meme: Republicans "hate our freedom"

Georgia Emergency Action Alert Today: Voter-Verified Ballout Printout

a very explicit image

Rush Limbaugh's Misguided Memories of 1960

LOL! 360 Poll -

i have been out of touch for a while......but

Wash., D.C. lead in water problem HUGE

Do the Same-Sex Marriage Rights Include Adoption Rights?

Has anyone seen any news about the Coup in Haiti in their local paper?

Image from the Bush ad (Link too)

Bush unemployment below average for past 30 years.

Who is Ron Paul (R-TX)

Pro Israel ads running on CNN

What would Ronald Reagan do? (re: exploiting WTC/9-11)

anti-DWI Republican representative arrested for...wait for it, wait for it

Russ Feingold sides with NRA on Gun Ban

Preemptive Information to Wake the Sleeping Public


Howard Stern literally brought tears to my eyes

Should Corporations be allow to give money to political candidates?

Dept. of Homeland Security and Ossama Bin Ladin

Karen Hughes~"9/11 was not a tragedy but a shared experience"

Bush's new campaign ads suck.

Corporations Need Treatment, Documentary Argues

Don't the Democrats have some 9-11 imagery they can use

Help me debunk this please

Link to Bush ad?

Does Filegate Extend to the White House? -Wash Post

hey i need an essay on fear, someone kindly help?

My letter to Stern regarding Clear Channel

When will Dean and Clark

I have a hunch I'm going to get flamed here.

can u believe this?

The 9/11 families are a huge trump in this election!

The Unelected Non-President Does/Doesn't Hold A Conversation

Religion and Nationalism

Have you seen this Bush ad?

Hope this isn't a dupe - Republican spy: I did nothing wrong when I hacked

Microchips in new $20 bills explode when you microwave them

anyone know what the right-wing militia crowd is up to lately?

Please rate this Yahoo story (outrage over Bush ads)

Do you know when you are being deceived ??

Any University of Texas students around?

A terrific Picture of a High Priced "Media" Whore!

The myth of Karl Rove's genius

Bush wants same sex classes and schools

I was just privy to a discussion about *.

We want the keys, please - we're taking over

Congressional Black Caucus's Ties to Aristide Questioned

Anyone else watching Crossfire?

Sept. 11 Families Disgusted by Bush Campaign Ads (Reuters story)

10,000 Iraqi civilian souls "liberated" from their bodies

"If Chavez is toppled, I will..."

has anyone seen a Bush approval poll this week?

CNN Polls (3-4-04)

9/11 freeper widow on MSRNC vs Andrew Rice (peaceful tomorrows)

Howie Carr on-line poll - Bush* 9/11 ads

If Flight 93 crashed into 3-Mile Island, what whould've happened?

Stern Feels Bush-Whacked End Is Near

Caribbean Press on Haiti

Smirk wants to use $1 mil transition money - thinks he will win in Nov.

Why the party needs Howard Dean Democrats. . .

Joe Lieberman needs to keep his advice to himself

Xfire discussing B* 9/11 ads.....Pug gasbagger disses firemen!

US Rep Cole-R-OK Claims a Vote Against Bush Is a Vote For Hitler

My mom (former fence-sitter) is registering as a Dem!

Get Mike Malloy to be a guest on the Howard Stern show...

Texas DUers/Bush flip flops?

poll to DU

Family Feud must be liberal.

Kerry response ad idea...

Bush Puts Giant Sequoias on the chopping block

The ultimate payback...

just got this from my friend who works for doggett re: tom coles

A Dem ad?? ....reverent , but appropriate

Rate the Yahoo story on 9/11 ads a 5 to keep it front & center

Before people get really upset about that poll with Nader at 6 percent

Call Tom Cole and tell him what you think of his statements

Steven C. Day courtesy of Buzzflash....ya gotta read this!

McCain and Bush clash on powers, scope of intel probe

Man Dressed as Satan upsets Theatre and Town!

Anyone heard Howard Stern lately?

whats the deal with 527's ? Has a ruling been made?

911 or no 911 in Kerry's response ad?

that was so much fun


CBS News Talking about the Bush Ads

Daschle [finally] calls for Rollbacks on Media Ownership FCC Rules!

Received this from the Kerry campaign...

Poll just shown on CNN

Lets all sent Stern a love letter

True or False: The real political battle is between the conservative and..

BBC World News just showed a ad

Just went to Bush's site to watch his new ads.

Anyone else find Governor Gropenfuhrer's Orange Raygun Hair disturbing?

Lou Dobbs Fans Check in!!!

Protest coup in Haiti pictures from SF

An even better Kerry response ad... that you can see right now

Aaron Brown - A One Trick Pony ??

I'm digging the hell out of Lou Dobbs

Salon: Stern Fired for Criticizing Bush

Impossible to hate the Chimp???????????

How the US should surrender Iraq to the UN

Wont It Be Lovely !!!

Where is Saddam? Does bushco really want him to testify????

911 widow: "When I look at the ads.....I know.... that...* failed those.."

Here it is: TBTM's version of Bush's ad!

Repubs cannot win if the contest goes negative...

We are trumpeting a "Spring offensive" against Osama...Should we really

Stephanopoulos: "They have no intention of taking the ad down."

Wingnut Congressman says a vote against Bush is a vote for Hitler

Maybe Bush actually does think after all. Ewwwwwwww! Hide the democracies.

Does anyone here honestly think Nader will get 6%?

Illinois Gov's sister-n-law arrested at gay marriage protest in Chicago

Haha...I just called Cole's office in Ok. about his statement

Karen Kwiatkowski's Latest: Commander, USFI? [Permanent Iraq Bases]

What's the deal with the Michael Eisner bashing @ Disney?

Direct TV Subscribers

Ha! aWol* Exploitation of 9/11 Backfiring Already!

CNN poll - 911 Images

9/11 Families to Be On...... Tonights News Programs

BBV: This is a great sign:

Sean Insanity is doing a copycat contest

To Coloradoans. Campbell's Senate Seat.

Gallup Poll: Gender Gap Alive and Well

Bill Moyers talks to William Sloane Coffin , March 5

HELP!!! I'm being TERRORIZED by GWB and Cheney!!!

Blix: Iraq war was illegal

Repukes contribution to history

The Story about Bush's 9/11 misuse is the top story....

On Countdown: Ft. Hood soldiers training to be garbage collectors

Guess what happen today in 1789?

Voter Verifiable Paper Trails-Have YOU Done Anything Yet?-Act Now! Its EZ!

they have nothing but FEAR

Bush is now more annoying than Snyders tire commercials

NPR Omnibus ALMOST admits NPR is just a mouthpiece for State Department

Kerry Doctrine Article

Illinois Senate Debates on ABC...A Joke

Are you guys watching Deborah Norville?!?!

I just got an idea....

Did you see this story on Buzzflash?

History of Haiti from Uncle Noam

LOL -- Josh Marshall gets some freeper "love"

My voter registration tallies for the last 4 fight reggie.

I have a serious question about a

Will the Blue Flu hit the Repug Convention.

Just caught the last of this on MSNBC

Another poll that needs an

CNN talking about the Memo Thefts

High court pulls reins on eminent domain

Did Tommy Thompson just call for free health care for all Iraqi's

Should the Dems boycott the cable TV shows?

Scalia to give address on Judicial Independence. Please Read.

Responding to those who take the credit out of Clinton's economic record?

Those initials


The GOP is Dead - proof inside

Andy Card walks into the Oval Office and says..............

If Anne Frank Only Knew ...

Leahy apologizes for being a Dem Says as Senator "Stolen" Computer Docs

Would this idea be too crass?

Passion of the Christ, will Republicans benefit from this movie?

Mike Malloy update!!

Must see picture of the chimp, not photo shopped!

How about a V-Chip for political ads?

Neil Cavuto blames recent stock market volatility on uncertainty of Bushs

BBV: You gotta be Replaced.

News Conference Leaked Staff Memos C-SPAN 8:00pmet

Bush and Black Communities

Do you think terrorism can ever be stopped?

Said this before and I'll say it again...

Needed: Kerry votes on Military Support

If you could eliminate one wingnut talking head

Old: Spying on our friends. New: Using it to undermine peace

Christian Dominionism..Coming to YOUR small town? (please read)

Halloween X: Follow The Money (SCO is being funded by Microsoft)

No more 2002s: Told a friend where I stand. Not this year, buddy.

Clark as SecDef?

If Jesus came back as republican, I would not vote for him, but then he

Come on DUers, help me improve this Letter to the Editor

What Amendment Would Best Protect "The Sanctity of Marriage"?

where can you make bumper stickers online?

How does this scenario sound . . . .

It doesn't matter if Osama gets caught before elections

They get what they deserve: Ppl who get drafted who vote for Bush or Nader

Who else here is angry over Utah oil lease givaways?

Dick Morris tips the hand: "[Bush] needs to elevate the sense of threat"..

news about Liberal radio

Arab-American support for Bush

California county to ban biotech crops, animals

Australia’s richest man profits from Solomon Islands intervention

O'Reilly: Kerry using Vietnam service=Bush use of WTC footage

Laura Ingraham: Indecent!!

Jay Leno had some good Bush jokes...

Interesting? I sent the W.H. an email about the 911 ads and just got a

So what happens under the Marriage Amendment if...

Where is Kerry rapid response - yesterday was all Bush all the time

Government in Waiting - Love it!

Hannity: "The liberals are POLITICIZING this ELECTION". That is precious.

Do the freeps talk about peak oil and environment?

dennis miller dead last in ratings

Watching Hardball rerun...They are still linking 9/11 to Iraq

Anyone remember...

Is there someone Nader respects so much, that if he asked Nader to

gay community

I think I'm gonna donate to the Bush campaign.

Just heard on AM Radio news that Bush* is going to pull his 9-11 Ad

Demands For Newsom's Arrest Grow

It's time for Donna Brazil to step down as our unofficial spokesperson!

The Pendulum swings right...........The Pendulum swings left?

New Mexico lawmaker arrested for DUI after ceremony

How is everyone giving money - DNC, Kerry, Moveon...

Do we really care about the environment?

Should drinking and driving be illegal?

France. Central African Republic. Oil. Coups. Same sheet of music as *

When can we expect Kerry to post his short list for VP?

Haitian History. Ayiti Oui (Celebrating the Glorious Haitian Revolution!)

Hardball to show moveon.orgs ad

Will You Commit to Being Part of the Revolution? Please Help.

Do you think Log Repubs wil equal Reagan Dems?

Sexism and contraception: Are women getting shortchanged?

Why is the Democratic Party taking up Bush's "war on terra?"

A good politics board

"American Dynasty" (PHILLIPS) Is Mind Boggling

D.C.: Teacher shows bootleg "Passion" to 6th-graders

I was on tonights news and found out why the mainstream press ignores Bush

Worldwide 9-11 Phone, Fax, Email Compaign

Remember the young lady and her photo journey through Chernobyl?

A Canadian AlQueda family speaks - RealPlayer video - CBC

2004 may be the last time I vote Democratic...unless changes are made.

Free Sherman Austin!

Peak Oil - Okay, I'm terrified.

The Official Osama bin Laden Prediction Thread

Bush intends to overthrow Chavez next - heard it on NPR about an

Racist email circulates among NSW police | ABC (Australia)

Political ads or exploitation? (9/11 widow criticizes Bush)

Honda recalls Civic, Insight vehicles

Fire Fighters President Says Use of Fire Fighter Images in Bush Ads...

HK poll shows lack of confidence in Chinese leadership

Arab League challenges US Mideast plan

CARACOM decides not to recognize the US Coup in Haiti-

GOP Groups, Fannie Mae to Pay FEC Fines

Harvard gives access to new stem cell lines

Study Warns US Faces Asbestos Disease Crisis

Prostitutes bound and thrown to crocs drowned: police | SMH

Official Tells of Investigation Into Mad Cow Discrepancies

CARICOM demanding inquiry into Haiti ouster

AP: Europeans Say Iraq War Raised Threat

Prosecutors take on Genoa police

U.S. Requests Exemptions to Ozone Pact for Chemical

Benign virus may guard against AIDS spread

Shell's Top Executive Is Forced to Step Down

French Government Criticized for Keeping Bomb Threats Secret

U.S. Soldiers Arrest Suspected Iraqi Extremist Leader

Albright Says Bush Goes Easy on Putin

9/11 prisoner wins German retrial

Chinese Democracy Activist Released on Medical Parole, Heads for U.S.

new filings for jobless benefits declined to 345,000

Mich. to Charge Confessed Serial Killer Who Is Scheduled for 2006 release

Most Canadians dislike Bush: poll - Toronto Star / Ipsos Reid Poll

Pakistan may make Nigeria a nuclear power

Furor in British Columbia grows over bribery probe - Globe and Mail

Iraq militants claim al-Zarqawi is dead

Violence, Turnover Blunt CIA Effort in Iraq

OPEC to Consider Raising Output If Prices Stay High

Venezuelan Bonds Recommendation Raised by J.P. Morgan

AP: Europeans Say Iraq War Raised Threat

Grady Memorial Hospital to make 300 job cuts (Atlanta)

Kerry To Chop Clinton Buddy (Terry McAuliffe)

SFChron: S.F. magazine is banking on NASCAR fans

Panel votes for heftier fines for indecent programming

Government, Troops Get Tentative Grip on Haiti

Cancer Patients Brace for Medicare Changes

Alleged Statement Claims Al-Zarqawi Dead

Local gay couple files for license to marry (Michigan)

GOP at odds over gay marriage

Kerry E-Mail Move Irks Privacy Experts

Australia opposition leader would win election, says poll

Iraq militants claim al-Zarqawi is dead

Deadly Bomb Attacks in Iraq Since War Began March 20 (AP)

Arab Leaders Seek to Counter U.S. Plan for Mideast Overhaul

US will not refer Iran to Security Council for hiding weapons: official

New York City Rejects Gay Couples Seeking Marriage Licenses

Powell and Aide Questioned on Haiti by Panel's Skeptics

Senators review Judiciary memo report

Kraft executives are part of mass company layoffs

Kinky Friedman to run for Texas Governor

Iraq Council Head Chides U.S. on Security After Bombs

Impeachment Panel to Subpoena Conn. Gov,

German court tosses world's only Sept. 11 conviction

South Africa: No Formal Asylum Request Received From Aristide

Top BBC resignations astonished Hutton

President Talks Up Economic Leadership

Ugandan king sues Britain for a trillion pounds

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 4 March (#1)

Haiti: Ex-police chief back for old role (Dany Toussaint)

Baghdad Attack Leaders to Return to Iraq (3rd Infantry Division)

Daughter Of Chicago Alderman Arrested At (Gay Marriage) Rally

Man Sells Garage Sale Painting for $1M

Europeans Say Iraq War Raised Threat (we're not safer-USMedia faints)

As losses mount, US military unveils new high-tech gadgets

Iraqi Civilian Casualties Unlikely to Hurt Bush Election

ZDnet: Open-Source Guru Claims Proof of Microsoft/SCO Link

Working Poor Face Higher Obesity Rates

Gun Votes Now Part of Political Agenda

Web file-share firm ordered to face the music - Kazaa

Bush can 'go to hell', says Zimbabwe minister

Dell's Founder Surrenders Chief Executive Role

Senate Mulls Move Against Job Flight

SFChron: Frist wants 'wildfire' of marriages stopped

Church World Service Providing Emergency Food, Medicine to Haiti

Text of Aristide letter upon leaving Haiti

South Africa wants Aristide's exit probed

Press Release from Congresswoman Barbara Lee on Haiti

GOP Contributor in New Mexico Gets Leeway for Oil Drilling

9/11 Victims' Kin Angered by Bush Ads

Frist draws GOP fire for handling of gun bill

Lieberman Calls for Kerry, Bush Restraint

Bush admin: Some Mexican immigrants won't be fingerprinted.

Papers: Roe V. Wade Was Almost Overturned

US fruitcakes take Afghanistan by storm, military says

Guantanamo Trials Not 'Kangaroo Court' -Rumsfeld

Kerry VP talk includes a Clinton (Nit-Picklering!)

Bush Administration Worried About Gasoline Prices

Bill would let voters, not Romney, fill Kerry's senate seat

About 4,700 Democratic Files Improperly Obtained

Cargo Shippers Security Rules Delayed

Lawmakers Grill Thompson on Canada Drugs

Ohio Judge Dismisses Pornography Charge

Rep. Maxine Waters Says Aristide Is Being Held Like a Prisoner

Court Throws Out Sentence in Cross (burning) Case (actually good news)

US criticized over Arab women's rights

Military Medics to Replace Civilian Peers in Iraq/Philipppines--New WMW

Former astronaut Glenn criticizes Bush space plan

Deadly Iraqi attacks can't be stopped - US

Insurer issues global warming warning - world's second-largest

Russian Experts Reportedly Gave Iraq Missile Aid

Judge Rules Against Gay High School Students

Resolution violation did not make Iraq war legal - Blix

Brown may quit for job at IMF

Ex-Minister Short Blasts Blair on Iraq 'Deceit'

AP- Labor Dept. Probes Teachers Union Reports

Aristide wishes to return to Haiti

Blix: Iraq war was illegal

North Pole Rescue Mission (research base has sunk)

NY Food Stamp Call Centers Outsourced Internationally

Va. Judge Resigns After Racial Remarks

Jerry Springer to help Democrats

September 11 families disgusted by Bush campaign ads

WP: Bush's Economic Indicator: 2 New Jobs

US recruits guards for Iraq in Chile

'Aristide to live in CAR until SA election'

New Search for Bin Laden Begins...

Bush Campaign Defends Ads With 9 / 11 Images

Kerry Lags Behind Bush in Fund Raising

L.A. Performer Thrown Off the Air Over Obscenity (Sandra Tsing Loh)

Iraqi Casualties Unlikely to Hurt Bush Election

John Glenn blasts Bush space plan

Republican senators push constitutional amendment

US faces mounting international fury over Aristide's 'forced' exit

America chasing Osama 24/7

Mass. Teacher Snubs Paige Over Comment

Families of WTC victims angered at Bush campaign ads (Exploiting the dead)

German court overturns world's only 9/11 conviction - Globe and Mail

Polls: World Not Pleased With Bush

Bush Capitalizes On Travel Bargain

Ban rebounds on Bush as gay couples flock to wed

Coke paid hefty bonuses amid sharp job cuts

AP Poll Finds Bush, Kerry Tied in Race

Autism - MMR vaccine link 1998 study retracted

Battle for the White House boils down to select states

Venezuela opposition takes hope from Haiti developments

Longtime Bush* Advisor Takes Jab at Kerry

Nato urged to ban troops from brothels

WP: GOP Aides Blamed for Leaking Documents

Police executives: Budget cuts would be devastating (W's budget)

France Bans Head Scarves In School

Unions May Picket Democratic Convention

WP (Pincus): Experts Say U.S. Never Spoke to Source of Tip On Bioweapons

Ok. Lawmaker Denies Using Hitler Angle (Vote Vs. W like a vote for Hitler)

US Says Aristide Exit a Lesson for Failed Leaders

Venezuela's UN Envoy Quits to Protest Chavez Policies

O.A.S. Seeks Peaceful Solution to Tense Venezuelan Impasse

Documentary: Bin Laden Loves Volleyball But Not Ice

Air Force One phone records subpoenaed

How quickly can you guess what my nickname means?

I'm a little tired, so quit bugging me!

I can't believe it.. I voted today, but not for whom I thought I would.

I wish...........


If George W Bush were a hockey player...

If George Bush were a baseball player

How smart are you?

I am nervous again.

Buchanan asks a PRO BOXER if the Passion was "too violent"...

If George Bush were a comedian

Next time someone tells you to go to

I looked at this woman's website.

Ted Williams Is Frozen In Arizona And His Son John Henry Williams

New Driving rules! Just in time for rush hour!

'Polite Robber' Not So Polite After All - He Punched Police

Another good thing about losing weight: FINDING MONEY

Wife Throws Grenade At Husband During Argument

so the godhatesfags crew are coming to my friend's town

Hey, good morning everybody!

small print at the bottom of spam

Troll techniques

I just saw the stupidest commercial disclaimer I have ever seen.

Maryland: 'Geoffrey the Giraffe' Owes State Taxes

Help! Computer advice needed!

On NPR this morning. Did the announcer say resident bush

My Midterm Exam Is This Morning at 10:30AM......oy vey.....

Enterprise rocked last night

Who to Hell cares about Princess Diana?

Woman Steals 450 Library Books - Gets Probation

The Onion: Jesus Demands Creative Control Over Next Movie

Do people on cell phones think no one can hear them????

Everybody duck! It's a drive-by!

The sun will shine out of your crotch!

Ideal Hermaphrodite Form?

Business Engrish 101

Just for the record, I don't REALLY hate marriage

so how's your hand-eye coordination? . . .

Howard Stern just said Al Franken is going to be on. I think he meant now.

I have it -- the John Duffey avatar!

Does your city have "reverse" traffic lanes?

McDonald's Contest You Have NOT Heard Of!! - Walk In Get $1 MILLION

OK Are You Sick And Tired Of The News Ticker That Has Taken Over

Is anyone else going to watch "Mad, Mad House" on the Sci-Fi channel...

Bush Campaign announces NEW slogans

Ok, fine, obscure movie quote: round 3

Why oh why did I eat White Castles last night before bed???

Wardrobe Malfunction Waiting to Happen!

What will General Discussion:2004 Primary turn into?

Name the movie quote: Round 2

Angel fans check in

Spielberg Dodges 'Passion' Controversy

One Gripe About The DVD Movie Format...

It's the Stupidity, Stupid! Re-defeat Bush! Favorite bumperstickers!

J.K. Rowling Hints at More 'Harry Potter'

ARRRGH! Chuck Grassly is using that meme!

You know, Italian opera just isn't interesting

I know there has to be others DUers with Herpes, so I have some questions

test pls ignore

What will the next Harry Potter book be called?

Anyone ever use Interland for webdesign/hosting?

I Love "The O.C."

Bill Maher Likes "The Passion," Tells Larry King Why

This is 4,999. What should I post for my 5000th?


Would you put this bumper sticker on your car?

What's the ideal male form?

What is Dubya doing to this poor old woman?

This Board DESPERATELY needs a Superman thread...

What is the accuracy of "plagiarism programs"?

Transcript of President Bush's Remarks To Lurch Dukakis!

I just got a dim son pop-up ad while surfing the net.

It's a "War of the Worms"

Woop! I'm getting my own star...

Gary Oldman has signed on to play Lt. James Gordon in Batman Begins

DU Atheists: Great song in defense of atheism.....

Anyone have a spare Kerry button?

Fun cartoon

Would you like to earn credit at the Univeristy of Georgia?

I'm Going To A Clay Aiken - Kelly Clarkson Concert Tonight

The Cenacle | 49 | October 2003

The Grinder Girl!

How many hours a week do you work?

Driving under the influence

so I just acquired the Grey Album

What's your favorite Wonder Twin form?

Terribly rude parody song "Candy Crowley" sung to the tune of (guess!)...

Is there a figure from book, film or the theater that you identify with?

Chernobyl today, a photo essay by a local motorcyclist

Worst ever final episode?

I am so friggin tired of this snotin

Gratuitous KLF thread.

This board desperately need some Thong-wearing yak-loving memeing hugs

Was there a Chris Conspiracy?


I'm on vacation next month...have no idea where to go...

Anybody seen Riki Tiki Tavi on DVD?

What trick should I teach my puppy?

Poll on the reinstatement of Pete Rose into baseball

Favorite nude scene in a non-porno film?

Should I donate to DU ? (Poll without choice)

I had 3 viruses and was DUless for over a day! Ask me anything!

Don't you just hate copycat threads?

Am I the only person alive that doesn't have instant messaging?

Copycat threads don't hate, just you

Best musical of all time?

What Rick should I teach my puppy?

My cat copies all hate threads

Don't you just copycat hate threads?

My hat copies all Cate threads.

My hate copies all cat threads

A Fine Member of Mel Gibson's Target Audience

My threads copy the cat in the hat....oh forget it.

Cool Person test

1/2 Way To Glory ... Post 500 WHoo hoo

Copy of the "I hate cats" thread

I see "Message removed by moderator" and I'm juiced!

Where's GOPisEvil???

Did William Burroughs father at least 50% of the DU membership?

That's My Bush!

Favorite Porno-Scene At My House?

Favorite non-porno scene in a porno movie

Was there a Christ Conspiracy?

The Wanking Monkey of all CAPTIONS!!!

Atheism is not amorality

You know what all this ado about "Passion" reminds me of?

The Burning-Fingers of all CAPTIONS!!!

SIGN THE PETITION NOW: For Underpants to put back on his underpants...

Thready Catty Cop Favour?

Favourite Copycat thread?

There are no CAPTIONs before thee

I hit 5000 posts -- 38 posts ago

the death of the pillsbury doughboy...

UPDATE On B'Day Boy Who Stole Plane - "I feel lucky to be here..."

Favorite porno scene at Paris Hilton's house.

How do you know if you're being lied to?

Help out

If your are CAPTIONing and you know it clap your hands

ABC Gets Ratings Boost from 'Kingdom Hospital'

Copycat thread you're most indifferent about?

Feeling disenfranchised? Then...CAPTION

Today is my day off - Thank God! - Ask me anything.

Poll - Are copycat threads....

Caption this photo!

Ready, set, garden!

Favourite nude scene in a porno film?

How to Save Straight Marriage -- Humor Alert!!

These guys just blew off 2-3 grand.....


Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

My cat is nuts!

Favorite Jeff Buckley non-cover song

Kitty name suggestions, please!

What have you been listening to lately?

Melee breaks out at Florida retirement home salad bar...

NFL Free Agent News: Terrell Owens a Raven

Favorite porno scene in a non-film?

President Kissyface Courts Your Votes!

Need a new avatar

Question re: new cell phone

The poll results are in. My 5,000th post: the next congressperson from SD

'Masturbating' Lingerie Advertisement Banned

A friend received a Bush/Cheney solicitation, what should he do?

"Assembled in Mexico of United States"

new bush* ad... stay the course

He he...he he he....HAHAHAHAHA!

I just got a reply from the White House

Favorite Pep Boy

Request advice from DUers with web sites

Favorite Reindeer

Tell me about this sex, what is it and where can I find it?

Is this just too tacky to be an avatar? Have I blasphemed?

Favorite porno scene at the White House?


49ers Deal Owens

Who Says Bush is Out of Touch With the People?

White singers I originally thought were African-American

Doggie Owners: Preferred Method Of Yard CleanUp?

do republicans enjoy sex?

Industrial Slumming

what is the greatest movie of all time

I overslept through class today...

Favorite Jim Croce song?

I got a job!!!

Have you ever noticed that any mail you get that says...

if you're too slow to realise, then Gammadion will rise!!

Mr_B got a job!

YIKES!! I just got a invitation

so help me, I like The Apprentice on NBC!!

Favorite Things

Stern is relentlessly, relentlessly slamming Bush, his ads....

A week ago 1 foot of snow, now it's time to go topless!

Candles or Incense?

Take this college basketball final exam

Little Boy Blew

Tell me a story.

Man charged with public masturbation

Incense or peppermints?

WTF??? A Model of Billy Carter's Pickup?

Ancient Mars: Renderings Show Raging Floods, Vast Oceans

Forcing someone to sign - what's it called?

Favorite Whole Number Between One and Ten


Where can I get a "Re-ReJECT Bush" bumper sticker?

From the endless goodness that is memepool check this out

Hey Ben Nighthorse Campbell! Is that a pony tail, or just a horse's ass?

Here is an exact quote and a reason why movies like the Passion

Should I patent this idea?

Warning: This Photo May Bring Lump to Your Throat

Anyone here ever suffer under the fundies at Valley Christian in San Jose?

To all the DU ladies: we LUV ya so HELP US!

About Happy Funball Underground, Our Candidate and the General Election

You and me and rain on the roof

Osama bin Laden Capture/Kill Pool -- please, no wagering

What female jazz singers should I check out... past and present???

The POed one just hit 1000 posts!

Who's the daddy of the boy in the middle?

If you could watch an all day marathon of game shows with Strong Bad.

Should I change my avatar?

So many CAPTIONs so little time

Petition to send William Hung to Hollywood. 109K signatures thus far!

tcm is running

Favorite computer solitaire game

could you imagine....

How many marriages is too many?

*really important*-----unfreep this story!

I'm watching the third (small) building fire in a month out my window

For all the DU guys...we luv ya so read up

Dorm fun...

I hate Freepers

Has Anyone Read Any of These Books?

Which ad do you prefer?

It's the Giant Roadside Attractions Thread. Post the worst, oddest, best.

Snapstream Personal Video Station?

Funny little thread over in GD...

OK.. Sell me on a new TV drama

my daughter just asked me if GOP stands for

This website makes me angry (

Howard Stern: I was fired for criticizing George Bush (Salon)

Will you vote in this poll?

I saw the PAssion... last night

Wow, we didn’t know?

Its Official: 'Family Guy' is coming back

Bea Arthur - a really cool chick!

Queer As Folk--The original British series...

Will the X Prize be won by 2010?

just heard one of my best friends is getting a divorce

"Bush campaign plans 'Blackhawk' landing at Ground Zero" (!!!!)

A message to Michael McDonald

3 of my last 5 posts have had (nt) at the end of the subject lines. (nt)

Anybody watching "Mad Mad House?"

Former Pres. Jimmy Carter to throw out first pitch at Petco Park


Results are in - my class' preference

I just got an idea....

Gather all your friends for a sing-a-long!

Doing a fantasy baseball league?

Drunk Post!!!!!

When peak oil is realized, what will happen?

Favorite Eric Carmen/Rasberries song

I just posted in GD2004 - Can Somebody Wash Me Off?

That's it. I am never trying to help anyone out again!!!

Penn&Teller doing environmentalism

"My name is Jonas.....

Dookus' Day: A Diary of Unemployment

I gave DU some money today!

just saw phone booth

Tidal wave warning for Gypsum, Colorado! Run for the hills! Oh, wait...

Why are WASPs (I'm one*) so mean?

I'm going to take this oppertunity to say goodbye.

American Idol mpegs...

BLAAAH its time to go scholorship hunting... any suggestions?

Nobody probably saw these great movies

Thursday Night DU Chat

Andy Card walks into the Oval Office and says..............


Texas zoos to feed live strays to lions. Please take this poll.

CONFESS!!!!! Who's the craziest person you've done for love

Interesting choice of tennis photo to use

I want this thread to never die, please

I want this thread to never die, please (Thread 2)

Got Milk ?

Daily Show thread

CONFESS!! What's the craziest thing you've ever done for LynneSin?


I want this thread to never die, please (Thread 3)

Without looking!

Your Favorite Best-Ever Non-Human Vocal Performance

I don't know why, but this picture makes me laugh... how about you?

I can make music with my armpits!

Unintentional Hilarity in a Comic Strip That Is Decidedly Not Funny

Thunderstorm in Phoenix

I feel an obligation to America, but my health may prevent...

Meeeee aaaaand my Shaaaadow.... CAPTION

They issued an Amber Alert here for some reason.

Michael Eisner--anyone wanna hear about my encounter in an Adult Bookstore

It's Up.....Itttttttt's Goooooood!..........................CAPTION

What should I talk about for my 1000th post?

I am a fruitcake.

Just watched the flick "American Splendor"

why SHOULDN'T I take the day off tomorrow?

Another forgotten early '80s pop singer: DONNIE IRIS!

Any DU Van Halen fans in the house?

My stepbrother was killed sixteen years ago today.

Husbands making significantly less than their wives

This place needs a thread about Muddy Waters

Going FREEPER hunting !

Things may be looking up.

Does Anyone Know Anything About TRIPPING THE RIFT? (SCI-FI @ 10:30 ET)

Anyone Remember The Limelighters

Red Sox 5, Twins 3

Time for a Blackbird Break

How many people live in your town or metro area???

There's a Horrible Stench in Colorado Springs This Morning

Favorite song by THE VENTURES?

To atheists: Don't you need "faith" to not believe in god?

Wanna hear a good Math Joke?

What are we hiding?

Your Favorite Best-Ever Male Singing Performance

$@%#!!! I just bought a new computer I can ill afford.

CONFESS!!!!! What's the craziest thing you've done for love


What The F*CK Happened To My GIRL SCOUT COOKIES (Samoas)?????

Favorite Whole Number Between "e" and "pi"

what's the weather like from Minneapolis to North Dakota?

Alter a song title with high fallutin English - Thread Two.(Credit Fenris)

Inspired by another thread ...GREATEST EVER DANCE NUMBER IN A MUSICAL?

Massachusetts DUers

STRANGE: a British horror series -- premeres tonight at 9 PM ET

Which European countries are the most secular?

Ten Random Questions (about sex, but don't tell Skinner)

Seen this yet? Shocking new photo from Mars Rover

I like fruitcake.

Religious Question...

Survivor 3/4 (with spoilers)

Favorite Johnny Rivers song

On a more serious note.... hey fellow oldtimers.....

OooooooAhhhhhhAhAh OOOOOOooohh.... CAPTION

AOL Instant Messager WARNING

Excuse me for a moment while I scream!

Favorite Cartoon Voice

What flame warrior are you?

I'm going to be on the radio!!!!!

A photoessay of George's day out (CAPTIONABLE)

New Game - Run song lyrics through an internet translator, then post them.

Ya think Kerry would have the balls to run this ad?

Austinites! Take cover!!!

Niccolò Machiavelli, ever heard of him ?

More conversations with my fundie friend

This one cries out for CAPTIONS and PHOTOSHOPPING

Computer techies. Question on memory requirements for Windows XP

Dumbest jokes of all time

Children in the hands of fundies: Your horror stories

Question about battered wife defense in murder cases

Viggo Mortensen fans, he will be narrating on the History Channel

Hmmmm... Look Out Ted! A Bridge!..... CAPTION

Your Favorite Best-Ever Female Vocal Performance

Ideal female form?


Janet Jackson to appear on SNL

Best hockey fight you've seen?

Who's your favorite obscure 60's band?

Can I Politely ask (some) Heterosexuals to Not Piss Us Off Any Further???

OK - let's get SERIOUS with obscure 60's/early 70's bands

Tweety is making me sick tonight!

Stark contracts for fall classic-Kerry, Bush bring different styles,issues

Voting for the Bonesman!!! Kerry!!!

Let's End The Two-Party Duopoly (The Nation)

Our Dean Meetup tonight. . .

Not-So-Super Wednesday and Market Gorillas

My Dean Meetup.

Is Bob Graham still open to the VP slot?

Faux News evaluating Bush ads

Some thoughts on the VP question

Who do you think will win the U.S. presidential election in November? Poll

Poll::!!! Yee Ha: DEM 52% Spanks: PUKE: 47%

Can(should)Kerry campaign push for exposure of Bush/bin laden family ties?

Dean wins!

What's a more important quality for a VP candidate...

The Polls are meaningless now

Lysenkoism in Politics

Sharpton insults Indianapolis voters

Kerry cant let Bush change the tone...

A caucus state question

Do you like my new avatar?

how about if kerry says 'i don't need $100 million for ads...

Am I evil for enjoying the backlash Bush is getting from his new ads.

Fill In The Blank

Karl Rove's Propaganda Pack of Ideas Against Kerry

Must Read: Mo Dowd Nails Bushco today: "See Dick Run"

Be thankful for Kerry being the nominee, it could have been MUCH worse

Does Lieberman sound like he is thumping for Bush or is it me?

Al Gore for V.P.?

There's talk about Bill Nelson of Florida being VP knocked off line


Kerry's Candidacy Gaining Strength as Democrats Unite, WSJ Says.

Did Al Gore make the biggest mistake of his life not running this year?

Answer is unclear if Bill Clinton could be Vice President


Senator Kerry in New Orleans tomorrow

Kerry should ask Dean to head the DNC

Binary Kerry-Bush Poll

CNN is doing to Kerry what they did to Gore

Sorry, I Feel Like Gloating

Bush- the clown prince vs Kerry

unofficial disapointment thread

Go Clark! Clark for President. We don't have a nominee yet.

What is the raison d'etre of the Kucinich campaign?

Kerry Lags Behind Bush in Fund Raising

Kerry beating Bush in Michigan 49-45

Attributing a Donation to Kerry from a Clark Supporter?

Missourians for Kerry.....Check In

my letter to John Kerry: why he should choose Sen. Edwards

9/11 Victims' Kin Angered by Bush Ads

Drudge does find the worst photos of Kerry to put on his website

a graceful exit by JRE--in his own words

SLATE......... Could Kerry Pick McCain for VP?

Help Me Combat Republican Arguments

do we need a VP from the south or the midwest?

Bush running scared - Dynasty crumbling

Is the base of the democratic party "moderate" or "liberal"?

Are there folks here who want to cancel the remaining primaries?

Kerry will leave 'Bush man' Blair in the cold

Kucinich staying in presidential race

I'm waiting for this Bush* TV ad: I ran and hid in a hole. So what?

Gadflyer's Waldman on Bush ads

Mary Beth Cahill's (JK's campaign manager) letter asking for our help...

Tom Harkin is a lot better than Evan Bayh

American VP

Deleted message

Why are there so many "Parents" on here

Why we can't just defeat Bush, we need to humiliate him.

Bush campaign to revolve around the trauma of September 11, 2001

Anyone know where the John Kerry offices are in the Detroit Area?

Senator Hillary Clinton did not rule out Vice President if she was asked

Bush galvanized our dissent. What will Kerry do?

Should Kerry show the body bags of 540 soldiers coming home?

Today was fun, I became Mr. Kerry for President bumber sticker guy

What Do You See More Of In This Forum?

I am going to play nice and I invite others to join me

How would you fix the nomination process?

How many delegates are up for grabs next week?

Do you think John Kerry should start attending funerals

Has this been reported re Bush's re-election ads using 9/11?

Pissed and insulted....

Anyone getting weary of all the whining 'round here?

A New Slogan For Campaign Kerry?

Kerry guys please stop the hard sell

Have you seen this yet:

"Unemployment Is Lower Than The AVERAGE Of The PAST THIRTY YEARS"...

How many elections and/or primaries have you been through before

Check out Judy Woodruff on CNN-Inside Politics NOW

True Believers: Life Inside the Dean Campaign

Could Howard Dean fit into a Kerry Cabinet ?

Kerry, with all thou faults

FAUX NEWS: Is it giving SHRUB deals!?!?

Bush Would Be Worse Than Kerry

Which states are running Bush's ads and when will Kerry

When Should Kerry Announce Who His VP Will Be?

Fractured in Party Not in Purpose

Suggestion for pulling independents and Democrats together

Yes, Kerry will change the direction of the country (Bush ad)

Does anyone else think Lloyd Dogget would make an interesting VP?

When will Dean and Clark

Tom Cole: If George Bush loses the Election, Osama Wins!!!

Does anyone have any info on the supposed 236 tax increases

Furor over new Bush Ads

Boy are you guys gonna be surprised when Kerry names Dean as runningmate!

"Washington Crowd"? What does that mean?

Received this from the Kerry campaign...

Question for Dean supporters ( about meet-up)


Is a draft really likely under Kerry or Bush in 2005?

Bad news for Bush CBS lead tasteless Bush ad--NBC- High Gas Prices

Thank You All For a Spirited Primary Debate. The Struggle Continues

When you come to a fork in the road, take it!

Urge Sen. Kerry to support a new foreign policy

Kerry Still Needs More Than 600 Delegates

Get off it.

What should the first Kerry ad say ?

That's it. I now hate Nader.

Poll just shown on CNN

Would someone please "fix" John Kerry's website!

Lou Dobbs-Laid off workers unhappy with both parties

The reason the election will be over by this summer

Is Bush going to bring the troops home this summer?

Hoyer: Comments by Cole Are Outrageous, Wrong, and Should be Repudiated

Kerrry should choose a governor for VP

Presidential Preference Poll (3/4/2004)

How about this for a Campaign Ad:

Would Everybody Please Just Agree On Everything?

John Kerry is a waffler and other tired GOP retreads

If Kerry really wants to win over Dean supporters

Original Kerry supporters- got a question

Clark would make a great Secretary of State...

Pledge your support for Kerry here, in hopes for a Better America

The vp does NOT have to be the future president. Don't decide that way.

Morris : Bush can end the election before it starts

* surrogates are on t.v. non-stop defending his exploitation of 9/11

Bush stoops to a new low...Exploiting the dead of 9/11

IF we have a brokered convention.. I pledge

Coming to Bush's rescue

Is Grossman actively working for the Kerry campaign now?

Could Nader actually help the Dems?

Tepid for Kerry

When Kerry Wins In November, WHO Do I Taunt More: THIS Forum or FREEPERS?

Is Kerry Shrewd?

Press Release: Cole Corrects "Inaccurate Potrayal" of Comments

I miss the free Democratic Primary media coverage

Coaching Kerry about religion

What do we do when Bush steals the GE?

Why I will vote for, AND give money to, John Kerry

A View of the Democratic Convention! Thanks to Rall......A good chuckle!

Soooo, on November 3, when we solid supporters of Kerry are celebrating

Why I will vote for, but not give money to, John Kerry

Kerry would be a complete idiot...

Kerry Outlines Civil Unions Platform

'I would vote for Saddam Hussein before I would vote for Bush' - Reuters

Kerry needs to reach out to Dennis Kucinich if he expects his support

Astronaut and former senator John Glenn slams Bush space program

Kerry's World: Father Knows Best

The enduring myth of why Michael Dukakis lost . . .

Hey! You! Rank These Issues

Goodness, Everyone Likes to Fight

The truth is not a "negative attack."

Kerry Doctrine Article

Pro-Military Kerry!!!

Who's going to the Kerry MeetUp later this month?

My State's primary hasn't happened yet...Who to vote for?

Kerry promises married gay couples complete federal rights

Nader now has 6%; hurts Kerry

Junior's fucking commercial is on every goddamn 10 minutes!

Just saw the Bush ads -- they are terrible!

Donate to Kucinich today to get matching funds!

What they say vs what they mean

Kerry was right , time to get over it

My arguement for Graham as a good choice as VP...

Gov. Dean To Meet With Kerry Next Week

This is why I don't support Kerry...

Progs, Greens, Socialists(?): For your consideration...

I can't think of a good title for this, so please just read it

I pray to God that the 'Centrist' Dems would pick a side

Where's Bill?

It Ain’t Over ’Til…

Who is the Democratic Nominee?

Poll with 3 candidates: Bush 46, Kerry 45, Nader 6

One simple question: Why?

I'm So Glad I Had Kerry Sign My Book To DrFunkenstein

An open presidential poll for those that haven't had a chance

Frankly, I'm already bored by Kerry

I don't honestly believe Kerry will want Clark in a visible spot

If Kerry shoe-in, can Kucinich win in other 20 states?

Can Kerry break the mold and excite us all?

ah hell's bells, Fox News made me puke

Who was the last senator to become President?

Dean scream (& Kucinch)... the Corporate Media Manipulation

Why Democrats Love Kerry

Why would someone who would vote for Nader vote for Kerry...

Naders Biggest Impact: His 6% in Poll Destroys Kerry Image as WINNER.

I got this email today about John Kerry. Outrageous.

And now, the great balancing act begins!

Why did Kerry only serve half his term in Nam?

Illinois Primary Debate: Discussion

Give money or else....

Get used to it

Give me one good thing that can come out of voting for Nader

DK supporters...message straight from the Kucinch campaign....

Nader's run - political cartoon.

ABB Third party members and Indies check in here

The time for unity has arrived

Just a question, where will DK get exposure?

This is STILL a THREE-man race

Another VP Poll #2

Revisiting Kerry: Kerry supporters please post here why you support JK.

I DARE Ralph Nader to come to Ohio

I think Kerry may not be the nominee afterall

Some images to ponder

DNC is now fundraising for Kerry

Betraying Dennis, funding Kerry, no more primary $

I'm Crying....

A Peace Offering

Some here want Bush to bury Kerry. Why?

In an election between W. Bush and Reagan,

Clark Supporters: Check In Please

Will Kerry Be The Greatest Environmental President In History?

Apparently some don't realize Kerry is our nominee

More moronic words of wisdom from Pat Buchanan

Edwards for VP-let's think ahead

Another class act by John Edwards


I pray to God that the ultra lefties would get a clue

Why a multi-party system would benefit the Democratic Party

A Case for Continued Support for Dennis Kucinich thru the Convention