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Archives: March 30, 2004

Coalition of the Mercenaries

Richard Cohen - "Stop Using Children" / Cohen sticks it to the UN

Iraqi defector behind America's WMD claims exposed as 'out-and-out fabrica

Molly Ivins: Environmental assaults

Clarke made voters more skeptical: Pinkerton

A family man and a fan of Bush

Venezuela Workers Who Backed Recall Fired

Senator Daschle Speaks Again on Abuse

Terrorists don't need states.

Damn! There's some trigger-happy cops in Portland...

Arnaud de Borchgrave: Chalabi's road to victory

September 11 attacks: What did Bush know?

Bush Puts a 'Cancer on the Presidency'

Snopes smacks down the Kerry/Heinz "ownership" BS

Bush's Secret Storm (Clarke story just keeps getting bigger)

Robert Scheer - Bush Puts a 'Cancer on the Presidency'

Iraq War Was about Israel, Bush Insider Suggests

Mac fans poll: Can you visit without I. Explorer?

Venezuela's Chávez as Everyman

Phila Inquirer: Arab Americans Turn to Kerry in 4 Key States

Beltway Humor: Media React to Bush's Weapons Jokes

Bush administration's only defense is secrecy

Radio Flyer 90 year old factory in Chicago closing, moving to China

White House Goes On Offensive Against Jesus

Maureen Dowd: Poppy's progeny still in his adolescent rebellion period

The Awful Truth about Republicans

Funny freeper LTTE (Seattle P-I)

Salon: Creepier Than Nixon (John Dean Interview) **Must Read!!!**

Kerry offers aid in capital visit

HIGHTOWER: Messing With Venezuela

Florida Senate Deleting Voters Right To Recount, TOMORROW!!

Republicans trying to gag nonprofits

Nat'l. "Embarrassed by My President" Day April1

RNC v. Free Speech

Pennsylvania Young Democrats - 4/13 - Harrisburg, PA

Atlanta paper ballot hearing tomorrow!

Listen to Richard Clarke Interview Today at Noon!

Richard Clarke on KMOX right now. 3-30-04.

60 minute Clark interview letters are pro-Bush - don't Dems write letters?

US Media does not care that the GOP's Chalabi is taking bribes for

NPR Morning Edition is getting a new Managing Editor

NIGHTLINE: Called to Testify

CNN's Bill Schneider is now doing Bush infomercials

Air America Radio begins airlifting Progressive talk tomorrow

PLEASE tell me someone was taping Stern this morning...

CNN / Wolf Blitzer - tools for Bush misinformation

I am so upset with Sirius Radio

Calling all Cincinnati area DUers

Where is the resistance to the LEFT BEHIND series?

Nolle's April Astro-Forecast

Question for Nancy Waterman: New Liberal Radio begins 3/31

I have no reason for telling this story except to vent...

New crackdown on forced marriages and female circumcision

Bank partners with Wal-Mart

A question for economics experts...

Treasury Secretary: Outsourcing can help economy

ITAA/Global Insight Study Finds IT Outsourcing Results in Net U.S. Job Gro

Is the Whitehouse pursuing a policy of wage deflation?

Spilling the Beans-Offshore Banking

Private space race nears finish line ($10 Million X-prize)

Dust Storms Return To Beijing - Visibility 10 Meters - Reuters

Advisor At The Center Of Storm Over BushCo "Science" - NYT

New weapon found to fight coqui (if you live in Hawai'i)

EU Governments Backing & Filling As Kyoto Deadline Looms - CSM

Eastern Lowland Gorilla Numbers Down 70% In Last 10 Years - BBC

great way to recycle packing peanuts, bubble-wrap, etc

Sierra Club Members: Who are the "bad" candidates?

UN rapporteurs gravely concerned by reports of ethnic cleansing in Sudan

Peace Corps Lacks Money to Expand

WP: UN Envoy Sent to Shape Plan for Iraq ("time..running short")

Taiwan president claims mandate - Wash. Post caught lying

Terror and tolerance...

Listen to the Arab Reformers...

Court Takes Case on Felon Gun Owners

GUNS IN THE NEWS--March 30, 2004

A SENSIBLE question for some of the hard-core pro-gun people...

An interesting thread here...

Fascist Britain

Would you shoot a person for stealing your vehicle?

rules about *telling* about a nude picture link

Complete the MLB avatars?

About the now defunct "views" feature

Is this sig pic too big?

Graph of postings

I know this is a lame-ass question I should know the answer to, but...

are you planning to buy

Might be a good idea to "pin" something about Air America soon

Is alert broken?

For the record I am sorry for being an ass

Why was a LBN story locked

Please delete this thread

How many "Active" members does DU have ??

I just had a message deleted

Is it possible to hack someone account...

Why isn't my avatar not showing up??

Not to whine (wah wah wah)

I google search images from time to time

A sudden concern for the Palestinian child

Secret tapes put heat on Sharon

Stop Using Children

Who Benefits from Yassin Assassination

Jews against Zionism

War Launched to Protect Israel--Zelikow remarks uncovered by IPS

My pro-Palestinian Greek friend was in Israel to interview Yassin, but....

Jewish terror suspect charged with attempted murder of MK

How many coup attempts so far this month?

Fear and Fury on the campaign trail

Bush/Cheney '04 just solicited me--twice!

Poll: Opposition to Governor Rowland remains high

Hip-Hop Summit not about the music

Edwards running for Governor of North Carolina?

Independent enters South Dakota senate race

Jeez. Can you imagine the headlines if one of TBD's people refused an oath

US accused of training Haitian rebels in Dominican Republic

Clarke challenges Condi to reveal secret e-mails

The War On Clarke: the Bush Smear Machine

Could anyone imagine reworking some of the lyrics of "Try To Remember " to

Bush Adviser: Iraq War Launched to Protect Israel

Can the US government use the Organs of the State to attack its critics ?

America's Stages of Grief over Bush's Terror Screwups: Stage 1 - Denial.

Who else watched DiscoveryTimes ..."Terror Series" tonight??

Man, it's over ...

Freakers are sick sick perverted pedophiles

oops...please delete

Tuesday Morning poll numbers


If "Goodnight Saigon" was written today...

My Cousin Needs Advice

Help the "media" connect the dots!!

"Comedy Central" videofile on 9-11 Commission from AllHatNoCattle

Help the media connect the dots...

Stern just confirmed, Franken WILL be on today

Who has a credibility problem?

A Time to Break Silence

"Economic recovery could largely be a statistical illusion...."

some late night tinfoil: Clarke furor and BBV

Barbie and Ken Were Never Married?

1995-98: When Republicans hunted witches instead of terrorists

Daily U.S. Casualties 3/30/2004

The big question I have over all the events

Clarke's book reads like a script: The Pending Fall of the House of Bush

Oh the gallup poll was only done with adults

All Things Considered today report on W in AL in 72

Is Japan a Secular Country?

So I guess the drip, drip, drip moves in the reverse direction...

So, CNN's Bill Schneider is a member of PNAC? Got to love that

Just In: Matthews Won't Attack Clarke but Rather Will Use Him for Info

What do you all think about a guest forum?

Rove and company have adopted a ditto head mentality

air america affiliates?

Is Bush full of chits when it comes to oil?

World disaster...20 years away?

Clarke's challenge that ALL documents relating to 9/11 should be declassif

Where are the Kerry Ads!!!!!

BREAKING: WH to let Condi testify under oath!

Anyone know? Is Bob Edwards being recruited by Air America?

Rising gasoline prices: Kerry campaign has to attack the Bush ad

RW playing the "race card" concerning Condi

Radio Alert: Franken on Stern in NY 9:17 am EST

What ever happened to Buchannon and Press

Another Bush* waffle!

Petaphilia: The Great American Man-Dog Marriage Panic

Some references to "precendent" of an NSA testifying

(WHEN) Rice Is 'Forced' To Testify, Will She Be Asked Anything?

Heads Up Edwards Fans: He's On CNN Today 5p EST

Should Bush* and his 'war cabinet' face criminal charges?

AirAmerica - Anyone know if this is re-broadcast over the net ?

Condi to lie under oath!

What is the purpose of this Illinois district?

C-SPAN2 Now (10:15am EST) Durbin ripping Frist re: Clarke

I wonder if Clarke delayed his appearance on Tweety

Time for a little strategic thinking

"Hope is the Fuel of Progress"

Question for gay and lesbian couples out there

Bush, Cheney agree to meet with Commission, but won't take oath.

will there be a 'revolution' if bushco loses????

Looking for a place to post MP3 of Richard Clarke's testimony

Thinking The Unthinkable: What Should We Do If Bush Wins?

Interesting note re: Condi testimony . . .

Another episode of "As the Conservative Spins" coming up

Rasmussen Poll Latest: Bush 45 Kerry 47

Interesting: FEAR and FURY on the campaign trail

What's up with this picture of Chimpy?

The MoveOn PAC is fundraising for anti-Bush ads.

I have no doubt that Clarke is telling the truth and here's why

What questions would you like Rice to answer?

Porn suspect volunteered with youth (another of the faithful)

were Clinton and Gore under oath before 9/11 commission?

Hypothesis on Rice Testimony: WH made deal to save Bush/Cheney from oath

Savage's attack on Clarke

Folks I just talked with a big shot civil rights atty in DC

It Doesn't Matter Whether Clarke Lied Then or Now

Jay Severin, Boston RW Talk Show Hack, Is AFRAID of Air America!

Take the Pledge: Off with Limbaugh/On with Liberal Radio

The Strange Case of Captain Yee

Extensive list of Bush Administrations statements about Iraq

UnFreep this poll!

Lugar's (R-Indiana) speech yesterday at the Brookings Institute...

What's with the polls? Clarke/Condi 24/7, and Bush's numbers go UP????

Do you think Condi will use the "race" card at the public hearing??

White House internal polls must of been real bad for Rice to cave

I do not see any Kerry ads on CNN or CNBC

Just heard on AM Radio that Bush* and Cheney will have to appear in

Cable TV is showing clips of Rice smiling,

We must not lose sight of TWO INDISPUTABLE TRUTHS:

Unemployment Figures

War, Deception, Betrayal: Sound Familiar?

Hartmann has a freeper online. Tom is slowly destroying him

Air America discussion on MPR right now. Streaming

Osama will wait until after the election

Bush looks like hell today -- on CNN now 12:45 EST

Shouldn't we be pressuring Frist and the other repukes to declassify all

Hungary's Dark Secret (Interesting Story)

Does Eric Hoffer (The True Believer) have insights for today??

Mis-Covering Clarke: 9/11 families & liberal critics not "in the club"

Bush Addressing the Nation today at 4:40PM EST

U.S. Ignoring ethinic cleansing in Darfur, Sudan

Just Heard: Bush Told Woodward "Terrorism" Wasn't Urgent Priority!

White House Considering Clarke Gay Smear?

Local story: "Mom doubts story of son's death." Iraq

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival - Durham NC

Domestic spying on rise: Police infiltrate peace rallies

DU - I Need Your Help With a Project!

What is Bush doing to all the departments?

Did you all update your Bush Flip Flop Lists??

What shouldn't we ever forget, nor allow the corporate media to forget...

David Dreier spinning on CNN re: Rice

Everyone has heard of "Where's Waldo" We need a "Where's the Buck"

Liberal radio - With no Mike Malloy- I'm going nuts! (edit)

Gore Vidal talking on 9-11, Richard Clarke, and current events -- NOW!

Repost- Greg Palast Documentary on Bush family - DL Link

POLL: Which issue will have the greatest influence on your vote in

Will Condi Rice perjure herself to protect the Bush Administration?

this is not good.....

is Kerry's vacation over soon?

April tithing - Who should I give money to right now?

If Kerry wins, will any Republicans "cross the aisle?"

Good way to Freak out a Freeper about Condi issue..

Will there be restrictions on questions to Condi?

Who will record the O'Franken Factor?

Treasury Secretary John Snow says outsourcing can help economy

Chin Deep in Arseholes

9/11 hearings drinking game

Krugman on character assassination and abuse of power

Bush Whore Psychologist on NPR Warns War Protesters:

Does anyone have a link for Thom Hartman

Hearing from freepers today about VInce Foster photos

Rowley + Clarke = LIHOP

We have a friend in CNN

I've been running some dry ideas on Kerry Ads against Bush

DUers in CA: do you know about a fight vs Walmart supercenter

Did Wolf Blitzer said WH Insiders on Clarke "weird aspects" his life?

Are we now witnessing the Clinton "impeachment effect" in polls?

US Treasury Secretary: Outsourcing can HELP the economy

so what happened to that plan to have Rice run Iraq?

Should we question Congress's policy of "We won't question your ethics

Need some help here. Got refutation?

Plagiarist BARNICLE Forced to Apologize for "Mandingo" Reference

Just heard the new ad with Clarke

BOMBSHELL!!- Marine Lt. Gen.:"..Saddam was a PAPER TIGER" (ABC scrubbed)

Bill Schneider is wearing out the kneepads today!

krugman does it again!!!!

Is it insane to believe Bush started this war to profit from it?

What form will the Bush Empire take?

CNN about to do a "story" on Heinz - Kerry connection....

Bush Campaign Seeks to Regain 'Compassionate' Image

If White House outs Clarke, will they also out Condi?

Is the news media like the WWF?

Speaking of

Does George Tenet keep his job because

All the BS will repeat itself when Kerry wins in Nov.

Wolf Blitzer, AEI Schneider, "Panties" (Down for Bush) Woodruff

The Fox of war

Bush speech preempts CROSSFIRE

April 1st: National "I'm Embarrassed by My President" Day

WooHoo. Condi's testifying. Let's put together a list of dream-questions

I just got a letter from Jesus! It's true. He signed it!

Isn't "Inland Empire" Repuke country in CA?

Anyone hear Franken on Stern?

*&^*&^)*)(&^%^%^%^ NBC just interrupted Jeopardy

Busboy's brief statement re: Condi at commission.

Man, CNN is really whoring it up these last few days..

Bush Campaign Seeks to Regain 'Compassionate' Image

John Edwards coming on Wolfie in a minute, maybe Kerry endorsement?

If you would like to assist a GOP Congressman today

How did the British Police bust the terrorists?

About Rice's testimony...

Does Blitzer know how hilarious 'This is hard news' sounds?

My favorite Republican Mr. Bergis

Any news on upcoming Plame Leak indictments?

Kinky Friedman on KGSR/ right now

600 Dead: A Tragic Milestone Looms in Iraq

Can you cook Rice in Tin Foil?

Anyone else watching Nader on Crossfire?

Shooting Stars (AKA PNAC space warfare)

Debunking those GOP ads about a 50-cent gasoline tax 10 years ago

CNN just played a MoveOn with Clarke ad

Will you listen to Air America

9/11 commission press conference

BATTLE STATIONS:Conditions for Rice/Cheney/Bush testimony

Dailykos Readers Discuss Woodward's Book

DU web traffic stats

Gas Tax Calculator

Who was the Freeper on Howard Stern this morning W/Al Franken?

CNN: Condi will testify in public!

Michigan DUers: what's your view of this story from Saginaw schools?

How many bucks is a human life worth?6.1 million?

Barmen Declaration of the German Confessing Church 1934

Are Soldiers expected to be Republicans? Weird thing happened

Cheney Is Getting A Bill For Added Security

Daschle stands up for Clarke

Oh oh, Russert also reporting that Bush and Cheney will also testify!

Why I Tell Conservatives To Vote Democratic For Good Luck

37 americans died from al Qaeda terrorism during Clinton's two terms...

The 9/11 deal helps the White House.

I don't like the condiliar deal for this reason

My rant...Please read...

Who will Kerry nominate as Secretary of State?

Condi's, George's, Dick's Testimony, One Thing .....

The entire Clarke episode is a win-win for the Democrats!

For Republicans Words Just Don’t Mean the Same Thing.

42,000 DUers can't be wrong....

Big Spenders-GOP

Viacom in Talks to Develop Gay Network

Bush to bring Dad Cheney to Commission hearing

9/11 issue had nothing to do with these new polls (new stats & not good)

I was just on WGN radio, arguing about the Condiliar

Will the liberal radio network succeed or fail?

interview with Air America's Randi Rhodes

Give them what they want !! ....A blast from the DU1 archives

Supremos to ghoulish FReeper lawyer: Leave Vince Foster's family alone!

Ben-Veniste with Tweety....."shaking the trees"

J.C. Watts just called Richard Clarke "Anita Hill-ish" on Tavis Smiley!

The FEC Needs to Hear from All of You

First Laura Bush, now Poppy

Does someone know how to submit to Kerry's debunker?

The Daily Show...oh boy!

We all know Fox is biased, but have you watched CNBC lately?

Don't forget, Clarke on the Daily Show tonight!!!

Is America a better or worse country for talk radio?

How US soldiers are behaving in Iraq....

Ashcroft's health

Where to listen to Air America network online?

What can we do this time about Nader?

OPEC May Ratify Output Cuts, Sending Crude Oil Prices Higher

Whistle Ass protested during visit to Appleton, WI

If you are sexually active, stay out of the sun.

truckers/gas prices

FINE PRINT: Overlooked news this week

From the archives: Role reversal: Bush wants war, Pentagon urges caution

Help the poor pay more in taxes & give much needed relief to the rich.

What percentage did Clarke tithe to the 911 families?

Disturbing typo in *'s new letter on Rice testimony- "die committee"

Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton on Larry King show...Now!

What are the odds of Condi ratting the bums out?

Did I just see ????

Go Go Go Golden Gophers, Watch 'em Go! Final Four, yes!

what will it take for media to examine the Cheney task force?

Why don’t we go them one better and bring this sucker down?

The people we need to win over: a discussion with my boss

Nobody is talking about Dick Clarke's witnesses....Why?

9/11 happened under Bush, runnaway deicits, and record gasoline prices

Is Condi the Oliver North of 9/11?

MoveOn Meet-up in Portland Oregon April 8 7-9pm Unitarian Church

Who do you favor for the next president? Take our online poll.

Here is what a Boston talk radio wingnut

Can't wait until the Oct. Knockout Punch

Just Try to get Richard Clarke's Book at the Library....

John Snow and the outsourcing comments

The "medigate" scandal that is being swept under the media carpet!

This Isn't America - Paul Krugman

NEW Air America page up!

Iraq Watch NOW on C-SPAN 1

An Orwellian Moment in Time: Bush's Poll Numbers Rising -- Why?

I have a house full of anti-Bush books.

Think your vote dosen't count?

The Awful Truth About Repuglicans! (they ain't what you've been told)

very good Daily Mislead on dumbo/AWOL on 911

The Great Bush Cover Up

Hey! It's Nick (don't forget Brad boy) Smith on CSPAN! some nerve

ex cabinet members defend clarke

book titles

Stephen Hadley. Has he testified about "battle stations?"

U.S. Shutters Iraqi Newspaper


Is Richard Clarke our Ollie North?

August vacation questioned on Larry King

I'm pleased to say my nephew has just left Iraq!

Sieg Bush

Don't put too much stock in the polling results now

laughing at WMD...real funny Mr Bush...

Al Franken debates a Freeper on Howard Stern show - Mp3

Air America starts up tomorrow! Don't forget!!

condi/bush photo....LOL...too close for comfort......CAPTIONS??

So, President Clinton Can Be Sued and Forced To Give A Deposition...

Hubble condemnation..who is really behind this?

9/11 hearings have little impact on the general public

Heading off to Borders in a bit....Best Political Book?

Holy jumping living fuck - Zell Miller on Senate floor

My late local news opens with * flip-flop 9/11 commission

Has * Become Comfortably Numb?

Scarborough is looking puffy again.

Why Musharraf pardoned A Q Khan

Aaron Brown going thru list of flip flops bush has done on the 911 commiss

List of Air America stations anywhere?

Richard Clarke on Daily Show!

Those Poor Bastards

bushie in disguise

Ashamed of My President Day?

Did Ohio GOP Chairman Break Campaign Laws?

DU Blocked By The Navy

I feel that it is more Obscene and damaging to children to show murder

When Condi testifies

CJCSI 3610.01A: Aircraft Piracy (Hijacking) of Civil and Military Aircraft

Peace Action Education Fund rates Congressional Voting Record

Now Bush is claiming he let Condi testify because he wanted a complete

Is this Stalin qoute real?

This is unbelievable (actually, sadly, it's not)

ALERT: Just because Condi mentioned Osama doesn't mean she was

Did we lose an issue with Condi agreeing to our demands?

Bush's flying for an Alaskan Airlines

Is Bush* a Coward?

Condi busted by her own words: "Why We Know Iraq is Lying"

Global warming spirals upwards (record consecutive CO2 increases)

Does OPEC want Bush to lose?

Psycho Analysis...

Ann the man says that the issue is misogyny for Clarke,

LOL! The kid behind Bush*!

If an amendment for only Civil Unions was put on the ballot

Aldous Huxley-The Ultimate Revolution(mass servitude) audio

Boosh has his bags packed....under his EYES! did you see him today?

Gore buys cable network for $70 million


* looks a little shaky today

#41: son is "sowing of the seeds of basic human freedom "=tittie movie!

Wired News Special Report

Idea I just had to make fun of Dr. Laura's new book

The Worst U.S. Supreme Court Decisions ever

Fascist America, and riding thru the storm

John Kerry: LOWER GAS PRICES - Take back the issue, DEMS

Clinton actually was the one in his admin to push focus to bin Laden &

Do you think that Kerry will work to get us off of Oil?

We have * caught in a pincer move; if we have the guts to insist on a

What act would be justification

CNN Lies about Letterman...

911 Commission Should Call *'s Secret Service Contingent

Just a warm up.

There is No Transcript of Condi's Prior Meetings with the Commission.

Watch Cheney's lips while Bush is testifying

Im hunkering down for the worst and for the best

Has Chimpy Ever Experienced an Original Thought?

What is your current assessment of our chances in November?

Watch 'em, they will spin that Condi testifying was their idea.

Any New Yorkers out there

John Kerry wants to raise gas taxes 50 cents a gallon!

Attorney: Woman thought God told her to kill sons

Abuse of Power statement read on Senate Floor!

What is good about America?

David Gergen just said on Hardball...

Let's stop calling newscasters and newspaper writers "journalists"

Once again, leave it to the network news......(CBS/ABC)

MoveOn PAC needs donations for powerful anti-Bush tv ad

Richard Clarke on Jon Stewart tonight - Comedy Central

Bush will do ANYTHING to win, because if he loses...

Michael Ledeen and fascist false-flag terror

message from - they want to gag us. Read and take action

Republicans say Rice's testimony "not to be seen as precedent ."

Is there a point at which revolution becomes a necessity in the US?

Do you have friends and/or relatives in Iraq?

Time Warner and Viacom "Strongly Democratic"

DUers: How would you respond if it were a Democrat in the WH

Anyone noticed that what passes for "news" today isn't news?

The EU held a meeting on terrorism

Did anyone see Wolf Blitzer respond to Krugman's article?

Why would the 9/11 panel agree to NOT call other WH officials?

Sick Email being circulated by Repukes sent to me. Rebuttal anyone?

Just saw MoveOn's goosebumps!

This Rice deal was a setup to protect Shrub from testifying.....

Antonio Gonzalez Commentary: Kerry Rejects Chavez (Today on Tavis Smiley)

Should the Democrats renounce Zell Miller?

Report: right-wingers savagely attack Atlanta man

Repukes control all branches! How can they complain about anything?

Will the 9/11 Commission ask about Laili Helms and Christina Rocca?

Wolf Blitzer is so partisan he should not be allowed on CNN.

Need Help - Re: Walmart

Limbaugh's Liberals - The All-Encompassing Object of Hate

President Clinton is monitoring us!

Hey, what ever did happen to G. Gordon Liddy?

Jim Thompson on Tweety encouraging him to harass Clarke

I Would Like To Enter A (Serious) Discussion Re: Public Smoking

Must See: You Slay Me

You Have Been Had, Snookered, Duped, They are Laughing at You.

"I dared criticize Richard Clarke", a Republican political assassin?

George W. Bush: Steady Treason in Times of Crisis (dis-disinformation ad)

Fox and the Rove propaganda machine: A Canadian view

NYC bar and restaurants report increased revenue after smoking ban

Will the 9/11 com. ask about Barbara Bodine (Bush loyalist)

1999: Bush/Cheney seek to bail out oil industry, praise raised oil prices

Does the Right Wing want a " Final Soution " for Liberals?

If it's Gephardt, we are DOOMED

What's the Biggest WASTE of Money in the Federal Budget?

Rev. Moon speaks to loyal supporters from Congress. No news coverage?

Do the WingNuts have a final solution for gay people???

What's all this "Dr." Rice hoo-hah?

Rapid Growth of "Dead Zones" in Oceans Threatens Planet

It has begun: the CNN/Gallup Bush* job approval polls are being Diebolded!

We are warning you, Daschle, not to investigate 9/11.

*Could* A Slave Sue for Reparations?

In Advertising, Governor Accepts No Imitations | LA Times

A (gas or oil) well is not a mine, divided (Montana) Supreme Court says

Uzbekistan Launches Terror Attacks Probe | Chicago Tribune

Ky. Dems dismayed by GOP tactics | Cincinnati Enquirer

Nigeria's ruling party wins poll | BBC

D.R. Congo (ex Zaire) alert after 'coup bid' | BBC

Judge sets bail at $2,500 for teens accused in cross burning

Chirac in crisis talks after crushing defeat | Guardian

LAT: No Child Left Behind Program Is Modified

WP: Kerry to Unveil Plan to Reduce Gas Prices

Voters have own minds in (WA) 8th District | Seattle Times

‘Musharraf met Mulla Omar in 2000’:PAK Daily Times

From Washington to Timbuktu America's `warrior diplomats' deploy

At the Center of the Storm Over Bush And Science | New York Times

WP: UN Envoy Sent to Shape Plan for Iraq("time.. running short")

Multiple Terrorist Arrests in UK Overnight - Breaking News

Late-term abortion ban challenged

Duplicate Post (Plz delete)

USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll results

4 Suspected SARS Cases in Scotland, UK - Breaking

Does Policy Structure Need Update? (ABC)

Study raises concerns over buckyballs (possibly toxic) | Houston Chronicle

Alistair Cooke RIP

Patient wins right to fly with pot | CNN

New Bush Ad Assails Kerry on Gas Taxes

WP: Rice 9/11 Testimony May Be Released

War pigeon to be honored

Experts See No Law Barring Rice Testimony

CNN: 10:00am EST: WH says Rice will testify, under oath.

Rice to testify under oath in public now on MSNBC

Judge Delays Lawsuit To Help Anthrax Probe

U.S. losing special forces personnel to higher-paying civilian security

Pakistan military admits Al-Qaeda scalp was just local militant

Breaking: Condi will testify under oath

Judge slashes Alabama verdict against ExxonMobil

Candidate rakes in $3 million at start of 20-city money blitz

White House to Let Rice Testify in Public

Rice to Testify Under Oath

Syrian's asylum hopes lifted in appeals court

Terrorists don't need states.

Bush Request for IRS Not Enough (prevents strong audits of the rich?)

U.S. March Consumer Confidence Index Falls to 88.3 From 88.5

Statue of Liberty to Reopen in Summer

Venezuela Workers Who Backed Recall Fired

Bush Campaign Says Kerry Would Raise Gas Taxes

Bush ad: Kerry for higher gas tax

Suicide Bomber Targets Local Iraqi Police Chief

Peace Corps Lacks Money to Expand (despite Bush 2002 SOTU "goal")

Spanish troops break up violent protest by jobseekers in Iraq

U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq Explosion- EDIT-Duplicate post. Sorry

Costa Rica Asks Venezuelan Fugitive Carlos Ortega to Leave

Canceled ship overhaul means 500 layoffs at Todd

U.S. Worried as Caribbean Nations Defer on Haiti Leaders


NYT: Colleague of (Clarke) Disputes Part of Account

Probe Finds $10 Million In Payments To Lobbyist

Summer U.S. gas shortage feared

Security firms and mercenaries coining it in Iraq

TV ads score big in Bush turnaround

Pakistan withdraws al-Qaeda claim

Costa Rica cancels asylum for Venezuela exile (Chávez opponent)

WSU one of 7 schools picked for wider mad cow testing

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 30 March

White House Agrees to Let Rice Testify

John Edwards coming on Wolfie in a minute, maybe Kerry endorsement?

AdWatch: Bush Assails Kerry on Gas Taxes

Floor Statement of Sen. Daschle on the Abuse of Government Power

Kerry pushes oil reserve back to political front burner in dispute over ga

Floor Statement of Sen. Daschle on the Abuse of Government Power

Cuba wins N.Y. court cigar fight

Condi will testify in public

Watchdog Agency Faults Lack of Iraqi Oil Metering

This Isn't America - Paul Krugman

Senators Say Bush Weakened Fight on Terror Funds

White House Blames Congress for Gas Prices

Ballot Error Effect Cited

Oil Rises After Saudi Backs OPEC Cut

Former Rocket Calvin Murphy charged with molesting 5 of his children

300 ballots found in District 28 race; Cuellar in lead (vs Ciro Rodriguez)

Panhandle anti-abortion activist on trial on molestation charges (Florida)

'Takfiris a new breed of 'Jihadis' emerging'

Privacy Trumps Disclosure in (Vincent) Foster (Autopsy Photo) Case

US says cannot guarantee security at Baghdad trade fair

Britain Arrests 8 Pakistanis in Connection to Bombing Plot

Terror bombs seized

House barely kills Democratic drive to restrict tax cuts

Shooting Stars (aka PNAC space warfare plan)

Iraq Contracts Give Halliburton Headaches

Bolivia Miner Blows Himself Up Inside Congress

Bush mining regulatory change denounced by coal company neighbors

White House Threatens to Veto Highway Bill

Senate votes more money for child care in welfare bill, over White House o

Reimportation makes gains: Gregg working on bill that starts with Canada

High Court Permits Foster Photos Withheld

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 590 U.S. service members have died

Methane on Mars could signal life | BBC

U.S. Sets Up Authority to Probe Iraq Corruption

Haiti needs 18 months to elections - U.N. envoy

Hate Mail Campaign Targets Colorado Gays

DeLay dismisses stepping down

The Story a British Firm is Afraid to Publish (House of Bush...)--New WMW

Soldiers of Misfortune, More Homeless Veterans Seeking Help (WP)

Former Rep. Bob Barr, Backer of DOM, Opposes Ban on Same-Sex Marriage

Liberal talk-radio network set for debut

Hamas leader turns his focus on Bush, the 'enemy of Islam'

Military Recruiters May Get Campus Access

Hill pressure tipped the balance on Rice

Congressman Ciro Rodriguez falls behind in Texas primary recount

Chicago Charter School Principal faces child-porn charges

U.S. delivers 1st grim outlook on Iraq security

US accused of training Haitian rebels in Dominican Republic

Report: Offshore IT outsourcing helps economy

CNN Breaking: Condi Rice Will Testify Publically and Under Oath

Sao Tome to ask for U.S. boats to boost coast guard

Gem dealer admits link in missile case

When Goals Meet Reality: Executive Privilege Reversal

WP: Probe Finds $10 Million in Payments to Lobbyist (Repub.)

No Clear Favorite for Top U.S. Job in Iraq

Albright Worries Bush Fuels Hate for U.S.

Senators Say Bush Weakened Fight on Terror Funds (one Repub)

For Some, a Sanitized Movement (Gay Marriage)

WP: A Clash on Classified Documents

Socialists plan to reweave the social fabric of Spain

Air America to Present Liberal Talk-Radio Alternative (Update1)

36-hour nightmare on freeway

GOP dodges Medigate

WP: Bush Scores Points By Defining Kerry

UN Peacekeepers Should Stay in Haiti for 20 Years, Envoy Says

Sen. Miller: Sept. 11 investigation energizes terrorists

Emotional Elder Bush Attacks Son's Critics

Iraq Arms Inspector Says Search Is a Tangle

A look at Bush's reversals

Evidence Of Iraq's Weapons Capability

Senate panel votes to oust Molnau for transportation job (MN Lite Gov)

Mugabe gets 400% pay hike

US soldier killed in Iraq blast

Al Franken's new radio show finds home at WMNN (Minneapolis)

Cheney trades barbs with Kerry on taxes

Letter Sent to Sept 11. Commission (Conditions for Rice testimony)

U.S. Weapons Hunt Shifts Focus to 'Intent' in Iraq

Bill makes fleeing a felony, penalty stiffens in chases (Florida)

Three explosions at the chemical plant in Texas City

Snow Reignites Fight Over Job Outsourcing

Radio legend (Alistair) Cooke dies Aged 95

The Campaing 2004 forum is scary tonight.

Hilarious right wing "review" of David Corn's book!

New York City September 1, 2004

Anyone play the Doom 3 beta yet?

How many posts before the neverending thread dies?

Overweight men: How much do you hate your boobs???

Who gave what to who?

Does anyone here find these to be absolutely funny?

Anybody watching TV Funhouse on Comedy Central

For my 1,000th post, I believe I'll get drunk.

What's the greatest rivalry in NHL history???

From The White House Kool-Aid Collection

Please congratulate me on my 434th post!

Lets get past the elementary.

If the govt tries to "take over the internet" (in the US)

For those intrigued by the Kresge Kmart History

The song I will have played at my funeral

Man, 50, Suddenly Wants To Add Pink Sweater To His Wardrobe

USDA: Cats Offically "Beef By-Products"

Calling all historians

I am being led by a herd of black cats

Barbie and Ken Were Never Married?

Fun with tinfoil: Link two completely unrelated controversies

Mel Gibson and his mistress

Bill Frist's "Bioterrorism - Senate's Only Doctor" trades on gov secrets?

OK: I nominate the picture on today's DU splash page the funniest ever...


Teacher Hung Student On Hook By His Belt Loop - Arrested

Why do some politicians shun the word "liberal"?

Opening the Shore House this weekend - Ask me anything.

Frankenstein : the series (By Martin Scorsese & Dean Koontz)

An atheist friendly transporter

What is a Brake Lamp?

Another Administration Official Speaks up

Coffee alert!

See who your 'favorite' daytime talk show host supports

Feathers RIP

Low Income Hamster Housing

Any imagehosts that allow free hotlinking still around?

AOL Connection Leads to $2, 500 Phone Bill

Man Lies Paralyzed On Highway For 36 Hours

Did we have an altos discussion today?

"I have just returned from Boston.

Ex-Rocket Murphy charged with sexual abuse

Baseball season begins at 5 a.m. EST this morning! (Yankees/Devil Rays)

"Competetive Guy" Drinks Himself To Death During Contest

Casino TV Ad Promoting Gambling As Financial Solution For Debt Pulled

DU Foosball players! Check in!

MatcomNews Update: Man Sentenced To Life For Decapitating Mom With Sword

Caption: See no evil, hear no evil?

A great week is coming up!

The Fowl Logic of all CAPTIONS!!!

Rice testimony subject to strict security guidelines

So my Dog pukes in the car on the way to the Groomer....

Seattle Now - Al on Howard

Just got my DU sticker, what car should I put it on?

The official "Not about Condi testifying in public" thread

The Shallow Grave of all CAPTIONS!!!

The Fumbling Duck of all CAPTIONS!!!

Did I miss something

Anyone besides me not care about "The Sopranos"?

The Naughty Tailfeathers of all CAPTIONS!!

The Broken-Field Waddle of all CAPTIONS!!!!

The Quaking Quack of all CAPTIONS!!

Poker is becoming an unhealthy obsession w/ me

Second Coming of Christ...A Theological Question..Anybody Know the answer?

Favorite Simpsons quote thread

Al Franken on Howard Stern

strap lock for accoustic guitar

"I am not a Dick!"

Can I have a show of hands: Who is hanging with Ramsey and I in Boston??

Note To Restaurant Workers: Ignore Strip-Search Phone Requests

Alistair Cooke

Movie review:"Rockstar"

Who is your favorite Democrat (past or present)?

Extremely wacky idea I just had

The Daddling Wuck of all CAPTIONS!!

If You Were Going To Open A Small Business, What Would You Sell?

Just curious - Word on street is 150,000 new jobs in March -and Cheney has

DUCK WAD for President!! DW Needs Your Help. Be part of History!

Where are you posting from right now?

The neighbors' house is on the market --- THE BAR IS OPEN!

What's your favorite Kurosawa movie

Baths, showers, or something else?

The Chattering Carpenter of all CAPTIONS!!!

I have just declared

I just found out one of my best friend's cancer has spread...

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival - Durham NC

First "Liberal Internment, re-Education and Detention"(LIED) facility open

I saw Ben Kweller and Death Cab for Cutie last night.

my latest Hold The Button record

French (HA!) Linux (double HA!) company exits bankruptcy (triple HA!)

This may be the triplet story to end all triplet stories.

anyone been to all 50 states?


Which of my favorite B & W movies do you like?

Classic TV Junkies: Favorite show in the TV Land evening lineup?

I'm buying a Satelite radio tomorrow. What do I need to know?

Happy Birthday Warren Beatty!

Looking for a Bush* web page...

Please someone tell me

My Bush bumper poster- Do you guys get it?

Anyone besides me hate "The Sopranos"?

what the fuck?

Amazing Interactive World Satellite Map!

Women can live forever!

I once had a CAPTION thiiiiiis big

Did anyone see the kid while listening to Bush on Letterman last night?

Which cover song should we learn?

Anyone watch the show "Tanner 88" on PBS?

"What was supposed to happen ... clowns jumping out of a car?"

The Kryonic Conversation of all CAPTIONS!!!

The Other White Meat of all CAPTIONS!!

Atheists for Veggie Tales!

Hey BC DUers - HEyHEY on the news again tonight

Lets Say You Haven't Eaten In Days, You're Moments From Starving....


new Hannity advertisers

More fundie porn

The Forced Hilarity of all CAPTIONS

Spring SUCKS!!!

What are the gas prices in your area?

Shout shout CAPTION at the devil!!!!!!!!!!

I need a way to show my support for someone's courage!

Howard Stern's web page is a must see! Full assault on Bush!

The Limey Smartypants of all CAPTIONS!!!

Ladies: How long does your period last?

Killer fusion concert tonight in Chicago, Frank Gambale

The Paul Harvey Riddle

Pre-empting Sick days

Woman Challenges Law After Arrest For Receiving Oral Sex In Car

Bush Campaign Ad

new Hannity advertiser Migrahealth

The Commander in Chef of all CAPTIONS!!!

Is it ok to post pictures you find on the interent, any copyright probs


What's the secret to happiness?

What does Google think of "George Bush"?


Run Windows XP in the box. No, really, inside the box.

Any "American Dreams" fans out there???

Which of my all-time favorite movies do you like?

Separated at birth

Why isn't my avatar showing up??

seriously hopin' for a red sox-cubs world series?

Vacuum pump?

Tech Folks Help Please?? IE problem.

How EVIL are you?

So I emailed the 9-11 commission

Ever give a bad interview...

Paying children for grades?

A Hero to Remember: Harry Bridges

Damn, MTV is dissin Janet

How Much Are Your Boobs Loved?

Just a fast question

Richard Simmons not annoying?

Did any of you guys take a test-prep course? Did it help?

Greatest Songwriters in Musical Theater

I like the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre better

Your favorite kid's movies from the 1980s?

Hey! Where's matcom? I have a message for him!

DU Rules!

Interesting laws from Florida:

Gus Hansen is the most insane poker player ever

just heard about my CLAST test results...

I'm Tired

The Sloganator

My 100 favorite songs of 1967

Speaking of assholes, have you seen this new product?

Public Radio Fan dot Com --Neat Website for Public Radio Fans

And then there were 42K!

Take the Condoleezza Rice Quiz!

Democratic Cardinal fans ought to be IRATE

My employer provides us with a full-sized refrigerator, but no ice

I did it! 1000 Posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Molly the Mighty Huntress

America's Favorite Unprotected Minority

Wow! 42,000 members!

RNC adopts new logo



Need Help - Re: Walmart

Tell me this isn't hilarious.

need suggestions for new music

24 and the Shield tonight,,,, Fu@king A!

Here Comes the Punctuation Vigilante

Anybody up for movie trivia?

200th post...

People need to stop slandering british food!

Who is this Dana Rohrbacker? (sp?)

Anyone got air freshening tips?

The Toshirô Mifune Appreciation Thread

Keep an eye on this Minnesota/Duke women's Elite-8 game.

Today, I figured out life.

Percentage of Assholes In America

Said it last week and I'll say it again... Paula is looking HOT tonight!

Was Skinner installed by Hillary Clinton to divide the left?

OK, we didn't even make 20 minutes, so at 5:1 odds...

Go Go Go Golden Gophers, Watch 'em Go! Final Four, yes!

Anyone ever maintain payphones?

Which would you watch first?

Wow. 42,000 user registrations for DU since Jan. 2001.

I bear negative feelings towards fascists from the state of Illinois

Patty, Maxene or LaVerne?

Anyone here with dual citizenship?

is the chimp* fabulous?

should human breast milk be sold over the counter?

What were W.'s favorite games as a kid?

120 Minutes fans Check In

Minn. Women Beat Duke

Hey! St Mel gets his first miracle!

Was Cheney born with that sneer on his face?

Congratulations DU ! "42008 user registrations since January 2001"

Did I just see ????

The Sting-Ray is back!!!!

Blues Brothers - I hate Illinois Nazis!!

Any UM fans in here (NIT)?

OK...I'm ready to try Linux. Help?

Anyone into Junior Walker and the All Stars?

McDonald's HS Dunk Contest Winner

Scully or Michelle Dressler

Another overlooked band-The Undisputed Truth


Clarke will be on the Daily Show on Comedy Central in 40 minutes!!!!

more addictive than hotornot

Apology to AP and ChavezSpeaksTheTruth

Let’s Play A Cassandra Game?

puter genius needed!!! Help!!

I am looking for an appropriate reading from the Bible for a funeral...

Finally! I am going to post something important!

Lully or Marie Dressler?

DU chat

I think it's time for some more ZombyHugs!!!

Kool-Aid turns your poop green (I'm drunk, ask me something)

American Idol career timeline

DU Baseball Fans: Who are this generation's Hall of Famers?

Should this person be fired?

what's the sickest you've ever been from drinking?

A funny

DU Ladies -- Raise your hand if you find Richard Clarke sexy

DU men, raise your hand if you think Richard Clarke is sexy

As a kid, what sport were you best at?

Controversy is Clinton's Fault (freepers get excited about freeped web po

goodlordgawdamighty - installing windows98

Bill Hicks on the Right Wing- LOL must see!

Love and the opportunity that wasn't there...

Okay, here are the new rules about marriage.

I swear I didn't have a point.

Robot Bartender

WHo else LOVES salt water taffy?

And what did we learn on the Daily Show so far tonight, kids?

is this girl hot?

which is dumber (Freeper creations)?

Men Choose Strip Club Over Night Shift - Sacked

Hey I think I just got a message from my dad who died recently, OMG

***It's BullGooseLoony's 5000th Post EXTRAVAGANZA!***

Why are liberal women so much better looking?

Scott's guide to sounding like a conservative

Homeward Bound officially has the best lyrics of any song. ever.

How much do you love your nuts?

Favoriet TechTV babe

Anybody got a great recipe?

Questions, - sort of

How to emigrate?


Any Beautiful South Fans?

Any love for Prefab Sprout out there? Paddy McAloon as good as Neil Finn?

Scarface-Greatest guys movie ever

What's your favorite WILSON PICKETT song?

DC - Chat with Iraq II

How many rock covers of "classical music" pieces can you name?

I hate to admit it, but I like the Texas Chainsaw remake

"Century City" is very interesting tonight...

Are you up for a group-created poem?

I friggin hate leaf blowers


Best Tom and Jerry era?

Fourteen Hours at Work

Are you going to listen to Air America tomorrow?

DU Deadheads...

I'm banned from FreeRepublic

Which are considered the most important foreign languages to learn?

So what do YOU want written on your gravestone when you R.I.P?

Men are weird!

Which is your favorite "Simpsons" sight gag or visual joke...

Forrest's absence excuse note...


Anyone Interested In A Stanley Cup Playoff Pool

Betty, Wilma or Judy?

Finest Quad City Radio Gal?

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness,

What's the best web-media player?

Album Cover Quiz - Name this album cover (then post your own)

Britain has the best Indian and Chinese food!!

Please sign petition for dog that was tortured to death

Input wanted: Need help picking images for photo exhibit

Armaments 2:9-21

I have a confession to make: I like O'Reilly.

I Love India

Zomby's Word Association Thread

Hey --- Kerry Campaign Schedulers

Kerry needs to go on the Daily Show (and others) to get younger voters

Clinton didn't need 9-11

entire John Kerry speech with Biblical quotes

The majority of Americans are apolitical libertarians that don't care

Washington State: Kerry 50% Bush 45%

Chicago Tribune's Krauthammer lies about Clarke

Top security advisers met just twice on terrorism before Sept. 11 attacks

Clarke's Public Service (another WH ee supports Clarks memory)

When Joe Wilson's and Spinsanity's books are released

University of Connecticut CT Poll: Kerry 52, Bush 33, Nader 4

Some great photos of JK campaigning in San Francisco yesterday...

Kerry to Unveil Plan to Reduce Gas Prices

John Kerry for President ads running regularly here.

Voters Torn Between Support of Military, Concerns About War

Rasmussen Tracking Poll Kerry 47% Bush 45%

Who in the White House

Conason kicks frists' ass with ease

Al Franken should be on any minute on Stern, he's at the studio

Are liberals and labor stupid?

60 Minutes - 18 April

TV ads score big in Bush turnaround

How in the world..

Kerry Announces Plan to Control Cost of Gas With Prices at a Record High

Anti-Kerry Email - Complete with Gas Tax Calculator!!!

Snow: Outsourcing Can Help the Economy

Good poll numbers from SC - Hollings' US Senate Seat

Nader draws donations from Bush's supporters

Trusting the polling from the mainstream media is...

what if started carrying live audio feed of speeches?

Who the f**k is taking these polls?

Question for Kerry Opponents:

Busn and his free air time

Air America Radio begins broadcasting tomorrow, March 31st...

Paul Krugman in NYTimes: "This isn't America"

Kerry's on TV live now!

Andy Stern, Howard Dean.....and so it begins. SEIU to ally with DFA.

Just saw one of Kerry's new ads

TV ads score big in Bush turnaround

Latest Rasmussen Poll Kerry 47, Bush 45

Media doing a great job reinforcing negative Kerry image

Kerry fundraising exceeded all expectations!

The Emperor takes no questions

Lessons from elections past...Take no solace in Bush's bad month

Looking for Presidential Looking Kerry Pictures for...

Does anybody know anything about this Dem campaign job in DC?

Can anyone clear this up:

Polls Polls Polls : What really matters is debates

Condi to testify

Oklahoma must really be in play.

Just Hear The Shrub?

Another reason why Clark shouldn't be VP.

Georgia DUers: BBV help needed

If I want to vote for a Republican for VP, I'll vote for Bush-Cheney, OK?

Will Condi's testimony be televised, or just broadcast on NPR?

Nader says he'll meet with Kerry

Bush's ads damage Kerry more than Clarke's testimony damages Shrub

Am I allowed to be mad at Kerry now?

Firefighters for Kerry

What the Hell?!!!!!!!!!

So Chimpy is too scared to face the 9/11 Commission alone.

Oregon Trail is HOT!

George Allen really pisses me off

Kerry MTV interview Airs tonight

Firefighters for Bush. Uh Oh.

There were giants in those days--

I just switched from Kucinich to Kerry (sorry Dennis)

Kerry's vote on defense, from the WSJ

Illinois Senate Race: Some Ryan divorce files to be unsealed

Why the Clarke story will eventually help us.

Sources say Wolfe is still beating his wives, all 7 of them

Geeeez I just saw a brutal ad

Anyone else heard the Gephardt VP rumor? (Please, God, say it ain't so...)

Why is Rasmussen polling Kerry the best?

Anyone watching the Edwards interview on CNN?

Kerry needs to come out and say he will not consider Hillary for VP

Do you believe Condi will perjure herself?


I just returned from the Bush Protest in Appleton, WI

I need links on the problems of service men and women in Iraq.

Who do you like for Vice President ?

Has anyone else noticed . . . (media coverage of Bush v Kerry)

Denied the No. 1 Slot, Edwards Positions Himself for No. 2

Kerry and Heinz Ketchup

When Kerry is ahead in the polls, will CNN...

Anyone else having difficulty voting for Kerry?

Anyone else having NO difficulty voting for Kerry?

I'm not just voting *against* bush, but I'm *reluctantly* voting for Kerry

I'm not just voting *against* Bush; I'm voting *for* Kerry.

Kerry-Edwards or Kerry-Clark?

You Clark and Edwards people BOTH need to give it a rest!

Bayou Buzz : Vice President John Breaux or Mary Landrieu ?

Bush ahead in all recent polls.

Polling History: A Lesson for 2004(for all you hysterics out there)

Make sure to donate to other liberal candidates running for office.

Nader: "They should be landsliding Bush."

Anyone Seen today's anti Kerry ad -" WACKY "- re gas price and gas tax

We need volunteers to help with the "Campaign Underground"