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Archives: March 28, 2004

The Privileges of Opinion, the Obligations of Fact

What will Florida do for an encore? (BBV)

No vision about terror's future (Ex WH - Knows Clarke - Says * no plan)

U.S. Towns Feel Pinch of Job Shift to Overseas (Bush Country?)

Operation Iraqi Infoganda

How can we fight global warming? Guerrilla warfare

Kerry is right - obviously... op-ed by Brookings' Philip Gordon

'Why Are Our Children Dying?' (Asks mother of son killed In Iraq)

LTTE response to Thomas Friedman re Spanish Election

BBC News UK: Jordanian prince in WWIII warning

Help me win an argument re: Clinton, terrorism

sorry, this is a dupe

Alter: A Moment of Moral Clarity

Man Arrested For Saving A Stray Chicken

The 'war president' waged a war of lies

It's All Bad News: Chaos in liberated Iraq (Reason)

Terror backlash hits Bush's votes

bush used Air Force One for his personal campaign plane more than Clinton

Replace Pledge with Constitution's Preamble

Our October surprise: the bush bin Laden connection

Rice Keeps Door Closed to the Public

Another former collegue comes to Clarke's defense.

Mrs. Cheney: 'Sisters' Gets Outed

"We're gonna listen to Limbaugh, and hold him up to scorn and ridicule"

WP - Red, Blue and . . . So 17th Century

Insiders: Bush Style Narrows His View

WAL-MART won't sell 'Uncovered'


Clarke defends himself VERY WELL...while Condi and Frist hide

Here We Go Again!

Is NBC news worse than the other networks?

Clarke will be on the Daily Show Monday. Dont Forget.

Condi Rice on 60 Minutes, mp3 & vp3 here

Holy (Bush) Geography Batman! Stow Ohio is now in West Virginia!

Housing Boom: `History's First Global Property Bust' Coming?

Latest RW Spin: The prez can't really affect the economy.

Goldbugs! Are you going to sell?

Outsourced UCSF notes highlight privacy risk

Scramjet powered unmanned aircraft makes Mach 7.

Annual CO2 Emissions Jump From 13 Billion To 18.7 Billion Tons - CSIRO

Muslims committing genocide in Africa

School enrolments down as Aids takes its toll

Gunfire echoes across Kinshasa - Democratic Republic of Congo

Zim chokes on low tobacco crop

Land and jobs still scarce for blacks - SA

Annan summons UN council on probe into Iraq scandal...

Alliance of Iranian Students: Iranian New Year

Should U.S. make a deal with Iran?

Machineguns - th Truman Solution

Since I didn't hear back . . .

Hi guys, can you go take my survey on fostercare in the Health forum? thx

Is it within the rules to call someone a

A question about IMs

Just wanted to tell you

can we get a Mike Malloy Avatar?

We could sure use a "drip...drip...drip" Smiley

I know we don't like to reinvent the rules for every occasion

anything illegal about this...?

Dupe post, delete

Pressure on Sharon to quit from left and right

The Israel Connection (to Hamas)

A Powerful Journey.....An Essential Dream~ by John Kerry

Arab Summit Falls Apart Over U.S. Reforms

A sudden concern for the Palestinian child

The Fire Next Time - Ha'aretz (Hebrew contains stronger language)

Bravo, Amigos! What Israel needs to learn from Spain...

Sharon under pressure to quit if indicted

Fatah confession sheds new light on Arafat's terror links

Right-wing activists attack Beilin and Mitzna in Mitzpeh Ramon

Teenager promised sex with virgins if he blew himself up near soldiers

MI slammed for failing to assess Iraq WMD threat

A Journey to Rafah

Israel Blocking Aid to Gaza

Who Won World War II?

The Main Danger to Peace, It's Israel

US Complicity in Israel's Misdeeds

Clarke was not "demoted" & the 8/6/01 doc

Interview with Hans Blix - NYTimes...short but fun!

How to lose West Virginia come November

Objectively & On The Facts: Is There a SINGLE Reason to Vote * in Nov?

NoDak DU'ers--Who will be at state convention next weekend?

Richard Clarke on Larry King weekend repeat right now

Moonies, brainwashing and the mass media

FBI Papers on Kerry Stolen from Marin County Author

Bushes Cabinet: Not picked with Americas Best Interest in Mind.

U.S. must understand terror roots, expert says

So...I was gone and away from the media for 4 days--whats the scoop?

An Official Who's Gonna Get Indicted Thread.

worst movies of the 60's?

Project for the New American Empire!!

Just heard the Walter Cronkite: 'See it Now' and McCarthy NPR program ...

Thanks a LOT, Condi. Now I'll never see a U.S. woman president.

Jump in steel prices;insurance/bodyshop colusion in Minnesota

Nate Clay, liberal radio streaming now: Richard Clarke is the topic

Win Ben Stein's Money!

Newsweek: Bonds of Steel - The Force of the 9-11 Families

Ok, let's start listing who should be writing books.

Can someone explain why this was locked?

Senior Gambling Addicts? You bet!

LOL....bob dole advising bush* how to win the WH.....(link) LOL!

Buschco, Kerry press secretaries to debate on CNN today

What about Zinni? he got fired for truthtelling two years ago!

a political hate crime

Has anyone read Bruce Miller's *Take Them at Their Words* yet?

It could never happen HERE. This is AMERICA.

Alterman, Green, Conason, David Corn/C-Span II Booknotes Now 8:30est!

White House fixated

The People Speak: chimp getting smacked down on CSpan...

David Corn on C-Span Booknotes: the Lies of Geroge Bush

rerun.....alterman, corn, conason, etal on Bush: CSPAN II.....must see!

"Christian" speaker's agency lists Coulter with 9/11 survivors

Rummy caught (FOX) having to confirm Clarke's

Newsweek: Party Of One - Dems not dented *'s Wartime Appeal?

Beyond the "Growth Fetish" --an example of how the debate has passed us by

I never want to read or hear again that

Margolis writes another scathing column re Bush War of Lies

"Wag-the-dog" statements by Republican Congress....

KerryTheft: This Could Be Big

Does Saturday Night Live ever lampoon GW Bush?

Daily U.S. Casualties 3/28/2004

When will Sen. Lincoln Chaffee endorse Kerry?

Please help to unFreep this poll!

Scowling Condi from a better angle...

Why'd we stop calling presidents by their initials?

I want Richard Clarke in charge of Homeland Security!...

TIME Cover Story | Is Condi the Problem?


Mark Green (Co-Author) - CSPAN2: "Bush Is A Flat Earth President"

Please support the MoveOn PAC.


Selective Service SCRUBS 2nd BOARD AD, puts up DRAFT denial statement!

...8 months to undo what it took 8 years to accomplish....

TV Alert: McLaughlin Report 10:00 AM EST in NY

Howard Zinn's History Lessons--the cynical myopia of the Hardcore Left?

How do you feel about these two quotes (On US Power)?

Oops! Sorry.

Duct Tape: Bush 's Anti-Terrorism Plan.

With all the Clarke posts this AM, did any one mention CSPAN????

How long will Kerry have to resolve Iraq before the protests geared...

Freepers start whisper campaign: "Clarke is gay, and blackmailable."

The Bush Bloodbath Sabbath -Just finished watching Tweety ...

So Charles Krauthammer called Richard Clarke a perjurer?

Send News Tips To Drudge (Anonymity Guaranteed)

"you asked it your way and I answered it my way." (Rummy on FOX)

The following was in today's American Progress:

FYI: the bush* joke photos -- link

Mike Malloy update

Richard Clarke taking the oath is the Newsweek Cover

Did you notice who Russert quoted as critics of R. Clarke?

Can someone repost the link to the Dumbsfield interview where

BushCo have gotten pathetic...

Rumsfeld on THIS WEEK: "We didn't go to Iraq."

Russert quotes The Moonie Times and Kraughthemmer as SOURCES!

MSNBC Poll: Should President George W. Bush apologize...

The Power of the Presidency vs. the Power of TRUTH: who wins?

Might Clarke spur on other defectors?

Frist on CSPAN......rerun of him calling for perjury charges

King Jeb holds court over felons - puke

The DRAFT is Coming -- Alternet article (must read)

Al Gore should have used Bill Clinton's Help in 2000

Obviously, Dick Clarke is not yet dead....they must continue the attacks.

Clarke on CNN said Clinton did a lot

What Democrats should do after Clarke in MTP

Please tell me why no one asks Perle

I am struck by the contrast on MTP between Clarke and Bush

WOW! Clarke is Amazing! On MTP NOW

Will the Condi interview tonight be live?

Uh Oh! Woodward writing another book!

DU this CNN poll...

White House nervous about Bob Woodward's upcoming book

anybody watching the colon bowel movement on Face the Nation?

If the presidential election were held this week, who would you vote for?

Arnold's criminality shows it's face

Tom Friedman Confesses to Being a Sleeping, Unimaginative Hack

Russert is an ass

Simon BarSinister coming up to rebut Clarke on CNN

Reading between the lines : Bush vs Clarke

CNN..Richard "PNAC" Perle claims the Clinton

Any comments on the Post Card size Letter from Bush* to Clarke

My Sunday major tin foil alert.

Psychic canceles AA Flight 1304 - (s. fl.)

Freepers must be jumping off bridges - Clinton did better job than Bush !

The Next Bridge to Cross for Bush

Howard Dean should call a press conference right now.

Bill Mahar on CBC Mansbridge

What is so wrong, or hateful about this statement?

The most important benefit of online polls is that they prove ...

Helen Thomas' Legacy of Truth

Detroit terrorism trial in jeopardy:

Purging The Ghosts of Vietnam

So, just What Did the Bush Guys do to keep the terrorists from attacking

anyone know how I could contact George Soros?

Chimpy is hiding out at his pig farm this weekend

President Clinton and the Clinton administration.

Rnc owns Media

Republicans for Ralph - Funny Site

Bush Lies great list here

Bruce Morton stuns Judy Woodruff...

If Bush's predecessor had been a Republican, who would he blame everything

poor Kristin Breitweiser....she was just on NOW

flash video: "bush* KNEW and did nothing"...shows bush* at school

Howard Stern and the FCC: Will Al Franken or Janeane Garofalo Be Next?

Could martial law be enforced at this time?

The adults are in charge?

*'s delusion?

Watched Clarke on Larry King again...Took a few notes

Richard Clarke has made it OK to criticize Bush openly

Find the cheapest gas in your area ( U.S.and Canada)

"Make sure he never earns another dollar in Washington"

Clarke just said he voted for Al Gore in 2000

The Great 9/11 Coincidence - mock simulation or smokescreen?

WP: RIchard Clarke and the Rise of the Heroic Bureaucrat

Just where in the hell does the buck stop ??

Chris Matthews does America a service by showing the TRUE face of war

Is the Gay Marriage Amendment DOA?

new law in Louisiana - cops can come in house without search warrent

I did something kinda bad...

Clarke says we'll catch bin Laden "in the next few months".

Discredit, Destroy, & Deflect a "Key" Right-Wing Tactic

Michael Moore's 'The Big One' is on IFC right now

Why Rice Cannot Testify About 9/11 Under Oath

Boy Sees Father Honored, Buried

LIHOP makes SLC Tribune column

Need reviewers for memorial video

Murdoch's MAD TV taunted FCC last night

Just What The Heck Goes on at Crawford Ranch?

proof George W. Bush is corrupt (Texas Rangers and University money)

Is Condi starring in Exorcist IV??

Email Meet the Press tell them Clarke is a HERO

A Sad and troubling fact of Bush WH philosophy ....

MTP Highlights- Richard Clarke

Question for M. Ijaz re: FOX appearance

Letters In My Newspaper-----Most Of Them Are Against Bush!

Cartoon from my local weekly newspaper

How many DUers voted for Zell Miller?

Betting Pool. How Long Before Condi "Fried" Rice Resigns?

Chip Carter: * gives sons of former presidents a bad name

when and on what channel will Meet the Press

If Kerry is president he should teach Fox News a lesson

The Bush Gang...what a bunch of gutless screwups

How to get Condi to testify - on a level she'll understand:

CLAIM vs. FACT: Bush Statement of March 25, 2004

Who are the "Enemies" from Clarke's title?

When will al-Qaeda attack again in the US?

Conspiracy theories live on because of poor investigation. JFK death will

If Clinton's penis were on MTP, what questions would it get?

Costco Using Employees in store to get Ca. Work comp petition sigs

Noam Chomsky funzone.

Whom do these names describe?

Rummy on FAUX

Faux Demanding "independent investigation" of UN/ANNAN

Need Help for Soldiers, Returning Vets ..Please help DU, (please read)

Rummy and the BushCo Untruth Machine

If You Live in Northeast..... a 60 MINUTES tip.....

Richard Clarke campaign contributions

The three messages of Richard Clarke...

Condaleeza Rice to be interviewed

Am I mistaken, or was that William Kristol

Ed Bradley, on 60 Minutes tonight, will you ask Condoleeza why....

What is the cutoff date for contributing to the Kerry campaign?

Gazpacho-eating surrender monkeys?

Has anyone here mentioned that

Clarke + LeakGate Plame matter= Bush Doom

A Freeper gets it: Clarke is a racist sexist!

Clarke Voted for Gore

Has anyone else signed up with True Majority?

Richard Clarke & Cyberterrorism. Will There Be An Electronic Pearl Harbor?

Need help RE: Patriot Act II and the Senate vote

To what extremes would Bush go to maintain power?

The lawyers won't let her testify. What a bunch of bull puckey.

The Quick and the Dead

I have a scary, unspeakable question

Anyone remember the movie "Billy Jack"?

I just sent this letter to the editor...

Helping the "lost and ignorant" see the light...

Here's How You Will Be Able To Tell The Situation In Iraq Is

How the hell does bu$h stay up in the polls?

Chirac just got told in regional elections that he is too conservative

Looking for a pic in someones's sig

Terrific episode of NOW (with Bill Moyers) on PBS tonight.

I know - resign first THEN testify

A poignant moment four years ago

Walmart and the "Committee for the Preservation of Capitalism"?

Ever heard of the African-American Republican Leadership Council?

What will Bush do when he LOSES?

That's it.....Buh bye Judy and CNN ..Can't take no more.

Republicans support family values .... BULLSHIT

George Carlin: Jammin in New York...

Pastor says he hopes he can help teens held in cross burning (Good man)

My prediction - Condi will testify under oath

Bush wasn't in the Situation Room on 12 September 2001?

Conservative News-speak, Unplugged. (Do we laugh or cry?)

Nice article on Crawford Protest, 3/20 -- God, has it been a week!

Where's Bush and what is he conspiring to do next ?

Nader Says He'll Meet With Kerry Next Month

Shays: Richard Clarke put a knife in the back of the president

Atheists of good conscience can't stay in the Republican Party.

Arab Summit Collapses over Human Rights Reforms

60 minutes on Pickering

Is Kerry smart not to take up a position on the Clarke revelation?

My in-laws neighbors were longer

As Commander-in-Chief, can Bush be court martialed?

Cdn TV - CBC Newsworld tonight at 10: Oliver Stone's Commandante

Sibel Edmonds on INN World Report

HBO's "Deadwood" - A Libertarian's Dream City ROCKS !! check it out. over a million hours of

Need a link to refute an idiot 18 yr old wingnut. I sent her some emails

What is the Big Dog saying about all this? Clarke, Condi, the whole mess?

"another brick in the wall" around the whitehouse

SING WITH ME!! - Bush Is DONE!! - Bush Is DONE!! - Bush Is DONE!!

There's a phrase a-comin', Condi

Rice wants to meet with 9/11 victims' families

It seemed that politicians were much smarter twenty years ago

The only recourse left to the RW are the "wedge issues"

What happened over the weekend?

Here is the theme for the Kerry camapign: "The Servant Leader"

"Open letter to America" dejavu

I don't hate Republican voters

Richard WHO...? Was Condi's 60 Minutes interview the final shoe...

Watergate.....OK historians, your memory please.....

the arrogance of condi!!!

The Official Cynthia McKinney appreciation thread

Simulated Presidential Press Conference in Response to Clarke (mp3)

Tim Russert gave Clarke 3 Minutes on Iraq. I timed it.

Question on the Condi spin

AirAmerica web stream?

Another Shrub-slapping Book: Houses of Saud & Bush

puter favor pls

Will the 911 committee be on next week? If so...

So , Condi was on 60 mins? Whats is the verdict?

Condi Takes The Fall For George

Fox's Brit Hume to Families of Dead GIs: GET OVER I T!

Interesting poll on the Chris Matthews Show...

When Thinking on Bush and His Assessment of the Terrorist Threat

Save Bob Edwards!

Heard Rummy say that 'any nation has a right to defend itsself.'

When did DC become Hollywood, anyway?

It's a lie, it's a lie, it's a lie! (Condi's 60 Min transcript)

Sorry Condi - You Are A Lying Bitch!!

Bill Frist gives me the creeps!!

Is Lt. Col Karen Kwiatkowski writing a book?

Who's Clarke going to vote for?

John Kerry questions

This Pic Ought to Be the ONLY Dem Commercial

Ephedra ban starts this month...

Rate Condi's 60 Minutes performance

Transcript of "Meet The Press" with Richard Clarke (Mar 28, 2004)

Clarke on CNN...5 minutes...

My Republican wife said that Clarke lied, and that Bush is wonderful!

OFFICIAL Sixty Minutes Condoleezza Rice Thread....

Richard Clarke is gay now, freeps running out of bullets

DUers, you have check out the Media Patrol

DU you want fair elections or not? If so

Sources--Clark to earn over $1million for book

Has our nation always been this divided?

Need another response to RW

60 Minutes was freeped!

CSPAN scrapping usual caller format this morning, for now

I just wanted the freepers to know that OBL endorsed *

hypothetical presidential preference poll

The People Don't Care that Bush Lied to Them (wake up/grow up..cry)

Getting Condi to testify reminds me of the battle for Nixon's tapes..

What happened to Paul O'Neill?

Why industry needs to be regulated......

Press Coverage of 9-11 Inquiry in San Francisco

Important info (maybe) on the Newsweek poll

Anyone care to take a stab at how many people

Screw NPR and Public TV, Government should subsidize C-Span...

Who did Clarke vote for in 2000?

Clarke: "We're going to catch Bin Laden."

The official document showing Bush plan to reactivate DRAFT

CSPAN right now....1971 Dick Cavett show with John Kerry talking Vietnam

The Dinner Party

When even a Limited Hangout is much too much: BushCo and 9/11

ALERT: Richard Clarke on Meet the Press in ...8....7.....6.....5...

Local B&N out of Clarke book . . .full of bad attitude

C-Span: John Kerry on Dick Cavett show, June 1971

Reaching Across Faiths: Atheists Who Believe Bush is the Antichrist

Is Clarke pulling a John Dean....

Live Newsweek poll going badly for Bush (Clarke revelations)

This will put a smile on your lips and song in your heart; Top 10 books

This is interesting the 9/11 Commission is not an Arm of Congress

Required reading for all DUers

Rumsfeld: A "travelling salesman of toxins and chemical components"

FACT CHECK: Condi Rice's 60 Minutes Interview

Paul Thompson, an American hero!

Operation Northwoods just keeps coming to mind. Never gets steam.

There it is-why Tenet is still at CIA

Ed Bradley could have NAILED her on the 'apology'

our troops to use new weapon on the Iraqis - it's terrible

Can anyone tell me why?

Peter Werbe streming live now...

Quesitons: The WH had Clarke's book for 3 months.

Clarke...running out of time and forums....

McKinney to run for congress again - Hooray

Republicans and Democrats are less likely to live next door to each other

Urgent: Leslie Stahl needs your feedback

will bush* throw condi overboard....sacrifice her ?

Erective disfunction commercials: Last straw for big Pharma

"Bud" McFarlane, Reagans's NSA testified in Iran-Contra

A White House "Adept at Revenge"

The myth of the President's Daily Brief.

Take it from one who lived and breathed Watergate...

We need to tell teens: You're in for the draft if Bush is re-selected

If Kerry does not gain at least 2% in the April polls, the fix is in..

Long ago articles on Clinton's terrorism fight....GOP held him back.

Sign this BBV petition!!!

Condi...running out of time and forums...

NASCAR and Triplett v. Boucher in Virginia

There is NOTHING Christian about *

WooHoo! We just took back our local Democratic party!

ask Senators to vote against extreme fines for indecency

WHY did Bush/Cheney go on vacation? | Clarke: Gov't on alert July & Aug 01

blasted again by a Canadian Conservative...

Republicans more interested in capturing Clinton than terrorists?

So I Ask Again Friends: When Do The rePublicans Start 'Jumping Ship' ???

Has rape become part of custodial punishment?

DRUDGE: New Woodward book will be EXPLOSIVE

Oliver Stone's "Comandante", re: Fidel Castro. Have any of you seen it?

Baylor Students Rally For Anti-Discrimination Policy For Gays

Kerry Accuses Bush Camp of Intolerance for Criticism (NYT)

21 Killed in Two Days of Attacks in Iraq

LAT: Iraqi Defector's Tales Bolstered U.S. Case for War (aka Curveball)

Chalabi: A Questionable Use of U.S. Funding

Afghanistan to Delay Landmark Elections Until September

Hamas Leader Vows 'Earthshaking' Revenge

LAT: Missed Opportunities Shadow 9/11 Attacks

Pope Says Sundays for God, Not Sports

Top Shiite Asks Kuwait to Show 'Passion'

Thailand Sees No Foreign Role in Bomb Attack

Outsourced UCSF notes highlight privacy risk (Patient Records Blackmail)

Press coverage of International 9/11 Inquiry, San Fransisco...

Two Afghans killed, 10 missing, in Taliban raid

Operation Iraqi Infoganda

Kerry Criticizes Bush For Attacks on Clarke

Western Cape is eyeing oil-boom billions

White House gives Chen official congratulations

NYT: N. Korea Rejects U.S. Demand to Scrap Its Nuke Program

Myanmar junta wants military buildup

Coup attempt thwarted in Zaire

Richard Clark on Meet the Press 9:56 AMCentral

Rumsfeld: Iraq Wasn't a Distraction

Beijing `crushes' HK's democracy

Rockefeller sounds off on Iraq

Clarke Calls for Declassification of Testimony on Terrorism

Israel's State Attorney Officially Recommends That Sharon Be (new)

Israel 'exaggerated' Iraq threat

Prosecutor officially recommends indicting Sharon

Gadaffi still hunts 'stray dogs' in UK

Man Arrested For Saving A Stray Chicken

Sistani may issue edict against Iraq power transfer.

Turkey's Islamic-Rooted Governing Party Sweeps Polls

Fed missteps jeopardize terror case:

Briton, Canadian killed in Iraq city attack

Amber alert issued for baby abducted in Ellensburg

Commission Head Still Wants Rice Testimony Public

French lawyer says he will defend Saddam

Poll: Clarke Doubted; Bush Support Ebbs

Iraqi Minister of Public Works Attacked

Congolese Government Forces Fight Attackers in Capital;

French Lawyer to Defend Saddam

Options in for an overhaul (stock options)

Bush team works to get under Kerry skin

No More 9/11's

British Gay couples win full rights to 'marriage'

Protests as U.S. closes Iraqi paper

Iraqi detentions fuel anti-US sentiment

Bin Laden's British payback target: Heathrow Airport

Judge blocks release of own medical history for appeal by former governor

Clarke's Gain, Our Pain

Rice Rejects Public Testimony to 9/11 Panel

French Return to Haiti After 200 Years

Bush under fire over Sharon invitation

Brazil Storm Kills Two,Destroys Homes(First Ever South Atlantic Hurricane)

Accused Cadet Was Kept on at Academy

Turkmen Quit Northern Iraqi City Council, Say Kurds Taking Over--New WMW

Prices rising despite low inflation rate (Key indicators questioned)

Australian PM on Bush: I wouldn't have told those jokes

Report: Japan Ends Currency Intervention

Pakistan's tough spot

Iran resumes works on nuclear fuel cycle: official

Occupiers Spend Millions on Private Army of Security Men

Uganda using torture to deter opposition -report

Virginia Political Shocker: Republicans for High Taxes

Investigators to probe INC member Ahmad Chalabi's use of US money: report

G.I.s Padlock Baghdad Paper Critical of U.S.

Guerrillas hit U.S. military vehicle with RPGs (Updates with detail)

WP/Milbank/Pincus: Rice Defends Refusal to Testify

Kerry too 'French' to sway 'adolescent' Americans: consultant | AFP

Clarke Calls for Declassification of Testimony on Terrorism

Teens surrender in cross burning as town marches against hatred

A public Clarke stuns colleagues

It was too many appliances, not pot, that police found at Carlsbad home

NYT: President Asked Aide to Explore Iraq Link to 9/11

President Asked Aide to Explore Iraq Link to 9/11 Attacks

WP: Hughes Rises to Bush*s Defense

What happens when sound economic projections miss the mark?

Marine Is Blamed in Marine Deaths

Iraq oil exports delayed from north and south

Squad repels ambush; kills attackers, seizes weapons

2 British Guards Reported Shot in Iraq

Israel: Iraq Intel Was Faulty

FRANCE: Election, large defeat for the Right

States, leery of taxes but facing demands for services, lean hard toward m

Liberals Take on Conservatives on Talk Radio

Condoleezza Rice Says She's Constitutionally Barred From Testifying

Iraqi Shiites Organize to Block U.S. Plan

Clarke challenges Rice to reveal secret emails

Haiti Rebel Leader Wants to Kill Enemy Aristide

U.S. adminstration bans Iraqi Shi'ite newspaper

New York families of 9/11 victims came out swinging against Clarke

Bush campaign calls Kerry's Biblical criticism "exploitation of Scripture"

Hamas chief attacks 'enemy Bush' (didn't Clarke just warn us about this)

Saddam's French lawyer wants Rumsfeld, Kissinger to testify

Anyone know why Hep got banned, was there a DU purge?

As a DUer who thinks the place is flooded with too many cats, I give you

New sig line pic: Yes or no?

How many forum members does it take to change a light bulb?

Is Pink Floyd the best band ever?

Prog Rock Fans Check IN!

Have You Seen The Latest Instyle Magazine. On The Cover. OH MY.

What would it take to have Cadbury's Eggs year round?>

Wanna see me being paranoid?

worst movies of the 60's?

What's your favourite new rock song currently out there???

If you enjoyed the game and soundtrack of Medal of Honor Rising sun see


Did Led Zeppelin ever write a bad song?

Is Kashmir the best Rock song ever?!?!?

Tool or A Perfect Circle

Are you bald/going bald?

Just watched Chris Rock hand some clown his ass...kicked the shit

If Wendy O. Williams and Ari Fleischer were married and had kids,

Just a Reminder.. Richard Clarke on Meet The Press @ 8:00 AM Central Time

Best Song About Patti Boyd-Harrison-Clapton?

Silkwood - the movie

"I'm going to create the Stale programming language"

What are your worst examples of sexism?

I saw "The Ladykillers" last night..... I thought it was.......

Stars you were surprised to find out they were NOT gay/lesbian?

Excussssss me, Secret Service play with * ass .......

I will meet a fellow DUer in a week or so

What's the best 60's rock album?

Anything monumental on MTP/FTN this morning...

pResident Bush Postal Stamp

Hearing question...

My 500th post: JEWS IN ROCK!

Two buddies need caption

Dweller on the Threshold

prank gone wrong

Bill Frist proves his status as "king GOP moron boy" on the Senate floor

There's NO escaping the damn things! (boner pill ads)

Which cities have the biggest inferiority and superiority complexes?

What do you mean, Replicas?

Why were there 4,000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire?

Need help on a thread

SoCaldem - was this your neighbor?

A deluded conservative

I'd like to direct your attention

The guilty pleasure of disposable ditties

"Today's" Calvin & Hobbes ripped from the headlines

Condoleeza Rice..Dr. of.....?

A shout out to DU Lurkers Bill and Laura O'Rourke!

100 Movies That Deserve More Love

Cats for Kerry

F. Scott FItzgerald vs. Hemingway: Thunderdome.

The Booga Booga of all CAPTIONS

If you have heard the song Peanut Butter Jelly Time then I have a question

If Bush* Says Something Out Loud And Nobody Is Around To Hear It...

Nominate your new U.S. government of DU MEMBERS

Anybody here know how to get in

Attention Radio fans!

The world's flags given letter grades

Vintage Kerry on tonight

Need to find thread

Just finished planting my early garden.

Shoot "The Thread That Never Dies" in the head!

Ooooooooooo de sun be shining!

CAPTION how you think Bush's thank you note reads

Favorite song by THE IMPRESSIONS?

Poor Mrs. Venation. T.U.K. -- what a heavy burden to bear.

Mmmmmmm.....Cadbury caramel eggs.......

Check this out: the African-American Republican Leadership Council!

Is Condoleezza Rice a Klingon?

I Now Worship Ted Jesus Christ God!!

You show me how to control a wild f**king gypsy

Looks like my listeners'll be getting a little more soul music tonight.

How many of these music artists have you heard about? (not from DU)

Gophers Women's Basketball made it to the Elite Eight!

Saginaw Bishop Kenneth Untener: 1937-2004

Let's Drop the Big One

Those crazy Minnesotans.

Cat Pics


I ran, I ran so far away.

So Dick Clarke "dropped the ball" on Dubya.

Anger, he smiles,

I support "Billionaires for Bush" and you should too!

If you wrote the Bible, what would be your commandments?

Washing Machines...

What does this song mean?

April 1st - April Fools Day

DU VETS!!! Favorite MRE??

I love

Where were you 7 years ago? (Hale Bopp/Heaven's Gate)

What's a good region-free DVD player?

Who would you go clubbing with the Hatch girls or the Bush girls?

I Hate Oak Trees, Their Leaves and Their Nasty Little Acorns

I made it out of the 700 club!

7:00 TV: "Road to Perdition" or "Road To The WH?"

Hoover Floor Mate?

Hey, did the Reagan dime ever become approved?

Listening to Physical Graffiti. Ask me anything.

C-Span watchers-can you give me info?

It's "Zavier", not "X-Zavier"

I think I'm getting sick

Life on Mars - but 'we sent it'

Anyone know of a political forum w/ people of all political affiliations?

It's Official. Uconn vs Duke. Lets Get It On.

You know what else everybody likes? Parfaits.

Do you listen to movie/tv show soundtracks?

Computer people, Tech people, help me

Mozart's Requiem used to advertise toilets!

Mentos - WTF?!

Shows that you've never met real fans of but the show have lasted forever

Rude, Crude, and Laugh Out Loud Funny!

New hate mail!

Can you Imagine Ireland puds without smokes?

50 bags of pine bark nuggets and 800 lbs. top soil in bags...

Why Do Joggers Jog In The ROAD When There's A Perfectly Fine Sidewalk...

Computer help needed here please folks

It had to happen...

1960s Hercules Movies


"Grapes Of Wrath" on FMC

Thank you, George W. Bush!!!!

Comcast to buy TechTV; merge it with G4

Who invented Battlebots?

Favorite 80s band that I like

Sunday Night on the Simpsons #2

On the prow of the wagon,

Can sombody resize this to 48x48??

What's the real reason for going to Mars?

Any one going to the IMF/world bank protestsin DC (same week as Womens)

Despicable behavior by St. Joseph fan during the Oklahoma State game

In the year twenty-five


Take this Min. Twins poll on Lee Greenwood's "Proud to be an American"

Why do you think Condi Rice always looks like she just caught her boy

Funniest Bush-Kerry photoshop job I've seen so far.

Am I over the hill?

Name That Album Redux Part 1

American Idol sucks

Make up headlines for Drudge

DU chat

See whose political campaigns your neighbors support

Why do people with handicapped tags and plates

Almost cut my hair

Twins Fans Could Lose Out On TV Coverage This Season

Where Would You Like To Visit

Meanwhile, John Ashcroft prepares for the most monstrous TERRA yet...

Whats your favorite movies by genre

Are you a dingbat?

OK, I am getting sick of all this political crap on TV

Freddy Adu...

Sunday night Trek trivia!!!

Badger Badger Badger ...

We, The High Elves So Speak... (Press Release) (extreme-satire)


Anybody from ST. Louis hear this?

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

X...A...V...I - E - R!!!

I awoke last night to the sound of thunder

Best things in life

Britney Spears' new live show -- god awful

Her sisters yelled, "Boogie, Bertha! Do your thing!"

Masturbating while driving

I sewed my eyes shut today in direct obedience...

Is one episode of "Two and a Half Men" worse than...

From freeper village!

Separated at birth? Hugh Jackman and Clint Eastwood!

"Flinstones, meet the Flinstones....."

Horray! This is my 500th post!

Bats are buzzing me! Every time I go outside.

Who is a lazy bat?

Pittsburgh: Midwestern or Eastern???

Your favorite childhood toy?

King of the Hill...

Yaks are buzzing me! Every time I go outside.

Anyone have a list of call letters for Air America Radio?

The great "lets ruin movie endings" thread

We were somewhere around Barstow

I am luckier than you

would it be too creepy to send Cynthia McKinney Flowers?

Who wrote "To Kill a Mockingbird?"

Best dish in the world?

What's the best Stevie Wonder song?

I need to WHOIS someone...can anyone explain...?

YOWWWW! Ray Harryhausen signing books in NYC at B&N!

Thanks St. Joe HAWKS ! Vaya Con Dios!

Favorite song on "Repo Man" Soundtrack:

How do you give a dog a capsule?

Goddamn! Randi Rhodes is fargin hot!

Best Tom Waits Album

Now that it's official, who WILL win the FINAL FOUR?

Would you rather be with someone who loves you or someone you love?

Macho Men

Sneaky music trivia game. Try and confuse, enlighten and entertain.

Screw those other films: You're casting the Screaming lord byron story

DU IT people-a question


Hey Texas DUers...State party convention

What's the best stretch of highway in America?

OK, it's the start of the season, but did that Buzzard HAVE to follow me..

Exciting new No CARB diet!


OMG! Have you seen the new Walmart commercial?

The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin. Truly subversive television.

My 100 favorite records of 1969

Minnesota-Duluth in the Frozen Four !!

What Is My Fascination With Reading The Obituaries?

A Question For Michigan DUers

How many apartments/houses have you lived in post 17

What's the worst stretch of highway in America????

When an ex-lover gives you a mixed CD

Is this photoshop pic any good?

Anybody want to see what I look like?

Stars you were surprised to find out were gay/lesbian?

I'm having serious thoughts about the afterlife...

Is Nader on the ballot in any states yet?

MSNBC: (Kerry) "Blasting Bush"

Gandhi quotes:

Cronkite: Dear Senator Kerry: In Defense Of Liberalism

Frist - Charge Clarke with perjury NOW

Can a numerologist (hello!) out there tell me what's going on

Here are the Best Anti War Anti Bush Songs you ever heard

Would Faux Snooze attack Kerry if he joked about not finding WMDs

Trump wants to trademark, "You're fired." Kerry wants to trademark,

Vintage Kerry on CSPAN(6:30 Eastern): 1971 Dick Cavett Show

AP: Today in St. Louis, Kerry says Bush Neglecting the Less Fortunate...

Dean to be on CNBC tomorrow. Politically correct folks need not view.

Please vote in the CNN poll on prevention of 9-11.

CNN vote: Could the US have done more to prevent the 9/11 atttacks?

ashcroft should charge Clarke with perjury right now

Over Thirty fucking Years and Righty rhetoric hasn't changed ..

Asking for help with this one...

Has anyone quantified how much time Bush has spent fund-raising?

Doonesbury nails ya!

Kerry will win if Graham's-Holt's bill passes. He loses if it doesn't.

Richard Clarke on MTP (NBC) right now! n/t

If Nader drops out...

Bill Clinton can't be Vice President - I think....

which kerry do you wish was running

Kerry WAKE UP, where's the Bush is weak on terror ad?

Any Older DU'ers Remember KERRY in '71?

Iowa: The ultimate bellweather state

Ralph Nader: "If you want Bush out, vote for Kerry."

Way to go Doonesbury!

Nader, Kerry to discuss defeating Bush

Kerry uses Bible scripture to pose questions about Chimpy's policies

who does Bill Clinton think is best vp choice ?

Kerry's 5% corporate tax reduction to encourage job growth is

Why is Bush advertising in NY??

Bush comes here on Tues., It's going to be a hostile environment

Clark Strength in Ohio Can Help Kerry Deliver the State to Blue

Cheney running his mouth AGAIN

Interesting Quiz--tests your preference for Bush or Kerry

New poll: Only Edwards helps Kerry win.

CSPAN-1 4pm PST: Kerry's 1971 Appearance on Dick Cavett Show

Please donate to send Cynthia McKinney back to Congress!

What happened to Kerry's call for monthly debates w/ Bush?

Bush Had His Eyes On The Prize

Kerry-Clark is the best ticket

The attacks are underway.

"If Condoleezza Rice can find time to do `60 Minutes'