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Archives: March 27, 2004

WP 3/27 - Why Are Our Children Dying?

Widows and Orphans First... - Eric Alterman

“Iraqi youths celebrated Thursday after an American - Alterman

NJ Star Ledger Editorial: No Exemption for Rice (ouch!)

the many faces of Condi

“I Don’t Remember”

I hope this doesn't offend people with no torsos...

03/27 - "Faux Journalism is the White House's New Ally"

White House Trying to Explain Rice Policy

Contradictions Appear in Rice's many different statements on 9/11 attack.

People killing people – or how I learned to despise Bush...

Blow for Bush

Kerry Slams White House Attack on Clarke

Fox News reveals unnamed source (Identifies Clarke)

Is There an Ethicist in the House?

delete please - dupe (Newsweek poll shows Bush damaged)

Guantanamo on steroids

Greeting of Relief and Worry Awaits Bush Aide's Return

BBV: 3/27 Opinion Piece by Avi Rubin (of Johns Hopkins)

Iraqi women find no end to their suffering - Sad, sad story

So you want to be a rebel...

NYT 03/27/04 - A Long, Long Muddle

Clarke fends off White House dirty tricks

Boo-Boos in Paradise. David Brooks' active imagination.

Dowd: Who's Your Daddy Party?

Infallibility makes poor strategy - GENE LYONS

Say Goodbye To Cheap Oil - Boston Globe

Frank Rich: Faux journalism is the White House's new ally

Woman refuses C-section, charged with murder [new Bush America]

Need a Pick Me up Article:? "The Coming Republican Rout"

Bush to appear in Huntington, WV on Friday

Arts and Crafts for activists - updates plus looking for submissions

Chain Letter for America, Not Bush

Fox producing yet another tasteless reality show - give 'em hell

CODEPINK protest -April 22- at your local Hummer dealership

SEATTLE: missing person report...

Cowards Dennis Hastert and Laura Ingraham try to hide the truth of 9/11

Daily Show with Jon Stewart beats Fox News in Ratings

Boycott Exxon/Mobil... One way you really can send a message

Funny Email

Tech Questions: DU Link Icon

Astrologers- Need help with my hockey team

Okay, I've got a big problem with

how can i get the GUY JAMES radio WPTK 1200 FL on the internet ,its on now

Inside Stanley Kubrick's Archive

Minnesota DUers - Gathering on April 2nd

Warrantless searches OK'd, sometimes

Rights, Privileges, England, and Just Who Has the Guns?

Teacher in trouble because of gay marriage

Who doy ou believe?

Dr. David Suzuki speaks

One Ingush teenager killed, two wounded by Russian chopper

Listen to the Germans: Oh, What a Sorry State We're In...

Request to moderators on metastatis of Gun threads

Rights, Privileges, England, and Just Who Has the Guns?

What is up with IL?

Why I carry a gun, and support your right to do likewise.

Why the gun craze???

Change/Eliminate the 4rth amendment to eliminate the 2nd amendment

Listen Live Request

Are threats of self-mutilation against the rules?

Is the description of the "Editorials and Other Articles" forum accurate?

Confirm My Vote?

Ya Know What The REAL Problem With The Ask The Admins Forum Is ???

Is there any way to browse the old DU?

Another heads-up: Listen Live request

Can I get this thread posted in the gatherings on the front page?

Why do mods leave "bigot, sexist, misogynist" insults on threads

Anyway to get the locking of this thread reconsidered?

Request to get a thread unlocked.

Thank you Mods!

You need to get rid of this post

People seem to be mellowing out...

60 Palestinian intellectuals, Fatah officials call for calm

Israelis quell attack from sea

Arab FMs discuss Mideast, agree to fund PA for next 6 months

White House: Sharon to meet Bush in Washington on April 14

A little joke from my grandmother

Two Deaths

Israel's State Prosecutor Said to Recommend Sharon Bribery Charge

U.N. Agencies May Have to Cut Gaza Aid

The Main Danger to Peace, It's Israel

US Complicity in Israel's Misdeeds

Missiles at the World Trade Center

September 11 attacks: What did Bush know?

White House retreat on 9/11 claims

doppelgangers of Atta, Hanjour, Jarrah

The Disinformation of Richard Clarke

Three words: "plastic, Rosebud, Lone Gunmen"

Amateur electoral vote analysis

Favorite book thread

Clarke colleague: Bush outfit blinded by contempt for Clinton

International Criminal Tribunal For Afghanistan at Tokyo (vs Bush)

What was the earliest

I need help (re 9/11)

Mike Webb radio tonight

Accolades for Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell

I find this snip from Bush's Aug 3, 2000 acceptance speech irnonic

Rice Becomes a 9/11 Focal Point as Contradictions Appear

Late night, drunk debate with Junior Statesman friend/opponent

Excerpt from Frist's speech on ex-official

Has anyone noticed.....

How to handle the Nader problem

Which wears you down more: Right-wing acquaintance or indifferent friends

Boycott Exxon/Mobil... One way you really can send a message

Rice leaving in November? Josh Marshall even caught off guard on this...

My idea to stop terrorist hijackers on planes

TV Alert: Clarke on MTP Sunday

Is DemocracyNow off ? I can't get it

MoveOn's handbook for political action #2 on Amazon

The Bush Smear Machine: A Primer.

March 2002: Pentagon reassigned top Osama experts to Iraq - Guardian UK

MORE Joshua Micah Marshall re: Frist and Clarke

I am sitting here working on a section of our

John Ashcroft Come On Dowwwwnnn!

Palm Beach Post cartoon...scathing

Why are Republicans so soft on terror?

im going to cut off my ear

John Kerry, stop pandering. Bush is self-destructing...

Richard Clarke ... What else does he know ?? ..

Check this one out! it's quite Shocking...!!!

FYI: Show us the Jobs link

Strategic Question re: Nader ballot access. Should we..?

Ten worst album covers of all time. Very funny stuff....

Let's start a DU investigation of 9/11 and Anthrax

Big 9/11 Secret? WH went "deer-in-headlights", left nobody in charge.

Bush Admin Have Said, So Far, 32 Lies about Richard Clarke

High Electric Bill Prompts Drug Raid - HELLO PATRIOT ACT

Richard Clarke's Testimony To Be Reshown Sunday At 10:00 AM

Frist "Retreats" On Perjury Allegations

freeper ignorance strikes again

A very interesting article about Gaddafi and his recent capitulation

Con Dee! Con Dee! Con Dee!

Having surgery in Florida?? Think TWICE

Exterminate the bug man!

Clarke, GOPers and perjury

Repubs say the public does not have a right to know..

Do Republicans Realize That If Clarke Lied About Anything,

Is b*sh reading the papers now and if so, can he read between the lines?

Clarke Lied? Who died?

Ohio poll: Bush tied with Kerry (today's Cinci Enquirer)

big mouth gop is busy making new enemies

Drudge Report suggesting tie between Kerry and Saddam

Did anyone else hear that Homeland Security is

Willie Nelson asks Bush to intercede in airstrip dispute

Ken Lay campaign contributions in detail, 1993-

'nother One Bites the Dust - Polish P.M. to Resign

How to Get Stupid White Men Out Of Office

Daily U.S. Casualties 3/27/2004

911 Hearings Replay On C-Span...10:00AM EST

Exactly how does Bush help small business?

What was Bush’s response to corporate corruption ?

I met John Kerry tonight !!!ask me anything !!!

Another Republican Myth : Condi Rice Is A Foreign Policy Expert

Factoid on Bush, the Businessman

"These bombings have become a way of life for us."

Are Repubs concerned that they may lose the House and Senate?

How Does Bush Define a Small Business

Saw a wounded soldier saying that we're proving we can win War on Terror

If the Whitehouse can Declassify National Security material to get

GOP Survey Question on Terror Draws Ire

Who has the highest probability of having their taxes audited?

Whatever happened to that Russian ship that was going to explode?

A list of officials who have left the Bush Administration....

Did they recently move Afghanistan? MSRNC just reported 2000 marines

All Al Franken needs to do to keep his show interesting and topical....

Is it just me?

Did Frist kill anything besides cats while in Med School?

I guess one good plaque deserves another?

Book TV: "Books on Bush" with Alterman, Conason, Corn, Green

Factoid: Bush’s Economic Policies

This is what I wrote Bill Frist

Are abortions still necessary ( other than for medical reasons)?

Republicans bankrolling Ralph Nader

Factoid: Voting for the Enemy

Democrats Criticize Republican Budget Plan

Why did FBI Special Agent Frasca suppress field agent terrorist memos?

Set Alarm for this Sun AM CSPAN2

a ramble that may or may not make sense to you . . .

I'm reading Clarke's book - it's a page turner.

Its no longer a "cut", It's a "service level adjustment".

Step right up, step right this way for the Bush Administration Freakshow

Senator Rockefeller: My war vote was wrong

Say, you know what all this "Have Condi testify" stuff should lead to?

How would * respond to "domestic terra"

Unfreep this poll!

Did Bush and/or Cheney testify under oath?

The WH Suborned Perjury in the Clarke Case

A Few thoughts on the words "Under God" in the pledge of Allegiance.

Is this Clarke shit amazing or what?

Need to do on-line shopping. Anyone know of a non-Repub. company?

could someone please explain to me one thing...

NYT: Dems say RC was not under oath during 2002 Interview

Line-up for "This Is Hell" starting at 10am ET -- Hint: tune in early

Powell's latest world tour went badly - they have his number

Reading Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them.

White House 4/01: Focus on Bin Laden "A Mistake"

Richard Clarke's Book Review on Amazon is Being Freeped

The Middle Class in Economic Decline

Just in time for the movie, Brazil has its 1st ever Hurricane....

In what Battleground state does Kerry have the best chance to beat Bush?

Found Proof: Lynne Cheney in PEOC on 9-11

Factoid: Examining Bush’s Commitment to Security.

Factoid: Bush has a History Of Saying One Thing and Doing Another.

Blair shakes with Qaddifi, is Osama next?

Whatever happened to Sec. of State James Baker?

bin Laden tried to kill Gadhafi in 1998. May be why he seen the light?

Condoleezza Rice's Credibility Gap - Point by point

Caribbean Leaders Withhold Haiti Backing (good news)

Psychic's Tip Cancels Flight

This is what I posted at a freeper discussion board...

Remembering Vietnam (and Iraq)

H-m-m? I Wonder What shrub's Pet Name Was for Richard Clarke?

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world...

"If Jesus saves, then he better save Himself....."

A Historic Day in History:::Richard Clarke

WH April 2001: It's a "mistake" to focus "so much energy on Osama"

WHERE is the Sibel Edmonds story?!?!?

is WAR a joke? W. seems to think so ( W. Wrong President )

Let's take the tax issue away from the Republicans...

Nader, If your concerned about Bush losing, vote for me!

Hello All. Been very busy making living. just checking in....

United Nations = imperial puppets?

New Newsweek polls out. Vote in this poll!!!

The Sandy Berger-Hunter S.Thompson link?

Watching the WH is like watching an episode of the 3 Stoogies

FOX goes into election mode...

Reality-check Newsweek poll -- they're blaming Clinton?

Hey! I bought my copy of "Against All Enemies" at Walmart!

So........where's Kerry's PT 109?

Part time soldiers, PTSD, angry civilians, teenagers with guns

Newsweek polls on Bush w/ Article

Should Sen Frist be censured?

Question Mark #34: 'What's So Funny?'

Don't ya just love

Another reason not to shop WalMart. Sorry if this is a dupe.

Who's playing "politics" with the 911 Commission?

Gee, black female finds Florida GOP people racist

We've already frozen Charles Taylor's assets

Preparing for The Next Pearl Harbor Attack

Bush WMD "joke": any Republican criticism?

Freeps: Blame the 9/11 victims' families

SBA Loan gurantee program cancelled....B* hates entrepreneurs?

Condi Defiant

ugh.....what a loathesome collection of RW slugs is on CSPAN II right now?

Anyone else hearing those John Birch Society radio ads?

Faux Newswatch on now... will they critique themselves (re: Kerrey/Clarke)

Peak Oil poll

I got my letter to the editor published...

Was there ever a missile called the Minute Man, during the Reagan era?

Do half the people voting for Nader even care about his policies?

Help! I need help I tell ya! Freepers are attacking!

MSNBC poll, hope not a dupe...remember only MSIE browser will work

Tell me what benefits can come from voting for Nader

Now Bush "Can Do No Right"---beginning of the teardown?????

(WP) Clarke Book Reignites Debate Over Iraq Invasion (mentions O'Neill)

Capitol Gang to discuss Clarke's testimony

Where can I get the clip of * I care about jobs too"...

Kerry is right -- it is about character assassination.

as NYC goes, so goes the nation?

Is another "big story" about to break this weekend ?

CSPAN Alert! Correspondents Dinner On Now, 8pm est

9-11 Commision on audio! (FREE)

Even Wal-Mart is bitching at price of gas!

FRIDAY AFTERNOON WHOPPER we missed- airport security privatized

Sen. Jay Rockefeller on Iraq: 'My Vote Was Wrong'

Irony becomes her, Condi and Bushco, a tragedy:

Kerry Slams White House Attack On Clarke!

NBC Reports Bush Has Weathered Clarke Storm!!

Abortion war reignites in US

So Condi's going to talk on 60 minutes this week-end

Does anyone else think Scott McClellan(spell I hope is right)

TV Alert: Richard Clarke replay on Larry King tonight

Commission warned Bush, From

How many of the following would you vote for over *?

Just found out why gays want to marry

Richard Clarke was a 'good friend' of John O'Neill ????

Gen. Ashcroft Announces New Development in War on Terror: More Colors

"Saddam Sympathizers"

Lesser of 2 Evils; Revealing LIHOP to avoid exposing MIHOP

"Clinton recession"

Pat Robertson Gives 'health update' on Supreme Court / Attacks Islam

Top doc backs picking your nose and eating it

Clarke praises Clinton, hints at Bush Admin. failures, in 2002

How did I miss this???

George W Bush is one scary MoFo !

Iraqnam Rag - One More Time! "It's 1-2-3, It's OIL we're fightin' for!"

Where's Bush?

Why is MM (Michael Moore) laying low?

Bush chided for not controlling oil prices!

Help defeat idiot on local message board

Will we hear from Paul O'Neil again?

Has John Ashcroft been subpoenad?

"Official Guy James Show" thread please keep kicked

LIHOP = MIHOP. Same thing, Here's why.

Are Some Republicans Trying To Take Political Advantage...? repost9/12/01


Russert interview w/ Clarke will tell the tale

the "pirate act"

WP sez: "Kerry Needs a Blueprint"

So I'm shopping and start talking to the owner...

CSPAN showing the correspondent's dinner

"Against All Enemies" Wow! Amazon reviewers pile on.

How did John O'Neill wind up as security chief at the WTC?

So when does Sen Byrd receive the apologies...

"I'm a War President"

Keep the masses down

Anyone listen to the "Nixon" and "Johnson" tapes on C-Span?

Once Again, Sean Hannity Caught In a Lie

Have you seen Move On's new ad?

NBC Whoring for Bush Again...

I just change my avatar. Check it out

“Have you no shame? At long last, have you no shame?”

Was Ford right to pardon Nixon?

McLaughling: Buchanan Tees Off On Bunnypants

Anyone Know Of An Audio Link To Clarke's Testimony?

I Swear, They Must Be Brain Dead

The last presidential election between two honorable candidates?

If a Bisexual Woman Marries a Straight Man, Does She Still Have The Right

Wouldn't now be a perfect time...

Whew! Had a huge fight with my Dad over Bushco last night

Blow for Bush - Cover of 'Newsweek'

The BOZOs in Charge are responsible for 911 and all the death

Is Barnes and Noble conservatively biased?

Cosby won't sit next to Condi

I made a wee bit of difference in the Clarke story. *GRIN*

You know, the best thing about this is...

What are we going to do about FEAR?

Queer, Fag, Homo, bla bla bla

Los Angeles DU'ers, got a question about the new Progressive radio station

Another "smoking gun" article aimed at *...

Gulf War Linked To Miscarriages

5-Minute Video of George W. Bush on the Morning of 9/11

I told you Rove would do this...

"Kerry/ believes people are born gay/ not guaranteed right to marry" WTF?

Costco pisses off Wall Street . . . by paying decent wages . . .

Harken v. Costa Rica

I went to the bookstore today...OH MY!!!

What role did Clinton's Penis have on 9/11?

!!! Pentagon planned to provoke attacks!!! RUMMY!

My Reasearch on Condi Rice pre-BushII admin. NEED MORE!

Remember how we got into this mess?

Serious quesion: Who is the Bush Admin Terrorism guy NOW?

Travis county con report and a special thanx to Deanies and DK fans!!!

The Bush defense is reduced to this...

CNN's On The Story just gave Smirk a pass on the WMD jokes. Email time.

"Against All Enemies"

Mel Gibson Questioning Bush and Iraq War

I'm now a delegate to state convention. I introduced a BBV resolution.

TDS steals ratings from real news shows

Frist's Charge Of Perjury Against Clarke

Anyone catch Bill Clinton's spin on Kerry's 80 Billion $ war vote?

Another translator, Peter Molan, tells his story of "twisted intel".

Graphs of polling results - a replacement for Professor Pollkatz

A Ghandian Strategy

"bizarre coincidence": Cheney monitors crash simulation morning of 9/11

Bush IS planning a draft

In the end, the 9/11 commission will mean nothing

Pain at the pump....Canada has moved up to No. 2 in oil reserves

Can we really get out of Iraq?

Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam on ABC News

Check out discrepancies in this Newsweek poll with the online numbers!

Does The Ninth Amendment Protect RESPONSIBLE Drug Use?

Catholics and Kerry (Salon)

A John O'Neill question

China's Army On Combat Alert

"Regime Change!" ... with the miracle ingredient Wolfowitzatine (new ads)

Does anyone know what radio stations will be carrying "Air America"?

The Clarke affair should soon take a (delightful) new turn

So, what's worst could happen? US withdraws troops & bases around World?

If every DUer moved to Wyoming

Pics from Boston Protest Against Bush 3/25 (Warning: PHOTOS)

America the Theocracy: Dominionism goes to print

My Kerry vs. Bush 2004 monthly forecast

Is Condi Rice Erroneous? Is Bushie Bonkers?

The psychic cost of the closet

How DUers can help Kristen Breitwieser ( 9/11 widow )

Any DUers in PA?

Documents on FBI's surveillance of Kerry stolen

Court Opens Door To Searches Without Warrants (Louisiana)

DeLay congratulates Chen Shui-bian

Temporary Hiring Freeze at Some Homeland Security Agencies

Is DemocracyNow off ? I can't get it

Forensic experts slated to oversee shooting probe -TW -American Henry Lee

Japan holds PRC island activists

WTO says US' gambling laws illegal

September 11 attacks: What did Bush know?

IDs easily bought in Venezuela could aid terrorists, U.S. fears

Pentagon warns British firms

Eljer plans 200 layoffs

Kerry tax plan proposes to slow loss of jobs overseas

Skeptics Examine Sept. 11 (San Jose Mercury News)

Giant X-ray used in drugs search

Loud Explosions and Gunfire heard in Central Bagdad

Utah Ends Involvement in Federal Database (MATRIX)

Seniors rail against Medicare prescription drug plan

Postage instructions (in O.C., CA) with mail-in ballots conflicting

ATTACK DOG, Thompson gets mixed reviews for work on 9/11 panel

Eljer Plumbingware cutting 200 jobs (Nearly Half of workforce)

French Lawyer Says He Will Defend Saddam

Five wounded in Baghdad bombing

Blow for Bush

Arab world rejects US reform initiative: Moussa

Russia regrets U.S. veto of UN condemning of Yassin killing

Humorous News

National Guard soldier charged with desertion - CNN

'Passion' case may test new law

Haiti Bars Former Government Members From Leaving Country

U.S. Troop Deaths in Iraq Again Rising (worst 10-day period since Nov.)

Foster dad portrayed as a model, and a monster

Pakistan says al-Qaida leader hurt, hiding

Federal auditors track wasteful spending in Iraq

Violence Across Iraq Leaves 20 Dead

LAT: Iran Hiding Its Nuclear Activities, Report Says

Sistani May Issue Edict Against Iraq Power Transfer

Annan accepts blame for Rwandan genocide

Feds Cancel Flight on 'Psychic' Bomb Tip

Kerry Will Undergo Surgery for Tendon Tear in Shoulder

(WP) Clarke Book Reignites Debate Over Iraq Invasion (mentions O'Neill)

9/11 Panel Provokes a Discussion the White House Hoped to Avoid

Kerry says people are born gay; Nader's appeal wanes | Indiana Gazette

Kerry Urges Rice to Testify Publicly to 9/11 Panel

Slave descendants sue Lloyds for billions

Caribbean won't accept Haiti's new gov't

Howard foreshadows Iraq troops' return

H.J. (Heinz) tries to keep name out of presidential race

Nader takes aim at Bush during stop in Asheville

21 killed in two days of attacks in Iraq

Voting Rights of Florida Felons Scrutinized After 2000 Election

U.S. troops buying own armor for Iraq duty

A Kerry team: a Clinton touch

Thirty injured in Thai bar bomb blast

'We're at Your Service,' Hizbollah Tells Hamas

Half-million Taiwanese protest election

Pentagon warns British firms (must give 10% of work to US businesses)

Salon: White House trying to explain Rice's failure to testify

WP: U.S. Plan Seeks to Seal Military Ties With Iraq

Food-stamp inquiries go to India-Ohio congresswoman wants feds to halt

Bush's Support Over Handling of Terrorism Drops, Poll Shows

Schwarzenegger: Freed inmate shouldn't return to prison

Irish to give full rights to gay couples

Documents on FBI's surveillance of Kerry stolen

US will tell Iraqi council to pick a PM (abandons expanded IGC)

Did the Oklahoma bomber have help from al-Qa'ida's explosives expert?

Bomb outside bar in Thailand injures 30

US troops shoot three-year-old boy

Army Spouses See Troops Wanting to Leave Military

`Hurricane` Heading Toward Southern Brazil!

Plan to Fight AIDS Overseas Is Foundering

UK: Gay couples win full rights to 'marriage'

A trusted Bush aide to return, but not to Washington

Breaking: Sharon being indicted for Corruption (CNN)

Terror backlash hits Bush's votes

Flashpoints: Soldiers Who Attempted Suicides Sent Back to Iraq

Up to 50,000 students may be eligible to transfer......(Fla..1 county)

5K jet makes testflight

Voting Rights of Florida Felons Scrutinized After 2000 Election

Occupiers spend millions on private army of security men

'Soldiers of fortune had more than one plan' - Equatorial Guinean

Prodi: Italian Left Would End Iraq Mission

All eyes on Rice

GOP donors double dipping with Nader

West Virginia Senator on Iraq: "My Vote Was Wrong."

WP: Kerry Under Pressure for a Blueprint

Author: FBI Files On Kerry Stolen

WP: Bush's Efforts to Offset Clarke Stymied

Gay couples win full rights to marriage

Kerry says White House commits 'character assassination' against Clarke

Moscow bans Jehovah's Witnesses

Rescued Cavers Face Weekend of Questioning in 'Uranium' Probe

AWOL soldier faces trial by Army

ZombyWoof's Festival of Poetry

Favorite book thread

It's a god-awful small affair...

Is it so bad...

Twenty-six signs you've married a right winger

the joy of having dish net

Does anyone honestly think there's a limp man out there...

There's a new birth-control pill for men

Wisconsin 1 Ohio State 0 NCAA Hockey if anyone cares...

Yak clothes

I have been here way, way, way, wayyyyyy too long today. So I am

How many fingers am I holding up?

Is dudeness on the increase?


Who reads AdBusters?

Listened to Soundgarden's A-sides. Ask me anything.

I was in a horrible car wreck yesterday....

What are you? Some kind of WISENHEIMER?!

Anyone else love Pancho and Lefty?

The movie - "Dogville" GO SEE IT!

Important Warning To Christians

What if I told you it was done with mirrors?

any Indigo Girls fans (or non-fans) here?

im going to cut off my ear

Here's some real Skinner dirt...

Welcome new DUers...You guys are ON IT tonight!

What were you thinking?

Question for the Space Buffs

"I did it for science" . . .

I just put my DU bumpersticker on my work laptop.....

The Thread that WON'T Ever Die PART 2!(free stuff in here MP3's Avatars!)

How 'bout a couple of cool surfing pics??

Redskins Coach Gibbs welcomed back with 11-man blitz

Funny comic strip that references Dean

REO Speedwagon..Great car or Great band?

Okay, it's late...

Want a "hassle-free" protest experience?? Dress like this

Get Your 'Western White House' Gift Coffee Mugs Kiddies!

How Do You Get More Sleep?

Wow! Nine inches of new snow and counting!

Gee. I Wonder What They Will Talk About On The Sunday News Shows.

Should Kevin Smith have mad the MJ car movie "Hot Rod"?

The Bush Campaign Hierarchy

They say he didn't have an enemy,

I just saw the first Crocus of the spring!

JJ Jackson (MTV VJ) died

Teletubbies? Do they remind anyone else of a bad acid trip? (Graphic)

Is matcom older and wiser now?

Caption: Olympic Games begin with pancake competition

Please remind me, those who've seen it, the plot of "Back to the Future"

celebrating Matcom's B-Day - a streaker on the World Figure Skating Champ.

new DU vocabulary for dupe posts

Ugly Scene In My Old Hood Last Night

How many choices should I have for this poll?

Pet peeves for organizers (my first poll!)

Jan Berry (of Jean & Dean) has died.

Where in Italy should my fiance and I go on our honeymoon? The Poll

Smoky Irish pubs becoming a thing of the past.

Happy Birthday JCMach1!

Post Partum Postman Blues.

Caption: Star stabs Poodle in the back

I have 48 Posts until 1000 - help me out! Ask me something

Are reubens on the increase?

Who here is an Oklahoma State Cowboys Fan?

Saw the movie "Shattered Glass'Last night.

rare planet alignment visible in april and may

How many of you are red states that expect to go blue, and vice versa?

Who did the best version of FEVER?

Penn & Teller's "Bullshit"

Thank you, DU

A Perfect Circle---The Noose

Is rudeness on the increase?

Any fans of the Spielberg/Hanks "BAND OF BROTHERS" series here?

I need links to on line liberal talk shows, please?

Hey, did NicoleM ever have her baby?

"They Eat They're Own"... the music group.

Rangers vs Special Forces

Analogy: The Bush Administration as the crew of the S.S. Minnow

Anyone ever tried fried pickles?

Meet the creator of DU (Skinner) Picture

My kitten is missing - again

A Perfect Circle--Pet

I dare you! Post something 'cute' or 'funny'....

I'm Awake Before Any Of The Others So - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

Do you think that the CIA is using Clarke in order to get revenge

Talked to my nephew on first day in Iraq

so, why the hell SHOULDNT condi testify?

Jez H. "Mel Gibson!" I just purchased some Levis

I just added 22 U2 mp3's to my briefcase

Someone doesn't like "Triumph the Insult Dog" here...

new Savage Weiner advertiser Nelson Nissan Mazda

The 2004 Hooters calendar is here!

I'm Going to a Party Central Committee Meeting This Morning

Here is a great George Bush joke.

Spongebob WHAT??!!??

DAMN! I slept through the 10K race

What does Mickey and Mitch's kiss mean to you?

Caption: Shrub reincarnates as Dracula

Say hello to Ms. Dawn of the Century

Tonight, I was truly moved to tears

Should I delete my mp3s from my yahoo briefcase?

I haven't eaten in about 24 hours now

Senior Year here at UCONN- will we get a Final Four?

I recently bought a ceramictop stove and some my pans are not sitting flat

wow, a porn email that didn't annoy me for once!

Economic Question.

surprising book find at the warehouse/club store


"Against All Enemies" question.....

Christian Fundamentalists say atheists are "grumpy and bitter"

I love being happy!

How good of a "Devils Advocate" are you?

So this poor kid paints a Republican's porch

Singer Songwriter rumble!: Carole King vs. Joni Mitchell vs. Carly Simon

Can I be a Christian and be cool?

all hail dweller

does anyone have link to 'quotes' post??

The Post of the Beast!!!

If the system was not two-party...


Theological Question

If you could have someone arrested...

If a man speaks and on one is around to hear him, is he still wrong?

Yet more evidence. . .

Are you Funky?

If a freeper speaks and no one is around to hear him...


Can you hear the Freepers howl, howling the song of angry whats?

Best Bjork song?

what do you think of my new sigline

Are you the next Martha Stewart?

UConn = Final Four

Texans United Against Gray Aliens

tech question - open broken CD drive?

Who do you think would win this fight?

Does anyone else here get more tired after a nap than they were before it?

Insult me

Get thee behind me, Pat Robertson

Garrison Keillor fans, check in

Warning to diabetics and Atkins' dieters! New puppy pics...

More kitties

My thoughts on *'s plan for manned Mars mission

How many have never

Best movie with a numeral or number after the title.

Spidey goes after Halliburton

It's Fiddler Crab Season!

The rule of law, or the spirit of the law?

So how much did you drink last night?

DU ham radio operators: Morse Code made CNN news tonight. (@)

New Patti Smith CD due late April ! political content !!!

How many people are viewing DU at any given point in time?

Phrase you least want to hear during strip poker

Keep Talking

Norweigan Blue Parrot

My 2,001 Post. Ask me anything.

Great someone caught a strain of avian bird flu in BC

In memory of Jan Berry (1941-2004): What's your favorite JAN & DEAN song?

I saw a magazine ad yesterday; HP bought Jimi Hendrix's image

i am offended

God diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder

Disclaimer - Not responsible for damage to your monitor

Review of a rather interesting Saturday lunch

"Niagara Falls!"

I am SOOOOOO procrastinating...

AMC -- Star Trek the Motion Picture

Do you like Peeps?

Tornado Warnings...But we're all right....

it's spring! what're you listening to, indoors or out?

Why would someone want to go to Bob Jones University anyway?

Where can I buy a B**h doormat?

Oven shoots woman with .357, deep frying was always healthier

This is an outrage!!!!!

Clarke has had a Clark eye transplant.....

I'm currently spinning '60s and '70s soul tunes on college radio.

Top doc backs picking your nose and eating it

“…never get outta boat”

Jan Berry of "Jan & Dean" dead at 62

This is my 1000th post. What should I do now?

Buffing my shiny star...

Hi Everyone I Have Strep Throat!

Need help from a really good cook

George/Condi Oval Office Caption Thread

am I the only one here who owns more vinyl than CDs...

Just one of those things....

What's the most unusual critter you've ever had the pleasure to eat?

Statistics or Accounting?

What's the longest you've survived on Free Republic?

Riddle me this: My phone is down. My DSL works.

You know you've been out in the woods too long when...

ever had a strange dream that just cracked you up?

DU Chat

Need help picking out a funny video to rent


Watching Natalie Merchant dance

Who really owns the roads? Cars or Bicyclist?

Celebrity voiceovers on commercials

Does God have a SILLY sense of humor?

Who Really Owns The Sidewalks? Skateboarders Or Pedestrians?

Happy Birthday Leftist Rebel!

Best Show Ever is on National Geographic Channel right now

Hey close are you to 5000 posts anyway?

DC police arrested a suspect in the hit & run killing of a cyclist

This one goes out to the Bush Administration

Norfolk Island Pines

Okay. You're casting "The Robert Clary Story." Whom do you cast

Atlanta/Georgia DUer: a little location information, please?

Hey Van Halen fans.

Who will be the last two teams in the Final Four?

Comitting Matrominy

Most Pretentious English Band of the 60s?

My hometown is on fire...Will it ever end?

Come on over to the pad

Need help on a thread:

VelmaD is...

How can i get the Guy James talk show on the interint??WPTK1200 on now!!

Does anyone shop at Albertson's (supermarket)?

A quick review of the Walmart music d/l site

MC5! How Come I NEVER heard these guys until Today????

"True health through the purity and essence of our natural fluids."

Who is your favorite blues artist?


meet my new avatar

favorite book thread

Favorite STAR TREK movie

Aretha her or leave her?

Gardening with dogs

How many people did I tick off today?

What's your regional food?

Crap Wicca

My DU Bumper Sticker Arrived Today - Do I Now Have The Power?

Wooohoooo, Maine 2, Wisconsin 1 in OT!!!!!!

Help!! Kitty and sticker collide!!

Best Comedian or Comic actor of all time?

Do you still have a cherished memento from your childhood?

What is your regional breakfast staple?

so how do I get enlistment forms?

Flower Pictures

New Bob Boudelang has me cracking up!

Who here is a UCONN fan?

Caption this happy woman

It's "Guilt or Innocence" weekend on Lifetime

If you can't be with the one you love, honey

Which is the one Bible phrase people seem to forget about?

Do you have time for a little silliness?

DU Phish fans...

Just broke my arm -ask me anything that does not involve too much typing

Once upon a time, in the land of Fuzzle-Wuzzle,

heterosexual guys/lesbians: tongue piercings on girls

what if god was one of us?

keep your left eye on the CAPTION

F. Scott Fitzgerald vs. Ernest Hemingway

Okay. You're casting "The John Kerry Story." Who do you cast

HELP: I have an environmental question that needs answering

Street fight in their primes: John Kerry vs. Ernest Hemingway?

Vanity thread...New Bob Boudelang is up....

Is Canada really to blame?

Is it better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all?

Is it appropriate to yell, "Shut the fuck up!" across the office?

Anyone know a place where I can get flags?

Ragged Old Flag by Johnny Cash

What's your dream job?

Who is the most Bad Ass?

Movie thread

How gay is England?

My carnivorous bog garden (pictures)

DU Fiction Writers with active projects check in here!

If a tree falls & no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?


From Seattle: please help...

Is this a push poll?

Favorite young adult/kid's books

Who was really the King of Rock And Roll?

the bait and switch of all CAPTIONs

so this navy recruiter just called me...

Why don't the Dems use the GOP's own radical platform against them?

who's got the most recent poll numbers for Shrubya?

9-11 Commision on audio! (FREE)

John Kerry receives the endorsement of the UAW yesterday in Detroit

I Support President Bush

Does anyone know why Liberman was at the BUSH SOIREE?

Kerry's enemies are rewriting US history

Focus tested conservative humor

The custom Dubya PDF posters are back!!!

Who would be a good conservative version of Nader?

Tom Vilsack as Vice President?????

Please sign up with progressive groups

please frist, charge Clarke with perjury now

Voting Rights of Florida Felons Scrutinized After 2000 Election

Call Guy James until 6:00 PM

Don King is throwing punches at Kerry too

Encourage frist to persue perjury charges against Clarke

Wouldn't it be cool if someone from the Kerry campaign became a liasion

Kerry Slams White House Attack on Clarke

How many state ballots do you anticipate Ralph Nader getting onto?

2000 Gore/Bush pre-election matchup polls.

How low will a Repuke go!


The 2004 Win Back the Country game.

Kerry in Kansas City today.

Interesting Senatorial District Convention for this First-Timer

Another "Find out which candidate you agree with" quiz, 2004 edition

HAHAHA: Check out this "I Support Bush Because..." Page from *'s Website

Clarke, if I read his book correctly, protested the Vietnam War...

Kerry Accuses White House Of 'Character Assassination' Against Clarke

Kucinich in North Carolina next weekend

Which progressive groups are you volunteering to/donating to?

Why I think Cheney is staying on the ticket

Who thinks it's time to bury the hatchets?

Kerry Contributors Attain $10 Million Goal in 10 Days

Dean group *Truth and* raises $10,000 plus for Kerry!!!

Does Kerry have a chance in Colorado?

Poll: Clarke Doubted; Bush Support Ebbs

Priceless Bush - Kerry photo juxtaposition on CNN front page

Rockefeller on IWR "My Vote Was Wrong". Can Kerry say this also now?

I need pictures of former primary candidates with John Kerry.

How will you feel if bush* is re-Selected?

Why Nader if we have Kucinich?

Dennis Kucinich in Denver, April 10!

Just elected to be a MN Delegate for the Kucinich Universal Healthcare

Seattle Times: Nader draws donations from Bush's supporters

Wes Clark mentioned in the news as possible VP candidate.

Will the Dean-iacs back Kerry?

Candidate Stand-Ins Play Bigger Roles

What is wrong with our party, and with our country?