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Bush Borg

American power and the 2004 campaign

Before These Crowded Streets

The 1,776-Foot Target (World Trade Center new building)

Was wrong to go to war, says former (Canadian) UN ambassador

The WH Press CORPSE! - R.I.P.

C-Span Networks are not out of the woods yet.

Molly Ivins: Bomb Mexico!

The Donald on *

Now tell me who dropped the ball on 911 and terrorism

FEDERAL JUDICIAL SYSTEM: 3 ousted in shakeup at Bankruptcy Court

Copywrite reminder for posters to Editorials and other Articles.

Supreme Conflicts of interest -- Rehnquist role in Scalia situation

Editorial: Did Bush ignore warnings?

U.S. OK’d plan to topple Taliban a day before 9-11

Outdated tactics cloud United States policy on Cuba

President’s budget threatens the future of Social Security

Being a Hero has a High Price

'Cold War II:--America and Russia struggle for Georgia'

Trudeau Ends Contest

03/23/04 - Disgrace at Guantanamo, by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.


Gordon Prather: What do you mean 'we' were all wrong?

Toppleing the three pillars of Bush

Justice Scalia is in the wrong line of work

Karl Rove's Moment

Naomi Klein (Guardian Utd): Terror as a weapon of occupation

Protectionism Happens to Be Congress's Job - Sen. Ernest Hollings

Salon/Conason: Richard Clarke Terrorizes the White House (Interview)

Slate 03/23/04 - Bush's Catastrophic Allergy to Clinton

Yes, beating Bush is better!

"The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"

Friday 3/26 Richard Clarke speaking in Indy

old american century's "BIG PUSH" effort

Head's up Arizona and New Mexico - Idiot Usurper coming on Friday

Action Alert! 3/24/04 Impending US AIDS Disaster

Austin, TX Duers Police Oversight Fax Action via ACLU

Did Lou Dobbs mention the Chimp campaign merchandise being made

911 Commission help needed

Screenwriter 'disturbed' by Passion bloodfest

Re: Hardball 3/22/04: Was it deliberate that the sleazy little deputy sec'

Clear Channel To Move Radio Legend

Faux "News" as Comedic Relief

Giving somebody the finger, and "You're a dick."

Condolezza Rice shames herself by spinning the Clarke allegations

New shows at The White Rose Society archives

The Clear Channel Controversy, One Year On

Name the spaceship contest... (There will be a prize)

Need resource suggestions

Who wants to join my Clark Group?

How do you clean glass doors to wood burning fireplaces?

Not a pressing issue but I'd like to know

Lesbian minister's congregation celebrates her acquittal

Ministers due in court for same-sex marriage charges

Log Cabin calls for orientation info to be reinstated on government site

Senate Amendment Hearing Shows Little Movement On Same-Sex Marriage

Questions about Homosexuality and the Bible...

Gay Rights Not Civil Rights Black Preachers Tell Rally

Good site I have found...

King Tut Was A Red Wine Fan - Science Daily

An Update on ShellRD P/R at Ormen Lange

Salty Sea Covered Part of Mars

Exxon's Cover Up of Long-Term Harm to Wildlife, Workers (Valdez oil spill)

Do you think the U.S. does dollar-cost averaging when it buys oil

Amnesty calls for Chinese death penalty moratorium

The Third Force - The opposition movement sweeps Iran

Rape of British women was newspaper fantasy

Dumbing down of Indian Elections

NYC busts shop owner for ashtray

Smirk Shootout Game

Supreme Court hears privacy case

GUNS IN THE NEWS - March 23, 2004

I just heard that windansea got tombstoned

TheInfamousThey--A freeper idiot who thinks he has us fooled!

I would like to submit a formal complaint.

deleted thread?

Rule clarification: is it acceptable to call for revolution?

Question re. locking "dupe" threads where reporter is important -

Hi there, a small question

This has come up

regardless if anyone thinks they should be, are American Idol threads...

DU gathering in Southern California...

Chaps, A Question

A suggestion for tomorrow's hearings threads, PLEASE...(edit inside)

Why? no reason is given

Talking Points thread

I need help, (not that kind)

Great job, guys, with the mini-invasion.

On the occasion

I've never gotten even one bumpersticker.

Israelis call for Sharon to resign

Israeli go-it-alone plan looks inevitable

Israel to continue 'liquidating' leaders

For Israel, a symbol of Islamic terrorism

US expects Israel not to harm Palestinian leader Arafat

Palestinians urge UN special session

Amnesty International strongly condemns the assassination of Sheikh Yassin

Israeli Arab community observes day of mourning for Yassin

Major terror attack foiled, two soldiers hurt in W. Bank

Mofaz: Israel will target other Hamas leaders

New Hamas leader announced

Israel Seeks to Kill All Hamas Leaders

Peres: Assassination harmed Israel's image

Israeli Naval Gunboats open fire off Gaza Shore

Two Palestinians Killed in Israel Strike on Lebanon

Fear grips Israeli capital

Live by the sword ...

Israel barred from using toxic spray

Iraq Shiite cleric (Sistani) slams Hamas killing

Senior Hamas official says Rantisi named acting leader

'Israel has opened the gate to hell'

Was it right to assassinate Yassin?

Revenge attacks feared on hospitals, schools, skyscrapers, VIPs

Killing Sheikh Yassin was a mistake

UN Security Council to meet on Yassin assassination

Panel: U.S. Made Effort to Stop al-Qaida

How much intel did CIA have on the AQ plan for 9/11?


Bush proves he could care less about unemployed workers.

Vietnam Veterans against Kerry

I'm sick of the Democratic party

Albright on now....

AP Headline: 9/11 Panel Cites Clinton, Bush Inaction

My Right-Wing Argumentative Bush Supporting Friend Has Seen the Light!

Check this article out!!

DU This CNN Poll

what would happen to Tom Hanks if he endorsed Kerry?

Mike Webb back on KIRO-AM at 10:00 Pacific Time, and streaming

Anybody know when Richard Clarke will testify to 9/11 Commission?

Bush's Waterloo: the Buckeye State

WOW Look what I just got when I replied to a post

Richard Clarke is the turning point

Fortuitous Coincidence

Alright, Let's All Admit It...It IS Clinton's fault.

Norville Show w/Dan Abrams rerun now: Wes Clark on + Comstock humiliation

War in Iraq a mistake? (Richard Clarke)

there's this amazing documentary on PBS about the development

Some space shuttle gears were installed backwards.

UK Guardian: The battle of the airwaves

Ex-Iraq WMD Hunter(David kay) Fears U.S. Credibility Erosion.

He's retired, she's working, they're not happy

Looking for pictures of Iraq war

Clarke vs. O'Neill

The truth about David Evans , Jr. ' death (Iraq death/977th MP Co)

Condi Rice: Can we tell if she's lying?

Agenda for 9/11 Commission Hearings Tuesday and Wednesday

Listen to Bernie Ward talk about Clarke right now,

Great resource here for video clips and speeches

Watch Condi ..July 26, 2001.. speech at the press club

Is the Bush claim that Saddam tried to assassinate Poppy another LIE?

Miller in NYT versus Gellman in WaPo on Clarke

Damn Kerry 's a snowboarder? That is kinda cool.......

Trudeau's AWOL Bush prize money goes unclaimed

Does Clarke or O'Neil ever mention each other in their books. Anybody know

Am I.......

Imus trashing Clarke

Should Iraq be allowed to have elections right now?

Invasion of the Low-post Clinton snatchers..

Bush facts email

Clarke? 9.11 comission? Nope. it's HAMAS WILL GET YA in papers!

To everyone: There's an "E" in it!!!

Why are Republicans incapable of telling the truth?

while the media point fingers no one talks about policy changes

I expect that Arafat will be next. Here's why -- yesterday, the

chris matthews

Clarke on CNN: "The book was finished last fall ..."

How did your local daily papers treat the Clarke revelations?

Judy Woodruff

911 Irony : The pre-emptive strike : Bush sons v. Saddams sons

Who else has read "The Price of Loyalty"?

WV Judge Haden dies

"Condi wasn't a housewife from Fresno"

Laura Ingram wants to know why we didn't react in the 1990s to terrorism.

Richard Clark on GMA in a few minutes..

9/11 Commission on C-SPAN now 9am LIVE

Daily U.S. Casualties 3/23/2004

My impression of Imus in the morning.

Dick Clarke to Charlie Gibson

Marine Cpl. David M. Vicente

even in the mistakes, whats good 9/11 comm

9/11 Commission Hearings - Gavel to Gavel on Pacifica Radio...

Is it against the rules to place a curse on a fellow DU'er

How many people have bailed out of this sinking administration to date?

Dishonesty of RW columnists: mentioning ALREADY DEBUNKED hoaxes as truth

Hand-written letters to family by US soldiers who were killed in Iraq

July, 1996--Clinton's terrorism measures a "phony" issue--Orrin Hatch

Freepers stumping for Kerry!

Pakistan played Powell and Bush for fools...

WTF...they are using the 9/11 panel to link to Iraq

Tuned in Dennis Miller's sorry excuse for a TV show

Fifteen Fijian men missing in Iraq

At this rate, Bush will be mush by the summer.

Colin Powell On _ NOW_

looking for Clarke article

colin powell is up

White Mans Burden/the sorry state of foreign policy

There's hope in MN...

March 20 Protests - Seeking More Pictures

Genocide of Muslims and Arabs goes unchallenged in the world.

Ann Coulter voodoo dolls for rent

Into the absurd. Richard Cohen nails it.

The "Little President" toots his horn! - Feel the power Jim?

9/11 Commission hearings gavel to gavel c-span beg. 9 AM

A Bad Week For bush*

Clinton on Terrorism

Hey, Karl! Have I got an ad slogan for you... get Karen on the horn!

All thequestions being asked are designed for really hard,

More proof Bush stupidity

Middle East

Anyone else feel this 911 questioning is a game of Repug softball?

Did the Bush admin ever mention terrorism publicly pre 911?

Is the Pakistani strategy falling apart?

Powell on now...critical of Clinton administration...But the POINT IS

doesn't DICK Armitage look like Uncle Fester from Addams Family (c-Span)

one of those stuffed shirts

Goodbye American Democracy

Family-values group mired in a divorce, (SAY WHAAAT?!?!?!)

Like Waffles? Biggies served at Bush Waffle House

Bush the "LIBARATOR?"

Kerry's FBI File--Who does it benefit?

shame to the Pnackers

Women and exposed breast

Something that is driving me NUTSO re: Clarke

6 Numbers Every American Should Know

Why haven't there been any terror attacks in the US since 9/11?

(911 commission) was Kennedy right afterall?

White House briefing live on C-Span2 now! Scott taking...

Powell: 'We wanted to destroy al Qaeda'

Fortuitous Coincidences, part deux

Faux doesn't seem to want to show too much of the 9-11 hearings

(911 commission) was Belafonte right afterall?


Did I hear Powell say the "C" word? "Crusade"

Rebut this: Balloons And Politics

White House press secretary Scott McClellan is a DICK!

The REAL question is what happened ON 9/11...not BEFORE 9/11

I could stomach Wolf Blitzer....

New Bush ad

Queen Condi

I didn't think I could get sick again

Bush did everything to harness the Taliban? I don't think so., Read this

WH briefing on CSPAN 12:50pm EST

March 23, 2004: the day democracy died

Good news for Sharon: Arab League will "avoid" Palestinian issues.

Situation Room v Situation Room Complex: splitting hairs, Mike McC?

heads up: 9/11 widow coming up on CNN

bushieboy favorite tv show

Clarke saying that his book could have come out last year but WH

CNN Poll: Could the US have done more to prevent the 9/11 attacks

Who is carrying audio or video of the hearings online?

Oregon County stops licencing marriage licences to gays. . . and straights

Thanks Again, Bush!

Neal Boortz says he wishes women weren't allowed to vote

Solidad borrowed a set...for 3 seconds

My e-mail to Jack at CNN re: "Under God"

History is being made this week.

Paul Krugman- A must read today

Bush campaign falsely accuses Kerry of voting 350 times for tax increases.

We MUST Pressure the 9/11 Commission to Reveal the Truth!

Its not about Clark or who he is, its about what he said. Its the Message

A Question that Needs to be Asked

I can't believe that Cable News Nazis

Can you believe this X-Files crap from Bushbot Jim Wilkinson?

Powell FILLIBUSTERING on 911 commission

Drip, Drip, Drip: Not Good Enough

Bush spent $87 Billion attacking Iraq and gas is still how much?

Any software geeks here visit (INSANE FREEPER ALERT)

So Hannity has been lying about Sudan giving Osama to Clinton

Article of note from when Clarke left Bush administration.

Reading Material

Hey Check this out , Center For American Progress

Asheville DU'ers

Antidepressants not much better than placebo?

Won't this mean either Powell or Clarke will have committed perjury?

Want to have some fun and help me in the process???

Lets tell our stories: How Bushwhacked have you been in life?

"Condosleesa" Rice

Democracy Now . Haiti . Black helicopters

Has anyone else noticed this about Bush's gestures?

Federal budget eliminates family literacy, other efforts

Listen to this...abominable!!!

Interesting Counterpunch Article on Spain

Respect for the Commons: an antithesis to an 'ownership society'

Awwwwwwww W Va governor doesnt like Abercrombie shirt

LOL while serious this is funny... Did you check the telephone book John

9/11 Commission Hearings Thread 2

So... what do you think Tony Blair is thinking these days?

Seriously, is Clinton a sex offender?

Listening to Lynn Cullen for the First Time. She's GREAT!

Limbaugh: "Those Two Million Who Lost Jobs Aren't Unemployed"

William Cohen kicking butt.

Bush JUST said:

Cohen pre-empted by Bush saying nothing but self promotion.

Kerry is reading Clarke's book

911 Commission Results: Vote on CNN Headline News Poll

The R's are terrified of the Clarke story taking hold...

New Robert McChesney book

9/11 Commission Hearing on NOW (1:30 pm) C-Span 3:

Wake Up Little US-ie

I have a question regarding a possible upcoming draft:

uh oh, Rumsfeld just predicted new terrorist attacks

I need a link to the Commisions statements

did anybody else hear, "LIe, lie, lie lie," while they left the WH brief?

Stern beleives he only has about a week left on the air

"depleted uranium round"....."turns you into a handful of mush.".....

Isn't this use of toxic spray terrorism?

Has Bob Kerrey been threatend or bought off?

For ONCE Rumsfeld is telling the truth

Rumsfeld - thread 2


Three weeks before 9-11 Ashcroft sent his budget request to Bush*

Don Rumsfeld on deck 3:33pm EST on CNN

Is the 9/11 comission missing the point?

Clinton did nothing about terrorism - MY PATOOT!

Live! Alternate Universe Bizzzzarro World Rumsfeld 9/11 Simulcast

9/11 commission today: Bob Kerrey laid into the Clinton Adm. for

please stop rumsfeld from saying Bin LAYDEN

Why isn't Condi testifying?

Nightline Tue - 9-11 Widows from New Jersey and 9-11 Testimony

I would like to See Rummy...

Rummy just confirmed the truth of Clarke's book while under oath!

Rumsfeld - thread 2 - mods - please don't lock - dial-up!!

will Tenet FINALLY get fired??

a question of economics

The Good of the Nation

OK: I'm already tired of "stovepipe"

Overtime pay in trouble.

9-11 Hearing Rebroadcast Schedule (C-SPAN) for tonight

Iraqis express outrage at Hamas leader's killing

The media will replay the "what the hell.." line

Are you guys listening to the audience reaction

Diplomacy Over Military Action Let Osama Go...Uhhh...

How Many References Today To Clarke and His Book?

I got another email from a mom who lost her son in Iraq

Call me DimWitted...But Bush Co released the Predator Drone Tape

bush defending self against clarke (cartoon)

Bush said he wanted a "new plan for the war on terrorism"....

9/11 Commission Hearing (afternoon session) thread 2:

Remember, The Marine barracks Bombing attack happened on RayGuns watch!

Are you better off today then 4 years ago.

Best Example I Have Seen That Bush Is In Trouble

"The fact that I may not have known something... not unusual"

Help. What were the circumstances behind

How much do you think the Bushies are tired of speaking for Condi?

Limbaugh was pushing the kerry as murderer story

Have we already done our damage to this poll?

A hypothetical : If a Democrat is elected and a terrorist attack happens

The 9/11 hearings are a threat to Bush's re-election campaign...

Letter to the editor help - reply to Condi's column

CNN says Clinton missed Osama 3 times, but do you know what Bush

*bush is really scared.....Pre-empting the 911-Hearings

Progressive Christian web resource and discussion board.

Has it Ever Been This Bumpy for BushCo? (Post 9-11)?

would cleland have a libel case against ann coulter?

The truth is out!!!

Scotty's up on CSPAN (White House Briefing) 3:35 PST

W: Tenet briefed me daily about terrorism (confirms Clarke)

Bush and Rice try to blame everyone else for thier own failures

Condi: Lie Down With Dogs, Get Up With Fleas

9-11 Profiteering: A Framework for Building the "Cui Bono?"

Does anyone else feel a little queasy?

The List of What Good Works Are Being in Iraq

Lou Dobbs Poll on Outsourcing:

Bush's smartest move EVER....

The Clear Channel Controversy, One Year On . . . (referral post)

CNN Poll On Terrorism

topic on right-wing radio? Clarke or 4, 5 year-olds bring drugs to school

Refresher course DU...John Kerry------Bob Kerrey

Poll on Castro and Cuba

Why is PNAC the third rail of the 9/11 commission?

Woolsey on CNN saying there was a link between Iraq and Al Queda

Yet another reason to be ashamed to be from Ohio

A few forgotten news nuggets from the past. re: 9/11, Bush, etc.

'The al-Zawahiri fiasco'

Wolfowitz said going after Al Qaeda in Afghanistan would do no good

the most significant thing to come out of today's hearing, imo . . .

Which NPR Employee most desperately needs to be "refreshed"?

the FIX is in !!

I believe we are witnessing the long-awaited implosion...

Anyone got the transcript to the McAuliffe/Gillespie showdown at Cath. U?

Countdown July-September 10, 2001

Clarke on GMA today - "I have a bullet proof vest." A metaphor?

Google humor

Protect Al Franken on radio. Call your Senators not to increase FCC fines

What Disturbs Me About 9-11 Testimony

New episode of the anti-Bush sitcom Whoopi is on NBC now.Gay wed-

Croatia backs out of iraq committment!

Life of Brian coming back to theaters

Attacking the Truth Tellers

forcing bush to testify

Suggest Story Ideas to NPR

Everyone please READ Clarke's book

Heads up for New England DUers: I'm on NECN tonight re: Clarke

Lets play find the Bush anti-terror policy in the hay stack.

One or two drinks a day prevents heart attacks ????

Ann Coulter Calls Richard Clarke A Racist!!!

Godless Americans going to be on Bill O'Reilly


PNAC letter to *, 9 days aver 9/11 attacks concerning Iraq...

All's Quiet on the Plame Front

Bush says workers can be fired for being gay.

A DU Classic: Questions For Bush

evolution is dead

The 9/11 Investigation.....

Armitage v Abrams clarification

Pappy Bush appointed Rove to presidency of College Republicans...

Is anyone going down because of the 9/11 commission?

An Email from John Edwards

It's a cover-up !

Wishful thinking re: the Clarke testimony.

Geeze I'm POd (book-What Liberal Media)

Did the Taiwanese President fake an assassination attempt to win sympathy?

Kerry's wealth

New Robert McChesney book

Breakthrough video for 9/11 Truth on C-SPAN!

Sander Hicks interviews know Hicks

Does Larry King live in a cave?

Interesting ploy to force gay marriage to the forefront

World is falling apart at the seams: we need a Peacemaker

Get Your Free Kerry Bumper Sticker Now at!

Who else here thinks * looked incredibly stupid when he tried to hijack

any mozart fans here

9/11 Widows on Deborah Norville

Exactly what is immorality?

GLBT DUer's...when do you plan on leaving?

Official US documents support Richard Clarke's argument -- LINKS

White House Blasts Cheney Memoir, Calls Former VP "Disgruntled"

"Al-Quaeda must be eliminated"

anyone remember when bush* gave $MILLIONS to osama in May 2001?

Tweety asks if Clarke is of 'sound mind'

transcript/video: bush* pre-empting 9/11 hearings today....sad, real sad

Ashcroft's May 2001 priorities -- What's missing ...

Help: Clear up the Bill Clinton was offered Osama story

Bye, bye Bushie! Critical Mass: Iraq Charges Against Bush Begin to Mount

HOUSE discussing Iraq on CSPAN now...

Clarke will be on Larry King, tomorrow, Wednesday night

Podhoretz to Bush: "Go on, Mr. President: Wag the Dog....."

Richard Perle on Charlie Rose tonight......

yegggh - repukes looking for mtv votes!

It's really beginning to bother me

anyone remember some of the colossal bush gaffes?

Editor needs a talking too -- says OBL fan of Kerry

WhAAAAT is Bob Kerrey all about!!!

Do the Pubs have a school where they learn how to BS?

The Black Community and Homosexuality

CRAZY statement on Scarborough Country

Zogby Poll: Kerry still ahead by 2 pts.

Rumsfeld rerun on CSPAN I at 3:20 AM EST this morning

Scarborough slandering Clarke on MSGOP right now

Is DU Banned from Military and Government Internet System?

Why do we have military bases all over the world and other countries

How credible is the "Bush Body Count" website?

God, that site is depressing....

I don't care if Tenet briefed Bush every day. What did Bush do about it?

Progressive Vs Liberal, did fear cause the name change?

C-span video error

Nazis and Neocons

Topics in Democracy 360: Should Neo-Cons Have the Right to Vote?

i began to question the populations sanity

Do you consider this a hate site?

Can we quit talking about "losing" Zell Miller's seat?

Do you expect Zell Miller's repuke sucessor to be better or worse?

Rummy asked about Clinton's daily principles meetings.

DU stock

Bush Camp made Tape that aired...

Can the Fairness Doctrine be brought back by executive order?

Hannity desperate ..want it for free??? I would tear it up and send

Anyone ever heard of the sterile seed?

Can someone post a schedule for the 9/11 commission for tomorrow?

Anyone know where I can get transcripts of today's 9/11 testimony??

NIGHTLINE: 9-11 Families, cover-up (Tuesday, March 23 at 1135 EDDT)

Get this - WFLA in Tampa Bay conducted a poll -- 50% of

Strange!...Bush's Mom & Dad both gave money to his campain but...

Portland, OR area DUers--Film Festival at Reed College this week

9/11 families were incredible just now on MSNBC

Thanks Again, Nader!!!

Kennedy's on "48 Hours"

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney - The Twilight Zone

James Woolsey...who can stand him??

They're just so warm and cuddly, aren't they?

Who have you helped register today?

Does Bill Richardson ever tell the truth?

the old gun question

What is your opinion of Bush's role in 9/11?

I'm confused, is being straight a life style choice?

Kerry should NOT be ashamed of his wealth

Gas Pump Prices Hit All-Time High

AIDS dents world population growth

Is the right wing responsible for not getting Osama?

Bob Kerrey on Hardball

Jagoff Jeff Greenfield just compared the Clarke bashing to what

I agree with Rummy

The Political Compass test

Latest AP poll has Bush 46, Kerry 43

Only 2 Million to go - Donate Now

This is why Richard Clarke's testimony tomorrow will be devastating!

First we had Clark vs. Kerry. Now it's Kerrey vs. Clarke.

Got an email from Michael, and yes, hes being harassed

Religious Preference vs. Sexual Preference

Clarke: The "enemies" in his title are not just terrorists. In his words >

Scary website.

Nightline EDITS the Bush "if we knew ANYTHING" quote from today

Let's hit this poll!

Dick Clarke's comments re Dick and Lynn Cheney

Yellowstone to erupt?

OK, who can cough up references

The Official Osama bin Laden Prediction Thread (Part II)

The big question is, did anybody lie under oath?

If you are or were a freeper fiscal conservative read this!

Well, *An American Dynasty* Has Converted My Father

once again, Jon Stewart nails the lying liars about Clarke,

Should we close our borders to new immigrants?

Why is Kerry pandering the Lieberman crowd more than Dean's antiwar crowd?

Richard Ben-Veniste Oughtta read this

NORAD issue addressed!!!!!! (HUGE!)

"George Bush Wants to Run on 9/11..." - a trifectastic commercial!

Bush cancelled Clinton's antiterror directives on 2-13-01

Just how bad off is Ohio

Should the U.S. support Taiwan's right to independence?

Need help! I need to create a humorous Top Ten List for Why one should be

Condi won't testify because 9/11 was her fault.

Bush: "had my administration had any information..."

My Letter to the Editor Re: Bush on 9/11 Was Printed!

Are bland boring moderates hurting the cause?

I googled "How Bush tried to prevent 9/11". This is what I found..

When Do The rePublicans Start 'Jumping Ship' ???

Black Clergy Rally Against Gay Marriage

Kerry rebuffs Chavez and Zapatero after both indicate support! What?

Former Governor John C. West, D-South Carolina, dies at 81

Richard Clarke EVIDENCE urls at CFAP

Scott McClellan is not human...

Do the activists sometimes hurt the cause?

The gig is not up, the shit hasn't hit the fan and Bush* isn't toast

LIHOP Doubters

The Clinton/Gore team on Terrorism.

List of political prisoners and missing persons in Chavez's Venezuela

Hundreds of rebels killed in attack in central Nepal

Top Shiite Cleric Warns U.N. on New Law

9/11 panel holds public hearing Tuesday (3/23/2004)

Interview: Richard Clarke ---- Guardian newspaper UK

Anti-war soldier defends choice to flee to Canada

CNN Tuesday AM (Growing Protest In Ramadi, Iraq)

NYT: U.S. Aiding Pakistan's Hunt for AlQaeda

Policy paralysis over Roh's impeachment

Peres: Assassination harmed Israel's image

Koizumi haunted by Aznar's fate

Repubs and Dems (Humor)

Looters teach Haiti a harsh lesson

Newmarket confirms September release for controversial political movie

Labor to assail Bush's record on jobs

Ex-Iraq WMD Hunter(David kay) Fears U.S. Credibility Erosion.

Charlotte Observer:State party leaders favor Edwards as VP

DU This CNN Poll

Putin Calls for Pooling International Efforts in Combating Terrorism

Israel Says All Militant Leaders in Its Sights

9/11 hijackers could have been stopped, says ex-aide

Bumiller/Miller: Ex-Bush Aide, Finding Fault, Sets Off Debate

Kerry gets boost from surprising sources

Death row woman's daughter asks Blair for help

Backers Revise Amendment on Marriage

Police, former rebels clash in northern Haiti

`The Body' has eye on tackling White House in 2008

Returning soldiers not getting help

Insurgents kill 11 police in day of unrest in Iraq

UK Led Mercenaries Ordered £100,000 Weapons - Court Told (Equat. Guinea)

Croatia Backs Off Iraq Troops, International Court

AAA: Gasoline Pump Prices Hit All - Time High

Croatia Backs Off Iraq Troops, International Court

Powell: 'We wanted to destroy al Qaeda'

Ottawa to sell Petro-Canada stake - Breaking News CBC

The sting: did gang really use a laser/phone/computer to take the Ritz for

The Karbala connection: where bombs, Afghan heroin and Islam meet

Shiite Ayatollah.. Warning UN Against.. Charter Endorsed by US

Bob Edwards forced out of Morning Edition job

'Choose life' car tags get Senate OK (Georgia)

Medicare Seen in the Red in 2004

Report Says Medicare to Go Broke by 2019

U.S. OK'd plan to topple Taliban a day before 9/11

Priest dies at Passion screening

We'll bring troops home, says Latham (Australia)

Credit Card Delinquency Hits Record High - AP

(Craig Unger's book ) Banned in Britain

14 `enduring bases' set in Iraq

Albright Says Clinton Administration Tried to Kill Bin Laden

Nassau University Medical Center to layoff another 200 workers

Israel Seeks to Kill All Hamas Leaders

Clinton Administration Made Futile Attempt to Get Osama Bin Laden

Some charges against 'mercenaries' dropped

Data Dispute Bush's 'Rich' Label for Small Business

New Hamas leader announced

Republicans Alter Gay-Marriage Amendment to Allow Civil Unions

Medicare to Go Broke by 2019, Trustees Predict

Supreme Court dodges major ruling in Everglades pollution case

Suspicion Over Zimbabwe Arms Sale to 'Mercenaries'

Snoop program puts pasts in the present

Sistani says Iraq constitution a 'dead end'

Outdated tactics cloud United States policy on Cuba

Bush, Uribe Discuss Narco-Terrorism War

President Says His Government Does Not Regret Taking Part in Iraq War

Aristide's ex-security chief faces drug charge

Associate says Aristide not interested in Nigeria's asylum offer

On Mideast, U.S. Response Conflicted

Pelosi charged with murder

Clarke denies playing election-year politics

Man Surrenders in Millionaire's Slaying

Fresh violence erupts in Haiti

Two Palestinians Killed in Israel Strike on Lebanon

Judge Permits Testimony About Fetus Pain in Abortion Trial

Israeli Naval Gunboats open fire off Gaza Shore

Iraq Shiite cleric (Sistani) slams Hamas killing

Cabinet Mtg. Bush Speaking CSPAN

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 23 March

Sony raises forecast for restructuring costs (20,000 Japanese jobs cut)

French Embassies Get Letter From Mysterious Group in Second Wave of Threat

Clear Channel execs donate more to Bush

Commercial foreclosure postings up 39 percent (Dallas)

Venezuela’s Recall Process Allowed to Continue With Supreme Court Ruling

Bob Edwards of NPR fired

New gel may prevent AIDS

Nine police trainees gunned down in Iraq

Four-year-old brings crack cocaine to school

School District Closes as Dozens of Students Fall Ill

US to increase African military presence (BBC)

Ex-officials head for Iraq, Army on alert (hiring Indian ex-servicemen)

Clinton, Bush Inaction cited: 9/11 panel

Statement of Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle

InsiderAdvantage Poll Shows Bush Leading Kerry

Kleenex Maker to Raise Prices in U.S.

Bush Defends His 9/11 Record

Interesting ploy to force gay marriage to the forefront

FBI: Big Arrest in Domestic Terror Fight

We'll Bring Troops Home, says Latham

Russian Nuclear battle cruiser may explode

We'll bring troops home, says Latham

Nuclear battle cruiser 'in danger of exploding'

AP: U.S. Sets Up Base in Afghan Mountains

Bush Had Plan to Overthrow Taliban if They Failed to Turn Over Bin Laden

Powell: Early Action Might Not Have Stopped 9/11

Thought-Controlled Arm May Work in People-Report

03/23 - Dems: Bush Abuses Power

U.S. Warns of Heightened Threat After Yassin Killing

Venezuela Government and Opposition Accuse Each Other of Political Firings

Kindergartener caught sprinkling pot on friend's lunch.

Convicts Rule Haiti Town, Executions Plague Another

Cohen: Clinton debated killing bin Laden three times

U.S. Issues Travel Warning for Iraq

Canada's Budget to Boost Border Security (secuirty gate)

Democratic Spending is Team Effort – Groups' ads level field for Kerry

Democrats Say Bush Abuses Power in Slamming Critic

Bush administration eases logging restrictions on old-growth forests

Taiwanese President Agrees To Recount

breaking: 3 huge blasts in baghdad

Nasa: evidence of shallow sea on Mars.

Iraqi violence continues unabated - Japanese female soldiers in Iraq

We'll wipe out entire Hamas leadership, says Israel

Analysis: Iraq Charges Against Bush Begin to Mount

New revelations will clear Chalabi of Jordanian fraud charges: spokesman

More Penrose Hospital Employees Losing Their Jobs (Co. Springs)

03/23 - Clarke rebuffs Admin Attacs [more damnation]

Military Deaths in Iraq - 582 U.S. service members have died

Powell slips, 'crusade' re-enters US lexicon on war

Caricom's decisive Haiti stand

Fla.'s Jeb Bush: Haiti needs our help

Panel calls for Condoleezza Rice to appear

China storms out of rights talks with U.S.

AP: Medicare Heading Toward Bankruptcy

U.S. Army Adds 30,000 Soldiers in Iraq

Tax Hawks Cooling to Norquist

NY Times: For a Day, Terrorism Transcends Politics

Blair and Charles at Madrid Bombing Funeral

Pines couple charged with enslaving teen after smuggling her into U.S.

Widow of Soldier in Jessica Lynch Unit Blasts Bush

Court Delivers New Setback to Venezuela Vote Hopes

WP: Blame Game Goes Largely Unplayed

UN official slams French ban on Muslim headscarf

Clarke Praises Bush in Resignation Letter

Bob Edwards forced out of NPR post

Bush and Clinton Aides Grilled by Panel

US administration in the spotlight over September 11

Foreign aid at risk as US Congress faces deficit

Anti-Bush Books Continue to Be Big Sellers

Rumsfeld Says Early Strikes Wouldn't Have Stopped 9 / 11

Postal Service Finances Bleak | Washington Post

Black Clergy Rally to Dispel Comparisons of Civil Rights and Gay Marrige

Kerry calls for reopening El Toro military housing

What happened to NaMeaHou?

Who wants to join my Clark Group?

Just got back from a 15.5 hour day--ask me anything!

Stars that you think are alive that really aren't

San Diego Zoo..."baby-animal" cam..( so sweet, you'll get cavities)

Plan 9, from underpants video

So I just image-Googled "Bush" and...

Ever hear of benny benassi?? (Hot chicks with power tools)

Want to join the Japanese Navy?? Here's their ad

So...I just did a google image search for Pert_UK.............

Not a pressing issue but I'd like to know

These people are effing nuts...

Mike Malloy: My Last Email From Him

Ever Been To This Web Site. I Love It.

My obsession with Buckwheat Zydeco

The caption says "...his 'room' aboard ship."

I hope everyone is ok.

Q: How many presidential candidates does it take to change a light bulb?

Bengal Tiger Pounces On Picknick - 5 Dead

Schoolgirl Reels In 400kg Tiger Shark While Fishing

I just posed naked for a magazine!

Happy Birthday Chaka Khan !!!!

The George Bush Show.

So how does one recruit more DU users, to have over 60,000 by

Racehorse Loses 106 Straight Races (is cult hero)

Can somebody give me the link to Democracy Now??

A Nigerian Ann Coulter.

Cobra bite kills Thai 'Snake Man'

Anyone ever moved from the U.S. to Canada?

Anyone have a link to the Valerie Plame story?

Repubs and Dems (Humor)

Who's whitest???

TIN FOIL HATTERS-field trip?

Cartoon: Steve Bell on Yassin

Okay, you're dumb enough to go roadtrippin' with me...

Anyone here a Veteran??

Sarah Polley, socialist

TIME-10 Questions For George Carlin

Best film middles of all time

How much does money mean to you?

Ronnie James Dio for America

Any authors of any style should check this site out

Pants Catch On Fire Aboard Train Due To Haiclip

Singing dingo wins trivia award

Cartoon:Bush has made the world safer?

I saw one heckuva pimp-mobile on the way home yesterday.

I just won $7,000

Should this man be forced to cover his breasts?

Cheney loses face! (pic)

"Being John Malkovich": Whose portal would you like to enter for 15 mins?

Caption: proper potty training could have prevented this.....

London Science Museum's new exhibit......1930's vibrator

All about your money

"Kucizzle in the Hizzle"

Farewell Sir Rupert Hamer

The Magic Box

Monsters from the deep with the sex lives of vampires

Will Ferrell to play Darrin????

Suggestion for a Lefty Entrepreneur: Soft-Cover First Editions

Should I vote Republican or Democrat in my local DA race?

Hey, this coffee is cold!..Lets bomb Iraq!!!!!!

Kindergartner Spinkles Marijuana On Lasagna Of Classmate

(It's been hot over here)Valley may be in for 5th day of record heat

YEAH!!! This is my 1000th post!

Name the Unidentified Live Band and Year - #4

Any "Blonde Redhead" fans?

E-mail question....please help!

HAIKU TIME!!!! Subject: George W. Bush's lifestory

300 hundred posts and nobody got it.

Classic spaghetti or spaghetti squash?

Classic home grown westerns or spaghetti westerns?

Battle Of The States: Round One (which is better)

"Give me liberty or give me death!"

Would you do something like this?

Whom Should I Choose?

Battle of the States: Round Two

GDubya Authors Book on Public Speaking!

Should Matcom be forced to cover his ass?

Best film beginning of all time

Should Dr. Weird be forced to cover his breasts?

Dingbats for Kerry - another fund drive thread

Name the city.

Should I cover my cock?

Chick strip or Ron Jeremy flick?

You must admit these Hamas guys just look frightening

I'm seriously thinking of cutting off cable for satellite, recommendations



If I hear this stupid ass excuse any more, I'm going to hit someone!

Name this Sacred Ground..........

Name THIS city!

Name this capital city.

When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops?

Can allergies trigger an arthritis flare up?

Name this City -- WINNER: felonious thunk

Should GOPisEvil be forced to cover his golf cart?

"Life of Brian" to be resurrected in wake of "Passion"

Miko-Miko-Nurse..(those wacky japanese flash makers again)

I've got the Redsox/Tb game on and Johnny Damon

Howard Stern called Bush a...

What should I bring to the Boston Gathering on April 3rd

This thread is unlockable

Should I cover my Breasts?

The dilema (Delete will post as poll)

Michael Jackson wanted to play car in movie. Ridden by a boy.

Apache question

This is my 600th post. Ask me anything!

Name the city - New Thread

Deep-fried chocolate?

Does anyone know of a good online trivia game?

The Passion of the Heist

A test

Confessions of a Welfare Queen

The Dilemma

Thanks to all concerned, I'm alive, but barely! haha!

new Savage Weiner advertiser Molle Automotive Group

I Read Of A Man Who Stood To Speak At The Funeral Of A Friend

A different dilemma

Videos-Cop hit by a car, and a Freeper.

Post your car names--and pics if you've got 'em.

Maddox reviews Dawn of the Dead

Gentlemen Only - Don't say I never did anything for you - I give you Rudi

Pre-dawn Poetry Thread

It's times like these

Where is this?

Where Is This (Part 9,412)? (Warning: Large Graphic)

Who here has a government job, and posts on DU all day?

Separated at Birth?

Battle Of The States: Round Three


Name the City #3 - (Contest ENDED -- GOPisEvil won!)

Which door should I choose?

Light Transmitting Concrete

In 90 minutes I'm going home to cuddle my kitties

Name this automotive Mecca!

CAPTION and the world smiles with you

Battle of the Network Stars: Round 2

Didn't your mother ever teach you!?

CAPTION the face of a happy chicken!

Can someone summarize the plot of the Planet of the Apes movies?

Cranial Sacral therapy

Ask me anything until 4:10 PM Central Time.

Open Your Eyes

How do I change the size and font in my sig line text???

thinking of moving need a job running out of retirement funds

How do I start a new line in my signature.

The Cathy's Clown of all CAPTIONS!!!!

The Captain Smirk of all CAPTIONS!!!! (Trekkies welcome)

Battle of the Network Stars: Round One

Need help with DVD recording


Can't sleep

I have a new Car!!!

should I be forced to cover my stair-walking ASS?

YIKES! I forgot to pay in CASH for the Clarke book

In honor of George

What is the most luxurious luxury you've ever treated yourself to?

When is the national secretary day?

We have an Asian Turner. How about one for turning Europeans or Africans?

Seriously freeped Rush poll

SuSE 9.1 to come out in early May!

Should I cover my ass?

I'm wondering: What was the name of Nazi Germany state radio???

"Photoshop Bill O'Reilly doing something unlikely" (pic heavy)

Who here has a government job?

New WV Tee Shirt: "Its All Relative" - Govenor Up In Arms

Most disappointing American cultural trend

good for a chuckle (cartoons)

One or two drinks a day prevents heart attacks ????


How would Beavis and Butthead vote?

I'm really sorry, but, it's the American Idol Thread

Happy Birthday MOSES MALONE

Here's some fun links for you....

Whose Movies Are Funnier - Monty Python's or Mel Brooks' ?

If I move to Mexico. wheres the best place for an expatriate to go?

Official T-Wolves/Spurs game thread

What's in a name?

flame me if you must, but Paula is looking hot tonight!

Man From Snowy River on AMC right now.

Best TV series ending ever

Ooooh! My new toys have arrived! This will be fun!

Does anyone want to Employ me?

Do you like my new sig line?

Car audio experts...speaker recommendations?

Ms Uly's birthday dinner

Try having a civilized debate with a Freeper

tried to watch 9/11 citizen press conference on c-span error

Imagine my surprise when walking down the road there he was….

any mozart fans here

Where can I get one of those "W" stickers ('W' in circle with line through

the number 4000

Best Picture of 1994?

Google your username.

I've got two new games coming in today...

Dungeon Night on TV

Freeper think All Lesbians are UGLY

Corpse of monk in lotus position who died in 1723 found in Vietnam

anyone having any problems getting onto AIM or Yahoo tonight?

I just had my 1st book published.

I'd LOVE to know the story behind this (LINK to horrifying picture)

Ok help me compile top ten ways to torture a ditto head

another post about "Less Than Perfect"

evolution is dead

Neil Bush had sex with OBL's sister!

I think some right-wing dj's are backing off of Bush.

I feel like chunneling tonight.

I feel like channeling tonight…

Free Humorous Signature line

Can I tell you why I love Atkins?

What THEY didn't tell us about that "Eye of God"

Anyone been keeping up with "The Shield"?

Free Republic makes it official: Freepers are insane

Woo hoo! Got the "free" DU book today! ("The Book of Spiral")

Anyone craving Malloy tonite? - Come & have a drink w/me in the lounge

Judge Okays Naked Karaoke

I weaned another person off AOL

A joke

Anyone want a DU bumpersticker?

Can anyone help me resize this so it fits in my sig line?

The Sleeping Beauty galaxy

Time for the Daily Show

scariest member of the bush adminstration

Somebody smack me: It's the insult Droopy thread

DAWN OF THE THREAD! (spoilers) Favorite Scene?

George W. Bush TO THE MAX

Tuesday Night DU chat

What's your level of computer-ease

Last astronomy picture-- Moon And Sun (composite)

'Covey leader to Raven. Come in, John'

A new game. For the musically inclined.


Bad American Presidents( *) commercial mp3- from H. Stern

Long Island Driving Rules



what's your screen resolution?

Someone's in the kitchen with scallops

AZ DU'ers... (Phoenix, specifically)

Pink Floyd's..."The Division Bell"...

Raise your hand if you went to a protest somewhere last Saturday

Worst Movie Endings Ever.

Anyone else running SETI ?

do you use a router ?

Al Franken on Lettermen tonight!


What's the most mind-blowingly bizarre piece of modern "classical" music?

This is the "Ask ZombyWoof to write you a poem" thread

Why is it , Womens Breast posts get over 300 replies and..

CAPTION the most unexpected peace protest ever

Dentist tomorrow -- first time in five years.

Anybody go to U of Michigan?

OK, who slipped the Crystal Meth in the DU water fountain?

Pucker up and CAPTION

The Eye of God (picture)

Most over-the-top performance in "The Shining"?

How tough are Buddhist Monks? (Pics)

DU cooks and chefs: What have you learned over the years??

Dallas Mavericks are weak and gutless. They are done.

Dr. Frankenbike has been body snatching again....

Freeper sex manual

Spam is getting sillier all the time

What do you watch at 11PM?

Has anyone watched "I Wanna Famous Face" on MTV?

Top 5 Funniest Movies: What's yours?

OK. Guess the city by these cleverly edited titbits from the civic website

ISO off key Christmas carols.

In 60 minutes I'm gonna go play board games until I drop. Ask me anything.

Attn: April/May babies!!

I just checked out I/P

How do you move your operating system to a new drive

Did you know this about our “Pledge of Allegiance?”

Battle of the Network Stars: Round Three

Is it childish or immature to play with silly putty

Cleveland Classic Rock station can't play Pink Floyd's "Money

A friendly game of nonsequitur

Let's try limericks too...Chimpco limericks...(thanks for haiku thread!)

Should mods be forced to lock that damn thread?

Next big consumer product! Get in on the ground floor!

Name the spaceship contest... (There will be a prize)

Post something about yourself that you would otherwise think is silly.

Just got my DU bumper sticker. Do I risk my Intrepid?

BEST NUMBER 2 HIT OF THE LATE 1970s? (Part 2 of 2)

Check this out! The Freepers are going on a Cruise!

How many remember their first meal in the service.

What is the MOST ANNOYING song you ever been subjected to?

I just got a $286 speeding ticket, ask me anything...

Your Craziest Drug Experiences

Wish me luck, folks....

Is Adobe starting to flee Apple's sinking ship? (this isn't bashing...)

Are you on Paxil?

Which historical villain gets a bad rap?

Bush & Rove ... Laurel & Hardy ... dance

If....*.....was a girl....what would he look like? Find out here....

DU Gathering for Southern California

Clarke is partisan for associating with Rand Beers? PLEASE!!!

Polling in Perspective(Historical Charts inside)

Chimp already lied under can't we PLEASE impeach him??

Question for the supporters of General Clark

An important thing being forgotten in the presidential talk. . .

I'm supporting Kerry because he's our man now, but...

The Department of Remembering Things

the rest of the world prefers Nader for U.S. president

Bush Camp Attacks Kerry's Spending Plan(but same logic works against Bush)

FBI Shadowed Kerry During Activist Era

just one day before 9/11 he proposed a reduction in counterterrorism funds

"I went to Vietnam, yadda, yadda, yadda" (Holt on new Kerry ad)

Kerry Gets Boost From Surprising Sources

LIVE on C-Span NOW, 9AM September 11 Commission Public Hearings

YEAH!!! This is my 1000th post!

Ann Telnaes surpasses herself again!

I don't think anyone should fool themselves. If it comes down to it,

Bob Kerry is still an A-hole

Ventura Wants To Run For President, in 2008

Carter savages Blair and Bush: 'Their war was based on lies'

When will the Kerry items hit the DU store?

Powell: Early Action (from 1/20/2001 to 9/11) Might Not Have Stopped 9/11

Another Adventure in Conservative Bizarro World

What if Kerry Lost the Popular vote but won the electoral college?

Bush's pledge "gays have rights" but Federal Times says actions say no

State party leaders favor Edwards as VP

Kerry is catching up!

Your favorite Democratic President of the 100 years

Bush in poetry

Veep Poll

Maverick McCain will give a boost to Kerry's campaign

Howard Stern and Robin Quivers to donate to Kerry

Data Dispute Bush's 'Rich' Label for Small Business

I am VERY impressed with the intellectual capacity of the Clinton ...

AP Poll Shows Bush, Kerry in Close Race

When Bush's TV/Radio commercial says that Kerry "would have put off

Kerry plans to campaign Friday in Michigan

Deleted message

Chief Justice Rehnquist Hints at Retirement:

Anyone know what time Kerry rallies generally start?

Sierra Club Ads Target Bush, Toxic Waste

Anyone have a video of Kucinich on Letterman?

jessica lynch backs kerry?

Republican Voter Drive Heads to MTV

This toon sums up the campaign so far

Holy cow I've been blocked

Worst Republican President of the last 100 years

Gay wedding at a Bush Re(s)election campaign gathering...

Nightline topic is 911 commission.

A Message from Hillary Clinton

Tennessee Poll: Bush 52, Kerry 41 (Survey USA)

Hillary advised Kerry to vote YES, from Newsweek


9-11 Hearings Rebroadcast Schedule (C-SPAN) Tonight

Dean to be guest at Kerry rally at GWU?

Message now coming from Edwards

Clark on Kerry homepage with fundraising message!

Was Richard Clarke on Charlie Rose tonight? Did he vindicate Dean?

The Bush White House must be very afraid--setting the bar this low!!!

Could legalizing medicinal marijuana be a winning issue for Kerry?

Veep Poll without Clark

My mother Thinks Edwards would make a great VP

Kerry Attacks Venezuela's Chavez

from polling

How the Hell do I respond tho this????

Senate? Maybe a silly question.

Thanks Again, Nader!

How much has DU given to Kerry so far?

Should The Green Party Run A Candidate For President? A Radio Debate

Research for Kerry Needed on National Guard, Veterans, Reserve Issues

Persuade John Kerry to change his mind about Chavez and Venezuela

Do you think you are part of the Democratic base?

I'm worried it is too early for all this to be breaking

How do you think Kerry has been doing so far

Which is the most important demographic to get in 2004?

Who have the Dems betrayed besides antiwar lefties?