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And the bandwidth played on (blogging may be in trouble)

History will damn Bush & Blair

Defeating Terrorism, Step One: Look in the Mirror

A Day For Marching excellent article

Follow the Money (my edit: why hasn't the Fed traced US$ found in Iraq?)

Bush and 9/11: What We Need to Know (Time's Joe Klein nails it)

She's not a reporter -- she just plays one on TV (*'s Medicare "news" )

Iraq War: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Iraq War (Guardian)

One year on: Blair told it’s time to quit

MoDo is pretty good in tomorrow's NYT

Blair Lays Low During Iraq Anniversary

Making a Left at the Mike

The Right should oppose Bush's War on Terror

US Strategy in Iraq: Divide and Rule

Credibility is the thread that ties this whole election together.Josh M.

Russell Shorto (NYTimes Magazine): Al Franken, Seriously

Fright-Wing Support

Walter Cronkite: Open Letter to John Kerry

Know thine enemy (Observer)

For Black America, The Thrill of Powell and Rice Is Gone

Devastating: Soldiers' last letters home

War On Iraq Or War On Terror?

Chomsky backs Kerry

Not In Our Name-Hawai`i: No Strykers!

Seattle/Washington DUer's

Ann Arbor reporting-2,000 to 3,000 marched today!

Voices For Working Families

Watching Fox News NYC 10AM EST Saturday

Pictures from the Ann Arbor march

I marched in Denver today.

Protest *live* on NYC DOT Webcam

Fears Impacted U.S. Reporting on Iraq

Anyone catch "Politically incorrect" last night?

03/20/04 - Not the worst image for CNN's homepage

Become the Media

Maryland and Delaware DU'ers - need vacation tips

Some Turkey Chili you'll gobble up. (snort!)

Well, thats done.

Massive Medicine Wheel Set for May 8, 2004

Oregon Refuses To Certify Gay Marriages

Quebec Court Rules Gays Can Marry

Savannah Says No To Gay Marriage Amendment

More New Paltz Weddings This Weekend

Oregon Supreme Court Looks At Gay Marriage Decision

Saudis Block Gay Sites

President of Southwest Missouri State U. said gays are perverts

CO2 Hits Record Levels, Researchers Find.

Ocean Iron-Seeding Concept To Fight Warming A Bust

Abiotic oil: Ruppert and McGowan are going at it

Short Biography on Presidente Zapatero

Muqtada's powerful push for prominence (Reliigious Courts in Iraq)

Viva Zapatero, Handal, Aristide, Chavez, Kirchner, Fidel!!!

Taiwan President Chen is behind. Looks bad.

Couple who brawled over 'Passion of Christ' arrested

Pennsylvania Legislators consider extending assault-style weapons ban


Moderator has gone Thread-Lock crazy

Um, I see some discreet little advertising links on the Lobby page.

I have an idea for marketing DU

rules clarification, please

I know you guys have a lot to DU around here...

Groups Back Bill to Monitor Universities


USA Today fires reporter for faking stories

Israel warns Syria over Hezbollah support

Police arrest soldier in Jewish terror cell case

Child sacrifice

Haifa police: Jewish terror suspect questioned in past

Learn how to attack Gaza as the Israelis do … from the army itself

Rafah Death Toll Climbs to Six as IOF Destroys Seven Houses in Al Mughraqa

Al-Aqsa Brigades apologizes for killing Israeli-Arab

Palestinian militants kill Israeli Arab student, apologize for slaying


VP - Edwards or McCain?

'Mouthy' Clooney stumping for dad - Cincinnati Enquirer

Romney trying to gum up the works

Inspired By Other Posts - Glimmers of Hope in Donations

Cong. Jim McDermott (D-WA) coming up LIVE on Mike Webb's webcast

Alan Colmes streaming

Outgoing Clintonites warned incoming Busheviks Al-Qaeda was top threat

Anybody know what IACE stands for?

Just have to say....

Fears Impacted U.S. Reporting on Iraq


How about el salvador?

Mike Webb, tossed off of AM despite being top rated show on the station

The real 'passion'

Cartoons on Spain that get it right

Who would I write to

Clinton Aides Plan to Tell Panel of Warning Bush Team on Qaeda

New Politics 101: Censorship vs a free market of ideas

In memory of the US Troops

"The world is a safer place" Answer this question

The Bush Environmental Scandals - documented

The Bush Conflict-of-Interest Scandals - documented

Medea Benjamin on C-SPAN Washington Journal now (9:34 am est)

What is Bush's plan for Iraq post-election?

In memory of the Iraqi Civilians

oh now this is wonderful

Anyone wearing a black armband today-check in!

Guardian cartoon hints at Granpappy Prescott's dealings with Hitler

Bush Wrong About Everything - Documented (sorta)

Major puke....

"It's not for yourself:" Thoughts on a morning of protest: 03.20.04

Iraqis still afraid a year after invasion

Ex-Watergate writer laments 'idiot culture'

Woodie Guthrie - Deportee

Remember Mr. bush* Pervez Musharraf is a MILITARY DICTATOR

Peace March At Madison Square Garden In New York City Today

Seattle/Washington DUer's

U.S. Unloading WMD in Iraq

Veteran Con Man Smears John Kerry

Nomination for Top 10 Idiots

GUNS and Leftists

MSNBC-W's "grassroot" movement in Fla. begins today after rally

Is Robert Novak drunk or senile?

Newsweek Poll Kerry 48--Bush 48

The Republican (Bush) Strategy

Why Condi doesn't want to testify? 9/11 was her fault.

Job losses mount in Bay State: Payrolls shed 9,500 in Feb. as Mass. lags

Info Richard Clarke on 60 min Sunday from Drudge report.

Party of wealth and job creation

NYC Protests - Anyone got links to live feeds??? HELP!!!

This is H*ll radio will be talking about National Endowment for Democracy

If you want to keep your political info off the net

A 90-day blitz of lies

Chen: is it "ku rou ji," (a self-inflicted wound intended to trick a foe)?

the Human Reliability Program (Tx. Air Natl. Guard & Smirk)

Why I think the upcoming week could be good for us

Here's A Hairball Convention Question - and The Polls, and Kerry

listen to my anti-NAFTA and WTO radio ad

Barney Frank transcript--big government, need more

Dean on CSPAN now

Abolish the personal income tax?

What's happening to Dubya's lover, Saddam?

"September 11," the film, is on TRIO now (1:00 pm ET)

Bellingham Washington DUers

those famous Spanish daggers

Better Off Without Saddam--no no no

The ultimate Bush excuse when WMD are planted will be...

!! Cheney - Knew !!

Hey Ben Shapiro, so Bush has scandal teflon? Take a look at DU today!

Best books to give conservative whose eyes are slowly opening?

I just donated to John Kerry for the first time

The Tide Turns Against Bush

The Chimp is talking, who are those people cheering?

A Thought for the Kerry Campaign on Outsourcing and the Economy


A DU thread made it into the news again

Winds shifting? Gannett paper headline"Iraq: Where is the peace?"

700 workers started striking at the GM Guide plant here tonight....

Thank you, Colin Powell!! You used the "I" word!

If Kerry wins, what will happen to the Bush records?

Please take a moment to say goodbye to Robert Zangas.

12 Warning Signs of Fascism

Letters to the editor that will warm your hearts -- REALLY!

by the way has anyone noticed that the dow is now very close

These are your world-class Cablewhores. America, weep.

Here's Will Pitt's blog from NYC - looks like a good-sized crowd

Any one hear Norman Friedman this AM on C-Span

King George....updating Jacobean Fight Songs.

Possible Bush campaign scandal?

Retaking Congress: Lets Pick-Off Wingnuts (aka the Bob Dornan Strategy)

Why Is The Bush Campaign Paying A Paramilitary Contractor?

Examples of people who are "better off without Saddam"

Most those "changed" by 9/11 were in denial to begin with.

Local Peace rally gets mention by AP

McCain's game

A few photos from Fayetteville,NC - Peace

SEP on the anniversary of Bush's Slaughter

Does anyone know what happened to The Horse (MediaWhoresOnline)?

OMFG! Did Bush warn Kerry NOT to campaign in Dallas? Like the other JFK?

The Greatest Ultimate Goal

The Yahoo slide show on the Democratic Party is unbelievable.

How would you describe the community you live in?

Beware this age-old Republican propaganda trick....

What was the tipping point for liberal resurgence?

Kerry takes GOP best shots and is still standing toe to toe with Bush

"I'm George W. Bush and I approve of this ad".

God I miss Bill Clinton. We need him back now!

Really bad Walmart Commercial

bush florida speech and so called rally

On CNN Dept of Homeland Security:

Saudi ownership of voting services company!.

Kucinich to Bush Administration: Let Salvadorans Vote

Please let Yahoo know how you feel about using the picture

Lynne Cheney wrote a lesbian romance novel

Community Meeting with US Representative Jay Inslee (D) from WA State

The Return of Indentured Servitude?

My day at the peace march

Anybody watching Faux now??


One Year Later: The Horsey View

Brilliant Chimp Quote from Nighline

DC Residents Come see Peter Camejo next Sunday!

Things You Can Do regarding the FCC

Lest we forget...

US has 103 nuclear plants for 20% electricity use

No more BLAME CLINTON. Now everything is BLAME AL QAEDA.

The $100 billion Medicare scandal that will sink Bush....

Question for Catholic DUers: How do you take back your church?

Great cartoon

an unguarded moment? (pic of W)

One of the many reasons they hate us.

Official "Guy James Show" thread Please keep kicked

Do you support the war? Newsday poll hosted Kris Kristofferson in Austin today

Clarke says Bush demanded 9-11 Iraq Connection

WTF is going on with these moderators????

"They seemed normal but plotted to kill thousands..."

Thank you, marchers

World's First Publicly Traded Marijuana Company....(medical)

is there ANY chance that the FL Rally will backfire for * ?

Crooked Campus Politics - We're training them young.

Yasser Arafat Says Gibson Film Not Anti-Semitic - not a Joke

Oliver Stone and Fidel, HBO and CBC

GW (Bizzaro Robin Hood) Bush, Steals from the Poor and Gives to Rich.

Nader is no friend of mine.

Ex-Aide Says Bush Doing 'Terrible Job'

Novak Reads DU!!

Clinton on fighting terrorism. If only we had such leadership....

Good article about recall process in VZ...

What could be OUR October surprise?

MUST READ: Fundie Kelley from USA Today

Bush campaign item made in burma (who we are banned from doing trade with)

News coverage of protests against war is awesome

Jobless Recovery

Good Mark Fiore, No Jobs Recovery for the Evening here on DU

A Profile in Courage:Karla Drenner

OK - so what happened to "Al-Zawahiri is cornered?"

Smoke & Mirrors: A blue collar's guess at the REAL reason for Iraq

Just got back from my first protest.

PBS - No Better Than Corporate Whores.

It's happening all over the place...the end is near...

Oil market tightness is likely long term

On TV Now: Bush's Nuremberg Party Day in Florida

War has made them advocates for peace

world and home protests against slime ball

CANADA: Conservative Party Leadership Vote

I know why the terror alert was raised to orange today.

Conceal-carry bullet landed in nearby condo

DU this barfy poll

60 Minutes Bombshell !

Bush might be better off if he goes back to Crawford.

Where Coup Plots Are Routine, One That Is Not

*PLEASE* DU this poll!!!

Question: Prison as alternative to Draft...

Is it time for a debate between Bush and Kerry ?

Clarke says Bush demanded 9-11 connection

Garner was sacked after opposing privatisation in Iraq

Lets send repugs to communist China since they support Chairman Mao

Which Do You Value More - C-Span or U.S. Marines?

Peak oil - is it a distraction set up by republicans?

60 Minutes: Shrub "ignored terrorism", Iraq "no connection" to 9-11

I'm watching CNN International.

Jet fighter streaks in the Orlando sky. Bush must be in town.

Need Inspiration Today? For What Its Worth - The Video

Govt. trying to stop testimony about Aryan Republican Army in Nichol's case

Better off without Saddam (2nd try at making my point)

Freepers quoted in new book.

Does America need another four years of Bush*?

Who do you think will be the next President?

I'd love to shock'n awe people in my Repub town with DU'ing this poll:

FYI: John Kerry on Meet the Press

paper documents "Michigan's Fallen Heroes" -- 21 profiles

After peak oil subsides, what should the Progressive stance be?

Would the NAACP have been able to keep its members private

'Baywatch' Babe a Bush-Whacker

Did anyone else hear Bush say "God pointed at me & said don't let me down?

More discussion on New Conservative leadership race (Canada)

Gore Vidal on WBAI Sunday at 11am ET

thank you DUers for inspiring me!

9/11: Evidence Bush Knew

Sentimental Journey - Howard Dean Nostalgia

Children's Book Depicting Gay Marriage Ignites Controversy

Fundrace----> political paranoia & hypocrasy on DU?

Freepers shouting out their truck at me

wore a kerry button at a street festival and got great reaction (in AZ)

Rally Against the Iraq War: Fayetteville, NC

Kerry says "fuck" and "fucking" and "fucker"!! Oh no!! Run children!!

Maybe I need to take a break from following politics

Constitution Restoration Act of 2004...anyone read this?

Keeping the Pressure ON!

Hey FCC, fuck you!

You Can Find It on eBay: Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction

Biblical Reconstructionists own voting machine company!!!

Does the Bible actually say homosexuality is a sin?

Kerry vs. Bush polling: a three month summary.

Bush Borg

Oliver North: Liberals and their conspiracy theories

Haiti: Drugs, Thugs, the CIA, and the Deterrence of Democracy

* Official March 20 protest thread — Please post stories and photos here *

Troops being treated for leishmaniasis (caused by sand flea bites)

Bush Hails Iraq War as Boost for Mideast Stability

Military Drops Charges Against Guantonomo Muslim Chaplain

The path they took; Following the 11th Signal Brigade's journey into Iraq


'40% of Swazis have HIV/Aids'

Thousands of Shiites and Sunnis Protest against the US

Coca-Cola's 'Dasani' bottled tap water in UK contains carcinogen "bromate"

Taiwan President Narrowly Goes Ahead in Election-TV [REUTERS] 66% counted

Guardian: History will Damn them, We must not accept....

What Happened to the Antiwar Movement? (MSNBC Online)

WP: Annan Calls for Probe into U.N.'s Iraqi Oil Program

Millionaire Extradited For Drug Trial/ March 20, 2004

Chen Shui-bian wins Taiwan election [AP] WOOHOO!

Taiwan Opposition to Concede in Election-Sources [REUTERS]

NYT: Medicare Actuary Gives Wanted Data toCongress

Taiwanese (sic) "President" re-elected, Opponent says invalid

Elders: Educate early about health

Kerry..Today Far from..1985(long NYT /Seelye on military votes)

Al-Qaida leaders 'safe'

Off to our first peace rally

War On Iraq Or War On Terror?

Another Veteran's Suicide - Columbus,Ohio

BCCI: Bank of India must pay creditors

"Sidestep" Schaffer To Run For Colorado Senate Seat

Iraqis still afraid a year after invasion

Anti war demonstrators scale London's Big Ben & hoist banner

Web Site Shows Neighbor Campaign Donations

El Salvador Election Dredges Bitter Past

US defends war on terror as Iraqis protest over occupation (picture)

Ex-President Bush to sky dive for birthday

Peace protesters climb Big Ben

Judge orders hospital to turn over abortion records.

Whites-Only Scholarship Stirs R.I. College

U.S. considers United Nations command in Iraq to keep Spain on board

US bombing kills six civilians - Afghan officials

Democrats Say Bush Speeding U.S. Job Exports

Haiti's Interim Leader Praises Uprising

Election Fix Stymied by Cash Delays, Computer Doubts and Confidence Gap

U.S. agency subpoenas airlines over loan board

Intel to use new way of numbering [SFGATE... gigahertz isn't everything]

Bush `Ignored Terrorism for Months,' Clarke Tells `60 Minutes'

ABC: Ex-Aide Says Bush Doing 'Terrible Job' (More from Richard Clarke)

CBS: Did Bush Press For Iraq-9/11 Link?

U.S. Chopper Attacks Pakistan (!?!) by Mistake, Wounds 3

5,000 gallon petroleum tank explodes - Cincinnati, Ohio area

U.S. Chopper Attacks Pakistan by Mistake; Wounds Three

Bush camp executes media game plan

US soldier fatally electrocuted

5 Madrid bomb suspects deny involvement

Homeland Security seeks "Entertainment Liason"

U.S. Helicopter Is Shot Down in Iraq (nobody hurt

Guantánamo Detainees Deliver Intelligence Gains

Advisor affirms Bush's Cuba policy

US firms try to block cheap Aids drugs

China blocks Li Peng's memoirs

Thai leader says he's closing in on militant leaders

British threat to pull out of Olympic games

Marine killed west of Baghdad - Total 393 troops killed - WTF?

Kerry hedges on 1971 KC meeting

Former Dutch Queen Juliana dead at 94

New Newsweek Poll:Bush and Kerry are tied in their race for the White Hous

Crisis in Haiti: Hundreds of bodies pile up in morgue

Criminal Case Against Aristide Planned in Haiti

Bush to Take Re-Election Fight to Florida Rally

Bush-Cheney political director appears before grand jury

US Afghan allies committed massacre

100.000 thousands protests against Irak-war

Gennifer Flowers says she'll appeal dismissal of defamation suit

Businesses Point Workers Toward Ballot Boxes (GOP sees as boon)

Spirit Switches to Airbus Fleet

McVeigh Evidence May Be in Nichols' Case

Clinton aides told Bush team Al Qaeda posed worst threat facing the nation

2 Million Miles, Makeshift Armor and No Fatalities (VA Guard Unit "Lucky")

Bush Brands Kerry a Serial Tax-Raiser/ March 20, 2004

Cornered Militant Likely Not Zawahiri, May be Uzbek or Chechen

Iraq differences are in the past, says Bush

Soldier who lost feet optimistic about future, but puzzles over war


(UK's) Iraq war chest 'will be empty by July'

Smear on a Soldier for the Truth (Karen Kwiatkowski)

Creator of Netscape praises 'offshoring'

Schwarzenegger looks at workers' comp

Not guilty verdict in church trial (of lesbian minister)

Carbon dioxide level rising

US professor faked anti-Semitic attack

Eisenhower Planned Emergency Government

PowerBar Founder Maxwell Dies at 51 (heart attack

G-P braces for loss of 200 jobs

Pakistan hedges on ID of ‘high-value’ target

Blair bans Labour Party delegation from flying to Join Kerry's coronation

They seemed normal but plotted to kill thousands (right-wing terrorists)

Arafat: "Passion of the Christ Impressive"

Pakistan Says Militants Must Surrender, or Die

Engagement Is a Constant in Kerry's Foreign Policy

Fresno Sheriff arrests Peace Fresno Officer who called the police

U.S. Army charges six soldiers for cruelty in Iraq

Argentine Judge Declares Pardon of Former Army Officials Unconstitutional

Ex-Aide Says Bush Doing 'Terrible Job'

Protests Mark Iraq War Anniversary

Boulevard Pale Ale

Outlook Express question.

Ever posted a response in the entirely wrong thread? I am still

Why do you think people like corn?

Avatar help.

I Just Donated $100 to Kerry's Campaign

Man, I just bought (off ebay) a Peter Green/Fleetwood Mac CD

I got my John Kerry t-shirt today

Anyone else enjoying the show Wonderfalls?

Pee Wee Herman busted for child porn, claims it's "art"

Okay, I need 14 post to reach 1,000, help me. Ask you anything.

Sapp, Bengals on verge of watershed deal

Dick Cheney, Wardrobe Master for "Plan 9 From Outer Space"

Sweet Zombie Jesus...where are you?

Poll for Nine Inch Nails fans

Hallo von Wien!

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Jumper?

Killer Chili Beans

A big hand to the Bush Administration (Applause)

Obscure fictional commercial icons

How's your bracket now

new Oxyrush advertiser Lifestream

The nastiest environmental post ever.

Blueshift - send me a private message, please.

Hiccup help


Goddamned Army Automatons. Makes me glad I joined the Air Force

What are the last 3 Cd's that you have purchased.

Dirty limerick thread

Johnny's in the basement

How fast is your computer? Give till it Gigahertz!

This just problem

Someone finally refuses to let Paris Hilton ride them

What is your favorite Van Halen Album?

Off to our first peace rally

Can You Answer This Question?

OMG......a lightning bolt just struck outside my house!

Data Privacy Lab: Camera Watch

I need a haircut

Better Jesus Show.

congrats to me on 821 posts

This might be shocking!

OK, I peed; now it's back to bed!

My mom's best friend Ida died this morning - but mom's out of town.

I have a really bad chest cold!

Hey y'all! If we swear up a storm, will the FCC* shut us down?

anyone own a bomb shelter?

Caption: new Lowry artwork discovered?

So I saw this Anti-War Parade...

What should I do as an "avowed troll" on the FascistRepublic

One more round down - NCAA Mens Basketball; Brackets?

Caption: "Couldn't think of a Caption" for the London anti-War march

Caption: new communal showers unveiled in Putin Square

What NCAA game today will be the most exciting?

"Lets not get all mushy about it"

Who is this woman?

Caption: Look a hero in the face, can you?

ih8thegop's Bold and Brave Second Round Picks

Pacific Northwest types...

cat health Question -Worms

Will this help?

Dang to big for the new sig....

Hear about the kafuffle over Urinals at JFK ?

Size comparison of Lucky and Erin.

What's your favorite programming language?

What I plan to say today

unmitigated evil

I just had my taxes done and I owe $1,550...:-(

BEST NUMBER 2 SINGLE of the EARLY '70s? (Part 1)

Help! I need a sign idea

Flashback: Remember Bush's Bizarre Letterman Heart Surgery Joke?

CSI: New York coming soon.

Bobby Goldsboro tune that makes you wanna puke the most

I got me a free bumper sticker today!!!!

Drudge: Another Kerry bombshell

800 Posts! YAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

Anybody know anything about Home Improvement Loans?

The Last drug: review this short story

It's comic strip bad pun time!

The Plump Peek of all CAPTIONS!!!

new Savage Weiner advertiser

Caption: Shrub's healing touch?

Caption: Mother's Day waistline warning...

Thanks to everyone for the nice birthday wishes!

If you had access to a time machine, to which era would you travel?

Dear Mr. Bush* Sir.

Shameless plug.

What's your favorite Star Trek episode, and why?

Song that could be applied to what the Bush is doing to my generation.

How do you feel when your favorite musicians change their sound?

Does everybody know that baby has new clothes?

How many coloradoans are on this forum?

There must be some kind of way out of here, Said the joker to the thief

at your job:

Supermarket Rage!

Mel Gibson's "Passion": bringing freeper families together (not)

Hey, does anyone have an email address for Gore Vidal?

Thank GOD we can stop hearing about "The Passion" now

i got banned from another site. ask me anything.

Watching City Confidential - RIP Paul Winfield.

intellectual conservative?? Bwaaaaaaaahahahahahaha

I'm listening to the Cramps---is drinking a Pepsi utter madness?

ok Bird-Lovers... I am DESPERATE for a gift for my Mom!

Neil Yong Censored on Conan...

"What do the five fingers say to the face?"

Did you study Latin in school?

have digital pictures from the Santa Fe protest

Who else feels like crap they cant go to a war protest, discuss too

Vanity thread...New Bob Boudelang Up Today!

ROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chocolate aside, what food cheers you up?

I went to the Gay and Lesbian Business Expo today. Ask me anything!

Wow! Alabama's beating Stanford

He's not smart, a C student

How often do you listen to music?

Give 'em hell for me.

*It* was in my mail today, I just got back in from getting the mail.

100 pirates vs 100 ninjas

yes or no

Better movie:

Where are all the Gonzaga fans hiding???

matcom scares me

I'm watching the first season of Starsky and Hutch

Anime and psychological thriller fans

Do you want to put a hex on Bush? Read this:

Questions about Linux

Self-appointed authority: "Musicians don't know shit about what's good."

Are you bothered by commercials which humanize inanimate foods?

Big, giant thanks to rainbowgrrl24 (re: march in Fayetteville)

MTV's Spring Break will be broadcast all week...

Who thinks posts for long time DUers are Discriminatory Fascist Crap

Which lower-seeded team has the best chance of pulling off an upset Sunday

Yippie! I know how to build a tire!

"I'm dead sexy!"

If you were casting "Gunsmoke, the movie"

What does a person need to do to get more DU bumper stickers ??

The Kennebunkport Hillbilly

I've got stomach cramps - is drinking a cappuccino utter madness?

Gravity bongs

Are you bothered by commercials which animate inhuman animals?

Big-ass update to my 1960s Soul Music webpage

I grilled a top sirloin steak today. Ask me anything

MOZILLA Gurus - Browser closes - " invalid page fault" ? - - - Help ?

My boy dog pees like a girl dog

Jet streaks in the Orlando sky! Re: Bush's visit.

Favorite Baer?

Favorite Bare...

Did someone take a DU logo and put it on a credit card?

Whoa! I just saw a UFO!

I like George. Do you like George too?

Favorite Cover of "Light my fire" - These boys are sick!!

dead malls in your area?

Don't be a good neighbor f***er! (Blue Velvet fans check in)

Breaking: Fox is about to discuss possible new Osama:Saddam link

I went to a gun show today. Ask me anything

Brand new news from 1998! Ronald buys a sombrero!

Holy Exposure, Batman!



I soooooo don't want to be at work right now!

Are you an Anglepoise?

Who was the best college basketball player of all time?

The Jimmy Kimmel Show isn't worth not having Bill Simmons

If your boss tells you to write down everything you do and send in a

Hey, who was at the Children's Museum today in the "ABB" T-shirt?

Favorite Bear?

Is it OK to stay home on a Saturday Night?

Hey, your mom called...she said "MOO!".

Ahh, alpenglow... (pics)

Favorite cocktail drink?

Battle of the Stax/Volt Stars: ISAAC HAYES or SAM & DAVE?

Got my DU bumper sticker in the mail today.

Anybody else thrilled that both Stanford and Gonzaga lost???

What trade magazine is in your bathroom at your place of employment anyone excited about this movie...?

Daeling with Car salespeople is like:

Somebody has hijacked my screen name

My on-line marriage proposal to HEyHEY:

Saturday night chat

I'm starting to look less like John Cusack and more like Joe Strummer

Need a new computer game

Which movie should I watch tonight?

Mozilla Firefox 0.8 & Thunderbird rawk

Really bad parenting advice:

Sunday is demolition day for The Vet

Well, what do you think? - (please leave coments)

have you ever seen Peter, Paul & Mary Live in Concert?

My all time NCAA Team


Anyone seen the Dawn of the Dead remake?

Words and phrases of my lifetime that have disappeared from the language

Listening to Roy Orbison for the first time

Some easy 60's trivia

Limerick flame war

Another limerick thread!

You know what sucks? Apple pie.

Is it just me or does every women feel self-conscious about her body?

Sammy Hagar to rejoin Van Halen?

Are you an Anglophile? Are you more of an Anglophile than me?

See me, feel me, touch me, heal me!

Pop Battle: The Four Seasons vs. Hall and Oates

Diner serves Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam...& Spam

Jet-Lag Recovery Time


Florida DUers, check in.

Taking the wife out to eat. Need a good chain QUICK!!!

Searching for the right college... Any advice?

favorite bayer?

Happy Birthday, NightTrain!!!

What is the historical signicance of this weapon?

Is it wrong to like Jimmy Buffett?

if I reinstall win XP (home), will I lose my settings


From a nurse: I Hate Some Doctors!

Air America to begin broadcasting March, 31.

The official nurse appreciation thread


It's windy. Ask me anything.

Car shopping: Day one

You have to get rid of 48 states - which would you keep?

Phoenix Area DU gathering Sunday!

Eccleston is new Doctor Who

Which team that has made the Sweet 16 as of now has the best chance

PC Gamers: What are you currently playing?

A poll for all you DU Texans out there....

What city/state are you living in ?

Favorite Beer?

Since Doctor Who is coming back to the BBC...

You had to get rid of one state--which would it be?

Let's hear from you, all of you who joined the DU in its first year: 2001

What song was #1 on the day you were born? Find out here.....

Doctor Seuss on the USA

Bush Calls Incumbency Key Issue Of Campaign (the Onion)

Brothers and sisters, the protests have already begun (3/19, 12:30am EST)

The Negative power of George Bush

Bush's re-election prospects hang on Iraq

Election '04: Ohio could be key on road map to victory

LAT: RNC "Austin Powers" email v. DNC balloon-cartoon email

NYT's Seelye on Kerry's military voting record in Senate

Chomsky backs 'Bush-lite' Kerry

Peace March At Madison Square Garden In New York City Today

the Gillespie/McAuliff debate

What does the Democratic party stand for

LAT analysis: Florida, 2004 (Bush advantage)

Kerry's "war on terror" approach...Where's the zing?

This may explain why Rice was backpeddling on CNN(Zawahiri escapes)

Are there any plans for Congressional Democrats to attack Bush*?

New Newsweek poll Kerry 48 Bush 48

Who here hopes Dean will be the Barry Goldwater of our party?

Politics Ink: Hoover, Fonda lose political insult value

Anyone else noticing that the millions of dollars worth of Bush ads...

Cities Holding March 20th Events

An Announcement

speed kills-? The pace of the campaigns are ramping up fast

All HAIL King Shrub!!

Zogby: Kerry 46, Bush 46, Nader 2 (Kerry Wins w/o Nader!)

Lots of Bush* ads here in W. PA. Almost like the week before

Deleted message

Why Dems should get as many Kucinich delegates to the convention as possib

!! Cheney - Knew !!

How many of you are registered independents?

Kerry: Bush's Trail of Broken Promises

Kerry has a chance to learn from Gore’s West Virgina mistakes

Howard Dean Awarded Backbone Award During Seattle Visit

3 generations marching for peace as Clark Democrats

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Protest coverage on CNN now

on not giving all that big a flip about November

It's time for Kerry to start leaking his cabinet

I donated to Kerry today!

Poll: Bush leads in New Hampshire

I propose...

Ted Kennedy on Meet the Press tomorrow.

Those of you who could stomach watching Bush rally, how many lies...

Alaska and Wyoming DUers: Caucus and check in!

I love Bush spending lots of money

Which Gore states are vulnerable this time around and vice versa…

Now we're talking. (Gov of Mich telling like it is)

Let them know you are out there...

Were Bush rally hoots 'n' hollers pre-recorded?

About Bush's campaign spending: the Kerry rope-a-dope strategy

Unemployed in California? Nader needs a state coordinator.

Kerry hits the slopes, shrugs off assault

I want to see a Bush as Yale cheerleader commercial.

How do we reach people who are too busy to care about politics?

RNC spoofs Kerry as Austin Powers in new Web ads

If Kerry picks Clark as his running mate now...

$10 million in 10 days lagging....

"Dem primary w/out Dean & Edwards - no spine, no soul."

today it's John Lewis on Kerry's site request for campaign funds

We're taking over the local DFL

Which are the most solidly blue and red states, in your opinion?

Thank you to those who went out and protested the war today.

my electoral analysis

How Can We Get Bush's FBI Files? They Got Kerry's...

The Flog vs. the D-Bunker

NEWSWEEK: Bush 45, Kerry 43, Nader 5 (plus Iraq, $87 Bil. Reaction)

Dean will be on Face The Nation tomorrow morning

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Drudge: John Kerry bombshell

When were you (or will you be) first eligible to vote,

A different account of Drudge's SOB "bombshell"

Dean on CSPAN 12:45 eastern today

Ex-Aide Says Bush Doing 'Terrible Job'

US Preparing for Military Draft in Spring 2005/ Iraq bombing planned 9/11

Last night we went out to eat...

Bush - "I'm going to keep my campaign right here in America"

Nader Democrats, Please Come Home!

Alabama Democrats optimistic about Kerry's chances

Essential advice to Kerry from Joshua Micah Marshall

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A personal message from Dennis.....

DK's Speech from One Year Ago: The U.S. Invasion of Iraq

can John Kerry/Howard Dean ticket win ?

Anti-Bush Bumper Stickers

Could someone tell me what idiot told Kerry to go on a ski vacation?

Ask Nader to Drop Out

URGENT! DNC FLASH AD SUCKS! WE WILL LOSE if this isn't fixed immediately!!

Kerry needs to run ads like LBJ's