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Archives: March 2, 2004

Activist Judges: A Look Into Bush's Latest Lie

Your last chance to vote against the war?

Stern's muzzlers expose themselves as hypocrites

The Casualty (Heckuva New Yorker story on injured GI's - read what * did)

Martin Rowson Cartoon - The Guardian

Kucinich the Kulturbarer

Medicare and Social Security Challenge(NYT whores for Bush SS cuts)

United States: So near, yet so far (Africa)

US military spending soars, security suffers

Bush Wins Triple Trifecta as Worst President Ever

Coup d'etat in Haiti

Number of U.S. Marines in Haiti could reach 2,000, Pentagon says

CIA Successes 20 of them!!

BBV makes headline in Canada's national paper!

9/11 probe is a new terror: Ellis Henican

A Typical American Coup

Unprecedented opportunities for electoral fraud: Gaurdian Article

Democratic frontrunner declares he will be stronger “war president” than..

Molly Ivins: Four Wars and a Cloud of Dust

How US lost the war on terror

Gun bill's gaping holes (a consumer safety regulations exemption)

Doubts cast on efforts to link Saddam, al-Qaida

Canada parrots U.S. line on Haiti

With Aristide gone, Haitians left with chaos

Freeps on Kay's suggestion that Bush admit he was wrong about WMD

The Absence of John Lennon & Other Spiritual Dilemmas (One for Dean Fans)

Bush sets himself up for a fall: Paul Vitello

George Monbiot (Guardian Utd): Extreme measures needed to remove Blair

Union surrenders benefits, wages in sellout of California grocery strike

Israel - a different support (long, but hopefully worth it)


March 20th Asheville, NC - THE WORLD STILL SAYS NO TO WAR

For Boston People Interested in Irish Issues...

ATTN SoCal DUers: Bush to be in LA this Wednesday March 3, 2004

A Vote For Voters

SF Conference to Initiate 9-11 Inquiry, Mar. 24-26

retiring after 58 years on one programme

DUers Advice Needed

2004 web sites and videos of candidates and debates...

Juan Cole will be on PBS Lehrer Newshour tonight

BBV - Newsnight w Aaron Brown (03/01/04), mp3 & vp3 video

O'Reilly, Haiti, and voodoo

Chris Matthews says, "John Kerry has the most liberal voting record in"

What is the most left-leaning mainstream newspaper?

...if they stare...

Our wounded soldiers - photos the public doesn't see

How does "life" on Mars square with Xtian Right?

Live chat on same-sex marriage with Rep. Barney Frank

African-American voters: Then and now

Why you should get real about ‘faking it’

Cheney has backed off his earlier stance on gay marriage (W. Post)

Catholic Group Must Provide Birth Control

Startup aims to bring P2P to the mobile phone

No Improvement in Euro Zone's Unemployment Rate in January

Some GOP Lawmakers Aim To Scale Back Bush Tax Cuts

The Lie of Free Trade.

IRS Allows Weight-Loss Tax Deduction

Overseas investors pump record funds into TAIEX

Dollar Gain Against Euro on Jobs Outlook - hope Friday shows +200,000

Yahoo adopts listing fees for certain Web pages

French public deficit widens to 4.1 percent of GDP in 2003

Outsourcing? Try 'Insourcing'

Oil futures: I don't think they reflect the rumor of $3/gallon this summer

Critics Blast Utah Oil & Gas Leases - WP

40% Of New York's 9,400 Homeless Children Have Asthma - Reuters

Did anyone bookmark/save the Pentagon/oil article

AGU - Warming Could Release Masses Of Carbon Locked In Arctic Soil

Denali's Most Famous Wolf Pack Wiped Out By Trappers

Bush Puts Giant Sequoias on the Chopping Block

Experts Say New Desktop Fusion Claims Seem More Credible

Black Holes: Fuzzy Tangles of Strings?

Ivory Coast embassy stormed


African Leaders Sign Common Security Plan

Papal Jesting Sparks Latest Italian Fight

Religious Leaders From Former USSR Meet

UK Methodists Seek Youth Through Pubs

Buses Burned in Rio De Janeiro Slum

Sudan Accused of Killing 70 Civilians

Don't Fall For Washington's Spin On Haiti

29 Shiite Worshippers Killed in Pakistan

Amnesty International on Haiti

'Guns go before Burundi poll'

Decent Regard (GOP critical of go it alone Foriegn Policy)

DPP seeks referendum support - TW

Pan-blues' desperation is showing - TW

Amnesty Int'l Sees Rights Abuses in Libya

Ha! Kerry - and daughter - speaking fluent French on France 2!

North Carolina Attorney General Calls for Prosecutors to Open Files

S.1805 is dead in the Senate

For all the prattle about how the gun industry controls the NRA

41 worshippers shot in Pakistan

A pinko with a gun.

AWB losing supporters...

Smith and Wesson chief fired over murky past

AWB renewal vote NOW!

A poll for Gun Dungeon users - Its Super Tuesday

GUNS IN THE NEWS - March 2, 2004

Synopsis for what happened in the Senate (AWB clear version)

So, nobody's going to ban hunting guns, huh? Just the ammo.

Violence Policy Center Hails Senate Defeat of Immunity Bill

Russ Feingold voted against extending the assult weapon ban?

Assult Weapon Ban: what is wrong with it?

A tiny request about the spell checker..

Sinner, you are wanted in the lounge

Upgrade request?

the contest

why has this thread been allowed to remain?

I forgot my password!

Another Hate Mail Bag, please!

my password

Good luck, guys!

Are we to tolerate "progressive" disruptors?

Why was this locked

Canadian election possibly May 10th - can we have our own forum?

I know he's out, but...

Do We Have A Presumptive Nominee Now?

When will you kill GD 2004?

Can a person be stripped of donor status?

Thank you, Admins and Mods

Now that Kerry is the presumptive nominee, we need to fight hard

This is related to my GD 2004 post

Is there an Iggy Pop avatar,

Prominent Arafat adviser shot to death by gunmen in Gaza City

Israeli Barrier Isolates W. Bank Village

Israel May Hold Elections a Year Early

Israel's Army Markets to Foreign Armies (?!)

Europeans Reaffirm Support for Arafat

Twilight Zone (by Gideon Levy)

Israeli soldiers are undergoing crash courses in Zionism.

35% construction increase in settlements in 2003

Veteran Arafat adviser shot dead in Gaza

IDF: Arafat unfroze terrorist accounts worth millions

Israeli Nuke Informer Details Abduction

Israeli "defense" exports make up 10% of the world's total

IAI tests new naval missile

Palestinians Fleeing Battle Zone Hardship

Demolition of Abu Sha'ira family home in Al-Azza refugee camp

Israel markets anti-insurgency `expertise'

Israeli Terrorist Attacks to Escalate On Palestinians

Israeli jet circles Shia gathering

Stop terrorists' vehicle of choice (Dershowitz)

Student Calls Campus Symposium Anti-Israel Hate-Fest

Settlements grow

"Torture lite" takes hold in war on terror

Schwarzenegger, Davis Appear on Leno

Anti-violence group says Hull should drop out of Senate race

Edwards Supporters Outdoors in Ohio Cities

Dean signs for last-minute flyering

Campaign up and running - feel free to donate.

Warren Buffett just compared Arnold to FDR! (CNBC)

March 2nd Congressional primaries

How sad

Put aside a few bucks now

Maxine Waters on Tavis Smiley's PBS show tonight -- Haiti

Okay, my idea needs to be brought into the mainstream.

Thank you, Mr. Bush and all Republicans....

BBV on CNN (Aaron Brown) up next (1:36 ET) TUNE IN NOW!

Bryd demands accountability from Bush administration over ....

Leno just had on Ahhhnold, who was joined by G. Davis

Overview and questions concerning so called Kelly suicide --

David Cay Johnston with Mike Webb LIVE now! -- unfair taxes

Why doesn't anyone make this argument about the debt?

Ray Taliaferro dealing with the Haiti thing NOW

Colin Powell: "Iran has WMD's and I have proof" we must attack!

Arab Big Brother show suspended

Iraq Bombings/Pakistan Shootings: Cui Bono?

What new jobs? What am I not understanding?

Iraqi Leaders Euphoric Upon Drafting New Constitution - LA Times

So Who is Next

How does "life" on Mars square with Xtian Right?

RFID tags in (new) dollar bills?

Live chat on same-sex marriage with Rep. Barney Frank

Who would you have voted for in 1948?

It isn't just IT workers and accountants losing to outsourcing.

So, we forced Bush to support the FMA??

Social Security - did Bush spend it?

Is Bush an "asshole"???

Venezuela to cease training at School of Americas

NY Attorny General Eliot Spitzer Comes Out In Favor of Gay Marriage

Iraq Violence :: Turning Point?

C-Span NOW - Social Security topic- AEI is there(shock-ugh!!)

CNN Cartoonist Bob Lang

Rebel: "We don't need peacekeepers....We need more guns!"

As the Bush implodes

Marine war resister, acquitted of desertion, jailed for AWOL, now freed

A Personal Endorsement of Sen. John Kerry

U-S officials say more than 140 now dead in attacks

God Hates Shrimp

shrub on c-span 1005 am

Notice for PA residents

The Fire This Time in Haiti was US-Fueled

Need a good "DU" sig line for a non political board

It's March: Will The Dead Soldiers Stop Per Our Emperors Orders?

Live chat with director of ACLU today...

CNN International Quick vote on Haiti

RFID Tags in New US Notes Explode When You Try to Microwave Them

Transcript of US-Aristide conversations released

Bush Doctrine II: The Sequel

I changed my Avatar

MoD faces legal claim (manslaughter) over Red Cap deaths

Right wing columnist equates gay marriage w/al Quaeda

I couldn't watch someone please tell me what der fuhrer was yapping about

Eric Alterman on C-Span 1 now

Gas Price?

BushCo's junk science (article by RFKJr, from The Nation)

Is vomiting on Stern show legitimate protest or just disgusting?

House of Reps. on C-Span

should t.v. huckster preachers who lie, cheat & steal be shut down by law?

Primaries or caucuses: which is the better system?

2004 General Election Electoral Snapshot - 3/2/04

A family man and a fan of Bush (Guy Philippe) Haiti

Anyone need JFK conspiracy evidence?

Let me end the Religious Wars on DU right here, right now.

Bugging the buggers: how to stay one step ahead

American-Iraqi commerce (in the state of Virginia)

What will the average American voter make of Haiti?

Will BushCo get away with their Haiti coup de tat?

Bush resume- with source links.......................

9/11 Families: "It's a symbol of failure (for Bush)"

NASA Press Conference At 2PM

Is conservativism really the dominant political view in this country?

Buzzflash details how Bush is screwing our veterans . . .

CNN to exclusive interview Cheney. Says AlQaeda responsible Iraq Bombing

military endangers public by not cleaning up pollution - Wisconsin

Kerry lost the election today

Uncle Bill Bush's war profiteering continues

Please check out this poll & vote.

tension between defendant's rights and victims's rights?

The Media's love affair with Colin Powell is so 1991

Clinton, Gore schedule meetings with 9/11 commission

Boston Globe headline: Haitians ecstatic over coup

BBV - number of problems today today - What's our plan for Nov???

You think it's bad in Iraq? Well look what's up next in Pakistan!


Russ Feingold voted against extending the assult weapon ban?

Tavis Smiley show on NPR talking with Aristide,

The Three Legged Stool

New Federal Campaign against Bullies in Middle School

No Child Left Behind - a comparison story

Howard Stern support site

NASA's Mars announcement

The Democratic Platform

Question for any Oregonians

why is France helping the bloody hands bushgang coup d'etat Eristide?

monday's charlie rose show

March 20, The World still says NO to War!

If the US did escort Aristide out of Haiti (to save his life) is that

Model Emergency Health Powers Acts?

Sargent Schultz

Bush in Ireland

"Untrammeled homosexuality" Damn you Gays!

How hard would it be to run for office?

get your ammo here for the antigay cultural war . . .

I voted in church, as long as I've voted in Buckhead, it's in a church

Chris Dodd on C-SPAN2 now talking Haiti

Will Sean Hannity respond to this?

So the French and Americans are working together in Haiti

Freepers Freak At Assault On Their Beloved Assault Weaons

DRAFT WATCH: OK people time to watch for signs of the Draft!

Senator Byrd speach, a must read

Massachusetts Primary

Live Election Reporting at -- more...

Bush may visit my wife's place of employment this week.

Kerry and Edwards "summoned back" to Capitol Hill on SuperTues.

CA ballot (LA County); it looked like punch card but it wasn't ...

In The Bush White House The Ends Do Not Justify The Means.

MD Election

Job Hunter Scam Alert: "Learn French" - FLC/

Krugman: Greenspan's Betrayal

Looking for Pat Robertson info.

what the conservative media bet on....

So I voted today in Ohio, punchcard!

"Deception and doubletalk" : O'REILLY


Can anybody help me find this * sound or video clip.

A pinko with a gun.

My e-mail to Air America

Order Of Succession Question

Smalltown NY Mayor formally charged for marrying gay couples

If Kerry loses the General Election...

Greenspan helps GOP-- shafted Clinton/Gore

Christian Publishing House Uncovered as Apologist for Conspira

If Bush Dumps Cheney Who Is Going To Be President.

Real Bill Clinton quote - See DUer "fatslob"'s locked thread

Mind-bender of the week: China is losing, yes losing, manufacturing jobs.

Dems Giving Homeless Cigarettes for Votes?

Howard Dean WINS Vermont Primary

Should we revert back to the original Pledge of Allegiance?

DU Super Tuesday voters. How's voting in your area?

Hatch on senate floor

Welcome to the new Amerika- News video clip- BBV next?

We should thank our lucky stars for fighters like Bev Harris!

Background on Haiti & Aristide "the leftist priest" '86-'94 - William Blum

Some hard-core cons coming over

I just voted in Ohio for...

Not a mention of Haiti on CNN homepage.

good news for aussies

Democrats up now on Senate floor C-Span Talking WMD and Intel


Can An Atheist Win The Presidency?

Georgians were able to vote for the new state flag

Deja Coup: Bush 1 overthrew Aristide in '91; Bush 2 copied Poppy in '04..

BBV - GA activists have phone problems - this is scary

Eliot Spitzer New York AG Says Gays Will Win Marriage War

lou dobbs talking about bbv

Will Gropinator get his 15B Bond

Who needs to study women's history? Take this quiz and find out.

The Noblest Martyr

Abandon all Votes, ye who "Press Enter" Here...

Howard Stern just said that he WAS knocked off CC because of his anti-Bush


A few Super Tuesday election "irregularities" (BBV?)

Arkansas Won't Replace Current Voting System

Need help from Kerry supporters

MOVEON.ORG coming to the Democrats rescue again.

Battleground Narnia: the religous onslaught continues.....

Governor Ahhhhnahld now in favour of gay marriage

What will the average American voter make of Haiti?

Fox News Compares Tyco CEO to Jesus

I ain't no Saddam apologist...

Doubts on case for Iraq conflict may bring flood of claims (in UK)

Holy cow OMG great news!

A question for Jews who have seen "The Passion"

The Larry King gang are warming up for the election....

Signs of hope in the "bible belt" of California

I'm a precinct chair, My wife's a county delegate!

What were the latest polls on the CA Propositions?

Is The Media Stupid or Just in Trouble?

Funny GOP fundraising letter I got today

Who has the Primary numbers as compared to 2000?

Zell Miller (D?) proposes pay-per-viewer fines ($0.25) for TV indecency

larry king vs lou dobbs

Pee-uke. Ralph Reed on CNN.

daily show - john stewart just ripped apart the sunday debate

Take CS Monitor Poll - Effect of DHS on American Safety

My Congressman, Maurice Hinchey, NY on C-SPAN now

Roll out the barrel!

Black Congressional Caucus on Haiti, C-Span now, 9.40 pm est

Freeps on Kay's suggestion that Bush admit he was wrong about WMD

computer experts/voting machines question pls

I'm going through Mike Malloy withdrawal

"Maybe we should simply use a softer, less provocative term than lying

MD-1 is spoiling for an upset...Gilchrest (R) may lose primary

I'm sick. I watched Hannity and Colmes tonight.

sending more kids into the slaughter and no one is stopping Bu$h

good christians/bad christians

If you were Kerry

Perle fired? (oh, so he did not resign to keep from being a burden?)

From one right winger to other greedy, right wing fear peddling lunatics.

How much do looks matter to the electorate?

Dean won in vermont???

What is the truth about the war in Yugoslavia

Gas is $2.29 per gallon here in Palm Springs, what's it like

Reagan Navy Sec'y Webb: "Iraq greatest strategic blunder in modern memory"

Will Kerry address Peak Oil?

Regarding the Kobe thing..

Stephanupulgus: Bush needs to paint Kerry as a "Hypocrite". OUCH

BBV: The Elephant is falling! Bev will be on

WOW, Lou Dobbs was great on e-voting tonight.

Shiites attacked in both Iraq and Pakistan?

Harkin does not believe Aristide was kidnapped

When's the last time you saw Republicans demonstrate

Do you feel smarter than your GOP friends

Good God, this footage from Iraq today is horrifying.

So our troops got stoned today

Anyone else notice the fear in the Rethugs eyes on cable news lately?

The Bush Administration's End Game for Haiti

Looks like Ahnuld's propositions will win

Who is responsible for the attacks on the Shiites?

NBC Nightly News: Bush* adm. had two chances to get Zarqawi

Bush $28 mil reducing DRAFT activation time to 75 days, 35,000 NG to Iraq!

Why not just have a national referendum on FOUR issues

is gay marriage inevitable?

Stern: Bush Behind Effort to 'Fire' Him

'Activist Judges' Mainly GOP Appointees Study Shows

San Diego Treaty signed by Bush 1

George Soros: more pessimistic about Dem chances??

Check out this stupendously idiotic statement Cheney made today

And now for something completely different:

Bush at LA Convention Center tomorrow...during Job Fair

Why the CNN = Bad News signs

BBV: Bev Harris hassled by TSA on her way to California

Need Ideas on Grassroots Organizing

Who knows about Cumulus Media?

Had A Yankee-Doodle Dandy Democracy Sorta Day !!! (Really, A Serious Post)

Did Novak Dis-Respect Vermont...?

Any interest in a Peer-to-Peer political organizing tool?

Who would you have voted for in 1912?

Heads Up! Something revolutionary has happened in Congress.

BBV: Malicious Insiders - Forbidden Concern?

So Tell Me. How Bad Is Your Bush Fatigue.

Lou Dobbs

Can one of you tell me how Aristide was a "thug"?

Now that Aristide is gone will we see a huge increase in Crack Cocaine

Imprisonment: ca 150 per 100K pop in 1980 -> ca 475 per in 2000

The Sacred Institution of Marriage: This Modern World

Passed today in the Maine Senate...

how is drafting innocent civilians to die (with statistical certainty)

Novak is either DRUNK or he is having a stroke!

Big SF Conference in March to Blow Lid Off 9/11 Deception!

Bringing Hell to Haiti: Killing Hope

Why do "they" hate us??

Do you feel a world-wide cataclysmic event is imminent?

SA fighters in Iraq could face prosecution

U.S. Considers Larger Iraqi Governing Council

SA govt in the dark about arms shipment - Haiti

Zimbabwe's torture camps

Urgent Action Needed: Haitians in Haiti are being slaughtered.

Education Chief Again Apologizes for 'Terrorist' Remark

Iraq Suicide Bombers Appear to be Natives

U.S. Says N. Korea Likely Involved in Drug Trade

Calif's Schwarzenegger: Gay Marriage a State Issue

SF Mayor Under Police Guard After Death Threats

Weekend Warriors Go Full Time--National Guard Deployment Is the Biggest Si

Pakistan gun attack 'injures six' (& 2 explosions Breaking Now 4:30 AM ET)

Springsteen Torture At Camp X-Ray

Melting of Glaciers Requires Urgent Action (Southern Hemisphere)

Report Questions Role of Mexican Crater (In Dinosaur Extinction)

McGreevey aide cleared in parole board probe

Report: Ebbers to face federal criminal charges

Charity must cover birth control

Naples lawmaker pushing for toll lanes on I-75 in southwest Florida

Recall Targets California Prosecutor (Maxxam Inc of TX pushing recall)

Australia now cites US alliance as a key reason for joining Iraq war

Explosions Kills 81 in Two Iraqi Cities

Chaos, Bloodshed in Baghdad Blasts

BBV article from L.A. Times

`American heroes' take the oath

War crimes trial sought for Blair, three others over Iraq

Gas-price jump has motorists grumbling across California

Democrats rip governor before state speech (FL)

*UPI* GI denied health care after speaking out

Baghdad 'world's worst city'

CNN NOW: Huge Explosions in Bagdad & Karbala

Manufacturing jobs up for fourth month

Report: Israel broke Iranian code

AP: FBI Didn't Search 'I - Drive' Files

U.N.: Iraq had no WMD after 1994

U.S.-Sponsored Regime Change in Haiti

(Riverside County, CA) Sheriff prepares for layoffs (200)

Bush Seeks to Use $1M in Transition Funds

AP- Aristide's Claims Trouble African Host

(NDP Leader Jack) Layton leading Mills in Toronto riding, poll says

High infant mortality rate a symptom of the ills of Iraqi health system

America’s New Coal Rush

Group questions anti-piracy tactics

Marxist economist Paul Sweezy dies at 93

Kerry intentionally snubs local reporters in Georgia

Dead man walking? Israeli mafia lieutenant

Bonds got steroids, feds were told

AP- Technical Problems Reported in E-Voting

A quarter of Saskatchewanians ready to join United States, poll finds

Some Conservatives Want to Roll Back Tax Cuts

Greedy officials 'stole' Moroccan quake aid

9-11 Panel Schedules Meeting With Clinton/Gore

Governor Says Law Permitting Gay Marriage Would Be 'Fine'

'42 000 slaves freed in China'

Explosions rock shrines in Karbala and Baghdad, 143 festival-goers dead

Lear closing could come as early as May

Warner's Big Ax

Soros calls for trade reform Biggest Dem donor speaks on tax cuts,

(bbv) Voting-machine critic will be the judge today (Md)

Gunmen attack Shiite Procession in Pakistan

29 Killed in Attacks on Pakistani Shiites

Grand Rapids gives teachers incentive to resign

OXFAM Warns of Humanitarian Crisis in HAITI

Engineered Support Rec $16.3 M Cont for Up-Armoring of Military

Senate OKs Assault Weapons Ban Extension

(dictator "Baby Doc")Duvalier Wants to Return to Haiti Soon(death squad

Recall Targets Prosecutor Who Took On Lumber In Redwood Country

U.N.: Iraq had no WMD after 1994

UN Iraq Inspectors Say U.S. Has Not Cooperated

Levi's 7th year of declining sales

Bush Wants Transition Cash to Train Aides (!!!!!)

dupe n/t

Senators to hear Explanation of Abortion Measure (Tennessee)

GAO wary of cruise exemption

Job cut announcements drop (only 77,250 for Feb!)

Catholic Group Must Cover Birth Control (in employee prescrip drug plan)

Iraq Shias Massacred On Holy Day

U.N. Nuke Agency Assumes It's Bugged All the Time

Venezuela Ceases All Training of Soldiers at the School of the Americas

Foster: I could ruin Blair


Medicare puts stop to payments for power wheelchairs

Levi's 7th year of declining sales Company to economize with layoffs,

Legislation Redefining Nudity for Billboards

Protests by Venezuela's Opposition Continue in Middle-Class Areas

Head of U.S. Security Firm For Aristide Speaks Out

Poll: Kerry Would Beat Bush* in Conn. (His Home State!!!)

Voting Machine Snafu Delays Balloting - Voters Asked To Come Back

Ex-Worldcom boss Ebbers charged

Another JFK in the White House?

Bush Seeks to Use $1M in Transition Funds

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 2 March (#1)

ALP Romps Home in Latest Poll (AUST)

Blair 'war crimes' case launched

Mystery of ferry missing (No bodies found)

Blasts Kill 143 at Iraq Shiite Shrines

Huge blasts attack Iraq unity

Breaking - Guy Phillipe now in charge of Police Force

Major Layoffs Announced In Four Kentucky Towns (500 jobs)

Gateway Cuts Workforce (approx 2000 jobs)

Military Vaccine Flattens GI, 17

Gasoline imports may top $7bn by 2010 (Iran)

Israeli jet circles Shia gathering (in Lebanon)

Spitzer Comes Out In Favor of Gay Marriage

Chile, Brazil to send troops to Haiti to Counter Bush's Ad Blitz

Iraqi Gunmen Shoot at Kurdish Officials

Petroleos de Venezuela Increases Social Spending

Greenspan Warns on Asian Bank Buying

Power outage leaves 15,000 in dark (Ohio Polling Places in Dark)

China to Make Private Property a Right

Burnsville Yarn Plant Closing: 163 Workers To Get Pink Slip

Wolfie/Cheney mutual fellatio coming up on CNN shortly, in case anyone

Kurdish family comes under terror when their daughter refuses sex-for-ID

Haiti's Youth Fear The Return Of The Killers Of Street Children

9/11 panel considers Rice subpoena

Cheney Dismisses Talk Bush Might Drop Him

Dem split stalls free trade pact

Mexico to Cooperate in Anti-Terror Fight

AP- Former WorldCom CEO Ebbers Indicted

South Africa Rejects Washington's Claim Aristide Was Denied Asylum

Pentagon Gives Marines Limited Job in Haiti

Iraq Leaders Call for Calm After Attacks Kill 170 (435 wounded)

Utilities to Offer Net Over Power Lines

Mom finds kidnapped daughter six years later (Philly said baby had died)

U.S. Tries to Quell Aristide Controversy

American Soldier Killed in Baghdad

Edwards Quitting Now on CNN

Riots in Venezuela after officials say not enough sigs for referendum

CNN Breaking: Marge Schott Dies...

Mayor faces charges for marrying gays

Computerized voting seen as threat

Clinton, Gore set to face 9/11 commission

Look at U.S. Iraq Military Deaths - 549 U.S. service members have died

E-voting smooth on Super Tuesday

Gun Liability Bill defeated in Senate

Arnold Splits with Bush over Gay Marriage

Mars rocks once 'water drenched' | BBC (NASA's big news!)

U.S.: Mad Cow Meat Recall 4 Times Larger

Malaysian PM calls elections

Black Legislators Stall Marriage Amendment in Georgia

Exit Polls: Economy, Jobs Top Issues

Republicans propose to rein in spending

European Union slaps retaliatory tariffs on US

Technical Problems Reported in E-Voting (Today's voting)

U.S. Rejects Haiti Rebels' Power Bids

DeLay Supports Tougher TV Indecency Fines

Nepali Rebels Kill 21 Soldiers in Attack

About half of Africa is starving

Venezuela's Opposition Did Not Collect Enough Signatures Yet for Chavez Re

Teachers trading Kleenexes for extra credit in strapped classrooms

Bush Hails Progress Against Terrorists

Kerry Cements Nomination; Edwards Out

AP: Edwards To Drop Out of Presidential Race

4 Afghan women immolate themselves

Troops in Iraq Get High-Tech Noisemaker

'Show trials' to axe MPs disloyal to Blair

Duvalier Wants to Return to Haiti Soon

Ex-Ambassador Wilson to name names

New York AG Says Gays Will Win Marriage War As New Paltz Mayor Charged

Cheney says he will be on the 2004 GOP ticket

Senate Narrowly Passes Assault Weapons Ban

Haitian Rebels to Arrest Prime Minister

Hosts Ask Aristide to Stop Blaming U.S.

Senate's Daschle says has votes to pass energy bill

Coca-Cola's special water source is a tap in Sidcup

US oil company challenges Australia's rights to develop Timor Sea

Scandinavian students tops at English in Europe ( France last)

Killington votes to secede from Vermont!

Some S. Florida Hispanics unhappy with Cuba policy

Howard Dean WINS Vermont Primary

Admit WMD mistake, survey chief tells Bush

Convicted Assassin Gets Role in Haiti

'Activist Judges' Mainly GOP Appointees Study Shows

9/11 Panel Rejects White House Limits on Interviews

Cheney says he supports pursuit of a constitutional amendment banning gay

NBC - (Bush) Avoiding attacking suspected terrorist mastermind

California tries to slam lid on big-boxed Wal-Mart

Canada's Liberals seen heading for spring election - New Zealand Herald.

Cheney Says Aristide Had Worn Out Welcome

Shiites blame Americans for Baghdad, Karbala attacks , more than 140 dead

Bush, Pope Nominated for Nobel Peace

U.S. wants own inspectors at foreign airports

McSupersizes to be phased out | CNN

(ONGOING BBC) Reporters' log - Iraq explosions (Bombing Thread #2)

Hummer Driver Arrested In Fatal Hit-And-Run

Multnomah County to begin issuing gay marriage licenses

(Bush) Avoiding attacking suspected terrorist mastermind (MSNBC)

Two versions of Aristide exile

Distracted by Haiti, U.S. ignores Venezuela - People preparing for civil w

Haitians hail rebel troops

Who's hotter: Carly Simon or Marianne Faithfull

You Gigli bashers are a bunch of Illuminati Vegephobic anti-Spongmonkeys

Deer Park Buddhist Monastery, Escondito, CA...anyone ever go there?

Richard Hatch just showed up on Letterman naked

Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. No 24 For Awhile.

Oh Arlene you wouldn't let me hold your hand

John Zorn vs. Ren and Stimpy in "Space Madness". Who would survive?

The Waters of March (Aguas de Março)

Today is Seusscentennial!

To offend, or not to offend....

Why is my Internet connection faster with Linux/Mozilla


Is sexuality a continuum?

MC HAMMER Comes up with a Super Hero Idea...and it's plagiaristic

My remote control escaped thru a wormhole into another dimension.

A vote for Kucinich is a vote for sexual domination. Save yourselves!

Antwone Fisher

Will DU have over 50,000 registered users by election time in November?

Voltar a beber

I'm wide awake with a coffee buzz. Who else is up?

ActiveOpposition..check it out

Do you have R adult siblings who seemed to exhibit R traits as children?

Reality Shows Hit Arab TV: Al Hawa Sawa (On Air Together)

Why isn't there ever anything good on in the middle of the night?

Drudge is asking for news tips

Name your poison

How Sapphocrat and I actually met.

Today I heard a CBC newsreader nearly say "Ronald Dumsfeld"

Favorite Spam Sender or Subject Line

What's popcorn in Aramaic? (Passion humour)

DU non-Christians check into this safe haven

Which makes you laugh the most..

DU Nose Pickers check into this safe haven

Accidental condom inhalation.

I finally saw "The Ring" should I spend my last 7 days?

Last Week's Best Sellers (Fiction)

This vent is intended to promote sympathy for my idiocy.

How many Super Tuesday states have you been to?

Please read this and tell me what you think. . .

Who here's seen "Barcelona"?

A little monetary perspective...

Most Distant Galaxy in Universe Detected

Freepers Have Invaded and have sown religious dischord

OK, so I've decided I want my money back.

Jesus must be spinning

Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

DU folks who dislike Safe Havens, check in here to rant

HEyHEY checking in from new location

Seen on the A train

Binary Skull and Bones poll #2

Are you worried about being reincarnated as a republican?

Anyone feeling somewhat lost now that Grovelbot is out of our lives

Wine Theif Caught - Guzzles Wine - Not Wine In Bottle But Vinegar - Vomits

my password

GWB I, GWBjr or Evil?

Good (SUPER TUESDAY) Morning DU!

Champagne or Evil?

Bonds took steroids

Do your siblings make you angry?

I just registered a cool screen name. Anyone wants it?

Me or You

Hmmm...two local "wacky" D.J.'s are talking to Mr. Skin

$35,000 to be a mod?!?!

Love Poll

Do You Want To Read The Rant To End All Rants? (20 pages)

I am ovewhelmed by your loving kindness

When you find an insect in your home, Do you kill it?

Cookies or Evil?

Lying Right wing slime out in force today.....

austin DUers Turn on chan 16 Alex Jones is shownin his movie LOL!!!

Avalanche knocked out power

What's your alignment? Take this quiz and find out!

Happy Texas Independence Day

Chronicles of Narnia film

Life really sucks sometimes, so ask me anything.

For movie fans

Here or There?

I just bought a Saturn--Thanks for all your input

God Hates Shrimp

I want to quit my job. Will somebody please pay my salary to post on DU?

Why does Rhode Island have that name if it isn't an island?

Death Bed Conversions

Damn Voting Machines

Let's just get this out in the open: Cadillac is RUINING LZ's Rock & Roll

Is this page suddenly supersized for anyone else?

Sofa bed conversions

Observations from the boss's daughter

DU Dingbats, check into this Safe Haven:

Cunningham Rules!!!

Which do you have? cable? satellite? over the air tv? no tv?

I'm craving a Safe Haven. Talk me out of it.

Death bed conversations

DU Folks who just don't give a rat's ass check in here for Safe Haven

The Kevlar Safe Haven: Check in Here...

Freepers, check in here for your unsafe haven

I can remember a time when we didn't have to mock our threads

I can remember a time when we didn't have to lock our threads

I'll be in Raleigh, NC, and Chapel Hill this weekend visiting friends

Is there any truth to the birth order hypothesis?

I can remember a time when we didn't dread our locks

Metric conversions

Who should get the child?

Is anyone else turned off by Quiznos Subs ad campaign?

Lord of the Kings.

Wow! Finally a whole page in DU without a mention of "that movie"!

OK - so someone REALLY

Anybody want to talk about Passion of the Christ??

Lord of the Rings.

Dress Your Gay Dog!

DU folk who own/use/like guns come here for a REALLY Safe Haven

The Real Passion of Jesus

I have to take my dog to the vet for phenobarbitol...

The Passion of the Smeagol

I was born a Snake Handler, and I'll die a Snake Handler.

Computer question

Vote for Best Actor nominees in their other roles

Who said this first?

Wait a minute - Lois, did you just say "Big Meat"???

Is Jesus text messaging you?

SF Chronicle: Bonds, Sheffield, Giambi received steroids from BALCO

Our dog has lumps on her hind leg. What do we do?

Temper tantrums can make you ill

URGENT - HELP - I need an ANTI CHIMPYFACE ScreenSaver!!!

I can remember a time when we had to darn our socks

KCDem or TXLib

Creationist "Science" Fair -- "My Uncle Is Not a Monkey!"

Because there is no such thing as too many music threads, Round 1

Kewl New Remote Control Toy...

How do you pronounce .soc?

Sign up here to FEUD with all the other havens

Are we here?

Someone stole my lunch

Ding or Bat?

Cable or DSL your opinions please


Which Was Your Favorite "Lord of the Rings" Film?

Can I get a diagnosis on my car?

No gift says "I honor you as a strong woman"...

My Doctor Doubled My Paxil!!

Thought for the day...

I've created Lutherans!

American Psycho....

Dumber and Dumber?

Geeks Can Be Hot! Especially This One...

Freeping suspicion....

TXlib is:

What color are your eyes?

Just heard on Dallas radio...

Annoying Coworkers

Argh! Dummy dummy dummy!

Spain to build world's second largest supercomputer

Drunken Polish nun crashes her tractor -- Did you hear the one about...

Bull & Scones...

Check out this beautiful picture I took yesterday...

Breaking: Pete Rose to be indicted into Hall of Fame

Former Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott on Life Support

DU Canadians, check into this safe haven:

ZombyCoffee will pick this place UP

What should I have for lunch?

This vent is intended to offend

Breaking: Pete Rose to be inducted into Hall of Fame

O Lord since you are up there where the eagle is sore can I get a CAPTION?

PHILLY DUers. Did you know THIS??

Important news! I have chosen a speech topic!

Because you can never have enough posts about cats

My grandfather passed away and I just heard about it tonight....

Why are we here?

Damn! Who knew Rummy was such a hottie?

LynneSin is:

CAGE MATCH #1-Clay Aiken vs. singer Rick Ashley

CAGE MATCH#2:International Battle Royale


now, just take a minute to CAPTION

Is it an honor to be included in my dingbat polls?

If You Had To Rank All 40,040 DUers By How Cool They Were

Nominations please for Biggest Act of Musical Treason.

Police Bust Up Nearly New PETA Protest

Fla. Teacher Bet Student To Jump Out Of Second-Floor Window...

If you are in Boston and haven't been outside today

Who Has the Bush 9/11 Video While he was sitting

NASA's Big Discovery....

At the watercooler, do you Push down or Pull up and push back for water?

This was going to be a flamewar thread...

Water Source?

Do You Want MATCOM To Join YOUR Safe Haven? Then WOO Me Here!

What color eyes do you have?

We are here

What are you thinking as the moment you read this?

McCartney back on cartoon trail

Very troubling experience with another site

VW TDI Engine.

Marge Schott Dies At 75

Anybody have a list of the Guard units that are/have been deployed to Iraq

Thelma and Louise wearing Depends! Scary stuff!

what does BRC stand for????

I'm a 2-Ply guy, what are you?

OKAY - Philadelphia Phans

You're not ugly Grampa!

At 5:00 I am SO outta here!

new Hannity advertiser Nutramax Labs

The Walt Disney Company

Hmmmm. I wonder what he's saying here.

The Singhsons


WooHoo!! My partner just got James Carville's autograph

Anyone else suffer from a gag reflex?

I don't believe it! Jesus is goaltending!

We're Off To VOTE!


Lester Holt w/ Cheny on CNN.... what a wus, Les is, what a hapless wus

Question to those in California

Multicolored reptiles check into this safe haven!

What is this?

Enlightenment philosophers, check in to this safe haven!

I beat up everyone in the Safe Havens

More dingbats

DU Philanthropers. Place your check into my safe. Thank heavens.

You Are The Most Beautiful Woman In The World Who Will Sleep With Me

DIRECTV Channel Guide Description of the Day

DU Classic Erotica Fans: Annette Haven here:

DU Connecticutters check into this New Haven

I Think I'm Going To Go Read Strangehaven....

Theology Lesson

Because you can never have enough posts about cacts...

Man arrested for child pornography...shown performing sex on 2 MONTH OLD!!

Just for Super Tuesday, I'm with the ABB.........

Whats is your favorite funny T-shirt

Robert Rodriguez to direct JOHN CARTER, WARLORD OF MARS

Why doesn't Pres. Bush believe in the theory of evolution?

Good movie on AMC tonight.

God Hates Shrimp

Will you join the Church of Volume?

Australia or New Zealand?

Enlightenment philosophers, check-in to this safe haven!

Underpants: What Do You Think Of Male and Female DUers?

Bush To Make Up Missed Nat'l Guard Service This Weekend

Why can't Philly sports teams win a championship?

Women DUers - What Do You Think of Men's Thongs as Underwear?

Men DUers: What Do You Think About Women NOT Wearing Underwear?

Which musicians would make the best totalitarian dictators?

I have a serious question for any gay women reading this...

October 19, 2004. Grand Theft Auto San. Andreas. WOOOHOOOOOO.

Anyone know how to overcome the low-carb lethargy?


Sad Day for DK :(

Time to visit Mr. Picassohead again

Please Ladies Do Not Take This The Wrong Way. Pictures Of Lesbian

Proof of Famous Hollywood Star In Dreadful Case of Interspecies Love!

If You summer in Avalon, NJ check into this Safe Haven

Dude... there's like a bunch of COMMIES in GD crunchy tonight!

Why I love GD Smooth:

Did anyone see the NBC report tonight on the terrorist

I can't find a decent butter bean recipe on the web

What words/names/phrases are you sick of at the moment?

My sister just joined DU

Will feces-throwing howler monkeys take over GD-P2004 tonight?

Who will join me as we remove the shackles known as our 'Safe Havens'

finally back, ask me anything

Safe haven for DUers who find "progressive rock" both dull and pretentious

Genetically modified foods research...

I had a strange dream last night...(against school)

Keyshawn to Dallas? Garcia cut, Portis and Bailey traded

All the Germans join me in a... Pub, I guess

DISCOVERY/TIMES special on the Hutton/BBC/Dr Kelly Inquiry on NOW (8pm ET)

I just voted for Dean in NY. Them as don't like it

DUers who have paid for an argument, check into this unsafe haven

wrong on many levels, but...let's go Penguin batting!

DU News Projection: Michigan Is Better Than Ohio State

What to watch when Nova serves the Empire

DU Wombats check into this safe haven

Worst cheers.

My folks went to a safe haven and all I got was this lousy thread

You might have heard about this..


I had a strange dream last night...(against wombats)

Damn my back hurts!

I give my first speech for my campaign in an hour, ask me anything!

Can JCCyC contribute to a post without using the word "Sepultura"?

Wombat, wombat, who's got the wombat?

Bush To Make Up Missed National Guard Duty This Weekend

Dedicate a wedding song to all the new, happy couples!

Teen Burns 85% Of His Body Performing "Jackass" Stunt

Is NASCAR cool?

You probably have heard about this:

Genetically modified wombats research...

It's a WOMBAT, dammit!

Will you join the WLF?

DU queers, check into this safe haven.

help me name my hand!

Inclusive, Kinder, Gentler People Check-in Here for your Safe Haven

Hey, what do you think of this? Battlefield: Vietnam.

Figure out this pattern (directed at red sox fans :D)

Um...can anyone help me if I end up homeless very soon?

Is evidence for Wombat water big news?

My Masterpiece.

WHO Is That HOT Looking Guy Standing Behind Kerry??

In honor of Irish American month:

I just locked an open Wombat

U.S. Military training wombats for anti-terrorist operations.

Check out the political party affiliation of every candidate in my

DUers who are sick of wombats, check into this safe haven!

WHO Is That HOT Looking Wombat Standing Behind Kerry??

John Kerry vs. Phillip Rivers: better qb prospect

Is evidence for Mars water big news?

What's on your desktop?

For Wombat's faithful, a shattering loss

New pattern, hint: deals with Bush Administration

What's on your wombat?

DemoTex and Trof on the phone (just now)

I'm insane!!!!!

Super Tuesday Night Chat

My summer travel plans: please tell me if I'm insane

Let's laugh at the Kommandant-in-Chief

DU Shrills and Commies--check into this safe haven...

The reward for success is high, the penalty for failure is harsh


from a humour stand point... funniest du putdown of a candidate

Chris Heinz... First Hunk

What one issue would you cease opposition to

DU safe haven for anthro archaeopteryxes.

Wombat/Yak in '04.

who is that HUNK standing behind John Kerry??

What kind of time will Bernie Ebbers do? (OFFICE SPACE)

I don't know about you but I need something to make me smile. (new pic)

The police man just beat down my door!

Screw the Safe Haven, all the Irish Join Me in a Pub

I won't buy Tivo until

What is the thing in the middle of Dagwood's shirt?

WHO is that adorable YAK standing behind Kerry?

"don't ask for this file type" check box - IE

Does this make sense to WOMBATS?

I can't take a break from DU yet.

It's a YAK, dammit!

And now... Music.

Whew... 10:47 pm already

So did anyone vote for me today?

Comic book geeks - website for animated LADY DEATH dvd is now up

Bush Administration as Hogan's Heroes cast?

Tell the truth...Have you been known to steal your spouse/SO's razor

The Passion of the Pet

Does this make sense to ANYONE?

We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This...

Super Tuesday Chat!

Why I wasn't any good in the marketing field

15 Things to do at Walmart

What some kids from my college did

ferocious fishies and other nasty-lookin' critters . . .

It slipped!

How's my sig line?

Osama Van Halen

Has anyone had laser vision correction?

Joke about politicians....

Why oh why do I love the Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right"

great Harball commercial

I think my local country music station is run by Dems

Secret Rulers of the World : David Icke, the Lizards and the Jews 11pm et

Seriously, DU Muslims check into THIS safe haven.

Time for the Daily Show!

Best Culture Club song

For those who have the PS2...


Ladies: With what instrument do you shave your legs?

To the men of DU with "hairy palms", who don't support Kerry:

I haven't started a post yet, but---

What does the D next to Zell Miller's name stand for?

Respond to this, or be voodoo-ized

Willie Wonka remake????

Susan Sarandon's take on "The Passion of the Christ"

On gay marriage:

Avatar question

To what degree are you wasting your life

Do We Have a Safe Haven For Yaks Yet???

List the songs that really put you in the mood for love...

favorite DU user name?


About the "anti-Hollywood" jackass that was just on the Daily Show...

Unofficial "Suggestions of login names" for lurkers who will join DU

True or False: "If you'd've gone up like you came down,

What's your favorite drug?

WTF is up with all these safe havens? Are we segregating DU?

9:00 (CT) Army of Darkness, Queer Eye... or Citizen Kane

What musical instrument do you play?

Marge Schott is dead

Super Tuesday: A DU Picture Story

Which is your favorite '80s Doctor?

Maria Menounos: Did you happen to see her at the Oscars???

Feces-throwing howler monkeys, check into this safe haven!


Feeling second best??

Has anyone here had an erotic dream about a politician?

Favorite Hendrix song ?

Which wild animal are you? Take this quiz!

My husband thinks I'm the dog and the dog thinks he's my husband

Mel Gibson is insane

Do You Believe in Life After Death?

help me name my band!

"Dawn of the Dead" remake anyone?

Who is this?

Just curious. Who's coming to the Chicago DU gathering Sunday?

For Mary's faithful, a shattering loss

IE computer problem

Hey great to be here let's kick it off with a little CAPTION

Favorite Chris Isaak song?

Allright, I admit it. I put the secret Laotian Skull Crush on him! CAPTION

My sister just called me and asked me who she should vote for.

Can anyone help me with making a banner ad

Can someone design a "John Edwards Democrat" graphic?

DU Atheists/Agnostics and Non-Fundies Check into this Safe Haven!

How racially integrated is your neighborhood?

DU Jews check into this safe haven

A little sumthin sumthin for the ladies of DU...

Coachella: on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being best would you rate

All eastern europeans that is east of Germany

Digital camera purchase, need opinions. I am trying to decide

Who's the dumbest person you've ever met?


Did you know that I am "da Coolio bomb"?

Gentlemen: With what instrument do you shave your face?

What would happen if US pulled out of NAFTA/WTO?

Dean and Clark Supporters Should Back Kucinich

A vote for Sharpton is a vote for the Illuminati.

Want to vote for Dean? He is a kitten strangler. I warned you.

Well Super Tuesday Is Almost Here. Lets Get In On. Tuesday Night

Edwards Collected From Groups That Lobby

A vote for Kucinich is a vote for sexual domination. Save yourselves!

Why have the people who have voted for Kerry so far done so?

Need help answering a voter in Cali.

Democratic Debate Parody

FYI: *Everybody* is on the Ballot in New York Super Tuesday

Making the Hispanic vote count may seal victory

I'm all giddy about Kerry's sweep of Super Tuesday tommorrow...

Democratic frontrunner ... will be stronger “war president” than Bush

Mr. Kerry, why did you vote against the first Gulf War?

Some think compressed primary season UNFAIR

If all of us who want someone more progressive than Kerry

Kerry on Imus right now --8:05AM

The case against John Kerry as our nominee

Thanks to Tom Delay, Texas Dems miss Super Tuesday...

Spotlight slips away from Edwards: Kerry attracts crowds, support

Calls mount for Edwards to win today or bow out

kerry's take on the Doonsebury challenge?

A Day of Reckoning for Kerry and Edwards

New Audience Sees Different Face in Edwards Commercial

I don't think there will be much change if we win against Bush

I voted in NY for...

Kerry’s Attack Video Misleads on Veterans, Jobs

Teen voters appreciate personal touch

Kerry today in Atlanta at Roadway Express with dockworker Chester Witchett

DU fickle and childish about politics

Arnold sounds more progressive on gay marriage than Kerry!

What's right with John Kerry? (The Nation)

Sign the Pledge, I promise to vote for the Democratic Nominee

GOP plans votes to put Democrats on the spot

I voted for One America today.

Most Odious Transgression

Kerry caught having sex with a goat

So why is Kerry the odds-on favorite?

Why is Hillary Clinton giving a speech the morning after Super Tuesday?

Is Skull & bones doing GOTV for John Kerry on Super Tuesday?

just voted for Dean in MA

Is it, perhaps, a good thing that Dean lost?

Senate getting to vote on the assault weapons ban as an amendment to

Why do Deaniacs, Naderites, and Kucinichians threaten us?

Edwards Supporters Jog in Ohio Cities, Meet at Intersections

Do you think there will be greater than usual voter fatigue this November?

Aides nurture Kerry's appeal (Boston Globe on Kerry's likeability)

Cautiously optimistic about Kerry today

Edwards and Kerry rushing back to Washington for gun vote

Edwards gave loan to a federal judge

Any exit polling going on today?

Is the Media your enemy?

Just voted Anti-Kerry in Ohio

Closing Gun Show Loophole bill passes, 53-48! McCain-Reed amendment.

Kerry should explain war-making stand

Edwards, Kerry, Kucinich, and Sharpton, please mention Haiti tonight!

Pictures I took at Pre-Super Tuesday Kerry Rally in Georgia.

Does Edwards drop out if he gets swept in all 10 states?

CA: Going to vote within a few hours and STILL undecided..

San Francisco Chronicle Endorses Kerry:

Wraps off tough FEC 527 options -(Dems may be hurting)

In case you haven't been tracking the news today...

Ammiano endorses Kucinich

Gymnastics Dads Against Bush to Counter Bush's Ad Blitz, starting Thursday. Yeah!!!

The Possibilities of Politics

Ralph Reed citing Rasmussen and Fox Dynamic polls that have Bush ahead

Dean for America

Some great quotes from Ohio primary voters today...

How many people here voted on paper ballots?


Who here voted for Kucinich in the Super Tuesday election

Caucus for Kucinich Today!

Anyone else have an ink-stamp ballot today?

Edwards takes lobbyists' gifts, using loophole

Will John Kerry have a clean sweep tonight

Kerry Missed Crucial Votes

Diebold Disenfranchises San Diego

Clark Represents Kerry at Kansas State Democratic Dinner


Bush pulling dirty tricks in Minnesota

Yuck, I just voted on a Diebold machine

A salute to the ever faithful

When does the Minnesota caucus begin?

how many hours are you pledging?

Anyone know what time polls close tonight?

Raise your hand if you voted for Howard Dean today

NRA kills S. 1805 gun liability bill due to assault weapons ban & closing

Blanket Statements About Kerry thread

Wearing my Captain America novelty t-shirt to the polls today

Why voting for Kucinich is the ONLY option TODAY

Georgia report

If Kerry is the Democratic nominee

Mix 'n'Match bash-o-thon all the candidates are bashed for your pleasure

oops, wrong forum ... sorry n/t

Cheney: "I support the President"... when asked if he supports amendment

It's going to be a tough night....

all those who have voted for or will vote for Howard Dean, sign in, plz

Time/channel for candidate celebration/concession rallies?

My Diebold encounter today...

Where is John Kerry now?

Where are the official Results/Supporter threads...

I once let my emotions enter into a Democratic primary. Not no more

We Need FAIR Trade

I intend to vote for Dean today, and here is why.

I haven't yet voted in Ohio, help me make up my mind.

Live Election Reporting at -- more...

Voted for Kerry..but there were no delegates

What would be the effect of voting Kerry for Pres and Kucinich delegates?

If Edwards wins no states and Dean wins one, is Edwards out?

If your primary caucus/vote isn't going to be relevant, say yo!

Good luck to Edwards supporters tonight!

This California Clark supporter just voted...

Yay Me, I Voted For Kerry AND Edwards

Does John Kerry need help in California ?

Should Communist Sympathizers (ComSymps) be purged from the Party?

Question to "Progressives" from a Kerry supporter

GOP Plans Votes to Put Democrats on the Spot

Does Sports Center have a right wing agenda?

What am i ?A rant

Farcical: I should learn to hack Diebold machines.

Can I see some proof that Diebold contributes to Kerry?

Moderates calling Progressives "Communists", etc

Really quick: Is God on America's side?

Fox News projects Georgia for Kerry

CNN: Kerry wins Ohio (n/t)

Assault weapons ban passes 52-48! Up next, closing gun show loophole.

It's over; I love 'em all for trying, but it's over. Godspeed, John Kerry

We've been proven right about the voting machines.

CNN: Dean wins Vermont (n/t)

CNN says rumors that Edwards may pull the plug

Howard Dean WINS Vermont Primary


Edwards more appealing to Independents, Moderate Repubs

How many delegates comes with that Ohio win?

Tonight, I Proudly Casted My Vote For Howard Dean....

Which Candidate Was The Most Disappointing This Primary Season?

What Will Be The #1 Issue Of Election 2004

I'm not believing CNN's report. 5% with 15,000 votes? That would be only

Super Tuesday Big Winner

CNN reports phone call between Kerry and Edwards

When do the polls close in NY?

Edwards walking up to talk on MSNBC right now NT

Binary Skull And Bones Poll

Edwards drops out of race.

Edwards to quit race

If Dean wins Vermont (according to some sources he is)

Why is it taking so long for GA results to come in?

What is up with this racial divide?

How will DK do in Ohio?

Edwards the pumped up media FAILURE!

Anybody watching MSNBC with Mathews?

I saw John Kerry in Person today! Edwards too!

Edwards "CRUSHED" will he say he "TIED"

Kerry vs Bush Electoral Map

Congratulations Mr. Kerry

If Kerry loses the General Election...

I CANT wait until today is over and We have our nominee

Why Kerry will win all Gore states


Have the people flocked to one candidate like this before?

Here it comes!

Is the FAUX bias not OBVIOUS at the moment?

If the Republicans steal the GE again, will you take to the streets?

Thank You Edwards

It's not difficult to vote!

That fast, huh? Have we done the best we can do?

Edwards dropping out Wednesday

What if Kerry, the supposed nominee now, made Edwards AG?

Which Candidate Was The Most Impressive This Primary Season?

Hmm...Kerry campaign allows feed of them watching Edwards concession

Kerry/Lieberman ticket?

Bob Novak is absolutely NUTS

BIG thank you to George W. Bush for being "a uniter, not a divider"...

Edwards quitting race-Kerry projected to win more states...

I was real disappointed in voter turnout here in Georgia

Has Kerry made a deal with Edwards?

Vote for Kerry and join the masses...

The primaries are over....but we're going head on into a Shrub

Edwards Concession Speech Thread

People who were torn between Edwards, Kucinich & Sharpton must feel robbed

If ONE person mocks ONE Edwards supporter tonight...

CNN: Kerry wins Rhode Island and New York in landslides (n/t)

I did not vote on a diebold machine

A Personal Endorsement of Sen. John Kerry

John Kerry is SUPER!

WHOO HOO Great intro by Teddy!

Is it too late for Sen. Edwards to keep his seat?

Just got phone call Edwards Campaign to attend E for Pres. Rally Tomorrow

According to the latest figures from Mass

Edwards folks, he was my second choice. I am so sorry about...

Kerry is saying A LOT of nice words about Edwards

"CNN Is Bad News"

Does this mean the primary is over in DU and we have to start playing nice

So when does Kerry pick the VP? sooner or later?

Stop saying Florida is not winnable for the democrats!

Official results: CONNECTICUT

Kerry about to speak

Official results: MARYLAND

Official results: MASSACHUSETTS

For the Edwards folks tonight

Not sure you'll see Teddy hanging with Kerry much after tonight...

When does the big shift rightward begin?

I now officially endorse John Kerry

President Bush just called Kerry and congratulated him.

The next President of the United States to speak soon - CNN.

did Kerry sell his soul?

Edwards did Kerry a big favor tonight. (NS) He deserves the VP spot

No more debates

The next story tonight: How did SHARPTON do in New York?

Clark Super Tuesday Hug Thread

Now I want Edwards to win Georgia to make Fox look stupid

Teresa is gonna get "Hillary-ized" by the right wing now

Why I know think Edwards should be VP

Has this forum become obsolete tonight?

Official results: RHODE ISLAND

How is Angus McQuilken doing in Massachusetts?

Wingnuts are going crazy on C-span

General Election Poll

Speech is toooooooooo long! Rambling. He needs help. n/t

I am prepared to withdraw my support of Edwards

This is the most important speech of John Kerry's career

Did we discuss the Republicans Mischief voting yet?

What kind of dumb ass voting process

I'm proud of DU! A GREAT group of Democrats

It is to Kerry's advantage to keep the democratic race going

"Lifting The Torch: A Clarion Call For Hope"

I voted for Kucinich on a paper-ballot tonight.

What a long journey it's been.........................

How Do You Know If You're "Far Left" or Not?

Kerry's slogan to use on Bush

Did Kucinich and Sharpton drop out?

If everyone else drops out, can I vote for Kerry then?

Richardson says he will not take VP.

It felt so good to caucus tonight

I voted for DEAN on a paper ballot tonight.

Kerry and Edwards are pretty much tied in GA... Place your bets!

My Prediction for November and my last out of line post

It's a three-man race if Edwards drops out.

What does Kerry do starting tomorrow?

The second-best result from today:

A sense of deja vu

Will you survive another 8 months till the election?

Now its my turn to put my ABB to the test.

CNN projecting Kerry to win Georgia

Do you like the current nomination process/primary schedule?

Where is the best place to give money?

How do you feel about Bush's phone call to Kerry congratulating him?

Does Kerry get a "bump" in the polls from tonight?

Edwards quits. - CNN

Russert reports, Harold Ickes has 60 million for Kerry

Joe Klein suggests on CNN that "1 in 10" GA votes were cast by Repubs

CNN says Dean winning in Vermont.

I am in awe of John Kerry's tenacity

time to donate to ralph nader

Time to donate to

Richardson made a major screw up on MSNBC.

The General Election has begun.

Edwards to Drop Out of Presidential Race

The un-Official GOD Bless Vermont Thread

Supporters of ALL candidates, I want to express my admiration

so you all fell in line... supports Democratic solidarity

I'm so glad Kerry mentioned energy independence!!!!

Th-th-th-th-th-that's all, folks!

A message to Kerry supporters

In my Saint Paul Minnesota precinct we had 204 people show up

Are you voting on "Black Box" voting machines today?

A great executive decision by Kerry

ok, someone please defend kerry's voting record here...

Sharpton probably doesn't win California

Local FOX: "There were two..."

Rep. Harold Ford (D) Tenn. on Kerry's Support of Use of Force

Who should be John Kerry's running mate?

"we will tell the truth about what's happened in our country"

Come out as what you are

CNN: Kerry wins California in a landslide(n/t)

How many times do I have to tell you people???

I think the Senator has, once again said it best...

Why do I feel like that kid in the Mountain Dew ad?

Bring Back the Victory Song!

Why you shouldn't vote for Dean

I Challenge all of us! We need 2,000,000 Democrats to donate $100.00!

Discussion: MINNESOTA

78% of Independents are angry/dissatisfied with Bush co...

Text of Howard Dean's statement on winning Vermont primary

I don't give a crap about Kerry's flaws anymore...

I can't believe it but...I'm starting to have good feelings toward Kerry!

who will get the most votes

Carville's kicking behind on CNN!

Will Kerry "moving to the center"

Kucinich is by far the most electable candidate

Official results: VERMONT

Results for Scott Brown/Angus McQuilken MA race?

For those familiar w/ Kerry's voting record...what will Bush DISTORT?

Kerry speaking on Senate floor now, 11:14AM re assault weapons ban

Official results: GEORGIA

I Voted For Dean In California... And The Rest Of You Can...

Chris Heinz and the Kerry family look GREAT up there!

Now that Kerry has won...Bush's days are numbered

Any Other CA Independents Have Their Vote Stolen?

Get to know some facts about Kerry.

How much longer will the General Discussion: 2004 Primary forum last?

SHARPTON supporters and well-wishers only

It really REALLY sucks that "IT'S OVER" and I've not even gotten to VOTE..

Memo To John Kerry:

Howard Dean rocks!

What do think of John Kerry's remarks?

Edwards played me, and I'm offended.

Anybody else think Chris Mathews is being..........

I gave to Kerry...

Dirty Tricks? Lights go out in Cleveland - Kucinich's Congress. District

LOL...Dean just thanked "" on CNN

Do we have a nominee yet?

EDWARDS supporters and well-wishers only

Need help from Kerry supporters

True or false: If Kerry is put on the defensive by Bush, he's finished

What if CNN cut off W's speech just like Faux just did to Kerry?

Today my ABB is put to the test.

Official results: OHIO

I'm sick of these crazy anti-Kerry posts

In 1992 Harkin got 77% of the vote in Iowa

Deleted message

Vanessa Kerry, et al

Deleted message

It's a great day to be a Democrat

How many here voted absentee ballot?

John Kerry is my candidate

Official results: CALIFORNIA

Official results: NEW YORK

Dem frontrunner declares he will be stronger “war president” than Bush"

Do you live in a Post Super Tuesday State?

I'm glad I voted for Clark today

Raise your hand if you voted for Dennis Kucinich today

Dean prevents Kerry sweep!

just voted for Dennis Kucinich, and DAMN that felt good

Rank your picks for VP!

My Predictions!

First exit poll "leaks"

There is no logical reason to vote Kerry after he mathematically locks it up

Official results: MINNESOTA

DEAN supporters and well-wishers only

Carville on Crossfire....

MSNBC Exit Polls

Another secret weapon for Kerry: Joe Wilson is gonna name names

A Sad day in the history of the United States

So starting tomorrow no more 3rd party garbage at DU?

GAME ON DEMOCRATS! Let's show these punk ass repukes how to fight!

EDWARDS withdraws!

Why don't we let Iowa alone pick the president?

This Soldier's Story by John Kerry

In hindsight: what were you thinking, Gore, Harkin, Bradley, Ann Richards

If Kerry is electable...

How John Kerry Can Win in November.

Cash for Kerry: It's time to pony up.

Dean Supporters - Should Dean Get Back In, and Why?

VP Ideas... anyone from Ohio? I think that is a must win.

CNN says Bush* phoned Kerry to congratulate him.

Should Kucinich drop out after losing his home state?

No more pro-NADER post! We have a Democratic nominee.

I voted for a Democrat for the first time in my life tonight.

KERRY supporters and well-wishers only

Through The Darkest Hours To This One Shining Moment

Kerry lost the election today

The Skull & Bones Question (okay, so ridicule me)

KUCINICH supporters and well-wishers only

Reading this reinforces my considerable contempt for Dennis Kucinich