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Archives: March 18, 2004

George Bush's government is weak on terror

Diversity Survey Causes Broadside ( WaPo )

WP: Voters Want Honesty (re: Spain--may need registration)

William Safire: UN kickbacks in Iraq

At This Point, the Polls Toll for Bush

Dowd:Pride and Prejudice

The Dilema of the Moderate Conservative

Ex- IL Gov Ryan's daughter charged with DUI

Huge Political Amusment Park

"Give me back my job, foreigner!"

China's Taiwan solution: Anschluss

Robert Fisk: Iraq, One Year On.

Georgia Couple arrested after seeing the "Passion of Christ"

"Concerned" Woman for Amerika Calls Stossel "Liberal"

LAT: Who's the Man? They Are (Bush and Kerry macho)

Understanding the Constitution and Its Amendments

Read Real Iraqi Grafitti! An window into the lives of ordinary Iraq.

Time for Kerry to Step Up on Haiti

Will Bush be a casualty of war?

A Divider, Not a Uniter; Richard Cohen

Ask Aunti Pinko, March 18, 2004

AARP's Tough Selling Job (AARP's/Bush's credibility remains at stake)

Slate: If you're against Bush, you're against America.

US political elite engineers a Kerry-Bush election

How Bush treats women

Salon: "Who Cares What You Think?"

Exit strategy suicide

Chris Floyd: "Night Sweats"

Krugman: Taken for a Ride

Chris Floyd-The Constitution Restoration Act -Must, Must Read

For US hawks, Madrid 2004 = Munich 1938 - Great Read

Molly Ivins: Crooked Liars

Salon/James Pinkerton: The A-Word (Appeasement)

Lost in Translation (in Spain) - OC Weekly

The flip-flopper running for president

Flip Flopper Running For Re-Elections

Anti-Occupation Rally(Iraq)

ACLU Anti death penalty event in NE Ohio

Moveon: need Letters to the Editor re:Stop the 10 yr mercury cleanup delay

Any marches scheduled for Detroit?

Will there be a march in Ann Arbor, Michigan, anyone?

Attention marchers traveling to NYC

The AP wire tries to equate Bush lies with Kerry's "tortured" syntax

Will tonights 6 o'clock cover all 3 hotels attacked today+dead TV persons

Partisan political reporting from MSNBC on 9/11.

Michigan DUers! The Tony Trupiano Show

The Fake Bush News on Medicare

Jon Stewart to Remain at 'Daily Show'

I Hate Dennis Miller so Much I'm Going to Explode!!

Laura Ingraham and Ann but stupid

Palm Readers: question

Gay Group Invites Homophobe Rapper To Party

LGBT Federal Workers Lose Job Protections

Islamic Nations Threaten UN Gay Benefits Plan

Arrest warrants issued in West Virginia gay bashing

Rx: Marriage, The medical benefits of equal marriage rights for gays

Butt Out Of Gay Marriage Issue Former Surgeon General Tells Government

Tennessee County Wants To Ban/Arrest Gays for "crimes against nature".

Follow up: Second Thoughts In Monkey County

She Served Her Country But Vet Can't Get VA Loan Because She's a lesbian

Vietnam to spend $20M to push open-source software


Why does media not note UE claims 20,000 above Clinton's last week

Russian subsidiary of Ford works three shifts a day

Powell admits Bush supports outsourcing (will continue cuurent incentives)

Statistics lie on the true cost of living

Great Peak Oil Website

Government Chatter Aside, No Letup In Indonesian Deforestation - Guardian

Why Guinness bubbles fall

Salt River Runoff Peaks 1 Month Early As Arizona Enters Year 9 Of Drought

Ford's Hybrid Escape Will Use Toshiba Engines

Blooming Bamboo Raises Spectre Of Famine In India's Northeast

Sierra Club Threatened by Hostile Takeover (from

Colombia: Old Domino's New Clothes

US stalls on Iranian offer of reform deal...

The American right strikes back


Anti-Semitism rising in Canada; hate crimes skyrocketing

US to designate Pakistan non-NATO ally

Public Safety Poll #1

GUNS IN THE NEWS--March 18, 2004

Busy week in Annapolis (guns, abortion, hate crimes, et al)

Sturm Ruger: NJ Lawsuit Dismissed With Prejudice

how the Cdn firearms registry protects USAmericans

Gun databases are patriotic--GREAT letter to the editor

Brady Campaign calling for confiscation?

Brady sues the ATF!

Mandating Gun Safety

I didn't think publishing lists of CCW permit holders was a good idea....

Mod on duty?

Are people allowed to advertise Ralph Nader stuff here?

there seems to be a problem w/ the avatars.

Respectfully request reconsideration of locked dupe --

What's with locking all the "inflammatory term"...

*numbers* of replies to posts?

No Dem candidate can now beat Kerry. New DU rules?

So is it now "banned" to make any reference to PFC on DU?

Mods, I duped.

numbers of replies in "My Posts" pt2

Question about an old registered name...

Will DU be able to stream the new liberal radio with Garafolo and Franken

Security forces reveal they foiled TA attack in early March

State to pay NIS 2.5m to Palestinian hurt by security forces

Rights Groups Slam Israel’s Use of Boy in Propaganda

Palestinians urged to beware of factional disputes

Two States, Too Little, Too Late by Haim Bresheeth

Avi Shlaim:--'The War of the Israeli Historians'

Jewish terror ringleader "informed Rabbis and sought their blessing"

"An eye for an eye" hurts Israeli-Palestinian talks: Chinese paper

One Year Later: "Rachel, my mother"

IDF officer to be charged in deaths of 4 Palestinians

Palestinian boy hurt by rubber bullet during anti-fence protest

How do the GOP Senate expectations -below - tie to the Dem expectations?

What kind of liberal are you?

Iraq War version of Feel Like I'm Fixin To Die Rag

Rove and Bush act as if it's all a little game...

Cheney on C-SPAN

Scary New Article on Peak Oil

This is where the jobs are being created in the government

We have to share the truth with all who will listen

Did anyone catch The Daily Show tonight?

Honduras to Withdraw Troops From Iraq

Job opening:Food service worker @ Pettis VA hospital

Fun with statistics! Keep talking folks.

Erin go braugh!

That Medicare Story on The Daily Show ...

Anti-War Activists Call for Bush Censure Over Iraq!!!

Australia: 'Our pilots refused (US orders) to bomb 40 times'

Pls a question for you intelligent folk out there

Amnesty International: human rights situation remains critical in Iraq

Palm Springs joins the" Axis of Evil"

Jordan 'may sue over bank raids'

Germans to Bush: keep off our moon rock

This must be "shock & awe" ???????

None of their @#*& business! Yet another reason I shall never fly anywhere

Government fails veterans

The media is giving free TV air time to Bush's ads

The Republican Party and its hierchy...spell bad times for America/World

right track/wrong track poll numbers

"So nasty, so early" ...the media mantra

darn !!!!!!

Democracy For America

Tom Friedman is holier than thou: "The Axis of Appeasement"

Prepare to laugh your ass off! Here it is! Video of Rummy slam on MTP.

Daily U.S. Casualties 3/18/2004

2d NBC report on drones and W---Condi"...would not have prevented 9/11"

Can someone explain to me why Rice won't testify?

Bush Visits Soldiers at Ky. Military Base

A far worse world under Bush

Why did they lie about Medicare Bill? Mysterious fax adds to intrigue

WP: A Year Later, Baghdad in Flames -- words, and images

Kerry's Speech 3/17/2004 | Transcript

"Talking Points" for Right Wing radio/TV: for those in radio/TV...

Rumsfeld Caught Lying His Old Fool Head Off

Boston Globe: Could Stern's anti-Bush rants shock the vote?

My E-Mail to Howard Stern. Feel free to replicate it with your own

More military suicides

Ralph Nader has been invited to speak at march 20th Demo/Rally

Cuba news agency

Iraquis to US: "Why are you blocking us from rescuing our people?"

Boston Radio (WBCN) Has First Amendment Phone Line Supporting Stern

how about Ralph Nader for VP with Kerry?

It's a WAR, stupid! - geez....

Three U.S. troops died in one day...buried in an article on hotel bombings

Supporting the war in Iraq IS appeasement of terrorism

Will the new census predictions prompt an amendment banning immigration?

When there's a draft will you serve President Bush?

What if bin Laden is found?

which is more rrepulsive?

How about we all wear black tomorrow?

Colombia: Old Domino's New Clothes

Chavez enjoys warm visit with Saddam Hussein (In 2000)

Lord of the...Polls?

I love you guys!!!

I need some good poll results, and quick!

Which Issue Hurts The Democratic Party More

Calling people linked in any way whatsoever to the Kerry campaign

The "Anne Coulter Action Figure"

Signs posted at our local movie theater:

Bev Harris any chance she

Spain yesterday, Poland today, all dumb conservative mf'ers tomorrow!!

"Handing out food is a perfect time to talk about Jesus Christ..."

Too old for LBN, pundits lying about Iraq invasion influence on Libya.

To any Secret Service officers who are reading DU

Are we too "enlightened" for a draft?

Longshore Union To Shut Down Port On March 20 To Protest Iraq Occupation!

Scalia Refuses Recusal.

Freepers to counter-protest March 20 rallies

Nebraska DUers! Want to know what you are doing this weekend?

Your thoughts on gambling to get revenue for states?

Are the fake Medicare TV reports available to view on the web?

ComeOver Here The Water's Fine

Pakistani Protestors object to colin powell's arrival in Lahore (photo)

A blast from the past: 2nd Presidential debate, Oct. 11, 2000

Our beloved Democratic Underground has been infiltrated by the enemy

I Got A Fulltime Job

Neocons at work: Israel gets its 1st slice of Iraqi pie

Bush's final solution?

Is it me or is it really sick to commemorate the anniversity...........

Polish President says his country was misled re WMD!!!

US government faked Bush news reports

Poland 'misled' on Iraq, President says

What I want to hear Kerry say

mwahahahahaha! This is truly wonderful!

Ever get the feeling that the "War on Terror" is a snipe hunt?

Scholar: Gay Marriage Existed in Ancient Rome

House Roll Call : Repug Resolution Passes,"World A Safer Place"

"Keep your mouth shut if you know what's good for you"

Purported Al Qaeda Letter Calls Truce in Spain

an Iraqi woman speaks about women's rights - (very interesting)

CNN Reporting

Howard Dean will make the news shortly

Al Jourgensen added to PABAAH Boycott List

Radical Feminists on the USC - Barf Alert? Humor Alert? WTF alert!

Anti-War Demonstration in Michigan...GO MICHIGAN !!! (photo)

Sunday School--for Science!

Bush cut small business loans

Remember the Decapitation Strike?

Bush Bin Laden Quotes, Kerry needs to use them

Remember the Tet Offensive?

Will menu changes paralyze DC?

With ALLLL the flight schools around the world, including EUROPE why did

Murdoch brings in Bush adviser

Excellent Saddam video--worth a couple minutes of your time

Am I the Only One Who Feels Like We Are Being Taken For A Ride?

'Passion' rising toward box-office history

Should Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia recuse himself?

I Just Got Called "Treasonous" For Questioning our *Fearless Leader*

Are human rights abuses EVER justified?

A Caller Is Nailing Rush Limbaugh Right Now

Kerry-Mccain Ticket beats Bush-Cheny 75% to 25%

How lucky is Aaron Brown?

Will they hold off on the al-Qaeda capture so as to have Sunday Coverage?

Wouldn't it be better were Pakistan to capture/kills OBL and AAZ? >

I don't believe Ben Laden will be captured alive like Saddam was....

Cheney: "a pork-chop sucking weasel"

Extended Lieberman on local radio today - what should I call in?

What's with alll these morality posts today?

The Bushes are appeasers and enablers of terrorism

Hardball Wants Hardshots Contributions

It's an EMERGENCY re: touchscreens this letter convinced me

Media Racism?: Courtney Love v. Janet Jackson

Help on a search - Bush won't exploit 9/11

Some Truth re: Iraq - CSPAN 2 - Dem Leaders

An email from the ACLU

Sen. Jay Rockerfeller on C-Span Now... Dissing aWol* Iraq policies...

What happened to Crossfire?

9/11 Vigils Around The World For USA - 3/11 Nada For Spain In USA

Chris Matthews: "Hit Me With Your Best Shot--Fire Away!"

Can someone help me.

Yahoo weekend protest story currently only rated 1.92

You've got to try this the next time a Smirk * ad comes on tv!

Video guaranteed to brighten your day

If bush were a roman emperor

Interesting quote re: Bush and Al Qaeda

Kerry is on vacation, seriously (Photos)

Link to Randi Rhodes kicking some conservative radio guy's butt on CNN

Librarians Gang Up on Cheney

funny cartoon....AWOL bush* and his National Guard years....

Wolfie Broke Away To See Bush* Make Statement - I am in tears laughing

Kerry on Vacation | 24/7 Terror! Terror! Terror! (surprised?)

Not asking for a flame war but does anyone find "chosen people" offensive?


LGBT Federal Workers Lose Job Protections

PC Security - Recommendations?

Is the Corporate Media a threat to democracy and way of life?

Why Osama capture won't matter

CNN Lou Dobbs and the Admin's approach to WOT

Subj: Mrs. Ashcroft and Patrick Henry college

My Hybrid car delimma

Vigilantes Troll for Pedophiles

the short list of cities holding March 20th Pro-Peace events....WOW !!

So.. Constitutional Crisis?...... 9/11 Commission Interview Tonight

If I were an evil genius (The Osama bin Laden Capture Product Roll-Out)

CBS interviews two widows in Ft Campbell with different views on Bush

report child porn?

Elections: It's about credibility, stupid!

talking to a stoned teenager Eric Alterman on Dennis Miller Show

Cracks Appear In The Mighty War Machine

Anyone Got A Link To The Waxman Report On Iraq?

Republican-Democratic Party

Holy Smokes! the Pants-On-Fire mobile will be in Crawford TX on

8 Months ahead of All Terror All the Time 24/7

Which news reporters/anchors do you consider to be Democratic/liberal?

Serious Poll: Which Regime Was More Dangerous

Haitians joining anti war protests

Bush Senior tid bit of wisdom

Anyone know of a good article online about the lies of GWB?

Wolfowitz on the News Hour

3 US soldiers killed today and not a word of it on the Yahoo main Iraq page

Bin Laden could have been stopped before 9/11????

Soldiers are TOLD to cheer Bush and wave flags at Fort Campbell

Wolfowitz just Related the War in Iraq to WWII & Korea

Bush is destroying the military. All major defense programs in jeopardy.

Coincidence? Aaron Brown in Pakistan As "High Value Target" Surrounded?

Now our Seniors Have to Worry about Drug Card Scams! What next?

NY Sun Reporter Tom Lipscomb-Redacted FBI Documents Show Kerry at 'Assassi

GNN:--Argentina Water Privatization Scheme Runs Dry

Polish President: "We were taken for a ride."

Poll on Lou Dobbs needs DU attention!!

McCain says Kerry is not weak on defense

More threatening to the morality of our children:

The trend is not his friend...

Bush/Cheney 2004 Faux Radio Commercials: Back to Crawford

This week in Politics, Advantage Bush

Critics of tribunals gain unlikely allies: lawyers in uniform

GNN's Iraq reports & "Live From Fallujah"

Viewer Alert McAuliffe & Gillespie Hold Debate

OMG, they're killing us, we can't express an opinion.

First Florida, Now Missouri: Women Are Worthless Chattel

Parents angered by book about gay princes

LOL...need a caption for the 'little' man...chimp photo.....

What has happened to the fearless and former friend of the USA of Iraq???

Ya gotta love this headline

Bush's Leadership: Setting the Record Straight!!!

Just another day in the life of GW Bu$h

Why did Cheney's "Energy Task Force" need oil maps of Iraq ...

Five weeks since prewar intelligence panel was announced by Bush

well this is a good sign our culture is not completely trash

Al Qaeda endorses Bush

How much of the US do the Saudi's actually own?

Daily Show: Who does fake news better than us? The White House, apparently

Waxman report--237 misleading statements by Administration

Of course world leaders want Kerry...because Bush is a threat to the world

The "when will they find Osama" pool.

Today's Misleader: Polish Pres admits he was misled on WMD

A thoughtful article on working class support of Republicans.

I'm a liberal

Interesting Washington Journal tomorrow !

Bush and the Neocons must pay for their sins.

Al-Qaeda endorses Bush (Reuters)

Is there precedent for a vice-pres to attack a candidate for president?

Help I'm Drowning in Cable News!


If the Bush admin...good funny read

J.J. Jackson, original MTV VJ, dies

Blog Intimidation: Mr. John Gray threatens lawsuit unjustly

Is anyone else fed up w/ the barrage of "energy"commercials

Wow! Explains Rove tactics in winning 2002 elections, playing 9/11 card

please delete

Bush dislikes story ?

Conversed with a Bush follower today. These people are simply

Howard Dean coming up on Tweety

Could someone tell me about the McAuliffe/Gilespie debate tonight.

Bush looks like friggin' Mussolini !

Tips wanted for managing 30-70 teenagers for three days

So I just made a withdrawal from the Diebold ATM at the office

BBV: Leading innovator of voter-verified paper ballots killed in car crash

Spain, PNAC, Pro-Washington axis in tatters....two great pieces...

VIETNAM:GHOSTS OF WAR on History Television 1:00am ET

FCC crackdown against Bu$h dissenters on radio. HAMS NEXT?

Read 2 books recently that I would reccomend to any liberal:

Local Howard Stern wannabes are misogynistic and should be REMOVED!!

Thank God for Jon Stewart

Weak Kerry presidency.

Help with American Casuality Numbers . . .

I made Newsday re: Peter Kings attack on my morality.


George Bush is simply so brilliant that America cannot help but....

Poll: Does Bush have right approach to win War on Terror?

DU'ers should give Obama a few dollars. Here's the link

How many people actually watch cable news? How big is their influence?

RNC and PepsiCo

Any Texans here?

THIS is your enemy! (Funny Bush pics collection thread)

Isn't It Odd They Know It's Not Bin Laden?

Mari333's Been Busy

Soldiers are TOLD to cheer Bush and wave flags at Fort Campbell

bush* photos at Ft. Campbell...the troops are turning against AWOL....

Who are the Bush Administration's Most Powerful Enemies?

Tutu on c-span

What is wrong with Ann Coulter ????????????

Email making the rounds

Condi's on Lou Dobbs lying her butt off, again.

Was * booed at Fort Campbell?

Sierra club members sounds like AARP all over again

BBV: position of People for the American Way makes no sense

How much should rich people pay in taxes?

Agree or disagree with this statement regarding civil unions?

Jon Stewart to Remain at 'Daily Show'

Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm

Should we negotiate with "terrorists?"

Tin foil hat time. What if Bush were protecting Osama?

Major league rant-"Christian love"

Is John Kerry a liar? Is John Kerry keeping his medical info secret?

Historic Gasoline Prices

video of dennis miller losing it to alterman

Just heard a soldier on ATC

CODEPINK: Call to Join Global Day of Protest : March 20

WOW! Look at how the jobless claims have fallen

Okay "negotiators," here's a list of demands--

Why are there so many posts questioning the Jewish people?

Oh Oh: FCC Cites Stern, Bono for Indecency

Is re-privatizing the Oil the real reason behind the anti-Chavez movement?

The only rule in war is to win?

Georgia Couple arrested after seeing the "Passion of Christ"

Fess up DU. Who now LOVES Tammy Fay?

OK, this is juvenile but this is how fed up I am

'It's Time to Get Over It' John Kerry Tells Antiwar Movement to Move On

information on 3/20 protests in Atlanta?

Socialists...The Zombies who won the Spanish Election

Poll Numbers Devastating for Chávez

Without "DeLay" Texans Read THIS

Is pornography a legitimate business that should be allowed to exist?

THINKING BIG: Making the DU INDISPENSABLE In National Politics

Does the State have a compelling reason to restrict Abortion?

BBV: Let's Continue the Success

Impeach Scalia

Xinhua likens Hong Kong's Martin Lee to Chinese traitor

France hopes to discuss new UN resolution on Iraq

Violence follows visit by Thai prime minister to south

Poland bends on earlier demands for EU constitution

DPP says Tuntex fugitive dances to Beijing's tune

Kerry Criticizes Bush's 'Stubborn' Iraq Policy

N. Korea says US forced impeachment

Administration Official Faults Defeated Spanish Government

Report: Guards Taped Beating Juveniles

William Safire: UN kickbacks in Iraq

Kosovo violence 'worst since 1999'

Belgrade ready to provide troops to NATO to end Kosovo violence

Two Iraqi Journalists Killed in Shooting (Worked for US)

AFL-CIO leaders exhort members to 'Dump Bush'


Mysterious Fax Adds to Intrigue Over the Medicare Bill's Cost

Mysterious Fax Adds to Intrigue Over the Medicare Bill's Cost

Pakistani Troops Begin New Offensive

LGBT Federal Workers Lose Job Protections

Rescuers call off search for survivors... in Baghdad that killed 17

Iraq Invites U.N. Team to Return to Iraq

FLEET- BANK OF AMERICA MERGER: $47 billion seals the deal

EU Lawmakers Condemn U.S. Anti-Terror Air Data Deal

Mortar Attacks in Iraq Kill 3 US Soldiers

US to designate Pakistan major non-NATO ally - Powell

Kerry, Cheney trade attacks on national defense (endorsements)

House GOP Rallies Around Bush

Motorists Feeling Squeezed At Pump/tbo news Tampa 3/18/04

NYT:Cheney Attacks Kerry's Record on Military("security threat")

Alleged leader of Islamist group linked to Madrid bombs lives in UK

Dean: Bush responsible for deaths in Spain

In new book, McCain urges Americans to be brave

Initial jobless claims fall, but continuing claims spike to 3+million

EU: Settlement Talks With Microsoft Fail ( ;) OK I hate MS

Iraq: One year after the war, the human rights situation remains critical

Wireless Group Says Interoperability Problem Rising

Alleged mercenary killed in custody--Equatorial Guinea denies

WP: In Iraq, Shock and Deja Vu - Yr. Later, Baghdad in Flames...

Pakistani Troops Begin New Offensive to Hunt Al-Qaida, Taliban Suspects

South Korean Court Convenes To Review Roh Impeachment

Pentagon to Withhold Halliburton Payments

NATO Sends Reinforcements to Kosovo After Ethnic Clashes Kill 22

French PM accused of terror "hype" before polls

SFChron: Numbers put face on (Gay Marriage) phenomenon

Top WFP Official Calls for End to Tragedy in Northern Uganda

Iraq's Governing Council sends letter to UN calling for its return

KCNA Slams Parliamentary Coup in S. Korea

Calvi case adjourned: new evidence from UK police

Spanish, U.S. Politicians Spar Over Iraq

Many Sectors Are Adding Jobs: Where to Find Them - WSJ

Bush Glad to Be in the Campaign Fray and Not Above It

Spanish Police Arrest Four More Suspects, One Week After Madrid Bombings

Haaretz: 17:02 helicopter crash

bush is on faux news right now...

Al-Qaeda threatens 'US lackeys'

Karl Rove to Appear at Fund-raiser in Alexandria, Virginia, Today

U.S. election is a global affair

Malaysia's Ex-Leader Tells AP U.S. Previously Asked It to Halt

Neocons at work: Israel gets its 1st slice of Iraqi pie

Iraqi killed, nine US soldiers wounded after Fallujah attack

US General Warns Europe on Terrorism 'Appeasement'

Iraq war 'may have been a mistake': Italian minister

Poland 'Misled' on Iraq, President Says

Breaking: surrounded al Qaeda fighters protecting "high-value target."

White House feels blast impact

Suit Says Energy Officials Aided Enron Schemes

Not Osama

AP: Pakistan says al-Qaida No. 2 al-Zawahri surrounded near Afghan border

Baghdad bomb overshadows Bush's war anniversary campaign

Helicopter down south of Falluja

5 Iraqis Killed in Basra Bombing

Insurgents clash with U.S. troops west of Baghdad, 1 killed

Two Iraqi Journalists Killed in Shooting

Violence-torn Iraq sees no respite (mortar kills 1 US marine, wounds 3)

2 US soldiers killed in separate "accidents"

U.S. appeasement warning to Spain

Four killed, including children in Baghdad rocket strikes

CNN reporting that Ayman al-Zawahiri, bin Laden's right hand man captured

Nine Civilians Killed in New Iraq Violence

Rove: Kerry Has Taste of Bush Campaign

CNN says Al Zwihari caught

Kerry says we got ourselves into another Viet Nam.....

US soldiers killed in Iraq attack

CNN Breaking: 3-4 explosions heard in Baghdad...

2 US soldiers killed in Iraq (mortar) attack

A year after Iraq war, Greenpeace urges Bush to destroy US arsenal (photo)

U.S. Official Says Spanish Government 'Mishandled' Reports on Bombing

S.Africa police teargas mob blocking Mbeki tour

Basra: another car bombing outside a hotel

NYT: McCain Comes to Kerry's Defense on National Security

al-Quaeda Number 2 surrounded

Al-Arabiya TV says cameraman killed, reporter wounded by US fire in Baghda

Scalia Won't Step Aside From Cheney Case

Christian Coalition of America mired in a divorce

Bush crew feeds 'news,' TV swallows

LAT: Who's the Man? They Are (Bush and Kerry macho)

PA Governor Rendell Backs Plan to Curb Overseas Outsourcing in State Servi

Mystery Spheres on Mars Finally Identified

N. Korea: Disarming Will Lead to Invasion

Time for Kerry to Step Up on Haiti

Will Bush be a casualty of war?

Wholesale prices jump (PPI higher than expected)

Georgia's Medicaid program runs out of money

Washington bans Canadian travel firm from doing business in US . . .

Poland was 'taken for a ride' about Iraq's WMD: President

French PM accused of terror "hype" before polls

Government warns of scams involving discount drug card

2 U.S. soldiers dead in Afghanistan

Two killed while planting bomb under northern Iraq bridge

Blasts shake two Baghdad hotels popular with coalition contractors

Provident admits to job cuts, but won't say how many (400-800?)

A Bitter Chávez Castigates U.S., Saying It Misjudges Him

French Basques Raid U.S. Iraq Administrator's Home

Poland was misled over Iraq WMD

U.S. defends holding 'enemy combatant' (Padilla)

AP Tally: Iraq Suicide Bombs Killed 660

General sacked by Bush says he wanted early elections

Interim Government Excludes Aristide's Party

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 18 March

McCain says Kerry not weak on defense

Seventh Iraq War Veteran Kills Himself

Murdoch brings in Bush adviser

Soldiers sell "War Trophies" on Ebay

Bolivia suing Enron for $130 mln over gas pipeline

Al Qaeda endorses Bush

Iran: Anti-regime demonstration grow, Basiji beat up demonstrators

3 Boys Arrested in Plot to Shoot Classmate (2 8yo and 1 11yo

Annan Says U.N. Return to Iraq Is Imminent

Canadian cities face terrorist threat: Cellucci

'UFO streaks through Martian Sky'

Iraq Attacks Blamed on Islamic Extremists (not Hussein loyalists)

Death toll rises as KFOR evacuates Serbs

Attorneys general meet with oil company executives on gas prices

Pakistani Death Toll Rises In Wana As Fresh Assault Underway

US Puzzled About Spain's Reluctance to Let FBI Assist in Bomb Probe

Radio: Jordan's King Abdullah Meets Sharon in Israel

Condi On CNN

U.S. Unloading WMD in Iraq

Skilling won't get frozen assets any time soon

Officials Revise Hotel Death Toll Downward

Arab station: U.S. troops shot journalists

McCain Says Kerry Not Weak on Defense (AP/Yahoo)

NATO Sends Backup As Kosovo Unrest Wells

S. Korea Won't Send Troops to Iraqi City

Canadian personalities demand Ottawa withdraw from US anti-missile shield

Gorilla Shot After Escaping at Dallas Zoo

Student Found With 20 Bombs Near Nebraska School

French troops deploy to the northern Haitian city of Gonaives

Annan Says U.N. Return to Iraq Is Imminent (NYT)

Survey: Many Species at Risk of Extinction

China Army Mouthpiece Warns Taiwan on Referendum

US ethnic minority population to rival whites

Off the Mark on Cost of War, Reception by Iraqis

Pakistani tribes await 'full force' offensive

'Academic Bill of Rights' dies in Colorado legislature

US protesters say masses to demand end to Iraq 'occupation' this weekend

Election Numbers Do Not Add Up/Moscow Times--New WMW

WP-USDA Seizes Circus Elephants

Party Chairmen Debate Nasty Campaigning

Shell cuts oil reserve figures for second time

Nigeria deploys warship off Equatorial Guinea amid coup fears

Patriotic Front For The Liberation Of Iraq Announced

Fund buying adds $8 premium to oil price-- experts

(Tenn) County retreats from call to ban gays

U.S. Aims to Calm Allies Apprehensive About Iraq

AP: NASA: 100-foot asteroid to make record, but harmless, pass by Earth

Justice Scalia Refuses to Recuse in Cheney Case

Weirton Steel Retiree Benefits Terminated

Greek Olympic Games head into crisis

Christian Radio, NPR Battle for Signals

Former Malaysian Leader Endorses Kerry

For Iraqis in Harm's Way, $5,000 and 'I'm Sorry'

That's Obama -- With a 'b'

Experiments Establish 'Protein-only' Nature Of Prion Infections

Japan, South Korean bird flu virus almost identical

WP: Off the Mark on Cost of War, Reception by Iraqis

Bush says 'world a better place' because of Iraq war

Authorities: 21 arrests shut down major Miami-based crime ring (Cu. Mafia)

Butterflies may be early victims of the sixth mass extinction

Student Charged In Anti-SUV Arson (CBS/AP)

CNNI Pakistani forces reporting a fierce battle against Al Queda

Mahathir says Muslims should emulate Jews

WP/Milbank: Bush* Meets Families of Fallen

Tammy Faye(Bakker) diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer

The War To Save The U.S. Dollar

White House Role Is Alleged (Blocking revelation Medicare Bill Costs)

Capturing bin Laden: priority before 9/11? (* Admin no urgency)

Airlines will have to hand over passenger information

Druggists opposing abortion could be shielded

Addressing the Unthinkable, U.S. Revives Study of Fallout

Arabs will blame U.S. 'forever' if Iraq falls apart, critic says (Wilson)

Donald Trump Seeks to Trademark 'You're Fired!'

Toll rises as Kosovo violence spreads

Fierce Fighting Reported Between Taliban and Coalition Forces

CNN: Live Bush speaking at Fort Cambell

US downplays Polish criticism over Iraq WMD

US rewards Pakistan with elite military status

US set to double bin Ladin booty

Look at Iraq U.S. Military Deaths - 568 U.S. service members have died

Evangelicals Flock Into Iraq on a Mission of Faith

FCC Cracks Down on Broadcasts of Profanity(Again)

Spanish Leader Rebuffs Kerry on Iraq Pullout

Courtney Love on Letterman

Check in if you're not passed out as yet.

"Through, with the obvious...

South Park was great tonight.

Drunk Democrat Check-In

Sometime around 11pm it was "Erin go braless," if you know what I mean

What are you *doing* DUing on St Patty's Day Night?

new Savage Weiner advertiser Men's WearHouse

Did the Bush administration out do the Daily Show?

My Dell Had A Screw Loose


Separated at birth?

Who could care less about St Patrick's Day?

when a burrito won't leave....

What are Doan's?

I can't sleep

This is what happens in a partisan Georgia town, and paper.

WEEEEEEEEE this is fun! Morph *'s face! HAHAHA

Visits to Ireland - stories

Woman Arrested In Truck Full Of Dead, Sick, Rotting Animals

Gibson To Stop Supporting Bush?

My namesake keeps chewing on my bra

Onion: Rumsfeld Hosts No-Holds-Barred Martial Arts Tournament

Auntie Pinko is a long-range psychic!

Listen up, greater D.C. Bob Dylan fans

Teens Stealing Beer Sign Caught By 'Coffee Guys' (in their 80's)

These Trojan commercials are a riot!

Let the Madness begin

Robber Turns Himself In After Seeing "The Passion of the Christ"

I saw 3 apache helicopters

Northeast DUers...Don't Forget Your Backyard Buddies

I have to 'embellish' a photo of george and laura bush

How can I get rid of these ANNOYING pop up windows!?

Man, Dog Both Survive Bullet To The Head

Bush's real running mate!

Anyone else have Netflix problems with new releases?

How do I filter out V 1 @ g R é spam?

Hawaiin DUers, What are the pros and cons of living in Hawaii?

I'm thinking of a number of times to smack Magic Rat for misleading

Help me draft a note to the annoying cube neighbor

My wife had a miscarriage and I am really bummed

How do you rent movies?

Help me: I'm trying to post a picture but I'm having trouble

SURVIVOR: Lex is a weasal...

Can we all have a major Karma push for NicoleM - the baby seems STUCK!!!

Chef Threw Pasta & Sauce At Waiter - Faces Charges

CONFESS!!!! Are you thinking about something OTHER than a NUMBER??

What was #1 (UK or US) single on your birthday? Check here.

How often do you run your vacuum cleaner?

Bleh, ive got a tryout tommorow.

I'm Thinking Of A Number Between 1-100

Question regarding voting by Absentee Ballot

To all your right wing friends who like to download/pirate...

Tomorrow March 19th

March Madness Trivia


A must-see thread in E&A....LOL!

I love you guys!!!

Obnoxious bumper sticker of the day

Need an answer urgently....

How often do you look at "adult" magazines, movies, websites, etc.?

I'm thinking of a number between I and C

I'm awful at picking gifts, but I need to find something by tomorrow night

Penis Enlargement Product Fails - So Man Sues

The Checkered Spectre of all CAPTIONS

This is so funny: My stepdad just called asking what to get my mom.

The Arrogant Worms Dirt Pile of all CAPTIONs

CAPTION the limpwristed leadership of George W. Bush

How many miles do you drive/commute to work or school?

How about we all wear black tomorrow?

The 'wee green cloverleaf' of all CAPTIONS!!

The Impending Implants of all CAPTIONS!!!

Fight Raiders Fight!

You know you've got lawsuit-crazy people around

Who is your pick for the NCAA champion?

If Vegetarians Avoid Meat

A great Bumper Sticker Message:

The Rickety Rant of all CAPTIONS!!!

Bush joke (works for Blair too)

What other Democratic web sites has forums like DU? Are there any?

What's in BRANSON, MO?

Breaking: Redskins have just signed Osama!

Happy Social Work month, DU

Are You What You Wanted To Be When You Grew Up?

Can we PLEASE pick a spot for the NYC post-march meetup???

I want to cry...

Is it true that Mel Gibson is making a movie about the awaking of Cthulhu?


Anyone know anything about Flexeril? I've been on it for three

I picked Manhattan!

Streams of Tourists Descend On Toilet

The Official NCAA Tournament thread

Any Neiman-Marxists here?

April in New Orleans

Fight fiercely Harvard, fight fight fight

Anyone remember the cannibal theme pop hit, "Timothy" by The Bouys?

How you know you're in deep, deep doo-doo

Manhattan beat Florida

Do You Think There Can be Beauty with NO Sex Appeal?

Why do some vegans avoid honey?

World's dumbest computer problem! Please help!

So how would you like to pee into this?

What has Mel's Passion Driven the Faithful to now?

Is it true Mel Gibson is making a Chanukah film?

I'm OUT!!!!

Partyers - When you wake up today give us your hangover story

Hey, the My Posts page now says how many replies you have!

Laura made * a new play suit. She seems sooooooo proud

Write Haiku All Day

Ready..............set................SMIRK!! Caption the Poseur In Chief

In a no holds barred streetfight, who would win?

I want to give James Taylor a chance...

I really miss my father today

The Tulips-to-P-N of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Marriage Inspectors need time! - Gay Marriage

I AM ZIM! Any Invader Zim fans out there?

Let me be the first to wish Sapphocrat and foreigncorrespondent

Is 'Copycat Thread' an inflammatory term?

Favorite Andy Griffith Show character

"Coalition for the Protection of Bigotry"

The You Know You are OLD quiz that was posted a week or so ago

When it's perfectly OK to wrap oneself in the flag.

I wanna live in Rhea County TN.

Is "sheepshagger" an inflammatory term?

Is "commie" an inflammatory term?

I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 50 Trillion.

Yippee! Only 2 days until vacation! (San Antonio)

Is "Connie" an inflammatory term?

Is "Inflammatory Term" an inflammatory term?

Affordable Housing Official Gives Up On Finding Affordable Home(NOT ONION)

What Is Karl Rove?

What was Kerry's band called again?

How Optimistic Are You About 2004?

Is "Carny" An Inflammatory Term?

Is "Shut up, you goddam freaks!" an inflammatory term?

...bicycle...monkey...Ashy Larry...

Is "Mouth Breather" an Inflammatory Term?

Anyone have a copy of John Kerry's Electras album?

Is "*&%$(*" An Inflammatory Term?

Is Robb Still a Dingbat?

Is "Hemmorhoid cream" an anti-inflammatory term?

Is "Fire" An Inflammatory Term????

Which term is more inflammatory?

Elad did it again

Courtney Love Arrested on Assault Charge

I think my term may be inflamed. What should I do about it?

Can we just start an "Anti-Inflamatory" thread and list all the words?

And now for something completely different - The Fish Slapping Dance

I've Been Watching "American Idol"

Motion Sickness

I love this picture

surfing the web found this little game

BREAKING: Jobs, affordable health care "surrounded" in Pakistan

BEST NUMBER 2 HITS of the LATE 1960s?

40 Degrees is warm for us Minnesotans...

*Sigh* Sometimes I wonder if giving a damn is worth it.

Will this poll be locked?

Found some anti * web games!

How'd you like to be the maid in THIS hotel?

I guess the answer was yes, then.

Doctors, nurses, and drug company reps

March Madness: If you're in front of a terminal, but not a TV...

So young dems finally met at school

Anyone else have seasonal depression?

Seen * Yoga?

CONFESS!!!!!! What is your favorite LynneSin thread to copycat?

Congratulations WoodrowFan

"Real World" Pulled from Philly

Har Mar Superstar is a genius!

Ladies (*) the "earthy" look?

Men Sold 200 Years Worth Of Magazine Subscriptions To 85 YO Blind Woman

I just had five hard-boiled eggs for lunch!

Wake Forest, by one!

So who has lost a game in the NCAA tourney so far?

Communication just got a little nerdier

Help! I am trying to take the Zogby poll and after the lst

Only guys view this thread :)

Air Force One

Courtney Love - Letterman

the greatest message board thread of all time

The greatest Bush pic ever!!!!

Copy catters are...

Moving Van Bidding Wars

"11/02/04 - The End of an Error"

I'm sad. Can't attend protest Sat. HOW ELSE SHOULD I CONTRIBUTE?

Aw crap... I just realized I crossed into the 700 club... ask me anything

The Days Between

J.J. Jackson (original MTV VJ) has died

The Onion

700 CLUB

If supervillains had to do community service...(picture heavy)

* birthday card spotted at Target

Just another random rant

Hitchhiking poll

Kerry vs. Bush contests to decide the election:

the onion

Jackie Mason is a National Treasure!

J.J. Jackson, One Of MTV's First VJs, Dies At Age 62

I STILL hate yoo stinkin LIEberals!

Bama beats Salukis by One

Your views on the drinking age?

Parents angered by book about gay princes

How many hours per week do you spend at DU?

I got to tell AARP off yesterday

My massage therapist - history junkie - is fired up about Bush!

whoever tried to IM me IM me again

In OTHER basketball, the Pistons are SPANKING the Nets

is pocket lint biodegradable?


Just got back from my friend's father's wake.


Hey HeyHey.

Will THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW help take down Bush?


I am bored tonight.

Somebody set up us the bomb!


Today was the best mail day in recent history. Thank you, internet!

I need a video file of bush landing on the aircraft carrier

Why does the posting frequency slow down at 4:40 ET every day?

"The Apprentice" is doing a clip show, what a gyp

I'm an 18th level human DUer.

Diebold Opteva 520 ATM Crashes - It's Windows XP

new Savage Weiner advertisers

Anyone else think using someones voice in a Viagra ad who died of AIDs...

What's better: Being noble or being weak?

Courtney Love arrested - again

Is it just me....

My manicurist-- Stern junkie-- is fired up about Bush!!

Friday Night in SoCal

Our computer support department is fired up about Bush!

Jon Stewart to Remain at 'Daily Show'

I am thinking that I didn't get the job

"I Want a Famous Face"

Kerry's Kredibility In Question

I have to tell someone about this.

My friends comment on the new Punisher movie

Gimme nominees for "favorite SANTANA number" poll

I have a good attitude towards menstruation.

Grrrr...No CSI tonight


DU chat tonight

What Makes Someone Irresistible?

Who remebers "Picture Pages"?

Newest Bush Ad

Why did George W. Bu$h select Cheney for his running mate?

Who here remembers Fat Albert?

Who remembers Tommy Bolin?

Hell-Boy: what's this about it?

Gorilla shot dead after escape at Dallas Zoo

Bill Hicks...

Just had a "second" dinner. Feel like a pig.

Go Heels!

Elderly Couple Makes Ocean Suicide Attempt

I had Corned Beef and Cabbage tonight....

South Park: Bush to attack Heaven

Tammy Faye [Bakker] Messner has inoperable lung cancer

Rent : The Aftermath

John Stewart rocks...

Wow! 10 days away, and no one sent me a PM...

Murphy Lee has just surpassed Nelly and Jermaine Dupri as the worst rapper


Do you plan to wear a black armband tomorrow?

A Battle over Rent: The Bloody Conclusion

I've had a BAD day (rant straight ahead).

Has anyone here ever set up their own nonprofit?

My neighborhood is going NUTS.. Hazmat trucks ..THREE of 'em

What was Karl Rove like in high school?

BBV: TruVote Head Gibbs Killed in Car Crash...TruVote makes Paper Trail

We built this city....

Stupid local car dealerships....

Why Kerry needs to choose Clark today

How are you doing in your NCAA brackets so far?

should i frame my rob corddry autograph?

First day of Spring...

Ethan Hawke

The Story of Broken Cookies and Red Balloons.

Morning In Ontario - watchin' the sun come up (cams)

Favorite 60s protest song?

A treat for the Chi-Town people

"Bastard son of a thousand maniacs."

Why are there so many flame wars on DU?

May I take your order sir? - Thursday Night What-did-you-eat thread


Daily Show: Starts off with a FOX NEWS Slam


The Amish....

What was the worse thing you did as a toddler ?

If you are an Ella fan...

The obligatory announcement that I'm taking a break for awhile....

Austin DUers...protests this weekend

BEST NUMBER 2 HIT of the LATE 1960s? (Part 4)

Anyone have/ever had dredlocks?

Haiku Flame War

What's the story behind your username?

liberal paintballers

SI's final four picks

Gee all these new names....

CONFESS!!!!!! What clothing fad did you own?

I am the worlds BEST WIFE!

Why Liberty University losing today is doubly great:

Vendooza, featuring DUer XNASA, makes Chicago debut (pics)

What's the point of getting married

Am I The Only WOMAN

I feel terrible about my behavior

Look out Boston-- Lynne and Ramsey are coming to the DU Party!!!

My FATHER has a website . - . (he's 92!!!)

Saturday is the day for the DU SF Cali gathering

Why do you think people like porn?

Your self crafted epitaph ?

teen movies that are not teen movies/Character driven comedies

CAPTION the new manual human waste stopper

The PERFECT Dem candidate is a click away

OK, we have a meeting place for NYC Saturday. How about a time?

OH WOW this one is the best: Seek the wisdom of YODA

What to name our unborn son?

A serious poll for once....

Please post your animated kitten/puppy links here.

How the Campaign's Shaping-Up, & How We Need to Frame Certain Arguments

Kerry needs to emphasize Bush's weakness on terror.

Terror group claiming responsibility for Madrid bombing wants Bush to win:

BBV: Bay County, FLA (Gephardt/Kerry 2:1)--Followup?

Anti-War Activists Call for Bush Censure Over Iraq

Give Turkee To the Bonesman!!! Kerry!!!

Kerry & Cheney exchange blows

How Many Deferments Did Dick Chickenhawk Cheney Get During The Viet Nam

My Mouse Clicker is Tired from Hiding So MANY Threads

Does anyone know who is doing state-by-state polling nationwide?

Support Lloyd Doggett (TX-25) - Fight DeLay

a response to "If Kerry had his way..."

How excited are you about Kerry?

Ideas for the Kerry campaign

Be Cool Babies

Jobless claims lowest in three years

Gore warns Bush would wreck economy...

Kerry should pounce on the Bush re Polish leaders comments

Day 3--Madeline Albright (Kerry Fund-meter)

Kerry's Winning Campaign Theme Should Be..

We're fighting a little but we still don't Fight hard like them

Next time the Repukes try to use FDR as the "you can't change

Democrats: So Out Of Touch They Need A Republican On The Ticket (McCain)

Kerry finally catches a break

The Attitude We Need

Kerry spars with Cheney on Iraq war (Clark answers)

Did I Just Hear Richard Holbrooke Explain Kerry's Iraq Plans Right?

Hey guys! Look what I found! It makes the DLC look very militaristic!!

I never thought Bush would win last time; does Bush have a stronger

Bush's Neg Ads Aimed at JK - Time For A Color-Coded Response?

Should dem-leaning reg. indy's in PA vote for Toomey in GOP Sen. primary?

Timing is everything

new Army recruiting TV ads playing heavy during March Madness

Good stuff on C-Span tonight

Howard Dean, John Kerry and a small matter of 10 million dollars

I'm seeing shrub commercials here in North Texas!

LA Times: Kerry and Bush as macho men --

Deleted message

Now, I Am the Terrorist

Know thy enemy

A Note from Rand Beers on Why He Left the Bush Administration

Ohio: Kerry 45% Bush 41%

Could Stern's anti-Bush rants shock the vote?

Suggest ways we can smoke out Dick Cheney

Anntrax: "The Democratic candidate wants to represent godless Europeans."

Dean on Hardball coming up now 4:12 PT, 03/18/04

Could somebody compile a list of Bush flip-flops?

Terry Mauling Ed...

Great action photo of Kerry snowboarding earlier today in Idaho!

Who thinks Bush is up to something with the election?

A Kerry ad that is a sure home run

Walter Cronkite calls out Kerry's Liberalism...

Dean's new Dream

dean will be on hannity and colmes tonight

Kerry pinned down. Needs a Veep.

Polish Prez Now Saying His Country Was "Misled" Over the War in Iraq

Remember there's a protest this Sat. March 20th Haven't given up?

Dean's new organization and an op-ed

Of course world leaders want Kerry..because Bush is a threat to the world

Dean Endorsement Is Mixed Bag for Kerry

Howard Dean coming up on Hannity and Colmes -- 9:30 p,m

Pray tell, just what is cheney hiding from the American People?

McCain Says Kerry Not Weak on Defense

McCain: Kerry not weak on defense

Thanx to all the Kerry supporters...

Dean live on the web now! 1:15pm est. Tearing it up!

Nailed a repug at lunch today at school

Media Alert: Holbrooke coming up - CNN Lou Dobbs

Will McCain VOTE for Kerry?

An opinion on Obama:"He's the Tiger Woods of the Democratic Party"

Colin Powell refused to name the names of the coalition of the willing

Dr. Dean's New Grassroots Movement

Does Howard Stern Have More Political Muscle Than Ralph Nader?

Does Bush have authority to postpone the elections, in case of terrorist

CNN reporting that Ayman al-Zawahiri,bin Laden's right hand man surrounded

Rebroadcast of Terry McAuliffe/Ed Gillespie debate at 10:49 EST, C-SPAN

Poor Dick Cheney...he just can't stop lying about Kerry

IS the ABCNote correct that Kerry has made 14 major errors in week?

Where can Howard Stern make a difference?

Unimpressed by Kerry

Anti-Kerry smear web site -- attacking us at DU as well

I'm so aggravated with the media's lies about Kerry's $87 billion vote

How many antiKerry smear sites are up and running already?

Yay, I just got some great news about voter registration!

Is this a rude question? Asked on Kerry's on-line forum.

Has the frontloaded Dem primary season helped or hurt us?

Question regarding voting by Absentee Ballot

Republican criticizes Kerry saying Heinz Ketchup has overseas factories

Would Jay Rockefeller add anything to the ticket?

How about Katrina vanden Heuvel for press secretary?

Viewer Alert McAuliffe & Gillespie Hold Debate

Update for DUers going to the NYC protests

Al Queda is scaring the shit out of everyone a la Hitler

How many agree that there aren't really any good midwestern vp choices?

World Leaders List - Kerry vs. Bush

Statement from Kerry Foreign Policy Advisor Rand Beers...