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Archives: March 17, 2004

Conason: Alienated Spain Rejects Bush*s War

1st ID mourns two killed by bomb

Information Is Treason

Looks like the right-wing Brits see Bush's war as an excuse for racism

Getting Tough with Progressive Constituencies...Amy Sullivan..The Gadflyer


Rand Beers

Republican Fundraising Tactics - bizarre

The cowboy nation versus the axis of weasels

Bush's war exercise: the backpedal

Has the invasion of Iraq really made the United States safer?

The West was warned. Now it is paying the price of the 'war on terror'

We should have done more to save Haiti from rebellion

Rachel Corrie fought for world she believed in

NIE predicted Bush going into Iraq might increase terrorism

Kerry is right, foreign leaders want Bush beaten

Fed's sober reality: Not just jobs, but wages

Conason: Alienated Spain Rejects Bush’s War

Some thoughts on Spain...

Spain's vote against mendacity:Thomas Oliphant

Spain: Genuinely Tough on Terrorism - Eric Alterman

Colin Powells' Betrayal

Great TalkingPointsMemo, Josh Marshall - No More Crap

Aussie Green Left Wkly: Iraq One Year On: Has Washington Won?

Bush* gets important endorsement....

Spain Breakdown...New York Newsday (GREAT!)

Driver tried to hit Osama lookalike

Kofi Annan says Aznar author of his own defeat

989 Indiana employees" told work ends today"

Could you look at my LTTE, regarding this Sunday editorial?

Salon/Blumenthal: To the Atocha station (NeoCons on Spain)

Bush losing credibility

Gay marriage bill will pass vote in Norwegian Parliament

CBS: What Iraq Has Cost Us - Ret. Col. Mitch Mitchell

The jobs picture is even worse than it seems

Iditarod disgrace

Crazy Anti-Democat email I got!

Can't Buy Me Love

Live near/willing to go to New Paltz, NY, for a rally?

HEY MICHIGAN! Military Draft and CA/WA Litigation - Need Voluteers

Here is something you CAN do

March 20 - March 27 - National week of Samizdat Flyer/Postering

Comal County TX won't collect rape evidence

Any DUers showing up for the March 20 protest in Los Angeles?

Attention Cincinnati Democrats!

AFSC Premieres Documentation of Iraq War Deceptions

Chris Matthews lies again on Imus and the Today show.

NBC tries to out whore FOX - claims Kerry response "tortured" but does

Bill Moyers leaving NOW...

Hardball Alert: Holbrooke coming up next on Tweety.

Cable news networks, campaign coverage and market share.

Fox News Employee Caught Pirating Films

Question re: Air America

Randi Rhodes on CNN - Video

Letterman's Top Ten on Scalia

Drudge makes me puke

Democrats Best Dressed List

Lost Sir Arthur Conan Doyle papers found in London

Rep. Henry A. Waxman - database on Iraq - a "must-have" link for DUers

Book Recommendation: The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde

MPD to Arrest Gay Bashing Suspects

question on israeli deportation

EU backs tighter rules on piracy

Latest front in the war against 'Activist Judges'

Need help calculating portion of US productivity tied to house bubble

CPI - +.3% for feb

Leak of U. Mich Report

Slow Growth in a Globalized U.S. Economy

DOE - Oil From ANWR Would Have Minimal Impact

Justice Dept. Opens Inquiry Into Shell Oil

Olympic NP Will Close Visitor Center, Eliminate Most Seasonal Rangers

Space dust to unlock Mexican pyramid secrets

Sun's massive explosion upgraded

HELP! Pro Yellowstone snomobilers have

'Lift sex ban in prisons' - SA

Hell breaks loose for anti-boom crusader - SA

Sudan: Darfur - attacks against civilians ongoing

America's Financial War on Terror: Fighting for Failure

Anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim sentiment in major Western countries

"For the first time I felt afraid"-Can. Jew after 13 Jewish homes attacked

Spain: What does the Mossad know?

GUNS IN THE NEWS--March 17, 2004

A 38 cent fundraiser

the accurate subject line rule

Why was a thread of mine removed yesterday?

I've ignored the poster, but I can't let this end here: RW cyberrags

A request for clarification of a rule

Is it okay to post an editorial cartoon in full?

Three messages of mine removed 3/14, why?

Pre-emptive heads-up

Boy leads chorus of bomb denial

Analysis / The vacuum needs filling

The strategic suicide bomber

IDF enters Gaza

Police probe if Ashdod bombers entered port in container

State agrees to temporarily halt work on section of fence

Mofaz advises PM to withdraw almost entirely from Gaza

Fatah terror group threatens Israel's airports

Qurei says PA is a partner for peace

Arafat Says Israel Wants to Destroy Gaza

Bank of Israel admits recession is over

Gaza operation launched with gunship raids, Islamic terror leaders targete

Israel Kills 4 in Stepped-Up Gaza Raids

Israel Launches Possible Protracted Offensive in Gaza

Two States, Too Little, Too Late by Haim Bresheeth

No More Tears: Benny Morris and the Road Back from Liberal Zionism

Top Fatah activists leaving the movement to join Hamas

Minister Katz Calls for Ousting Arafat & Eliminating Yassin

Lost in the mist

P.A. Terrorists Descend To New Lows

Palestinians Fight Each Other Amid Israel Offensive

Benny Morris's Interview by Baruch Kimmerling

One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter - (Pat Buchanan)

Airplane fragments WTC

One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter (Pat Buchanan)

All Against One

Not cynical enough....

Rumsfeld Hosts No-Holds-Barred Martial Arts Tournament

New Paltz, NY mayor will be on Connan tonight.

New York Newsday's Pinkerton on Spain...

Do you think that a bank would give Bush a loan?

Letterman tonight: How do you know if a Justice is crooked?

Justice Dept. Opens Inquiry Into Shell Oil

Heads of State in favor of Kerry. My predictions...

A helpful suggestion regarding WMDs

"I think Kerry will win. I want Kerry to win." Says Zapatero.

Is there a Rep. candidate for Senate in CO that I didn't hear about?

Further proof that Bush is not the brightest man in the world

Why Bush will lose. He had his turn and he screwed it up; he is bad for


Why does it always seem to come down to money with repubs?

Osama bin Laden: missed opportunities [NBC blames Bill?]

Gay Marriage Mayor On Conan

Another 1500 jobs down the toilet

A High Level Saudi considers Bush to be goofy and a lightweight

Why do the investigating committee have to resort to subpoenas?

Link to smirk launching Iraq war?

Bush: World is a better and safer place.

'The Case of Mr. Aznar, Friend of Bush'

cspan 7:00 central time Pew Research Center

Rumsfeld's glaringly obvious dye job

Maxine Waters up now (7:35am ET) on C-SPAN's Wash Journal

How big a trade deficit will do-nothing Bush tolerate?

Philadelphia, The Real World, and union labor

Pasadena Attorney Michael Peroutka: Constitution Party's Favored Can

Powell Reassures India on Technology Jobs - NY Times

"Just the way the government likes it"

Was the election 2000 a coup d'edat? c-span this AM

the suspected Ohio sniper looks like...?

David Letterman's top ten yesterday: Your Supreme Justice on the take?

NCLB Adminstration Spokesman = C-Span I NOW 7:00 AM Mountain

Wolfowitz on NPR...

Workers losing to inflation

Will the Repub attacks on Kerry's quote backfire?

Email about Palast. Iraq for sale.

How would terror attack impact election [poll results]

The bastardized media strikes again

Charge against mom in Utah dropped

Will Wal-Mart Track You?

Are there any Scientologists here at DU?

not to worry says powell to indian govt

"Is it INappropriate for Kerry to send a team of his own into Iraq"?

A new planet? That will play havoc with my horoscope!

Desperate Afghan Makes an Ass Out of Himself

Using crazy Friedman's logic the Freepers should be planting bombs

quote we should all practice daily

if they *do* try to postpone the election,

Dennis Miller's audience is PAID $15

Money is no object

so now Spain is "against" us?!

WP: Subsidies May Be Cut for Student Loans

Pre-emptive Cafferty thread

Would You Support Banning Books That Teach People How To Make Bombs?

Investor working to move Montreal Expos to Connecticut

And another victory for the voters in my village.

CNN POLL: Will al Qaeda attack the U.S. before the presidential election?

Anyone see CNBC/Lisa Meyers with the Osama tapes and the Clinton

this guy never gives up

Is America sentenced to be the bete noire of the world?

AWOL on CNN now celebrating St. Patrick's Day. May take questions?

Good Vuddeo: Rummy inhales tongue on Face the Nation

Divider -- another damning Susskind memo...

Another victory for us in Cook County

"DHS: the Series"

CNN poll of things to come.

Ex-mother-in-law of a cousin by marriage to Robert Kennedy dies....

Can you name one thing Bush has told the truth about?

Bush fears 9/11 testimony, launches "Clinton screwed up" offensive

Spain/Haiti - Bush is mighty selective about this "democracy" thing.

Why did Bush airlift Al Qaeda into Pakistan after we invaded Afghanistan?

How do you react to Bush "postponing" the November elections?

CT Governor Rowland - latest scandal

Chalabi (our pet Iraqi) makes $334,000 per month from the U.S. Government

Gallup: 60% see "wrong direction" for U.S.

Breaking: 12 noon EST...webcast "Military Families Bill of Rights"

Gallup: Voters Prefer Kerry to Bush on Economy

So I guess they've found their meme...

Bank of America to lay off 13,000.

Kerry Gives Major Policy Speech | Another Bomb in Baghdad

Anyone seen "The OMen" w/gregory peck?

CNN Headline News

The Ayatollah Of Iraq won't talk to Bush's thugs directly. Wonder why?

Can a Vote for Nader be Justified? Help

Showing their true colors . . .

Bush dishonesty brought to center stage by Media questioning Kerry?

Why the hell am I listening to reich wing radio?

Mike Thompson's editorial toon on Bush lies

Bush team has new commercial attacking Kerry....

Family-values group mired in a divorce (Christian Coalition of America)

Re: the General who helped scrub Smirk's records

The Magnitude of Gods "Aquarium/Terrarium"

Clinton-hatred is more potent than National Security

Spain and terror - points to push

more background on Aristide rescue.....brave American Patriots (photos)

Chiling Similarities to Cults - the five Ds

Would Bush LIHOP to delay/ affect outcome of election?

CNN- Did anyone see the tall guy in white robes video?

Sanders Questioning Greenspan on Thom Hartman Show!

Local ABC news last night called Obama, Osama

just remembered this

Hummers = Bling Bling

Why are Americans so surprised that the rest of the world does not stand

2003 bush* photos: the St. Patrick's Day massacre of Iraq......lies

Boca Raton TV show takes over Haiti - installed by US as "Government"

Rummy caught on camera

Debate: McAuliffe vs. Gillespie

Wisconsin repuke smears Governor Doyle.

Just a reminder, Quotes from the past about the media...

which is the greater ongoing threat to safety in the US?

Rep. Henry A. Waxman - A must have link for DUers!

Kerry Internet Ad - "Keeping Our Word" - pass it on

HAHAHA -- Bombing in Iraq preempted Cheney's "Kill Kerry" speech

Rush says Hotel Bombing was timed w/ Kerry's speech

How to stop the talking point that Iraqi citizens are happier now?

I am so sick of being a citizen of "The Homeland"

Gimme some dirt on Halliburton.

EU backs tighter rules on piracy

Foreign Relations Address or Bush/Cheney Stump?

CIA - Investigating who leaked Highly Classified Drone Tape to NBC

President Pandora

House Panel Backs Bush Tax Cuts. NY Times Calls This "Victory" for Bush.

What does "I voted for it before I voted against it"(IWR $87B) mean?

Dennis Hastert, hypocrite

Cheney Just Flubbed a Hitler Quote

The split screen irony on CNN

re: Cheney speech,. Kerry Bad Man, Kerry hates our soldiers...

My God! Does Cheney KNOW about the hotel bombing in Iraq?!?

Permanent US military bases in Iraq was always the plan

"Democracy is taking root in Iraq"

One important thing missing from Kerry's talking points

Matthews said on Imus, the Chimp will give speech to"attack/kill Kerry "

CNN Poll

Poll: US very anti-Muslim, not as tolerant of Jews as advertised

Clinton Flashback: I Trained to Kill Bin Laden (Newsmax transcript)

Anybody think a June 30 turnover in Iraq is at all doable?

..what one, arrogant pervert can do to this world..........

The Biggest Story that Will Destroy Bushco

237 Misleading Statements by Administration - Pass it on....

Rush Limbaugh said they should have POSTPONED Spain's Election

Wed., Hans Blix on "Fresh Air", NPR

Spain tells bush to shove it!!!!!

We are responsible for a toddler's death.

Family-values group mired in a divorce

Cheney on TV blaming terrorism on Clinton (1993 WTC bombing)

Predicting Bushco's paradigm shift regarding Iraq.

A hotel explodes in Bagdad and Cheney is telling jokes

more photos: OUR Veterans marching...Dover to WH.....

The way Rumsfeld & Cheney seem almost sure now WMD will be found...

Your vote: a "Rush Limbaugh/Hannity Said" board

Good News Non-Political Friend sends me a link to Eric Blumrich

Mel Gibson Crtiticizes Bush - - CNN Video

Hugo Chavez. Who is he?

Ridge/Cheney job swap?

Is there a link to the passage in Lying Liars...

GOP nightmare-America in 2050: Whites will be down to half the population

CNN's Aaron Brown is blaming the hotel bombing on Al Queda.

Kerry says spain should keep troops in iraq

Which legislature would you rather serve in?

Rumsfeld - caught on camera (lying)

I just heard that Laura Bush was really a Democrat...True?

For my 100th Post - a question

DU THIS POLL ~ MSNBC ~ Will changing presidents HURT the war on terror?

shoulod be more like republiCAN'T

Just saw "Journeys With George" Disturbing!

Censure Bush petition letter

CNN said that Iraqis are pushing US soldiers out of the way at

NY Times: For Iraqis in Harm's Way, $5,000 and 'I'm Sorry'

Who here is planning to see Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind?

Soldiers Who Resist Are In Need Of Our Support

Who blew up the Jabal Lebanon Hotel

I'm so BLEEPing angry.

Who thinks that 92% of the Spaniards changed their minds in 1 year?

Why is there more intense coverage of this bombing than the Madrid one?

Is it illegal for media folks to donate or something?

Muslims, Europeans 'wary' of U.S.

Having opposed the Iraq invasion means never having to say you're sorry.

Paul Krugman: Why Bush hasn't captured bin Laden

These "insurgents" sure are acting a lot like terrorists

I want a transcript of the Cheney speech

Many killed in central Baghdad blast ( office of Iraqi intelligence

Looks like the Illinois senate seat is our's

WWII Nazi murder suspect charged (BBC)

bond market can cover our huge deficit?

One small step, some happy news

With all the turmoil in the world, repukes insist everything is A-OK

another fake rw ebay auction (by a 'john_fn_kerry')

Moveon ad - Rumsfeld

"Fighting terrorists in their own back yards", sez Bush

What do you have to do to get impeached these days???

Which is the real "axis of evil"?

Body armor? How about reservists taking DONATIONS to armor Hummvees?

correct me if i'm

Obama routs Democratic foes; Ryan tops crowded GOP field

Bush Needs Osama/Osama Needs Bush for Both to Win

Great feature on


Ann Coulter - Can she really believe this?

Time to pull out the Rummy shaking hands with Saddam photos!!

Josh Marshall's important point on Bushco's campaign lies.

Send this quote around to friends far and wide

Has PNAC been showcased in the mainstream media?

Where is Kerry?? Things Are Getting Out of Control....way out of control

Zogby sent me this

Rumsfeld -- caught on camera (via E-Mail)

Little snippet from Today's Molly Ivins Column

About What Spain Attack Means:

So, Will The New Iraqi Constitution Include A 2nd Amendment?

Flashback: Bush* Addresses the Nation-- Saddam must leave in 48 Hrs.

Hagel Asks for Explanation of Medicare Estimates

Civil Liberties-related Legal Question

Selective poll taking

America in 2050: Whites to make up less than 50% of population

Think I heard today 1.4 million troops in arms ...

Kerry sleeps while Bush defines him....

Donations financing local government expenses

On what date did the Iraq War end?

Anyone have a video or an mp3 of Rummy saying he knows where the wmd's are

House voting on resoultion on Iraq

Our October Surprise has a great video clip from Face the Nation on Sunday w/Rumsfel

Source of the controversial "Mormon/ Gay Marriage" ads revealed

Joe Klein's questions

BUSH, Born Under Satan's Hand

A Poll That Will Be Easy To Un-Freep

Something to shut the right wingers up with.

Olbermann to play up questions for Bush on pre 9-11 actions.

R's: Time to swap/cite our... ahem, "favorite" Polling Outsource...

CBS news just said...

A marathon, not a sprint. Stay calm, pace yourself, and we will win

Does this make sense?

Marraige is unconstitutional.

Which is more undemocratic, the Electoral College or Gerrymandering?

Why didn’t Bush let us know which foreign leaders wanted him to beat Clint

Please don't miss this from the BBC World Service--their Iraq series

A good assumption for the Bush years: "They Did It"

Henry Waxman's database of Bush Admin. misleading statements *must see*

Have any of the interviewers of the Bush administration

One year on

Can it get any worse? O'reilly and Newt Gingrich

Richard Perle on Hardball

Anyone have a transcript of Rumsfeld and Friedman on FTN?

The best B/P meds don't protect from O'Reilly/Gingrich

Congratulations to Spain for not letting terrorists sway the election.

$300. Thanx for the tax cut.

If "marriage" is a religious concept, how can atheists get married? poll, please unfreep!

Clinton home on ebay

As I watch CNN show the tape from the drone of Bin Laden (supposedly)

Here's my question to Bush:

Officials: Group tying self to blasts may not be real

What is wrong with my brain?

Has the media reported about Bush's terrorist endorsement?

Transcript of Holbrooke smackdown of Bushmoonie Blitzer.

RAngel calling ou tthe chickenhawks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flubya would have more time if...

House of Bush, House of Saud - Must Read - Pass on to Repubs

Do you consider right-wing Christian Bush supporters Pharisees?

Mugabe "the freedom fighter"...

Just ordered 5 more books

Where Are The Town Hall Meetings on Gay Marriage?

Jane Aruff CNN asked an Iraqi "have you ever seen anything like this"?

A Modest Proposal

Time: Bush and 9/11: What We Need To Know (Wow!)

An email about Spielberg's answer to Mel's Passion

"Suspended Elections"

Ever wonder what the "Fuel Charge" on your electric bill was for?

Cheney on FAUX - Isn't it odd that he refers to * as "George?"

We might actually be able to retake the Senate

Bush's campaign Web site has no blog, but Kerry's does


Bush Statement for St. Patrick's Day

Veteran Hospital Visit

Just in From TrueMajority: Great Stocking Stuffer

My future Brother in Law said Bush showed restraint

maybe Clark needs to scoot over to Kosovo

Dean rallies SF supporters to kick off new advocacy organization

"I am George W. Bush, and I approved this message."

I was the victim of a hit and run accident yesterday because of Cheney

Are things starting to spiral so drastically

Talk about a "pasty faced white-man"...

Tell 'em lies and feed 'em candy...

Blair and Zapatero clash on troops for Iraq

Is anyone watching this Irish guy on Faux.

Charlie Rose 3/17: Eric Alterman, Mark Green, Eliot Spitzer, more

Dem Reps on Medicare, on C-Span now (10.35 pm EST)

If you want to do Zogby online polls, here's your chance....


St. Patty's Day movie choice: Soylent Green!

Kill Me.

When a SCOTUS justice was a hero

Steady Leadership = Never taking responsibility??

ABC Nightline 3/17: Big Blast in Baghdad

Bush gives US Tax Money to foreigners for Fetal Tissue Research

UK Guardian--'Is this our Hola camp?' (British murders in occupied Iraq)

Please tell me a Democrat didnt write this!!!

Time: Bush and 9/11: What We Need to Know

CIA to investigate "bin laden" drone tape - leaked to media

EXCELLENT "Fresh Air" interview with Hans Blix

Nuremberg War Trials: Aggressive War is Illegal (reminder)

It's 1943. FDR is enagaged in a show trial of fifth columnists, and

If Kerry and The Dems want to win:: They should consider the Big Picture

Any know when the new liberal radio station will start?

HUGE!-3 articles -BUSH failing to get OBL using drones & military pre-9/11

"denigrating democracy with a calculated boldness"

Modern Day Witch Hunts

Missing Mike Malloy as much as I do...

Chavez....Mugabe is a "freedom fighter"

Unfreep this poll PLEASE.

Rumsfeld caught clip

Kerry should name the foreign leaders..

Email Letterman!

OMG!!! Bush staged fake news!!

Tom DeLay is a repulsive maggot

Some new Dubya humor

I know its a waste of time...but I sent this to the Log Cabin Republicans

TX22: Can Tom DeLay be defeated? National Priority


The Apparat

Any predictions on how big the protests are going to be this Saturday?

Ways to fix the electoral college

RUSH: Dean Calls Bush a Terrorist

Missed OBL Opps? Bush CIA met with OBL in Dubai on July 16th, 2001..

LOL -- Someone worked R. Brown's mailbox over with a baseball bat

Kerry should choose Clark for VP and he should do it soon!

CNN's "face off" just had a Futurama moment

Rove: Kerry Has Taste of Bush Campaign

Possible Hoax? the Yahoo story about the terraists supporting *


the Monsanto milk beast and Mad Cow

O'Reilly's advice to gays, stay in the closet!

What if we took the WH, Senate and House

GASP! Same-sex relationships in the Bible.

Is People For Change the new

Is the Bush-GOP driven anti-Spain thing somehow racist?

"Hotties for Hannity"

Is Mugabe overall a good guy or bad guy?

Should we support a known human rights violator and homophobe?

What would a SANE War Against Terrorism Look Like?

Corporate America's Homeland Security Hot line

my theory on black and gay Republicans

Howard Stern rips Bush a new one MP3 here:

Dubya caught faking it: caught hiring actors to pose as TV reporters

Dennis Miller tonight....

Tennessee county wants to ban gays (American Taliban alert!)

What is keeping us from designing our own health care system?

Daily Show Appreciation Thread

Tell me this guy doesn't look like Scott McClellan

Hannity Just Called Michael Moore an Idiot

Keep Howard Stern on free radio. Call your Senators soon, don't pay later.

Christian Dominionism over-rated?

Son of Baptist Missionaries has a blog

Is America a free country?

Neoliberalism or Anti-neoliberalism. Which side are you on?

Unbelievable. A new low in conspiracy theories.

DEMOCRCAY 101: Should ALL Votes Weigh The Same?

Cops kill 6 students in clash - Nigeria

Healthcare Outsourcing Business May Be Ripe For Consolidation

Coroner dismisses calls to reopen Kelly inquest

Annan Says U.N. Watchdog Has Begun Investigating Allegations That Saddam

A primer on the status quo at Venezuela's Supreme Tribunal of Justice

Alaska refuge's oil would have little impact on imports, study finds

House GOP splits with Senate over need to pay for tax cuts

Spain accused of easing up on terror watch

Duplicate post

Dupe, beaten by a few seconds.

Spain campaigned to blame ETA (MSNBC-Wash Post)

Bank of America Plans Job Cuts of Up to 13,000

Mistrust of America in Europe Ever Higher, Muslim Anger Persists

US feared by foes and friends

Bank of America Plans Job Cuts of Up to 13,000

France alarmed by mystery letter

Thompson Launches Inquiry Into Medicare Drug Bill Cost

BBC (Wednesday): Spain PM firm on Iraq withdrawal

Calvi latest: Four go to trial for murder of God's banker/DNA evidence

Law Students Help Freed Felons In Suit To Regain Voting Rights

Priest installed by police raid

Benton (county, Oregon) approves gay marriage

FBI investigating 'U' report leak

NDP ahead of Liberals for first time since 1996 (BC Provincial)

Pakistan intensifies search for bin Laden

High voter turnout in Chechen Republic achieved by added ballots

(Frederick) Douglass to get place by Easton courthouse

Female Inspection Teams Proposed for City Entrances

Bulgaria says cannot increase troops in Iraq

Haiti's New Leader Said to Pick Cabinet, Shunning Politicians

ohio sniper suspect catured in las vegas

Democrats Tally 'Misleading' Iraq Statements (by Bush and Gang)

Osama bin Laden: missed opportunities

We should have done more to save Haiti from rebellion

Freed Afghans Condemn Cuba Prison (Guantanamo)

'Attack on London is inevitable'

No Lavalas members in new Haitian Cabinet

Higher Energy Costs Lift Consumer Prices

Action Group Aims to 'Redefeat' Bush

AWOL on CNN now celebrating St. Patrick's Day. May take questions?

Utah bans firing-squad executions

New Haitian Cabinet draws complaints across the political divide

2 Presidents' Aides Will Start Testifying Next Week on 9/11

UPI: Iraq Strains U.S. High Tech Army

Brazil and Argentina sign Copacabana Declaration.

Bombardier to cut 6,600 jobs in rail division

Seven killed, more than 250 injured in ethnic clashes in Kosovo

Ex-Dole Campaign Official Pleads Guilty

Colo. Soldier Back From Iraq Kills Self

EPA let industry dictate policy on mercury, some staffers contend

Former Elizabeth Dole Campaign Official Pleads Guilty to Fraud

Honduras says it will follow Spain's lead, withdraw troops from Iraq in Ju

Chávez opens door to Aristide

Seventh Iraq war veteran kills himself

MSNBC: Osama bin Laden: missed opportunities

Kerry Slams Bush on Iraq

Many Say U.S. Aims for World Domination

House Panel Back Bush on Further Tax Cuts

Bush camp exposed as 'serial liars'

Aristide backers locked out of new government

House votes to restore arts money (Florida)

WP: Ethics Truce Frays in House (ethics abuses by House GOP leaders)

Clinton Flashback: I Trained to Kill Bin Laden (Newsmax transcript)

Iraqis Agree to Return of UN Electoral Team

Labour Calls on Opponents of War not to Let Tories In (desertions)-New WMW

Rebels take hostages, trade them for leader (Haiti)

Oil breaks $38 per barrel mark

Poll: U.S. Faces Suspicion in Terror War

U.S., Iraqi Forces Launch Massive Hunt

Job slump could keep interest rates low

U.S. Green Berets Train Mali Troops

U.S. Factory Shipped To China (1,100 Jobs Lost in PA)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 17 March

Poll: U.S. Faces Suspicion in Terror War

Pentagon Bankrolls Swedish Stem Cell Study

U.S. Blasts Saudi Detention of Reformers

Kerry Criticizes Bush for Failing to Protect Troops in Iraq

Ohio shooting suspect arrested in Las Vegas

Military Families Urge Censure for Bush as Congress Marks Iraq Anniversary

Canada Still Says No to Troops in Iraq

Report: Ohio Sniper Suspect Captured in Las Vegas

Spain's next PM rejects Bush appeal for troops to stay in Iraq

Zapatero turns down Bush request

CNN Reports CIA To Investigate "Drone Leak" on NBC....

Dozens Pick Through Rubble in Search for Survivors

U.S. Official: Spain Gave in to Threats (Hastert)

Democrats Tally 'Misleading' Iraq Statements (237 of them)

'Mercenaries' to face new charges

ChevronTexaco goes on offensive to stop Hawai'i from imposing price cap

Dem. Alcee Hastings attacking Bush and FOX, now CSPAN

Kerry Criticizes Bush for Failed Policies (New PM of Spain endorses Kerry)

White House Vows to Stay Course in Iraq

Pentagon Withholds Up to $300 Million Due Halliburton, Possible Overcharge

NYT, p.1: Bush's Campaign Emphasizes Role of Leader in War

Kerry Doesn't Share Dean's View on Spain

(World after Iraq War) Safer or Not? (Bush laughs at question)

Bush* Campaign Close to Writing Off State (Illinois) as Dem Turf

House Iraq Resolution Turns Into Debate (Partisan Brawl on Floor)

In Awkward Dance, GOP Embraces Both Deficit Reduction and Tax Cut

U.S., Spanish officials trade barbs over Iraq war, terrorism fight

Lesbian minister arrives for church trial; protesters arrested

NYT: Clintons E-Mail for Kerry Cash

Spain's Zapatero calls Iraq occupation a fiasco

House Panel Back Bush on Further Tax Cuts

Terrorist Group Endorses Bush

US sergeant repulsed by Iraq war

Powell Reassures India on Technology Jobs (NY TIMES)

Powell Pledges Support to Afghans Amid Talk of Election Delay

Zimbabwe arms saga raises questions over govt role

Bill Clinton's boyhood home hawked on eBay

CNN Breaking: Huge Explosion in Baghdad - Hotel Destroyed

Park Service Cutting Budgets Quietly

Spain fears 'bad blood' with Morocco

Cost crunch will force national parks to slash services

Private clubs: Creativity a must for survival (Golf Clubs Struggling)

Spain's Next Prime Minister Says US Should Dump Bush*

SCOTUS Justice Applauds Judges for Bucking Tough Sentence Guidelines

Shut Out? (Spain says no thanks to the FBI for help in Madrid bombing)

Spain's Losing Party Plans to Sue Movie Director for Slander Over a 'Coup'

Rove: Kerry Has Taste of Bush Campaign

US vs. Europe: two views of terror

Aznar supporters call Spanish election a 'robbery'

The rise of the online citizen

Australian PM Admits He Could Face Same Voter Backlash as Spanish Leader

Kofi Annan says Aznar author of his own defeat

Purported Al Qaeda Letter Calls Truce in Spain

Poll shows Nader could hurt Kerry in Pennsylvania

Driver tried to hit Osama lookalike

Tommy Thompson Records Destroyed (WI Gov)

Seeking subpoenas -- McCain and Bush clash on powers, scope of intel probe

Microsoft Apologizes for Previous Anticompetitive Acts

Iraq Asks U.N. for Help With New Gov't

Crude Oil Jumps to 13-Year High on Falling Gasoline Supplies

Tenn. County Wants to Charge Homosexuals with "crimes against nature"

West has "failed to stop" Congo war profiteering from war {Independent}

LGBT Federal Workers Lose Job Protections

Kerry and Cheney Trade Swipes in Iraq Anniversary Speeches

Bush awaits Dutch decision on Iraqi mission

Police fire on Kurds in fifth day of Syria riots

House passes resolution saying Iraq war made world safer

Ralphs to Close 15 Stores (Calif. grocery chain)

Suspects in Zimbabwe May Face New Charges

U.S. Withholds 15 Pct of Halliburton Bill

UN administrators flee “Kristallnacht”

Hickory N.C..Dole touts recovery catalyst

Smith Probe Now Official (House Bribery Investigation)

Probing U.S. ties to Haiti coup

Mosque set alight in central Nis

Anti-Semitism Not Being Created by 'Passion,' Says Study

Cheney Enters Campaign Fray

It's St. Paddy's Day where I am, . . SHARE THE GREEN

I'm too liberal for my own good. Are you?

Java ? Computer question.......

Who's seen "Blood Harvest?"

It's Strong Bad's 100th e-mail!!!

I'm so glad the lounge is here, especially today.

I should've gone to bed instead of checking my e-mail :-(

Favorite Ramen Recipe

Anyone else see Jay Leno tearing up *?

For lounge: Stern blisters Bush MP3

I/P: Is it just me...

Randi Rhodes. CNN Right Now. On East Coast.

St. Pat's Day Colcannon

Are you at the end of your rope?

Felony apprehension question


It's been a rough two days

Busheney: Lemony Snicket takes a swipe at *

I'm not in love with anyone called John

Spielberg and Cruise to do WAR OF THE WORLDS

I'm in love with someone I met in the John!

Yesterday I felt real shame

Can anyone answer a question for me?

I'm in love with John Philip Sousa

Chihuahua Breeder Convicted - Had 235 Chihuahua's in House

Sadie Hawkins Dance Cut Short For 'Dirty Dancing'

Happy St. Patrick's Day, DU!

Cartoon: Steve Bell on Iraq

Callers To Busch Gardens Get Sex Phone Line Instead

Musical interlude for St. Patrick's Day

Whiskey is the reason---------------

I thank Ireland for:

ZombyWoof's Irish Coffee Blend!

10 year old wins rotten sneaker contest

Check out todays St. Paddy's Day greetings from George the Puke

Will camera film be ruined after it goes through an Airport Scanner?

Teen Arrested For Wearing Baseball Cap Sideways

Man Loses Job - Wins $66 Million

I Had This Funny Dream Last Night

Just got off the phone with Lisa (liberalhistorian)

"Grand Theft America"

Proposal for St Patty's day. Let's all turn Irish for a day

French Driver Tried to Run Down Bin Laden Lookalike, AFP Says

MUST READ THREAD!!! Crazy anti-democrat email

But don't Ralph look cute in this picture anyway?

The Wit of Oscar Wilde

Interesting behavioral finance question

Check out today's George Bush St. Patrick's Day cartoon

When is a band evolving, or reinventing itself vs. when it is selling out?

do you have a tattoo nightmare story?

DU Deadheads...

Rumsfeld holds no holds barred martial arts tournament

The Official Finnfan Birthday Neil Finn Appreciation Thread....

Four things to remember on St. Paddy's Day.

Skin Care Secrets of the Porn Stars!!

Perfect Gift for the tacky DUers_ The GW Bush F**T Doll!

any suggestions for anti-bush computer games(or interactive)web sites?

Ben Stein just said on Craig Kilborn that he doesn't like Kerry, because..

Want to see a damn cute dog?!?!?!?!?!

What do you do when you just can't cope anymore?

She gives me love, love, love, love

I am making corned beef and cabbage right now.

Help DUers! Employment/Legal Advice needed please!

I'm back... new web site but old DU tag art

help out?

Help me find some good bumper stickers.

Erin Go Braugh and CAPTION

The Smoldering Bellboy of all CAPTIONS!!!

REVEALED!! Where The Amish Go Deep Sea Fishing and Play Golf!

Hey DUKE fans how about this quote?????????

Other WEIRD Ebay Auctions

Has anyone filed and received their income tax refund?

I'm organizing 2 back-to-back DU Parties in 2 cities - you better show up

The Debbies

I'm Hen-er-ee the Eighth, I am.

Favorite song that makes no sense whatsoever

I didn't have to buy a new clothes dryer today after all

Snow day music

Are you drunk yet?

Rumsfeld Hosts Martial Arts Tournament At Remote Island Fortress (Humor))

Kiss me...I'm not Irish!

For The Irish Cthulhu Cultists On the Board -- Lovecraftian Limericks

One year ago TODAY...I smoked my last Cigarette.

I'm going to start smoking so I can look cool

How am I getting 'returned' email I never sent? Weird...

Leprachauns Granted Amnesty

Kiss me, I am the goddamn BLARNEY STONE

Look at the birdy and say, "CAPTION!"

Which is it? Truth, Justice, or the American Way?

My Final Picks

Songs that came out this year that you hate thus far.

Poems yet to be written...add your titles

KissMe, I have absolutely NO fricking irish blood in me and Im proud of it

Mr. Blonde's tumor being removed tomorrow--if you have a moment

Eddy & Omar... Trading Spaces (Home Free)

Looking for website with daily updated KIA/WIA in iraq

Were There AS MANY Goofy Pictures Of Clinton As We See Of Bush*?

Give me some wild St. Patrick's Day ideas!

Song you can't get out of your head right now

I Need Bush-Blasting Howard Stern MP3s

Final Four Picks?

Any advice for me? I'm stricken with nasty poison ivy.

Redsox go Green for St. Pattys Day

My Irish temper is showing...

What size box of Crayons did you have?

woohoo didnt get pinched once, ask me anything

Only two nationalities out there today------

Any advice for me? I'm stricken with nasty Dana Ivey

Driver tried to hit 'Bin Laden'

Belle and Sebastian....

CAPTION the childlike innocence

That rug did tie the room together, did it not?

If Christian Presidents swear in on a Bible...

You just won a huge lottery drawing.

What Do We Do With Witches?

Drink Guinness in the name of science.

Anybody remember Big Chief writing pads?

Kiss Me! My name (Shannon) is Irish!

What's your favorite stare?

What's Your Favorite Stair?

Anti-St. Patrick's Day

What's your favorite sitar?

What's your favorite Stair?

what song is stuck in your head/was last stuck in your head?

What's Your Favorite Scar?

I hate working in a parallelepiped

What's your favorite satire?

Buying a new car - What do you think of the Subaru Outback Sport?

Just a thought

Video Games suck

Anyone wear red on St. Joseph's Day? (Patron Saint of Italy & Poland)

Let's write a really bad story, one line at a time.

What's Your Favorite Astaire?

Hot New Toy! Dress Up Jesus!

ever wanted to throttle an office manager?

You will love this!

whohoo!!!! I love cheap thrills?

I hate working in a cube!

Who's your favorite Rasta?

Can any of you fitness gurus give me some tips?

Can anyone start an original bread?

Office gossip

No, Kiss ME, I LOOK Irish

Can anyone start an original thread

Happy Saint Patricks Day!!!!

What's your favourite star?

Just good fun - video of local morning anchor getting tasered

What's your favorite......YA BASTA!

Anyone remember "Spoon Candy"?

Two of my recent favorite things

Name the Unidentified Irish Band

Leather or Leatherface?

"Stars & Stripes"- powerful stuff.

St. Patrick drove me out of Ireland. Ask me anything.

Can anyone explain to me why the Irish celebrate their salvation


Tears keep appearing at the corner of my left eye.

It's a beautiful day!

WOOHOO - 2 days until I get my Tax Refund

The island it is silent now

Kiss Me - I Use "Irish Spring"

"The Real World" Philly style

Will I piss green?

Wedding Dilemma...(kids and weddings)

Leather or Lace?

Has anyone here every done the *mystery shopper* thing?

St. Paddy's day DU chat, yes its early but what if ya lonely stop in

my son has his first gig tonight

Guys: Hottest Female News Anchor

Top Ten Signs Your Supreme Court Justice Is On The Take

How important is money and your career to you?

News photo: GOP gathers to prepare for NYC convention

"Father, Forgive Me For I Have Sinned," Said the Irishman

Jessica Simpson to Gale Norton

New Englanders: Who's Shoveling Today? 6" of Snow in Cambirdge, MA

Now that Spain opposes George & Dick's misadventure...

more new Hanity advertisers

today's new Hannity advertisers March 17

"You've done a nice job decorating the White House."

Removing a bumper sticker?


Let's write a really rad story, one line at a time.

DUers: need help RE: Del Martin/Phyllis Lyon

A real "tinfoil hat"

your favorite "Bewitched" character

Who here is planning to see Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind?

I'm out of the 700 Club

Green Beer

Computer Question...

Gay guys: hottest male anchor

Dress-Up Jesus

BEST NUMBER 2 HIT of the LATE 1960s? (Part 1)

Windows Media .avi question.

Need opinions on site layout

Okay I give up... *

Veal and Froi Gras...and other guilt ridden pleasures...


Your Body Is A Rollercoaster

Fat dogs die young! (my dog is fat, and so am I)

I leave for St. Thomas tomorrow. Ask me anything!

almost out of 700 club

Remember that stupid church in Denver whose sign read "Jews killed Jesus"

Should I change my Avatar?

A little St Pat's day humor starring DU's own Padraig18 and Cuban_Liberal

Screw St. Patrick! Let's celebrate St. Vlastimil Day!

What kind of pet (domestic or semi-domestic) could you NOT warm up to?

Natl. Lampoon readers from the 70s. Remember "Trixie Dixie"?

*GASP* M.A.T.C.O.M. Caught Wearing White Before Memorial Day!!

O'learysama McLaden

Kiss Me, I'm Irish

Kiss me, I'm German and Polish!

When will St. Joe's go down?

Kiss me, I'm Black and Indian!!

Online Stocks--Where Can I Get Some?

No, kiss ME; I'm Irish......and Welsh...

Kiss me or at least spit on me, I'm Scotish and I've a secret attitude!

My boss knows the US's top eco-terrorist!

I'm outta here

Kiss me, I'm American!

Kiss me! I am a Washingtonian and I have bees!

I hate yoo libruls!

kiss me.........i have no reason!

Today I was told to stay in my place... gotta check this out...this is funny...

So, does the male announcer on CNN wear eyeliner?

Computer problems

Why did Mel Gibson make "Passion..." so bloody and violent?

Kiss me, I'm an ALIEN!


I Am A Mutt

Is anyone here a Personal trainer?

SPAM in the inbox, or Junk in the mailbox? Which is more loathsome?

Our cat does not like beer

Hottest Male Anchors:

if you want kiss me I am Irish, German, Slovak, Slovene

Didja have to pinch anyone today?

Doomed to remember. Did she have to be born on a holiday?

St. Patty's day wishes

If You Could Stay The Same Age For The Rest Of Your Life....


A Linux question....

If they remade Heathers...

How do I report Spam coming from AOL addresses ?

"You'll Find A Starry Sky Behind That Cloud You're Under..."

Anyone been watching Kingdom Hospital?

Favorite Word Oddity


"How Come You're Not Wearing Pants Today?"

So how do you lose an oil well?

Whats your Favorite Store?

New microchips tickle cocks

Favorite Word For Oddity

What do Americans think of Aaron Brown?

How's the weather where you are?

Ding, Ding Dong!!!! Keep their heads ringing!

Anybody else into the Waterboys?

I need St Paddies Day jokes to lift my spirits

Hottest Food Network chef? (MALE)

What were you born with in your mouth?

happy paddy's day ya drunken bastards

Who's winning the NCAA tourneys?

You are trying to say something to someone, but

Hottest Food Network chef? (FEMALE)

Favorite Word Oddity

Great quote from unknown Irish rock star

For Better Or For Worse

Did I accidentally wake up in Bizarro-world today?

Listening to Irish Music for today?

Running with the big dogs thread


If I could create an "Early 80's" Theme Park like Dollywood, what Musical

Fie! Another earthquake.

Sorry to disillusion you

html question-jpg pictures and vertical space below them

Don't you hate it when your tray is knocked over....

Who do you think will make it to the final four?

David Chappelle? New or Old Show?

The Second Coming

I'm an Irish w/ arthritis...ask me questions that require short answers

Wed Daily Show Thread

I had the worst nightmare of my life last night...

No one kissed me for St. Paddy's Day

St. Patrick's day evening chat

Kiss me, I have a canker, bad breath, bleeding gums, and scummy teeth

Why do small towns seem to be full of teenaged moms?

Real-life questions the doctor asks you:


Beginner's First Cigar

Kauai Shark Attack Gives Surfer Scare

I Need a Miracle Every Day

Come and listen to my story 'bout a boy named Bush

Anyone remember 'Brain Candy'

"Itchy runs afoul of an Irishman"

CAN People Please Ask Me Difficult Questions?

Drinking and Fighting! Is that what one thinks of St. Patrick's Day?

Stephen King Fans: Why Should I Read "The Dark Tower" books?

The West Wing?

As this day ends let all the unrepentant Irish Republicans lift a glass

Non Sequitur fans - another great slam at the media

What's your favorite sad Irish music?

a list of actual Freeper quotes:

If I started looking for a job via the web right now...

Saint Patrick's Day is....

What bugs me about St Patrick's Day.

My college roomate got his face blown off

Mercedes McCambridge dies at 87

At what age did you start looking for wedding rings on potential partners?



. , / ? ; :! ' "

Any DU DOOL fans?

My Aunt passed away last night.


Have you drunk your green beer yet?

Toy cravings that remained well into adulthood?

How to gracefully back out of a first date ?

Drag Queens

Who likes Boxing?

Is this misogynistic?

And so I was like, "No way!" And he went, "Way!"

I'd now like to shamelessly use DU like a personals ad....thank you

We Really Like the Moon

"How Come You're Not Wearing Green Today?"

Need advice Re: Dealing with Auto Salespeople

DU Haiku

How many of you belong to Netflix?

Ooops, how careless of me

Have any DUer's done a Adventure Tour of Italy?

Create the best Sad Song Compilation Album ever...

Story of the Year = worst band ever?


What's Your Favorite Bookstore?

New target of liberal derision: Lowe's

Do you drink and drive?

What is your favorite Book Store?

11 "kiss me" posts!


Tell your best 'drunken barfing' stories here!

Anyone watching South Park?

It's official!! I live near the stupidest city in the midwest!!

BigBigBear joins the 700 Club !!!

Those Are The Jobs Bush and Cheney Should Have Had Instead...

What's Your Favorite Pasta?

I need to rant about a litterbox

How could this already lousy week become worse for me?

Favorite underappreciated side effect of beer THREAD

Does Donald Rumsfeld comb his hair with bacon?

Skinner the Winner

Sen. John F. Kerry will win in November, because...


Howard Stern rips Bush a new one MP3 here:

The Democratic party has its rock star and his name is BARACK OBAMA!

Kerry surrounds himself with veterans in West Virginia

Illinois victory makes Kerry the Democrats' official nominee

Why haven't there been any Ohio polls?

Is this what we can expect if there are four more years of Bush?

BBV: a little unclear on the concept

Kerry Criticizes Bush for War Policies

Is this guy the real deal or what.

how kerry SHOULD HAVE responded....

Will the reign in Spain fall also on the pain?

"The Bushes' New World Disorder" by James Carroll, Boston Globe

John Kerry....PLEASE pick a great VP....

Sen Joe Biden on the Kerry world leaders gaffe

Latest Paid Cheesy Bush Attack Ad Running ONLY in West Virginia...

The Hate Machine is imploding

an idea: McCain for S o D

LIVE webcast today of John Kerry's speech at 12:00 Noon!

Bush's Campaign Emphasizes * Role of Leader in War -will media buy it?

Bush And Martial Law...

Places I don't think Kerry is going to spend much time in

Anybody believe that Bush & company will try to paint Kerry's

"That's the guy we want hehehehehe" Karl Rove's last words...

Why McCain VP rumors are GOOD

Awesome Republican strategy

Will changing presidents hurt the war on terror? (DU this poll)

Bush, Cheney, and Top Advisors Made over 200 Misleading Public statements

Why is Andrea Mitchell the only one pointing out the lies in the Bush ads?

Please vote in this Nebraska presidential poll.

FoxNews: Blast in Baghdad right now - interesting timing

Remembering The Ugliest Chapter in Republican History

Who do you think GWB will choose for VP?

Speechless. Completely Speechless.

Can spinning cause brain damage?

MoveOn: "It's Time for the Deception to Stop" Rummy caught on Tape!

Kerry Declares Victory, Fires Back at Bush

Video of Rumsfield lying 3/14 at link below - Moveon -"Censure"

your favorite "Bewitched" character

Remembering The Ugliest Chapter in Republican History

James Carville now on Kerry's site

Bush HAS been tested as Commander-in-Chief, and he has failed...MISERABLY

I think these Kerry postmortems are a bit premature....

Bush leads in Pennslyvania when Nader included in Poll (!!)

One of the more interesting articles I've read on the Iraq situation

MSNBC Carries Cheney Charges Against Kerry Live With No Rebuttal

911,Spain train bombs, todays Iraq Exsplosion all on Bush's watch

Obrigado, Brasil - Kerry's Goldmember!

House Panel Backs Bush on Further Tax Cuts:This is how we take back House!

AP: New Ads Assail Bush on The Economy, War in Iraq

Who's Worse-Cheney Or Agnew...

"AP: Kerry Criticizes Bush for Handling of War Effort"

Dean SHOULD respond to Gillespie thusly:

How is Kerry more liberal than Clinton?

What would happen to Kerry, if the fascist allow all the following to

One thing missing from Kerry's talking points

Should the kerry campaign boycott the media?

Dean advocacy group to promote Kerry

I just received an RNC contribution solicitation!

"Vote For the Crook-- It's Important"

RNC's Gillespie calls Dean a "mouthpiece for terrorists"

An email about Spielberg's answer to Mel's Passion

Kerry and War Funding

Dem Leaders: Please curtail the gun control agenda so we can win for once!

Bush planned to cut combat pay (proof inside)

Against All Enemies : Inside the White House's War on Terror

Cheney's Rhetoric

John Kerry's military mission

Al-Qaida no longer a threat

Republicans can't stop changing demographics, we will prevail eventually!

Kerry speech on MSNBC now.

Global Exchange is bringing international observers in Nov.

Tweety blather

Document shows Bush didn't sign his discharge

I'm feeling pretty bummed, and angry, right now ...

Kerry TV apperances

MOVEON.ORG's fantastic new ad!!

Illinois For Clark congratulates John Kerry & Barack Obama. Support them!

Deleted message

Since Dick "Nixon" Cheney is so unpopular why has Kerry not Newted him

Does Donald Rumsfeld comb his hair with bacon?

Freud called it the thanatos drive.

I Hope Kerry's Behind Bush In Oct (Seriously)

The new advocacy organization by Dean will be at

I want Lou Dobbs back! John King is a dud.

Moderate to conservative democrats - how many will go for Bush?

What's the best way to get a message to the Kerry campaign?

Great line for Kerry if he has the nerve....!

Nader hurts Kerry in Pennsylvania

ODD that Nader has 7% and Bush leads polls by 7-8 %

Am i alone in a desire for Kerry to toe the line of positivity?

After we beat Bush and send his twisted cadre fleeing into the night...

DU: 10 Million in 10 days!

This is immature and stupid but I think I though of a catchy nickname

Take this Zogby Online poll - Let them know you're gonna vote Bush out!

Let me get this straight--Dean can only say what Kerry wants him to?

Some Dems to run away from Kerry -- The Hill...

Kerry Doesn't Share Dean's View on Spain

Dean SHOULD NOT shut up, but no one should expect Kerry to back him up!

Dick Cheney needs to shut the hell up!

Calling Kerry organizers!

Wanna read my letter to the editor? (Bush soft on terror)

Ding Ding Ding: GOP Wins Round 1

Kerry should point out that DEMOCRACY was the victor in

Hey Mr. Cheney - Remember the Iran Hostage Crisis

This is for those who freaked over todays PA poll (Smile)

Someone name me a Gore voter voting Nader this time!

Kerry meetup...How do we get the Dean/Clark energy?

Dick Morris on the election

transcript of Richard Holbrooke interview on CNN yesterday

Media Alert:: Wes Clark on CNN American Morning re Iraq

A Letter From Al Qaeda Wants Bush To Win

So what's more dangerous to this Country, BBV or Al Qaida?

Ding Fa Chrissake Ding

Kerry Reminds me of Lincoln. You?

Impressed by Kerry

VVAW voted on assassination plot during VN era?

Kerry may have to annonce his VP choice sooner than later

Transcript of Kerry's Speech (HOT!!!)

MSNBC Poll: Would a Change in Presidents Hurt the War on Terror?

Anyone seeing Kerry bumperstickers in their area?

There is new dynamic in the recent terror attacks that mocks pacifism

If A Democrat Throws A Jab At Junior & The Media Doesn't Cover It

Bill Gates and Diebold have allready secured Bush's victory

Will Kerry Please offer Nadar

Ironic....Dean group to promote Kerry presidency...Democracy for America.

Does this get Kerry off the hook re: his Iraq War vote?

What will Kerry do if the doodoo hits the fan?

We need to support EVERY Democratic candidate for federal office

To Those Who Say Dean Should Shut Up

Why In The Hell Aren't Democrats Helping Defend Kerry?

Are people in this country real that stupid?

"Imus in the Morning" Is Supporting John Kerry!!!!!

Nader Role Could Contribute to Kerry Landslide by Forcing New Strategy