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Archives: March 16, 2004

Cheney aids atomic terrorism !

Presidential Debates: To Be Or Not To Be?

Kerry Is Everything George Bush* Is Not

Liars Lose -- The Lessons of Regime Change in Spain

The Bushes' new world disorder -- James Carroll

Ribbing Colleagues A Tradition In Washington - Helen Thomas

Bush's feminine side (record on women's rights sits ill)

David Kay On Inspections and Absence of Prohibited Weapons

Salon/MoveOn - The New Pentagon Papers

Hanging Chads, California Style: an Alert!

Doubts about war in ‘Home of the British Army’

George Carlin talks (about) indecency

Bush All-Purpose Photo Backdrop

Human Reliability Program...

The History Behind the Spanish Elections

Guardian: Europe and the US Are Now Adrift

George Monbiot (Guardian Utd): The fruits of poverty

How I Lost My Radio Show -- Sandra Tsing Loh

The truth leaks out (Tenet admits disputing Iraq claims)

Military Pay problem adds insult to injury

Who in the World Likes Bush?

Rush Limbaugh Attacks Widows and Children - Buzzflash.

Rational Security - Bush has hardly fought a "war on terror"

Bush's Campaign Emphasizes Role of Leader in War

Kerry is right, foreign leaders want Bush beaten

Bush's woes pile up as election beckons

Every child left behind

A Texan's Opinion

Molly Ivins: Red alert at the White House

Newsday 3-16-04 The answer to terror is plain. James P. Pinkerton/Amazing

Guardian: Spain Got the Point

French (and Europeans) Going Wild for Senator Kerry

The diplomacy of imperialism: Iraq and US foreign policy (3 parts)

Good News - !!! OVER 1,000 searchable missing person articles Archived !!!

Live From the Interactive Capitol of the Galaxy

Just shook hands with Senator Feingold!

Another petition to sign for investigation of WH/WMD

Working Assets new Black Box Voting campaign.

Who is responsible for organizing the March 20 protests?

Rachel Corrie memorial disrupted.

Listen to Craig Unger, House of Bush, House of Saud at noon 3/16

Build Me Up, Break Me Down - A look at US Army indoctrination 

MSNBC polls...

Jesse Jackson's son reportedly bids for Chicago Sun-Times

Wolfstar at Star IQ looks at Condi Rice as VP

Astrologers: Bush's Last Hurrah on Starlight News

Any KaTe Bush fans around here?

The polygamy argument against gay marriages (rebuttal)

We Don't Recognize No Gay Unions

Arab-Americans will be force in presidential vote

Fed meets today

Economic Optimism Slips Further: Gallup

University of Michigan Probing Leak of Consumer Survey Data

CPI tomorrow - another surprise spike?

The end of globalism

Bush's Tax Cuts and Big Spending: I need help

Manipulation of Silver Markets?

Mercury Emissions Rules Bent (written by industry w/o EPA input)

EPA Knew of DC Lead Risk(in 2002 -EPA higher-ups opted not to act further)

Two New Books Out On Easter Island - New York Review Of Books

Peak Oil Article by Chief Economist for CIBC World Markets Inc.

Australia Will Seize Illegal Fishing Boats - AP

Dengue Epidemic In Indonesia May Be Slowing - 452 Dead So Far

Sumatran Tiger Facing The Abyss - BBC

Stalin's Army Of Giant Crabs Invades Norway - No, Seriously!!

Lengthy Nanotube Fibers Could Trump Traditional Textiles

Crude Calculations (peak oil)

No victory in Spain for terrorists.

The Coalition of the 'Willing' - numerical breakdown

Via Haiti US, Megaphones Venezuela: “Will You Comply?”

CIA blew it in Spain.

HUUUUUUGE Gun Arsenal Found in NJ!!

The Pouting Pinhead Protection Act of 2004

Information sought about suspected CAPO for the BCF?

where do i find the sen.kerry with shotgun picture?

Cops Plagued By Exploding Glocks

What they do, when they are not banning guns

GUNS IN THE NEWS--March 16, 2004

And now for something completely different: the War on Internet Gambling

I guess this guy is lucky

I got stopped in a roadblock today!

Did you ever think???...

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Question about a locked post...

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Official Illinois results thread?

Why is this GD quality material?

it's sad we can't discuss Rachel Corrie

I tried to post a message and got this:

The Price of an Orange, For Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall, by Starhawk,

Palestinians left outside J'lem fence are moving into capital

Former territories administrator blasts IDF's "immoral" behavior

Rivlin says public atmosphere legitimizes harming Arab MKs

Jordan may sue Israel for monies confiscated in Ramallah

Greens Renew Call for Probe into US Peaceworker's Death

The Exploitation of Palestinian Children by Terrorist Groups

Israel promises more assassinations

Message from Craig and Cindy Corrie

Two killed in Israeli airstrike on Rafah (new)

One Year Later: Rachel Corrie's Critics Fire Blanks

Israeli army dynamites Gaza school

Palestinian children fete US martyr

Arafat rejects his cabinet's demand to act against terror

Rachel Corrie fought for world she believed in

March 16 National Day of Action for Rachel Corrie

Internationals Honor Rachel Corrie and IOF Victims

A friend who died for peace

Rachel Corrie was killed by Israel's illegal wall

One Year Since the Killing of Rachel Corrie

In Memoriam: Rachel Corrie

Background / Rachel Corrie and Israel's army - a death in vain?

From Israeli Refusenik to Organizer

Build Me Up, Break Me Down - A look at US Army indoctrination

It WAS Flight 77, Part 2: Eyewitness Testimony

I fear a terrorist attack will happen right before the elections.

Countdown to Election Day: 525 Reasons to dump Bush

Bush wants us to "move on". Can

Politics of Fear vs. Democracy

Actor Clooney to stump for candidate father

Barack Obama (D-IL) wins in a landslide

Michael Jordan contributed $10,000 to Barack Obama campaign

Self-Funder Gives Democrats Hope in Georgia

DCCC Memo Sees Reverse of ’94 Rout

Awright, Lemme hear it, Martha Baby gonna go jail.. with Who?

Letter From Bette - letter from B. Midler to GW - gay marriage- MUST READ

Bush to resign, flee to Germany!!!!

WH to Kerry on Foreign Leaders Claim: Nuh-uh! Prove it!

Will the terror alert level be raised the week of the election?

Backstage with Margaret Cho, Al Franken, Michael Moore...and Vernon Reid!

New Coalition of the Willing Theme Song

Thought for the Election...

Vote in this industry journal's online poll. Let the discount stores...

More evidence of the angry right...

"El Pais" Writer On Dem Now....YEAH!


Dragon's Head' May Intensify U.S. Jobs Exodus

Is Iraq still using the Euro standard instead of the dollar?

Reporter: "The people of Spain forgot about Iraq until the Bombing"

bush will not make you safer from terrorists

Daily U.S. Casualties 3/16/2004

Time to e-mail Jack at CNN again! More inane questions.

Danziger on Stern | LOL

Again Bush disregards the facts…to manufacture a lie.

Spain did not concede to terrorists.

Rememberance of Dead in Iraq march-block WH gate

Hypothesis: Spanish Fallout Will Offer Further Evidence of Disconnect

Eery look-alike...

Religious Right Gag Order?

Man Shot To Death Over Family BBQ

What has Bush really done for the war on terror?

Bush was here locally yesterday...

State destroys records from Thompson's administration

Report: Damage from Warming Becoming 'Irreversible,'

Manuel Miranda (Memo Gate) counsel to Frist on C-Span spinning his way

is it true Richard Mellon Scaife is pro-choice?

Reminder: House of Bush House of Saud out tomorrow


Manuel Miranda Judicial Memo Thief on C-Span

Media Coverage

Utter shocker: Madrid attack executed from POST-INVASION IRAQ

reader's digest makes me want to vomit

Car code bill won't pass because it makes too much sense.

Same ol' same ol' by George Whacking his Bush* on CNN

How Can You Tell If Bush Is Lying?

NYTimes/CBS Poll - oh, oh

Delaware gay rights bill stalled...

Yesterday, on Hannity, re Kerry's comments on world leaders

Anybody have the 800# to call congress critters??

This pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

First O'Reilly doubts Bush NOW Mel Gibson. Is there a connection?

Hans Blix

E-Fight with Wingnut over Spain's Election

Bush remembered from social contacts- Alabama: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

It doesn't matter whose in office. This is how I see it.

Hans Blix on NPR this morning - great!

i say george bush show us what you have

What was the polling data before the Spnaish election?

Refusing to return to Iraq

More Spin on the "Jobless" (or "Job Loss") recovery from MSNBC

Got a poll to DU.

FOX News is the absolute media whores of all time.

What should Kerry's next 'sound bite' be?

Free tickets to see Bush being circulated in Orlando & Tampa.

State Polls are Showing a Real Hand to Hand Combat Race

We need to DU this petition.

Canada to call for ban on arms in space

Help me shoot this freeper mail out of the sky...

"The Empire Backfires"

CSPAN Alert: Carville on

Is it true more people have died since Bush* came to power throughout

Did anyone hear Biden this morning on Imus?

Bush used that most troubling phrase again: "greater mid-east"

Did Halliburton feed US soldiers tainted Mad Cow meat????

The media clip of Rumfilled's definitive lie

Can someone tell me what my Senator is telling me

The Bush Doctrine(merely the high-water mark of an assertive policy)

Another republican thinking georgie's* goose is cooked

General Shepard on Wolf Blitzer right now is flat out wrong

General Shepard on Wolf Blitzer right now is flat out wrong

Ex-U.N. Inspector Has Harsh Words for Bush(the world is NOT a safer place)

Dog & Pony show in Oak Ridge, TN.

Dupe - Delete

Look what my formerly apolitical hubby wrote!

Disgusting how soldier with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease treated by Army

The Pinocchio presidency | Joe Wilson | Salon

Smoke and Mirrors by the Hocus-POTUS review

Who in the World Likes Bush(leaders-all regions-overwhelmingly want Kerry

Two GIs in Iraq Seek Objector Status

heard yesterday on CNN "this is a religious war"

White House Daily Briefing Official Thread

Oxy Rush II

Bush-Bashing On Broadway (Spoiler Alert!)

Terrorism influences an election

Anybody hear the Aristide interview with Democracy Now?

How exactly does the government control the economy and job creation?

anyone see the */DPM news conf?

Question Bush about HIS statements re: foreign policy - FIGHT BACK

Aristide Back in Caribbean Heat (account was supported by two witnesses)

West Palm Beach seniors spitting mad at Bush

The anti-DU "" board just banned a DUer

If it is acceptable to call Bush, Cheney, et al "pricks"

Take this poll

George Carlin was just on Faux

Halliburton Subcontractor Threatens to Withhold Food from Troops

Kerry should sue FOX!

9 Times??!!??

Anyone see the documentary on PNAC on FSTV last night? Scariest.

McClellan's circular logic spinning out of control

The Price of an Orange, For Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall, by Starhawk

The Protocols of Mel Gibson

Who Is Responsible for The War On Terror

here's a good way to lose a bunch of votes (vehicle scrappage)

Questions for conservatives regarding 9/11

Yahoo Highly Rated Photos

OMG - Breaking - Bombs in Spain made in US

Rachel Corrie...Day of Action..1 yr anniversary

Bush: "And you can count on both of us..." Guess who his partner is?

OK so now that Spain is no longer "Willing"

Another cowardly attempt to slime John Kerry

Help me out with this here

What, exactly, is the "chatter" the terrorist experts speak of?

Response to Conservatives when they bash Clinton on Iraq

what the freepers say about Rachel Corrie

sick ldotters still celebrating rachel corrie's death

I Don't Think Bush* Understands The Meaning Of The Words He Reads...

US "unloading WMDs in Iraq"

Al Qaeda takes credit for Spain Socialist's win. And the media buys it?!

Snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory - A Bush Primer on diplomacy

586 dead, damn Bush* to hell

C-span insults Spain voters with moronic "daily questions"

Fresno, California - that haven of tolerance.

Need help with facts and sources!

I hate to predict things but IMHO take a look

"Neo-conservative Democrat and US Senator Joe Lieberman"

"Secret History of the Klu Klux Klan" on History Channel Now!

Has Bush lied about the economic and job numbers also?

Have we passed the "golden age" of our country?

"Stars and Stripes" letters

A National Day of Mourning for the 4 missionaries killed in Iraq?

"Nazis in America" Now on the History Channel

Let's talk about the republican "endgame".

If you're under 30 years of age, please answer this poll.

Help on Rumsfeld Face the Nation appearance - Where can I see the vid?

Need help finding text of Public Law 105-235

ignorant people against *: good or bad?

About how many people have quit looking for work in the last 3 months?

Spain explosives made in USA

Sharpton is on Crossfire today

James Madison on war. Not too good for the chimp.

Who FIRST Started Playing Politics With Terrorism?

Check this out: Iraq on the Record

I can't stand it anymore...never the real resons only the...

Another good one from Boortz today.

Crossfire Thread. 3/16/04 Is Sharpton on today?

Bush Personna Non Grata

Looks Like DU Is Getting Told On

Test your knowledge of bigots through the ages

Richard Perle Chickens Out

Rumsfeld shaking hands with Hussein

"Every Knee shall Bend, Every Head shall Bow..."

Before we put troops on Saudi soil, how many Islamic attacks on US?

How Many Kerry/Bush Debates Will There Be?


Biggest Fall Off Is From Midwestern Independents

Why did the Spanish realize what Americans fail to realize?

Update on Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9-11? Sept '04 release

Oh! Oh! This is real good.

Could the Spain election fiasco play into Bush's hands?

Al Qaeda will attack so Bush can win

If you could vote for any former Democratic President in November,

If you were an undercover journalist

A funny quote from Woody Allen's Manhattan:

Another one bites the dust: Honduras to withdraw troops from Iraq

Who is Al-Qaeda?

Allies pay the price for US' mistake in Iraq

So, if the RW had won in Spain, would it have been a victory for

An attack on the US benefits Bush..

Kerry's response to *...

Am I alone in thinking that certain posters should get over themselves?

Please Go Hit The CNN Poll Tonight

fight cancer and terrorism in your spare time!

Need links to evidence that Bush knew about the actual status of WMDs

Wolf Blitzer...oh, vomit!

Taos Residents to Topple Rumsfeld Statue - 1yr. Anniversary

When Will Kerry define himself?

Al Sharpton is Handing Tucker Carlson his A$$

CNN Asia poll - Should your country pull its troops out of Iraq?

Madrid: UN's credibility critically wounded

al Qaeda wins

FAIR: One Year Later, Sunday Shows Short on Iraq Critics

Survey: More Companies to Hire in 2Q ????????

Great talking point:

The "Daily Mislead" is quite good today

Bush Lies about Spain.

Let's get something straight here. Spain, Aznar, terrorism, Iraq.

Stern vs shrub piece coming up on CNN/Wolfie now.

Coming up on CBS Evening News Outsourcing a whole factory

Limbaugh Just Called Bill Clinton a "Draft Dodger"

I see Dennis Miller is still the ratings tail gunner

Spain understands what the Army War College understands

the "Spain caves to terror" paradigm

RED ALERT- What the Bush team learned from Spain?

Judith Kipper, Council on Foreign Relations. Anyone know about her??

Can Kerry Cut the Iraq Invasion/War on Terror Linkage?

Never forget Jessica Lynch

MSNBC: new polls show Bush "HANDILY" beating Kerry, even w/o Nader

Bush DOES have a foreign policy

how Kerry should respond to the latest Rove hits on him

There is so much more to be done than this internet abuse!

Cheney tells Kerry to name names.........oh! the irony

PM of Netherlands wouldn't commit to troops staying in Iraq today at the WH

The "Clinton was handed Osama and didn't take him" rumor

600 deserters??

More hidden right wing agenda...

LOL...from the Onion...rummy at Fang Island fortified island headquarters

On e-mail from Clinton, none of my links worked. I hope this was just my

Who will be the Kerry to emerge from "Iraq/Afghani War?" Will there be a

House of Bush, House of Saud author on CNN right now!

How do you guy's like my new Auction

Have U.S. elections EVER been suspended for ANY reason?

Heads up--Carville up on C-Span3 at 8:21

New * Ad slamming Kerry on votes!

David Mamet: Bush will announce capture of bin Laden on Oct. 17

Food Chain went to the printer today!

Just fired this off to Hannity

Could you please unFreep this poll?

ABC Nightline 3/16: Iraq today (joint project with Time and the BBC)

Variety's review of "Hunting of the President" movie

AOL Poll shows Bush leading

Spanish election fallout: military juggernaut Hondurus to pullout of Iraq

Governor Perfidious wants 2 new stadiums! Star Tribune can shove a ...

Spain and war on terror

Bush in Florida again: Tickets available ONLY to registered Republicans

Great article in Mother Jones. It spells out what's at stake in November.

The "L" word

Who FIRST Started Playing Politics With Terrorism?

Something I don't understand about the Republican position

'Bush's Brain' looks at presidential adviser

Your favorite sleazy Democrat

Bill Clinton's Boyhood Home For Sale on eBay

Here it is - Freepers float idea of halting elections

What would *'s WORLDWIDE approval ratings be?


Record Gas Pump Prices Expected in Spring

WMD Commission Watch (lack of investigative curiosity -have yet to meet)

Iraqi 'constitution' made in USA: New puppet regime already in trouble.

URBAN LEGEND: Kerry "inaction caused 9/11." STATUS: DEBUNKED!

When is shrub ever going to have ANY command of the English Language.

That freeper who "stood up" to Kerry is coming up on Hannity

Henry Waxman's database of 237specific misleading statements!

Did anyone watch Horns and Halos tonight on Cinemax?

RAND BEERS on CNN now with Anderson Cooper.

SCALIA: Radical Activist Judge Who's Unfit For SCOTUS

Can Don Evans be any more of a moron

Has Chris Matthews secretly been supporting Dean?

Hey DUers! The GOP wants our help in voting on their push poll!

Randi Rhodes live on CNN NOW n/t

Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah: The CNN Story about al-Qaeda's Socialist-Love

US unloading WMD in Iraq?

If Kerry were to offer Nader the head of EPA, would Nader bow out?

Anyone else see Richard Holbrook destroyed Wolf on CNN?

Bush Administration Accused of Manufacturing the News


Way cool Iraq lies report, commissioned by Waxman! MUST SEE!

I really do not want to have Bush stare at me when I open DU home page

Does anyone know anything about the PNAC?

US occupying forces are filling Saddam’s Prisons

John Maynard Keynes.

Another reason to hate oil companies.

Check out this letter from a person in Spain to Tom Tomorrow.

Oct 12th, 2000 attack on the USS Cole (?Oct surprise)

Message from Bill Clinton, make history again!

The media treats a fair election as way more ominous than the death of

was the CIA behind the Spanish bombing?

One good thing about being an American is...

Book: Patriot Act was ready by Sept 15-16, 2001

How much would Oil cost if....

Rummy backs off the June 30th Iraq Sovereignty Date

Drudge: Biden endorses a Kerry/McCain ticket on Hardball

New stomach-churning stats from the latest Harpers'

NY Ministers charged for marrying gays in religious ceremony

Kerry's secret weapon on 9/11-Rand Beers, formerly with Bush* admin.

Michael Parenti on Wednesday morn Radio KBOO

Email: From the Desk of Bill Clinton

The question is finally asked: Should the election be cancelled?

What is the deal about Mel Gibson and Bush?

OK, so all babies born in the U.S.A. are American citizens...

If I am to be a true DUer - I must ask this: why did people suffer in 2000

Has the substantive level of discussion here at the DU decreased recently?

What Christian

How can anyone support this..regardless of party?

What made Colorado Springs so right wing?

Ready for Freedom Rice?

Kerry statement on foreign leaders supporting his candidacy: Gaffe?

AM Hate Radio Spin Zone

There Is A Bill Out There That Would Let Congress Override SCOTUS?

Economic gurus: a question...

Ben Affleck - Larry King Live: I still believe the democratic party...

Growing Up Gay

Daily Show just made Stossel look like

Osama bin Laden: missed opportunities

Sign It! (gay marriage petition)

Co. Senate: Repugs choose RW nutjob run against Dem. Salazar

Countries whose leadership hopes Kerry wins

New crisis kids -- HR 3920

NC Duers, A Dem challenger to Howard Coble?

Why the Fffing hell were Baptists Missionaries wondering around in Iraq?

BBV: Another "R" signs the Statement of Principal for Clean Voting

Farewell to the Sixties, by Bill Moyers (to turn 70 & say goodbye to NOW)

Help! What am I?

BBV: Stage Is Set For A Californian Coup

Bush cannot allow the election in 2004.

BBV - more lawsuits bubbling to the surface soon - QUESTION

Must read, kick ass article from Joe Wilson

Help! Anybody got audio of Carville's fabulous speech to the Fire Fighter

Shrub's P.R.Attack Dog CASTELLANOS ("RATS" Commercial)

Athan Gibbs, Sr. Dies in Car Crash - TruVote

So what's Gibson doing with all the cash

OMG! Hannity asked fi election should continue if we are attacked!

Bill Maher on Christ

Hot off the presses: "The New Pearl Harbor" by David Ray Griffin

Do you agree with Roe v. Wade?

Howard Stern debates a Irrational Jingoistic. - mp3

A.F.L.-C.I.O. to Press Bush for Penalties Against China

Another OPEC Member Gets Vocal

U.S. Soldier Stabbed in Baghdad's 'Green Zone'

Venezuela's High Court says the opposistion has enough recall signatures

NYTimes/CBS Poll: Bush 46%, Kerry 38%, Nader 7%

NYT: Many in Eur. Suspect Spain Misled Them About Attackers

Probe of GOP money delayed:Republicans accuse journalist of helping DA to

Budget won't pay for PM's promises - Globe and Mail

New Arrest in Madrid; 201st Victim Dies

Citizens find Bush guilty of Afghan war crimes

Globe Reporter Claims Tape (kerry) Said "More" NOT Foreign

Venezuela Threatens More Layoffs Over Recall, Universal Reports

U.S. Unloading WMD in Iraq

NYT: Deficit Study Disputes Role of Economy

Anti-US resentment on rise in southeast Afghanistan

U.S. wage trend indicator lowest since 1993

Boise (Cascade) plans layoffs (400 jobs)

Same ol' same ol' by George Whacking his Bush* on CNN

Saudi Arabia says killing of al-Qaida chief shows success of anti-terror

A Vindicated Hans Blix Returns to U.S.

Al Queda Not The Only Enemy

Zimbabwe arrests shine light on export of mercenaries

Zapatero's win puts Blair in dock over question of trust

Giant payout in US funds scandal: Spitzer wins

US government faked Bush news reports

Some Iraqi Leaders Now Balk at Giving U.N. a Big Role

2 Germans, 2 Iraqis reported dead in Iraq

Passion actor Caviezel meets Pope

Unions Press for Sanctions Against China

Opec to slash April oil production

Iraqi Woman Translator Shot Dead in Mosul

General Shepard on Wolf Blitzer right now is flat out wrong

US government faked Bush news reports

Majority of Iraqis See Life Better Without Saddam

Four US civillians killed in Iraq (Baptist missionaries)

U.S. Commander Casts Doubt on Spain Plan

Depressed photographer had vCJD

Turkmen Leader Target of Assassination Attempt

Harper wants MacKay as his deputy: source - Globe and Mail

France Threatened With Attacks by `Servants of Allah'

Schaffer First GOP Candidate in Colo

bush* on C-span at this link...'we shall overcome'

Fiji soldiers claim pay outstanding for Iraq services

Europe wonders, ‘Who's next?’

Freed Afghans condemn Cuba prison

Jury Awards Butter-Flavor Worker $20M

Mercury Emissions Rule Geared to Benefit Industry, Staffers Say

Bush - Faux Standing Ovation (Guardian)

Spain pursues Moroccan link to train bombs

U.S. Takes Steps to Tighten Mexican Border

U.S. Troops Hunt for Gunmen in Haiti

Many in Europe Suspect Spain Misled Them About Attackers

Bitter Division for Sierra Club on Immigration

Miami soldier resists: `This war is evil'

Commissioners approve layoffs for Grand Rapids Police Dept (Grand Rapids)

Eight Cole suspects recaptured

Court refuses to review $500M verdict against Exxon

5 Madrid Suspects Arrested...Mar 16, 12:03 PM EST

US Popcorn victim wins $20m damages

U.S. Says Aristide Visit to Jamaica 'Not Helpful'

Temporary 1993 WTC Memorial Designed

Fed: Rates Unchanged, Pledges Patience

D.C. Lead Issue Was Debated for Months

House, Senate part ways over adjournment [VA]

Bush Urges Iraq-War Allies to Stick With U.S.

Iran nuke inspections to resume

Two Westerners Killed in Iraq; Bush Urges Unity

As terror threat evolves, U.S. forces begin focusing on west &north Africa

Kerry Brings McCain Aide To Campaign

Agents erred in UT (Univ. of Tx.) conference investigation

Spanish Election Tests Bush's Global Coalition

President's visit to Main Line YMCA draws a few protests (Philly)

Fastow's Help May Produce More Enron Charges -U.S.

Oil price breaks post-Iraq war high

WP: Iraq War Protesters Name Hundreds Lost (OUR Vets turned away at WH)

"More" leaders not "Foreign" leaders

Senator and His Allies Keep Up with Tempo of Bush Ads

Poll: Many think US wants world domination

He wanted every vote to matter; Athan Gibbs Sr. dies in crash (BBV)

Prosecutor Says Ex-Execs Used Tyco as 'Piggy Bank'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 16 March (#1)

Poll finds pessimism about U.S. direction - Gallup

Romney says Democratic convention should move out of FleetCenter

A murderous dictator, his rapper son and a $700m-a-year oil boom

Key West Proposes Res. to Support Gay Marriages 3/6/04

G.I. seeks conscientious objector status

Kerry Sticks to Claim of World Support

Two American soldiers in Iraq apply for conscientious objector status

US ambassador makes amends

Rumsfield Says Capturing Bin Laden Would Not Change Problem of Terrorism

Attack on US consulate in Pakistan foiled

Keelty backs away from terror talk ...(australia)

France, Germany welcome Spain back into 'old Europe' fold

Man with gun surrenders in Solano County (CA hwy sniper)

4:25 Pac "Walmart Sells Out!" KBOO Radio

Nevada Judge Tosses Out (Gennifer) Flowers Defamation Suit

"Bush's Brain" Kooks At Presidential Adviser

Study Downplays Alaska Refuge's Impact

Haiti's new prime minister forms Cabinet (no Lavalas members)

Bush ads call Kerry vote anti-soldier

Libya Disappointed by Nuclear Show, Official Says

Annan urges international cooperation in fight against terrorism

EU Backs Away from New Anti-Terror Organizations

Spousal Benefits for Gays at U.N. Challenged

NPR: Illinois polls are now closed, giving Kerry Dem nomination.

SNE cuts 600 jobs (Wisconsin)

The truth leaks out (Tenet admits disputing Iraq claims)

Survey: More Companies to Hire in 2Q

Hunt for Benney

Spain media say outgoing govt pressed them on ETA

"Bush's Brain" Looks at Presidential Advisor

Bush warms to new UN resolution on Iraq

Pakistan Kills Two Dozen Terror Suspects

3 Banks Had Early Concern on WorldCom

New Homeland Security Guidelines Called Vendor-Driven

Federal agency wants housing authority's director put on leave

Even guerrillas back `John Wayne' of the Philippines

Terrorism investigated after blast in Russia

Harvard Group Plans to Watch Over Polls

More money urged for DJJ (Jeb Bush)

A Listener Who Is Seldom Heard (Zapatero)

3. FBI man says US alliance boosts risk

Thomson plant in Marion shuts down putting 990 out of work

The Fed tracks the sagging job market

Whitney Houston enters drug rehab

2. Labor defends Keelty on terror

CBS 2 Chicago: Obama Projected Winner for U.S. Senate in Exit Poll

U.S., South Korea to Hold War Games Over Objections of North Korea

BellSouth continues job cuts; 778 layoffs planned

Saudi Arabia Detains Reformers

Fox News: Kerry Responsible for 9/11

Manpower's Bullish Jobs Survey

Blix: Lack of 'Critical Judgment' Led to Iraq War

Pickle to take memo report to Justice

Second Oregon County OKs Gay Marriage

Senator Biden Supports Kerry's claim that foreign leaders want a change

'Animals treated better' than Guantánamo prisoners

WP: A Fraying Truce on Ethics Charges

Operation Sweatshop Iraq

Enron caught on tape urging "screwing Nevada Power"

Bush urges Iraq-war allies to stick with U.S.

Training for Nuclear Plant Guards Off

Libya Disappointed by Nuclear Show, Official Says

US consumer confidence at 10-month low-ABC/Money

Report: Newspapers Were Deceived by Iraqi Defectors

Pakistan Kills Two Dozen Terror Suspects

Mercury Emissions Rules Bent to Benefit Industry, Officials Say

Buying birth control pills over the counter is studied

China accused of interfering in election - TW

Venezuela offers Aristide refuge

Syria Curbs Kurdish Riots for a Merger with Iraq's Kurdistan

Complaint filed against pharmacist

Honduras says it will follow Spain's lead, withdraw troops from Iraq in Ju

9-11 Panel Still Discussing Bush Subpoena

Mandela attack: Gunmen held

Poll: Muslim countries, Europe question U.S. motives

Swedish Royal House sues for fake porn

Another tiger species headed for extinction?

New Bush Ad Assails Kerry on Iraq Vote

Japan sticks to demand that U.S. test all cattle

Iraq Vote Splits Democrats Again

Spain Campaigned to Pin Blame on ETA

Spain accused of easing up on terror watch

Threats 'linked to headscarf ban'

Poll: Few Favor Same-Sex Marriage

In Memoriam: Rachel Corrie

DU Dictionary missing words - Add yours


Mike Malloy has gone off the air - now what ?

Coming up on CBS Evening News Outsourcing a whole factory


BEST NUMBER 2 HIT of the MIDDLE 1960s? (Part 1)

AZ DUers: Meet ZombyWoof and KadeCarrion LIVE! In Person!!

It's 6:30, and I'm in my jammies! And I feel good about it!!

I'm a WHAT??!!??

When is 24 coming back?

Dubya Oh Dee and other puzzling acronyms

ATTENTION: I found 2 countries whose leaders support Bush

Anyone else see Richard Holbrook destroyed Wolf on CNN?

Let me "axe" you a question


snap, crackle and CAPTION

An apology (So I posted a dumb copycat thread that got locked)

new Savage Weiner advertiser CompUSA

Looking for a link to the misinformed Fox News viewer study.


who has a scanner , lives in nyc and wants to help me

Novell is socking it to Dippy Darl!

Food post! We are eagerly awaiting "ramp season" here.

Thinking about going out for a beer...

Dumbest chess set you've seen?

And now...for my 1,000th post I give you....

Home alone!

oh goodie... I get to drive home in the fog!

It was 86 today in Sacramento....

HELP! I'm being sucked into the I/P forum!

A Cheer for my Favorite Alternative Weekly

A "jobless recovery" is most like;

I just ate a piece of pizza, 6 chicken wings, 4oz of Cheddar Chex Mix

Favorite Sport

I am such a weenie!

Did Jessica Simpson really say this?

The Love Doctor is BACK!!! Get your romance on with Mr. Scorpio's advice

Picture of Martian Crater "Bonneville"

BEST NUMBER 2 HIT of the MIDDLE 1960s? (Part 2)

I'm in love with Jon Peter Louis

Elephants are Coming

Need help with an 80's tune


I bought _Blowback_ and _Che_ today, and I have a question

Certainly his father's son.... Dhani Harrison

What's the Rent like in your town?

Parody: Are You There George? It's Me, Margaret*

Bush to resign, flee to Germany!!!!

Bored? Listen to this... guaranteed laughs...

A new tongue-twister! I was thinking about the stupidity of the English

I just took an Ambien, ask me anything,,Quickly!!

BMG music buy 1-3 free (HELP)

Your favorite sleazy democrat

An artist says 'I'm waiting for inspiration'

In honor of Rachel Corrie I have changed my avatar for the day.

The Hacker Crackdown

The bar is open... I'm serving

I just changed my avatar

Andy Rooney Avatar?

Freaky hacker moment (please help)

One up, one down for Mets

March - in like a bunny out like a rabid-rhino

are you NUTS!!!!!!!!!!

I just made rice krispies treats

Dairy Farm Performing Cremations - Got Milk?

Man Upset With Condo Association - Beat 78 y.o. Member - Jailed

Man Shot To Death Over Family BBQ

It's almost five am PT - I've been at work 21 1/2 hours

Our furnace is busted and I'm going to have to take the day off

Which movie sequel are you most looking forward to?

My rant was (partially) printed in the Detroit News, ask me anything!

On Commandments monument, he finds a pagan plot

ABB lapel pins--anyone have the email for the guy who's selling them?

So a raccoon just ran through my dining room.....

An oldie but goodie

On a scale of 1 to 'bad' are you?

Disabled, Pregnant Statue Coming To Trafalgar Square

I'll come t'thee by the moonlight, though Hell should bar the way.

Dennis can eat 10 pies per hour (pph).

Gay Agenda...Funny stuff

LBN Kangaroo Attacks Woman in Her Garden

Panda Bear Partakes In Sex Ed Course


I WIN!! I actually Had A Post MOVED From The LOUNGE to GD!

Serve the servants - Oh no

What factors influence people's decisions about what to include or exclude

Italian Police Break In To Church To Install Priest

Is it too early to put my St. Patrick's Day Avatar up ??

GIF-hunting help: See the flag-inside-a-Brazilian-map that is my sig?

Rascism knows no color. Or every color?...

Couple's 13 y.o. Girl Actually A Boy (They Really Didn't Know)

I dont wanna work, i just wanna bang on the drums all day

Afghan Soldier Can't Afford To Get Married - Caught With Donkey

Man Nails Himself To Cross - Attempted Suicide - No Charges To Be Filed

Things to do in Madison WI on a Friday night ....

Confirmed!!! Barbra Streisand WILL play Ben Stiller's Mom in ...

Well I think I am being adopted by to adult kittens

Employees Hack Survey - Customer Satisfaction Asked Of Their Families

Dah dah....waiting fo stupid paper to send to the press

Seniors Break Record With Golf Cart Parade

Burgler Calls 9/11 After Cutting Himself During Breakin

I did something bad yesterday...

The Hamster Dance is Dead Long Live the Hamster Dance

Listening to Metallica's "...And Justice For All". Ask me anything.

It's tax time! (This is NOT for easily offended people...)

Tax Time in Canada too - Simplified Form for 2004

Are you marching today?

This terrible 24 and a half hour stretch (with a one hour break)

I found a Johnson/Humphrey Button!! from 1964

Meet Isabella. She's the dog from the Northwoods Shelter I mentioned...

Hockey question.

I get to vote today!

Singer Whitney Houston enters rehabilitation facility

At What Point Did Metallica 'Jump The Shark' ?

Hey! They've used My picture on the DU main page!

At what point did "Jump the Shark" jump the shark?

Wonder why I can't change my avatar?...

I looooove my pasta....

Short-term amusement

The Spelling Buzzard of all CAPTIONS!!!

At what point did "Happy Days" jump the shark?

POP QUIZ: The Taxicab Question

Hurrah! At Last I'm 50!

I would like a Rachel Corrie avatar for this week....

At What Point Did "Jaws" Jump The Shark?

Well, I Finally Blocked Faux

The Lactating Mucilage of all CAPTIONS!!!

New This Modern World strip

just spent 20 minutes watching Wolf Blitzer....

Any Thee Hypnotics fans?

I know you are - but what am I? PeeWee Herman appreciation thread...

at what point did saying "Jumped the shark" jumped the shark,

Dawn Of The Dead?

A motivational seminar rant... (My first rant)

Suppose You Wake Up Tomorrow And You're Bisexual

Welcome to my home, would you like a CAPTION!!!!

do you hate hypocritical preachers?

Tattoo shirts.. (when you're not quite ready for the real deal)

Almost a foot of snow due tonight and tomorrow...

Shida needs foster parents... such a sweetie

POP QUIZ: The TXlib Question

"It is not HANDS that call us..."

I want to make my own avatar...but

Do you mate hypocritical creatures?

The Life of yaks... Is this a Zomby production???

Who was(or is) the most talented player on Saturday Night Live?

Suppose you wake up tomorrow...

Woman Gives Birth To 2 Set's Of Identical Twins

So, who out there is voting for Nader?

A Question on Reel Mowers

Tokers' post

Does the weird duck offend you?

Where do things stand with Cheney vs. France?

My Cat Hates You!

"Peenus" seeks name change

Unemployed DUers, check in!

Best Movie Snax while watching The Thrashin' of the Christ:

Duck Wad for President!!!!

Anything better than Etrade out there?

Have you seen this incredible silliness?? *lol* I love it!

Are all dogs bisexual or just chihuahuas?

You must be this tall to CAPTION

do you know about tattoos and health issues?

I Just Saw Dan Quayle

Have any DU'ers seen "Supersize Me" yet?

It's now official...

What happened to abstinence only education???

I am governor Jerry Brown

Suppose you wake up when gaymarriage is legal and you have no moral values

We went to the Yanni concert Sunday night

Do you date hypocritical preachers?

Birthday CONFESS!!!! for Finnfan: What's your lustful Finnfan thoughts?

End of the world: Good thing or Bad thing

Eagles fans... Is he really worth the trouble?

Why should *I* have to back up an accusation when I can CAPTION?

Is a person Boy George for saying I look like a jerk?

Does the word fuck offend you?

Help! Need Wolf Blitzer in a bra!

My Dog Barks At Barking Dogs And Doorbells... ON TV!!


How much money do you feel you have to make to be "comfortable"?

Do you like big butts?

CAPTIONs can be cold to the touch

I'm so tired--been working 80 hour weeks for 3+ weeks

Presidental advice (LOL)

Good site for word lovers

The In Arrears of all CAPTIONS!!!

Suppose YOU wake up Tom Tomorrow and....

Does size really matter?

Anderson Cooper is perhaps America's next great news man...

Guess their names

The Snow has Reached ManchVegas

Have you hugged your Mac today?

Nigella bites.. the game

Suppose you wake up tomorrow and you're Laura's bush?

I think my tinfoil hat is on too tight - a new theory about "the Breast"

New Postage Stamp

will pitt has taken over my computer!

Bush = Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Yonder nor sorghum stenches shut ladle gulls stopper torque wet strainers.

Terrell Owens & Donovan McNabb like a PB&J sammich?

Public servants - your Tax dollars at work

Does the word offend fuck you?

"Toe-MAY-Toe" or "To-MAH-Toe"

Suppose you wake up tomorrow with a film on your tongue?

What is your favorite Orson Welles film?

Suppose YOU wake up Tomorrow and....

Suppose you wake up tomorrow...


notice that all the countries Freepers hate are full of gorgeous women?

Vets Give Panda Crash Course in Sex Ed...

Comedy Break

Is "flee" a funny name for a chatroom

Suppose you wake up tomorrow?

Suppose YOU wake up Tomorrow and you're George W. Bush....

The Meat Puppets...

Where is WindRavenX?

Do you like big asses?

Yippee! Just got another clue in the search for my mother's family.

funny pic from the onion (cheney clotheslines aide)

Sombody tell me something funny..

Facts about the Dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide

Suppose you don't wake up tomorrow.

Come out, Come out wherever you are.......

Lost My Editing Job

Help I'm In Need Of Immediate Computer Geek Assistance!!!

Is Japan really blocking the exporting of authentic...

I am in need of vibes and prayers

Sorry, I WILL NOT be voting for Kerry in November.

PoufBunny Pin-Up Parlour.. Guys who like petticoats

What CAN'T money buy?

I need boredom in my life.

Happy St. Urho's Day

What if I wake up tomorrow and i am YOU?

Went to the Doctor Today

Life or Death

God, I feel depressed....

I need more friends!


Je dois avoir un snowday

I need a double espresso real bad!

Can someone explain to me why Jackson Browne is in the Hall of Fame?

How does one upload an avatar that uploads?

Neon Green Pistachio Pudding and Mad Cow in my Pot.. St. Pat's Day.

When did Clinton the Big Dog endorse Kerry?

48 pretty little Flash games to while away your day

Just saw a car accident.

I hate March! Winter Storm headed toward Boston


Do you DU at work?

I got to arrest 3 Republican freeper types today!

A Plague Upon the Land: thoughts of a worried Illinoisan

afternoon DU chat

If someone jumped bail on felony charges...

I've got crab(s)!!!

The BCS numbers say VCU will beat Maryland for the championship

Married With Children - season 2 DVD is out.

I love...

Who else is listening to Let's Active "Cypress" ?

Why does acoustic vinyl look different?

The horror!! I'm in the 700 Club!!!

I'm in love with

I'm getting hate messages on my answering machine

Newsman Matt Drudge or President_G_W_Bush

CONFESS!!!!!! How much was your first tax refund and what did you buy???

Attention Paint Shop Pro Users (if there are any)...

Just brewed some beer for KCDem's birthday party

Movie experts! I need your help!

Any fans of "Less Than Perfect"?

You've got a point there

I'm in love with John, Wicke's furniture's booth matron!

Bartcop kitty?

Allow Me To Ruin Your Diet

I'm in love with.....

Oh god ...... I'm running for offfice!

Do you love it or hate it?

I'm in love with that girl over there

Which epithet is better:

which really cool documentary should i see?Please Help!!!

When I'm not near the one I love

continuing on my previous question...

How do I insert a jpeg in the body of my post?

I Just LOVE Sci-Fi Channel's New Show: "Tripping the Rift"

so who was in the right here?

Does this not look like an ad for the Bronx Zoo?

All Hail Krankor!

Do you ever have that not so fresh feeling?

I see trees of green... red roses too

Riders On The Storm...

so people who have played Final Fantasy 7...

I Need Excitement in My Life

This weekend, ANOTHER horror movie will top the box office

I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's hear it for Prince!

Jon Stewart just skewered the SHIT out of *

Irish joke thread!

DU chat tonight

favorite Kevin Smith film?

Im going to Montreal in the near future with a friend of mine

When was the last time you said "Today is a good day?"

Battle of the ladies: Nancy Sinatra vs. Dusty Spingfield


Hey Illinois Democrats!

Ann Coulter Releases a New Line of Clothing!

I wanna catch a leprechaun - what bait should I use?

Not too Late to Join DU's NCAA Men's Brackets

Thank Onion for the funniest Rummy Photoshop in a long time...

Don't Know If AnyOne Posted This But Did You See Randi Rhodes

I'm in love with John Wilkes Booth

Someone just told me I'm going to hell

Vancouver DU gathering May 15th in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Wow, check this site out.... True Republicans? Looks like there

How many sides does a Paragon have?

My Lamp made a buzzing noise and died -

Man Shot To Death Over Family BBQ

Got A Dirty HOUSE???? - Call M.A.T.C.O.M. !!!!

Who's your favorite Super Hero?

Chicago Blues Battle: Otis Rush vs. Hound Dog Taylor

Both my cats!

For those with crappy mattresses and horrific back pain -

Seattle DUers: ever eat a Beth's 12-egg omelet?

A little help NO in this poll!

Sandwich or sammich?

I'm reading Chalmers Johnson's "The Sorrows of Empire"

What movie scene scarred you for life?

Favorite epithet for Bill O'Reilly?

What is your favorite over-looked movie?

Albertson's now has discount cards

I'm in love with John Foster Dulles

Right-wing, but amusing eBay auction

can you find something more nauseating than this daily Freeper thread?

Report to the Meeting Room to give the Throckmorton family your sympathies

Coolin' on the corner on a hot summer's day...

Does anyone else wish this infatuation with William Hung will end?

CAPTION the sucking sound

Favorite Soft Cell song?

Favorite Jerry Lewis film

Any San Luis Obispo DUer's out there?

Favorite quote from a Chris Guest movie?

What Is Most Essential For St. Patrick's Day Dinner Tomorrow?

What might my neighbors be thinking?

HELP! I accidentally caught a banshee!!

----------------> CLICK HERE<----------------

How old are you?

ANNOUNCEMENT: The list of World Leaders who want Kerry as Prez

Should I pay rent to the 'Rents?

unfreep this poll!!!!!


Red Haired guy on American Idol?

Bush's woes pile up as election beckons

Poll: Arab-Americans prefer Kerry

How to flip the "bin Laden is rooting for Kerry to win" meme

Bush Strains Facts Re: Kerry's Plan To Cut Intelligence Funding in '90's

Democracy: the problem or the solution?

David Cross on JimmyKimmel (He wore a DU shirt the last time he was on)

Al Sharpton On Radio/Television Could Make A Difference

Cheney: "What foreign leaders support Kerry?"

Does anyone honestly think Nader is going to get 7% of the vote in Nov?

Kerry DD214

Great Read: Kerry bring McCain Aide John Weaver to Campaign

What then to do about Nader?

Bid to curb groups' political ads may dim a Kerry bright spot

Conason: Ralph Nader's Got Some Explaining To Do

Vote this poll! Should John Kerry tell who the foreign leaders are

Cook Political Report -Industrial states are a uphill battle for Bush

Under Which Administration Was More Popular In The World...

Vote in this Poll at Discount Store News (all candidates)

New Rasmussen poll Kerry leads Bush 47-45

Is There One Nation Where The Majority Of People Support Bush?*

Bush attack ads set negative tone

Please give me some good news.

Catch 22 for bush

Lets Just Say There Are Three Major Parties In the U.S.

The president's right to delay an election in times of national disaster

kerry speaking here now

(Kerry) and His Allies Keep Up With Tempo of Bush Ads

In Memoriam: Rachel Corrie

ILLINOIS voters today ?

Kerry Doesn't Back Down From "Foreign" Support Claims He Didn't Make

Funny Cartoon: The "flip-flop" vs. the "flop"

The job market will get better in 10 years

Bush WILL Cheat. What will WE do

DU this poll!

Republicans for Kerry

Edwards supporters, do you know........

God Damit KERRY use this to attack *..... RE- Troops/Veterans

Memo to Karl Rove:

Stop fighting the last war

Richard Holbrookes's response to world leaders supporting John Kerry

Kerry Campaign Response to Latest Bush-Cheney Misleading Ad

Yet another way Kerry could strike back at Bush.


Kerry Pushed on Claim as Reporter Corrects Quote

Democrats Seek Probe of Medicare Estimates

Google is doing Kerry like they did Dean....mostly right wing hits.

Sharpton on Crossfire

I hope gas jumps another 50 cents before November!

Pete Toomey

Today in West Virginia, Kerry Accuses Bush of Misleading the Nation

Is it too early to trot out a "Trifecta" ad?

OK. This time I copied the message

Bully Magazine on the Ralph Nader candidacy

I'm so excited! I got an e-mail from the Big Dog. (I know everybody else..

Survey: More Companies to Hire in 2Q

Inside Politics: Bush wanted Bloomberg to get NYC Firefighters endorsement

Anyone want to guess...

Does Nader Need "Satisfaction" Before Singing Kerry Praises?

Remember to watch John Kerry LIVE on C-Span2 at 8PM from W Virginia!

When you make an accusation, you should back it up with facts.

"In '72 speech, a different kind of Kerry" - Ironic Kerry comment on Nader

Kerry Must Directly Confront Nader

my theory about Nader voters

It's about time to remind everyone

Overt Lying Image in Latest Bush TV Ad.

Senator Kerry should insist

Just curious about Spain

Clark supporters: something strange happened in Chicago this morning!!!

Any thoughts on the most recent polls? (Longish post)

Who Is Your Least Favorite President

Bush has been running alot of ads in South Carolina.....why?

New Bush Ad Assails Kerry on Iraq Vote

Irish having kaniptions

Why Democrats should get as many Kucinich delegates to the convention as p

Kerry = Stalin *read before flaming*

Some foreign leaders prefer Bush - Sun Myung Moon, Rupert Murdoch,

Having Salazzar running in CO will make winning the state a lot easi

Open up a can of

John Kerry on C-Span2 now!

Kerry Declares Victory, Fires Back at Bush

rw-ers using fraudulant ebay accounts to bash Kerry and

Holbrooke on CNN....NOW! n/t Kerry is starting to impress me...

What Would You Say Is Kerry's Biggest Strength?

Link to Illinois primary results

John Kerry is a liar!!

Puke Alert! Why Joe Biden supports Kerry/McCain ticket! On Hardball now

We need a response to the anti-$87 billion commercial * is airing

How to get stupid white men out of office

Dean being blunt again while press spins. Someone had to say it.

Some Dems to run away from Kerry

DU Presidential candidate poll, again

Losing before we have a chance to win

Illinois DUers: Vote, and check in!

Drudge--Biden confirms foreign leaders want change in U.S. leadership

Why is our echo chamber so clumsy?

Surge in support for Nader spells trouble for Kerry

Here's what I want to see....

President Kerry means army = naked men with sticks?

Dean Internet Team Helping Gary Leshaw in GA Senate Race

Blair Fesses up...He wants a new president. too

A Question of Kerry's Credibility

Deleted message

AP analysis of the new Bush attack ad

Obama leads in early returns in Illinois Senate race

Out with old Bush, in with the new Kerry!

Dean says Kerry should NOT reveal leaders' names....good statement.

Smear Machine Kicks Into High Gear: Kerry Responsible for 9/11

Would Bush Be In Your Top Five List Of The Most Odious Political Leaders

I just contributed to John Kerry.... it felt good.

Wes Clark cancels Ohio appearance

cspan technical problems for John Kerry event

McCain Aide (Weaver) To Advise Kerry

Big Dog email for Kerry - 3/16/04 A Day to Remember

Prophecy From The Onion - Jan 18, 2001

Whoopi was great tonight...

Note to Mr. Kerry on naming names.

This might be a good time for Kerry to name his VP

Response to 'Kerry to blame for 9/11' gibberish

Clinton enters US campaign with fundraising appeal for Kerry

Should Kerry make an issue of Spain?

I do not trust McCain or his aides.

Which of these would you most like to see in the party platform?

Look Who's Asking Us Democrats to support John Kerry on JK's website!

I'm now leaning toward Wes Clark for VP...

The "Nader's not gonna get 7%" crowd is missing the point

NYTimes: Crazy To Go Ahead With Election 3 Days After Madrid Massacre

interesting results in illinois

Fuck Ralph Nader, latest NYT poll: Bush 46 Kerry 38 Nader 7

Kucinich voted against letting FCC charge severe fines

A seething resentment smolders in America's 'heartland' (repost)

Name One Country Besides America Where A Majority Supports Bush*

Walter Cronkite: Make Global Warming an Issue

Who's Worse -Bush Or Nixon...

I am convinced that George Bust will NOT lose this election . . .

A house divided against itself cannot stand: a call to arms! (repost)

The election is over

Who's a better VP pick?

Edwards for VP expectations are real.