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Archives: March 15, 2004

Salon: The Arabian candidate (How Saudi Connections helped * be selected)

The Politics of Self-Pity :Maureen Dowd

Voices on Iraq // George Galloway

UK Independent: Terror unlimited

Gadfly Takes flight...New Progressive ezine....

The Truth Leaks Out

Official Says He Was Told To Withhold Medicare Data

Again, with the "CIA's fault"! So the WH is a rubber stamp for the CIA?

There's Something Rotten In Newark

FBI adds Internet to wiretap wish list

Beware instant democracy

Salon: Going Negative

The Politics of Self-Pity

Herbert: An Insult to Our Soldiers (National Guard Pay System Fubars)

Nuclear Bombshell: The Truth that John Kerry Knows

US revealed to be secretly funding opponents of Chavez

March 14th 2004: The neo-cons' Stalingrad

Texas grimly efficient in executions

NYT-"U.S. Videos, for TV News, Come Under Scrutiny"-A Medicare Must-Read)

Dead soldiers' families join anti-war protest at White House

Getting Tough With the Right

Notes from the Swami re: The Passion of Christ, etc.

Privacy protecting programs killed

One Bold Thinker Among the Democrats (Barney Frank on jobs/econ)

Salon: Part 4 "House of Bush" Lost in Transition

They Can Already Taste blood and They are Ready to Kill... Our America

Getting Tough With the Right

Walter Cronkite - Make global warming an issue

KRUGMAN: Weak on Terror

Making Peace Normal

Why the rich rule the land of the free

Bush Losing Some Mystique of Presidency

Bush Officials Say Iraq War Worthwhile

Salon/Joe Wilson: The Pinocchio presidency

Spain was the victim, Canada the audience

National Initiative for Democracy

Alaskan Recall Effort Against Republican Gov. Murkowski!

Keep heat on Sens and Reps who supported the war

Gathering for Peace Strategies

CA Senators Call to Decertify Paperless voting: You can help push!

Round up of Florida M20 protests

Vote in this Poll from Discount Store News....take away Walmart power

Longshoremen call walk-out Friday - Bring soldiers home from Iraq

Scott Ritter Speaking at Ford Hall Forum in Boston, Tuesday March 30th

My protest sign for Saturday in San Francisco

Any chicago Area Events anyone knows of?

Support CSpan!!!

I was away from DU for a can someone tell me

Media reports -US boosts production- Capacity Utilization: - as if "good

(SF)Chron bans (married) female journalists from same-sex marriage story

FAIR: One Year Later, Sunday Shows Short on Iraq Critics

RNC Strategy?

The media spin about Spain is making me sick

Mr. Juan Williams of NPR misstates the beginning of the war on terror

3/15 Daily Show - Chuck Shumar and Rome is to Blame..

Sully Mocks the "Far-Lefties" at DU

Question about proving news channel bias.


The Passion: A Dispassionate View, or “Gory, Gory Hallelujah!”

sacred space...deja vu

Many Faces of Atheism

Zionism. How much should it be emphasized.

Astrology Speculation: Could New Planet be true ruler of Virgo?

Karma Comes to Call: Pluto on Bush's South Node II

Another gay marriage poll.

Great LOTE on the issue of "gay marriage" in LV Review Journal

Barney Frank calls for New Deal like policy to get jobs

US boosts production (76.6 percent of its total capacity = good to media)

Deep-rooted commodity trap lies behind Africa's poverty

Hey Dobbs.. How about the people STILL working here?

Can someone explain the apparent connection betw. stock market

A Canadian perspective (CBC Venture) re: US outsourcing jobs overseas

California Dam Removal Plan Hit Snags - SF Chronicle

Hood Canal Dead Zone Persists

North Atlantic Right Whale Numbers May Be Moving Up - Seattle PI

60 Minutes, re: repairing Hubble. Transcript, mp3 & vp3 here

FWS Announces $10 Million Land Purchase Program For Prairie Potholes

Jakarta Green-Lights More Mining In Protected Forests

Plan to melt through Europa's ice

Astronomers discover 'new planet'

WRI Warns of Worsening Warming...

China's Soaring Energy Demand - NYT

Fish & Wildlife Service Lists 2 More Bird Species As "Extinct"

Gasoline Demand Rising Despite High Prices

Hybrids' Rising Sun - MIT Technology Review

California Officials Stumped By Dihydrogen Monoxide Threat

How U.S. is sowing gridlock in Iraq

Memories Are Short, Hatred Is Forever

GUNS IN THE NEWS--March 15, 2004

Man Died of Neglect, Inmates Say

An interesting take on the war on (some) drugs

British want to charge wrongly convicted for housing expenses!

I just got an e-mail from a banned user and I shouldn't have!

stuffing envelopes/pizza party?

Could someone edit the image refs in my post in this thread please

Are we really going to let anyone who feels like it post

Lost password

Question about the 'F' word.

Should DU do more screening on new members ?

If the person who got my posts deleted was tombstoned...

Skinner what's the deal with the NCAA pool

Have the GD thread starting rules been eliminated?

Feature Request: a "War Room"/"Research Room" forum

Warping Mideast judgments

Disengaging from the disengagers

Court cuts sentence of woman convicted of aiding bomber

Israel to step up targeted killings of Palestinian militants

Palestinians using children to wage war...

Fatah: Ashdod Port bombers used tunnels to cross Gaza

Israel co-ordinates with US construction of (training base)

Boy set up as unwitting suicide bomber, say Israelis

Soldiers nab Palestinian boy with bomb

Arafat rejects his cabinet's demand to act against terror

Former N.C. parents seek answers a year after child's Gaza death

Israeli forces kill 44 Palestinians since beginning of March

After Iran inspections are scrapped,Israel urges West to keep up pressure

Israeli defence chiefs propose "exceptional" response to bombings: radio

It's a world war

How many terrorist attacks does this make?

'James Baker's law firm defends the Saudis against 9/11 families'

Poland to keep troops in Iraq, chides Spain

What would be the best online payment system to use?

Ok it's official...

Help Martin FROST (TX) - Make DeLAY's Head Explode

Hans Blix is a big tease.

Bush Only Has Two 45 Minute Policy Meetings A WEEK!!!

Who writes the "top 10 Conservative Idiots Column?" nt

9/11 Families Protesting * deliberately blocked from LI 9-11 * Event

Curb Your Enthusiasm torpedoed Bush tonight

Flat Tax questions

disgusting example of Bush lies

Perhaps Americans might learn something from the Spanish experience.

The D-Bunker - Kerry's rapid-response blog


Are Social Software and Indirect Action BAD for Progressive Politics?

Iraq WIA-KIA Ratio is 6 WIA for every 1 KIA (WWII 3:1, Vietnam 4:1)

Bill Maher Rerun with George Carlin starting now on HBO

Local news

Hero pilot's daughter gets transplant help.........

why don't fundies care about the GOP's alliance with the Moonies?

Interview of Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon

Hans Blix on Today Show this morning

Need help responding to Social Security email

CSPAN Monday AM — G. Gordon Liddy

Washington tells Pootie-Poot "Do a Better Job with Democracy"

Culprit identified in Madrid Bombings

Keeping a close eye on Faux News today...

Ethan Hawke just now on GMA

Huge car bomb targeted for Colin Powell ?

WH ad campaign with fake journalists lauding Medicare law under scrutiny

Howard Stern thread 03/15/04

C-Span 9:15 ET Chip Pitts - Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Is anyone watching the Freeper Pro-War Rally on CSPAN 2? (8AM ET)

Anyone else get this RW broadcast?

New Reality show looks for next President of the United States

Ashcroft's back. Time to get to work.

Ever since I saw this picture, I've been traumatized

Has anybody seen the Tim Robbin's play, Embedded , great review.

Freedom Rice

Rupert Murdoch gets a pass on "decency"

Joe Biden really needs a refresher on U.S. History

The thread is starting to unravel....

Selective Service turns over almost 200,000 names to DoJ for prosecution

Asa Hutchinson, The Original Smirk

Only "some" families?

Freepers call protesting Iraq war families un-patriotic.

How long til BushCo subverts and overthrows the Socialists in Spain?

Mary Landrieu working for Veterans

Outsourcing and Out Migration the new Repug Plan?

Tony (& Others) Must Be Having Very Wet Armpits Today........

Curiosity: what industrialized country is in BETTER shape employment-wise?

Porn director hooks up with church officials.. "for the children"

American Research Group Finds Bush "100 Days" Ad Tests Poorly


Partial Text of Iraqi Constitution

Question about the Spain timeline

What will we find out first?

Hey!!! Didn't we abide by Bin Laden's wishes

Author Dave McGowan refutes the "Peak Oil" scam ala Ruppert...

Isn't it fun to hear Republicans quoting Clinton to justify W?

Slapping down Chimpy's "leadership" meme...

I need a list

sebastopol, ca to decide on gay marriage!

Delete message. thanks

U.S. Marine shot and wounded in Haiti

What kind of Bush is he?

Will California Be the Florida of 2004?

41 or 43? Which Bush said it?

That darn military record just won't go away

Some thoughts about Spain.

Will Spanish rice be renamed at the White house?

email spain's new PM Elect

U.S. Videos, for TV News, Come Under Scrutiny

John Podhoretz ("Bush Country") will be on live at 1 p.m. ET as Wash. Post

Anybody watching the History Channel?

American Democracy comes to Iraq

Anyone else with HUGE hikes in utility, insur., local tax bills?

Tenet; February 2000

Bush wants warning labels on condoms

Neal Boortz

The West was warned. Now it is paying the price of the 'war on terror'

CNN Poll On Madrid

Jason Seagraves for U.S. Congress

I am looking for a link to an article about WMD

Did DU get to this poll? edit - DU PROOF!!! and suddenly NOT

Is the Internet liberals answer to talk radio?

9/11 families barred from protest at Bush visit site

U.S. Isolated at Hemispheric Conference on Gender, Population

Anyone honestly doubt that world leaders want Bush gone?

Have you heard about

Spanish bombing proves Iraqi/AQ link.

Anyone have a Kerry playing Hockey pick?

Raleigh City Council Member objects to "sexual orientation"

Yikes! NYMEX crude oil trading above $37 a barrel

what a fortuitous set of events

Un-freep this poll

Fog of War & Religious Hysteria will keep Bush* in Gore's White House

Hey kids, the book, "House of Bush House of Saud"

Were prosecutors right to charge Melissa Rowland with murder?

Seven more soldiers killed in Iraq this weekend

Has any group claimed responsibility for the Madrid bombings yet?

Help! I need a comprehensive list of Bush flip-flops

I usually like Calpundit, but he's full of crap today!

Spain's Election blow to Bush's war on terror

O'Reilly: "Spain's Election Another Example of Europe's Weakness"

Once again, * has to resort to plan C

The "let's nitpick on representative democracies' electoral quirks" thread

Wolfie is putting a phony spin on the Spanish elections results

from Harper's: The fog of self . . .

I predict.. Republicans will soon embrace stem cell research

Join Me!

Today's Growth Industries; Safe and Secure Jobs!

Is MWO dead? The Horse is still running the same story since Feb 12th

e-mail Jack at CNN: "Terrorists won because of Spanish election"

Zapatero-"You can't organize a war with lies"- To Bring Span. Troops Home

This shows the depth of FREEP/NEOCON Racism:

Some anti-Kerry stuff from the right.

Yeah The White House Will Be Great But. I WANT EVERYTHING.

Bush Uses Fake Reporters

What is Rolling Thunder doing at the Freeper Rally?

Impending Military DRAFT Timeline (must read): BUSH '04 = DRAFT '05

G. Liddy says if you cant find work move to Arizona

Do we support Nation Building?

RW and Christian right hear Mel Gibson question W

Newspaper headline...

Ministers arrested in NY for marrying gays

"This very popular president..."

A poll: GOP Veepstakes Poll (this thread is a poll)

Heard anything about Hans Blix returning to Iraq?

quick could someone give me the link to that bush flip flop site?

Please ask CNN to cover story in Haiti

Hannity Lies About Catching Kerry In a Lie

Some parents of dead soldiers have received death threats for speaking out

GW Bush and the GOP are bigots.

Bush lies - about recession

Bush Family Follies (new info on Neil and Sharon)

Is the Democrat promoted Syria bill only about Israel protectionism?

What will it take for Media to put US Foreign Policy in Context?

Kerry's comment that he "met" foreign leaders attacked by the right.

So disappointed re Haiti coverage.

CA town almost bans water!

Please unFreep this CNN poll

What a very odd picture of our president

Kerry, I hope ,is going to kiss all the boo boo's and make it all better

Crossfire: Carville says "Bu$h 'not man enough'" to stand up and debate

One of Hannity's Callers Called Her 9YO Daughter a "Future Republican"

Freedom: Where has it gone, did we ever have it, and do we really want it?

"If we were to end outsourcing, we would replace American companies

Voting is an Investment of sorts, Pubs invest in themselves, Dems for all

New progressive site.......The Gadflyer......Josh Marshall mentioned this

Now that Mel Gibson says that Bush sucks...

(A 2nd poll-oriented poll) What GOP Veep-nom do you fear most? --a poll

What happens if another country finds Bin Laden?

Do you feel refreshed?

An idea regarding Novak and the Plame issue

Gasoline Demand Rising Despite High Prices

Neil Young touring with Veggie Oil Does he rock or what?

At the "rodeo" or cattle auction last week, *Commander Codpiece*

US to Blackmail Nations into Sending Troops to Afganistan!(CNN ticker)

Bush Truths

Okay - Who Watched Good Morning America Today?

Orson Welles/War of Worlds

Bush grounded to keep him away from nukes?!?

US Allies want Kerry. Vote this up.

what happened to shades of watergate web site?

I thought of this argument regarding "appeasement" over lunch.

This American Life had a great show (for DU'ers) last week: Stern, Zogby &

Congressional District 3, Las Vegas,,,,

Palestinians using children to wage war...

So, when do Republicans in Congress start making anti-Spain declarations?

Air America in Philly

AWOL - have you written these Spokane reporters to thank them?

George Bush and the Rise of Christian Fascism

Breaking News: OSAMA FOUND!!!

Are new graduates factored into unemployment numbers?

Buzzflash: Rumsfeld, Caught in a Lie, Left Stammering Like a Ninny

castro and bush debating abilities

When are parents going to start giving a damn?

Yee-ha! Another tick on Kerry's sheet!

question for anyone pls

A Vote against Bush is a Vote for Osama

CBS: No signs of a job turnaround


Did anyone see Karen Kwiatkowski on Faux News?

Film Dissects 'Bush's Brain,' Karl Rove

Two reasons for war in Iraq: Some Canadians seem to get it right.

Petition Bush lying to congress - from DNC

White House Intimidation: A Brief History of Threats and Defamation

Powell Threatens Iran, just like he threatened Iraq... Brace yerselves

Colin Powell makes me want to gag..

Jim Bouton's Foul Ball: Baseball, Corruption, General Electric & More

Another Mom Turns on Bush

does anyone have a poll showing most Democrats are Christians?

Do the terrorists care one bit who wins the election?

Great Poll Numbers

Senate Hit Plot...?

Liars Lose: Regime Change In Spain

What can you tell me about William Blum?

"Is it a public service, or propaganda?"

The Spain-hate starteth

What movie stars would make a good Kerry VP?

Did the attack in Spain play right into the Republican hands?

Cesearian sections, abortions and christian science

This Election Rests on ONE Stupid, Lying, Distortion...........

How is the right-wing going to malign the Spaniards now?

Does anyone here STILL think the attack in Spain was a Rove plot?

christians d or r ?

Drug prices on 60 Minutes

Delusional Friedman on Hardball Freaking Out

Check out these fascinating polling trends from past elections from Gallup

ROTFL! Craig Crawford comment on Countdown (paraphrasing)

Cia, Syria and 50's mentality

right wing hate quotes...

How soon before White House initiates recall effort in Spain?

Misjudging Spain's Impact on View of Iraq War in USA (perhaps???)

Nixon vs. Kerry on NBC news

Bruno and the Professor streaming now

horrible health question to ask but...

Scott McClellan is campaigning on MY dime!

NEW SF Chron article on Special Skills DRAFT! Be Prepared, programmers!

GI Seeks Conscienscious Objector Status

Isn't this against the Constitution?

Would you be suspicious if Spain is terrorized once it pulls out of Iraq?

CNN poll has 70/30 that the terrorists got a victory

Meet FOX's new campaign source, Carlton Sherwood - Moon operative

Bush feels he should be reselected because he hit the Trifecta on 9/11.

about Iraq, do I understand correctly that UN troops have not taken

What happens if the US gets its trains bombed before the election?

THIS is what a REAL president does. TAKE NOTES MR BUSH..

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) on the Daily Show tonight

Bush has lost the war on terrorism

Using the media/Republican spin on the Spanish elections..

Congressmwoman Harman.......shut your PIEHOLE!

Casualties by State (Iraq)

What sort of Republican would WANT to be VP if Cheney drops out?

I find it ironic

Get your Barf-bags ready

The woman arrested for murdering her stillborn baby ...

Freep Geography, 101; Angry At Spain, No More Taco Bell!

Check Out Your Legislator's Voting Record on Corporate Governance

Anyone doubting Bush's messianic delusions of grandeur

Terrorism is terrorism is terrorism

There are times I wish the right would have succeeded and impeached

Al Franken's USO tour (good)

I'm so mad at Rangel and the other guy (draft)

How did it go again? Pol Sci. / History info needed...easy!

NIGHTLINE: Fallout (3/15/04)

The Big Dog is looking Fit N' Trim

so when do we find out who Kerry chooses?

Classic web photo "Morans"

Morton on CNN: "Black democrats vs. Regular Democrats"

how to stun a freeper

rummy caught lying on TV...hehehe--kerry was right

So many layers of tricks, lies and various deceptions

Human Rights Watch report slates American oppression

What one needs to believe in order to vote Bush in 2004.

Longshoremen call walk-out Friday - Bring soldiers home from Iraq

Drudge in shock after Mel Gibson criticizes the boy king

Campaign on credibility

Framing the political discourse

Is Bush truly religious?

A brief comparison

Miss Mike Malloy??? I do!

Question regarding the Spanish elections, pre-polling

Laid-Off Factory Worker Wins Powerball

Need specifics on Bush corruption

When did the opposition become the enemy?

Will there be an anti-Arab and anti-Muslim backlash in Spain?

what's the ratio of pro-* to anti-* bumper stickers you see?

Jackson T's lastest salvo: Aimed at Perry in Texas

Now - more than ever - who will rise to the challenge?

Those Geeky Di-Tech Commercials With Those Nascar Guys

Which will be the next country to pull out of Iraq?

Europe Scared, Wall Street Worried

Hillary killed JFK Jr. (our freeper friends)

Conason: Nader has some splain'in to do

Bush readying DRAFT of tens of thousands of programmers under 45!

That Bill Clinton "trip" to New York after September 11, 2001

I was impressed with Hans Blix on O'Reily

CNN/USA/Gallup didn't like it when Bush approval fell below 50%

Bush* has killed more innocents than the Terrorists

A New Group Aims to Turn Deadheads Into Voters

Senator Charles Schumer on the Daily Show.

AWOL Op. Iraqi Freedom soldier to turn himself in today, where is Bush?

TBTM Radio #31: 'Information Overload...'

Greatness of Bill Clinton

A 'Message' from the President of the United States..........

Mutual fears draw France, U.S. nearer

George Bush did worse things than Martha Stewart...

Alright. Anzar is ousted. Can someone enlighten me when Blair is up?

America - The Great Theocracy?

I find it ironic

An Emergency Call-to-Arms: A Five-Step Battle Plan for YOUR Future

ABC News Tonight - Polling Iraq

Does anyone remember Ferraro and Mondale?

"The anti-Christ will be a homosexual.”

Does DU Need More Forums? How about one on achieving democracy itself?

This British Home Secretary is INSANE

I got a nasty letter from my congressman. (Pete King R-NY CD 3)

A REAL President! Pics You'll NEVER see Bush doing!!!

Please call both your Senators against increasing FCC fines.

What do DUers think about Vladimir Putin's "reelection"?

Howard's next to fall after Aznar ...

To "Quote" a Republican................

Why hasn't Wolf Blitzer been fired already?

Sooo, Does Bush Get a Bump form the Spanish Thing or Not??

A point about the Death Penalty

God I hate George "Judas" Stephanopolos

Why has the Holocaust drawn so much attention, while others are ignored?

Republicans Are SO Warm and Cuddly.....

Just saw O'Reilly and Jon Voight debate the Passion

Funny Freepers

Cheney aides Libby & Hannah to be indicted, Rudy will be new VP nom!

National Initiative for Democracy

How many agree with me?

KRUGMAN: Weak on Terror

What makes Terrorism right and legitmate?

The three Americans killed in Iraq Monday were Baptist missionaries

Stop targeting us, release our prisoners and leave our land and we will..

What do you say to people who say Saddam needed to be taken out?

What's The BEST Legal Justification For Bush's Impeachment?

March 20 "Largest anti-war protest in Fayetteville since Vietnam"

Postal votes 'could increase poll fraud'

Huge Car Bomb Found Near U.S. Consulate in Pakistan

Creation of Terrorist Database Delayed

Madrid Suspect Linked to 9/11 Figure

WP: Link Between Taxation, Unemployment is Absent

Bush wants warning labels on condoms

Videos with fake journalists lauding Medicare law under scrutiny

WP, page one: Candidates Narrow Focus to Eighteen States

BBC:South Africa 'sent' arms to Haiti

Panel backs EU Microsoft ruling

The Truth Leaks Out

U.S. Defends Handling of War in Iraq

Pushed on Obscenity, Networks Turn to Delays, Even on Sports

NYT: Kerry Remark on Foreign Leaders Faulted

European Election Observers Criticize Russia Presidential Poll

GE to buy InVision

Seven US soldiers killed in weekend bomb attacks in Iraq

Zapatero: Spain to Keep 'Cordial' Ties with U.S.

Shiite city politician killed in northern Iraq

Ashcroft Leaves Hospital After Gallbladder Surgery

US casualties west of Baghdad as official assassinated in Kirkuk

New Spanish PM promises Iraq withdrawal

Nuclear Bombshell: The Truth that John Kerry Knows

U.S. Marine Shot and Wounded in Haiti (first US peacekeeping casualty)

U.S. Soldier Stabbed in Baghdad's 'Green Zone'

France: Bin Laden Nearly Caught in Afghanistan

WMD or No WMD, Administration Say War Was Worthwhile

BB&T eyes more job cuts as it restructures (900 jobs)

Lockerbie father fears jailed man is innocent

Coca-Cola Halts India Plant Production (over water rights)

WSJ: Improving Economic Signals May No Longer Deliver Votes

Liberal nomination meeting in B.C. turns nasty - Globe and Mail

Oregon Gay Weddings On Hold

Kerry Criticizes Bush on U.S. Security (bluster not action)

Top Cop Slammed Over (Iraq) War Risk (Austraila)

W.House Calls on Kerry to Reveal Names of Leaders

Spain Vows to Pull Soldiers Out of Iraq

Spain may withdraw Iraq troopsSpain May Withdraw Iraq Troops

Zapatero Vows to Pull Spanish Troops Out of Iraq

Kerry's French side

Families of slain troops join antiwar protest outside Dover air base

Campaigns Playing Fast and Loose With Facts and Numbers

U.S.: Railway Baggage Checks Impractical

Kerry Criticizes Bush on U.S. Security

Bush Losing Some Mystique of Presidency {Guardian}

Stocks Getting Hammered

White House to Kerry: Prove Assertion

Pirated DVDs of ‘The Passion of Christ’ Flood Jeddah

Don't flinch in fight against terror, warns White House

'Democratic' Frenzy in the Arab World

British Government Introduces Min. Wage for Young Workers ($5.40 vs $8.80)

Senators' report faults CIA on Iraq

CDC Director Says Better Tests Are Needed to Stop Outbreaks

Rev. Al talks of quitting

AP: Privacy Protecting Programs Killed

U.S. Troops may have clashed with Iranians at the border (Ruh-roh)

Haiti Suspends Relations With Jamaica

US heralds start of Operation Mountain Storm

AP: Privacy Protecting Programs Killed

U.S. Soldier Stabbed in Baghdad's 'Green Zone'

Report: U.S. team arrives in Syria to calms tensions in the North

U.S. Chides Palestinians on Peace Efforts

Ministers Charged for Marrying N.Y. Gays

Bush Touting Home Ownership in Pa.

Haiti police round up Aristide associates

US sends Special Forces into North Africa (Guardian)

McKeesport(PA) firm faces U.S. seizure over Pentagon work

Bin Laden Said to Narrowly Escape Capture

Kerry Criticizes Bush on U.S. Security

Zapatero announces PSOE will seek minority government

U.S. Marine wounded in Haiti as Aristide nears

Rev. Al Sharpton drops out of race, endorses Kerry - CNN Breaking

Man Died of Neglect, Inmates Say

Some parents of dead soldiers have received death threats for speaking out

Aristide arrives in Jamaica

Accused Iraqi spy blames politics

China executes 10,000 people a year: NPC delegate

Arab Fighters Say Iraqis Sold Them Out to U.S.

Feds Show Off Seized Libyan Nuclear Arms

FBI in no doubt: we're a target (Australia)

Incoming Spanish leader pledges to bring troops home from Iraq

JonBenet Ramsey's father may run for Michigan House (as a Republican)

Israel says U.S. President Bush to announce Syria sanctions soon

U.S. Allies in Iraq Refuse to Waver in Wake of Madrid Rail Bombings

Multnomah to continue issuing marriage licenses

Spanish troops in Iraq tight-lipped on possible departure

SD Senate Dumps Abortion Bill

G.I. Seeks Conscientious Objector Status

G.I. Seeks Conscientious Objector Status

China and France to carry out important military exercises

Mothers Grieve for Sons Lost During War

Don't use Aids to scavenge votes, says ANC

Zambia bans condoms at school

EU Calls Emergency Meetings on Terrorism

France: Bin Laden Nearly Caught in Afghanistan

Rebels want Kagame arrested - Rwanda

French officer: Bin Laden nearly captured

SA nuclear technology was destroyed, says De Klerk

(Germany): With criticism rising, Schröder warns against party division

Fear Pushes Oil Prices Up More Than $1

BBC: Twenty six men to be sent home from Guantanamo

Libya Paid Pakistani $100 Million in Nuclear Deals -US

'Old Europe' Seen Quietly Rooting for Kerry

The Howard (Stern) Factor...(WP) How Stern has become a GOP nightmare


Medicare Cost Cover-up? (CBS News)

Kerry Criticizes Bush Record on Terrorism

Group Sues Government Over Antidepressant

After Iran inspections are scrapped,Israel urges West to keep up pressure

Judge Shuts Down Interior Dept's Internet

Bush Congratulates New Spanish Leader

U.S. Marine Shot, Wounded in Haiti

Vandal Carves Blair Insult on Commons Table

Poll: 67% of Canadians feel Bush knowingly lied about Iraq.

Toll of Iraq Looting More Serious Now

Official Doubts in (David) Kelly's Death

Army Wrong to Ask for Islam Meeting Info

Questions raised about fees lawyer has collected from Sept. 11 charity

Haiti suspends ties with CARICOM

France Calls for Urgent Meeting of EU Foreign Ministers

U.S. tries to extradite Aristide's security chief

G.I. Seeks Conscientious Objector Status

U.S. denies threat of Olympic boycott

Investigator: Toss Charges in Iraqi Death

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 564 U.S. service members have died

Military Families Opposed to Iraq War March in Washington Protest

The Guardian: Downing Street forced to reveal secret meetings

Africa hosts a rogues' gallery of exiles

Huge terror bomb found near U.S. consulate in Pakistan

China and France to conduct joint naval drills

Journalists: "US authorities control and intimidate media in Iraq"

U.S. confirms skirmish at Iranian border

Testing for Mad Cow Disease To Expand

CNN: Sharpton ends presidential race

Haiti Withdraws Ambassador From Jamaica

Election Outcome Will Not Affect Spain's Commitment to Fight Terrorism

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 15 March (#1)

U.S. Hails Spain's Role in Iraq, Cautious on Pullout

Support for the war in Iraq declines in Texas, poll finds

Soldier who refused to return to Iraq plans to turn himself in as war prot

Ex-U.N. Inspector Has Harsh Words for Bush

Diesel Prices Are Bringing Some Trucks to a Standstill (Peak Oil is here)

Straw: Iraq war made UK safer

US anti-terrorist strategy 'not sufficient'

Drudge: Mel Gibson now has 'doubts' about Bush & re-election

Martha Stewart Quits Company Board

Britain denies involvement in coup plot

Minnesota leading the nation in renewable energy

Spain Will Shift Away From U.S., New Leader Says

Spain's left turn: what next for terror war?

Prosecutor: Janklow on duty at time of fatal crash (taxpayers pay damages)

CNN Breaking: Ohio sniper suspect named...

Mother accused of murder of unborn child pleads not guilty

Guardian: Bush*s Feminine Side

Georgia ready to solve problems with Adzharia by dialogue

Officials Worry of Pre-Election Attack

Powell Doubts Leaders Want Kerry to Win

NYT: Nation's Direction Prompts Voters' Concern, Poll Finds

Next Stop Libya - but not Cuba!

WP: Madrid Bombs Shook Voters

Spain's PM-elect backs EU constitution after poll win

Group: Probe Rumsfeld Over 9/11 Items

Spain: More al Qaeda links found

U.S. Videos, for TV News, Praise Medicare Law

Suspected Oregon 'Eco-Terrorist' Arrested-FBI

No democracy is perfect, Putin tells United States(Talks of Bush selection)

France: Bin Laden Nearly Caught in Afghanistan

CNN Breaking: 3 U.S. Civilians Killed in Iraq Drive-by Shooting

Improving Economic Signals May No Longer Deliver Votes - WSJ

News Photos of Sex Offenders Cost Some Their Jobs, Spark Debate

Greenspan Changes His Position on Danger of Budget Shortfalls


Islamic Nations Object to Annan Directive

Aristide Back in Caribbean Heat, Haitian Details 'Coup' by U.S.

German shipbuilder unveils new stealth ship

Court Rules in Favor of Venezuela Vote Signatures

ANALYSIS-Al Qaeda Hijacks Spanish Election

He wanted every vote to matter: Athan Gibbs Sr dies in car crash

Job Losses Become Major Issue in US Presidential Election

Experts: War on terrorism could spawn new enemies

94-yr-old former Nazi on trial

Fans of "Not the Nine O'Clock News?"

looking for temp work, how to get a free meal and paid to "shop"

I gotta ger me some of THESE things

My dog is SOOOOOO spoiled!

The life of yaks

A whole lotta cats

WillyBrandt's Truly Tasteless Jokes Thread

I'm laughing my head off!

who here has tried Salvia divinorum?

Really guilty pleasure here.

New "Dawn of the Dead" movie is on cable TV!

Oklahoma State (OSU) was robbed of a #1

new Savage Weiner advertiser Nebraska Medical Center

I shared a vibe with people

Question about the movie 'Daylight' with Sylvester Stallone...?

new Faux news advertiser Jay Wolfe Honda/Jay Wolfe Auto group

SoCal city considers banning dihydrogen monoxide

I just listened to Emiliana Torrini's "Gollum's Song"

Have you ever been on COPS?

Favorite domestic swill

Favourite "take-out" or "take-away" food?

The insomnia is beginning; insomniacs check in!

Do Bush's facial expressions give away his lies?

No Sopranos thread yet? (spoilers)

Indy Ice roll into CHL playoffs

Want to impr0ve your j0hns0n, enlarge your c0ck, gr0w your penis?

Best Decade In The Last 100 Years

Man Arrested For Dashing Condoms To Friend In 'Desperate' Need

Man Attempts World's Largest Ball Of Paint (1,300 POUNDS!)

So how come Boy Scout uniforms are not wrinkle-free?

Praise the LAWD both of Falwell's b-ball teams make the "Big Dance"

Boy Pulls Knife On Dad After Dad Unplugged His Video Game

Man Drops 11,000 Euros ($13,530) Down Toilet

Man Sells $2.8 Million Worth Of Google Stock - Didn't Own Any - Arrested

Dark side of the Moon...

I ate a four foot sub this weekend

A REAL LIFE Bob Boudelang!

Is anyone else freaked out by silent movies

warmonger ticketed for blocking traffic in front of Peace rally in DoverDE

why does Condoleeza Rice shake her head "no" when she spouts?

Robber Gets Hungry - Decides To Cook Something - Wakes Neighbor - Caught

my Starotypus is 30 years old today! Ask me anything!

When you need a Peacemaker you call on

I'm surprised there's not a band called "Road Side Bomb"?

U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act - the truth behind the acronym

"Plugging in to the Power of" Poop...New Energy Source

Soylent Green: Made Out Of People?

Off to the hospital for my third round of chemotherapy.

"Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" - The Video!

I'm quitting DU

Calif. Officials Nearly Fall for H2O Hoax

Real Business Names: Dr Pooh (Plumbing), Uplifting Erections (House Raiser

So, what did YOU get me for my birthday?

Starbucks Komodo Dragon is 100% liquid caffeine!

Daily Wisdom: Alcohol and calculus don't mix.

Who wants to destroy my sweater?

Looking for advice on Mtn bike pedals

Set to Music: The poetry of Donald Rumsfeld

Just got my 2003 bonus check: ask me anything!

One of my pet peeves...

Check out my George Bush cartoon for the day

The Language Processing Problem of all CAPTIONS!!!!!

San Francisco Area..Are there any Resonably priced towns within 45-60 min?

We went to the rodeo this weekend...

Man Sues After Being Released From Jail In His Underwear

Hey, indie rock fans from Chicago

Hemingway, I posit, was full of crap.

Bush and Abdullah sittin' in a tree...C-A-P-T-I-O-N-I-N-G

Caption-less Cartoon Needs A Caption

Iverson: "We're talking about practice", Part II

Anybody ever see Runaway Jury?

Non Sequitur - great slam on talk radio!

My son, the Chinese Water Torture...

Soldier having some fun

Any fans of the band "Travis"?

What should we do with Emmanuel Goldstein if we catch him?

It was 2048 years ago today

The coveted "Tough Tusk" Award goes to.....

New Year's 2005 resolution: Vow to go on a NO CARB diet!!!

Does anyone watch "The Practice?" (spoilers)

Any Photoshop gurus out there?

I'm burning out - Remind me again why working for yourself.........

Say hello to my new truck!

What's Howard Talking About Today?

Ever since I saw this picture, I've been traumatized

If You're Not Into The Sopranos You Are Mentally Deranged*

Did Superman's X-Ray vision put others at risk?

Curb Your Enthusiasm - Over Already?

Stopped Up!

Kids say the darndest things...Continued from last week...

Yet another strange game - Milk Run

Best Styx song?


Check in if you couldn't care less about the NCAA Tournament

George W. Bush and his view on marriage...

My rant of the day

Who hasn't been in "this place" before?

My Biggest Rant In Some Time

Walmart Pulls Paper After Christian Complains (F-Word)

Republican Senators to rename Spanish Rice

Who Hoo!!! The Schizophrenia machine will be here Wednesday

I'm back! Praise jebus!

'Passion' DVDs Flood Saudi Arabian Markets

Going to Crawford on Saturday, Hope I don't end up here-

Two websites I never thought should exist

Vote in another gay marriage poll on

I've acquired a purple snake and a salmon lizard. Ask me anything.

I dropped a dime on a landlord doing shoddy, unpermitted renovation....

Anyone know of I, Robot being made into a movie?

Stem cells may cure baldness

Food & Chocolate Stamps

Nick Zedd vs. Richard Kern movies on DVD...

Fucked Up!

Report: CBS to have 10 second delay on NCAA Basketball Tournament

Most Important News Story EVER!!!

Man 'Disapointed' When He Only Gets 17 SPAM Emails In A Day

Alright i've @#%!% had it with drive through pre-recorded messages.

Which CD should I listen to for the ride home

Report: CBS to have 10 second delay during Presidential debates

How many freepers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

All he needs is a dunce cap..

For Those Who Wrote in my FEMME FATALE thread

Can we start a thread in praise of Rep. Charles Rangel - D-NY

Hey Hockey Fans!!!

What's your favorite Harvey Wallbanger of doom?

bush* tries out for US Tumbling team - watch him flip -- watch him flop

Random Trivia Question!

My Dogs This Morning....

Same boring weather in Culeeforneeya

Indianans! Need help! Belle Gunness - LaPorte Serial Killer song

Betcha Didn't Know Will Pitt Owned A Real Estate Company!

A quiet respite from the hectic pace of today

..Must not look down..Must not look down..Must not look down

Anyone own an Invicta watch??

Sedna-The TENTH planet?

Newsflash: Dingbat offered job in defense

Who Wants Their Own Harem

What if this was your Mom?

Another 'Odd Job' interview question thread...

Does this photo make you feel warm & cozy

Now I know where Freepers are hatched..

Adults say the darndest things, too. What's your favorite maloprop?

Carrie Fisher or Stevie Nicks?

What should we do with Bin Laden if we catch him?

My job psych evaluation is tomarrow

Need some help with the Dell

Another odd job interview question thread


How many generations does your family tree go back in the United States?

So Will Pitt, do you want to meet trumad in NYC Saturday evening?

I'm un-quitting DU

Have you seen the new DNC ad? It's hilarious -- must

I'm majorly mad

'Vampire Slayer' Shoots Man In Face

The oust Bush, I can't take this anymore anthem of 2004. Your thoughts.

I heard it through the grapevine

Interesting article: "Why we believe"

Latest Dan Wasserman Shrub Cartoon from Boston Globe

I just got $205 from CoinStar.

WARNING: Another picture to bring a lump to your throat

What should I have for dinner tonight?

I never met a carbohydrate I didn't like

Man Mutilates Self, Jumps Off Bridge On 128

On hating Howard Stern - much ado about nothing.

How long do I have to put up with ZITS!!

My mom screws me over!

How do I disinstall Microsoft Messenger

Greater musician: Beatles or Jimi Hendrix?

What is your favorite harbinger of spring?

You've talked with customer service twice. No it wrong...

Put another candle on the dingbat's birthday cake

something new

Dinner at Paddy and Tony's house! Who's coming?

Happy Birthday, Andrew Jackson! 237 today!

My dog is SOOOOOO stupid

New Planetoid Found

I'm going to Austria tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

I've created a monster

How low did your thermostat go this winter?

CAPTION the problem identified

I don't fargin believe this!!!

Any DUers have a Yahoo Fantasy Baseball League I may join?

The High Handedness of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Irresistable force meets immovable object.

I am not moving until I hear from one other Go-Betweens fan at DU.

Go Fish

How Should I React To This E-Mail??

Any Boston Terrier owners here?

A question for the net nerds!

Best. Get Your War On. Ever.

91 y.o. woman Loses BOTH ARMS in Pit Bull Attack

Hi, blondeatlast

Have you ever sent anything to a President?

What is the most exciting thing that you have done?

Freepers seem Stupider than Dems

Welcome new DUers!

What are some elements of a really bad post?

Has anyone else ever heard this odd job interview question?

Tell or Dare

I have a horrifying secret & you may not still love me when I tell you.

Does anyone know about pow wow healing?

What is your favorite harbinger of doom?

BEST NUMBER 2 HIT of the EARLY 1960s? (Part Two)

What does Karl Rove have planned to keep Kerry and the Democrats

I really fear....

Help with a virus, please!


BEST NUMBER 2 HIT of the EARLY 1960s? (Part 3)

Dating etiquette: Who pays?

I Need To Brush Up On My Unix Skills

I can't do a damn thing anymore

Will Pitt thinks that Bush has a Satan connection too

Wooohooo! My son got accepted to Grad School!

Dennis Miller to headline on Broadway

Had to rip my freeper brother-in-law a new one (long)

The Love Doctor is in: Ask your relationship/romance questions here

Gay men: online survey about body image and perfectionism

HELP: Does someone have good websites on Cultural Imperialism?

Chubby Checker protests in N.Y.C.

Am I The Only Adult In The Western World Who Can't Tie A Tie?

My web gallery is up, take a peek.


What sealed the deal with your mate?

As God as my witness..

Caption this picture

She read me Lewis Lapham's latest from Harper's , and yeah, I miss her.


The year is 1991 and DU is abuzz

What is it with men?

Look out, they're starting to organize!


html help with vertical alignment

John Kerry web badges?

Time for the Daily Show!


Did I miss something crazy in LBN?

Negative tone tonight on DU

phonetic rhythms

Should I sell my chair to pay taxes

I like the sound of helicopters, do you?

I need some help. Some have asked for a DU NCAA Basketball pool.

Got this emailed to me from a religious republican. Whatta you think?

In my DVD player tonight: "Dawn of the Dead"

Yet another complaint about my stupid brother!!!!

Freeper coworker claims Iraq/Al Qaida connection; need help debunking

PC Gamers: Pirates! (first look at the remake)

What are your top 5 fav songs of all time?

Weezer VS Foo Fighters?

Things That REAL Men don't say.....

Not So Fast - Bush Claims Naming Rights to New Planet.

Ann The Man will be in NM

Why can't Winter last longer?

What have you listened to today or yesterday?

ARRRGH! Like I didn't hear that fargin song enough times in 1976!

I just vandalized the toilet paper dispenser in the ladies room

Blink 182: Punk or pop? my kid's school had a bomb threat today....

DU chat tonight

Steve Winwood on Letterman tonight

Osama in October, people are now joking about it

What (or who) is "punk" music?

So here's a fun story from work...

That damn HP Commercial!

what was kerry's service in vietnam?


I just met Dennis Kucinich!

Make Your NCAA Tournament Picks Here

DU Radicals, check in!!!

I peed on my cats head....Not for those without a sense of humor

we just unmatched with the birthmother.

Who Wants To Go On A Cruise With M.A.T.C.O.M.??????

Will you wear green on St. Pat's Day?

Bob Boudelang's New Mail

And something to make ya'll laugh.

Greatest 'B' Side (Nominations)

Mmmm.... my night jasmine is blooming...

Kickin' back with a nice single malt. Ask me anything.

Zen Buddhist Retreat Question

Duck, Duck...

Do You Say "I Love You" Enough?

The stupidest thing you've ever done

Awright, Lemme hear it, Martha Baby gonna go jail.. with Who?

Meet the prettiest planetoid in the solar system

what is the most interesting thing about yourself?

Mondays IN The Undergroundrailroad for March 15, 2004

Confess. What's the most illegal thing you've ever done?

Hottest Spice Girl?

What is the least advanced hominid species?

Do you have "a sense" of other eras?

Flashback: places people USED to smoke


look at this freep-bay auction

I have never felt more discriminated against than what I do today

New inductees in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Wanna see a video of my cats?

SCHWING POLL : *Pic Heavy Thread*

Will another terror attack on US just before election help or hurt Bush?

WP, page one: Candidates Narrow Focus to 18 States

Kerry calls for an end to poll sniping

I fear it may be too late to prevent a Bush victory in November . . .


"They Can Already Taste blood and They are Ready to Kill" Bush MUST go!

Fundraisers called to help Kerry: Candidate aims for $80 million

Obama receives Jackson's backing as Ryan fends off divorce questions

cspan, discussion of 2004 democratic primary

A new kind of military draft

NYT: Kerry Remark on Foreign Leaders Faulted

More good news on the formerly-apathetic-parents front!

Bush Site Unplugs Poster Tool

Kerry hammers Bush on security

Sharpton to meet with Kerry campaign on quitting race

Kerry's French side

Conservatives for Nader (its not what you think)

FOX's new Kerry "expert" (detractor) is a Moonie tool - Carlton Sherwood

Would this make a good campaign issue?

Bush already blinked - the "debates" issue

A Kerry morality play

Cheney, Clark coming to Valley (Miami, Ohio)

How Kerry should respond to the call to "name names":

My mother's thoughts on campaign 2004.

Kerry leads another Florida poll

I just heard that Al Sharpton has officially dropped out

Inside Politics: Sharpton Out, Endorses Kerry

Boston Police Call for Boycott of Democratic Convention

Pennsylvania Kerry/Bush Head to Head

Kerry hits Bush for the 'fake reporters' flap

New Spanish leader José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero "I want Kerry to win"

John Kerry in Charleston, WV tomorrow - tickets available

The more money Bush spends now the better it is for Kerry

Dean went after Bush for 30 minutes on MTP. Media does not mention that.

Kerry *may* announce VP in May (Time magazine)

YAP - Kerry - VP picks


Does anyone know where Nader is working?

CNN Poll (Wolf's)

Illinois Voters: A Message from CMB Delegates Davis and Rush

It's unfortunate that we still have flame wars going on here

Bush Searching for Pennsylvania Votes

A Rove tactic Kerry must not fall for

Are you kidding me, these two would demolish Bush/Cheney (Part 2)

Trippi's bloggers group is called Change for America.

How The World Lines Up On Kerry Vs. Bush

Analysis: Importance of Florida in presidential election debatable

Kerry Campaign proving to be bad ass

Mel Gibson doesn't think Bush is going to win

Has Kerry made a statement about the Spanish elections yet?

Has * called to congratulate the new Socialist PM of Spain yet?

Sharpton gone: And then there were two....Kerry has the lock, Kucinich's

Kerry Launching "Blowback Campaign"

Watch C-Span2 tomorrow night 8PM for John Kerry LIVE in West Virginia!

How do I set up a "PAC" ?

New Bush radio ad names past presidents... Snubs DAD!

Barbara Bush "has seen this movie before & doesn't want to relive it"

Anyone see this video from Chuck Hagel

Kerry on C-Span at I guess.

How does Dennis Kucinich afford to stay in the race?...

Rumsfeld on tape lying about Iraq

What's nice about the "ignore" option on GD2004?


Greenspan Changes His Position on Danger of Budget Shortfalls

New poll: uh-oh, Bush ahead...

How can I get the latest state-by-state presidential polls?

Major flaws in CBS poll (polled 376-Rep, 471 Ind, only 359 Dems

Kerry needs to stop talking about foreigners wanting a change in US

John Kerry supporters, what are your favorite campaign moments ?

does anyone have links

Why can't we find someone to run in GA?

I guess it was inevitable. Du has become so popular we

What's the Swing Area In Ohio?

Here is some "grist" for the Kerry campaign.


Would Clark make a good Secretary of State?

Inside Politics: Gert Clark does not want Wes to run for VP

I really want to see Kerry pre-empt the whole Osama thing....

New Rasmussen poll Kerry retakes lead 46-44

Do you know anyone considering voting for Nader?

Drudge--Kerry cleared, never said foreign leaders, said more leaders

Chicago DUers...who else should I vote for?

Kerry camp welcomes Al Sharpton

If there is a Democratic win in November...(whitehouse)

Kucinich to reveal details of secret U.S. nuclear wars

Nixon plots against Kerry on Hardball now.

Kerry has no chance!


powerful new Kucinich flash video- DU (not democratic underground)

"Same skeletons, different closet"

Deleted message

Where can I find a compendium of all the state polls of Kerry v Bush?

Wes Clark on Scarborough MSNBC

Should Kerry Pardon Bush?

Kerry needs to make the distinction between Iraq and the War on Terror NOW

CBS/NY Times Poll: Bush 46%, Kerry 38%, Nader 7%

Kucinich: Ouster of Spanish government sends message to U.S.

Dennis Talks About Setting a Direction for the Democratic Party

"I Live in a Free Country"

What political region do you live in? Check out great "Beyond Red & Blue"

Clark for more reason as stated in Washington Post

Spain - A lesson for the U.S. - Time for Kerry to Demand Iraq Exit Now!