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Archives: March 14, 2004

A choice between progress and decline - TW

Taiwan has a chance to reject forces that harm it

A wealthy, peaceful Brunei faces uncertainty

Tim Robbins 'You Can’t Be Polite in a Satire'

NYT's Op- Ed - The Politics of Self Pity, Maureen Dowd

Poll: Texans increasingly worried about Iraq

NYT: Lethargic Recovery of Uranium

Gouging the Poor (criminalization of illness piece)

WP Op-ed: Capitol Hill Giving Up Its Clout

Finally, I've got enough posts to start my own rant . . .

Hey, Seattleites (and others): Think this guy deserves a LTTE?

N.J.'s cycles of sadness may belong to 9/11 dead

The People are Revolting: A Guided Tour of the Second American Revolution

KMT: reactionaries, mostly thieves - TW

Taiwanese democracy helps US


Margolis: Bush's war is a financial disaster

NYT: Florida as the Next Florida

Mike Huckabee-Traitorous Idiot

Bush* Remembered from Social Contacts (in Alabama)

Three Days in Spain (Will Pitt)

Creating more wealth but fewer jobs - David Broder

Bush in Ardmore, PA March 15th in afternoon

Town Hall Meeting in NYC about GOP Convention

Chalmers Johnson to speak in San Diego!

Bush in Ardmore (Philly), PA Monday, March 15th in afternoon

03/28 - Don't miss Orlando Spring Fling 2004

03/15, NATICK MA - 1st War Resister to speak prior to surrendering

Study: Journalism in Transformation

How come the Media never shared THIS with the US Public...?

Janeane Garofalo on today!

Senator Bill Nelson making an ass out of Tenet on C-Span right now.

Freeper media activism: usual very casual approach to truth

Andy Rooney on 60 minutes...

Andy Rooney - Freeper Hate Mail ... Video

911 For Dummies

Astrologers: What does Bush's chart look like for his address Monday?

My friend is starting a new Geopolitical Astrology column for my website

Intentional community ?

Edgar Cayce Prophecies and Global Warming

ACLU's Romero Calls Bush's Policies on Guantánamo 'Fundamentally Lawless'

The Other Gay Issue (DADT)

Christian league places leader on one-month leave for gay outing episode

Religion as a Secret Society?

San Francisco Mayor Puts Future on Line

Brown U. Forms Panel to Examine Slavery

Gay Marriage Poll, please vote

Gay Marriage & Fear (Warning, full of hate)

Republicanism Found Genetic (Satire)

Are Gay Rights Civil Rights?


India: Retail magnet?

What are we so worried about?

Al-Qaeda link to slow traders

Rent or own?

And The Drought Goes On . . .

Edgar Cayce Prophecies and Global Warming

Ruppert challengs skeptic to Peak Oil Debate, skeptic accepts

African Aids drug plan faces collapse

China Congress Enshrines Private Property

Chef gives politician the fingers - India

Chen sees Lien quitting after defeat - TW

Lori Berenson Allowed Visits With Husband

Conservative Party leadership candidates to focus on Ontario now

Calm Restored After Syria Soccer Riots

911 Smoking guns - Should be viewed by Every American

Gun Maker: "finger print resistant" semi auto gun?

When is this type of shit going to end!

Skinner you are having an influence.

Please explain that *criticism* of the nominee can continue.

More of a curiosity question than anything else

Banning of a poster

Can a script be written that would allow users to

Kamika banned?

can someone set up an NCAA bball tourney bracket challnge

I'd be interested to see some numbers of members/posts over time

While I'm here,

"Osama captured" "WMDs found in Iraq" how does DU prepare for fallout?

Palestinians in the Australian Media

PA said to release 4 Gazans suspected of bombing U.S. convoy

Witnesses' accounts of the Ashdod port bombings

'Sharon wants US nod for land plan'

"Victory of Brutality"

Double explosion in Israeli port kills eight; Hamas/Fatah

Reuters Breaking: 3 explosions in Ashdod, Israel

U.S. sees 'historic potential' in PM's disengagement plan

Israel cancels summit with Palestinian leader in wake of suicide bombing

Israel and India: A relationship in bloom

Keep the gloves on in Gaza

Schwarzenegger to lead economic delegation to Israel in May

Carrying on the passion of activist Rachel Corrie

Could Madrid foreshadow a coming biological attack?

Barack Obama supporters, check in here

I helped to re-organize my precinct yesterday...

'A Bright Hope in Illinois'

Iranian Press: US Planting WMDs in Iraq

Concerning how Bush was a "pollo mierda" or a "chicken poop" on September

A blockbuster from Der Spiegel: "And then Mullah Omar screamed at me"

Did you experience any 9-11 flashbacks with Spanish bombing?

Bush: Weak on Defense

My Valerie5555 message to the victims / survivors of Sept 11 at this point

Does anyone know?

Is there a site where we can follow the Spanish election returns?

staying informed vs. information overload

Live liberal radio NOW -- Nate Clay streaming now -- listening link

"Faces of the Fallen" Bush's lie's for oil, the election...

Komedians for Kerry

If Kerry told America that "the Iraqis aren't 'the terrorists'"....

Gay Marriage Poll, please vote.

Two interesting links

Holy Moly - they are eating John Podwhoretz alive on Book TV

Get your Bush Dictatorship quotes and video here....

Kerry will destroy the world's economy?

Good LAT analysis of Iraq as U.S. for. policy, and world effect

Anyone know if Spanish media is pushing ETA as the culprits?

Dowd, Cheeseburgers and Bush ads

Spain: Protesters shouted "Liar!" and "Get our troops out of Iraq!"

What's the deal with the Bush ads?

Forget Vietnam -- the future draft format: Special Skills Draft

Is Depleted Uranium a Chemical weapon?

"Stars and Stripes" letter: 'Didn't get help'

Police to Use Containment Pens to Handle Protest on March 20

So what new war will Shrub now start , post 3/11 Madrid?

'NO TO WAR'...get on the bus...updates...March 20, come join us !

Reminder: Condi & Dean on MTP on Sun morning

Any South Dakota DU'ers? Give us the inside skinny on this race

Condi:MTP - Reduced to using Clinton to justify the war!

Newsweek Poll - Go Vote!

Bush oil buddy despot saved from Mercenaries -"Kuwait of Gulf of Guinea"

Bush's 9/11 ad letters to the editor

Condi is a crazy bitch.

Wash. Journal host rephrasing/changing callers questions/comments

Howard Dean was great on "Meet the Press" this morning.

Thinking About 2004, and 9/11,,,,

Memo To Condi: "You Cannot Prove A Negative"

Debunking the Media's Lies about President Aristide

CSPAN caller: they hate us because of Janet Jackson's BOOB!

I use to train against the National Guard, I gotta tell you, they sucked.

How many DUers take a commuter train to work?

Egyptian Play Blasts U.S. Foreign Policy

The death toll in Iraq has surpassed 600 this weekend

Dean on Meet the Press now! Giving bush* hell

March 20-- marching is almost as important as voting!

FCC censors Pink Floyd . . . (yeah, you read it right) . . .

The Fear Bomb

Gay marriage. . . a perspective on why it's important

Sissy Planet?

Important Peak Oil story in Environment/Energy/Science forum.

Ashcroft would love to peek into your history

Where are the REAL Democrats when it comes to FREE SPEECH?!

Bush praises man in speech on women's rights

Talked to a former Bush supporter yesterday.

Some political cartoons (some interactive) for your viewing pleasure

TV Alert: Lieberman (R-CT) coming up on CNN w/ Wolf 12:35 pm EST

U.S. Unloading WMD in Iraq

Bush Site Unplugs Poster Tool (Too many anti-Bush slogans used!!!)

The dominoes are really falling fast...

Spain Votes in Election After Attacks. (Popular party may be in trouble)

Is socialism or communism illegal or unconstitutional?

Finally, could this be what really happened to Jimmy Hoffa?

Administering good leadership to a Nation and its Allies

Ira Glass had Howard Stern clips beginning 'This Amarican Life'

Some Frozen Lobsters Return to Life ...

Iraqi pipeline sabotage.. (We aren't hearing much about these)

Breaking CNN: 1 of the 5 arrested in Spain is tied to Al Queda

has this country ever 'celebrated' the BEGINNING of a war?

Vote in this poll!

A Mexican Worker Dies Each Day...(and no pesky lawsuits)

Daily U.S. Casualties 3/14/2004

Probes could put damper on Bush race

Kerry's voting....per ACLU

"If I were President" - Good advice from an 18 Year old

Richard Perle on Late Edition

For you Historians, - How many sitting US Presidents did NOT visit Canada?

Have you ever accidentally channeled Rumsfeld?

Military Governmental Contract.

BBV - Florida as the next Florida - NYT op ed

Vote.conjob -- Dick Morris' phony "opinion" site still hawking his book...

Howard Stern: Thanks for the 8 million new Kerry votes..

US Revealed to be Secretly Funding Opponents of Chavez

Nader could be on ballot as Green AND Reform AND independent

WMD. Did Saddam send his MIGs into Iran in 1991?

How nasty is this campaign going to get?

MSNBC has a poll out today

Details revealed on "Al Queda" bombing in Spain

what's in your well water? - Uranium is in Nevada wells

Rome is burning.

Some Sanity from a Republican

"Imagine there's no w".....apologies to John Lennon

Richard Perle you are such a murdering POS.

Does the US have a "large bloc" of undecided voters?

Best Secretary of State, 1969-2000

Today's (3/14) elections -- Spain and Russia

C'mon, somebody tell me that capitalism works great...

endless love, boys and i rolling on for laughing

Kerry's "War Room" More Effective Than Clinton's? Kerry on the offense!

NYT staffer unintentionally violated the ethics code

Dean Meet the Press Transcript - DEAN ROCKS - DEAN AS VP!

Is The World Rebelling?

Take Bush's strongest issue and attack him there .....

Condesleeza's Catch Phrase

91 wolves shot in Alaska

Liberals of a lesser God

Why does the media pretend ignorance about CIA intelligence on Iraq?

Debating with a righty...(Al Qeada growing)

The anti war crowd was and is right.

The toll on the National Guard

Should the Dems try for Florida?

Some lady on Chris Matthews said Kerry was like Lurch

Time Magazine Cover "Moms Staying Home" instead of "Spain 3-11" Grrr

From 9/11/01 to 3/11/04 (Madrid bombings) was exactly 911 days.

Comment about DU heard today at a Dem fundraiser in suburban SE PA

TV alert: Alterman, Conason, Corn, Green, & Hartung on BookTV (4:15 EST)

Army sent mentally ill troops to Iraq

Looks like there may be a regime change in Spain?

A Revelation: Our Military and Our Intelligence no longer capable of....

‘Old Europe’ unrepentant

Spanish opposition could pull troops from Iraq

David Cord on C-Span2 now. . .

A call for Christians to PROVE that bush is NOT one

Why were all the crooked, lying dogs on the news shows this morning?

History repeating itself

FBI wants cable, dsl to rewire to allow easy tapping. Scary stuff.

Do you think this man is lying? Former Guantanamo 'guest'.

This is why questioning Bush's 'leadership' on 9/11 might be fruitless.

Condi on Faux News saying it is still too soon to

Can you believe this crap?

Why would a Republican consultant named Charlie Black have black teeth?

Bob McChesney interviews Janeane Garofalo

Rummy on Face The Nation now... Doing his Nosferatu routine...

A different approach to "same-sex marriage"....

Are Fundamentalist Christians welcome in the Democratic Party?

have the exit poll results from the 2002 election ever been released?

Possible Defense Against TAX HIKE Charge

Freeper Response Alert: Here's one you can throw back at 'em

libel/defamation of character

Slideshow of Florida - Great Summary

Is there anyway James Carville would manage the Kerry campaign?

freepers punish Spokane reporters for AWOL story

Protest against the war at Dover AFB

Ellen Bork,deputy director of PNAC on C-Span this morning....

Bush's Proposed Outsourcing Czar Moved Jobs to China

Those Ads "Paid for by the US Army/Navy/AF/Marines"...

I wrote an analogy of the Iraq war

When a freeper says Bush disarmed Iraq

Release the Marijuana prisoners NOW!

spain has just kicked chimp's ass

If Congress were majority Democrat, would Bush be impeached?


When does Bush* become a lame duck & the ramifications of?

A Bush victory in November is EXACTLY what Al Qaeda wants!

Jenna Priceless...

AI on Haiti: Human Rights Violators must not be put in Power

Krugman on CNBC's Tina Brown interview show now.

Transcript of Rumsfeld squirming on Face The Nation today.

Are people aware that Katherine Gun (UK whistle-blower) won her case?

Yahoo busy deleting anti Barbara Bush messages

Hollywood Disaster Film Set to Turn Heat on Bush

A good men for the coming sucess of Liberal radio

Colin Powell has a lot of nerve

Need information regarding something I saw on the news

Gephardt shows support for lesbian daughter

need a link about iraqi war dead count

Why shouldn't this guy get the death penalty if found guilty?

Is there any accurate data on the cost of the Iraq war?

Do the results from Spain

Do the results from Spain

POLL: Will there be a terrorist attack before the elections?

An Historic Revolution in Spain (please help)

What's with Fox and the "Homicide" bombers?

"I don't know why but I give Colin Powell the benefit of the doubt"

Is the reason a lot of people call Bush "chimp" because they think he look

The Spain election results could hurt the Dems. repug spin will be that

this will make you grin ear-to-ear --" * has lost control of the agenda"

Bush, addressing the nation tomorrow night. Is flying in some

James Baker (smirk Fixer) is defending S.A. against 9/11 survivors

I gave an other $10 to Kerry.

Ret. Colonel calls for return of the draft: Austin-American Statesman

Jesse Ventura and Donald Trump.

Bush* Flip-Flops

If Osama or WMDs are found, prepare fro Freeper DOS III on DU

Microsoft XP question - File Properties

Is THIS the "October Surprise?"

"Bush got his war, but we got the dead".

Scariest WMDPRA

MTP Replay in on right now

Tides Foundation responds (9/11 survivors)

Faux analyst: If there's an al Qaeda attack on US, Bush WILL win election.

Only in America

Planting WMD: Can you imagine BushCo NOT considering it?

Campaign Ad Songs

i want to salute the citizens of Spain. they are obviously smarter than

voter idiocy

Will Zapatero meet with Bush?

Can somebody help me find

MSNBC Poll: do you believe the U.S. did the right thing by invading Iraq?

There is a lot to take from what happened in Spain the last few days.

Not a "war on terror" (WOT) but a "campaign against fundamentalism" (CAF)

defeat in Spain; Do you believe Bush and Blair next ousted - Poll

Drudge Is SO-o-o-o Far-Right ...

Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us

The Top Ten Conservative Idiots is up.

would Bush and his biz cronies care about democracy

Please call your Senators against harsh FCC fines for supposed indecency.

IRAQ FOR SALE: BBC TV Exclusive Report by Greg Palast

"Can a government run by prostitutes and addicts claim to be legitimate?"

Right-wing newspaper: Americans think terrorists want Kerry to win

Tell me if this letter to the editor doesn't make you sick....

Reopening the books on a community -- Libraries build community!

Online BBC News poll: Can Kerry beat Bush? Duh.. 80-20

What happened to the 1970's rhetoric that we would be independent


An idea that scares me

Iraq on the Brink

Pro-choice men: ever argued the abortion issue with a pro-life woman?

Is al Qaeda emboldened by its actions in Spain?

Blair must be shitting razors now

CNN apes Fox in Spinning Spanish Election

Which of the following is most likely to happen from now and Election Day?

Freepers Upset At Floridians As Bush Falls Behind Kerry

George Bush is responsible for the train bombing in Madrid.

does anyone here know anything about spain's socialist party

The Fix is In! (Florida touchscreen voting)

Where did the 87 billion actually go...?

The election in Spain has sent a strong message.

ABB - Aznar, Bush, Blair

Sunday's Doonesbury is GREATTTTTTTTT

DRUDGE: Congressional investigators are scrutinizing Bush Ads...

The Games of Bush?? Poker, Hearts, Chess, Golf, Nintendo, Atari,

Drudge just mentioned us on his radio show.

"Outsourcing" on CBC News Venture at 11pm ET

George W. Bush has initiated the draft. NOT a joke.

TV Alert: 60 Minutes to talk about importing drugs from Canada

2000 Election - Was It A Coup?

I just saw a DU'er on FSTV.

Should Kerry apologize poll...

POLL: Will there be a terrorist attack before the Nov. election?

Marcus Wesson Should be executed. agree or disagree?

Did today signal the death of NATO and isolation for the USA?

Aznar Ousted in Spain!!! Liberals back in power!

Defreep this poll

"...cheeseburgercheeseburgercheeseburger..." MoDo in NYTimes

Military force vs Terrorism

why does the right now use the term "homicide bombers"

Through These Trees, I See Haiti's Murderous Army Reborn

Did anyone catch Andy Rooney reading his Freeper email?

Free Elections and Democracy: Elsewhere

Anyone see this ~ Iran says US unloading WMD into Iraq

Is the US openly trying to remove Mugabe of Zimbabwe?

DUer makes the Pundit Pap at American Politics Journal

Who Does Al Quida Want As President?

Freeps Ahoy!

has there ever been anyone not Christian or Jewish in Congress?

I saw a UFO yesterday. This is not a joke.

Posted, a traitors list!

Is criticism of a group defined by their beliefs acceptable?

Bush is an impatient man and cannot stand inaction....

Explain LIHOP exactly...

News Centrol poll: Do you think the war is going well?

Does Massachusetts really limit you to $20,000

The Ground Just Shifted--Kerry Needs to Get on Top of This (nervous)

House Members criticize Venezuelan Governement

Spain will pull its troops out of Iraq (!!!)

When does "The Real Right Wing" on Comedy Central start? Or has it alread


Should Liberals move (reclaim) smaller towns/cities?

Newbies: Invading Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism, here's proof

Here it is folks! The true state of the economy. We're in a depression.

National Advocates for Pregnant Women's Statement on Melissa Rowland

Venezuela Opposition Slams 'Errors' in Vote Ruling

Pan-greens hold huge rally in Kaohsiung, blast Soong - 1/2 Mil.

Chinese efforts to thwart support of Taiwan backfire

Kazakhstan officials plan new route from China to Europe

Justice, FBI Seek Rules for Internet Taps

CNN: Man suspended for anti-Bush message

'It Has To Be Al Qaeda'

LAT: Strengths, Limits of U.S. For. Policy Evident (year after Iraq)

**BREAKING NEWS** -- THE RETURN OF ARISTIDE: Democracy Now!'s Exclusive

Kurdish Unrest Spreads in Syria; Toll Is Put at 15

PSOE accuses Aznar party of witholding knowledge of Al Q'aida involvement

Kerry Challenges Bush to Debates

$1M Robot Race: No One Wins (CBS/AP)

NH Gitmo Bay Awarded Meritorious Unit Commendation. (No one killed yet)

Palace plays Spanish anthem

Bombs Kill Six U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

Terror's Next Stop (Newsweek 3/22 issue)

NYT: U.S. Set to Ease Some Provisions of School Law (NCLB)

Rumsfeld is lying live on T.V.

Donald Rumsfeld on Meet the Press

Bombs Kill Six U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

Dean Meet the Press Transcript - DEAN ROCKS - DEAN AS VP!

GOP reassessing stance on importing cheaper medicine

Spain Votes in Election After Attacks

Bush may get past spending limits

Tens of thousands rally across nation to denounce Assembly action(S.Korea)

Spanish Intelligence Reportedly Blames Muslims for Bombs

U.S. Officials Stand by Iraq War on Anniversary

MSNBC has a poll out today

Powell expresses concern about conduct of Russian presidential election

French troops replace U.S. Marines in hostile Aristide stronghold

Ex-WorldCom chief Ebbers to face federal criminal charges

Iraqi Governing Council Has Doubts About U.N. Role

U.S. agents trying to find 400,000 for deportation

One Mexican Worker Dying a Day, AP Finds (In US unsafe working conditions)

Study: Journalism in Transformation

Reuters Breaking: 3 explosions in Ashdod, Israel

Another Briton alleges torture at Guantanamo

Bob McChesney interviews Janeane Garofalo

**BREAKING NEWS**--THE RETURN OF ARISTIDE: Democracy Now!'s Exclusive

Support for the war in Iraq declines in Texas, poll finds

Serious Fire Breaks Out Near Red Square...the Manezh Exhibition Hall

Powell says nations will not 'sit by idly' while Iran pursing nuclear ambi

U.S. Officials Defend Iraq War on Anniversary

Bush's partial history

Al Qaeda Claims Obscure, May Be Islamist 'Branding'

Newsweek: Saddam's Links To 9/11? How the Pentagon Made Its Case

Six Iraqis killed in attack on village

Rumsfeld: Bush Orders No Campaigning for Him

Putin appears to have won second term

 'Making some blacks rich means nothing'

Rumsfeld: Bush Orders No Campaigning for Him

Kennedy criticizes Bush "credibility gap"

U.S. Forces May Hand Over Abul Abbas Body

U.S. Set to Ease Some Provisions of School Law

Dems Demand Investigation into Charge by Medicare Officer

Democrats Demand Inquiry Into Charge by Medicare Officer

Police Find 9 Bodies in California House

Judge Orders Release of Abortion Records

Kerry talks health care in two battleground states

Once a Bitter Rival, Dean Praises Kerry

(Innocent) locked up in jail for 25 years...That’ll be £80,000 please

African leader undecided whether exiled Haitian leader can leave

Did African coup begin in London?

Dean: Bush terror policy failed

TVE EXIT POLL: Partido Socialista Obrero Español wins elections in Spain!

Florida public records closings on rise

Guerrilla Attacks Kill 4 U.S. Soldiers in Baghdad (Reuters 3:03AM Sunday)

Socialists Oust Spain's Ruling Party

Do the results from Spain

Mullah Omar out of power but some in authority continue his policies

Ohio Terror Database (very suspicious)

U.S. families protest war

Muslims abandon Labour over Iraq war

Haiti's Aristide Leaves Exile for Jamaica

Spanish Police Work to Verify Videotape

AP: Congress Let Privacy Protections Die

'Aznar got his war, but we got the dead'

Thousands Of Swiss Children Sold Into Slavery

Ignoring critics, Thaksin tightens his grip on nation - Thailand

NPC's rubber-stamp record intact - China

Georgia threatens rebel region

Keelty Contradicts PM on Iraq Link/Australian--New World Media Watch

Kerry Won't Say Which Foreign Leaders Support Him

G.I. Toll Is Rising as Insurgents Try Wilier Bombs and Tactics

Bush courts the bigot vote with anti-Arab ads

On KMTV news minutes ago: Eight protesters arrested at Offutt AFB

Haitians resent US peacekeepers

Israeli Helicopters Hit Gaza After Port Bombings

Bush’s Insider Connections Preceded Huge Profit On Stock Deal

Many fuming over soaring gas costs

Microsoft facing European sanctions

Newcomers Provide Fuel for Bush Money Machine

Republicans plan all-out fight to win California for Bush

Official results - general elections Spain

AP: Madrid Bombing, 9/11 Suspect Linked

Mom(bush) doesn't want to see Bush follow

New breed of trailer trash springs up in Baghdad

Army Offers Bonuses for Troops in S. Korea ( it is getting drafty in here)

S Korea prepares for massive protests

Most parents can't tell if their children are obese: study - UK

Powell says prewar intelligence wasn't `cooked'

U.S. Videos, for TV News, Praise Medicare Law

God's banker: the final judgment

Link Between Taxation, Unemployment Is Absent

GOP Candidate Faces Divorce Questions

News flash: Ashcroft released from hospital

Warning on Atkins Diet

Rumsfeld Caught Lying, Yet Again, On "Face the Nation." ...

In His Startling Leap to High Office, Socialist Takes Strong Stand Against

Amy Goodman reports the delegation has landed in CAR to meet Aristides.

Time: Raising the Volume

It's 10 O'Clock. Do You Know Where Your President Is? In Bed.

Socialists Claim Victory in Spain Election

Powell: Too Soon to Link Spain, al - Qaida

Threats to seize SA farms

New (Spanish) PM Promises Realignment in Europe

Astronomers discover 'new planet' (Solar System's 10th planet!)

NYT: Blow to Bush: Ally Rejected

Iran TV English Language Broadcast on Now

Do you have dreams about Election Night?

*sigh* Fargin college radio....

Bush ads on SNL

Hey - what did you just scratch?

If whittle do fooh sa dango

How do you post pictures?

You know Stetson Kennedy is still alive? That guy that attacked the KKK...

What's it called when you're perfectly happy but you believe the worst...

Searching for victimhood

First Post

Get Yer Tooth-Crafted Coffee Mugs Here!

Fun with online 20 questions

What just happened? I'm puzzled about Norton Virus notice

microsoft comp question.

ever wonder about the difference between a male orgasm . . .

Bush Bashing. WOOOHOOO. Right Now On C-Span 2

Check out my new sig line


Right fucking now on The Process:

Well, I got back from my Democratic party party.

311 for Dummies

Erin is not a kitten.

Has anyone seen the movie "The Boondock Saints"...

Men and women

I'd like to do something at work.

Scott's guide to writing a conservative column

New VIRUS - and no, this is NOT a joke or a poll . .

The SIMS online presidential campaign

That picture of Coulter and Ronald....

Goodfellas or Casino?

What if the U.S. was no longer the global hegemon?

I haven't quite figured this out...

Woody Guthrie avatars, check in here . . .

Help me reach 1,000 posts, ask me the big question...


How Will You Feel. What Will You Do.On Election Night 2004 When

Not all US Christians in Iraq are warmongering fundie whackos

Am I Kookoo?

"Stairway to Gilligan" . . .

The Bush twins won't PARTY with me, did I do something wrong???

Anyone watching Kingdom Hospital ?

The weekend is ending with my "gay family"...

Kenny's Dead

Make your own cartoon site (or at least caption it)

Who's the Lincoln, NE DUer with the dark gray Chevy???

Sim City 4

600,000 ex-convicts hit the streets every year

Shy DU'ers. How do you work to overcome your shyness?

amazing math trick? or . . . please tell me how this works!

More music questions. - cure fans listen up

Jupiter's new blue ring

Whoever wins...

Has anyone ever googled "Democratic Underground"?

The split in the U.S.

Man flushes €11000 down the toilet

Nun Faces Jail for Drunk Tractor Driving

Anyone here ambidextrous?

911 for Dummies

Karl Rove's dirty tricks. Check out this google link...

A poster I'm missing:

Pet owners: How many pets do you have?

Where is Ducity?

A Freeper- DU Exchange: Freedom of Speech (Satire)

Little blonde chick with a cute pussy!

Help with Nixon Admin question


Doobie or Bong

Here I was at an Apple Switchers class when

Help with Mozilla Firebird.

The "Tell Robb a Joke" thread

I'm looking for an ad that OVERhypes patriotism, any suggestions?


Have you accepted the Detroit Pistons as your personal savior?

Caption this please

I know it was "for life" but I don't want to be Wu-Tang anymore

The Great Bush Quiz. Let's play!!

hmm . . . don't think this article would ever have appeared . . .

So are we all completely FUBARED because of Peak Oil and the Dieoff?

What's Your Favorite Version of Richard Strauss' "4 Last Songs" ?

KGO San Francisco archives Bernie Ward and Ray Taliaferro


Have you guys seen this?

Spurs/Kings game....

So I've Got This Friend Who Just Won't Shut UP!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FEAR THE TURTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cream cheese and black olives on hamburgers.

The @#$%ing ice-cream truck woke me from my Sunday nap.

Mike Seaver says you're gonna BURN, sinner!


My daughter just moved to Fresno last week. Any advice?

afternoon chat

5PM Eastern who is the killer in Lifetime's

Why no more "Kentucky Fried Movies"?

Hey, why don't they call themselves 'Kentucky Fried Chicken' anymore?

I'm Rick James, Beeyatch!!"

Goodbye....Packing up and....................

Just saw a Great Bumper Sticker


Favorite million-dollar game show from a few years ago?

Who's got a picture of the "flag draped body at WTC" ad

Duet or group thread

Anyone else trying out UT2004 yet?

How come altercation does not have a link to us??

Michigan State is IN!!

Question. Has anyone ever gone the 700 Club in one day? Who?

Sunday haiku thread

Any WWE fans here? Ready for Wrestlemania XX tonight?

"Peak Cheese" real or myth?

Spongebob would like to know....

Ok, so we now know the seeding process for the women's tournament

BEST NUMBER 2 HIT, 1955-1959? (Part 3)


Post your predictions for the #1 seeds in Men's AND Women's Tourney

Favorite United States President, 2001-present

Duke loses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ooh...Xavier gets Louisville in the first round!

Dumb Laws of North Carolina.

DU Musicians! Got a funny/weird gig story?

Alkaline Trio -- Awesome or shitty?


women of du: tells us your, um, flatulence stories!

Which Star Trek alien race is Kerry and the Dems most like?

What do you eBay?


Sunday evening chat, participation is mandatory

What to do if you miss the rapture

I Passed 700 yesterday and nobody noticed - Sniffle Sniffle

SHould the simpsons go 'real"?

Help! I want to ad some pictures below my signature line

'eom' or 'nt'?

The perfect post

anyone else brushing up on their high school Spanish tonight?

"Look for only positive traits in *"

It's 8:18pm in Highland Park, MI, Ask MrScorpio really deep questions

I just cruised LBN and GD, and found nary a thread that

would anyone be able to upload tonight's Simpsons ep to Kaaza

311 fans - best album

What tastes better:

"The Swan"

Best Movie JFK?

Awsome Anti- Hannity sites!!!

I'm envious and I want an ATLANTA DU spring get together

Excellent Brackets Picker

Now I feel embarrassed!

Edgar Cayce Prophecies and Global Warming

Last poll for the night:

mmmmm...breakfast for dinner...llllaaaaaaggghhhllll...

Who Would You Rather Party With: The Bush Twins, The Hilton's or...

If the Bush Administration were a Star Trek Alien Race......

Are Kenny-boy Lay and his wife visiting in DC this weekend?

I was lost in paradise for the last week... what did I miss?

Again with the Fire Trucks!

Tommorow marks my 21st Year in an Air Force Uniform

men of du, share your fart stories

new Hannity advertisers Tyson, Ester-C

What is it with... Demons?

Since I haven't Posted a New Pic of Quinn in a While :)

Star Gate SG1 - dissin' Shrub*!!!

Worst Republican president since the First World War

Post your favorite Hubble images (image-heavy)

I got ticketed and the cop forgot to give me back my license

I found this Newsweek from 1986:

Okay. What are your criteria for clicking on threads? Even 100+ posts?

If no one else has done it, here's a Yahoo group for NCAA picks:

Most tolerable Republican president since the First World War

Can anybody give me some help finding

Bored, ask me anything

Got to go wash dishes. Ask me anything.

Microsoft XP question - File Properties

Ever seen a professional Broadway show?

DU chat:

I Might Be Getting Road Runner High Speed Internet. What Are Some

Help me figure out what this bumper sticker said

My housemate rented last season's "24"

favorite imported beer?

Which #1 team is going down first?

I'm a member of The 700 Club! I'd like to scream something!

Is it weird to like it when your puppy licks your toes?

Best Dook basketball player in the NBA

Cereals you miss from childhood

New meaning for G.O.P.

Let's help out FOX with ideas for new TV shows

Just 4 FUN - a site full of one-liners

Sometimes DU makes me sad

Sevendust: One of the best bands in modern music.

new Savage Weiner Nebraska Medical Center

"It's one thing for a ghost to terrorize my children, but quite another...

Which actors have portrayed John Kennedy?

Contact with aliens?

Frankie Muniz related to Alfalfa???

Vote in a marriage poll....

We need another Pittsburgh gathering!

Un-PC thread: Who played "smear the queer" as a kid?

"Kick," "bump," or "ttt"?

Why is pornographic spam showing up on my computer?

6 freepers show up in "vets4bush"

Where can I find a copy of the "Hook, Line & Stinker" board game?

Help needed, tips to overcome writer's block aka frozen brain.

F%##**&% Coffee Makers

Marylanders: State Tax Return Question

Funniest "no thinking involved" book you ever read?

Bubble Teams That Didn't Get In thread

Best View Askew (Kevin Smith) film

Post your favorite song lyrics!

SHould we repair the Hubble Space Telescope?

Help! (I'm an insecure, clueless male)

I've been updating my Doo-Wop Music webpage

And you may ask/tell yourself...

Best movie Warhol?

Has anyone ever been through this before?

Does anyone know why there are 65 teams in the NCAA bball tourney?

Most recent car repair?

A Mighty Wind

Please allow me to introduce... Myself

Trying to up my post count again, ask me anything.

BEST NUMBER 2 HIT of the EARLY 1960s? (Part 2)

I don't CARE whether my mother-in-law likes me or not....

Is anyone watching Curb Your Enthusiasm?

I Got Rob Corddry's(daily show) Autograph !!!And had great day at SXSW

Serious safety question about a home-brew scaffold system.

Fuke Duck

What is it with Women?

NYT: Newcomers Provide Fuel for Bush Money Machine

JOKE--'The War on Terra' and Homeland Security

Mayor Daley's had kind words for Howard Dean today

Freeper posts hysterically bad homemade ads (link to videos)

TV Alert: Dean documentary on CNN 6:00 am EST

Look folks, Kerry's going to make mistakes, BUT Bush has made far more!

Nine in four, tell George no more!

Kerry's Cuba policies open to attack

What's Thanksgiving like at the Cheney family dinner?

How do you like this t-shirt idea

Chek out this poll. If you want to brighten your day.

Kerry to appear at UA in Akron, Ohio today @ 5:30PM

This needs to be stopped.

Does Kerry have a comedy writer?

Illinos Voters

911 for Dummies

Deleted message

Can someone help me find Sen. Kerry's position on Northern Ireland?

Trifecta column on DU home page

Faux News Talking Head Called Franco A Socialist...

Those DUers NOT voting for Kerry in November, please respond

No Kerry on C-span anymore, it seems.

Speculation: John F. Kerry and John F. Kennedy

I could get excited about either Clark or Edwards as VP, but. . .

Holy unnecessary vanity threads, Batman!

Anyone feel Osama will be "captured" sooner rather than October?

Howard Dean: The UnNader?

Thank you, Spain - Kerry was right about the world supporting him

BUSH CHENEY (their new ad)

Deleted message

Ready for a Tribute to Clark?

Once a Bitter Rival, Dean Praises Kerry

Kerry should preempt possibility of Osama or WMDs being found

Kucinich Supporters... request for help, pleeeez

Will there be anyone monitoring voting tallies by counties?

Firefighters on front line in Kerry's campaign

Dean on Meet the Press

Gay Marriage Poll in GOP land newspaper, please vote

I went to my first delegates meeting this weekend

Can someone tell me the difference Bush will make?

This scenario could blunt the October Surprise

How Many Supreme Court Justices Do You Think Kerry Will Get To Nominate?

If anyone still needs some help deciding between Kerry and Nader:

Will Al-Qaeda launch a massive attack around Halloween?

Damn! There's a stupid Bush ad on TV

Keey needs to start talking about Bush's flip-flops

Help allay my fears.

The snake-oil solution. Can Bush go on selling it?

Loss in the Kucinich Campaign

60 Minutes just gave Kerry a gift-wrapped cudgel to use on Bush

Mathematics 101

Who has been in the restroom with a Presidential candidate?

Being a Massachusetts Democrats is an asset not a liability

cspan 2 Bush Lies with Alterman, Conason,Corn, and Green, 4:15pm eastern

10 Questions about Kerry and the direction of the Party

At what point will you jump on the Kerry bandwagon?

Thinking About 2004, and 9/11.....

Why on earth is Bush ceded the "strong on national security" mantle?

The Al Gore Support Center lends support to John Kerry!

I just contributed to Kerry's campaign today

Three Days In Spain

Jeb on target to deliver on his promise...

RIDICULOUS turnout for Kerry in Akron, Ohio.... insiders detail of event

Clark Merits DU V.P. ENDORSEMENT With Good Soldiering for Democrats

I just saw John Kerry speak in Akron, Ohio. Ask me anything.

A linguistic note: DU's Rage at claims that the 2 parties are "the same" -

I got a Bush* fundraising letter. What should I send back?

This should have been said long ago about Saddam...popular or not.

Deleted message

Where's Shelton now?

Kucinich Still Wants To Influence Dems’ Platform

Faux news Said The Terrorists Won Because Spain Voted Socialist...

Anyone going to be in NYC on Saturday?

Can someone tell me the difference Kerry will make?

Hell with Iraq. How we gonna wean ourselves offa demon oil?