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Archives: March 13, 2004

Bill Mahers 3/12 Show!

Hong Kong shows that China fears democracy

Japan's biowarfare exposed

Bushie's Resume.

One of my favorite local columnists

Preaching to the Choir

You can't be a Washington outsider if you're already president.

Jonathan Schell (The Nation): The Empire Backfires


Kennedy speech at CUNY - outstanding

NYT OP-ED for computer/software geeks!

Homage to the dead

Outsourcing CEO gigs will solve job losses

Arar's wife explains her candidacy

WP: Missteps on Economy Worry Bush Supporters

The very unfree free market

Andrew Rawnsley (London Observer): Blair is doomed to be ignored

Dowd: The Politics of Self Pity (It's not MY fault."

GEA: Die Frenchie! political cartoon.

'It Has To Be Al Qaeda'

My letter to the editor 3-13-04

"I'm Embarassed by My President Day," April 1, 2004

The Year of Living Dangerously:NYTimes

William F. Buckley on the "Passion"

Bin Laden Captured

Spain: ...crowds accuse Aznar of cover-up

What Bush and others don't understand about education.

Pass along this information about Social Security!

Protest Bush in Orlando, FL - March 20!

"I'm Embarassed by My President Day," April 1, 2004

Mother or Murderer - Keith Olbermann Video

Funding the Left Blogosphere

Amateur Astronomers: What filters do you recommend?

My take on the Jesus story

Civil Unions Come To Brazil (Have I mentioned how much I love Brazil?)

Got this from the "Christian Family Coalition" today...

Any chance that leaders of gay marriage movement will be seen as

SB 2082 "Constitution Restoration Act of 2004"

New web site (inspired by Lou Dobbs?):

A.G. Edwards Will Pay $28 Million to Georgia Investors

Tax abatements, inventory tax, public school funding. Anyone here know...

What about the inventory tax?

Farmers facing poison battle - SA

  Speedy new test for resistant bananas

NASA press conference monday to announce Planet X.

Tenet's Timidity May Prove Suicidal

SANDF top brass in hiding after death threats

Rumsfeld Criticizes Brown & Root 'War Profiteering'

BBC (March 14): Karadzic search ends in failure

Garry Kasparov vs Vladamir Putin

U.S. Isolated at Hemispheric Conference on Gender, Population

Some unlikely candidates are ready to carry firearms

Why does DU allow this to continue?

How many posts do I need to be able to send private messages?

Respectfully request reconsideration of locking dupe thread...

For consideration to combine the GD: Campaign 2004 and the GD forums

A Listen Live request

Where can we post unpublished works?

Where do I post an article about John Kerry's position on Israel?

Feature Request: A BBV Forum

D.C. area organizations hold memorial for Rachel Corrie

Atale of two armies

Rules of behavior during an armed conflict -- Version 1.0

Israel to push ahead with plans for unilateral moves if summit with Pal...

IDF soldiers kill two Palestinians near Gaza fence

A grotesque choice

911: Exploiting a Tragedy - a timeline.

Rahul Majahan on terrorisn

The Decency Enforcement Act of 2004 and Howard Stern

Bill Maher is everything Dennis Miller is not.

Need Gandhi quote about evil from someone's sig line. It is the one where

Hell, I'm donating to Maher.

Miami revokes law restricting protests

Bush and Google.. what happened?

(If you read Spanish) Spanish weblogs coverage of Madrid bombs

Blogger says Bush's Iraq War may be to blame for bombing in Madrid

Newt Gingrich on O' Reilly's Factor (my one request)

"Fish. Barrel. Boom." - by Will Pitt

I love this thread at freeperland:

Vote Kerry in...then get progressive for real.

Bush on 09/13/2001 Vs. Clinton on 09/14/2001.

Purported letter from Al Qa'ida (claiming Madrid terror, threatening more)

Carlin blew the doors off tonight!

Would someone 'splain to me

Whatever Happened to Saddam's Report to the United Nations?

Time to play: "Name That Scary Terror Attack Which Rove Made Up!"

Bush inspires Hollywood disaster movie.

dickless cheneys' halliburton deferred payments

Daily U.S. Casualties 3/13/2004

Aznar's 3/11: 9/11 Deja vu?(L)et (I)nsight (H)elp (O)ur (P)erspective

Why is a film of the flagged draped coffins of soldiers disrespectful

Crank Call Into CNN Just Now (Stern Supporter)

Captain Janks on CNN (Stern)

The nitty-gritty..

Howard Stern's list of required reading

"Because we are Americans, we don't abuse people who are in our care"

One sure way to keep Bush on the defensive

Tom Ridge's Buddy South Korean Coupster ? That Was Fast!

The Bush/Cheney campaign (in a nutshell)

Howard Stern is Dead (Apologies to Bob Dylan)


Labor Urges Large Turnout For March 20th Anti-War Protests

Am I the only person bothered by unnecessary surgeries on women?

*New Paltz Mayor Seeks Allies and Positive Debate on Same-Sex Marriage*

Anyone have a URL for the following Bush tidbit?

Hollywood disaster film set to turn heat on Bush

Democrat Kerry Challenges Bush to Monthly Debates


I take it the LBN news Wed nite of the sudden demise of a Gov.

Will aWol*'s Dance on Soldiers' Graves This Coming Week Backfire?

Gentle reminder...

A question to someone who knows about Campaign contributions law

Talking Points Memo says Kerry should start hitting hard on

When terror worked...

karen kwiatkowski on the air right now....9:30 AM CST

"two-thirds of al Qaeda leadership caught or killed" ?

Next Bush Gaffe. Please! Proposed Jobs Czar outsourced 1800 jobs himself!!

Interesting news article... U.S. planting WMDs in Iraq?

Fear for Sale

Do you think the National Hockey League should ban fighting completely?

I'm studying voter rights legislation in this country

How significant is it that Dubya isn't running on the Invasion of Iraq?

Venezuela: coercion and secret funding in signature drive!!

How is Bush going to avoid having debates with Kerry?

Bush says War on Terra' helped women's rights

Annenberg data on Bush 9/11 Ads

The Canadian drug issue - sheesh

How many vacation days has George W. Bush taken to date? ...

Hitting Home - Daughter's Fiancee Lost His Banking Job This Week

Kerry should hit hard on fear of debate by Bush

Why does network marketing exist?

Son of gay marriage foe gets married in San Francisco

Hollywood disaster film set to turn heat on Bush

Another Greenspan Comment Kerry Needs to Get on Top Of.

remember Smirk's recent photo op with the business women

Question re: Presidential Oath of Office.

Class Action lawsuit against war profiteers?

Cleveland snowplow driver puts 'Traitor' sign on plow

Young Repubs in Texas

Drudge isn't left or right, just drudge

Hmmm...a terrorist attack three days before an election (Spain)

Hanoi Jane making the rounds

looking for letters from soldiers

If b* were a girl

Miserable Failure

I hate Job Fairs.

Signs of the Smirkonomy

Hany anyone seen Mark Fiore's Nader Flash Movie?

Cowards & bigots

Where Gay Marriage is Just Marriage

Three letters to the editor today against Bush 9/11 ads...

BBV: Toon...Oh'll like this

Turn on CSPAN's WJ now

How many fundraisers does Bush attend every week?

Video stream- DU style mix from "Good Will Hunting"

Help. Anyone recall the thread re: Kerry/Smirky photos?

Rightwing columnist Michelle Malkin quotes "Ashcroft haters" from DU

How do we stop the Bushwa?

Republican attacks on Kerry resemble their attacks on Al Gore....

Raising taxes on the rich will increase jobs

I was wondering why there are no politicians talking about Peak Oil...

Dennis Kucinich and Karen Kwiatkowski on This Is Hell

"Bush isn't smart" - Molly Ivins

Are people who are against civil rights racist?

NED....a good thing??

your thoughts on rumsfeld's 9-11 'souvenir'

75--100 US scientists barred from important conference in Cuba

One European's perspective on Madrid

The Great Escape (The 9/12 Bin Laden Airlift)

Handy Halliburton Scandal Reference Guide

Bush marks International Women's Week - by paying tribute to a man!

"I look forward to that debate."

Something's not right about the train bombing

FBI wants greater tapping power over cable and DSL connections

David Bossie called Smirk america's CEO

Today's unemployment numbers better then 70's 80's and 90's.

How have the Dems responded to *'s attacks against, Kerry?

Freeper hypocrisy

"I'm President Bush, and I approved this message."

"Selective skills" draft in the works....

What did Gandhi/Mandela (etc...) think about violence for self-defense?

The three worst scenarios for us this election

The 527 controversy seems to have forgotten one group

I cried myself to sleep for my country. (a bit of a rant or a lament)

Arkansas Man Arrested in Pregnant Wife's Death

Madrid: How it was done

Important question about Bush and religeon

Do most Basques support Basque independence?

Bush and his admin have been evasive on questions re: OBL

MATRIX: Multi-State Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange

Medicare cost analyst says he was ordered to provide skewed figures

Microwave popcorn chemicals under scrutiny

The Bohemian Grove Is an Offshoot of Skull and Bones

Bush has the "moves".

AWOL the coward is ducking debates with Kerry - per * spokesperson Schmidt

cybildisobedience -- YOU ROCK!!

are coalition forces in Iraq "legitimate targets" ?

FSOD: If Spanish bombers were Hindu, as BBC initially reported...

DU employment/Unemployment poll

are you worried about fair media coverage of Bush and Kerry?

Bush Says Kerry's Tax, Trade Plans Would Hurt Economy / Hurt Families

If Bush showed up at your workplace

Greg Palast, Monday night 7pm EST

Great Sources much info

Here is what the Pakistan's General Musharraf really thinks

"Harm's Way": a campaign ad

Official Guy James Show thread......please keep kicked

Bev Harris and BBV -- Check out these letters to the editor

Whats amazing is....

What percent of the population is capable of black ops?

Freeper calls for social cleansing

godless Americans stand up and be counted

Does anybody make "Support our Troops, not our President" signs?

So When's Kerry going to start talking about how Bush...

I need a link to the MoveOn response about the GOP challenge to them.

What did bush say about exploitung 9/11

Revealed: the full story of the Guantanamo Britons

"I'm Embarassed by My President Day," April 1, 2004

History of gas prices

Will CNN spend as much time on 3/20 Peace Protests in US as Madrid Protest

The Bette Midler Letter to * on gay marriage...

Faux News deperately, pathetically trying to hide Spanish anger

Really dumb RW talking point

Remember the coup that put Mushariff in power? Remember * being asked ....

Create your own Bush/Cheney posters (Lame - Could we do better?)

Protectionism, GOP style.

thoughts about dean

"The Arabian Candidate" (Salon article on Bush's Saudi problem - Mon 3/13)

Yet another convert (from Bu$h)

Thom Friedman has been outsourced! (Warning - Parody)

A 20-something wearing a Bush/Cheney '04 button was reading Machiavelli's

After Madrid, is it London next?

Even his supporters were uncomfortable with Bush exploiting 9/11

Now we know what bush does all day

Anyone Have a Link on Bush & The Draft ?

in to save homeless people from freezing to death...

free coast to coast am streamlink downloads - police state

The latest ads

The choice of Cheney was never in the long term interest of the GOP

I wish that our leadership would oppose the new FCC rules and not cave

Could the Spanish People Turn Against the USA???

House of Bush, House of Saud"Did the Saudis buy a president?"

When will there be a movie made about 9/11?

I just heard the most ridiculous discussion about women on Fox

* ponders debating Kerry

Is the Opi nuts? Not so Nuts, Sane?

What will happen first?

Spartan (with Val Kilmer) has lots of interesting things to say about...

Democracy Now! To Report on Aristide's Return to the Caribbean

How conservative is Richmond?

Why I am interested in gay marriage

Maybe its just me

It's time for immigration reform to tackle terrorism

Tammy Baldwin, lesbian representative, speaks out on gay marriage

FOX TV has hit a new low

Politics Based Upon Sports Preferences?

Haha -- Now O'Reilly at war with Frank Rich

Get the March issue of Harpers!

what's Ted Rall saying here?

Download WASTE before DOJ taps your IMs, email, VOIP calls, and browsing

Anybody following Canadian spookiness?

TBTM Radio #31: Sneak Preview

I need tips for going to a protest.

Watch Brzezinski on C-Span now est

I wish Dean would start another web address for his new project or change

Is Aznar's party toast in today's election?

US Unloading WMD In Iraq?

Bush without 9/11

Is the media fixin' to take down Bush?

Who are the main candidates in the Spanish elections?

Noble Grassroots Effort in Venezuela

in 2004, can a politician say...

Your thoughts on "Media bias controlled by ratings, not politics".

watching my husband cry

The Secret Relationship Between the World's Two Most Powerful Dynasties

Jeb Bush's job before Miami realtor? Venezuelan banker.

Just Got done seeing Bush'sBrain Documentary

Howard Stern on Bush...

Who wants to listen to a bunch of liberals rant and rave?

"The election cannot come too soon." -- Kennedy

Brief report from friend in Madrid

U.S. Undermining Saddam Evidence - Iraqi Lawyer (says)

Too "American" to leave the USA.

Since 9/11, Bush's job rating has gone up in TWO months only...

Why I think Bush is toast

Was gasoline really .97 cents a gallon when Bush took office?

It's getting UGLY. Freepers all over this smear on Kerry

Hey, the Bush bu**lickers at FR are posting one of our posts!

"Mr. Pragmatic!" - a noisy, whiny song about Thomas Friedman & Co.

Your favorite political magazine?

Eric Alterman, Joe Conason, David Corn: "Books on Bush" Discussion

Has the "Passion" movie only gotten the RW in a dither? If you like

Cui bono? Who will gain by 3/11?

Wacky Creationist Site

Read this interview with a soldier back from Iraq

VFW Magazine "gives permission" to Oppose Dem Vets KERRY & CLARK

i'm afraid to put anything 'political' on my car......are you?

Ann Coulter Says Muslims 'Smell Bad'

Food stamps and chocolate.

2004 Collected Polling Data!

how popular is * in your area?

Show of hands. Who is protesting the invasion anniversary March 20?

China rules out elections for HK

BJ's Wholesale suspects credit card leak (8 million members)

Judge blocks bid for probe into Diana's death

Easier Internet Wiretaps Sought

Justice found Rumsfeld, senior FBI official had souvenirs from Sept. 11 s

Weekend peace march plans to draw attention to Iraq war dead

Broward judge refuses to let conservative group intervene in gay marriage

Liberia fighting starts again

Fed Seen As Likely To Keep Rates Low -- Lack of New Jobs Reflect Uneven Gr

NYT, p. 1: Bombings Lead U.S. to Raise Security for Trains

Case of Slain Filmmaker Horman Gets Boost

Travis DA defends inquiry:Denies GOP assertion funding probe partisan

Leaked report says soldier was victim of friendly fire

Iraqi students rally against constitution

NYT:Grieving Crowds in Spain Seethe at Train Attacks (political)

China's Need for Metal Keeps U.S. Scrap Dealers Scrounging

Firefighters on front line in Kerry's campaign

Medicare analyst confirms muzzling (new story)

Report: White House Sends Senior Official to Iraq

PAC's fund-raiser at church draws tax complaint

Charlotte Observer:John Edwards cases were hardly frivolus

NATO Tasked For Olympic Security

MCI Continues Cleaning Up The Mess

DOJ: Rummy Took 9/11 Rubble

Oil Prices Drop on Senate Vote to Hold Some Out of Reserve

IRS audits increase for high-income taxpayers

Bush Radio Address Raps Kerry's Tax Plans

Cherie 'took Leo to pendulum healer in place of MMR jab'

A.G. Edwards Will Pay $28 Million to Georgia Investors

U.S. wants military control in Iraq, even after sovereignty handed over

Local battalion taking over Fallujah from Army unit

Our (Aussie) pilots refused to bomb 40 times (in Iraq)

Lawsuit claims workers hurt by toxic dust

Group threatening French railways resurfaces

Women arrested in FTAA protests sue over Miami-Dade strip search

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Bomb Attack

BBV: Atlantis candidate asks for recount

Report: Spanish Intelligence Sees Islamic Group Behind Attack

Outsourcing defended by India premier - AP

UN war crimes judge defies calls to resign

(DUPE) One killed in bomb blast in popular Baghdad shopping neighborhood

Army calling divisions for return duty in Iraq

RACE FOR PRESIDENT: Poll shows Bush losing Arab-American voters

Oregon AG Says Gay Marriage Ban Invalid


Spain Arrests 5 Muslims in Bomb Probe

Madrid bombs tilt Spain left

California gay marriage court battle likely to last years

Religious, anti-abortion groups among the winners as abstinence-only fundi

Spanish Intelligence 99% Certain Militant Muslims to Blame

Dems Eye Medicare Drug Costs Probe (Medicare chief pressured by WH?)


Sweeping new US operation - Afghanistan

Bankruptcy filings set record

Washington Pushes Iraq Toward Sovereignty (begging UN)

White House Sends Official to Baghdad

Senator Lott Says He Will Back Drug Imports

Anti-government protests spring up across Spain

AP: Kerry Has Delegates for Nomination

Loud Blast Shakes Central Baghdad - Witnesses

DEA casts wider net in probe of steroids (Arnie against DEA involvement )

EITC can be all yours

Spain Arrests Five in Madrid Bombings

NYT: Background on Sp. govt. attempt to manipulate voters

Tape Claims al-Qaida Tied to Spain Blasts

Breaking on CNN link yet...

Halliburton Faces More Scrutiny

U.S. Unloading WMD in Iraq

The emotional toll of a court's decision NEARLY WEDS: Couples who just mis

Officials Still Divided on Whom to Blame for Madrid Bombings

WP: Pentagon Shadow Loses Some Mystique (long story, OSP)

Two firefighters killed, more than two dozen injured... (Pittsburgh)

Geo Carlin on Maher now...

FBI investigating new Hoffa confession

Kerry's Next Job: Cementing Image Among Voters

Scandal over steroids touches governor; Schwarzenegger admitted use

America's liberals to 'bash Bush' with talk-radio network

Interior Clears Rove Against Kerry Claim

Basque baker killed over blasts

WP: For Bush, New Role and Different Script

Bush uses radio address for veiled attack on Kerry's economic policies

US warning over Haiti stability (BBC)

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 558 U.S. service members have died

Revealed: the full story of the Guantanamo Britons

Bush and Blair plan terror summit

Spain: Tape of al-Qaida claiming responsibility for Madrid bombs - Reuters

All entrants flunk "robot race" just on CNN no link that I know of,

'Pay addicts not to have children'

Austrian 'diplomat cardinal' dies

WP: Maine Community Beats Back Big Oil

Democrat Kerry Raises $10 Million Through Internet in 10 Days

Madrid is awash with PROTESTORS.. 11:38AM PT...3/13

CNN TV Breaking: 5 Arabs detained in Spain

NYT: G.E. Signals a Growing Interest in Solar

Mercenaries aimed to topple oil-rich despot

Democrats More Hopeful About Senate Races

In New York City, Fewer Find They Can Make It

Kerry challenges Bush to monthly debates

LAT: Repaying a Big Debt to Lt. Kerry (Green Beret he saved)

Judge orders U. of Michigan to turn over abortion records

Mass Murder In Fresno

WP: White House Marks Invasion Anniversary

Did African coup begin in Chelsea?

Agency initiates steps for selective draft

Liars just put up their entire new record for download

Barbra Streisand Heads Back to the Big Screen

tax question...

What's another musis theft site besides Kazaa?

Ladybugs in the mountains. They are everywhere!

TV clichés catalogued (Add your own!)

Art Noveou or...

Watch this 16 Horsepower, Clogger video......

OK, stupid question for techies.

am I intolerant??

I'm forcing myself to sit through Dennis Miller's latest HBO special

Bill Maher Just Said - Theresa Heinz

Sixth Sense (Bush)

AH back in Towel town again

Hey music nuts---- what song goes...

Should I post a picture of myself on DU?

I'm listening to "I knew the bride when she used to rock and roll"

Hey DUers - talk to me

would someone splain to me..

i think heyhey is bored...

So, anyoe know how to teach up with a hooker

Roll Call: Late Night DUers! LET'S RANT RANDOM STUFF!

Things that make you go hmmm......

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted

"The Exorcist" Re-enacted by Bunnies - good stuff

Do you really want to get your frustrations out on W*?

Larry The Cable Guy

In praise of Mickey Newberry

Ok i think this pick needs avatarage:

Concert For George (Bush)

I Was Standing On The Hoover Damn With GW Bush last Night!

Any Petula Clark fans out there?

I support a constitutional amendment

No one has the power to please me like

"Jarvis seeks Tube stake sale" Who is this Jarvis character?


National CornDog Day March 20th!!!!


Who wants to drive my daughter to her bowling match today?

Historical advice to Boy Scouts

Cowboys or Indians?

I'm watching Pulp Fiction for the first time

Best song

Need help from Macintosh gamer-types... re: Pirates!

Should I make a new sexy man poll?

Favorite Jesus movie?

A public service announcement for people with the surnames Spitz & Trickle

I survived the MPRE - ask me anything!

Democratic Underground - The Reality Series!

Caption your own pictures here

Best SpyWare?

I have a shitty relationship with my little sister.

If Major League Baseball passes rules banning steroid use,

Concert For George

who here knows about apache rewrite?

Another car thread-any Miata owners out there?

so the Braves eviscerate themselves in the offseason...

The Baseball Player's Union is dead wrong about steroids

Another reason to love Mozilla

Has Anyone Seen David Cross' New(ish) DVD Yet?

"Do you like cabin rentals about Jesus?"

I can't open my doors to let fresh air in................

This guy sees too much in video games...

Monsieur Ibrahim

Help! Need a doll of Bush for the protest: Voodoo doll on a stick

Egads. The New York Times has figured me out

Anyone here besides me going to have emotional issues if * wins?

this damn cat....

NCAA Hoops thread

Coolest TV/Movie Car?

Vanity Bob Boudelang is up!!

I'm In The Mood For A Little 'Abba'... Or 'Ace of Base'

Scary!!! Only 286 Days Days Left

So, anyoe know how to hook up with a teacher?

Bands of today who wanna be bands of yesterday

A question about M*A*S*H (tv series)...

This is a wierd site. Check it out.

Fox is about to tell us why gas prices are going up

Mia Farrow on Howard Stern

Will you help support my media reform blog? (crass begging family crisis)

Let me introduce you to a REAL chef

Don Lautenbach: Emperor of America

cover of new Alternative Press: NOFX, omg...

32 degrees yesterday...52 right now!

MVP 2004--time to cowboy up and beat those damn Yankees again!!

Someone brushes their shoulder with their hand, your first thought is...?

Pick the right urinal

American Survivor

I got five on it

Canadians: My best sleeping pill has been cancelled:

I'm writing a chess playing program...

I had a nightmare last night

This is messed up.

How is it possible there is no DU Gathering in NYC on March 20?

Janet/Justin "nipplegate" dolls

My roomie's sewing swastikas, ask me anything!

Don't miss tomorrow's Doonesbury!

In case you thought your ex was a freak...



What happens if you put yourself on ignore?

Any DU Doctors or Nurses? I have a medical question about a Skin Rash

A bunch of celebrities saying their favourite swear words

what happened to that southpark cartoon thing

What's that hip-hop tune in "bring it on"


Another strange quote from

Think you've seen the dumbest freeper prediction ever?

What makes my cursor behave so badly sometimes? Is it being "willful?"

My foot has a ferret fetish

Any "Keeping Up Appearances" Fans Here?

My fetish involves ferret foots!

You know you're really married when...

You know what to do with this poll...

Any of you at Colby College? Would you say there was a "riot" today?

We picked "Starsky & Hutch" over Jesus at the movie theatre today...

Make your very own Skittles


If you have bright, creative kids and don't know about Odyssey of the Mind

Just Wondering...


Boston area DUers----She's baaacckk!!!!!!

What should be done about pyramid schemes?

What is a Crack Attack?

What do you use for the web?

I'm Having A Dinner Party Tonight - Who Wants Carbonara?

Just saw a commercial for "The Punisher" movie

Are you having Visions of Johanna?

Prayers, please


George Carlin Responds to Indecency Uproar

Should I Drive or Take a Cab?

got drunk at 11AM, watched the bruins beat the sabres

I scrubbed my house all day... and now I'm bored. Ask me anything.

"Trying to throw your arms around the world by U2 - What does it make you

Who here is named after a pet?

Please don't respond to this post

A question about polls?

Should I retire 'TXlib'?

Do you know who this is?

Your weekly reminder: my radio show is on tonight!

To the people who recomended "soulseek" - THANKS

Anyone have a relative that looked like Freeper material but...

JOKE--'The War on Terra' and Homeland Security

Konfabulator Widget for showing DU threads?

Arsenio just said "America you got the Power"

I want a Roomba!

I want a drink. What should I have?

Guess what? I have a fever. And the only perscription is...

Yes, Sapphocrat and I are having problems...

Another Name Change Poll

What's the best diet to lose a lot of weight before summer?

Geo Carlin on Maher now...

The Secret Covenant

Sexiest Progressive Man?

I met the Irish tenors...ask me anything

Hey, techies, how do I save a screen shot on IE?

My ferret has a foot fetish.

What is your favorite Futurama DVD volume?

Asheville residents....

BEST NUMBER 2 HIT, 1955-1959? (Part 1)

Scorsese's "Last Temptation of Christ"

What's up with Publix?

I am the most pathetic man on the planet!

How social are you?

Aflect doing Gigli on SNL

All 8 episodes of the new season of CHAPPELLE'S SHOW on now!

i'm about to make chocolate chip cookies

Who wants the 5-layer dip in my fridge?

How long has Mary (of Peter, Paul and Mary) looked like Jerry Lewis?

Something Terrible Has Happened Down Home


Who wins tonight? (a)Wright vs Mosley and (b)Mesi vs Jirov?

Any "Most Extreme Elimination Challenge" (MXC) fans here?

1000 Posts!!!! An open letter to DU....

Julia Roberts nailed for dealing crack cocaine!

I HATE HATE HATE Story of the Year!

Who's drinkin' tonight?

You really know you're a mother when.

Kirk Cameron now has his own religion show on TV?

DU chat tonight

I am volunteering at SXSW!!!!!!

Dubya, Laura and the nasty. Research Project

How I Already Know My Summer Will SUCK! - A Rant and a Plea

ANyone else actually like U2's Zooropa?

have i told you lately that I LOVE YOU....


BEST NUMBER 2 HIT, 1955-1959? (Part 2)

I'm seriously considering moving to Anchorage. Am I nuts?


Am I the only one who is closer to her dog than to her spouse or child?

Doonesbury Poll - Re: Bush Natl. Guard Duty

Has pot shrunk?

Beautiful Losers in Cincinnati.

DU history enthusiasts and military folks, I need your help

Funny, you dont look like our future... DU college kids check in!

Gamers: What's your game name?

An e-mail I got about high gas prices

what's up with Novak?

If you could add 3 bands to play at the Boston convention, what'd they be?

Honk if you're tired of GW Bush's:

President_G_W_Bush said I was a hot babe. How scared should I be?

Need Bird Owner's advice please!!!

I need music preferably like Irish revolutionary stuff

Random political questions

Best song from the bubblegum era?

Who were the most annoying people of this past year? Aside from

recommend me a good, reasonably priced computer

What's Thanksgiving like at the Cheney family dinner?

My poor little brother

Whom do you pick to win the Stanley Cup?

Howard The Duck: So Bad It's Good Or Just Plain Bad?

When you make spaghetti sauce....

Scotch Drinkers - Single Malt or Blended

If I Were Your Housekeeper For One Day... Free Of Charge...

DU'ers, PLEASE help me unfreep this local poll!!

Meet Charley, the newest member of the Waldorf Cat Haven family.

How Many Posts Have You Made In The Past 24 Hours?

Skittles hits 20,000 posts! show some love or

Giving very important speech tomorrow. Wish me well...

What's your favorite car that starred in a movie/television series?

Who will win this year's NCAA men's basketball title?

I am the most powerful man on the planet.

Any Oregon Kucitizens around?

All you Minnesota DUers!!

i stole $4 in quarters from my boss

My son needs legal help in Washington State.. FAST

VW Passat

Opticians here, or anyone know about the cost of glasses?--question & rant

Sexiest Progressive Woman?

Racially balanced sexy man poll:*pic heavy thread*

CNN inside the Dean campaign show repeat ?

What do you think is the chance of this happening again?

A Day in the Life of a President

NATIONAL "I'm Embarassed by My President Day," April 1, 2004

LAT: Repaying a Big Debt to Lt. Kerry (Green Beret he saved)

Chomsky is ABB

If you could add 3 bands to play at the Boston convention, what'd they be?

Here's Tom Delay's democratic opponent in 2004:

Kerry challenges Bush to monthly debates

bush can put and end to Kerry's comment bru-haha

Kerry Seeks Debate Series With Bush

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while Bush may look vulnerable of late, please remain aware . . .

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Will see guys maybe trippi in SXSW panel any Q's i should ask

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Deleted message

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