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Archives: March 12, 2004

Bush: a man for all Caesars

The last thing Iraq needs is a US election campaign

NYT Editorial: Political Hot-Dogging in the House

Five reasons that Bush deserves to lose (again)

On the rise and fall of Martha Stewart

Sharon says U.S. should also disarm Iran, Libya and Syria

At $6 an hour, who needs a tax cut? [Bu$h's captive audience on LI re 9-11

Republicans fire first salvo at Kerry - cartoon

Herbert: Our Wounded Warriors

Two new Bush-Cheney television ads

"My only hope" - Bush, staff let innocent man rot in prison cell

Kerry's goof nicely sums things up

Commentary from my local paper...

Greenspan's Con Job

Globe and Mail: "What makes Monia run?"

My Hell in Camp X-Ray

Did the Saudis buy a president? Bushes and Saudi money.

Operation American Liberation -- Bring It On!

Congrats Bush for setting that new record for trade deficits - Alterman

The Poetry of Donald Rumsfeld, Set to Music

Jews, Muslims on same side of several battles

Funny Schwarzenegger cartoon

Democracy, Dictatorship and Definition

Adventures of a Liberal Veteran article on DU

LEONARD PITTS JR.: A civil war between gays and blacks

'Selfless' Spirit Killed In an Ambush in Iraq

WP Account of *'s Meeting with 9/11 Families

Purported al-Qaida statement

KRUGMAN: No More Excuses on Jobs

Bush gets pass on Harken, while Martha takes a fall

AP: Rumsfeld Kept 9-11 Souvenir

Holding media accountable for their part in the war

Letters to the editor re Bush lies in the antiKerry negative ads- Moveon

NYC DU'ers - let Madrid know....

Maine DUers - Clean Elections

Wisconsin DUers: Feingold listening Sessions

What do we do if Bush steals the election?

Orville Schell's conversation with George Soros (audio)

"Television induces a quasi-hypnotic state"

Isn't it time for the media to refer to * as "the unpopular president?"

How would LTR handle?

The Deborah Norville Show - as good as its guests

Chiou urges boycott of newspaper - UDN KMT Newspaper - TW

Faux's Judge Napolitano

Can a seven month media war be sustained? Will the public tolerate it?

The book of Q by John Rabb

Anyone know whatever happened to...

Have you read "The Sorrows of Empire" by Chalmers Johnson?

N.H. senate passes bill against gay marriage

Since when did Hispanic assimilation become an issue all of a sudden?

Gay Tampa City Workers Get Domestic Partner Benefits

Right Wing Law Firm Ejected From Florida Gay Marriage Case

Is he an idiot or not?

LTTE from gay septugenarian/retired Southern Baptist pastor

Man On Fast For Gay Marriage

Blacks should be supportive of gays' struggle

UnBalance of Trade

Job Fair Attendees: Have You Ever Found A Job Through A Job Fair?

NBER still dates recession to March 01 - so Bush is a liar - or do we

unemployment rate would be 7.4 % counting drop-outs, not 5.6%

NOAA Discovers Non-PDO Changes In North Pacific Ocean Temperatures

52mpg Honda Accord goes on sale (EU)

Migratory Birds Swarm In Restored San Joaquin Valley Wetlands

Zebra Mussels Promote Blue-Green Algae Blooms

R.I.P., Texas Oil - Here Comes the Sun

SOLAR BLOW OUT! HPH nails it dead on!

NAFTA Panel Warns Of GMO Corn Threat To Native Corn Landraces

"vending machine science"

Bush EPA Seeks Weaker Rules for Radioactive Waste

Weird science

Toyota Announces Hybrid Camry For US By 2006 - Channel News Asia

Investigation of Bombings in Madrid Yields Conflicting Clues

We're Not Fighting for our Freedom in Iraq

Cult dance banned by Indian court

Was it ETA or Al Qaeda?

How I lost the Big One - Lawrence Lessig

Mayor Daley of Chicago supports CCW...

GUNS IN THE NEWS--March 12, 2004

The NRA should be labeled a terrorist organisation!

The Killing of America

VPC: If AWB expires, won't make difference in gun deaths

Resolved, thanks to Mod!

The morning paper prompted this question...

alright, I do not want to burden you but I have no other means to answer

Hypocrisy in the Lounge? No sex threads, but feel free to share

Are We Allowed to Hope Ashcroft Dies?

Another request for reconsideration of locked asserted "dupe"- Haiti Arist

A small question about this site

Serious typo on home page

What was the avatar removed?

Question about cursing

Fair and Balanced

Is DU "English Language Only?" There Are Many Spanish Speaking Dems.


A question about a particular poster on Israeli/Palestinian.

Skinner, Is FOX making you change your name, too?

Former Terrorist To Speak Here

Security forces capture 3 Egyptian weapons-smugglers

Israel ties Gaza pullout to US support in West Bank

Sharon says U.S. should also disarm Iran, Libya and Syria

Why seeking justice for the Palestinians is the Jewish cause

UN: Palestinians increasingly unable to get enough food

Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the OPT

What's this about Kerry/McCain??

Polls:believe which ones?

I'm a candidate for National Delegate


Two new Bush-Cheney television ads

NJ Dems: Check out D. Anne Wolfe.

CSPAN Question: Too Much Democracy?

Socialist analysis of the Martha Stewart case

Dupe? Bush administration ordered Medicare plan cost estimates withheld

View from abroad: please remember the Madrid victims...

Conspiracy theories up next on CSPAN.

does the U.S Military kick out lesbians who open ?

Franken, Garafolo to get radio shows (O'Franken Factor)

Lest We Forget - What Do You Think Has Become Of Traficant?

all conspiracy theorists are insane.......right?

Sign this " petition!

A week ago a bomb plot was foiled in Spain!

"I Look Forward To The Debate"

911/Bush/The Saudi Connection

Oh my, could Bush be having a Monica

900 Billion Dollars! The funniest Repug thing ever!

"Passion" - fueled anti-semitism spreading to teenage moviegoers...

Compare OKC bomb damage to WTC7...

Coloradoans. Predict the outcome of the senate and congressional races.

"Is your future any brighter?" Bernie Ward taking calls

Who did the first WTC bombing and the one of the USS Cole?

Looks like Bush ripped off Kerry in the ad department

"Unknown Soldier" Speaks Out To Bring Troops Home

The Madrid bombs are awful enough as it is. Exploiting them is sickening.

We ought to send flowers to the Spanish embassy

Must See Links...

Poll on Gay Marriage: Please vote:

The link address to the new liberal radio network

outsourcing jobs is good, trade deficits are good...

Here's a nice article on Captain Crusader Bunnypants

Gay couple will try to wed in Bucks Co. Pennsylvania

I listened to some of Imus

At the time RJR Nabisco at 26 billion was the largest

Worst President Elected In A Squeaker?

your thoughts -- terra-attack


"At $6 an hour, who needs a tax cut?" Newsday

first "to-do" item of the day - email cnn - check

Could Boosh be impeached for illegal electioneering and incompetence?

Emails from Madrid

I was told that the Philly Metro,

I just emailed the Howard Stern show

The Aznar thread.

Not for Public Funding #s Indicate US is Building Nuclear Bunker Busters

Important historical figure speaks out against Bushes!

Kerry MUST Strike Back on Bogus Tax Hike Issue NOW.

9/11 Families NOT Connected to Heinz Foundation

Fear vs. Fear--Kerry's Campaign Needs a Tweak

Is Howard Stern gone? His show isn't on.

Wyoming banner arrives in OUR Nation's Capital...March 20 say "No to War"

Cronkite: CBS Kept Me Off Air

Political parties and crime

this is just so silly

If Bush was a girl, what would he look like?

554 U.S. service members dead.

Favourite Fourth In a Series

Little tommy delay may be in trouble

Robt Novak, the traitor, .... on Aristide and Kerry

Republicans rethinking NYC convention?

Is Bush indirectly responsible for the terrorism in Spain ?

Republican Voter Registration in Full Swing: "Reggie the Registration Rig"

A Day in the Life of the President

Ted Rall on Clear Channel and Stern

I just shook hands with the next Senator from the Great State of Illinois

Increased Fines for Indecency?

Let's DU THIS "Bin Laden Capture" Poll

Immigration chief uttered epithet against migrants

Helen Thomas tonight on NOW /PBS with David Brancaccio

War in Western Sudan Threatens to Destroy Hopes for Peace in African Natio

War in Western Sudan Threatens to Destroy Hopes for Peace in African Natio

waht we're up against-the 'positive conservative message'

Freeper reaction to my post

How do you read this bumpersticker?

WH press briefing coming up next on CSPAN

Walid Horton

Families Question Bush

Landmines and Cadavers

Am I seeing this right? (Senate passes budget)

Sky News Interview with GITMO Detainee

O'Reilly's opinion on Rush Limbaugh's medical records

Howard Stern Declares Radio 'Jihad' Against Bush

New dem website

My Econ prof. sticks it to the college repubs

PBS got caught up in Boob-Gateover "nipplage" in emma goldman doc

Is pro-choice a secondary issue for "progressives"?

Free speech applies to republicans only

The NRA should be labeled a terrorist organisation!

more grist for the mill

This is the date I hope Osama is captured

Daschle calls for investigation of Medicare scandal

Are Democratic web communication subject to assault

Is it wrong to call George W Bush a "terrorist" ?

subj.: Bush's Women --- Karen Hughes

Ugly Americans in Afghanistan

Does anyone here think that Shrub might not be on the ballot?

halliburton admits accounting "errors"????

Anybody else getting spammed by

Divide and Conquer. How much more divided can we be?

Uh-Oh Bush really has us on this issue

Americans pay 30% more for health care...

How would you check that your voter registration hasn't been purged?

Is there danger in a long, drawn-out, negative campaign ?

Bush Is Lying About Kerry's Supposed "Gutting Of Intelligence Services."

paying outsourcing level wages here at home- good or bad?

woman lawyer from Tulsa murdered in Iraq - put women in constitution

Join the Kerry Core!

National "I'm embarassed by my President day"

What would Kerry do with the Oil?

CSPAN2: Godless American PAC press conference

Have I missed anything? Do we still have Saddam? (like it matters)

O'Reilly says Stern is accusing him of duplicity.

Pay Any Price, Bear Any Burden, to Avoid Creating Jobs

Roh Stripped of Powers in Seoul Against Wishes of 70% of Koreans

Welcome to Bushworld

The media says what I wrote about last year....Medicare head silenced.

This is where my stepson is as an MP and this is whats going on

What is the US media saying about the Madrid atrocity?

What about Rand Beers?

Anyone see Bush this morning in Madrid...?

Ridge Sidesteps Question On Bin Laden's Capture (With Poll!)

It's Nov. 3, 2004: John Kerry has won the Presidency

Dissecting *'s brain: the left side seems unresponsive

this is what we're fighting to save, friends . . .

Is the Bryant case the beginning of the end for rape shield laws?

Mercenary intrigue spotlights West Africa's oil curse

Fake President speaks before fake audience that no hablan ingles

Is it possible for bush* to issue blanket pardons

The Fire Of The NRA

Batten down the hatches! Atlanta has been invaded

Bush Is Now Without A Doubt Officially Not Popular

Republicans eating their own

I hear Neo-Con and Neo-Liberal used in the same context.

This is how the German Media sees America

AARP head tells drug companies....keep high prices...don't raise?

What if Mel went to hell?

Anyone have the address of the Spanish embassy? I want to send this

woman charged with murder for stillborn had history of mental illness

Is Kerry really proposing a $900 billion tax increase?

Are we all suddenly in agreement that it WAS Al Qaeda?

Inhofe (R-OK) to spend 'spring break' with OK Natnl Guard

The 9/11 report to be released the same day as the Dem Convention?

Bush* Ad Parodies: Hilarious

"Analyzating" Bush's Grey Matter

Curtis Sliwa Is SUCH An Idiot

What did Bush do re: 9/11 that was so special?

I urge you all to watch Lou Dobbs Tonight.

Limbaugh: "I Seldom Carry Bills as Small as a Twenty"

If Kerry makes clear that the Iraq war IS NOT a "war on terror"...

We need to take down FR on election night

Kerry routing Chimp 58% to 38% on MSNBC Poll!!

Halliburton not paying their subcontrators...

Scripted Events Alert! : Madrid Terror > Operation Mountain Storm > ?_?_?

Bush approval down to 45 percent in ARG poll

Firefighters to go after Bush 'loudly and aggressively'

Bill SnideAss' "Political Play of the Week" smears 9/11 Families

Hmmm, neither Spain or the US wants the bombings to be al-qaeda.

must read about *'s pathetic day Thursday in NY

Howard Stern asked his listeners to donate to John Kerry today

Does anyone else not think Madrid was the ETA?

Why is telling the truth in political ads called "attack ads"?

Pyramid with Eye On Dollar Bill Represents A Shadow Society?

Anyone know whatever happened to...


RW fooling with Kerry Ad? (porn)

Military death sentence set aside; inadequate counsel

A Freeper's poem to dubya

Saddam and Rove

Kerry needs to ride his motorcycle on the tonight show

can someone help me find the bush cheerleader picture?

Here's a way to steal some of the Bushies' thunder...

Wolf Blitzer Selling Al Qaeda's "Guilt" to the Spanish Ambassador

Help me write an anti-Bush song for the 3/20 Crawford protest!

Bush spends thousands on EACH SUIT

A bombshell revelation on the Ed Schultz show...

Good grief. Reuters can't bring itself to call terrorists terrorists.

Please watch for the transcript from Thursday's Hardball

Take the MSNBC poll: Will you vote for Kerry or Bush?

Love Kerry's WMD Comment!!!!

question about donating to Kerry

Judy Woodruff - shut up!

DU just made an appearance on Wolfie

How will the Spain explosion affect US support for invasion of Syria

War on "Ignorance"... Important, not so Important? UnImportant?

Lou Dobbs is on now . Worth warching! 6:00 est

Please Nail The Lou Dobs Survey Tonight

Any ex-90s rebels?

New Corporate Healthcare Scam - Fining you for using benefits!

Guantanamo Beatings

Am I the only one who's noticed that Charlie Black...

History says this years election could be a blow-out!

New Mark Fiore: Jobs and growth. Funny and sad.

New Kerry ADD right before Hardball

Not sure if anyone noticed...

Once America's friend, now forgotten

Is Rick Perry less of an asshole than George W. Bush?

Will the GOP convention in NYC at the 9/11 anniversary backfire?

We Need a DU Glossary

President Bush: Don't use my husband as your mascot

What could be DONE at protests that would be visibly constructive?

Question for the TinHatters : Did * have to cancel any fund

Georgie dedicates $750K 9/11 memorial, goes across the park

CNN crawl: Madrid attacks exactly 911 days after 9/11/01

Attacking the "Coalition of the Willing" one by one?

Here's how Geedub new Space Weapons program is going...

New American Research Group Poll - Kerry 50% - Bush 43%

This week's Bill Moyers NOW - Maurice Sendak & Helen Thomas interviews

Kerry says terrorists alone merit execution (otherwise opposes death pen.

Condi Rice & Howard Dean on Meet the Press Sunday

Why was Joe Namath on the Nixon enemies list?

Venezuela’s CITGO Contributes to Social Programs...

I was on the phone with a Kansas businessman today..


America: multiracial society or apartheid state?

Landlords and security deposits.

BushCo threatened to fire their Medicare expert if he gave Congress true

Soros vs Chimp

Bill Mahers 3/12 Show!

My 1000th post.

bush* for International Women's Week (photo)....LOL......

Ride snowboards apologize for homophobic banner

"Messing with the Wrong Generation! (A Great Boomer Rant) if you missed it

Why Do Europeans Get It--But We Are Such Morons Heading for Cliff??

George Carlin on Real Time (HBO)

The Passion of Howard Stern


Gay Mormon photos stolen from art show

I don't want my son to be drafted.....what are my options?

NYC DU'ers - let Madrid know....

must read


If the argument for Bush's fall in popularity

Movie Could Bring Dems Votes!

At the paint store in Brevard ... painter vents against Bu$h.

My cynical view of the REAL story with Stern: it's a plot to sell...

Bush praises man in speech on women's rights

Check out this editorial cartoon

Newt might have actually been on to something.....

Normal Republicans who are not Extremists are appalled by Bush*

New Bush ad violates military rules.

names for Bush?

BBV - My Republican friend finally gets it - Vanity Fair article.

Can a freeper be any more stupid then this?

You Guys Have Got To See This!!!

Another Rally at Palm Springs City Hall

National "I'm Embarrashed by My President Day" - April 1st

What We Really Need Is "Home Security" For The Planet Earth.

George Carlin Responds to Indecency Uproar

Question About Iraq Paying For the War.

Why don't the freepers ever whine about Dennis Miller?

From the 3/10 Hardball (with props to CatWoman)

The Electras - John Kerry's High School Band

Can I get a Tiffany Globe? This is sort of disturbing....

Rove's strategy revealed: Make Kerry spend money to defend himself

Why is Solidad O'Brien on CNN morning to night????

More on Howard Stern........folks,this is GREAT!!!!

911 days since 9/11 and Spain terror happened

Why are Millions taking to Streets in Spain, but we didn't after 9/11.

You think that woman in Salt Lake City is a sicko?

Left Behind author on NPR, Fresh Air -- in a few minutes

Alleged Al Qa'ida email claims "Winds of Black Death" attack on US near

Gay bashing with impunity at ‘sanctity of marriage’ rally

I'll be speaking personally with Tom Daschle next Tuesday

FREEPERS Censor My First Post!!! ROTF


Should I join AARP?

Kerry must act NOW to guard against a Bush terror attack victory

Crossfire: Tucker says that the only foreign leader to endorse Kerry

The Empire Backfires by Jonathan Schell

Are "gay marriages" open relationships?

uncannily prescient monologue from "Good Will Hunting"

Where is the outpouring of American emotion for the Spanish victims...

So I guess I'm the only one that thinks that Salt Lake "woman" is sick...

REMEMBER: Bush was AWOL on 9/11

Our DU soldiers got their leave cancelled

The Salt Lake woman and parenthood

Spanish government hiding information about bombings for political gain

How much of a role did racism play in American support for the Iraq war?

Going Positive: Kerry's MORNING in AMERICA

Moyers wasn't on in Milwaukee. Anyone else?

Elk Leave Area Plagued by Mystery Deaths

Once again! If you believe Clinton left us in a recession....

A noobie question???what is a

DU this poll!

Bill Maher is hot tonight!!!

(Chavez)...Revolution will not be Televised...fact or fiction??

John Kerry Speechwriting Tournament (Unofficial but ...)

BBV Robert Cringely on voting machines

"John Kerry wants to raise your taxes".. How to counter the spin

sexual orientation, like skin pigmentation, is an immutable trait

The Salt Lake woman and parenthood

My threory on Racial Relations

Army Desertions Complicate Afghan Election Plans

Fur flies as Kerry hits out at Bush's 'crooked' campaign

Woman charged after refusing Caesarean

Bush Ads Go Negative; Kerry Refutes Claim

Spainish Elections Suspended

US expands duties of Marines in Haiti

Bodies donated to medical school were used by army for landmine tests

Level Green(Pittsburgh, PA) man killed in Iraq (The male civilian killed)

'Cheeseburger Bill' takes a weight off US fast-food industry's mind

Halliburton admitted giving faulty cost estimates in $2.7 billion Iraq con

US to impose ‘firm’ bans on Syria

California court halts gay marriages

Mass. lawmakers approve ban of gay marriage

S. Korea president impeached amid physical battle

Two U.S. soldiers killed

Utah poverty by the numbers

Jury Seated in Oklahoma City Bomb Trial

Rwandan flight recorder found in UN filing cabinet

Charged with CHILD MURDER after refusing Caesarean section

(BBC) Zimbabwe to charge 'mercenaries'

On the rise and fall of Martha Stewart

FCC's Powell Questions Indecency Bills' Constitutionality and (drumroll)

Haiti's New Leader Sees a Long Transition

Bush Admin ordered Medicare cost withheld

NYT: Government Puts Out Call for Anthrax Vaccine

New Bush Ad Assails Kerry on Taxes, War (response ad today)

Grenade Thrown at Residence of Kosovo's President, Guard Slightly Injured

Swiss told to seize Yukos cash

U.S. jury: Layoff was political retaliation

NY dealer accused of art scam

NYT:Investigation of Bombing in Madrid Yields Conflicting Clues

Republican budget to bring state, teacher layoffs (Iowa)

Greenspan says tax increases probably needed in addition to benefit cuts t

Medicare expert alleges firing threat over drug benefit cost (Bush lies)

Lawyer says Army, Yee might settle

GOP in Texas Legislature Can't Count on Democrats' Aid

Mourning Spain Probes All Leads

US Consul hits out at Cuba links (Bermuda)

Woman Charged with Murder

Madrid Detonators Not Commonly Used by ETA

Attacks Could Sway Spanish Poll

Terror Experts Say Jury Out On Qaeda Role

Language divides Venezuela:Chavez's blunt style speaks to the poor, fuels

Halliburton admits to pricing 'whoops-a-daisies' on Iraq contracts

Miami commissioners repeal protest law

Bomb Blast Kills 2 U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

Congressional News Conference Meeting with Former Haitan President

US Behind Ethiopia - Eritrea War

Nun faces jail for drunk tractor driving.

Snowplow Driver Suspended for Protest Sign

War in Western Sudan Threatens to Destroy Hopes for Peace in African Natio

Republican-controlled Senate passes $2.36 trillion budget !

Chad Says 43 Militants Killed in Fighting

Democrats on Hill give Kerry hero's welcome on return

Iraqi Police Suspected of Killing U.S. Civilians

Politics is Focus of Texas Film Festival

Scott McIniss Will NOT Run For the Senate From Colorado

Mercenary intrigue spotlights West Africa's oil curse

LAT: Key Republicans Admit Anxiety Over Campaign

Worker suspended for anti-Bush message

Second son of Iraqi diplomat charged

Aristide aide held in Toronto (Oriel Jean)

RNC leader attacks Kerry on spy, '91 war votes

Warning labels on condoms considered

WorldCom Restates Results and Settles Case

Israel Ties Gaza Pullout to U.S. Guarantees on W.Bank

U.S. Troops Again Under Fire in Troubled Haiti (Friday)

Bolivia Lanza Nueva Estrategia Antidrogas (The End Of Zero Coca)

U.N. Finds 1994 Rwanda Crash Black Box

Both parties support abortion notice

Soldier who said she was raped sounds off

Homeland Security Issues Transit Alert

Kerry Ad Says Bush 'Misleading America'

Wisconsin State Senate approves Anti-Gay mariage amendment 20-13.

Worker Suspended for Anti-Bush Message

Chile defies church and legalises divorce

Rumsfeld defends Pentagon intelligence unit - "Nobody was bypassed"

Pentagon Awards Two Iraq Work Contracts

Chile defies church and legalises divorce

U.S. Undermining Saddam Evidence - Iraqi Lawyer

Frist agrees to take on drug reimportation issue

Oregon AG rules gay marriage licensing illegal

Many companies working in Iraq are GOP donors

Latortue Sworn in As New Haiti Leader

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 554 U.S. service members have died

Charlotte Observer:Media seek out Charlottean

Halliburton Admitted Faulty Iraq Costs

Perry unveils tax cut proposal to cheers, warnings

Harper set to triumph as Stronach falls short - Globe and Mail

Bipartisan call to scrap voting by touch-screen

Gay marriage ban wins preliminary approval, but debate to continue

Kerry strikes back at Bush on ads

Ashcroft remains in intensive care -3/12/04

Woman Found Guilty of Bigamy (and sentenced her father to jail.)

California gay marriage court battle likely to last years

Enraged voters set for return of Right (Spain)

Bush Praises Man in Speech on Women's Rights (major boo-boo)

Blast in Tikrit Kills 2 U.S. Soldiers

Iraqi Police Suspected of Killing U.S. Civilians

Blast in Tikrit Injures 6 U.S. Soldiers

Bush Aide Rove Didn't Influence Policy

Taiwan opposition pulls Hitler ads

Poll: Kerry would be choice of terrorists

Al Qa'ida claims responsibility for Madrid blasts

Kerry Leads Bush, 50 Percent to 43 Percent, in Poll (Update1)

Independent voters disapprove of 9-11 imagery in Bush ads

(UPI) FEC ruling could take down Democrats

Official Says He Was Told To Withhold Medicare Data

US Senator: Report on Iraq Intelligence 'Damning'

Army sent mentally ill troops to Iraq

Showdown looms as Iran bars nuclear inspections

Texas Governor Commutes Death Sentence

New Kerry Ad Exposes Growing Bush Credibility Gap

Powell Says UK Guantanamo Prisoners Not Abused

Rally denounces White House role in Haiti coup

EBay Reports Attempt to Sell Women on Web (Reuters)

Arab-American Group wants Bush campaign ad changed

Horror and sadism in Guantanamo

Spread Thin, Army Calling on Same Units

Sharon says U.S. should also disarm Iran, Libya and Syria

Senate Approves McClellan as Medicare Chief

Haiti Prime Minister Opposes Aristide Jamaica Stay

Numerical Ties Between Terrorist Attacks

Bush to Mark Iraq War Anniversary

Cache of military explosives found in suburban Chicago field

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 12 March (#1)

Greenspan: Offshoring laws could harm U.S.

Ridge Sidesteps Question On Bin Laden's Capture (With Poll!)

Hollywood Disaster Film Set to Turn Heat on Bush*

Easier Internet Wiretaps Sought

Millions Protest Over Spain Bombs, ETA Denies Blame

Armstrong Industries Ponders More Layoffs at Its Lancaster, Pa., Floor Pla

Haiti's new premier criticizes Aristide trip to Jamaica ...

WP: Missteps on Economy Worry Bush* Supporters

MINNESOTA: State wants buying limits on food stamps

Rumsfeld Kept 9-11 Souvenir

US revealed to be secretly funding opponents of Chavez

Woman Gets Criminal Record for Petting Dog

Plow Protest Gets Icy Reception (CBS)

Your Computer Is Dirtier Than A TOILET!

Holy Shit! I just noticed I'm heading for the 700 club.....

What is the longest DU thread ever? Or how many times can you whack dubya.

"Muskrat Love" - what are those annoying tweak sounds supposed to be?

Psalm 2004

How do you feel about this?

Goodbye, Marius. Hello Mr. Socko!

Coolest Websites.

How many bathrooms do you have?

Sushi, Wasabi and Asahi on a warm day by the bay

Id be willing to bet

the Bopst Show . . . and the hits keep coming . . .

I authored a single word on Kerry's website!

I hate sports ...

How many times do we have to vote against the Bushes

Howard Stern isn't on the air. Does anybody know if he's actually gone?

Doing an overnight shift....

I have a milestone coming in 3 posts...

how gp are the HP laptops with the wireless built in?

Poll: Most violent?

The end of an era

Low-key party in Rings hometown

George Michael says he'll release music for free.

Teen Sells Drugs To Police - They Were Wearing "POLICE" Jackets


Right Now, I'm Watching "The Truth About Cats and Dogs"

Another slang origin question

Howard Stern....looking for Streaming Link...Help plz.

Caption: must have been those orange flavour fertility pills....

Question for straight women and gay men

"People say, You must have been the class clown.

Steve Bell cartoon on Shrub homophobia

My gawd, what a rumble!

Sea Lion Grabs Fisherman Off Boat

Teen Counterfeiters Microwaved Fake $20 Bills - Tried To Buy Food - Caught

Lol, Beavis & Butthead on Republicans

Does anyone watch Will & Grace?

The cloud has lifted.

Lots of work tips

Ahhhhh - the sound of cardinals

No dawgs at deh bawpahk fa Saawks fans dat's wicked tough

In your opinion, what is the most beautiful sounding language?

I was there but I missed it (thankfully).

Yee Haw!!! Chris Rock the funniest man in America

Oh, barf (I have to read a GHWB book!)

'Now remember Brendon any idiot can score a goal in soccer..........

I'd like to do my long-delayed Masters degree at a US University...

Anyone able to babysit my avatar???

Just so you know - I'm so damn happy and for no apparent reason

I know this is the Lounge, but . .

Bridal Threshold Question Bugging me Name that Caption - today is Shrub

Which versions of Bob Dylan songs are better?

Ok -- I'm taking over, dammit

I am leaving so adios, so long, farewell, adieu

"Duck & Cover" ...Surviving a nuclear blast..

Polar rescue...damn...this one's hard to play..(penguin game)

A thread for recently-retired Mods...

National "I'm Embarrassed by My President" Day, APRIL 1

If Bush was a girl, what would he look like?

March 12, 1955: Jazz pioneer Charlie Parker dies in New York City.

Brewers 8-1 in Spring Training!


"Fowl Words"

Caption: Help me Mommy, he wants me on his Purity List....

Wife-Poisoner Hired as Ethics Lecturer

Letter I received from DishNetwork CEO

Irish joke! Why not jokes that ridicule women, blacks, Jews and

Unintentionally hilarious song titles

CAPTION a thumb up America

Irish Joke!

Caption: Just say NO to the devil, George...

Goofed up headlines & ads

DU actors, aspiring actors, and comedy lovers:

Let's play the 'Convoluted Language' Game for book and/or movie

If I come to Boston on April 3rd - is there sofa space for me


Rainbow bridge

Name the Unidentified Live Band and Year #3

Another 'Passion' thread, but Hollywood-oriented (interesting question)

'New' Nick Drake Song Found - NME

Okay, one last thing before I leave

I Plugged DU on . . .

I'm very excited!

A Howlin' Wolf question:

Peek Freens are a very serious cookie


A Rant: Sex, College, and Alienation

How do I "lie to" thee, let us count the ways .....

I was upgraded to the Penthouse.... ask me anything

Nun Faces Jail for Drunk Tractor Driving

The Hypno Toad of all CAPTIONS!!!

Is there an herbal equivalent to Ritalin?

ACC Fans: Who do you like to win the ACC Tournament...

Eat healthy and live longer, or eat what you like and live less time?

GYWO - page 32 is up!!

Cool! Behold the "World's Tallest Virtual Building":

MWO: It's Not Dead. It's Restin'. (Beautiful Plumage!)

OK, what is the difference...

Master of all Masters

Very Funny State of the Union Video

Best Recent Bumper Sticker?

Rename the White House the WHITE CASTLE!

Fishermen Have To Use Trashcan Lids To Save Themselves From FLYING CARP!

Anyone here ever see the movie "7 Days in May?"

In your view, most Republican voters are...

Do I dress like a democrat or a republican?

WND Exclusive: Did angels intercede to save Reagan's life?

Anyone ever get a reading from Sylvia Browne

Joke du Jour

let's celebrate National Corndog Day! . . .

Which Would You Rather Be...

Your thoughts on Brylcream and comb sharing.


i wish i had several wives....

Plea for help from DU dog experts

Live photo - but who is it?

I am brilliant!

Strange Air Force one phenomenon I saw

wow . . . here's a page to bookmark . . .

Okay-this is a COMPLETE WASTE of time

Serial Killer Cafe...

Madrid Bombings were 911/912 days from 911. next attack will be June 20th?

Your thoughts on bodily fluid sharing?


Oh man - get this

Most surprising thing about mastur...

Where can I catch Howard Stern online?

Your thoughts on ice cream cone sharing?

John Edwards has lost my support

How do you say, “Our world has changed since Madrid,” in Spanish?

DU News Projection: Big Ten Tournament

Need toll free numbers to Congress and the WH, ASAP.

Jonathan Edwards for Vice President!

Anyone but me having trouble with Hotmail?

ACK!! Toyota Camry Outside My Office - Plate Says: "JESUS1"

Puzzled by Uranus?

I have a new HAPPY HAPPY theme song - what's yours???

HELP!!! I'm not feeling happy anymore

If Someone Had To Just Look At You, Could They Tell You're A Dingbat?

If Someone Had To Just Look At You, Could They Tell You're A Democrat?

favorite oxymorons

1 Random Question:

Richardo Rules!

Your thoughts on louse sharing?

It is Friday afternoon, I took the day off

it's Friday, 5 o'clock (est): YABBA DABBA DOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

The All-New One Sentence Response To FReepers & Other Crazy People:

Most surprising thing about masticaticating?

DU techies, a question: My firewall...

Greatest Metal Album of All Time!

Carolina loses!

Pepsi Ad: "And why do poor soldiers have to...."

Those who cast the votes decide nothing.

Matcom is a weeny with lousy tastes in chefs

The Granny Numbnuts of all CAPTIONS!!!

What were you like in College? (Inspired by Fenris' s post)

Who Believes in UDUOs?

I just caught the world's angriest gopher

Canned pea question...

Canopy question...

My favorite crazy person line of all time...

Somebody wake me up!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I'm off to Minneapolis for Spring Break!!!


Ideas for John Kleeb campaign theme song?

new Oxyrush advertiser NTB

i hate my fucking frat boy pseudo liberal boss

Big Bang or BigMcLargeHuge

Barbara Streisand is a Mother FOCKER

Recommend Non-Fiction Books from 2004 or late 2003..

DU was just on CNN!!

Big Bang or Big Band?

Larry the cucumber, or Bob the Tomato?

DU chat

I'm going to get drunk now

SPEW - Society for the Promotion of Evil Women

My new resolution for Colorado (Coloradans please read and evaluate)

Canada Question....

G.W. Bush & Ed Gillespe threw me down and stole my Lunch Money

Cat pee question...

BEST NUMBER 1 HIT of the LATE 1960s? (Part 3)

Today is my mom's birthday. She would be 57.

This is my 5,000th post!

You think your landlord is bad?

NetFlix -- Post your queue here!

Yo-Yo Ma or Ofra Harnoy

Your thoughts on spouse sharing?

Holy Crap.. What the hell IS this???

Countdown to 41,000 members!

Exhaustion,Stupidity,Haste, or a Brain Tumor???

free radio propaganda ads against satelite radio airing on local stations

Yet another reason Bush* has to go! TERR RISM

Anyone about to go off on spring break?

In live appearance Bush expresses solidarity with Spain

Yet another 'name that band' thread

Funniest thread ever..

Bobby Flay Kicking ASS Again - He Is Feeding A Whole Park!!

We Need a DU Glossary

What Should I Buy, My Girl?

YIKES! A guy just sat next me in the computer lab and-

Please give me some advice on the morning-after pill

I watched 6 hours of Beavis and Butthead today. Ask me anything.

My last 'guess the band' of the day

New Politically Correct Explative...Bush You!

I Started Watching Don Juan DeMarco

Most surprising thing about Moderatorating:

31 posts in 24 hours! Ask me anything.

It's that name the artist game again (part seventeen thousand)

UFO Believers, Sound Off!

Has Anyone Ever Seen This Bush Wedding Video?

Stuffed to the Store...What Frozen Brand is Good?

Sweet comment just now on MPR!

Your thoughts on file sharing?

DU Chili heads! Having trouble getting chiles this winter?

Who the hell says nothing good happens in Kansas (MUSIC ALERT)

Too Cool .... backyard Monorail

Can't pee question...

Have you ever been touched by moderator?

OUCH!! I bit the inside of my cheek during dinner tonight...

got my 1st permanent bridge today, and it looks great! check em out!

How Long Have You Been Working At Your Current Job?

ATTN GAMERS: What online games do you play? ( BF 1942, DAoC ect )

Check out the three months change in traffice for DU vs. FR!


****It's my 1000th post!!!*****

Back to the time warp - LOUDEST 60's/early 70's band

Kids and Violent Video Games

So I showed my dentist a copy of the Bush National Guard dental chart ...

How dumb is dubya?

Have you ever operated a chain saw?

Have you ever seen a cuter dog?

Futurama fans - if you like the show, NOW is the time to get the DVDs!

Do I write like a man?

so, what's the record, anyway

the guitar poll, fender edition...

Bizarre eating habits

George Carlin on Bill Maher tonight

guitar junkies: SG, Les Paul, or Flying V?

Do you like the Infiniti FX 45?

I need to watch a "Goldie Hawn," tonight. Her Best?

Battle of the Bands Pt. 2: Jefferson Airplane vs. Duran Duran

I can't find dolphin-safe tuna

Best 70's Horn Driven Band

Double Red Alert! Double Red Alert!

dumbest piercing ever

young man John Kerry

I'm driving from TX to TN w/ my mom on Sunday. We're going to stop

Editorial cartoon

Is The Man Show sexist?

Mmm.... Little Debbie Zebra Cakes.

Anyone like the 80's Band Zebra?

41,000 DUERS!

Listening to Screaming Trees, Mudhoney, Nirvana...ask me anything!

I got my first piece of personal mail from a fellow DUer today

Hello DU'ers

Who is the most attractive female?

The Angelina Jolie Phenomenon: Bisexual Poster Girl?

How many people have you turned on to DU?

Amtrak's 5 minutes early tonight...

How do you imagine DUers sound like in real life?

Screw up this idiot's poll!

Ideas for John Kerry campaign theme song?

Laura Bush's form of birth control

SUPERGRASS-pretty cool

Man, that meeting room is a slow, slow place

Let's go nuts Broadway style!

A top WWE wrestler is leaving wrestling for a career in the NFL!

Any west 'burbs of Cleveland people looking for entertainment tomorrow?

My pizza just arrived! Ask me anything!

Friday Night Battle of the Bands Pt.1: 10c.c. vs. XTC

Henson to the Cowboys

The Little Things

Cat sitting on arm - numbness setting in...atrophy and gangrene to follow?

Who here uses

Russia is a cold place and men look for love wherever they can get it, but

So Funny it Brought Me to Tears: Rummy Karate

And finally: BEST NUMBER 1 HIT OF THE LATE 1960s? (The Final Chapter)

I just finished off a box of napolitano (sp) ice cream, ask me anything

Battle of the Bands IV: Hole vs. Elastica

Man, I hit 5000 today and didn't even notice 'til it was 5033.

If you could clone a hot dog..

Let me rephrase...funniest thing I've ever read!

Groundhogs don't get enough respect.. They are helpful little creatures

I need a protest sign-bit for 3/20 demo in ABQ

Shrubya's legacy - What will the history books call him?

George Carlin on Maher - now HBO

The great Ian poll!!

(Spoiler!) Photo from Star Wars 3

So, my niece's economic teacher

Latest picture of Erin!

Looking for cheap-ass replacement car...

i am a fraud and a bug.... compared to Margeret Cho! OM.....

Who knows Fester Bestertester and Karbunkle?

What does this French Expression mean????

Is there a DU Gallery anymore?

This thing tomorrow night. with Denver Young Dems.

Anyone have any funny home improvement horror stories?

"Waiting for Guffman" , now on to "School of Rock"

Yum! Just had escargot/garlic btr/blue cheese - any other snail fans?

The pop of leather when a heater meets the catchers mitt…

*sigh* being home with the momster means less time on DU

DU chat


I just ate a whole box of Samoas AND a whole box of Tagalongs, ask me...

Mobius revealed, my REAL face on my avi

Battle of the Bands III: Sly and The Family Stone vs War

"The things that will destroy us..."

you a nerd?

Fraternity Rituals: What happens that's so secret?

Should Velma watch "Schindler's List" tonight?

Favorite cartoon dog?

Mark Feuerstein, Harvey Fierstein, Leonard Bernstein... STEEN? STINE?

Laker Fans - the Mailman is BACK!!

Chicago Blues Battle: Sonny Boy Williamson2 vs. Little Walter

Am I the only parent that is closer to my child than I am to my spouse.

The $100,000 Family Car - WSJ

Django Reinhardt vs. Robert Johnson

Comedian Comments (my favorite is Bill Maher's on the bill of rights)

What is the first thing you do when you get home?

How many CD audio drives/players do you have in household?

My attempt to show how hetero I am poll: *Pic heavy thread*

Favorite Male Actor In Drag...

Funniest name for a band you've heard?

Guess the mystery celebrity ...

Anybody here watch Stargate besides me? They are getting political.

Subtle Anti-Bush Slam on Stargate-SG1?

The New Bond Game.

Favorite LEMMON-MATTHAU movie

RIP, Red.

Well, I went to the doctors yesterday..

Ye Gods I love Pantera

Is this true, about stopping taking anti-biotics too soon?

How many completely functional computers do you own?

Movie trivia. Let's try to do it with no actor or movie dupes.

Toyota's new hybrid supercar!- It looks like a Ferrari

I am listening to Bare Naked Ladies now...

Johnny Ramone is a jerk

Big bang or the hand of God?

Have you ever been touched by fellow DUer?

If you had only two words to describe yourself, what would they be?

How much trouble am I in?

Segregated bookstores?

Straight DU'ers: Ever get bashed for sticking up for gays?


Worlds coolest sounding instrument?

ADD - ADHD Drug of Choice with comments

Friday Night Movie Thread

Matt and Trey's (Southpark) Newest Cartoon (Unbelievably NSFW)

tell us your ghost story

Battle of the best Guitar heroes

DU: Grassroots Activity # 1

This day was a defining moment for "real" Kerry Supporters...

TV Ads

Is it a coincidence

Support the Kerry Scream...

I can't stop giving money, What is wrong with me???

Join teachers in writing for Paige to step down

Is it just me or did Rove just fall into Kerry's trap?

Negative spots elicit blistering Kerry response

Howard isn't on the air. Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck

any links to Kerry saying what he said

Worth watching again today, "Keep Our Word" on Bush's Broken Promises

Flip flopper? Didn't Bush change his mind after being a drunk for 40 years?

did John Kerry ever meet Richard Nixon ?

If Kerry wins in November, we'll remember this week as the week he won.

For those who think Kerry should apologize for his remarks yesterday

bush on making the case for re-election !

WP, Kurtz: Kerry response ad to Bush negative tax ad airs today


Repub led Congress cut 3.8 Bill from 95 intelligence budget/OHHH Really!

Bush can put an end to the Kerry comment nonsense

WP finally refutes Bush's false charge Kerry "gutted" intelligence in '95!

Deleted message

My friend got a "Thank You for your contribution" letter from Bush...??

One Reason I Want Kerry To Win In November. Teresa Kerry. What A

Colorado Senate Race. McInnis is out.

Link to hear Mary Beth Cahill, JK campaign manager, NPR interview today

Edwards supporters: Could he debate Cheney successfully? (Honest question)

John Kerry Launches New D-Bunker Site to respond to Bush Misleading Ads

Blue states have lower crime rates than red

Local Dean group gets many letters published. Two yesterday.

New Bush Ad Assails Kerry on Taxes, War (Kerry response Ad coming)

Bush's new "punitive" anti-Syria trade measures avoid oil& OK's computers

Barak Obama winning Dem primary Senate nomination (IL) handily

what is katherine harris' greatest accomplishment

Imagine no 9/11

Bush Flip Flop Ad!

Who is Kerry's "Karl Rove"?

How was Clinton doing against Dole early on back in 1996?

Should Kerry start whispering who may be on his defense team?

CNN "Do you think John Kerry should appologize for his "crooked" comment?

Anti-Bush and/or Pro-Kerry pamphlets?

'The Passion Of The Stern'

I believe, can't win with doubt and inactivity

Looking for vote list for the new anti-1st amendment bill

Have you ever been polled?

Tom Tancredo will not run for campbell's seat.

Kerry D-Bunker

Democrats on Hill Give John Kerry Hero's Welcome

If Kerry can be the first to pull away from attack ads and use ads that

OUCH another poll (ARG) showing Kerry beating Bush 50-43

Bush supposed job-creation policies only created a mountain of debt

I got a tough assignment to do

Go to Air America Radio and sign up for their newsletter.

Who here has underestimated Mr. Kerry?

More ways to turn out Democratic voters in the fall

Los Angeles Kerry HQ?

Saw my first Anti-Kerry bush ad. Does he think THIS is going to work?

Would Bush have stolen the election again

OK, I have had it! I was going to sit out for a while, not now!

Er...McCain for Kerry's VP... What ever!!!!! I just love Google Image.

Clark email hints at future plans

Liars and Crooks! Liars and Crooks! Hmmm...let's take a quick look.

"The 3/11 Attacks"

Wes is looking pretty good right now - yes?

Kerry Commercial Ideas

Kerry's mass mailings lacking in pzazz

Kerry Unviels New Ad! "Bush Misleading America"

Any similarities to John Kerry and/or Muslims are completely intentional:

Vote for Kerry not apologising

FEC & GE Contributions Give before Convention

What spiteful messages will you post on RW boards when Kerry wins?

Are the Repugs going to unleash the Repug equivalent of MoveOn?

when will kerry go medieval on bush's ass? SERIOUS QUESTION

my opinion - Kerry is enjoying fighting aWol

Recent Medicare drug bill is a $3 billion gift to General Motors

That Kerry D-Bunker is excellent!

Has March 20 Rally folk contacted Kerry about participating. Could be Good

On MSNBC today

Will you go to the inauguration if Kerry wins?

It's a scary and horrible thought, but I just want to know

regarding results of poll in Kerry first day thread

George Bush's version of "Fear Factor"!

I just found out my cousin, David Ashe, is running for Congress!!

September 11 Families, Firefighters Rebuke Bush for 9/11 Images

How much did Kerry promise to cut middle income taxes?

Oooh...A new brand new ARG Poll - Kerry 50% Bush 43%

How's this for a campaign slogan?

Kerry unveils new ads against Bush

New Dean T-shirt...

How much does John Kerry weigh?

What do Democrats think of John McCain?

Why terrorists prefer Bush and DON'T want Kerry to win.

If you're participating in a St. Pat's parade be ProKerry.

I might want to be part of Dean's organization

McCain/Feingold was a mistake.

FAST HELP needed! Images needed of Kerry!!

AP: Voters Say 9/11 Images Are Inappropriate

Happy with your letter from Wes Clark today? Say, thank you, Wes.

Hoot! Dean faces Condi on MTP Sunday.

Howard Stern to consider asking listeners to donate to Kerry!

When the thugs complain about Dems being mean, show 'em this typical Rove

The Ultimate John Kerry poll- love em or leave em

Images Of The Kerry Family Tree

Kerry Sends Clark Stumping Through Swing State OHIO

GOP Turnout Falls off Dramatically in TX

Cheering crowd at Bush jobs speech interviewed: "No speak English,"

What's the FIRST thing you want Pres. Kerry to do?

Bush is in major trouble when Howard Stern, N.O.W are working against him

Watch Kerry's response to Bush's attack ad. Contribute to get it out now!

Bush Exceeds Own 2000 Call for Tax Cuts? need second opinion

Who would Al Qaeda support for President in 2004?

Union raises stakes for July (Dem Convention)

Kerry meets Edwards yesterday at a closed door session at St. Regis Hotel

I read that Kerry only has $16 million in his campaign fund

AP reports Kucinich still could be factor in presidential race . . .

Regime change will require more than beating Bush.

How would you like this cabinet?

For history buffs: Last time that the Democratic party was this united?

If your choice for President gets the VP nod...

Kerry/Clark and Kerry/Edwards are both excellent tickets

Saw a picture of DU on CNN

John Kerry Speechwriting Tournament (Unofficial but ...)

Just finished reading "Secrets of the Tomb" by Alexandra Robbins (Skull)

Dennis Talks About Public Education

Is Bush getting the upper hand?

Are you kidding me! These two would demolish Bush/Cheney

I like the sound of Kerry/Kucinich.