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Archives: March 11, 2004

The Great Indian Dream--from Tommy Friedman

Iraqis tortured and killed by British troops (Part 2 of 2)

Flip-Flop, Hedge and Straddle. WAPO on Kerry!

GOP learns Bush, gasp, is the problem (Houston Chronicle)

American Economic Outlook: March 2004

Cool! Bev Harris is from my town!

'On a Mission From God'

Tweak, Don't Overhaul The Primaries - WSJ's Al Hunt

Dr. Death has got a brand new bag.

What's really at stake in the marriage debate

More insight on Thanksgiving Dinner photo op

Jan Schakowsky responds to Chicago Tribune editorial

"we laughed and laughed. Then we had pudding"

In-Depth: The Full Story of Aristide's Kidnapping

Pentagon Pressed for Iraq War's Costs

Eliot Spitzer-Capitalism With A Democratic Face

Zimbabwe threatens to execute 64 alleged US mercenaries.

The best Bush* 9/11-TV Ad essay in print! "...the Flag as their G-string."

Authoritarian Conservatism

Zim: Brits, Spain, US to blame

Not to touch the earth (Read about this, it's nuts.)

miss malkin needs to hear from us

Tourism report finds US a big loser in 2003

The new fascism

Denis McShane (Guardian Utd): The new fascism

Vladimir Putin: Tsar or prisoner?

Kerry correctly calls GOP liars; GOP whines about truth reaching Americans

Salon: Tom DeLay's Funny Money Trail

Bush caught lying about Kerry's record

Molly Ivins: How to ruin the public schools

Salon: Howard Stern's schwing voters

The new nihilists of terrorism

Has America begun to think again?

Returning Al Franken's book (Help please?)

Sen. McCain Open to Being Kerry's VP

Kiss your Social Security goodbye

Orders given that Bush's feet are not to come in contact with dirt

Major Censorship in Middle East Studies - Oppose HR 3077

911 Comission email campaign

Culture Jam Bush/Cheney Posters

Dover to D.C. Memorial Procession - March 14/15

I'm asking for help in making the 3/20 March & Rally in Crawford, Tx

U.S. Media Performance on Iraq Slammed in Report

Viacom hints over cable bid

The fifth estate: Conspiracy Theories 911 video download

Chris Heinz on CNN's 360º, mp3 & vp3 video here

NY Post Blasted for running suicide shot on cover

Does anyone else hate Fox News?

Liberal Talk Radio Network to Start Up in Three Cities(@low rated stations

Movies for Democrats, 3/11-3/14

Pluto is in opposition to USA Mars - Thread III

FessUp, Who Here Claimed "Holy Blood,HG" Was Dull & Difficult?

Anyone got some incentive to spare?

Boondocks (Gay Marriage)

Why Bush Supports Outsourcing - from the 3-11 Misleader PR Release

Real Unemployment


Fed's Rate Policy Makes Some Economists Uneasy (but higher is disaster)

Were the unemployment figures supposed to come

Ave. length of unemployment grew to 20.3 weeks in Feb. - longest in 20 yrs

Hey look at the Dow..

Carbon Dioxide Is Key Suspect in Rainforest Change

The League of Conservation Voters newsletter/3-11 Press Release

Growing menace threatens Amazon forests

James Watt, Delusional As Ever

Environmental lobby's efforts backfire

California's Largest Nursery Reports Sudden Oak Death

Sweden's Sub-Arctic Permafrost Declining, Bog Methane Output Spiking

BP's outlook on Oil, energy and renewables. Dances around Peak Oil

How the Neanderthals became the Basques

Repugs playing enviro politics with Congressional resources

Animals' Migratory Behaviors In Trouble - NYT

US scientists make a glowing butterfly

Conquering the divide - Can Iraq's Sunni and Shia Muslims get on?

Impressions from Iraq

Equatorial Guinea, Zimbabwe Say Coup Nixed

Mexico's Fox Promises Action to Solve Women Murders

Indo-US defence ties: The great leap

Tearful Charlize meets Madiba - Mandela

GAO Report on F/A-22 Raptor (out-of-control financially) - Deficit help?

Human Rights Watch: Egyptian Emergency Court Acquits Political Dissident

Buddhists blast pro-blue monk - TW

Ex-Pineapple czar says Lien owes him - TW

British politician makes anti-Semitic remark

Guardian Utd (March 11): All detainees returned from Cuba released

Amnesty: UN Human Rights Commission must reform itself or risk irrelevance

GUNS IN THE NEWS--March 11, 2004

Need facts about death penalty

Look up sex offenders

Gun control email fact checking mission.

Why are folks assumed to be 'Reichwing' if they support 1st 10 Amendments?

Wonder If Chimpy Ran THIS By The NRA?

It's clear that Victorians want to keep swords off the streets.

Hi Mods...any chance we could get avatars of characters from Alice in

Kerry Link at the top of the DU home page?

Non-English sources

Welcome, new Mods!

Is it ok to slander on DU?

Thread improperly locked, slanderous posts not taken down.

mods too gung-ho on sex threads?

Skinner: Your explanation is no explanation at all.


We Got us a Real, Live Disruptor

I'm not sure where to put this

Telling someone you are putting them on ignore is a personal attack?

Good call, mods.

DU is outsourcing moderators to foreign country's.

I have a question for you MoFo mods!

was even my question against the rules?

Eyptian officials to travel to Israel to mark peace anniversary: report

Tens of thousands vow revenge in Jenin at funeral of five slain militants

Palestinian guerrilla cell broken up: Israel

Palestinians worry that Israeli withdrawal could lead to anarchy

The bombers from Britain

International NGO honors Rachel Corrie with Housing Rights Defender Award

Palestinian youths stab cab driver in Be'er Sheva

Israel, Egypt discuss proposed Gaza pullout

Blowback: US and Israeli style

75% of Isrealis believes EU treats Israel unfairly

Arafat hails cruise ship hijacker as 'martyr'

US should also take on Iran, Libya, and Syria: Sharon

Israel offers Spain help; forensic team on standby

Reaction to Abbas' Death Shows Depth of Hatred

Israeli Peace Activists

Spy Unit Skirted CIA on Iraq

Who denied the FICA warrent for Mousorey in Minn.

Another logical fallacy - the Wacky Caveman theory

Wouldn't it make more sense... campaign wise...

Where can I get good bumper stickers online?

Sen. Kerry should go to Canton, Ohio pronto................

Is anyone else having difficulty getting the media horse today?

Message From Charlie Ergen/Dish - Agreement Reached

See what the 1950's Blacklist looked like

With all these stories

O'Reilly sees no evidence Ashcroft is finishing off our civil liberties

Who here are "REAL" Kerry Supporters...

The Gavin Newsom story on 60 Min.II was good, BUT...

No regrets?

So let me get this straight.: Republicans are..


wasn't OSP suppose to be eliminated?

Annthrax Coulter has completely lost it.

"Die Kriegslüge" (= "The War Lie"), Title story this week in STERN

Mira Sorvino Aiding Amnesty International

Atlanta lost jobs after all...

bush coming to 9/11 memorial groundbreaking

NPR reporting the WSJ Halliburton

Why is the Dept. of Education sponsoring the O'Reilly Factor?

Does Mel Gibson have U.S. citizenship?

Activists Plan Pre-Democratic National Convention Forum in Boston

Article rundown on Liberal talk radio network

Election 2004 could be another train wreck

The Philosophy of Dividing

Beware of the Marketplace --- Trust Nothing and No Merchant

repost: pics from last weekend's anti/pro gay rights 'meeting'

Letter to the WSJ about the H.J. Heinz Corp. and a response

Anyone else see O'Reilly sparring w/ Matt Lauer on Today?

Marc "Banana Bread" Racicot should keep his mouth shut...

Did the Stock Market ever drop 160 points when...

Illegal workers only take jobs that Americans don't want Bush tells us. I

My vote WILL be counted!!

Get ready for the (O'Franken Factor)

Viacom and DISH Network Reach Long-Term Agreement

Paranoid shift or By their fruits, you shall know them.

low interest rates not always a good thing

did anyone get bush up

CNN still posting wed. wall street numbers. Market open for 30 minutes

A promising sign: Tackling nepotism in law school.

Am I supposed to remain calm or be scared?

Out On Long Island, But Doesn't Want To Touch The Ground (Funny & Weird)

What do you think about this DU-like forum?

frontline about Iraq

recovery gaining steam: Oregon Potato plant to lay off 625

What if we have another 911?

If Things Grew Bad for Bush, Could they pull faked assassination attempt?

Opi's March Rant: How the Repub's shot their own feet twice.

WNYC streaming now: 9/11 - talking about Condi

Graham, Clinton Introduce Bill to Ensure Every Vote Counts - BBV

Howard Stern puts up required reading.

Kerry should demand apology from George W Bush

"Military Vote for Bush Isn't a Sure Thing" (Detroit Freee Press)

Bushonomics In A Nutshell

Bush called a reporter an "asshole" to Cheney

Charlie Rangel was a letdown last night

Democrats should demand apologies from the White House

Today---2 1/2 years since 9/11

Scary Bush picture

Will Fox Sue Franken over "The O'Franken Factor"?

Disturbing find this morning

Kerry wants to "blow osama bin laden's brains out"

Where's MediaWhoresOnline?

Well....ARE they crooks and liars?

Kerry needs to respond to the RNC lies regarding intel budget cuts

Are families of soldiers killed in Iraq getting ready to protest at Dover?

Get This! Bush has NORM Coleman accusing Kerry re: flip-flops!

Is the GOP the Party of Crooks and Liars?

Just heard David Horowitz on WPR

look at the letters at

NPR ombudsman disses thousands of liberal listeners-- WUNC

Army to Gates: Stop trying to bribe DoD personnel with giveaways

Anecdotal evidence of Howard Stern's influence

This web site is so offensive!

Never underestimate the stupidity of our fellow citizens.

BBV -- customized viruses, just for Black Box Voting?

Why Republicans should vote for Kerry.

BBV: Senators request to suspend e-voting (CA) cited in my paper today:

Bush Campaign: Love the Dead; Loathe the Living

We need a common sense approach to the gay marriage question.

How a Bad Bill Becomes Law - Bernie Sanders

repubwhiners can dish it out, but they CAN'T TAKE IT!

Presidents could replace Sacagawea

What do you think?

Sign up for Central Air Media's newsletter!

I wish this guy would be more specific on his position

Dem Senators and Kerry on CNN live NOW.

Start your won "Billionaires for Bush" chapter

Finally there's a use for all the crap coming out of the White House --

S.D. governor to OK abortion ban - this is for real

we need to dig out some examples of Repug hate speech

"..Conduct unbefitting a presidential candidate"

Homeland Security and Cookies from England

Students stump Education Sec. Paige

Aristide plans abduction charges against U.S.

The pandering lobbyist who wants an apology

"Family Values" from our friends on the Right...

Two More Reasons Why Alan Greenspan must go...

delete this thread

Right-wing hacks hijack Congressional site to attack Kerry...

How many Americans (soldiers et al) have died in IRAQ?

Somebodies got to say it....

drinking and smoking vs.Fatty foods and obesity

Military families Vs the war in Iraq...join up!

Limbaugh "Honored" to be Called Liar and Crook by Kerry

A-wunferul, a-wunerful! It's Lawrence Welk's birthday.

My dad, a firefighter, says Fire Fighter's Ass. support of Kerry is big

How I quieted my Repuke co-worker

Bush cannot criticize Kerry for his past votes..

surprise! Americans do NOT feel safer under boosh... (CNN poll)

Let's talk about "user fees"

Rush is guilty of Adultery

If McCain had been chosen VP candidate would you still vote for Kerry?


Talking point for John Kerry.

when we do protests in the future...

Amount of Money * has on hand

Why aren't Basque terrorists considered an enemy of the US?

Oy the whining & the howling!!! JFK called the repubs crooked liars

update on Air America | all good news

"Bush's Brain," making its world premiere Saturday night in Texas

Anybody feel like kicking

What if your loved one were held for over a year with no charges?

Once cheap dollar/deficit force Fed to raise rates 200 basis points - hell

remember all the outrage about Clinton & the Lincoln bedroom?

Late day sell off on the Dow. Closes down -168.51 (-1.64%)

OIS states should be kicked out of UN...

Inside Politics had comments about Kerry and the liar and crooked

the G.O.P. is losing, and that makes them DANGEROUS

The forgotten

Spanish bombing is proof Bush* is doing a bad job on the war on terra

Al-Qaeda allegedly claims responsibility for Madrid attack

pro-life vs. there a difference?

In the Last Half Hour, I Think the Attacks Have Begun!!

Urgent Google error message -hysterical

Take Them At Their Words: A new book about the Right

Crossfire will be talking about being able to make Bush/Cheney posters

detailed description of chimp financial illegalities

GW steadily going down on Tradesports

Heard yesterday on KPFK re: OBL . . .

This guy is seriously creepy-looking

Does anyone have info about "Declare Yourself"

Hatefest has started in Freepville...

Double dip recession?

Madrid attack being billed as attack on "European" democracy by some

Send your condolences to the Spanish Embassy

Rep. Kendrick Meek (D) Florida C-Span

CNN...comparing blue and red states (outrageous)

More politics in DOJ

Guess what my supervisor just said to me?

How goes the MA Convention?

Check out this new conservative site.....

Was the Madrid bombing LIHOP?

CBC's Fifth Estate - Conspiracy Theories - watch it!

Will the Madrid bombing

Thank God that George W. Bush is in charge!

Anyone See Lou Dobbs Tonight?

Its working!! Miracle on 1600 Penn!!! Its your duty to help!!

800 Number allows you to call Senate/House...

Lawn sign trashed

Did Tweety do us a favor? I think he did.

Kerry's Live Mic, Bush*/Cheney Live Mic

Call Hasterts Office and tell him Bush should APOLOGIZE

Hannity Actually Thinks He's Telling the Truth

Brazile and Buchanan On Now!

yet another defeat for the insipid chimp | manufacturing czar

California Supreme Court has halted the issuance of marriage licenses

US poised to apply Syria sanctions

Bombs used in Madrid attack typically used by the ETA

Evangelicals and BushCo -- Why?

Bush clearly lied about the Iraq war. Why don't the American people care??

are the ongoing gay marriages a mistake in the making?

Has anyone read Chomsky's latest book?

Gee, waht's important, bomb victims or money?

The Problem - The Economy - Its So Simple

Brokaw just reported tht the gal

Whats up with mediawhoresonline?

republican firms tied to iraq contracts

The BEST political cartoon of the year

Nice write up of Bev Harris

Sears Tower sold....but to whom...?

Limbaugh Called Members of Cong. Black Caucus "Looney Tunes"

List Of U.S. Companies Shipping Jobs Overseas

MWO is back up.

The Real Imminent Threat to the US!

Statement by Rod McCulloch (IL GOP CONSULTANT)

White House Chief of Staff's Cousin is an Iraqi Spy?

I need help locating a FOX & FRIENDS image

Has W done anything well?

Paul Begala is kicking repuke's butts on Crossfire....

Minnesotans, is there hope for the future?

Who will the Republican running for Campbell's senate seat be?

Cuomo explaining the fool bush* to Tweety

Daschle: Bush Prefers "Vending Machine Science"

So when did we go to war with Chad? WTF!

UN probes Rwanda 'crash' recorder

Please Tell Me What Bush Did After 9/ll that makes people say he's a great

Josh Marshall - with interesting info on mercenary story from S. A.

Move ON has a special pass to read the New Pentagon

Get Bin Laden? The question is, when will we get testify?

Te "O'Franken Factor"

More great Haiti coverage on 'Flashpoints' (Pacifica)

Did Karl Rove admit to being the leaker???

It's Kerry's fault...

Now is the time to get Mike Malloy back on the air. Here's a direct link

Cuomo on Hardball...

War Room on Salon has a great Franken bit and a Bush poll among others

Election worker fired because he wouldn't rig election ..Oh My !!

Anyone Have Video Links to Kerry's "Crooked Liars" Swipe?

Ky. Congressman's Brother Wounded in Shooting..(Chandler)

Now who thinks we're safer with Saddam in captivity

Video from today's Bush Protest on LI

Great cartoon on outsourcing

Peak Oil links please?

Text of Gay Marriage Ban Amendment passed today in MASS

Passion of the Christ: The Sequel

Bush Nominee Withdraws After Kerry Remark

a question about NASDAQ futures

Indian workers humiliated in Saudi Arabia

ETA and bombings.

yegghhhh and tom delay

Here is the Canadian media's take on Kerry's 'crooked liars' remark...

My letter to CNN regarding Bill Schneider

Lou Dobbs Smashes Glass

Resource for voter demographics?

If Latest BBC reports are true about Madrid bombs, and if an earlier

Best Democratic Presidential Nominee Who Lost (1908-2000)?

I think people are getting bored around here.

Wracking my brain here, and I need your help....

Should John Kerry apologize to Bush's lying crook attack dogs?

Researcher Alert

false alarm. lock or delete this thread

Paula Zahn political hacking on now mentions Bev

Poll Question..."Should John Kerry apologize?"

CIA foreknowledge of 9-11 -- the shorted stocks evidence

A few questions:

Campaign theme songs are important.. I have a Kerry suggestion

Truth Conference

Kerry is inspiring Democrats everywhere

Army officer slams gear lag in Iraq

Krugman calls on Bush to reign in the red (Aus Lateline Program)

Anyone else ever feel this way?

Supporters of one-time candidates, will you donate money to Kerry?

Bush's new anti-Kerry ad shows a "swarthy-looking" terrorist

"...all of Maryland's (voting) machines had two identical locks,..."

hardball and quomo

DU made the NY Post today.

Is Syria the next Iraq?

Make your own Bush/Cheney '04 poster

NY Post had suicide on the front cover a couple days ago.

Bush/Cheney Posters

How big will your after party be on Nov. 2?

Muslim woman that wears hijab (head scarf) to run for Canadian Parliament

Whoa, I just saw a poli ad against Spector...

I need the color picture of this please

Who committed the attacks in Spain this morning?

Bush's Resume

Time To Play Up The Bunnypants Tax Increase!

Live TV On The Internet From Around The World! Links Here

Some states "require" belief in a "supreme being" to hold public office.

Anybody watching Jon Stewart?

Anyone here make a copy of tonight's 60 Minute's 2?

RW radio charges making it to the Senate and RNC press conference

I just heard on FOX that a woman may get life in prison for refusing

Mike Malloy petition update

Hello. I am new here

George, Jeb, and Bucky and their evil ways.

DU attitudes on Iraq War

Which countries still have a legitimate free press?

ABC Nightline Thursday: Death in Madrid

Media whore telling Kerry to put up or shut up (on hardball)

Macbush! (another reason to pick up the current Vanity Fair)

Damn, Lou Dobbs

$4,000,000,000 gone missing in Iraq reconstruction.

Read Any Good Political Books Lately???

Is it suspicious that reports re. Ashcroft's health have stopped?

Gas price would drop .10-.25 cents

Instead of how big WILL the 3/20 Global Day of Action be,

Who cares? I am sick of this consumerism-the market is God mentality

Can men really be feminists? Or are they merely traitors and posers?

Call Kerrys Campaign headquarters and tell him NO apology to Bush!

God Hates Shrimp!

Is Al Queda just really stupid?

The lies of Hugo Chavez.

Blue States are getting tired of Supporting the Red States

WI state senate roll call on Marriage amendment.

you know, people, Al-qaeda and other terrorists DO exist

Rumor re: Gay Texas Gov.

Free Market INEFFICIENCIES Behind High Drug Prices?

How big is the Global Day of Protest, 3/20 going to be?

Olbermann is actually going to cover the "Bush's feet touching dirt" story

Hans Blix to Speak at Scranton Forum

Kerry KNOWS they're crooks/liars. Prosecutions in Iran/Contra

"Good Blacks" vs. "Bad Blacks"

Were the Spain attacks done by the US?

Met Life selling Sears Tower to an Unspecified Bidder

Look over the list of names, why do you think Dennis Kucinich

In honor of John Kerry's remark. This'll help ya "put up or shut up"

Woman Delivers Stillborn, Charged with Murder

Must Congress put the AWOL 9/11 Stonewaller in the dock of the Senate?

it was NOT a 'flag-draped coffin' | it was a body...

Where will al-Qaeda bomb next? London, Rome, Copenhagen???

Ghana coke bust suspect 'is bastard God's Banker grandson'

So what's DU's take on the Madrid bombings?

Michael Moore: Miserable Failure?

Peak Oil: BP: "consider the changes that are reshaping" energy market

So Aristide was about to enact a property tax on rich just before coup???

Four things to mention in any political conversation


Have YOU donated to Kerry?

The DAMNING Truth About Democracy in America

america is the one country that cannot have single payer

any ex 60's rebels here?

Chavez should stop the referendum process

why so little interest on DU for the March 20 anti-war rallies?

Who cares about terrorism?

Sermon: "The Passion" by Rabbi David Lyon (email from my rabbi)

Bush* & Harken shady business: old news...or is it?

This is THE question pollsters need to ask about Bush's chances

Who thinks the US blew up the train in Spain?

American charged in Iraqi conspiracy

NY Police Corruption Case Widens

Donated bodies used in land mine tests

British 'mercenary chief' faces execution in Zimbabwe

Wash. Passes Charter-School Bill

US troops for Games security

Human remains may contaminate Canadian pork: officals

British OK GM Maize, Greenpeace Furious

China considers expansion of (Afghanistan aid $90 million)

CNN Breaking: 4 Explosions Hit Madrid (Spain) Rail Network

NYT, p.1: Kerry and Dean, All Forgiven, Join to Unseat...Foe

Marine Corps plane with four onboard crashes at San Diego base

Lukoil Chief: Prewar Iraq Deal Still Valid

Venezuela to File Complaint Against U.S.

Group launches 'defend marriage' campaign

Palm Beach Post Op-Ed: No Roy Blacks for these addicts

Election panel OKs Illegal software

WP, p.1: Military Families vs. the War

Human remains may have been in farm meat

Labor approves funds to mobilize members against Bush

US pilot 'not at fault' for killing Afghan children

Evidence females make new eggs Findings challenge long-held dogma

Iraqi police arrested in US killings

U.S. Soldier Killed, Two Wounded, in Iraq

Bush to Attend Memorial for 9/11 Victims

Brazil: Records on Suppression Destroyed

Release of Guantanamo Detainees Urged

U.S. Senate Makes It Harder to Extend Bush Tax Cuts

Spain rail blasts: 173 dead

Viacom, Dish Network reach agreement

Russia's LUKoil signs memorandum agreement with Iraq

Bic eyes layoffs of 300 workers

Bush to Do 9/11 Remembrance, Fund-Raising

US soldier 'dies of bomb wounds'

NYT, p.1: Deficit in Trade Tops $43 Billion, a Monthly Record

LAT: Contract Flaws in Iraq Cited (oversight, delays, Halliburton)

British OK GM Maize, Greenpeace Furious

Artist, Attorney Create Game to Protest USA Patriot Act

LAT: (Justice) Ginsburg Has Ties to Activist Group (NOW)

Two Iraqi women working for U.S.-led coalition killed in Basra

US Said Worried About Image, Not Law in Guantanamo

Woman Gets $1M in Suit Over Priest Punch

Senators call for paper trail in e-voting

In Haiti, Cuban doctors stayed when no one else would

Navy chief's car attacked - Nigeria

McCain expresses, then denies interest in spot ticket

Landmines threaten two million in Ethiopia

EPA Hit With Ground Zero Lawsuit

Haiti President Aristide's Central African Republic Arrival Still a Puzzle

Russia dislikes UN nuke resolution on Iran-diplomats

Globalization: Protests Return to Haunt Italy

Black Members of Congress to Aid Kerry

Equatorial Guinea asked for help, says Mbeki - Coup plotters

Watchdog Sees Flaws in Bush's Ads on Medicare(misrepresented drug bill)

Tulane ends deal with firm that sold bodies for land mine tests ( US Army)

Senators call for election paper trail

Election panel OKs Illegal software

Greenspan sees more jobs "before long' (ROFLMAO!)

Experts unsure about ETA involvement

Women's Rights Advocate Among Dead in Iraq (more info

(Zimbabwe)Mercenary leader goes on TV to describe plot to kidnap president

"GOP sets sights on knocking off Frost, three other Democrats.-"

NYT: A Watchdog Sees Flaws in Bush's Ads on Medicare

Bush Attends 9/11 Memorial, Fund-Raiser (Two groups protesting)

Sons of Saddam had fled to Syria

Discredited Iraqi exiles still land US spy funds

GAO Urges Better Tests of Missile Defense System (where to cut the budget?

Bush Calls Aznar to Express Solidarity After Terrorist Attack

'Human meat' alert at pig farm

Black Members of Congress to Aid Kerry

In-Depth: The Full Story of Aristide's Kidnapping (Dem Now)

Madrid bombings carry al-Qaida hallmark

Kerry on cable right now kicking AWOL's butt about loss of jobs

BBC -- Shares worldwide see sharp drop

Money in his coffers, no dirt on his shoes (re:Bush)

AP: Bush Unveils Negative Ads Vs. Kerry

Demonstrators push messages at president -- CLEVELAND

U.S. trade gap reveals chronic ills

Bush Raised $9 Million Last Month for His Re-election Campaign

US troops to control Iraq for at least another year

Streisand Attacks Bush on Marriage Amendment (and everything else!)

GOP Moving '05 Budget Through House Panel (Medicaid/earned inc. credit cut

Charter schools approved by narrow margins in Olympia (WA Legislature)

Kerry to Campaign Heavily in Texas

Tenacity, timing prove pivotal in push for same-sex marriage (Portland OR)

State (California) Plans to Regulate Perchlorate | LA Times

DOD Comptroller Criticizes Halliburton

(Venezuela) Opposition .. that accept repair signature .. are with Chavez

Nuclear missile allegedly damaged (Bangor, Washington State)

Files show Utah had key role in MATRIX | Salt Lake Tribune

Poll finds discontent with country's direction.... (Tennessee)

(Howard Zinn) Activist's Talk at High School Irks Parents

Bush Appointee for Manufactering Outsourced to China

Brazile and Buchanan On Now!

Explosion at Atocha Railway Station in Madrid

Orders given that Bush's feet are not to come in contact with dirt

The new fascism

"War president" Bush more focused on September 11 than Iraq

Former Indiana governor Orr dead, NOT current one Kernan

Gay marriage halted in San Fran.....

Kerry: Comment aimed at 'attack dogs' - Hastert takes 'great umbrage'

Halliburton Criticizes Lawmaker Waxman - aka Pigs Squeal.

Amazing: Germans warn US to stay off of their part of the moon

Analysts expect more layoffs following merger of banks (11,000 jobs)

Court halts San Francisco gay marriages

Mass. Clears Way For Gay Marriage Ban (AP)

State Tops US In Job Loss Rate (Massachusetts)

California Supreme Court orders halt to same-sex marriages in SF

US Army orders Microsoft to stop sending free software

Halliburton Responds to Waxman Memo

Jones Comes Out Swinging at Boxer (CA Senate race) | LA Times

Ex-Aide for Congress Is Charged for Being a Paid Agent for Iraq

California Supreme Court orders halt to same-sex marriages

Mass Constitutional Congress votes for preliminary ban of gay marriage

American Citizen Charged With Spying (for Iraq)

Statement by Rod McCulloch (IL GOP CONSULTANT)

U.S. Troops Join Olympic Security Shield in Greece

House Votes to Increase Indecency Fines

Bush Unveils Negative Ads Vs. Kerry

Multiple Blasts in Madrid Leave 192 Dead - al-Qaida

Democrats Unite Around Kerry

Cadavers Used In Fort Sam Land Mine Tests

Labor Groups Aim to Build Unions in Iraq (first universial med is ok for

Accused spy is cousin of Bush staffer (gulp)

Bush nominee withdraws after Kerry remark

Pedrigee recalls more dog food - dogs dying

Just how safe is Bush making people feel?

Massachusetts Legislature Leaning Towards Civil Unions

Text of Gay Marriage Ban Amendment passed today in MASS

Bush Appointee in Question (manufacturing czar)

Bush Tells Evangelicals He Will Fight Gay Marriage

MSNBC: Madrid van with detonators contained Arabic language tapes

Senators Ask NASA for Hubble Alternative

WP: Greenspan Endorses Extending Unemployment Benefits

Pentagon Finance Manager Resigns

Consumer Group Says Refiner Manipulation is Source of High Gas Prices

Stocks End Sharply Lower on Terror Fears

Kerry Fires Back at Republican 'Attack Squad'

Breaking: Nebraska Businessman (Raimondo) Withdraws as Manufacturing Czar

AP: Firms Awarded Iraq Pacts Tied to D.C. {Guardian}

Iraq Dispatch May Be Delayed...S. Korea/(More attacks)New WMW

National Endowment for Democracy Channels Money to Recall Campaign Against

Bush alienating some military voters who helped him win in 2000

Pentagon refers Halliburton probe to Justice Dept.

U.S. Marines Conduct Raid in Haiti

GOP demanding apology from Kerry-Democrat calls foes 'crooked' and 'lying'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 11 March (#1)

McCain warns FEC to act on 'soft' cash (or he'll sue)

Senate report finds Australia's number of poor is growing

US Bars Brain Trauma Experts from Global Research Conference in Cuba; Deci

China steps up the fight to combat its `social evils'

N Korea says US must change policy

Haiti's poor want exiled "King Aristide" back

Thousands of Israeli rabbis strike

Call To Free All At Guantanamo

Ave. length of unemployment grew to 20.3 weeks in Feb. - longest in 20 yrs

N.H. House kills minimum wage bill by one vote

-DUPE- Please Lock.

Haiti's Aristide to Travel to Jamaica

S.Korean oppo try to hold impeachment vote

Putin to expand strategic partnership with China

CIA Chief Clueless on Neocon Intelligence Channel

CA supreme court stops same sex marriages

At Shell, New Accounting and Rosier Oil Outlook

Convoys move Iraqi oil over border (Instead of Pipeline)

Madrid bombings carry al-Qaida hallmark

U.S. Supplies Harpoon to Egypt and Turkey ( & Taiwan)

Sidewalk Shocks Kill Walker, Dogs

50 Cent Slams 'Faggots' - NME

G.I.s May Be Targets of Kidnappers and Rebels Posing as Policemen

CIA 'wildly inconsistent' about policing Iraq claims


WP: President Overstates Kerry's Record on Intelligence Budget...

Aristide plans abduction charges against U.S.

Haitian capital rocked by new unrest as police break up pro-Aristide demo

Exclusive: Rehnquist mulling retirement

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Bomb Attack (I think this is new)

Haitian premier picks Miami Shores man to assist in rebuilding

Former Governor Or dies at 86 (Indiana)

Ashcroft remains in intensive care - March 11, 2004 - 4 Hours ago

Bush ignores ad row by attending Sept 11 ceremony

Bob Beauprez Will NOT Run for the Senate From Colorado

Jan Schakowsky's Husband Indicted on Federal Tax and Bank Fraud

Kin of terrorism acts in Cuba go to Panama for exile plot trial

U.S. Senate Panel Accord on Memo Probe Collapses

Pointed Questions on Missile Defense System

Kerry Not Sorry for Swipe at GOP Critics

Plane Did Stop At Grantley Adams - Mercenaries' 727 flew from USAF base

Black box opens new questions - Rwanda

MetLife to Sell Sears Tower

Bush administration ordered Medicare plan cost estimates withheld

American Citizen Charged With Spying for Saddam Hussein's Iraqi Government

Basque separatist party denies ETA responsible for blasts

Bush Administration Weighs Condom Warning

Bertuzzi Suspended For Rest Of Season

Woman Charged With Murder of Unborn Child

Bush Highlights Agenda for Christians

Senators want decertification of touch-screen voting systems

Purported Qaeda Letter Says Strike on U.S. Near

US probes Iraqi police involvement in killings

Report: Al-Qaida claims Madrid attack that kills 190

South Korean parliament votes to impeach President Roh Moo-hyun

Stern Threatens To Quit If Bush Signs Indecency Bill


Best Flintstones guest star

Viacom, Dish reach a settlement

Help me stop shaking please

Goodbye 700 club

What does this song mean to you?

new Savage Weiner advertiser Red Lobster (also a Hannity advertiser)

"We Fu*$ed the world" Bush Parody- Funny and sad

Florida is ready for 2004

Shameless baby pic thread!!!

need help with terms for History test

Time again to pay homage to JAKE MORGENDORFFER!

Boring spring break thread.

Did anyone watch "Game Over" tonight?

If I became a mod

Ahhh what I wouldn't give to be in Havana

The Rasterbator . . . (not a sex thread) . . .

Who likes short-shorts?

The Food Channel shoud be outlawed

Is an affair a symptom or the root cause of a bad marriage?

Favorite College Football Announcer

Favorite Law & Order Cop Duo.

Just a late-night Iditarod photo

anyone care to guess what this is? . . .

a "let the buyer beware" story

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Badgers

NYC DUers: need help re apt. rentals

So what is a "chickenchop"? Is that a bad word?

Oh boy! Strong stomach required..especially for those in BC..

Art Imitates Life: Trump on Imus

Is it now a law that every Stephen King movie must be remade?

Gout sufferers check in

Ready For "Space Advertising"? Look Up, See Starbucks

Late For Work? Now You Can Download An Alibi!!

Lonely Texas Democrat

I just want to say THANK YOU SKINNER!!!!! (EarlG & Elad too)

Artist Makes Celebrity Blondes Out Of Used Chewing Gum

wish me luck

Cousins, Age 70 and 85, Die in Pistol Duel

like my new avatar?

Burt Bacharach wasn't all that bad...

Ho Ho Thief NABBED!

Magicians Could 'Undermind The State' - Turkish Army

Wendy's Employees Caught Taking Bubble Bath In Dish Sink

Monkey Survives 70km Road Trip Under Car


How old does sean connery have to get before hes too old to have sex with?

How old does Ann Margret have to get before she is too old to have sex wit


now that I'm over 400 pounds, can I sue McDonald's?

Satuday night is Chappelle Night...

Drunken Dad Asks 11 Year Old Son To Drive - NEW STORY!

Ensconced in 36-hour intensive study for MPRE - ask me anything!

Need geography help, please!

Now that Robb is a mod, is it still OK to call him a dingbat?

ohhhh I love this one...

Fatter Toothbrushes?

God help me!!!! I just asked a question at Free Republic!!

I hope this link works. It is a funny one. A must read

Totally Tasteless Joke Thread

I once had a girl from Radcliffe

I already know the answer but...

Will there ever be a band like Rage Against the Machine again?

here's a real bonehead question

Get your funny Bush* pics here! Get 'em while they last!

Plausible theory? Or total BS? You tell me

How about a "Lawyer Joke" thread for Cuban_Liberal?

CAPTION the next leader of the free world

When Kerry Debates Bush, What Color Tie Should He Wear?

I'm eating a deep-fried Mars Bar...ask me anything!

I wonder why I try to be civil at all!

Who likes Coltrane? Maybe it's vanity, but...

Boston / Ft. Lauderdale.. $79.00

Help! I have a math problem to work on and my brain is on strike!

I did not know this stuff about Kerry!

Wanna guess when I'm going to evict this baby?

Remember When? Part Deux

Clear Channel: Stern too racy, Spears racy but wholesome?????

Thank god for advanced driving courses

Darn it!

Is GD:Campaign 2004 still "crunchy"?

A man died and went to heaven.

Lloyd Dangle strikes again!


I **heart** corn chowder!

When I came home there was a man in my house

Corn Chowder vs. Clam Chowder

Dutch Police Want Beastiality Banned

My cat says "hi."

Well well well a look is worth a thousand CAPTIONS

Some people just can't help being assholes! (a RANT)

My friend's daughter was one of the SanFransisco couples

If a Daily Show guest is a Republican...?

Senator Hatch and Father O'Malley

Any Horse People Here? Question about pasture leases...

anyone else think THE SHINS are the best band out there?

Cheney's family owns Iraqi oil fields?

I may go to jail cause my dog died

Requesting book suggestions from lawyers/philosophers

Xavier kicking #1 ranked St. Joe's ASS!!!

hmmm MARTHA Stewart, . . jail, or . . .

March Madness. Can You Feel The Love. This Is A Great Time Of Year.

Would you answer a civil question put to you by a FReeper?

Darn it!

Damn these hermaphrodites that keep spitting perfume!

Dave Blood (Dead Milkmen) found dead

I got an unexpected check from the Governator

CAPTIONs unbecoming a presidential candidate

"Oh my God, it's full of stars!"

Damn these Democrats and their damn voting against me!

mommy, john kerry called me a liar!!! waaah waaaah waaaaahh!!!

While searching for a job on Monster, I found this site...

Moderate Dems pop in...

Gimme nominations for a Favorite Stones Song poll

Anyone ever hear of the band "Hungry Ghosts"

Charles L. Grant diagnosed w/ chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Clam Chowder: Manhatten or New England???

A-wunferul, a-wunerful! It's Lawrence Welk's birthday.

Where are Todd Bertuzzi's spin doctors?


Hey...underpants... Did you lose your pet??? I found it at the beach

Little image I just made. Feel free to use it any way you please.

Is it okay to delete a file...?


A-wun'ferul, a-wun'erful! It's Lawrence Welk's birthday.

please ignore..sorry

CAPTION the defender against all things furry

Any "Das Booty" fans here?

Any "Das Boot" fans here?

I found Underpants' native land!!!

The Passion of The CAPTION!!!!

The XXX-rated Lama of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Woo Hoo!!! I got my first notice from the moderators!!!

I didn't know R. Kelly was a Republican!!!!

the passion porno titles

Should I switch my sig line picture back?

A bit of fun for DU Photoshoppeers!

Jennifer Garner (Alias) Makes CIA Recruitment Video

What to make for dinner? (Part 2)

Want some Anti-Bush stickers? Help Two Unemployed Democrats!

how high can dirty dishes be stacked before they collapse?


Thinking of selling my home in NoVirginia -- anyone interested?

My sabbatical was approved!!

Do you jam to the music when driving in your car?

Help.. truth2power has lost her "animation" on her computer

What is it?

I just saw Fox newsbabe Heather something-something actually grin as she

Help me understand my dream from last night

New "Movies for Democrats" up in the Meeting Room

Great Alice site with Tenniel illustrations

Dead Milkmen Bassist Commits Suicide

Syracuse just lost. Cheer me Up!

Woo-hoo! New Get Your War On!!

What's up with obscure schools and NCAA?

I'm a little tea pot short and stout

Enter the drama that is my life....

"Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a floor wax!"

Both my kittens are being spayed next week.


Storm Watch - Southern California

Damn these men and their damn spitting!


Who's going to be voted off "Survivor" tonight?

HELP! Can someone give me that pic of Dubya where he looks like Ted Bundy?

Top Ten Surprises in "The Passion of the Christ"

Ever had Sin Zin?

Official "YAY! ME!" thread

This is the face of the stupidest and ugliest man at DU!

Are You Older Than Dirt? Take This Test and Find Out!

PantsOnFire-mobile Coming to Austin, TX 3/16 - Be there

This is a picture of the smartest and sexiest man at FR.

BE HONEST! Do you have, or did you ever have, a mullet?

If you could ask your Dog one question what would it be?

Naked Asian Teens...

XM versus Sirius?

Guess the song by a line (or two) from it.

Why? Please tell me why is this needed? A Scarface remake!

Anybody want me to make them an avatar?

BEST NUMBER 1 HIT of the MIDDLE 1960s? (Part 4)

Damn these women and their damn perfume

Do you smoke?

Am I going to get nailed for child abuse?

I'm cooking seafood - what are you hungry for?

Pets Receive Communion At Church (yes kiddies, cats & dogs)

Does the 9/11 video archive still exist somewhere online?

Yo, Alicia

I am now officially "whipped".

Need ideas for kid friendly vacation.

Shhhhhhhhhhh: DO NOT DISTURB for the next 30 minutes

Hot pics of Presidents( or soon to be President)!

Need help finding plain ABB pins

Finally, looks like we got a candidate with some balls

Busted by a minister (well that;s the highlight)

Describe John Kerry in two words

The new Dennis Kucinich body double


HEyHEY is a Moderator?!

Do you bathe in the Reading Room?

How do you like to smoke that special herb?

Colorado DUers check in!

Bush administration one-liner thread; I NEED TO LAUGH BADLY!

who watches mail call?

Incredible artist worked for Chet Helms (Avalon) & Bill Graham (Fillmore)

"Dazed and Confused" - how close was that to real 70's suburban life?

Have you become radicalised in the last 3 years?

Only Losers Use Emoticons

Invalid TCP Options - can't find much info on the net, need help...

I know we're all amped for the Hitlery Channel's homage to the Iraq War

Check out my new avatar!

Dogs will eat anything..

Need help with uploading an avatar image.

Have A Lovely Weekend Everyone

OMG! My husband is in the Yahoo News Photos!

The Pistons have been kicking much booty as of late

Did any Chicago DU'ers go to the "No Exit" show last nite?

How many of you feel like would leaving a place that you were living in?

This is the face of the smartest and sexiest man at DU!

"And now here is my secret, a very simple secret:

I have another girl that I am talking to on line now.

What do 13 year old girls like?

I have a secret

Would you like them -- here or there?

Spanish songs in Andalucia

I throw the ball to first. Who catches it?

Is anyone able to help me upload an avatar? Wonk was kind enough to make

Musings on society, appearances, and "beauty"

Looks like Spike TV is the new haven for right-wing cartoon shows.

Boomer generation DUer's-remember The New Math?

Is there a dermatologist in the house? I'm trouble....

My Photoshop Contest Entry

freeper email

I ain't letting this hypocrite POS off!

Passion of the Christ: The Sequel

It's 8:32pm in Bad Axe MI, Do your Q&Aing with MrScorpio

UPDATE: Woman Who Passed $1 Million Bill Didn't Mean To BUT "Thought Real"

Jerks at work

Beach baby beach baby give me your hand

What *should* John F. Kerry called "the Republican attack machine"?

We had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun...

Sexy Sade

What is your marital status?

My new computer is DAMNED nice for posting on DU!

Is "Midnight at the Oasis" the dumbest song or what?

Does ZombyWoof write ads? Heard the Cingular wireless YAK commercial?

Yelp....Can anyone help me out of a computer jam?

Describe John Kleeb in two (or more) words

I think Hypnotoad needs to change the world...

Red Bull Flugtag 2004- use your creative juices to salute Dumbya...

I'm watching 'Strange Brew' ask me anything!

My New Favorite TV Commercial...

"You live your life in the songs you hear on the rock and roll radio"

Okay - my paycheck is a week late

Who are those two f***wits in the Sonic commericals ?

This is how I imagine it happening, with me driving the truck

Which beat is most Mush-like???

You want help desk. Read the Chronicles of George

Got my Viacom channels back this morning!!

Why is it that wind has no shadow?

National "I'm Embarrassed by My President" Day April 1 2004

How many hall monitors are in your home?

Stupid Snow! ****

Recipe BALLderdash

"All shall fade ... "

Mavs @ Kings TONIGHT

I think Populistmom must die!

This Is The Face Of The Most MODEST Man On DU!

Do you read in the bathroom?

Top 10 Reasons Why this Gen-Xer Wishes he came of age in the 1970's

DU Women! You want to get married & pregnant? Look no further!

Eat or be eaten?

I'd like to teach the world to sing...

What non-meat food is Bush most like?

I got married this morning in San Francisco!

Which holiday has the best candy?

Tonight's Daily Show

Subject: Retirement Program (401K)

My first time watching Miller's trainwreck on CNBC

BEST NUMBER 1 HIT of the LATE 1960s? (Part 1)

DU chat tonight

Did anyone see this?

Just went to and now I'm weeping

What's your favorite candy/sweet?

Kingdom Hospital: What do you think of the show?

The League of Pacifist Vegan Dwarves

Should I change my SN?

What's your favourite Family Guy sub-scene???

How many televisions are in your home?

NHL's All Time "Tough Guys"

Tech Support story - True Story - with pics!!!

Car Wash Thief – Unbelievable!! Caught on film ...

What would you choose for your last meal?

Whoa! Stop the world and let me off!

Favorite thing to do while drunk?

Okay developments of Vancouver gathering......

The response line to instantly rid yourself of ANY telemarketer

How's this for an answerphone message?

Samantha Bee RAWKS

Is too!

Favorite Office Space character?

BEST NUMBER 1 HIT of the LATE 1960s? (Part 2)

Anyone here like Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon band?

The end is nigh...

Do I need exercise? Or a rocking chair?

Is the name "breeder" an epithet or a nickname?

Hey! I found out what happened to that kid from "Deliverance"

Can you tell when another poster is being ironic?

Dog owners....I need some advice

The kitten has arrived!

DU is outsourcing moderators to foreign country's.

I watched Juliet of the Spirits last night (yet again) and I'm STILL sad!

Least Favorite NFL announcer past or present

I'll be damned if I give my money to Mel Gibson

Back To The Future III question

What Should I Buy My Girl

What, Should I Buy My Girl?

DUers' favorite ROLLING STONES song!

What's your cyborg name?

SURVIVOR: Vote off Lex!

125 MATRIX AVATARS! Just updated Avatar gallery take a peek:)

Where did DUers go to school?

OMG.....School of Rock....ROCKS!!!

What meat is Bush most like?

I've been banned from Free Republic!

The CatWoman Appreciation Thread

NHL suspends Bertuzzi for season, playoffs

The Mynah Birds - Neil Young

The Dr. Weird Appreciation Thread

What would you do for a Klondike Bar??

I think TXlib must die.

Do you ever wish you came of age in a different era?

ZombyCoffee: Break In The New Mods Blend

Mr Flip-Flop Himself ........

Chicago DUers rule! Just check out these pics if you had any doubts

Does anybody here read Maxim magazine?

How many computer monitors are in your home?

Ed Gillespie has an Annoying Laugh

100 days to FUNDAY X !! Did I mention the FREE BEER??

Okay - an official "let's get a gathering in Vancouver BC" thread

HOw many monitor lizards are there in your home?


Rent out ad space on my sig line for free!

My brother is such a dick! (anyone else got insane siblings/relatives?)

Now that Robb is a moderator

Hi, let me introduce myself

Vote For Your Favorite Pizza

If you're a DUer from someplace other than the USA

Presidential Pets and my vote

Voters older, more liberal than in other Southern races

McCain V.P. Rumor: Guess Kerry is Doing OK with the Press Attention Prob.

Battleground shrinks for the great debate

Who here thinks kerry is electable only because...

how are we doing with fundraising

Will a President Kerry kick Tony Blair to the curb?

Bush and Kerry Divided on Most Issues

Graham gets little support for VP spot

McCain---Cheney VP debate?

Clintons seek apologies from the GOP for the last 10 years of attacks!

Kerry taps Crowe as chief DNC fund-raiser

McCain Say "No"

Hey Kerry Camp...countering MoveOn crybabies

Most crooked lying group

I am starting to wonder if Dean would be a good VP pick

Mike Luckovich nails it again!

(Kinda LBN) Kerry offers qualified clarification

How about a VP who has the backing of PNAC?

Will McCain be to old to run for President in 8 years?

b* gaffes galore

NYT page one coverage of Kerry/Dean meeting

Does anyone have a recent poll from Ohio, Missouri, etc.

Here is the list of people who want Kerry to apologize.

Why Dean or Clark for VP?

Very encouraging electoral analysis here!

Was Kerry's "gaffe" a ploy to gain support from Deaniacs?

Democrat 'attack ads' infuriate Bush team

The Kerry-McCain Ticket Is Just A Symbolic Gesture, Not Political Reality

It was the economy, Stupid....

Hypothetical Matchup: Kerry/McCain vs. Bush/Cheney

Kerry Supporters: Would You Accept McCain As Vice-President?

Sick of the "Clinton's trying to make Kerry lose" propaganda


The Kerry campaign said he will not issue an apology.

On behalf of all Veterans, I want george bush to apologize

REVEALED: Wesley Clark supports 9/11, Al Qaeda, and Saddam Hussein!

Would you please sign this Martha Stewart petition?

John Kerry--Commie lover

got a fund raising letter from Shrub today!

The jobs crisis and the GOP

The media is trying to bring down Kerry...

For those who think McCain is a good idea as VP, read this.

The media is trying to bring down Kerry...

Thank you Senator Kerry!

Just dropped my check in the mail to

Kerry's "Apology" should go something like this:

Leave it to NBC/Wall Street Journal to cook

Mo Dowd shows us all just how stupid our Pundits are!

George Bush and John Kerry: A Study in Contrasts

Californians--how is Arnold doing?

LIVE Streaming video of gay marriage Mass Constitutional Convention...

Kerry Has Enough Delegates for Nomination - Networks

Pelosi busting heads....

WI state senate roll call on Marriage amendment.

Kerry on cable right now kicking AWOL's butt about loss of jobs

Just got off the phone with Bob Neal at Kerry's D.C. H.Q.!

John Kerry on CNN now!

Bush's last hope for the economy "The Dow" is now tanking

MSNBC makes Bush's charges of Kerry flip-flops legitimate in poll

Bush Negative Ads ( will media call them lies?)- Kerry responds w/ facts

AP: "Bush Unveils Negative Ads Against Kerry"

Is liberty a secret GOP plot to destroy the Democratic Party?

My letter to the Chicago Tribune re Kerry's remarks yesterday.

Just why does *Bush and GOP got a bee in their bonnets?

Letter from JK on his meeting with Howard Dean

The Political News of the Past Couple of Days...

Burning Bush - the OC Weekly

Revised Bush-Cheney ad - Not Lead

Colorado may have a Dem Senator in November

Who do you THINK will be the 2004 GOP vp nominee?

Liberal Talk Radio, Air America, to start up March 31st in NY,LA & Chicago

Kerry, at Capitol, Slams Republican 'Attack Squad'

MIS-LEAD PR release: Bush continues to mis-lead about 9-11

Kerry slams Bush choice for manufacturing czar

McCain for VP? Hell No! Why?

How did Kerry get this far w/o outlining tax policy, iraq exit or nat sec

AFL-CIO builds political war chest

Do People Here Spend More Time Nitpicking Our Candidate Over Bush?

Doing something creative to defeat Bush?

I beg of everyone to quit slamming "real" Kerry Supporters...

I saw a demonstration of our new ballot counting machines.

I need a link RE Kerry "Apology"...

John Kerry's response to the latest Bush attack ads...

A Sidney Blumenthal/Guardian/Salon collaboration you should check out:

Edwards brings 100 of his financial backers to Kerry

Bush uses a 911 memorial to raise money for his campaign

Has anyone seen any of the 3 Kerry attack ads Bush released today yet?

Which Kerry ticket would you prefer?

Could Fox News be trying any harder to re-elect Bush?

To clarify some things about this McCain issue

Dean will be speaking about the new organization in three major

The Art of the Well - Placed Ellipsis

Bullly George comic slams Bush on kidnapping of Aristide

BBV Why the Touchscreen Makers want Nader to run

Isn't it nice to have a presidential candidate with some teeth?

<<>>, Introducing--

John Kerry rules!

Bush's ads are up...

Donating to the Bonesman!!! Kerry!!!


What happens if exit polls dramatically contradict the '04 pres vote?

The great Faun Otter submits a Kerry apology speech.

Help me defeat this Repug talking point

Deleted message

Kerry gets the goods on "job outsourcer" Tony Raimondo

The DNC just called--

I got a phone call earlier tonight from Telefund Inc. - Dem affiliation

Was Cuomo brilliant on hardball, or what?

bush s ads attacking kerry

Oh Dear, I can't vote for Kerry..

DU's own Chris Heinz to be on Anderson Cooper 360º - CNN (03/11/04)

A wee bit of extra dirt on the McCain/Kerry thing

Bush team asking for an apology for Kerry remarks. What do you think?

How's this for a dream cabinet?

DU, fEaR tHiS !

Is Jim Hightower a Right Wing Plant?

Campaign funny-business from the crooked, lying bastards - TPM

Is Colorado a swing state?

Does Bush's "Muhammad Horton" ad go too far?

Yet another poll showing Kerry beating Bush

My concerns about Air America Radio (the liberal talk station)

Are you becoming happier with Kerry?

with the stock market tanking, will we go back into another "recession" ?

When will Kerry choose his running mate?

REVEALED: Howard Dean once mentioned the homestead act!

Clark at the Y tonight

If Al Qaida is responsible for the Madrid bombings

Kucinich is Back!

A radical view of Kerry and the election

MUST READ Tom Hayden:Chickenhawks better duck

Kerry Won My Heart Today

Kucitizens: Do you visit the "Welcome to the Movement" Page?

'Why we need Dennis Kuncinich to stay in the race'

Excellent Ralph Nader website

What is the Democratic Parties greatest accomplishment in the last 35 yrs?

B* Flip-Flop Insults go the Heart of Kerry's Character. He Should Be Mad!!

What is Ralph Nader's greatest accomplishment?