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Archives: March 1, 2004

Gary Younge (Guardian Utd): Aristide has gone, the death squads are back

Kerry Can : Lead editorial in Newsday

The fire this time in Haiti was US-fueled

Star-spangled distraction: Educators need more than flags (FL)

Safire: Not Peace, but a Sword

What's with religion in DC Anyway?

The strange "suicide" of David Kelly. (UK Indymedia article)

Tom Tomorrow, smokin' as usual.

Mars: A Water World?

Don Asmussen's bad reporter -- terrorists letters

Andy Sullivan's column in Time

Russia-U.S. oil partnership off fast track (pipeline dead -US Oil angry)

Just the facts? Not in Bush's White House....

NYT OpEd - Shattered Democracy in Haiti

Fooled by the shell game(Tufts U econ chair says Dems correct re Soc Sec!)

Breslin: Media din drowned out 2 major stories

On Gay Marriage, Bush May Have Said All He's Going To

Photo of Guantanamo Bay prisoner movement

Government Wants to Track Patients' Use of Prescription Medicines

A $290,000 Question for Edwards (the end of Edwards as VP?)

Big Island littered with unexploded ordnance (Hawai'i)

US Sponsored Coup d'Etat: The Destabilization of Haiti by Michel Chossudov

Walter Cronkite - Ominous silence on the environment

Salon/Conason: Branding Kerry with the L-word

Grrr idot fundie LTTE in Green Bay Paper.

"Stars and Stripes" letters to the editor, Feb. 26 - 29

Psy-Ops : NYTimes Lies to Cover Up Haiti Coup

Jeffrey Sachs: 'Don't fall for Washington's spin on Haiti'

Krugman: Maestro of Chutzpah (Greenspan)

The Free-Lunch Bunch: Bush team's secret plan to "reform" Social Security

Will The End of Oil Mean The End of America?

Lansing Anti-War Protestors Hold Die-In To Protest Haiti Intervention

Petition to Raise Minimum Wage in Florida

Would a "stop buying everything" campaign to slow the economy

Thai media feeling the political pinch

Sean Penn - WMD ... Oscar Video

The Single Most-Important Question The Media NEVER Asks The Junta:

BBV - mp3 & vp3 of that Wolf Blitzer segment with Bev Harris (03/01/04)

Does media care about actual studies of who benefited from 01&03 tax cuts?

Oscar Video Clips - Political Statements

Michael Moore - Oscar Video Clip

The Ed Schultz Show

Timeline..Miss America ..(PBS women's history 1848-current)

Astrology: Saturn and the United States

So how many Minnesota DUers are caucusing tomorrow?

Nolle's March Astro-report

NY Times: Both Sides Court Black Churches in the Debate Over Gay Marriage

I don`t know if anyone else saw this....

Biggest Obstacles To Democratic Reform: Constitution and Ideology

Aerospace firms see Asia-Pacific as key market

The A.M.T.: An Uninvited Guest of the Middle Class

IRS Warns Consumers to Avoid Tax Scams

Multiple Corporate Personality Disorder

Bush Econ:Tax Cuts Matter - Not Deficits &Shift Funds, Don't Actually Save

Total cost of outsourcing is???

Collision Course

Outsourcing also killing future jobs

Who benefits from reductions in personal income tax 01, 03 cuts?

U.S. Companies Safeguard Right to Move Jobs Overseas (Coalition formed)

50 Years Since Castle Bravo - America's Biggest Thermonuclear Test Shot

Ford Threatens Lawsuit Over Pinocchio Ads

Abraham - U.S. "Won't Beg OPEC" - Instead, Nukes & Hydrogen Will Save Us

Iraq authorities accept Iran oil pipeline offer

Haiti n a nut shell by Progressive Radio

Tibet's longest-serving female prisoner of conscience released

'A call to Democrats: Dismantle the military Goliath'

Opposition by Black Caucus and Answer to Haiti

Egypt: Crackdown on Homosexual Conduct Exposes Torture Crisis

HK Democrats criticize Beijing's scare tactics

GUNS IN THE NEWS--March 1, 2004

nuclear plants - you had better read this

My edits aren't taking. What's up?


Something is going on.

Seeking some help

Locked thread question...

Just wanted to say

Did I miss who won the Oscar pool?

Another request for a new "Hate Mailbag" installment.

I would like to know why this post was deleted

Is the "appeal warning" function gone?

Just a 'thank you' to the DU overseers

How is this a personal attack?

I donated during the last pledge drive...but I have no star by my name

How do I find my moderator warnings.

There is a certain poster that keeps on calling me "Ma'am" or "Dear"

I have issues

Almost instant repost of a locked flame bait thread

I object to this avatar

sometimes i love the admins

I noticed a lot of new posters over the last couple of days.

I just sent an alert by accident (instead of a reply). What if anything

I demand this be deleted. Clark supporters are being called freepers.

Palestininan racism

Israeli officer convicted in death of Palestinian

Palestinians Fear Gaza Chaos After Rare Rape-Murder

Israel okays $1.1 bn Phalcon sale to India

Israelis join appeal against wall

Israel told to halt barrier work

Missile raid kills Gaza militant

'outrage at pint sized terror recruits'

Survey: Likud down, left gaining momentum

IDF officer convicted of causing Palestinian's death by negligence

IOF Shoot Dead First 3 Anti-Wall Protesters

Geneva Initiative on Arab League agenda

Court: Temporarily confiscate funds seized in IDF raid of Ramallah banks

Palestinian Authority Broke and In Disarray

More Mosques in France Falling Under Sway of Radicals

Kerry relatives killed in Holocaust

Fashion Shoot Slated for Israeli Barrier

Kucinich on Palestine

Pentagon says 911 Interceptors flew too far, too slow, too late

why did the 3rd W. Trade Center bldg. collapse? it wasn't hit by a plane

Were hijackers flying the 9/11 planes?

Coburn Enters Okla. GOP Senate Race

Candidates Playing It Safe on Gun Issues

PA Dem Charlie Crystal looking for outsourced PA IT Workers for story

McCrery Opts To Stick Around

Support for Chen at a record high - TW

More rumblings about Bush dumping Cheney for Guilani

Tecumseh's Curse. "How Hewlett-Packard Wants to Reinvent Corporate Computing"

Number of Due'rs

Found this in my 9-11 file....shows what plans were afoot for Afghanistan

Costa Rican gay bar will sue the New York Post

Anyone know who the young blond guy


Tim Robbins just spoke out about BBV live on E!

Don't take this the wrong way...

Is Bush playing the "gay marriage" issue at the right pace...?

Oscars and political commentary

"Should the Oscars be political?" some ask. What a stupid question!

The meaninglessness of modern life....

The Top Ten Conservative Idiots, ... Soft ...

Disgruntled Dems....

Dear Mr. Prosecutor Talk to Cliff May about Ms. Plame

I'm racist, and it's all Charlise Theron's fault.

Did anybody say ahything anti-war Oscar night

First Afghanistan, then Iraq, and now Haiti... who's next?

Clinton was completely cleared in a report?

Will Jean-Bertrand Aristide commit suicide or will his plane crash or

Daniel Ellsberg: "Iraq another Vietnam"

Spy Charges Dropped for fear of Exposing Illegality of War..

What is a PAC vs Special Interest?

Cambridge Filmmaker, Errol Morris, Post-Oscar Comments regarding BushCo

Howard Stern connects the dots

The overthrow of Haiti’s Aristide: a coup made in the USA

Are Haiti, Venezuala or others part of the PNAC agenda?

Barbara Bush on Poppy: "If the fall doesn't kill him, I will".

No new updates at Common Dreams newscenter since Friday :(

Did Otto Reich engineer the kidnapping a coup of Aristide?

why did the 3rd W. Trade Center bldg. collapse? it wasn't hit by a plane

Edwards' and Kerry's drinking habits

Were hijackers flying the 9/11 planes?

MP3s and Energy

Fire Dov Zakheim - Being grilled right now by Sen Byrd!!

Are Americans more important than other peoples?

abducted.....cnn now

CNN right now: Randal Robinson says Aristide was forced out by Bush regime

nursing home patients lose beds /compassion? Bush FLORIDA

Our Leader George W. Bush Announces Howard Stern Hate Week!

Thurmond's daughter meets family, draws praise at event

Stratfor says,"the source of the news is clearly inside the Bush admin.

Iraq has a Constituon.

Wonder if this is what Bartcop has? It says the average

gay-lesbian marriages (if you can stand another rant...)

Incubators II, the sequel: People Shredders

Medicare prescription drug question - again

I guess even Republicans have a limit

Women may wind up with better representation in Iraq, than in US

Rumsfeld: U.S. forces to be deployed in Haitian capital

Willie Horton Redux

Randall Robinson on CNN next hour

Had Enough Yet?

Making Bombers in Iraq

bush twin's dance partner gets punished

How can Rummy claim not to know about Aristide's abduction & then DENY it?

What would a Gore Admin have been like? Put aside the crap about the...

Narco News has an interesting article on Haiti - Arestide

best headline ever(Haiti), Rules prevent me from printing the headline

help with posting pics on DU

Can't get The Thom Hartmann Show? ... Here's a link

CNN-Kobe.. MSGOP-the other basketball guy who shot his chauffeur

E! online calls Tim Robbins a "Leftie Jerk".. How "apolitical" of them

I swear this it the Thread That Won't Die --

Aristide story. It's time to start calling congressmen.

high cali gas prices?

Does anyone know what is going on in Russia?

Constitutional question

Drudge running the Aristide story

Egads!!! Hannity's book "Deliver Us From Evil."

Canada involved in the Haiti coup?

Want an Amendment?

McClellan says U.S. abduction of Aristide a "conspiracy theory...

Europe to impose sanctions

Emergency Haiti summit tomorrow

Richard Holbrook's ref to CIA/Haiti and drug thugs in this week transcript

US troops 'made Aristide leave'

We need another terror attack..........BAD!

Did Powell (on CNN) just deny kidnapping?

Marriage is a sacred institution

Jerry Nadler thanks Clinton for helping with post-911 Air Quality in NYC

Sportsmen and women joining our side....

Famous 'Virgin Mary' image vandalized

Do you support US action in Haiti?


Bush bio on Web inflates Guard service

BartCop Has Cancer. Ten Years.

Did Clear Channels ban Stern in areas strategically important to the RNC?

Lansing Anti-War Protestors Hold Die-In To Protest Intervention in Haiti

CNN explores BBV (see bev harris)

'you all look alike to me'

On Electability, Edwards Wins Hands Down

Someone record Wolfie

familiar with The New Criterion online?

BBV: Argggh...

Is God on America's side?

Bush approval ratings

Was Democracy served

Beat the Electronic voting machines, vote an ABSENTEE ballot

Does anyone have a list of the CIA's greatest hits?

Today is the first day of Women's History Month. What is your opinion

I just don't see why *Bush doesn't knock over a few banks...

Lets take a reality break!

Query...Is any group doing surveillance on TSA?

Bartcop has cancer

Going to mars????

Now that Mel Gibson has done his Jesus movie,

I'm not sure that I support gay marriage

Am I a bad person for this?

I.e., Kenneth Starr. .We are letting these people off the hook too easily!

Anybody see any parallels here between the Haitian coup and Chile?

Some apologies are due, methinks

Demand a revocation of Focus on the Family's 501(c)(3) tax exemption!

"No Oscar for the Passion? That's outrageous!"

Assault from inside my mailbox

Venezuela's Chavez to Bush: Please kill me now

Think Hollywood is sending message to shrub with oscar winners?

Aristide has gone, the death squads are back

State of the Union speech...altered

Ithaca, NY moves to support gay marriage

Tell your senator to vote for extension of Assault Weapons Ban

Why is Aristide still alive?

just saw the George W Bush "pants on fire" car with a big blinker on top

Aristide on CNN right now

Randi Rhodes "liberal" just got Syndicated!

BushCo's overthrow of Haiti

Confusion re: Aristide

Osama is baaaaaaaaaack...

Aristide on Anderson Cooper 360 (CNN) now

Need input on California's bond issues

NPR report: hunters and fishermen join oppositon to bush war on earth

Clear Channel shows the Janet breast thing on one of their websites!

Is Tom Daschle doing a good job as minority leader?

A thought on homosexuals and military history

Haiti 'coup' protest breaks out in San Francisco! KGO TV 7

BBV - check out this NY Times article on BBV 'conspiracy theories'

O'Reilly bashing Ludacris again...

Michael Moore at Oscars last night?

The truthout Overview is back

Joseph Wilson book will name White House leaker

Rage against the Machine: workers are angry...

Josh Marshall's back!

250-300 Haiti "coup" demonstrators in down town SF- On TV

Bad news from UFCW strike

You DO know this is about the Cuba invasion............right?

Why is Aristide being allowed to call the media?

Lou Dobbs! He trashed "Imported Meat" tonight particularly French

(Venezuela's) Chavez Calls Bush 'Asshole' as Foes Fight Troops

There's a blck guy saying that he would stand with the KKK on gay marriage

Urgent Action Needed: Haitians in Haiti are being slaughtered

BBV: small victory in California.

Viewer Alert -- tomorrow's Washington Journal

Gay Marriage Belongs in the Courts

Cathy Cox (GA SoS) on radio tonight - call in and give her hell

Something about Haiti really brings out the Bush apologists!

Come on, you unelected fraud, give us your best shot!

WHY did the U.S. and France remove Aristide?

If Aristide is not being held against his will where is the press avail?

Sorry...but this is why I think some religious folks are just plain wacky!

Conservative Mich. Republican SUPPORTS Gay Unions

What does Max Cleland think of Zell Miller now?

Scientists refute Bush on Gay Marriage

Is the US sending Chavez a message Re:Haiti;Aristide ?

US aggression

Anyone know what happened to IE America Radio Network?

Bush/Janet 04

Meet Uncle Sugar of the Crime Family Bush

Friedman Free Trade Smackdown on Slashdot.

Here it is: A Definition of Far Left

Well, I won't be backing Aristide on this one

What Has Bush Accomplished WITHOUT Using Guns And Bombs?

geezus. Bartcop has cancer.

Drudge Report censoring it's own news reporting???

awesome - DOJ rebutting "myths" about the patriot act!

Reporter is looking for PA IT Workers lost job to outsourcing

What is the biggest lie told by Bush

Why would Haiti be a base for Cuba invasion?

Reuters: Chavez calls Bush 'asshole' as foes fight troops

CBC: Bush helped rebels oust Aristide

We will find out who our real leaders are now

Tom Hicks Vice Chair of Clear Channel sure has tricked you DU'ers!

Counterbias Update: Kerry online poll, crazy headline, extremist..

This is neat: "The Human Rights Record of the United States in 2003"

The "Far Left" at DU -

Map of survey of values by country

Another legacy of Texas Redistricting 2003: we miss Super Tuesday...

BBV Experts: I'm voting in Maryland tomorrow and need advice.

Question : Haiti : CIA's revenge?

US Preparing for Military Draft in Spring 2005

Obesity is deductible??????

Heads UP!: 5PM EST - CNN - Bev Harris and BBV

RFK Jr., The Junk Science Of GW Bush

Just got the Phillips book

Why announce a "Spring Offensive" to get Bin Laden?

Ga Flag vote tomorrow.

Jon Stewart: Wal-Mart Transportation fleet !!!

Why did Booosh remove aristide? C-L-I-N-T-O-N

You know, there's an easy solution to the Aristide confusion

Has anyone heard of the republican liberty (caucus)?

Moderation and compromise: ineffective when dealing with extremists

couldn't resist this cartoon

Seeking opinion of those who self identify as "Lefties" re:Balkans

Would voting Green in Texas matter?

voxfux is back.... or is it really voxfux?....hmmmm

Letters to FCC about Janet Jackson's breast

Freeperville making hay over this

Aristide Kidnapped by U.S. Forces? (truthout report)

Why has everyone in the world denounced

Spare the rod and spoil the child

Why Cheney, Wolfowitz, and Pearle Maybe History!

wow, check out this candidate

Our Gov. is immoral for not putting 'Warning you may DIE' on recruitment

Evenings without Malloy are sucky

Which 20th century Democratic President do you admire most?

Why there is no death penalty in Michigan

Is God on our side?

Uh Huh, Yeah Colin, We Believe You now! NOT!

Poll - Which UK political party would you vote for?

Bush Honors Dead Dog, Not War Dead

Does anyone Believe a damn word from this administration about Haiti?

'Bullet magnets' prepare for Iraqi frontline ..(actual headline)

how do I reply to this idiot?

What was the alternate endgame in Haiti?

Is the fed using RFID tags in new US notes?

Guy Phillipe's Hero is Chile's Pinochet

Help me debunk this freeper email...

"It's a Quid Pro Quo" - BushCO exchanges Khan pardon for access to Osama

Marlee Matlain's on Lou Dobbs now.

Does Donald Rumsfeld comb his hair with bacon?

I Believe Aristide Was Kidnapped By Marines In A U.S. Sponsored Coup !!!

MoveOn Rallies in Florida to protest the Medicare bill...Good for them!

Democratic talk radio demo

Eastwood at the Oscars...

Conservative wants 10 examples of W "not governing effectively"...

Progressives defending Clear Channel, I never thought I'd see the day!

The Lowdown on Haiti from my Professor (DU Exclusive)

CNN! Blitzer does Diebold Voting Problems and clips w/Bev Harris!

The Tragedy of Haiti (by Noam Chomsky)

Urgent Action Needed: Haitians in Haiti are being slaughtered.

Osama Confusion

Maxine Waters on CNN...

New Mormon Tv ad Pro Gay Marriage.

Live Election Reporting at -- more...

Tiniore or someone else: I need help with this Haiti issue

Francois BOZIZE President of CAR was installed after a coup

BBV on CNN with Aaron Brown at 10:36pm ET

Progressive DUer for Congress.. Need your help!

I wonder if Kobe Bryant is being FALSELY accused for this reason:

A Challenge to Those Applauding Aristide's Ouster

US, Taiwan teams discuss war games

'Aristide bound for SA' (

Bermuda Puts Independence on Its Agenda

Text of U.N. Resolution on Haiti

Lawmakers Work on Compromise to Bush Plan (immigrants)

E-Voting Terminals Face Super Tuesday Test

Scientists find a key HIV mechanism [AP]

Governor rallies Democrats in S.J. (grrrrrr)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 1 March (#1)

EU Starts Sanctions on U.S. Goods

Dupe, please lock

Playing for Time (DPNK talks)

EU Slaps Trade Sanctions on U.S. Goods

French theaters won't show 'Passion'

China Hits Back at U.S. Human Rights Record

Haiti: In streets, anarchy and joy (plan for selecting Haiti's new govt)

U.S. Military Drills Troops in Iraq (not to kill at home)

Aristide arrives in Central African Republic after fleeing Haiti

AP: Aristide Arrives in Central Africa

Breaking- Aristide kidnapped by US!

Maxine Waters calls Aristides removal a US backed Coup

Report Clears Australia on Iraq Claims

BBC (Monday): Iraqis agree draft constitution

Bush's Ads Target Conservatives, Hispanics

Construction Spending Stumbles in Jan

Court Won't Hear Appeal Over Race Killing(Or Muslim Charity Appeal)

U.S. to Extend Philippine Military Training

U.S. Sends Seven Russians Home from Guantanamo

Pakistan Denies Deal to Allow U.S. Osama Hunt

U.S. allegedly blocked extra bodyguards (for Aristide)

U.S. Arranging 'Elders Council' to Run Haiti

Many U.S. expats prefer "Anybody But Bush"

Arab Big Brother show suspended

Tories withdraw from WMD inquiry

Number of Marines in Haiti to Grow to 400

Aristide exile 'perfect Franco-US co-ordination'

Republicans Plan Push to Register Voters

Threatening Death, US Military Kidnaps the elected President of Haiti

In Meeting, Kerry Emphasizes His Strong Support of Israel

Conference on Islam Evolution in Russia Begins in Moscow

Kerry focuses on Bush rather than Edwards

Families plan to sue over British soldiers' massacre in Iraq

Putin Lashes Out Over Military Failures

Afghanistan Opium Soars and Bush Anti - Drug Plan to Target Pain Killers

Haitian-Americans React to Aristide Exit

Kerry Will Abandon War on Terrorism

Pentagon Alerts 4 Major National Guard Units to Prepare for Duty in Iraq

CNN Breaking: Randall Robinson says Aristide forcibly removed



Administration Denies Aristide Kidnapped

British government to proceed with Iraq inquiry despite opposition walkout

Large explosion in central Baghdad

USA Today is now "reporting" the Haiti coup accusation. BUT...

Protesters rally at Capitol (Atlanta)

Factories Operate Near 20-Year High

Venezuelan President threatens US with oil weapon

Haitian leader's wife said country was quieting: Schakowsky

Catholic Plan Must Include Birth Control

Iraq Video Dealer's Death Raises Flags

npr "tell the world it is a coup"

Iraq Video Dealer's Death Raises Flags

Mailer attacks Patty Davis

Rep Maxine Waters: Aristide Says 'I Was Kidnapped'

Emergency Haiti summit tomorrow

Pope to beatify late French PM Schuman, architect of EU: report

Source: Spitzer Preparing to Sue Grasso

Hollywood takes swipes at Bush, Iraq war

Question: Does Politics Belong at Oscars?

Cheering Crowds Greet Rebels in Haitian Capital

Record Defense Budget Reflects Wrong Priorities, Experts Charge

Japan Marks U.S. Atomic Test Anniversary

BBC Banner LATEST: Venezuela troops clash with anti-Chavez protesters in C

Ousted Aristide Arrives in Africa, but Final Stop Is in Doubt

Qatar and Russia to release prisoners

Microsoft, Amid Dwindling Interest, Talks Up Computing

Space commission to tout Bush plan

FEC to Weigh New Campaign Finance Law

Edwards Collected From Groups That Lobby (Not an Accurate Headline)

Court Weighs Interrogation of Juveniles

Court to review prison segregation policy

Capitol Murder charged in Hargon Case...

Anthrax jabs blamed for baby deaths

Abu Sayyaf names 'ferry bomber' (Al-Qaeda )

Hollywood takes swipes at Bush, Iraq war

666 appears on some Passion tickets

Aristide tells AP he was forced to leave

Oil at Post-Iraq War High

Mrs. Bush Pushes for Iraq Medical Center

Rumsfeld: U.S. to Send 1, 500 - 2, 000 Troops to Haiti

Electricity in Iraq running at record highs: coalition official

Closed WMD [Senate] Session Delayed

Boxer foes court Bush, but oppose immigration plan - SDUT

Montreal: Another blow to democracy in homeland, local Haitians lament

NPR: Hunters and Fisherman Oppose Bush Environmental Policies

Georgia will hold another vote on Amendment against Gay Marriages

Aristide Tells AP the U.S. Forced Him Out

BBV: Security Increased for Tuesday's E-Voting (Yahoo front page)

Caribbean denounces Aristide 'removal'

Pakistan proliferation unpunished so US troops could hunt bin Laden

U.S. Top Aim in Haiti Seen as Halting Refugees (B4 Pres Campaign)

Republicans Plan Push to Register Voters

Senior DoJ official quits Enron probe

U.S. Wants to Send Customs Agents Abroad

4 Major Guard Units Alerted for Iraq Duty

A victory for Organized Labor

On Lou Dobbs on CNN - Just Got off Phonecall w/Aristide

‘We Are Safer’ - Tom Ridge on Homeland Security Department’s First Year

Howard orders report on prewar Iraqi intelligence

Some GOP Lawmakers Aim To Scale Back Bush Tax Cuts

Aristide on lou dobbs now!!!

Major news from Mars rover to be announced Tuesday

Bush Anti-Drug Plan to Target Pain Killers

U.S. denies forcing out Aristide

Constitution Party hopes for Moore candidacy (GO ROY GO!!!)

Politician gunned down in hospital - Sri Lanka

Anti-Drug Strategy to Include Pain Killers

Germany: Bush Likely to Attend D - Day Ceremony

Weekend Warriors Go Full Time (Nat Guard deployment biggest since WWII)

Old law gives DeLay new trouble

PM's spin sexed-up Iraq threat (Aus)

Latest News from Haiti from Haiti En Marche . (Not good. Not good at all)

'Bullet magnets' prepare for Iraqi frontline

Breaking News - Bodies of missing family found

Rebuffing Bush Seems to Be Primary Goal of New York's Democratic Voters

Former Ally's Shift in Stance Left Haiti Leader No Recourse

Industry on Cusp of Jobs Rebound

GOP Plans Votes to Put Democrats on the Spot

A Falling Out Among Friends - (Gay Republicans turn on Bush - Newsweek)

Justice Dept.: Abortion Records Necessary (New Monday Update)

Harvard to Stop Asking Parents Who Earn Below $40,000 to Aid Their Childre

NASA to Announce 'Significant Findings' of Water on Mars Tuesday

CNN Interview already being reported: A victim of coup d'etat: Aristide

US Justice Scalia gets Cheney case recusal request

Kerry to return to Senate for assault weapons ban vote

‘Memogate’ report delayed as new witness steps forward

Man Plows SUV Into Maui Airport, Ignites Fire

Dem Now - Aristide confirms to Maxine Waters that he was kidnapped

Why oh why might gay youth be self destructive?

try this wacky 'virgin mary sighting' gag on your friends!!

Any BBV experts here? I have a dilemma

Jokes, please. I need repub-bashing jokes

Aristide is now running the Nigerian Bank Scam on behalf of Bush

Favorite Chocolate Type

John Stewart RAWKS

Why would I watch the Oscars when SCARFACE was on Bravo?!

How many Oscar picks did you get WRONG?

Watching the Oscars makes me want to download movies

What are folks reactions to the closing of the AA

I have been gone for a while...

Robbins Slams Diebold

This time I'm really taking a break from DU

I'm listening to U2.

Didn’t you just love how Hollywood had a Republican Elephant....

The more ZombyWoof is hated here on DU, the more I embrace him

My pastor talked about The Passion this morning, and I was surprised.

When does ROTK come out on DVD?

Bush Got It Easy At The Oscars BUT When Every One Votes In

Differences between Final Exit 2nd Ed. and Final Exit 3rd Ed.

How to record video clips on net? Help please

i couldnt let oscar night pass without mention of our favorite oscar!

done with extended definition essay on talk (hate) radio

Satellite Radio - anyone have it?

Anyone know who the young blond guy

Does this look like Evil David Letterman?

Look over there!

Springtime is busting out all over...

Here's a great reason to donate to Nick Clooney's campaign: George

I know...

I forgot about the Oscars last night.

Anyone catch the exact time on the Best Picture anouncement?

A sweep for LoTR, WOW!

Hey DU parents: getting baby into crib

Good Morning Vietnam! Where's Bush?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but were there any non-white winners?

Favorite Oscar moments (from this year's show)?

Who is the real author of Bob Boudelang?

Soooo, who's going to send Peter Jackson a copy of "A Wizard of Earthsea"?

This is very, very weird...

Love the Top 10 Idiots! Great job DU.

So do you think you have a wee bit o' Irish in ya?

New Line Confirms ASH is in the Freddy Vs.Jason sequel (& maybe Dead 4?)

A good question came up on my class message board...

Woman Gets Divorce Papers 42 Years Later

the administration of the medical profession is FUBAR!

How many of you guys here played high school football???

We went to check out our dream house yesterday. And it turned out to

A poll for you LOTR fans out there...

Cat Burglar Caught Napping (At House He Was Robbing)

I'm looking over a four leaf clover!!!

I'm looking over my dead dog Rover

Nasty cat'n'mouse story

Eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww! There was a Bush family member on the Oscars!!!!

Bob Myers Award needs nomination - fellow who help start Social Security

Nothing like a good stretch to start the day....

Doonesbury supports bushy? NOOOOOOO!

Sean Penn wins, freepers go crazy?

I just have to say this:

Driver Hits Man - Drives 8 Miles Home - With Man Still Attached To His Car

Looks like the writing is on the wall for Hummer

Uh..uh..uh..uh A theory on the stammering

Where Is Underpants? Did The Fundies In Lynchburg Kidnap Him?

Help me with this dilema...

Ethical question regarding cleaning person

Can't you see by the look on my face that I don't care?

March is Irish-American Heritage Month

nursing home or holiday inn?

Could "Lord of the Rings" have won any more awards?

That's IT.. We now need TWO amendments...

Cake or meth?

Anyone want to help me figure out the winner of the Oscar contest?

Liberty or Death?

Thank you for telling me to go to my Choir Reunion...

bush twin's dance partner gets punished

Okay, I'm the last person in the world to read "The Da Vinci Code"

So I had a party Sat. Night and a few DUers were there....

looks like amc will be running -

help with posting pics on DU


Caption: "Lo! is that a bug I see or am I bu****ed?"

Which should I enjoy

Something that puzzled me about the Oscars last night....

The coffee made me puke

Create your own South Park character ...

I love it when folks diss Stern,

Liberty or Sex?

Poll: 3rd Bass or repeated blows to the head with steel pipes?

I'm moving to a private room today because my roommate stole money from me

Great news! My son got sent home with head lice!

Refresh my memory: What is the U.S. spending on Iraq per ....

"Why Does New York State Want To Break It's Indian Treaties?"

Beatles fans help settle a dispute, please...

Folks, I need some input on a work ethics question...

Battle of the worst 80s songs.


I see more evidence of Christ's Passion in the DU Lounge...

hooray for Pete Jackson!!! and other Oscar night notables..

Getting Around the Corporate Filter

Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology?

rant about corporate greed

What to do, what to do?

How clever are you? Tough puzzle...

Canadian DUers: recommendations for Quebec vacation?

Website making question.

Any fans of the group "Black Tape for a Blue Girl"?

I watched this spooky videotape last night and then the phone rang...

Funny political cartoon, if you remember South Park's "Underwear Gnomes"

Still No Answers in Spalding Gray Case

Anybody feel like talking?

Springsteen Used As Torture At Camp X-Ray

My 700th post!

Am I the only one that thinks that the "Ring" movie should be in the

The Passion of Jesus' Mother Mary; I told you to go to Medical School.

Cake or Death?

Is it just me...

Is this the first time a children's movie won the Best Movie Oscar?

Post your wierdest habit here...

Can't vote in tomorrow's primary

Ann Coulter and Silas Marner

I am not a CAPTION

Born between the late 1970's-early 1990: You're a Millennial

today's new Hannity advertisers

What 'Medical Help' Do You Get If Your Errection Lasts More Than 4 Hours?

Caption: Best Supporting Dress???? Pull the other one...

was listening to Stern...

Poll: Kenny G or the sweet release of death.

What's the best overall brand of TV? Advice needed, please

Do you think Brett Favre jumped the shark?

Top Ten Ways to Make The Academy Awards More Exciting

Is this true? Not on Snopes...check out the site...

Talented Actors and the bad movie choices they've made

Any fans of Boston Band "The Lyres"?

Daddy Will Do 11 Years For Daughter's Porn Pictures

Uh oh. ‘Profound developments’ in missing family case

Bush is the very model of a modern corporate criminal

1st Ref. C of V issues statement on Haiti

Yes! My website is back up!!

Steve Earle fans

Scott Walker signs to 4AD, new record in works.

Fed the squirrels today at Riverside Park - photos (about 300K worth)

Eugene Levy & Catherine O'Hara

Worst 80's Hair Band

Today is our 34th wedding anniversary

"Fog of War" wins best documentary Oscar. Have seen it yet? Why not?

sensitivity training video

World's Longest Sausage! (2020m) !!!!

The Passion of the Anti-Christ

This website is very politically correct

Silent Film Fans: Colleen Moore rave

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha

The winner of the Oscar prediction contest is... ironflange!

Barbara! Barbara! Barbara!

I'm feeling underappreciated today.

Bugger Bob Marley, Horace Andy is the King of Reggae.

Which should I take for my Oscar Contest prize?

I got my stitches out today!

What type of funeral do you want, when you die?

Diane, Diane, Diane

Should I take a nap?

Did you know Whitacre D_WI was a smart-ass when he was running for office?

Happy 14th birthday to my much loved daughter!!!

I'm cooking a 6 pound roast and I live by my self... Am I nuts?

55" Plasma Screen Lottery

Midori, Midori, Midori!!!

Did anyone see the Babs Walters/Kate Hepburn interview...

Beatles fans help settle a dispute

Would you wear one of these?

Am I a bad person for this?

Should I do my homework now?

new Savage Weiner advertisers

new Hannity advertiser Nature's Bounty

Is Usenet down for everyone?

gay marriage

I wish there were some sort of Electoral College game on the 'net.

Aristide called me too

Who bronzed Charlize Theron?

Europe's worst band / solo artist (the nominations are open)

Movie gadgets!

I've fallen completly to the dark side.

Answer these three questions seriously:

Pictures of TXlib and KCDem

My roommate is hogging the bathroom shaving his head...

(post #800) memories & images from the 700 club

Clapton Puts 'Tears in Heaven' to Rest

My Friend's 13-Year-Old Sister Admitted She Cuts Herself

Douchebag , Douche Bag, Douche-bag

Choose the more reputable form of advertising to the masses


Am I the only one who doesn't like Billy Crystal on the Oscars?

Got a post locked 'cause I'm an idiot-ask me anything

a_random_joel's musical tastes are:

Ministry/Al Jourgenson still kick a$$.

I re wired my living room, ask me anything.

Stewart Delivers News to Younger Viewers

Weebl fans, check in

Kindness from a total stranger today

Wow. Even the HEADERS in the primary forum are gettin' ugly!

Little Musical Moments That Stay With You

First blood is on USA

Theme: "old and busted / new hotness"

Worst version of "Layla"

Does anyone use "Creative MediaSource" to organize music?

JM in NC: So far so good. Nobody has asked me about Nascar OR Jesus!

Eldest Son had a different day at college today

Which one of you sons or daughters of the old sod will confess tonight

For the uninitiated: Teen Girl Squad!

A question for insurance agents

Very quick computer question.

Which method of humilation should Zell Miller undergo at the convention?

Why are gay and lesbian youth self destructive?

Any Okie DUers?

Is this commercial offensive?

Man dressed as the devil disrupts ‘Passion’ movie

Ohhh, Girl Scout Cookies......

Listening to The Chieftains and Van Morrison

Just saw a truly great movie on the Oxygen channel "the Whalerider"

Woman: "No Time To Vote - I'm Having Group Sex"

Jon Stewart Comments on Dropping the F-Word

Good job DUers.

Kool Aid man getting an enema.

MSFT .NET framework... Q's on getting started....???

Another reason to dump this guy.

Computer Advice needed (Windows XP OS problem I think)...

DU AIM chat tonight

Help me find the perfect gift for my 10-year-old niece.

And you thought US music is awful?

Why am I teething? I'm 18

Republicans unearth damaging photo.

I'm George Washington!

Diebold Is Protecting The Constitution

My dad is going to Guantanamo this month, as me anything!

I've bought my cat hundreds of dollars worth of toys.

Is your March in a like a lamb or a lion?

Where do you get your music?

On Girl Scout Samoas...

up-loaded our new web site tonight

XP Pro or XP Home?

Favorite Family Guy joke...

Electric Cars...I want one...But are there any that can go more than

* has a magic card!

If you care to, discuss obscenity with me. Not for flames or rants, please

My Grandma

Is anyone watching "Average Joe"

What were those Blue pins worn at the Oscars?

The Dookus Day-After Oscar thread....

Anyone here own a Fender Squier Strat?

The drum mixing on Jethro Tull's "Teacher" is perfect.

Will Mel Gibson do what Jesus said, and give away the $ he made

The roast turned out UN-EFFING-BELIEVABLE... Try this if you eat meat:

Noodles or Yaks?

What was John Kerry's rock band called?

Do not try to out-weird me!

Assistance please. Help me pick a topic for my speech class.

Morbid Question: If you had to choose your method of execution,

My daddy died this morning

What's popcorn in Aramaic?

If Aretha Franklin is the Queen of Soul, who's the King?

Mondays 'IN' The UGRR Will Return Next Monday. See you then!

Allow me to introduce you to THE GAPS. Enjoy irreverence? Prepare to LYAO.

Name a band you hated growing up; now are embarrassed to admit you dig?

Songs that should be untouchable

describe Tom DeLay in two words

I'm craving a Whopper. Talk me out of it.

Will the religions of today eventually die out?

Favorite Stevie Wonder tune

When You've Had Too Much Alcohol...

Newly Single - Ex Hates My Guts

How would you describe my musical taste?

Funkiest groove by a white band/guy?

Would Skinner look good

Aristide? I don't know the gentleman. We did what? CAPTION

Did anyone know Charlize Theron's boyfriend was suppose to play Aragorn?

The force in Haiti will be, ohhh, thiiis big or so... CAPTION

What's the "average size" of an American woman? Surprise!

I can remember a time when we didn't have to lock our doors

Ahhh Ha... I grab another country....CAPTION me

Help me get to 7,000 posts, ask me ANYTHING!

Charlize gains weight, gets ugly, snares an Oscar and never even mentions

I Gave $20 To A Homeless Person Today

Are you the oldest, youngest, only, or middle child in your family?

Anyone use real henna on their hair?

This is intended to vent, not to offend.

DU Christians Check Into This Safe Haven

My Sister's Review of GIBSON's Flick

Is Rick Astley the unrecognized genius of modern music?

I am watching Bush overthrow Aristide and Haiti?


Ohio Primary Poll: Columbia Dispatch

The more time I spend on DU, the stronger I support Edwards...

Oh Goody! Another war! Thanks Bush, I was getting so bored with Iraq

Dean's "I'm against Gay marriages" radio interview...

Latest Survey U.S.A. Polls:

What Effect Will It Have That Edwards Is Not Even Trying For New England?

Bush Created the Faith-based Initiative and Kerry Opposed It

Kerry surges ahead in Maryland poll [Kerry 47%, Bush 38%

Checklist: Is your adoration of your candidate unhealthy?

See John Kerry today in Maryland, Ohio and Georgia before Super Tuesday

How big of a margin do we need to win November?

Poll: Kerry-Edwards Ticket Has Advantage

Conservatives aren't bold enough...what's up with this

Newspapers hand out endorsements

Clark beats Edwards in MD poll.

Is it over on tuesday?

Kucinich on Good Politics Internet Radio

"The Myth of the Good Nader" by Jonathan Chait, TNR, senior editor

Attn Dean Supporters: Washington Post Online Chat

Gay wedding "commitment ceremony"that Kerry attended makes NYPost

Maryland is a reliable blue state. Why isn't Virginia?

Mike Luckovich Editorial Cartoon: Repub's wishful thinking

Novak calls Sub S FIT Code a loophole Edwards used to avoid tax.

Cleveland Plain Dealer: John Forbes Kerry is better choice for Ohio Dems

E-Voting Terminals Face Super Tuesday Test

If Edwards drops out, should Kerry debate Kucinich and Sharpton?

If I Were Kerry...

If DK Doesn't Win, Where Would Be The Best Place For Him?

I support Edwards--but I love DK's ideas....

Kerry Criticizes Bush for Bioethics Panel

Candidates Playing It Safe on Gun Issues

Kerry Leads Edwards in Two Polls for New York Primary (Update1)

Edwards' and Kerry's drinking habits

Was I 'fired' by the Kucinich campaign?

More rumblings about Bush dumping Cheney for Giuliani

Candidates positions on Gay Marriage.

CBS Debate on CSPAN 1 Now! 2:30p est

Is there a video of last night's debate posted somewhere?

Should your business go through committees before you fire vendors?

Edwards Attacks Front-Runner Kerry

Polls, Polls - does anyone have polls for NY and Conn???

"strategic" voting -- a thought for tomorrow

Poll: Bush would narrowly beat Kerry in Florida


A $290,000 question for Edwards

`Congressman Kucinich, why are you here?'

Andrea Johnson: Don't let media pick nominee by themselves

Wes Clark Dems $10.04 Alert: Jim Matheson (UT-2) - All Welcome!!

Californians, remember to vote NO on 58, the free ride for corporations

Sharpton won't continue fight to get on La. primary ballot

An American Dream come true...

Kucinich Rolls Through L.A. Area

Kucinich is coming to Dallas, Friday March 5th! Spread the word.

Wes Clark Democrats Alert: Joe Donnely IN-02

Dean for America has a few new links/ideas!

Who's ashamed of their liberal values?

Which Democratic nominee contender best represents "the American dream"?

Primary Voters on Tuesday or Later...

Kerry 47% Edwards 31% Kerry Steady, Edwards Down a Point

Todays Survey U.S.A. Poll Results: First poll in Texas

Observers Predict Kerry Victory In R.I. On Super Tuesday

Another meaningless poll...


At the Core of Democracy: Electronic Voting Machines

Should John Kerry and Howard Dean play in guitar duo at Demo Convention?

Primary eve polls show Kerry with big lead in New York

Advertising for the CA primary...

How many States & Delegates do you honestly think Kerry

Are there any popular Ohio democrats we can put on the ticket?

Did Anyone Else Catch Chris Heinz On NPR?

which candidate do you trust the most NOT to overthrow any govs

John Kerry loves...

Does Kerry support Bush's overthrow of Haiti?

A call to Dean-supporters.....

Did the Los Angeles Times endorse anyone?

Kerry, Bush, and Peter Jackson

Please do not vote on the candidate polls. They are misleading

Sen. Miller (D-GA) endorsing Bush?! What kind of job was he promised..

Why Bush can't run effective ads

I expect Kerry will have locked it up

Kerry's daughter stumps for candidate on Long Island

Kerry: "more liberal than Ted Kennedy" ?

Dean supporters step forward please

Farrakhan: Kerry getting 'free ride'

Candidate Opinion Poll #4 (of 4): Al Sharpton

Kerry And China - What Do You Think?

Will , should, Howard Dean endorse John Edwards ?

Kerry gets paid for not doing his job?

Stop Posting Rasmussen Polls....

Republican mayor may not back bush

"Outsiders" and "Insurgents" created the current primary system

Vote for Dean

Kerry armor -Cheney and Powell didn't mind military cuts in 1980s

Got this question answered. Thanks for the help

Dean is on the ballot! NY-CA-MN-OH-RI & Co. stand up for your right!

KERRY Supporters! Fall in...

NY's 1199 local chapter SEIU Endorses John Kerry for President Today

Both Kerry and Edwards Lead Bush Going into Tomorrow's California Primary

Fiscal fantasy--something to keep in mind on Tuesday

Edwards campaign is a thud in Ohio

A good site for keeping track of the upcoming Primaries

Are you preparing to strap on your Kerry avatar tomorrow?

Minnesota DFL chair expects Kucinich to do well in caucus

Candidate Opinion Poll #1 (of 4): John Kerry

Candidate Opinion Poll #2 (of 4): John Edwards

NYTIMES: Kerry and Edwards not very good friends

Are you campaigning tomorrow?

Super Tuesday Poll Data

Does anyone think that John Kerry would make a great Dictator?

Candidates on the Issues: Energy

Kerry ahead in Bush's home state

CA voter doesn't know how to vote tomorrow. convince me.

Easiest Way to Put the "electability" Argument...

I heard Kerry's "Maryland Speech." Not Kerry Fan....It was Great! but not

They're baaaaaack!

Super Tuesday Message from CMB

Candidate Opinion Poll #3 (of 4): Dennis Kucinich

New York Daily News Endorses Kerry

Kerry, Edwards & Kucinich on Jobs

Califonia DUers - Yea or Nay or Prop 56?

Ramsey Clark Endorses Kerry:

Fantasy Tickets 2004

PoliSci prof compares Kerry's war stance to pro-war Humphrey in '68

Why I will not support Clark

The thrill is gone - but the message lives

Kerry and Edwards should not back away from the label of "Liberal"

Edwards Must Take the 2004 Presidential Election

When does Edwards drop out?

How ugly are things going to get here tomorrow...

Anyone but Kerry or Edwards

ATTENTION Right Wing plans for GA Dem Primary

Tomorrow his Dean supporter will be voting for

In your HEART you know you really want to vote for KUCINICH

Californians--vote NO on 57 and 58

Kerry vs. LaRouche binary poll

Georgia primary has some mighty interestin' features

Why is Clark's issues page blank?

OK Guess what I heard on RW talk radio today RE GE 2k4

What is your definition of "progressive"?

Kucinich on Palestine

Should Zell Miller be allowed to the convention?

On Electability, Edwards Wins Hands Down

If you vote for Kerry tomorrow

John is just not his time.

Any CA voters annoyed by NO on 56 ads?

I vote tomorrow! Still can't make up my mind! Help!

My plea for Edwards, from the person who knows him best.

Kucinich has a strong vision for America

There will be no brokered convention if Edwards drops out.

Voting for your beliefs sure beats backing a winner

Kucinich Can't Get Elected 'cause He Looks Like a Doofus! Not.

I can't decide whom to vote for: Kerry or Clark

Tomorrow is Super-Tuesday. How close to the real vote is DU?

Finally, I'm endorsing a candidate

Ladies and Gentlemen, the next President of the United States of America

Getting nervous Johnny Boy?

Anyone in the mood for an old style Clark-Dean flame war?

Constitution Party hopes for Moore candidacy (GO ROY GO!!!)

Voting for the Bonesman!!! Kerry!!!

Who else thinks that Graham would be by far Kerry's best vp choice?