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Archives: February 8, 2004

Bush’s Iraq commission and the “intelligence failure” fraud

WP: Soldiers Record Lessons From Iraq

"The Other Caucus - Democrats Abroad"

Abuse of state vouchers reaches criminal stage (FL)

Margolis receives huge email response re his anti war column blaming Bush

Maddox on Bill O'Reilly and Fox News

This stinks! Soldiers and Oil Co. workers get the same medal?

Bottom line on Bush's AWOL story

Stanford Scholars proclaim U.S. policy in Iraq 'nuts,' 'a mess'

The real voice of America - Eric Margolis

Microsoft crawls into government

Senior fellow at the Stanford - Iraq had no weapons capability

Making the Facts Fit the Case for War

Ted Rall - Feb. 8 - "Stupidity is All Around"

Alberta columnists rush to Don Cherry's defence....Big suprise.

The Bushes and the Washington Post - Bush a covert CIA agent

This Isn't About Blair's Future. It Is Much More Serious

Murder Most Fowl (Dowd)

The man, the plan to win

Who's the Loser, Wolf?

An Absence in Alabama (TIME on AwOL)

TIME: Will Iraq Start To Unravel?

Did White House Intentionlly Use Flawed Info?

Bush the Press - cartoon

Chutzpah, Thy Name Is Perle - by Jim Lobe

profiles of each member of Bush's appointed whitewash commission

Mexico's first lady eyes following Fox to presidency

"Whose Got the Chops?" Ventura endorses Clark -- and Kerry

Virginia's Anatomically Incorrect Flag (Janet's boob/VA boob)

Gary Younge (Guardian Utd): Ignorance is no excuse

coup d'etat - assassination of Princess Diana - Hutton report

Noonan: Philosophy, Not Policy – Why Bush isn't good at interviews.

CalPundit: ARF!....

A Vietnam Vet's moving letter in today's "Stars and Stripes"

Bush Family Values: War, Wealth, Oil

NYT OpEd: Lost in Credibility Gulch

Feds win right to war protesters' records

Who really killed Jesus

Liberal On Line Singles Service Which Helps Activist Causes

Edwards supporters in NY area, important events this week

HistoryChannel.Com is doing a Iraq War poll. please vote eom

Any ideas on where I can find paid speakers

Twin Cities to Des Moines for protest

The PantsOnFire-mobile is Coming to Tampa 2/9

CALL on Monday - Des Moines Federal. Supeonas Univ. anti-war ac

Midwest DU'rs (Iowa)

Fun with Kucinich banner

If My Write-in for Dean won't matter in Repuke NH

Good radio stream.

Another Record Week!

AOL Censureship

CNN Says It Overplayed Dean's Iowa Scream

Your Computer can be used as a PVR ... TiVO / RePlayTV

In order to save his own life, will Saddam agree with every word Bush has

Astrologers: Acknowledging Responsibility

Bay State Poll on Gay Marriage

American Airlines Pilot Plugs Christianity

Are You On Uncle Sam's No Fly List?

Has anyone seen "Out on the Edge" on Comedy Central?

You Do Your Job Let Us Do Ours Gay Marriage Judge Tells Lawmakers

Morgan Stanley mulls South Korea, Taiwan index reclassification

Any Economists Out There? GDP Question

Tax Burden vs. Net Worth: Why Federal Taxes are unjust

Afghanistan during the 1970s

Terrorist bid to build bombs in mid-flight

Sri Lankan president dissolves parliament

KMT-PFP campaign machine misfiring - TW

Lee encourages Taiwanese to be their own masters

Taiwan's Chen Defends Move on Referendum

Help me...I've gone over the edge...

Are there any mods on duty tonight (Saturday)?

SoCalDem's "The New Assassins" thread should have stayed in GD

"Unable to Establish a Connection"

2nd day in row - Netscape gets me in, IE is unable to connect

It's baaaack!

Appeal on a Locked Thread

that was odd

Why don't you re-install the thread ranking system?

Proposal for a new forum: Human Rights

Not Flamebait - I have joined the NDOL

Question regarding Elections 2004.

Thank you for locking this thread... but I believe something needs to be..

An all-time first?

Can you post a listing of words....

Thanks for using my fundraising idea!

Here is a toughie for you!

You all have outdone yourselves

Maine Results thread is heating up

If there is a mod on duty please pm me

Skinner-san, I just posted a message in Japanese!

Offending Valerie: Dealing with Jewish Self-Absorption

Israel to Shorten West Bank Barrier Route

Identity crisis

Haaretz (Sunday): PM begins bid to get ministers behind disengagement

U.S. looks at reopening Iraq-Israel oil pipeline


Shin Bet, police break up alleged Israeli Arab terror group

Who is the victim here?

Our revenge will be in Tel Aviv, Jihad warns Israel after assassination

Palestinian mafia

Israeli minister wants Muslims converted

Israel warplanes swoop on Lebanon, Hizbollah fires

Gabbard considers run against Rep. Ed Case (This man is pure scum)

Edwards supporters in NY area, important events this week

GE Talking Point: Accountability

Maine Caucus results - Dexter

Correction: Bush said "I'm not going to lose."

Has anyone here ever read

Did you hear Bush say, "I'm gonna win"

For all in GD that miss the Editorials - Jackson Thoreau's latest

Homeland Security in Iowa

Why was Bush on TV talking about Winston Churchill ????

The Litter Box Dynasty

If not us, then who?

Germany protests rumsfeld & perpetual war (photos)

Conservatives = mental illness

Bush is Priceless

Sorry, posted in wrong forum, Reposted elsewhere. n/t

Throw a bone to the gays - and hand a bludgeon to the fundies?

So will they allow Green Party meetings in the Rex 84 camps?

Brave New Worlds

The backward filter of the Bush fog machine

Refine This Math

Team Leader talking points

Need help with Repub talking points

Blair's mass deception

Heads up!

The state of the 4th estate

America: Who Hates Whom?

McDubya's -- Nearly 50 Million Fooled!

A Video Clip Russert's Talk With the Chimp.

More Dead Top Microbiologist Scientists

Bush's cavalier attitude to deficit spending .

"It's our due" - Maureen Dowd absolutely nails Uncle Dickie

Brazil fines American $17,200 for obscene gesture

(Interview) Two anonymous US officers from Iraq speak out

The Russian Elections...Lessons in Corruption (yes, it CAN happen here)

Who is attacking US forces in Iraq?

Tweety still thinks Theresa LaPore is a Democrat

I've never heard so many Bush supporters calling in to C-span today.

Excuse my ignorance on this subject but what is different between...

MTP is on the air.

More on Nepotism.

Question about Ritter

My e-mail was just read on Washington Journal..

Meet the Press airs at...........

Forget Bush* - How Is Russert Doing?

15 minutes into the interview...

MTP not airing in Nashville?

Could this be the new trifecta?

Bush lying about Kay report

After hour of shrub* I need a shower.

Shall we have a different National Anthem?

Will one of our "intelligence operatives" head over to FR?

Kerry giving a speech regarding * lies about WMD - CNN

Farmwokers endorse Doggett

Why do Freepers love lying emails?

Buchanan just hit fatboy Blankley with the fact that Iraq was pre-planned

* claimed on MTP that there may be NO evidence that he showed up for NG

Calling all Alabama ANG members from '72!!!

Could Rove go the way of Trippi?

Was he Crying at the outset of the show??

b* on MTP = Waiting for Guffmanesque

am i right to assume that we are now

'I'M not going to lose' The ULTIMATE Overreach

The secret of Bush's* appeal revealed

I think Bush* will have a checking his watch moment.

Officials challenge Wexler's suit for state paper ballots

I get the impression that Bush* is not listening to Rove anymore

Stuff like this is why I am a Democrat.

Freeper friend claims that the Boston Globe retracted >

Nepotism, Your thoughts.

Feds win right to war protesters' records . . . (referral post) . . .

LOL! Gloria Borger just admitted she's at the bottom of the food chain!

Prayer Thread #635826 for Bush*

Bush's MTP interview in 3 words: not my fault

Does scoured mean the samething as scrubbed?

I Thought Bush Did Well

The New 'Great Game' (A Must Read)

the 9/11 panel needs to expose this


Bush Speech Pattern

What question or follow up question would DU ask on MTP?

So I took a nap through MTP, good...bad.... ugly?

I think Bush is half retarded.

Post-MTP Reuters Headline: Bush Offers Shifting Rationale for Iraq War

Why MTP was taped

Prez-ee-dint Boosh

Bush looks like he's aged in four years as much as Clinton did in eight

Beavis and Butthead ... OR ... MST3K

Poll: Bush's performance on Meet the Press.

Bush said that he would win another term.

Will MTP help Bush at all?

MTP-I want to know about the editing

Troops must have the BEST equipment

Buchanan on McLaughlin: Iraq war was "unecessary"

Would marching to another war help or hurt shrub.

On C-Span-1 now, discussion of MTP

Refresh My Memory: Powell At The UN

Australian troops told Iraq did not have WMDs

Laura Bush says she and George read 5 newspapers a day????

Margolis receives huge email response re his anti war column blaming Bush

New AWOL Strategery: Reframe All Questions On Bush's (Lack Of) Service

Not one shred of accountablity in bush* White House

republicans: "i want my party back"

"People have been looking for these files for a long time--trust me."

Bush: Viet Nam had politicians making military decisions...

Bush says most other countries thought Saddam had WMDs also....

The terrible human cost of Bush and Blair's military adventure: 10,000 civ

Russert missed two important follow up questions on taxes...

Bush AWOL - Is it true that Bush's military

Some brand new Bushisms thanks to the Russert interview....

Another Republican NOT Voting for Bush

C-span call in show discussing MTP NOW

Condi may jilt George (says she's burned out)

"The First Special Ed President"

Errol Morris, director of "The Fog Of War" coming up on KPFA

Wounded in Iraq-- Admin concealing the numbers

Was George lying then or is Laura lying now?

Check out this question!

Can't get KONGTV (Seattle) MTP

John Warner(r) lies on CNN

MTP Interview: First job of a president - what a failure

Is there something wrong with the left side of Bush`s face?

The Chimp on MTP transcript

Why is Rep. Tom Delay still there?

Bush said military records open.Just find them.

E-mail to XXXXX re Bush* military service

Some MTP headlines so far:

How to "sex-up" information. The Russert interview gives a perfect ....

write Letters to the Editor re AWOL and Meet the Press.

MTP theory : W did well, w/ tough questions known in advance...

MTP - Let the Campaign begin.

To ANY Daily Show Writers

Bush: "I want people to work" Then create REAL JOBS!!!

Bush strarts MTP w/ 'Intelligence....

Doesn't cutting the deficit in half in 5 years mean

Bush says new budget will cut deficit in FIVE years.

Has Tim Russert gained any journalistic credibility today on MTP?

Bush* rises to low expectations

When Neocons Investigate Themselves {from AlterNet}

Where does one find out if a bill (federal) has been voted on...

* let his messianic delusion slip out with this gem:

Does MTP get rebroadcast on the East Coast?

Circular Reasoning on MTP

Anyone have a link to watch Russert/Bush interview?

Question about Bill Schneider (CNN)

The WAR President

When W goes home

I predict a 20 point drop for * after MTP

Notice how MTP interview was presented as though it was live?

there are six more repeats of MTP coming up

Did anyone hear of a small vial of cyanide being found in Iraq?

CSPAN Now: Blair Getting Grilled on WMD From Thursday *sigh*

Do you prefer small businesses or large corporations?

Entertainment Weekly dig at Bush

Am I wrong to be excited about the Apollo plan?

Bush pledges to release Nat. Guard files, all of 'em!

Bush has created more debt than all presidents combined from Washington

Bush, 2000 MTP, courtesy AMPOL

b* uses Medicare Bill as evidence of his unifying ability

RWingnut - Stars Aligned For Bush-McCain Ticket?

Bush says he can't provide any evidence that he was not AWOL from the Guard

Tim Russert asked Bush about Skull & Bones and said "322"

bush fails to answer charges

Bush is so stupid--MTP now online!

Bush on being AWOL

3 questions Russert should have asked Bush

Hey, Lurking freepers and media slime: Who put this in AWOL's file?

Tenet interview on CSpan just ended and an interesting question was asked

The three most important things that Bush said today.

Watching my Tivo'd MTP now. It seems obvious that he is being fed lines

MTP Denconstruction: On the Election

How was Russert this morning?

Unofficial Meet the Press thread

I'd love to see the "out-takes" of the MTP interviews.

MTP Deconstruction: Bush the Uniter???

Bush: Deficit will grow by $2.25 Trillion over 5 years.

Edwards supporters in NY area, important events this week

Three ex-CIA agents say WMD's will be planted:

MTP Deconstruction: Skull & Bones

MTP Deconstruction: Deceiving Congress on Iraq

NRO: "For the first time, I've felt a twinge of fear myself..."

Kerry vs. Bush (a freeper poll)

MTP Deconstruction: Commitees on Intelligence Failures

Conservatives pan Bush performance

MTP Deconstruction: Pre-emptive war

MTP Deconstruction: 9/11 Commision

MTP Deconstruction: Iraq ala Vietnam

Intel Investigation? What for? Get your history timeline at Bushwatch

MTP Deconstruction: Osama in hand is worth two for the Bush

Did bush call our nation a dictorial regime?

only 80% of freepers will vote for Bush against Kerry. Yeah!

Bush said: "There may be no evidence, but I did report....

MTP Deconstruction: CEO Bush on the economy

Will there be any NEW votes for Bush* in November?

A Bush loss will provide the makings of a fantastic global celebration

Will liberal talk radio succeed?

Sluggish job growth may threaten recovery

MTP Deconstruction: Revising Iraq

AOL: George Bush not "Miserable Failure"

get your Bush outtakes here.

Why isn't the president mad that he took us to war with bad intel?

Twilight Zone: Everyone takes Bush duplicity for granted, its the norm...

Bush MTP Interview Being Replayed on MSNBC Now 5:02 EST 2/8

Dick Cheney photo caption time!

Straight talker? By my count, he answered ONE question he was asked

Get your barf bags out folks.....the repuke slime machine

WP story - link....people are still NOT VOTING in any large #'s

If Bush thinks "I did my duty" finishes AWOL, he is sorely mistaken!

Claim vs Fact - The President On MTP

Claim vs Fact: The President on Meet the Press

The irony of Barry Goldwater

The "New" Assassins

MTP Deconstruction: Iraq War and Weapons of Mass Deception

Was Bush the ABC candidate?

CBN, (700 Club fame), poll on bush

Cuba: Still Fightin again Imperialism

Here's a question: will Blair campaign for Bush?

Alaskan Recall Effort Against Republican Gov. Murkowski!

Chimpy on MTP rebroadcast right now lying like a rug on MSNBC

Bush says he can't provide any evidence that he was not AWOL from the Guar

Question: Should the Democrats be BLUE or RED?

Slate's take on MTP - Just what I'd hoped for...

Well I saw NYC channel 7s news spin on bush's MTP

This week's "Conventional Wisdom" --

Time/CNN poll has Bush's approval rating at 42% - disapprove at 54%

"Bush's Brain" the movie?

Hey - I got an email response from Meet the Press

My Town: High # of Blank Ballots -- Not the DREs Though Says Official

Theocratic Redux: "Jesus Plus Nothing"...The Religious Reich?

hahahahaha.....NYT: bush* had rehearsed with an aide standing in

MTP Deconstruction: CEO Bush maxing out the nation's credit cards

UNIX Programmers--Let's design a new shell!

GW: here's proof you forgot on MTP that you did AWOL time in Texas. ..

Subliminal messages

Think it is time to make the words Bush and Liar synonymous with each other

Center for American Progress's Refutations of *'s claims this morning

for the campaign let;'s turn "bush"

I just realized the April Ryan from MTP commentary on CSPAN...

Does Bush display signs of mental illness?

United States is NOT the best country in the world!

Pentagon spends $1 million training bush to fly

Fight back with this Iraq FAQ !

Daddy Matcom: "I almost chewed my tongue in half watching Bush"

Fox's Unintentional Fox-pas: "Bush: You Can't Rely On A Madman"

The line from MTP that should loose the election for W

What if Osama bin Laden is NOT caught by Election Day

What do you want to bet.....

"Hey Baby, Wake UP"..

my cousins in baghdad!

Civil Unions discussed at Mass today

My best friend's stepson in Iraq...

Dana Milbank just predicted an October Surprise.

A New Vietnam Memorial

Poor Dick Cheney, not his best day

Afghan Women Liberated by Computers?

American Airlines Pilot Plugs Christianity

Want a job that can't be outsourced?

OK a question about gays and gay rights

Russert Bush interview can be seen here:

No follow up questions by Russert....

The Military records of George Walker Bush

The Old/New Democrat Debate is Stale

60 Minutes described Evangelical political influence!

If the Republicans want to make an issue of gay marriage in NOV

Does this describe the repub strat every election?

Mr Bush, here is what we need

Touching story in our paper today...A son lost in another trumped up War

A New Politics for a New America

MTP Bush interview on Now 10:00 PM EST on CNBC

TIA joins Russert in the Smirk interview.

I talked about AWOL/stop flying/missed physical on WGN radio tonight

Any numbers on how bad AWOL is on bushlite?

You lying sack of

Dennis Miller Bashes Kerry as a Mass. Liberal that love Gays.

Drake Univ. Supeonas / Thugs at Dean event. Coincidence or Retribution?

Meet The Press - Bush (transcript link)

Where do your sympathies lie in Yugoslavia?

Jack Welch on CNN right now, saying Oops has potential

I live in TN and received a "political survey call"

I'm sick of being a "liberal" (RANT)

Is gay marrage going to sink us?

Calpundit Scoop on Bush's Awol Service

How Global Warming can cause the next ice age

a real fear after the MTP debacle:

Evangelical Christianity is some wierd stuff....

Ok DUers, let's be informed about the AWOL charge

The torn Bush natl guard doc is made whole at calpundit

Soothe me so I can get some sleep tonight.

THUGS at Dem. event / DRAKE IA Supeonas activists. -Coincidence?

"I won't lose" quote coming up on CNBC

Margaret Carlson places war dead at 350

Should America be a multiparty democracy?

Why are so many with DLC avatars coming out of the woodwork

Will the Election be Hacked? (Salon investigative piece featuring DUers!)

Anyone have video of Bush from today?

OPEC has it's pants in a bunch

Meme shift. Chimp bottoms out now = horse race in November

The sorry state of the Republican Party

Conservative on C-Span: Bush shouldn't have said "I'm not gonna lose."

Peter Werbe's Nightcall streaming now

Tim Russert Did a Great Job on MTP

Is Capitalism a huge swindling machine or "slouching toward utopia"?

Will the AWOL story spread

Terrorist attack in progress in West Virginia, may kill thousands!

Are the Republicans trying to punish CBS?

Political Road Rage (Or, what happened to me while driving to work)

The Lie Factory: the inside story of disinformation from Mother Jones

Anyone see the Amanpour piece on 60 Minutes?

Someone posted this on IMDB about the ''trickle down'' theory

Did you ever think you would see Bush defending his AWOL problems on TV?

Info sought on the two congressional special elections KY & SD

Clinton and Franken win Grammys

Et tu, Peggy Noonan?

I feel so good about just donating 50 bucks to DU. You can too

Does Congress have access to the same intelligence the President does?

"I won't lose."

Now that we know that they know where Osama is, what's our strategy?

Is Bush the least intelligent President ever?

Without personal attacks, here is my problem with the DLC:

TV23 News: "Embedded Somewhere in Dick Cheney's Digestive Tract" - new vid

BUSH: Drunk? Drying Out? Mushmouth? 4th Grade Vocabulary?

bush*/ashcroft/republicans supressing dissent.

60 Minutes (02/08/04) 'The Righteous Army' On The Rise

Government report: Democracy Domino theory "not credible"

Another right-winger abandoning the Repubs.

Wonder How Rush Will React to the DU Fundraiser Banner

How can McCain be the VP candidate

Explosive: Pentagon Plan to Provoke Terrorist Attacks!!! poll: Does Bush have a credibility problem?

AWOL Bush goes mainstream! Story's hit TIME...

DNC: Arrests coming at VP's office

Were Vietnam protesters abusive to veterans/troops?

Famous Last Words: "I don't testify." - GWB

Why I'm a New Democrat:

Chomsky Vs. Richard Perle

Choose or Loose

Small, peaceful protest at G7 meeting in Florida

Police remove satirical (John) Howard statue

Terrorism victims sue Russian authorities for damages


Cubans, Idahoans Agree on Hemingway Research, Food

Get Your Bush Docs Here -- Ron Suskind posts the evidence online

Student Democrats unite vs. president

Who's the Loser, Wolf?

Russia: Duma may call state of emergency - CANCEL elections!

Terrorist bid to build bombs in mid-flight

Bush sets narrow limits on inquiry

(Prince) Charles Pays Surprise Visit to Iraq

Claws bared in battle of GOP hawks

Critics Say Forest Service Battles Too Many Fires

Layoffs could compromise Carolina town's independence

Newsweek: The White House: A New Fight Over Secret 9/11 Docs

G7's bid to curb dollar slide shows deft diplomacy

President justifies war to parents of dead

Soldiers Record Lessons From Iraq - Unvarnished Tales Serve as Warning

Time Mag: Homegrown Terror (Frist Scare - Mostly paper dust)

Connecticut First Lady Reportedly Subpoenaed

Amid Shortage of Gear, Some U.S. Soldiers Must Equip Themselves

Vietnam Candidates Timeline (wow!)

Blaming the messengers

Britain spied on UN allies over war vote

Blix Says Bush, Blair Insincere Salesmen on Iraq

Link to MTP transcript.

Police hunt for missing Putin rival

U.N., Iraqis debate ballots while insurgency takes the 530th

Number in Chicago without health insurance hits 22.7%. (Chicago Sun-Times)

Pilot Promotes Christianity on Flight, Dupe, see link

The Big Fat Budget Deficit. Yawn. (NYT)

Kerry Picks Up Va. Governor's Endorsement

Deaniacs here scramble for do-or-die day. (Chicago Sun-Times)

Rybkin (Putin rival) Missing for 3 Days, Police Start Search

Tenet planning to make "high-impact" speech tomorrow

The Observer: Britain spied on UN allies over war vote.

Arab Newspaper Says Al Qaeda Has Ukrainian Nukes

GI Dies As Iraq Insurgents Attack Convoys

Kerry Accuses Bush of Changing Iraq War Rationale

Political Groups Head for Hooters (tom delay & jeb bush*)- WP

U.S. Copter Crew Kills Iraqi Insurgent

Pelosi PAC Hit With $21K Fine

Government Told To Refrain From Using Dirty Tricks Against Candidates

Newsweek: WH 9/11 stonewalling exposed

Manufacturer Layoffs 105 Employees in West Georgia

U.S. Believes It Has Found Saddam Money

Australia clinches free trade deal with US

Bush Says Saddam Had Capacity for Nukes

Venezuela's Chavez Says Foes Receive U.S. Funding

Newsweek: A Problem in the Bunker (Cheney)

Kerry: Bush told 'stories' about Iraqi prewar threat

Nato rejects call to take on major role inside Iraq

100 Men in NYC Seek Right to Wear Skirts

Kerry Criticizes Bush Over Guard Service

Boston gets 1st woman police commissioner

Meijer layoffs mirror industry's struggle (1900 jobs)

U.S. denies visa to Cuban minister for black history visit

China blames illegal mining for accident

Offer to comfort Kelly widow meets stony silence

U.S. Says Files Seek Qaeda Aid in Iraq Conflict

Taiwan's Chen Defends Move on Referendum

Trial Begins for 5 Accused of Violating Crawford's Parade Ordinance

BBC: Blix doubts on Iraq intelligence

Philadelphia groups ask judge to suspend auctions on foreclosures

American Airlines Pilot Plugs Christianity

Drudge: FCC considered 'license revocation' hearing for CBS

University Records on Antiwar Meeting Sought

Feds Win Right to War Protesters' Records

"Mostly Paper Powder" found in Frist's Office Time Magazine

Bush Defends Guard Duty After Democrat Attacks

CNN Says It Overplayed Dean's Iowa Scream

Far Across the Oceans, Pools of Voting Democrats

Castro: Bush like Hitler, Aznar a fascist

The White House: A New Fight Over Secret 9/11 Docs

Bush: 'I Expected to Find the Weapons'

Gibson forges allies for controversial film

Vietnam Makes Echoes in Presidential Race

Crowds Loot Haiti Port; Uprising Spreads

'Out of Gas': They're Not Making More

Gasoline price hits new high for February in Chicago ($1.76)

Anxious Bush* Embarks on Charm Offensive

Sun-kissed SoCal now overpriced, congested

Maine resident faces fines for crossing illegally into Que. to attend chur

'Rap video glorifying Laden a hit'

Al-Qaeda has tactical nuke

AP: Gore Says America 'Betrayed' by Bush

Calpundit: Bush sent to disciplinary unit to make up AWOL time...

Bill Clinton's Pubic Hair - trimmed, shaved or au natural?

WARNING: Beware of spoof emails -- please read

John Kerry Grows Beard

SNL -- Weekend Update is surprisingly good

need to tape the chimp tomorrow. VCR help

Finally... Pictures of the floating 59 Buick! Been looking for these

Anyone going out alone on Valentines Day?

DU Ladies: Have you ever worn perfumes from Fragonard?

Good night DU!

How do you account for Tim Russert's Chronic Grimace?

I just heard an amazing song.

This story was just so obvious as a straight line...

Love soundoff!

Hey Deep Space Nine fans.

New face on Mars!

I just accepted an offer on my house (huge sigh of relief)!

I need FUDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone have a sound card they don't need??

Champagne question

What would happen if you drank Champagne and NyQuil together?

i love Tina Fay

Finance Minister Uniforms? I did not know they had one...

Funny you dont look left handed... DU south paw's check in!

Good Sunday Morning Brothers & Sisters

A guy talking about immigration on CSPAN just belched.

World's oldest nun? And the Pope responds...

Creative things to say to telemarketers:

Beavis and Butthead ... OR ... MST3K

I didn't know Laura's middle name was Welch!

Now this is funny!

The Obsfucation Fuher.... er, Czar is appointed... CAPTION him

Some fun with Flash animations

One more Janet Jackson joke....(I'm sorrryyy!)

There's a bunny rabbit outside my window this morning.

Lone wolves check in....

Oh dear god

Pittsburgh to London Ontario, sleep, trivia tournament, and back in 36 hrs

Goodbye Friends...

Should I buy some FUDGE?????

Trouble with the Horse...

Names of movies you'd probably not want to see

Protecting Ignorant Christians from Homosexual Predators

Does any one know

What's for lunch today ?

By this time next week my sister will be married -

Who here's boycotting Valentine's Day???

On line Singles site for Liberal Activists. Panned by Rush Limbaugh

Going crazy me find a Nanci Griffith cover...

Remember the homeless poll?? You GOTTA read their replies to us

If you haven't seen "Bruce Almighty" yet... I pity you.

A great peice of Equal Rights Agitprop

XML/RSS knowledgeable people -- help a Dem do Dem things...

nhl all star game - is the audio all effed up on your affiliate too?

Bush: War was Kerry's Fault

A very interesting movie on HBO signature

Need Tech Help Please - Keyboard Trouble

Favorite crooners (old and new)

adding a visible watermark using Photoshop 6.0?

We have had CNN world all day.. what's up?? (on Dish)

get your Bush outtakes here.

What is it with jam bands and the Sanford & Son theme song?

If I Had a Hamster.........

Well, that didn't work... Next show for Bush*?

History International is showing a documentary on Unit 731 now

COuld I get a small favour from the gay community?

I'll be off-line for the next few days

Anyone else own the almanac of American Politics

Any good ideas for photoshopping this?

For a change, a little light reading on two historical coincidences that

My animals...(photos)

what would DU look like ?

Found while surfing rec.arts.movies.erotica

I still can't get over the opening skit of SNL last night...

Seven posts to 4,000--Ask me anything!!!!!!!!!

I'm watching "Tuskeegee Airmen" ask me anything...

DU java/php/perl/other programmers... help me here for a second...

The Love Calculator

Tonight on the tube

i'm 2 minutes into Russert's Interview and ALREADY i have tears in my eyes

Who's watching the Grammy's tonite?

Your pet(s)'s personalities?

CONFESS!!!!!!! Someone left the cake out in the rain

ARGH! Project for Hist of Sci:Prepare for Darwin v Creation Debate Mon!

logic puzzle!!!

Your Meet The Press AWOL haiku. please

Christians, identify yoursevles and discuss the faith with Non-Christians.

Invidious propoganda on forums

Do you have a favorite limerick?

How can I consolidate bank loans?

Chucky Plans His Attack!

Doesn't he look like he has a load in his pants?

I just got out of the 700 club!

I just saw the movie John Q. Ask me anything.

Some beautiful images from the Hubble telescope...

Bill Clinton wins a Grammy!

LOL - the Rush Limbaugh visual accompanying the Fund Drive

seeking more guidance from my fellow DUers

Someone should tell Michael Powell TV is called the "Boob" tube!

If you had DSL or cable modem, what would you do?


I'm rebuilding my parent's computer....ask me anything!

Someone help explain this to me...Bush revised the war reason AGAIN????

A heartwarming story from my Dad

I'm at home drinking wine and listening to Edith Piaf - ask me anything

Cat Trivia - Tabbies and Iraq

DU version 1 'the old DU'

Did Sgt Carter ever say "Damn it, Pyle!" or is that just my imagination?

Waaah, I can't find it on Kazaa!

Can you stomoch a 70 year old man whining?

Anyone watching the Grammys?

In honor of Bush's MTP interview: Post me a whooper you want me to believe

That's it! I've bloody well had it!

Favorite song of the 90s

Barna surveys on evangelical Christians

What should I make my first poll about?

Just what you've all been waiting for - Starsky and Hutch on DVD

Please enlighten me, what is the big deal about breasts?

I'm "Going to Class" Online Right Now ... Ask Me Anything

Comics Legend Julie Schwartz Dies

DU this Newsweek poll (found posted at Free Republic)


Did Anyone see the movie Swimming Pool??

"...My love for you is like a truck..BERZERKER!

DU chat tonight

Turn it to Comedy Central, Chapelle's show

I just found out I'm a Kucinich supporter!

Worst award show?

What is your favorite snack food?

Points to Ponder ..................... This is Funny

AOL Removes Bush From 'Miserable Failure' Search Results

Digital Camcorders?

What are the "mystery upgrades"?

Science Fiction warnings about police states

What should I do with my 1000th post... suggestions please!

Justin Timberlake won a Grammy over George Harrison and Warren Zevon!

ZombyPoll # Dorkteenthousand: Lalalalaleleleledeedah

"Left Behinders" on 60 Minutes. Be afraid, be very afraid...

Please don't post grammy winners in titles...

My Dad Stinks

What would your favorite beer look like under digital magnification?

Anyone with non-cat/dog pets? Post pics!

Looking for volunteers to help kick my fiance's doc's butt!!

New St. Helena for OUR Little Corporal

For a cat who use to get his meals out of a dumpster, my cat sure is fussy

Is there a photo doctor in the house!

What is the cruelest thing you can do to a cat?

"All Things Just Keep Getting Better"

Has anyone seen these new Quizno's commercials?

What's worse than a freeper?

Do You Remember "Hee-Haw"?

caption Richard

There is a significant amount of Bush critiquing going on in GD today.

Geez...4 freakin' hours to clean the bathroom....

Hard water stains and Rush

I FINALLY got rid of DarthVelma and GOPisEvil

Most UNDER-rated musician/group ever

Saturday Night Live is much more hilarious without Will Ferrell.

My dog has a pet cat

Christopher Lowell -- love him or hate him??

I have troubles at that other forum....

I donated for Rush's fix, you?

Can anyone share stories of positive outcomes to internet dating?

Oooh, "Robbed at the Oscars Week" on IFC!

What do you and your SO look like?

Though I'm not a big Leno fan, the Headlines are great!

Favorite "Saturday Night Live" cast member

How young is too young?

Love is in the air!

What is the most hated, yet most needed invention?

So whatever happened to Rebop Kwaku Baah?


A Lemonhead eatin' picture that needs a caption

How Many Stitches Have You Had?

Has anyone ever read "A Sound of Thunder" by Ray Bradbury?

How strongly do you believe in your religion?

Please add a caption to this

Anybody seen a picture (photoshopped or cartoon) of Bush on the Potty?

Fundie vs. Christian?

Love songs!

My Dog Hates Bush* Too

For my 4000th post--a famous quote!


Is there any internet streaming of the russert interview?


Rhiannon would like to thank all her friends on DU in the event

How old is too old!

John Kerry Grows Beard

question for all -- how is the turnout so far?

Question on Kerry the muckraker

From the WA caucus, and interesting statistic.

Latest American Research Polls Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin

CNN/Time Poll: Kerry 43, Edwards 18, Clark 11; Smirk 50, Kerry 48

Anyone have any links to the actual numbers

Better (more presidential) Hair - John Kerry or John Edwards ?

I'd like to start a special thread for PeteNYC

Are there any polls out from Maine?

stick a fork in dean, he is done: new WI poll numbers

Clark supporters an Absolute Must See! Please take the time to see this!

What do you think about this, "Election shows where Bones are buried"?

Virginia Mason Dixon Poll 2/5-6

Wes Clark gets nomination, defeats Bush!

Let's find Ross Perot

SGR2's Primary Reform idea, tell me what you think?

Edwards/Clark/Dean Supporters

USA Today Delegate Count

A useful ABB resource.. link to lots of links

Kerry would make a good game show host

Which candidate would AFSCME endorse now?

What is your opinion of John Kerry?

Dean should have fiercely contested Arizona and Washington

Those who are interested in Edwards, listen to his speech at V. Tech yest

AP: AFSCME Union Withdraws Support for Dean

Gov Warner of Virginia to endorse Kerry

How tall are Kerry and Edwards?

How did Sharpton win a delegate?

     George Bush & John Kerry: Blood Brothers

Shooting From the Hip, Dean Drew Fire - Los Angeles Times

Younger Democratic voters demand winner -- anyone but Bush, they say

Bush's Fund Raising by Numbers

FOX NEWS SUNDAY Edwards rules!

Very good interview with Clark

Any Democrat who trusted this fool

Did Deans decisions to opt out of the public financing system hurt him?

Still think Dean isn't a media target?

Don't miss out on what Clark and Edwards have to say

How to win in November - A true story

NEW rules for the General Discussion: 2004 Primary forum

What if Dean had done this?

What happens to a candidates delegates if they drop out of the race?

They just Asked Bush about He and Kerry being bonesmen

My biggest concern about Kerry.....

I'm Bush, you're Kerry.

Hmmm Perhaps Dennis Kucinich

So I just got back from my Sunday Coffee with Grandma

Detroit caucus sites ; black leaders call for new elections

Seems to me a lot of so-called Dems WANT * to win in November.

Still 3,000 Uncounted Washington Delegates

On a lighter note: Drudge smears that fell flat! VOL. 1: Edwards. Kerry

As Va. primary looms, candidates target military

Unofficial Meet the Press thread

dean would make a good MSNBC host opposite hannity

Dean Blogger Reports Fraud in WA - Names Names

Wes it Be

Unofficial DU *IRV* Poll:

Dean going on face the Nation now n/t

FOX NEWS screws Kerry!!!

Where can Dean win?

Kerry supporters are driving me away from Kerry

Why doesn't Dean drop out now...logical explaination inside

ABB is THE ISSUE this Election Year

Clark played the wrong CCR song at the JJ Dinner last night...

Is anyone else bothered by sons of privilege becoming president?

The Chimp on MTP transcript

Which candidates would govern more to the left than they're campaigning?

Tim Russert asked Bush about Skull & Bones and said "322"

Bush says most other countries thought Saddam had WMDs also....

Deleted message

Could someone take a pol for me??? Pretty Pleeeaassee...

Clark, Edwards Say They'll Stay in Race

John Kerry is a "Massachusetts liberal" - Bush is a moderate centrist

I'm happy about the way the primary is going. Is that so wrong?

Check out this question!

I heard real clarity and truth twice this morning.

I just heard Bush make a political mistake....

Loyalty Oath

Drug WarRant and the 2004 election

VVAW Statement by John Kerry to Congress, April 23, 1971

Clark next on CNN Late Edition!

A new resolve for Clark

We must get Bush out of the WH but what about Congress?

Real Democracy continues to happen despite DC Establishment

I've forgotten more about National Security than Bush will ever learn!

Dean and Clark with Wolf Blitzer

Hypothetical poll

"An Agenda For All Americans" Kerry at Virginia Jefferson Jackson Dinner

was there no Seattle bounce?

Frightening "Awareness" numbers from latest ARG polls

Must be registered (D) 60 days prior to caucus to participate?

What can the Clark believers do...

When will Maine come in?

Clark being ignored: Yet another example

All of our candidates should hang in there

Clark: Greatness slipping through our fingers?

Anyone know Maine caucus times?


Blaming the messengers

Clark MAKES you look at his eyes.

Hate to tell you, but the media IS and will determine this election.

Up-to-the-minute results?

I've just returned from my town's caucus- We went with Dean

Any news about a WI Governor's. endorsement for Clark?

This is great-- Clark and George Jones

Pentagon Scraps Internet Voting System

How Did Sharpton Get Delegates and Not Clark?

Hey Senator Kerry! If you are going to pick a VP....

Will Kerry support the FMA?

Quick comment to Kerry supporters

Clark says WMD intelligence inquiry is a 90-day job

Chimpy on MTP rebroadcast right now lying like a rug on MSNBC

How did Kerry get his money?

Vietnam Candidates Timeline (wow!)

i just want to get this straight

CNN:Kerry Blast's Bush Dissembling on WMD Debacle: Bush Telling Stories!

Dean risks Scottish vote, shuns haggis !

I found something that was pretty interesting

I thought Clark was an outsider?


Is Kerry electable?

* agrees to release Vietnam-era Military Records

Would A Kerry-Edwards Ticket Attract The Ladies In November?

Bush's Idiot Line of the Day. Did anyone else notice this?

Every Voter Should See This: Awesome!

CNN: "Putin rival reported missing" (Could * do this to our candidate?!)

George Bush & John Kerry & Teresa Heinz Kerry & John Heinz

Could this be Dean's strategy in Wisconsin?

Vietnam timeline for Kerry, Clark and Bush

Clark's interview on Blitzer - best of:

Does ABB really work in this scenario?

Kerry won my caucus

Clark Supporters: Let's Piss Them Off and WIN TN

Deleted message

Kerry now has more delegates than all of his opponents COMBINED

Edwards supporters in NY area, important events this week

CSPAN~6:30pm EST Road to the WH

why polls show Kerry beating Bush (good news) . . .

I am watching Kerry right now on CNN

COOL! A British View of JOHN KERRY (from The Observer)

Terrific photo of Kerry over at Yahoo

Support the DLC

Really, are Kerry and *Bush all that different?

CNN/Time poll graphic is wrong. Bush's approval is 54, disapproval 42

Any word on when the Maine results are coming in?

Origin Of Kerry's Corporate Welfare Reform Plan

A Democratic Rush to the Polls?

Faux was just discussing Roy Moore running for President

Any DUers elected as delegates in Maine?

One thing Dean said that I really liked

OMG! Bush at 42 percent approval, 54 percent disapproval in CNN/Time poll

Tennesseean endorses Kerry as "best choice"

I got a plug for CLARK in the Washington Post!

60 Minutes described Evangelical political influence!

Rate the new Kucinich California TV Ad

When will results be reported from Maine?

Maine Caucus Info (Waterville, ME) Attn: Dean Fans!

Clark Supporters....

If Kerry Wins the Nomination, What About His Senate Seat?

Thosle last 60 odd precints in Washington

Does Dean think the last 11 states don't have "real voters"?

Then They Came South -The presidential campaign arrives in Tennessee

Do we have Maine caucus results?

a question for those who are against the "priviledged" holding office.

Bush lied to Russert about discretionary spending

CNN Says it Overplayed Deans Speech

So much for Sen. Bob Grahm as VP

Official MAINE results thread

Washington Post (Sunday Night): Kerry Wins in Maine

Will we be missing primaries?

How has Skull and Bones affected Kerry's career?

Deleted message

My first e-Block call was AWESOME!

Second Ballot Blues

Wow! Clark eBlockers called 20,000+ people today

Edwards and Clark duke it out in Virginia to go one-on-one with Kerry

What if Kerry picks a centrist like Bayh or Bill Richardson?

If Kerry becomes President, will he investigate Bush and 911?

The best thing Kerry has going for him...

Folks, Evan Bayh or Bill Richardson are not going to be the VP

If Bush asks, in a debate with Kerry (assuming nomination):

Any Clark Supporters in Central WI?

Recount underway in Washington (unofficial)

John Kerry Victorious in Maine Caucuses

Not everything is a conspiracy

I was elected as a district-level delegate!

I just got elected an Edwards delegate.

CLARK supporters and well-wishers only

None of the candidates deserve to be called Bush-lite!

Bottom line is Kerry went and Bush didn't and it's an uncomfortable fact

Kerry, Dems may just lose in November and I am planning to leave

What Is The Most Important Reason For Getting Behind Kerry In November?

For Clark Supporters: "What Wes Knows".....(and so do you!)

The Scream Helped Dean

What if two of these candidates dropped: Dean, Edwards, Clark?

Edwards Supporters: Please rate Kerry, Clark, and Dean

If Kerry wins the nomination

Kerry is an electable candidate, but tell me why he's better than Clark

The repuke slime machine.......

Who did you vote for in 2000?

Do you think Ralph Nader is going to run this year?

Since this has been brought up again

Probable Kerry Survey (Telephone) Tonight Complaint

I'm was on WABC Radio. Call them and raise some hell.

Is this poll on Time Magazine's site correct???

Kucinich - Oh, what a ride!

Electability: What do Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton have in common?

Dean was labeled "unelectable" very early on because he opposed the war...

Virginians finally will have their say in Democratic primary

What did Cokie Roberts mean by "testing by fire?"

Email from Freeper brother in law on Kerry - please help me refute

As a Dean supporter, I am beginning to feel for Clark supporters.

The *Semi-Official* Electability Poll--Make Your Choice

My first experience with eBlock - Tales from a Clark Supporter

If Kerry wins in 2004, could he beat Jeb Bush in 2008?

Clark Supporters: Please rank Kerry, Edwards and Dean

Bush: War was Kerry's Fault

Who should be VP?

KERRY supporters and well-wishers only

How many Republican Strengths has GWB destroyed in 1 term??

DEAN supporters and well-wishers only

Edwards and Clark are cannobolizing each other - Kerry will win TN and VA

EDWARDS supporters and well-wishers only

Why is CNN and AP calling Maine for Kerry after only 7,174 votes?

OK here they are, one for Dean and one foe Kucinich,

Patriot Games: Is Kerry Style of Handling AWOL Mind-Bending or Not?

How Kerry is running away with it

SHARPTON supporters and well-wishers only

Dean Supporters: Please rate Clark, Kerry and Edwards

I feel it necessary to put paid to one RW charge about Kerry repeated here

KUCINICH supporters and well-wishers only

Kristol says something nice about Terry M.

Just came from candidate rally in Nashville

Chris Martin (Coldplay) dedicates Grammy to John Kerry (and Johnny Cash)

CNN admits it overplayed Dean's Iowa scream.

Do we get a Dean well wishers thread?

OK, honest question for Kerry-backers: Why should I support Kerry???

Anyone else getting tired of the "holier-than-thou" attacks on Kerry?

Clark eBlock Support Thread

Congresswoman Kilpatrick withdraws Dean Endorsement

Be Aware: Classic Repig Rope-A-Dope Strategy at Work

Consider this: Another theory why the media wants to anoint Kerry

The view from a Washington caucus

Kucinich Thanks Washington Voters

Democrats Abroad, Japan

Dean paid $7.2 million to aide's company

IWR- Was opposing Bush enough? Was that Congress's only responsibility?

Some observations regarding DU vs the majority of the American public

Will John Kerry oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment?

Dean People - As Annoying as ABB Loyalty Oath Pledge Is ...

Things I've learned in GD2004, so far

Official MAINE results thread