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Herbert: Tuning Out the G.O.P.'s Siren Song

A Tragedy of Errors (Re: NEOCONS)

No Soap, by Gregory Jefferson

Political Cartoon (test)

Why Bush Isn't a Shoo-In (Joe Klein a good read)

Bully in the Pulpit: Ashcroft and Patriot Act -- Philadelphia Inquirer

We Import Cars and Stereos, So Why Not CEOs?

"Bush Feels The Heat" - MUST READ CBSnews editorial

It's report card time and we flunked Iraq

Boston Globe Editorial: Bush*s Service Record

Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel...appeal

The Future of America under the American-led Empire

The Pragmatists' Primary

Neocons Busted! (w/ interesting rumor)

Referendum shows up French gall

Political cartoons - bad news for *

Obvious but unspoken

Robert Novak named a source three years ago - NY TIMES op-ed.

Did David Hasselhoff really help end the Cold War?

Scott Ritter: Not Everyone Got it Wrong on Iraq's Weapons

HOW did we all miss THIS? (Or did we? Neuharth editorial in USA Today)

Krugman: Get Me Rewrite!

Local Newspaper Article on Roy Moore- '10 Commandments' judge

WHAT PUNDITS LEFT OUT..............shhhhhhh by C.McClendon

US Army War College Quarterly, 1997: Constant Conflict, by RALPH PETERS

Doubt of Scalia's impartiality deepens

Duck-blinded ethics - San diego Union Tribune

Ray McGovern: Still Smoke and Mirrors

A Political Battle for Planet Earth

The Lie Factory - Mother Jones - Really Good Read

Calling all Manhattan Kucinich supports! -or tourists to the Big Apple

Take Action petiton: Safe Act veto threat by Ashcroft & Bush

Washington state voters

Electronic Voting: Is Your Voice Being Heard?

Brit Hume speaks. I puke.

Fox News on Carlie Case

This is why you shouldn't trust the Media.

Jim Hightower on NOW with Bill Moyer's this week

Russert 's Bush Interview: "Recorded live to tape" ?

Book news! "Price of Loyalty" now 30% off at B&N...

Phe's shared thought for 2/6/4;

Looks Like Science is Going to Confirm Another Folk Wisdom Nugget (beer)

Immortality!!! We want it so bad we have deluded ourselves

Tech firms blamed for aiding censorship in China

Young Americans Show Overwhelming Support For Gay Marriage

Bush will support FMA, conservatives say

House votes to extend unemployment benefits(DOA in Senate)

Guesses on Fridays jobs number?

Let's talk about Bush's Fed Appointee Bernanke

112K new jobs.....

One Quarter Of Ireland's Rural Wells Polluted By Sewage

Toyota On Track For Record Annual Profit Of One Trillion Yen

Daimler-Chrysler Will Build Hybrids "In Near Future" - Auto Week

Malaysia Plays Key Role In Indonesian Deforestation, Illegal Logging

Hubble Shows New Images of 'Black Eye' Galaxy

Shanghai may slip under the sea

Taiwan seen getting drier, hotter in coming decades

Nature - Mercury In Seafood Affects Brains Of Adolescents

Sea Otters' Disappearance A Mystery - Reuters

Suicide Bombers Celebrate On Tape

This Is How Bush Supports Our Troops

Syria Said to Send Arms Again to Lebanon Guerrillas

The book that built the Lien family (KMT Pigs)

Pro-China fugitive is just a blue-camp stooge

The mysterious world of Pakistan's Dr Strangelove

Iran 'has secret atomic bomb project'

My letter to Ahnold re: Kevin Cooper

Please, read this article and then send an e-mail to Ahnold to stop

Pro-gun has Mary Rosh the Antis have Mr. Bellesiles

GUNS IN THE NEWS--February 6, 2004

I thought outing DU'ers was against the rules

Are issues ok:

just a fun silly question:

A Suggestion for DU Articles

Are you aware that there have been problems getting on DU this morning?n/t

why don't you use the Dirty word filter

I got a message from what?

"hidden thread"? Two: my own thread also vanished:puzzled

When will you implement the rules for criticizing the nominee?

Regarding a filter

Idea for GD Primary forum

user name

I don't think my post was inflammatory

DU Moderator, this is not a complaint, but a clarification

Humbly asking for clarification on why this thread was locked.

Any progress on making DU1 searchable?

Human rights and the new anti-Jewishness (JPost OpEd)

Something important is happening in the PA...

Making the suffering known

Police interrogate Israel's Sharon,leadership seen to be in jeopardy

PA Territories CPJ condemns attacks on Palestinian media outlets

Hamas leader killed in Gaza explosion

Palestinian PM urges Blair to play fair

Zaka to display bombed bus at the Hague

Human rights and the new anti-Jewishness...

'Women, Politics and Israel' - Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

Far-right lawyer denies Holocaust as incitement trial opens

Suicide Bombings are Legitimate Even if Children Are Killed

Palestinian malnutrition at African levels under Israeli curbs, say MPs

The Bottom Line: It's UN-believable (Jpost OpEd)

Other families flown out with bin Ladens on 9/11

Defense Contracts of the Day

9/11 Tort Litigation: General Court Conference today

Was the July, 2001 Intelligence Report part of the whole 9-11 plot?

10,882 Dean supporters chip in $752,000 in less than 24 hours

And then, if it's Sunday (From the ABCNote):

Push-polling the "defense of marriage"

Dean providing a pretext for Nader?

Thanks for the memories......

Will this bring North Carolina into the Democrat Column

My bad: "peacewalker" info needed.

Another salacious SuperBowl controversy, Canadian style (with video)

Is the Washington Post a racist newspaper?

Check out some of these posts...

Report from Occupied Iraq- "We Don't Want the Army USA"

Alaska Senate Race: We Decide, You Report

yikes america. what's up with you?!

Caveman outsmarts Bush

Joe Wilson on Mike Webb Show

A friend listed me on his e-mail to RW friends, who e-mailed me back

anyone still remember saddam?

Banner Ads We'd Like to See (Humor)

The Bush Doctrine: Preemptive invasion of

Northern Ireland loyalists turn to race violence

Job Growth Weaker Than Expected

Freeper typo alert

Scott Ritter, confronting the theocracy of evil

Intelligence Credibility

UK cabinet minister sees the real reaction to Hutton

Ohio execution delayed: Can't find a vein...

Why are Networks like MSNBC

Your Weekly Rush - The CIA

Ted Rall says Bush should be warming Prison Cell and mentions Protestors.

Book Dishes Nasty White House Dirt

One Oregon School District After Measure 30 Failure - Eugene Register

Why the left is pissed/A Retrospective

Bush's 47% approval is the same as Bush1 had at this time against Clinton

I Pray For The End of The National Prayer Breakfast:

Real simple explanation of current economy

Chechnya and Russia... Does anybody care?

Noah Feldman, Bremer shill on C Span

Bush on MTP??!!

On C-Span, Brian Lamb's interview with a Saudi reporter -- bombshell?

Why did it take over 24 hours to issue an amber alert

The reThugs are cooking the unemployment books.

C-SPAN Enviromental Policy now

TPM/JMM update on Plame -- Hannah, no target; Libby, likely

Did George Magazine "debunk" claim Bush was AWOL?

Is it possible, Clinton as VP?

Nice, concise summation of the Bush Family and world problems...

"Imminent Threat" In Bush administrations own words

Iowa DU'rs

Does it get any more bizarre than this?

Anybody have a good photo of Smirky Smirking??

Cigna Cuts 3,000 Jobs, Membership Shrinks

More Jobs Lost to Outsourcing 500+

Tired of The Traitorgate Teasers (I know, patience)

Rocky (Salt Lake City mayor) to boycott Marriage Week USA

What sort of emotions does Smirk feel...

Did Saddam really starve his people?

Conservatives driving division..

How does your city stand up?

Meet the Press transcript 2/8/04 with Russert and Bush

Photos from Moscow explosion

What does anyone know about

shrub photos near Ft. Sumter (confederates started Civil War here)

MSRNC LOW.. "Demo Derby"

What exactly is the Flat Earth Society?

Who Knew?

Tom DeLay a Hooters fan: family values in action!

527's, what was the verdict?

More stuff to chew on...

The debate has shifted to AWOL

Baby with two heads: Does the second head have a right to life?

so who is more dangerous to *... tenet or kay?

Could some of our writers script tomorrows Meet the Press w/W ?

Alert: Peace activists now being targeted with anti-Terror "Laws".

Right-wing "Bush Took My Job, Killed My Sons" (blame Clinton)

"Putin blames Chechens for Moscow bombing"

Net job loss?

Did Cheney get his wife pregnant to avoid the draft?

"Marriage" Amendment

Google "Bush military record"

"The liberation of America was an act of justice......"

That was a great article on Bush and the Republicans.

Bush to answer commission members now.


Bush to Go to Daytona 500 in Florida...Drat

new U.S. foreign aid body - Millennium Challenge Corporation- ColinP.

Tim Russert, why didn't you ask Bush about this?

Very interesting about Al Sharpton

First Lady: Twins May Hit Campaign Trail

Pentagon scraps internet voting due to security

McCain and Intelligence Commission

Police "After Action Review", Miami FTAA demonstrations

It should be spelled aWol with the emphasis on the W.

Will these young Republicans be drafted?

CNN says Bush will speak in 30 minutes (half past 1 EST)

Proof that Iraq is *NOT* Vietnam

The new co-chair -- Laurence Silberman

Petition for independent investigation

Just get over it already... We lose - it's over....

Laura Flanders on Your Call Radio with a great line...

Anybody want to know who's getting kicked off Survivor next?

Online voter registration wizard?

Imminent , Shimminent: Did you argue Iraq posed a threat, Mr. Resident?

Des Moines protest for the peace protesters

Stating that Bush argued that Iraq was an "imminent threat" does NOT...

Olberman had a good one on W's AWOL problem last night,

Ricin find lifts Al Haig's company

Brian Lamb of C-SPAN

Anyone else not able to vote online in Michigan?

WH using taxpayer money to fund ad for Medicare bill! How to protest.

Against Gay Marriage (Sen. John Cornyn, R. Texas)-C-Span2 10:57 a.m.ET

Senator Durbin questioning Judge Myers C-SPAN

Vietnam, Chuck Robb and George W. Bush -- a question

Josh Marshall also takes issue with Silberman leading commission

Billy Tauzin (R-La) to make 2.5 million a year off Medicare Drug Bill

Did Russert agree to let the WH approve the final version

Mississippi Woman Jailed for Selling Drugs

Will Russert ask Bush about AWOL?

WMD Intelligence Panel - Individuals Research Links

"The World Is Safer Now"

When McCain is tapped to replace Cheney should we replay comments

Some stuff to chew on...

Saw Kerry, Levin, Stabenow, Granholm and Cleland gave me a hug!

Are the PNAC'ers trying to restart the Cold War?

How optomistic are you that we will win?

Ouch, an nasty question/thought - Would a Repuke admit that

The Bat Approaches One Million - In only 2 Days

Will Russert ask Bush the tough questions? (poll).

How to beat the Republicans on gay marriage

how i nailed a wannabe RW'er this morning...

Laurence Silberman: jurist, partisan, pig

Janet hands TiVo owners a clue about their privacy and viewing habits

Have You Ever Signed a Petition That Was Successful?

Multiple Corporate Personality Disorder - 10 Worst Corporations in 2003

Write to Tim Russert about the Bush* interview.

Location of military records

"If some Wash pols had their way, Saddam would still be in power" (Bush)

Do we have an"Ongoing Scandals" list?

Conflict on Bush's new commission? Silberman at work.

George Bush charged with Terrorism

The Facts on That 112,000 Jobs in January !

2nd Infantry Division seeks to curb lap dancing at clubs

Saddam @ 20ish hired by CIA to assassinate; Osama @ 30ish trained by CIA

"The Lion in Winter" remake...Stars

Begala- ROTFL!

Fox poll has Bush at 53 percent, while everyone else has him under 50

Before the 02 elects the republicans wanted WAR TALK WAR TALK!

5 random musings from a_random_joel

Begala rips into The WMD Commision (Crossfire)

Un-Freep Hannity's Poll

The History and Significance of Reaganomics I, II, III, and IV

CBS and issue ads

Open for opinions on David Kay

I feel for the little girl in Florida, But...

What do the feds do to enforce antidiscrimination laws?

Should Democrats talk to Mary Cheney about GOP gay bashing?

Checkmate, CIA?

Saginaw citizens fight J-ROTC program in schools

Sen. Warner supports Gov. Warner's tax plan (VA)

NPR featured AWOL story today

Retiree group launches attacks against Bush medicare BS

What is the difference between "true crime" and mental illness?

Who is more conservative: Bush or Clinton?

Bush = Intelligence Failure

Just figured out why they want the twins to campaign for Dumbya

Bill Moyers Lifetime Achievement Award

Ex-Sen Robb (VA)- wasn't he a Democrat?.

House Indian Caucus

Honey, I'm confused

How industry hijacked 'sound science'

How the DOMA could end up being a GOOD thing for the GLBT community

Laurence Silberman's wife "co-founder" of IWF, says David Brock

Was James Buchanan the first gay prez?

Senator McCain: already Biased

Laurence Silberman: Neocon Bush pick for Intelligence Investigation

DU this poll!

Someone Told Me Tonight That I Had to "Hover My Cat."

Don't look now but GOP worried about losing Ohio

More racist bake sales..

Will these Young Republicans ever get drafted? (Part 2) Great site for anti-Bush material.

have you all seen this?

Dobbs on illegal immigration

Guess Russert's questions -- here!

Gore speaking the truth

McCain is right: Bush did NOT manipulate intel...

Is "misuse" of intel to wage an unprovked war treason or war crime?

Paul O'Neill Posts Bush Admin. Documents on Website!

Josh Marshall says the fix is in on intell commission

Should we spread the rumor of Jeb 2008?

Tuning Out the G.O.P.'s Siren Song

Lets find a theme for my congressional campaign

This group supports outsourcing jobs!

Boy Howdy.. Arkansas is bucking Huckabee

Tit for Tat: CBS/Viacom's Super quid-pro-quo

I thought maybe Malloy was out today

Without Fear or Favor: The Best in Broadcast Journalism

Janet gives a gracious apology, absolves MTV and CBS, but Justin

Get a load of this! Warning: small town newpaper

who is the democrat on the panel? Charles S. Robb

Krugman detects revisionist history in the making

Commander recants AWOL assertions (Hannity)

Reply from CSM reporter (bush* aWol)

How did Mr. Potato Head treat Bush on MTP during the 2000 campaign?

USA: Free Speech Threatened by Federal Election Commission

more republicans for ABB

Assassinations tear into Iraquis Educated class

Freeper thread praising Fresno, CA for their spinelessness

The MoveOn Voter Fund surpasses $9 million.

I have a question about being a precinct chairman

Do You Try And Know The "Enemy"?

Do you oppose the death penalty?

Michigan: Bad news for Bush

CNN Crossfire 2/6/2003: Begala's question for Bush

Who suggested Silberman?

Neocons favorite song.....

My take on Bush's new commission...

Noam Chomsky on Book TV (C-SPAN2) Saturday

Are you active in your local Democratic Party or for progressive goals?

My anti-bush campaign slogan was accepted by Two Unemployed Democrats!

Was Carlie handcuffed?

Has there ever been a bigger bunch of bald-faced liars !

If you could select Bush's running mate, who would you select and why?

Many repubs would vote for Clark in the GE

Dean supporters - What Planks do we demand in the Platform in Boston?


Look at the Fox polls - HUGE deviations

As long as the rivers flow and the grass grows or until we want it

Pentagon releases names of Iraq deaths from -last year-

The Day Cheney Was Rocked To The Core

Howard Kurtz's wife on Hardball now, talking about Bush/Intel commission

White House moves ships in Charleston Harbor for backdrop to * speech

My Letter to (and my response from) Halliburton

the role of the federal government is to protect its citizens

Will there be presidential debates this year? If so, how many?

Anyone catch Letterman?

Another attack on American Democracy

preemptive war on faulty intelligence

How Will Bush Get Through An Hour on "Meet The Press"?

George Bush can easily answer the AWOL question

a BBV question..

Buchanan exposing OSP on McLaughlin tonight!!

Governor Jennifer M. Granholm of Michigan on RealTime with Bill Maher

Republican's Outrage - Warning - Graphic Picture

Bush coming to Harrisburg, PA

"Hitler Appoints Panel to Investigate Dead Jews"

Pushed a Republican over the edge yesterday

Any Repercussions From The Families Of The Iraq War Dead...

If we win 2004 will this be the end of the Bush family in politics?

IMMINENT THREAT: All The Admin Quotes You Need To See

Consummate Arrogance: "The Fix is In"

The death penalty

..."Mr. Bush would be filling the air with the f-word ..."

The Plame story nobody is noticing, according to TPM

A medical error, a life of pain: Why tort reform is a horrible idea

Frightening Pic Of Rumsferatu

Top 10 reasons why thinking people knew WMD claims were bogus

Malloy's clip of The Big Dog is great tonight.

Will Rudy replace Cheney?

"The Guy James Show" is going to prove??? keep kicked please!

Fix is in, commission doesn't appear to have any subpoena power

Florida Vote: Can we Talk?

Mel Gibson's The Passion: A Jewish perspective

Homosexuality in Animals is Prevelant

Whenever Bush's Poll Numbers Start to Drop...

"Protests: Legit or Commie?" - a TV23 Fairly Unbalanced Report

I want NINE Bush Cronies and BFEE players on the Intel Commission.

Who is Laurence Silberman? A primer...

Why does Faux call Osama "Usama"?

Did Anybody See Shrub's Appearances Today? He's Cracking!

Bo Diehl on Scarbury: Liberals Fault Carlie was murdered.

another chicken hawk- marc racicot?

Married DU'ers did the Federal govt. sanction/approve your wedding?

Americans to Build Skyscrapers in Moscow

Drudge: House and Senate Fight for Witnesses for Broadcast Decency Hearing

MSNBC - Explosion hits Moscow metro, casualties reported

Former Yukos-Moscow CEO ruled guilty; but freed on the spot

Court OK's Sale of Portland General (Enron's largest remaining asset)

Duma to consider prolongation of presidential term (to 7 yrs)

$225 Million to Settle Fund Case

(Moroccan) Man Acquitted of 9/11 Charges

Ethics Panel Investigates Medicare Vote

Shell Chairman: "I will not resign".

Commission probes Bechtel's Romania job

CIGNA May Hint At Size Of Layoff

Deutsche Bank Merger Talks Temper Signs of Optimism

Finance Chiefs to Chide Bush on Deficit

No attempt on Sistani's life

Report: Carlie's body found in Sarasota

UPI: Cheney's Staff Focus of (Plame) Probe

GOP Slams Bush* Policies at Retreat

Martin defends choice of ex-sovereigntist - Globe and Mail

Pakistan opposition wants nuke scandal probe

Dean: It's win in Wis. or quit - maybe

McCain Picked for Iraq Intelligence Probe

BBC (Friday): Kay queries White House war talk

Mortgage Rates Up Again

UN watchdog tells of nuclear 'supermarket'

Baby born with two heads readied for surgery

AP Poll Notes Decline in Support for Bush

German man teaches dog Nazi salute

U.N. Says Vietnam Pigs May Have Bird Flu

Australia Doesn't Plan Weapons Inquiry

(Joe) Clark blasts Stronach Candidacy (Toronto Star)

(Paul Martin's)CSL dodged $100M in taxes, Bloc MPs claim - CTV

Iraq threat was limited, (Aussie) troops (were) told

Bush cuts money for decontamination research

U.S. Hopes to Gain From Pakistan Pardon

[German Chancellor] Schroeder quits as party leader

Bush Calls Putin About Subway Explosion

Soft Job Market Seen Postponing Fed Hike

Moscow bomb kills 40

Reichert runs for Dunn's seat (WA-8) | Seattle P-I

Mars rover goes for a drive as NASA wraps up repairs on its twin

Governor Schwarzenegger goes fund raising despite pledge of reform

Saudi Man May Have Mad Cow Disease

Gephardt Endorses Kerry for President | LA Times

Survey: most state officials believe new rules will increase pollution

Ohio Gay-marriage fight won't end | Cincinnati Enquirer

Australian music industry raids Kazaa offices

Kosovo refugee reunites with man 'who brought peace' (Clark)

U.S. Adds Fewer New Jobs Than Expected; Jobless Rate Falls | NYT

Annan: Date on Iraq Power Transfer Can Be Changed

Hatch (R-UT) under fire for stand on files leak | Salt Lake Tribune

Detroit Cardinal Maida believes 63 clerics hurt kids | Detroit Free-Press

Sharpton continues Detroit campaign | Detroit Free-Press

'Evolution' back in teaching plan | Atlanta Journal-Constitution

(nuclear tech) Leak not Pak's own matter: India

Putin condemns 'Chechen' bombing | BBC

Rumsfeld has called for an inquiry into women soldiers in Iraq being raped

US blamed for Sept 11 acquittal as German prosecutors appeal

Bush took FBI agents off Laden family trail

Mass Gov Romney urges states to define institution (marriage)

AP poll notes sharp decline in support for Bush

Rumsfeld: 'I Don't Regret' Europe Remark

Rumsfeld says he does not regret remark about Europe

Senate Republican leader defends new Medicare law, rejects changes this ye

late session sell-off in DOW

Powell says nuclear ring broken - BBC

Rebels seize Haitian city | Globe and Mail

Kazaa offices raided (Sydney)

Bush Names Iraq Panel | Washington Post

Finneran seeks to delay start of gay marriages | Boston Globe

Kids say school took shirt off backs | Chicago Tribune

Bush*s Jet Aborts Landing

Did David Hasselhoff really help end the Cold War?

Rumsfeld orders probe of rape reports

Maine Dems gear up for caucuses

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 6 February

Democrats eyeing a novel target: VP

bbc: Kay queries White House war talk

AP Poll Notes Decline in Support for Bush

U.S. January Payrolls Rise 112,000 (expected 175000)

Report: Excessive speed blamed in crash (of Maine Governor)

Microsoft Lawyer to help set policy on Antitrust oversight

U.S. Embassy in Iraq to Be the Biggest

Groping 'president' sparks fury

Chris Matthews going off on Bush Intel failure right now!

For Some US Soldiers, Ousting and Capturing Saddam Justifies the War

Cheney's Office Linked to CIA Leak

Now it's a battle for the truth

Fourth peace activist in D.M. ordered to testify

U.S. soccer team hears Osama chants in Mexico

Thousands of Hondurans protest U.S.-led war in Iraq

Snow: O'Neill Given Classified Documents

Job Growth in January Disappoints

More Workers Face Layoffs In Eastern N.C (Rubbermaid plant - 300 workers)

Big Investors Would Gain in a Change at Big Board (NYSE)

Indian MPs back pesticide-cola claim

UN dismisses 'bird flu in pigs' reports

MSRNC: Pentagon opens probe into sexual assaults in Iraq...

Scientists Say 1918 Flu Is Birdlike

U.S. backtracks on (Arctic) climate change proposals

Bush bench choice irks environmentalists

Pay, Don't Sue, Song-Swappers, Trade Group Urges

Investigator fears more astronauts could perish

Billy Tauzin (R-La) to make 2.5 million a year off Medicare Drug Bill

Bush's Guard service: What the record shows

Three times, Kerry nominations coincided with campaign donations

Bush seeks backing for 'greater Mideast' plan

Dominican boat people exodus larger in January than all of 2003

Bush plans increases, then cuts, in programs he plugs

WP (Pincus): Bush, Aides Ignored CIA Caveats on Iraq

WP (Milbank): Treasury Improperly Released Information to O'Neill

WMD panel shouldn't blame CIA, diplomat says (Wilson)

Out-of-touch Hoon's losing battle over 45-minute claim

Documents for O'Neill Book Were Classified

Con turns 1c into almost $1m

Schwarzenegger Pitches Props 57 and 58 in San Jose

Democrats on FEC Block Action on Spending (Dem 527's ok till 2/18)

WP (Sat.): Bush* Names Commission on Iraq Data

Seoul jails U.S. soldier for hit and run

Clark's Statement On The President's New Intelligence Commission

Janet, Justin Sued by Viewer

Gore Says Bush Abused Trust, Played Politics of Fear

Wife 'knew slave lived in garage'

Bush administration: No outsiders helped energy panel

NYT: A First Lady Fiercely Loyal and Quietly Effective

Annan Warns U.S. Will Face Doubts

Assassinations Tear Into Iraq's Educated Class

Avian (Bird) Flu Discovered In Delaware; Birds To Be Destroyed

Spaniards angered by bishops; domestic violence is "the bitter fruit" of

Body believed to be missing girl's found - CNN

Colorado Ranks Last In Child Immunization Rate

China sentences monks to 12-year prison sentence

Administration's Message on Iraq Now Strikes Discordant Notes

Catholics Attack Kerry on Abortion Stance

president Bush* to attend Daytona 500

U.S. Judge Delays Return of 3 of Cuban Buick Rafters

Japan bans pork, alcohol for troops in Iraq, urges mustache growing

US Marines face NT (Australia) sex assault claims

Officials Expand Search for Ricin Source

Bush on CNN now

Bush Did Not Manipulate Iraq Intelligence - McCain

Casualties Reported in Moscow Explosion

Did Bush drop out of the National Guard to avoid drug testing?

U.S. supports nuclear pardon

Australian scientist warns superflu pandemic 1,000 times worse than SARS

U.S. Judge Rules Lethal Injection Not Cruel

Gov Blagojevich (D-IL) aims to please both sides of gay debate

German Jews call game show anti-Semitic

no sex threads

sex thread

John Edwards delivers a top-ten list on Letterman

Ok, I am PISSED. Lennox Lewis is going to retire while he holds the belt

Is Nightline worth staying up for tonite?

Ugh, this is disturbing, preteens rape girl in elementary school

Where Is President David Palmer When You Need Him.

Go to sleep little boy!

There are 10 kinds of webservers on the internet

Go ahead and laugh at yourself DUers!

No wonder they hate us...

Is it me, or is Dave Barry unbelievably unfunny?

Historians....check this out! 1775 Map of Boston and its Harbor

Student Will Not Be Given Credit For Job At Hooters

Qualye Chess Set - from

Hey Spurs fans

What is this? Site crash every ten minutes, day?

Has any one had "Connection Refused by Server" appear when accessing DU?

Anyone ever feel like they kill every thread they touch?

Tell me about shopnav.

For anyone who enjoys vomitting

Banner Ads We'd Like to See (Humor)

I involuntarily helped a freeper make a complete ass out of himself!!!

Fox news vs BBC.

You Have Just 3 HOURS LEFT To Bid On The Scotch Flavored Condoms On EBAY!

Bush, Bin Laden, Hussein, election 2004 limerick

Women--wear red today. Here's why:

Wine making

Jefferson's "Wall of Separation" (church and state)

Some funny pics from email

23 dogs, 3 cats, and ........... A CHICKEN?

Cows with hairpieces?

Al-g'bra suspect stopped at JFK

Thought for the day

FARK does the bust of Dan Quayle!

Thieving liar Maurice Clarett ruled eligible by judge to play in NFL.

Slippin' and a-slidin' (on the road, that is)

Police Intercept Street Hold-Up - Find Blind Assailant

Please read this email I just got

Finally - a night of normality

1933 NYT article about Nazi Concentration Camps.

How do I fix the link in my sig?

Interactive Dubya Comic Internet Gag- it's fun!

CAPTION the Devilish Diners

Policy issues exhausted, what about ridiculous memes?

Pay phones here on campus have a sticker that says THIS PHONE IS TAPPED..

Democrats Somehow Lose Primaries (The Onion!)

Honest TV Anchorman/woman?

It's the Dishonest Dubya Action Figure! Play with it!

Carlie Brucia found dead. How should her murderer be punished?

Maddox hits the nail on the head again!!!

Yikes! Legion of Doom holding annual meeting soon!

yay! yesterday I got my DU shirt!

Geez..(scratch, scratch)..What do you call......

Photos from Moscow explosion

A CAPTIONs Classic

CAPTION the Coiff

Time for some fun writing the Tim/W Meet the Press script for tomorrow!

5-Year-Old Saves Mom's Life

Bumper sticker of the month!

Question about tipping................cows

I just got a Nigerian-scam email with a twist!

Anybody have a good photo of Smirky Smirking??

I just hit 200 posts....don't ask me anything!

Snow Day!!!!

* to announce members of intelligence commission

Reznor working on new NIN album in LA

Any ideas?? problems

It's " Their " money, really ?? !!!! scotch is here!

Yet ANOTHER annoying timewaster....

Pixies reunion tour press release

New Beastie Boys cd this summer

Anyone think the missing girl, Carlie, will be found alive?

Anyone else sad about who was voted off Survivor last night? ((SPOILERS))

Family distressed after organ bank tosses son's donated organs

Does anyone know of a website that matches you with your ideal car?

Anyone know anything about America's Debate?


Milwaukee-area DUers: Anyone catch the new Fox 6 Morning ad?

What are you doing during election day (and a day or two after)?

The No-Time-To-Say-Hello-Goodbye of all CAPTIONS!!!

Story about a nice old man anyone?

Feb. 6: This day in African-American history (musical footnote)

Have a Death Penalty confession?

Am I mellowing with age?

a thought that occured to me

The Emperor Has No Clothes (more Bush doll stuff)

Anybody want to know who's getting kicked off Survivor next?

Bush appoints 7 of 9 to Commission; pics please

Will be going on vacation sometime soon

Paris Hilton tries to take goat on plane

The "Post What You Look Like" thread has convinced me of one thing...


Bill O'Reilly-Such a compassionate liberal.....

How do you like it now?

Highly recommended documentary

Anyone here ever have a crush on Hawkeye Pierce?

Cell Phones

Anybody else watch The Apprentice? (possible spoilers)

Does anyone have Rimjob's "official policy" on George Bush?

Why do some people have to be jerks?

Update on the guy who nearly hit me.

*The Ronald Reagan 93rd Birthday Celebration Thread!*

Gays in the military?

Need Mozilla/Opera help

How come this isn't a "frivolous lawsuit" the RW's always whining about?

Poll: Which would offer the best constructive debate?

Ashcroft Detains Janet Jackson's Right Breast

A friend is extricating herself from an abusive relationship. Any advice?

Oooh.. Evil GOP Bastards..( fun place)

never mind

need to get a lady a gift for VD?

"The Lion in Winter" remake...Stars

Rate my hypochondria, part II

WOOHOO! My KitchenAid Stand Mixer Arrived!!

TIme and place besides now? If you had a time Machine.

Probably been done here before but:

I bought an ebay item in June and still haven't gotten it.

So I totally rawked on my prelims.

YOOHA news photos.. Bushtravaganza

"Politics is...

Confession: I Fund & Support Terra

CAPTION the tin man or the straw man whichever

How often do you use the spell check feature?

Wonder if PITT is sipping espresso with Frazier & Niles at Cafe' Nervosa?

Hasafors Bertil Soundboard

Wedding Guest Cow Wanders Into Bank

What do you call that sandwich?

Are there any cools scenes I'm missing right now?

OK, does THIS picture scare you?

What should Lynne order from the Martini Bar tonight?

Everybody: DU this poll!!

Gonna go eat dinner

hardest day in memory... LAST trip to the office...

Have your way with Mona Lisa

Great science and adults

Bank's got a cash cow

Question regarding "Don't mess with Texas"

Dean Challenge Game - Everyone has to watch

Would you like to help write a country song? I have the title . . . .

Why settle for the lesser evil? SATAN for President!

type "miserable failure" on google and see what you get

Haunted Wine Box

Rumor - There's going to be a lot of Rumors about VP prospects

"Many miles away, something crawls to the surface..."

Hippy Happiness

Ashcroft & the internet

Town Prepares to Shoot Hundreds of Crows...

Ahhhhhhhhh, hot chocolate with cayenne

Question about tripping...

Hurricane Warning!

see if you can do this

Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan! turns 93 today

Question about stripping

Did anyone watch Frontline last night on PBS? It was about porno

Psssst! Peek into my server logs!

In case nobody noticed it, here's a pic of me.

This is what I did today.

Groping 'president' sparks fury

I think there should be nightclubs where naked...

Important question: Colonel O'Neill vs. MacGyver.

Who was REALLY the 5th Beatle? New photo reveals all!

new Savage Weiner advertiser Petsmart (also a Hannity advertiser)


A question about tipping tripping strippers.

You know it's love when...

what are your favorite online news sources?

Stress management techniques

Hallelujah ..The Pope goes bowling

There's a wonderful special about felines on A&E right now

woohoo 500 posts!

Kathleen Turner on Hardball now.

And now, on the lighter side of the news...

Get your ABB badge of courage here!

Does my picture scare you?

The best/worst advise you ever received. Mine was both

"shut up dumb ass"

Someone Told Me Tonight That I Had to "Hover My Cat."

Halleluja! FINALLY , the converter is here

Let's boogie!

Anybody ever hear of Hooverphonic?

How gay am I?

Did anyone ever cry because of stuff someone told you on internet?

Vincent Hamm for VP?

Heh...Set Phasers on "Tide Turning"

I can't see any pictures.

Is Ray Romano on Comedy Central hysterical...

"It's not illegal.."

Imparh....imparsh...bipar...bipartis.....oh just CAPTION

Who's voting in this poll?

Bill Maher Realtime

Caption Rummy,

Ironic thing about Super Bowl XXXVIII


Toilet paper, or coffee creamer?

Can any one recommend a good (and inexpensive) domain registry?


Little girl has second head removed...

Bob Novak places third in 800 meter race

Spuds McKenzie for VP?

may have been posted, but what would you like the dem campaign song to be?

post from another board about Janet Jackson's breast

He'll be 17 forever now.

Survey for DUers who smoke

American icon comes to life- UGRailroad, did you see this?

I need a houseboat, I need a plane.

Do any of you hoover your cats?

NJ Nets

Best #1 pop hit, 1960-1964?

say hello to my bf, squeegee

It's Nine 'o Clock in Ypsilanti, Mich. Time for another Q&A w/Mr. Scorpio

A question I can't exactly ask the right way.

If Bush were a super model (warning, disturbing images)

Janet Jackson inspires new bakery delicacy.. recipe follows..

More evidence of media bias

Begging for a caption

Is it "Butt Naked" or "Buck Naked"?

Question question

I'm drankin' too much

Is "size" really that big of a deal to women?

Vote for the worst #1 pop single of the 1960s

Bumper sticker

Don't you hate it when...

An unexpected encounter with Enlightened Youth

Beavis and Butthead marathon on MTV2 !

Noodling for catfish?

LOTR fans: Charlie Rose hosts Peter Jackson tonight

Bill Maher doing the 'Kobe Teeth' bit again...

What Windoze error message do you hate most?

ABC Nightline for Friday: 40th anniversary of the Beatles invasion

Good bye DU

Aerosmith & Cheap Trick coming to town; am I back in high school again?

Surprising email from Shrub luvin' brother-in-law . . .

Newsweek poll: "Did White House knowingly misrepresent intelligence...?"

Any good movies playing at the Theater this weekend?

Does anyone want to be my Valentine?

Maddox rips Bill O'Reilly

To All Michigan DUers,

Tech question / saving pictures...

Canadian school expels racist

The American Patriot. Page 11 (More right-wing hilarity)

Silence Of The Lambs - scenario quiz

Who here thinks pop music sucks big donkey dunkin' sticks?

North Dakota has Happy Trees.

OOOOh Nooo! Look what just showed up in my inbox!

Awwwww...what a face!

No one ever comments in my live journal

CAPTION the Clean-Living Führer.

DU wine drinkers...

Poker question

Cat question.

Banned from - listed Baptist minister molesters

If I wanted an open forum to debate RWers, where would I go?

Bush is hangin' tough at 14% in GD-2004 poll

I have a new favorite general-purpose beer

Irish? How Much? Where is your family from?

My husband is distantly related to both John Kerry and Howard Dean

Which "Get Fuzzy" character are you?

Mozart's 40th or 41st Symphony--which do you prefer???

DUers are a talented & sophisticated bunch!

Why do some people have to be Irish?

Chastity belt sets off airport alarm

Recommendations/Pans for DVD Rentals - Your Opinion Welcome

What was your latest act of random kindness?

What do you think is your best physical feature?

Life is hard sometimes, but here I still am

True confession time: What's the strangest/weirdest thing

What book are you reading?

My new favorite song

There's no such thing as a happy marriage.

"47% of women over 50 prefer sleep to sex" says she...

California DU rs where do you live?

Which way does the toilet paper go?

Anyone interested in a Dr. Who DVD trade? I offer The Three Doctors

Friday Night Movie Thread

If Ramsey and I throw a party in Philly on April 24th...would you come?



Death Penalty Poll

Chicago DUers!!!!

If I choose a candidate avatar...

What foods do you miss from the past?

Isn't marriage a religious concept?

British band endorses Wes Clark

Why are there no debates on the public airwaves?

Deans at 740k now !!!! Head Onward

Teresa Heinz Kerry wants Edwards for VP

Gephardt To Endorse Kerry

WOW! L@@K how well Clark did in this WI Poll

"domesticated primates"

"What would Dr. King be doing in 2004?"(Sharpton)

We need Deanies! Dean and Deanie Tribute.

On Bush's millions, or how can the barrage of deception be countered?

BBC compares Kerry with Al Gore

AP Poll Notes Decline in Support for Bush

Short of time

Job Growth Weaker Than Expected

Countdown to the caucuses

Vermont temperature chart

Calling all Clark supporters!!

When TV ads don't translate into votes

Kosovo refugee reunites with man 'who brought peace

For Campaign Volunteers Coming To Tennessee

Who Will Be The Next Dem To Drop Out Of The Presidential Race?

Kerry steals another line

The nightmare that is key to Kerry's dream

Southern dems would not ONLY make splitting the south possible

John Edwards spooks Limbaugh

Looking Forward (Apologies to Edward Bellamy)

Is your primary vote influenced by how the race looks when you vote?

Kerry disses Guard

the Dean challenge

Dean campaigns in MI

Hey Dean supporters

While Detroit crumbled, Kerry diverted Michigan tax dollars to Boston

I don't understand Kerry

Bush on MTP??!!

Will our new Dem president appoint an independent prosecutor

As of 1/30/04 Kerry leads Va. with 32% Clark and Edwards at 17%

Wisconsin or not - Dean's not quitting

Kerry begins day of Michigan campaigning with appearance at Detroit church

What would it take for voters to perceive Kerry had lost his momentum?

Has anyone ever been elected president using an anti-war platform?

Kerry Ranks Near Bottom in Senate on Money From PACs and Lobbyists

This will be a 2 man race - - but not Kerry v Edwards

Deleted message

My In-laws went to an Edwards speech last night...."He's like Bobby"

Kinawa Michigan student to interview Kerry

* approval numbers tank to new low of 47%!!

Hemp: "Voters guide"

Michigan turning into race for second place

Kerry - SI Interview

Did anyone here what the commision decided on 527's?

Anyone know what's going on in Maine?

Why this Clark supporter might just vote for Dean in the CA primary

Fellow Virginians, do you believe this?

Last dems standing-From the heart of downtown Detroit

Judy Dean comfortable with role

let's brainstorm some unconventional ideas for a VP candidate . . .

Does anyone know how Dean is polling in Wisconsin?

Why I think it is a honest mistake to vote for Kerry

Clark stops Edwards from stopping Kerry.

MoveOn's ads responsible for Bush's plummeting approval?

Did anybody catch this graph on favorability ratings of Dems v Repubs?

Article about Muslim vote and Kerry, Dean and Kucinich

Family member - lifelong Army, Vietnam Vet - says he will vote for Kerry

Does VP candidate Gephardt

Kerry's momentum vs. Dean's organizing in Washington State

WM Exclusive: 436,367 People Kerry Did NOT Nominate For Any Position(humor

The Repubs do want all of Edwards

Every Clark supporter should read the "top ten lies about Edwards" post

Underdogs hope for win in Washington State caucuses

Pardon my ignorance but

Top Ten lies about Edwards

What media bias?????

Can someone please tell me when Kerry won the nomination?

Kerry presidency seen a boon for U.S. markets

Did the media "disappear" Dr. Dean? Globe and Mail...Salutin

Just get over it already... We lose - it's over....

Campaign Roadkill: Pay-To-Play Formula Steamrolls Underdogs

We were ABB in 1992, why can't we be ABB this year?

Dean may be out....but it would be stupid to forget him as VP

How much money have you donated to your candidate?

Kerry finds support in Maine- Injured Baldacci backs (Kerry's) campaign

Bush Covert Operative Takes Over Al Sharpton's Campaign

Is Kerry related to Steve Forbes?

Kerry giving appointments to his contributers?

Watched Bush's "speech" and Kerry's speech afterwards

Saw Kerry, Levin, Stabenow, Granholm and Cleland gave me a hug!

I hate to bring this up, but,..Kerry's health may be an issue

Kerry? God I hope not.

Mark Warner as VP for Kerry or Clark?

dean contributors- e-mail tucker carlson

Public Citizen Slams Kerry on "Big Money Bundlers"

Kerry: Already on the GOP Firing Line

My take on why Edwards supporters are Edwards supporters.

How much money have you donated to your candidate?

How concerned are you about the health and integrity of the democracy?

Clark’s straightforward style appeals to gay liaison

Question for Kerry & Edwards Supporters:

Clark accuses Edwards of voting against programs to help military veterans

Has this Edwards funding issue been resolved?

Clark Says He's in for Long Haul

Wes Clark an instant millionaire with no personal risk - start spinning!

Why settle for the lesser evil? SATAN for President!

AP Exclusive: Three times, Kerry nominations and donations coincided

Rumor--Kerry to pick PA-Ed Rendell

Is boring necessarily bad? Gephardt as Kerry's VP makes sense

Bush is evil, but Kerry/Gephardt is a Betrayal

MO Democratic Primary: Record Turnout Afterall; Up 58% from 2000

Don Imus endorses Kerry. For President. (whoopee)

Kerry's Elegy For Matthew Shepard

Tired of the status quo?

Is Deans fundraising ability indicative of anything

This morning on KIRO-AM, Seattle

I do not have to like a Kerry/Gephardt ticket

Again Evan Byah mentioned as possible Kerry VP pick

Nicely reasoned Clark endorsement - Kalamazoo Gazette

As Nominee - Kerry VP Pick Prediction

Is Dean Talk Of Wisconsin An Attempt To Cover Expenses?

Kerry beats Bush in Washington state by 12 pts

Fox has Bush at 53 while other polls have him under 50

Edwards: I worked on the Patriot act - press release (+ campaign lit)

Proof that primaries can be Freeped

Are We Actually Gonna See A Don't Vote For Kerry Movement?

Hey! Howard Dean called my voice mail today!

[Question] Is Kerry a DLC or Moderate or Bush Lite or liberal?

Our most vulnerable Blue states - which states can bush poach from us?

Dean supporters only, please. Letter to Terry McAuliffe (Petition)

My letter to Nader

lineup for tonights "real time: with Bill Maher"

Dean describes his Wisconsin email as a 'ploy'

How'd I get on Edwards' mailing list?

Why Wesley Clark? A political veteran's views...

Deleted message

Kathleen Turner coming up now on Tweety

John Kerry and The Electras album ebay listing

A member of the 101st Airborne Division: Why Clark?

The grandmas are now mad at you Mr. Bush

Who else doesn't CARE who Kerry picks for VP?

(For non-haters) Howard Stern says Edwards is starting to look very good

Have you *ever* paid this much attention to a primary race before?

Rally for Kerry on CSPAN 2/06 8pm EST

Kerry Wins the Nomination. Vacates Seat. Republican Appointed.

Spuds McKenzie for VP?

Ronald Reagan for VP!

What Statements Have Been Made About the Whitewash Commission?

Vincent Hamm for VP?

My ideas on a Kerry VEEP

Teresa Heinz for VP?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson for VP?

The Repubs don't want any of Edwards!

In the next loyalty oath poll

Crossfire (2/6/04) Can anyone derail Kerry?

Vice-Presidental candidate Gore?

Why I will vote for the Dem. nominee

LaRouche for VP?

Would you deny the right to vote to "uninformed" people?

Leno, Letterman, etc., on AWOL Bush vs Kerry, and on other candidates

Heinz Kerry tells WA crowd U.S. voters must reject politics of cynicism

Grateful to Howard Dean

How many 2004 presidential candidates have you contributed to?

Judy Woodruff Says Kerry Played "Bass" (rhymes with glass!)

For shame, DUers! Only 2 of 3 will definitely support the Dem!

Bill Nelson for VP?

Could someone explain why Kerry called for Tenet's Resignation?

How will you vote if your favorite Dem doesn't get the nomination?

Dean's antiwar boom goes bust

Does Kerry think the benefits of Iraq outweigh the costs?

Why Kerry Should Pick Clark as VP (warning right wing strategy shown)

Who Should Really, Really Be Kerry VP?

War Hero Max Cleland of Georgia for Kerry VP

No-show candidates disappoint Detroiters

Kerry is visiting a conservative school in TN

Ladies and Gentlemen: President Edwards!- CounterPunch article

Anyone know about Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry?

Al Sharpton's Delaware delegate ?

Edwards/Clark ticket

DU Moderator, this is not a complaint, but a clarification

Clark Supporters - Calling Voters Delivered Oklahoma

Just saw John Edwards' wife on Charlie Rose. WOW!

Survey U.S.A. - Maryland Poll

For the Record: I am NOT compromising when I vote for General Clark

Latest unscientific MSN poll

My Republican brother is ready to dump Bush!!

Kerry/Dean Ticket Promoted on CrossFire. Dean Rep. Says Very Viable!

Dean Hints He Would Accept VP Spot (NY Times)

Another fun fact about Kerry - union members should read this...

Is Kerry the only dem candidate who plans to bring the draft back?

Howard Dean brags about A rating from the NRA in Michigan.

Calling all WI and ILL Clark Supporters

The Republican Plan of attack against Kerry

Question? Clark-Edwards The most photogenic ticket in history?

Gephardt's endorsement of Kerry made me proud to be a Democrat

Kerry's best choice for VP

I want John Kerry for president and Howard Dean for vice president.

Dean/Clark - Clark/Dean or Kerry/Edwards - Edwards/Kerry?

Dean would accept VP slot

Some Survey U.S.A. Polls Bush Head to Head with Dems

Why I support Howard Dean

The many reasons why I support General Clark

Anyone watching dobbs

Dean Folks -- Good Luck in WA Caucuses

Why I support Wes Clark for President

OK, Dean people, now I know this is very risky and has the potential

Drudge smearing Clark again

Rocky Anderson, Mayor of Salt Lake City, Endorses Dean

Kucinich Supporters backing Dean?

What percentage did Kucinich need in Iowa...

Why are the Democrats willing to continuously compromise their beliefs?

Lefties, Progressives... check in here

Dean withdraws from Virginia Democratic fund-raiser

I'm caucusing in WA tomorrow; Kucinich is my candidate.

General election poll

KERRY SUPPORTERS ONLY: Did you back Iraq war?

Dean stole Rick Santorum's act!

Why Kucinich supporters would never support Dean in a primary.

Clark Supporters: Keep Fighting!

HOW do telemarketers do it?

If Kerry wins both Tennessee and Virginia and he is leading in the polls

Michigan Caucus Sites and Info

Why do people still insist Clark is weak on Gay issues?

Edwards smacks down Bush supporters. This is how you do it.

Is Kerry's support as flimsy as it seems to me?

Who would be the best VP choice for Kucinich?

If Kucinich had as much $$$ as Kerry, would he be the frontrunner?

"I'll vote for the nominee, because anyone's better than Bush"

Kerry supporters only: Why should Dean supporters get behind Kerry

Clark Supporters: Check in Here!

My problem with Kerry (maybe it is personal)

Toronto Globe and Mail: "The Media Disappeared Howard Dean"

Kucinich: U.S. should abandon NAFTA, WTO

Kucinich: Take the Profit out of Health Care

Look who is paying for the DLC and the "New Democrat Network"!

Why John Kerry Will Win The Presidency. (Part 1)

Robert Torricelli raising money for Kerry

Why is Dennis Kucinich still in the race?

Should this be the "Litmus Test" for Democratic nominee?

here's an interesting analysis of the Dean campaign . . .

Whoever the nominee I'm dreading the VP announcement..

Kerry? God I hope so!

Kerry Ranks Near Bottom in Senate on Money From PACs and Lobbyists

Wisconsin Poll - University of Wisconsin